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Special Advertising Publication | June 2013




Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


MESSAGE FROM CEO & FOUNDER 2,000 graduates that proudly wear their LM pins today.


Over the years, LM has grown not only in size, but also in diversity of programs. In addition to our signature Core program we also offer Senior Leadership Montgomery for adults 55 and wiser, Youth Leadership Montgomery for high school students, and Inside Montgomery, a one-day executive program.

As Leadership Montgomery (LM) embarks on our 25th Anniversary year, it is hard to believe that it has been nearly a quarter of a century since LM first began as the seed of an idea around my kitchen table. As we prepare for the graduation of the 2013 classes, it makes me kvell (AKA full of pride) to see how this organization has blossomed from our first class of 32 participants to the nearly

LM graduates complete these programs more informed, more connected, and more committed to our County and ready to offer their time and talent to countless boards, committees, and commissions. I am humbled by their fierce dedication to strengthening our community, and I am proud that their contributions have helped make LM the significant force within Montgomery County that it is today.

This past year has been one of tremendous growth and activity for LM. With a renewed focus on Member satisfaction, we created the Director of Member Engagement position to enhance the membership experience for our graduates and to be more responsive to their needs. With the addition of this new role, we now have a total of 5 staff working hard to support the organization and the Board of Directors and committees in all their efforts. I feel truly blessed to work alongside such an amazing team of dedicated and talented individuals.

In February, we partnered with the Mental Health Association of Montgomery County to host a Community Forum on Mass Violence in response to the Newtown school shootings. Looking forward, we are excited about the activities planned for FY’14, including the launch of new programs and the spectacular 25th Anniversary Celebration next June.

Looking back on this past year, we hosted a full calendar of activities from CEO lunches to the Family Picnic. One of the highlights of the year was our new Conversation on Leadership series, the first of which featured Cokie and Steve Roberts. Leadership

We are excited to announce that this year we will be introducing a LM app exclusively for our Members, thanks to the contribution of Hemant Virkar (’13) and his talented team at Digital Infuzion. LM also spent this past year focusing on strategic visioning, which led us

Montgomery strives to plan events that are not only fun, but also relevant and informative for both our Members and the broader community.

to update our succession and sustainability plan to allow for a smooth transition into the future. We are also pleased to announce the plans to launch a program for 25-35 year old young professionals to expose them to the great resources and opportunities that Montgomery County has to offer. As the County continues to grow and change, Leadership Montgomery is committed to adapting our programs and actively recruiting applicants who reflect the varied demographics of the County. As we prepare for our Silver Anniversary, I pause to look back with gratitude for all those who have helped us achieve the impact we have had so far, and I look forward with enthusiasm for all the potential that lies ahead.

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Financial Report and Board of Directors ...................................5


Core Program ..............................................................................6

Esther B. Newman, Founder & Executive Director Katalin Gimes, Program Director Ali Levingston, Director of Member Engagement Carol Ippolito, Leadership Assistant Wendy Peck, Administrative Assistant Regina Williams and Michele Williams,Financial Management Eliot Pfanstiehl, Retreat Facilitator

Senior Leadership Montgomery..................................................8

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Dennis Wilston, Corporate Advertising Director Neil Burkinshaw, Advertising Director Katalin Gimes, Editor, Leadership Montgomery Anne Hott, Production Coordinator Lorraine Walker, Design John Schmitz, Prepress Manager Anna Joyce, Cover, Design Cover photo of Connie Morella & DeRionne Pollard by John Keith


Message from the CEO...............................................................4

Youth Leadership Montgomery..................................................8 Inside Montgomery Executive Program .....................................9 Outstanding Leader Award and Legacy Leadership Award......10 Youth Community Leadership Awards....................................11 Life After Graduation................................................................12 Leadership 100 Members..........................................................13 Financial Contributors ..............................................................14 Celebration Sponsors.................................................................15 Leadership Partners ...................................................................16 2013 Core Class ........................................................................18 2012 Graduate Directory..........................................................20 Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


2012-13 BOARD OF DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Marvin R. Dickerson Board Chair Dickerson Technologies

Bradley H. Colton

Lassiter & Associates, LLC

M&T Bank

Marcos L. Pesquera

David H. Anderson

Sanjay Rai

Marguerite R. Van Ness

Chair for Membership Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

Keith Levchenko

Chair for Programs Montgomery County Council Central Staff

Vivian G. Bass

Jewish Foundation for Group Homes

Joshua Lee Bokee


John J. Dillon

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Monica Escalante

Montgomery Hospice

Anna A. Hargrave

The Community Foundation of MC

David A. Hill

Independent Legal Consultant & Advocate

Member Dues $69,740, 14%

Montgomery College

Graciela Rivera-Oven

Proactive Community Strategies

Mary F. Robinson

Capacity Partners, Inc.

Joan A. Schaffer

Schaffer Consulting

Mark S. Scott

Mark IV Builders

Larry E. Walker

Event Fees $22,155, 4%

The Walker Group

Contributions $197,969, 40%

Jean P. Whiddon

Fixation Marketing

Ronald M. Wolfsheimer Calvert Investments

Michael L. Mael

Immediate Past Chair Washington National Opera

Alan B. Sternstein

General Counsel Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC

Debbi L. Jarvis

CEO and Founder


Tuition $200,775, 41%

Adventist HealthCare, Inc.

Elizabeth S. Huntley


Other Income $4,770, 1%

Giuseppe A. Mastroeli

Chair for Development Marriott International, Inc.

Chair for Finance/Treasurer Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd.

July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

Valeria Lassiter

Esther B. Newman


Marion Hull 2000-02

Eliot Pfanstiehl 1991-93

Brad Westpfahl 2002-04

Mita Schaffer 1993-95

Bill Robertson 2004-05

Shel Grosberg 1995-97

Sol Graham 2005-07

Bob Jones 1997-99

Debbie Liverpool 2007-09

Chuck Lyons 1999-00

Michael Mael 2009- 11 * Deceased 1889585

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Program Sponsor:

Creating a Community of Purpose KNOWLEDGE... SERVICE... CONTACTS...COMMITMENT. These are just a few words that Leadership Montgomery Members, graduates of the 9-month program, use when asked to describe what the Leadership Montgomery experience meant to them. Leadership Montgomery is a community leadership and development organization, as well as a network coalition with core values of integrity, leadership, passion, relationships, service and diversity. “When someone thinks of community leaders in Montgomery County, we want them to think of Leadership Montgomery,” says CEO and founder Esther Newman. Since its inception in 1989, Leadership Montgomery has focused its eight monthly day-long sessions on issues like public safety, transportation, education, diversity, communities, a visit to Annapolis, arts and creativity. Sessions are enriched by presentations from a wealth of community experts who share their knowledge and views on various topics. The following pictures and learnings give a glimpse into the 2013 class’ favorite sessions.

“THE OCTOBER SESSION, A Tour Through the Fields of Dreams in Montgomery County, ended with perhaps the most extraordinary story of all, told by Tony Cohen (’05) who described his ongoing efforts to make the underground railroad come to life for visitors at the Button Farm Living History Center. When he showed us the box in which he ‘shipped’ himself North as a slave might have, we were all amazed and inspired by his courage.” – Miti Figueredo, Vice President Public Affairs, Chevy Chase Land Company

“THE FEBRUARY SESSION was a day filled with discovery of what the elected officials do in state government in Annapolis. Delegate Anne Kaiser (’05) Montgomery Coutny House Delegation Chair, District 14, shared with us how difficult it was to meet with other delegates to get the Marriage Equality Act passed given the number of bills presented each session and the differing priorities of each delegate. We learned that if a bill goes all the way to the final day of the legislative session with enough support to pass but is not voted on because of the lack of time before midnight, on sine die, the bill dies. The lesson I learned from a panel with lobbyists was that despite the accuracy of information shared with a legislator, lobbyists only have a limited impact vs. the constituents if they find the same issue important enough to meet and talk to their representatives about it. The final segment of the day included a wonderful tour of the State House, curated by Senator Richard Madaleno (’10), Jr., of District 18. After the tour, sitting in seats of senators in the Senate Chamber, we listened to Senator Madaleno’s explanation of the fiscal budget process, how legislative issues are shaped by the budget, what role the Governor has in all this, and how the legislature determines how to address budget gaps from year-to-year and in the long-term.” -– Eric Siegel, Executive Vice President and Legal Counsel, Cohen Companies


Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

“THE MARCH SESSION focused on education and diversity. The day began at the newly-constructed Paint Branch High School. Our class was fortunate to have classmates who understood the inner workings of MCPS: Joshua Starr, Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery County Board of Education then President Shirley Brandman, Spark Matsunaga Elementary School Principal Judy Brubaker, Montgomery County Association of Administrators & Principals President Debra Kay Mugge, and Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Immediate Past President Kristin Trible. My impression is that the MCPS stakeholders are very passionate about providing the best education for our kids and making sure that teachers, administrators, and parents have the resources and support to do so. To our delight, the Paint Branch Culinary Arts students treated us to a delicious lunch at the school’s Panther Paw Restaurant. The afternoon session conducted in the Open Space Technology format was a great opportunity to discuss challenging issues in an intimate and safe setting. I walked away learning new things about my classmates and realizing that we have more commonalities than differences. I am also proud of the work that our community has done and continues to do to prepare our kids for the future.” – Yen Le, Realtor/Assistant Vice President, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

“THE PUBLIC SAFETY AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE SESSION in November was a long and tiring yet rewarding day. We are very lucky to live in a County that gives 100% support to its first responders and public safety workers. From a personal perspective, I may not have seen anything that I had not seen before, and, as at each LM session so far, I learned things that I did not know before.” – Lisa MandelTrupp, Chief of Staff, Councilmember Phil Andrews, Montgomery County Council. Pictured classmate Joshua Starr, Super-intendent of Montgomery County Public Schools, as a firefighter in training.

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

“THE DECEMBER SESSION focused on the Growing Pains of Economic Development in Montgomery County. Evan Goldman, Vice President of Development at Federal Realty Investment Trust, guided the class through the White Flint Redevelopment project from idea through the planning stages. After lunch we climbed onto a Montgomery County school bus and went to visit the Shady Grove Recycling Center. It made the entire class re-think our own recycling habits when we realized how much of the recycling is done by hand. A tour of Rockville Town Center was next on the agenda that allowed us to see the community gathering spaces (modeled after Italian piazzas), the extensive array of retail shops and restaurants, and beautiful residential buildings. The day concluded with a provocative and thought-provoking presentation by Blair Lee (Founding Board), CEO of Lee Development Group. Mr. Lee discussed his long tenure working as a lobbyist in Annapolis and his unique perspective in living and working in the County.” – Kelly Gibson Caplan, Community Outreach Manager, Washington Gas

“AT THE MAY SESSION, Art in the Mix, Bonnie Fogel (‘95), Executive Director, and Janet Stanford, Artistic Director at Imagination Stage in Bethesda, spoke to the class about the nature of creativity and how it helps leaders. For the afternoon, we drove over to Glen Echo Park and we got a behind the scenes tour of the park. Executive Director Katey Boerner (‘07) explained the role of the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, then Ranger Happy provided a historic perspective and she let us climb on the carousel for photos. After the tour, classmate Suzan Jenkins, the CEO of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, explained the role of her organization and described the state of the arts in Montgomery County. It was interesting to hear about the role of public art in our County and to learn about the County’s expansive collection. The last activity gave us an opportunity to stretch our creative muscles. Mini classes included Mask Making, Improv/Theatre, African Drumming, Dance, and T-Shirt Making.” – Ann Bevans, Chief Smarty Pants, Ann Bevans Collective



enior Leadership Montgomery (SLM) is an innovative, groundbreaking program for people 55 and over, with leadership experience and with diverse backgrounds who are ready to define their third age in ways that include meaningful civic engagement. Participants are drawn together by a passion for the community and have experience from every sector and industry – nonprofit, business, and government, both domestic and international. “I thought I was pretty well informed about Montgomery County and didn’t have much to learn. SLM made me realize that I really had a lot more to learn – and I enjoyed every experience.” – Shirley Henderson

Left to right, first row: Lillian Huie, Deeva Garel, Julie Halstead, Stuart Newman, David Weiss, Phyllis Daen, Joyce Rudick, Bonnie Klem; second row: Marion Ballard, Synthia Woodcock-Dang, Susan Wise, Barbara Elrod, Jane Smith, Veronica Biemans, Gary Faigen, Roberta Benor, Sheila Shears, Ed Comer; third row: Edward Kelty, Robert Hirsh, Carolyn Bloom, Elayne Flax, Margaret Hadley, Michael Ward, Arthur Wise, Douglas Bly, Reemberto Rodriguez, Donald Bowie. Not pictured: Shirley Henderson, Judith Johnson, Blanca Kling, Jerry Whiddon and Eleanor Zartman.

“My Senior Leadership Montgomery experience reaffirmed why I call Montgomery County home: Its people!... The classmates I met during this process truly exemplify the immense human capital in our County. I am sure we will continue crossing paths as we work together to build an even stronger Montgomery Program Sponsors:

Inspires County’s Future Leaders


– Reemberto Rodriguez This enriching experience results not only in better understanding, more empathy, and a greater sense of community, but also makes participants realize that they can find so many ways to utilize their individual talents and leadership skills in serving the community in which they live. “As a result of my class project assignment, I am now working with the head of Empowered Woman International helping them expand their efforts in the County in assisting low income women on how to start their own businesses. I find this a most worthwhile endeavor. I am grateful to have been a member of the class of 2013 & plan to continue my efforts to make this County a good place to live & work for ALL people.” – Carolyn Bloom

of Maryland strengthen their skills and develop their own potential to lead at school and in the community. During the week-long residential MLW summer session at Washington College in Chestertown, MD, the students get to know each other by participating in daily workshops and have the opportunity to spend time on a college campus.

Y Youth Leadership Montgomery Class of 2012: front row, left to right: Gislene Tasayco, Gaithersburg High School; Erika Medrano, Watkins Mill High School; Gaia Jinsi, Winston Churchill High School; Angelica Perez, Watkins Mill High School; Reva Alperson, Albert Einstein High School; Megan Barich, Richard Montgomery High School; Layla Anthony, Rockville High School. back row: Chaitanya Singh, Winston Churchill High School; Aileen Choi, Winston Churchill High School; Brian Whitt, Sherwood High School; Manzi Gahima, Sherwood High School; Brendan Glynn, Gonzaga College High School; Carl Newman, Walter Johnson High School; Grant Hayes, Quince Orchard High School; Justin Chang, Thomas S. Wootton High School; and Ryan Ghosh, Thomas S. Wootton High School.

