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Community action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live.

cares about the entire community, serving all of

Harris County. We are dedicated to helping people help

themselves and each other.

Our Purpose & History Message from our CEO GCCSA Founders GCCSA Board of Directors Our Policy Council GCCSA Leadership Team GCCSA Financial Statement Our Empowerment - Kathy & Michael Contreras Our Services Our Empowerment - Ben Johnson Impact on Our Community Message from our Head Start/Early Head Start Director Head Start/Early Head Start Purpose Head Start/Early Head Start Funding Impact on Early Childhood Education Preparing Children for the Future School Readiness HS/EHS Parent Engagement Spotlight: Fatherhood Program Healthy Head Starts = Healthy Living Spotlight: The Traveling Trophy Healthy Head Starts = Healthy Eating Spotlight: Community Garden Spotlight: Annual Car Giveaway HS/EHS Locations 30 Our Empowerment - Catrina Myles 31 GCCSA Community Partners

Published by Ja’Milla C.K. Lomas, MIB

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exists to strengthen the educational, social and economic well-being of individuals and families as they transition to independence and self-sufficiency.

As the brainchild of President Lyndon B. Johnson, the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act authorized the establishment of Community Action Agencies to combat conditions related to poverty. In 1964, the Houston Action for Youth Organization began operation and the following year the Houston-Harris County Economic Opportunity Organization was formed. In 1969, these two organizations were merged to become Harris County Community Action Association, predecessor of today’s Gulf Coast Community Services Association. GCCSA has administered hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding and has served over half a million low-income families during its 50 year history. GCCSA has established itself as one of the most experienced community service providers in the Gulf Coast Region.

For more than four decades, Gulf Coast Community Services Association (GCCSA) has been on the front lines of the battlefield to reduce poverty and build economic independence in Harris County. But GCCSA knows we can’t accomplish our mission without your support. The mission to end poverty has been a national objective since the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration—our nation’s growth depends on it. Consequently, we must work hard; we must work together and we must work unceasingly to build a better tomorrow. Although Community Action Agency’s (CAA) were created to foster this comprehensive approach to the problem, it will take the entire village to solve it. In jest, I often say, “It takes a village to be the CEO of the largest CAA in the state of Texas,” but there is a great deal of truth that resonates in that statement. As long as poverty persists in Houston’s communities, we have a problem.

Considering the vicissitudes that could possibly cause turbulence in our lives: unemployment, illiteracy, mental illness, homelessness, sub-prime mortgages, and limited access to early child care that are constant obstacles causing us to capsize, it is imperative that community leaders proactively steer a course that is promising. We must be response-able, and we must rally around the un-served and underserved in the community. Without your active involvement, our task of ending poverty and building economic independence would be even more daunting and challenging. Excellence at GCCSA is the standard, not the goal. In the wake of enormous cuts to critical programs that build and strengthen the community, the GCCSA team has risen to the occasion. … for if not GCCSA, then will advocate for the poor? Who will be responsible for mobilizing resources to assist low-income people? Who will serve as the by helping people help themselves? Who will coordinate services and fill gaps left between other service providers? !!! In this Annual Report, you will see how effectively and efficiently the team of GCCSA employees, along with numerous stakeholders, conducted quality programs, served historically unmet needs, managed the financial resources and achieved results in order to erect a more stable future for Texas. Our work and dedication are grounded in helping people and changing lives. Thank you for your continued support of our purpose and the promise to eradicate poverty and build economic independence! Yours truly,

Dr. Jonita “J” Reynolds Chief Executive Officer

Abner Anderson, Jr. Norman Anderson W.V. Ballew, Jr. Claud Barrett Spencer Bayles, M.S. Hamilton Brown Harry Burk George Bush Joe Kelly Butler Rabbi Moshe Cahana Pedro C. Caram, M.D. Julius P. Carter Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Cassata Robert A. Childers Manuel Crespo John H. Crooker, Jr. Maurice Dannenbaum Mrs. Barbara Dillingham Chris Dixie Robert Dundas Clifford M. Dunn, Jr. Robert Y. Eckels Aaron Farfel Harry W. Ferguson Felix Fraga Jules R. Frankel T.F. Glass, Jr.

