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The Spring Issue Issue 02 / 2011

May / June

Gazette & Diary Magazine


The Spring Issue

May / June

Your new guide to the finer things in life

It’s spring... and time to start adding dates to your diary! Well what a busy month it has been, two long weekends off, all filled with beautiful sunshine and the pomp and cirumstance of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you will hear no complaints from us! Its time to light up the barbie, get the swimwear out and have a good read, 28 pages of the Abergavenny Gazette & Diary magazine will certainly make your day! From Dear Duo to our new Just For The Boys section there is something for everyone. Also don’t miss our travel magazine free inside!



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The Spring Issue

May / June


Gazette & Diary Magazine:

Want to become a Spring Style Sort Out better DIY-er? Well stick to these simple rules to be successful at home-improvement projects in 2011. ■ Don’t underestimate how long DIY takes. The more experienced you are the easier it will be for you to judge how many hours, days, weeks or months you’ll need for a particular task, but even then your estimates won’t always be accurate. Assuming you do your preparation properly, a DIY job can easily take two or three times longer than you think - and don’t forget unforeseen problems which often crop up. ■ Don’t underestimate how much DIY

costs. DIY chains have sales and promotions throughout the year, but buying all the little things you need for a job, such as filler, sandpaper and screws, soon adds up. And if you’re new to DIY you’ll need to build up a kit of power and hand tools as making do with the wrong tool for the job can be a recipe for disaster. ■ Don’t scrimp on

preparation. It’s boring, hard and thankless work because it’s often ages before you see any progress, but prep is vital if you want a good finish. In fact, it’s usually around 80% of the job so there’s no alternative but to put your back into it. ■ Don’t cut corners with cheap tools and materials. While some valuerange DIY products

are fine, it generally pays to spend a bit more. Take paint - it’s not necessary to use expensive ‘posh’ paints unless you want to, but really cheap ones are a false economy. The same applies to tools - cheap-as-chips paintbrushes, for example, tend to shed bristles and produce a poor finish. ■ Don’t do things in the wrong order - this

can cost you time, effort and money. When decorating, for example, you should start from the top - the ceiling - and work your way down to the floor to ensure that you don’t damage or ruin what you’ve already done. Getting the order right applies to all home improvements - with major projects, get expert help if you don’t know which way round to do things.

ASK THE EXPERT... Q: My painted bathroom floorboards are badly chipped and look more shabby than chic. What can I do about them? A: Ideally, you need to strip off all the paint and start again, but if you don’t have time for that you should be able to get the floor sorted in a weekend. Sand it thoroughly with an electric sander until all the chipped and loose paint has gone. Dilute some quick-drying wood primer with a little white spirit and apply a couple of coats of this to the patches of bare wood, then two or three coats of quick-drying wood primer undercoat to the whole floor. Finish off with two coats of quick-drying paint suitable for floorboards - try International Floor Paint, £12.99 for 750ml or £25.99 for 2.5ltr, which comes in 14 colours. After you’ve sanded the floor it will look like you’ve made the situation worse, but doing your prep properly and applying all these coats of paint will disguise the difference between the bare and painted wood so your floor looks like new.

AVENUE ROAD nURSING HOME Becoming part of your family Our core values of care: • Privacy • Dignity • Rights • Independence • Choice • Fulfilment• Security • Respect • Equality 28 Avenue Road, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire NP7 7DB

Tel: 01873 857607 Fax: 01873 857607 Mob: 07830 385435 (Dr. A. Bansal) 04

The Spring Issue

May / June

Now’s the time to downsize your style collection. We reveal how to tackle the great clothes and cosmetics cull. Shopping addict, habitual hoarder or clutter queen, no matter what your vice is, Springtime is all about cutting back on excess.

Whether you were deluged with new stylish treats from Santa or you went mad in the Christmas sales, now is the ideal time of year to go out with the old and in with the new. “Decluttering is not all about throwing away your memories. It is all about getting rid of real junk - the stuff that is neither useful nor beautiful," explains Cassie Tillett, professional declutterer and co-founder of “If it is useful or beautiful, getting rid of the other stuff gives you a chance to find it, use it and appreciate it. “One of the positive sides to decluttering is that the more we search for objects to throw away, the more we rediscover delights we haven’t seen for years." WARDROBE WHIZZ - Forget the cliched ‘new you’ claptrap and turn your attentions to ‘spring time, spring clean out’, instead. “If you haven’t worn an item for five years, unless it’s an heirloom or a very expensive piece, get rid!" advises X Factor stylist Grace Woodward. There are 2.4 billion pieces of clothing lying unworn for an entire 12 months (some brand new) cluttering the nation’s wardrobes, according to UK ■

Government statistics. In fact, the average UK woman spends almost £13,000 on clothes she’ll never wear in a lifetime.

■ TURNOUT - Be ruthless, when was the last time you wore it? Swap with friends or sell on eBay and remember two new things in = two old things out. ■ ORGANISE - Sort pieces into three sections - the good, the bad and the ugly. The ‘good’ section are items that stay, the ‘bad’ either need mending or altering and the ‘ugly’ are destined for either charity shops or listings on eBay. ■ SPRING CLEAN - Prepare your wardrobe and drawers for the new season’s clothing. Take everything out, wash dust and vacuum and clear out any bad vibes with a product like the Clearing and Cleansing Aroma Mist Spray ( ■ FEET FIRST - Shoes and boots always need a good clear out and will often need polishing, cleaning and taking to the cobblers. They should always be stored with either boot or shoe trees.

Let’s face it... English is an odd language. There is no egg in the eggplant No ham in the hamburger And neither pine nor apple in the pineapple. English muffins were not invented in England French fries were not invented in France. We sometimes take English for granted But if we examine its paradoxes we find that Quicksand takes you down slowly Boxing rings are square And a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig. If writers write, how come fingers don’t fing. If the plural of tooth is teeth Shouldn’t the plural of phone booth be phone beeth If the teacher taught, Why didn’t the preacher praught. If a vegetarian eats vegetables What the heck does a humanitarian eat!?

Why do people recite at a play Yet play at a recital? Park on driveways and Drive on parkways You have to marvel at the unique lunacy Of a language where a house can burn up as It burns down And in which you fill in a form By filling it out And a bell is only heard once it goes! English was invented by people, not computers And it reflects the creativity of the human race (Which of course isn’t a race at all) That is why When the stars are out they are visible But when the lights are out they are invisible And why it is that when I wind up my watch It starts But when I wind up this observation, It ends.

Your new guide to the finer things in life

Gazette Motoring News

This month’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show saw the world premiere of the BMW ActiveE.

fuel tank are three large energy storage units containing lithium-ion cells, developed in conjunction with SB LiMotive.

Based on the current BMW 1 Series Coupé, the BMW ActiveE is the second electric test vehicle to be created by the group.

These modules are protected by a steelplate battery housing with integrated liquid cooling system to keep the batteries at optimum operating temperature helping to increase the range.

With four seats and a luggage compartment of 200 litres, the ActiveE is the first electric vehicle to combine the space and comfort of a traditionally powered BMW with a fully electric drivetrain. The driver and all three passengers have the same head, leg and shoulder room as they would in a standard BMW 1 Series Coupé. At the heart of the BMW ActiveE is an electric synchronous motor which propels the car from zero to 60mph in nine seconds, delivering 168hp and maximum torque of 250Nm from a standing start. While its top speed is electronically limited to 90mph, the ActiveE maintains the dynamic driving style that is typical of a BMW, with a low centre of gravity and 50:50 weight distribution to enhance traction and power transfer of the high torque. Replacing the engine block, transmission and

THE new Range Rover Evoque - the smallest, lightest, most fuel efficient Range Rover ever produced - brought its stylish personalisation options to life at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show earlier this month.

The Evoque benefits from the same comprehensive selection of the latest technologies as the larger Range Rovers in terms of controls, connectivity, comfort and convenience for all occupants.

The coupé and five-door models on display highlighted the Range Rover Evoque’s vast array of personalisation options.

At the heart of the control system is Range Rover’s much-acclaimed eight-inch, highdefinition touch-screen display with its crisp graphics and simple, intuitive menu structure.

A huge number of colour and feature combinations are available, such as contrasting roof colours and beautifully crafted designer interiors.

These housings also help to ensure that the BMW ActiveE meets the same stringent safety standards as the BMW 1 Series Coupé, meeting and exceeding the levels legislated. The ActiveE is engineered so that when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator pedal the motor becomes a generator and feeds the electricity created from kinetic energy back into the vehicle battery while at the same time braking torque is created, slowing the vehicle down. This recuperation of energy can increase the range by up to 20 per cent. For the first time in a BMW Group electric vehicle the ActiveE features an ‘intermediate position’ for the accelerator pedal that results in the car’s own kinetic energy being used to move forward without consuming energy from the batteries.

The display is available with the innovative dualview technology, so that driver and passenger can view completely independent content.

A World Of Freedom Is Only A Phone Call Away



PARADE HOUSE Ideally situated for the elderly, being within level walking distance of the town centre • For long term or respite care • Friendly,caring atmosphere

Newly completed Large en-suite rooms • Lift to first floor • High standard of cuisine

01600 712821 Fax: 01600 772228 Email:

For a brochure telephone the proprietor, Maureen Rayner

The Parade, Monmouth, Monmouthshire NP25 3PA

Tel: 01633 861717 Fax: 01633 866777 Mobile: 07968 755960 Unit 14, Caldicot Way, Avondale Industrial Estate, Cwmbran, South Wales. NP44 1UF ●

The Spring Issue

May / June


Gazette & Diary Magazine:

44 Years of Bromyard Gala Bromyard and after a few years we were looking to move it to a larger area. Henry Hodges offered his farm on the Hereford Road. We stayed there for many happy years. Every year at the beginning of July a quiet corner of beautiful Hereforshire parkland is transformed into the county’s largest outdoor show. The Gala is a combination of old country show and rally of steam engines and vintage vehicles which has developed in its 44 year history into one of the most popular events in the summer calendar, with something for every member of the family. The 66 acre site at Birchyfields is an ideal location with stunning views of the countryside, yet within easy walking distance of Bromyard town centre with its range of shops, pubs and restaurants. Founded in 1967 by the Bromyard Chamber of Commerce to promote the town. Names from the past such as Jack James, Tom Beam and, Les Day, John Wilkins, Les Bowcott, Bill Morris and Bill Lee. These were some of the founder members who worked so very hard to take the show from a large garden fete to the large vibrant show as it is today. The Gala Started on a farmer’s field in


The Spring Issue

The Gala saw many different arena events, White Helmets, Household Cavalry and many varied acts. When Henry retired and sold the farm we moved once more this time to Birchyfields, Nr Bromyard. The Stephenson family have taken us on their farm. After some wet years we felt we needed boats instead of tractors etc. Now we are going from strength to strength. The committee is keen and always thinking of new ideas.