County. I am very proud to be able say: ‘I am a SLM graduate!’”

outh Leadership Montgomery (YLM) is a two-part program based on a partnership between YLM and Maryland Leadership Workshops (MLW) that provides an experience to develop leadership skills and community awareness for Montgomery County public or independent high school students entering grades 9-12. Maryland Leadership Workshops ( has been conducting peer-led programs for middle and high school students for over 57 years. Through workshops, hands-on activities and individualized action plans, students from around the state

In the fall, the young leaders learn about the role of nonprofit organizations and civic engagement in our society through the example of passionate leaders, as well as hands-on activities. To understand the importance of charitable giving, they research nonprofit organizations in Montgomery County that provide services to populations or causes the students feel passionate about. After a visit to the nonprofits, they decide to award a generous donation of $1,000 to the organization they feel is most deserving. Setting the criteria and awarding the money is always a challenging task for the students. The funds are from the Roberta F. and Lawrence A. Shulman Youth Leadership Endowment. Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


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RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation


NSIDE MONTGOMERY is a special program offered annually to a select group of senior executives who only have time to learn about the County in one day. Program participants enjoy a bus tour showcasing the County’s distinctive character. Tour guides are key business, government, and community leaders who are the best sources for an informative and diverse perspective on local issues. The reception at the end of the day offers a great opportunity to discuss what was seen and learned during the day. Here are just two of the comments from this year’s participants: “I truly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the County, gained a better appreciation of the County, and networked with other professionals.” and “I really appreciated hearing about each speaker’s leadership style and seeing their passion for what they do. I am inspired to do more!”

Participants left to right, front row: Syndia Nazario-Cardona, Ana G. Mendez University System; Arumani Manisundaram, Adventist HealthCare; Karen Acton, Post-Newsweek Media & The Gazette; David Havrilla, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center; Beatrice Lauman, Montgomery College; second row: Julia Rader, The Universities of Shady Grove; Ron Halber, Jewish Community Relations Council; Terrance McKinley, Reid Temple African American Episcopal Church; Tammy Peery, Montgomery College; Myra Oppel, Pepco Holdings; third row: Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Montgomery College; Jeffrey Lipson, Congressional Bank; Jeanette Mendonca, Hospice Caring; fourth row: Cidalia Luis-Akbar, M. Luis Construction Co.; Geraldine Vent, Montgomery Hospice; Alan Langelli, Aronson LLC; last row: John Sackett, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital; Emerson Peery, Lockheed Martin; Mark Drury, Shapiro & Duncan.



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Outstanding Leader Award Award Sponsor:

Legacy Leadership Award Award Sponsor:

by Robin Ferrier (’09), Press Team Lead, NIH National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute

by Robin Ferrier (’09), Press Team Lead, NIH National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute



r. DeRionne Pollard’s stewardship of Montgomery College during the past almost three years has been truly transformative and collaborative. Her accomplishments include the creation of a new mission statement, vision, and values; development of a new strategic plan; initiation of a new participatory governance system; the launch of the Montgomery College Innovation Fund to inspire faculty and staff to develop new ideas; creation of monthly interactive town hall meetings where student and faculty concerns can be addressed; initiation of key infrastructure projects, including a Science Center and a future Bioscience Education Center; support of the Maryland Dream Act; and adoption of an antibullying statement. And through her efforts, the Montgomery College Foundation has raised $3 million annually for endowed and current use scholarships and programs.

Dr. Pollard’s influence has extended beyond the College’s many campuses. Her success at MC has led to her becoming an in-demand speaker on the national and local levels, with a deep-rooted commitment to such issues as teaching and learning, equity and access, and professional development. She recently served on two national and prestigious commissions of the American Association of

Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard (’12), President, Montgomery College

Community Colleges (AACC): the 21st Century Commission on the Future of Community Colleges and the Commission on Academic, Student, and Community Development. At the local level, Dr. Pollard impacts our County greatly. She works tirelessly to ensure that all Montgomery County residents have the capability to access and experience education successfully. And she ensures the mantra of “endless possibilities” is heard by all the local area boards on which she serves including: the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, The Universities of Shady Grove, IMPACT Silver Spring, and Strathmore. Dr. Pollard will donate the money she receives in recognition of her leadership to Montgomery College Foundation and wants to designate the gift to any of MC’s top five priorities: the Innovation Fund, ACES program, Global Humanities Institute, Dreamers Scholars Fund, or the general Scholarship Fund.


hroughout the past halfcentury, Connie Morella has been a courageous leader of our local community. An inductee in the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame and a founder of the Montgomery County Commission for Women, Ms. Morella has made extraordinary contributions as a mother, a citizen activist, a legislator, and an ambassador standing up for women’s rights locally, nationally, and internationally.

Ms. Morella was also known nationally for her courage to be independent in Congress, irrespective of political pressure or party affiliation. She took the tough votes and led initiatives that were not always popular at the time, but did so simply because she felt they were right. These are the hallmarks of a true leader. Ms. Morella’s professional career in public service began as a high schoolteacher,MontgomeryCollege instructor, and American University professor where she helped instill the values of inclusion and equality for a future generation of leaders. She spent eight years as a Delegate in Maryland’s General Assembly and served 16 years as Montgomery County’s representative in the U.S. Congress. During her time in the government, she crafted legislation that put into practice the principles of inclusion and equality that she originally taught decades before. She also developed legislation for innovative approaches

The Hon. Constance A. “Connie” Morella, Former U.S. Representative and Ambassador

to health care, established a Center for Women’s Health Research at the National Institutes of Health, called for more scientific research on cancer and HIV/AIDS, and supported affordable child-care programs. Additionally, she led in programs to combat domestic violence and teen pregnancies. Even as she gained a greater national role in the U.S. Congress, Ms. Morella always made her Montgomery County constituents a top priority. She was so well known for her constituent service and for her devotion to the community, the Washington Post in 1992 famously noted that, “Three things are certain in Montgomery County: death, taxes and Connie Morella showing up for every small-town parade and public forum.” A legion of Montgomery County residents still holds her today with great affection and admiration. There is no question that her achievements have left an indelible legacy on the people and the quality of life in our region. Ms. Morella will donate the money that she’ll receive in recognition of her leadership to Montgomery College Foundation.

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

Salute to the Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A., Youth Community Leadership Awards Recipients The Youth Community Leadership Awards program recognizes and rewards outstanding high school seniors attending public, private or parochial schools in Montgomery County. Youth Award recipients are selected from applicants who have completed a minimum of 260 hours of approved community service

Award Sponsor:

Hoyoung Choi James Hubert Blake High School

Jenna Kress Walt Whitman High School

Brandon Myers Quince Orchard High School

by the end of their junior year and who demonstrate exceptional leadership in their community service activities. Each student is required to submit an award application, essay and recommendations. Five students are selected annually to receive a $1,000 award at LM’s annual Celebration of Leadership event.

Lafayette Phillips James Hubert Blake High School

Raphael Sacks Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

Congratulations Leadership Montgomery Class of 2013! Established 1953

(301) 948-1518



Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

CONGRATS to The Class of 2013 from The Diener School

Motivating Minds, Inspiring Capabilities



LIFE AFTER GRADUATION by Ali Levingston Director of Member Engagement


n the 24 years since Leadership Montgomery (LM) was founded, LM has always prided itself on having a robust and thriving membership community. Each new graduating class is welcomed into the broader fellowship of the 1200+ group of Core and Senior LM leaders that came before them. Dave Dabney (’01), Executive Director of Bethesda Urban Partnership, said, “I was in a great class that allowed me to meet people I may never have had the opportunity to meet. We bonded immediately and have formed a go-to network of classmates and friends.”

Montgomery County Councilmembers field questions during the popular Lunch with the County Council.

Dr. Stephen Fuller was the speaker for a Breakfast Club discussion on the economic outlook for Montgomery County.

Sylvia Henderson (’11), CEO of Springboard Training, stated, “Life after graduation involves friendships and connections. Business continues to take place with connections, either directly or through referrals. We get to know, respect, and trust each other through Leadership Montgomery.” Once the program year ends, Leadership Montgomery offers its Members an extensive array of events to participate in. LM on average hosts more than 25 different events each year. Last year alone, these events had nearly 2,000 participants. Large gatherings like the annual Celebration of Leadership and Homecoming provide a great opportunity for graduates to network with a broad group of peers and to make new connections. Smaller, more intimate events, such as the CEO Lunches and Breakfast Clubs, allow Members to interact directly with some of the area’s most important and influential leaders. Asidefromattendingevents,graduates are encouraged to remain involved with LM by joining one of many committees, task forces or Involvement Groups and taking an active role in hosting and facilitating their own activities. Most graduating classes have

“Be Your Board Best” Workshop participants enjoy a warm-up exercise, led by facilitator Betsy Frantz, President & CEO of Leadership Arlington.

regular get-togethers throughout the year with their classmates, and big anniversary years are often celebrated with larger gatherings. “The opportunity to learn, connect and give does not end after graduation from the Leadership Montgomery program. My passion for the mission grows stronger, and I remain engaged through social events, educational and professional development classes, Membership Committee meetings and my role as Co-Chair of the Community Service/Philanthropy Involvement Group, “said Theresa Testoni (’09), Commissioner for the Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism. No matter how they choose to stay involved after graduation, Leadership Montgomery Members have a wealth of opportunities to


Tammy Darvish, Vice President of DARCARS Automotive Group, hosted a CEO Lunch.

stay informed about current issues, and to maintain and create new relationships. Marian Fryer (SLM ’02) noted, “As a community activist, LM has been the best for networking with people and organizations throughout Montgomery County. There is always someone that is

willing to help you. All you have to say is you are a LM graduate.” Thanks to an active membership community, graduates of Leadership Montgomery’s Core and Senior programs can look forward to many more years of learning, connecting and giving back in Montgomery County. Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

LEADERSHIP 100 MEMBERS Committed Leadership Montgomery Graduates, Board and Staff who choose to give each year above their yearly dues. Thanks to our special friends! Naomi D. Abrams (‘11)

Keith J. Danos (‘12)

Sylvia V. Henderson (‘11)

Peter W. Monge (‘92)

Joan A. Schaffer (‘10-SLM)

Elaine Amir (‘00)

Diann Dawson (‘12)

Barbara J. Henry (‘04)

Kenneth N. Nelson (‘10)

Mark S. Scott (‘07)

David H. Anderson (‘05)

Marvin R. Dickerson (‘07)

Leigh H. Henry (‘10)

Jeffrey Z. Slavin (‘91)

Charles H. Atwell (‘06)

John J. Dillon (‘94)

Charles F. Hess (‘06)

Esther B. Newman (CEO and Founder)

Marilyn A. Balcombe (‘00)

Jeff D. Donohoe (‘04)

David A. Hill (‘05)

Thomasine Bannister (‘12)

Jeanne H. Ellinport (‘10)

David B. Humpton (‘92)

Lee Barnes (‘00)

Monica Escalante (‘09)

Elizabeth S. Huntley (‘10)

Linna M. Barnes (‘01)

Dorothy M. Fitzgerald (‘95)

Mindi P. Jacobson (‘12)

Helaine B. Barry Guilliams (‘12)

Michael P. Fitzgerald (‘92)

Debbi L. Jarvis (‘12)

Vivian G. Bass (‘10)

Edward F. Fones, Jr. (‘04)

Monica A. Jeffries Hazangeles (‘98)

Kevin H. Beverly (‘98)

David G. Fout (‘09)

Robert E. Jepson (‘97)

Joshua L. Bokee (‘09)

Georgette W. Godwin (‘04)

Betsy Johnson (‘98)

Scot Browning (‘11)

Solomon Graham (‘03)

Valeria Lassiter (‘01)

Orlando M. Bullock, II (‘12)

Sheldon I. Grosberg (‘93)

Keith Levchenko (‘08)

Jean A. Casey (‘05)

Avi M. Halpert (‘10)

Leslie S. Levine (‘08)

Clifford S. Chiet (‘00)

Dennis Hansen (‘09)

Debra L. Liverpool (‘99)

Bradley H. Colton (‘00)

Thomas E. Harr (‘00)

Michael L. Mael (‘05)

John G. Compton (‘07)

Sara N. Harris (‘90)

Giuseppe A. Mastroeli (‘09)

Gene W. Counihan (‘00)

Mabrouka I. Hassanein (‘11-SLM)

Tracee A. Matthias (‘08)

Andrea L. Danko-Koenig (‘01)

Robert E. Hebda (‘98)

Andrew J. Milisits (‘08)

Joyce L. Newmyer (‘12) J. Manuel Ocasio (‘11) N. Leslie Olson (‘09) Barbara A. Ott (‘07) Richard N. Parsons (‘03) Tina E. Patterson (‘11) Marcos L. Pesquera (‘09) Russell L. Phillips (‘05) Sanjay Rai (‘09) Holli B. Rivera (‘12) Graciela C. Rivera-Oven (‘96) William G. Robertson (‘02) Mary F. Robinson (‘10) David N. Rodich (‘08) Michael D. Rosenbaum (‘10) Jon S. Rucker, Jr. (‘12)

Edward L. Snyder (‘00) Ronald M. Stehlin (‘10) James J. Sweet (‘07) Theresa Testoni (‘09) Gregory L. Twombley (‘10) Craig D. Uchida (‘06) Marguerite R. Van Ness (‘03) Larry E. Walker (‘06) Francine E. Waters (‘05) Jean P. Whiddon (‘09) Paula S. Widerlite (‘05) Ronald M. Wolfsheimer (‘93) John B. Wood (‘08) Mitchell J. Wool (‘09) Dana M. Young (‘07) Kristie M. Zedler (‘08)


Tomorrow’s Leaders!