Marion A. Graham Rev. Hartsell H. Gray, Jr. Charles W. Hamilton Sid Hilliard William P. Hobby, Jr. Donald A. Horn Leon Jaworski Arthur E. Jones Wendel Ley Daniel Martin John McClelland Pat McDowell, Jr. Rev. A. Aaron McCardell Rev. James V. Navarro George T. Nelson Francis N. O’Bryan, Jr. Mrs. Marcella Perry Mrs. W.E. Perry Truman Reed J. Robert Reynaud Mrs. Olon (Verna) Rogers H.R. Safford, Jr. Marlin Sandlin Col. Henry A. Sherman Lonnie E. Smith, D.D.S. Mrs. Robert D. Straus William Steven

Ed A. Stumpf, III Howard Tellepsen Bernard Weingarten Rev. Horace Westwood Gail Whitcomb Francis Williams Mrs. Queen Ethel Young

“Agencies like GCCSA are needed to help families during times of crisis, catastrophes and emergencies.”

Kevin Owens, Chair

Billy Briscoe, J.D., Vice Chair

Tracy Whitehead, Treasurer

Lee Skinner, Secretary

Private Sector Representative Shell Oil Company

Public Sector Representative City of Houston Mayor

Under-Served Sector Representative C

Under-Served Sector Representative A

Marcos Alvarez

Irma Anderson-Living

Jay Griffin

Pam Guthrie

Under-Served Sector Representative B

Under-Served Sector Representative D

Private Sector Representative, H-E-B

Public Sector Representative City of Pasadena Mayor

Cedric Johnson

Rudy Reyes

Carolyn Scantlebury

Public Sector Representative State Representative Carol Alvarado*

Private Sector Representative NAACP

William-Paul Thomas

Public Sector Representative Commissioner El Franco Lee

Dr. Vanese Delahoussaye

Sivam Mahasivam, CPA

Charles Wilson, J.D.

Lowell Wright

Board Advisor Early Childhood Education

Internal Auditor Board Advisor Fiscal & Audit-Related Matters

Legal Counsel to the Board Board Advisor

Board Advisor Fiscal & Audit-Related Matters

Robert Gallegos* Public Sector Representative State Representative Carol Alvarado (2/2011—2/2013)

Public Sector Representative Mayor Pro-Tem City of Houston

The Policy Council is involved with planning for GCCSA’s Head Start and Early Head Start future. Made up of elected representatives, one from each of our Head Start and Early Head Start centers, as well as six Community Organizations, the council meets monthly to make decisions for GCCSA’s program and children. The Policy Council is responsible for planning, reviewing and approving all Head Start program areas and assists the agency in promoting Parental Engagement to centers and communities, all while volunteering their time.




Ronda Harrison Parent Representative

LaShann Williams Parent Representative

Diana Recendiz Parent Representative



Former Parent

Ana Ramon Martinez Parent Representative

Angela Castro Parent Representative

Belinda Cox-Darden Community Representative




Tiffany Hillmon Parent Representative

Isabel Vasquez Parent Representative

Sonia Rubio (Perez) Parent Representative




Yanci Vasquez Parent Representative

Traceann Fontenot Parent Representative

Dianne Gordon Community Representative




Theresa Wilson Parent Representative

Dilma Aguilar Parent Representative

Elida Martinez Parent Representative

TSU CHARTER LAB Robin Alderman Parent Representative

Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Director of Operations Executive Assistant to the CEO & Board Liaison Head Start/Early Head Start Director ‡

Director of Client Services† Compliance & Accountability Director

Jeff Wallace, MS Director of Client Services July, 2005—August, 2013 ‡ Amanda Shelton, MBA Marketing & Community Relations Specialist July, 2011—August, 2013

GCCSA’s organizational impact on the community is supported via an annual operational budget that exceeds $24 million. The financial statement for the October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014 reporting period is reflected below.

