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CPSU guide to your new agreement

16 September 2010

A summary of the main changes in your new and improved general staff agreement - negotiated for you by the CPSU Part A – General Matters • • • • • •

the agreement will run for three years you have the right to be represented by the CPSU in any process or any matter in the Agreement the CPSU and employees will be consulted on relevant policy changes all references to gender removed (other than in one clause) in line with the Ally Program principles employees on a AWA or ITEA can terminate the individual agreement and be covered by the collective agreement the CPSU can lodge disputes on behalf of members about the Agreement or the National Employment Standards

Part B – Salaries and Related Matters • • •

you will get a 19.5% cumulative pay increase PLUS a $1,000 sign on bonus. This guarantees that UNSW general staff remain amongst the highest paid in the sector the casual loading will progressively increase each year from 23% to 25% 17% superannuation will be paid to:  all continuing employees  Continuing (Contingent Funded Research) employees  Fixed Term employees who are employed on a contract of 2 years or more  Fixed Term employees on second and subsequent contracts, after 2 years all casuals will receive 9% superannuation (increased from 3% for some casuals)

Part C – Employment Arrangements • • • •

continuing employment will now be the primary type of employment for general staff casual and fixed term employees can convert to continuing employment a new category of employment called Continuing (Contingent Funded Research) Employment, providing a form of continuing employment for employees in research centres who have traditionally been excluded by the nature of recurrent research funding job re-evaluation cannot lead to reclassification to a lower level

Part D – Hours of Work, Shift Work and Overtime • • • •

you will now have a right to refuse unreasonable overtime part time employees will be paid an extra 8.33% for overtime worked which is less than ordinary full time hours AV Technicians will now also be included Hours of Work for child care centres have been changed from (6.30am – 6.30pm) to (7am-7pm)

VOTE YES FOR A NEW & IMPROVED AGREEMENT Part E – Workplace and Organisational Change • • • •

a new and improved change management process the CPSU has an automatic right to represent members a new and clearer process for filling positions, especially where not all employees transition smoothly with the same job into the new structure suitable alternative positions open to employees on a trial basis, prior to redeployment and/or retrenchment options. Final retrenchment can now be delayed, reducing the need for forced redundancies and increasing job security for employees

Part F – Performance Management and Development • •

you will be able to raise workload issues and get them resolved performance development cannot be used for disciplinary purposes. It can only be used for staff development

Part G – Management of Disciplinary Matters and Termination of Employment • •

a comprehensive code that must be followed for disciplinary matters in the current agreement, general staff could be sacked for misconduct and serious misconduct. The new clause will limit the possibility of termination to cases of serious misconduct

Part H – Leave Entitlements and Conditions Annual Leave • • • • • • •

leave without pay will not break continuity of service you can accumulate 6 weeks of annual leave. Once you reach a balance of 6 weeks or more, the University may direct you to take annual leave to reduce your balance to no less than 3 weeks you can accumulate up to 8 weeks in special circumstances as long as you take annual leave within 6 months to reduce it to a balance of not more than 2 weeks Christmas shutdown is limited to 3 days you can only be directed to take annual leave for the Christmas shutdown if you have 6 weeks or more annual leave accumulated at the time if you have less than 6 weeks of annual leave accumulated you can use flex, TOIL, leave without pay, annual leave, or any combination to cover the Christmas shutdown period two paid university holidays between Christmas and New Year

Long Service Leave •

employees that change from full time to part time, long service leave will be calculated on the basis of an average fraction of the service over the life of the employee’s employment

Carer’s Leave • • •

12 days of carer’s leave will now be available from the second year of service Improved definition of immediate family will now include “a person who lives in an employee’s household” you can access carer’s leave to care for people who are not normally covered by the definition of “immediate family member”, and where there is a significant and close cultural or family relationship

Compassionate Leave •

you can take 3 days of paid leave for each occasion that an immediate family member, or a household member, or someone who is related by blood / marriage, or has a strong affinity by tradition of ceremonial affiliation, contracts or develops a personal illness that poses a serious threat to life, or sustains a personal injury that poses a serious threat to life, or dies. In addition, you will have the right to convert annual leave or long service leave to extend the period of compassionate leave up to an additional 20 days


26 weeks paid maternity leave and adoption leave from the first day of employment 36 weeks paid maternity leave and adoption leave from 5 years of service paid maternity & adoption leave can be shared between parents where both parents work at UNSW clearer entitlement to an additional 14 weeks paid leave if there is an unplanned cessation of parental leave UNSW remains one of the few employers that has paid parental leave for casual and fixed term employees

Grandparent Leave •

2 weeks paid leave to assist a parent with a newborn baby. This is the first paid grandparent leave in the country

Domestic violence leave •

the first clause in the country that puts domestic violence on the agenda as workplace issue. There will be an enforceable system to support employees experiencing domestic violence by allowing them to access various forms of paid leave and flexible working arrangements to attend, amongst other things, relevant appointments and to rearrange housing or childcare

Defence Force Leave •

additional and unlimited paid leave for defence force reservists, whose leave would be fully offset by the Employer Defence Payment Scheme provided by the Federal Government

Study and Examination Leave •

allows access to flex time during a work unit’s core hours to attend lectures & exams

Public Holidays •

working days between Christmas and New Years Day will be paid University Holidays

Part I – Other Items Individual Flexibility Arrangement •

required by law this provides for the ability for a variation to the Agreement (if both an individual and University agree) in relation to the taking of long service leave and the taking of annual leave

Union arrangements • • •

CPSU will be directly involved in dispute resolution, job evaluation, change management and consultation on policies CPSU delegates allowed paid time for the conduct of union activities CPSU delegates can access a pool of 20 days leave for union purposes

Indigenous Employment •

maintains a strong commitment to improving indigenous employment outcomes with employment targets and consultative arrangements with the CPSU

Employment Equity • •

the University has committed to focus on the development of female employees moving into senior positions the University has committed to support employees with disabilities and employees with family responsibilities

Part J - Schedules Allowances •

will be increased in line with salary increases, or in line with the ATO reasonable rates.


The choice is clear  Tell your work colleagues about the great conditions you, as a CPSU member, have helped us win at the UNSW Then tell them there has never been a better time to join the General Staff Union

   

we are the specialist General Staff Union we are the largest union in Australia representing general staff we are completely dedicated to the best interests of general staff we provide a truly local and democratic voice for you to work together to achieve and maintain a fair and safe workplace, better pay and improved rights at work

your new and improved Agreement is the result of the professionalism, dedication and hard work of your CPSU bargaining team

Our specialist staff and network of delegates can help you with:

     

advice about your workplace rights assistance with career development and classification matters fighting discrimination in the workplace protecting your health and safety improving your work-life balance and much more

Contact your local CPSU delegate and join the CPSU today Authorised by John Cahill, State Branch Secretary of the CPSU, The Community and Public Sector Union (SPSF Group NSW Branch), 160 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW, 2001


CPSU Guide to Draft of propsed UNSW General Staff Agreement

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