Family Services, Inc. is preparing the Leadership Montgomery Class of 2035 through our child development programs Child Development Fundamentals Effective Parenting Skills Tutoring and Mentoring Case Management Services

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013



610 East Diamond Avenue, Suite 100 Gaithersburg, MD 20877-5323 301-840-2000 • 301-840-9621 fax United Way #8098 • CFC #28943 • MD Charity Campaign #3190

Parent Support Groups Enriched Childcare Health and Education Assessments Information and Resources



The Board of Directors and Members of Leadership Montgomery acknowledge with great appreciation the support of the following businesses, organizations and individuals. Core Program n

Adventist HealthCare, Inc. – Program Sponsor

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Josh Bokee (’09) n EagleBank, Tom Murphy (’05) n Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc. n HESS Construction + Engineering Services, Chuck Hess (’05) n Kaiser Permanente, Jeff Goldman (’12) n Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd., Dave Anderson (’05) n Minkoff Development Corporation, Andy Chod (’11) n Montgomery College, DeRionne Pollard (’12) n Pepco, Tom Graham (’02) n Quality Biological, Inc., Sol Graham (’03) n Sanford & Doris Slavin Foundation, Jeffrey Slavin (’91) n The Gazette, Jean Casey (’05) n The Universities at Shady Grove, Bill Schlossenberg (’98)

Breakfast/Lunch Sponsor n AAA-Mid

Atlantic, Lon Anderson (’01) Resource Management Associates, Tomi Bannister (’12)

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& Doris Slavin Foundation, Jeffrey Slavin (’91)

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Family Charitable Foundation – Program Co-Sponsor Meakem Group of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. – Program Co-Sponsor

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Member Programs n Ana

G. Mendez University System – Capital Area Campus Transportation, Lee Barnes (’00) n Jeff Donohoe (’04) n Montgomery College, DeRionne Pollard (’12) n Pepco, Debbi Jarvis (’12) n Sanford & Doris Slavin Foundation, Jeffrey Slavin (’91) n Social & Scientific Systems, Inc., Peggy Van Ness (’03)

n Barwood

Carol Trawick Spirit of Creativity Fund n Carol


Roberta F. & Lawrence A. Shulman Youth Leadership Endowment n Barwood

Transportation, Lee Barnes (’00) Chase Rotary Foundation n Maryland Leadership Workshops, Ilaya Hopkins (’10) n Bobbi (’92) & Larry Shulman

n Bethesda-Chevy

Unrestricted n Vivian

Bass (’10) Dillon (’94) n MedImmune, Liz Huntley (’10) n Mary Robinson (’10) n Joan Schaffer (SLM ’10)

n John

Tortilla Group, Bob Phillips (’07) Josh Bokee (’09) n Commercial Image Photography n Digital Infusion, Inc., Hemant Virkar (’13) n Fixation Marketing, Jean Whiddon (’09) n Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman, CPA’s n Glen Echo Park Partnership, Katey Boerner (’07) n Imagination Stage, Bonnie Fogel (’95) n M&T Bank, Giuseppe Mastroeli (’09) n Marilyn Bagel (‘97), Scriptwriter n Mental Health Association of Montgomery County n Montgomery College, DeRionne Pollard (’12) n Montgomery Community Media n Montgomery County Correctional Facility, Rob Green (’07) n Olney Theatre Center for the Arts, n Printing Images n Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC, Alan Sternstein (’99) n RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation n Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, Larry Gordon (’91) n Smokey Glen Farm Barbequers, Inc., Jim Sweet (’07) n Social & Scientific Systems, Inc., Peggy Van Ness (’03) n Talk of the Town, Steve Rothenberg (’12) n The Bean Bag Deli & Catering Company, Mitch Wool (’09) n The Gazette, Jean Casey (’05) n The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew, Greg Twombley (’10) n The Universities at Shady Grove, Stewart Edelstein (’03) n Vamoose Bus Company/DC Trails n Comcast,

n The



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n Westat

Adventist HealthCare, Inc. n Comcast n Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. n Marriott International, Inc. n Maryland Leadership Workshops n MdBio Foundation, Inc. n Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union n The People’s Community Baptist Church

n Automated



MEDIA SPONSORS Comcast Montgomery Community Media n The Gazette




M&T Bank


Carolyn Meakem of The Meakem Group of Raymond James Financial, Inc.


Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, PA


Carol A. Trawick

PREMIER Digital Infusion, Inc. Holy Cross Hospital n Montgomery College n The J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott Foundation n The Universities at Shady Grove n Verizon




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INVESTOR Ana G. Mendez University System-Capital Area Campus Bank of Georgetown n Barwood Transportation n Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company n Jillian & Scott Copeland n Family Services, Inc. n Kaplan University, Rockville n Lee Development Group n Lockheed Martin Corporation n MedImmune n Merrill Lynch n Montgomery County Public Schools n Sanford & Doris Slavin Foundation n Scheer Partners, Inc. n Snyder Cohn, CPA’s and Business Advisors n Suburban Hospital n The Donohoe Companies n The Gazette n United Therapeutics Corporation n Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission n


Resource Management Associates, Inc. Vivian & Raymond Bass n Danzansky-Goldberg Memorial Chapel n EagleBank n Fitzgerald Auto Malls n HR Solutions, Inc. n Johns Hopkins University n Lassiter & Associates, LLC n NOVA Research Company n SDSE, LLC n The Community Foundation for Montgomery County, an affiliate of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region n The George B. Thomas, Sr. Learning Academy n Larry & Paulette Walker n Washington Gas n


& Sheila Compton M. Freeman & Rev. Dr. John Wesley Hardy n Sheldon & Judy Grosberg n Anna Hargrave & Jimmy Hernandez n Sara & Jim Harris n Mimi Hassanein n David A. Hill n Arthur & Wilma Holmes n Marion H. Hull n Manish Kothari n Delegate Benjamin Kramer n Mary & Peter Robinson n Barbara & Randy Schools n Bobbi & Larry Shulman n Gregory & Michelle Wims n Janice



FY ‘13 LEADERSHIP PARTNERS Diamond Level — $30,000

Platinum Level — $20,000

Bronze Level — $7,500

Brass Level — $5,000

Gold Level — $15,000

Silver Level — $10,000



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Jan Goldstein (‘11), Glen Lazovick (‘11), Jim Neustadt (‘11), Terry Roberts (‘11)


Nicolette Stearns (’10)


Hattie Washington (‘04)


Phyllis Lieberman (‘98), Chris Bruch (‘01), Jane Fairweather (‘09)


Dave Dabney (‘01), Jeff Burton (‘10) Anne Mead (‘05), Pete Hodgson (‘07), Chris Bruch (‘01), Marc Korman (‘13), Patrick O’Neil (‘08)


Marilyn Balcombe (‘00), Susan Burkinshaw (‘12), Jean Casey (‘05), Jeff Goldman (‘12), Robert Jepson (‘97), Catherine Matthews (‘03), Aruna Miller (‘13)



Kristin Trible (‘13), Mindi Jacobson (‘12), Jeanne Ellinport (‘10), Leigh Henry (‘10), Bill Schlossenberg (‘98), Linda Youngentob (‘95)

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Kim Jones (‘04)

Marilyn Balcombe (‘00), Ron Dimaranan (‘12), David Denton (‘12), Eileen Cahill (‘94), John Compton (‘07), Howard Covin (‘08), Jeff Goldman (‘12), Rob Jepson (‘97), Giuseppe Mastroeli (’09), Jim Muir (‘01), Sanjay Rai (‘09), Doug Wrenn (‘05), Jerry Therrien (‘13)


Elisabeth Deal (‘05), Clark Kendall (‘08)


Msgr. John Enzler (‘92), Vivian Bass (‘10), Keith Danos (‘12), Steve Riley (‘13)


Katey Boerner (‘07)



Cesar Palacios (‘09)

Lisa McKillop (‘90), Sara Harris (‘90), Henry Lee (‘04), Greg Prince (‘05), Sovan Tun (‘05), Bruce Goldensohn (SLM ‘09)


Jose Dominguez (‘13), Hugh Bailey (‘02)


Bonnie Fogel (‘95)



Vivian. Bass (‘10), Keith Danos (‘12), Lisa Reiner Cohen (‘13)

JUBILEE ASSOCIATION OF MARYLAND Tim Wiens (‘02), Susan Hoffmann (‘03)


Susan Burkinshaw (‘12), Jeanne Ellinport (‘10), Joyce Fuhrmann (‘05), Kristin Trible (‘13), Laurie Halverson (‘13)


Andrea Danko-Koenig (’01), Barrie Friedman (’99)


Denise Fredericks (‘13), Marilyn Massey-Ball (SLM ‘12)


Eliot Pfanstiehl (Facilitator), Monica Jeffries Hazangeles (‘98), Jenn Buzzell (‘09), Bill Carey (‘06), Bianca Beckham (‘11)


Patricia Ritter (‘08)


CLASS OF ‘13 Joseph L. Askew, Jr., Esq. Vice President, State Government Affairs Maryland & Washington, DC Verizon 202-515-2447

s Board, University of District of Columbia s Board, DC Economic Partnership s Leadership Greater Washington s Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

Ann C. Bevans-Selig

Chief Smarty Pants Ann Bevans Collective 240-463-3110

s Innovation Fellow, Montgomery County Office of Innovation

Shaina E. Bindeman

Marketing Manager Geppetto Catering, Inc. 301-927-8800

s Co-Sponsor, Virtuoso Society, Levine School of

Music s Fundraising Leader, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind s Geppetto Catering Liaison & Eastern High School Contact, Companies for Causes

Shirley Brandman

Member Montgomery County Board of Education 301-279-3617 s Officer, Maryland Association of Boards of Education s Board, Maryland Professional Standards and Teacher Education s Montgomery County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council s Advisory Board, Bernie Scholarship Awards Program

Judy Brubaker

Principal-Spark Matsunaga Elementary/Longview School Montgomery County Public Schools 301-601-4350 www.montgomeryschoolsmd. org/schools/matsunagaes s Secretary, Montgomery County Association of Administrators & Principals

s Advisory Board, The King Barn Dairy MOOseum

Kelly G. Caplan

Community Outreach Manager Washington Gas 202-624-6335 s Board, Corporate Volunteer Council of

Montgomery County s Liberal Arts Mentor, Penn State University s Marketing Committee, Washington Gas Light Federal Credit Union s Board, Penn State University Alumni Society s Business Advisory Committee, George B. Thomas, Sr. Learning Academy - Saturday School

s = Community Involvement

Lisa Reiner Cohen

Amanda H. Farnum

s Immediate Past President, Jewish Foundation for Group Homes s Board, The Ivymount School s Board, Jewish Coalition Aganiat Domestic Abuse

s Sharing Montgomery Grants Committee, The

Community Foundation for Montgomery County s Coach, Takoma Park Soccer

Miti Figueredo

Jillian F. Copeland


s Board, Purple Line Now!

Denise Fredericks

Senior Partner Cordier Law Offices, LLC 240-268-0230

Sterling Crockett

CEO Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company 410-454-0102 x713

Principal Deutsch & Associates, LLC 240-723-5870 s Board, Development Committee, Hero Dogs s Board, Membership Committee, Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County

Parent-Teacher Associations

s Parent Leadership Group s Merit Badge Counselor, Boy Scouts of America s Acolyte Coordinator, Faith United Methodist Church

Michelle Graham Hicks, MBA Principal ICF International 301-407-6574

s Vice President, PTSA, A. Mario Loiederman Middle School

s School Representative, NAACP Parent Council

Executive Director Stepping Stones Shelter 301-251-0567 s Steering Committee, Rockville Summit s Steering Committee, Nonprofit Montgomery s Strategic Planning Committee, Montgomery s County Continuum of Care

Mark A. Freedman

Daniel C. Hoffman

Chief Innovation Officer Montgomery County Government 240-777-2553

s Board, Committee for Montgomery s Executive Board, Randolph Civic Association s Past Chair, Whte Flint Implementation Advisory Committee

Business Manager Covanta Montgomery, Inc. 301-691-9002

s Board, Silver Spring Green s Board of Advisors, The Universities at Shady Grove

Dona Deutsch

s Curriculum Chair, Montgomery County Council of

s Board, Planned Parenthood Metropolitan

Mariana C. Cordier

s Counsel Member, Inter-American Bar Association s Past President, Maryland Hispanic Bar Association

Community Leader 301-466-9744

Vice President Public Affairs Chevy Chase Land Company 301-654-2690

Founder & Director The Diener School 301-299-4602

s The Bullis School

Laurie S. Halverson

Grants Manager The J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott Foundation 301-380-3709

301-641-0070 President & Owner, Pots & Pansies

s Mont. County, Solid Waste Advisory Committee s Dickerson Area Facilities Implementation Group s Assistant Scout Master, Troop 264, Boy Scouts of America

Suzan E. Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County 301-565-3805 s Board, Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington s Board, Cultural Data Project

Marc A. Korman

Brian R. Gaines

Associate Sidley Austin, LLP 202-736-8417

CEO MdBio Foundation 202-309-3718

s Certified Cycling Coach, Special Olympics of Montgomery County

Robyn Dinicola-Wagle

Director, Student & Academic Services The Universities at Shady Grove 301-738-6073 s Planning Team, Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) s Parent Volunteer, Middletown Primary School s Catechist, Holy Family Catholic Church

Jose R. Dominguez

Executive Director Pyramid Atlantic Art Center 301-608-9101 x102 www.pyramidatlantic s Board, Maryland Citizens for the Arts s Treasurer, Friends of Heather Mizeur s Vice President, 9/11 for Head & Neck Cancer s Board, Grassroots Institution for

s District 16, Montgomery County Democratic

Felecia L. Greer

Director & Customer Advocate Pepco Holdings, Inc. 202-872-2534 s Mentor, Court of Appeals Mentoring Commission s Board, The Calverton School s Board, Greater Mt. Nebo AME Church s Board, Washington Performing Arts Society s Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority s Maryland State Bar Association s Prince George’s County Bar Association s J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association s American Association of Blacks in Energy

Central Committee

s Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board

s Board, Bethesda Urban Partnership s Federal Communications Bar Association

Lawrence W. Kotchek Sales Manager Print 1 301-652-0456

s Board, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary Club s Executive Committee, Board, St. Luke’s House Threshold Services United

s Bethesda Chevy Chase Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America

s Board, The Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce

Fundraising Training


Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

CLASS OF ‘13 Yen Le

Realtor/Assistant Vice President Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. 301-388-2790 s Advisor, Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Association

Judy A. Lichty-Hess

Regional Director, Health & Wellness Adventist HealthCare, Inc. 301-315-3140 s Photographer, Spencerville Adventist Academy s Lacrosse & Football Photographer, Reservior High School

s Adventist Community Action Council s Adventist Community Services

Pamela F. Luckett

Executive Director HOPE worldwide, MidAtlantic 240-793-7518

s Past Chair, Montgomery County Community Action Board

s Nonprofit Advisory Board for Congresswoman Donna Edwards s Executive Committee & National Chapter Advisory Board, HOPE worldwide s Women’s Small Group Leader, Montgomery County Church of Christ s Montgomery County Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Lisa Mandel-Trupp

Chief of Staff, Office of Councilmember Phil Andrews Montgomery County Council 240-777-7812 s Montgomery Women s Congregation Har Shalom s Montgomery County Partnership for Animal Well-Being s Family Justice Center Foundation

Gerard M. McLoughlin, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Maryland Commercial Market Leader Bank of Georgetown 240-477-1460

s Treasurer, Board, & Finance Committee, The Ivymount School

s President, Catholic Business Network of

Montgomery County s Stewardship Council, St. Jane Frances de Chantal Church

Raul Medrano

s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County s Annual Maryland Hispanic Business Conference

