GCCSA Annual Report 2010-2011

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Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc.

Annual Report 2010-2011


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Our Mission Leadership Financial Statements Success Story Community Impact Head Start & Early Head Start Success Story Preparing Our Children Family Programs Thank You


Annual Report 2010-2011

Our Mission

The Gulf Coast Community Services Association exists to strengthen the educational, social, and economic wellbeing of children and families as they move toward independence and self-sufficiency.

The values we uphold as Harris County’s Community Action Agency:  Safety as a Priority  Increasing

Accountability  Valuing Innovation  Communities as Partners  Honoring Human Diversity

“If Excellence is possible, good is not enough.”

Dr. Jonita Reynolds Chief Executive Officer

Debra Rogers, MBA Chief Financial Officer

Tiamoiya Lee, M. Ed. Head Start/Early Head Start Director

Jeff Wallace, M.S. Director of Client Services

Horace Grant, MBA Director of Operations

Al Maldonado, III, J.D. Compliance and Accountability Director

Sue Kriegel Executive Assistant to the CEO, Board Liaison

Annual Report 2010-2011




Reporting Period 10/01/10 – 09/30/11

Annual Report 2010-2011

Financial Statements

Agency-wide Revenue Grant Revenue In-kind contributions Other Revenues Total unrestricted revenues and support

Financial Statements

$21,260,427 5,104,564 116,533 $ 26,481,524

Agency-wide Expenditures Program Expenses Salaries and Wages Fringe Benefits Travel Parent Services Food Expenses Children's Services Supplies & Equipment Equipment Leases Contract Services Administrative Expenses Utilities Training & T/A In-Kind Expenses Expenditures

Agency-wide Expenditures

$9,335,959 2,599,985 34,616 86,941 850,753 99,249 1,066,722 363,736 62,046 2,370,639 203,958 239,782 5,104,563 $22,418,949

General & Administrative Expenses $2,441,191 615,441 362 13 3,980 0 644 43,397 84,277 352,677 46,554 50,517 0 $3,639,053

Total Expenses $11,777,150 3,215,426 34,978 86,954 854,733 99,249 1,067,366 407,133 146,323 2,723,316 250,512 290,299 5,104,563 $26,058,002

Salaries and Wages

Fringe Benefits


Parent Services

Food Expenses

Children's Services

Supplies & Equipment

Equipment Leases

Contract Services

Administrative Expenses


Training & T/A

In-Kind Expenses

Grant Revenue In-Kind Revenue Total Revenue


Funding Sources

5,104,563 22,192,909

Head Start/Early Head Start Expenditures Budget









Parent Services



Food Expenses



Children's Services



Supplies & Equipment



Equipment Leases



Contract Services








Training & T/A







Salaries and Wages Fringe Benefits

Administrative Expenses

In-Kind Expenses Total Expenditures


Annual Report 2010-2011

Head Start/Early Head Start Revenue

Child and Adult Care Food Program $909,389 Adult Education and Family Community Literacy Services Block $114,938 Grant - ARRA $176,351

Community Service Block Grant $2,957,577

Assets for Independence Demonstration Program $10,304

National Foreclosure and Mitigation Services $19,374

Head Start/ Early Head Start Programs $16,734,571

2010-2011 Audit Results: The agency’s Annual Financial and Compliance audit was completed by McConnell and Jones, LLP. “In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Gulf Coast Community Services Association as of September 30, 2010 and 2009, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the years then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.”


Annual Report 2010-2011

Success Story Ms. Carolyn Hill, GED Graduate In 2004, while working at a homeless shelter washing clothes for the homeless and cleaning the grounds and building I knew that there had to be more for me in life. I wanted to do more. I wanted to be more effective in society and in my personal life. The only way that I would be able to do that would be to return to school to complete what I had not done years earlier. I resigned my position at the shelter and started my journey. 24 years earlier, at the age

of 17, I walked away from high school thinking that I did not need to finish school. Well, life happened and many troubles occurred along the way. Alcohol and drug addiction and a lot more would take place in my life. Finally, I started to look for a school to attend to study for my GED. While looking, I found Gulf Coast Community Services Association and the rest is history. I was able to get an appointment with GCCSA and told them what I wanted to do, how I wanted finally finish high school. The staff enrolled me in the classes and the process started. At the time of enrollment I was only on a fifth grade level. I worked hard and eventually moved up in my grade level. I studied over seven years and tested over twenty times before getting that long awaited GED. In July 2011, I would test for the last time. That same month I received my GED. My goal is to continue on to collage some day to become a counselor to help others that may struggle with some of the same problems that I once faced in my life.