Great Country Show The Gala has all the features of a good old time country show with attractions ranging from prize winning Hereford Cattle to the annual egg throwing contest. There are large marquees for competitive handicrafts, gardening, food fair, craft sales, local trade group, rabbits and cavies etc. You can take the eight off your feet and sit down to watch the continuous programme of events in the main arena or listen to music all day on the bandstand.

May / June

2011 Features include

Caravans and Camping

Country pursuits - See the rare breeds, poultry, country crafts and many more features of country life and sport both old and new.

Campsite Thursday - Saturday £9.00 per unit per night (Sunday night free but you must leave by noon Monday)

Steam Rally - The steam rally section of the Gala is one of the best Events of its type, with a fine turnout of Traction Engines, Steam Rollers, Vintage and Classic Caravans, Arena Parades plus working demonstrations of steam powered Threshing and sawing. The Gala is a National Traction Engine Trust Authorised event.

Camping before Thursday £5.00 per unit per night Gala Whole Weekend Admission tickets (admits Thursday - Sunday) Adult £13.00, OAP £10.00, Children (under 16) FREE


Traditional family greengrocers with over 35 years experience. Quality fresh locally sourced produce

Friendly and reliable service Steve Pumford has been trading in fruit and Veg for approx 35 years, starting in London then to Newport and now is based in Abergavenny (Old Stokes Store). Steves day starts at 10pm the day prior to trading when he sets off to London to pick up fresh produce, calling at Bristol en route to pick up further supplies. Pumfords is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm six days a week. Steve works alongside his son Craig providing quality service and produce. Pumfords Barrow is situated in Cibi Walk by Wilkinsons and Currys. His shop is also in Cibi Walk opposite Wilkinsons.

Cibi Walk, Frogmore Street, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire â—?

The Spring Issue


May / June



The Spring Issue

May / June

The Spring Issue

May / June


Gazette & Diary Magazine:

Dealing with Dry Rot

building them back into the brickwork, or by using ventilated skirting board details to encourage ventilation of a floor void.

Every house uses timber in its construction or decoration, and while it can last a long time, it is a died material and nature has various methods of making it decay unless it is looked after. Providing it is well maintained, timber will last many life times. Below two areas of timber rot found in the UK are addressed - dry rot and wet rot.

Replacement door frames should have a strip of damp-proof membrane around the outside, to fully isolate them from damp or potentially damp brickwork, so the timber would never become damp enough for dryrot to ‘eat'.

Dry Rot - Dry-rot fungus is often thought of as a building cancer, rampaging through buildings and rapidly destroying any timber in its path. The fungus, which thrives in moist unventilated conditions, will penetrate brickwork to get to more timber and can cause widespread destruction of structural timbers, skirting boards and door frames, and wood flooring. In short, the fungus can be thought of as ‘living in masonry and eating wood', and because the fungus thrives in damp, unventilated conditions, it can occur in the areas of a property that are not often seen, such as floor voids, or behind timber panelling, so damage may be extensive before the attack is discovered. What to look for - Initially the fungus appears as off-white felt-like or cotton-wool like sheets on brickwork and timber, and, in later stages, can develop fungal strands as thick as your finger. Where the fungus is exposed to light, it often has a lemon-yellowish tinge. Damage is often confined to timber but large


• Stoves • Fireplaces • Surrounds • Gas Fires Restoration Free Quotations

Multi Fuel or Gas Natural • LPG • Power Flue Slimline Gas Model

Walbrook Farm, Allensmore, Hereford HR2 9BE 01981 570456

flat mushroom-like fruiting bodies can easily grow through finishes such as plaster or paint. These fruiting bodies may be the first visible sign of a problem, and they produce numerous spores which are normally brick-red in colour. Entirely dry-rot decayed timber can be crumbled between your fingers. The fungus leaves deep cracks running across the grain, and there is often evidence of off-white sheets of the fungus on the wood. Treatment - The term dry-rot came from the belief that the fungus is able to transport moisture from a source many metres away, to attack dry wood. In fact, although the fungus can transport moisture over several metres, it cannot transport anywhere near enough moisture to attack wood that is otherwise dry. Treating dry-rot can involve removal of the affected timber (including all timber for a metre beyond the visible signs of the fungus), and extensive chemical fungicide treatments for all adjacent timber and the brickwork of any contaminated walls and plaster. However, this approach is expensive and unnecessary. The modern approach is to use environmental controls, such as isolation and ventilation, which ensure that the damp, unventilated conditions required by dry-rot do not occur. The techniques are simple ways to ensure that the timber in a property does not become damp enough for dry-rot to attack, for instance replacing dry-rot decayed joists with new timber using joist hangers, instead of

If you have dry rot, it is probably best to have the problem looked at, and corrective action taken by a reputable specialist firm, so that you have a guarantee if the problems were to return. Wet Rot - Compared with dry rot, wet rot is hardly a problem ! It is basically the timber decaying naturally in the presence of high levels of moisture. There is almost always a structural defect causing the problem, it may be that the wall adjacent to the timber is suffering from damp, or water collecting on the timber. Any structural problem must be tackled at the same time as the timber is treated otherwise the problem is likely to reoccur. The problem may just be damaged paint finish on the timber allowing the actual wood to absorb excessive moisture. Damage is normally limited to the timber although the original structural problem may also cause other areas to be affected by damp (such as plaster or just decorations). What to look for - Check vulnerable areas of timber, such as window and door frames, for signs of rot. The bottom of frames is more susceptible to rot where water can collect or the wall/floor is suffering from damp. If the paint finish is damaged, this can increase the risk of wet rot. However, although the paint may look sound, the timber underneath may be rotting from the back. You will often see a professional builder push a thin bladed knife into painted timber frames, the blade should stop after a very short distance; if it goes in up to the handle, it is a almost certainly a sign of rot behind the paint. Timber suffering from wet rot will feel spongy (even through a coat of paint) and look darker than the surrounding timber. When dry, the timber will easily crack and

Wye Valley Reclamation Herefordshire’s largest reclamation yard Flagstones • Sleepers Bricks • Stone Troughs Gazebos • Garden Features and much more! Monday–Friday 8-5 Saturday–Sunday 8-4 Lloyd George House, Fordshill Road, Rotherwas, Hereford HR2 6NS

01432 353 606 10

The Spring Issue

May / June


TEL: 07960 442755 7 HILL CREST CROSS ASH NEAR ABERGAVENNY NP7 8PF TEL 01873 821355 OFTEC Registered

crumble into fine particles. Timber in the roof can also be at risk especially where there is roof damage allowing rainwater to run onto the roof timbers. Prevention - Ensure that all external timber frames are adequately painted to protect the timber from frontal ingress of water. Be aware of any damp walls and address the problem, it could be a missing/damaged damp proof course (dpc), a bridged dpc or a bridged cavity. If necessary seek expert advice as the symptom may be just a sign of a bigger problem. Make sure that any soil and other debris is cleared away from around the bottom of timber frames. Check the roof space for the ingress of water, you may not see daylight through a hole in the roof, the water could be running down the underfelt behind the tiles onto timber some distance away from the hole. When it is raining, go into the roof with a torch, the shining of water on a timber or felt normally stand out very easily. Other favoured places for wet rot are under the kitchen sink, bath, shower, washing basins, toilet and behind the washing machine etc.; all areas where a small leak from either a water supply or drain could go unnoticed for a long time but where timber could become saturated with water. Treatment - First of all treat any structural problem, there is no point in repairing the damage to the timber if it is going to reappear. If wet rot occurs in structural timbers (such as roof trusses, floor joists), expert advice should be sought as the implication for structural integrity must be established. In other areas, the rotten timbers should be removed and replaced; if the damaged area is fairly small, it can be cut away and a new piece of timber joined to that remaining. If the damage is confined to a very small area, an epoxy based repair kit can be used to fill the damaged area once it has been cut back to sound timber and the new surface of the wood treated with a suitable primer. Preservative tablets are available which are inserted into the timber adjacent to the repaired area to protect the timber ‘from within'. If there is any doubt that the structural problem has been eliminated, the new and adjoining timber should be treated with a proprietary wet rot treatment before redecorating. After repair, external timbers should be protected with adequate coats of paint or some other suitable timber treatment/preservative.

Your new guide to the finer things in life

The Moroccan Market Trading Company A new business has opened in Monmouth selling handmade Moroccan goods. Based in Drybridge Garages, The Moroccan Market Trading Company sells a wide variety of stock.

that are interesting and ethnic, and aim to bring you a quality and diverse selection.

There are many different items on display in the showroom including mosaic tables and metal chairs, colourful ceramics, tagines, leather goods, urns and amphora pots ideal for the garden.

The pair ran a stall in Hereford on a Saturday for a few months prior to opening the premises. Lou said “Moroccan ware is very in at the moment. Things have a timeless feel and style. It’s a bit of a time warp going to Morocco.”

