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2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

President’s Message

A Message from the President of the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers

2017-18 FICE President

J. Scott Gombar, PE Eisman & Russo Inc.

The Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) is pleased to present the 2016 FICE Annual Directory & Guide. The Directory is a valuable resource for information such as: • Listings of member firms, office location(s), outline of services, principals, and contact information; • A description of a widely accepted procedure for selecting a consulting engineering firm; and • A resource guide for member firms FICE represents the professional and business interests of professional engineers in private practice in Florida and their companies, serving to advance the profession of consulting engineering. Our organization represents and promotes the business of engineering, the environment in which engineering is conducted, and the image of engineers in private practice. In these capacities, FICE serves as the state affiliate of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). As the affiliate of the Florida Engineering Society’s (FES) Professional Engineers in Private Practice (PEPP), we work to show how doing business with other FICE firms supports better business practices in Florida. Through our committee structure, FICE has direct interaction with some of the largest agencies in the state of Florida, allowing our member firms to develop partnerships with these agencies, enabling us to provide them with input on issues that affect our industry. Established in 1973, FICE promotes and maintains impeccable ethics and professional standards among consulting engineering firms in Florida. Our member firms and their professional engineers operate with the knowledge of our responsibility to the health, safety and welfare of the general public, in accordance with the National Society of Professional Engineers’ Code of Ethics. If you would like to find a firm by county or area(s) of specialty, please go to If you need any additional information about FICE or any of our member firms, or engineering services in general, please contact FICE headquarters in Tallahassee at: Phone: 850-224-7121 Email: Website: We trust that you will find the 2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide helpful.

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2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide



2017 President J. Scott Gombar, PE Eisman & Russo Inc. 2200 N. Commerce Pkwy #300 Weston, FL 33326-3258 904-733-1478

2017 Past President Timothy P. Brodeur, PE AECOM 150 N Orange Ave #200 Orlando, FL 32801 407-843-6552

2017 President-Elect Peter M. Moore, PE, LEED AP Chen Moore and Associates 500 W Cypress Creek Rd #630 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 954-730-0707

2017 Vice President Rick V. Baldocchi, PE AVCON INC. 5555 E Michigan St #200 Orlando, FL 32822-2779 407-599-1122

2017 General Civil Director J. Mike Bell, PE Stantec Consulting Services Inc. 6900 Professional Pkwy E Sarasota, FL 34240 941-907-6900

2017 Transportation Director Leila Jammal Nodarse, PE Terracon Consultants Inc. 1675 Lee Rd Winter Park, FL 32789 407-740-6110

2017 Mechanical/ 2017 DBE/WBE Director 2017 Small Firm Director Electrical Director Kumar Achyut Allady, PE Raj Krishnasamy, PE William E. Wilson, Jr., PE RADISE International Tierra South Florida Inc. Fred Wilson & Assoc. Inc. 4152 W Blue Heron Blvd 2765 Vista Pkwy #9 3970 Hendricks Ave #228 West Palm Beach, FL 33411 Jacksonville, FL 32207-5398 Riviera Beach, FL 33404 561-687-8539 904-398-8636 561-841-0103

2017 ACEC Director Kimberlee B. DeBosier, PE, F.NSPE, F.ACEC Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson 1104 E Twiggs St #100 Tampa, FL 33602 813-314-0314


2017 Treasurer Terrance N. Glunt, PE Stantec Consulting Svcs. Inc. 21301 Powerline Rd #311 Boca Raton, FL 33433-2305 561- 487-3379

2017 Environmental Director F. Didier Menard, PE CH2M HILL 225 E Robinson St #505 Orlando, FL 32801-4322 407-423-0030

2017 Director-At-Large 2017 Medium Firm Director Shahin Hekmat, PE Peter K. Partlow, PE E Sciences Incorporated Thompson & Associates Inc. PO Box 22398 34 E Pine St Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335 Orlando, FL 32801 954-761-1073 407-481-9006

2017 Executive Director 2017 GMEC Director 2017 Structural Director 2017 NSPE/PEPP Governor Allen Douglas P. Rodney Mank, PE Douglas R. Barkley, PE Thomas H. Hayden, PE FES/FICE Meskel & Associates Barkley Cons. Engineers Inc. Environmental & PO BOX 750 Engineering PLLC 3494 Martin Hurst Rd. Geotechnical Specialists Tallahassee, FL 32302 8936 Western Way #12 Tallahassee, FL 32312 104 N. Magnolia Dr. 850-224-7121 Jacksonville, FL 32256 850-297-0440 Tallahassee, FL 32301 904-519-6990

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Table of Contents

125 S. Gadsden St. Tallahassee, FL 32301 (850) 224-7121

President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 FICE Officers and Directors | 2016-2017 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 List of Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Florida Engineering Leadership Institute (FELI) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 FICE Past Presidents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 ACEC and FICE Awards and Scholarship Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 2016 Engineering Excellence Award Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 FICE Strategic Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 FICE Membership: Working to Enhance the Business of Engineering. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 FICE Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 How to Select a Consulting Engineer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 The Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

Directory of Members

Alphabetical by Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

Resource Guide

NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113 Chapter 471, Florida Statutes Engineering Practice Act . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council (GMEC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 129 FICE Membership Categories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 Application for Membership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 Engineering Certificate Frame Order Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 134 On the cover: The 2016 FICE Engineering Seal Order Form. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 135 Excellence Award winners are featured on Consulting Engineers Legislative Council (CELC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 136 the cover. For details go to page 25. The 2017 FICE Annual Directory & Do we have your e-mail BUT you are not receiving electronic information from FICE? Guide is intended to foster better under- Add “” to your e-mail address book. Messages from senders who are in your standing of the relationship among the address book won’t go into the junk folder. Also, select the option to add the client, the public, and the professional en- “” domain name to your “Safe” or “Approved Selected Senders” list, which gineer in private practice. It is also pre- will keep future e-mails from going into your junk folder. For assistance, please call pared for use by all parties so that (850) 224-7121. procedures and terminology will have a common basis of understanding. All consulting engineering firms and individuals listed in this Directory are member-firms of the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers. This Directory should not be construed as a listing of all consulting engineers or consulting engineering firms in Florida. FICE members may order extra copies at a discounted rate of $35 each plus 7.5% sales tax. There is a charge of $100 plus 7.5% sales tax per copy for non-members. Send checks to the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers, P.O. Box 750, Tallahassee, Florida 32302-0750, or you may call with your VISA or MasterCard number for immediate processing. For more information, call (850) 224-7121. Please refer to the FICE website for the most current Bylaws.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


List of Advertisers

AECOM .............................................................Inside Back Cover Ardaman & Associates Inc........................................................49

Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. ................................................6

Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp...........................................34


Lochrane Engineering Inc. ........................................................12

CH2M .......................................................................................60

Parsons Brinckerho ................................................................53

Cardno .......................................................................................7

Nutting Engineers of Florida Inc. ................................................5

Chen Moore and Associates.....................................................48

R.J. Behar & Company Inc. .......................................................10

Collinsworth Insurance.............................................................51

Shannon & Wilson Inc. .............................................................14

Cherokee Enterprises ...............................................................13 DRMP .......................................................................................50

Eisman & Russo Inc. .................................................................47

RADISE International ................................................................54

Stanley Construction ................................................................59

Stantec Consulting Services Inc. ...............................................43

Finley ........................................................................................11

STV Incorporated......................................................................14

Hardesty & Hanover LLC...........................................................11

Tierra Inc. .................................................................................33

HNTB Corporation ....................................................................45

TLP Engineering Consultants Inc. .............................................42

Hanson Professional Services Inc. ............................................32

HDR Engineering Inc.................................................................37

JMT...........................................................................................33 Jones Edmonds.........................................................................32

KCI Technologies Inc. ................................................................55

Kennedy Engineering & Associates Group ...............................34

Terracon Consultants Inc. .........................................................39

Tierra South Florida ....................................................Back Cover T.Y. Lin International..................................................................34

Wade Trim Inc. .........................................................................56

Walter P Moore........................................................................37

Wantman Group Inc........................................Inside Front Cover

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


The Florida Engineering Leadership Institute (FELI) is a year-long development program with the purpose of building a strong and diverse statewide network of professional/community leaders and business leaders. Founding Chairs: Fermin A. Diaz, PE, F.ACEC and John B. Zumwalt III, PE 2005 Co-chairs: Charles L. Greer, PE. F.ACEC and Shannon R. LaRocque, PE 2006-Co-chairs: R. Bruce Taylor, PhD, PE, ENSPE and Mark L. Mongeau, PE, ENSPE 2007 Co-chairs: John R. Hall, PE, F.NSPE and Ernest A. Cox III, PE. 2008 Co-chairs: Yassi M. Myers, PE and Kimberlee B. DeBosier, PE, F.NSPE, F.ACEC 2009 Co-chairs: D. Edward Davis, PE and Michael T. Hermesmeyer, PE 2010 Co-chairs: Danielle Pitt Slaterpryce, PE and James A. Horton, PE 2011 Co-chairs: Terrance N. Glunt, PE and Siamak Kusha, PE, F. ACEC 2012 Co-chairs: Andrew M. Cummings, PE and Robert W. Higgins, PE 2013 Co-chairs: Charlotte Maddox, PE D. WRF, F.NSPE and Robert Behar, PE 2014 Co-chairs: Angelina Gou Fairchild, PE, LEED AP and Mark Mechling, PE, LEED AP 2015 Co-chairs: Glenn F. Forrest, PE and James F. Thompson, PE, LEED AP 2016 Co-chairs: Terrence J. Hull, PE and Richard J.A. Temple, PE 2017 Co-chairs: Clay M. Tappan, PE, BCEE and Timothy P. Brodeur, PE Past Participants of the Florida Engineering Leadership Institute who will be part of “our greatest generation.” Jose L. Acosta, PE Alex Acree, EI Richard G. Acree, PE Andrew W. Adams, PE William R. Adams, III, PE

Chen Moore and Associates Terracon Consultants Inc. Taylor & White, Inc. Johnson - Adams & Associates LLC Ludovici & Orange Consulting Engineers Clyde Edward Aiken, PE Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Majhar Alam, PE, PMP Propel Engineering Inc. Mike K. Albano, PE DRMP Kumar Achyut Allady, PE RADISE International Gregory Scott Allen, PE Atkins Brian Alley, PE Connelly & Wicker Inc. Ashley Walker Anderson, PE Florida Department of Transportation David P. Andre, PE Andersen Andre Consulting Engineers Inc. Craig M. Anstett, PE Terracon Consultants Inc. Helmuth Arens, PE, PTOE, IMSA III Albeck Gerken, Inc. Jonathan Armbruster, PE Taylor Engineering Inc. Hasan S. Arouri, PE TLC Engineering for Architecture Xavier Arroyo, PE T.Y. Lin International Elie M. Assi, PE Eisman & Russo Inc. John C. Atz, PE Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Kevin Aubry, PE Terracon Consultants Inc.


Dhuruva Badri, PE

Burt Baldo, PE David A. Bannett, PE David Barton, PE James H. Barton, PE, LEED AP Mark A. Bayer, PE John M. Bell, PE Oscar R. Bello, PE Henri V. Belrose, PE Silvia M. Beltre, PE Christopher J. Bender, PE Jeffrey A. Beriswill, PE Barton L. Bibler, PE Alex Biggs, PE Steven E. Black, PE Kelly K. Blake, PE Brian A. Blanchard, PE Mark Bonner, PE Paul A. Bowdoin, PE Greg Bowyer, PE Darren P. Brandes, PE Karen D. Brandon, PE Darek Brandt, PE

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

North Miami Date Construction Residency Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc.

Eisman & Russo Inc. Florida Technical Consultants Faller, Davis & Associates Inc. Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Layne Wantman Group Inc. Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Taylor Engineering Inc. BCI Engineers & Scientists Inc. Ferrate Treatment Technologies Walter P Moore NV5 Stantec FDOT - CO HNTB Corporation HDR Engineering Inc. Wantman Group Inc. Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. AECOM Professional Service Industries (PSI)

John R. Brandvik, PE Safiya T. Brea, PE David K. Brobst, PE Chris E. Brockmeier, PE Jeffrey Brown, PE Kevin Brown, PE Lori S. Brownell, PE Donald Budnovich, PE Michael Buick, PE Richard V. Busche, PE Michael Campo, PE Michael J. Carballa, PE John M. Carroll, Jr., PE Joshua Carter, PE Jay W. Casper, PE Humberto Castillero, PTOE, PE Joseph M. Champion, PE Francis K. Cheung, PE Mathew W. Chinault, PE Daniel P. Clark, PE Maria C. Clemente, PE Nancy A. Clements, PE Ronald M. Colas, PE, SI Michael J. Coleman, PE Jeraldo Comellas, Jr., PE Thomas Conboy, PE Jose Costa, EI Kenneth R. Craig, II, PE Kelly Cranford, PE Stephen M. Crawford, PE Jeffrey S. Crews, PE Kevin J. Crump, PE, LEED AP Andrew M. Cummings, PE David Dangel, PE Joseph D. Darbonne, PE Christopher L. Dausch, PE, LEED AP Charles W. Davis, Jr., EM D. Edward Davis, PE Michael J. Davis, PE, DBIA Kristina De Moya, PE Neil T. Deans, PE Michael J. DelCharco, PE Stephen F. DelGaudio, PE Ravi Devaguptapu, PE, PTOE Fermin A. Diaz, PE, F.ACEC Ben W. Doan, PE, SI, CCM Suzanne Dombrowski, PE Francisco B. Domingo, PE John E. Donahue, PE Marie-Elsie Dowell, PE, PTOE

WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff Chen Moore and Associates Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Fred Wilson & Associates Inc. HNTB Corporation Taylor Engineering Inc. Central Florida Expressway Authority SCS Engineers Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. Pasco County Twenty First Century Engineering Corp. RK&K Terracon Consultants Inc. Ellis & Associates Inc. Ardaman & Associates Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. Town of Lake Clarke Shores South Florida Water Management District Wantman Group Inc. WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff RS&H, Inc Cardno South Florida Engineering and Consulting Terracon Consultants Inc. Taylor Engineering Inc. Pennoni The Crom Corporation Stantec Consulting Services Inc. The Haskell Company Connelly & Wicker Inc. Inwood Consulting Engineers Inc. METRO Consulting Group LLC CH2M RS&H, Inc The de Moya Group, Inc. Taylor Engineering Inc. FTE Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Fetterhoff Company Chen Moore and Associates Stantec Consulting Services Inc. WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff

Ben Dreiling, PE Gary A. Drew, PE Courtney O. Drummond, PE Daniel J. Dunham, PE Craig E. Dunkelberger, PE Robert E. Dvorak, PE John Edens, PE Kathleen Edgemon, PE Donald R. Ehlenbeck, PE Samir Elmir, PE

Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority Ardaman & Associates Inc. FDOT - D4 Page One Consultants Inc Cone & Graham Inc. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Inc. HNTB Corporation Heartland Metals Inc.

Florida Department of Health in Miami Dade County John C. English, PE Barron Collier Companies Philip J. Erbland, PE S&ME, Inc. Bryan Estock, PE PB Americas Ronald R. Eyma, PE, D.WRE City of Miramar Angelina Gou Fairchild, PE, LEED AP Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Nancy Faller Brown, PE Faller, Davis & Associates Inc. Benjamin C. Faust, PE DRMP Anthony Joseph Fiorillo, PE ECS Florida LLC Glenn E. Forrest, PE Government Services Group Inc Jesse J. Forst, PE RS&H, Inc William K. Francis, PE Thompson & Associates Inc. Mark R. Fuller, PE City of Tallahassee - Stormwater Edward J. Garbin, Jr., DGE, PhD, PE Earth Tech, LLC Rudy Garcia FDOT, District 6 Thomas Richard Gardner, PE Fred Wilson & Associates Inc. Erbie A. Garrett, PE Scott A. Garth, PE DRMP Jeff Gerken, PE, PTOE Albeck Gerken Inc. Aleem Abdool Ghany, PE City of North Miami Partha Ghosh, PE GCME, Inc. Shelley B. Gisclar, PE Carlos Gittens, PE Terrance N. Glunt, PE Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Aneesh Goly, PhD RADISE International J. Scott Gombar, PE Eisman & Russo Inc. Jose N. Gomez, D.GE, PE ECS Florida LLC Renato J. Gonzalez, PE RS&H, Inc Samuel Gonzalez, PE RS&H, Inc Jason M. Gorrie, PE JMG Engineering Inc. Aniruddha S. Gotmare, PE Scalar Consulting Group Inc. Leslie L. Grant, PE AECOM Susan Gratch, PE Atkins Andrea N. Graves, PE, F.NSPE Atkins Gordon Greene, PE Patel, Greene & Associates PLLC Jeffrey H. Greenfield, PhD, Broward County Water and PE, BCEE, D.WRE, F.NSPE Wastewater Services Amy Guisinger, PE Professional Service Industries (PSI) Jason L. Haeseler, PE Mark D. Hales, PE Inwood Consulting Engineers Inc. John R. Hall, PE, F.NSPE Ludovici & Orange Consulting Engineers

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


Donald L. Hammack, PE Brett Harbison, PE Richard Harrison, PE, EM Kenneth Ryan Harvey, PE Bruce Hasbrouck, CEP Henry L. Hawes, PE Audra H. Hayden, PE Thomas H. Hayden, PE Jack R. Haynes, PE Francis X. Heck, PE Shahin Hekmat, PE Gabe Henehan, PE Michael T. Hermesmeyer, PE Victor H. Herrera, PE J. Scott Herring, PE Patrick P. Hickox, PE Frank Hickson, PE George Paul Hiers, PE Kevin M. Hoeflich, PE Donald Holcomb, PE Tracy Alan Hood, PE Scott G. Horlander, PE G. John Hornbeck, PE Gregg Hostetler, PE Steven P. Howarth, PE Terrence J. Hull, PE Julius W. Hunter, PE Keith B. Jackson, PE R. Keith Jackson, PE Edward S. Jarem, PE Henri Jean, PE Derrick Jenkins, PE Joshua Jenkins, PE


Dewberry Engineers Inc. Terracon Consultants Inc. Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. Caldwell Tanks Faller, Davis & Associates Inc. Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure Environmental & Geotechnical Specialists Inc. Environmental & Geotechnical Specialists Inc. RS&H, Inc HNTB Corporation Thompson & Associates Inc. NextEra Energy Resources, Inc. MTH Consultants and Engineers, LLC Crystal Lagoons, US Corp Nassau County Board of County Commissioners HDR Engineering, Inc. Infrastructure Engineers Inc. Connelly & Wicker Inc. HNTB Corporation HDR Engineering, Inc. Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Protean Design Group Inc. HNTB Corporation Strategic Solutions Partners, LLC Cardno INTERA Incorporated Eisman & Russo Inc. Engenuity Group Inc. Atkins Faller, Davis & Associates Inc. Tierra Inc. ICA, Inc. Environmental & Geotechnical Specialists Inc.

Sandra Prince Jennings, PE Nizarally K. Jetha, PE Colin T. Jewsbury, PE William K. Jones, PE William R. Jones, PE Bassel Kassem, PE Kim S. Keefer, PE Stanley J. Keely, PE Joanne M. Keller, PE Department Ananda Kelley, PE Daniel P. Kelly, PE John J. Kemp, PE David A. Kemper, PE David A. Keough, PE Badwi Khouri, PE John B. Kimberly, IV, PE Bryant A. King, PE Brian D. Kirwan, PE Walter V. Kloss, PE Ken R. Kniel, PE Kevin E. Knudsen, PE Jeffery F. Koerner, PE Robert S. Kosoy, PE David Kramer, PE George Krawczyk, PE Michael R. Krecic, PE Raj Krishnasamy, PE Joseph C. Kunkel, PE Siamak Kusha, PE, F.ACEC Todd Laine, PE Brian J. LaMotte, PE Matthew R. Landschoot, PE Ricky A. Langley, PE

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Walt Disney World Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Ardaman & Associates Inc. RK&K SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc. Atkins Neel-Schaffer Inc. Palm Beach County Engineering Cardno HNTB Corporation Eisman & Russo Inc. Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Keough Engineering, Inc. Earth Tech LLC Terracon Consultants Inc. DRMP Volkert, Inc. Wantman Group Inc. DRMP Dewberry Engineers Inc. Florida Department of Environmental Permitting FDOT, District 2 Southwest Florida Water Management District City of North Lauderdale Tierra South Florida, Inc. Orange County Public Works Department AECOM WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff Wantman Group Inc. Environmental & Geotechnical Specialists Inc. DRMP

Shannon R. LaRocque, PE Keegan Larson, PE Lloyd Lasher, PE Michael Lausier, PE Andre E. Lauzier, PE Brian P. Lemieux, PE Kathleen S. Leo, PE Rico Lepore, PE Samuel Letcher Charles Ken Leuderalbert, PE Jennifer C. Lewis, PE Matthew Lewis, PE Leigh Lilla, PE David E. Long, PE Chris J. Lory, PE, PMP Christopher Lovett, PE Larry D. Low, PE Glenn J. Lusink, PSM, PLS James C. Lynch, PE Charlotte A. Maddox, PE, D.WRE, F.NSPE Michael Madison, PE Guillermo Madriz, PE Steven C. Malecki, PE P. Rodney Mank, PE Jason P. Manning, PE Maverick Marshall, PE George Dewey Martin, III, PE Jeffrey Martineau, CHMM Jorge Maspons, PE Fouad S. Masri, PE Jason B. Matson, PE Jason McClair, PE, LEED AP George W. McGregor, PE Mitchell D. McKnight, PE Kent L. McWaters, PE Stephen A. Means, PE

Village of Wellington Wantman Group Inc. Professional Service Industries (PSI) RK&K HDR Engineering Inc. Hanson Professional Services Inc. Atkins Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. Michael Baker International Inc. AECOM David Nelson Construction Co. RK&K HNTB Corporation AECOM HDR Engineering Inc. DRMP Volkert, Inc. Atkins Wantman Group Inc. Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. Atkins Meskel & Associates Engineering PLLC Ardaman & Associates Inc. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Inc. WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff Professional Service Industries (PSI) PE Consulting Engineering Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Chen Moore and Associates HDR Engineering Inc.

HDR Engineering Inc.

Joseph P. Mecca, PE Mark Mechling, PE, LEED AP Damon Meiers, PE Tonya S. Mellen, PE Tony L. Melton, PE F. Didier Menard, PE Gregory A Mendez, PE Antoinette D. Meskel, PE Jonathan W. Milton, PE Robert A. Mizell, PE Mark L. Mongeau, PE, F.NSPE Marcos Y. Montes De Oca, PE J. Stephen Moore, PE Peter M. Moore, PE, LEED AP James Moreno, PE Colette F. Moss, PE Kayleen F. Mueller, PE Marwan Mufleh, PE Kenneth R. Muzyk, Jr., PE Yassi M. Myers, PE Gary Nadeau, PE John C. Nagle, IV, PE Darrell A. Nance, PE Neil W. Nance, Sr., PE Gary Ng, PE Cory Nichols, PE E. Peter Nikolov, PE Andrew Nixon, PE Stephen N. Noppinger, PE Theresa A. Norris, PE Rutugandha H. Nulkar, PE David O'Connor, PE Michael J. O'Connor, PE David C. O'Hagan, PE Leonardo E. Offredi, PE Jennifer M. Olson, PE

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Mechling Engineering & Consulting, Inc. South Florida Water Management District Mellen Consulting STV Incorporated CH2M Chen Moore and Associates Meskel & Associates Engineering PLLC Milton Engineering Consultants England-Thims & Miller Inc. Ardaman & Associates Inc. MDO Engineering, Inc. Chen Moore and Associates T.Y. Lin International DRMP Wade Trim Inc. Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Faller, Davis & Associates Inc. TLP Engineering Consultants Inc. Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. HDR Engineering Inc. Atkins Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) FTE AE Engineering Inc. EPN - A Division of Pennoni Ardaman & Associates Inc. AECOM AEDC/TSDC Terracon Consultants Inc. ARCADIS Terracon Consultants Inc. Palmer Engineering Company Eisman & Russo Inc. Target Engineering Group, LLC.


James J. Orioles, PE

Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. Scott N. Parrish, PE Terracon Consultants Inc. Hiren Patel, PE Patel, Greene & Associates PLLC Michael W. Patterson, AS, PSM Cardno Alejandro S. Perez, PE Florida Dept of Transportation Scott D. Perfater, PE Burgess & Niple Inc. Gregory J. Peschong, PE Infrastructure Engineers Inc. Faller, Davis & Associates Inc. Douglas J. Petty, PE Walfrido J. Pevida, PE Pevida Highway Designers, PLLC John C. Phillips, PE CRA Engineering Group Cassandra Piche, PE RS&H, Inc. Carlo Pilia, PE Cardno R. Mark Pitchford, PSM Cardno Michael T. Poff, PE Coastal Engineering Consultants Inc. Donald J. Polmann, PhD, PE Florida Public Service Commission Jennifer E.C. Porter, PE Water Resources Engineering J. Michael Potter, PE, CCM RK&K Randell Prescott, PE KCI Technologies Inc. Christopher R. Presnell, PE Wantman Group Inc. Glenn M. Pressimone, PE Central Florida Expressway Authority Kristina M. Price, PE HDR Engineering Inc. Sidney T. Pritchard Mark E. Puckett, PE DRMP Allen Quickel, PSM DRMP Corey Quinn, PE Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority Denise M. Ramsey, PE The Haskell Company Thomas F. Rawls, PE Hillsborough County Amanda E. Rice, PE Southwest Florida Water Management District Debora Rivera, PE FDOT - D6 Christopher Rizzolo, PE AECOM Christopher C. Roberts, PE BCC Engineering Inc. Jeff K. Roberts, PE HNTB Corporation Stewart Robertson, PE Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Oliver Rodrigues, PE, PTOE FTE Xynthia Rodriguez-Hughes KCI Technologies Inc. Alfredo Rodriguez, PE Wantman Group Inc. Jose M. Rodriguez, PE FIGG Noel Rodriguez, EI Thompson & Associates Inc. Roger W. Rossitto, Rossitto, PE Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. Chad O'Neal Rucks, PE South Florida Water Management District Davin D. Ruohomaki, CGC, CMPM, EM Kimberly M. Rush, PE Florida Department of Environmental Protection Eric Saggars, PE HNTB Corporation Hamidreza Sahebkar, PE Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Jennifer A. Salgado, PE Walter P Moore


Amr Sallam, PhD, PE James D. Sanchez, PE Jeffrey M. Sanon, PE Miguel Santiago, PE Ahmad Sarshory, PE Jerome Saval, PE Kevin Schanen, PE Steven J. Schropp, PhD Michael F. Schwartz, PE Michael Schwier, PE Michael Shannon, PE Terrel Shaw, PE Thomas J. Shaw, PE Peter J. Sheridan, III, PE Ido Reuven Shimony, P.E., PE Darlene J. Shuman, PE Ken Sides, CNU-a, PE, PTOE Jeffrey J. Siewert, PE Charles O. Silcox, PE Michael J. Simmons, PE, MBA Guillermo Jose Simon, PE Jonathan W. Sink, PE Paul E. Skidmore, PE Danielle Pitt Slaterpryce, PE Alejandro M. Sorondo, PE Richard Spaulding, PE Kenneth B. Spillett, PE Rajesh Srinivas, PhD, PE Marc D. Stehli, PE

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Terracon Consultants Inc. Volkert, Inc. Town of Palm Beach Public Works Dept. ECS Florida LLC Ghyabi & Associates Inc. Wantman Group Inc. Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Taylor Engineering Inc. Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Michael Baker International Inc. FDOT - Turnpike Enterprise HNTB Corporation Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. VIA Consulting Services, Inc. Eisman & Russo Inc. Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Inc. Sam Schwartz Engineering PLLC Ayres Associates Corven Engineering Inc. Jordan & Associates Consulting Inc. Taylor Engineering Inc.

HNTB Corporation Polk County Health Department WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff G.E.C. Inc. Miller, Legg & Associates, Inc.

Beth Steimle, PE Gregory J. Stelmack, PE David Stites, PhD Douglas E. Stoker, PE Lisa K. Stone, PE Hamid Tabassian, PE

T.Y. Lin International RADISE International Taylor Engineering Inc. Cardno Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Atkins Matthew A. Taylor, PE Matthew W. Taylor, PE Stantec Consulting, Inc. R. Bruce Taylor, PhD, PE, F.NSPE Taylor Engineering Inc. Robert B. Taylor, Jr., PE Hazen and Sawyer PC Joseph W. Tedesco, PhD, PE University of Houston, Cullen College of Engineering Luis Tellechea, Jr., PE GAI Consultants Inc. Gary Tenn, PE Jonathan D. Thigpen, PE Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. James F. Thompson, PE, LEED AP Thompson & Associates Inc. Brian R. Tilles, PE South Florida Water Management District Craig Toth, PE HNTB Corporation Gerardo Traverso, PE Ingenium Enterprises Inc. Truong Anh Trinh, PE Scalar Consulting Group Inc. Robert A. Trompke, PE Professional Service Industries (PSI) Michael Trudnak, PE Taylor Engineering Inc. Jay J. Turner, PE RS&H, Inc. John E. Tyler, PE FDOT - D5 William Umlauf, PE Infrastructure Engineers Inc. Stuart Van Horn, PE South Florida Water Management District Jesse VanEyk, PE South Florida Water Management District Maurice Vaughan, PE Taylor Engineering Inc. Stephanie Vereen, PhD, PE The University of Alabama, Dept. of Civil, Construction & EP Juan D. Villegas, PE Professional Service Industries (PSI) James J. Vomacka, PE Paul Wai, PE FDOT - Turnpike Enterprise Jeff M. Walters, PE FIGG George W. Walton, PE HNTB Corporation David Wantman, PE Wantman Group Inc.

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Fermin A. Diaz, PE, F.ACEC 02-03 Charles L. Geer, PE, F.ACEC 03-04 R. Bruce Taylor, PhD, PE, F.NSPE 04-05 Ernest A. Cox III, PE 05-06 Kimberlee B. DeBosier, PE, F.NSPE, F.ACEC 06-07 Michael T. Hermesmeyer, PE 07-08 James A. Horton, PE 08-09 Siamak Kusha, PE, F.ACEC 09-10 Andrew M. Cummings, PE 10-11 Robert J. Behar, PE 11-12 Mark Mechling, PE LEED AP 12-13 James F. Thompson, PE, LEED AP 13-14 Richard J.A. Temple, PE 14-15 Timothy P. Brodeur, PE 15-16


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Jones Edmunds & Associates Inc. PBS&J (large firm) Barkley Consulting Engineers Inc. (small firm) Stanley Consultants WilsonMiller PBS&J Ayres Associates Inc. Miller Legg & Associates Inc. PBS&J LBFH Miller Legg & Associates Inc.

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2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

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FICE/FDOT DBE Utilization


2016 FICE/FDOT Outstanding Project Awards Major Project:

2016 2015


Eller Drive and ICTF Overpass, FDOT District 4 Design: T.Y. Lin International CEI: Eisman & Russo, Inc.


SR 600 US 92 Pedestrian Improvements Stakeholder Partners: • Florida Department of Transportation – District 5 • Daytona International Speedway • SR 600 Property Owners • City of Daytona Beach • Florida Power & Light • Votra

Roadway Project: SR 415 Widening and Reconstruction Contractor: P&S Paving PM: Brian Davidson Construction Oversight: FDOT District 5 PM: Dwight Grube CEI: CDM Smith PM: Greg Shelton Inspection Services: RS&H, Inc. PM: Ray Budd Design Support: Inwood Consulting Engineers Inc. PM: Andrew D. DeWitt, PE


Bridge Project: Widening I-75 over

Caloosahatchee River Bridge Contractor: De Moya/Leware (Joint Venture) Design: Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. Subconsultant: HDR, Inc. and HR Engineering Services, Inc.

PD&E/Planning Project: SR9/I-95 Broward County Interchanges Master Plan,

Team/Partnering: FDOT District 4 and


Environmental Project: Wekiva Parkway Sections 4A &4B Build Design Team/Partnering: The de Moya Group and Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

Special Project: SR 17 @ CR 17B/Hunt Brothers Roundabout Team/Partnering: Protean Design Group and Wright Construction Group

2016 FICE Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award Winner FINLEY Engineering Group, Section 5 Palmetto SR826/836 Interchange D-B-F Client: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 6 Category: Transportation

Grand Award Winners

Finley Engineering Group, Inc., Section 5 Palmetto SR 826/836 Interchange D-B-F Client: Florida Department of Transportation District 6 Category: Transportation

Walter P Moore, Citrus Bowl Transformation Client: Orlando Venues Category: Structural Systems

Honor Awards

Ardaman and Associates, Inc., CWSA Runoff Pond Client: Orlando Utilities Commission Category: Environmental

Ardaman and Associates, Inc., Don Plant Gypsum Stack Client: J.R. Simplot Company Category: Industrial and Manufacturing Processes and Facilities Element Engineering Group, Fletcher Avenue Complete Street Project Client: Hillsborough County Category: Special Projects

Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., Crystal River Vacuum Sewer Client: City of Crystal River Category: Water and Stormwater

Category: Small Projects GMEC Award

Ian Kinnear, P.E., C.Eng. Larry D. Madrid, PE, D.GE James A. Horton, PE Ernest A. Cox III, PE Mohamad Hussein, PE James D. Hussin, PE Gary L. Kuhns, PE Mark L. Mongeau, PE John E. Garlanger, PhD, PE L. Daniel Fulford, PE S.E. “Jim” Jammal, PE Lawrence L. Smith, PE Charles Moore, PE Brainard-Killman Drill Co. Toney Drilling Supplies Jack Roebuck

2016 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2007 2006 1995 1994 1993 1990 1986 1986 1985 1984

Mott MacDonald, Bay County Alternative Water Supply Client: Bay County Category: Water Resources Sam Schwartz Engineering, Coast Bike Share Client: City of Tampa

Hazen and Sawyer, FDOH Onsite WW Nitrogen Strategy Client: Florida Department of Health Category: Studies, Research and Consulting Engineering Services HNTB Corporation, SunRail Phase I

Client: Florida Department of Transportation District 5

Category: Transportation

Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., Tallahassee Regional Transportation Management System Client: City of Tallahassee Category: Transportation

King Engineering Group and CH2M Hill, Northwest Solid Waste Transfer Station Client: Hillsborough County Category: Environmental


2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide



2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

2016 Engineering Exceence Award Winners Honor AwArds



e Stanton Energy Center, located east of Orlando, Florida, is a coal and natural gas fired electric generating facility operated by the Orlando Utilities Commission. e generation process creates several types of waste that are stored in Combustion Waste Storage Area (CWSA) landfills. e purpose of the CWSA Runoff Pond modification is to provide the required storage to accommodate leachate from the lined horizontal CWSA expansion and the original unlined CWSA. A Decant Cell will be used for temporary stockpiling and dewatering of wet materials prior to disposal in the CWSA. e primary purpose of the pond is to provide an environmentally safe area to store leachate water from the CWSA before the water is recirculated into the plant process stream. A number of innovative applications of technology have been incorporated to meet this end. e pond is completely lined with a double HDPE liner system. Although a double liner is not required by the plant’s Conditions of Certification, the Owner selected the double liner to comply with Rule 62701, FAC, which governs municipal solid waste facilities in Florida. e system includes a layer of clayey base, a secondary HDPE liner, a leak detection layer, a primary HDPE liner, a geo-composite leachate collection/pressure reduction layer, an 18 inch soil cover and a layer of soil cement at the top for protection. e liner is designed to prevent leakage of leachate into the groundwater. e decant pond, adjacent to the CWSA pond, is designed to accommodate and dewater wet combustion waste before it is placed in the CWSA. e pond is lined with a reinforced concrete surface to allow heavy off-road truck access and equipment to manipulate the waste. e concrete is underlain by an 18-inch thick soil cover, a geo-composite drainage layer and a HDPE liner.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


Honor AwArds



e Don Plant began producing Phosphoric Acid and other phosphate fertilizer products in 1944. Today the plant produces over 1 million tons of product annually e byproduct of the process, phosphogypsum (gypsum) has been slurried with water and transported and stored in large storage areas (stacks) on the site. For many years the gypsum was stored in unlined stacks. Leachate from the stacks permeating into the ground over the years, resulted in contaminated groundwater discharges. In order to continue fertilizer production in an environmentally conscious manner, by reducing seepage and loading phosphorous to groundwater below the stack, the Owner created lined facilities, primarily by lining the top of the existing stack and any natural ground areas that would lie beneath the future stored gypsum and expanding the stack storage vertically. e pre-existing stack is over 300 feet tall, and the vertical expansion will ultimately raise the stack to a height of nearly 450 feet. Space limitations on the site required that future gypsum would have to be stored primarily above the existing stack in a vertical expansion. is required placing an HDPE liner on top of the operating stack and against a very rugged and rocky mountain. Preparation of the mountain slope required detailed engineering analysis and extensive blasting and shaving of the mountain to create a suitable surface to ensure the integrity and proper performance of the HDPE liner throughout the life of the facility. e stability of the stack slopes had to be analyzed for seismic conditions, both from natural earthquakes and during accelerations created by blasting the existing mountainside. In fact, the blasting program was designed specifically to minimize accelerations in the existing operational gypsum stack. e gypsum produced by this plant has very different properties than typical gypsum produced by most acid plants. It is less crystallized and more erodible, and an extensive laboratory testing program in a state-of-theart geotechnical laboratory was conducted to characterize the gypsum’s physical properties. e vertical expansion on top of the existing stack required complex geotechnical engineering analysis to predict compression of the existing stack(settlement), seepage of pore water and stability of the slopes.


2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Honor AwArds



e Fletcher Avenue Complete Streets Project focused on main different aspects: Roadway Design, Pedestrian Safety Improvements, Signing & Pavement Marking Design, Structures Design, Signalization Design, Drainage Design, and Landscape Architecture. e mid block crossing concepts developed and lessons learned from this project are currently being evaluated by FDOT for implementation of a Statewide standard that includes adaptive lighting. e gateway monument, hardscape and landscape treatments increase driver recognition of being in a place that acknowledges the needs of all users by calling attention to the pedestrian within the Fletcher Avenue Complete Street Corridor. Because the project included improved access management, over a dozen intersection “influence area” crashes will be mitigated per year, creating a savings of nearly $2 million per year in costs associated with crashes. e Fletcher Avenue Complete Streets Project is located in close proximity to the University of South Florida. e pedestrian and bicycle improvements provide a safer way for students and residents to access businesses along the corridor.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


Honor AwArds



Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. was the prime consultant for this turn-key project, providing: evaluation of alternative designs, grant funding assistance and compliance, engineering design of vacuum sewer mains, valve pits, vacuum stations, air filtration systems, and force main to city system, permitting, public outreach, construction management, and construction inspection. e project leveraged a wastewater project to accomplish clean water goals. is was accomplished by eliminating approximately 600 septic tanks that drained to waterways directly connected to Kings Bay which is classified as an impaired waterway by FDEP. is was the first use of a vacuum sewer system in north central Florida. is required GPI to work with the City to provide a level of acceptance and comfort to the public and public officials. e use of the biomass filter was also new at the time. e biomass filter is a much simpler and more cost effective means of odor removal than mechanical scrubbers or carbon filters. Unique pumping parameters required specialized force main pumps. ese pumps had to pump against the vacuum in the system while also pumping over 2 miles to the receiving Crystal River Li Station. Use of concrete additive for waterproofing instead of coating. e project area has a high water table. is required the need for adaptive water proofing. e design included the use of a innovative additive which was added to the wet concrete mix to seal the substructure against water intrusion.


2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Honor AwArds



As the prime design consulting firm on this progressive design-build project, Mott MacDonald served as lead engineering consultant through whom all engineering, permitting and surveying sub-consultants were managed to deliver the following services for the Bay County Utility Services: Lead the Design Team in the preparation of all design and permitting for a new raw water intake structure, raw water pumping station and approximately 11-mile raw water main. Designed to pump 28 mgd of raw water from the north end of the surface water impoundment and tie into existing Raw Water pumping station. Prepared the progressive design documents necessary to allow the Prime DesignBuild Contractor to provide Bay County Utilities with the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and schedule for the project. Worked collaboratively with entire Design-Build team and Owner, Bay County Utilities, to design project to allow “early start” construction activity while managing phases affected by environmental and permit constraints, long lead time, equipment, etc. Assisted Prime Design-Builder and Owner with start-up and commissioning of the new raw water pumping station. Designed project with high degree of aesthetic and environmental sensitivity to blend into the constructed environment. Designed project to provide much needed redundancy and sustainability with substantially reduced impacts to the natural environment over the originally envisioned project.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


Honor AwArds



As the only planning and engineering consultant to the bike share owner and operator, Sam Schwartz Engineering (SSE) led all aspects of site planning, design and permitting to deliver bike share to the City of Tampa. Sam Schwartz Engineering provided site selection and planning for 30 stations and 300 bicycles, permitting services through the Ybor City Historic District and the Hyde Park Historic District, final design drawings and details for 30 stations in the city, and project financing to the bike share operator. Since bike share is an emerging transportation mode, SSE built off of case studies of existing bike share planning activities from around the world. ey were able to locate bike share stations while balancing the needs of the following:


a cohesive and comprehensive bicycle and bike share network

the financial viability of the network and individual sites

the ease of on site maintenance

city and public approvals

advertising value on site kiosks

physical constraints of the right of way

and the convenience and safety of bike share users

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Grand Award Winners



826/836 Interchange will create a safer and less congested travel for 430,000 vehicles traveling through the interchange daily. Challenges included project location in Miami International Airport’s flight path, FAA vertical height restrictions, canals located in the middle of the project, strong aesthetic requirements, traffic flow maintenance during construction, and bridge pier placement. Finley Engineering Group realized that innovation was the key to success. e Segmental Bridge Engineer integrated the design into the construction while satisfying the strong aesthetic requirements. e team proposed a re-design of the preliminary plan that lengthened the four complex segmental bridges, which eliminated four of the eight segmental bridges as the interchange and several more conventional bridges along a canal running through the site. e use of a 460 . self-launching overhead gantry eliminated the need for falsework and cranes and removed five MOT phases that would have impacted traffic, thereby providing a safer work environment. ree of the four Alternative Technical Concepts (ATCs) submitted in the propsoal for the segmental bridges were accepted. FDOT District 6 allowed use of diabolos with external tendons for the first time. is precluded the use of traditonal bent steel pipers, the segment weight was reduced and allowed variable tendon geometry and continuous external tension ducts. Haunched segments increased span lengths, reduced the mass and cost of the stucture. Other design innovations included using non-traditional shaped piers, adjusting the footing size to accommodate conditions, and pier caps were designed to support the balanced cantilever during construction.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


GrAnd AwArds



Approximately 30% of Florida residents are served by onsite wastewater systems (OWS), commonly known as “septic systems”, and their impact on water quality is of concern, especially as it relates to nitrogen loading in sensitive watersheds such as Florida’s famous springs. In 2009, the Florida Department of Health initiated the Florida Onsite Wastewater Nitrogen Reduction Strategies Study to tackle the problem and to develop strategies to manage and reduce nitrogen loading from OWS to protect groundwater and surface water in the State. Engineering was performed across the spectrum of services from study and modeling to development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of new, innovative nitrogen reducing OWS. e project integrated key knowledge areas including: scientific principles of nitrogen reduction in engineered and natural environments, field performance of traditional and innovative onsite treatment technology, mathematical modeling to predict the fate and transport of nitrogen in soil and groundwater, and life cycle cost analyses of economic and environmental costs associated with onsite wastewater nitrogen reduction. e evaluation of nitrogen treatment and reduction options included a unique pilot test facility which provided the basis fr innovative nitrogen reduction system (NRS) design criteria. Seven full-scale prototype systems of over 95% removal of influent wastewater nitrogen. Groundwater monitoring demonstrated the benefit of the innovative NRS by showing a reduction of groundwater nitrogen concentrations to background concentrations following installation. e full scale demonstrations showed that the new OWS designs can consistently meet required treatment goals and water reuse goals, and will help improve the negative public perception of OWS as simply “septic tanks.”


2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

GrAnd AwArds



SunRail is the Florida Department of Transportation’s premier commuter rail project in the state. Since its opening in May 2014, SunRail has proved a practical alternative to I-4, the region’s main thoroughfare. e initial 31 miles of Phase I serves passengers at 12 different stations across eight different cities in the Central Florida Region from DeBary in the north to Sand Lake Road in the south. On average, 3,700 Central Floridian ride the train per day. Among the many benefits it offers th community, SunRail alleviates traffic throughout the Greater Orlando area and provides passengers with a safe and dependable state-of-the-art transportation option. Funding for the initial operating system came from a Full Funding Grant authorized by Congress along with state and local funding. e on-time delivery of this project became increasingly more important as FDOT prepared to break ground on its six-year, $2.3 billion overhaul of I-4. Work for Phase I was completed in two years on an active rail network. e SunRail Phase I work included planning, design, construction, testing and commissioning of the initial operating segment. Work included significant construction of track, signals, crossing,s bridges, stations with associated parking lots, security systems, and operations center. Construction engineering and inspection services include contract administration and management, project stakeholder coordination and railroad commissioning. Phase II is schedule to begin shortly, connecting an additional four communities to the southern terminus.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


GrAnd AwArds



Long before the phrase became an industry byword, the leaders of the City of Tallahassee and Leon County, Florida had committed themselves to a vision of making the state’s capital region its first “smart city”. is vision culminated in a Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) that is a model of local government operations mutually benefiting from the integration o their respective systems. And, with the RTMC also serving as home to the Florida Department of Transportation SunGuide® Freeway Management System (FMS), the RTMC represents a truly unique example of collaboration among three levels of government - city, county, and state. Key traffic management and public safety response functions that require real-time situational awareness and command/control capabilities have been brought under one roof to enhance cooperation and integrate functions. e co-location of the City’s Advanced Traffic Management System, which controls 350 traffic signals, with the SunGuide® FMS successfully leveraged the construction of the new, joint-use, Leon County/City of Tallahassee Public Safety Complex (PSC) to allow for dramatic facility improvements and cost savings. e centerpiece of the facility if a two-level videowall that can be viewed by all agencies in the PSC. is easily customized display can bring together real-time CCTV images from 126 traffic cameras to monitor traffic along Interstate 10 and many local roadways throughout the region. is project is a testament to professional engineering supporting a partnership among multiple agencies. e revolutionary FMTC was not only completed on schedule and under budget, but it has greatly improved the ability to monitor and manage the region’s traffic. It is also a critical tool in the safety of the community through improved customer information together with enhanced, timely, and context-specific incident response.


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Hillsborough County initiated a program in 2004 to expand and reconstruct its two transfer stations. e estimates budget was $26 million for the Northwest Solid Waste Transfer Station (NWTS); however, the economic downturn required an innovative phased approach to meet the County’s goals and the reduced NWTS construction budget of $10 million. Phase 1 of the overall program at the NWTS included replacing the existing transfer station and upgrading its scale facility. e renovation consisted of constructing a new building over the old building, reusing the existing concrete floors and several walls, and demolishing the old building from the inside out while keeping the facility in operation. Scale facility improvements included providing a bypass lane and new inbound/outbound scales. A detailed construction sequence that simultaneously addressed safety, construction, and demolition while the transfer station continued to operate, was critical to the project’s success. King Engineering Group and CH2M Hill’s innovative design resulted in an initial construction cost of $9.4 million, $600,000 below the $10 million budget. During construction, additional funds ($2.3 million) became available and additional work was added, including offsite utilities and preloading the adjacent closed landfill site for future construction of a new scale facility. e NWTS was planned, designed, and constructed to meet the needs of its customers and to complement the other elements of the County’s integrated solid waste management system for the next 20+ years, as well as allowing the County to meet its goals.