Aruna Miller

Delegate, District 15 Maryland House of Delegates 410-841-3090

s Director of International Service, Board, Bethesda-

Chevy Chase Rotary Club s Advisory Council Board, Archdiocesan Health Care Network s Steering Committee, Healthy Montgomery s Specialty Care Work Group, Montgomery Cares s Board, Bethesda-Chevy Chase YMCA

Eric L. Siegel

Executive Vice President/ Legal Counsel/LEED AP The Cohen Companies 301-692-1900

Educational Foundation

Debra K. Mugge, EdD

President Montgomery County Association of Administrators & Principals 301-762-8174

s Board, Committee for Montgomery

Aryani A. Ong

Nonprofit Consultant Ong Consulting 301-642-4635 s Immediate Past President, Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy s Parent Volunteer, Seneca Academy s Organization of Chinese Americans s Board, Education Abroad Insitute s Giving Circle Donor, Dining for Women

Adam J. Raskin

Senior Rabbi Congregation Har Shalom 301-299-7087

Stephen F. Riley

Executive Director Potomac Community Resources, Inc. 301-365-0561 s Montgomery County Commission on People with Disabilities s Board, Rosario Communities s Lead Director, Board, Montgomery County Child Care Association s Collaborative Committee & Chair s Program Committee National Youth Transitions Initiative of the HSC Foundation

Credit Officer for Business Banking M&T Bank 240-632-7813

Director, Community Health & Wellness Suburban Hospital 301-869-3572

s Board, Montgomery County Public Schools s Board, BlackRock Center for the Arts s Board, Maryland India Business Roundtable

Sean V. Timms

Monique L. Sanfuentes

Director, Business Development & Community Affairs AQUAS, Inc. 301-654-4000

s Steering Committee, Anacostia Watershed Restoration Partnership

s Legislative Committee, Rockville Chamber of Commerce

s Chair, Board, Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District

s Board, Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County

s Board, GrowingSOUL

Karla I. Silvestre

Latino Liaison & Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity Manager Montgomery County Office of Community Partnerships 240-777-2525 s Coach, Girls on the Run of Montgomery County

Joshua P. Starr, EdD

Superintendent of Schools Montgomery County Public Schools 301-279-3383

Michelle R. Taylor President & CEO BETAH Associates, Inc. 301-657-4254

s Board, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

s Board, Maryland Technology Council Foundation

Kristin C. Trible

Director, Student Support Services & Community Engagement Future Link, Inc. 301-346-3463 s Immediate Past President, Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations

s Vice President, Big Learning s Vice President, Damascus High School PTSA s Membership Committee, National PTA s Parent Leadership Group

Hemant V. Virkar

President & CEO Digitial Infuzion, Inc. 240-778-2502 s Mary of Nazareth School

Beverly Walker-Griffea, PhD Senior Vice President

for Student Services Montgomery College 240-567-5006 s Vice President for Resource and Development,

American Association for Women in Community Colleges s Board, Mental Health Association of Montgomery County

Marc Wilensky

Vice President of Marketing Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union 301-944-1732 s Chair, Marketing Committee, Board, Crime Solvers of Montgomery County

s National Council of Negro Women, Montgomery

s Board, Corporate Volunteer Council of

s Chair, Race for Lung Life s Fetal & Infant Mortality Community Action Team s Chair, Community Education Network

s Gala Committee, Interfaith Works

County, MD Section

Gerald N. Therrien

President Therrien Waddell, Inc. 301-770-2275 s Executive Committee, Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce

Montgomery County

Michael Zhuang

Principal MZ Capital Management 202-556-1689 s International Programs Associate Director, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary

s Chinese Cultural & Community Services Center

s Montgomery County Branch Leadership Sponsor, U.S. Green Building Council, National Capital Region Chapter

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


*Dues-paying member SLM = Senior Leadership Montgomery Frank R. Abbott ‘01 The Washington Post Helen Abrahams ‘09 SLM Program Development Coordinator

Montgomery County Department of Recreation 240-777-4968

Fran L. Abrams ‘99* Artist

The Art of Polymer Clay 301-758-8898

Naomi D. Abrams, OTD ‘11*

Chief Ergonomics Officer

Worksite Health & Safety Consultants 301-933-9675

Stephen N. Abrams ‘01 Deceased Sam Abutaleb ‘04

Vice President

P. Case Aiken, II ‘00* Attorney

Moses & Aiken, LLC 301-468-0080

Fred B. Ailes ‘95 717-352-2898 Larry A. Akman ‘99 President

The Akman Group 301-654-1675

Gabriel I. Albornoz ‘08* Director

Montgomery County Department of Recreation 240-777-6800 www.montgomery

Anthony C. Alessi ‘06

Vice President of Development

HMS Host Corp. 703-402-5531

Vanessa E. Ali ‘09

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company 410-974-8352


Judy E. Ackerman, PhD ‘11*

Emanuel Alia ‘02

Vice President & Provost, Rockville Campus

Montgomery College 240-567-5010 www.montgomery

Satoko I. Ackerman ‘95 301-588-1063 Diane L. Adams, MD, MPH ‘01* Consultant

Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunication Technology 301-570-0387

Guido Adelfio ‘09* President

Bethesda Travel Center, LLC 301-656-1670

Uma S. Ahluwalia ‘09 Director

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 240-777-1198 www.montgomery

All-U-Need Personnel 202-785-7341

Executive Director, Receivables Operations Manager, NE Region, Treasury & Sec. Services

JPMorgan CHASE 718-242-2605

Beverly B. Anderson ‘08 SLM President

Always Something New 301-275-9445

David H. Anderson ‘05* Chief Operating Officer

Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. 301-961-6097

Glenn M. Anderson ‘08


Miller, Miller & Canby 301-762-5212

Mahlon G. Anderson ‘01

Managing Director, Public & Government Relations

AAA Mid-Atlantic 202-481-6820

Barbara K. Angel ‘06 Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking

Wachovia Bank, NA - A Wells Fargo Company 703-760-6369

Gordon A. Aoyagi ‘07

Director of Homeland Security & Public Policy

Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. 301-535-1001

Zaida Arguedas ‘00

Deputy Executive Director

Louise L. Allentuck ‘09 SLM

League of Women Voters of the United States 202-263-1351

Allentuck Landscaping Co. 301-515-1900 www.allentuck

Christopher P. Arndt, Esq. ‘00

Community Outreach Liaison

Philip R. Alperson ‘96* BRAC Coordinator

Montgomery County Government 240-777-1000 www.montgomery

Sanford O. Ames, Jr. ‘08* RCN 410-531-6251 Elaine Amir ‘00*

William F. Askinazi, Esq., MBA ‘06 Law Offices of William F. Askinazi, Esq., MBA 301-983-5110 Vanessa E. Atterbeary, Esq. ‘11 Corporate Counsel

KRA Corporation 301-562-2331

Charles H. Atwell ‘06* President

Innovative Business Interiors, Inc. 301-589-1500 x103

Jacqueline T. Audige ‘09* Founder & CEO

Aumazo, Inc. 301-272-5021

James A. Auerbach ‘07 SLM* Photographer

Images by Jim Auerbach 301-871-9060 www.imagesby

Sean D. Augerson ‘03*

Strategy & Business Development

Lenovo 301-240-5074

Executive Director

Johns Hopkins University, Montgomery County 301-294-7004


Patient Concierge, Breast Health Service Unit

Howard County General Hospital 410-598-4876

Sambhu N. Banik, PhD ‘04


Government Relations Consultant

Alexander & Cleaver LLC 410-974-9000

Hugh Bailey ‘02

Division of Workforce Services

Montgomery County Department of Economic Development 240-777-2048 www.montgomery

Development Consultant


Raymond D. Barry ‘00 Deputy Director

AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center 301-495-6720

Helaine B. Barry Guilliams ‘12*

Family Diagnostic & Therapeutic Center 202-342-3832

Vice President, Team Leader

Thomasine Bannister ‘12* President/CEO

Automated Resource Management Associates, Inc. 301-587-7077 x301

Patricia S. Baptiste ‘96 Attorney at Law

M&T Bank 240-632-7888

Vivian G. Bass ‘10*

Chief Executive Officer

Jewish Foundation for Group Homes 240-283-6023

Devin L. Battley ‘06*


President/Director of Happiness

Interfaith Works 301-315-1103

Ashlie Bagwell ‘11

Craig L. Arold ‘03

Melissa C. Banach ‘96*

Merrill Lynch & Company 301-230-6672

William H. Arnold ‘04* Marcher Consultants 703-734-0202 x13

Susan R. Baron ‘99*

Monica Barberis-Young ‘99*

The Gormely Group 202-999-4213


Joanne Balkovich ‘09 SLM 301-299-2702

John H. Axley, III ‘08 Vice President

Executive Director

Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission 301-454-1537

Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 301-840-1400 x15

Cynthia M. Bar ‘91

QIAGEN, Inc. 240-686-7308

Patricia Colihan Barney ‘04*

President & CEO

Vice President of North American Operations

Marilyn A. Bagel ‘97* Marilyn Bagel, Writer 301-695-4656

Senior Principal

Marilyn A. Balcombe, PhD ‘00*


Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. 301-841-3827


Battley Cycles & Battley Harley-Davidson, Inc. 240-364-2050

Kenneth W. Bauer ‘03 Erich Baumgartner ‘10 SLM 240-477-4916 Toby Beach ‘95*

Financial Consultant

Lee Barnes ‘00* President

Barwood Transportation 240-514-1204

Linna M. Barnes ‘01* 301-654-7144 Lena S. Barnett ‘05*

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Lena Barnett & Associates, LLC 301-654-2330

Next Financial 301-681-1024

Maurine H. Beasley, PhD ‘12 SLM* Professor Emerita

University of Maryland 301-405-2413

Nancy A. Becker ‘04* President

United Communications Group 301-287-2233

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


Bianca D. Beckham ‘11

Director of Foundation & Corporate Relations

Strathmore 301-581-5133

Sonia G. Beekman ‘10* Director of Sales & Marketing

Jeanne A. Bernard ‘98

Cris M. Bombaugh ‘02*

SRA International, Inc. 410-228-1400

Montgomery County Humane Society 240-773-5971

Vice President

Howard N. Bernstein, MD ‘02 SLM Deceased

President & CEO

Rosalba Bonilla-Acosta ‘11 Maryland Director

CentroNia 301-543-8040

APL2000 301-208-7150

Horace W. Bernton, MD ‘94 941-775-0993

Susan C. Belford ‘09 SLM

Kevin H. Beverly ‘98*

Lenora L. Booth ‘00 410-402-2503

The Potomac Almanac & Potomac 301-469-0141

Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. 301-628-3045

Gary C. Bortnick ‘01* 301-728-2332

Features Reporter

Ceceil C. Belong ‘07 SLM 301-384-0367 Michael J. Benefiel ‘07 SLM Mediator & Owner

Persuasive Information 301-929-5252 www.persuasive

Thomas P. Bennett ‘96 Executive Director

Corporate Facility Advisors, Inc. 954-923-6160

William E. Bennett, PhD ‘10 SLM 301-460-3969 William Benoit ‘98

National Business Development

The Brickman Group, Ltd. 443-766-1364

Lynne M. Benzion ‘12* Associate Director

Rockville Economic Development, Inc. 301-315-8096

Bonnie J. Berger ‘94 Interfaith Minister

Ring In Love 301-270-4089

Robert G. Berger ‘93 Deceased Ronald Berger ‘03 Deceased Donna M. Bergstrom ‘00 President

LIA, Co.

Roger A. Berliner ‘02* Councilmember

Executive Vice President

Rex C. Bickmore ‘03* Frankie L. Blackburn ‘99* Neighboring First 301-717-1800 Laura A. Blair ‘95 James Blinkoff ‘06 SLM Deceased Daphne I. Bloomberg ‘94

Stanley J. Botts ‘99* Kathleen M. Boucher ‘12*

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer

Business Development Manager

Coverall Healthcare Systems 301-417-1415

Katey Boerner ‘07* Executive Director

Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts & Culture 301-634-2225

Ellen C. Bogage ‘03

President & CEO

Chesapeake Public Strategies 301-570-4852 www.chesapeake

J. Michael Bogan ‘96 Joshua L. Bokee ‘09*

Director, Government Affairs (Montgomery, Howard & Frederick)

Comcast 301-917-6949

Montgomery County Council 240-777-7828 www.montgomery Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

Executive Director

National Center for Children & Families 301-365-4480 x115

Deborah Broder ‘12* Vice President, BSO Strathmore

Fire Chief

Carol G. Bowis ‘94*

Independent Consultant

Creative Memories 301-229-1121 carolbowis

Marilyn A. Boyle ‘97 Jean Brady ‘96

Community Volunteer


Mary Jean Brady ‘92

Director, Site Management

Washington Gas 703-750-5558

Lawrence Brenner ‘90 Commissioner

Maryland Public Service Commission index.htm

Margaret A. Brenner ‘02 SLM Deceased Susan G. Brickley Case ‘94

Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing & Communications

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Scot Browning ‘11*

Susan J. Burkinshaw ‘12*

Capital Bank 301-468-8848

Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations 301-208-0111


Dianne A. Bruce ‘94*

David S. Burnett ‘00

Christopher A. Bruch ‘01*

EnPro Industries, Inc. 704-731-1556 david-burnett/a/800/137

202-387-0996 President

The Donohoe Companies 202-625-8402 Managing Partner

DEFG Consulting 301-926-0198

Allison Bryant, PhD ‘99 240-453-9054

Karen-Ann Broe ‘96 Senior Risk Counsel

Joseph C. Bucci ‘11*

Director of Marketing & Communications

The Universities at Shady Grove 301-738-6356

Ari Z. Brooks ‘04* Executive Director

Cynthia M. Buddington ‘02 Commissioner

Ruby C. Brooks ‘06 SLM Real Estate Agent

Long & Foster Real Estate 202-364-1300

Elizabeth A. Brooks-Evans ‘12 SLM*

Montgomery County Commission on People with Disabilities 301-963-3606 www.montgomery