Glass and metal lamps in all shapes and sizes are available, as well as a collection of beautiful hand woven rugs that are mainly Persian. They also have an unusual selection of fossilized items including boxes, door knobs, plates, sinks, coffee and dining tables, bathroom tiles and kitchen worktops, sourced from The Atlas Mountains. The business stocks a selection of teak garden furniture from Indonesia, sourced from sustainable forests; you can check out the reforestation programme at Moroccan Market Trading is a brand new venture for Lou Kopp and Jason Brook, of Welsh Newton Common. They have always been interested in foreign artefacts

Editorial supplied by Laura Thomas from the Monmouth beacon Photo by DES Pugh

All items are sourced through an agent who has got 25 years experience exporting Moroccan goods. All stock is high quality and handmade, making it unique. The business opened on 26th March and so far there has been a lot of interest and very good feedback. Rowan from Eye of the Storm Solutions, who designed Moroccan Market Trading’s website, said: “When Jason described the project and the items he would be selling, I had no idea how amazing his stock would be. “You really do have to see it to believe it.

“I wish Jason and Lou all the best in their new venture, and much success for the future.” Moroccan Market Trading Company also offers PA and lighting hire, marquee hire,

and tepee and yurt hire. The showroom is open from 9am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday, and on Mondays by appointment only. The shop is open on all bank holidays.

For further information call 01600 716166 or 07803120492. You can alternatively email or visit

s & Rugs. Moroccan Carpet d covers. an ws Fabrics, thro ed items. ilis ss Fo us rio Va ses. Pots, Urns and Va re. wa ble Ta Moroccan rniture. Fu ak Te ble ina Susta . and metal lamps Moroccan glass s. ble Ta aic Moroccan Mos

Marquee hire Also incorporating: hire and sales PA and Lighting re and sales Yur t and Teepee hi t we

s bu in Moroccan good We mainly trade sourced teak bly ina sta su of e also have a rang eck out on: which you can ch garden furniture rg .o es www.trees4tre


The Spring Issue

May / June


Crystal Clear Window Works Welcome to Hafren Furnishers Foggy Windows represent a large cost for house owners. This cost rises the longer double glazed units are allowed to deteriorate and, even before visible mist appears, the thermal efficiency of the window is compromised over time as ‘wet’air accumulates between the lites and conducts heat through the units, wasting valuable energy ££££s.

Hafren Furnishers are based in Llanidloes in Mid Wales, approximately one hour from Dolgellau, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Hereford, Brecon and Ceredigion, however we supply customers from all over Wales and England. We have earned an enviable reputation over forty years and has grown to become one of the major independent furniture retail business in Great Britain. The main showroom extends over seven floors covering more than seventy thousand square feet of furniture displays, with one of the largest and most diverse selections on display anywhere in the country.

Failure of a unit starts as a benign mist adhering to the glass and then progresses to moisture droplets running down the glass and spacer bars, leaching chemicals from the components and depositing mineral residues, which eventually results in scarring and physical damage to the inner glass surfaces. The good news is that Crystal Clear Window Works can recover all units but those with physical damage to the glass. The results: ■ Restored clarity and insulation values ■ Up to 50% saving on the cost of replacement ■ A 20 year insurance backed guarantee ■ Restored appearance of your property ■ A reduction in failed units being sent to landfill

Our service is without doubt unique! It repairs failed double glazed units using patented process and products. Saving time, cost, glass waste to landfill and providing a reduced carbon footprint to clients, our service offering is modern, innovative and provides a common sense approach to home maintenance. Good reasons to contact Crystal Clear Window Works (Monmouth), telephone 01600 718608 for a free assessment and quotation!!

Condensation or Moisture in your Windows? Our proven process removes trapped moisture from double glazing. ◆ ◆ ◆

Up to 50% cheaper than replacement 20 year insurance backed guarantee Over 400,000 units repaired in the UK, Canada and USA

Our success has been developed by following a clear strategy and style of trading, which set the store on its own when compared with other furniture shops. The aim is to present the customer with the largest choice of famous brand names at the best possible prices combined with the benefit of a rapid free delivery service throughout Wales and mainland England. Our own staff are noted for their vast experience and knowledge of the trade with many of the staff having worked for years with the company, we are still

family owned and run ensuring that you the customer have the best and impartial advice. Currently, we operate as a ‘bricks and mortar’ business with a very well established, highly regarded and proven track record. We strongly advise you to come and visit our store and try (touch / feel) the products before you buy, however we welcome customer orders by: E-mail, telephone, or by visiting the store in person Our showroom is one of the largest in the country, our Ekornes Stressless Comfort Studio display is the first in Wales. First time customers are always amazed by the sheer size and diversity of ranges on offer for every part of the home. We have the widest range of brand names under one roof including: Tempur, Halo, Celebrity, Stressless, G-Plan, Wade, Parker Knoll, Sherborne, etc etc We have thousands of existing customers returning regularly, who travel many miles to experience the choice and great value that is the core of our product offering.

Visit our new bedroom showroom and discover discounted prices on ranges throughout

We have the widest range of brand names under one roof including: Tempur, Halo, Celebrity, Stressless, G-Plan, Wade, Parker Knoll, Sherborne and many more

Our showroom is one of the largest in the country

We also: Replace Defective Glass Units & Repair, Adjust and Replace Hinges, Lock, Handles and Seals to Windows, Doors and Conservatories. Get the FOG out Free Quotations

Tel: 01600 718608 12

The Spring Issue

May / June

01686 414000 Border Showroom just off the A470 at Llanidloes, Powys SY186ES

OPENING HOURS Monday - Saturday, 9am - 6pm; Late night Thursday - 8pm Closed Sunday


Organising a funeral Organising a funeral can be a very stressful ordeal especially when emotions are running high. If a Will has been made it should be consulted to see whether the deceased had any specific requests. Where there is no Will, decisions will need to be made on how the service should proceed. A funeral director will help you to organise the funeral but here are a few items to remember: ●

● ● ● ●

Inform people when and where the funeral is to take place Arrange a coffin Take care of flower arrangements Allocate or hire pallbearers Decide on the service including songs, readings etc. Organise the transport of the coffin to the ceremony Arrange refreshments after the service

Burials and Cremations If the deceased is to be buried it is worth contacting the church where you would like the burial to take place immediately as there may a shortage of space and you may have to find an alternative. There are cemeteries owned by private companies and local authorities for which you would have to pay for a grave space. If the deceased is to be cremated the crematorium should be contacted and you will have to obtain an application for cremation in order to proceed. Documentation needed before a funeral can take place Before a funeral can take place it is essential that certain documentation is obtained including: ●

A death certificate showing the cause of death A No Liability to Register Certificate (obtained from the registrar in the area where the burial is intended) or Application for cremation

Your own funeral Here are a few things you might like to consider when making plans for your own funeral. Cost Depending on what kind of funeral you would like will make a difference to the cost. Do you intend to make it clear in your Will that you will pay for your own funeral or are you intending to leave this to others? Be careful when considering your choice of funeral as it could deplete the estate you leave behind or leave others in an uncertain financial position.

You can claim funeral expenses from the DSS but their are various constraints on eligibility such as the claimant or their partner must be receiving social security and must not have savings in excess of £500. More information is available at their web site Body options ● When you die do you want to be laid to rest somewhere in particular before your funeral or are you happy to let others decide for you? ●

Will you have a viewing or would you prefer not to?

How do you want to be transported to the funeral - by car, horse and cart etc?

Do you want to buried, cremated or choose some other ceremony such as burial at sea?

Do you want your organs to be donated for medical science?

Your coffin There are a huge range of coffins to choose from so it might be worth writing down the kind you would like such as whether its a dark wood with brass handles and velvet interior or whether you are happier to have a very basic coffin. Do you want anything placed in the coffin with you? Is there anything in particular you would like to wear?

Siân Williams Software at Work Siân Williams is an IT graduate, a Microsoft Office Specialist Master, an ECDL Advanced Expert and an experienced IT Tutor and Business Trainer.

It doesn’t matter how little or how much advice and support you are looking for, whether it is on a regular or ad hoc basis, contact Siân for a free consultation.

She has also worked as an office manager and personal assistant in the private sector. She is passionate about all things IT and firmly believes that IT should enhance people’s lives, whether on a personal or business level.


Software at Work

During her 18 years as a lecturer she recognised the need for people to learn the skills and gain the knowledge that they want; not what a syllabus or set course dictates.

The ceremony What kind of ceremony would you like and where would you like it? Is there anyone you would like to speak for you, any songs you would like, particular flowers or any special service?

Siân recently established her company and offers software advice, solutions, training and support to small and medium sized enterprises in South East Wales with the aim of helping everyone make the most of their software, to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Headstone / Urn You may want a certain style of headstone or urn with something particular on it which again you must specify in your Will unless you are happy for others to decide.

A Software Surgery is held every Thursday at St. Michael’s Centre, Pen-yPound, Abergavenny, NP7 5UD where

Afterwards When the ceremony is over do you want a large party or a small gathering and if so what do you have in mind? Are you going to provide for this in your Will?

Siân offers one-to-one, personalised tuition for individuals.

● Office Software Advice, Training, Solutions and Support. ● Get your software working for you! ● Learn to use your software to increase efficiency, promote your business or even organise yourself.

Printer Cartridges

REFILLED while ‘u’ wait

● What you need – when you need it.





Siân Williams


Tel: 01495 210858 Mob: 07855 064617 Email: Web:


For more information about funeral arrangements and costs visit

TEL: 01873 854913 Abergavenny ●

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Goodies Womenswear of Abergavenny A relative newcomer to the High Street but not to Abergavenny is Emma Goode of Goodies Womenswear, Frogmore Street. Emma recently organised her third charity fashion show at The Angel Hotel and raised £1400 for Abergavenny Alzheimer’s Carer’s Group and LLanfoist Fawr Primary school. The event featured 11 local women as models aged from 19 to 83 and was supported by an audience of 175 local women (and a couple of brave men!). The show featured clothing from Goodies Spring/Summer collection, hats from talented local milliner, Alison Tod and bridal wear from Country Brides in Lion Street. The show also featured local male harmony group, Synergy who brought the house down, with a witty and impressive performance. They also strutted their stuff with the Goodies models during the shows finale. There was a special guest performance from two of the Angel’s young kitchen staff who danced on the catwalk with two of Goodies more extrovert models, local hairdresser, Di Bugler and Fiona Beavan of the Miserable Cow Coffee Bar in Cibi Walk.