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Just west of downtown, the newly transformed Orlando Citrus Bowl has again become the centerpiece for attracting big events to the Orlando region. Walter P Moore completed a $207.7 million overhaul in the ten months between major events, saving significant time and money compared to a total replacement. e transformation redefined the historic stadium’s aesthetics and fan experience. e structural engineer’s challenge was to deliver a beautiful exposed structure, adhere to an austere budget,meet a lightning schedule, and ensure lower long-term maintenance costs than contemporary facilities. To speed construction, the engineer used a non-traditional combination of structural steel and precast concrete for the primary structure. is allowed builders to begin the fabrication of most of the structure well in advance of demolition. Once on site, four teams simultaneously erected various parts of the structures independently, saving construction days with parallel construction tracks. To reduce future maintenance, Water P Moore improved industry standard connections by borrowing concepts of emulative design from its traditional application in high-seismic regions. Designers sought to replicate the higher durability of cast-in-place concrete by virtually eliminating exposed and field-welded connections and by using an innovative seating connection. In the steel circulation structures, highly aesthetic connections were detailed to reduce long-term rusting potential. Since its transformation, the Orlando Citrus Bowl has reclaimed its economic generating mojo, hosting enormous crowds at MLS games, concerts, and two successful bowl games. Fan response has been very positive and the City expects the stadium to generate $300 million annually.


2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


Vision: To be the recognized advocate for all consulting engineers in Florida.

FICE Strategic Plan

Recognized: FICE has the vision to be the “recognized” advocate for all consulting engineers in Florida. It is generally accepted that FICE is currently not recognized as the definitive organization that represents the collective and varied interests of consulting engineers in Florida. This is somewhat due to the large number of professional organizations that promote the interest of engineers in Florida. It is similarly due to the size and complexity of the state of Florida that many individuals and organizations are unaware of FICE. To address this problem, FICE needs to decide by whom it wants to be recognized within the state of Florida. Are these initiatives with the engineering community or outside, will it be organizations or individuals or both?

Advocate: As the advocate for consulting engineers and companies in Florida, FICE represents and promotes the interests of its constituent members. Unfortunately, engineering firms doing business in Florida, both member and non-member, are not informed of existing advocacy initiatives pursued by FICE, nor do they appreciate the value of those initiatives. Conversely, FICE has not developed a definitive understanding of the advocacy needs of its constituency. As a result, both FICE member firms and non-member firms are either unaware of what benefits a FICE membership provides, or they ascribe diminished value to FICE membership and active participation in the organization. To address this problem FICE must first identify and define an accurate and comprehensive description of (1) the advocacy needs of its constituency, and (2) its constituency’s assessment of the effectiveness and value of existing FICE advocacy activities. This information

Inclusive: The vision of FICE is to be the recognized advocate for all consulting engineers in Florida. The mission is to represent and promote the business of consulting engineering. Unfortunately, there are several problems that are hindering these objectives. For one, FICE is not perceived to represent all engineer-


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Mission: To represent and promote consulting engineering.

should then be used to formulate and implement a comprehensive advocacy program that is fully responsive and congruent with constituency needs. To ensure the success and effectiveness of the new program, complementary support communications must be developed and executed to both inform the FICE constituency of ongoing advocacy activities and successes as well as provide timely and substantive constituency feedback. Finally, a set of meaningful metrics and polling initiatives should be developed and activated to monitor advocacy program effectiveness and constituency awareness.

ing disciplines. Instead, the organization is perceived as an association that represents “civil” engineers in general—and transportation engineers specifically. As a result, only 16 percent of engineering firms in the state are represented by FICE. This then becomes cyclic, because FICE activities represent the majority of the FICE membership—who are primarily civil/transportation engineers—discour-



aging the enrollment of consulting firms representing other engineering disciplines. In addition, there are numerous competing organizations and organizations vying for the membership of engineers in the state. Finally, FICE does not have enough “advocates” helping promote the organization as the advocate for all consulting engineers in the state. To address this problem, FICE must pro-

mote the diversity of its membership, the value of its legislative “clout,” and the desire to represent all disciplines comprising the consulting engineering community. In order to do so, FICE must identify the various disciplines that it should represent and give these constituents a reason to join and become active in FICE. —Amended/Approved 8.7.08 FICE BOD

Victor N. DeCario & Associates Inc.

DeYoung Engineering & Management Elias Engineering

Kevin McAdams, PE

H. William Persons, PE

DeYoung Engineering & Management Villanueva Associates Inc.

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FICE Membership - Enhance Business

1. Consulting Engineering Needs. The

Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) is the only trade association for consulting engineering firms in Florida. A community for your needs, concerns, and voices to be heard is provided at many levels.

2. Transportation Committee. The only

action committee to work directly with the FICE/FDOT Liaison Committee, which gives recommendations to the Florida Department of Transportation on how contracts should be negotiated, costs are allocated, and business is let out to the engineering community. Your company should be at the table talking with the transportation decision-makers instead of learning second-hand about changes in the rules.

3. Water Resources Committee. Consult-

ing engineers, representatives of water management districts and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers meet face-to-face to discuss issues that will create the blueprint for water solutions in Florida.

courses, and DVD courses. New seminars are available monthly—visit for the latest course selection.

6. Professional Recognition at Local and National Levels. Annual Engineering Excellence Awards showcase your firm’s innovative engineering projects. Finalist receives state and national recognition, not only from the media but also from elected officials, regulators, and potential clients. Winners are exclusively acknowledged at the FICE banquet which is held during the FES/FICE Annual Summer Conference and Exposition. Members who give back to the community are recognized through the A.W. Gilchrist Award, Young Engineer, Professional Development and the Community Service Award. 7. Year-Round Exposure. The annual FICE Directory & Guide features informa-

4. RFPs Delivered Each Week. The

Florida Register provides members with RFPs from around the southeastern United States to their desktops. FICE staff searches dozens of publications and online listings to compile all the engineering and architectural job advertisements each week.

5. Continuing Education Discounts. FICE members save an average of 30% on all continuing education seminars, online


2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

tion about your firm and the services you offer. Over 1,000 directories are distributed around the state Including local and state government decision-makers. Members also gain exposure from the FICE website (, which features Find-A-Firm, engineering excellence award winners, and firm sponsorships.

8. Latest Industry Trends. The FICE Update is a monthly electronic publication that keeps members abreast of the latest industry trends and information.

9. Quality, Quality, Quality. FICE is led by the top consulting engineers in the state. Our staff is always ready to help members, provide information, and ensure members receive the utmost satisfaction and service.

2017 ZweigWhite Salary Survey

The 2017 Engineering Firm Salary Surveys are the most up-to-date and comprehensive compensation survey reports for engineering firms operating in each region of the U.S. Based on data from a broad sampling of engineering firms in the region reporting salaries for all positions, these reports are the new standard for firm leaders and human resources directors looking to benchmark their staff’s compensation against their peers. All FICE members are eligible to order any one (or more) of ZweigWhite’s regional Call ZweigWhite at (800) 446-6275. salary surveys at the price of $295 (retail Please identify your firm as a member of FICE. $395) each.


Allen Douglas,

Executive Director

Stephanie Dedmon, Meeting Planner

Chad Faison, Director of Marketing & Communications

Samantha Hobbs,QAS, Amanda Hudson,QAS, Cherie Pinsky,

Director of Government Director of Information Meeting Planner Affairs and Exec. Policy Technology

FICE Committees and Councils

The FICE organization represents firms who specialize in providing sound, creative, high-quality solutions to engineering problems. Our committees are the infrastructure for the dynamic presence we maintain in the state of Florida. They are listed by staff liaision:

Janice Faulk, Member Services Manager

Kathy M. Keiffer, CMP, Director of Programs & Events

Energy Committee, Structural Committee, Transportation Committee, Water Resources Committee, Professional Practices Committee, Consulting Engineers Legislative, Council (CELC), ACEC FL PAC, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Planning & Bylaws Committee, FES/Joint Leadership Committee Samantha Hobbs, QAS Public Relations Committee Chad Faison

Member Services Committee Janice Faulk

Leadership Institute Steering Council GMEC Executive Committee Kathy Keiffer, CMP

Finance Committee Florida Engineering Foundation Headquarters Operations Committee Allen Douglas

Michelle LaFalce

Marketing Assistant

Jane Roberts, Member Kathy Roland,

Karen Franklin

Services Representative Advertising Coordinator Accounting Manager

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How to Select a Consulting Engineer

Florida Experience Can Be Important to You It is vital that an owner obtain the services of an engineer familiar with the physical environment of Florida, which differs in many respects from that of most other states. Florida is a hurricaneexposed, subtropical, low-lying peninsula. Engineers who lack demonstrated familiarity with Florida conditions may not have the experience to cope with its unique environment safely and economically. Engineers with a record of successful work in the state may reasonably be assumed to have the requisite experience. An owner is well advised to inquire carefully and resolve any doubts in these matters. When selecting a consulting engineer, you should: 1. Prepare as complete a description as possible of the proposed project Including the purpose to be served, proposed budget, desired date for start of operation, and other pertinent factors which will affect the engineering services agreement.

2. Request the consulting engineers to furnish their qualifications.

3. Select one or more consulting

engineers whom the client believes to be qualified for the specific services required.

4. After one or more firms have been

interviewed separately, a firm should be selected that has the proper qualifications and ability and, in the opinion of the client, is the most qualified to perform the services in question.

follow procedures under the Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA), which was adopted by the State Legislature in 1973. The CCNA legislation sets forth specific requirements and procedures for contracting professional services to be used by the state, its agencies, municipalities or political subdivisions, school boards, and school districts. This selection procedure is based on qualification and competence. It covers the selection of professional engineers, architects, registered land surveyors, and landscape architects and the negotiation of fees for their professional services in contracts where compensation exceeds $35,000 in cases of studies and where the cost of construction exceeds $325,000 in the case of construction. This procedure provides a simple and effective four-step process Including: a. Public Announcement of the Project. Public notice of requirements for professional services is made Including a description of the project and how interested consultants can apply for consideration.


Selection of Certified Qualified Firms. The qualifications of the certified firms are rated and compared. No less than three firms are then selected and ranked in order of preference, based on their qualifications.

political subdivisions are required to 36

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for negotiation of fees and related expenses as well as an agreement on essential details in connection with the project.

6. State, governmental agencies, or

This procedure is widely used by industry and agencies in many other states that are knowledgeable and experienced in the selection of consulting engineers and other design professionals. It is also in accord with Public Law 92-582 (Brooks Act), which sets forth federal policy concerning the selection of design professionals for federal agencies. v

b. Qualification and Certification of Firms. Qualifications of those firms indicating an interest in the project are received. Those firms found to be qualified to render the required services are so certified by the agency.

d. Negotiation of Professional Service Contracts. The agency negotiates a contract with the firm ranked as the most qualified, at a compensation which is fair, competitive, and reasonable. Detailed discussions are held by the firm and the agency to clearly establish the scope of the project and the exact work to be

5. The selected firm should be called in

done. Such negotiations are usually successful; however, should the two parties fail to agree upon the level of compensation, negotiations with the first firm are terminated and negotiations are commenced with the second-ranked firm. If again unsuccessful, the process is repeated with the next highest-ranked firm.

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The Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act - CCNA As of October 1, 2016. Current Edition

287.055 Acquisition of professional architectural, engineering, landscape architectural, or surveying and mapping services; definitions; procedures; contingent fees prohibited; penalties.-(1) SHORT TITLE.--This section shall be known as the “Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act.” (2) DEFINITIONS.--For purposes of this section: (a) “Professional services” means those services within the scope of the practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered surveying and mapping, as defined by the laws of the state, or those performed by any architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, or registered surveyor and mapper in connection with his or her professional employment or practice. (b) “Agency” means the state, a state agency, a municipality, a political subdivision, a school district, or a school board. The term “agency” does not extend to a nongovernmental developer that contributes public facilities to a political subdivision under s. 380.06 or ss. 163.3220163.3243. (c) “Firm” means any individual, firm, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity permitted by law to practice architecture, engineering, or surveying and mapping in the state. (d) “Compensation” means the amount paid by the agency for professional services regardless of whether stated as compensation or stated as hourly rates, overhead rates, or other figures or formulas from which compensation can be calculated. (e) “Agency official” means any elected or appointed officeholder, employee, consultant, person in the category of other personal service or any other 38

person receiving compensation from the state, a state agency, municipality, or political subdivision, a school district or a school board. (f) “Project” means that fixed capital outlay study or planning activity described in the public notice of the state or a state agency under paragraph (3)(a). A project may include: 1. A grouping of minor construction, rehabilitation, or renovation activities. 2. A grouping of substantially similar construction, rehabilitation, or renovation activities. (g) A “continuing contract” is a contract for professional services entered into in accordance with all the procedures of this act between an agency and a firm whereby the firm provides professional services to the agency for projects in which the estimated construction cost of each individual project under the contract does not exceed $2 million, for study activity if the fee for professional services for each individual study under the contract does not exceed $200,000, or for work of a specified nature as outlined in the contract required by the agency, with the contract being for a fixed term or with no time limitation except that the contract must provide a termination clause. Firms providing professional services under continuing contracts shall not be required to bid against one another. (h) A “design-build firm” means a partnership, corporation, or other legal entity that: 1. Is certified under s. 489.119 to engage in contracting through a certified or registered general contractor or a certified or registered building contractor as the qualifying agent; or 2. Is certified under s. 471.023 to practice or to offer to practice engineering; certified under s. 481.219 to

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practice or to offer to practice architecture; or certified under s. 481.319 to practice or to offer to practice landscape architecture. A “design-build contract” means a single contract with a design-build firm for the design and construction of a public construction project. A “design criteria package” means concise, performance-oriented drawings or specifications of the public construction project. The purpose of the design criteria package is to furnish sufficient information to permit design-build firms to prepare a bid or a response to an agency’s request for proposal, or to permit an agency to enter into a negotiated design-build contract. The design criteria package must specify performance-based criteria for the public construction project Including the legal description of the site, survey information concerning the site, interior space requirements, material quality standards, schematic layouts and conceptual design criteria of the project, cost or budget estimates, design and construction schedules, site development requirements, provisions for utilities, stormwater retention and disposal, and parking requirements applicable to the project. A “design criteria professional” means a firm who holds a current certificate of registration under chapter 481 to practice architecture or landscape architecture or a firm who holds a current certificate as a registered engineer under chapter 471 to practice engineering and who is employed by or under contract to the agency for the providing of professional architect services, landscape architect services, or engineering services in connection with the preparation of the design criteria package. “Negotiate” or any form of that word

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means to conduct legitimate, arms length discussions and conferences to reach an agreement on a term or price. For purposes of this section, the term does not include presentation of flat-fee schedules with no alternatives or discussion. (3) PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT AND QUALIFICATION PROCEDURES.-(a) 1. Each agency shall publicly announce, in a uniform and consistent manner, each occasion when professional services must be purchased for a project the basic construction cost of which is estimated by the agency to exceed the threshold amount provided in s. 287.017 for CATEGORY FIVE or for a planning or study activity when the fee for professional services exceeds the threshold amount provided in s. 287.017 for CATEGORY TWO, except in cases of valid public emergencies certified by the agency head. The public notice must include a general description of the project and must indicate how interested consultants may apply for consideration. 2. Each agency shall provide a good faith estimate in determining whether the proposed activity meets the threshold amounts referred to in this paragraph. (b) Each agency shall encourage firms engaged in the lawful practice of their professions that desire to provide professional services to the agency to submit annually statements of qualifications and performance data. (c) Any firm or individual desiring to provide professional services to the agency must first be certified by the agency as qualified pursuant to law and the regulations of the agency. The agency must find that the firm or individual to be employed is fully qualified to render the required service. Among the factors to be considered in making this finding are the capabilities, adequacy of personnel, past record, and experience of the firm or individual. 40

(d) Each agency shall evaluate professional services Including capabilities, adequacy of personnel, past record, experience, whether the firm is a certified minority business enterprise as defined by the Florida Small and Minority Business Assistance Act, and other factors determined by the agency to be applicable to its particular requirements. When securing professional services, an agency must endeavor to meet the minority business enterprise procurement goals under s. 287.09451. (e) The public must not be excluded from the proceedings under this section. (4) COMPETITIVE SELECTION.-(a) For each proposed project, the agency shall evaluate current statements of qualifications and performance data on file with the agency, together with those that may be submitted by other firms regarding the proposed project, and shall conduct discussions with, and may require public presentations by, no fewer than three firms regarding their qualifications, approach to the project, and ability to furnish the required services. (b) The agency shall select in order of preference no fewer than three firms deemed to be the most highly qualified to perform the required services. In determining whether a firm is qualified, the agency shall consider such factors as the ability of professional personnel; whether a firm is a certified minority business enterprise; past performance; willingness to meet time and budget requirements; location; recent, current, and projected workloads of the firms; and the volume of work previously awarded to each firm by the agency, with the object of effecting an equitable distribution of contracts among qualified firms, provided such distribution does not violate the principle of selection of the most highly qualified firms. The agency may request, accept, and consider proposals for

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the compensation to be paid under the contract only during competitive negotiations under subsection (5). (c) This subsection does not apply to a professional service contract for a project the basic construction cost of which is estimated by the agency to be not in excess of the threshold amount provided in s. 287.017 for CATEGORY FIVE or for a planning or study activity when the fee for professional services is not in excess of the threshold amount provided in s. 287.017 for CATEGORY TWO. However, if, in using another procurement process, the majority of the compensation proposed by firms is in excess of the appropriate threshold amount, the agency shall reject all proposals and reinitiate the procurement pursuant to this subsection. (d) Nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit a continuing contract between a firm and an agency. (5) COMPETITIVE NEGOTIATION.-(a) The agency shall negotiate a contract with the most qualified firm for professional services at compensation which the agency determines is fair, competitive, and reasonable. In making such determination, the agency shall conduct a detailed analysis of the cost of the professional services required in addition to considering their scope and complexity. For any lump-sum or cost-plus-a-fixed-fee professional service contract over the threshold amount provided in s. 287.017 for CATEGORY FOUR, the agency shall require the firm receiving the award to execute a truth-innegotiation certificate stating that wage rates and other factual unit costs supporting the compensation are accurate, complete, and current at the time of contracting. Any professional service contract under which such a certificate is required must contain a provision that the original contract price and any additions thereto will be adjusted to exclude any significant sums by which

the agency determines the contract price was increased due to inaccurate Incomplete, or noncurrent wage rates and other factual unit costs. All such contract adjustments must be made within 1 year following the end of the contract. (b) Should the agency be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the firm considered to be the most qualified at a price the agency determines to be fair, competitive, and reasonable, negotiations with that firm must be formally terminated. The agency shall then undertake negotiations with the second most qualified firm. Failing accord with the second most qualified firm, the agency must terminate negotiations. The agency shall then undertake negotiations with the third most qualified firm. (c) Should the agency be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with any of the selected firms, the agency shall select additional firms in the order of their competence and qualification and continue negotiations in accordance with this subsection until an agreement is reached. (6) PROHIBITION AGAINST CONTINGENT FEES.-(a) Each contract entered into by the agency for professional services must contain a prohibition against contingent fees as follows: “The architect (or registered surveyor and mapper or professional engineer, as applicable) warrants that he or she has not employed or retained any company or person, other than a bona fide employee working solely for the architect (or registered surveyor and mapper, or professional engineer, as applicable) to solicit or secure this agreement and that he or she has not paid or agreed to pay any person, company, corporation, individual, or firm, other than a bona fide employee working solely for the architect (or registered surveyor and mapper or professional engineer, as applicable) any fee, commission, per-

centage, gift, or other consideration contingent upon or resulting from the award or making of this agreement.” For the breach or violation of this provision, the agency shall have the right to terminate the agreement without liability and, at its discretion, to deduct from the contract price, or otherwise recover, the full amount of such fee, commission, percentage, gift, or consideration. (b) Any individual, corporation, partnership, firm, or company, other than a bona fide employee working solely for an architect, professional engineer, or registered land surveyor and mapper, who offers, agrees, or contracts to solicit or secure agency contracts for professional services for any other individual, company, corporation, partnership, or firm and to be paid, or is paid, any fee, commission, percentage, gift, or other consideration contingent upon, or resulting from, the award or the making of a contract for professional services shall, upon conviction in a competent court of this state, be found guilty of a first degree misdemeanor, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. (c) Any architect, professional engineer, or registered surveyor and mapper, or any group, association, company, corporation, firm, or partnership thereof, who offers to pay, or pays, any fee, commission, percentage, gift, or other consideration contingent upon, or resulting from, the award or making of any agency contract for professional services shall, upon conviction in a state court of competent authority, be found guilty of a first degree misdemeanor, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. (d) Any agency official who offers to solicit or secure, or solicits or secures, a contract for professional services and to be paid, or is paid, any fee, commission, percentage, gift, or other consideration contingent upon the award or making of such a contract for professional services be-

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tween the agency and any individual person, company, firm, partnership, or corporation shall, upon conviction by a court of competent authority, be found guilty of a first degree misdemeanor, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. (7) AUTHORITY OF DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT SERVICES.-- Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, the Department of Management Services shall be the agency of state government which is solely and exclusively authorized and empowered to administer and perform the functions described in subsections (3), (4), and (5) respecting all projects for which the funds necessary to complete same are appropriated to the Department of Management Services, irrespective of whether such projects are intended for the use and benefit of the Department of Management Services or any other agency of government. However, nothing herein shall be construed to be in derogation of any authority conferred on the Department of Management Services by other express provisions of law. Additionally, any agency of government may, with the approval of the Department of Management Services, delegate to the Department of Management Services authority to administer and perform the functions described in subsections (3), (4), and (5). Under the terms of the delegation, the agency may reserve its right to accept or reject a proposed contract. (8) STATE ASSISTANCE TO LOCAL AGENCIES.-- On any professional service contract for which the fee is over $25,000, the Department of Transportation or the Department of Management Services shall provide, upon request by a municipality, political subdivision, school board, or school district, and upon reimbursement of the costs involved, assistance in selecting consultants and in negotiating consultant contracts. (9) APPLICABILITY TO DESIGN-BUILD CONTRACTS.-(a) Except as provided in this subsec-


tion, this section is not applicable to the procurement of design-build contracts by any agency, and the agency must award design-build contracts in accordance with the procurement laws, rules, and ordinances applicable to the agency. (b) The design criteria package must be prepared and sealed by a design criteria professional employed by or retained by the agency. If the agency elects to enter into a professional services contract for the preparation of the design criteria package, then the design criteria professional must be selected and contracted with under the requirements of subsections (4) and (5). A design criteria professional who has been selected to prepare the design criteria package is not eligible to render services under a design-build contract executed pursuant to the design criteria package. (c) Except as otherwise provided in s. 337.11(7), the Department of Man-


agement Services shall adopt rules for the award of design-build contracts to be followed by state agencies. Each other agency must adopt rules or ordinances for the award of design-build contracts. Municipalities, political subdivisions, school districts, and school boards shall award design-build contracts by the use of a competitive proposal selection process as described in this subsection, or by the use of a qualificationsbased selection process pursuant to subsections (3), (4), and (5) for entering into a contract whereby the selected firm will, subsequent to competitive negotiations, establish a guaranteed maximum price and guaranteed completion date. If the procuring agency elects the option of qualifications-based selection, during the selection of the designbuild firm the procuring agency shall employ or retain a licensed design professional appropriate to the project to serve as the agency’s repre-

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sentative. Procedures for the use of a competitive proposal selection process must include as a minimum the following: 1. The preparation of a design criteria package for the design and construction of the public construction project. 2. The qualification and selection of no fewer than three design-build firms as the most qualified, based on the qualifications, availability, and past work of the firms Including the partners or members thereof. 3. The criteria, procedures, and standards for the evaluation of designbuild contract proposals or bids, based on price, technical, and design aspects of the public construction project, weighted for the project. 4. The solicitation of competitive proposals, pursuant to a design criteria package, from those qualified de-

sign-build firms and the evaluation of the responses or bids submitted by those firms based on the evaluation criteria and procedures established prior to the solicitation of competitive proposals. 5. For consultation with the employed or retained design criteria professional concerning the evaluation of the responses or bids submitted by the design-build firms, the supervision or approval by the agency of the detailed working drawings of the project; and for evaluation of the compliance of the project construction with the design criteria package by the design criteria professional. 6. In the case of public emergencies, for the agency head to declare an emergency and authorize negotiations with the best qualified designbuild firm available at that time.

(10) REUSE OF EXISTING PLANS.-Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, there shall be no public notice requirement or utilization of the selection process as provided in this section for projects in which the agency is able to reuse existing plans from a prior project of the agency, or, in the case of a board as defined in s. 1013.01, a prior project of that or any other board. Except for plans of a board as defined in s. 1013.01, public notice for any plans that are intended to be reused at some future time must contain a statement that provides that the plans are subject to reuse in accordance with the provisions of this subsection.

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ch. 2009-227. v

(11) CONSTRUCTION OF LAW.-Nothing in the amendment of this section by chapter 75-281, Laws of Florida, is intended to supersede the provisions of ss. 1013.45 and 1013.46. History.--ss. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ch. 73-19; ss. 1, 2, 3, ch. 75-281; s. 1, ch. 77-174; s. 1, ch. 77-199; s. 10, ch. 84-321; ss. 23, 32, ch. 85-104; s. 57, ch. 85-349; s. 6, ch. 86-

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3E Consultants Inc.

5858 S Semoran Blvd Orlando 32822-4816 407-629-8180 fax 407-629-7595 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 29 DBE

Firm Specialties: 3E provides a wide range of environmental, health, safety, construction, ecological, and engineering consulting services in the United States and internationally. 3E is a certified SBA 8a Small Disadvantaged Business, Orange County Minority Business Enterprise, GOAA Minority Business and a Florida DOT Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. Principals: Maurice Pearson, President Michael A. Orcino, PE, Vice President Chris Parent, Vice President Branch Offices: 2608 S 86 St #B Tampa 33619 813-363-0862 fax 813-630-1607

Principals: Paul Seavy, PE, Vice President

A2 Group Inc.

12915 SW 132 St #5 Miami 33186 305-668-8939 fax 305-668-9454 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 25

Firm Specialties: A2 Group Inc. is a licensed engineering and construction management organization 44

Directory of Members

with offices in Miami and Orlando. A2 is a certified DBE and small business. A2 provides engineering services on design-build and CEI projects for the VA, Nacy, FDOT, OOCEA and MDX throughout Florida and the Caribbean.

Principals: Alberto G. Ribas, PE, President

Branch Offices: 4303 Vineland Rd #F3 Orlando 32801 407-447-5610 fax 407-447-5659

A.D.A. Engineering Inc.

8550 NW 33 St #202 Doral 33122 305-551-4608 fax 305-551-8977 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 25 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: A.D.A. Engineering Inc. (ADA) specializes in civil, transportation, water resources, sanitary, and electrical engineering. ADA is involved in projects for highways, airports, land development, storm water master plans, C/D landfill designs and permitting, materials reduction facilities (MRF), water resource planning, water and sewer systems, treatment facilities, construction administration, and project management. Principals: Ivette O. Argudin, Executive Vice President Alberto D. Argudin, PE, LEED AP, CGC, FASCE, President

Branch Offices: 215 Verne St #D Tampa 33606 813-254-1115 fax 813-254-2159

1800 Old Okeechobee Rd. #202 West Palm Beach 33409 561-615-8880 fax 561-615-8858

Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC

2940 Pomello Rd Grant-Valkaria 32950 321-794-6465 Email: engr.consultants@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 1 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Advanced Engineering Consultants LLC provides diverse engineering solutions. Major markets include: Structural analysis and design of buildings and highways structures; Reinforced concrete, steel, wood structures design and analysis; ASCE7, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures; LTS-5, AASHTO Standard Specification for Structural Supports for Highway Sign, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals; Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Cooling ñ Heating Load Analysis; HVAC Design; Energy Calculations; Building Inspections and Reserve Studies; and Construction Management and Consulting.

Principals: Michael W. Hoffman, PE, Principle Engineer

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150 N Orange Ave #200 Orlando 32801 407-843-6552 fax 407-839-1789 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 1,300

Firm Specialties: With nearly 100,000 employees including architects, engineers, designers, planners, scientists, and management and construction services professionals serving clients in more than 150 countries around the world following the acquisition of URS, AECOM is a premier, fully integrated infrastructure and support services firm. AECOM is ranked as the #1 engineering design firm by revenue in Engineering NewsRecord magazineís annual industry rankings. The company is a leader in all of the key markets that it serves, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, oil and gas, water, high-rise buildings and government. AECOM provides a blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation and technical excellence in delivering solutions that create, enhance and sustain the world's built, natural and social environments. A Fortune 500 company, AECOM companies, including URS, had revenue of $19.2 billion during the 12 months ended June 30, 2014. More information on AECOM and its services can be found Principals: George Gault, PE, Khalid Motiwala, PE, Paul Newman

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Branch Offices: 7800 Congress Ave #200 Boca Raton 33487 561-994-6500 fax 561-994-6524 800 S Douglas Rd North Tower 2nd FL Coral Gables 33134 305-444-4691 fax 305-444-3580

Principals: Eduardo J. Palacio, PE,

4415 Metro Pkwy #404 Fort Myers 33916 239-278-7996 fax 239-278-0913

4168 Southpoint Pkwy S #205 Jacksonville 32216 904-281-9251 fax 904-281-9892 7650 Corporate Center Dr. #400 Miami 33126 305-262-7466 fax 305-261-4017 315 E Robinson St #245 Orlando 32801-1949 407-422-0353

Principals: Kevin M. Cornish, PE, Stephen N. Noppinger, PE,

1625 Summit Lake Dr #200 Tallahassee 32317 850-574-3197 fax 850-576-3676

7650 W Courtney Campbell Cswy Tampa 33607 813-286-1711 fax 813-287-8591

Principals: Timothy M. Curran, PE, J. Larry Sauls, PE, Siamak Kusha, PE, F.ACEC, Scott W. Collister, PE, Steven L. Stroh, PhD, PE, SE, Dana K. Tallman, PE, 46

Frederick K. Walker, PE, William K. Fehring, PhD, CEP, William R. Prange, PE,

2090 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd #600 West Palm Beach 33409 561-684-3375 fax 561-689-8531

Albeck Gerken Inc.

1911 N US Hwy 301 #410 Tampa 33619 813-319-3790 fax 813-426-3948 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 21

Firm Specialties: Albeck Gerken Inc. is a professional transportation engineering firm specializing in Arterial Transportation System Management Operations (TSM&O). This includes Traffic Operations Engineering, ATMS Operation and Transportation Performance Analysis. Albeck Gerken Inc. engineers are nationally recognized for the application and implementation of technology to better operate our surface transportation systems. Principals: Jeff Gerken, PE, PTOE, President

Agnoli, Barber & Brundage Inc.

7400 Trail Blvd N #200 Naples 34108-2855 239-597-3111 fax 239-566-2203 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 28 Firm Specialties: Subdivision engineering, transportation engineering,

public utilities, surface water management, environmental engineering, surveying and mapping, and land planning.

Principals: Frederick T. Barber, III, PE, CEO Daniel W. Brundage, PE, President

AIM Engineering & Surveying Inc.

5300 Lee Blvd Lehigh Acres 33971 239-332-4569 fax 239-332-8734 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 120

Firm Specialties: AIM offers a full range of civil engineering and surveying services. In the highway and transportation field these include roadway design, PD&E, traffic engineering, project management, CEI, highway materials testing, design, and R/W surveys. Specialties also include land planning and site development, water distribution and wastewater collection, environmental and water management permitting, irrigation and drainage.

Principals: Jerron Hull, PE, CEO James D. Hull, PE, PLS, CGC, Chairman Tracy Levy, CPA, Chief Financial Officer Jadon D. Hull, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 195 Orange St #1 Bartow 33830 863-533-6800 fax 863-533-5998 7230 NW 8 St Miami 33126 786-388-5450

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

fax 786-388-5451

992 Tamiami Trl #J Port Charlotte 33954 941-347-7403 fax 941-362-0468

Principals: B. Lee Flynn, III, PE, Vice President

3802 Corporex Park Dr #225 Tampa 33619 813-627-4144 Principals: Michael Adams, PE, COO Sean Donahoo, PE, Vice President

Alan Gerwig & Associates Inc.

12798 Forest Hill Blvd #201A Wellington 33414-4750 561-792-9000 fax 561-792-9901 Email: agerwig@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Alan Gerwig & Associates Inc. provides civil engineering design services - paving, grading, drainage, underground utilities, culvert crossing, industrial, and wastewater treatment (including FDEP permitting). Also provided are structural engineering design services - bridges, industrial and commercial buildings, environmental structures, and foundations. Permitting services include FDEP, FDOT, water management districts, local building departments, and municipal utilities. Principals: Alan L. Gerwig, PE, LEED AP, President

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Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.

6256 Greenland Rd Jacksonville 32258 904-396-5173 fax 904-398-1084 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 345 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Amec Foster Wheeler designs, delivers and maintains strategic and complex assets for its customers across the global energy and related sectors. Employing around 36,000 people in more than 55 countries and with 2015 revenues of $7.9 billion, the company operates in the oil, gas & chemicals, mining, power, and environment & infrastructure markets. Amec Foster Wheeler’s Environmental & Infrastructure business focuses on environmental consulting, engineering design and program and construction management. Our customers benefit from experts with a broad understanding of local conditions coupled with easy access to some of the world’s most renowned experts in their technical disciplines. Amec Foster Wheeler delivers comprehensive solutions across the life cycle of our customers’ assets to improve operations, reduce risks and liabilities, and shape a sustainable future. Customers value our results in providing regulatory compliance, cost-effective delivery of services, efficient operations and business solutions tailored to their specific sector and unique needs. Visit http:// for more information. 48

Principals: Michael J. Holm, PE, Princial/Office Manager Michael B. Woodward, PE, Principal Geotechnical Engineer James A. Horton, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 2000 E Edgewood Dr #215 Lakeland 33803 863-667-2345 fax 863-667-2662

Principals: Michael Phelps, PE Office Manager

5845 NW 158 St Miami Lakes 33014-6721 305-826-5588 fax 305-826-1799

Michael Nardone, PG, Office Manager

404 SW 140 Terr Newberry 32669-3000 352-332-3318 fax 352-332-6622 Principals: Mark Diblin, PG Office Manager

75 E Amelia St #200 Orlando 32801 407-522-7570 fax 407-522-7576

Principals: R. Michael Jones, PLS, Principal Surveyor

Tallahassee 32308 850-656-1293 fax 850-656-3386

Principals: Eric Blomberg, PG, Office Manager

1101 Channelside Dr #200 Tampa 33602-3655 813-289-0750 fax 813-289-5474

Principals: Michael Phelps, PE Office Manager Richard K. Ward, PE, Senior Project Manager, Construction Walter Reigner, PE, CPESC, VP, Client Services Manager

9211 N Davis Hwy Pensacola 32514 850-478-8100 fax 850-478-0990

2580 Metrocentre Blvd #6 West Palm Beach 33407-3107 561-242-7713 fax 561-242-5591

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: Ricardo Fraxedas, PE, Environmental Manager

2533 Greer Rd #6

Principals: Brian Hathaway, PE Office Manager

American Consulting Engineers of FL

2818 Cypress Ridge Blvd #200 Wesley Chapel 33544 813-435-2600 fax 813-435-2601 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 58

Firm Specialties: Engineering and planning services in the areas of urban, transit, and transportation planning, PD&E, highways, bridges, structures, drainage design, environmental permitting, industrial and residential site developments, water and sewage systems, bridge inspections, construction engineering and inspection, surveying, signing and pavement markings, traffic signals, lighting and right of way mapping.

561-253-9550 fax 561-253-9551

Principals: Brian Mirson, PE, Principal

American Structural Engineering Inc.

790 Harbour Dr #2-A Naples 34103-4461 239-649-1551 fax 239-649-7112 Email: rhurt.american@ Number of Employees: 6

Firm Specialties: Engineering and planning services for public and private clients. Structural design services for office parks, condominiums, single and multi-family residences, swimming pools and marine structures.

Principals: Ronald L. Hurt, PE, CEO James H. Steller, PE, President

Principals: Alphonse Stewart, PE, President/Senior Engineer

Analytic Engineering Incorporated

Andersen Andre Consulting Engineers Inc.

PO Box 274241 Tampa 33688 813-841-6548 fax 813-902-6584 Email: astewart@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 2 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: Specializing in sustainable, common sense solutions, Analytic Engineering, Incorporated provides professional civil engineering design services for private and public sector clients which design, construct, maintain and plan infrastructure projects.

834 SW Swan Avenue Port St. Lucie 34983 772-807-9191 fax 772-807-9192 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 6 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Andersen Andre Consulting Engineers Inc. (AACE) is a progressive, employee-owned consulting firm specializing in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and environmental consulting. Our focus area is primarily within Southeast Florida and the Caribbean, and we serve both private and public sector clients.

Principals: Erik Leschak, PE, Principal Allen Peterfreund, PE, Principal Ryan R. Forrestel, PE, Principal Jeffrey S. Novotny, PE, Principal/Project Manager Joel C. McGee, PSM, Principal/Survey Manager Scott M. Korpi, PE, Senior Project Manager/Principal

Branch Offices: 4489 Woodbine Rd Pace 32571 850-289-1000 fax 850-289-1001

Principals: Tracy D. Boutwell, PE, Project Manager / Principal

2000 Palm Beach Lks Blvd #1000 West Palm Beach 33409

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Principals: David P. Andre, PE, Principal Engineer Peter G. Andersen, PE, Principal Engineer

Anderson-Williams Consulting

117 Majorca Ave Coral Gables 33134-4508 305-442-8033 fax 305-442-0605 Email: Number of Employees: 3

Firm Specialties: Mechanical and electrical engineering, surveys, design, fire protection, HVAC/plumbing, contract documents and reports. Principals: John E. Anderson, PE, Principal

Andreyev Engineering Inc.

3740 54 Ave N St. Petersburg 33714 727-527-5735 fax 727-527-6084

Principals: Jeff Eller, PE, Vice President

Anston-Greenlees Inc.

1315 W Fletcher Ave Tampa 33612 813-963-1919 fax 813-963-2815 Email: l.anston@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 8

Firm Specialties: Anston-Greenlees Inc. provides mechanical and electrical engineering services for commercial, institutional, educational and some residential facilities. Services include design of HVAC, plumbing,

lighting, power, fire protection and other building systems.

Principals: Robert C. Anston, PE, Principal

Applied Sciences Consulting Inc.

1000 N Ashley Dr #500 Tampa 33602 813-228-0900 fax 813-434-2454 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 4 DBE

Firm Specialties: Applied Sciences is a civil and environmental engineering firm specializing in stormwater management, low impact development, and regulatory compliance. Applied Sciences has assisted local governments and public agencies

throughout Florida in seeking practical, innovative, and cost effective solutions to a broad array of flood control and water quality challenges. Principals: Elie G. Araj, D. WRE, PE, President

Applied Foundation Testing Inc.

4035 J Louis St Green Cove Springs 32043 904-284-1337 fax 904-284-1339 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 8 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Turnkey foundation load testing firm. Specializing in statnamic axial and lateral load testing of foundations, PDA,

4055 St Johns Pkwy Sanford 32771 407-330-7763 fax 407-330-7765 Email: Number of Employees: 27

Principals: Nicolas Andreyev, PE, President Raymond Jones, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 1170 West Minneola Ave Clermont 34711 352-241-0508 fax 352-241-0977

10889 N US Hwy 301 Oxford 32162 352-751-2478 fax 352751-2633

Principals: Scott Barfield, PE, Vice President 50

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

conventional load tests, sonic integrity testing, crosshole sonic logging, and shaft inspection services (Mini Sid). Principals: Donald Robertson, PE, Principal Geotechnical Engineer/President Michael Muchard, PE, Principal Geotechnical Engineer/Vice President Branch Offices: 2345 Success Dr Odessa 33556 727-376-5040 fax 727-376-5018


1650 Prudential Dr #400 Jacksonville 32207 904-721-2991 fax 904-861-2453 Email: erik.vanzanden@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 81

Firm Specialties: Arcadis is one of the nation's oldest and largest environmental and infrastructure firms, providing remediation, water resources, land development and transportation design services to municipal and private sector clients. With over 22,000 employees worldwide and five Florida offices, we offer both localized service and global expertise.

Principals: Robert W. Lawson, PE, Vice President

8201 Peters Rd #3400 Plantation 33324 954-525-1701 fax 954-761-7939

14025 Riveredge Dr #600 Tampa 33618 727-639-5567

Principals: Gus Suarez, PE,

Ardaman & Associates Inc.

PO Box 593003 Orlando 32859-3003 407-855-3860 fax 407-859-8121 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 273 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Geotechnical engineers, soil and subsurface investigations, site development studies, earth structures, hydrogeology and groundwater resources, effluent disposal, solid and liquid waste dis-

posal, hazardous waste investigations, liners, instrumentation and load testing of structures, facility engineering, threshold inspections, field quality control, asphalt, concrete and materials testing, and construction inspection.

Principals: Nadim F. Fuleihan, PE, Sc.D., President John E. Garlanger, PhD, PE, Senior Vice President Ernest A. Cox, III, PE, Senior Vice President Mark L. Mongeau, PE, F.NSPE, Vice President Branch Offices: 1525 Centennial Dr Bartow 33831 863-533-0858 fax 863-533-7325

Principals: Brian Runkles, PE, Assistant Vice President Thomas J. Leto, PE, Senior Vice President 1300 N Cocoa Blvd Cocoa 32922-6930 321-632-2503 fax 321-636-4657

Principals: Jason P. Manning, PE, Vice President/Branch Manager 9970 Bavaria Rd Fort Myers 33913 239-768-6600 fax 239-768-0409

Principals: Gary A. Drew, PE, Vice President/Branch Manager 2608 W 84 St Hialeah 33016 305-825-2683 fax 305-825-2686

Principals: Evelio Horta, PhD, PE, Vice President/Branch Manager 8008 S Orange Ave Orlando 32809 407-855-3860 fax 407-859-8121

Principals: Charles H. Cunningham, PE, Vice President/Branch Manager 460 Concourse Pl NW #1 Port St. Lucie 34986 772-878-0072 fax 772-878-0097

Principals: Erik Van Zanden, Associate Vice President Gene L. Howerton, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 1500 Gateway Blvd #200 Boynton Beach 33426-7233 561- 697-7000 fax 561-697-7751

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Principals: Daniel J. Zrallack, PE, Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager

78 Sarasota Center Blvd Sarasota 34240-9770 941-922-3526 fax 941-922-6743

Principals: Ashby “Chip“ Hoover, PE, Assistant Vice President /Branch Manager 3175 W Tharpe St Tallahassee 32303 850-576-6131 fax 850-574-0735

Principals: Michael S. Wilson, PE, Vice President/Branch Manager

3925 Coconut Palm Dr #115 Tampa 33619 813-620-3389 fax 813-628-4008 Principals: Whitney A. Stevens, PE, Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager

2200 N Florida Mango Rd #101 West Palm Beach 33409-8502 561-687-8200 fax 561-640-7375

Principals: Andrew Nixon, PE, Assistant Vice President Roberto E. Balbis, PE, Vice President

AREHNA Engineering Inc.

5012 W Lemon St Tampa 33609 813-944-3464 fax 813-944-4959 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 10 DBE/MBE/WBE GMEC 52

Firm Specialties: AREHNA Engineering Inc. provides geotechnical and structural engineering as well as construction materials testing services. The firm has an experienced staff of Professional Engineers whose project experience includes many thousands of projects, including roadways, bridges, airports, educational and healthcare facilities, utility plants and other city, county and state facilities.

Principals: Sonia R. Florence, PE, Geotechnical Engineer/ Vice President Jessica McRory, PE, President

Armentrout, Marbury & Associates Inc.

4110 Southpoint Blvd #107 Jacksonville 32216 904-296-9288 fax 904-281-9108 Email: bill.armentrout@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Consulting and design services related to the planning and implementation of public and private infrastructure improvement projects and programs. Principals: William F. Armentrout, Jr., PE, President


4030 W Boy Scout Blvd #700 Tampa 33607 813-282-7275 fax 813-282-9767 Email: Charlotte.Maddox@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 1,002

Firm Specialties: Design and Construction Management of highways, roads, streets, fixed and movable bridges; mass transit; airports; marinas; seaports; transit studies; traffic studies; water supply and treatment; distribution facilities; sewage collection, treatment and disposal facilities; hydrogeology; foundations and engineered structures; drainage and irrigation facilities; site planning and engineering for residential, commercial, and industrial developments; urban and regional planning; solid and hazardous waste planning and engineering; environmental impact statements and assessments; DRIs; complete laboratory facilities; air and water testing; architectural services including mechanical, electrical and structural; architecture; landscape architecture. Principals: Charlotte A. Maddox, PE, D.WRE, F.NSPE, Senior Vice President Steven C. Malecki, PE, SVP, Business Section Manager Branch Offices: 600 N Broadway Ave #310 Bartow 33830-3807 863-533-7000 fax 863-533-7888 1141 Jackson Ave Chipley 32428-2179 850-638-2288 fax 850-638-3002

3230 W Commercial Blvd #100 Fort Lauderdale 33309-3400 954-733-7233 fax 954-733-1101

Principals: Dominic Novello, III, PE, AVP/Senior Group Manager

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

1514 Broadway #201 Fort Myers 33901-3015 239-334-7275 fax 239-334-7277 7406 Fullerton St #350 Jacksonville 32256 904-363-6100 fax 904-363-8811

840 SW Main Blvd #102 Lake City 32025 386-754-1546 fax 386-754-0382

7175 Murrell Rd #101 Melbourne 32940-7999 321-242-4942 fax 321-242-6101 2001 NW 107 Ave Miami 33172-2507 305-592-7275 fax 305-599-3809

Principals: Humberto P. Alonso, Jr, RA, VP/Business Development Director PO Box 613069 Ocoee 34761 407-532-3999 fax 407-532-3989

482 S Keller Rd Orlando 32810-6101 407-647-7275 fax 407-740-8958

Principals: Kim S. Keefer, PE, Thomas F. Barry, Jr., PE, SVP, Operations Director Steven W. Martin, PE, VP/Practice Manager

120 Richard Jackson Blvd #230 Panama City Beach 324072516 850-236-8675 fax 850-236-8676

2114 Airport Blvd #1450 Pensacola 32504-5910 850-478-9844 fax 850-478-0620

Principals: Jeffrey C. Helms, PE, Sr. Practice Manager 100 Paramount Dr Sarasota 34232 941-378-0272 fax 941-371-729

2639 N Monroe St Bldg C Tallahassee 32303 850-575-1800 fax 850-575-0105

4030 W Boy Scout Blvd #700 Tampa 33607 813-282-7275 fax 813-282-9767 2056 Vista Pkwy #100 West Palm Beach 33411 561-689-7275 fax 561-689-3884

Atkins Engineers

18001 Old Cutler Rd #556 Palmetto Bay 33157 305-444-6260 fax 305-909-8111 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 14

Atlantic Engineering Services

6501 Arlington Expy #B-201 Jacksonville 32211-5795 904-743-4633 fax 904-725-9295 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 9

Firm Specialties: Consulting structural engineers for all types of low-rise and multi-story buildings including commercial, institutional, educational, military, government, residential and specialty structures. Services are available for design, structural reviews, threshold inspections and special studies. Principals: Mark J. Keister, PE, President David Webb, PE, Vice President


5555 E Michigan St #200 Orlando 32822-2779 407-599-1122 fax 407-599-1133 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 64 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: AVCON has built its reputation on delivering innovative and practical engineering solutions to clients based on over two decades of professional planning, design, and construction administration services. These solutions blend both economic and technical elements to provide an effective approach to all of their projects. Whether working on an airport runway, a county road or an interstate highway, the firm offers high-level technical expertise based on more

than twenty-seven years of hands-on experience-ensuring the job is done right the first time. Principals: Sandeep Singh, PE, President Rick V. Baldocchi, PE, Vice President James A. Kriss, PE, Vice President, Aviation Services Branch Offices: 436 W New York Ave DeLand 32822-2779 386-626-1468 Principals: Michael Kerns, PE, Project Engineer

320 Bayshore Dr #A Niceville 32578-2425 850-678-0050 fax 850-678-0040

Firm Specialties: The firm provides consulting, inspection and design analysis for structural restoration and new projects. The firm also provides construction litigation support to the legal profession, developers and owners in the form of inspections, reporting, building code research and construction management. The real estate, financial and institutional markets are serviced by providing pre-purchase inspections and evaluations of commercial and residential properties. Principals: Leonard Atkins, PE, President

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Principals: Virgil C. Lewis, PE, Regional Manager

Ayres Associates

8875 Hidden River Pkwy #200 Tampa 33637 813-978-8688 fax 813-978-9369 Email: sunnah@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 22 Firm Specialties: General civil; transportation (structural, highways, stormwater/drainage); water resources (hydraulics, coastal); and environmental


(water/wastewater, hydrogeologic investigations, groundwater assessments /remediation, hazardous waste management, water quality investigation, onsite wastewater treatment and reuse), GIS, and information management.