We’re committed to improving the health, wellness



vibrancy areas’






Annual Report 2010-2011


employees, neighbors and clients live and work. So every year, we dedicate a portion of our funds to combat food insecurity, loss of shelter, and other


Impacting the Community

immediate hardship conditions.  1,559 individuals received emergency rent and/or utility payments  9 individuals obtained Furniture Vouchers for the Houston Furniture Bank

A Commitment to Education The Community Learning Program offers the following classes and workshops:  English as A Second Language  Spanish as a Second Language  Adult Basic Education Class

 82 individuals acquired transportation assistance through the Progressive Movement Program  5 seniors and qualifying persons were assisted with their prescription needs.

 General Education Diploma  Money Management Workshop  Workforce Development Workshop  Entrepreneurship Workshop  Nutrition Workshop  Secondary Education Workshop

 186 families received holidayrelated food and gift items for a brighter Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

 Homeownership Workshop  Homebuyer Education Seminar  Computer Literacy Class

Total Individuals served in Harris County in 2011


1 in 4 Houstonians report have trouble buying groceries

70,510 Impacting the Community (continued)


of IDA participants are saving in pursuit of Home Ownership.




$ 102,798 Aggregate Dollar Amount in Savings

125 Individuals received tax preparation and filing assistance

Data Key:

Head Start

Early Head Start

Funded Enrollment

Total Children & Families Served





Annual Report 2010-2011


Head Start & Early Head Start

Percent of Eligible Children Served

100% 100%

Average Monthly Enrollment

100% 100% Monitoring Review: Gulf Coast Community Service Association Head Start program underwent their last triennial review in 2010. The program was determined to be in full compliance with all Head Start Performance Standards, laws, regulations, and policy Requirements.


Annual Report 2010-2011

Aria Arrona is a beautiful girl with a love for music and an enthusiasm for smiles and Aria's first year in Head start giggles. She is a former 25 week

Aria Arrona micro-preemie living with A Success Story

was good. There were some provisions that needed to be

multiple special needs such as

made to help Aria be more

Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral

included and successful in her

Palsy, Dystonia, Cortical Visual

class at Pasadena Head Start

Impairment, Epilepsy and

like a floor sitter and a

requires a g-tube for nutrition

changing area and PHS made it

as a result of said premature

happen. We were thrilled to

birth. We heard about Head

see the teacher and the aides

Start during Aria's transition

including Aria in activities with

from ECI (Early Childhood

the other students and the

Intervention) into PISD

aide, more or less, in charge of

(Pasadena Independent

Aria's care did wonderful with

able to

School District), and after

Aria! In Aria's second year at

attending PPCD (Preschool

PHS Aria's aide from the year


Program for Children with

before was gone and a nurse

Disabilities) for a half day her

was hired to assist in Aria's

Head Start.�

first year was a success we

care like tube feedings, diaper

decided to have Aria try Head

changes and suction along with

Start to prepare her for a full

classroom activities like circle

day of school and to

time. Aria's teacher and aides

encourage her social outlet

along with her nurse did an

among children that may or

amazing job including Aria with

may not have any special

the other children in as many

“I am so glad we were


Deborah Arrona Mother of Aria


aspects of the class as possible.

Annual Report 2010-2011


Aria's nurse would teach any curious students about what she was doing, care wise, with Aria like explaining how the suction machine worked and helped Aria as well as explaining how Aria's tube feedings are just a different way to eat food like they do. Many of those curious children further embraced Aria not only as a classmate, but as a friend too very soon after learning more about her and what she needs to live and have fun like they do. That is the most memorable experience I have of Aria's time in Pasadena Head Start. Upon Aria's graduation from Pasadena Head Start, she was more ready than ever to begin her journey in a regular public school setting full time.