“I was delighted with the response of the audience who expressed how much they enjoyed the night and how a real sense of community and camaraderie was evident.” said Emma. Goodies Womenswear opened its doors in November 2008, originally as a trial for three months to see if there was an appetite for a range of modestly priced, quality ladies casual wear and accessories, offering something different to the high street chains. The trial was successful so Goodies opened its doors permanently in February 2009 after listening to customer’s feedback and choosing new stock with those views in mind. Emma was born and brought up in Abergavenny, a former pupil of Henry VIII school. Emma moved to the South East to study Business Studies at the University of Surrey which included an industrial placement as a management trainee for River Island based in Manchester.

Emma returned to settle back in Wales after meeting her now husband Barrie, in the Hen and Chicks pub in Flannel Street!

After a stint of travelling Emma moved to London where she spent 8 years working as an E-Commerce professional for Richard Branson at Virgin Net and at Channel 4.

After the birth of her daughter, Emma decided to start her own retail business. “Being my own boss has given me the flexibility to spend time with my two

Emma Goode, proprietor of Goodies Womenswear young children. Having the business in my home town of Abergavenny has been fantastic, my customers are really lovely and I feel like I have become part of a very special community. I am in the fortunate position of living near to my family who are extremely supportive of me, especially my Mum, Janis who helps me with

Goodies Gals! Emma and mum, Janis, pictured with models and helpers at latest charity fashion show


The Spring Issue

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Your new guide to the finer things in life

Ali and Helen, Llanfoist PTFA and Llanfoist Fawr Primary headteacher, Mary Larner, models at the fashion show. everything, buying, selling, childcare and was the most fantastic compere at our recent fashion show.”

Synergy, local male choir put on a superb performance

opportunity to choose an outfit and pay for it over a number of weeks.

Emma has recently returned to her childhood sport of tennis and is a member of the brilliant Abergavenny tennis club which recently won Welsh Club of the Year and Welsh Coach of the year.

Goodies will also be introducing a loyalty card which will be launched at the next fashion show which is planned for the Autumn. Customers who join the Goodies mailing list also enjoy special promotions, discounts and buying events.

Whilst business is steady, Emma appreciates that you always have to work hard to get new customers and keep existing ones happy, especially when trading in such uncertain economic conditions. With that in mind Goodies now offers its regular customers the

“Across the country we are losing our independent traders, only by shopping locally can we retain the unique character of our lovely town and ensure that it remains a vibrant and enjoyable place to live and visit. Come and visit us in Goodies, we’d be happy to see you.”

Sisters Sarah and Stephanie, local girls modelling for Goodies

Ladies in red, local business owners, Di Bugler and Fiona Beavan ●

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Summer Salad

Recipe of the month from Simon king of 1861

As summer hits its stride, it’s easy to turn salads from side dish into entree. To turn it into a complete meal, just add a little protein.

Chicken Liver Parfait

Salads are a great way to use up leftover barbequed chicken or steak. Any kind of lunchmeat is good, too--smoked turkey, ham, tuna, salami, corned beef, and prosciutto are all great on salads. If you want to keep it meatless, open up a can of beans--kidney, cannellini, garbanzo, and black beans all make tasty, satisfying salad toppers.

Ingredients Try on Some New Dressing - Salad dressings are easy to make from scratch. One taste of homemade dressing, and you won’t go back to those bottles hanging around the refrigerator door.


Cross Ash, Abergavenny Tel: 0845 388 1861 Lunch - Tuesday to Sunday Dinner - Tuesday to Saturday Fantastic meals created with fresh local produce, on a daily changing seasonal menu Simon & Kate King (Skenfrith Road NP7 8PB)

■ 8oz Chicken Liver ■ 2oz Butter ■ 100mls Double Cream ■ 4 Peppercorns

Tempting Toppings - Fresh raw sweet corn adds a wonderful crunch when cut off the cob and sprinkled into a salad. The vines and brambles are bursting with plump berries right now--try sprinkling some into your next salad. You’ll be surprised at how delicious that touch of tart sweetness is in an otherwise savory salad. Toasted nuts are tasty, too. Toss some pecans, walnuts, almonds or pine nuts into a skillet and stir over medium heat until the nuts turn a shade darker and give off an enticing aroma.

■ 1 Clove

Use your Head-or Not! - It doesn’t need to be leafy and green to be called a salad! Try a Greek salad of tomato wedges, sliced cucumber, white onions, bell peppers, tart olives and tangy feta mixed with a simply delicious dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, and chopped oregano. Another spectacular salad for the peak of tomato season is the Insalata Caprese: rounds of garden-fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella layered on a platter and crowned with basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt.

Method Trim and soak the livers overnight in the milk, Grind the spices in a coffee grinder and transfer to a liquidizer, add your port and brandy, and the drained livers.

■ Pinch of Mace ■ 50mls port ■ 50mls Brandy ■ Salt , Pepper and sugar to season ■ 1 pint Milk

Blend until smooth, gently melt the butter but without heating too much,

pour into the blender and finally add the cream, blend again to mix. Season and strain through a sieve, pour into ramekins and bake in a banmarie (water bath) in a pre heated oven at 140oC for 15 to 20 minutes until set. Refrigerate and serve with a ruby port jelly

Sunday Carvery The Tithe Barn Foodhall Carvery Menu 1 Course £8.95 Choose from our selection of Roasted meats, then help yourself to the fresh vegetables and Yorkshire puddings. 2 Course £11.95 Choose from any of our daily starters or desserts 3 Courses £14.95 Childs Portion (Under 14ʼs) £4.95 Please see our specials board for Vegetarian options and our daily starters and desserts.

Our Daily menu is also available. Every Sunday Open 12.00pm til 3.00pm All foods are freshly cooked and locally sourced where possible. Hot and cold drinks are available. We are licenced to serve alcohol. High chairs are available. For younger children, an extra plate can be provided so that they can share their parents meal.

The Tithe Barn Foodhall, Monk Street, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire PP7 5ND Call us today & reserve your table 01873 851515 Also available for outside catering 16

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Your new guide to the finer things in life

Pregnancy and you So you’ve just found out you are pregnant. What should you do next? Who should you tell? We answer some of your questions. Make an appointment to see your doctor - Most women choose to go and see their doctor quite quickly after they have had a positive pregnancy test. The advantage of going to see your doctor is that you will be given advice and support right from the start. Your doctor is likely to take your blood pressure, weigh and measure you and also tell you about the antenatal (pre-birth) services in your local area. The other advantage of going to the doctor early is that you will be given a form that you can send away to get free prescriptions and dental care Do not take any medication unless prescribed by your doctor - It is important that you do not take any unprescribed medication as this could be harmful to your baby, it is best to visit your gp and discuss safe options Check to see whether you have had a rubella injection or are rubella immune The risks from getting rubella during the different stages of pregnancy are outlined below. ● First trimester (weeks 0 to 13): If you contract rubella during the first trimester, there is a very high risk (up to 90%) that your baby will be affected. The earlier in your pregnancy that you catch rubella, the greater the risk to the baby. After week 10, the risk to the baby is reduced, however, they may develop problems with their sight or hearing, which may not become apparent until they are older. ● Second trimester (weeks 14 to 26): In weeks 14 and 15, there is still a risk to the baby. They may develop problems with their sight or hearing that may not become apparent until they are older. ● Third trimester (week 27 to birth): After week 16, the risk to the baby is low.

If you are pregnant and you know that you are not immune to rubella, you must keep away from anyone who has rubella, particularly during your first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

suggest that this risk is four times higher if you smoke between one and nine cigarettes a day during pregnancy, rising to eight times higher if you smoke 20 cigarettes or more daily.

Eat a balanced diet which includes five portions of fruit and vegetables a day - A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any time, but especially vital if you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Eating healthily during pregnancy will help your baby to develop and grow, and will keep you fit and well. Avoid liver, soft cheese, uncooked eggs such as boiled eggs, shellfish, and undercooked or cured meats Some types of cheese, paté,

The evidence that cigarette smoking may have other harmful effects on the fetus is more controversial, but some problems associated with smoking include ectopic pregnancy (where the fertilised egg implants outside the womb), miscarriage, premature labour and birth, placental abruption and vaginal bleeding.

Wash all fruit and vegetables carefully, including pre-packed salads - Knowing what foods and cooking methods to avoid is also key to the health of you and your baby. Changes in your body during pregnancy make you more susceptible to bacterial food poisioning and other gastrointestinal ailments. When shopping you’ll want to pick up cold stuff and perishable items last to reduce the amount of time they’re not refrigerated. Get them in the cooler as soon as you get home. Avoid drinking any alcohol especially in the first twelve weeks - Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause a wide range of physical and mental birth defects. The term “fetal alcohol spectrum disorders” (FASDs) is used to describe the many problems associated with exposure to alcohol before birth. Give up smoking if you can, or at least cut right down - On average, babies born to women who smoked during pregnancy are significantly smaller than those born to women who don’t smoke. Low birth weight is one of the main causes of infant illness and disability, and of stillbirth. Smoking in pregnancy also greatly increases the risk of cot death in babies. Statistics

Many women find they need help to give up or cut down. Talk to your midwife or doctor. They’ll be able to give you help and advice, and put you in touch with your local stopsmoking support scheme. Rest when you feel tired or sick Heed your body’s signals. Start by going to bed earlier than usual. And make a habit of taking a nap during the day. Even a 15minute catnap can make a difference, so if you work in an office and you’re lucky enough to have a door, shut it, put your head down on your desk, and rest. Or get creative: Look for an empty lounge or conference room or lie down in the back seat of your car.

Try to adjust your schedule. Cut out unnecessary social commitments and let the housework slide. If you work outside the home, see if you can cut back on your hours or arrange to take work home over the weekend so you can cut out early once in a while.

M. T. CASHELL & SONS LTD COME AND SEE OUR SUMMER OFFERS Local Llanbedr Black Mountain Welsh Beef Local Welsh Glanusk Lamb Local free range Gloucester Old Spot Pork


Traders from all over Great Britain attend this market ● Large Car Park & Coach Park ● Picnic Area and Kiddie’s Inflatables ● Coach Parties Welcome

E.D. MARKETS ☎ 077680 00854


01873 810405 ●

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Gazette & Diary Magazine:

For the Lads Tips to get the gal her. She will get confused and flustered and may give up on you.