Principals: Hisham N. Sunna, PhD, PE, Manager Bruce Ommen, Vice President

Branch Offices: 5220 Shad Rd #200-3 Jacksonville 32257 904-260-6288 fax 904-262-5536

2601 Cattlemen Rd #104 Sarasota 34232-6235 941-343-0532 fax 941-343-0493

B&S Engineering Consultants, LLC

2221 Lee Rd #17 Winter Park 32789 407-960-5868 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 5

Firm Specialties: B&S Engineering Consultants provides civil engineering services.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: Major Stacy, PE, Principal

Bailey Engineering Consultants

16020 Griffin Rd #202 Cooper City 33328 954-448-7930 fax 954-713-9959 Email: sbailey@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 3

Firm Specialties: Bailey Engineering Consultants, Inc. is a small sized multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm specializing in electrical, instrumention and control system design. We provide consulting engineering services to the public and private sectors with preferential services for municipal clients. Our electrical distribution design systems experience covers from 480 volt distribution design up to 13KV distribution design and includes SCADA and PC based systems design, as well as numerous traditional plant monitoring and control panel designs. Bailey Engineering Consultants, Inc. has provided the design of numerous water and wastewater electrical and control systems designs throughout Florida. Our design experience encompasses computer/PLC controlled systems utilizing SCADA based systems for interfacing to remote locations. Bailey Engineering Consultants, Inc. is staffed to provide electrical and instrumentation engineering services from inception through design, bid and construction completion. Principals: Stephen E. Bailey, PE, President

Branch Offices: 8401 Lake Worth Rd #220 Lake Worth 33467 561-819-0488 fax 561-819-5557 4767 New Broad St Orlando 32814 407-514-2616 fax 561-819-5557

The Balmoral Group

165 Lincoln Ave Winter Park 32789 407-629-2185 fax 407-629-2183 Email: jnunn@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 18 DBE

Firm Specialties: The Balmoral Group is an engineering and economic consulting firm. The design staff has established a reputation for providing high quality consulting services in the areas of roadway, site design and hydrologic modeling. The economic staff has strong research, GIS, analytical, and advisory skills that are used to design, develop, and implement economic studies to guide policy decisions. Number of Employees: 15 DBE

Firm Specialties: Founded in 1996, Barkley Consulting Engineers has completed a diverse range of structural and civil engineering projects, which include: administrative buildings; community centers; education, health care, recreation, and detention/correctional facilities; historical restoration; parking garages; maintenance buildings and hurricane damage restoration. Principals: Douglas R. Barkley, PE, Senior Engineer

B.A.S.I.C. Engineering LLP

2601 E 7 Ave Tampa 33605 813-885-4144 fax 813-885-4166 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 12

Firm Specialties: B.A.S.I.C. Engineering provides geotechnical engineering and geologic services to attorneys, insurance companies, governmental agencies, private citizens and contractors throughout the state of Florida. Principals: Justin D. James, PE, Owner

BASE Consultants Inc.

1214 E Concord St Orlando 32803 407-377-7227 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 7 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: BASE Consultants Inc specializes in structural engineering and construction management services for architectural, transportation, recreational and educational facilities. The firm is committed to offer creative and innovative solutions to any challenge. We provide large firm expertise with small firm intimacy and responsiveness. Principals: Sailaja Alath, PE, President

Principals: Valerie Seidel, President Gregory S. Seidel, PE, Vice President Jennifer Nunn, PE, Vice President

Barkley Consulting Engineers Inc.

3494 Martin Hurst Rd Tallahassee 32312 850-297-0440 fax 850-297-0697 Email: Web Site:

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Baxter & Woodman Consulting Engineers

477 S Rosemary Ave #330 West Palm Beach 33401 561-655-6175 fax 561-655-6179 Email: rmathews@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 11 WBE

Firm Specialties: Engineering studies, regulatory permitting, wastewater/water treatment, stormwater facilities, regulatory compliance, industrial pretreatment, odor control /air quality assurance, civil engineering, pipelines, pump stations, facilities planning/ asset management, construction administration, construction inspection, value engineering, design/build, cost estimating and process operation.

Branch Offices: 399 W Palmetto Park Rd #200 Boca Raton 33432 561-750-1916

Principals: Joel Middlebrooks, Jr., PE, Vice President

BCC Engineering Inc.

6401 SW 87 Ave #200 Miami 33173 305-670-2350 fax 305-670-2351 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 130 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: BCC Engineering Inc. is an engineering consulting firm located in Miami, Florida. We provide services throughout Florida with additional offices in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando,

and Tampa. BCC Engineering specializes in civil, structural, construction management,design build, and transportation engineering services.

6401 SW 87 Ave #200 Miami 33173 305-670-2350 fax 305-670-2351

Branch Offices: 160 N Westmonte Dr #2000 Altamonte Springs 32714 407-951-6444 fax 407-982-7520

Bergmann Associates Inc.

6401 SW 87 Ave #200 Miami 33173 305-670-2350 fax 305-670-2351

Firm Specialties: Bergmann Associates is a multidisciplinary engineering, architectural, and planning firm specializing in fixed bridges,

Principals: Ariel Millan, PE, Executive Vice President Jose Munoz, PE, President

4901 NW 17 Way #506 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-928-1828 fax 954-928-1551

4905 West Laurel St, #301 Tampa 33607 813-637-0000 fax 813-323-3761

8653 Baypine Rd #100 Jacksonville 32256 904-363-3133 fax 904-363-3203 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 5

Principals: Rene L. Mathews, PE, President Rebecca Travis, PE, Principal David L. Mathews, PE, Vice President

BBM Structural Engineers Inc.

1912 Boothe Cir #100 Longwood 32750 407-645-3423 fax 407-645-3790 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 20

Firm Specialties: Complete structural engineering services. Principals: Gary L. Burton, PE, President Bora Erbilen, PE, SE, Vice President 56

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

railroad engineering, civil, structural, water resources, mechanical and electrical engineering, and construction inspection. Our clients include institutions, industries, municipalities, developers, and state and federal agencies.

Principals: David Thurnherr, PE, Business Segment Director, Transportation

Bermello Ajamil & Partners Inc.

2601 S Bayshore Dr #1000 Miami 33133 305-859-2050 fax 305-860-9638 Email: humanresources@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 15

Firm Specialties: Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. provides a full range of construction management services such as CE&I, building inspection, and design build. The firm also provides materials testing and QC Manager Certification requirements for consultants and contractors. Principals: Luis Ajamil, PE, President & CEO

BES Inc.

8304 Torrington Ave Tampa 33647 813-985-7800 fax 813-985-7884 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 4 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: BES Inc. is an engineering firm proficient in traffic engineer-

ing, highway design, roadway lighting design and intelligent transportation system (ITS) analysis and design. BES Inc. is committed to providing pratical design and implementation expertise to create viable transportation engineering solutions through the employment of its core principles of value, efficiency, excellence, and integrity. Principals: Sue Singh-Mundkur, Office Manager

Branch Offices: 110 E Broward Blvd #1700 Fort Lauderdale 33301 813-240-6998

11007 N 56 St #208 Temple Terrace 33617 813-985-7800 fax 813-985-7884

Principals: Dilip K. Mundkur, PE, Project Director

Bob Rude Structures Inc.

10461 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy #501 Fort Myers 33966-6513 239-277-7771 fax 239-277-7766 Email: bobr@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Bob Rude Structures, Inc. provides structural engineering for the design of buildings. Our projects include commercial, residential, institutional, medical, and high-rise building designs. We are special inspectors, qualified to observe constuction of threshold buildings in accordance with Florida statutes.

Principals: Robert S. Rude, PE, President

Bodo & Associates Inc. PO Box 357605 Gainesville 32635 352-378-8806 fax 352-378-6488 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Bodo & Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive professional services to clients in the private, public, and industrial sectors. These services include the structural analysis and design of buildings, bridges, towers, and treatment plants; construction support, including submittal review and periodic inspections; threshold building inspections; forensic engineering investigations, reports, and expert testimony. Principals: Attila A. Bodo, PE, President

Bolton, Perez & Associates

7205 Corporate Ctr Dr #201 Miami 33126 305-392-3190 fax 305-392-3090 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 14 DBE

Firm Specialties: Bolton, Perez & Associates (BPA) is a multidiscipline engineering firm specializing primarily in transportation related engineering services including bridge design, roadway design, civil works, construction engineering inspection, and program and construction management. Our experience includes de-

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

velopment of design criteria, preliminary design, final design and contract documents, bridge rehabilitation, construction phase services, and bridge inspection/maintenance. BPA has worked extensively for public and private agencies throughout South Florida and is a certified DBE, HBE, and CBE firm with FDOT, Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Principals: Joaquin Perez, PE, President/Sr. Engineer John W. Bolton, Jr., PE, Vice President

Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd

301 SE Ocean Blvd #301 Stuart 34994 772-283-1413 fax 772-220-7881 Email: jcompton@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 38

Firm Specialties: General civil engineering, land surveying and mapping, roadway and drainage design, transportation studies, stormwater management system design, construction management and inspections, feasibility studies, water/wastewater system design, public and private site development, subdivision design/platting, and agricultural design and permitting.

Branch Offices: 401 E Las Olas Blvd #1400 Ft. Lauderdale 33301 772-341-6223 fax 772-220-7881

4450 W Eau Gallie Blvd #232 Melbourne 32934 321-255-5434 fax 321-255-7751


Principals: Jesse D. Goldfarb, PE, Regional Vice President 418 E Virginia St Tallahassee 32301 850-841-1705 fax 850-841-1706

Norman F. Bray Inc.

2131 Hollywood Blvd #501 Hollywood 33020 954-925-3217 fax 954-925-3247 Email: Number of Employees: 3

spection and evaluation of existing structures, bridge load ratings, and expert witness testimony. Principals: Ralph Verrastro, PE, Principal

Brindley Pieters & Associates Inc.

2600 Maitland Center Pkwy #180 Maitland 32751 407-830-8700 fax 407-830-8877 Email: bpieters@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 11 MBE

Firm Specialties: Electrical engineering; power distribution; lighting; UPS generators, energy management; controls; communications and signal systems; forensic electrical; design, inspections and reports; hospitals, banks, institutional, and industrial.

Firm Specialties: Brindley Pieters and Associates, Inc. provides civil and structural engineering and planning services.

Bridging Solutions LLC

Brown and Caldwell

Principals: Norman F. Bray, PE, President

15863 Secoya Reserve Cir Naples 34110 239-216-1370 fax 239-352-5589 Email: ralph@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 2

Firm Specialties: Bridging Solutions, LLC provides specialized bridge and structural engineering services in the land development and transportation market sectors to public and private clients throughout Florida. Our services include: bridge type studies, conceptual, preliminary and final structural design, constructions plans, specifications, construction engineering inspections, in58

Principals: Brindley B. Pieters, PE, President

1475 Centrepark Blvd #210 West Palm Beach 33401 561-684-3456 fax 561-684-9902 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 55 Firm Specialties: Brown and Caldwell (BC) is a full-service environmental engineering and consulting firm with a reputation for delivering innovative and economical environmental solutions. BC is consistently ranked in the top 10 ìAll-Environmentalî firms in the U.S. by ENR. With more than 1,600 employees and 47 offices, it is one of the largest employee-owned consulting firms in the US.

Principals: Albert Perez, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 135 San Lorenzo Ave #630 Coral Gables 33146 305-418-4090 fax 305-418-4924

Principals: Roberto S. Ortiz, PE, Vice President/Miami Operations Manager

2301 Lucien Way #250 Maitland 32751 407-661-9500 fax 407-661-9599

1560 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy #240 Sunrise 33323 954-200-7616 fax 561-684-9902 5405 Cypress Center Dr #250 Tampa 33609-1051 813-371-9400 fax 813-371-9399

Burgess & Niple Inc.

1800 Pembrook Dr #265 Orlando 32810 407-401-8527 fax 407-660-4994 Email: scott.perfater@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 8

Firm Specialties: Burgess & Niple provides services including transportation, civil, construction management, electrical, environmental, mechanical, planning, sanitary, structural, water/wastewater, and architectural. Principals: Scott D. Perfater, PE, District Director

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C & S Companies

605 E Robinson St #210 Orlando 32801 407-422-1118 fax 407-841-9149 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 15

Firm Specialties: C&S is a full-service engineering, architecture, planning, construction, and technology solutions firm with a 45-year track record of successful projects in the municipal, educational, industrial, and private sectors. Principals: Brian W Clark, Principal and Regional Office Manager

C2S Engineering, LLC

12512 W Atlantic Blvd Coral Springs 33071 954-317-1703 fax 954-825-0419 Email: david.rivera@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 6 Firm Specialties: Traffic Operations Engineering, Intelligent Transportation Planning & Design, Managed Lanes Operational Planning, Traffic Management Center Operations, Transportation Planning

Principals: Charles Robbins, PE, Principal David Rivera, PE, Vice President

C.A.P. Engineering Inc. 343 Almeria Ave Coral Gables 33134 305-448-1711 fax 305-448-1712 Email: Web Site:

Number of Employees: 7 MBE

Firm Specialties: C.A.P Engineering specializes in infrastructure and municipal engineering; structural engineering; and construction engineering and inspection (CE&I) services. C.A.P. also specializes in the design of transportation engineering, site development, environmental permitting and quality control. Additional experience includes land development, water and sewer systems and drainage systems. Principals: Carlos A. Penin, PE, President

Cape Design Engineering Co.

775 E Merritt Island Cswy #230 Merritt Island 32952-3311

321-799-2970 fax 321-799-0375 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 20 MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Cape Design Engineering Co. (CDE) provides comprehensive civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, forensic engineering and general construction services. The firm offers sustainable building design, commissioning, IAQ, design-build and energy conservation services. CDE is a licensed building and mechanical contractors.

Principals: Lutfi M. Mized, PE, President

CAPTEC Engineering Inc. 301 NW Flagler Ave Stuart 34994

772-692-4344 fax 772-692-4341 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 20

Firm Specialties: CAPTEC Engineering provides civil engineering services to both the public and private sectors. Design services include roadway and utility (water, sewer, drainage, gas pipeline) projects. CAPTEC provides general civil engineering services for private developments, municipal projects such as CRA, highway and utility projects, as well as stormwater management retrofits. CAPTEC provides construction engineering inspection services (CEI). We are an FDOT certified firm for highway design, traffic operations, planning, and CEI services. The president, Joseph W. Capra, PE, has over 36 years

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of civil engineering experience. Principals: Joseph W. Capra, PE, President


380 Park Place Blvd #300 Clearwater 33759 727-531-3505 fax 727-539-1294 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 236 GMEC Firm Specialties: Cardno is an integrated professional services provider, delivering the specialist expertise necessary to create and improve the physical and social infrastructure that underpins communities around the world. Cardno's team includes leading professionals


who plan, design, manage and deliver sustainable projects and community programs. Cardno provides clients with access to 8,200 professionals in more than 200 offices in the Americas and 300 offices worldwide. Over4,000 of those professionals are based in the U.S. Key areas of expertise include environmental services, international development assistance, civil engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical services, subsurface utility engineering, survey and mapping services, and project management. Cardno ranks #27 on Engineering NewsRecord's (ENR) List of Top 500 Design Firms, #10 on ENR's List of Top Pure Design Firms List and #28 on ENR's Top 200 Environmental Firm's List. Cardno is an international company, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange [ASX:CDD].


Principals: David Pernas, CPA, Principal R. Mark Pitchford, PSM, Principal Craig D. Snyder, CPA, Sr Principal Lance D. Lairscey, Sr. Principal Steven P. Howarth, PE, Sr. Prinicpal Douglas E. Stoker, PE, Transportation Practice Group Manager

Branch Offices: 402 S Northlake Blvd #1004 Altamonte Springs 32701 407-629-7144 fax 407-629-7146

20203 Cortez Blvd Brooksville 34601 352-754-4551 fax 352-752-5222

3427 NW 55 St Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-938-9389 fax 954-938-6909

5670 Zip Dr Fort Myers 33905 239-227-0722 fax 239-277-7179

7406 Fullerton St Jacksonville 32256 904-363-3727

725 SE Baya Dr #106 Lake City 32025 386-755-2626 fax 386-755-2507 Principals: Daryl Thie

West Coast RPC 4081 E Olive Road #A Pensacola 32514

3905 Crescent Park Dr Riverview 33578 813-664-4500 fax 813-664-0440 695 Tarpon Bay Rd #8 Sanibel 33957

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239-395-2023 fax 239-395-2961

551 N Cattleman Rd #106 Sarasota 34232-6445 941-377-9084 fax 941-377-1587 2420 Lakeshore Dr #100 Tallahassee 32312 850-385-8232 fax 850-385-8233 4803 George Rd #350 Tampa 33634 727-431-1580 fax 727-431-1785

Principals: Michael W. Patterson, AS, PSM, Branch Manager Jeraldo Comellas, Jr., PE, Regional Manager

5602 Thompson Center Ct #405 Tampa 33634 813-889-8960 fax 813-889-8754

3460 Fairlane Farms Rd #8 Wellington 33414 561-791-6912 fax 561-791-9615

901 Northpoint Pkwy #305 West Palm Beach 33407 561-318-7507

Carollo Engineers Inc.

401 N Cattlemen Rd #306 Sarasota 34232 941-371-9832 fax 941-371-9873 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 30

Firm Specialties: Carollo Engineers provides a full range of planning, design and construction support services for water and wastewater systems. Since 1933, the firm has helped municipal and private sector clients across the country find technically sound, cost-conscious solutions to their water challenges. At Carollo, water is our focus, our business and our passion., Principals: Eric Peters, PE, Associate Vice President Robert Stanley Cushing, PhD, PE, BCEE, Senior Vice President

Branch Offices: 3440 Hollywood Blvd #465 Hollywood 33021 954-837-0030 fax 954-837-0035

Principals: Thomas Gillogly, PE, Vice President

9897 Lake Worth Rd #302 Lake Worth 33467 561-868-6400 fax 561-868-6401

Principals: Lyle Munce, PE, Vice President

703 Waterford Way #805 Miami 33126 305-261-2484 fax 305-261-1955

Principals: Eric Leveque, PE, Senior Vice President

10117 Princess Palm Ave #340 Tampa 33610 813-888-9572

1089 W Morse Blvd #A Winter Park 32789 407-478-4642 fax 407-478-4643

Principals: Larry Elliott, PE, Senior Vice President

CDM Smith Inc.

2301 Maitland Center Pkwy #300 Maitland 32751 407-660-2552 fax 407-875-1161 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 324 GMEC

Firm Specialties: CDM Smith Inc. is an employee-owned global consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm delivering exceptional service to public and private clients worldwide. Since 1947, CDM Smith has been delivering integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities through strong client relationships of mutual trust and respect and a commitment to quality and integrity. From inception as a three-person firm to todayís staff of more than 5,000 professionals worldwide, CDM Smith is financially strong, diversified and growing with clientís

needs in mind. CDM Smith operates from more than 100 national and international offices, including 10 offices throughout Florida that boasts more than 300 professionals.

CDM Constructors Inc. (CCI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CDM Smith Inc. We are a fullservice engineering and construction firm.

Principals: Paul A. Lefave, PE, Associate Lee Wiseman, PE, Associate Jon Gibson, PE, Associate, CEI Spencer J. Perry, PE, Principal Charles J. Voss, PE, BCEE, Principal David J. Prah, PE, Principal Paul Q. Snead, PE, Principal Lena Rivera, PE, D.WRE, Principal Humayun Qureshi, Senior Vice President Brian Mack, PE, Vice President Timothy A. Verwey, PE, Vice President Hugh W. Miller, Jr., PE, Vice President Eric J. Grotke, PE, BCEE, BCEE, Vice President Virgil Rook, PE, VP, CEI Danielle Honour, PE, WRE, Principal James T. Wittig, PE, WRE, Principal

Principals: Jonathan Z. Goldman, PE, BCEE, Associate Timothy J. O'Neil, PE, Principal E. Lawrence Adams, Jr., PE, BCEE, SVP Curtis A. Kiefer, PE, Vice President

2180 W First St #400 Fort Myers 33901 239-938-9600 fax 239-275-6755

Principals: Paul Pinault, PE, Associate 8381 Dix Ellis Tr #400 Jacksonville 32256-1200 904-731-7109 fax 904-519-7090

Principals: Richard Wagner, PE, D.WRE, Principal Michael F. Schmidt, PE, BCEE, Senior Vice President Donald Thompson, PhD, PE, Vice President Patrick R. Victor, PE, D.WRE, Vice President 800 Brickell Ave #500 Miami 33131-2967 305-372-7171 fax 305-372-9167

Branch Offices: 621 NW 53 St #265 Boca Raton 33487 561-571-3800 fax 561-689-9713

Principals: Ignacio L. Lizama, PE, Associate Victor J. Pujals, PE, BCEE, Senior Vice President Jose A. Rodriguez, Vice President Godofredo Canino-Rolon, PE, Vice President

1451 W Cypress Creek Rd #300 Fort Lauderdale 33309 561-241-7084

Principals: Clay M. Tappan, PE, BCEE, Principal Christopher S. Pecor, PE, Principal

Principals: Stephen H. Blair, Associate Suzanne Mechler, Principal Kevin Leo, PE, BCEE, Vice President

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5965 Cattlemen Ln Sarasota 34232-6200 941-366-8108 fax 941-366-8114


2308 Killearn Center Blvd #201 Tallahassee 32309 850-386-9500 fax 850-668-6745

Principals: Ernest C. Sturtz, PE, BCEE, Associate Harry E. Downing, Principal Robert Hamm, PE, Vice President

1715 N Westshore Blvd #875 Tampa 33607 813-281-2900 fax 813-288-8787 Principals: Abdul R. Mulla-Saleh, PE, BCEE, Associate Aamod Sonawane, PE, Principal Craig Montgomery, PE, Principal Scott I. McClelland, Vice President 1701 SR A1A #301 Vero Beach 32963 772-231-4301 fax 772-231-4332

Principals: Kevin N. Vann, PE, BCEE, Associate


225 E Robinson St #505 Orlando 32801-4322 407-423-0030 fax 407-839-5901 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 500

Firm Specialties: CH2M is a global leader in engineering, construction, and operations for public and private clients providing program management, construction management, and design services. The firm’s work is concentrated in the areas of transportation, water, energy, 62

environment, and industrial facilities.

Principals: Robert W. Bailey, PE, Executive President - City Solutions Mark S. Callahan, PE, SE Trans Bus Dev & Planning Mgr D. Edward Davis, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 445 Challenger Rd #130 Cape Canaveral 32920-4230 321-799-1236 fax 321-799-1183

550 W Cypress Creek Rd #400 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-351-9256 fax 954-722-2621 6410 5 St #2-A Key West 33040

3150 SW 38 Ave #700 Miami 33146 305-441-1864 fax 305-443-8856

Principals: F. Didier Menard, PE, VP/ Area Manager Jane Early, PE, Vice President

3011 SW Williston Rd Gainesville 32608 352-335-7991 fax 352-335-2959

9428 Baymeadows Rd #300 Jacksonville 32256-7970 904-733-9119 fax 904-733-9570

Principals: Pilar Doran, PE, VP/ Area Manager Carl L. Osberg, PE, VP/ Senior Technologist Cory Johnson, PE, Project Engineer

25 W Cedar St #350 Pensacola 32502-5975 850-438-2740 fax 850-438-9385

Principals: Lisa A. Drinkwater, PE, VP/Area Manager

5801 Pelican Bay Blvd #505 Naples 34108 239-596-1715 fax 239-596-2579 4350 W Cypress St #600 Tampa 33607-4178 813-874-6522 fax 813-874-3056

Principals: Kenneth Wooten, PE, VP/ Area Manager Russell V. Bowen, PE, Vice President

Chastain-Skillman Inc. PO Box 5710 Lakeland 33807-5710 863-646-1402 fax 863-647-3806 Email: smcconn@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 51

Firm Specialties: Land planning; municipal engineering; environmental engineering (domestic and industrial); surface and groundwater hydrology; environmental risk management; land surveying; industrial hygiene; and occupational health and safety.

Principals: James Chastain, III, President James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, Senior Consultant Stephen McConn, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 351 Third St NW Winter Haven 33881 863-875-6986 fax 863-582-9281

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: Keith Dodds, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer W. R. Cauthan, PE, Vice President, Civil Engineering

Chen Moore and Associates

500 W Cypress Creek Rd #630 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-730-0707 fax 954-730-2030 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 45 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: For over 25 years, Chen Moore and Associates has provided civil engineering, environmental, landscape architecture and planning services for municipal, federal, private, institutional and international clients. The firm specializes in utilities, redevelopment, water resources, GIS and land planning in its five Florida offices. Principals: Ben H. Chen, PhD, PE, BCEE, F.ACEC, Chairman Peter M. Moore, PE, LEED AP, President Branch Offices: 14 E University Ave #206 Gainesville 32601 352-374-1997 fax 352-244-0875 155 S Miami Ave Penthouse-IIA Miami 33130-1609 786-497-1500 fax 786-497-2300

28 W Central Blvd #200 Orlando 32801 407-536-7970 fax 407-536-7971 510 SE Dixie Hwy

Stuart 34994 772-919-7018 fax 772-919-7019

500 S Australian Ave #530 West Palm Beach 33401 561-746-6900 fax 561-746-8333

Cherokee Consulting Inc. 5821 SW 51 Terr Miami 33155 305-205-2361 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Cherokee Consulting, Inc. offers civil engineering consulting services for water, wastewater, drainage and pavement design. Principals: Ken W. Groce, PE,

C.H. Perez & Associates Consulting Engineers Inc. 9594 NW 41 St Doral 33178 305-592-1070 fax 305-592-1078 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 44 DBE

Firm Specialties: Company services include: Professional Engineering and Surveying Services, Roadway Design, Bridge Design, Traffic Operations & Safety, Modal Development, Construction Inspection and Surveying & Mapping.

Principals: Carlos H. Perez, PE, President

Civil Works Inc.

8491 NW 17 St #108 Doral 33126-1025

305-591-4323 fax 305-591-4074 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 5 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Woman-owned civil and transportation engineering consultants, specializing in municipal engineering, traffic engineering, airports, seaports, water and sewer systems and environmental. Experienced in FDOT signals, highway lighting, traffic signal timing and traffic studies. Additional specialties in value engineering, traffic planning and traffic calming techniques.

Principals: Jose Aldir, PE, Director Linda M. Bell, PE, President Vaughn Soares, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 10239 W Sample Rd Coral Springs 33065 954-344-6568 fax 305-591-4074

201 E Pine St #1050 Orlando 32801 407-339-0040 fax 305-591-4074

Civil/Site Engineering Inc.

1645 N Maitland Ave Maitland 32751-3319 407-644-6570 fax 407-644-8945 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 4 DBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Civil/Site Engineering provides services including civil and construction engineering inspection (CEI).

Principals: Andrea Jernigan-Gwinn, PE, President

Clearview Land Design 1213 E 6 Ave Tampa 33605 813-223-3919 fax 813-223-3975 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 30

Firm Specialties: Clearview Land Design provides complete site - civil engineering consulting services, planning, GIS, and landscape architectural services.

Principals: Toxey A. Hall, Jr., PE, President Michael F. Smirch, PE, Senior Vice President Jordan Schrader, PE, Vice President

CLG Consulting LLC

138 Palm Coast Pkwy NE #340 Palm Coast 32137 561-371-2079 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: CLG Consulting, LLC provides risk management consulting for the architectural, engineering and construction industries. Principals: Charles L. Geer, PE, F.ACEC, Principal

CLW Engineering LLC 5795 Eagle Way Merritt Island 32953 321-234-5580 Email: chuck@

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Web Site: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Engineering consulting services for the aerospace industry, focusing on emerging new space programs. In depth knowledge of AFSPCMAN 91710 tailoring and introducing new space programs to CCAFS. Multi-program knowledge of launch vehicle and payload integration Principals: Charles Wagner, PE, Owner

Coastal Design Consultants Inc.

7026 Little Rd New Port Richey 34654 727-849-8010 fax 727-849-8020 Email: paul@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 18

Firm Specialties: Coastal Design Consultants Inc. is a civil engineering firm established in Pasco County, Florida. Our office specializes in planning, engineering, permitting and construction administration for commercial and residential site developments, transportation projects and water and wastewater projects in West, Central Florida. Principals: Paul A. Manuel, PE, President

Coastal Engineering Consultants Inc.

3106 S Horseshoe Dr Naples 34104 239-643-2324 fax 239-643-1143 Email: Web Site:

63 Number of Employees: 18

Firm Specialties: Survey, scientific analysis, planning, coastal engineering and geology, design, permitting, and contract administration for ecosystem restoration, waterfront development, and municipal infrastructure needs.

Principals: Michael F. Stephen, PG, President Richard J. Ewing, PSM, Vice President - Surveying Michael T. Poff, PE, Vice President, Engineering

The Colinas Group, Inc. 2031 E Edgewood Dr #5 Lakeland 33803-3601 863-669-9141 fax 863-669-1742 Email: Number of Employees: 9

Firm Specialties: Civil engineering, environmental consulting, hydrogeologic consulting. Principals: Mark R. Stephens, PE, President Charles S. Freed, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 377 Maitland Ave #2012 Altamonte Springs 32701-5443 407-622-5176 fax 407-6228196

Principals: Rick Potts, Principal Consultant

PO Box 18087 Sarasota 34276 941-918-9335 fax 941-918-9424

Principals: Jack Garbade, PG, Principal 64

Consultant PO Box 1268 Winter Park 32790 407-620-1793

Principals: Robert Oros, PG, Principal Consultant

Collective Water Resources

8461 Lake Worth Rd Lake Worth 33467 561-713-1320 fax 561-713-1321 Email: lperez@ Number of Employees: 1 WBE

Firm Specialties: Collective Water Resources, LLC is a small woman-owned water resources engineering firm located in south Florida. The company was founded in 2012 and specializes in creative approaches to watersheds, water supplies, GIS and practical models. The firm has offices in Lake Worth (headquarters) and Vero Beach.

Branch Offices: 2046 Treasure Coast Plaza #A-308 Vero Beach 33467 Principals: Elizabeth M. Perez, PE, President

Comprehensive Engineering Services Inc.

201 S Orange Ave #1300 Orlando 32801 407-423-1600 fax 407-423-9614 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 30

Firm Specialties: A full-service civil engineering firm providing services in

transportation planning and design; traffic engineering studies and design; stormwater management studies, permitting and design; and site development engineering.

Principals: Christopher A. Simoneaux, PE, President Arthur Shipley, PE, Vice President

Connelly & Wicker Inc.

10060 Skinner Lake Dr #500 Jacksonville 32246-8454 904-265-3030 fax 904-265-3031 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 22

Firm Specialties: Complete transportation engineering services. Municipal and private civil engineering services from engineering feasibility studies, master plans, design, permitting, and construction administration for highways, streets, storm drainage, water and wastewater systems, and utilities. Principals: Richard C. Welch, PE, President Brian Alley, PE, Project Manager Andrew M. Cummings, PE, Senior Vice President Thomas B. Welch, PE, Vice President William J. Hartland, PE, Vice President Brian Kientz, Vice President Branch Offices: 2250 Lucian Way #130 Maitland 32751 407-261-3100 1560 N Orange Ave Winter Park 32789 407-261-3100 fax 904-265-3031

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Fountain E. Conner PE 1724 Beaver Pond Rd Gulf Breeze 32563 850-932-5547 fax 850-934-1916 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Structural consulting - industrial, chemical, power plants inspections; design & forensic.

Principals: Fountain E. Conner, PE, Owner

Construction Engineering Consultants Corp. 3800 N 29 Ave Hollywood 33020 954-922-6917 fax 954-922-3755 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 2

Firm Specialties: Structural design, contractors specialty engineering, inspections, constructability reviews, scheduling and claims analysis and avoidance, value engineering proposals, and CPM schedules.

Principals: Michael C. Bone, PE, President

Consulting Engineering & Science Inc. (CES)

10700 N Kendall Dr #400 Miami 33176-1469 305-378-5555 fax 305-279-4553 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 15

Firm Specialties: Full service engineering and architectural firm. Services in-

clude site selection and feasibility studies; site planning; environmental impact assessments; site environmental audits; design, plans, specifications and construction services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings; water supply, treatment and distribution; sewage collection, treatment and disposal; stormwater systems, industrial waste; airports; and harbors, marinas and coastal structures. Principals: John R. Guttman, PE, President Richard B. Bochnovich, PE, Vice President Gerald F. De Marco, Vice President

Consulting Engineering Associates Inc. (CEA)

8365 Gunn Hwy Tampa 33626 813-448-0225 Email: jwells@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 5

Firm Specialties: CEA is a mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection consulting firm specializing in the design of medical/hospitals, educational and commercial facilities. Services include construction documents, specifications, construction administration, construction surveys, energy studies, master facilities planning, commissioning, expert litigation services and LEED design services. Principals: John W. Wells, III, PE, President

Consulting Engineering Group

104 E Fowler Ave #200 Tampa 33604 813-936-0796 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 3

Firm Specialties: Full service electrical engineering firm. Areas of expertise include health care, educational, commercial, industrial, sports, recreation, arts, museums, airport, resort, and banking. Services include studies, energy grants, construction management, specifications, site observation and inspections, design build and planning. Other engineering services provided are mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and structural design, as joint ventures. Principals: James F. Kill, President

CORE Engineering & Construction Inc.

1020 Railroad Ave Winter Park 32789 407-622-2673 fax 407-622-2674 Email: hfaircloth@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 23 GMEC

Firm Specialties: CORE Engineering & Construction is a full-service engineering, construction and remediation HUBZone firm. CORE specializes in civil and environmental engineering, vertical and horizontal construction, design and permitting, demolition and environmental assessment and remediation. CORE's staff

consists of registered professional engineers, LEED AP's, CADD/GIS, scientists, construction managers,site superintendants, field technicians and equipment operators.

Principals: Harlan Faircloth, PE, Vice President

Cornelison Engineering & Design Inc. 38039 Old 5th Ave Zephyrhills 33542 813-788-7835 fax 813-788-7062 Email: craig@ Number of Employees: 4

Firm Specialties: Cornelison Engineering & Design specializes in civil engineering services including site layout, design and development; drainage design; ADA improvements design; stormwater planning and inspections;site feasibility studies; public hearing representation;and permitting services for commercial, residential, and industrial projects throughout Florida and the southeastern United States. Principals: Craig Cornelison, PE, President

Cornerstone Engineering Partnership Inc. 12924 SW 114 Ct Miami 33176 786-236-4712 fax 305-255-1729 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Cornerstone Engineering provides structural engineering services.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: Douglas B. Timmons, PE, President

The Corradino Group

4055 NW 97 Ave 2nd FL Miami 33178-2911 305-594-0735 fax 305-594-0755 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 67 Firm Specialties: The Corradino Group is a multidisciplinary firm providing services in engineering, architectural, planning and construction management. Our engineering consulting includes all facets of transportation engineering, environmental, site development and CEI engineering. Our environmental division includes water and sewer, and hazardous waste groups; and our architectural division provides complete consulting services.

Principals: Joseph M. Corradino, Principal Fred P'Pool, Principal Joseph C. Corradino, Principal Miguel Ciscar, PE, V.P. of Engineering & Planning

Branch Offices: 5200 NW 33 Ave #203 Fort Lauderdale 33309-6343 954-777-0044 fax 954-777-5157 Principals: Adriano Fonti, Principal Eduardo Perez de Morales, PE, Principal

860 Jupiter Park Dr #2 Jupiter 33458 561-406-6318 fax 561-805-7547


Corven Engineering Inc.

2864 Remington Green Cir Tallahassee 32308 850-386-6800 fax 850-386-9374 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 21

Firm Specialties: Corven Engineering, Inc. provides bridge engineering services, including design, construction inspections, and maintenance. Emphasis includes concrete segmental bridges and other complex post-tensioned structures. The firm also provides construction engineering services to contractors. Principals: John A. Corven, PE, President & Chief Bridge Engineer Philip M. Hartsfield, PE, Vice President

Carnahan, Proctor and Cross Inc.

814 S Military Trl Deerfield Beach 33442 954-972-3959 fax 954-972-4178 Email: greg.proctor@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 45

Firm Specialties: Carnahan, Proctor and Cross Inc. is a full service multi-disciplined consulting firm with offices located throughout Florida. We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful. Our team consists of a diversified staff of planners, engineers, surveyors, construction specialists and technical staff that are engaged and committed to focusing on our clientsí needs 66

providing extensive experience and cost effective solutions Principals: Gregory M. Proctor, PE, President

Branch Offices: 604 Courtland St #101 Orlando 32804 407-960-5980 fax 407-960-5983

CPH Inc.

500 W Fulton St Sanford 32771-1220 407-322-6841 fax 407-330-0639 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 184

Firm Specialties: CPH offers a full range of engineering, surveying, planning, landscape architecture, construction management, architecture, MEP, and design/build services to both private and public sectors. In addition to 11 office locations in Florida, CPH maintains offices in Texas, Conneticut and Maryland, as well as Puerto Rico.

Principals: Kamran Khosravani, PE, Chief Executive Officer/Principal Peter Sutch, PE, Executive Vice President/Associate David A. Gierach, PE, President/Principal H. Lawrence Wray, PE, Vice President/Associate Nicole Mahler, PE, Vice President/Associate Jeremy Owens, PE, Vice President/Associate Kurt Luman, PE, Vice President/Associate N. Katriina Bowman, PE, CCS, Vice President/Associate Benjamin M. Fries, Vice President/Associate

David A. Terwilleger, PE, Vice President/Associate Leopoldo Ayala, PE, Vice President/Associate Jose Ortiz, PE, Vice President/Associate Dennis L. Matula, PE, Vice President/Associate Amy Daly, Vice President /Associate Justin T. Polk, PE, Vice President/Associates Branch Offices: 101 North Woodland Blvd #305 DeLand 32720 386-736-4142 fax 386-736-8412 2216 Altamont Ave Fort Myers 33901 239-332-5499 fax 239-332-2955

Principals: Joshua D. Lockhart, PE, Vice President/Associate 5200 Belfort Rd #220 Jacksonville 32256 904-332-0999 fax 904-332-0997

Principals: Wade P. Olszewski, PE, Vice President 1992 SW 1st St Miami 33135 305-274-4805 fax 305-274-4807

Principals: Todd H. Hendrix, PE, Sr. Vice President/Associate Christopher Collins, PE, Vice President/Associate 1117 E Robinson St Orlando 32801 407-425-0452 fax 407-648-1036

Principals: David E. Mahler, PE, Sr. Vice President

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Buenvenido Buencamino, Vice President/Associate James R. Morris, Jr., PE, Vice President/Associate Scott A. Breitenstein, PE, Vice President/Associate 520 Palm Coast Pkwy SW #200 Palm Coast 32137-4713 386-445-6569 fax 386-447-8991 Principals: Brett Markovitz, Vice President/Associate 1031C W 23 St Panama City 32405 850-563-1490 fax 850-563-1495

Principals: Jason Toole, PE, Vice President/Associate

3277-A Fruitville Rd #2 Sarasota 34237 941-365-4771 fax 941-365-4779

Principals: Daniel Moyer, PE, Vice President/Associate

5601 Mariner St #105 Tampa 33609-3451 813-288-0233 fax 813-288-0433

Principals: Jeffrey M. Satfield, PE, Sr. Vice President 1860 Old Okeechobee Rd #102 West Palm Beach 33409 561-459-2096 fax 305-274-4807

Craig A. Smith & Associates

7777 Glades Rd #410 Boca Raton 33434 561-314-4445 fax 561-314-4457 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 44

Firm Specialties: Conceptual planning, design and contract administration of water and wastewater treatment and disposal systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal development (including DRI process); engineering reports for municipal bond programs; land development and planning; highway design and construction engineering inspection; platting and field surveying; underground utility locations; and grant/fiscal assistance. Principals: Gene R. Schriner, PE, President Stephen C. Smith, PE, Senior Vice President Branch Offices: 277 Goolsby Blvd #4C Deerfield Beach 33442 954-782-8222 fax 954-786-8927 815 NW 57 Ave #2-10 Miami 33126 305-940-4661 fax 561-314-4457

Creative Engineering Group

7735 NW 146 St #301 Miami Lakes 33016 786-362-6626 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 41 DBE

Firm Specialties: Creative Engineering Group provides professional consulting services, project/construction management and civil engineering inspection services.

Principals: Sri Mavanur, CEO Ricardo G. Estripeaut, PE, President

Cronin Engineering Inc

6627 Willow Park Dr #201 Naples 34109 239-593-2157 fax 239-593-8820 Email: mhovland@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 9 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Cronin Engineering, Inc. was established in 2000. The firm is a professional engineering firm practicing structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs for residential and commercial building. The company also provides construction administration of projects which includes the bidding phase and on-site inspections. The firm currently has 9 employees, which includes engineers and AutoCAD drafters. Principals: Derek Cronin, PE, President

CSA Group

8200 NW 41 St #305 Miami 33166-6207 305-461-5484 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 31

Firm Specialties: A full service project delivery company providing program & project management, environmental services, architecture & engineering, construction managemenet operation & maintenance. Principals: Juan A. Melgarejo, PhD, PE,

Chief Business Development Jesus J. Suarez, PE, Director & CEO 3141 Commerce Pkwy Miramar 33025 954-438-4300 fax 954-438-1433

3434 Hancock Bridge Pkwy #207 North Fort Myers 33903 239-656-6237 fax 239-652-0776 2828 Edgewater Dr #200 Orlando 32804 407-649-8334 fax 407-649-8190

Culpepper and Terpening Inc.

2980 S 25 St Fort Pierce 34981 772-464-3537 fax 772-464-9497 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 29 WBE

Firm Specialties: Culpepper & Terpening is an award-winning, progressive development engineering and land surveying firm serving East Central and Southern Florida from headquarters in Fort Pierce, Florida. With more than 30 professional managers and staff, Culpepper & Terpening provides planning, engineering, land surveying, mapping, development, and project management services for select clients using leading edge technology and modern competencies. Culpepper & Terpening sets the standards of excellence and professional achievement for every client and every project. Principals: James P. Terpening, Jr., PE, Engineer

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Patrick J. Ferland, PE, Principal Engineer

Dalla Rizza & Associates Consulting Engineers Inc.

3011 SW 28 Ln Coconut Grove 33133-3507 305-445-5200 fax 305-445-8490 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 4 MBE Firm Specialties: Plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, electrical, lighting and energy management for commercial and industrial projects. Principals: Juan Dalla Rizza, PE, President

Davidson Engineering Inc.

4365 Radio Rd #201 Naples 34104 239-434-6060 fax 239-434-6084 Email: jeff@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Land development and utilities, civil engineering, permitting, planning and environmental. Principals: Jeffrey L. Davidson, PE, President

DeYoung Engineering & Management 1628 Chatsworth St Lake Placid 33852-5720 863-465-7670 fax 863-465-2404


Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: General civil, environmental, municipal and land development engineering, forensic engineering, and eminent domain. Principals: Curtis J. DeYoung, PE, President

Victor N. DeCario & Associates, Inc.

8255 SW 86 Terr Miami 33143-6939 305-215-7681 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Consulting in office automation and communications. Principals: Victor N. DeCario, PE, President

Devlen Engineering Inc

145 E Wilbur Ave Lake Mary 32746 407-324-5300 fax 407-324-5999 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 6

Firm Specialties: Devlen Engineering provides structural design services to architects, developers, contractors and owners throughout Florida. We have experience in commercial and residential projects. Our experience entails a wide spectrum of building materials including tilt-wall, cast-inplace concrete, masonry, steel, light gauge steel, wood and aluminum. 68

Branch Offices: 145 E Wilbur Ave Lake Mary 32746 407-324-5300 fax 407-324-5999

Principals: Ronald D. Devlen, PE, Owner/President

Dewberry Engineers Inc

800 N Magnolia Ave #1000 Orlando 32803-3251 407-843-5120 fax 407-649-8664 Email: dhammack@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 89

Firm Specialties: Boundary surveys; construction and as-built surveys; construction management; control survey drawings; development of regional impact studies; drainage design; environmental impact analysis; environmental resource permitting; land development engineering design; land development planning; landscape architecture; legal description preparation; level one environmental assessments; master planning; master utilities studies; PD&E studies; right-of-way mapping; roadway and bridge design; stormwater management design; topographical surveys; wastewater collection and treatment design; water supply and distribution system design; wetland jurisdictional determinations; wildlife habitat evaluation; zoning and land use amendments. Principals: Donald L. Hammack, PE, Associate Vice President Reinardo Malave, PE, Associate Vice President Kevin E. Knudsen, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 110 W Indiana Ave #102 DeLand 32720 386-785-0468 fax 386-785-0715

7220 Financial Way #200 Jacksonville 32256-5840 904-940-9460 fax 904-940-9493 2201 Canto Ct #107 Sarasota 34232 941-201-2042 fax 407-649-8664

1000 N Ashley Dr #801 Tampa 33602 813-225-1325 fax 813-225-1385

Dredging & Marine Consultants, LLC

4643 S Clyde Morris Blvd #302 Port Orange 32190 386-304-6505 fax 386-304-6506 Email: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Planning, Engineering Design, Environmental Assessments, Permitting, Construction Inspection, Civil Engineering, Seawall Structural Design, Water, benthic and Sediment Sampling, Geotechnical Engineering, Stormwater and Drainage Design, Marina Design, Docks, Piers and Boardwalk Design, Shoreline stabilization, Canal and waterways Dredging and Material Management and Coastal Engineering. Principals: Curtis Neal Todd, PE, Senior Project Engineer Branch Offices: 200 S Indian River Dr #305 Fort Pierce 34950 772-678-1523

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131 W Main St Tavares 34950 352-742-5671

Driggers Engineering Services Inc

12220 49 St N Clearwater 33762 727-571-1313 fax 727-471-6653 Email: jdriggers@ Number of Employees: 35 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Professional services organization specializing in providing consulting service in geotechnical engineering, construction inspection and materials testing. Principals: Jeffry A Driggers, PE, Nicholas T. Korecki, PE, Wayne S. Driggers, F. Jaime Driggers, PE, President & Chief Engineer Branch Offices: 6185 Danner Dr Sarasota 34240 727-471-6655 fax 941-371-8962

15511 Shady Hills Rd Shady Hills 34610 727-471-6657 fax 727-471-6653

DRL Engineering Inc.