I am so glad we were able to experience Head Start. It not only helped Aria fill up her day, make more friends and grow, but it also helped us, as her parents, have a much needed break and start to allow Aria to start the road on being more independent. Head Start helped us help Aria by giving us more opportunity to trust other people with her care which is something very important to us. I honestly believe Head Start has had a big hand in helping Aria become more social which allows others to want to be more social with her and that helped her have many successes not just in the public school setting, but in all settings she is a part of. We are very happy the Head Start program was there for Aria and are eternally grateful for the benefits of her time in it.


Annual Report 2010-2011

Preparing Children for the Future GCCSA has a proven track record of providing high-quality academic preparation to ensure that every child’s “head start” leads them to success in Kindergarten and beyond.

93.70 81.43



83.10 Fall 2010



52.59 45.92

Language Development



Spring 2011



Social and Emotional Development

With progression in five key areas and average growth of 30%, evaluations assessed at enrollment and again at the school year’s end show that our children are making great strides and are entering kindergarten ready to learn.

Meeting children’s needs for health care – including dental care – is central to learning readiness. We are dedicated to ensuring that all GCCSA Head Start and Early Head Start children are meeting their developmental milestones! We assist families in identifying community resources where they can access health services and learn the importance of setting a strong physical, as well as educational foundation for their child.

Annual Report 2010-2011


84% of Children received Medical Exams

73% of Children received Dental Exams

83% of infants & toddlers* received Medical Exams

*Enrolled in Early Head Start

93% of infants & toddlers* received Dental Exams

Head Start’s “overall goal is to increase school readiness” while “fostering healthy development.”


Annual Report 2010-2011

Parent Involvement

Total No. of Families in our Head Start/Early Head Start Program


Policy Council representatives are involved with planning for GCCSA’s Head Start and Early Head Start future. Made up of elected representatives, one from each of our Head Start and Early Head Start centers, as well as Community Organizations, the council meets monthly to make decisions for our program and our children. The Policy Council is responsible for planning, reviewing and approving all Head Start program areas-- funding requests, budgets and all personnel actions. Policy Council members also review and approve plans for child development services, family and community partnership programs, health and nutrition, mental health and other areas of the GCCSA Head Start program.

Annual Report 2010-2011


Family Programs Services to Our Families No. of Families Received

11 3 17 82 Dads participated in the Fatherhood Program The focus of GCCSA’s Head Start and Early Head Start Fatherhood Program is to empower the




become a positive role model for his family and the



providing a social support network.

6 28 8 0 0 0 2 11 0 33 0

Emergency food, clothing, or shelter Utility and/or Rental Assistance Mental Health Services English as a Second Language (ESL) Training Adult Education Job Training Substance abuse prevention or treatment Child Abuse and Neglect Services Domestic Violence Services Child support assistance Health Education Assistance to families of incarcerated individuals Parenting Education Marriage Education


Annual Report 2010-2011

Thank You,

Community Partners

GCCSA Board of Directors and Policy Council Shared Governance Meeting

On behalf of the thousands who walk through our doors yearly, we say thank you to our Community Partners. We are indebted to our Community Partners who have generously contributed to our mission to strengthen the educational, social, and economic well-being of children, youth, seniors, adults and the whole of Harris County. Without the support of local businesses, individuals, faith communities, and educational institutions alike, Gulf Coast Community Services Association could not make a difference in the lives of so many Harris County residents. Contributions from Community Partners come in many forms – in-kind donations, special pricing and large financial donations – and each of extraordinary value to us and our community. Thanks to Community Partners, we are building better community and providing much needed services and programs.

Thank You, again… Your support has been invaluable!!!

Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc. E ducat e. E quip. E mpo we r.

9320 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77054 713-393-4700 www.gccsa.org

The Promise of Community Action Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.