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You have the passion  to empower others.

We have the tools to  help you do it  successfully (and  profitably). T H E T R A N S F O R M AT I V E P O W E R O F MICROENTERPRISE. Financial independence is the ultimate form of empowerment. With it, individuals are able to make the types of choices that are in their own, and their families’, best interests. Without it, they can find themselves at the mercy of others who may force them to endure less than ideal, unsafe – even harmful – conditions. Financial independence is often thought to best be achieved through post-secondary education. For some, however, that simply is not a realistic strategy - but microenterprise may be a viable alternative. Microenterprise is typically defined as a small business with five or fewer employees, including the owner, that usually needs less than $35,000 to start. Because it encourages individuals to capitalize on existing talents and skills, microenterprise can represent a much faster path to financial independence than can pursuit of a “traditional” education, an objective that, for some, might be too difficult – if not impossible – to attain.

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Don’t let the word “MICRO”enterprise mislead you into thinking these businesses are insignificant: The majority of all businesses begin as microenterprises and, according to the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (a national trade association for the microenterprise development industry), more than 87% of all private, non-farm employers in the United States are microenterprises. Microentrepreneurs abound in our communities. They are the barbers, corner grocers, daycare providers, dry cleaners, restaurateurs and other proprietors that provide us with the products and services we need, and that we would not otherwise have easy geographic access to were it not for these microenterprises. Perhaps most important, however, is that many of these microenterprises have lifted individuals – and entire families – out of financial distress. Microenterprise can transform individual lives and, in so doing, it can transform entire communities, making them safer, more livable and more vibrant places for all of us.

WE CAN HELP YOU TRANSFORM LIVES We are the Green-Campbell Group, a community-oriented, economic development consultancy with specialized expertise in microenterprise development. Since 2002, our proprietary Business Basics curriculum has been used to train more than 10,000 microentrepreneurs around the United States with impressive results that include outperformance of the national averages for measures like business sustainability beyond five years and average annual revenues generated. Business Basics uses everyday language to impart the full complement of basic business concepts, including licensing and regulation; legal entity formation; primary and secondary market research; marketing and promotion; business development and sales; business and merchant banking; risk assessment and management; financial and operational management; taxes and tax credits; customer service; strategic planning; and goal-setting. Step-by-step instruction to help even first-time writers prepare a comprehensive and compelling business plan also is provided. Business Basics is an affordable, effective way for you to establish a revenue-generating microenterprise development program within your new or existing organization. Please contact us to learn more.


Business Basics

The road to  entrepreneurial success starts here

Business Basics

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Used with permission from: The Green­Campbell Group, LLC © 2001 – 2010. All rights reserved. Any copying or other  reproduction of this material without the expressed written consent of the owner is strictly  prohibited by law.

In­depth instruction on the core  business principles entrepreneurs  need to succeed Developing a Mission Statement Establishing Standards Measuring Success Business Legal Organization Naming Your Business Federal Employer ID Numbers State Tax ID Numbers Licensing and Permits D­U­N­S® Numbers Equipment Needs Working Capital Creating Organizational Systems Developing a Timeline Primary Market Research Secondary Market Research Market Analysis Evaluating Your Competition

             

Product and Service Definition Promotional Strategies Internet Marketing  Pricing Your Product or Service Customer Service Sales and Business Development Financial Statements Bookkeeping Taxes and Tax Credits Banking and Merchant Banking Business Insurance Developing An Operating Plan Planning for Change and Growth Organizing and Writing Your  Business Plan or Grant Proposal

 And much more…

Business Basics

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Uses everyday language

Business Basics

Better ensures comprehension by clients with  diverse educational and professional  backgrounds

Learning and instructional tools to  enhance effectiveness

Quizzes to assess clients’ retention  of the subject­matter


Self­study assignments to reinforce  the lessons learned


Worksheets and templates to  facilitate application of the acquired  skills

Business Basics


Flexible delivery platform

Business Basics

Can be presented  in the traditional  classroom

Or as a distance­ learning option

Train­the­Trainer option

▪ Supporting materials to aid in training and  program administration ▪ On­going technical assistance ▪ Can be delivered at our site in Atlanta, GA,  your site, or via real­time Internet webinar ▪ Typically conducted over two full days ▪ Please ask us for a quote

Business Basics

▪ Helps your organization’s personnel quickly  become proficient with the curriculum’s learning  objectives and the best ways to present it for  optimal client results

Ten years of outstanding results that  beat the national averages

Business Basics

▪ More than 10,000 entrepreneurs trained ▪ 1,500+ small businesses formed ▪ 71% formally organized ▪ 63% in business beyond five years ▪ 27% have annual revenues greater than  $60,000 ▪ 270+ net jobs created (jobs created versus  lost; not including the business owner)

Written by a microenterprise  development practitioner with twenty  years’ training and technical  assistance experience

▪ Makes periodic updates to the curriculum to  ensure it remains current ▪ Annually surveys organizations using  Business Basics to track and measure client  results

Business Basics

▪ Continues to be actively involved in small  business development

Business Basics

What clients are saying about  Business Basics “I undertook Business Basics in my second year of business. At the time, there were no  similar businesses for me to mirror, so every problem I encountered felt like I was reinventing  the wheel. Business experts taught the classes and provided insights, wisdom and experience.  Each week we were given homework assignments that corresponded to one or more business  plan sections. I completed my assignments according to the suggested deadlines and, by the  end of the course, I had completed my business plan.  Business Basics is amazing and was exactly what I needed. It helped me focus my vision and  better understand numerous aspects of business ownership. Seven years later I still refer back  to my Business Basics workbook. It has given me the direction and knowledge needed to  manage and grow a viable, successful business.” Adrienne Simpson President, SmoothMooove Senior Relocation Services, Inc. “As a small business owner without professional business training, I was intimidated by the  research and analysis required to develop the marketing and financial sections of my business  plan. Ultimately, that fear caused me to procrastinate and bypass those sections, rendering my  plan incomplete for some time. Not only did Business Basics provide clear instructions on  how to complete all sections of a strong business plan, it presented details on how to  tackle those challenging sections in layman's terms. Business Basics enabled me to  complete an effective business plan that has continued to be relevant and that I have continued  to update over the past 6 years.” Joey Johnson Owner, Graphic Mechanic Design Studio, LLC

Affordable purchase options to meet  your budget By license

Year 1 ­ $2,925 Year 2 ­ $1,950 Year 3 ­ $1,300

By the individual  workbook       $65 + $12.70 shipping

Business Basics

Presented by

Your Organization’s Name Used with permission from The Green­Campbell Group, LLC © 2001 – 2010

Business Basics

Delivered on a  CD­ROM

General Business Basics Fact Sheet  

The fact sheet provides an overview of the Business Basics entrepreneurial development curriculum, along with important features and benefit...

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