9900 W Sample Rd Coral Springs 33065 786-340-5160 fax 954-755-4255 Email: Number of Employees: 1 Firm Specialties: DRL ENGINEERING, INC. specializes in condition assessment of building envelopes through inspection, development of best fit restoration

programs, preparation of specifications and bid documents, construction administration and complete project management. Services encompass roof systems, wall systems and finishes, windows, elevated walkways & balconies, plaza decks and parking structures. The firm additionally provides maintenance plans and reserve studies, forensic studies, expert witness and litigation assistance. Principals: Dennis R. Ledo, PE, Vice President/General Manager


941 Lake Baldwin Ln Orlando 32814 407-896-0594 fax 407-896-4836 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 276

Firm Specialties: DRMP Inc. has been in business since 1977 and is a multidiscipline firm serving clients in the public, private and industrial sectors in the development of infrastructure for the community-at-large. The firm currently has 13 office locations spread strategically across their service area. Principals: Wayne D. Chalifoux, PE, President, CEO, Principal Donaldson K. Barton, Jr., PLS, Principal - Treasurer Jon S. Meadows, PE, Principal, Secretary Lawrence L. Smith, Jr., PE, LEED GA, Principal, Vice Chairman of the Board Mark D. Prochak, PE, Vice President-Transportation

Branch Offices: 21301 Powerline Rd #107 Boca Raton 33433 561-451-8124 fax 561-451-8142

1096 Hwy 90 Chipley 32428 850-638-1086 fax 850-638-1060

1900 SW 34 St #204 Gainesville 32608 352-371-2741 fax 352-372-4318

8001 Belfort Pkwy #200 Jacksonville 32256 904-641-0123 fax 904-641-8858

Principals: Glenn J. Lusink, PSM, PLS, Principal

1125 Bartow Rd #100 Lakeland 33801 863-686-7100 fax 863-686-7111

Principals: Mark E. Puckett, PE, Principal 2101 Northside Dr #101 Panama City 32405 850-640-3904 fax 850-640-3102

700 S Palafax St #160 Pensacola 32502 850-469-9077 fax 850-469-9073

2882 Remington Green Cir Tallahassee 32308-3751 850-562-9600 fax 850-575-5544

15310 Amberly Dr #200 Tampa 33647-2146 813-265-9800 fax 813-265-9822

E Sciences Incorporated

34 E Pine St Orlando 32801 407-481-9006

fax 407-481-9627 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 38

Firm Specialties: E Sciences provides multidisciplinary services in the areas of engineering, environmental, and ecological consulting. Their primary focuses are in the areas of water resources; ecology; transportation studies (PD&E, contamination, ecological); assessment and remediation; and mitigation banking. Their customer mix consists of various state agencies; municipalities; and private and industrial clients. Principals: James S. Bassett, PE, Principal Peter K. Partlow, PE, Principal

Branch Offices: 116 E Indiana Ave DeLand 32724 386-734-1950 fax 386-734-1952

224 SE 9 St Fort Lauderdale 33316-1020 954-484-8500 fax 954-484-5146 815 NW 57 Ave #402 Miami 33126 305-495-4593 fax 304-397-1556

EAC Consulting Inc.

815 NW 57 Ave #402 Miami 33126 305-265-5400 fax 305-264-8363 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 85 MBE

Firm Specialties: EAC Consulting Inc. provides services throughout Florida in

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

the areas of transportation, highway, bridge, structural, tolling, ITS, civil, drainage, water and sewer utilities, planning, and construction engineering inspection. EAC provides services to the public and private sector. Principals: Enrique A. Crooks, PE, President Christopher Bucknor, PE, Senior Vice President Michael Adeife, PE, Vice President, Civil Kuo-Ting Lin, PE, Vice President, Structures Marie Chong, Vice President/Controller Branch Offices: 5100 NW 33 Ave #243 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-714-2000 fax 954-733-8604

315 E Robinson St #580 Orlando 32801 407-254-4150 fax 407-420-4756

EAS Engineering Inc.

55 Almeria Ave Coral Gables 33134-6118 305-445-5553 fax 305-444-2112 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 3 Firm Specialties: EAS Engineering, Inc. is a firm specializing in environmental permitting and Geographic Information System (GIS) services throughout South Florida and the Caribbean. Services include fresh water and coastal permitting; mitigation plan development; expert testimony; SFWMD permitting; assitance with local zoning; and marina and upland site planning. GIS services include resource mapping, image processing and analysis.


Principals: Edward A. Swakon, PE, President

Eckler Engineering Inc. 4700 Riverside Dr #110 Coral Springs 33067 954-510-4700 fax 954-755-2741 Email: deckler@ Number of Employees: 8

Firm Specialties: Eckler Engineering provides services in the area of environmental engineering, planning and design for municipalities and government relative to water supply, distribution, treatment and storage; wastewater collection and treatment with particular emphasis on wastewater reuse; master planning and financing for utility systems. Principals: Donald A. Eckler, PE, President

ECS Florida LLC

2815 Directors Row #500 Orlando 32809 407-859-8378 fax 407-859-9599 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 61 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Engineering Consulting Services (ECS) is a leader in geotechnical, environmental, construction materials and facilities engineering. With 1,350 employees nationwide, ECS has 50 offices and is ranked 86th in Engineering News-Record's Top 500 Design Firms. (ENR, May 2015). 70

Branch Offices: 56 Commerce Park Blvd #5317 Tampa 33610 813-302-1644 fax 407-641-9706

Principals: David Bearce, Branch Manager Miguel Santiago, PE, Vice President

2000 Avenue P #3 West Palm Beach 33404 561-840-3667 fax 561-215-0615

Principals: Jose N. Gomez, D.GE, PE, Vice President Terrence R. Horan, PE, Vice President

Eisman & Russo Inc.

6455 Powers Ave Jacksonville 32217 904-733-1478 fax 904-636-8828 Email: sgombar@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 99

Firm Specialties: Eisman & Russo is a full-service engineering firm capable of handling all project phases from conceptual planning through design, permitting, construction inspection, and final certification. Company offices are located throughout the state, including Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, and Fort Myers. The firm employs a dedicated group of individuals who pride themselves in working diligently to provide services in a prompt, cost-effective manner. Principals: Antonio J. Mahfoud, PE, LEED AP, President

Brett H. Pielstick, PE, F.ASCE, Senior CEI Resident Engineer John J. Kemp, PE, Vice President/Sr Project Manager

Branch Offices: 6067 Hollywood Blvd, #200 Hollywood 33024 904-404-7080 fax 904-212-0487 11285 SW 211 St #301 Miami 34189 786-227-6922 fax 904-404-8332

2200 North Commerce Parkway #300 Weston 33326-3258 904-733-1478 fax 904-636-8828

Principals: J. Scott Gombar, PE, Senior Vice President

Eland Engineering Inc.

3323 W Commercial Blvd #110E Ft. Lauderland 33309 954-678-3999 fax 954-678-3998 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 21 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: Eland Engineering is a professional engineering service firm specializing in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and transportation engineering. Eland is highly experienced in all elements of ITS, including but not limited to the following: fiber optic and wireless communication technologies, IP/Ethner network architectures, power distribution and back-up systems, CCTV cameras, dynamic message signs, vehicle detection stations, highway advisory radios, roadway weather information sys-

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

tems, electronic toll collection, ramp metering, reversible express lane access control and software development.

Principals: Bo Qian, PE, President

Electrical Design Associates

8401 Lake Worth Rd #221 Lake Worth 33467 561-819-5556 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 5 MBE

Firm Specialties: Provide electrical, instrumentation, HVAC, fuel piping and fire protection design. Principals: Lillian M. Reyes, PE, Electrical Engineer

Branch Offices: 5300 W Atlantic Ave #408 Delray Beach 33484 561-819-5556 fax 561-819-5557 2020 E Robinson St Orlando 32803 407-895-8300 fax 407-895-8411

ELEMENT Engineering Group LLC

1713 E 9 Ave Tampa 33605-3801 813-386-2101 fax 813-386-2106 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 7 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: ELEMENT Engineering Group is a DBE firm with a rich history. ELEMENT specializes in major and minor transporta-

tion design, traffic control plans, signing and pavement marking, utility coordination, survey and civil site design. ELEMENT's highly qualified staff has provided civil engineering design for public and private clients for over 40 years. Principals: Derek M. Gil, PE, President Donald G. Beyer, Jr., PE, Senior Vice President

Elias Engineering & Testing, Inc.

409 Spring Valley Ln Altamonte Springs 327145855 407-830-6004 fax 407-830-7867 Email: Number of Employees: 1 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Geotechnical, groundwater studies, and construction materials testing. Principals: Michel R. Elias, PE, President

Ellis & Associates Inc.

7064 Davis Creek Rd Jacksonville 32256 904-880-0960 fax 904-880-0970 Email: g.edmonds@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 76 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Ellis & Associates, Inc. (E&A) specializes in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and inspection, environmental engineering, and CEI services. E&Aís corporate office was established in Jacksonville in 1970, and has offices in South Daytona and

Brunswick, Georgia. E&A owns a large drill rig fleet and our laboratories are certified by AASHTO and USACE. Principals: Michael L. Lithman, PE, Executive Vice President Greg A. Edmonds, PE, President, CEO

Branch Offices: 227 Rose Dr Brunswick 31520 912-279-0085 fax 912-279-0086

2706 S Ridgewood Ave #2 South Daytona 32119 386--994-9588 fax 386-994-9589

EltonAlan Inc.

3653 Regent Blvd #606 Jacksonville 32224 904-891-0360 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 3 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: EltonAlan, Inc. provides consulting engineering and general contracting services for transportation, commercial, residential and civil infrastructure projects throughout the State of Florida. This unique diversity allows the firm to successfully deliver a broad range of services based on sound engineering judgment and practical construction knowledge. EltonAlan is focused on offering differing approaches to consistently achieve the best results for their clients. Principals: Michael Holcomb, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 10750 Wiles Rd

Coral Springs 32206 954-610-4682

Engineered Building Systems

PO Box 2735 Ocala 34478-2735 352-351-3941 fax 352-732-8244 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 3

Firm Specialties: Our goal is to provide quality professional engineering services within our areas of expertise in a timely manner to architects, engineers, building owners, contractors, property managers, and industrial, institutional, commercial and professional concerns. Our areas of expertise include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); sanitary, wastewater, stormwater, gas, fuel and process piping; building electrical systems; indoor air quality and clean rooms; commercial and industrial refrigeration; energy management and automatic controls; analysis of existing building systems to identify and correct problems to improve systems operation and performance. Engineered Building Systems will provide timely, expert advice to the Florida market.

Principals: John S. Esbenshade, PE, President

Engineering Express

160 SW 12 Ave #106 Deerfield Beach 33442 954-354-0660 fax 954-354-0443 Email: Number of Employees: 14

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Firm Specialties: Engineering Express is a specialty structural engineering firm specializing in building envelope consultation, product evaluations, specialty structural designs, and forensic and disaster assessment. The firm works with contractors, architects, developers, owners, product manufacturers, and program managers across America. These services are provided with the highest quality standards utilizing the latest technology and an expert staff that adds value to our clients. Principals: Frank L. Bennardo, PE, President

England-Thims & Miller Inc.

14775 Old St. Augustine Rd Jacksonville 32258 904-642-8990 fax 904-646-9485 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 146

Firm Specialties: England-Thims & Miller is a multi-disciplined engineering firm offering professional services in transportation planning and design, traffic engineering, regulatory planning, land planning and development, landscape architecture, geographic information systems (GIS), and construction engineering inspection. Principals: Samuel Crissinger, CPA, CFO Joseph Tarver, Executive Vice President N. H. Mathews, PE, President & CEO Robert A. Mizell, PE, Vice President Scott A. Wild, PE,


Vice President Juanitta Bader Clem, PE, Vice President Buckley Williams, Vice President Ka Tai Ma, PE, Vice President/Principal Matthew Maggiore, PE, Vice President/Principal

Branch Offices: 1540 International Pkwy #200 Lake Mary 32746 407-536-5379 10 Florida Park Dr N #D-5 Palm Coast 32137 386-447-6195

Environmental & Geo technical Specialists Inc. 104 N Magnolia Dr Tallahassee 32301 850-386-1253 fax 850-385-8050 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 20 DBE/MBE/WBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: The M/DBE firm of Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists, Inc. (EGS) is a full service geotechnical consulting firm which provides subsurface drilling, soil sampling, laboratory testing, engineering evaluations and recommendations for all aspects of a project requiring geotechnical services. EGS also has a professional and knowledgeable staff experienced in providing services related to environmental permitting and environmental site assessments. Principals: Judith M. Hayden, PE, President Myron L. Hayden, PhD, PE, Senior Engineer Thomas H. Hayden, PE, Vice President 72

Branch Offices: 3772 Kori Rd Jacksonville 32257 904-329-3493

104 N Magnolia Dr Tallahassee 32301 850-386-1253 fax 850-385-8050

Envisors, A Division of Pennoni

2105 Dundee Rd Winter Haven 33884 863-324-1112 fax 863-294-6185 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 22

Firm Specialties: Serving Florida since 1975, Envisors provides complete civil and environmental engineering, surveying, and planning services to government agencies and private developers. EVI's special areas of expertise include water; wastewater; stormwater management; drainage; transportation solid waste management; master planning; residential and commercial land development; rate and charge studies, and environmental studies. Our services include environmental assessments; feasibility studies; rezoning; DRIs; land planning; permitting; construction drawings and specifications; cost estimating; bidding services; construction inspection; rate studies; and EPA NPDES permitting. Principals: Kriss Y. Kaye, PE, CFM, V.P. of Land Development and Drainage

Epic Forensics & Engineering

8401 Lake Worth Rd #131 Lake Worth 33467 561-472-1391 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Commercial/industrial/residential building forensics and construction defects. Building and building system design, site drainage design, bulkhead/seawall design, underwater structural evaluations, moisture causation, building envelopes, building renovations, bridge design, pavement evaluation mastarms.

Principals: René Portieles, II, PE, GC, CEO

Erdman Anthony

5405 Okeechobee Blvd #200 West Palm Beach 33417 561-753-9723 fax 561-753-9724 Email: nothj@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 15

Firm Specialties: Erdman Anthony offers a full spectrum of civil engineering and land surveying services. Located in Central Palm Beach County, they serve the entire state of Florida. With state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel, our services include the design and survey of roadways, utilities, drainage, stormwater management, feasibility studies, and commercial and residential subdivisions.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: Kimberly A. Heath, Associate James F. Noth, PE, PSM, Vice President

Faller, Davis & Associates Inc.

5525 W Cypress St #300 Tampa 33607 813-261-5136 fax 813-261-5142 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 56 DBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Faller, Davis & Associates, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm specializing in civil engineering tasks primarily for governmental agencies. Areas of expertise include: roadway design, traffic and transportation services, drainage studies and design, utility design, and environmental analysis and permitting. Principals: Kenneth R. Muzyk, Jr., PE, Executive Vice President Nancy Faller Brown, PE, President Branch Offices: 258 Southhall Ln #410 Maitland 32751 407-644-2116 fax 407-644-2371

FDS Engineering Associates

500 N Maitland Ave Maitland 32751 321-972-0491 fax 407-880-2309 Email: Number of Employees: 13

Firm Specialties: FDS Engineering Associates, located in Metro Orlando, provides structural engineer-

ing services throughout the Southeast. Our Engineers are licensed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, and Texas for Home Designers, Architects and Contractors. Our services include Commercial, Residential and Specialty Engineering. Principals: Carl Brown, PE, Senior Vice President


424 N Calhoun St Tallahassee 32301-1230 850-224-7400 fax 850-224-4683 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 37

Firm Specialties: Bridge design and construction engineering and inspection. Innovative financing of bridges. Bridge design charettes with communities. Concrete segmental/concrete beams/steel boxes/steel beams, cable-stayed bridges. Principals: Linda Figg, President/CEO

Finley Engineering Group

1589 Metropolitan Blvd Tallahassee 32308-3776 850-894-1600 fax 850-894-1614 Email: craig.finley@ Number of Employees: 14

Firm Specialties: Finley Engineering Group is an internationally recognized bridge engineering firm specializing in high tech, complex concrete, steel and long-span bridge projects. Our specialty

is innovative design and construction engineering solutions with a special emphasis on design-build, construction driven projects.

jective is that the places where people live, work and shop enhance their experience while maximizing the profitability of your project.

Principals: R. Craig Finley, Jr., PE, Managing Principal Jerry Pfuntner, PE, Principal

Principals: Hans Bentzon, CEO Norman P. Gross, President Michael Bojack, PE, President

Florida Design Consultants Inc.

Fieldstone Project Management

3030 Starkey Blvd New Port Richey 34665 727-849-7588 fax 727-848-3648 Email: Number of Employees: 24

Firm Specialties: Florida Design Consultants, Inc. provides services in the following areas: civil engineering, land surveying, transportation planning and engineering, environmental, land planning and GIS.

Principals: Keith Mazur, PLS, PE, Robert Wright, Jr, PLS, Edward Mazur, PE, President

Forefront Architects & Engineers

1230 Oakley Seaver Dr #200 Clermont 34711 888-850-3323 fax 8887-850-3321 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 37

Firm Specialties: Forefront is dedicated to providing comprehensive architectural and engineering solutions for commercial and residential projects. Our mission is to deliver leading edge technologies and intelligent cost-containing strategies with traditional principles of aesthetics and functions. Our ob-

1712 N Bahama Ave Marco Island 34145 239-825-0246 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: A consulting firm whose services include project management and construction administration on public/municipal projects in South West Florida. Principals: A. Rony Joel, PE, President

Franyie Engineers Inc.

10610 NW 27 St Miami 33172-2166 305-592-1360 fax 305-594-9279 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 10 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Consulting engineering work specializing in air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical power, and lighting for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Principals: Viviana Franyie, PE, President

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Fullone Structural Group

9600 Koger Blvd #227 St. Petersburg 33702 727-577-2222 fax 727-577-2221 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 3 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Fullone Structural Group is a Florida based structural engineering firm that specializes in the design of new buildings and structures, renovation of existing buildings and threshold inspection services. Principals: Joseph P. Fullone, PE, S.I., Principal

GAI Consultants Inc.

618 E South St #700 Orlando 32801 407-423-8398 fax 407-843-1070 Email: g.dejidas@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 82

Firm Specialties: GAI Consultants, Inc. is a multi-discipline engineering and environmental consulting firm. For over 50 years, GAI has provided civil/site, transportation, traffic, bridge/building, landscape architecture, structural, mechanical and electric engineering, land planning, utility coordination, geotechnical, eminent domain support services, cultural resources, surveying, construction engineering and inspection, and energy services. Representative projects include site development, PD & E studies, highway/roadway planning and design, traffic analysis, signalization, parking 73

structure design, bridge design, building structural design and inspections, threshold inspections, utility relocation coordination, streetscape design, land planning, surveying and construction engineering and inspection for roads and buildings. Principals: Grace Harrison, RLA, Assistant Vice President Benjamin Resnick, MA, RPA, Asst. Vice President Leah Tuscan, Corporate Marketing Manager Stephen A. Boylan, PE, Director of Transportation Engineering Gary M. DeJidas, PE, President & CEO Karl Palvisak, CPA, Vice President Jeffrey M. Sievers, PE, Vice-President/ Transportation Operations Manager Branch Offices: 2255 Glades Rd #324A Boca Raton 33431 561-988-2611 fax 561-997-9392

Principals: Jules Joseph Ameno, Jr., PE, Engineering Manager

1301 Riverplace Blvd #900 Jacksonville 32207 904-363-1110 fax 904-363-1115

Principals: Kevin R. Leadbetter, PE, Assitant Vice President Gregory T. Nettuno, PE, Sr. Vice President

Gannett Fleming Inc.

7300 Corporate Center Dr #701 Miami 33126-1233 786-845-9540 fax 786-845-6802 74

Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 140 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Areas of interest: air pollution control; aircraft fueling; airports, terminals and hangars; bridges; chemical processing and storage; codes, standards, ordinances; conservation and resource management; construction management; corrosion control; cathodic protection; cost estimating; dams (concrete, arch); dams (earth, rock); dikes and levees; desalinization (process and facilities); ecological and archeological investigations; environmental impact studies; assessments or statements; vehicle maintenance facilities; hazardous waste; highways, streets, and airfield paving parking lots; hydraulics and pneumatics; hydrogeology; industrial waste treatment; drainage; military design standards; petroleum and fuel (storage and distribution); pipelines (cross-country, liquid and gas); planning (community, regional, area-wide and state); plumbing and piping design; process engineering; railroad; rapid transit; resource recovery; recycling; rivers, canals, and waterways; flood control; seismic designs and studies; sewage collection, treatment and disposal; soils and geologic studies; foundations; solid wastes, incineration, and landfill; storm water handling and facilities; structural design, special structures; flood plain studies; traffic and transportation engineering; tunnels and subways; urban renewals, community development; utilities (gas and steam); value analysis, life-cycle costing; water resources; hydrology and ground water; water sup-

ply, treatment and distribution; zoning; and land use studies.

Principals: Jose Abreu, PE, Senior Vice President John V. Dougherty, PE, Senior Vice President Carlos M. Cejas, PE, Vice President Naldo Gonzalez, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 11731 Phillips Hwy #3 Jacksonville 32256 904-262-8852 fax 904-262-8864

Principals: William Bowerman, Office Manager 10161 Centurion Pkwy #300 Jacksonville 32256-4122 904-998-9809 fax 904-998-7207 3452 Lake Lynda Dr #350 Orlando 32817 407-384-4412

Principals: John A. Buchheit, PE, DBIA, Vice President 3921 76th Ave N Pinellas Park 33781 727-541-3444 fax 727-541-1510

Principals: David Rancman, PE,

1900 NW 40 Ct Pompano Beach 33064 954-972-7570 fax 954-972-6608

327 Office Plaza Dr #207 Tallahassee 32301-2785 850-309-7941 fax 850-309-1535 Principals: Myung-Hak Sung, Vice President

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4350 W Cypress St #340 Tampa 33607 813-831-8870 fax 813-831-9375 Principals: Yongqiang Wu, PE, Office Manager

9119 Corporate Lake Dr #150 Tampa 33634 813-882-4366 fax 813-884-4609 Principals: Mary C. Ross, PE, Project Manager Ronald N. Leins, Vice President

2475 Mercer Ave #107 West Palm Beach 33401 561-655-8232 fax 561-655-8398


1730 W 10th St Riviera Beach 33404 561-845-8727 fax 561-845-8728 Email: Number of Employees: 4 DBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: Geotechnical engineering, consulting and testing. Soil exploration for building, bridges, roadways and various structures, laboratory soil testing, engineering analysis and design of foundation systems for all structures (including bridges) and roadway/highway embarkment. Principals: Partha Ghosh, PE, President

G.E.C. Inc.

841 Prudential Dr #1213 Jacksonville 32207 904-233-9612 Email:

Web Site: Number of Employees: 9

Firm Specialties: Established in 1986, GEC is a multidisciplinary engineering firm with offices in FL, LA, MS, and CA. Company resources include civil/structural /coastal/electrical engineers, economists, environmental/ ecological scientists, geologists, and GIS specialists. Project experience includes roads, bridges, airports, intelligent transportation systems, sewerage, wastewater, water supply, electrical systems, navigation, ports, flood control, coastal/environmental management, and wetland mitigation. Principals: Verdi Adam, PE, President Branch Offices: 1333 Gateway Dr #1004 Melbourne 32901 321-751-1135 fax 321-751-2343 1900 Main St #210 Sarasota 34236 941-906-1138 fax 941-906-1218

3625 20 St Vero Beach 32960 772-562-8580 fax 772-562-8432

Principals: Michael P. Walther, PE, President

GEI Consultants Inc.

8970 Cypress Grove Ln West Palm Beach 33411 561-662-8257 Email: blynch@ Number of Employees: 1 GMEC

Firm Specialties: GEI is licensed to provide professional engineering science services in 47 states, offering diverse capabilities in geotechnical, water resources, environmental and ecological disciplines. GEI has a staff of more than 600 colleagues working from 30 offices to serve to serve clients with a refreshed blend of technical expertise, collaborative spirit and innovation.

Principals: William H. Lynch, PE, Practice Leader/Senior Consultant

George F. Young of Florida

299 Dr MLK Jr St N St. Petersburg 33701 727-822-4317 fax 727-822-2919 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 100

Firm Specialties: Founded in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1919 by pioneer Engineer and Surveyor George Fleming Young; George F. Young, Inc. (GFY) has been in continuous operation in Florida for nearly 100 years and remains a local, Florida owned company today. From project concept through completion, we will seamlessly provide you the resources of an experienced staff of professionals, technicians and specialists including architects, civil engineers, ecologists, GIS Professionals, hydrographic surveyors, land and urban planners, landscape architects, real estate professionals, subsurface utility engineers, and surveyors who are passionately committed to integrity, quality, and service.

Principals: Jonathan J. Gotwald, PE, Vice President Engineering Branch Offices: 10540 Portal Crossing #105 Bradenton 34211 941-747-2981 fax 941-747-7234

Principals: Mark A. Adler, PE, Senior Vice President - Engineering 1905 S Main St Gainesville 32601 352-378-1444 fax 352-372-2502

Principals: Stuart I. Cullen, PE, Vice President/Engineering

11380 Prosperity Farms Rd #107 Palm Beach Gardens 33410-3450 561-253-8020 fax 561-253-8040

Principals: Warren H. Spurge, II, PE, Vice President Engineering 1921 Tampa E Blvd Tampa 33619 813-223-1747 fax 813-229-0657

Principals: John Eveland, PE, Vice President Engineering

Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants 919 Lake Baldwin Ln Orlando 32814-6437 407-898-1818 fax 407-898-1837 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 30 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Geotechnical: subsurface ex-

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plorations for geotechnical site evaluations, materials testing for highway and bridge projects, and other building and site design programs; hydrogeological investigations and groundwater modeling; sinkhole and subsidence investigations; GPR surveys for subsurface profiling as well as structural analysis. Environmental: contamination screening evaluations for transportation projects. Phase I/II site assessments, remedial systems evaluation and design, construction management, operations and maintenance, hazardous waste compliance and permitting, air compliance and permitting, geophysical studies including ground penetrating radar, groundwater hydrology and envirnmental modeling, regulatory coordination. Construction materials testing: roadway and structures; two certified laboratories; Orlando and Kissimmee. Principals: Christopher P. Meyer, PE, Geotechnical Manager Gary L. Kuhns, PE, President Daniel C. Stanfill, PE, Senior Vice President Craig G. Ballock, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 2510 Michigan Ave #D Kissimmee 34744 407-898-1818 fax 407-932-2910 Principals: Michael W. Byerly, PE, Office Manager

GFA International Inc.

1215 Wallace Dr Delray Beach 33444 561-347-0070 fax 561-395-5805 Email:


Web Site: Number of Employees: 115 GMEC

Firm Specialties: GFA International, Inc. is a full-service Engineering and Geological consulting organization providing Environmental, Geotechnical, Construction Materials Testing, Roof Consulting, Threshold and Special Inspections, as well as Private Provider and Code Compliance services across a broad spectrum of industries. GFA has offices strategically located to service our clients throughout the State of Florida. For over 26 years, GFA has carefully constructed our state-wide reputation for superior service, trustworthy business management, and strict attention to health, safety and innovative engineering. Principals: Paul H. Danforth, PE, Frank Frione, Chief Executive Officer Fred Kaub, President

Branch Offices: 5851 Country Lakes Dr Fort Myers 33905 239-489-2443 fax 239-489-3438

Principals: Paul J. D'huyvetter, PE, Professional Engineer /Vice President

1565 NW 88 Ave #C Miami 33444 305-945-1990 fax 305-945-1911

521 NW Enterprise Dr Port St. Lucie 34986 772-924-3575 fax 772-924-3580



1000 N Ashley Dr #900 Tampa 33602-3718 813-620-4500 fax 813-620-4980 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 86

Firm Specialties: Genesis is a Florida-based, multi-discipline consulting firm that has been providing engineering, planning landscape architecture, urban design, project management and CEI services to the public and private sectors for more than 28 years. Genesis is located in Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Crestview, Ocala and Pensacola. More information about Genesis and Genesis CE&I Services is available at and Principals: Bruce E. Marriner, PE, Chairman of the Board

Branch Offices: 9822 Tapestry Park Cir #201 Jacksonville 32246 904-730-9360 fax 904-730-7165

Principals: G. Brian Wheeler, RLA, RLA, Executive Vice President James P. Sullivan, PE, Senior Vice President 233 SW 3 St #1 Ocala 34474 352-512-0210

314 N Spring St Pensacola 32501 850-607-7199

Principals: William Klepac, PE, Senior Vice President

2507 Callaway Rd #100 Tallahassee 32303 850-224-4400 fax 850-681-3600

Principals: Mark T. Llewellyn, Sr., PE, CEO

Ghyabi & Associates Inc. 1459 N US Hwy 1 #3 Ormond Beach 32174 386-677-5499 fax 386-677-5194 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 15 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Ghyabi & Associates, Inc. is a full service civil and transportation engineering and planning firm with offices in Jacksonville, Lake Mary, and Ormond Beach. G&A provides quality services ranging from roadway design and operations, to transportation modeling and planning for cooridor studies and traffic impact analysis. Our civil engineering related services include commercial and residential site engineering, utility design, site planning, construction phase services, and stormwater management. Principals: Maryam K. Ghyabi, EM, President Branch Offices: 121 W Forsyth St #820 Jacksonville 32202 904-396-5727 fax 904-738-7863 Principals: Martha L. Moore, PE, Vice President

315 E Robinson St #170 Orlando 32801 407-985-4623 fax 407-730-2100

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Hershell Gill Consulting Engineers, Inc. 4601 Ponce de Leon Blvd #200 Coral Gables 33146-2110 305-667-3631 fax 305-665-9298 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Structural design of buildings and structural consulting services; parking consultant. Principals: Hershell Gill, PE, President

Globaltech Inc.

6001 Broken Sound Pkwy NW #610 Boca Raton 33487-2766 561-997-6433 fax 561-997-5811 Email: solutions@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 26

Firm Specialties: Vertically integrated designbuild firm providing consulting engineering, design-build, and pure construction services in the municipal water, wastewater, and power markets. Principals: Bernard Paul Gandy, PE, President Troy Lyn, PE, Vice President David Schuman, PE, Vice President

G.M. Hill Engineering Inc.

9640 Sunbeam Center Dr #1 Jacksonville 32257 904-280-8244 fax 904-503-4627 Email: ginahill@ Number of Employees: 11 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: G.M. Hill Engineering, Incorporated, founded in 2001 and based in Jacksonville, Florida, provides structural engineering services for the architectural and construction industry, specializing in building and bridge structures. Expertise includes steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, pre-cast and timber structures for institutional, educational, government, healthcare, commercial and private sector projects. GMHill is certified 8(a), SDB, DBE, WOSB and JSEB. Principals: Gina Hill, PE, President

Greenman-Pedersen Inc. 1590 Village Square Blvd Tallahassee 32309-2848 850-668-5211 fax 850-668-3106 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 40

Firm Specialties: Since Greenman-Pedersen Inc (GPI) has designed numerous and varied civil engineering projects throughout North Florida and South Georgia. The firm excels in designing sites which blend development with existing natural features such as flood plains, wetlands, severe grade changes, closed basins and other significant environmental features. Where other firms have "thrown in the towel" on difficult sites, GPI has performed designs and acquired environmental permits which established cost effective development in harmony with the environment while complying with all local codes and land development regulations. GPI is one of the leading site design, roadway,

drainage, utility, land planning, stormwater management design and analysis and general civil design firms in the North Florida and South Georgia area. The firm utilizes the latest state-of-the-art stormwater management modeling software such as ICPR2, XP-SWMM, EPA SWMM, and various Florida Department of Transportation-approved software for stormwater management, water quality treatment, and drainage system design. Additionally, the firm utilizes computer software and current design systems to provide cost effective, efficient, and timely designs for all types of land development projects. This multi-faceted firm's design experience ranges from small, single use commercial sites to multi-lane highways. The firm provides land use planning and environmental analysis services to meet the needs of any type of development activity. GPI's client base includes local, state, and federal governments, as well as private clients, ranging from local individual improvement sites to multi-national firms development projects from 1/2 +/- acre sites to 800+ acre developments. Greenman-Pedersen Inc. has provided Construction Engineering and Inspection services throughout Florida since 1991. Our personnel have extensive experience in providing field inspection services to the Florida Department of Transportation. These highly trained individuals are experienced engineers and inspectors who understand and support strong environmental and management practices/applications throughout the duration of the project. GPI has provided

inspection services on highway projects ranging from resurfacing to total reconstruction as well as numerous bridge construction projects, from simple widening to new construction including MSE wall construction. Principals: Sandra M. Bucklew, PE, Senior Vice President Branch Offices: 12 S Main St Brooksville 34601 352-796-6319

1367-C S Railroad Ave Chipley 32428 850-668-5211 fax 850-526-4255

Principals: Stacy Pippin, Vice President 1 Daytona Blvd #20 Daytona Beach 32114 386-226-1113

Principals: Robert C. Rupert, II, PE, Senior Vice President 1010 E Adams St #140 Jacksonville 32202 904-355-6948 fax 904-355-6950 328 NE 1 Ave #200 Ocala 34470 352-368-5055 fax 352-368-5063

1000 N Ashley Dr #100 Tampa 33602 813-632-7676 fax 813-632-7683 Principals: Paul Forte, PE, Senior Vice President

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Gresham, Smith and Partners (GS&P)

2073 Summit Lake Dr #152 Tallahassee 32317 850-219-8400 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 99

Firm Specialties: GS&P provides planning, architectural, and engineering services from 14 offices across the United States. For over four decades, the firm has assisted clients in such market areas as healthcare, transportation, aviation, corporate, industrial, environmental, and land planning. GS&P offers design and planning services for roadway, bridge, traffic, ITS, CE&I, environmental documentation, water, wastewater, water resources, and solid waste projects. Branch Offices: 1266 Wells Ave Chipley 32428 850-638-0216 fax 850-638-2447

6030 Hollywood Blvd #210 Hollywood 33024 954-981-9100 fax 954-981-9164 225 Water St #2200 Jacksonville 32202-5144 904-332-6699 fax 904-332-6688

Principals: Kent L. Black, PE, EVPTransportation R. Tyler Strickland, PE, Transportation Engineer

1400 Nashville City Ctr 511 Union St Nashville 32719-1733 615-770-8100 fax 866-538-7482


302 Knights Run Ave #900 Tampa 33602 813-251-6838 fax 813-251-8580

GTC Engineering Corporation

98 S Semoran Blvd Orlando 32807 407-380-0402 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 3 MBE

Firm Specialties: Consulting services in land development, highway design, stormwater management, permitting and lighting. Principals: Claude L. Cassagnol, PE, President

H2R Corp

3921 76 Ave N Pinellas Park 33781 727-541-3444 fax 727-914-0920 Email: Number of Employees: 16 GMEC

Firm Specialties: H2R Corp is a geotechnical engineering, drilling, foundation testing and construction management firm.

Principals: Daniel C. Hart, II, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 1900 NW 40 CT Pompano Beach 33064 954-972-7570 fax 954-972-6808

Hahn Engineering Inc.

3060 S Dale Mabry Tampa 33629 813-831-8599 fax 813-835-7046 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Complete engineering design services for mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical systems for all types of buildings (including industrial, health care, educational, correctional facilities, computer, clean rooms, office and municipal facilities). Principals: Warren G. Hahn, PE, CEO Jeffrey Hahn, PE, Senior Vice President

HAKS Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors P.C.

36750 US Hwy 19N Palm Harbor 34684 727-940-5316 fax 727-940-5317 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 6 MBE

Firm Specialties: HAKS Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors provides construction management and inspection, engineering and architectural design, surveying, material testing and special inspection services. Principals: Mohammed I. Chaudhry, PE, Paul Cavota, PE, Senior Vice President Branch Offices: 14400 NW 77 Ct #203 Miami Lakes 33016


305-698-3914 fax 305-698-3916

Principals: Husam Ahmad, PE, Chairman & Co-founder Alfred Barcenilla, PLS, Senior Vice President Francisco Ruela, R.A., Senior Vice President

Hall Planning & Engineering Inc.

322 Beard St Tallahassee 32303 850-222-2277 fax 850-222-6555 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 2

Firm Specialties: Hall Planning & Engineering, Inc. is a transportation planning and engineering firm specializing in multiple practice areas within the transportation profession. The firm focuses on both planning and preliminary engineering, especially the vital interface between planning and design. Transportation aspects of community plans, subarea /sector plans and corridor studies are key HPE emphasis areas. Expert witness, public participation and charette tasks are routinely performed. Principals: Richard A. Hall, PE, President

Hamilton Engineering & Surveying, Inc. 3409 W Lemon St Tampa 33606-1433 813-250-3535 fax 813-250-3636 Email: bobd@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 47

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Firm Specialties: Hamilton Engineering provides civil engineering, surveying, environmental and land planning services services. Principals: Jack Hamilton, PE, Mike Hardy, PE, Aaron Murphy, PSM, Lucas Carlo, PE, Associate David W. Ford, CBO, CFM, COO Robert L. Dillion, Senior VP, Accounting

Branch Offices: 310 E Main St #4 Bartow 33830 863-800-9707 fax 813-250-3636

Principals: Alan L. Rayl, PE, PSM, Sr. Vice President, Bartow Branch Manager

Hammond & Associates Inc.

7348 NW 5 St Plantation 33317-1605 954-327-7111 fax 954-327-7154 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 6 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: Hammond & Associates, Inc. is a consulting engineering design firm with special expertise in the design of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and airport facilities. The combined experience of our technical staff of over 75 years in enginering lends itself well to the provision of the engineering services desired to successfully complete projects for our clients. We also provide energy studies/audits, building

inspections, construction administration and management. We are fully staffed to respond quickly to our client's needs. Principals: Eric J. Hammond, PE, President

Branch Offices: 18800 NW 2 Ave #216 Miami 33169 350-651-8522 fax 350-651-3376

2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd #215M West Palm Beach 33409

Quentin L. Hampton Associates Inc.

PO Box 290247 Port Orange 32129-0247 386-761-6810 fax 386-761-3977 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 27

Firm Specialties: Specializing in the fields of civil and environmental engineering; water supply treatment and distribution; wastewater collection and treatment; effluent disposal and reuse; subsurface utility engineering; and municipal inspection services. Principals: Bradley T. Blais, PE, President Andrew M. Giannini, PE, Secretary David A. King, PE, Vice President/Treasurer

Hanson Professional Services Inc.

1601 Belvedere Rd #303 S West Palm Beach 33409 561-471-9370 fax 561-471-9369 Email: Web Site: hanson-inc. com Number of Employees: 41

Firm Specialties: Hanson Professional Services, Inc. is a multidisciplinary professional services firm offering a wide variety of engineering and architectural services. These services include civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, geotechnical and environmental engineering, as well as architectural planning and design. Specialties include building commissioning, indoor air quality studies, energy analysis, telecommunications planning and design, and special industrial facilities, transportation and airports.

Principals: Jeffery L. Bowen, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 105 E Montana Ave Bonifay 32425 8505547-1539

8075 Gate Pkwy W #204 Jacksonville 32216-0090 904-737-0090

Principals: Chantal Bowen, PE, Vice President

9015 Town Center Pkwy #105 Lakewood Ranch 34202 941-342-6321 fax 941-379-6474

Principals: John Coombe, PE, Executive Vice President 720 N Maitland Ave #102 Maitland 32751 407-622-2050 fax 407-622-2051

Principals: Jim Messmore, William C. Bradford, PE, Vice President

6303 Blue Lagoon Dr, #280 Miami 33126 305-428-4350

Hanson Walter & Associates Inc.

8 Broadway #104 Kissimmee 34741 407-847-9433 fax 407-847-2499 Email: lwalter@ Number of Employees: 30

Firm Specialties: HWA, Inc. provides civil engineering and land surveying services to many private, commercial, residential and industrial developers, in addition to local and state governments for roadway, drainage and utility infrastructure design and permitting projects Principals: Randy K. Hanson, Larry W. Walter, PE, President Shawn Hindle, PE, Senior Vice President

Hardesty & Hanover LLC 1000 Sawgrass Corp Pkwy #544 Sunrise 33323 954-835-9119 fax 954-835-9130 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 42

Firm Specialties: Hardesty & Hanover, LLC is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm with expertise in all types of roadway, rail, and bridge engineering services. Our engineering services span the entire asset lifecycle -- planning to design, construction service to safety inspection. We employ specialized expertise in complex bridge engi-

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neering, including movable (bascule, swing and vertical lift), segmental, and long span (steel or concrete) bridge types. Our engineers also have experience in security threat analysis and mitigation design, as well as design for seismic retrofit and repair. For over 129 years, Hardesty & Hanover has been providing Engineering That Moves You. Principals: Timothy J. Noles, PE, Principal

Branch Offices: 5461 W. Waters Ave #910 Tampa 33634 813-215-5186 Principals: James M. Phillips, III, PE, Bridge Practice Lead

Harris Civil Engineers LLC 1200 Hillcrest St #200 Orlando 32803 407-629-4777 fax 407-629-7888 Email: joeh@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 17

Firm Specialties: Harris Civil Engineers provides infrastructure design and permitting for owners and developers. Principals: Joseph E. Harris, PE, Principal

Hatcher Engineering Inc. 2108 W Risk St Plant City 33563 813-752-6900 fax 813-752-6911 Email: njh@ Number of Employees: 5


Principals: Nathaniel J. Hatcher, PE, President

Mott MacDonald Florida LLC

220 W Garden St #700 Pensacola 32504 850-484-6011 fax 850-484-8199 Email: david.skipper@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 80

Firm Specialties: Mott MacDonald (HMM) is a full service North American consulting firm offering the complete range of civil, transportation, structural and construction engineering as well as architecture, planning, surveying, construction administration and inspection services. With our Southeast corporate headquarters in Pensacola, Florida and offices throughout Northwest Florida and surrounding states, our firm can respond quickly and effectively to a broad geographical region of federal, municipal and private clients. Our focus on innovation and corporate dedication to quality has been widely recognized with numerous industry awards and accolades from our clients. It is our corporate commitment to bring the highest quality service to all our clients on every project. Principals: J. Brent Rawson, PE, Senior Associate Michael K. Broussard, PE, Sr. Vice President, Environmental Manager

Branch Offices: 10245 Centurion Pkwy #320 Jacksonville 32256-2808 850-222-0344 80

11 W 23 St Bldg C Panama City 32405-4553 850-763-9393 fax 850-234-1952

Principals: James Bundy, PE, Billy R. Perry, PE, Sr. Vice President, Panama City Office 1545 Raymond Diehl Rd #200 Tallahassee 32308-8756 850-222-0334 fax 850-561-0205

Principals: Michael P. Murphy, PE, Vice President

Hazen and Sawyer PC

4000 Hollywood Blvd #750N Hollywood 33021-6751 954-987-0066 fax 954-987-2949 Email: pdavis@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 94

Firm Specialties: Engineering services for wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal; water supply and treatment; stormwater management, drainage and flood control; solid and hazardous waste management; economics and financial rate studies; and utility management. Principals: Janeen Wietgrefe, PE, Senior Associate J. Philip Cooke, PE, Senior Associate Glenn A. Cuningham, PE, Senior Associate Patricia Carney, PE, Senior Associate Shajan Joykutty, PE, Vice President James T. Cowgill, PE, Vice President Patrick A. Davis, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 2101 NW Corporate Blvd #301 Boca Raton 33431 561-997-8070 fax 561-997-8159 Principals: Kurt A. Pfeffer, PE, Senior Associate Albert Muniz, PE, Vice President Robert B. Taylor, Jr., PE, Vice President

999 Ponce de Leon Blvd #1150 Coral Gables 33134 305-443-4001 fax 305-443-4549

Principals: Fernando B. Chiriboga, Latin America Coordinator Jason J. Page, PE, Senior Associate 4110 Southpoint Blvd #219 Jacksonville 32216 904-629-9929 fax 904-296-9307 2201 Cantu Ct #109 Sarasota 34232 941-378-2862 fax 941-378-0196

10002 Princess Palm Ave #200 Tampa 33619-8353 813-630-4498 fax 813-630-1967 Principals: Damann L. Anderson, PE, Vice President

HB Associates, LLC

377 Maitland Ave #2007 Altamonte Springs 32701 407-740-5444 Email: hbrumley@ Number of Employees: 3

Firm Specialties: Our firm provides comprehensive services to private clients and the insurance industry.

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We also provide multi-disciplinary design and consulting services for building and land development projects. The basic philosophy of the firm is to produce quality work on time and within budget. Principals: Harry Brumley, III, PE, President

HDR Engineering Inc.

5426 Bay Center Dr #400 Tampa 33609-3444 813-282-2300 fax 813-282-2430 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 431

Firm Specialties: HDR provides a complete range of engineering and architecture consulting services which includes design of highways, roads, streets, fixed and movable bridges; mass transit; airports; marinas; seaports; transit studies; water supply and treatment; distribution facilities; sewage collection, treatment and disposal facilities; hydrogeology; foundations and engineered structures; drainage facilities; site planning; solid and hazardous waste planning and engineering; environmental impact statements and assessments; DRIs; air and water testing; architectural services including structural; architecture and landscape architecture. Principals: Lenore H. Horton, PE, AVP, Water Market Sector Lead Katie E.S. Duty, PE, AVP, Water Resources Market Sector Lead Juan C. Lopez, PE, Drainage Section Manager Paul A. Bowdoin, PE, Senior Vice President Kent L. McWaters, PE,

Senior Vice President Larry D. Low, PE, SVP, Florida Transportation Director Lewis R. Herrington, PE, Vice President Terri S. Holcomb, PE, Water & Natural Resources Program Manager Branch Offices: 3250 W Commercial Blvd #100 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-535-1876 fax 954-535-1076

Principals: Guillermo J. Suero, PE, VP, South Florida Transportation Program Manager 200 W Forsyth St #800 Jacksonville 32202-4321 904-598-8900 fax 904-598-8988

Principals: Harold E. Lewis, Jr., PE, Senior Vice President Carol W. Worsham, AICP, Vice President Kristina M. Price, PE, Vice President/Roadway Section Manager 15450 New Barn Rd #304 Miami Lakes 33014-2169 305-728-7400 fax 305-728-7447

Principals: Lionel A. Zapata, PE, Federal Program Manager Nelson E. Canjura, PE, Florida Structures Mgr/VP Charles T. Sinclair, PE, Senior Vice President Niceville EOC4565 4565 Commercial Dr #103 Niceville 32578-8818 850-897-0931 fax 850-897-0360

Principals: Stephen Wilson, PE, Vice President

315 E Robinson St #400 Orlando 32801-1949 407-420-4200 fax 407-420-4242

Principals: Jason J. McGlashan, PE, Senior Transportation Engineer Stephen J. Ferrell, PE, SVP, Florida Transportation Program Manager Andre E. Lauzier, PE, Vice President Robert E. Cone, PE, Vice President John C. Nagle, IV, PE, Vice President

25 W Cedar St #200 Pensacola 32502 850-432-6800 fax 850-432-8010

Principals: John Wimberly, PE, Vice President Robert Kellner, PE, Vice President Thomas McLendon, PE, Waste Market Sector Lead

2601 Cattlemen Rd #400 Sarasota 34232-6212 941-342-2700 fax 941-342-6589

Principals: Donald Holcomb, PE, Vice President

1400 Centrepark Blvd #1000 West Palm Beach 33401-7412 561-209-6600 fax 561-209-6606

Principals: Charles E. Copeland, Jr., PE, Senior Vice President

Heidt Design LLC

5806-B Breckenridge Pkwy Tampa 33610 813-253-5311 fax 813-464-7629 Email: pgassaway@

Web Site: Number of Employees: 44

Firm Specialties: The Heidt Design team delivers comprehensive civil engineering services that include the planning and design of infrastructure to public and private sector clients. Our design services include regional hydrological & surface water studies, stormwater collection & treatment systems, potable water & reclaimed water distribution systems, wastewater collection & force main systems, highway design and residential site development. Principals: B. Patrick Gassaway , PE, President Timothy M. Plate, PE, Senior Vice President Michael R. Tucker, PE, Senior Vice President, Treasurer

Higgins Engineering Inc. 4623 Forest Hill Blvd #113 West Palm Beach 33415 561-439-7807 fax 561-439-0026 Email: bhiggins@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 4 MBE

Firm Specialties: Consulting in the field of water resource engineering; feasibility studies; conceptual design; surface water and consumptive use permitting; environmental consulting and permitting; with diverse experience in agricultural, residential and commercial projects. Principals: Robert W. Higgins, PE, President

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

High Power Development

5025 W Grace St Tampa 33607 813-877-7770

Email: tbennett@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: High Power Development is a professional engineering company specializing in engineering and consulting for the substation and transmission sectors of the electric utilities industry and wireless telecommunications industry. High Power provides civil/structural engineering services for high-voltage transmission lines up to 500kV, structure and foundation design for substations and analysis/design of telecommunications sites. Principals: Thomas Bennett, PE, President Enest J. Benton, PE, Vice President Whitney Maynard, Vice President

HighSpans Engineering Inc.