Executive Director, Minority Business Development Center

Prince George’s Community College 301-583-5205

Affinity Network Solutions, Inc. 301-562-7840 x7120

SDSE, LCC 301-658-7237

Smile on Wings, Inc. 301-896-0633

Michael W. Burgett, PhD ‘02 & ‘11 SLM* 301-896-4034

O. Robert Brown, Jr., PhD ‘90 301-770-6214 Barbara A. Brown Edler ‘01

Linda H. Burke ‘06*

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration 301-713-1706 x113

Institute for Inclusion 301-871-4835

Allyson D. Browne ‘10*

Chair, Health Services Management, & Professor of Health Administration

Patient Recruitment Specialist

National Institutes of Health 301-402-6417

Weichert Realtors 301-656-2500 x 156

Jeffrey J. Burton ‘10*

Deputy Executive Director

Bethesda Urban Partnership, Inc. 301-215-6660 x123

Curtis L. Buser ‘95 Managing Director

The Carlyle Group 202-729-5301

Stephen Bush ‘98

Senior Vice President

Ohio Health 614-544-5918

GapBuster Learning Center, Inc. 301-592-8652

Bryan J. Burke, PE ‘05 Millennium Resource Engineering, LLC 240-344-1510

Resource Manager

Lee J. Burstyn ‘10 SLM


Orlando M. Bullock, II ‘12*

President & Founder

President & Chief Executive Officer

Joan W. Burns ‘07*

Yvette F. Butler, M.D. ‘07

Usa Bunnag, DDS ‘07

Nicholas W. Brown ‘02

Vice President - Tax

Vernice G. Buell ‘08 SLM President/Owner

Carl E. Brown, Jr. ‘93


Community Volunteer

Thomas Brunetto ‘12 SLM*

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra 301-581-5210

Friends of the Library, Montgomery County 240-777-0020

Michael J. Bobbitt ‘10*

Sandra L. Bockhaus ‘09

Sheryl D. Brissett-Chapman, EdD ‘94*

Calvert L. Bowen, Jr. ‘96 410-730-4215

Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department 703-246-2126

Adventure Theatre MTC 301-634-2261

EagleBank 301-738-9600

Montgomery County Government 240-777-2593 www.montgomery


Producing Artistic Director

Vice President, Business Banking

United Educators 301-215-6401

Richard R. Bowers, Jr. ‘12

Iris Design Associates 301-340-2242

Andrew S. Bridge ‘11*


Executive Director

Robert E. Burke, PhD ‘95*

George Washington University 202-994-5560

Executive Director

Derrick A. Butts ‘10 President

Continuums Corporation 301-370-0698

Diane S. Butts ‘06

Television Manager Africa Division

Voice of America 202-203-4026

Jennifer A. Buzzell ‘09*

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Strathmore 301-581-5190

Christina M. Byrne, MSW ‘09*

Senior Director of Accreditation Operations

Council on Accreditation 212-871-1796



Eileen M. Cackowski ‘92

Adrianne L. Carr ‘93

Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism & Service 502-564-7420

First Congregational Church 802-862-5010 www.firstchurch

Executive Director

Eileen Cahill ‘94*

Vice President, Government & Community Relations

Holy Cross Hospital 301-754-7841

Wendy J. Calhoun ‘02


Ashburton Elementary School, PTA 301-571-8570

Walter R. Calvert, Esq. ‘94 Attorney

Venable, LLP 410-244-7726

Carolyn W. Camacho ‘10* Parent Involvement Coordinator

Identity, Inc. 240-426-3920


Thomas W. Carr, Jr. ‘05 Deceased Carole P. Carter ‘91 301-598-3741 Charles I. Carter ‘08 SLM 301-924-2249 Judith A. Carver ‘98 ‘09 SLM* Stephen G. Carver ‘99 240-994-9236 Jean A. Casey ‘05*

Circulation & Marketing Director

Post-Newsweek Media, Inc. & The Gazette 301-670-2599

Michael Cassidy ‘10

Americans for the Arts 202-712-2079

TW Perry 240-364-0414

Margaret K. CampbellKotler ‘06 SLM

Susan M. Castellan ‘08*

Manager, Office of Education

Defense & Veterans Brain Injury Center 240-821-1145

Mildred S. Cannon, PhD ‘06 SLM* 301-593-9249 Juan M. Cardenas ‘10*

Assistant to the Associate Superintendent

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-279-3199 www.montgomery

William J. Carey, Jr. ‘06*

Director of Donor & Community Relations

Strathmore 301-581-5135

Paul H. Carlson ‘00 Vice President

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Renee P. Carlson ‘02* 301-545-0437

Consultant for Facilities Management


Rajiv K. Chawla ‘04 Principal

Theresa A. Cameron ‘99 Director of Membership

Kenneth Chavis, Jr. ‘93*

President & COO

Senior Project Manager

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company 301-656-7800

Robert F. Cephas ‘97 301-593-4619 Elliot C. Chabot ‘91

Senior Systems Analyst, House Information Resources

U.S. House of Representatives 202-226-6456

Cory S. Chambers ‘90 864-944-2376 Elaine L. Chang-Baxter ‘08*


Garrett Park Elementary School 301-571-6920 www.montgomeryschools

Nguyen Minh Chau ‘01 ‘06 SLM David M. Chavis, PhD ‘11* Principal Associate/CEO

Community Science 301-519-0722 x109

Organizational Coaching Associates 301-509-1133

Alan M. Cheung, PharmD, MPH ‘90* Visiting Professor, School of Medicine, & Adjunct Professor, School of Pharmacy

University of Maryland 410-448-6897

Clifford S. Chiet ‘00*

Chief Marketing Officer

Havit 301-518-4075

George L. Child ‘08* 301-963-2005 Andrew S. Chod ‘11* Vice President

Minkoff Development Corporation 240-912-0200

Yinong Chong, PhD ‘12* Executive Director

Traditional Chinese Culture Institute International 301-785-8337

Michael D. Citren ‘11 President

ACECO, LLC 301-588-0707

Judith A. Clark ‘10 Executive Director

Women Who Care Ministries 301-963-8588 www.womenwhocare

Edward A. Clarke ‘99*

Public Safety Consultant

Condie M. Clayton ‘95 Rory S. Coakley ‘01 President

Rory S. Coakley Realty, Inc. 301-340-8700 x101

Charles M. Cochran, Jr. ‘05*

Chief Staff Officer for Operations

American Speech-LanguageHearing Association 301-296-5702


Donald K. Cochran ‘00 240-994-4932 Jana S. Coe ‘98 Town Manager

Town of Chevy Chase View 301-949-9274

Anthony Cohen ‘05* Founder & President

The Menare Foundation 301-379-8898

Arnold S. Cohen, PhD ‘97 Head

Pacific Northern Academy

Scott M. Cohen ‘09* President & CEO

Capitol Companies 301-699-1100

Delores B. Cole ‘02 SLM 301-424-0127 Carolyn I. Coleman, PhD ‘97

Senior Education Policy Advisor

U.S. Agency for International Development 202-712-0223

Irene B. Coleman ‘03 SLM 301-330-2785

Deborah F. Cooper ‘98 The Frison Company 301-952-0111 Edward R. Cooper ‘08

Vice President, Government & Community Relations

U.S. Department of Education 202-502-7514

Michele Horwitz Cornwell ‘04

Vice President

BMC Property Group 301-767-2800

Galo A. Correa, Sr. ‘91 Mary E. Cothran, PhD ‘98 Deceased Gene W. Counihan ‘00*

Vice Chair

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 301-977-5045

Charles L. Covell, III ‘05* President

Covell Communities, LLC 301-527-1400

Howard A. Covin ‘08* Director, Montgomery County Campus

Lee Cowen ‘06*

Strategic Projects and Sustainability in Global Operations Services

Marriott International, Inc. 301-380-1621

Carolyn D. Compton ‘06 SLM 301-572-8019 George O. Compton ‘06 SLM 301-572-8019 John G. Compton ‘07*

Co-President & Scientific Director

GeneDx, Inc. 301-519-2100 x101

David A. Coolidge ‘90 Deceased

Covanta Energy 201-856-2917 x1

Nivea Cordova Berrios ‘06

National Cancer Institute 301-435-3620

Bradley H. Colton ‘00*

Vice President, Regional Business Management

Sylvia W. Crowder, PhD ‘03*

Johns Hopkins University 301-294-7015

Naomi F. Collins, PhD ‘08 SLM* Independent Consultant 301-718-6458

Bradford D. Crispell ‘99

Total Wine and More 301-795-1000 x350

Gwyneth I. Collins ‘09 SLM Manager, Program Policy


Acting Deputy Assist, Sec. & Sr. Dir. International & Foreign Language Dept.

Fernando Cruz-Villalba ‘99* 504-373-5678 Roger Dabbah, PhD ‘91 W. David Dabney ‘01* Executive Director

Bethesda Urban Partnership, Inc. 301-215-6660

Brenda Dancil-Jones ‘08* President & Owner

Dancil-Jones & Associates, Inc. 301-434-4606

George Dang ‘06* President

Acacia Financial Advisors 301-881-9888 x108 www.acaciafinancial

Hoan D. Dang ‘04* Project Manager

Senior Vice President

Dutko Worldwide 202-484-4884

William A. Craig ‘03

Vice President, Business Development

Nolan Financial Group, Inc. 240-333-5122 www.nolanfinancial

Daniel C. Cramer ‘90

Vice President and Regional Executive

Wexford Equities, LLC 410-579-3805

DELTA Resources, Inc. 202-262-3858

Claire Dangler ‘12 SLM 301-330-2491 Andrea L. Danko-Koenig ‘01*

Chief Administrative Officer

St. Luke’s House - Threshold Services UNITED 301-493-4200 x298

Keith J. Danos ‘12*

Chief Financial Officer

Brett A. Crawford, PhD ‘11*

Jewish Foundation for Group Homes 240-283-6004

Carnegie Mellon University 412-268-4923

Marilyn C. D’Antuono ‘07 SLM*

Wesley L. Creel ‘92

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 240-777-3810 www.montgomery

Professor, Heinz College of Public Policy & Management

Managing Partner

Rockbridge Investments, LLC 301-907-3951

Office Services Coordinator, Senior Nutrition Program

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


Lawrence J. Dark ‘05 Deceased Amy W. David ‘99 Betsy L. Davis ‘08

Assistant Chief, Field Services

Montgomery County Department of Police 240-773-5041 www.montgomery

Deborah L. Davis ‘01 Eric A. Davis ‘12

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resource Services

Wilson County Schools, NC 252-399-7751

John G. Davis ‘00

Executive Vice President

Floyd E. Davis Company 202-296-5900

Paul H. Davis, Jr. ‘02 SLM Attorney


Diann Dawson ‘12*

Director, Office of Regional Operations, Administration of Children & Families

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 202-401-9277

Gaurov Dayal, M.D. ‘11 Senior Vice President of Physician Innovation & Integration/Chief Medical Officer

SSM Health Care 314-944-7844

Jane de Winter, PhD ‘10* Community Leader


Elisabeth E. Deal ‘05* Executive Director

Olney Boys & Girls Community Sports 301-570-7049

Marie W. Dean ‘07 SLM 301-253-6150 Luana M. Dean Esq. ‘04 Attorney

Susanne G. DeGraba ‘08* Chief Financial Officer

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-279-7265 www.montgomeryschools

Rosalinda Delgado ‘11* Agent

New York Life Insurance Company 301-524-9392

Beverly B. Denbo ‘93 Deceased Jacqueline E. Dennard ‘10*

Director, Social Action Ministry

The People’s Community Baptist Church 301-384-2601 x117

David M. Denton ‘12* 301-527-0280 Joseph W. Devlin ‘07

Manager of Subcontracts

Lockheed Martin Transportation & Security Solutions 301-640-3105

Walter H. Deyhle ‘90

Shareholder & Director

Gelman, Rosenberg, & Freedman, CPAs 301-951-9090

Ranjit S. Dhindsa ‘01 Partner

Hollingsworth, LLP 202-898-5806

Andrea N. Dials ‘90 Principal

Dials Communications 904-392-9669

Marvin R. Dickerson ‘07*

President & Chief Executive Officer

John J. Dillon ‘94*

Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 301-664-6874 johndillon

Rhonel A. Dimaranan ‘12* Director of Business Development

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union 301-944-1767

George B. Dines, Jr. ‘12*

Associate Chief Financial Officer, Government Services Cluster

D.C. Government 202-671-2202

Joseph J. DiPietro, Jr., CLU ‘96 First Vice President

Alliance Insurance Services, Inc. 301-263-6611

Judith R. Docca, EdD ‘02* Board Member

Montgomery County Board of Education 301-279-3617 www.montgomeryschools

G. Diane Dodson ‘04 301-987-9338 Terri H. Dolan ‘99

Vice President, Dallas/Fort Worth, Regional Office

Marriott International, Inc. 972-244-5521

Victoria L. Dolan-Sager ‘03

Chief Financial Officer, European & South Pacific Division

Devin J. Doolan, Jr. ‘11*

Brian K. Edwards ‘09*

Monica Escalante ‘09*

Saul Ewing, LLP 410-332-8664

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-279-3145 www.montgomeryschools

Montgomery Hospice 301-921-4400 x190


G. Stanley Doore ‘06 SLM* 301-572-4939 Michael J. Dorsey ‘90

Field Services Coordinator

Center for Construction Research & Training 202-756-4640

Robert E. Dorsey ‘05 Executive Director

Lucille L. Ellis, EdD ‘05

Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, PA 301-230-5200

Bowie State 240-351-6331

Alan R. Duncan ‘01 301-482-0029

Partner & Attorney

Gregory R. Dillon ‘03

American Red Cross 202-303-4851

Dillon Development Partners, LLC 301-695-6955


Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

Penn State - Erie (The Behrend College) 814-898-6279



Philippe J. Dupont, EdD ‘07 Realtor Consultant

Keller Williams Realty 561-316-7445

Sandy K. Elson ‘12 SLM*


Your Cruise Concierge, LLC 301-365-2167

Arthur R. Dwight ‘99*

Selma R. Emanuel ‘02 SLM 301-572-5808

One Decision, Inc. 904-885-2911

John S. Emanuelson ‘02


Vice President of Client Services & Group Programs

Travel-On Travel Management Company 301-980-6889

Vice President for Health Communications

NOVA Research Company 301-986-1891 x112

David J. English, PhD ‘92 Consultant

Strategic Crossings

John J. Enzler ‘92* President & CEO

Stewart L. Edelstein, PhD ‘03* Executive Director

Devin J. Doolan ‘05*

The Universities at Shady Grove 301-738-6034

Furey, Doolan & Abell, LLP 301-652-6880

Mark P. Edward, CPA, FCA ‘07*


Stephen P. Elmendorf ‘92 Linowes and Blocher, LLP 301-961-5110

David S. Duncan ‘98

Jeff D. Donohoe ‘04*

Jimmie Lou DeBakey ‘97

Anthony Elliot ‘92

Timothy Dugan ‘90*

Eileen M. Dillon ‘01*

U.S. Department of Labor 202-693-6272

University of Maryland Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology Research 240-314-6244

Lecturer in Theatre

June G. Dickinson ‘03 SLM 301-365-0630

The Donohoe Companies 202-625-4211


Consumer Healthcare Products Association 202-429-3528

Daniel S. Eckstein ‘10


Edward Eisenstein, PhD ‘08*

Ellinport Consulting 301-670-0770

Director, Communications & Outreach

Gary Donaldson ‘96* Strategic Performance Solutions 301-589-2233


Mary C. Egan-Boyle ‘90


Shelley S. Ducker ‘10

Andrea Eaton ‘94 650-941-2120

Dickerson Technologies 301-353-8448

Chief of Staff

Jeanne H. Ellinport ‘10*

Montgomery Avenue Women’s Center 301-424-5180

Colgate-Palmolive 004122-722-0712

Jerome S. & Grace H. Murray Foundation 301-577-2527

Senior Development Officer for Volunteer Leadership

Jack Dillon ‘08 SLM*



Hertzbach & Company, P.A. 240-505-0142

Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Washington 202-772-4372

CFO / Vice President of Community Education and Outreach

Glenn C. Etelson ‘93 Attorney

Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, PA 301-231-0956

Ann B. Evans ‘12 SLM* Thomas D. Evans, PhD ‘96 Law Enforcement Consultant & Trainer

USATREX to U.S. State Department 301-986-1252

Lisa M. Fadden Nelson ‘09

Vice President Public Affairs

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 202-408-7631

Barbara S. Faigen ‘11 SLM*

Vice President, DC Operations

Gerber Tours, Inc. 301-983-3118

Jane L. Fairweather ‘09*

President, Jane Fairweather Team

Coldwell Banker Real Estate 240-223-4000

Kent M. Fangboner ‘97

Director, Addiction & Mental Health Center

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center 301-774-8803

Frances M. Farrow ‘08 SLM Amy Federman ‘11 SLM* Museum Educator/Grant Reviewer: Maryland Humanities Comm.

