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recruitment 3whatAttitude Survey — Find out 5 Pay for results and recognise your staff feel about work- high performers and give them a ing for your organisation by carrying out an attitude survey. This should cover a whole range of work issues, such as pay and conditions, employment relations, equal opportunities, communication, participation arrangements, benefits and organisation image. Success largely depends on good questionnaire design and how you are able to address issues raised. An important point to remember is that an attitude survey will raise the expectations of workers.

4staffCommunicate regularly with the goals, mission statement,

company culture and their part in the success of the organisation. Share with employees why you are in business and what is important to the company. Encourage staff to be proud of working in your organisation.

The HR Dept. Gibraltar can offer support and advice on staff turnover and absence level measurement and analysis as well as providing pragmatic and tested solutions. See

All companies can expect a degree of turnover and this is desirable to create opportunities for staff to progress and bring new knowledge and ideas into your company


Highlight your skills You have the skills for the job, you need to show them that. Prepare a list of your top skills that make you right for the job.

raise or a bonus and do not worry if they have only been with you a short time. If they are achieving great results, do not wait until your company review period to show them they are appreciated. All companies can expect a degree of turnover and, to a certain extent, this is desirable to create opportunities for staff to progress and bring new knowledge and ideas into your company. Sometimes it can be difficult to be objective when analysing the causes of staff turnover in your own company and it is helpful to involve external help and advice.


Know the Company A common interview mistake amongst interviewees and it doesn’t go over well with hiring managers. Make sure to research the company beforehand and be able to show them what you’ve learned.

The WOW Factor words | SRG Europe

So you’ve secured an interview for a great job. Now is your chance to wow them, but what happens when nerves get the best of you? It’s normal to be nervous in an interview and lose sight of what you want to get across. The goal is to try and keep your nerves at bay and the best way to do that is by being prepared. Here are a few tips on preparing for that interview:

Industry Knowledge Interviewers are impressed with those who are up to date on the latest industry news. Referrals While you don’t want to boast, don’t be shy in dropping a name or two that can boost your profile. Past Experience Use your previous experience to demonstrate challenges you have come across and how you handled them. Questions Always have some good, well thought out questions for the end of the interview. Remember these top tips for your next interview and they might just get the job done. n


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