Keep it cool, because even if a girl doesn’t like you now, chances are that if you play your cards right you’ll eventually spark an interest.

Girls don’t like BAD breath. Eat mints regularly and brush teeth often.

Wear a nice fragrance, but be warned, it can also repulse her.

Don’t just act natural - be natural. If your girl has a brain, she’ll be able to detect that you’re trying too hard, or striving to be something you’re not.

Think before you decide to put it on. Don’t stalk girls. They will start to avoid you. However, dropping cute text messages every now and then is okay.

Nothing is sexier than confidence. However, nothing is as unattractive as arrogance, or more annoying than a needy lack of self-esteem. Try with everything you have to find the drawing medium which is confidence. Play a sports team, and be friends with a lot of people. She won’t feel so intimidated if she knows you’re tight with other girls also. Unless she’s insecure about herself or your relationship, then be very clear that those are girl friends and she’s your girlfriend.

Remember, girls are totally unpredictable. Some will be sure to act like they DON’T like you at first, because they’re afraid of giving you that idea and in turn giving you a big ego and/or making things awkward between you two. She will ONLY respond with genuine interest when she is sure you have an interest in her. Girls like guys who are sweet and sensitive. Be nice to all her friends and you’ll then become more approachable. Don’t confuse her and send mixed signals. Ex: one day you’re teasing her, the next you’re admiring

Tell her what she wants to hear. Simple. Of course, don’t lie to her, otherwise she won’t trust you.

wherever you are Industrial /


Avon Jet Wash

Independent local firm with depots in Raglan and Bream


Machine hire & sales • Patio & deck cleaning • Street furniture cleaning Bus shelter maintenance • Graffiti & domestic drains • Interior/exterior commercial cleaning • Repairs to all makes of pressure washers

Fuel and tank specialists Next day delivery Address: Grangemill Industrial Estate, Raglan NP15 2BX Website: Telephone: 0800 093 8445 Fax: 01291 691401 Email:

Free quotations & machinery collection for Abergavenny and Monmouth areas

Shower often, and not just with water. Actually use soap, and scrub really hard if you have failed to do this step before. Fashion isn’t just for girls... it’s for guys to be recognized by girls. Get a nice pair of shoes. A pair of cool jeans will also look cool when bought from a fashionable teen store. Same goes for shirts. Don’t just buy one outfit. Clothes should never be worn more than twice a week. Calling her pretty or beautiful is more appreciated than hot or sexy, in fact, try to avoid the latter as much as possible. Tease her around and joke about who she likes, and bring it up often. Then she will get a sense you might be putting down all those guys because you’re waiting for her to realize the guy she should be with is YOU. Get in shape. Ask her how she’s doing and try to notice her moods. If she’s sad, comfort her. If she is mad, ask her “What’s wrong?" If she does not want to talk about it, don’t press. Put your arm on her shoulder and casually lean against her. It gets them every time. If she blushes or melts under your weight, that’s a good sign! Don’t wait till forever to make your move. Ask her out the minute you think she likes you back, otherwise she’ll think you’re just in it for some action or that you’re a player. Treat her with respect, and don’t say rude things about her behind her back. Never let her pay for a date UNLESS she absolutely insists. Try to be subtle when getting to know her, if she considers you a “friend” it may make her

Tel: 01600 772211 Mob: 07966 388241

less willing to date you. Make sure that you are not mean to her, ever. They simply do not accept that. But at times reverse and remember that when a girl doesn’t say anything thousands of thoughts are going through her head at that moment. . . maybe about you! Compliment her in a non-stalker way. If she’s wearing an interesting necklace, say “That’s an interesting necklace” or “That’s a cool necklace” NOT “I always like your necklaces” *scary grin*. If you think something’s wrong, ask her. Remember what she says and what she is saying. Cute teasing is okay. Something like “well you always look pretty” etc., in a messingaround voice is fine. Going over the top, and constantly putting her down will just make her angry and she’ll probably tell her friends. This will result in general angry, vengeful people. This is not exactly what we’re aiming for. Learn to like what she likes, but not in too many ways. Don’t be clingy. Be close, keeping in touch every once in awhile, but remember she has friends and doesn’t (or shouldn’t) want to hang out with just you.

Sporting dates throughout May to keep your eye out for 1 3-4 5 6 7 7-29 8 12-15 14-15 15

Unit 10, Wonastow West Industrial Estate, Monmouth, NP25 5JA


16 17-5 18 21 22


25-29 26 26-29

01633 214710 Budget accounts available Boiler Service available web: 18

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Agents for: Cleanwell Washers & JennyChem Chemicals SPARES - HOSES etc for most makes of washers in stock

Contact: KEN HAMMOND Day: 01544 231372 Evenings: 01497 831360 Mobile: 07990 973623 Hergest Industrial Estate, Kington, Herefordshire HR5 3ER

26-30 28 29

MOTOGP Portuguese GP (Estoril) FOOTBALL Champions League SF 2nd leg FOOTBALL Europa League SF 2nd leg ATHLETICS Diamond League (Doha) FOOTBALL Leagues One & Two final round fixtures CYCLING Giro d’Italia FOOTBALL Championship final round fixtures GOLF Players’ Championship (Sawgrass, Florida) RUGBY UNION Premiership SF FOOTBALL FA Cup final (Wembley, London) MOTOGP French GP (Le Mans) June TENNIS French Open (Paris) FOOTBALL Europa League final (Aviva Stadium, Dublin) RUGBY UNION Heineken Cup final (Millennium Stadium, Cardiff) FOOTBALL Premier league final round fixtures SAILING World Cup (Medemblik) ATHLETICS Diamond League (Rome) GOLF PGA Championship (Wentworth) CRICKET England v Sri Lanka, 1st Test (Cardiff) FOOTBALL Champions League final (Wembley) FORMULA ONE Monaco GP (Monte Carlo)

Your new guide to the finer things in life

Top 5 Supercars 3. Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo: 248 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. Twin Turbo All Aluminum V8 Engine with 750 hp, base price is $555,000. Smooth and badass, will make you want to show it off non-stop.

1. Bugatti Veyron: 267 mph, 0-60 in 2.5 secs. Aluminum, Narrow Angle 8 Liter W16 Engine with 1200 hp, base price is $1,700,000. Tested again on July 10, 2010 with the new 2010 Super Sport Version, the Bugatti Veyron once again claimed its title as the fastest car in the world at 267 mph.

4. Koenigsegg CCX: 245 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. 90 Degree V8 Engine 806 hp, base price is $545,568. Made in Sweden, it is aiming hard to be the fastest car in the world, but it has a long way to go

5. McLaren F1: 240 mph, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. BMW S70/2 60 Degree V12 Engine with 627 hp, base price is $970,000. Check out the doors, they looks like bat wings, maybe Batman need to order one. 2. SSC Ultimate Aero: 257 mph, 0-60 in 2.7 secs. Twin-Turbo V8 Engine with 1183 hp, base price is $654,400. Tested in March 2007 by Guinness World Records, The SSC Ultimate Aero was the fastest car in the world from March 2007 to July 2010 until recently it fell behind the Bugatti Veyron to take the #2 spot.

Red Castle Nurseries Cross Ash B4521 Abergavenny – Skenfrith Great selection of cottage garden plants and shrubs.

Funny Headines Man Gives Up On Women April 10, 2003 - Atlanta, USA Atlanta native auto mechanic Michael Ross publicly declares that he has given up the life long struggle to figure out what women really want. This came after a recently published report estimating American corporations had spent over $1 billion dollars in 2001 to determine what want women want from their products and marketing, and had largely failed. “If combining rooms full of highly skilled experts and truckloads of money can’t figure these women out, how on earth is the typical blue collar man with $28,000 after tax dollars a year supposed to?" said Mr. Ross during an interview with Atlanta news reporters. “It may be that these women themselves have no idea what they are looking for or what will win them over. Many admit to having the exact same qualities in one man be endearing, while in another, off-putting." Mr. Ross’s web site has generated over 32,000 letters of support from other men in its guest book since his announcement earlier in the day. Owner of Perfect House Lives in Car September 18, 2002 - Baltimore, USA In fear of possibly disturbing the perfection that is his house, Donald Manison has been forced to live in his 1998 Dodge Caravan. ?I became obsessive, everything in the house was so photo-perfect that I was eventually

scared of walking on the carpet in fear that I might disturb the direction of the carpet threads.? Magazines wanting a glimpse and photos of the perfect house were limited to viewing through opened ground floor windows. When asked how long he will continue his present lifestyle he replied, ?If living in my mini-van is payment for a perfect house, I?m willing to pay.? Elderly Man Sued for Stopping at Stop Sign September 9, 2002 - Atlanta, USA In a case possibly first of its kind, 67 year old Arthur Thompson is being sued by 32 year old Lynn Manaouski for stopping at a 4-way stop sign. In her statement she described how she came up to the intersection leading into her downtown condo, and rear ended the driver in front of her due to his ‘complete and full stop'. She continues to say that of the almost 2 years of living in that particular condominium complex, she had not once been behind someone who had made a full stop at the stop sign, and that his inability to be ‘consistent with typical driving patterns’ caused the accident. As a result, she is convinced that Mr. Thompson is directly responsible for the accident and should be held accountable for all incurred costs of repair to both vehicles. When reminded that it is the law to make a complete stop at a stop sign, her abrupt response was “I am quite capable of deciding when it is a good or bad time to stop my vehicle."

Retire in Style

Large potted perennials – 3 for £10.00

To advertise your: ● Residential Care ● Mobility Aids ● Wills etc...

Over 40 varieties of basket and patio plants. Hanging baskets orders now being taken.

Contact Hazel on 01873 852187 ext 31

Large selection of hanging baskets available.


Variety of Tomato Plants available now

With Aberga the ve Chronic nny le June 2n d

Tel: 01873 821232 ●

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Gazette & Diary Magazine:




(Solution on page 21)

TV to look out for...