US Dept. of Education Interpretive Services, Inc. 301-871-9254

Beryl L. Feinberg ‘09*

Deputy Director/COO, Dept of General Services

Donna N. Ersek ‘97

Montgomery County Office of Management & Budget 240-777-2768 www.montgomery

Valerie Ervin ‘09*

Michael Feinstein ‘11*

Montgomery County Council 240-777-7960 www.montgomery

Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington 301-348-3701





David B. Feldman ‘06*

CEO, Livability Project, & Executive Director

Bethesda Green 240-396-2440 x101

Justina J. Ferber ‘02 Legislative Analyst

Montgomery County Council 240-777-7938 www.montgomery

Robin L. Ferrier ‘09* Press Team Lead

NIH National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute 301-451-7271

Margaret Fitzgerald-Bare ‘92* Consultant

Montgomery County Council 240-777-7924

Geary G. FitzPatrick ‘05*

Executive Vice President

Barbara J. Flack-Darko ‘96

Barrie K. Friedman ‘99*

Donald D. Flinn ‘92 502-848-0484

St. Luke’s House - Threshold Services UNITED 301-896-4235

Bonnie Fogel ‘95*

Founder & Executive Director

Steven M. Fine ‘90

David M. Fogel ‘06

President & CEO

Interactive Communication 215-477-0404

Robert Finzel ‘03 SLM 301-572-7956 Domenick Fioravanti ‘01 904-379-9882 Stella Serras Fiotes, AIA ‘99 Chief Facilities Management Officer

National Institute of Standards and Technology 301-975-8836


Space 88 301-437-6652

Edward F. Fones, Jr. ‘04* Volunteer Leadership Director

YMCA of Metropolitan Washington 202-797-4478

Lorna P. Forde ‘11* Contracts Officer

University Research Co., LLC 301-941-8426

David G. Fout ‘09*


Aquilent, Inc. 301-939-1146

Audrey Fischer Partington ‘11 SLM*

Newton B. Fowler, III ‘99

Library of Congress 202-707-0022

Rosenberg, Martin & Greenberg, LLP 410-727-6600

Public Affairs Specialist

Lois Fishman, CFP, FPA ‘98* Certified Financial Planner & Senior Advisor

Fishman Financial Services 301-330-9455

Vicki H. Fisk ‘91 619-435-4944 Dorothy M. Fitzgerald ‘95*


Fitzgerald AutoMall 301-881-4000

Michael P. Fitzgerald ‘92*

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

President & Chief Executive Officer

Impact Office Products 240-542-1330

Imagination Stage 301-280-1699

Deborah A. Finley, PhD ‘90

Janice M. Freeman ‘06*

African American Chamber of Commerce 301-428-9715

Joseph A. Feuerherd ‘95 Deceased

Judith A. Fink ‘10 SLM* 301-871-2712

Colette S. Freeman, PhD ‘03 SLM* 301-299-6004


David Fraser-Hidalgo ‘08* Commercial Manager

Regus 301-961-1900

Eileen Frazier ‘11

Chief Operating Officer

Jewish Federation of Greater Washington 301-230-7250

Program Director

Barry A. Friedman ‘95* Partner

Thompson, Hine, LLP 202-973-2789

Sharon E. Friedman ‘97* 301-593-7581 Mark E. Friis ‘92

Steven M. Galen ‘98

President & Chief Executive Officer

Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County 301-628-3410

Thomas J. Gallagher, PhD ‘05 301-320-1577 Pradeep Ganguly, PhD ‘08 Douglas F. Gansler ‘01

Enos K. Fry ‘99

Group Manager & Director

M&T Bank 240-632-7816

Marian M. Fryer ‘02 SLM* Owner

Marian’s Connections 301-942-5818 www.marians

Joyce L. Fuhrmann ‘05*

Vice President for Strategic Planning & Partnerships

Orion BioStrategies 301-520-8111

Sheila B. Fullenbaum ‘08 SLM* Maryam Funches ‘99 Deceased

Jennifer B. Freedman ‘08 CASA de Maryland 301-270-7471

Harold D. Gabel, MD ‘93 843-971-7829

Bank of Georgetown 202-355-1200


William L. George, SJ ‘02

Trevor W. Garner ‘05

Business Banking Market Manager for Metro

M&T Bank 240-632-7834

Jack A. Garson ‘90* Managing Partner

Garson Claxton, LLC 301-280-2700

Carol Wilson Garvey, MD, MPH ‘99*

Vice President, Health Policy

Garvey Associates, Inc. 301-299-3431

Eric D. Gates ‘12* President

Apex Home Loans, Inc. 301-610-5393 ericgates

Janeen Gelbart ‘07* Founding Partner

Indiggo Associates 240-314-0533

Robert H. Gelenter ‘08 SLM 301-424-8369 Albert J. Genetti, Jr. ‘01 Major General, USA,

Retired 513-697-8116

Adventist HealthCare, Inc. 301-315-3473

Miryam C. Gerdine ‘06

Georgette W. Godwin ‘04*

Archdiocese of Washington 301-204-1789

Office of Health Info Tech & Quality Health Resources & Services Administration

Maryland Senate 301-858-3169

ESOL Counselor

Senior Vice President, Chief Quality & Integrity Officer

Sean W. Glynn ‘96

Cindy A. Gibson ‘12*

Deputy Majority Leader and Senator, District 15

Susan L. Glover ‘07

Special Assistant for Development & Government Relations

E. Janice Ghenene ‘08 SLM

Janis F. Froehlich ‘10 SLM Montgomery County Department of Police 240-773-5634

Thomas F. Barrett, Inc. 301-320-9300

Robert J. Garagiola ‘08*

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-840-6373 www.montgomeryschools

Director, Volunteer Resource Section

Solutions Engineer

Office of Attorney General of Maryland 410-576-6311

Attorney General

Maria S. Garcia ‘03

Rodgers Consulting, Inc. 301-948-4700

Tookie Gentilcore ‘91*

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services 301-443-6760 meaningfuluse/workshops. html

President & Chief Executive Officer

Keith P. Funger ‘00 Saul Centers, Inc. 301-986-6172

Director of Development

Melvin W. Gaines ‘03 SLM* 301-890-8992


Chief of Staff

Office of Councilmember Roger Berliner 240-777-7827 www.montgomery

Dianne L. Gilbert ‘07*


Goulston & Storrs, P.C. 202-721-1141

President & Chief Executive Officer

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce 301-738-0015 x208 www.montgomerycounty

Ronald Goldberg ‘11 SLM* Senior Analyst/Course Director

SAIC 301-762-1399

Barbara Goldberg Goldman ‘92 President

Regal Domestics, Inc. 301-770-4995


Comcast 410-628-1703

Bruce A. Goldensohn ‘09 SLM* 301-869-2821

Virginia A. Gilbert ‘02 SLM

Jeffrey A. Goldman ‘12


RSVP Advisory Council 301-891-6786

Elsa L. Giles, EdD ‘10 SLM* Director of Operations

Montgomery Business Development Corporation 301-538-5937

Amy Ginsburg ‘10 CEO & President

Neediest Kids 703-377-0648

Girma H. Giorgis ‘10 SLM

International Deputy Director

African Aids Initiative International, Inc. 240-380-3429

Vice President, Strategic Planning & Performance

Kaiser Permanente 301-816-5821

Marjorie E. Goldman ‘10* Consultant

Marjorie Goldman, CFRE 301-758-8888

Robert A. Goldman ‘97*


Montgomery Housing Partnership 301-622-2400 x14

Alan I. Goldstein ‘10*

Senior Project Manager

Robert R. Giraldi ‘03*

Senior Vice President & Marketing Executive

Cardinal Bank 201-571-2828

AHC Inc. 703-486-0626 x116

Jan Goldstein ‘11* Executive Director

Arts on the Block 240-645-0730

Evan Glass ‘10 Chair

Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board 301-980-2968

Steven Goldstein, PhD ‘94 Chief of Staff

Emily R. Glazer ‘09 SLM* 301-589-0034

Office of Councilmember Craig Rice 301-340-1961

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


Edgar A. Gonzalez ‘05

Deputy Director for Transportation Policy

Montgomery County Department of Transportation 240-777-7185 www.montgomery

Larry W. Gooch ‘92*

Senior Director, Architecture & Construction

Marriott International, Inc. 949-471-8546

Earl G. Goodlett ‘09 SLM 301-384-2104 Joan B. Goodman, LCSW-C ‘96*

Clinical Social Worker

Joan Goodman & Associates, LLC 301-881-0433 www.adolescentselfinjury

William J. Goodwin ‘05* Program Manager

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 240-777-1892 www.montgomery

Constance H. Gordon, PhD ‘03 SLM Deceased Larry A. Gordon ‘91*

Land Use Attorney

Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, PA 301-230-6576

Michael S. Gottlieb ‘11 Principal

The Gottlieb law Firm, LLC 301-658-2205 www.thegottlieb

Michael J. Gough ‘94 Deceased Briana M. Gowing ‘07 301-980-1049 Erin N. Grace ‘03*

Senior Manager, Health IT

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality 301-427-1580

Edward U. Graham, PhD ‘91 Solomon Graham ‘03*

President/Chief Executive Officer

Quality Biological, Inc. 301-840-9331 x1026

Thomas H. Graham ‘02*

Heidi S. Grolig ‘12*

pepco 202-872-3251

Friends of the Clinical Center 301-402-0193

President, pepco Region

Helene S. Granof ‘11 SLM* 301-229-0762 Jaynie M. Grant ‘95 GRI, Realtor

Weichert Realtors 301-718-4100 x136

Katherine H. Gray ‘05*

Vice President, Commercial Banking Division

PNC Bank 301-740-3008

Robert N. Gray ‘93 301-215-7657 Cheryl L. Green, PhD ‘07 President

Green Resource Group, LLC 301-652-4353

Robert L. Green ‘07* Warden

Montgomery County Correctional Facility 240-773-9747 www.montgomery

Stephen M. Green ‘07*

Manager, Design & Construction

The Peterson Companies, LC 301-749-6700

Michael Greenhut ‘09 SLM* 301-774-3967 Sybil Greenhut ‘12 SLM*

Program Manager, Mental Health Services For Seniors

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 240-777-3962

George F. Griffin, Jr. ‘97 Director

Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control 240-777-1922 www.montgomery

Executive Director

Sheldon I. Grosberg ‘93* Executive Director

Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park 301-428-3000 x101 www.gardenof

Joe R. Grossnickel, Jr. ‘11* Client Executive, Federal Systems Integrators

IBM Corporation 301-803-2851

Peter J. Grzybinski ‘04 Proposal Writer

Lockheed Martin Corporation 301-296-4448

Georgia S. Guenther ‘09 SLM* 301-681-7243 Michael J. Gugerty, Esq. ‘95* Principal

Timothy E. Hall ‘97 301-657-5548

Robert T. Hastings, Jr. ‘04 Senior Vice President, Communications

Bell Helicopter Company 817-280-2650

Rosel Halle ‘97*

Managing Director

Strategic Direction Advisors 240-731-8537

Avi M. Halpert ‘10 *

Vice President, Corporate Real Estate

United Therapeutics Corporation 240-821-1688

Charles C. Han, PhD ‘93 Linda R. Handy, PhD ‘05 Educator & Clinical Therapist

Adventist Behavioral Health 301-980-6848

Caroline V. Hanover ‘04

Rebuilding Together National Headquarters 800-473-4229

Daniel F. Hayes ‘92

Senior Managing Director

Griffin Holdings, LLC 610-205-6104

G. Donald Heath ‘96 Realtor

Weichert Realtors 301-704-2925

Cullari Communications Global 302-438-1292

Hansen and Associates 301-765-0075

Freddie Mac 703-903-2610

Sachchida N. Gupta, PE ‘01 President

SNG Engineering, Inc. 301-548-0055

Harriet Guttenberg ‘92* President of Board

Montgomery Alliance for Community Giving 301-990-3005

Kevin B. Hailstock ‘11 CEO

Associate General Counsel

Anna M. Hebron ‘03 SLM* President

Barbara Harr, MLS, CFRE ‘96*

AMH Tax Consultant, Inc. 301-253-5902

Thomas E. Harr, MLS, MBA ‘00*

Chief Executive Officer

Family Services, Inc. 301-840-3202 www.familyservices

Janyce N. Hedetniemi ‘97* Consultant

JNH Consulting, LLC 703-978-8095

Patricia C. Heffelfinger ‘08* Executive Director

James A. Harris, Jr. ‘03 SLM* 301-948-1691

Maryland Soccer Foundation 301-528-1480

Web Emerse LLC 301-946-5247

Sara N. Harris ‘90* 240-506-6317

Joan M. Hairston ‘96

Milton D. Harrison ‘94

Montgomery County Office of Human Resources 240-777-5070 www.montgomery

IBM Corporation 301-803-1685

Connie Heller ‘12 SLM 301-294-1151

BC & CM Specialist, Security & Crisis Management

Joe A. Heiney-Gonzalez ‘03

Special Assistant to the Director

Delivery Project Executive, Nat’l Security & Justice Application Innov. Svcs.

