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GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts




GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts






GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts






GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts



GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts





GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts

Kids the age of 18 are often mistaken or

undermined in the eyes of society. When in truth, our generation and our youth are the creators of a new set of ideas that are bringing change to the world. From the town of Eugene, Oregon, came our very own hidden GEM, Khai Dreams. The musician is a perfect depiction of a unique artist, proving age doesn’t restrict the talent one can have in the creative world. With 12 of his own singles and other collaborations through the “Dream Easy” music collective streaming on Spotify, Khai found his way of communication through honesty in his self-produced music. 24

photos courtesy of Khai Dreams. 25


Starting out as a shy, high school student interested in creating

music, Khai Dreams began his career as an artist by uploading his first song, “Medicine” to the internet. Khai avoided checking his computer during the week of its release, in fear of rejection. After finally overcoming his nerves, Khai went online and was shocked by the amount of love and support he received. Finding music as a way to relate to people like he never had before, Khai expressed, “That is how, I guess, I’m supposed to communicate with people.”

Although from the outside it looked as if the process of making

music came easily, Khai’s constant nerves challenged his abilities to produce music that sounded true to him. After releasing a couple of upbeat songs that contradicted his previous vibe of a downcast sound, Khai was unhappy with the new tracks, revealing, “A lot of happy music is kind of fake.” The self-interrogation and musical uncertainty lead him to create a new type of sound, resulting in the track “Lost in You.” Described by Khai, “Lost in You” is a song that carries vulnerability people can relate to, while having a structure of authenticity.

Not letting the possibility of rejection hold him back, Khai Dreams

has created his own genre of music. With a brand new album on the way, the young artist has learned, “If you feel like this is something you want to do, whether it’s music or anything like that, the best advice is to just start and see where it takes you.” Due to his new found fearless mindset, Khai’s genuine lyrics, blissful beats and ukulele melodies now satisfy his expectations and aspirations to become the artist he worked to be.


GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts

“And we can get lost in an off beat rhythm feel the way that you’re moving and i think that i get it And i think that i will till the sun come up When the sun goes down we gon’ get in touch Cuz I don’t even know i don’t know why All your love I’m tryna find I’m so lost in you...” 27


spotify: khai dreams instagram: @khai_dreams



The “it” boy.


GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts


Hayden: So, basically I started getting into

, g n i *Ring * g n i g Rin

music when I was actually pretty young. But I don’t think I really got seriously into music, like writing music, until I was a sophomore in high school. It started there. I don’t know, I just listened to certain artists that inspired me. Like One Direction, I used to love them. Gem: Everyone was a One Direction fan. Hayden: Niall Horan, he came out with “This Town”. I listened to that and I was like dang, I can make music like that. Gem: So, he was a big inspiration to you?

Hayden: Hello? Gem: Hey, Hayden. Hayden: What’s up guys? Gem: We want to hear your story about how you got into music.

Hayden: Yeah. After that I sat on the piano and my first song just came to me. Then I just started writing a bunch of music. Gem: When you found your passion for music it was through listening to other artists? Hayden: Yes, that is correct. Gem: You just released your first single, “Sonja”. Take us through your creative writing process as a new artist? Hayden: It was cool, man. Like I said: I just sat at the piano. The verses came, then the *hummed piano noise* Gem: *laugher* Hayden: It took a while to get the chorus down. After that it came to me. When it all came together it was a pretty cool experience.


Gem: Was there anyone helping you write your

Hayden: Yeah, I think it’s important that I

music or was this a solo project?

make a full album one day. Eventually, I want it

Hayden: It was more just a solo thing, it was

to happen.

just myself. With the song writing it’s just me.

Gem: What is your favorite album by any other

Gem: What kind of reaction and support did you


get when “Sonja” was released?

Hayden: My favorite album is “Continuum” by

Hayden: Lot of support actually. My mom

John Mayer. I love the album.

especially, she’s my number one fan. And my

Gem: We love that album too.

friends of course, my really close friends. They

Hayden: Actually, his live album is the best,

loved it. Some people are just really awesome

especially “Free Falling” and “Stop This Train”.

and reach out to me and tell me how much they

He has so many good songs and he can do

love it. I appreciate that.

everything. He shreds on the guitar. Ballads are

Gem: We think it is so awesome when young

so good. I don’t know. He is just amazing.

people do things like that and put themselves out

Gem: To wrap this up, what advice would you


give to teenagers wanting to start fresh and

Hayden: No doubt.

pursue their passions like you did?

Gem: Who are some of your biggest

Hayden: Basically, don’t care what people think


about you. Don’t think, ‘maybe my music isn’t

Hayden: Harry Styles—

good enough. Maybe I’m not good enough’.

Gem: You’re a big One Direction Fan.

If you think you’ve got it, then you’ve got it.

Hayden: —LANY, and John Mayer.

Go for it. Let things motivate you. Let things

Gem: Those are some good ones.

inspire you.

Hayden: They are my three main, three

Gem: Thanks so much for talking with us.


Hayden: You’re welcome! Thank you guys.

Gem: Do you have any fresh music that you are releasing in 2018? Hayden: I do. I just finished one of my songs. It’s called “Your Body Was All I Knew”. It is

* p U s g *Han

coming out soon. Gem: Are you planning on making an album? 33

HAYDEN DALY spotify: Hayden Daly instagram: @hvydendvly 34

all photos courtesy of Hayden Daly. 35

GEM, Mag. the sound of fresh starts



The Sound of Fresh Starts - GEM Mag  
The Sound of Fresh Starts - GEM Mag  

Issue 01 Artist reflect on turning points and new eras of their music careers. Featuring hidden GEMS: Lindsay Perry, Sure Sure, Khai Dreams...