REVENUE Federal & State Grant Revenue Other Revenue In-Kind Revenue

$20,224,255.69 57,395.66 4,294,365.28




Salaries and Wages Fringe Benefits Travel Parent Services Food Expenses Children's Services Supplies & Equipment Equipment Leases Contract Services Administrative Expenses Utilities Training & Technical Assistance Direct Services In-Kind Expenses TOTAL EXPENDITURES

Program Indirect Expenses

Total Expenses

9,061,509.68 2,752,618.81 22,801.02 96,507.18 986,000.91 186,688.59 685,976.72 237,067.91 63,126.90 1,823,461.49 177,377.52 234,920.49 625,318.56 4,294,365.28

2,457,448.46 599,365.95 2,139.48 37,951.76 54,618.62 143,556.92 302,038.68 9,671.03 103,162.33 -

11,518,958.14 3,351,984.76 24,940.50 96,507.18 986,000.91 186,688.59 723,928.48 291,686.53 206,683.82 2,125,500.17 187,048.55 338,082.82 625,318.56 4,294,365.28




2012-2013 Audit Results: “In our opinion, the financial statements ...present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of [GCCSA] as of September 30, 2013 and 2012, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the years then ended in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.” - McConnell & Jones, LLP Certified Public Accountants

Michael Contreras & Kathy Contreras GCCSA Assistant, Director of Operations

Former Head Start Parent

Gulf Coast Community Services Association is the largest Community Action Agency in Texas and the only one in Houston. Our purpose is to affect change, raise awareness and build a coalition of consciousness in order to strengthen the city of Houston’s economic and social foundation. GCCSA offers quality educational and social services that will assist and empower the under-served and unserved members of our diverse communities by meeting basic human needs such as nutrition, shelter, clothing, health services, and education. GCCSA’s diverse programs are designed to eliminate the inhibitive conditions of the under-served populations of Harris County by assisting: •

Families in earning a living wage

Individuals in the advancement of their education

Communities in gaining economic security

Our Services to the Houston-Metropolitan community include: • • • • •

• • BANDINI AWARD for excellence in going Above and Beyond

Gulf Coast helped me meet my goal by giving me of the w a y. W h e n I s a w t h e a d f o r t h e I . D . A . Program, it listed that it can be used to help buy a home, start a business, or for education purposes . I c a l l e d a n d s p o ke w i t h M i s s N o r m a M o r e n o . She gave me all the information about the I.D.A. Program and the s t e p s t h a t I w o u l d n e e d t o t a ke . “

. . . t a ke a through . They helped provide transportation for me to and from class. After I finished my 8-week class, Norma helped me set up an account with a bank that . T hat wa s a way to help save for a down payment for my ho me. “My experience with was...they ...they let me k no w that I co ul d a ct uall y f ulf ill my drea ms. I co uld ma ke my . T h e y w o u l d a l w a y s c h e c k o n m e a n d s a y, ‘ O k a y M r. Johnson, where are you now? What do we need to do? How can we help you? Let’s get the ball rolling! ’ It was always a pat on the back, a n u d g e , s a y i n g , ‘ We ’ r e g o i n g t o m e e t t h i s g o a l . We ’ r e n o t g o i n g t o let you fall down.’ “ To a n y o n e w h o h a s a d r e a m , a g o a l , s o m e t h i n g t h e y a s p i r e t o b u t a r e n ’ t s u r e t h e y c a n g e t t h e r e , I s a y. . .

” Ben Johnson Graduate of I.D.A. Program First-Time Homebuyer

63,057 individuals and families served in Harris County 208 Transitioned Out of Poverty (TOPS) 52% of enrolled participants in Unemployment Program obtained a job 92% of employed participants maintained their positions for at least 90 days 76% of participants were employed and earned an increase in income and benefits 97% of participants achieved a “living wage” and benefits 252 participants obtained skills & competencies required for employment Through a joint effort with the IRS and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program, GCCSA provides free tax preparation for individuals and families, students, senior citizens, and others in Harris County between January and April. 113% of participants (or 124) qualified for Federal or State tax credits

$125,105 was expected in aggregate dollar amounts of credits, payments or savings Through partnerships with NeighborWorks® America and Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC), GCCSA provides home buyer assistance services and seminars. 150 participants in Fair Housing Counseling & Home Buyer Education Seminars

72 successful foreclosure interventions and additional related assistance $606,428 in savings, payments or credits was used to prevent home loss 7 individuals and families purchased homes through Community Action assistance Community Revitalization and Anti-Poverty Initiatives through Community Action program. 57 community members mobilized by Community Action