May 2011

Candy Cabs A group of friends set up their own, all-female taxi firm in the face of their chaotic personal lives, and opposition from existing companies. Comedy ensues as they struggle to make the business work.

Holiday trampolining fun/fitness sessions, Crickhowell Sports Centre. 11.30 – 1pm. Tel: 07952 584240

What a lovely 3 part series, lets hope the BBC make more!!!

Colour me!

The Belgrave Hotel The Esplanade, Tenby, Pembrokeshire SA70 7DU Tel: 01834 842377 Fax: 01834 842626

Come and enjoy the hotels superb seafront position overlooking Tenby’s beautiful south beach in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Midweek B&B from £37.50 pppn

Govilon Car Boot, Main Road, Every Thursday, mornings. Weather permitting. 01873 830834

30 Car Boot Sale, Glangrwyney Village Hall. 9am start

The Monmouthshire & Abergavenny Support Group Coffee Morning, Bring & Buy & Cake sale 10am – 12 at Bridges Community Centre, Monmouth. Tel: 01873 856753

Charity Concert in aid of Motivation Africa, Llanwenarth Baptist Church, Govilon 2.30pm. Tickets £5 including light refreshments.

Crickhowell & District History Society Bill Cainan Talking on the “Zulus”. 7.30pm at the Scout Hall, Castle Road, Crickhowell.

Arrive Friday or Saturday Enjoy 2 nights mix and match

£89.95 pp 3 Nights £127.45 pp Dinner, Bed & Breakfast on Saturday Bed & Breakfast Friday and Sunday Candlelit Dinner & Dance Thursday and Saturday Gala Menu, Breakfast in Bed Sunday Morning

Borough Theatre, 7.30pm. Frank Olding will talk about Dark Age Gwent after the AGM. Abergavenny Local History Society.

Ring now for Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special breaks.

The Perfect Gift

A flight with

Abergavenny Farmers Market. Market Hall, Abergavenny. Fresh local produce

Pandy & Monnowside Ploughing Society Shearing Match, Treveddw Farm, Pandy.Tel: 01873 860637, 890160

Govilon Car Boot (See the 5th)

Tiger Airways Visit

Gift Certificates Available Credit Cards Accepted

Call for information on our Promotional Offers For more details contact: Chris Murphy Mob: 07719 662634 Tel: 01291 690 077 Website: Parc Lodge, Station Road, Raglan


The Spring Issue

Phone 01452 854 141 Give a gift that will never be forgotten, the chance of some real ‘hands on’ flying in a 1930's designed military trainer. Perhaps even a loop and a roll?

May / June

Toy & train collectors fair. Gilwern Village Hall, evening, 7pm – 9pm

‘Beacons of Light’ Healing and Psychic Fair, The George Hotel, Brecon. 9.30 – 5pm. 01874 676681 Llanfoist OAP Club Table Sale, Tombola, refreshments, Big Draw. 1.30pm. Tables £5. to book a table please call 01873 852507

Auction at Glangrwyney Village Hall. In aid of Llanbedr School. Over 200 lots. Phone 07506485072 Mons Day Remembrance. 17.30 hours. All welcome

Your new guide to the finer things in life

. Gazette . . o u D r Dea Magazine Poll

Hi Rich Well first of all id like to say well done for noticing and admitting your problem, that can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. Everyone feels their anger is justified when they’re actually angry. Equally, we’ve all looked back and realised we may have overreacted. But for some people, anger can become a problem that needs to be addressed. It seems like you have a short fuse and you need to find ways of controlling this, there could be many reasons for why this triggers. There are so many ways to get help these days, my first suggestion would be to visit your GP who can help identify the best route to take. Please keep in touch and let us know the outcome. J Hi Rich It does take a lot to stand up and say that you have a problem, so well done! Yes your GP can help they will be able to advise on anger management classes that will help. In the meantime I would alleviate the problem by when you start getting annoyed isolate yourself by going for a walk on your own to cool down, I am sure this will help. Trust me you can definitely overcome this. Good luck don't delay make an appointment to see your GP. H

Dear Duo My 19 year old son has just ended his 2 year relationship with his 16 year old girlfriend and she is heart broken, he 2 days later started seeing another girl and to be honest he has never been happier, I feel so desperately sorry for his

Hi Sam I know you mean well, but i think you have got too involved, this is bound to hurt this girl, but she is only 16, we all believe its the end of the world when we are young, this will not be the first or the last time this will happen to her. Don't get me wrong sometimes it can be a happy ever after but very rarely. I think that you should take a step back from the situation, and eventually it will fizzle out, its as if she is trying to make you feel guilty in a bid to get your son back. Go back to work and enjoy your life and stop worrying so much. J Hi Sam I would agree with J that you have got too involved, especially with them being so young. You have to leave your son to make his own decisions with his relationships as that age its very rare that they will stay together for life !! You need to start breaking away from his ex and stop replying to her emails and texts as you are not doing her any favours. She will eventually meet someone new and your son will be nothing but a distant reminder of her past. So just forget about her and move on like your son has. H

Who would you most like Max Branning to settle down with for good?

Let us know your vote Just text t,v or m to 07800 609944 Standard rates apply please ask the bill payers permission. See next months edition for results.

I’ve had anger problems for a long time, does anybody know if my GP can help me out. It’s really starting to effect my relationship with my girlfriend as well as other people. I’m usually quite a happy person and laugh a lot, and then flip out over the stupidest things. And I don’t mean just get annoyed and shout. I throw things, smash things, in some cases I’ve punched people who didn’t deserve it. I need help before I go too far and I have no idea of what to do about it. Please help me. Rich

ex as we were very close and i feel like I have lost a daughter, is it wrong for me to try to help her through this or should i just cut ties with with her. She constantly emails and texts me telling me how her life is over and how much he has broken her heart, I have had to have time off work with the stress of it all and cant understand why he did this, although I am trying to be supportive to him as well, I really don't know what to do and need some help/advice please. Sam

Sudoku Solutions Q S Balustrading Unit G 1 Britannia Enterprise Centre Pengam Road Blackwood NP12 3SP Tel - 01443 822258 Fax - 01443 873039 Email

Solution 1

Dear Duo

Solution 2

if you would like dear duo to help with your problems, please write to Dear Duo, The Gazette and Diary, 13 Nevill Street, Abergavenny, NP7 5AA.

• Stainless Steel BalustradeSpecialists • Feature Staircases • External Balconies • Architectural Steelwork • Commercial & Domestic

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Add style, elegance and that wow factor. We provide affordable quality, full planning and consultation including fabric samplers. Delivery, fitting and collection from your venue. A personal service with real attention to details. For large or small functions Visit our website at: Email:

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Gazette & Diary Magazine:

Loose Women’s Jane looks to the future

Make your lips shine this summer Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that applies color and texture to the lips. There are many varieties of lipstick

Revlon Matte Lipstick Gives suede-like application and maximum colour with on trend shades, that glide effortlessly across lips depositing rich, beautiful, matte colour.

JANE McDonald’s looking back through her photo album and hooting with laughter at some of the outfits she was wearing when she first came to the public’s attention as a singer on The Cruise – a 1990s BBC show documenting life on board a cruise ship.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick Luminous Satin Lipcolor, Intensely colored lipstick with a luminous, satiny makeup result.

17 mirror shine on lipstick Get ultra glam, slick colour that creates the illusion of fuller, luscious lips

Fourteen years on Jane – now 47 and looking glamorous and chic – is happily reflecting that although life hasn’t all been plain sailing, she wouldn’t change any of it.

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick Show-stopping Shades for a Velvety Matte Finish

She enjoyed six years as a presenter on ITV1’s Loose Women and is about to embark on a UK concert tour, Jane McDonald Live, in April. Also she is finding time to appear on ITV1’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show which begins a new series this month. She says: “If anybody had said to me years ago this is where you’ll be now I’d never have believed them. “Although there were moments, I must admit, when I struggled to see the bright side of life, in a funny kind of way those down times make me appreciate even more what I have now.”


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The series saw McDonald – then in her mid-30s – become one of the first reality TV stars. After the show she had a sellout concert tour, released a platinumselling album and appeared as a TV presenter.

Her autobiography Follow Your Dreams followed, but in 2002 her marriage collapsed. And as her husband was also her manager, the split also affected her professional life. “I don’t have any bitterness about the break up or any animosity towards Henrik. Sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to let them go otherwise you can’t move on,” she says.

South African super cake for slimmers now available in the UK

With her down-to-earth humour, bubbly personality and powerful voice, McDonald won the nation’s heart on The Cruise.

It seemed like a fairytale ending when in 1998 she married her handsome partner, Henrik Brixen, in a Caribbean wedding watched by around 600 million viewers worldwide.


The miner’s daughter from Wakefield, Yorkshire – who originally trained as an opera singer – began her career on the workingmen’s club circuit and became a TV celebrity almost by accident.

She returned to touring; undertook a further spell on the cruise ships; released albums; appeared in a West End production of Romeo And Juliet; and in 2004 became a regular presenter on Loose Women. “I had a ball on that show and saying goodbye last summer to the crew and the girls was really hard,” she says. “I just wanted more time so I could get back to doing what people know me for – singing, and to be able to connect with my fans.” McDonald believes her down-to-earth approach to life and her passion for singing has helped sustain her throughout her life.

• Continued support


“Laughter’s the best medicine for helping you get through. And I feel I’m so lucky as I have a purpose in my life – singing is what makes me get out of bed in the morning.”