1500 Jackson St #201 Fort Myers 33901-2939 239-433-3000 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 10 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: HighSpans Engineering, Inc. provides structural engineering and construction engineering and inspection services. 81

Principals: Vincent A. Zaliauskas, PE, President and Principal Engineer Michelle Buchholz, Vice President & CFO

Hillers Electrical Engineering Inc.

23257 SR 7 #100 Boca Raton 33428 561-451-9165 fax 561-451-4886 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 12 MBE

Firm Specialties: Hillers Electrical Engineers provides electrical engineering design and construction administration services for water and wastewater facilities, air carriers and general aviation airport terminals, airfields, stormwater pumping stations and professional and recreational sports facilities and FDOT roadway lighting systems. Principals: Paul Hillers, PE, President

HNTB Corporation

610 Crescent Executive Ct #400 Lake Mary 32746 407-805-0355 fax 866-205-1648 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 383

Firm Specialties: HNTB is a multidisciplinary firm of consulting engineers, architects, and planners specializing in comprehensive planning and design services, construction engineering services, design-build, and program management. Projects include airports, streets and 82

highways, stormwater, water resources, toll roads, bridges, foundations, harbor facilities, parking facilities, railroads, rapid transit systems, sports facilities, and tunnels. Support services include environmental studies, hydrogeological studies, landscape architecture, golf courses, lighting design, city planning and urban design, and traffic engineering and ITS systems.

Tallahassee 32312-2559 850-878-9777 fax 850-878-3776

Branch Offices: 505 North Broadway Ave Bartow 33830 239-278-1648 fax 239-278-1648 777 Main St Chipley 32428 850-415-9001

Horizon Engineering Group Inc.

Principals: James P. Anglin, PE, Senior Vice President

Principals: Walter D. Ray, PE, Senior CEI Project Engineer/ Construction Services

100 W Cypress Creek Rd #945 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-903-1785

7077 Bonneval Rd #600 Jacksonville 32216 904-296-0207 fax 866-205-1648

Principals: Terrel Shaw, PE, Vice President

8700 W Flagler St #402 Miami 33174-2428 305-551-8100 fax 305-551-2800

Principals: Jose Diaz, AIA, PE, Vice President Albert Sosa, PE, Vice President

1276 Metropolitan Blvd #304

201 N Franklin St #1200 Tampa 33602-5131 813-402-4150 fax 813-402-4245

Principals: Kenneth A. Hartmann, PE, Sr Vice President James Drapp, PE, Vice President George W. Walton, PE, Vice President

2603 Maitland Center Pkwy #B Maitland 32751 407-644-7755 fax 407-644-7855 Email: jcwarren@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 24

Firm Specialties: Horizon Engineering Group, Inc. provides professional services in the areas of transportation, recreation and trail facilities, stormwater management, and educational facilities. Principals: Gerald C. Warren, PE, President Peter E. Manz, PE, Vice President Scott P. Seck, PE, Vice President

Hufsey-NicolaidesGarcia-Suarez Associates Inc.

4800 SW 74 Ct Miami 33155-4448 305-270-9935 fax 305-270-2286 Email:

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Number of Employees: 17 MBE

Firm Specialties: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, plumbing, automated control systems, lighting, power systems, power distribution, communications systems for hospitals, residential, commercial, education, industrial, airports (terminals, hangers). Feasibility and design reports for value engineering, solar energy and energy conservation. Principals: Carlos Garcia, PE, Principal Enrique J. Suarez, Sr., PE, Principal

Humiston & Moore Engineers

5679 Strand Ct Naples 34110 239-594-2021 fax 239-594-2025 Email: mail@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 7 Firm Specialties: Professionals in the specialized field of coastal engineering. Services include beach nourishment design, beach erosion analysis and erosion control design and evaluation, and inlet analysis including inlet hydraulic stability analysis and impact analysis. Fully equipped state-of-the-art modeling capabilities. Principals: Brett Moore, PE, President Mohamed A Dabees, PhD, PE, Vic President

IBI Group (Florida) Inc.

2200 Park Central Blvd N #100 Pompano Beach 33064 954-974-2200 fax 954-973-2686 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 30 Firm Specialties: IBI Group (Florida) Inc. is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with a staff that includes engineers, surveyors and mappers, transportation and urban planners, architects, landscape architects, and CADD designers. Our in-house capability includes the following services: civil engineering, due diligence studies, DRI/ADA support, surveying/mapping/GIS, master development plans and site planning, landscape architecture, and construction phase assistance including bid documents, coordination of site testing, resident project representation, and certifications and approvals.

IBI Group was founded in 1974 and is a leading, international, multi-disciplinary provider of a broad range of professional services focused on the physical development of cities. IBI Group provides research, planning, design and implementation and integration support in four broad areas: urban land, facilities, transportation, and intelligent systems. IBI has an ongoing growth strategy of acquiring firms and integrating them into the IBI Group. They have offices strategically located across the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East and Asia.

Principals: Wilson E. Way, PSM, Vice President/Survey James Barbosa, Vice President/Systems

Branch Offices: 2300 Maitland Center Pkwy #101 Maitland 32751 407-660-2120 fax 407-875-8308

Principals: Richard Charles Wohlfarth, PE, Associate Director/ Chief Operating Officer

ICON Consultant Group Inc.

10006 N Dale Mabry Hwy #201 Tampa 33618 813-962-8689 fax 813-963-1610 Email: abelluccia@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 30 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: ICON Consultant Group Inc, a Florida-based multidisciplinary firm, specializes in providing planning, engineering and environmental services. Some of our key services include: roadway design, drainage design and permitting, site civil engineering and planning, environmental science, traffic control analysis/plans, traffic engineering, traffic operational studies, safety evaluations and traffic planning.

Principals: Michael E. Mills, PE, President Angelo G. Belluccia, PE, Principal R. Dennis Murray, PE, Vice President

Infrastructure Engineers Inc.

2121 Old Hickory Tree Rd St. Cloud 34772 407-957-1660 fax 407-957-8744 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 63 DBE

Firm Specialties: Transportation and planning consulting firm providing roadway design, bridge design, drainage, planning, and marine facilities engineering. Inspection services include NBIS routine and underwater bridge inspection, bridge scour evaluation, construction engineering inspection, fracture critical inspection, and overhead sign inspection. Principals: David Reser, PE, CEO Linda D. Portka, Controller Kerri Ingham, VP Marketing Branch Offices: 3182 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze 32563 850-724-7490

2511 St. Johns Bluff Rd S Jacksonville 32246 904-645-3992 fax 904-696-2032

Principals: Scott Radecki, PE, Sr. Structural Engineer Christopher R. Howard, PE, Vice President 7875 SW 104 St # 202-D Miami 33156 305-985-6235 1069 Main St #112 Sebastian 32958 772-388-1661 fax 772-388-1623

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: Frank Hickson, PE, President 5550 Idlewild Ave #102 Tampa 33634 813-510-5525 1511 SR E 434 #1001 Winter Springs 32708 407-957-1660 fax 407-957-8744

Principals: David A. Bennett, PE, Director of Water resources Gregory J. Peschong, PE, Sr. Vice President David Bowden, Vice President

Ingenium Enterprises Inc.

4600 W Cypress St #550 Tampa 33607-4032 813-387-0084 fax 813-387-0085 Email: james.neff@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 12

Firm Specialties: IEI is a certified small business enterprise specializing in transportation engineering, land development and information systems. The firm offers expertise in roadway design, land use planning, GIS, database design and network analysis, cooridor studies, traffic engineering, impact studies, feasibility studies, preliminary and final site plans, master development plans, cost estimates and construction specifications, public involvement, expert testimony, eminent domain, safety assessments, aviation planning and design. Principals: Richard Pascoe, Vice President


Principals: James Neff, President Jeremy Pettit, Vice President Laurie Giardina, Vice President 1367-D S Railroad Ave Chipley 32428 850-415-1040 fax 850-415-6690

INTERA Incorporated

9550 Regency Sq Blvd #906 Jacksonville 32225 904-322-8861 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 9

Firm Specialties: INTERA Incorporated - an international geosciences and engineering consulting firm provides services in the water resources, environmental and waste isolation markets. The company's experience includes modeling of groundwater, surface water and coastal processes; water planning; environmental site investigations and remediation; and characterization of deep geological repositories for radioactive waste. Principals: Terrence J. Hull, PE, Principal Engineer

Branch Offices: 2114 NW 40 Terr #A1 Gainesville 32605-3592 352-332-2323

Principals: Mark S. Gosselin, PhD, PE, Principal Engineer

4111 Land O' Lakes Blvd #104 Land O' Lakes 34639 813-527-6999

Principals: Patrick Tara, PE, Senior Engineer 84

Interflow Engineering LLC

14499 N Dale Mabry Hwy #290 Tampa 33618 813-963-6469 fax 813-336-5169 Email: Number of Employees: 8

Firm Specialties: Interflow Engineering is a Florida-based water resources engineering consulting firm. The firm offers stormwater management solutions, specialized hydrolic modeling, groundwater and integrated modeling and water resources infrastructure design and permitting. We pride ourselves on providing high value services with integrity, responsiveness, reliability, resourcefulness and innovation.

Principals: John Loper, PE, Principal

Inwood Consulting Engineers Inc.

3000 Dovera Dr #200 Oviedo 32765-4614 407-971-8850 fax 407-971-8955 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 46

Firm Specialties: Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides quality transportation, civil, environmental, and public involvement consultant services to governmental clients throughout the state of Florida. Inwood has extensive experience in PD&E studies, complex highway design, drainage design, stormwater management, permitting, GIS, water and wastewater pipeline design, pump stations, construction

services, project management, and public involvement. Principals: Mark D. Hales, PE, Principal Andrew D. DeWitt, PE, Principal Edwin H. Buck, III, PE, Principal Alex B. Hull, IV, PE, Principal David Dangel, PE, Principal David G. Coleman, PE, Vice President

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

201 N Franklin St #1400 Tampa 33602-5162 813-676-2300 fax 813-676-2301 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 360

Firm Specialties: Engineering consulting services for transportation and water infrastructure and building facilities, specializing in planning, design/build, program management and construction management.

Principals: Anthony Caruso, PE, Florida CEI Region Manager Tracy Alan Hood, PE, Florida Rail/Transit Practice Lead

Branch Offices: 4363 Hwy 77 Chipley 32428 850-773-2866

800 Fairway Dr #190 Deerfield Beach 33441 954-246-1234 fax 954-246-1235

Principals: Evelio Chavez, PE, Director of Transportation 245 Riverside Ave #300 Jacksonville 32202 904-636-5432

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

fax 904-636-5433

Principals: Christopher W. Bowker, Jr., PE, Southeast Aviation Lead/ Office Manager 3750 NW 87 Ave #750 Miami 33178 305-718-0599 fax 305-718-8077 Principals: Roger Khouri, PE,

200 S Orange Ave #900 Orlando 32801 407-903-5001 fax 407-903-5191

Principals: Stanley M. Cann, PE, Director of Transportation Satya Sukumar Lory, PE, Florida Region 2 Manager/ Office Manager 3300 PGA Blvd #780 Palm Beach Gardens 33410 561-799-3855 fax 561-799-6579 3606 Maclay Blvd S #201 Tallahassee 32312 850-878-1971 fax 850-878-5845 Principals: Frank Mattmuller, PE,

James & Moore & Associates LLC

653 W 23 St #307 Panama City 32401 850-902-4701 fax 850-689-0082 Email: Number of Employees: 1 DBE/MBE Principals: Job Gammons, PE, Electrical Enginer

JBS Engineering Technical Services Inc.

15 Windsormere Way #200 Oviedo 32765 407-359-6437 fax 407-971-4998 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 21 DBE

Firm Specialties: JBS Engineering Technical Services, Inc. provides inspection services on bridge and roadway construction projects for the FDOT, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise and OOCEA. The firm provides those services in the field of CEI (Construction Engineering & Inspection) as a prime consultant or as a subconsultant. JBS is a certified DBE firm. Principals: Allan Stegkamper, PE, Vice President

JEA Construction Engineering Services Inc.

730 NE Waldo Rd Gainesville 32641 352-337-6617 fax 352-337-6618 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 23

Firm Specialties: Multidisciplinary civil engineering consulting firm specializing in transportation engineering and construction services. Complete bridge, roadway and vertical construction engineering, management and observation services. Lead abatement and specialty coatings expertise. Principals: Greg Graden, PE, President

Jehle-Halstead, Inc.

5414 Hwy 90 Milton 32571 850-994-9503 fax 850-994-9504 Email: pjehle@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 9

Firm Specialties: Civil engineering - planning and design for public and private clients in the transportation, environmental, land and site development and public infrastructure arenas. Also provides land surveying involving boundary and topographic surveys.

Principals: Glenn P. Halstead, PE, President D.Patrick Jehle, Jr, Vice President

Joe DeReuil Associates

301 W Cervantes St Pensacola 32501 850-429-1951 fax 850-429-0158 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 8

Firm Specialties: Structural engineering services.

Principals: Louis J. DeReuil, PE, LEED AP, Owner

Johnson - Adams & Associates LLC

PO Box 4752 Plant City 33566 813-704-6818 Email: bill.adams@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 13 DBE

Firm Specialties: Johnson-Adams & Associates provides CE&I services, constructability reviews, CPM scheduling and construction claims/litigation support for owners. Principals: William R. Adams, III, PE, Principal Catherine Adams, Principal

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Inc.

615 Crescent Executive Ct #106 Lake Mary 32746 407-833-9898 fax 407-833-9899 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 75

Firm Specialties: Founded in 1971, JMT is an employee-owned firm that provides a full range of multidisciplined engineering, architectural, and related services to public agencies and private clients throughout the United States. Ranked #75 in Engineering News-Recordís (ENR) list of Top 500 Design Firms and #51 among ENRís Top 100 ëPure Designersí, JMT has 35 offices locations covering Florida, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Ohio and the District of Columbia.

Principals: Fred Mirmiran, PE, Chairman of the Board Jon D. Miller, PE, Vice President/Branch Manager Branch Offices: 1000 Corporate Fr #150 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-492-9921 fax 954-492-9909

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: A. Lee Watts, III, PE, Vice President Karina Enrico-Jackson, PE, Vice President

1104 E Twiggs St #100 Tampa 33602 813-314-0314 fax 813-314-0345

Principals: Robert E. Dvorak, PE, Senior Vice President Darlene J. Shuman, PE, Senior Vice President Kimberlee B. DeBosier, PE, F.NSPE, F.ACEC, Vice President

Jones Edmunds & Associates Inc.

730 NE Waldo Rd Gainesville 32641 352-377-5821 fax 352-377-3166 Email: kvogel@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 132 GMEC

Firm Specialties: We dedicate ourselves to the people we serve by providing environmental and infrastructure solutions with integrity, knowledge, and service. Jones Edmunds service areas include water/waste water, utilities, water resources, solid waste, facilities design, environmental sciences, geospatial information systems, and construction administration. Principals: Robert C. Edmunds, PE, Board of Directors Richard H. Jones, PE, Board of Directors Stanley F. Ferreira, Jr., PE, CEO/President Kenneth S. Vogel, PE, Senior Vice President


Branch Offices: 1100 Cesery Blvd 2nd FL Jacksonville 32211 904-744-5401 fax 904-744-6267

5104 N Lockwood Ridge Rd #307 Sarasota 34234 941-358-1440 fax 941-358-1431 324 S Hyde Park Ave #250 Tampa 33606 813-258-0703

fax 813-254-6860 3910 S Washington Ave #210 Titusville 32780 321-269-2950 fax 321-269-2951 Principals: Richard N. Koller, PE, Senior Vice President Douglas M. Toth, PhD, PE, Senior Vice President 2240 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd #300 West Palm Beach 33409 561-249-6757 37 Third St SW #203 Winter Haven 33880 863-293-3332 fax 863-293-3339

Jordan & Associates Consulting Inc.

7575 Kingspointe Pkwy #7 Orlando 32819 407-226-8840 fax 407-248-8124 Email: danieljordan@ Number of Employees: 25 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Family owned and operated companies established in 2002 to an increasing demand tor honest, experienced and responsible consultants, construction managers and contractors in the central Florida area. The Jordan Companies 86

have performed construction management, construction engineering inspection and general contracting services for some of the area's signature real estate development and construction projects.

Principals: Daniel Jordan, PE, Senior Project Manager

Josephson Engineering Consultants, LLC

10006 Cross Creek Blvd #433 Tampa 33647-2595 (813) 909-3611 Email: larry.josephson@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Josephson Engineering Consultants, LLC is a certified small business civil engineering firm specializing in transportation design services. We provide innovative transportation solutions through context sensitive design for major highways, intersection improvements, streetscapes and multi-use trails. Principals: Lawrence I. Josephson, PE, Professional Engineer

JSK Consulting

5904 Hillside Heights Dr Lakeland 33812-4322 863-619-6131 fax 863-619-6103 Email: matthew@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 4

Firm Specialties: JSK Consulting is an association of professional consultants designed to provide a full spectrum of services in sup-

port of engineering, land planning, and construction observation services. Principals: Matthew Johnson, PE, Principal

June Engineering Consultants Inc

32 W Plant St Winter Garden 31787 407-905-8180 fax 407-905-6232 Email: Number of Employees:6

Firm Specialties: In-house civil engineering on our sites to resell to developers. Principals: Rohland A. June, II, PE, President

KCI Technologies Inc.

10401 Highland Manor Dr. #120 Tampa 33610 813-740-2300 fax 813-740-0158 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 83

Firm Specialties: The best thing we've engineered is our people. KCI's engineers, planners, scientists, and construction managers provide expertise in civil structural, transportation, environmental, communications, MEP/FP and geotechnical engineering; surveying, subsurface utility engineering, owner representation and inspection. KCI focuses on superior client service solutions through innovation, applied technology, and technical expertise.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: Bryan R. Lawson, CCM, LEED AP, Vice President

Keith and Associates Inc.

301 E Atlantic Blvd Pompano Beach 33060 954-788-3400 fax 954-788-3500 Email: mail@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 70 DBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: K&A provides civil engineering, construction management, comprehensive planning, surveying and mapping, construction engineering inspection (CEI), subsurface utility engineering (SUE), landscape architecture,feasibility studies, permitting, and GIS mapping services. Principals: James Thiele, PE, Director of Engineering Dodie Keith-Lazowick, President Branch Offices: 7145 SW 42 Terr Miami 33155 305-667-5474 fax 305-667-5475

Principals: Eliot Lazowick, Executive Vice President

Keith and Schnars PA

6500 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-776-1616 fax 954-771-3636 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 105

Firm Specialties: Since 1972, Keith and Schnars

has played a leading role in the development of Florida's growing residential, commercial, recreational and transportation infrastructure. The firm's offices throughout Florida provide a wide array of services across a number of related fields; civil engineering, construction engineering and inspection (CEI), environmental sciences and permitting, highway engineering and design, land development services, landscape architecture, project development and environmental services (PD&E), litigation support, public involvement, structural engineering, surveying and mapping, transportation planning, urban and regional planning, visual communications, water resources engineering and planning. Principals: Errol Kalayci, Esq., President/CEO Mark J. Moshier, PE, Secretary Tanzer H. Kalayci, PE, Senior Advisor Robert K. Krisak, Vice President Bruce K. Reed, Vice President James Anaston-Karas, Vice President

Branch Offices: 405 Douglas Ave #1605 Altamonte Springs 32714 321 508 0919

11043 Crystal Springs Rd #8 Jacksonville 32221 904-266-9336 fax 904-266-9337

5835 Blue Lagoon Dr #303 Miami 33126-2061 305-477-7667 fax 305-477-4474

Principals: Jose L. Gomez, PE, Vice President

Kelly, Collins & Gentry Inc.

1700 N Orange Ave #400 Orlando 32804 407-898-7858 fax 407-898-1488 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 24

Firm Specialties: Kelly, Collins & Gentry, Inc. is an Orlando-based engineering & planning consulting firm capable of providing a wide range of services for municipal and private clients throughout the State of Florida. As a multi-disciplined consulting firm, KCG's services include: land development, transportation, eminent domain and land planning.

Principals: Scott M Gentry, PE, President Harold H. Collins, Jr., PE, Vice President Steven Kreidt, PE, Vice President

Kennedy Engineering & Associates Group

1263 Jackson Ave Chipley 32428 850-499-7147 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 2 DBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: KEA Group, LLC is a womanowned and DBE certified full service transportation engineering firm licensed in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina. KEA Group, LLC offers services in sustainable planning, design, value engineering, environmental, cultural resourse management, public involvement, environmental site assessments,

constructability QA/QC and CEI. Principals: H. Edward Prescott, PE, Vice President

Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc.

1920 Wekiva Way #200 West Palm Beach 33411 561-845-0665 fax 561-863-8175 Email: jonathan.thigpen@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 478

Firm Specialties: Kimley-Horn is a nationwide consulting firm specializing in engineering, planning, and environmental services for both public and private clients. Our Florida offices have professionals in land development, municipal, transportation planning/traffic, parking, ITS, roadway, structures, aviation, environmental, bike/pedestrian planning, landscape architecture, agricultural, drainage, coastal engineering, ports/waterways, utilities, water resources, water/wastewater, stormwater management, forensics, hazardous waste, hydrology /hydraulics, GIS, wireless /telecommunications, and revitalization/redevelopment.

Principals: Bryan Rapp, CMA, Office Manager John C. Atz, PE, President Jason B. Matson, PE, Principal James M. Sumislaski, PE, Project Manager Paul Cherry, PE, Senior Vice President Kenneth W. Jackson, PE, Senior Vice President Kevin Schanen, PE, Vice President Angelina Gou Fairchild, PE,

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

LEED AP, Vice President

Branch Offices: 1615 Congress Ave #301 Delray Beach 33445-6326 561-330-2345 fax 561-863-8175 Principals: Michael F. Schwartz, PE, Senior Engineer Marwan Mufleh, PE, Senior Vice President Michael D. Spruce, PE, Vice President 1412 Jackson St #2 Fort Myers 33901 239-271-2641

Principals: Peter T. Van Buskirk, PE, Vice President 12740 Gran Bay Pkwy W #2350 Jacksonville 32258 904-828-3900 fax 561-863-8175

Principals: Earl Wills, PE, PM William J. Schilling, Jr., PE, VP 116 S Kentucky Ave Lakeland 33801-5002 863-701-8702 fax 561-863-8175

Principals: Mark Edward Wilson, PE, Senior Project Manager, Vice President 1221 Brickell Ave #400 Miami 33131 305-673-2025 fax 561-863-8175 Principals: Aaron E. Buchler, PE, Project Manager Burt Baldo, PE, Senior Vice President

1823 SE Fort King St #200 Ocala 34471-2571 352-438-3000


fax 561-863-8175

Principals: Richard V. Busche, PE, Vice President

3660 Maguire Blvd #200 Orlando 32803 407-898-1511 fax 561-863-8175

Principals: Clif Tate, PE, Jonathan Martin, PE, Jay R. Jackson, PE, Jonathan D. Thigpen, PE, Senior Vice President Frederick Burkett, PE, Vice President

600 N Pine Island Rd #450 Plantation 33324 954-535-5100 fax 561-863-8175

Principals: Kamlesh K. Saxena, CCP, Senior Vice President Russell Barnes, PE, SVP 10521 SW Village Ctr Dr #103 Port St. Lucie 34987-1909 772-345-3800 fax 561-863-8175 1777 Main St #200 Sarasota 34236-5836 941-379-7600 fax 561-863-8175

Principals: Gary Nadeau, PE, Senior Project Manager

2615 Centennial Blvd #102 Tallahassee 32308 850-553-3500 fax 561-863-8175

Principals: Richard Barr, AICP,

655 N Franklin St #150 Tampa 33602 813-620-1460 fax 561-863-8175 88

Principals: Nizarally K. Jetha, PE, RVP Christopher C Hatton, PE, Senior Vice President David Campbell, PE, SVP

445 24 St #200 Vero Beach 32960-5169 772-794-4100 fax 561-863-8175

Principals: Brian Good, PE, Michael E. Kiefer, Jr., Derrick Cave, PE, Brooks Peed, Executive Vice President

King Engineering Associates Inc.

4921 Memorial Hwy #300 Tampa 33634 813-880-8881 fax 813-880-8882 Email: Kappenzeller@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 101

Firm Specialties: King Engineering Associates is a full-service consulting firm providing civil, transportation, and environmental engineering; planning; surveying and mapping; ecology; and construction management services to public and private sector clients throughout Florida. Formed in 1977, King is an employee-owned firm serving Florida's public works and land development business sectors. Principals: John Seals, PE, Keith A. Appenzeller, PE, CEO & Chairman Tom O'Connor, PE, President Christopher F. Kuzler, PE, Sr. Vice President Branch Offices: 8600 NW 53 Ter #201

Miami 33166-4567 305-392-9979 fax 305-392-9912

2930 University Pkwy Sarasota 34243 941-358-6500 fax 941-358-6540 Principals: O. Denise Greer, PE, Vice President

Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp.

201 N Franklin St #400 Tampa 33602 813-871-5331 fax 813-871-5135 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 172 MBE

Firm Specialties: Major highway, roadway and interstate design; new bridge and bridge rehabilitation design; construction engineering inspection; bridge safety inspection; asset management; drainage design, project development and environmental studies; transportation; recreation planning; piers and docks; culverts; bridge load rating; scour evaluation; marine structures; water control structures; emergency response; service life evaluation; environmental; permitting; stormwater management; materials sampling and testing; and wetlands identification and mitigation. Principals: Ronald Gott, CFO Michael Campo, PE, Chairman Stephen H. McGucken, PE, Chief Executive Officer Paul G. Foley, PE, President Edward Burkett, CBI, Senior Vice President

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Branch Offices: 100600 Amberwood Rd #7 Fort Myers 33913 239-278-5999 fax 239-278-1776 6629 Hamilton Crews Rd Glen St. Mary 32040 904-509-4948 fax 813-871-5135

135 W Central Blvd #300 Orlando 32801 407-426-7307 fax 407-426-7390

9270 Bay Plaza Blvd #605 Tampa 33619 813-554-1919 fax 813-621-8582 Principals: Ken Reinhold, Vice President - BMI

Kittelson & Associates Inc.

225 E Robinson St #450 Orlando 32801 407-540-0555 fax 407-540-0550 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 19

Firm Specialties: Transportation planning; traffic operations; functional design; traffic operations design; research; and training. Principals: Wayne Kittelson, PE, Founding Principal Mark Vandehey, PE, President Gary Katsion, PE, Principal John D. Zegeer, PE, PTOE, Senior Principal Marc Butorac, PTOE, PE, Vice President Karl Passetti, PE, Vice President

Lakdas/Yohalem Engineering Inc.

2211 NE 54 St Fort Lauderdale 33308-4288 954-771-0630 fax 954-771-0519 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 8 MBE Firm Specialties: Consulting in structural and civil engineering, design, investigations, and reports. Structural engineering includes buildings, bridges, marine structures, parking garages, educational facilities, specialty structures, water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as water control structures. Civil engineering includes stormwater retention and drainage structures, sanitary sewage systems and water storage structures. Certified as Special Threshold, UBCI, and Structural Masonry Inspector. Principals: Lakdas Nanayakkara, PE, President

Landmark Engineering & Surveying Corp

8515 Palm River Rd Tampa 33619 813-621-7841 fax 813-621-6761 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 50

Firm Specialties: The firm provides civil engineering and land surveying services for commercial and residential development. Feasibility studies and rezoning support. Construction management services for residential developments. Surveying services for home builders, as

well as boundary, topographic, tree and wetland surveys.

Principals: E. Everett Morrow, PE, President David W Bell, PE, Vice President Scott Fowler, PLS, Vice President Todd C. Amaden, PE, Vice President

Landmark Engineering Inc.

1300 Riverplace Blvd #210 Jacksonville 32207 904-396-3556 Email: nsickler@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 13 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Landmark Engineering, Inc. provides transportation engineering, highway design, bridge design, drainage design, bridge inspection and load rating services. Principals: Nina C. Sickler, PE, President

Lea & Elliott Inc.

5200 Blue Lagoon Dr #250 Miami 33126 305-500-9390 fax 305-500-9391 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 23

Firm Specialties: Lea & Elliott is a transportation consulting firm offering a broad range of engineering and planning services for clients worldwide. Our principal activities include transportation system planning, analysis and design, as well as

system procurement. We are experienced in all modes of transit, including automated people movers, rapid rail, light rail, buses, monorail, cable propelled, and maglev systems. Our projects primarily involve airports, urban communities, commercial centers, regional transit and commuter lines. Principals: Dan McFadden, PE, Associate Principal Sanjeev Shah, PE, Principal

H.W. Lochner Inc.

4350 W Cypress St #800 Tampa 33607 813-357-3750 fax 813-304-2207 Email: rrehfield Web Site: Number of Employees: 70

Firm Specialties: Transportation planning and engineering firm specializing in planning studies, traffic analysis, environmental assessments, project feasibility studies, highway and bridge design, construction inspection, and bridge maintenance inspection and rating. Principals: Donald J. Skelton, PE, Central Florida Manager Steven Blount, PE, Director of Construction Services David A. Twiddy, Jr., PE, Regional Manager

Branch Offices: 10151 Deerwood Park Blvd Building 200, #250 Jacksonville 32256 904-371-3044 8750 NW 36 St #360 Miami 33178 305-503-9873 fax 305-503-9882

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: Edwin F. Mojena, PE, South Florida Manager

4767 New Broad St #322 Orlando 32814 407-514-2600 900 Capital Cir SE #6 Tallahassee 32301 850-656-9027 fax 850-656-9028

Principals: David A. Freni, PE, North Florida Manager

Lochrane Engineering Inc.

201 S Bumby Ave Orlando 32803-6293 407-896-3317 fax 407-896-9167 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 47

Firm Specialties: Lochrane offers civil/transportation engineering and surveying services to both private and public clients (including FDOT and municipalities). Areas of expertise include civil engineering/land development on commercial and residential projects, roadway design, utility coordination and complete surveying and mapping services, including ground penetrating radar (GPR) and subsurface utility exploration (SUE). As a Veteran Owned Small Business, we pursue work with Federal Agencies in our areas of expertise: Civil, Roadway, Survey and SUE. Principals: Robert J. Lochrane, PE, Executive Vice President Thomas G. Lochrane, PE, President, CEO Michael J. Cavalere, PSM, PLS,


Principal-Survey Services-VP Frank E. Caruso, PE, PrincipalTransportation Vice President Branch Offices: 2815 NW 13 St #101 Gainesville 32609 352-338-1846 fax 352-371-2425

Principals: William Dees, PLS, Surveyor & Mapper

Lombardo, Foley & Kolarik Inc.

PO Box 188 Palmetto 34220 941-722-4561 fax 941-729-6248 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 12 Firm Specialties: Development of regional impact studies; highways; streets; drainage; planning; recreational facilities; sewage; stormwater and water systems; zoning; land surveying. Principals: John R. Foley, PE, President Kenneth C. Kolarik, PLM, PLS, Vice President, Surveying

Long & Associates Architects/ Engineers Inc.

4525 S Manhattan Ave Tampa 33611 813-839-0506 fax 813-839-4616 Email: harry@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 28

Firm Specialties: Long & Associates was established in 1974 in Tampa. Today 90

we provide professional services in architecture and planning; structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering; and structural steel detailing in Hillsborough, Manatee, Alachua, Citrus, Pinellas, and Lee counties for private and governmental agencies. Construction management services are also provided.

Principals: Harry M. Long, Jr., PE, President Paul E. Wieczorek, PE, Secretary Alexander M. Long, AIA, Vice President

J. Lucas & Associates Inc.

1305 Cedar St Jacksonville 32207 904-396-3060 fax 904-396-3456 Email: Number of Employees: 3

Firm Specialties: Civil and sanitary engineering, specializing in civil, land development, municipalities, utilities, design, and analysis. Principals: James M. Lucas, PE, President

Ludovici & Orange Consulting Engineers

329 Palermo Ave Coral Gables 33134-6637 305-448-1600 fax 305-446-3876 Email: JRHall@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 20

Firm Specialties: General civil engineering include studies; reports; planning; design; regulatory

processing and construction administration for water and sewer facilities; stormwater management; paving, grading and drainage services. Surveying services include subdivision platting, boundary and construction surveying.

Principals: Arturo Sosa, PLS, Executive Vice President John R. Hall, PE, F.NSPE, President

Lyle Engineering Group 8308 Saulray St Tampa 33604 813-935-5009 fax 813-935-1021 Email: slyle@ Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Firm provides professional engineering services for design of electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection services. Designs are provided for new construction and renovation of commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. Electrical designs include state-of-theart lighting, power, fire alarm, voice/data, security and audio systems. Mechanical designs include cost effective, energy efficient HVAC systems, IAQ assessment, life cycle analysis and DDC controls.

Principals: Scott L. Lyle, PE, Owner

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. 2030 State Rd 60 E Bartow 33830-4268 863-533-9007 fax 863-533-8997 Email: contact@ Web Site:

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide Number of Employees: 35 DBE/MBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: Madrid Engineering Group Inc. offers innovation and extensive expertise in the areas of geotechnical engineering, geological sciences and construction engineering inspection. These services encompass forensic engineering; natural disaster emergency response; sinkhole investigations; construction management; structural engineering; soils and materials testing; soft soils stabilization; infrastructure improvements; and water quality enhancement. Principals: Larry D. Madrid, PE, D.GE, F.ASCE, President

Branch Offices: 901 N East Ave, Unit B-3 Panama City 32401 850-215-3102 fax 863-533-8997

Mainstream Engineering Corporation 200 Yellow Pl Rockledge 32955 321-631-3550 fax 321-6313552 Email: rps@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 90

Firm Specialties: Mainstream Engineering Corporation is a solutions-oriented research, development and manufacturing organization founded in 1986. Our mission is to develop and implement emerging technologies into military and private sector products that provide a

technical advantage. Areas of expertise include thermal control, energy conservation, turbo machinary, chemical technology and material science.

tels; housing; office buildings; plumbing; prison and correctional facilities; RR rapid transit; sewage collection and systems; stormwater systems; water systems.

Principals: Robert P. Scaringe, PE, President

Principals: Richard A. Martin, PE, President

Martinez Engineering Group, Inc.

Master Consulting Engineers, Inc.

2655 S LeJeune Rd #700-G Coral Gables 33134 305-629-8318 fax 305-444-5575 Email: Number of Employees: 1 MBE/WBE Firm Specialties: Firm provides structural engineering services for private and public institutions. Services also include structural inspections and 'threshold' type inspections. Principals: Josefina P. Martinez, PE, President

Martin-Vilato Associates, Inc.

2730 SW 3 Ave #402 Miami 33129-2323 305-858-1351 fax 305-854-2591 Email: ramartin@ Number of Employees: 1 MBE

Firm Specialties: Airports; auditoriums; barracks; churches; cold storage; commercial buildings; computer facilities; cost estimating; restaurants; educational facilities; elevators; energy conservation; fire protection; garages; heating and air conditioning; high-rise buildings; medical facilities; hotels; mo-

5523 W Cypress St #200 Tampa 33607 813-287-3600 fax 813-287-3622 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 16 DBE/MBE/WBE Firm Specialties: Master Consulting Engineers provides structural engineering services for commercial, institutional, residential and educational buildings.

Principals: Armando A. Castellon, PE, President Robert L. Bell, II, PE, Sr Associate James R. Mehltretter, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 191 NE Third Ave Fort Lauderdale 33301

5950 Lakehurst Dr #183 Orlando 32819

5523 W Cypress St #200 Tampa 33607 813-287-3600 fax 813-287-3622

MBV Engineering Inc.

1835 20 St Vero Beach 32960 772-569-0035

fax 772-778-3617 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 22

Firm Specialties: MBV is a full-service firm specializing in civil, structural and environmental engineering. The firm also provides surveying and environmental consulting. MBV has been a proven industry leader for over 30 years, serving the state of Florida and can handle all facets of the projects.

Principals: Rodolfo Villamizar, PE, SI, M.ScEng, Vice President Aaron James Bowles, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 806 Delaware Ave Fort Pierce 34950 772-266-9795

1250 W Eau Gallie Blvd Unit L Melbourne 32935 321-253-1510 fax 321-253-0911 Principals: Bruce Moia, PE, President

759 S Federal Highway #200B Stuart 34994 772-569-0035 fax 772-778-3617

MC Squared Inc.

PO Box 16742 Tampa 33687-6742 813-623-3399 fax 813-623-6636 Email: distefano@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 9 DBE/WBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: MC Squared Inc. provides geotechnical, geo-environmental

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

and construction materials testing and inspection services including drilling, field & laboratory testing and inspection services to a variety of clients including state and local governments, consultants, and private entities including developers and owners. Principals: Joseph H. DiStefano, PE, Vice President

Kevin McAdams, PE 7963 N Leewynn Dr Sarasota 34240 941-928-4085

Email: Number of Employees: 1 Firm Specialties: Consulting civil engineer in land development and marine-related facilities. Principals: Kevin McAdams, PE,

McElhanney Consulting Services Inc.

2203 N Lois Ave #750 Tampa 33607 813-877-6608 Email: Number of Employees: 4

Firm Specialties: McElhanney Consulting Services Inc. provides bridge design and construction engineering services. Principals: David Jeakle, PE, Principal

McKim & Creed Inc. 1365 Hamlet Ave Clearwater 33756-3331 727-442-7196 fax 727-461-3827


Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 96

Firm Specialties: Complete professional engineering and planning services for municipal government, private and industrial clients with specialization in water, wastewater, solid waste, land planning, feasibility, financial studies and reports; designs; services during construction; wastewater and water treatment plant operations; operation and maintenance manual preparation; land survey and full grant services. Principals: Street Lee, PE, Senior Vice President

Branch Offices: 139 Executive Cir Daytona Beach 32114-7102 904-274-2828 fax 904-274-1393 505 E New York Ave #3 DeLand 32724 386-873-4517 5701 Division Dr #A Fort Myers 33905 239-275-8875

160 Cypress Point Pkwy #C214 Palm Coast 32164 386-246-6300 fax 386-246-6323

378 Interstate Ct Sarasota 34240 941-379-3404

3903 Northdale Blvd Tampa 33624 813 549-3740

McMahon Associates, Inc.

2090 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd #400 West Palm Beach 33409-6507 92

561-840-8650 fax 561-840-8590 Email: tebersole@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 12

Firm Specialties: McMahon Associates has expertise in traffic impact and operations studies, transportation planning and modeling, traffic signal design, including closed-loop signal systems, highway/roadway and intersection design, and access management. McMahon provides these services to FDOT, county, municipal, and private sector clients.

Principals: R. Trent Ebersole, PE, General Manager & Vice President John DePalma, Vice President

Branch Offices: 9160 Forum Corporate Pkwy #350 Fort Myers 33905 239-337-7335 fax 239-337-7331

McVeigh & Mangum Engineering, Inc.

9133 RG Skinner Pkwy Jacksonville 32256 904-483-5200 fax 904-636-6770 Email: kmoore@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 27

Firm Specialties: McVeigh & Mangum Engineering, Inc. is a full-service design firm providing structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, LEED and commissioning services.

Principals: H. Carrington McVeigh, PE, CEO/CFO Wayne D. Mangum, PE, President/COO Thomas C. Nielsen, PE, Senior Vice President - Electrical Engineering

Mechling Engineering & Consulting, Inc. 1714 Belmonte Ave Jacksonville 32207 904-346-5468 fax 800-705-1968 Email: mmechling@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 2

Firm Specialties: Mechling Engineering & Consulting focuses on four major practice areas: Assessment and cleanup of properties impacted by petroleum products and solid and industrial wastes; Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments); Sustainable development design and LEED consulting; and Environmental Compliance (air, water, and waste compliance and permitting). Mechling Engineering professionals have practiced in Florida since 1980 and have served an impressive list of clients including engineers, developers, attorneys, contractors, and city and state government. Principals: Mark Mechling, PE, LEED AP, President

Mehta and Associates, Inc.

One Purlieu Pl #100 Winter Park 32792-4405 407-657-6662 fax 407-657-9579 Email:

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Web Site: Number of Employees: 45 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: Mehta and Associates, inc. is a 37 year established engineering and construction management firm with offices throughout the state of Florida, serving all FDOT districts, the OOCEA, MDX and various cities and local municipalities. MEHTA specializes in civil engineering and CEI for roadways, highways, toll systems, and rail systems by providing expertise in roadway and bridge inspection, ITS inspection, mechanical and electrical inspection, and surveying services including right-of-way napping, design and construction surveying. MEHTA is a certified DBE, MBE and SBE firm. Principals: Hansa V. Mehta, Corporate Secretary Vipin C. Mehta, PE, President Ravindra V. Mehta, MSCE, PE, Principal Radha V. Mehta, Senior Vice President

McGill Engineering Inc. 5305 S MacDill Ave Tampa 33611 813-839-7463 fax 813-835-5135 Email: bmcgill@ Number of Employees: 22

Firm Specialties: MEI provides design services to the construction and steel fabrication industry. We specialize in the design, analysis and development of structural steel connections. Principals: Bruce McGill, PE, President

David H. Melvin Inc.

PO Box 840 Marianna 32447-0840 850-482-3045 fax 850-482-3957 Email: davidmelvin@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 27

Firm Specialties: Civil, environmental and structural engineering firm. Professional engineering services include highway/roadway planning and design, traffic analysis, signalization and (CEI) inspection; structural design and inspection, threshold inspection, land planning and landscape architecture. Design of water and wastewater treatment facilities, water and sewer systems, environmental impact studies, permitting, and grant administration. Also planning services. Principals: David H. Melvin, PE, Principal Branch Offices: 2541 Barrington Cir #101 Tallahassee 32308-3890 850-671-7221 fax 850-671-7223

Meskel & Associates Engineering PLLC

8936 Western Way #12 Jacksonville 32256 904-519-6990 fax 904-519-6992 Email: tina@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 14 DBE/MBE/WBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: Meskel & Associates Engineering, PLLC provides geotechnical engineering and consulting services, environmental serv-

ices, subsurface investigations, geotechnical laboratory services, and construction materials testing and inspection services.

Principals: Antoinette D. Meskel, PE, President / Principal Engineer P. Rodney Mank, PE, Vice President/Principal Engineer

Messler & Associates

5746 Via Rio Jupiter 33458-3927 561-748-6015 fax 561-748-6889 Email: tim@ Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Messler & Associates is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm providing planning, design, permitting and construction phase services to state & local governments and private developers. The firm specializes in land development, design and consulting, structural design of heavy structures, bridges and highways. Principals: Timothy J. Messler, PE, President

Metco Services Southeast LLC

800 W Cypress Creek Rd #501 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-523-1010 fax 954-523-1020 Email: lthallapally@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 3 MBE Firm Specialties: Metco Southeast, LLC was es-

tablished in 2008 to provide Consulting Engineering Services to meet the needs of the communities located in the State of Florida in the areas of Water and Wastewater Systems. Metco Southeast is a dynamic organization, evolving constantly to keep abreast with the emerging technology to develop unique and cost-efficient solutions to serve the demands of the Clients.Our services cover all aspects of the consulting engineering field from "Concept through the Completion" phases.

Principals: Lakshman Thallapally, PE, General Manager Branch Offices: 3785 NW 82 Ave #314 Doral 33166 305-599-8404 fax 305-599-8401

100 S Dixie Hwy #305 West Palm Beach 33401 561-653-8223 fax 561-653-8224

Metric Engineering Inc. 13940 SW 136 St #200 Miami 33186-5541 305-235-5098 fax 305-251-5894 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 234

Firm Specialties: Metric Engineering, Inc. provides a full range of civil engineering services from project planning through design and construction engineering and inspection. Our core services include emergency management, construction engineering and inspection, transportation planning and design engineering, program

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

management, network and systems integration, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and Geographic Information Systems. (GIS).

Principals: Victor Benitez, PE, Director, CEO Manuel Benitez, PE, President Roberto Linares, PE, Sr. Vice President/Office Manager Carlos Rodriguez, PE, Vice President Felix Rodriguez, Vice President and CEI Area Manager Branch Offices: PO Box 1008 Chipley 32428 850-638-2393 fax 850-638-2397

Principals: Doug Cauley, PE, Executive Vice President/ Office Manager Amy Y Wiwi, Vice President 615 Crescent Executive Ct #524 Lake Mary 32746-2120 407-644-1898 fax 407-644-1921

Principals: William R. Wages, PE, Senior Vice President/Office Manager CEI Dale W. Cody, PE, Sr. Vice President/Office Manager Design Charles Stratton, Vice President Charles Brian Fuller, PE, Vice President William F. Sloup, PE, Vice President Edward DeCresise, Vice President and CEI Area Manager 2616 Jenks Ave Panama City 32405 850-872-8044 fax 850-872-8704


Principals: W. Darrel Burnett, PE, Vice President/ CEI Area Manager

Michael Baker International Inc.

2316 Killearn Center Blvd #201-A Tallahassee 32309-3524 850-205-0460 fax 850-205-0461 Email: drew.roark@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 59

Firm Specialties: Michael Baker Jr., Inc. is a multidisciplinary engineering/architectural firm providing professional consulting services in railway planning design and construction inspection; emergency management and disaster support services; bridge planning and design; airport planning, design and construction; environmental planning and design; drainage design; and industrial site planning and layout. Planning, design and construction management projects have been successfully completed throughout the United States. Specialized professional services have been provided for federal, state and local governments; public authorities and commissions; and the private sector. The firm has extensive experience in comprehensive urban, rural and regional development and master plan studies. Principals: Irvin B. Lee, PE, Michael Schwier, PE, Assistant Vice President Charles Roark, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 94

12740 Gran Bay Pkwy W #2110 Jacksonville 32256 904-380-2500 fax 904-380-2501

Principals: Brian C. Russell, PE, Vice President Office Executive

615 Crescent Executive Ct #200 Lake Mary 32746-2146 407-562-4200 fax 407-562-4201

Michael W. Springstead Engineering, LLC

12115 SE Sunset Harbor Rd Weirsdale 32195 352-409-2046 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Michael W. Springstead Engineering provides structural, civil engineering, and threshold inspection services.