1,834 volunteer hours donated to GCCSA 766 volunteer hours donated by low-income individuals to Community Action 40 low-income participants in governing community organizations, government, boards, or councils 191 low-income participants engaged in non-governing community activities or groups

Through partnerships with HEB, Whole Foods Market, Vincent Young Foundation, Felicia Young Ministries, Annunciation Orthodox School, Fiesta, Kroger, Sienna Dental, and the Houston Food Bank: 9,707 people served through Emergency Food Assistance & Good Neighbor Program

389,232 lbs of food were donated and distributed 129% participation exceeded expectations ***

BANDINI AWARD for excellence in going Above and Beyond

952 people received emergency fuel and utility payments funded by LIHEAP 2,398 people served with rental and mortgage assistance 1,678 infants and children obtained immunizations, medical and dental care 1,852 or 99% of infants and children saw improved health and physical development due to adequate nutrition 1,790 or 96% of children participated in pre-school activities to develop school readiness skills

1,202 children who participated in pre-school activities were developmentally ready to enter Kindergarten or 1st grade.

150% of targeted parents and other adults learned and exhibited improved parenting skills 150% of parents and other adults learned and exhibited improved family functioning skills 253 families obtained access to reliable transportation and driver licenses 2,053 families obtained food assistance

Here at GCCSA, we believe that our Head Start/ Early Head Start parents are the first and most important educators of their children. Parent involvement is a core value at Head Start and Early Head Start. We invite our parents to be integrally involved in the education of their children by volunteering in the classroom, attending parent meetings, serving on an advisory committee, and making decisions about the Head Start/ Early Head Start program in the parent committees. Parents can also be elected to serve on our Policy Council—an opportunity to participate in shared decision-making about the Head Start/ Early Head Start program. Our Center Administrators have a host of ways our parents can be involved! Head Start and Early Head Start are comprehensive, child development programs that serve children from birth to five, pregnant women and their families. Each program is a child-focused program that has the overall goal of increasing the readiness of young children. We believe in partnering with parents and guardians to ensure that all of the needs of their children, our children, as well as all members of the families, are met.

We remain excited throughout the school year educating our community, as we provide comprehensive, high quality services to the children and their families. Here at Gulf Coast Community Services Association, excellence is our only option . . .

Our children and our families deserve nothing less! We appreciate the opportunity to serve our families!

Tiamoiya Lee Head Start/ Early Head Start Director

The is a comprehensive, early

childhood development program for children ages 3 to 5 from economically-challenged families. The GCCSA Head Start Program has been serving eligible children and families in the Houston—Harris County area since 1964. GCCSA’s

is a comprehensive program serving

eligible pregnant women, infants and toddlers, ages 6 weeks to 30 months. Our Early Head Start Center operates a home-based program option, providing Early Head Start services of education, family involvement, health, family literacy, fatherhood initiatives, mental health services, and nutrition to children with disabilities in the families’ homes. GCCSA currently serves over 2,000 children and families in the Southeast Sector of Harris County, including the cities of Houston, Pasadena and South Houston. We operate a total of 19 Head Start/ Early Head Start centers functioning as either stand-alone centers or within collaborative site, center-based facilities.

Head Start & Early Head Start’s impact on the community is supported via a combination of public and private funds that exceed $20 million. The financial statement for the June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014 reporting period is reflected below.

REVENUE Grant Revenue In-Kind Revenue

$15,927,558.00 4,119,569.54



HEAD START/ EARLY HEAD START EXPENDITURES Salaries and Wages Fringe Benefits Travel Parent Services Food Expenses Children's Services Supplies & Equipment Equipment Leases Contract Services Administrative Expenses Utilities Training & Technical Assistance In-Kind Expenses TOTAL EXPENDITURES

Budget 9,897,029.47 3,048,360.53 42,000.00 85,000.00 145,300.00 196,252.00 490,003.00 191,302.00 102,871.00 1,382,504.00 78,000.00 268,936.00 4,093,248.00

Actual 10,172,834.66 2,986,311.02 25,181.52 80,323.77 63,196.97 178,288.24 460,162.90 164,101.67 103,991.59 1,336,687.86 132,944.57 223,533.23 4,119,569.54



Monitoring Review Gulf Coast Community Services Association’s Head Start & Early Head Start Programs underwent the last triennial review in 2013. The program was determined to be in full compliance with all Head Start Performance Standards, laws, regulations, and policy requirements. In addition, nationally, the program scored a 5.6…Emotional Support; 5.5…Classroom Organization; and 2.2…Instructional Support, with its CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) assessment during that review.