Your new guide to the finer things in life

Pet Summer Care Dogs are wonderful additions to a family and are often treated as well as human family members. They become your best friend, companion, or even your furry child. Learning how to care for these beloved pets, especially during the summer’s heat, is imperative to their good health and to lowering your veterinary bills. Keep your dogs hydrated. Dogs can easily become dehydrated during the warm weather and it will happen more quickly depending on the thickness of their fur. Keep the water bowl in a visible place, such as the kitchen, so every family member will remember to check its fullness during the course of the day. If you are out walking, pack a cold water bottle just for your dog and stop often to encourage your dog to drink. Limit exercise. Every vet will encourage dog owners to take dogs for a walk to encourage good health, strengthen their bones, and help keep their nails trimmed, but use common sense during the summer. Shorten the length of your walk or break up a long walk into two shorter sessions. Be aware of the outside temperature and humidity. Do not forget that your beloved Fido is walking with a fur dog cooler coat and will overheat easily. Walking in the early morning or late evening hours, when the sun is low in the sky, will often help keep dogs cooler. Walk close to your house so if you sense your dog is having problems you can turn

around or call for help. Hiking paths and paved trails are wonderful resources but you will be stuck if your dog collapses in the middle of a trail that doesn’t allow cars. Take your dog’s age and overall health into consideration when planning activities outdoors. Older dogs will tire and dehydrate more easily than younger dogs and these changes can appear without warning. Dogs can also develop seasonal allergies which can in turn affect their breathing ability, so keep a close watch on older dogs that seem to pant excessively. Check for ticks daily. Ticks are very small insects that often carry Lyme’s Disease and other tick borne illnesses. These microscopic insects are prevalent during the warm weather months in wooded areas or yards with tall grass and if they come in contact with your pet, they will bite the animal and make their way into your home. Obviously, ticks are more difficult to find on dogs with thick fur so really dig your fingers in to feel them and remove them carefully with tweezers. Do not leave any dogs in a locked car. Even with open windows, cars can heat to well over 100 degrees very quickly, which can cause severe trouble for any pet. Using your common sense with your dog during the summer will eliminate emergency visits to the vet and will eliminate any stress your dog may feel, making for a much happier family life.

Melanie is good enough to eat Fit at 40 is certainly a description most would apply to Melanie Sykes. GABRIELLE FAGAN chats to the mother of two who recently posed in the nude while liquid chocolate was poured over her

She used a natural diet aid, deCarb, and a free online EATERtypes assessment which helped her identify a weakness for carbohydrates and chocolate.

Melanie Sykes appears to be a woman who takes life in her stride - even posing recently without clothes while liquid chocolate was poured over her. “Oooh, I was terrified beforehand,” admits the 40-year-old mother of two, giggling at the memory of literally wearing her favourite snack in an advert for a dieting website.

“I just needed help to shift around half a stone that I’d been struggling to lose. And now I know my diet is a bit heavy in carbs, like pasta and bread, I’ve altered my shopping list so I’m less vulnerable to temptation,” she says.

“It’s been years since I’ve done a bodyconscious shoot. But actually it turned out to be quite fun and felt like being in a wetsuit.

Sykes is currently presenting School Mum Makeover for the Biography Channel, where she transforms a ‘school-gate’ mum with a dream makeover.

“And I like trying out things that scare me a little bit occasionally, although on this occasion it was easier to make that spur-ofthe-moment decision to say ‘yes’ to doing it than it was to face the cameras.”

But, she reveals, the combination of a demanding work life and having two traumatic births – she had to have an emergency life-saving transfusion after her youngest son was born – during that period was sometimes stressful.

Sykes, who first came to the public’s attention as the bikini-clad girl with the northern accent in the Boddingtons beer advertisement and found fame as a presenter on ITV’s Today With Des And Mel, says she ensured her body was photo-fit before the shoot.

“I started the show when Roman was only threemonths-old and I only took eight weeks off after ‘Tino was born. I struggled a bit with missing my babies and my hormones were all over the place.

“I don’t know any woman who is 100 per cent happy about her body, we all worry, it’s part of our make-up, and I’m just the same as anyone else,” confides the woman who’s 5ft 8in and weighs just more than nine stone.

“I did have a short period after each birth of feeling a little low and overwhelmed, but I’m pretty strong and down to earth by nature and I came through it.”


“Luckily over the last couple of years I’ve followed a regular training regime – working out three times a week – and I actually think I probably have better muscle definition than I had in my twenties,” she says.

USK Caerlleon Pontypool

Nurses qualified as Hills Pet Health Advisors to help with your pet’s diet - call us now for free appointment to discuss diets. Porth-y-Carne Street, Usk Tel: 01291 672637 24 hour service for all creatures great and small Branch Surgeries at:

“Before the shoot I did need to work on my belly – I maintain tummies and boobs are never quite the same after babies – and my arms.”

The Old Station, Caerleon

48 George Street, Pontypool

01633 430053

01291 672637


FORD TRANSIT HORSEBOX WILL CARRY 2 HORSES UP TO 16H Hire Tariff £80 per day including VAT and insurance with the first 200 miles free, thereafter 10p per mile.

Home from Home Pet Care Are you looking for an alternative to kennels? And donʼt want pet sitters in your home? Would you like a loving cosy ʻhome from homeʼ for your dog when you go away?

LT BAYNHAM SELF DRIVE 74/76 Whitecross Road, Hereford HR4 0DG 01432 273298/01432 274977 email:

For more information, please call Peter on 01600 719204 ●

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Gazette & Diary Magazine:

Short breaks for disabled children in Powys & Monmouthshire A short break support service is frequently requested by parents of disabled children and compliments the care given by those parents. Short break carers are couples or individuals who offer regular, planned overnight stays in their own homes, usually about one weekend a month.

involved in creating colourful art and craft projects.

Disabled children and young people get to make new friends, develop a little more independence and enjoy different activities. Parents can have a break to recharge their energy and feel secure that their children are in safe hands.

We plan carefully what we are going to do for the weekend and always involve our short breaks child in any decisions made. We are pretty tired by the end of the weekend, but most of all we have fun. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our short break child’s parents and being involved in short break caring has added a positive extra dimension to our lives.

Short breaks are for children like eleven-year-old Ryan, a lively youngster who loves football and cycling. Ryan has ADHD resulting in a very high energy level, difficulty in relaxing and needs to be busy. He would like to spend time with a family who can keep up with him and understand his enthusiasm in his frequently changing interests and activities. Short breaks are for young people like Hannah, a shy thirteen-year-old, with a learning disability who would like more opportunities to spend time with other young people of her own age. She is equally happy in the company of younger children and loves to get

One of our short break carers says, “It is such a very rewarding role. We do everyday activities at home, go out to the shops or walk in the park and the hills nearby.

Also we really appreciate how well we are supported by our social worker who probably knows us better than ourselves!” Short break carers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Specific experience is not necessarily needed as social workers and specialists will provide training and support. For more information about short break caring contact Action for Children on 01633 270422.

Monmouth and Powys short breaks We need people to provide planned overnight short breaks for children and young people with learning disabilities and / or physical disabilities. In return, we offer: ▲ ▲ ▲

financial allowances 24-hour support preparation and training

To find out more please contact:

Action for Children Telephone: 01633 270422 (main office) Email: Registered charity nos. 1097940/SC038092/company no. 4764232 Produced by Action for Children 04/2011. 10/11 0538


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Your new guide to the finer things in life

How to be Happy Sometimes life can run us down, here are a few things that may help with your happiness. Be Inspired and Spontaneous - You should enjoy the thought of leaving all your worries, agonies and stress behind and escaping into a hassle-free world. You should feel that there is so much to see and you don’t experience all that the life has to offer, you’re going to miss out so many enjoyable moments in life. Do not miss each opportunity you come across and enjoy life! Be grateful, be observant, be inspired and be curious about life. Find Something You Love To Do - While you’re doing meaningful activities, you can feel a sense of accomplishment. Doing something you like to do can help you better cope with your every day’s boring chores. Look in that direction for your happiness; you’ll certainly find contentment. Try To Simplify - Each of us is generally too busy with an overflowing schedule. So, we try to squeeze in as many as activities while planning to do less in less time, hence most of us feel depressed and anxious. When you make an attempt to prioritize and simplify your daily routine, you’re actually helping yourself to live with hassle-free. Treat Yourself Nicely - Try to treat yourself nicely just like you would shower caring, love, concern and attention on a small child. When you treat yourself in this manner, you’ll be blessed with endless happiness. Forget About an Unhappy Moment - Life is unpredictable and changeable. Therefore, there are always ups and downs in one’s life. It’s your responsibility to avoid negative thoughts and clear unhappy thoughts from your mind as they can weight you down. Try to avoid dwelling on unhappy moments and also try to see less of people who make you feel hurt, unhappy and regretful. Write Down Your Gratitude Feelings in a Diary Each Day - Positive emotions are a powerful strength that can instill feeling of

happiness in your spiritual mind. Optimism, confidence, understanding, hopefulness, gratitude and blessings can all divert you to a path of happiness. Every day write down in your journal or diary the beauty of nature you come across, and people or things you are grateful for. Practice Being Happy - In order to boost your mood, try to look for activities or hobbies that will add a buzz of happiness throughout your days. You may play with your pet. Get a funny book to read. Hang a funny photo in your house or hang some funny cartoons on the wall.

A brief history of Abergavenny Abergavenny (Welsh: Y Fenni), meaning Mouth of the River Gavenny, is a market town in Monmouthshire, Wales. It is located 15 miles (24 km) west of Monmouth on the A40 and A465 roads, 6 miles (10 km) from the English border. Originally the site of a Roman fort, Gobannium, it became a medieval walled town within the Welsh Marches. The town contains the remains of a medieval stone castle built soon after the Norman conquest of Wales. Abergavenny is promoted as the “Gateway to Wales". Situated at the confluence of a tributary stream, the Gavenny, and the River Usk, it is almost surrounded by two mountains – the Blorenge and the Sugar Loaf – and five hills: Ysgyryd Fawr (The Skirrid), Ysgyryd Fach (Skirrid Fach), Deri, Rholben and Mynydd Llanwenarth, known locally as “Llanwenarth Breast". It provides access to the nearby Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons National Park. The Offa’s Dyke Path is close by and the Marches Way, the Beacons Way and Usk Valley Walk all pass through the town.