Principals: Michael W. Springstead, PE, PSM, President

Mock, Roos & Associates Inc.

5720 Corporate Way West Palm Beach 33407-2004 561-683-3113 fax 561-478-7248 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 22 Firm Specialties: Engineering, surveying, planning, including reports, permitting, design, construction phase, CADD, GIS and GPS services for municipalities; land development; highways; streets; bridges; airports; water control districts;

stormwater management; irrigation; pump stations; potable water systems; wastewater systems and treatment; water wells; right-of-way maps; agriculture; parks; solid waste; mapping. Principals: Dale Wm Zimmerman, PE, President/Chairman

Moffatt & Nichol

1509 W Swann Ave #225 Tampa 33606-2557 813-258-8818 fax 813-258-8525 Email: jmalyszek@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 49

Firm Specialties: Moffatt & Nichol is a full service engineering firm with over 500 employees providing services from master planning to design through construction support for a wide array of infrastructure facilities completed typically for a diverse group of clients such as federal, state, and local government agencies, corporations, and a host of other public and private clients. Since its founding in 1945, Moffatt & Nichol has grown from an initial waterfront specialization to a multidisciplinary engineering and planning firm that provides services in a range of practices and expertise including ports and harbors, marinas and small craft harbors, coastal and shore protection, urban waterfronts, dredging, highways, bridges and grade separations, rail and transit, public works, water resources, environmental and hydraulic studies, wetland restoration, and military and industrial facilities. Internationally, Moffatt &

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Nichol has worked in over 60 countries on six continents. The firm is able to provide integrated services for any project from conception through planning and design to construction support services. Principals: Robert A. Nathan, PE, Senior Vice President Jeffrey D. Malyszek, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 2937 SW 27th Avenue, # 101 Coconut Grove 33133 305-230-1924 1025 Greenwood Blvd #371 Lake Mary 32746 407-562-2030 fax 407-562-2031

Monta Consulting & Design of WMR & Associates, Inc.

222 S Westmonte Dr #100 Altamonte Springs 32714 407-681-1917 fax 407-681-1920 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 15

Firm Specialties: Civil and site engineering. Structural engineering for small to medium commercial and industrial projects. Structural engineering and design for residential design projects. Investigation and assessment of insurance losses. Principals: William M. Ranieri, PE, President/Owner

Montgomery Consulting Group Inc. 501 S New York Ave #210 Winter Park 32789

407-539-7030 fax 407-539-7035 Email: monty.gettys@ Number of Employees: 18 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: MCG is a Florida-based planning, environmental and engineering consulting firm focused on transportation, aviation and infrastructure development. Founded in 1995, MCG currently employs transportation planners, data collectors, civil engineers, software developers, GIS analyst, CAD technicians, noise analysts, land use analysts, cost estimators, construction inspectors and technical administrators. MCG is certified as a WBE/DBE/LDB; home offices are located in Winter Park and Fort Lauderdale. Principals: Rebecca K. Bolan, PE, VP, Senior Project Manager Branch Offices: 3900 W Commercial Blvd #227 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-735-7677 fax 954-735-7680

Walter P Moore

201 E Kennedy Blvd #300 Tampa 33602-5823 813-221-2424 fax 813-221-2289 Email: RTemple@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 48

Firm Specialties: Structural engineering design services for airports, office buildings, convention centers, stadiums, arenas, bridges, garages, healthcare and educational facilities and other special structures.

Principals: Cory A. Dayton, PE, Principal Robert Mohrland, PE, Principal Dylan Richard, PE, Principal Aaron White, PE, Principal Jennifer A. Salgado, PE, Principal Scott D. Martin, PE, LEED AP, BD+C, Principal Richard J.A. Temple, PE, Senior Principal

Branch Offices: 300 S Orange Ave #1150 Orlando 32801 407-418-2218 fax 407-418-2257

Principals: Jaime E. Vasquez, PE, Principal Joseph M. Ales, Jr., PE, Principal

Mortensen Engineering Inc.

6408 W Linebaugh Ave #111 Tampa 33625 813-908-5555 fax 813-908-3588 Email: rmortensen@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 30 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Mortensen Engineering, Inc. is a full-service consulting geotechnical engineering and geology firm specializing in geotechnical engineering services, construction materials testing, hydrogeological studies, sinkhole investigation, and groundwater evaluation. Principals: Richard A. Mortensen, PE, President

MWH Americas Inc.

777 S Harbor Island Blvd #600 Tampa 33602 813-221-1981

fax 813-226-2406 Email: carlos.mallol@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 53

Firm Specialties: MWH's Florida operation is a full-service environmental, technology, and construction firm with over 40 years of local experience. Wastewater expertise includes collection, treatment, disposal/reuse, odor control, and sludge management. Water expertise includes pilot studies, treatment, supply, storage, transmission, and distribution. Other expertise includes program management, water resources, solid waste, drainage and stormwater, industrial and hazardous waste, designbuild, and hydrogeologic services. Principals: Gary M. Wantland, PE, Principal Engineer / Vice President William J. Weber, Jr., PE, Supervising Engineer Harold E. Schmidt, Jr., PE, BCEE, Vice President Bruce Petrik, Vice President Philip Waller, PE, Vice President & Regional Manager Branch Offices: 2600 S Douglas Rd #600 Coral Gables 33134 305-779-4948 fax 305-728-3104

Principals: Luis Casado, PE, Client Service Manager Lynette Capdoch, PhD, Environmental Carlos M. Mallol, PE, Senior Vice President

110 E Broward Blvd #1700 Fort Lauderdale 33301-3500

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

954-828-1730 Principals: Glenn R. Humphrey, PE, Vice President Harold V. Aiken, PE, Vice President

5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd Fort Myers 33907 239-275-2228 fax 239-236-1397 301 N Cattlemen Rd #100 Sarasota 34232 941-342-1306 fax 941-342-1706 Principals: Matthew Gribbins, PE, Principal

100 S Dixie Hwy #300 West Palm Beach 33401 561-650-0070 fax 561-650-0074

Principals: Neil Johnson, PG, Principal Hydrogeologist Gerardus Schers, Vice President Becky J. Hachenburg, PE, Vice President

Neel-Schaffer Inc.

2301 Lucien Way #300 Maitland 32751-7025 407-647-6623 fax 407-539-0575 Email: rosemary.aldridge@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 18

Firm Specialties: Neel-Schaffer, Inc. is a full-service civil, structural, transportation, survey and environmental engineering firm with an office in Maitland, Florida. Neel-Schaffer provides planning, design, and construction services to numerous federal, state (including FDOT), county, and city 95

agencies, and the private sector. Neel-Schaffer specializes in civil site design; water, wastewater, and reclaimed water systems; drainage and stormwater management; highways and bridges; solid waste management; utility acquisition; aviation; telecommunications; traffic; railroads; landscape architecture; debris management; and expert witness services. Principals: Rosemary Aldridge, PE, CHMM, SVP, CHMM, SVP, Telecommunications/ Environmental Craig Hanchey, PE, SVP, Transportation David L. Wright, PE, F.ACEC, SVP, Transportation Mehran S. Beladi, PE, VP, Solid Waste Services Director

Nelson Engineering Co. 5335 N Courtenay Pkwy Merritt Island 32953 321-449-1128 fax 321-449-1195 Email: a.nelson@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 74

Firm Specialties: Nelson Engineering Co. was founded in the early 90s and has grown steadily over the past 20 years in both multidisciplinary task performance and staff size. Today, we are an engineering firm that serves a variety of markets and employs engineers in the civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical, aerospace, industrial, environmental, and fire protection disciplines. We have cost effectively performed work in 40 of the 50 states and in international locations such as The Bahamas, Turkmenistan, Ethiopia, 96

United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and India. Principals: Blain Nelson, PE, President Carolyn S. Seringer, PE, Vice President

New Millennium Engineering

4868 SW 72 Ave Miami 33155 305-667-4772 fax 305-667-1790 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 70

Firm Specialties: New Millennium Engineering Inc. has established a wellearned reputation as one of the industry's premier construction engineering and inspection consulting firms. Precision in construction administration, engineering, materials testing, and inspection of large and small scale public infrastructure projects is our forte.

Branch Offices: 6100 Orange Dr Davie 33314 954-321-8367 fax 954-321-8387

3900 NW 79 Ave #520 Doral 33166 305-592-6001 fax 305-592-6027

Principals: Steven D. McCue, PE, Vice President

1551 Sandspour Rd #120 Maitland 32751

700 Olive Ave #200 West Palm Beach 33411 561-655-0655 fax 561-655-0656

NGV, Inc.

7250 SW 126 Ct Miami 33183 305-274-9995 fax 305-274-9995 Email: Number of Employees: 2 MBE

Firm Specialties: NGV, Inc. provides electrical and mechanical engineering services to the construction industry including commercial, industrial, educational, institutional, residential, military, and governmental projects. Services include construction observation, feasibility studies, energy conservation, and reports. Principals: Nelson Vital, PE, President

Nova Consulting Inc.

10486 NW 31 Terr Miami 33172 305-436-9200 fax 305-436-9265 Email: mmolina@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 19 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: General civil and environmental services and construction management.

Principals: Maria J. Molina, PE, President Branch Offices: 3323 W Commercial Blvd #250 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-731-8140 fax 954-731-3557 500 Australian Ave #600 West Palm Beach 33401 561-659-8784 fax 561-659-7629

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Nutting Engineers of Florida Inc.

1310 Neptune Dr Boynton Beach 33426 561-736-4900 fax 561-737-9975 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 40 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Nutting offers a comprehensive range of services including geotechnical, environmental and construction materials engineering, geotechnical field exploration, monitoring well installation, geotechnical and materials testing/inspection and special/threshold inspection. Nutting has provided professional services to the Florida community since 1967 and has built a solid reputation as one of Florida's oldest and finest geotechnical and materials engineering and testing firms. We are CMEC and AASHTO certified and approved by FDOT for geotechnical and materials engineering and testing. Principals: Richard G. Iossi, PE, President James J. Flaig, PE, Principal/Chief Engineer Branch Offices: 2051 NW 112 Ave #126 Miami 33172 305-557-3083 fax 305-824-8827 615 SW Biltmore St Port St. Lucie 34983 772-408-1050 fax 772-408-1049

Principals: Richard Chase Wohlfarth, PE, Director of Engineering


200 S Park Rd #350 Hollywood 33021 954-495-2112 fax 954-495-2101 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 30 GMEC

Firm Specialties: NV5 offers engineering and consulting services from five vertically integrated organizations: construction quality assurance; infrastructure engineering and support services; municipal consulting and outsourcing; asset management consulting and environmental health and safety consulting. Principals: Dickerson Wright, Director Alexander A. Hockman, PE, President Steven E. Black, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 14486 Commerce Way Miami Lakes 33016-1508 786-248-3180 fax 786-248-2190 6989 E Fowler Ave Tampa 33617 813-988-1882

Omni Communications, LLC

8509 Benjamin Rd #E Tampa 33634 813-852-1888 fax 866-485-3356 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 31 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Omni Communications is a civil engineering firm providing services specifically de-

signed to meet the needs of the transportation sector during all phases of project development and delivery. Founded in 2002, Omni has established itself in Florida's Tampa Bay area, specializing in subsurface engineering, utility coordination, survey,

Principals: F. Fred Dargahi, PE,

Palmer Engineering Company

976 Lake Baldwin Ln #203 Orlando 32814-6687 407- 730-6984 fax 859-744-1266 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Consulting engineers for civil, sanitary, and structural engineering to commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and privatesector clients. Projects include transportation design, traffic studies, structural design, project planning, environmental assessments, site development, water and wastewater systems, reclamation, construction inspection, stucture evaluations, land surveying, GIS, GPS, mapping, and CADD services. Principals: James G. Gallt, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 1350 Market Street # 205 Tallahassee 32312 850-391-9885 Principals: Randall Palmer, PE, Vice President


201 E Pine St #900 Orlando 32801 407-702-6800 fax 407-702-6950 Email: kevin.thibault@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 255

Firm Specialties: Celebrating 70 years of growth in the transportation engineering and construction industry, Parsons provides safe, competitive transportation services on projects of all sizes and complexities. From the world's largest airports to the most demanding bridges, critical highways, efficient rail links, and advanced transit systems, Parsons, with more than 15,000 employees worldwide, has the scope, resources, people, and experience to deliver best-inclass performance. Principals: Kevin J. Thibault, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 1300 Riverplace Dr #200 Jacksonville 32207 904-596-1400 fax 904-398-1338

7600 Corporate Center Dr Miami 33126-1219 305-507-5577 fax 305-507-5596 113 S Monroe St Tallahassee 32301 850-201-7300 fax 850-201-7101

4925 Independence Pkwy #120 Tampa 33634 813-933-4650 fax 813-930-7332 1555 Palm Bch Lakes Blvd

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#1105 West Palm Beach 32814-6950 561-656-6370 fax 561-688-8915

Patel, Greene & Associates PLLC

555 W Main St Bartow 33830 863-640-3207 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 6 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: Patel, Greene, & Associates, PLLC (PGA), a certified MBE/DBE, specializes in drainage design services, roadway design support, traffic control design, and highway structural design (bridges and walls, etc). We have a diverse technical background, from minor projects to large multi-level interchanges. Principals: Hiren Patel, PE, President, Senior Engineer Gordon Greene, PE, Vice President, Senior Engineer

Popli Design Group

23540 Via Veneto Blvd #1905 Bonita Springs 34134 813-480-3366 fax 585-388-2070 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 2 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: A diversified engineering, architectural and surveying firm providing services in: construction engineering inspection, bridge inspection, bridge design, load rating, electrical and mechanical HVAC and lidar scanning. In Florida, serv97

ices are limited to construction engineering inspection services.

Principals: Om P. Popli, PE, President & CEO Richard G. Glass, Vice President/CEI manager

PE Consulting Engineering

2315 NW 107 Ave #MA28 Mailbox 48 Miami 33172 305-450-2693 Email: Number of Employees: 4 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: PE Consulting is a civil engineering firm with a focus on doing transportation design work and water resources.

Principals: Jorge Maspons, PE, President

Peninsula Engineering Inc.

2016 Alden Rd Orlando 32803 407-246-1688 fax 407-246-1664 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 30

Firm Specialties: Peninsula Engineering, Inc. is a mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection consulting engineering design firm. Principals: Richard King, PE, Principal Alberto Marques, PE, Principal


Performance Engineering Group, Inc.

9050 Cypress Green Dr Jacksonville 32256 904-737-8088 fax 904-737-0558 Email: dgventers@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 10

Firm Specialties: Performance Engineering Group specializes in total building commissioning and retro-commissioning in support of LEED and facility energy conservation. The firm's graduate and professional engineers provide mechanical engineering services for industrial and commercial HVAC and plumbing projects.

Principals: Chris O'Steen, Principal Mark A. Messer, PE, Principal David G. Venters, PE, LEED AP, Principal

H. William Persons, PE

175 Ridge Rd Jupiter 33477 561-745-1884 fax 561-745-1884 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Principals: H. William Persons, PE,

Peters and Yaffee, Inc.

9822 Tapestry Park Cir #205 Jacksonville 32246-9260 904-265-0751 fax 904-265-4740 Email: dpeters@ Web Site: www. Number of Employees: 2 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: Peters and Yaffee, Inc. provides transportation and traffic engineering services. Principals: Dow W. Peters, III, PE, President Russell Yaffee, PE, Vice President

Pickett and Associate Inc.

475 S First Ave Bartow 33830 863-533-9095 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 43

Firm Specialties: Since 1960, Pickett has provided a wide range of specialized surveying and engineering service for public, private and industrial clients. Pickett offers turnkey surveying and mapping services on land, air and water. The firm also provides professional design services and project management for the transmission, sustaining and generation sectors of the power industry and the telecommunications industry. Branch Offices: 5025 W Grace St Tampa 33607 813-304-2898

Principals: Michael W. Schnell, PE, CEO

PI Consulting Services LLC

3078 Heirloom Rose Pl Oviedo 32766 407-491-0418 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 7 DBE/MBE/WBE

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Firm Specialties: PI Consulting Services LLC specializes in construction engineering inspection services and construction management. Principals: Chaitali Prajapati Mehulkumar Patel, PE, Engineer

Pinnacle Consulting Enterprises Inc.

6 Palermo Ave Coral Gables 33134 305-345-0696 fax 480-772-4051 Email: rrodriguez@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 32 DBE

Firm Specialties: Pinnacle Consulting is headquartered in Miami, Florida and serves the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Districts 6,4 and 1; the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) and area municipalities and counties. We specialize in construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services for a variety of infrastructure projects, including roadway, bridge and utility applications. Principals: Arturo Perez, PE, PSM, President Roland A. Rodriguez, PE, Vice President Sergio E. Gonzalez, PE, Vice President

David Plummer & Associates Inc.

1750 Ponce de Leon Blvd Coral Gables 33134 305-447-0900 fax 305-444-4986

Email: miriam.muhina@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 26

Firm Specialties: David Plummer & Associates, Inc. provides services including project development and environmental studies; roadway,highway (minor, major, and complex) bridge design; traffic engineering and traffic operation studies; signal, sign, pavement marking, and channelization; lighting, CEI, policy planning, systems planning, cooridor planning, and more. Principals: Mark Gillis, Timothy J. Plummer, PE, President Branch Offices: 2149 McGregor Blvd Fort Myers 33901-3440 239-332-2617 fax 239-332-2645

Pond & Company

10199 Southside Blvd #103 Jacksonville 32256 904-543-0400 fax 904-543-0203 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 15

Firm Specialties: Pond & Company is a full-service architecture, engineering, planning, and construction management firm providing design and construction services to local, state and federal clients. Principals: Allan J. Iosue, RLA, LEEP AP BD+C, Program Manager Ronald Osterloh, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 4830 West Kennedy Blvd #600 Tampa 33609 813-327-5002

Poulos & Bennett

2602 E Livingston St Orlando 32803 407-487-2594 Email: lbennett@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 40

Firm Specialties: Poulos & Bennett provides services in the following areas: residential/commercial due diligence analysis and final engineering design; stormwater management design; utility transmission and collection systems design; roadway design and planning services. Principals: R. Lance Bennett, PE, Partner

Power Grid Engineering, LLC

100 Colonial Center Pkwy #400 Lake Mary 32746-4772 321-283-4420 fax 321-578-3720 Email: mwright@ Number of Employees: 71 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Power Grid Engineering is an engineering firm which specializes in engineering and consultation for the power systems industry. Also, Power Grid provides services in relay testing. The company is fully staffed with technical engineers and operational professionals with processes in place that ensure our clients a sophisticated level of services and quality.

Principals: Michael J. Wright, PE, President Andre Uribe, Vice President Business Development William G. Durie, PE, Vice President of Engineering

Principals: Christopher Forehand, PE, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Preble-Rish, Inc.

877 CR 393 N Santa Rosa Beach 32459 850-267-0759 fax 866-577-0076

324 Marina Dr Port St. Joe 32456 850-227-7200 fax 850-227-7215 Email: renfros@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 67

Firm Specialties: Preble-Rish, Inc. (PRI)is a fullservice consulting engineering and surveying firm helping public and private clients improve the environment and infrastructure. PRI provides civil engineering, surveying, grant/loan assistance, construction administration and inspection services. Principals: Philip Jones, PE, Office Manager Branch Offices: 20684 Central Ave Blountstown 32424 850-674-3300

36 Jasper Thomas Rd Crawfordville 32327 850-528-0300

90 Beal Pkwy #C Fort Walton Beach 32548 850-200-4783 187 E Walnut St Monticello 32344 850-997-2175

203 Aberdeen Pkwy Panama City 32405 850-522-0644 fax 850-522-1011

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20 E Washington St Quincy 32351 850-875-4751

Principals: Clifford L. Knauer, PE, Project Engineer, Vice President 23414 SE Hwy 349 Suwannee 32692 352-542-2414

2822 Remington Green Cir #201 Tallahassee 32308 850-523-0062

Professional Service Industries (PSI)

1748 33 St Orlando 32839 407-304-5560 fax 407-304-5561 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 333 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Distinguished as a leader in geotechnical engineering and construction testing and inspection services, environmental consulting and facilities engineering - PSI, one of Florida's largest consulting engineering firms, offers complete services in the following areas: construction inspections and materials engineering, geotechnical engineering and drilling services, environmental ESA and advanced environmental services, NDE and metal testing, 99

facilities engineering, pavement design and evaluation services, roof inspection and design services, asbestos, lead-based paint and industrial hygiene services, dedicated project and testing services, analytical laboratory services and training programs. PSI's experienced staff provides you with information to build on in making knowledgeable, cost-effective decisions, combined with local response and the strength of a national firm to see your projects to successful completion. PSI, "One Company, One Call." Principals: John M Pulsifer, IV, PE, Executive Vice President Jim Keeney, Vice President Branch Offices: 2845 W King St #106 Cocoa 32926 321-443-0083 fax 321-433-0171

6500 NW 12 Ave #116 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-267-0965 fax 954-267-0944 Principals: Liberman Ilya, PhD, Branch Manager

16550 Scheer Blvd #1 Hudson 34667 813-868-9526 fax 813-868-0094

600 N Thacker Ave #A-5 Kissimmee 407-994-2994

7950 NW 64 St Miami 33166 305-471-7725 fax 305-593-1915

Principals: Juan D. Villegas, PE, Senior Vice President 100

175 South 'A' St Pensacola 32501 850-434-1000 fax 850-434-7200

2000 Ave P #16 Riviera Beach 33404 561-844-2404 fax 561-844-2474

5801 Benjamin Center Dr. #112 Tampa 33634-5206 813-886-1075 fax 813-888-6514

Prosser, Inc.

13901 Sutton Park Dr S #200 Jacksonville 32224-0229 904-739-3655 fax 904-730-3413 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 32

Firm Specialties: Prosser Inc. is a multi-disciplinary planning and engineering firm that provides services in four broad service areas: master planning and site engineering, transportation planning and engineering, parks and recreational facility design, and construction management. Specific services include transportation engineering and studies (including PD&E), site engineering and development (including DRIs and PUDs), environmental planning and engineering, and urban design/planning. Prosser Inc. also excels at facilitating permitting activities with federal, state, and local governments, water management districts, and zoning agencies.

Principals: Donald Fullerton, Principal Ryan P. Stilwell, PE, Principal J. Bradford Davis, PE, LEED AP, Principal

Joseph Bradford Davis, PE, LEED AP, Principal Shawn Bliss, LEED AP, RLA, Principal

Protean Design Group Inc.

100 E Pine St #600 Orlando 32801-2713 407-246-0044 fax 407-246-0040 Email: khorlander@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 19 DBE

Firm Specialties: Protean Design Group, Inc. is a transportation design firm located in Orlando, Florida. Transportation design services include roadway and traffic engineering design and associated elements such as highway lighting, stormwater, signalization, signing and marking, traffic studies, and others. Principals: Kimberly C. Horlander, PE, President David Reed, PE, Vice President Scott G. Horlander, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 2473 Care Dr #101 Tallahassee 32308-9815 850-727-5707 Principals: Ryan Patterson, PE, Regional Manager

Quigg Engineering Inc. 615 Tower Grove Dr Plant City 33567-3544 217-622-3290 Email: dbooher@ Web Site:

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide Number of Employees: 1 WBE

Firm Specialties: Quigg Engineering Inc. is an award winning, certified WBE/DBE/8(m) full service engineering firm. Our mission is to work with clients, using practical experience and common sense to provide professional quality services; emphasizing technical detail, accuracy and professionalism. Principals: Lori Quigg, PE, President Branch Offices: 6150 S Florida Ave #200 Lakeland 33813 863-422-5517

Quantum Spatial Inc

10033 MLK St N #200 St. Petersburg 33716 727-576-9500 fax 727-576-9600 Email: mritchie@ Number of Employees: 30

Firm Specialties: Quantum Spatial is a leading professional services firm specializing in spatial data generation, integration, enablement and analytics, servicing the needs of cllients worldwide. Quantum Spatial's goal is to improve your operations and decision making in areas such as natural resources, government, infrastructure, energy and public safety, by utilizing the power of geospatial data and insight through our unique cloudbased delivery infrastructure. In an age when we are immersed in near infinite spatial data, the new challenge is not just capturing and processing geospatial data, but finding what it means to you and

your business. Our next generation solutions unleash the power of spatial insight and will help you make better decisions and increase your spatial IQ. Principals: Gary R. Florence, PSM, CP, Vice President

Principals: G. Michael Ritchie, PE, PSM, President/CEO Mark E. Meade, PLS, CP, PE, Senior Vice President

RADISE International

4152 W Blue Heron Blvd #1114 Riviera Beach 33404 561-841-0103 fax 561-841-0104 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 20 DBE/MBE/WBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: RADISE International is an infrastructure engineering and software development firm established in 1997. The firm specializes in geotechnical engineering, construction engineering inspection, construction materials testing, information technology, and geographical information systems (GIS). Principals: Kumar Achyut Allady, PE, President Vishalaxmi Allady, Principal

Branch Offices: 80 SW 8 St #2000 Miami 33130 305-989-7895 fax 1-866-857-9504

Broward County, Office/Lab 3296 NW 9 Ave Oakland Park 33309

954-646-2970 fax 1-866-857-9504

Reiss Engineering Inc.

1016 Spring Villas Pt Winter Springs 32708 407-679-5358 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 38 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Expertise in membrane treatment and potable water production. Provides technical services associated with desalination, concentrate disposal, membrane facility design and operations. A full scale civil environmental firm.

Principals: Mark A. Burgess, PE, BCEE, Business Development/ Vice President Charles Robert Reiss, PhD, PE, President Christophe Robert, Secretary/Treasurer Edward Talton, Vice President

Branch Offices: 600 Corporate Dr #320 Fort Lauderdale 33334 786-416-0427 fax 954-337-2835

1900 S. Harbor City Blvd #328 Melbourne 321-345-1760 fax 321-234-0209

315 E Olympia Ave #224 Punta Gorda 33950 941-548-7757 fax 941-205-3620

3030 North Rocky Pt Dr #161 Tampa 33607 813-549-0919 fax 813-549-0922

20 3rd St SW #202 Winter Haven 33881 863-268-8242

R.J. Behar & Company Inc.

6861 SW 196 Ave #302 Pembroke Pines 33332 954-680-7771 fax 954-680-7781 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 41 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: R.J. Behar & Company is a fullservice engineering and planning firm providing services in transportation engineering, traffic engineering, transportation planning, general civil engineering, stormwater master plans and engineering, water and sewer systems, and structural engineering. The firm also provides construction engineering and inspection services. Principals: Dereth Behar, Office Manager Robert J. Behar, PE, President Juan H. Vazquez, PE, Principal Branch Offices: 7850 NW 146 St #504 Miami Lakes 33016 305-558-3777 fax 305-558-8909 12788 Forest Hill Blvd #2003-B Wellington 33414 561-333-7000 fax 561-333-7001


3504 Lake Lynda Dr #165 Orlando 32817 321-397-7820 fax 321-397-7826 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 90

Firm Specialties: RK&K is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm

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headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with offices in Lakeland, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida. The firm provides services throughout the midAtlantic and Southeastern regions. Our professional services include: transportation, environmental, structural, traffic, transit/rail, natural gas, petroleum /pipeline, water resources and geotechnical engineering, planning, construction management/inspection, land and site development, natural resources, geographic information systems, computer programming, graphic design, hazardous waste, and energy management. Principals: J. Michael Potter, PE, CCM, Partner

Principals: Thomas Mohler, PE, Partner 402 S Kentucky Ave #400 Lakeland 33801 863-682-4081 fax 863-802-3907

14055 Riveredge Dr #130 Tampa 33637 813-386-1315 fax 813-407-0803

Joseph Roles and Assoc. Inc.

7501 NW 4 St #101 Plantation 33317-2237 954-581-1945 fax 954-321-9727 Email: Number of Employees: 5

Firm Specialties: General civil, sanitary, highway design, and land development engineering; construction contract administration services, contractor services, roadway construction planning, constructibility


analysis, value engineering, scheduling, permitting, claims evaluation, and preparation. Principals: Pamela Roles, Joseph W. Roles, PE, Owner

RS&H, Inc

10748 Deerwood Park Blvd S Jacksonville 32256-0597 904-256-2500 fax 904-256-2503 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 544

Firm Specialties: RS&H,Inc (RS&H) is a comprehensive consulting firm offering full architectural, engineering, planning, and environmental services. RS&H is a program-based company, concentrating its services in aerospace and defense, aviation, corporate and commercial, education, health and science, public infrastructure, and transportation.

Principals: David K. Robertson, Board of Directors Leerie T. Jenkins, Jr., Chairman David T. Sweeney, PE, Chief Executive Officer Kenneth R. Jacobson, EVP, CFO & General Counsel John J. Bottaro, AIA, Executive Vice President J. Ronald Ratliff, Executive Vice President Joseph N. Debs, PE, Executive Vice President Lisa M. Robert, PE, Executive Vice President Paul F. Hutchins, PE, Vice Presdent Don Roberts, PE, Vice President Michael P. Vascellaro, PE, Vice President Andrew P. Wheeler, PE, Vice President Stephen F. Hauenstein, PE, 102

Vice President John Walz, PE, Vice President Richard C. Hammett, PE, Vice President Stephen G. Harrill, PE, Vice President James P. Hawkes, PE, Vice President George Miller, PE, Vice President Shane M. Rixom, PE, Vice President Daniel J. Clayton, PE, Vice President Jack R. Haynes, PE, Vice President - Bridges Holt Graves, CPA, Vice President and Controller Kimberly A. Holland, PE, Vice President Transportation Jesse J. Forst, PE, Vice President/Transportation Infrastructure

Branch Offices: 3125 W Commercial Blvd #130 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-474-3005 fax 954-474-3006

Principals: Jay J. Turner, PE, Vice President Rick E. Chesser, PE, Vice President Phil R. Schwab, PE, Vice President

4210 Metro Pkwy #230 Fort Myers 33916-9416 239-236-2900 fax 239-236-2901

3100 Overseas Hwy Marathon 33050 954-775-6949

115 Alma Blvd #101 Merritt Island 32953-4345 321-453-0212 fax 321-406-1058

Principals: John Kercsmar, PE, Vice President

6303 Blue Lagoon Dr #325

Miami 33126-6005 786-388-0234 fax 786-388-8108 301 E Pine St #350 Orlando 32801 407-893-5800 fax 407-264-6624

Principals: Douglas D. Geiger, PE, Senior Vice President Mark Davidson, PE, Vice President Edward J. Gonzalez, PE, Vice President Michael J. Davis, PE, DBIA, Vice President James R. Avitabile, PE, Vice President - Transportation/ Infrastructure Benjamin Searight, PE, Vice President/Senior Project Engineer 6265 Old Water Oak Rd Tallahassee 32312 850-276-0715

1715 N Westshore Blvd #500 Tampa 33607-3999 813-289-5550 fax 813-289-0263 Principals: Michael S. Dixon, PE, Vice President John M. Pehling, VP/ Corporate Program Leader


1957 Arrowhead Dr NE 2nd FL St. Petersburg 33703 727-430-3552 fax 727-521-3822 Email: Number of Employees: 2

Firm Specialties: RTD Group, LLC is a multi-disiplinary firm, specializing in engineering and land planning services often related to eminent domain. Experienced in mediation trials and expert witness services. Prepares cost-to-cures related to real

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

estate appraisals and business damages from right-of-way takings. Provides state-certified appraisal and acquisition services. Principals: Richard T. Doyle, PE, AICP, F.ITE, President

RWA, Inc.

6610 Willow Park Dr #200 Naples 34109 239-597-0575 fax 239-597-0578 Email: cwright@ Consult-RWA.Com

Web Site: Number of Employees: 25

Firm Specialties: The firm provides the following services: civil engineering, environmental and development consulting, planning, transportation, and surveying services to private and public clients in southwest Florida.

Principals: Christopher O. Wright, PE, CEO

S&ME, Inc.

111 Kelsey Ln #E Tampa 33619 813-623-6646 fax 813-623-3795 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 34 GMEC

Firm Specialties: S&ME, Inc. is an Engineering Excellence Award-winning consulting firm that provides geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and quality assurance and environmental services. Specific services include subsurface investigation; foundation evalua-

tion and construction review; forensic studies; soil, concrete and asphalt testing and observation; testing and observation of other construction materials; natural resources; permitting; environmental real estate audits; remediation; solid waste management. Branch Offices: 1615 Edgewater Dr #180 Orlando 32804 407-975-1273 Principals: Randy Neuhaus, PE,

SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc.

1153 Miranda Ln Kissimmee 34741 407-201-6153 fax 407-201-8920 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 6

Firm Specialties: SAI, an employee-owned company, is a leader in the field of transportation design and construction management including: structure design and analysis, structural inspection, highway design, traffic engineering, design management, and construction engineering inspection. As one of ENR's Top 500 Engineering Firms, SAI has provided government and private clients with innovative, accurate, and reliable design and consulting engineering services for over 35 years. Branch Offices: 7380 Sand Lake Rd #500 Orlando 32819 407-352-5273 fax 407-351-1901

Principals: James Lombardi, PE, Executive Vice President

Victor Bertolina, PE, President

Tampa 33605 813-247-4848

Sam Schwartz Engineering PLLC

Scheda Ecological Associates, Inc.

2709 N Rocky Point Dr #104 Tampa 33607 813-289-7771 fax 813-289-7775 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Sam Schwartz provides traffic and transportation planning and design services, construction related services, urban planning and design services and pedestrian management services. Principals: Jeffrey Trim, PE, Executive Vice President Gregory S. Trim, PE, Senior Civil Engineer

Scalar Consulting Group Inc.

11259 Millpond Greens Dr Boynton Beach 33473 561-369-9217 Email: Number of Employees: 3

Firm Specialties: Scalar Consulting Group provides services in the following areas - airports, civil, planning and transportation. Principals: Aniruddha S. Gotmare, PE, President

Branch Offices: 4152 W Blue Heron Blvd #119 Riviera Beach 33404 561-429-5065

1726 E 7 Ave #6

5892 E Fowler Ave Tampa 33617-2312 813-989-9600 fax 813-989-9670 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 24 DBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: SEA provides environmental services including impact assessments, habitat restoration design, and permitting. Principals: Sandra Scheda, President Thomas Ries, Vice President

Dave Schmitt Engineering Inc.

12301 Lake Underhill Rd #241 Orlando 32828-4512 407-207-9088 fax 407-207-9089 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 4

Firm Specialties: Dave Schmitt Engineering, Inc provides due-diligence reports and evaluations, environmental reviews, reports and services, planning services, engineering design, plan preparation, permitting, and construction services for residential, multi-family, commercial, retail, assisted living, hotel/resorts and office projects. Principals: David M. Schmitt, PE, President

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SDR Engineering Consultants

2260 Wednesday St #500 Tallahassee 32308 850-386-9197 Email: shahawy@ Number of Employees: 6

Firm Specialties: SDR Engineering specializes in infrastructure repair and rehabilitation, bridge and building design, construction inspection, non-destructuive testing, and engineering software development for private and government agencies. Principals: Mohsen Shahawy, PE, Principal

Shannon & Wilson Inc.

13400 Sutton Park Dr S #1401 Jacksonville 32224 904-223-6676 fax 904-223-6448 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 4 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Shannon & Wilson, Inc. has provided high-quality, innovative services since 1954, focusing on individualized client-focused solutions. Staff in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Missouri, Florida, and Alaska specialize in geotechnical engineering, geologic investigations, seismic evaluations, environmental services, wetlands, permitting, ESA analyses, sedimentation and erosion control, shore protection, dewatering and hydrogeologic investigations. Principals: Roberto J. Guardia, PE, Vice President


Singhofen & Associates Inc.

11723 Orpington St #100 Orlando 32817 407-679-3001 fax 407-679-2691 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 10 Firm Specialties: Singhofen & Associates has been providing state-of-theart stormwater management and civil engineering services since 1983. Principals: Robert Gaylord, PE, Principal Engineer Kent J. Boulicault, PE, Principal Engineer Mark Troilo, PE, Principal Engineer

Branch Offices: 389 Palm Coast Pkwy SW #4 Palm Coast 32137 407-679-3001 fax 407-679-2691

Smith Engineering Consultants, Inc.

2161 Palm Bch Lakes Blvd #312 West Palm Beach 33409 561-616-3911 fax 561-616-3912 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Electrical and mechanical engineering for transportation, water/wastewater, and land development. Services include power, lighting, controls, instrumentation, HVAC, and plumbing design. Clients include civil engineers, utilities, and municipalities throughout Florida. 104

Principals: Larry M. Smith, PE, Principal

M.P. Spychala & Associates Inc.

240 Pine Ave N Oldsmar 34677 813-855-2721 fax 813-855-2741 Email: mikespy@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 8

Firm Specialties: Specializing in electrical consulting services for commercial, institutional and residential building construction; strong experience in educational and medical facility design. Principals: Michael P. Spychala, PE, President

Stanley Consultants Inc.

1641 Worthington Rd #400 West Palm Beach 33409 561-689-7444 fax 561-689-3003 Email: downesjohn@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 69

Firm Specialties: Stanley Consultants, Inc., a Stanley Group Company, provides engineering, environmental, and construction services worldwide. Project types include transportation, energy, infrastructure, environmental, water/wastewater, land development, resource management, studies, design, and construction management. Since 1913, Stanley Consultants has successfully completed more than 19,000 engagements in all 50 states and in 93 countries. Stanley

Consultants has Florida offices in Tampa, Sarasota and West Palm Beach. Principals: John P. Downes, PE, Manager, Florida Operations

Branch Offices: 551 N Cattlemen Rd #104 Sarasota 34232 941-309-5248 fax 941-309-5201 Tampa City Center #2950 201 N Franklin St Tampa 33602 813-244-3978

Stantec Consulting Services Inc.

5801 Pelican Bay Blvd #300 Naples 34108-2709 239-649-4040 fax 239-649-5716 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees:587

Firm Specialties: Stantec provides professional consulting services in planning, land development/site engineering, transportation, ecological services and environmental sciences, water and wastewater infrastructure, landscape architecture, surveying, architecture, project economics for infrastructure and facilities, and design-build and alternative delivery projects. Companywide our services are provided on projects around the world through approximately 14,000 employees operating out of more than 230 locations in North America, and four locations internationally.

In Florida, Stantec has close to 500 people in 14 offices, serving public, private, and federal sector clients. Specific capabil-

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

ities include master planning, DRI services, land development, environmental permitting, natural resource evaluation, wetland delineation, and design and construction engineering inspection for highways, bridges, drainage, water and wastewater treatment, sanitary sewers, water distribution, and reclaimed water systems. Principals: Alan D. Reynolds, AICP, Vice President Fermin A. Diaz, PE, F.ACEC, Vice President Branch Offices: 703 E Hwy 90 Bonifay 32425 850-547-3820 fax 850-547-4023

901 Ponce de Leon Blvd #900 Coral Gables 33134 305-445-2900 fax 305-445-3366

Principals: Robert T. Carballo, PE, Vice President Ramon Castella, PE, VP Water

800 Fairway Dr #195 Deerfield Beach 33441-1828 561- 487-3379 fax 561-487-3466

Principals: Jeffrey S. Crews, PE, Principal Terrance N. Glunt, PE, Principal

3800 Colonial Blvd #100 Fort Myers 33966-1075 239-939-1020 fax 239-939-3412

615 Crescent Executive Ct #248 Lake Mary 32746-2129 407-585-0157

Principals: John Moore, PE, Senior Associate 5 Lane Dr, #B Mary Ester 32569 850-226-6371 fax 850-362-6118

Principals: Edward T. Blackmon, PE, Principal

11315 Corporate Blvd #105 Orlando 32817 407-823-8966 fax 407-823-8826 2405 Jenks Ave Panama City 32405 850-236-6770 fax 850-236-3880 Principals: Ray Greer, AICP,

6900 Professional Pkwy E Sarasota 34240 941-907-6900 fax 941-907-6910

Principals: Michael A. Kennedy, PE, Executive Vice President John M. Bell, PE, Senior Principal Robert Cunningham, PSM, PSM, Senior Project Manager

5172 Station Way Sarasota 34233 941-365-5500 fax 941-366-1922

Principals: Joseph Greeley, PE, Principal Guy Le Patourel, PE, LEED AP, Vice President 1441 Maclay Commerce Dr #101 Tallahassee 32312 850-878-5001 fax 850-878-5941

Principals: Chris E. Brockmeier, PE, Principal

777 S Harbour Island Blvd #600 Tampa 33602-5832 813-223-9500 fax 813-223-0009

Principals: David A. Kemper, PE, Senior Principal

3223 Commerce Pl #100 West Palm Beach 33407-1917 561-686-7707 fax 561-686-0299

Principals: Ross S. Shillingford, PE, Senior Project Manager

Stirling & Wilbur Engineering

7085 Tamiami Trl Sarasota 34231 941-929-1552 fax 941-929-1553 Email: bstirling@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 7

Firm Specialties: Structural engineering services, including design, analysis, construction phase services, special inspections, and investigations for new and existing structures and structural repair programs. Principals: Brian H. Stirling, PE, Partner Stephen Clark Wilbur, PE, Partner

Storm Services Engineering Inc.

234 Office Plaza Dr Tallahassee 32301 229-872-3611 Email: Number of Employees: 2

Firm Specialties: Storms Services provides electrical engineering services. Principals: Charles Evans, PE, Vice President

Structural Engineers Group, Inc.

4114 Sunbeam Rd Bldg 200 Jacksonville 32257 904-262-4000 fax 904-262-4100 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 6

Firm Specialties: Complete range of structural engineering services including design, construction review, and special inspection for buildings, and civil structures. Extensive experience providing structural services for the following client and project types: owners, architects, engineers, hospitals, university and school facilities, high-rise structures, offices, multi-family housing, commercial and retail facilities, universities, military, churches, performing arts centers, computer facilities, sports arenas, stadiums, laboratory and research facilities, industrial, historic structures, condition studies and reports, and failure investigations. Firm established in 1949. Principals: Richard C. Givens, PE, President

STV Incorporated

5200 Belfort Rd #400 Jacksonville 32256 904-730-9777 fax 904-730-7766 Email:

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Web Site: Number of Employees: 49

Firm Specialties: STV Incorporated provides structural/civil engineering services to federal, state, municipal, and private clients throughout the Southeast. Specialties of our Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami offices include bridge and roadway design; bridge inspection; moveable bridge design and inspection; drainage design; scour analysis and countermeasure design; railway engineering; and value engineering. Company-wide, STV services also include high speed rail; hydraulic/hydrologic engineering; construction engineering; geotechnical engineering; and environmental services. Principals: David Shearer, PE, Senior Asociate/Director of Florida Operations Kenneth T. Kelley, PE, Senior Engineer Branch Offices: 6303 Blue Lagoon Dr #400 Miami 33126-6040 305-537-4673 fax 305-751-5311

Principals: Leon Jorge, PE, Engineering Diector-South Florida

111 North Orange Ave #1450 Orlando 32801 321-418-6604 fax 407-254-4938

Principals: Tony L. Melton, PE, Director of Central Florida Operations

Swanson & Associates 13570 Admiral Ct Fort Myers 33912 239-768-9267


fax 239-768-6870 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Swanson & Associates are pleased to offer the following services: transportation engineering, commercial and residential development engineering, stormwater management and permitting, public utilities engineering, and environmental engineering and permitting. Principals: Laurie A. Swanson, PE, Project Manager/President

T.Y. Lin International

12802 Tampa Oaks Blvd #245 Tampa 33637 813-972-9444 fax 813-972-9114 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 152

Firm Specialties: T.Y. Lin International is a fullservice infrastructure consulting firm that provides planning, design, construction support, program management and design-build services. Market sectors include airports, bridges, buildings, roadways, ports, rail and transportation.

Principals: James Moreno, PE, Region Director/Senior Vice President Atiq Alvi, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 201 Alhambra Cir #900 Coral Gables 33134 305-567-1888 fax 305-567-1771

Principals: Francisco J. Alonso, PE, 106

AVP - Unit Manager Alvaro J. Piedrahita, PE, President and CEO Mariano Onat Valle, PE, Senior Vice President Richard A. Waters, PE, Vice President

501 NW 49 St #203 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-491-5556 fax 954-491-6117

Principals: Joseph M. Yesbeck, PE, Vice President

2400 First St #200 Fort Myers 33901 239-332-4846 fax 239-332-4798

225 E Robinson St #490 Orlando 32801 407-563-7101 fax 407-999-5228

Target Engineering Group, LLC.

359 Alcazar Ave Coral Gables 33134 305-446-2323 fax 305-446-2340 Email: ramzi@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 147 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Target Engineering Group is a multi-disciplined civil engineering firm specializing in construction engineering and inspection, quality control management, and construction management of transportation projects including highways, moveable and nonmoveable bridges, toll facilities, building construction and airports. Principals: Ramzi B. Asfour, PE,

Executive VP/Principal Raj Rangaswamy, PE, President / Principal

Taylor & White, Inc.

9556 Historic Kings Rd S #102 Jacksonville 32257 904-346-0671 fax 904-346-0672 Email: glynn.taylor@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 10

Firm Specialties: Taylor & White, Inc. has been providing civil engineering consulting services since 1995. Some of the services provided are: civil design and permitting, site investigation, site planning, and construction observation.

Principals: D. Glynn Taylor, PE, President

Taylor Engineering Inc. 10151 Deerwood Park Blvd Bldg 300, #300 Jacksonville 32256 904-731-7040 fax 904-731-9847 Email: btaylor@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 43

Firm Specialties: Coastal, environmental, and water resources engineering; beach, wave, and hydrodynamic modeling; hydrology, hydraulics, surface water management, surface and ground water modeling; coastal process; coastal and port structures; beach erosion and beach nourishment; dune stability; flood insurance studies; scour studies; dredging technology; dredging operations; dredged material management; environmental

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

monitoring; enviromental impact assessments; sediment and water quality. Principals: R. Bruce Taylor, PhD, PE, F.NSPE, CEO/Chairman James N. Marino, PE, President

Branch Offices: 1221 Airport Rd #210 Destin 32541 850-460-7040 fax 850-460-7042

1675 Palm Bch Lakes Blvd #210 West Palm Beach 33401 561-640-7310 fax 561-640-7805


PO Box 262544 Tampa 33685 813-854-5639 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 3

Firm Specialties: TECS LLC provides specialtyengineering design, designbuild, EPC and construction services to clients in the energy, military and aviation fueling industries. Our engineers are highly experienced and cross-trained in both engineering design and construction services to deliver project solutions safely, on time and on budget. TECS LLC..."your Total Engineering & Construction Solution". Principals: Bruce Kelley, PE, Vice President

Tetra Tech

201 E Pine St #1000 Orlando 32801 407-839-3955 fax 407-839-3790

Email: dave.deberardino@ Number of Employees: 52

Firm Specialties: Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering and technical services worldwide. We are a diverse company, including individuals with expertise in science, research, engineering, construction and information technology. Our strength is in collectively providing integrated services - delivering the best solutions to meet our clients' needs. Principals: David DeBerardino, PE, Senior Project Manager

Branch Offices: 10600 Chevrolet Way #300 Estero 33928 239-390-1467 fax 239-390-1769 Principals: Daniel M. Nelson, PE, Regional Manager 8640 Philips Hwy #16 Jacksonville 32256 904-636-6125

150 W Flagler St #1625 Miami 33130 786-507-3898 fax 786-439-0400

759 S Federal Hwy #314 Stuart 34994 772-781-3404 fax 772-781-3411

Terracon Consultants Inc.