1,790 Head Start 1,460 Full-Day, 5 days/week 330 Part-Day, 5 days/week 84 Early Head Start 72 Center-Based, 4 days/week 12 Home-Based 12 Pregnant Women (Early Head Start—Home Based)

100% Head Start 100% Early Head Start 100% Head Start 100% Early Head Start

1,998 Head Start 104 Early Head Start

GCCSA Head Start/ Early Head Start understands that each child comes into our program with his/ her unique personality, various abilities and distinctive cultural background. We believe all children can reach their utmost potential when provided with a stimulating environment fostered by adults who are nurturing and accepting. The Child Development Department is responsible for ensuring that the are met in every classroom for every teacher and every child.

GCCSA continues to excel at providing high quality academic preparations for our children, ensuring that every child’s head start leads them to success in Kindergarten and beyond. With an average progression rate of 34% in 10 key child development and early learning checkpoints, evaluations assessed at the beginning and end of the school year show that our teachers provide our children with enriching activities that prepare them for the future.

Physical Health & Development Social & Emotional Development Approaches to Learning Logic & Reasoning Language Development Literacy Knowledge & Skills Mathematics Knowledge & Skills Science Knowledge & Skills Creative Arts Expression Social Studies Knowledge & Skills

Fall 2013 56.64 62.64 49.03 40.06 35.77 33.39 32.30 32.35 41.94 40.93

Spring 2014 86.18 87.61 80.62 77.36 69.71 70.27 69.89 71.07 79.93 71.90

The is an essential guide in maintaining the high quality of education for our enrolled children. The below information summarizes the progress of children based on Head Start’s Five Essential Domains of Child Development and Early Learning.

Social & Emotional Approaches Toward Language & Development Learning Literacy Spring 2014 Mid-Point Fall 2013

86.64 79.87 65.03

An average growth rate of 35% in the five key areas assessed at the beginning, mid-point and end of the school year proves that our children are making phenomenal strides and are entering kindergarten ready to take on the world.

89.27 81.55 66.87

77.72 65.23 48.42

Cognition & General Knowledge 82.01 71.33 55.23

Physical Well-Being & Motor Development 88.03 80.53 65.48

GCCSA recognizes that parents are children’s first and most important teachers. Becoming actively involved in their children’s education is the best way to ensure student success in school and in life. Head Start/ Early Head Start’s Family Empowerment Program provides many experiences at each center aimed at parents, them with stronger parenting skills, and them in becoming full partners in their children’s quest for a better education. Parent Involvement includes:

Site-Based Parent Committees

Reading a book to the classroom Family Night, Open House, Family Fun Day, Holiday Celebrations Policy Council Leadership

Classroom Volunteer Staff/ Parent Conferences & Partnership Activity Conferences

The Head Start/ Early Head Start Fatherhood Program is designed to enhance fathers and father figures’ participation in the lives of their children through activities such as Breakfast with Dad, Story Telling Time and Minor Site Repairs.

The focus of the Fatherhood Program is to empower the male figure to become a positive role model for his family and the community while providing a social support network. Support Services and Training to interested fathers and father figures discusses various topics, including Men’s Health, Child Growth & Development and Healthy Relationships. There were 83 children whose fathers and father figures participated!

Children’s overall health and development is needed for a healthy, safe and happy child; one who is ready to experience new things. Every day we strive to meet our children’s needs for healthcare, including dental care, for it is central to learning readiness. We are dedicated to ensuring that all GCCSA Head Start and Early Head Start children are meeting their developmental milestones. We assist families in identifying community resources where they can access health services and learn the importance of setting a strong physical and educational foundation for their children. 89% of Children Received Medical Exams 71% of Children received Dental Exams 84% of Infants & Toddlers received Medical Exams 75% of Infants & Toddlers received Dental Exams

Every day is a renewed opportunity for our children to experience new, wonderful, awe-inspiring things. To ensure that each of our students are ready to begin his or her educational journey, we - educators and parents must prepare them. Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school - and themselves. Head Start and Early Head Start begin to help parents build this habit so they learn right away that going to school on time, every day, is important. Good attendance will help children do well in high school, college and at work.

