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Stamp Investment:

Which Ones Should I Buy? When investing or collecting you need to know what you are buying. Rarity is key.

This Gibraltar 1973 125th Anniversary of Gibraltar Skull 4p is worth £1.25 This one with gold (GIBRALTAR) omitted is worth £6,000. Only 4 mint copies of the error stamp are known to exist.

Stamps: A Valuable Commodity Did you know that stamps are the most valuable commodity by weight, 325 times per gram more expensive than weapons’ grade plutonium; or that rare British stamps, as measured by the Bloomberg-listed GB30 index, have risen in value by 10% per annum over the past 50 years? These are just some of the facts that a group of Gibraltar’s Wealth Managers learnt at a special seminar held by premium collectibles brand, Stanley Gibbons in April. Group Investment Director Keith Heddle came to the Rock to talk to potential investors about the growing demand for alternative investments in our turbulent economic times. As currency fluctuations, stock market woes and fears of inflation or potential bank collapses continue to be a concern,


Keith Heddle, Group Investment Director

savvy investors are looking to diversify their portfolios says Mr Heddle, “Only a very small fraction of premium quality stamps will increase in value. These are the only stamps we offer to clients for investment, and it is these stamps which have historically gained in value. You have to remember that supply is finite, and now we are seeing more collectors and investors coming into the market boosting demand. There are estimated to be 20 million collectors in China alone.”

The Investment seminar here in Gibraltar came ahead of Stanley Gibbons opening new offices in Singapore and Brazil to meet the rising investment demand from Asia and South America. n Founded in 1856, Stanley Gibbons is the most famous name in the world of stamp collecting and prestige collectibles. If you would like further information email: or visit:


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