1675 Lee Rd Winter Park 32789 407-740-6110 fax 407-740-6112 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 218 GMEC

Firm Specialties: Geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials testing engineers. Drilling services. Specializing in roadway projects, land development, foundation design, stormwater recovery, sinkhole assessment, retaining wall design, slope stability studies, and scour analysis and finite element analysis - PLAXIS. Consultants to engineers, owners, architects, contractors, counties, and municipalities throughout Florida.

Principals: Jim Hamil, Client Manager David Beerbower, PG, Envionmental Services Dir/Sr. Client Mgr. Bruce H. Woloshin, PE, Geotechnical Department Manager Richard G. Acree, PE, Regional Manager Leila Jammal Nodarse, PE, Senior Principal

Branch Offices: 5371 NW 33 Ave #201 Fort Lauderdale 33309 954-730-9114 fax 954-730-9115

9655 Florida Mining Blvd #509 Jacksonville 32257 904-900-6494 fax 904-268-5255

Principals: John B. Kimberly, IV, PE, Principal, Regional Manager

2335 Commerce Point Dr #180 Lakeland 33801 863-606-0423 fax 407-740-6112

16200 NW 59 Ave #106 Miami Lakes 33014 305-820-1997 fax 305-820-1998

123 N Orchard St #1A

Ormond Beach 32174 386-673-5330 fax 386-673-8357 9900 N Davis Hwy Pensacola 32514 850-477-0454

607 NW Commodity Ln Port St. Lucie 34986 772-343-9787 fax 772-343-9404 8260 Vico Ct #B Sarasota 34240 941-379-0621 fax 941-379-5061

Principals: Douglas S. Dunkelberger, PE, President 504 E Tyler St Tampa 33602-3408 813-221-0050 fax 813-221-0051 Principals: Craig M. Anstett, PE, Regional Manager Keith D. Bennett, PE, Vice President

1225 Omar Rd West Palm Beach 33405-1046 561-616-0870 fax 561-616-0871

Test Lab Inc.

4112 W Osborne Ave Tampa 33614-6528 813-872-7821 fax 813-681-1935 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 39 DBE/MBE/WBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: Test Lab, Inc. provides practical engineering solutions in geotechnical, materials testing, forensic engineering, property condition assessments, construction monitoring, construction QA/QC, and

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

civil engineering inspections (FDOT-CEI); these services include in-house geophysical equipment, drill rigs, CMEC laboratories and vibration assessment and condition survey capabilities. Principals: Mark S. Cornwell, CFO Igon Kratser, PE, Vice President/Director of Engineering Branch Offices: 3317 Princeton Rd Brooksville 34604 813-872-7821 fax 813-681-1935

Thompson & Associates Inc.

PO Box 22398 Fort Lauderdale 33335 954-761-1073 fax 954-764-3069 Email: jim@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 6

Firm Specialties: Civil engineering design and consulting for municipal and private projects.

Principals: James F. Thompson, PE, LEED AP, President Branch Offices: 5825 SW 72 St #300 South Miami 33143 786-897-5919

500 S Australian Ave #623 West Palm Beach 33401 561-932-1668 fax 561-932-1669

Tierra Inc.

7351 Temple Terrace Hwy Tampa 33637 813-989-1354


fax 813-989-1355 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 17 DBE/MBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: Geotechnical and material engineering and testing services. The firm also provides environmental engineering services and CEI support. Principals: Henri Jean, PE, Executive Vice President Luis F. Mahiquez, PE, President Jeff Begovich, PE, Vice President Larry Moore, PE, Vice President Harmon C. Bennett, PE, Vice President Branch Offices: 1300 W Main St Pensacola 32502 850-462-8774 fax 850-607-6953

Principals: Mitchell L. Smith, PE, Principal

Tierra South Florida, Inc.

2765 Vista Pkwy #9 West Palm Beach 33411 561-687-8539 fax 561-687-8570 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 1 DBE/MBE GMEC

Firm Specialties: Tierra South Florida, Inc. provides geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and threshold/special inspection services Principals: Raj Krishnasamy, PE, President 108


1000 N Ashley Dr #400 Tampa 33602 813-224-8862 fax 813-226-2106 Email: wbowman@ Web Site: tindaleoliver.comhttps:// Number of Employees: 52

Firm Specialties: This firm undertakes transportation planning and engineering studies and design services. Services range from public sector policy and financial planning for transportation, permitting, transportaion impact of land development, long range transportation planning studies, expert testimony, parking studies, and traffic signal design. Principals: William T. Bowman, PE, Associate Director of Transportation Engineering & Safety Richard Dreyer, AICP, AICP, CCTM, Associate Principal Steven A. Tindale, PE, AICP, President and CEO Joel R. Rey, PE, Principal/VP and Dir of Transportation and Transit Solutions Bill Ball, AICP, Principal/VPI COO

Branch Offices: 545 N Broadway Ave Bartow 33830 863-533-8454 fax 863-533-8481

6301 NW 5 Way #1400 Fort Lauderdale 33309 941-641-5680

135 W Central Blvd #450 Orlando 32801 407-657-9210 fax 407-657-9106

Principals: Robert P. Wallace, AICP, PE, Principal/Vice President

TKW Consulting Engineers Inc.

5621 Banner Dr Fort Myers 33912-4411 239-278-1992 fax 239-278-0922 Email: trudi.williams@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 16 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Since 1989, TKW Consulting Engineers, Inc. has been built to provide engineering consulting services for government and private development. TKW professionals provide civil engineering, specializing in the areas of site/civil, structural, and utilities/environmental engineering. TKW provides services to clients throughout the state and the US from its offices in Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, and Tallahassee. Our corporate headquarters of the company is located in Fort Myers. In addition to being a womanowned business enterprise, TKW is a certified State of Florida W/MBE (Woman Owned/Minority Business Enterprise) firm and a SBE (Small Business Enterprise) with many government agencies. TKW recently certified as a WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business) firm for federal government work as a consulting engineering firm. Principals: Douglas H. Eckmann, PE, COO Patrick Day, PE, Environmental Engineering Manager Trudi K. Williams, PE, Founder, CEO

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

James Lange, Structural Engineering Manager Eric Sandoval, PE, Vice President Surveying

Branch Offices: 4251 Avon Park Cir Tallahassee 32311 850-656-3152 fax 850-656-3152

TLP Engineering Consultants Inc.

11486 Corporate Blvd #151 Orlando 32817 407-901-5060 fax 407-512-6560 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 11 DBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: Providing professional civil engineering services to public and private clients for all types of transportation, land development and utility projects. Principals: Yassi M. Myers, PE, President James E. Myers, PE, Vice President

Traffic & Mobility Consultants LLC

3101 Maguire Blvd #265 Orlando 32803-3720 407-531-5332 fax 407-531-5331 Email: Number of Employees: 8

Firm Specialties: Traffic & Mobility Consultants LLC (TMC) is a Florida registered engineering company specializing in transportation planning and transportaion engineering. TMC conducts studies and prepares plans for private clients and governmental agencies at the local,

county and state levels. The firm's goal is to provide clients the highest quality service, offering innovative, strategic and effective solutions for safe and efficient mobility. Principals: Mohammed Abdallah, PE, Principal

Traffic Planning and Design

535 Versailles Dr Maitland 32751 407-628-9955 fax 407-628-8850 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 4

Firm Specialties: Firm specializes in the traffic/transportation field offering services to private and public clients throughout the state of Florida. Specialty areas include traffic operations and safety studies, transportation planning and modeling, traffic impact and concurrent studies, DRI traffic studies, access management studies, road impact fee studies and appeals, traffic signal warrant analysis and design, signs and pavement markings, parking feasibility and needs.

Principals: Turgut Dervish, PE, President

TranSystems Corporation

200 E Robinson St #600 Orlando 32801-1957 407-875-8900 fax 407-875-0175 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 91

Firm Specialties: Studies, reports, design, and preparation of construction documents for all types of civil engineering and architecture projects. Specializing in transportation, highways, bridges, ports, airports, and special structures. Principals: John T. Grow, PE, SVP/ Principal

Branch Offices: 2400 E Commercial Blvd #1000 Fort Lauderdale 33308 954-653-4700 fax 954-567-2511 Principals: Gary Alan Klevens, PE, Principal, Senior Vice President

4500 Salisbury Rd #440 Jacksonville 32216 904-245-6500 fax 904-245-6510


225 E Robinson St #300 Orlando 32801 407-839-4006 fax 407-839-4008 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 100

Firm Specialties: VHBís passionate team of engineers, scientists, planners, and designers provides consulting services to clients in the transportation, real estate, institutional, and energy industries, as well as to federal, state and local governments. Ranked 72nd in the nation among top design firms by ENR, VHB partners with clients from 22 offices along the east coast to improve mobility and enhance communities while balancing

development and infrastructure needs with stewardship of our environment.

Principals: Mark Bertoncini, PE, Director, Transportation Engineering Dante A. Gabriel, PE, Director, Transportation Systems Paul W. Yeargain, PE, Managing Director David W. Mulholland, PE, Senior Vice President

VIA Consulting Services, Inc.

10250 Normandy Blvd #205 Jacksonville 32221 904-783-9842 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 11 DBE

Firm Specialties: VIA Consulting Services, Inc. is a DBE (WBE) consulting firm providing employees with expertise in Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI). Services include construction management, contract administration, inspection, constructability reviews, schedule analysis, and administration. The company's principals combine extensive government, business and academic experience in providing public and private clients with quality professional service for the successful completion of projects within established budgets and time schedules.

Principals: Joan Schneider, Suzanna K. Milbrandt, AS, President Peter J. Sheridan, III, PE, Vice President

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

via planning inc. 3200 NW 62 Ave #7 Margate 33063 954-560-5251

Email: thuha.nguyen@ Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: via planning provides transportation planning and traffic engineering.

Principals: Thuha Nguyen, PE, President


700 Central Ave #302 St. Petersburg 33701 727-317-4967 Email: jcalhoun@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 9 DBE/MBE/WBE

Firm Specialties: VIBE was founded by traffic/ITS engineers with over 50 years of experience in the transportation industry. VIBE provides traffic and ITS planning, design, and construction support expertise throughout Florida. VIBE’s expertise allows us to prepare projects that provide our clients with the highest quality product. Principals: Sara Calhoun, PE, President Jay H.L. Calhoun, PE, Vice President

E.G. Vilato & Associates Inc.

2730 SW 3 Ave #402 Miami 33129-2323 305-854-6977 fax 305-854-2591 Email: egvilato@ 109

Number of Employees: 2

Firm Specialties: Consulting electrical engineering and lighting design for all types of construction, including residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and military projects. Principals: Enrique G. Vilato, PE, President Silvia Vilato Lacasa, PE, Vice President

Villanueva Associates, Inc.

9200 SW 103rd Ave Miami 33176-1652 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 1 MBE

Firm Specialties: Civil and environmental engineering; municipal and industrial sewage systems with emphasis on industrial wastewater pollution abatement, water supply, treatment, and distribution systems; land planning, drainage, paving and irrigation; industrial planning and railroad engineering, hazardous waste and water/wastewater reclaiming systems.

Principals: Plinio M. Villanueva, PE, President

Vital Engineering, Inc.

7100 SW 99 Ave #202 Miami 33173 305-412-6000 fax 305-412-6005 Email: Number of Employees: 3 DBE/MBE

Firm Specialties: Mechanical and electrical en110

gineering services to the construction industry including commercial, industrial, educational, institutional, residential, military, and governmental projects; services include construction observation, feasibility studies, and reports.

Principals: Jose A. Ramirez, PE, President

Volkert, Inc.

1408 N Westshore Blvd #600 Tampa 33607-4587 813-875-1365 fax 813-874-7656 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 170

Firm Specialties: Volkert's full range of services include planning, design, construction management/inspection, evaluation of existing facilities, feasibility studies, traffic engineering, environmental studies, location/site analysis, financial analysis, surveys, and right-ofway acquisition services. Experience in transportation design includes bridges, pedestrian overpasses, urban expressways, interstate highways, rural highways, streets, railways, tunnels, and mass transit. Principals: David W. Gwynn, Jr., PE, Senior Vice President Thomas C. White, PE, Vice President

Branch Offices: 5850 Corporation Cir Fort Myers 33905 239-334-6833 fax 239-334-6614

Principals: Paula F. McQueen, CPA, Vice President

3501 S Main St #2 Gainesville 32601 352-372-9594 fax 352-371-3988

Principals: Eugene Quinn, PLS, PE, Vice President

2300 Maitland Center Pkwy #106 Maitland 32751 321-436-7172

14101 Panama City Beach Pkwy #190 Panama City Beach 32407 850-588-1618

Wade Trim Inc.

8010 Woodland Ctr Blvd #1200 Tampa 33614-2421 813-882-4373 fax 813-888-7215 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 34

Firm Specialties: Professional engineering and planning consulting services for environmental engineering, including water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, stormwater and ground water assessments, site development, utilities, and permit applications; transportation engineering, including roadways, bridges,drainage, pavements and parking; and community planning, including planning land use, zoning ordinance, DRIs and master plans, and environmental sciences. Principals: Steve Gravlin, PE, Tom Brzezinski, PE, Executive Vice President

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Branch Offices: 2100 Ponce De Leon Blvd #970 Coral Gables 33134 305-974-1643 88539 Overseas Hwy #4 Islamorada 33070 305-852-4343 3790 Dixie Hwy NE #D Palm Bay 32905 321-728-3389 fax 321-728-3393

Wantman Group Inc.

2035 Vista Pkwy #100 West Palm Beach 33411 561-687-2220 fax 561-687-1110 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 140 Firm Specialties: Wantman Group, Inc. (WGI) is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm with a 40-year history specializing in engineering, planning, surveying, and environmental services. The firm is comprised of eight separate divisions devoted to the following disciplines: civil engineering, municipal, transportation, surveying, subsurface utility engineering, construction management, environmental, and planning services. WGI has offices throughout Florida.

Principals: Mario Echagarrua, PE, Joel N. Wantman, PE, Chairman David Wantman, PE, President Brian C. Rheault, PE, President Robin Petzold, PSM, Senior Vice President

Branch Offices: 4371 U.S. Hwy 17 South #203 Fleming Island 32073

904-383-3013 fax 904-470-4504

5219 NW 33 Ave Fort Lauderdale 33411 954-660-1660 fax 561-687-1110 11401 SW 40 Street Miami 33165

2910 Maquire Rd #2008 Ocoee 34761-4743 407-581-1221 fax 407-581-1222 548 Mercantile Pl Port St. Lucie 34986 772-408-5258 fax 772-408-5254

2260 Wednesday St #100 Tallahassee 32308-8307 850-210-0101 fax 850-856-3577

3111 W Dr. Martin Luther King #375 Tampa 33607 813-574-3190 fax 813-574-3191

Gerald M. Ward, PE

PO Box 10441 Riviera Beach 33419 561-863-1215 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Specialties are coastal and environmental engineering, consisting primarily of the design and permitting of marine or freshwater wetland resources projects; marine structures; navigation channels; marinas, including hydrographic studies; design and construction documents, coastal structures and dune/beach system analysis; expert testimony and governmental relations at the regional, state and federal government levels.

Principals: Gerald M. Ward, PE, Consulting Engineer

Principals: Harry E. Wild, Jr., PE, President

WBQ Design & Engineering Inc.

Willcott Engineering Inc.

201 N Magnolia Ave #200 Orlando 32801 407-839-4300 fax 407-839-1621 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 30 MBE

Firm Specialties: Located in the state of Florida, WBQ Design & Engineering, Inc. (WBQ), is a leader in civil engineering design. Our award winning firm was established in 1994 and was founded on the principles of quality, integrity of design and client service. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive transportation and site engineering services to federal, state and local governments, private corporations and developers.

Principals: Derek Burke, PE, President Troy W. Vargas, PE, Project Manager

Harry Wild Engineering Inc.

PO Box 2995 Ormond Beach 32175 386-441-7325 fax 386-441-8137 Email: Number of Employees: 1

Firm Specialties: Harry Wild Engineering provides civil and environmental engineering to the private sector, specializing in advanced septic system design, site planning, and wastewater design services.

1727 N St Rd 7 Margate 33063 954-975-7979 fax 954-975-7509 Email: jwillcott@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 5 WBE

Firm Specialties: Consulting engineering services for the evaluation and repair of exterior envelop. Principals: June Willcott, PE, President Richard Derby, Secretary

Fred Wilson & Associates Inc.

3970 Hendricks Ave Jacksonville 32207-5398 904-398-8636 fax 904-398-2968 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 21

Firm Specialties: FW&A provides civil, structural, and electrical engineering services, specializing in transportation and electric utility design. Areas of expertise include roadway and bridge design; drainage; water and sewer utilities; parking lots; site planning; environmental studies; electric utility design (substation, transmission, and distribution); system studies; lightning protection and grounding; interior and exterior lighting; and facility power and communications.

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Principals: William E. Wilson, Jr., PE, Executive Vice President Frank H. Wilson, II, PE, President M. Bradley Wilson, PE, Vice President Frank H. Wilson, III, PE, VP Site Development & Permitting

Wilson & Girgenti LLC

1408 N Westshore Blvd #506 Tampa 33607 813-855-3330 fax 727-726-2070 Email: twilson@ Web Site: Number of Employees: 15

Firm Specialties: Wilson & Girgenti, LLC provides mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection consulting and design services to a multitude of clients.

Principals: Todd S. Wilson, PE, President Joseph A. Girgenti, PE, Vice President

Doug Winter Companies Inc.

4047 Okeechobee Blvd #222 West Palm Beach 33409-1967 561-471-9863 fax 561-471-5075 Email: dwdakota@ Number of Employees: 4

Firm Specialties: Civil, environmental, agricultural engineering firm. Includes local zoning applications; development of regional impact; planned units of development; water, sewer, paving and drainage for residential, commercial, industrial; golf course construction and renovation; mining; con111

struction dewatering; special taxing districts; wetland evaluation and mitigation plans; groundwater analysis; project permitting, septic system design, estate homes drainage/utilities/lift stations. Principals: Douglas G. Winter, PE, President


4260 W Linebaugh Ave Tampa 33624 813-265-3130 Email: mfarrell@ Number of Employees: 22

Firm Specialties: WRA is a multi-displinary engineering firm specializing in civil engineering, land development and permitting, water supply planning and permitting, environmental sciences and military training range design. Principals: Mark D. Farrell, PE, President

Branch Offices: 8043 Cooper Creek Blvd #210 University Park 34201 941-275-9721

WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff

2202 N West Shore Blvd #300 Tampa 33607 813-520-4444 fax 813-520-4290 Email: Web Site: Number of Employees: 346

Firm Specialties: Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) was founded in 1885 and is one of the oldest and most distinguished engineering consulting firms in the United States. 112

PB provides a wide range of planning, engineering construction management, architectural and environmental services. The company is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the consultant industry (roadway, structures, transit, railroad, aviation, ports, water/wastewater, and buildings). PB continues to focus on alternative delivery methods allowing clients more responsive project implementation. Principals: George Dewey Martin, III, PE, Engineer

Branch Offices: 7650 NW 19 St #300 Miami 33126-1220 305-261-4785 fax 305-261-5735

301 E Pine St #1020 Orlando 32801-2741 407-587-7800 fax 407-587-7960

Zev Cohen & Associates Inc.

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Firm Specialties: Established in 1976, ZNS Engineering, L.C., is the largest and oldest locally owned consulting engineering firm in Manatee County. ZNS offers civil engineering, planning, surveying and landscape architecture services. Expertise includes many public sector projects, such as educational facilities, correctional institutions, recreational facilities and utility projects as well as numerous private sector projects involving residential, commercial and industrial developments. Principals: Jeb C. Mulock, PE, Senior Vice President Timothy Najjar, PSM, Vice Presdent

Firm Specialties: Zev Cohen & Associates, Inc., (ZCA) is a multi-disciplinary firm providing civil engineering, landscape architectural, planning and environmental services. Principals: M. Dwight DuRant, PE, President Branch Offices: 6277 A1A S #102 -3 Ormond Beach 32174

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NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers Preamble Engineering is an important and learned profession. As members of this profession, engineers are expected to exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Engineering has a direct and vital impact on the quality of life for all people. Accordingly, the services provided by engineers require honesty, impartiality, fairness, and equity, and must be dedicated to the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare. Engineers must perform under a standard of professional behavior that requires adherence to the highest principles of ethical conduct. I. Fundamental Canons Engineers, in the fulfillment of their professional duties, shall: 1. Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Perform services only in areas of their competence.

Issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner. Act for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees. Avoid deceptive acts.

Conduct themselves honorably, responsibly, ethically, and lawfully so as to enhance the honor, reputation, and usefulness of the profession.

II. Rules of Practice 1. Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. a. If engineers’ judgment is overruled under circumstances that endanger life or property, they shall notify their employer or client and such other authority as may be appropriate. b. Engineers shall approve only those engineering documents


that are in conformity with applicable standards. c. Engineers shall not reveal facts, data, or information without the prior consent of the client or employer except as authorized or required by law or this Code. d. Engineers shall not permit the use of their name or associate in business ventures with any person or firm that they believe is engaged in fraudulent or dishonest enterprise. e. Engineers shall not aid or abet the unlawful practice of engineering by a person or firm. f. Engineers having knowledge of any alleged violation of this Code shall report thereon to appropriate professional bodies and, when relevant, also to public authorities, and cooperate with the proper authorities in furnishing such information or assistance as may be required.

Engineers shall perform services only in the areas of their competence. a. Engineers shall undertake assignments only when qualified by education or experience in the specific technical fields involved. b. Engineers shall not affix their signatures to any plans or documents dealing with subject matter in which they lack competence, nor to any plan or document not prepared under their direction and control. c. Engineers may accept assignments and assume responsibility for coordination of an entire project and sign and seal the engineering documents for the entire project, provided that each technical segment is signed and sealed only by the qualified engineers who prepared the segment.

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Engineers shall issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner. a. Engineers shall be objective and truthful in professional reports, statements, or testimony. They shall include all relevant and pertinent information in such reports, statements, or testimony, which should bear the date indicating when it was current. b. Engineers may express publicly technical opinions that are founded upon knowledge of the facts and competence in the subject matter. c. Engineers shall issue no statements, criticisms, or arguments on technical matters that are inspired or paid for by interested parties, unless they have prefaced their comments by explicitly identifying the interested parties on whose behalf they are speaking, and by revealing the existence of any interest the engineers may have in the matters. Engineers shall act for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees. a. Engineers shall disclose all known or potential conflicts of interest that could influence or appear to influence their judgment or the quality of their services. b. Engineers shall not accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than one party for services on the same project, or for services pertaining to the same project, unless the circumstances are fully disclosed and agreed to by all interested parties. c. Engineers shall not solicit or accept financial or other valuable consideration, directly




or indirectly, from outside agents in connection with the work for which they are responsible. d. Engineers in public service as members, advisors, or employees of a governmental or quasi-governmental body or department shall not participate in decisions with respect to services solicited or provided by them or their organizations in private or public engineering practice. e. Engineers shall not solicit or accept a contract from a governmental body on which a principal or officer of their organization serves as a member.

Engineers shall avoid deceptive acts. a. Engineers shall not falsify their qualifications or permit misrepresentation of their or their associates’ qualifications. They shall not misrepresent or exaggerate their responsibility in or for the subject matter of prior assignments. Brochures or other presentations incident to the solicitation of employment shall not misrepresent pertinent facts concerning employers, employees, associates, joint venturers, or past accomplishments. b. Engineers shall not offer, give, solicit, or receive, either directly or indirectly, any contribution to influence the award of a contract by public authority, or which may be reasonably construed by the public as having the effect or intent of influencing the awarding of a contract. They shall not offer any gift or other valuable consideration in order to secure work. They shall not pay a commission, percentage, or brokerage fee in order to secure work, except to a bona fide employee or bona fide

established commercial or marketing agencies retained by them.

III. Professional Obligations 1. Engineers shall be guided in all their relations by the highest standards of honesty and integrity. a. Engineers shall acknowledge their errors and shall not distort or alter the facts. b. Engineers shall advise their clients or employers when they believe a project will not be successful. c. Engineers shall not accept outside employment to the detriment of their regular work or interest. Before accepting any outside engineering employment, they will notify their employers. d. Engineers shall not attempt to attract an engineer from another employer by false or misleading pretenses. e. Engineers shall not promote their own interest at the expense of the dignity and integrity of the profession.


Engineers shall at all times strive to serve the public interest. a. Engineers are encouraged to participate in civic affairs; career guidance for youths; and work for the advancement of the safety, health, and well-being of their community. b. Engineers shall not complete, sign, or seal plans and/or specifications that are not in conformity with applicable engineering standards. If the client or employer insists on such unprofessional conduct, they shall notify the proper authorities and withdraw from further service on the project. c. Engineers are encouraged to extend public knowledge and appreciation of engineering and its achievements. d. Engineers are encouraged to

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adhere to the principles of sustainable development1 in order to protect the environment for future generations.

Engineers shall avoid all conduct or practice that deceives the public. a. Engineers shall avoid the use of statements containing a material misrepresentation of fact or omitting a material fact. b. Consistent with the foregoing, engineers may advertise for recruitment of personnel. c. Consistent with the foregoing, engineers may prepare articles for the lay or technical press, but such articles shall not imply credit to the author for work performed by others. Engineers shall not disclose, without consent, confidential information concerning the business affairs or technical processes of any present or former client or employer, or public body on which they serve. a. Engineers shall not, without the consent of all interested parties, promote or arrange for new employment or practice in connection with a specific project for which the engineer has gained particular and specialized knowledge. b. Engineers shall not, without the consent of all interested parties, participate in or represent an adversary interest in connection with a specific project or proceeding in which the engineer has gained particular specialized knowledge on behalf of a former client or employer. Engineers shall not be influenced in their professional duties by conflicting interests. a. Engineers shall not accept financial or other considerations Including free engineering designs, from material or equipment suppliers for specifying their product.




Engineers shall not accept commissions or allowances, directly or indirectly, from contractors or other parties dealing with clients or employers of the engineer in connection with work for which the engineer is responsible.

Engineers shall not attempt to obtain employment or advancement or professional engagements by untruthfully criticizing other engineers, or by other improper or questionable methods. a. Engineers shall not request, propose, or accept a commission on a contingent basis under circumstances in which their judgment may be compromised. b. Engineers in salaried positions shall accept part-time engineering work only to the extent consistent with policies of the employer and in accordance with ethical considerations. c. Engineers shall not, without consent, use equipment, supplies, laboratory, or office facilities of an employer to carry on outside private practice.

Engineers shall not attempt to injure, maliciously or falsely, directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, prospects, practice, or employment of other engineers. Engineers who believe others are guilty of unethical or illegal practice shall present such information to the proper authority for action. a. Engineers in private practice shall not review the work of another engineer for the same client, except with the knowledge of such engineer, or unless the connection of such engineer with the work has been terminated. b. Engineers in governmental, industrial, or educational employ are entitled to review and evaluate the work of other engineers when so required by




their employment duties. Engineers in sales or industrial employ are entitled to make engineering comparisons of represented products with products of other suppliers.

Engineers shall accept personal responsibility for their professional activities, provided, however, that engineers may seek indemnification for services arising out of their practice for other than gross negligence, where the engineer’s interests cannot otherwise be protected. a. Engineers shall conform with state registration laws in the practice of engineering. b. Engineers shall not use association with a nonengineer, a corporation, or partnership as a “cloak” for unethical acts.

Engineers shall give credit for engineering work to those to whom credit is due, and will recognize the proprietary interests of others. a. Engineers shall, whenever possible, name the person or persons who may be individually responsible for designs, inventions, writings, or other accomplishments. b. Engineers using designs supplied by a client recognize that the designs remain the property of the client and may not be duplicated by the engineer for others without express permission. c. Engineers, before undertaking work for others in connection with which the engineer may make improvements, plans, designs, inventions, or other records that may justify copyrights or patents, should enter into a positive agreement regarding ownership. d. Engineers’ designs, data, records, and notes referring exclusively to an employer’s work are the employer’s

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property. The employer should indemnify the engineer for use of the information for any purpose other than the original purpose. e. Engineers shall continue their professional development throughout their careers and should keep current in their specialty fields by engaging in professional practice, participating in continuing education courses, reading in the technical literature, and attending professional meetings and seminars.

Footnote 1 “Sustainable development” is the challenge of meeting human needs for natural resources, industrial products, energy, food, transportation, shelter, and effective waste management while conserving and protecting environmental quality and the natural resource base essential for future development.

As Revised July 2007 “By order of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, former Section 11(c) of the NSPE Code of Ethics prohibiting competitive bidding, and all policy statements, opinions, rulings or other guidelines interpreting its scope, have been rescinded as unlawfully interfering with the legal right of engineers, protected under the antitrust laws, to provide price information to prospective clients; accordingly, nothing contained in the NSPE Code of Ethics, policy statements, opinions, rulings or other guidelines prohibits the submission of price quotations or competitive bids for engineering services at any time or in any amount.”

Statement by NSPE Executive Committee In order to correct misunderstandings which have been indicated in some instances since the issuance of the Supreme Court decision and the entry of the Final Judgment, it is noted that in its decision of April 25, 1978, the Supreme Court of the United States declared: “The Sherman Act does not require competitive bidding.” 115

It is further noted that as made clear in the Supreme Court decision: 1. Engineers and firms may individually refuse to bid for engineering services. 2.





Clients are not required to seek bids for engineering services.

Federal, state, and local laws governing procedures to procure engineering services are not affected, and remain in full force and effect.

State societies and local chapters are free to actively and aggressively seek legislation for professional selection and negotiation procedures by public agencies.


State registration board rules of professional conduct Including rules prohibiting competitive bidding for engineering services, are not affected and remain in full force and effect. State registration boards with authority to adopt rules of professional conduct may adopt rules governing procedures to obtain engineering services.

As noted by the Supreme Court, “nothing in the judgment prevents NSPE and its members from attempting to influence governmental action . . .”

mance of individuals to the Code. The Code deals with professional services, which services must be performed by real persons. Real persons in turn establish and implement policies within business structures. The Code is clearly written to apply to the Engineer, and it is incumbent on members of NSPE to endeavor to live up to its provisions. This applies to all pertinent sections of the Code. v

Note: In regard to the question of application of the Code to corporations vis-avis real persons, business form or type should not negate nor influence confor-

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Chapter 471, Florida Statues Engineering Practice Act

As of October 1, 2016. Current Edition - http://

CHAPTER 471 ENGINEERING 471.001 Purpose. 471.003  Qualifications for practice; exemptions. 471.0035 Instructors in postsecondary educational institutions; exemption from licensure requirement. 471.005  Definitions. 471.007  Board of Professional Engineers. 471.008  Rulemaking authority. 471.009  Board headquarters. 471.011  Fees. 471.013  Examinations; prerequisites. 471.015  Licensure. 471.017  Renewal of license. 471.019  Reactivation. 471.0195 Florida Building Code training for engineers. 471.021  Engineers and firms of other states; temporary certificates to practice in Florida. 471.023 Certification of business organizations. 471.025 Seals. 471.027 Engineers authorized to enter lands of third parties under certain conditions. 471.031 Prohibitions; penalties. 471.033 Disciplinary proceedings. 471.037 Effect of chapter locally. 471.038 Florida Engineers Management Corporation. 471.0385 Court action; effect. 471.045 Professional engineers performing building code inspector duties. 471.001 Purpose.—The Legislature deems it necessary in the interest of public health and safety to regulate the practice of engineering in this state. History.—ss. 1, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 5, ch. 2000-332.

471.003 Qualifications for practice; exemptions.— (1) No person other than a duly licensed engineer shall practice engineering or use the name or title of “licensed engineer,” “professional engineer,” or any other title, designation, words, letters, abbreviations, or device tending to indicate that such person holds an active license as an engineer in this state.

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The following persons are not required to be licensed under the provisions of this chapter as a licensed engineer: (a) Any person practicing engineering for the improvement of, or otherwise affecting, property legally owned by her or him, unless such practice involves a public utility or the public health, safety, or welfare or the safety or health of employees. This paragraph shall not be construed as authorizing the practice of engineering through an agent or employee who is not duly licensed under the provisions of this chapter. (b)1. A person acting as a public officer employed by any state, county, municipal, or other governmental unit of this state when working on any project the total estimated cost of which is $10,000 or less. 2. Persons who are employees of any state, county, municipal, or other governmental unit of this state and who are the subordinates of a person in responsible charge licensed under this chapter, to the extent that the supervision meets standards adopted by rule of the board. (c) Regular full-time employees of a corporation not engaged in

the practice of engineering as such, whose practice of engineering for such corporation is limited to the design or fabrication of manufactured products and servicing of such products. (d) Regular full-time employees of a public utility or other entity subject to regulation by the Florida Public Service Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or Federal Communications Commission. (e) Employees of a firm, corporation, or partnership who are the subordinates of a person in responsible charge, licensed under this chapter. (f) Any person as contractor in the execution of work designed by a professional engineer or in the supervision of the construction of work as a foreman or superintendent. (g) A licensed surveyor and mapper who takes, or contracts for, professional engineering services incidental to her or his practice of surveying and mapping and who delegates such engineering services to a licensed professional engineer qualified within her or his firm or contracts for such professional engineering services to be performed by others who are licensed professional engineers under the provisions of this chapter. (h) Any electrical, plumbing, airconditioning, or mechanical contractor whose practice includes the design and fabrication of electrical, plumbing, airconditioning, or mechanical systems, respectively, which she or he installs by virtue of a license issued under chapter 489, under part I of chapter 553, or under any special act or ordinance when 117

working on any construction project which: 1. Requires an electrical or plumbing or air-conditioning and refrigeration system with a value of $125,000 or less; and 2.a. Requires an aggregate service capacity of 600 amperes (240 volts) or less on a residential electrical system or 800 amperes (240 volts) or less on a commercial or industrial electrical system; b. Requires a plumbing system with fewer than 250 fixture units; or c. Requires a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system not to exceed a 15-ton-persystem capacity, or if the project is designed to accommodate 100 or fewer persons. (i) Any general contractor, certified or registered pursuant to the provisions of chapter 489, when negotiating or performing services under a design-build contract as long as the engineering services offered or rendered in connection with the contract are offered and rendered by an engineer licensed in accordance with this chapter. (j) Any defense, space, or aerospace company, whether a sole proprietorship, firm, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, joint stock association, corporation, or other business entity, subsidiary, or affiliate, or any employee, contract worker, subcontractor, or independent contractor of the defense, space, or aerospace company who provides engineering for aircraft, space launch vehicles, launch services, satellites, satellite services, or other defense, space, or aerospace-related product or services, or components thereof. (3) Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter or of any other law, no licensed engineer whose principal practice is civil or 118

structural engineering, or employee or subordinate under the responsible supervision or control of the engineer, is precluded from performing architectural services which are purely incidental to her or his engineering practice, nor is any licensed architect, or employee or subordinate under the responsible supervision or control of the architect, precluded from performing engineering services which are purely incidental to her or his architectural practice. However, no engineer shall practice architecture or use the designation “architect” or any term derived therefrom, and no architect shall practice engineering or use the designation “engineer” or any term derived therefrom. History.—ss. 10, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 3, 10, ch. 81-302; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; s. 5, ch. 82-179; s. 3, ch. 83-160; ss. 46, 119, ch. 83-329; s. 1, ch. 85-134; s. 57, ch. 87-225; s. 2, ch. 87-341; s. 2, ch. 87-349; ss. 1, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 1, ch. 89-115; s. 67, ch. 89-162; s. 4, ch. 91-429; ss. 80, 118, ch. 94-119; s. 330, ch. 97-103; s. 65, ch. 98287; s. 31, ch. 2000-356; s. 16, ch. 2002-299; s. 1, ch. 2003-425; s. 4, ch. 2004-332; s. 64, ch. 2009-195.

471.0035 Instructors in postsecondary educational institutions; exemption from licensure requirement.—For the sole purpose of teaching the principles and methods of engineering design, notwithstanding the provisions of s. 471.005(7), a person employed by a public postsecondary educational institution, or by an independent postsecondary educational institution licensed or exempt from licensure pursuant to the provisions of chapter 1005, is not required to be licensed under the provisions of this chapter as a professional engineer. History.—s. 11, ch. 99-252; s. 32, ch. 2000-356; s. 4, ch. 2000-372; s. 17, ch. 2002-299; s. 1017, ch. 2002-387.

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471.005 Definitions.—As used in this chapter, the term: (1) “Board” means the Board of Professional Engineers. (2)






“Board of directors” means the board of directors of the Florida Engineers Management Corporation.

“Certificate of authorization” means a license to practice engineering issued by the management corporation to a corporation or partnership.

“Department” means the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

“Engineer” includes the terms “professional engineer” and “licensed engineer” and means a person who is licensed to engage in the practice of engineering under this chapter.

“Engineer intern” means a person who has graduated from an engineering curriculum approved by the board and has passed the fundamentals of engineering examination as provided by rules adopted by the board.

“Engineering” includes the term “professional engineering” and means any service or creative work, the adequate performance of which requires engineering education, training, and experience in the application of special knowledge of the mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences to such services or creative work as consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, and design of engineering works and systems, planning the use of land and water, teaching of the principles and methods of engineering design, engineering surveys, and the inspection of construction for the




purpose of determining in general if the work is proceeding in compliance with drawings and specifications, any of which embraces such services or work, either public or private, in connection with any utilities, structures, buildings, machines, equipment, processes, work systems, projects, and industrial or consumer products or equipment of a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or thermal nature, insofar as they involve safeguarding life, health, or property; and includes such other professional services as may be necessary to the planning, progress, and completion of any engineering services. A person who practices any branch of engineering; who, by verbal claim, sign, advertisement, letterhead, or card, or in any other way, represents himself or herself to be an engineer or, through the use of some other title, implies that he or she is an engineer or that he or she is licensed under this chapter; or who holds himself or herself out as able to perform, or does perform, any engineering service or work or any other service designated by the practitioner which is recognized as engineering shall be construed to practice or offer to practice engineering within the meaning and intent of this chapter. “License” means the licensing of engineers or certification of businesses to practice engineering in this state.

“Management corporation” means the Florida Engineers Management Corporation.

“Retired professional engineer” or “professional engineer, retired” means a person who has been duly licensed as a professional engineer by the board and who chooses to




relinquish or not to renew his or her license and applies to and is approved by the board to be granted the title “Professional Engineer, Retired.”

“Secretary” means the Secretary of Business and Professional Regulation.

“Space or aerospace company” means any business entity concerned with the design, manufacture, or support of aircraft, rockets, missiles, spacecraft, satellites, space vehicles, space stations, space facilities, or components thereof, and equipment, systems, facilities, simulators, programs, products, services, and activities related thereto.

“Defense company” means any business entity that holds a valid Department of Defense contract or any business entity that is a subcontractor under a valid Department of Defense contract. The term includes any business entity that holds valid contracts or subcontracts for products or services for military use under prime contracts with the United States Department of Defense, the United States Department of State, or the United States Coast Guard. History.—ss. 2, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 4, 10, ch. 81-302; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; s. 4, ch. 83-160; s. 4, ch. 84-365; ss. 2, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 151, ch. 94-218; s. 331, ch. 97-103; s. 33, ch. 2000-356; s. 3, ch. 2000-372; s. 18, ch. 2002-299; s. 2, ch. 2003-425.



engineers or members of any closely related profession or occupation. A member of the board who is a licensed engineer must be selected and appointed based on his or her qualifications to provide expertise and experience to the board at all times in civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical or electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, or engineering education. Following expiration of the terms of members appointed to initiate staggered terms as set forth in subsection (3), members of the board shall be appointed by the Governor for terms of 4 years each. A professional or technical engineering society may submit a list of qualified nominees to be considered by the Governor for appointment.

When the terms of members serving as of July 1, 2014, expire, the terms of their immediate successors shall be staggered so that three members are appointed for 2 years, four members are appointed for 3 years, and four members are appointed for 4 years, as determined by the Governor. Each member shall hold office until the expiration of his or her appointed term or until a successor has been appointed. History.—ss. 3, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 5, 9, 10, ch. 81-302; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 3, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 152, ch. 94-218; s. 19, ch. 2002-299; s. 1, ch. 2004-332; s. 1, ch. 2014-125.

471.007 Board of Professional Engineers.— (1) There is created in the department the Board of Professional Engineers. The board shall consist of 11 members, 9 of whom shall be licensed engineers and 2 of whom shall be laypersons who are not and have never been

471.008 Rulemaking authority.—The board has authority to adopt rules pursuant to ss. 120.536(1) and 120.54 to implement provisions of this chapter or chapter 455 conferring duties upon it. History.—s. 1, ch. 87-341; s. 1, ch. 87349; s. 1, ch. 88-303; ss. 4, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 109, ch. 98-166; s. 142, ch. 98-200; s. 170, ch. 2000-160.

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471.009 Board headquarters.—The location of the Board of Professional Engineers shall be in Leon County. History.—ss. 3, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 6, 10, ch. 81-302; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 5, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429.

471.011 Fees.— (1) The board by rule may establish fees to be paid for applications, examination, reexamination, licensing and renewal, inactive status application and reactivation of inactive licenses, and recordmaking and recordkeeping. The board may also establish by rule a delinquency fee. The board shall establish fees that are adequate to ensure the continued operation of the board. Fees shall be based on department estimates of the revenue required to implement this chapter and the provisions of law with respect to the regulation of engineers.


(3) (4)



The initial application and examination fee shall not exceed $125 plus the actual per applicant cost to the management corporation to purchase the examination from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying or a similar national organization. The examination fee shall be in an amount which covers the cost of obtaining and administering the examination and shall be refunded if the applicant is found ineligible to sit for the examination. The application fee shall be nonrefundable. The initial license fee shall not exceed $125. The fee for a certificate of authorization shall not exceed $125.

The biennial renewal fee shall not exceed $125.

The fee for a temporary registration or certificate to practice engineering shall not exceed $25 for an individual or $50 for a business firm.

471.013 Examinations; prerequisites.— (1)(a) A person shall be entitled to take an examination for the purpose of determining whether she or he is qualified to practice in this state as an engineer if the person is of good moral character and: 1. Is a graduate from an approved engineering curriculum of 4 years or more in a school, college, or university which has been approved by the board and has a record of 4 years of active engineering experience of a character indicating competence to be in responsible charge of engineering; 2. Is a graduate of an approved engineering technology curriculum of 4 years or more in a school, college, or university within the State University System, having been enrolled or having graduated prior to July 1, 1979, and has a record of 4 years of active engineering experience of a character indicating competence to be in responsible charge of engineering; or 3. Has, in lieu of such education and experience requirements, 10 years or more of active engineering work of a character indicating that the applicant is

competent to be placed in responsible charge of engineering. However, this subparagraph does not apply unless such person notifies the department before July 1, 1984, that she or he was engaged in such work on July 1, 1981. The board shall adopt rules providing for the review and approval of schools or colleges and the courses of study in engineering in such schools and colleges. The rules shall be based on the educational requirements for engineering as defined in s. 471.005. The board may adopt rules providing for the acceptance of the approval and accreditation of schools and courses of study by a nationally accepted accreditation organization. (b) A person shall be entitled to take the fundamentals examination for the purpose of determining whether she or he is qualified to practice in this state as an engineer intern if she or he is in the final year of, or is a graduate of, an approved engineering curriculum in a school, college, or university approved by the board. (c) A person shall not be entitled to take the principles and practice examination until that person has successfully completed the fundamentals examination. (d) The board shall deem that an applicant who seeks licensure by examination has passed the fundamentals examination when such applicant has received a doctorate degree in engineering from an institution that has an undergraduate engineering program that is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Inc., and has taught engineering full time for at least 3 years, at the baccalaureate level or higher, after receiving that degree. (e) Every applicant who is

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The fee for licensure by endorsement shall not exceed $150.

The fee for application for inactive status or for reactivation of an inactive license shall not exceed $150. History.—ss. 4, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; s. 20, ch. 88-205; ss. 6, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 212, ch. 94119; s. 1, ch. 97-312; s. 34, ch. 2000-356; s. 5, ch. 2000-372.

qualified to take the fundamentals examination or the principles and practice examination shall be allowed to take either examination three times, notwithstanding the number of times either examination has been previously failed. If an applicant fails either examination three times, the board shall require the applicant to complete additional collegelevel education courses or a board-approved relevant examination review course as a condition of future eligibility to take that examination. If the applicant is delayed in taking the examination due to reserve or active duty service in the United States Armed Forces or National Guard, the applicant is allowed an additional two attempts to take the examination before the board may require additional collegelevel education or review courses.

(2)(a) The board may refuse to certify an applicant for failure to satisfy the requirement of good moral character only if: 1. There is a substantial connection between the lack of good moral character of the applicant and the professional responsibilities of a licensed engineer; and 2. The finding by the board of lack of good moral character is supported by clear and convincing evidence. (b) When an applicant is found to be unqualified for a license because of a lack of good moral character, the board shall furnish the applicant a statement containing the findings of the board, a complete record of the evidence upon which the determination was based, and a notice of the rights of the applicant to a rehearing and appeal. History.—ss. 5, 42, ch. 79-243; s. 340, ch. 81-259; ss. 7, 10, ch. 81-302; ss. 2, 3, ch.

81-318; ss. 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91429; s. 141, ch. 92-149; s. 332, ch. 97-103; s. 20, ch. 2002-299; s. 1, ch. 2003-293; s. 2, ch. 2004-332; s. 2, ch. 2014-125.

471.015 Licensure.— (1) The management corporation shall issue a license to any applicant who the board certifies is qualified to practice engineering and who has passed the fundamentals examination and the principles and practice examination.




The board shall certify for licensure any applicant who satisfies the requirements of s. 471.013. The board may refuse to certify any applicant who has violated any of the provisions of s. 471.031.

The board shall certify as qualified for a license by endorsement an applicant who: (a) Qualifies to take the fundamentals examination and the principles and practice examination as set forth in s. 471.013, has passed a United States national, regional, state, or territorial licensing examination that is substantially equivalent to the fundamentals examination and principles and practice examination required by s. 471.013, and has satisfied the experience requirements set forth in s. 471.013; or (b) Holds a valid license to practice engineering issued by another state or territory of the United States, if the criteria for issuance of the license were substantially the same as the licensure criteria that existed in this state at the time the license was issued.

The management corporation shall not issue a license by endorsement to any applicant who is under investigation in another state for

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any act that would constitute a violation of this chapter or of chapter 455 until such time as the investigation is complete and disciplinary proceedings have been terminated.

(5)(a) The board shall deem that an applicant who seeks licensure by endorsement has passed an examination substantially equivalent to the fundamentals examination when such applicant has held a valid professional engineer’s license in another state for 15 years and has had 20 years of continuous professional-level engineering experience. (b) The board shall deem that an applicant who seeks licensure by endorsement has passed an examination substantially equivalent to the fundamentals examination and the principles and practices examination when such applicant has held a valid professional engineer’s license in another state for 25 years and has had 30 years of continuous professional-level engineering experience.



The board may require a personal appearance by any applicant for licensure under this chapter. Any applicant of whom a personal appearance is required must be given adequate notice of the time and place of the appearance and provided with a statement of the purpose of and reasons requiring the appearance.