Have a Good Laugh! - Don’t take your life too seriously but take it easy. Have a good laugh instead! Laugh as loud as you can but not too hard until you hurt your throat! Having a good laugh will definitely put you in a better mood while chasing your worries and stress away. Try to Create Moments of Happiness Happiness never comes right away. It depends on how you look into your life. Think that, do you feel happy after having a cup of coffee? Did you feel accomplished after finishing a difficult task? Why not have several minutes of absolute quite? Why not enjoy 30 minutes of outdoor physical activity? Why not enjoy a chat with a family member or a close friend? Try creating those moments to keep yourself happy. What Are Your Attitudes? - Try to discover your capabilities, knowledge, abilities, skills and areas you excel in and develop them into meaningful activities. When you come to know that your activities are meaningful and productive, you’ll find your own happiness. Exploring your mind and concentrating deep in thought while you seek to understand the nature of life and find something, in itself, a pleasure and satisfaction.

All Your Wedding Attire Under One Roof!

High Town Hire Hereford01432 379090 Hereford

Amore 01432360100 Hereford

We Stock a Beautiful and Elegant Collection of Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids Dresses, Shoes, Tiaras, Veils and More We also have an extensive range of suits and accessories available for immediate hire for every occasion

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Gazette & Diary Magazine:

SP Roofing felt & fibreglass roofing

Secure Storage / Workshop units available in Goytre ■ 1000 sqft ■ £60 / Week ■ Long or Short term ■ Other sizes also available

upvc fascias soffits & guttering chimneys repaired and rebuilt inc lead work all roof repairs and maintainance

Tel: 07966 467365 or email:

Abergavenny’s longest established contractor for over 40 years

Freephone 0800 163412 or 01873 852696 mobile 07784230148



Realistic Gas and Electric Fires Fireplaces and Surrounds in Real Wood, Marble & Stone

Consultancy & Private Investigation

Made to individual specifications Fireplaces & accessories at competitive prices Installation Service Available~Also Plumbing and Heating Specialists

For a Professional Service you can Trust Covert Surveillance Specialist IAN FEWINGS 85 East Pentwyn, Blaina, NP133JF

Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm 19 Whitcross Road, Hereford 01432 265364

Phone 07525 168115

Summer Plants After the spring color is gone, and the summer heat kicks in, gardeners still want color and vibrancy in their yards. The summer sun can be brutal on delicate plants, and choosing the best ones for your area is crucial to their survival. But there are many summer plants that thrive in the harsh summer sun. Caladium - Caladium is a favorite summer plant thanks to its large heart-shaped leaves and its wide variety of color combinations. Native to South America, it likes warm, humid climates, and partial to mostly shady areas. The leaves can grow from 6 inches to 2 feet in length, and it likes regular, weekly fertilizing during the summer months.

Dorrell Oliver Ltd chartered accountants Linden House, Monk Street, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire NP7 5NF Tel: 01873 852113 Fax: 01873 858523


Prostate Cancer EMIGRATING OR MOVING OVERSEAS? Worldwide and European Removals Free Quotations

Contact 07840 667829

Tel: 0800 132370

Volunteers needed locally to establish support group,


Tech Cert (Arbor.A.)

All aspects of Tree Work Undertaken Arboricultural Contractor Report Writing and Consultancy 8 Western Road, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 7AA Tel: 01873 859273 Mobile: 07976 515 722 e-mail:

Cars, Vans & Motorcycle (Free Retest) Servicing & Reairs all makes

Prostate Screening Trust Promoting Awareness

Are you interested in counselling training?



Do you need Support & Information?

Cash Paid for MOT Failures/ Scrap Cars and Commercial Vehicles Containers Supplied



Tel: 07773 354449

JR Merchant Contractor All types of groundwork ● ● ● ●

building work driveways gardens any type of fencing

Magnificent Views Well Drained Course ◆ Friendly Club House ◆ Membership Available



10 ton loads topsoil and r oad plainings


Ring now on 01873 812199 or Mobile 07971 830940



01873 853058


Tel: 07875 996440

or 07795 565702



Snow in Summer - For a nice change in summer planting, plant some “snow." Snow in

01981 580412


Old Hereford Road, Abergavenny

Hydrangeas - Hydrangeas are a flowering shrub that bloom in late spring through summer and does well in both sunny and shady areas. The mophead and lacecap varieties like morning sun and afternoon shade while the peegee hydrangea can tolerate a sunnier area. The oakleaf hydrangea is a hardy variety that can withstand both sun and shade, making it a good choice for beginning gardener. Hydrangeas like very well-drained soil. When planting in clay soil, be careful not to over water it. That can cause root rot.

◆ Visitors Welcome

Old Ross Rd, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. NP7 8NG. Tel: 01873 856223 Fax: 01873 852177 Email: Web:

Tarmacadam Driveways



Your Local Ford Dealer For All Your New And Used Cars




01873 856818

High Street, Raglan, Monmouthshire Tel: (01291) 690423 Email:


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Established 1993

Painter & Decorator Interior & Exterior and Paper Hanging ESTIMATES WITHOUT OBLIGATION

07971 073343

Specialists in all types of tarmac surfacing Work guaranteed Registered Trader for Home Improvements 15 yrs Plus experience Unit 2, The Birches, Burghill, Nr Hereford

Tel James:- 01432 761301 Mob:- 07811 027372

Your new guide to the finer things in life from door to terminal LUXURY 6 SEATER VW CARAVELLE OR ESTATE CAR BOTH WITH AIR CON Travel in comfort Arrive feeling relaxed Call Andrew on


landscapes ltd

0800 043 1256

domestic and comercial landscape contractors, fencing, gate, decking, patios, drives and turfing.


Tel: 07703 237381 01873 810424 01633 430342 or email

Snow summer is a beautifully delicate plant that blooms small white flowers. This plant likes full sun, but prefers a sandier soil, and will not tolerate standing in water, making it perfect to plant on slope or wall. It is disease- and

Caladium insect-resistant and will withstand harsher conditions. After the blooms fade, cut the plant back to ensure it stays small and manageable.

Cine Film Transfers GREENFINGERS Gardening & Horticultural Services 01873 854489

● ●

● Camcorder tapes to DVD Photos from video tapes to DVD DVD/CD duplication ● Slides or negatives to DVD Collection & Delivery FREE! Events / Wedding Videos

Pontypool, Torfaen, NP4 6FD

Growing with the communityar


Ring Freephone: 0800 163412 or 01873 852696 Mobile: 07784 230148 A local company offering a professional reliable service

A J Lewis Building and Plastering Established 1967

For a free quotation call 01495 772 142 / 07773 028 494 or visit our website on

■ Tel: 01495 740284 ■ Mobile: 07836 271060

Think Of Blinds - Think Of Us



Servicing Your Area Since 1988 FREE Advice, FREE Measuring & Fitting We will beat ANY written quotations Free Quotations any day or evening

ABERGAVENNY 01873 852299

D. L. CORRAN Tree Surgeons All aspects on tree surgery undertaken. Specialist removal techniques on dangerously situated trees Est 34 years, fully insured ALBION HOUSE, 39 UNION ROAD, ABERGAVENNY Tel: 01873 855735 Mobile: 07808 888596


Wyndee Kennels Individual Care~Attention Guaranteed Open 9am-6pm

Stock Fencing & Domestic Fencing We also do Hedge Laying

Newbury, Abergavenny, Blaenavon 01495 790571

Please ring now 01874 610527 07531 965741

TOWN TO TOWN CRICKHOWELL All Airports, Seaports Long Distance Specialists Private Hire Tel: 01873 812399 E-mail:

Litho & Digital Printing


Business Stationery


T: 01873 858047 F: 01873 850609 E: Unit 4 Mill Street Ind. Estate Abergavenny. Mon. NP7 5HE

KS Carpentry & Building Contractor


All Aspects of Building Work undertaken Reliable and Qualified Tradesmen

FREE QUOTES Competitive Rates

01873 851990 or 07967 710608 Celtic Computer Systems


• Domestic, commercial & industrial electrical installations • Fault finding and rectification (24hr call out) • PAT testing • Electrical periodic testing • Security & fire alarm installation

07795 311925 Helping Hand Home & Garden Services

New Laptops with manufacturers 12 mth warranties wherever you are in the UK starting from £399 incl. VAT with legal software

Reliable and Friendly help

BEST BROADBAND DEAL! go to Servicing, Repairs, Updates, Virus Problems

Reduced pricing on legal Microsoft Office with CD and licence

Clean up junk, erase confidential information

Not just added to computer as other suppliers do

Telephone: 01873 858111 email:

Tackling the jobs you can’t. (or would rather not) For example... ● Grass cutting ● Digging ● Hedge Trimming ● Fencing ● Leaf clearing ● Putting up cupboards, shelves and curtain rails ● Clearing out lofts & garages Etc, etc,etc….. For reliable, friendly and trustworthy help, at a competitive rate…

Telephone: 01873 840166 Mob: 07871 415919


Cwmbran Gates & Fencing


Firewood & tree surgery

New Roofs, Slate and Tiles, uPVC Fascias and

Wrought Iron Gates Balustrades Handrails Made to Measure Service



01495 226657

• Specialised knowledge of trees – assessment, maintenance & disposal • Tree surgery – pruning & crown reduction, NPTC qualified • All garden services from lawn mowing & hedgetrimming to weeding & digging • Patio cleaning • Firewood for sale JEMABEE Contact Eddie Thomas now on Tel 01873 821309 Mobile 07900 105956 Email

Roofing Contractor Guttering, Repairs and Maintenance, Leadwork and Chimney Repair

Free Estimates 01874 711554 • 07720 859621

0800 783 7458 or 07771 560 633

H. Waters & Sons Lawnmowers • Chainsaws • Garden Machinery

45 years experience serving our community We accept part exchange / new & reconditioned

Demonstrations available Mill Garage, Gelli Groes, Blackwood, Gwent. NP12 2HY

Tree Services


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TaylorMade by Stanton will be relocating to our refurbished Showrooms at Longhope

The featured Kitchen has stainless steel carcasses suitable for properties that flood Various Ex-Showrooms Displays and Appliances on offer ● ● ●

tel: 01452 831 538 ● fax: 01452 831 048 email: web:

ʻTruly TaylorMadeʼ

the Gazette magazine May/June edition  

An Abergavenny Chronicle publication

the Gazette magazine May/June edition  

An Abergavenny Chronicle publication