Holly Jane M. Haliniewski ‘12*

Barbara M. Hart ‘00

Kelly R. Groff ‘10*

Margruetta B. Hall, PhD ‘12 SLM*

Mabrouka I. Hassanein ‘11 SLM*

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

Executive Director

George A. Guido ‘91

Exobox Technologies Corp. 713-625-7800

Conference & Visitors Bureau of MC, MD 240-777-2062

Susan L. Hawfield ‘09*

Robert E. Hebda ‘98*

Washington Gas 703-750-4733


Barbara J. Henry ‘04*

Michael G. Hansen ‘06*

Edward M. Hanson, Jr. ‘92

Principal Evaluation Research Specialist

MBH Limited: Evaluation Research Services 301-445-2377

Executive Director

Learning Centers Management 301-972-6599

Founder & CEO

Jack C. Hauber ‘02

Dennis Hansen ‘09* Health Synergy Solutions 240-672-4064


Sylvia V. Henderson ‘11*

Deloitte 301-279-8974

Genesis Training and Development 304-538-7469

Carma L. Hammuck ‘99* 240-593-7039

Mary C. Henderson ‘12 SLM 301-649-2819

Springboard Training 301-260-1538 www.IdeaSuccess


Floyd H. Griffith ‘03

Chief Executive Officer

Donald M. Hathway ‘91


Gugerty Law Office 240-426-8146 Vice President


Susan K. Heltemes ‘00* Heltemes & Company 301-589-3380 C. Marie Henderson ‘12* Director


Full Gamut Professional Services, LLC 240-893-0048

Leigh H. Henry ‘10* Principal

BP Realty Investment Company 301-299-2099

Mitchell H. Herbets ‘97 301-807-7542 John W. Herbkersman ‘94

Manager, Communications

GE Capital Retailer Financial Services 203-357-3282

Charles F. Hess ‘06*

Principal/Owner & Chief Executive Officer

HESS Construction + Engineering Services 301-670-9000 x4681

Meredith M. Higgins ‘98* Group Facilitator


Barbara A. Hill, PhD ‘01 Senior Associate

Center for International Initiatives American Council on Education 202-939-9414

David A. Hill ‘05* Independent Legal Consultant & Advocate 301-717-0576 Francene M. Hill ‘06 President

BOSS: Business Owners of Silver Spring 301-641-0879

Edmund F. Hodge ‘06

Senior Executive Officer/ Chief People Officer

Florida Hospital

Peter M. Hodgson, CPA ‘07* Principal

CohnReznick, LLP 301-280-2998

The Community Foundation for Montgomery County 301-495-3036



Susan R. Hoffmann ‘03

Ilaya R. Hopkins ‘10*

Montgomery County Department of Recreation 240-777-6962

Maryland Leadership Workshops, Inc. 301-444-8623

Manager of Special Projects

Hunter R. Hollar ‘92* 540-833-1445 Donna S. Hollingshead, EdD ‘06*

Community Superintendent

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-315-7360 www.montgomeryschools

Steven P. Hollman ‘91 Partner

Hogan Lovells US LLP 202-637-5672

Arthur Holmes, Jr. ‘97*


Executive Director

Julie A. Hoskyn ‘07* Project Management Manager

Freddie Mac 571-382-4456

Doris N. Howard ‘06 SLM* National Council of Negro Women, Inc. 301-598-4974 Dorothy D. Howze ‘06 SLM Deceased Heidi M. Hsia, PhD ‘93*


Special Assistant to the County Executive

Montgomery County Government 240-777-2515 www.montgomery

Wilma K. Holmes ‘98* 240-506-6317

Sandra L. Hughes ‘12 SLM* 240-461-5775

Dwayne C. Holt ‘94*

Elizabeth P. Hull ‘95

Russell J. Holt ‘03 President

Access Information, Inc. 301-528-8664

Sharon A. Holt, PhD ‘11* Executive Director

New Jersey Council for the Humanities 609-695-4838

Gary C. Hong ‘05 Deceased

The MBI Group, Inc. 301-793-9154

Roland Ikheloa ‘03 Chief of Staff

Montgomery County Board of Education 301-279-3617 www.montgomeryschools

Silvio C. Imas ‘90 President

Marc Inzelstein ‘08*

Rhonda C. Holmes ‘08

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP 703-923-8585


Vivien Hsueh ‘07 SLM

Jennifer A. Hughes ‘98*


Magdy B. Ibrahim ‘97


Independent Consultant

Chinese American Senior Services Association 301-530-4880

Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights & Urban Affairs 202-319-1000 x113

Albert A. Hutchison ‘90 301-696-2080

Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. 301-983-2800

Montgomery County Department of Transportation 240-777-7170 www.montgomery

Deputy Director

Matthew G. Hussmann ‘99 202-544-1372

Area Administrator, DC/SM

Kaiser Permanente 301-929-7137

Marion H. Hull, PhD ‘95 Treasurer

Montgomery Community Media 301-384-9262

David B. Humpton ‘92* Executive Vice President

Montgomery Village Foundation, Inc. 301-948-0110 x322

Elizabeth S. Huntley ‘10*

Founding Partner

Founding & Managing Partner

Chief Development & Marketing Officer

ARC of the U.S. 202-534-3741

Nancy L. Janssen ‘09 SLM* 301-588-1488 Debbi L. Jarvis ‘12*

Vice President, Corporate Citizenship & Social Responsibility


Academy for Educational Excellence 757-596-5297

Strathmore 301-530-0540

Ginanne M. Italiano ‘03*

Victoria H. Jennings, PhD ‘93

President & CEO

The Greater BethesdaChevy Chase Chamber of Commerce 301-652-4902 x203

Anna Maria IzquierdoPorrera, PhD, M.D. ‘12

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Care for Your Health 240-844-2552

Kenneth C. Jackson, Sr. ‘02 SLM

Associate Minister

Mount Calvary Baptist Church 301-424-8717

James W. Jacobs, Jr. ‘94 Vice President

Maurice C. Hurst ‘07 SLM

Lawrence S. Jacobs ‘98*

CEO Business Café 240-393-2090

Maurice C. Hurst & Associates 301-384-3613

McMillan Metro, PC 240-778-2330

Security Consulting

Trudy R. Jacobson ‘09*

Diane Ippolito ‘91

G. Myrick Hopkins ‘05

Owner & General Manager

Mindi P. Jacobson, MPH ‘12 Future Link, Inc. 240-393-9443

Monica A. Jeffries Hazangeles ‘98*

Washington Gas 202-624-6033

Regional Manager

Robert Jacobs ‘10* 301-787-6169

Pepco 202-872-3358

MedImmune 301-398-5870

Doreen C. Hope ‘09*

XML Financial Group 301-770-5 234 x104

Indiggo Associates 240-314-0533

Gaithersburg Equipment Company/Frederick Equipment Co. 301-670-9300 www.Gaithersburg

Associate Director of Public Engagement & Corporate Citizenship

Michael P. Jacobs, CFP ‘09*

Managing Partner



Director, Institute for Reproductive Health

Georgetown University Medical Center 202-687-1392

Robert E. Jepson ‘97*

Vice President, Business Development

Adventist HealthCare, Inc. 301-315-3042

Donna M. Johnson ‘03* Vice President, Human Resources

Post-Newsweek Media, Inc. & The Gazette 301-948-3120

Georgia M. Johnson ‘97 President

Johnson & Lawrence, Inc. 617-232-7266

Janie M. Johnson ‘95

President & Chief Executive Officer

Insurance & Investment Services, Inc. 843-423-0163

Mark A. Johnson ‘09* President

Mark Johnson & Associates 301-253-3706

Pauline G. Johnson, Esq. ‘93 & ‘02 SLM* 301-460-7858 Shelley A. Johnson ‘07 Director of Teachers’ Institute

Shirley L. Johnson ‘96 Deceased Susan L. Johnson ‘08 SLM* Director of Customer Relations

Project Reboot, Capital PC User Group

Wired to Grow 843-416-8609

Dale M. Johnson ‘00 Deceased Dieneke Johnson ‘12 SLM*

Carolyn D. Jordan ‘11 SLM* 301-587-8421 Craig S. Juengling ‘06


Juengling & Associates, LLC 225-757-1559

Margaret A. Jurgensen ‘06

Election Director

Montgomery County Board of Elections 240-777-8500

Cheryl C. Kagan ‘02*

Director of Community Engagement

BBYO 301-404-5740

Monument Bank 301-841-9509

Anne R. Kaiser ‘05* Delegate, District 14

Maryland House of Delegates 301-858-3036

Annette E. Jolles, LCSW-C ‘11 SLM Clinical Social Work 301-469-9202

Adventist Behavioral Health 301-838-4912 www.adventistbehavioral

Alice G. Jones ‘99*

Anthony J. Kamerick ‘00* 202-438-8851

Delois G. Jones ‘03 SLM


Robert L. Jones ‘92* 310-372-6201

Esther Kaleko-Kravitz ‘03

Cedar Rapids Police Department 319-286-5374

Bruce D. Johnson ‘00


Trudye M. Johnson ‘91 706-645-9419

AJ Designs 302-727-5177

Brian K. Johnson, EdD ‘08 240-499-8309

Community Volunteer

Vice President/Marketing Officer

Goucher College 410-337-6200

Wayne M. Jerman ‘09

Betsy Johnson ‘98*

Martha C. Jones ‘98

Deborah C. Kahley ‘08*


Chief of Police


Popsy Kanagaratnam ‘95 Advanced Analyst

Eta Iota Sigma Scholarship Chair

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. 301-460-5563

Diane R. Jones ‘10* Director

MC Department of Permitting Services 240-777-6363 www.montgomery

Kim C. Jones ‘04* President

Jones International 301-890-1857

Director of Service Excellence

Worldwide Performance & Innovation 301-528-1906

Mary D. Kane ‘04 President & CEO

Sister Cities International 202-347-8630

Mansfield M. Kaseman ‘07 SLM* Intefaith Community Liaison

MC Upcounty Regional Services Center 240-777-2503

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


Candace A. Kattar ‘06*

Senior Advisor to the Executive Director

Identity, Inc. 301-963-5900 x12

Don S. Katzen ‘91

Marketing Director

B’nai B’rith Senior Housing 301-774-4925

Shirley Kay, EdD ‘03 SLM Deceased Jennifer A. Kaye ‘05*

Business Development

C to C Events 240-355-5718

Barbara R. Kazdan ‘12 SLM* Founder/Principal

Achieving Change Together, LLC 301-622-1033 barbarakazdan

Terrence S. Kenny ‘90*

Market President, Washington/Baltimore Region

TD Bank 301-289-3577

Thomas E. Kettler ‘95* Vice President

Kettler Forlines, Inc. 301-258-0980 x17

Melody T. Khalatbari Eaton ‘04 Trial Attorney

U.S. Department of Justice 202-445-9615

Sheila H. Khatri ‘99

Founder & President

Moti International 301-661-1003

Almina Khorakiwala ‘12* Senior Associate

Revel Consulting 202-466-6040

Marie S. Keegin ‘00 304-754-7940

Gene W. Kijowski ‘01*

Clare E. Keller, PhD ‘12 SLM

Anne J. Kilcullen ‘91

William C. Keller, CFA ‘09*

Regional Investment Manager

Wells Fargo Private Bank 703-760-5381

A. Michael Kelley ‘97* Deputy Fire Chief

Kensington Volunteer Fire Department 301-929-8000

Donald R. Kelly ‘03* Senior Pastor

Olive Branch Community Church 240-389-1037

Vonda B. Kemp ‘02*

Systems Engineering Manager

Lockheed Martin Corporation 703-466-3212

Camille E. Kendall ‘07 SLM 301-469-5866

Family Therapist/Career Counselor

Independent Practice 301-656-5334

Edward T. Kilcullen, Jr. ‘97 State Director

Maryland Court Appointed Special Advocate Association 410-828-6761

John J. Kim ‘10

Preconstruction Mgr., Employee Owner

Harkins Builders, Inc. 410-480-4277

Suzanne H. Kim, DDS ‘06* Owner

Complete Family Dental Care 301-654-1100

Helen D. Kinney ‘90

Division Administrative Assistant

Holy Cross Hospital 301-754-7025

Clark A. Kendall ‘08

Mary J. Kirby ‘94

Kendall Capital Management 301-838-9110

Old Mutual Asset Management Trust Company 301-652-4467


John J. Kenney, DSW ‘97*

Chief, Aging & Disability Services

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 240-777-4577 www.montgomerycountymd. gov/services/hhs

Corporate Director

Katha S. Kissman ‘95

Interim Leader & Organizational Development & Senior Board Consultant

BoardSource & Clinical Hypnotherapist 202-669-4423

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

Aileen Klein ‘10 SLM* 301-762-4246 Susan Kleinberg, PhD ‘98 SBK Consulting 410-997-0727

Matthew R. Krafft ‘95*

John S. Landesman ‘04

Bruce H. Lee, RPA, GRI ‘90*

FTI Consulting 301-591-8015

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-279-3455 www.montgomeryschools studycircles

LDG Inc. 301-585-7000 x21

Senior Managing Director - Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Joan D. Kleinman ‘12*

Debra L. Kraft ‘97

Office of Congressman Chris Van Hollen 301-424-3501

Choral Arts Society of Washington 202-244-3669

Jane Knaus ‘07 SLM Graphics by The Sea 301-604-4518

Alan K. Kreger ‘08 SLM Montgomery County Commission on Aging 301-299-3847 www.montgomery

District Director

Gayley F. Knight ‘03 President/Founder

Mother Geek Productions, aka Business Her Way

K. Paul Knott ‘95

Manager, BioNetwork BioBusiness Center

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College 828-254-1921 x5844

Katie Knowlin ‘07

Assistant Director, Division of Business Empowerment

Montgomery County Department of Economic Development 240-777-2056 www.montgomery

Martin E. Kobren ‘97

Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Financial Officer

Unique Specialties, Inc. 410-309-1100

Marilyn R. Kodish Sutherland ‘93 Consultant

Sutherland Consulting 214-691-7024

Kathryn S. Kolar ‘92*

Attorney & Community Volunteer


William Kominers ‘96*

Executive Director

Director of Planning & Chief of Staff

Judith S. Kreger ‘08 SLM 301-299-3847 Chris A. Krinock-Davis ‘99 703-690-5877 Jane E. Kubasik ‘05 Chair