To recognize the center with the highest monthly average, the “Traveling Trophy� was created. The trophy is used as an incentive to all program staff to encourage healthy competition among centers. The center with the highest attendance for the previous month is announced by the Family Empowerment Manager at a Center Administrator meeting and the trophy goes back to the center with that Center Administrator. The trophy is to be displayed in an area where everyone can share in the victory. For five months straight, KIPP Explore won the trophy for highest attendance during the year of 2013-2014, with an average monthly attendance rate of 98%!

GCCSA Head Start/ Early Head Start is focused on meeting our children’s nutritional needs and establishing good eating habits. The Head Start & Early Head Start program provides each child with a free nutritional breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, sponsored by the Department of Agriculture’s Child Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Head Start & Early Head Start emphasizes the role that CACFP plays in promoting lifelong healthy eating and physical habits in children. The primary goal of the CACFP is to serve nutritious meals to children attending the Head Start & Early Head Start program. Secondary goals are: 1) establish positive eating habits at the earliest stages of development; 2) reduce future health care and education costs due to lack of proper early development; and 3) train and support Head Start/ Early Head Start staff. Head Start & Early Head Start children are benefited by being fed nutritious USDA regulated meals that ensure their proper development. These children gain from early nutrition education that helps them establish positive eating habits that will enrich the quality of their diet throughout their lives. The program makes healthy eating a are assured that their children nutrition, the child is less likely to develop at a normal physical and recipe for an all-around happier

18 Eligible Sites 136,561 Breakfasts 146,350 Lunches

fun learning experience as well. Parents receive high quality meals. With proper experience illness and fatigue and will intellectual pace. Good nutrition is the child!

1,721 Eligible Children 15,315 AM Snacks 208,340 PM Snacks

$865,940.69 Total Reimbursement The U.S. Department of Agriculture prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees and applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or where all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance program, or protected genetic information in employment or in any program or activity conducted or funded by the Department. If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at http://www.ascr.usda.gov/complaint_filing_cust.html, or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632-9992 to request the form. You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form. Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Ave, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410, by fax (202) 6907442, or email at program.intake@usda.gov. Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339; of (800) 845-6136 (Spanish). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

What better way to build healthy eating and living habits than by learning where our healthy and delicious food comes from! GCCSA Head Start/ Early Head Start program was awarded the Whole Food MarketŽ Garden Grant, an accomplishment of which we are immensely proud. The Garden Grant has allowed us to start a community garden in Pasadena, where our children have planted healthy, wholesome foods such as okra, cilantro, tomatoes, carrots, and beets. Our Head Start garden is named “Harvest of Health�. With our garden we are able to give satisfying experiences of planting, cultivating and harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables in order to create a lifelong appreciation for healthy living and healthy eating. The Garden Grant has helped our Head Start staff, children and families address pervasive health concerns, such as poor nutrition and inactivity. These unhealthy habits lead to childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments. Imagine the joy, satisfaction and sense of purpose our children experience when they pull the fruits of their labor from the earth, thoroughly wash them, and hand them over to their families for dinner that night, knowing all the health benefits of each of the foods they have planted, cultivated, harvested, and now are about to eat. By having our Harvest of Health community garden, we are helping our children and parents establish links between plants, gardening, food, and health.

At GCCSA Head Start/ Early Head Start, we are looking to build strong, healthy communities, and that starts with our children.

In a city that is as big and wide-open as Houston, many of us tend to take access to personal transportation for granted. However, at GCCSA, we understand that routine activities such as grocery shopping, going to or looking for work, visiting family, medical visits, and taking your children to and from school, is a difficult task for thousands of people who have little or no access to everyday transportation. Many of these thousands, are people who come through our doors seeking our aid or whose children attend our Head Start & Early Head Start centers. As GCCSA exists to strengthen the educational, social and economic well-being of individuals and families as they transition to independence and self-sufficiency, we partnered with a number of companies in order to help enrich the quality of life for one of our deserving families. Together with Progressive Insurance Service Center of Houston, Sunrise Collision and Recycle Rides, GCCSA Head Start/ Early Head Start gave away a vehicle to a Head Start/ Early Head Start family in need. Recycle Rides is a nationwide awareness project whereby members of the National Auto Body Council (NABC) repair and donate recycled vehicles to families in need in their communities. Insurance companies and paint and parts vendors donate their resources to assist collision repair facilities in making this project possible. The 2013 Car Giveaway was awarded to the Martinez-Portales family, who has a daughter enrolled in Head Start KIPP Explore. The family drove away in a red, 2010 Kia Soul and over $500 in gift cards.