The board shall, by rule, establish qualifications for certification of licensees as special inspectors of threshold buildings, as defined in ss. 553.71 and 553.79, and shall compile a list of persons who are certified. A special inspector is not required to meet standards for certification other than those established by the board, and the fee owner of a threshold building 121

may not be prohibited from selecting any person certified by the board to be a special inspector. The board shall develop minimum qualifications for the qualified representative of the special inspector who is authorized to perform inspections of threshold buildings on behalf of the special inspector under s. 553.79. History.—ss. 6, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; s. 2, ch. 85-134; ss. 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; ss. 82, 216, ch. 94-119; s. 32, ch. 95-392; s. 110, ch. 98166; s. 37, ch. 2000-141; s. 171, ch. 2000-160; s. 35, ch. 2000-356; s. 6, ch. 2000-372; s. 21, ch. 2002-299; s. 2, ch. 2003-293; s. 3, ch. 2014-125. 471.017 Renewal of license.— (1) The management corporation shall renew a license upon receipt of the renewal application and fee. (2)

The board shall adopt rules establishing a procedure for the biennial renewal of licenses.

nonclassroom courses, workshops, or professional or technical presentations made at meetings, webinars, conventions, or conferences Including those presented by vendors with specific knowledge related to the licensee’s area of practice. Up to 4 hours may be earned by serving as an officer or actively participating on a committee of a boardrecognized professional or technical engineering society. The 2 required continuing education hours relating to this chapter, the rules adopted pursuant to this chapter, and ethics may be earned by serving as a member of the Legislature or as an elected state or local official. The hours required pursuant to s. 471.0195 may apply to any requirements of this section except for those required under subparagraph 1. (b) The board shall adopt rules that are substantially consistent with the most recent published version of the Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, and shall allow nonclassroom hours to be credited. The board may, by rule, exempt from continuing professional competency requirements retired professional engineers who no longer sign and seal engineering documents and licensees in unique circumstances that severely limit opportunities to obtain the required continuing education hours. History.—ss. 7, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 213, ch. 94-119; s. 11, ch. 98287; s. 36, ch. 2000-356; s. 7, ch. 2000-372; s. 4, ch. 2014-125.

(3)(a) The board shall require a demonstration of continuing professional competency of engineers as a condition of license renewal or relicensure. Every licensee must complete 9 continuing education hours for each year of the license renewal period, totaling 18 continuing education hours for the license renewal period. For each renewal period for such continuing education: 1. One hour must relate to this chapter and the rules adopted under this chapter. 2. One hour must relate to professional ethics. 3. Four hours must relate to the licensee’s area of practice. 4. The remaining hours may relate to any topic pertinent to the practice of engineering. Continuing education hours may be earned by presenting or attending seminars, in-house or

471.019 Reactivation.—The board shall prescribe by rule continuing education requirements for reactivating a license. The continuing education requirements for reactivating a license for a licensed


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engineer may not exceed 12 classroom hours for each year the license was inactive. History.—ss. 8, 42, ch. 79-243; s. 341, ch. 81-259; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; s. 104, ch. 83-329; ss. 7, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 214, ch. 94-119; s. 12, ch. 98287; s. 37, ch. 2000-356; s. 22, ch. 2002-299.

471.0195 Florida Building Code training for engineers.—All licensees actively participating in the design of engineering works or systems in connection with buildings, structures, or facilities and systems covered by the Florida Building Code shall take continuing education courses and submit proof to the board, at such times and in such manner as established by the board by rule, that the licensee has completed any specialized or advanced courses on any portion of the Florida Building Code applicable to the licensee’s area of practice. The board shall record reported continuing education courses on a system easily accessed by code enforcement jurisdictions for evaluation when determining license status for purposes of processing design documents. Local jurisdictions shall be responsible for notifying the board when design documents are submitted for building construction permits by persons who are not in compliance with this section. The board shall take appropriate action as provided by its rules when such noncompliance is determined to exist. History.—s. 38, ch. 2000-356; s. 23, ch. 2002-299; s. 12, ch. 2009-195.

471.021 Engineers and firms of other states; temporary certificates to practice in Florida.— (1) Upon approval of the board and payment of the fee set in s. 471.011, the management corporation shall issue a temporary license for work on one specified project in this state for a period not to exceed 1 year to an engineer holding a certificate to practice in another state, provided Florida licensees are similarly



permitted to engage in work in such state and provided that the engineer be qualified for licensure by endorsement.

Upon approval by the board and payment of the fee set in s. 471.011, the management corporation shall issue a temporary certificate of authorization for work on one specified project in this state for a period not to exceed 1 year to an out-of-state corporation, partnership, or firm, provided one of the principal officers of the corporation, one of the partners of the partnership, or one of the principals in the fictitiously named firm has obtained a temporary license in accordance with subsection (1).

The application for a temporary license shall constitute appointment of the Department of State as an agent of the applicant for service of process in any action or proceeding against the applicant arising out of any transaction or operation connected with or incidental to the practice of engineering for which the temporary license was issued. History.—ss. 9, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 142, ch. 92-149; s. 8, ch. 2000372; s. 24, ch. 2002-299.

471.023 Certification of business organizations.— (1) The practice of, or the offer to practice, engineering by licensees or offering engineering services to the public through a business organization Including a partnership, corporation, business trust, or other legal entity or by a business organization Including a corporation, partnership, business trust, or other legal entity offering such services to the public through licensees under this chapter as agents, employees, officers, or


partners is permitted only if the business organization possesses a certification issued by the management corporation pursuant to qualification by the board, subject to the provisions of this chapter. One or more of the principal officers of the business organization or one or more partners of the partnership and all personnel of the business organization who act in its behalf as engineers in this state shall be licensed as provided by this chapter. All final drawings, specifications, plans, reports, or documents involving practices licensed under this chapter which are prepared or approved for the use of the business organization or for public record within the state shall be dated and shall bear the signature and seal of the licensee who prepared or approved them. Nothing in this section shall be construed to mean that a license to practice engineering shall be held by a business organization. Nothing herein prohibits business organizations from joining together to offer engineering services to the public, if each business organization otherwise meets the requirements of this section. No business organization shall be relieved of responsibility for the conduct or acts of its agents, employees, or officers by reason of its compliance with this section, nor shall any individual practicing engineering be relieved of responsibility for professional services performed by reason of his or her employment or relationship with a business organization. For the purposes of this section, a certificate of authorization shall be required for any business organization or other person practicing under a fictitious name, offering engineering services to the public. However, when an

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individual is practicing engineering in his or her own given name, he or she shall not be required to be licensed under this section.

Except as provided in s. 558.0035, the fact that a licensed engineer practices through a business organization does not relieve the licensee from personal liability for negligence, misconduct, or wrongful acts committed by him or her. Partnerships and all partners shall be jointly and severally liable for the negligence, misconduct, or wrongful acts committed by their agents, employees, or partners while acting in a professional capacity. Any officer, agent, or employee of a business organization other than a partnership shall be personally liable and accountable only for negligent acts, wrongful acts, or misconduct committed by him or her or committed by any person under his or her direct supervision and control, while rendering professional services on behalf of the business organization. The personal liability of a shareholder or owner of a business organization, in his or her capacity as shareholder or owner, shall be no greater than that of a shareholder-employee of a corporation incorporated under chapter 607. The business organization shall be liable up to the full value of its property for any negligent acts, wrongful acts, or misconduct committed by any of its officers, agents, or employees while they are engaged on its behalf in the rendering of professional services. Each certification of authorization shall be renewed every 2 years. Each business organization certified under this section must notify the board within 1 month after any change in the information contained in the



application upon which the certification is based.

Disciplinary action against a business organization shall be administered in the same manner and on the same grounds as disciplinary action against a licensed engineer. History.—ss. 11, 42, ch. 79-243; s. 1, ch. 80-223; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 8, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 143, ch. 92149; s. 333, ch. 97-103; s. 39, ch. 2000-356; s. 9, ch. 2000-372; s. 25, ch. 2002-299; s. 3, ch. 2003-293; s. 3, ch. 2013-28.

471.025 Seals.— (1) The board shall prescribe, by rule, one or more forms of seal to be used by licensees. Each licensee shall obtain at least one seal in the form approved by rule of the board and may, in addition, register his or her seal electronically in accordance with ss. 668.001-668.006. All final drawings, specifications, plans, reports, or documents prepared or issued by the licensee and being filed for public record and all final documents provided to the owner or the owner’s representative shall be signed by the licensee, dated, and sealed with said seal. Such signature, date, and seal shall be evidence of the authenticity of that to which they are affixed. Drawings, specifications, plans, reports, final documents, or documents prepared or issued by a licensee may be transmitted electronically and may be signed by the licensee, dated, and sealed electronically with said seal in accordance with ss. 668.001668.006. (2)


It is unlawful for any person to seal or digitally sign any document with a seal or digital signature after his or her license has expired or been revoked or suspended, unless such license has been reinstated or

reissued. When an engineer’s license has been revoked or suspended by the board, the licensee shall, within a period of 30 days after the revocation or suspension has become effective, surrender his or her seal to the executive director of the board and confirm to the executive director the cancellation of the licensee’s digital signature in accordance with ss. 668.001668.006. In the event the engineer’s license has been suspended for a period of time, his or her seal shall be returned to him or her upon expiration of the suspension period.

without the written permission of the landowner. History.—ss. 17, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 27, ch. 2002-299.

471.027 Engineers authorized to enter lands of third parties under certain conditions.—Engineers are hereby granted permission and authority to go on, over, and upon the lands of others when necessary to make engineering surveys and, in so doing, to carry with them their agents and employees necessary for that purpose. Entry under the right hereby granted shall not constitute trespass, and engineers and their duly authorized agents or employees so entering shall not be liable to arrest or a civil action by reason of such entry; however, nothing in this section shall be construed as giving authority to said licensees, agents, or employees to destroy, injure, damage, or move anything on lands of another

471.031 Prohibitions; penalties.— (1) A person may not: (a) Practice engineering unless the person is licensed or exempt from licensure under this chapter. (b)1. Except as provided in subparagraph 2. or subparagraph 3., use the name or title “professional engineer” or any other title, designation, words, letters, abbreviations, or device tending to indicate that such person holds an active license as an engineer when the person is not licensed under this chapter Including, but not limited to, the following titles: “agricultural engineer,” “air-conditioning engineer,” “architectural engineer,” “building engineer,” “chemical engineer,” “civil engineer,” “control systems engineer,” “electrical engineer,” “environmental engineer,” “fire protection engineer,” “industrial engineer,” “manufacturing engineer,” “mechanical engineer,” “metallurgical engineer,” “mining engineer,” “minerals engineer,” “marine engineer,” “nuclear engineer,” “petroleum engineer,” “plumbing engineer,” “structural engineer,” “transportation engineer,” “software engineer,” “computer hardware engineer,” or “systems engineer.” 2. Any person who is exempt from licensure under s. 471.003(2)(j) may use the title or personnel classification of “engineer” in the scope of his or her work under that exemption if the title does not include or connote the term “professional engineer,” “registered engineer,” “licensed engineer,” “registered professional engineer,” or “licensed professional engineer.”

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No licensee shall affix or permit to be affixed his or her seal, name, or digital signature to any plan, specification, drawing, final bid document, or other document that depicts work which he or she is not licensed to perform or which is beyond his or her profession or specialty therein. History.—ss. 12, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 144, ch. 92-149; s. 334, ch. 97103; s. 4, ch. 97-241; s. 40, ch. 2000-356; s. 32, ch. 2000-372; s. 2, ch. 2001-63; s. 26, ch. 2002-299.


3. Any person who is exempt from licensure under s. 471.003(2)(c) or (e) may use the title or personnel classification of “engineer” in the scope of his or her work under that exemption if the title does not include or connote the term “professional engineer,” “registered engineer,” “licensed engineer,” “registered professional engineer,” or “licensed professional engineer” and if that person is a graduate from an approved engineering curriculum of 4 years or more in a school, college, or university which has been approved by the board. (c) Present as his or her own the license of another. (d) Give false or forged evidence to the board or a member thereof. (e) Use or attempt to use a license that has been suspended, revoked, or placed on inactive or delinquent status. (f) Employ nonexempt unlicensed persons to practice engineering. (g) Conceal information relative to violations of this chapter.

Any person who violates any provision of this section commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. History.—ss. 14, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; s. 47, ch. 83-329; ss. 9, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 215, ch. 94119; s. 335, ch. 97-103; s. 41, ch. 2000-356; s. 28, ch. 2002-299; s. 3, ch. 2003-425; s. 3, ch. 2004-332.

471.033 Disciplinary proceedings.— (1) The following acts constitute grounds for which the disciplinary actions in subsection (3) may be taken: (a) Violating any provision of s. 455.227(1), s. 471.025, or s. 471.031, or any other provision of this chapter or rule of the board or department. (b) Attempting to procure a

license to practice engineering by bribery or fraudulent misrepresentations. (c) Having a license to practice engineering revoked, suspended, or otherwise acted against Including the denial of licensure, by the licensing authority of another state, territory, or country, for any act that would constitute a violation of this chapter or chapter 455. (d) Being convicted or found guilty of, or entering a plea of nolo contendere to, regardless of adjudication, a crime in any jurisdiction which directly relates to the practice of engineering or the ability to practice engineering. (e) Making or filing a report or record that the licensee knows to be false, willfully failing to file a report or record required by state or federal law, willfully impeding or obstructing such filing, or inducing another person to impede or obstruct such filing. Such reports or records include only those that are signed in the capacity of a licensed engineer. (f) Advertising goods or services in a manner that is fraudulent, false, deceptive, or misleading in form or content. (g) Engaging in fraud or deceit, negligence Incompetence, or misconduct, in the practice of engineering. (h) Violating chapter 455. (i) Practicing on a revoked, suspended, inactive, or delinquent license. (j) Affixing or permitting to be affixed his or her seal, name, or digital signature to any final drawings, specifications, plans, reports, or documents that were not prepared by him or her or under his or her responsible supervision, direction, or control. (k) Violating any order of the board or department previously entered in a disciplinary hearing. (l) Performing building code inspection services under s. 553.791, without satisfying the

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insurance requirements of that section.

The board shall specify, by rule, what acts or omissions constitute a violation of subsection (1).

When the board finds any person guilty of any of the grounds set forth in subsection (1), it may enter an order imposing one or more of the following penalties: (a) Denial of an application for licensure. (b) Revocation or suspension of a license. (c) Imposition of an administrative fine not to exceed $5,000 for each count or separate offense. (d) Issuance of a reprimand. (e) Placement of the licensee on probation for a period of time and subject to such conditions as the board may specify. (f) Restriction of the authorized scope of practice by the licensee. (g) Restitution.

The management corporation shall reissue the license of a disciplined engineer or business upon certification by the board that the disciplined person has complied with all of the terms and conditions set forth in the final order. History.—ss. 15, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 8, 10, ch. 81-302; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; s. 3, ch. 85-134; ss. 10, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 145, ch. 92-149; s. 217, ch. 94119; s. 336, ch. 97-103; s. 5, ch. 97-241; s. 111, ch. 98-166; s. 13, ch. 98-287; s. 119, ch. 2000-141; s. 172, ch. 2000-160; s. 10, ch. 2000-372; s. 35, ch. 2001-186; s. 4, ch. 2001-372; s. 29, ch. 2002-299; s. 4, ch. 2003-293; s. 4, ch. 2005-147; s. 53, ch. 2009-195; s. 45, ch. 2010-106.

471.037 Effect of chapter locally.— (1) Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed to repeal, amend, limit, or otherwise affect any local building code or zoning



law or ordinance, now or hereafter enacted, which is more restrictive with respect to the services of licensed engineers than the provisions of this chapter.

In counties or municipalities that issue building permits, such permits may not be issued in any case in which it is apparent from the application for the building permit that the provisions of this chapter have been violated. However, this subsection does not authorize the withholding of building permits in cases involving the exceptions and exemptions set out in s. 471.003. History.—ss. 13, 42, ch. 79-243; ss. 2, 3, ch. 81-318; ss. 12, 14, 15, ch. 89-30; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 81, ch. 94-119; s. 42, ch. 2000-356; s. 30, ch. 2002-299. 471.038 Florida Engineers Management Corporation.— (1) This section may be cited as the “Florida Engineers Management Corporation Act.” (2)



The purpose of this section is to create a public-private partnership by providing that a single nonprofit corporation be established to provide administrative, investigative, and prosecutorial services to the board and that no additional nonprofit corporation be created for these purposes.

The Florida Engineers Management Corporation is created to provide administrative, investigative, and prosecutorial services to the board in accordance with the provisions of chapter 455 and this chapter. The management corporation may hire staff as necessary to carry out its functions. Such staff are not public employees for the purposes of chapter 110 or chapter 112, except that the board of directors and the staff are subject to the provisions of s. 112.061. The provisions of s.

768.28 apply to the management corporation, which is deemed to be a corporation primarily acting as an instrumentality of the state, but which is not an agency within the meaning of s. 20.03(11). The management corporation shall: (a) Be a Florida corporation not for profit Incorporated under the provisions of chapter 617. (b) Provide administrative, investigative, and prosecutorial services to the board in accordance with the provisions of chapter 455, this chapter, and the contract required by this section. (c) Receive, hold, and administer property and make only prudent expenditures directly related to the responsibilities of the board, and in accordance with the contract required by this section. (d) Be approved by the board, and the department, to operate for the benefit of the board and in the best interest of the state. (e) Operate under a fiscal year that begins on July 1 of each year and ends on June 30 of the following year. (f) Have a seven-member board of directors, five of whom are to be appointed by the board and must be registrants regulated by the board and two of whom are to be appointed by the secretary and must be laypersons not regulated by the board. All appointments shall be for 4-year terms. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. Failure to attend three consecutive meetings shall be deemed a resignation from the board, and the vacancy shall be filled by a new appointment. (g) Select its officers in accordance with its bylaws. The members of the board of directors who were appointed by the board may be removed by the board. (h) Select the president of the management corporation, who shall also serve as executive

director to the board, subject to approval of the board. (i) Use a portion of the interest derived from the management corporation account to offset the costs associated with the use of credit cards for payment of fees by applicants or licensees. (j) Operate under a written contract with the department which is approved by the board. The contract must provide for, but is not limited to: 1. Submission by the management corporation of an annual budget that complies with board rules for approval by the board and the department. 2. Annual certification by the board and the department that the management corporation is complying with the terms of the contract in a manner consistent with the goals and purposes of the board and in the best interest of the state. This certification must be reported in the board’s minutes. The contract must also provide for methods and mechanisms to resolve any situation in which the certification process determines noncompliance. 3. Funding of the management corporation through appropriations allocated to the regulation of professional engineers from the Professional Regulation Trust Fund. 4. The reversion to the board, or the state if the board ceases to exist, of moneys, records, data, and property held in trust by the management corporation for the benefit of the board, if the management corporation is no longer approved to operate for the board or the board ceases to exist. All records and data in a computerized database shall be returned to the department in a form that is compatible with the computerized database of the department.

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5. The securing and maintaining by the management corporation, during the term of the contract and for all acts performed during the term of the contract, of all liability insurance coverages in an amount to be approved by the board to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the management corporation and its officers and employees, the department and its employees, and the state against all claims arising from state and federal laws. Such insurance coverage must be with insurers qualified and doing business in the state. The management corporation must provide proof of insurance to the department. The department and its employees and the state are exempt from and are not liable for any sum of money which represents a deductible, which sums shall be the sole responsibility of the management corporation. Violation of this subparagraph shall be grounds for terminating the contract. 6. Payment by the management corporation, out of its allocated budget, to the department of all costs of representation by the board counsel Including salary and benefits, travel, and any other compensation traditionally paid by the department to other board counsel. 7. Payment by the management corporation, out of its allocated budget, to the department of all costs incurred by the management corporation or the board for the Division of Administrative Hearings of the Department of Management Services and any other cost for utilization of these state services. 8. Payment by the management corporation, out of its allocated budget, to the department of reasonable costs associated with the contract monitor. (k) Provide for an annual financial audit of its financial

accounts and records by an independent certified public accountant. The annual audit report shall include a management letter in accordance with s. 11.45 and a detailed supplemental schedule of expenditures for each expenditure category. The annual audit report must be submitted to the board, the department, and the Auditor General for review. (l) Provide for persons not employed by the corporation who are charged with the responsibility of receiving and depositing fee and fine revenues to have a faithful performance bond in such an amount and according to such terms as shall be determined in the contract. (m) Submit to the secretary, the board, and the Legislature, on or before October 1 of each year, a report on the status of the corporation which includes, but is not limited to, information concerning the programs and funds that have been transferred to the corporation. The report must include: the number of license applications received; the number approved and denied and the number of licenses issued; the number of examinations administered and the number of applicants who passed or failed the examination; the number of complaints received; the number determined to be legally sufficient; the number dismissed; the number determined to have probable cause; the number of administrative complaints issued and the status of the complaints; and the number and nature of disciplinary actions taken by the board. (n) Develop and submit to the department, performance standards and measurable outcomes for the board to adopt by rule in order to facilitate efficient and cost-effective regulation.

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The management corporation may not exercise any authority specifically assigned to the board under chapter 455 or this chapter Including determining probable cause to pursue disciplinary action against a licensee, taking final action on license applications or in disciplinary cases, or adopting administrative rules under chapter 120.

Notwithstanding ss. 455.228 and 455.2281, the duties and authority of the department to receive complaints and to investigate and deter the unlicensed practice of engineering are delegated to the board. The board may use funds of the Board of Professional Engineers in the unlicensed activity account established under s. 455.2281 to perform the duties relating to unlicensed activity.

The department shall retain the independent authority to open or investigate any cases or complaints, as necessary to protect the public health, safety, or welfare. In addition, the department may request that the management corporation prosecute such cases and shall retain sole authority to issue emergency suspension or restriction orders pursuant to s. 120.60. Management corporation records are public records subject to the provisions of s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution; however, public records exemptions set forth in ss. 455.217 and 455.229 for records created or maintained by the department shall apply to records created or maintained by the management corporation. In addition, all meetings of the board of directors are open to the public in accordance with s. 286.011 and s. 24(b), Art. I of the State


Constitution. The exemptions set forth in s. 455.225, relating to complaints and information obtained pursuant to an investigation by the department, shall apply to such records created or obtained by the management corporation only until an investigation ceases to be active. For the purposes of this subsection, an investigation is considered active so long as the management corporation or any law enforcement or administrative agency is proceeding with reasonable dispatch and has a reasonable, good faith belief that it may lead to the filing of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings. An investigation ceases to be active when the case is dismissed prior to a finding of probable cause and the board has not exercised its option to pursue the case or 10 days after the board makes a determination regarding probable cause. All information, records, and transcriptions regarding a complaint that has been determined to be legally sufficient to state a claim within the jurisdiction of the board become available to the public when the investigation ceases to be active, except information that is otherwise confidential or exempt from s. 119.07(1). However, in response to an inquiry about the licensure status of an individual, the management corporation shall disclose the existence of an active investigation if the nature of the violation under investigation involves the potential for substantial physical or financial harm to the public. The board shall designate by rule those violations that involve the potential for substantial physical or financial harm. The department and the board shall have access to all records of the management corporation, as necessary to exercise their authority to approve 128



and supervise the contract.

The management corporation is the sole source and depository for the records of the board Including all historical information and records. The management corporation shall maintain those records in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of State and shall not destroy any records prior to the limits imposed by the Department of State.

The board shall provide by rule for the procedures the management corporation must follow to ensure that all licensure examinations are secure while under the responsibility of the management corporation and that there is an appropriate level of monitoring during the licensure examinations. History.—ss. 2, 5, ch. 97-312; s. 112, ch. 98-166; s. 173, ch. 2000-160; ss. 1, 2, ch. 2000-372; s. 121, ch. 2001-266; s. 5, ch. 2003-293.

471.0385 Court action; effect.—If any provision of s. 471.038 is held to be unconstitutional or is held to violate the state or federal antitrust laws, the following shall occur: (1) The corporation shall cease and desist from exercising any powers and duties enumerated in the act.



History.—s. 3, ch. 97-312. 471.045 Professional engineers performing building code inspector duties.— Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person who is currently licensed under this chapter to practice as a professional engineer may provide building code inspection services described in s. 468.603(6) and (7) to a local government or state agency upon its request, without being certified by the Florida Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board under part XII of chapter 468. When performing these building code inspection services, the professional engineer is subject to the disciplinary guidelines of this chapter and s. 468.621(1)(c)-(h). Any complaint processing, investigation, and discipline that arise out of a professional engineer’s performing building code inspection services shall be conducted by the Board of Professional Engineers rather than the Florida Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board. A professional engineer may not perform plans review as an employee of a local government upon any job that the professional engineer or the professional engineer’s company designed. History.—s. 7, ch. 98-419; s. 10, ch. 99254; s. 28, ch. 2000-372. v

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation shall resume the performance of such activities. The department shall regain and receive, hold, invest, and administer property and make expenditures for the benefit of the board.

The Executive Office of the Governor, notwithstanding chapter 216, is authorized to reestablish positions, budget authority, and salary rate necessary to carry out the department’s responsibilities related to the regulation of professional engineers.

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Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council (GMEC) PURPOSE: The Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council (GMEC) is an independent practice section under the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE). FICE is associated with the Florida Engineering Society on the state level as a designated practice section for engineers in private practice. FICE is also associated with the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) on a national level. The purpose of the GMEC is to service as an advocate for the practice of engineering in the geosciences and in the construction materials testing industries. As such, it will provide a continuing professional forum to advance the practice of geotechnical engineers and materials testing laboratories in the State of Florida by focusing cooperative efforts on the conditions affecting their practice. MEMBERSHIP: Member firms of FICE, who offer professional engineering services in the geosciences and/or the construction materials testing industries, shall automatically be listed as members of GMEC. Individual employees of the member firms, who are practicing licensed Professional Engineers or Engineering Interns, are also considered members of GMEC. Individual qualified employees from each member firm may participate in the programs and activities of GMEC, and be eligible to hold an elected office. A single representative from each member firm shall be identified as the Voting Representative and be eligible to vote for their firm in elections for the GMEC officers and other elections held by the Executive Committee. Finally, practicing engineers from FICE member firms who do not offer geosciences or construction materials testing services may also be listed as non-voting members of GMEC by submitting a letter of request to GMEC.

SUBSCRIBERS: Employees of an engineering laboratory who are not eligible for membership in FICE may participate in the programs and activities of the Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council as Subscribers. To become a Subscriber interested persons

shall apply in writing to the Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council Executive Committee and shall pay such annual service fee as may be established by the members of the Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council Executive Committee. Subscribers, not being members of the Council, shall not be eligible to hold elective office in the Council, nor shall a Subscriber have the right to vote in the election of Council officers. Subscribers may be appointed as chairmen or members of Council committees.

ADMINISTRATION: The affairs of the GMEC will be administered by an Executive Committee, which is composed of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and the immediate Past Chairman. The Executive Committee shall be elected by the Voting Representative from each member firm in GMEC. The Executive Committee shall nominate, by majority vote, a Director to represent GMEC on the FICE Board of Directors. The GMEC Director on the FICE Board shall be subject to the terms of election included in the FICE Bylaws. a. The Officers of the Executive Committee shall by Professional Engineers, licensed in the State of Florida, who are employed by a member firm in good standing, and shall be elected by majority vote of the Voting Representative of member firms casting ballots for a term of office that coincides with the administrative year of FICE. b. Vacancies in any office may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Executive Committee. c. The Chairman shall coordinate GMEC activities, preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee, and maintain a liaison with FICE staff. d. The Vice Chairman shall assist the Chairman with his/her duties and act on the behalf of the Chairman in his/her absence. The Vice Chairman is also responsible for the planning of the GMEC Annual Meeting. e. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all Executive Committee Meetings and general membership meetings, and maintain a roster of GMEC members and Subscribers. Copies of the

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

f. g.

minutes shall be made available to all GMEC members and Subscribers. The FICE staff shall assist the Officers of the Executive Committee with their assigned duties. The GMEC Director on the FICE Board shall be responsible for attending the FICE Board of Directors meetings and representing the interests of GMEC. The GMEC Director shall attend Executive Committee meetings to receive direction on GMEC issues to be brought before the FICE Board for discussion and action, and shall report back to the GMEC Executive Committee on the results of previous FICE Board meetings.

OPERATIONS: a. GMEC shall hold an annual meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of FICE. b. GMEC shall hold an annual technical meeting on current technical topics relevant to GMEC member firms and as suggested by the Executive Committee and/or the general membership. c. General membership meetings shall be held at such times deemed necessary by a majority of the Executive Committee or by petition to the Executive Committee by ten percent of the general membership. d. Each listed member must be notified at least weeks in advance of any scheduled general membership meetings. e. Official policies, statements and actions will be limited to those having approval of the majority of the Executive Committee. FINANCES: a. Member Dues: Any annual dues required of the member firms and/or general membership may be established by a majority vote of the membership at a general membership meeting or by mail ballot. b. Subscribers Service Fee: Any annual service fee required of the Subscribers may be established by a majority vote of the membership at a general membership meeting or by mail ballot.



Member Dues and Subscriber Service Fees shall be due on October 1 of the new fiscal year, and the dues and fees shall be considered delinquent as of January 1 of the following calendar year. Membership and/or Subscriber status may be suspended until payment is received in full.

COMMITTEES: Appointments of committee chairs and committee members shall be made by the GMEC Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may also appoint special committees as it deems desirable and appropriate. GMEC shall have the following standing committees: a. Membership Committee. Duties: Promote membership and participation in GMEC. b. Public Relations Committee. Duties: Promote and publicize the activities and programs of GMEC. c. Professional Development Committee. Duties: Plan and conduct conferences, programs and activities that will help advance the professional practice of engineering in the geosciences and the construction materials testing industries in the State of Florida. d. Nominating Committee. Duties: Submit a list of nominees for each Executive Committee Office to the current Secretary not later than February 1 of the current fiscal year. The Nominating Committee shall contact each nominee to determine their willingness to serve if elected. e. Conditions of Practice Committee. Duties: Monitor conditions, legislation, regulations, ethics etc., affecting the professional practice of geosciences and the construction materials testing industries in the State of Florida, and with the approval of the Executive Committee, develop and execute programs and activities which will improve and/or safeguard the conditions of practice of geosciences and the construction materials testing industries. f. Technical Advancement Committee. Duties: Encourage the adoption and enforcement of accepted testing methods and procedures; review and exert influence on the adoption and use of building codes and stan130

dard specifications; provide a program for the review and discussion of new testing procedures and equipment; develop and conduct conferences, training, courses, etc. to improve the knowledge and understanding of technicians and other persons performing subprofessional services related to the professional practice of geosciences and the construction materials testing industries in the state of Florida.

REVISIONS: Changes or modifications in the GMEC Bylaws will require the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee and the FICE Board of Directors. Approved by the Engineering Laboratories Forum Executive Committee, July 13, 1971. Approved by the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers Board of Directors, February 20, 1973. Amended by the FICE Board of Directors, June 17, 1987. Amended by the FICE Board of Directors, August 5, 2004. Amended by the FICE Board of Directors, February 6, 2013. v

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

FICE Membership Categories

FIRM MEMBER: Firm Members receive full FICE and ACEC services Including the Florida Register, FICE Update, and FICE Directory & Guide, member rates on publications and seminars, plus access to insurance and other association programs at member rates. Firm principals may chair or serve on committees and may serve in any office Including NSPE/PEPP Governor, provided they are members of NSPE/PEPP. Firm Members pay annual FICE dues and ACEC dues as shown on the two charts below. At least one principal shall be a member of the Florida Engineering Society (FES) and NSPE/PEPP. No. of Employees 1 2-4 5-9 10-16 17-25 26-36 37-49

No. of Employees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

Index No.

Dues Annually

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

$335.00 $625.00 $909.00 $1,193.00 $1,477.00 $1,761.00 $2,045.00

Index No.

Dues Annually

1.0 1.5 1.9 2.2 2.5 2.8 3.0 3.3 3.5 3.7 3.9 4.1 4.3 4.5 4.7 4.9 5.1 5.2 5.4 5.5 5.7 5.9 6.0 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.6 6.7 6.9 7.0 7.1 7.3 7.4 7.5

$485.00 $559.00 $701.00 $829.00 $941.00 $1,043.00 $1,140.00 $1,230.00 $1,317.00 $1,399.00 $1,478.00 $1,553.00 $1,624.00 $1,695.00 $1,763.00 $1,831.00 $1,894.00 $1,958.00 $2,018.00 $2,078.00 $2,138.00 $2,195.00 $2,251.00 $2,307.00 $2,360.00 $2,416.00 $2,468.00 $2,517.00 $2,570.00 $2,619.00 $2,671.00 $2,720.00 $2,765.00 $2,814.00

Dues Quarterly $83.75 $156.25 $227.25 $298.25 $369.25 $440.25 $511.25

Dues Quarterly $121.00 $139.00 $175.00 $207.00 $235.00 $260.00 $285.00 $307.00 $329.00 $349.00 $369.00 $388.00 $406.00 $423.00 $440.00 $457.00 $473.00 $489.00 $504.00 $519.00 $534.00 $548.00 $562.00 $576.00 $590.00 $604.00 $617.00 $629.00 $642.00 $654.00 $667.00 $680.00 $691.00 $703.00


No. of Employees 50-64 65-81 82-100 101-121 122-144 145-169 170-196

Index No.

Dues Annually

Dues Quarterly

35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68

Index No.

Dues Annually

Index No.

Dues Annually

Dues Quarterly

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

$2,329.00 $2,613.00 $2,897.00 $3,181.00 $3,465.00 $3,749.00 $4,033.00

$582.25 $653.25 $724.25 $795.25 $866.25 $937.25 $1,008.25

197-225 15 $4,317.00 226-256 16 $4,601.00 257-289 17 $4,885.00 290-324 18 $5,169.00 325-361 19 $5,453.00 362-400 20 $5,737.00 400+ contact FICE for dues information

$1,079.25 $1,150.25 $1,221.25 $1,292.25 $1,363.25 $1,434.25

Index No.

Dues Annually

Dues Quarterly

No. of Employees

Dues Quarterly


No. of Employees

No. of Employees

7.6 7.8 7.9 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.4 8.5 8.6 8.7 8.8 8.9 9.0 9.1 9.2 9.4 9.5 9.6 9.7 9.8 9.9 10.0 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7 10.8 10.9 11.0 11.1 11.2

$2,862.00 $2,907.00 $2,952.00 $2,998.00 $3,043.00 $3,088.00 $3,133.00 $3,174.00 $3,219.00 $3,260.00 $3,301.00 $3,346.00 $3,388.00 $3,429.00 $3,467.00 $3,508.00 $3,549.00 $3,587.00 $3,628.00 $3,665.00 $3,703.00 $3,744.00 $3,782.00 $3,819.00 $3,857.00 $3,894.00 $3,932.00 $3,966.00 $4,003.00 $4,041.00 $4,074.00 $4,112.00 $4,146.00 $4,183.00

$715.00 $726.00 $738.00 $749.00 $760.00 $772.00 $783.00 $793.00 $804.00 $815.00 $825.00 $836.00 $847.00 $857.00 $866.00 $877.00 $887.00 $896.00 $907.00 $916.00 $925.00 $936.00 $945.00 $954.00 $964.00 $973.00 $983.00 $991.00 $1,000.00 $1,010.00 $1,018.00 $1,028.00 $1,036.00 $1,045.00

69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99

11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5 11.6 11.7 11.8 11.9 12.0 12.1 12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 12.5 12.6 12.7 12.8 12.8 12.9 13.0 13.1 13.2 13.3 13.3 13.4 13.5 13.6 13.7 13.7 13.8

$4,217.00 $4,251.00 $4,288.00 $4,322.00 $4,356.00 $4,390.00 $4,423.00 $4,457.00 $4,491.00 $4,525.00 $4,555.00 $4,588.00 $4,622.00 $4,656.00 $4,686.00 $4,720.00 $4,750.00 $4,784.00 $4,814.00 $4,847.00 $4,877.00 $4,907.00 $4,941.00 $4,971.00 $5,001.00 $5,031.00 $5,061.00 $5,091.00 $5,125.00 $5,155.00 $5,185.00

$1,054.00 $1,062.00 $1,072.00 $1,080.00 $1,089.00 $1,097.00 $1,105.00 $1,114.00 $1,122.00 $1,131.00 $1,138.00 $1,147.00 $1,155.00 $1,164.00 $1,171.00 $1,180.00 $1,187.00 $1,196.00 $1,203.00 $1,211.00 $1,219.00 $1,226.00 $1,235.00 $1,242.00 $1,250.00 $1,257.00 $1,265.00 $1,272.00 $1,281.00 $1,288.00 $1,296.00

If your firm has more than 100 employees, please call for the correct ACEC dues amount.

DUES: For purposes of computing Firm Member dues, all persons regularly employed by the firm in Florida, in an office or field capacity, shall be considered employees.

Annual dues are payable on October 1, the first day of the FICE fiscal year. ACEC dues are billed and collected by FICE. FICE and ACEC dues may be paid quarterly.

HOW TO JOIN: A $25 application fee must be forwarded with this application. You will receive a dues statement when your application for membership has been processed and approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors. Return completed application and $25 application fee to: FICE Member Services

PO Box 750 • Tallahassee, FL 32302-0750 850-224-7121 • fax 850-222-4349

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide



Membership Category: q Firm Member

Firm Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Address of Main Office __________________________________________________________________________________ City ______________________________________ County ______________________________ Zip __________________

Email Address ________________________________________ Web Page ________________________________________

Telephone No. (

) _____________________________________ Fax (

Total Number of Full-time Florida Employees ____________________

) ______________________________________

Certificate of Authorization issued by the Florida State Board of Professional Engineers:

No. _________________________________________________

Date Issued _____________________________________

Name(s) and Email addresses of principal officers (partners).

Please indicate professional designations, such as PE, PLS, AIA, and titles if appropriate. Name ________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________

Email ________________________________________ Email ________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________ Email ________________________________________ Type of firm designation: q MBE q WBE q DBE


1. Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Street City Zip County

Name and Title of Branch Manager ________________________________________________________________________

Telephone No. (

) _____________________________________ Fax (

) __________________________________

Email Address _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Street City Zip County

Name and title of Branch Manager ________________________________________________________________________

Telephone No. (

) _____________________________________ Fax (

) ____________________________________

Email Address _________________________________________________________________________________________ *Attach separate sheet of paper to provide information about additional branch offices in Florida.

DESIGNATED VOTING REPRESENTATIVE TO FICE MEMBER FICE Bylaws provide that each Firm Member shall designate one official representative who shall be a principal (partner) in the firm and a professional engineer in the state of Florida. Each Firm Member is entitled to one vote by its designated representative on each matter submitted to a vote of the FICE membership. The designated representative will receive all FICE communications. Designated Representative ______________________________________________________________________________ PE Registration No. __________________________________

Email Address ____________________________________

FLORIDA REGISTER RECIPIENT(S) The Florida Register is a weekly marketing newsletter, distributed by Email, that lists current publicly announced RFPs from across the state. Each firm receives, via Email, up to two complimentary copies of the Florida Register. Additional subscriptions may be purchased through FICE Headquarters. Name ________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________


Email ________________________________________

Email ________________________________________

Email ________________________________________

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

MEMBERSHIP IN THE FLORIDA ENGINEERING SOCIETY AND THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS At least one principal (partner) of each Firm Member must be a member of the Florida Engineering Society (FES) and the Professional Engineers in Private Practice (PEPP), a section of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

Member _____________________________________________________________________________________________

MEMBERSHIP IN FICE Bylaws require that each Firm Member shall be affiliated with the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

FIRM ACTIVITIES Please describe in 60 words or less the types of services provided by the firm. This information will be published in the FICE Directory & Guide, a reference guide of FICE consulting firms issued to state and local government agencies. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Indicate which of the following areas of service your firm provides. Include only in-house capability by virtue of experience and employment of a principal registered in the specific field: q Accident Investigation q Electrical q Hydrogeological q Solid Waste q Aeronautical/Aerospace q Energy Management q Industrial q Structural q Agriculture q Energy Engineering/ q Laboratory Services q Surveying/Photogrammetry q Airports Power Plants q Marine Structures q System Safety-Reliability q Architecture q Environmental q Mechanical q Testing q Building Design q Fire Protection q Nuclear q Transportation q Chemical q Forensic q Petroleum q Water/Wastewater q Civil q Foundations q Planning q Other__________________ q Coastal q Geotechnical q Plumbing q Computer Consulting q Hazardous Waste q Research & Development q Construction Management q HVAC q Sanitary

STATEMENT OF INDEPENDENT PRACTICE This firm q does q does not have any commercial sales or contract interests or other affiliations which might cause a conflict of interest with the independent practice of consulting engineering.

DIRECTORY As part of your membership, you receive a FICE Directory & Guide. Please indicate the format you prefer: q Electronic

q Print

q Both

PRACTICE SECTION AFFILIATION q Please list me as a member of the Geotechnical and Materials Engineers Council. (There is no charge for GMEC membership.)

q I certify that the above statements are correct and agree that I will abide by the Bylaws and Policies of FICE and will conform to the Code of Ethics of NSPE as they currently exist and as they may be amended from time to time. (The most current copy of the Code of Ethics is available at _________________________________________________________ Signature of Designated Voting Representative _________________________________________________________ Printed/Typed Name of Designated Voting Representative

___________________________________________ Date ___________________________________________ Federal Tax I.D. Number

_________________________________________________________ Printed or Typed Sponsor Name

___________________________________________ Date

Each application must bear the endorsement of a sponsor who shall be a principal with a FICE member firm. If you do not know a principal with a FICE member firm, we will gladly assist you upon receipt of your application. _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Signature of Sponsor Sponsor’s Firm Name

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


Engineering Certificate Frame Order Form

Enhance your professional image with custom-made frames. All frames are double-matted ivory with black trim. Frames are self-loading for easy installation. Please do not send your certicate.



Unit Cost

Walnut: 25-1/2” x 19-1/2” Frame


Mahogany: 25-1/2” x 19-1/2” Frame Service Charge

Opening of Mat: 17” x 11” Quantity


$37 each


Unit Cost

Walnut: 19-1/2” x 17” Frame


Mahogany: 19-1/2” x 17” Frame Service Charge

Opening of Mat: 11” x 8-1/2”




Unit Cost

Walnut: 15” X 10-1/4” Frame


Service Charge

Opening of Mat: 8” x 3-1/4” Prices subject to change without notice.


$37 each

LICENSE RENEWAL CERTIFICATE 2” Mat Mahogany: 15” x 10-1/4” Frame



$30 each



______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

Please do not send certicates

Order Form Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Company Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Street ______________________________________ City ______________________State __________ Zip ________________ Day Telephone ______________________________________ Email __________________________________________________ VISA or MasterCard No. ________________________________ Exp Date _____________ Signature ________________________ Send completed form and payment to: Florida Engineering Society PO Box 750 • Tallahassee, FL 32302-0750 • Phone 850-224-7121 • Fax 850-222-4349 134

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

Seal Order Form

The Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE) has determined that all professional engineers (PE) have to acquire and use a seal that complies with all terms of the current Rule 61G15-23.001. Pursuant to Section 471.025, F.S., the samples shown above represent seals that are acceptable to the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE) for the signing and sealing of final documents being filed for public record or being supplied to the owner or his representative. The seal must be a minimum of one and seven/eighths inches (1-7/8”) in diameter. Model Number


P-2 Pocket Seal


D-2 Desk Seal


Impression Inker


Self-inker Seal #M17R


Rubber Stamp Seal #R28 - Self-inker Ink

- Self-inker Ink Pad


Price Quantity Total Ordered Amount


This is the highest quality metal hand-held embossing seal on the market. $55.00 It leaves a raised impression on the paper. Carrying case included.

A free-standing desktop embossing seal with mar-proof protective rubber $70.00 feet. Frames are all steel. It leaves a raised impression on the paper. The inker marks the raised portion of the impression with black ink so that it is visible for copies.

The rubber stamp comes with a handle mount. Ink pad is not included. Self-inking stamps have a built-in, re-inkable stamp pad, as well as a spring mechanism that keeps the stamp protected and your hands and desk free from ink. Uses ink below Used to refresh the ink supply in #M17R

Approved by the Rules of the State Board of Professional Engineers, Chapter 61G15-23.001.

Used to replace ink pad in #M17R

$24.00 $30.00 $45.00 $ 6.50 $ 6.50


7.5% Sales Tax (Florida Residence) $12.00 Service Charge Home Address Add $4.00

Total Enclosed

Mandatory: Verification that your license is current must accompany all orders. This information may be found at: Payment in full must accompany order. Make check payable to the Florida Engineering Society

Name ____________________________________________________Engineer Registration No. __________________________

(YOUR PE REGISTRATION NAME) Company Name ____________________________________ Address (No PO Box) _____________________________________

City _______________________________________________ State ______________

Zip ______________________________

Day Telephone ______________________________________ E-mail _________________________________________________

VISA/MasterCard No. _________________________________ Expiration ____________ Signature_________________________

Guarantee: If used correctly, all seals are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. Embossing seals are intended for use on only 1 sheet of 20-24 lb. paper at a time. Using the embossing seal on more than one sheet at a time will cause damage and voids the guarantee. Send completed form and payment to: Florida Engineering Society | PO Box 750 • Tallahassee, FL 32302-0750 • Phone 850-224-7121 • Fax 850-222-4349

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide


Consulting Engineers Legislative Council (CELC) Empowerment Through Participation

The Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) has been successful in our efforts to address issues of concern to engineers across the state. We must remain vigilant in our fight to keep current engineering issues in the forefront of legislative attention. Actively supporting pro-engineering candidates is the single most effective tool in this effort. A committee of FICE, the Consulting Engineers Legislative Council (CELC), was created to provide targeted pro-engineering legislative candidates with special funding to assist in their efforts to run a successful campaign. CELC objectives are to: • Support candidates who understand engineering issues and will be strong advocates for concerns of consulting engineers and their business. • Promote and support engineering candidates for public office. • Protect and improve legislation relating to the practice of consulting engineering. CELC funds are generally used by candidates for television and radio campaign advertising, phone banks, and targeted direct mail during the final stages of their race.

CELC dedicates its influence to ensuring engineers’ strength. CELC Members pledge contributions totaling $1,000 annually to pro-engineering candidates located throughout Florida. Once a commitment is established and races have been identified, CELC Members will be contacted by the Florida Engineering Society (FES)/FICE Government Affairs team and asked to contribute promised funds, in whole or in part, for a specific candidate. Contribution checks are made payable directly to the candidate and mailed to CELC. These checks are then presented to the candidate by a FICE Representative on the contributors’ behalf.

As a CELC Member, you are ensuring that elected officials know that they are hearing the voice of Florida’s engineers. The power of CELC members’ commitment assures stability within the engineering profession in Florida. Empower CELC and join today!

For more information please contact Samantha Hobbs, Government Affairs Coordinator, by email at or call 850224-7121.

Commitment Form

I AM COMMITTED TO CELC! I commit to become a member of the Consulting Engineers Legislative Council and pledge to provide contributions totaling $1,000 annually, as directed by CELC, toward the election of candidates supporting the engineering profession. This is a (check one): q Personal Commitment q Firm Commitment

Name ________________________________________ Position/Title ______________________ Commitment Date__________ Name of Firm __________________________________________

Contact Person _____________________________________

Address_______________________________________ City __________________ State _____________ Zip Code __________

Phone_________________________________ Fax ________________________________ Email __________________________ Note any special requests or recommendations for your contributions: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please return this card and future contributions to: Consulting Engineers Legislative Council • PO Box 750 • Tallahassee, FL 32302-0750


2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide



2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide





2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

2017 FICE Annual Directory & Guide

2017 FICE Directory  
2017 FICE Directory