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EUROPEAN DYSTOPIA One Gibraltarian’s effort to aid the refugee crises


ibraltarians doing incredible Dan’s humanitarian work manitarian crisis on the ground in various locations across Europe, and the second things around the world is my is to overturn negative opinion or prejufavourite premise for an ‘I have been working in volunteer In 2014, dice towards immigration.’ The project has article. With the number travel for years,’ Dan tells me, ‘I initiated collection points across Europe of fleeing refugees pouring into 283,532 travelled to Calais in early August, Europe reaching new harrowing appealing for physical donations. ‘We’ve with the Worldwide Tribe team in migrants filled seven warehouses across heights everyday, twenty nine year entered the the hopes of making a London and one in Calais. Through old Dan Teuma, along with his documentary answerEuropean The Worldwide this, we have distributed thouteam at the Worldwide Tribe and ing some of the quesUnion. sands of pairs of shoes, 2000 bikes CalAid, are making life significantly tions I’d come up with Tribe is a grassroots more bearable for many unfortuand endless amounts of warm after reading a lot of clothing, food, tents and sleeping nate people fleeing their repressed homethe news headlines surround- organisation lands in the Middle East. The refugee crisis ‘which has grown bags across the Jungle Camp in ing these developments.’ He Calais.’ CalAid was formed out of has dominated the media since the image says that they were comcompletely the bigger Worldwide Tribe family, of a small Syrian boy washed up dead on a pletely overwhelmed by what organically in beach in Turkey took the world by storm. specifically targeting the Jungle they had experienced, having response to the Statistics reveal that in 2014, 283,532 miCamp. Dan adds, ‘we have also arrived at the Jungle Camp in general public’s been working hard to represent grants entered the European Union. Many Calais. The Worldwide Tribe, concern... the people of the camp through hail from the Middle East, particularly from of which Dan is a proud our documentary which is soon to countries suffering civil unrest like Syria, member, is a grassroots be released! We are also heading further Iraq and Afghanistan. Migrants from Africa organisation ‘which has grown completeand the West Balklands also make up a afield now that Calais is beginning to ly organically in response to the general significant chunk of the number, which receive much more support. I just returned public’s concern, compassion and drive to from Lesvos, which was an experience I’ll only previously reached this degree during take action,’ Dan explains, ‘we have two never forget. I believe we’re having a huge the Second World War. main aims, the first is to tackle the hu-



The Gibraltar Magazine - December 2015  

In the December edition we focus on giving, gifts and shopping with Christmas just around the corner. As always, there are many insightful a...

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