GCCSA Head Start/ Early Head Start provides onsite enrichment experiences that give children various avenues to learn. Activities include storytelling, puppet shows, art activities, and community partner visits (i.e. local police and firepersons). We believe that every day is a new day filled with wonderful experiences for our children. GCCSA operates a total of 19 center-based facilities and services two program options—Full Day and Double Sessions, which vary by site. Full Day Services are available for parents who are employed or attending job training or school on a full-time basis and have no caregiver in the home. Double Session Services are available for those parents who are not employed, not attending job training and not attending school and a caregiver is present in the home.

BASTIAN Elementary



5051 Bellfort Houston, TX 77033

Early Childhood Center

1919 Runnels, #B1 Houston, TX 77003



FOSTER Elementary

2020 Solo Street Houston, TX 77020

222 South 66th Houston, TX 77011

3919 Ward Street Houston, TX 77021

FRANKLIN Elementary


GREGG Elementary

7101 Canal Street Houston, TX 77011

6724 Telephone Houston, TX 77061

6701 Roxbury Houston, TX 77087




5402 Lawndale Houston, TX 77023

1100 Scott Street Houston, TX 77047


PATTERSON Elementary


902 South Wafer Pasadena, TX 77506

5302 Allendale Houston, TX 77017

6969 South Loop East Houston, TX 77087




3400 Evergreen Houston, TX 77087

2950 Broadway Houston, TX 77017

TSU CHARTER LAB 3100 Cleburne Houston, TX 77004

7647 Bellfort Houston, TX 77061

3716 Reveille Houston, TX 77087

611 B South Richey Houston, TX 77506

“Thank you for your willingness to assist my family and I with help with our rent. No other agency was willing to go beyond the call of duty. And although the property wouldn’t accept your pledge, you still blessed me because you cared. So many people don’t. Thank you Ms. Shelton. You gave me hope—and encouragement. Which propelled me out of depression and I got myself a job. May God continue to Bless you throughout the New Year to be a continual blessing to those in need. Thank you again.”

Catrina Myles & Family

On behalf of the thousands who walk through our doors yearly, we say thank you to our Community Partners.

We, the stakeholders (children, employees, board, policy council, funding sources, legislators, clients, parents, and volunteers), are indebted to our Community Partners who have generously contributed to our mission to strengthen the educational, social and economic well-being of our children, youth, seniors, adults, and the whole of Harris County. Without the support of local businesses, banking partners, individuals, independent school districts, faith communities, community organizations, financiers, and institutions of higher learning alike, Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc. could not make a difference in the lives of so many Harris County residents. With their aid, GCCSA has been able to make an indelible mark on the lives of millions over the past five (5) decades. Contributions from Community Partners come in many forms—inkind donations, special pricing, large financial donations, and volunteerism—and are each of extraordinary value to us and our community. Together, we are building a better community, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Thank you! Your support is invaluable. Without you there would be no GCCSA.

Adult Education ‖ Early Head Start ‖ Head Start ‖ Housing Counseling ‖ Employment Services ‖ Senior Services ‖ Food Pantry

GCCSA Educate. Equip. Empower.

A Community Action Agency


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Message from our CEO

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Impact on Our Community article cover image

Impact on Our Community

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Message from our Head Start/Early Head Start Director article cover image

Message from our Head Start/Early Head Start Director

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GCCSA Financial Statement article cover image

GCCSA Financial Statement

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GCCSA Leadership Team article cover image

GCCSA Leadership Team

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Head Start/Early Head Start Purpose article cover image

Head Start/Early Head Start Purpose

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Our Policy Council article cover image

Our Policy Council

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