Montgomery County Business Roundtable for Education 301-279-7958

Karen F. Kuker-Kihl ‘02* Civic Activist/Consultant


Karen A. Kullgren ‘12* Contributing Editor & Marketing Executive

Washington Parent Magazine 301-598-2282

Caroline M. Kursman ‘00

Educational Consultant


Thomas L. Kwako ‘93 Consultant


Stella H. Kwan ‘02 HCI, Hightech Consulting, Inc. 301-998-6113

Luann W. Korona ‘10

Board Member

Asian American Political Alliance 301-774-2474

Karen J. Lee ‘99

Executive Director

Carla P. Larrick ‘03

Kien S. Lee, PhD ‘10*

Vice President of Operations, YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase

YMCA of Metropolitan Washington 301-530-3725


AQUAS, Inc. 301-654-4000

Valeria Lassiter ‘01*

Principal Associate

Community Science 301-519-0722 x108,

Philip L. Lee ‘92 President

Results Leadership Group, LLC 202-312-7120

Marilyn Thomas Leist, EdD ‘00


Executive Director

Sandra A. Lawrence ‘91

Judith L. Leitner, EdD ‘03 SLM 301-652-7523

Lassiter Associates 240-235-5045

Vice President of Administration

Gateway 913-339-9024

Glen M. Lazovick ‘11*

Ingelside at King Farm 240-499-9030

Min Leong ‘04 410-544-1676 Nancy Leopold ‘12*

Assistant Vice President, Business Development

Executive Director

Dong Phuong N. Le ‘05*

Darryl J. Lesesne, CBA, CFSA ‘06

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union 301-944-1753

CollegeTracks, Inc. 301-986-4124

Chief Auditor

District of Columbia Courts 202-879-1783

Erica A. Leatham, Esq. ‘09*

Patricia K. Lesnick, EdD ‘03 SLM 301-565-4684

Ballard Spahr, LLP 301-664-6254

Elizabeth A. LeVaca ‘09 240-281-0125

Of Counsel


Henry Y. Lee, DDS, PA ‘04

SEEC 301-576-9000

New York Life Company 301-581-4131

Peter M. Lafen ‘02


Walter N. Lange ‘97 301-251-0869

Cultural Markets/Financial Services


Oliver W. Lancaster, EdD ‘10 SLM African American Festival of Academic Excellence 301-236-4742

Montgomery County Department of Housing & Community Affairs 240-777-3656 www.montgomery

The Universities at Shady Grove 301-738-6323

Carmen O. Larsen ‘04

Long Branch Neighborhood Initiative 301-439-9709

Chief, Community Development

Coordinator of Study Circles

Mary C. Lang ‘12*


Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. 301-841-3829


N. Diane Leatherman ‘02 SLM Deceased Ellyn Lederer ‘02 SLM Deceased Benedict Lee ‘93

Keith Levchenko ‘08*

Senior Legislative Analyst

Montgomery County Council Central Staff 240-777-7944 www.montgomery

Laura S. Levengard ‘10* Starpower Fitness, LLC 301-603-7668



Robert F. Levey ‘12 SLM*

Debra L. Liverpool ‘99*

County Exec’s Off. of Community Partnerships 301-654-7033

Family Services, Inc., an affiliate of Sheppard Pratt Foundation 301-605-1545

Gloria B. Levin ‘08 SLM* 301-320-5068

Stefan F. LoBuglio, EdD ‘10

Bruce A. Levine ‘95

Montgomery County Department of Correction & Rehabilitation 240-773-4262

Senior Fellow, Sister Cities Program


J Street Consulting, LLC 301-529-8469

Director of Philanthropy

Chief, Pre-Release & Reentry Services

Leslie S. Levine ‘08*

Norman Locksley, PhD ‘07 SLM

Chairman, Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

InvisiTrack, Inc.

Pedrick Associates, LLC 202-541-0436

Neil A. Levine ‘12*

Charles R. Loehr ‘95

Director, Office Of Conflict Management & Mitigation

U.S. Agency for Int’l Development 202-712-0121

Marcia Levy ‘99 703-527-8721 Resa D. Levy ‘99* Executive Director

Montgomery County Family Justice Foundation 301-924-9140

Geoffrey P. Lewis ‘95 President

Lewis Limited, LLC 703-564-7725

Planning & Development Consultant

Montgomery Consulting, LLC 301-854-4970

Jeannie M. Lohmeyer, RN ‘94 301-854-4960

Eugenia M. Long ‘04 301-963-7611

Manager, Governmental Affairs

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority 703-417-8746

Visionary Ophthalmology 301-896-0540

John W. McCutcheon, Jr. ‘04

Luis G. Martinez ‘00*

GEICO 301-986-3371


Marsha R. Luce ‘02 SLM 301-279-1279

Maier & Warner Public Relations 301-424-4141

Richard G. Luecking ‘91*

Nabil A. Makar ‘09 SLM

TransCen, Inc. 301-424-2002 x230



Bo Lundh ‘07*

Assistant Executive Director

Riderwood Village Retirement Community 301-572-8492


Sako Maki, MSW, MPA ‘10 301-825-7138 Roberta A. Mancini ‘11 SLM* J. Thomas Manger ‘06*


Charles A. Lyons ‘95


John P. Lin ‘08*

Deborah S. Lipman ‘06*

Charles A. Maier ‘93

Douglas E. Lohmeyer ‘90

Brian T. Long ‘93 LongView Resources 303-453-9797

Jean D. Linehan ‘02 SLM Deceased

Janet Lowenbach Associates 301-943-7019

Writer/Editor/PR Director

Leonard Mangiaracina ‘12*

LIPAM International, Inc. 301-913-0204

Delores Lincoln-Willis ‘06 SLM* 301-589-6582

Barbara S. McCreedy ‘02 703-538-4568

Colleen Luzier ‘93*

Assistant Vice President

Phyllis Lieberman ‘98*

Wilma I. Linares ‘10

J. Alberto Martinez, M.D. ‘11

Hughes Network Systems, LLC 301-548-1160

Michael S. Lohman ‘92*

Vice President, COO

CapStar Commercial Realty 301-738-7777 x114

William J. Mahoney ‘02 SLM Deceased

PMM Companies 301-258-9151

Alvina E. Long ‘02* Mercy Health Clinic 301-972-9600


Janet L. Lowenbach ‘12 SLM*

Montgomery County Department of Police 240-773-5005 www.montgomery

Berman Ventures 301-774-2966

Nancy Aliquo Long, JD ‘99 Thomas J. Long, PhD ‘91


The Catholic University of America 202-319-5809

Ana R. Lopez van Balen, LCSW ‘07 Director

Steve D. Lustig ‘06 President

Founder and President

HR Solutions, Inc. 301-765-6285

Lilliam L. Machado ‘01

Office of the General Counsel

The Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc. 301-978-8492

John H. Macklin ‘04 240-731-5710 Richard S. Madaleno, Jr. ‘10

District 18, Montgomery County

Maryland Senate 301-858-3137

Susan Cottle Madden ‘96* Chief Government Relations Officer

Montgomery College 240-567-5274

Michael L. Mael ‘05* Executive Director

Washington National Opera 202-416-7807

Len Maenza ‘07

Mid-County Regional Services Center 240-777-8103

General Manager

Alan C. Lovell, PhD ‘98*

David W. Magill ‘00*

Chief Executive Officer

CHI Centers, Inc. 301-445-3350


Chelsea Property Group 703-737-3077 x1

Vice President

Competitive Power Ventures, Inc. 240-723-2306


Vice President & Financial Advisor

Merrill Lynch & Company 301-230-6656

James F. Mannarino ‘02* Susan M. Mannina ‘93


Long and Foster Realtors 301-975-9500

Sally S. Marchessault ‘97* 301-869-0090 M. Elliot Margolis ‘11 SLM*

Vice Chair, Board

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union 301-840-0599

Leslie Y. Marks ‘93* Senior Fellow

County Executive’s Office of Community Partnerships 240-631-2577

Peter C. Marks ‘91*

Vice President, Education Non-Depository Programs

Conference of State Bank Supervisors 202-296-2840

James T. Marrinan ‘02 SLM* 301-340-1325 Lee C. Marsteller ‘92 Managing Member

Aercrete Systems, LLC 301-363-4663


Diversity Outreach Coordinator

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 240-777-1864 www.montgomery

DaCosta R. Mason ‘12 SLM 301-445-6002 Donna P. Mason ‘11 SLM* Consultant, Aging & Caregiving Issues

Vice President for Underwriting & Project Management

Janice D. McDonald ‘97 843-236-7799 Nancy E. McIntyre ‘06 SLM* 301-340-3032 Walter S. McKee ‘09 SLM 301-340-1212 Lisa McKillop ‘90* Hospice Caring, Inc. 301-854-0771


Marilyn M. Massey-Ball, PhD ‘12 SLM* 240-454-2568 Giuseppe A. Mastroeli ‘09*

Montgomery County Business Banking Regional Manager

M&T Bank 240-632-7841

Douglas B. McNeeley ‘94 Anne C. Mead ‘05* Partner

Linowes and Blocher, LLP 301-961-5127

Elizabeth A. Mead ‘03

Catherine E. Matthews ‘03* Director

Montgomery County Upcounty Regional Services Center 240-777-8040 www.montgomery

Tracee A. Matthias ‘08* Director

Montgomery College - EOC 240-567-5641 www.montgomerycollege. edu/admissions/mceoc

President & Treasurer

Mead Family Foundation 301-570-3013

Lora D. Meisner ‘05


E Com Communications 503-588-6924 www.ecom

John L. Menke ‘02 SLM Secretary

Menke Scientific, Ltd. 301-407-2224

Nancy C. May ‘06 SLM* 301-681-5029

Mary E. Menke ‘02 SLM

M. Cristina Maya ‘92 240-888-0578

Menke Scientific, Ltd. 301-407-2224

James W. Mayo, PhD ‘03 SLM 410-266-6093 Sandra B. Mayo, EdD ‘03 SLM 410-266-6093 Edward R. McCain ‘93 Maureen W. McCarthy ‘04 President

Medical Business Advisors, LLC 301-468-2030


Dee C. Metz ‘95*

White Flint Implementation Coordinator

Office of the County Executive 240-777-2510 www.montgomery

John R. Metz ‘01* Attorney

Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. 301-996-2297

Elizabeth A. Meyer ‘11 SLM 301-320-8189

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


Francine H. Meyer ‘00 Business Owner

FranQulits 703-841-3213

MaeWanda L. MichaelJackson ‘10 SLM 301-384-1146 Marlene L. Michaelson ‘01 Senior Legislative Analyst

Montgomery County Council 240-777-7943 www.montgomery

Mike Michaelson ‘03 SLM* 301-916-1046 John G. Miers ‘10 SLM Deceased Andrew J. Milisits ‘08* Managing Partner

AITHERAS, LLC 301-306-9702

Keith R. Miller ‘11* Executive Director

Montgomery County Revenue Authority 301-762-9080 www.montgomerycounty

Bobby L. Mills ‘96 Alliance Business Services 301-431-3041 Karen L. Mitchell ‘10*

Director of Administrative & Financial Services

The Universities at Shady Grove 301-738-6319

Kathleen A. Mitchell ‘00 Patricia A. Moles ‘06 SLM Deceased Britta M. Monaco ‘96*

Director, Department of Community & Public Relations

City of Gaithersburg 301-258-6310

Frank W. Mondell, Jr. ‘03

President & Chief Executive Officer

The Williamson Group, Inc. 301-545-1171

Peter W. Monge ‘92*

Chief Executive Officer

MedStar Montgomery General Center 301-774-8771

Raquel D. Montenegro ‘06* Real Estate Business Development & Government Affairs Specialist

Ballard Spahr, LLP 301-664-6200

J. Henry Montes, MPH ‘09 SLM* Consultant

JHM Consultation 301-762-1103

Gregory L. Montgomery ‘98 Senior Vice President, Government Contracting Group

Freedom Bank of VA 703-667-4168

Donald Mooers, Jr. ‘01* Attorney

Mooers Immigration 301-652-4488

William M. Mooney, Jr. ‘99 Director of Annual Giving

Our Lady of Good Counsel High School 240-283-3250

Charles A. Moose, PhD ‘00 808-689-6667 Maricela Moreno ‘94 National Hispanic Health Coalition Oliver M. Moss 91*

Director, Global Government Division

Bank of America 202-442-7472

Zohreh Y. Movahed, PhD, PE ‘12* Regulatory Services Group Leader

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 301-206-8552

Deborah Murphy ‘12

Susanna Nemes, PhD ‘12*

Susan V. Nickbarg ‘08*

James Onder, PhD ‘10 SLM

Standard Supplies, Inc. 301-948-2690

Social Solutions International, Inc. 301-774-0897

SVN Marketing, LLC 301-588-6430

Onder Communications 301-367-7023

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Nhora Barrera Murphy ‘02 President

The Media Network, Inc. 301-565-0770

Thomas D. Murphy ‘05* President, Community Banking

EagleBank 240-497-2042

Gareth E. Murray MDiv., PhD ‘02* Director of Legislative Affairs & Communication

Maryland Higher Education Commission 410-260-4519

Meredith J. Myers, MSW ‘04*

Associate Director for Community Development

Family Services, Inc. 301-840-3231

Gail R. Nachman ‘92* 301-770-6228

Hughes Network Systems, LLC 301-428-5829

Tracy E. Mulligan ‘08 SLM


L.H. Neuman Consultants 301-838-9728

James J. Neustadt ‘11*

Director, Communications/ Community Relations

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 301-206-8188


Small Business Success, Inc. 301-670-6140

Nancy Navarro ‘09* President

Montgomery County Council 240-777-7900


Managing Director, Complex Director

Merrill Lynch & Company 301-230-6600

Barbara A. Newland ‘95

Community Volunteer


Joyce L. Newmyer ‘12* President

Director of Outreach & State Relations

National Association of Independent Colleges & Universities 202-785-8866

Tony Nguy ‘10

Vice President & Branch Manager

HSBC 301-693-4984

An N. Nguyen ‘08 SLM Vietnamese Outreach Coordinator

Chau Nguyen ‘05* Moonlight Group, LLC 703-812-8205

Director of Human Resources

Benjamin L. Nicholson ‘02

Lieutenant & Congressional Fellow

U.S. Coast Guard 202-226-7170

DC Public Library 202-727-2936

Charlene R. Nunley, PhD ‘01*


Patrick L. O’Neil ‘08* Attorney

Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. 301-657-0738

Heidi A. Onkst ‘99* Senior Director of Development for the Performing Arts

Program Director & Professor

University of Maryland, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 301-405-4643

J. Manuel Ocasio ‘11*

Karen A. Orlansky ‘93 301-642-3386

University of Maryland, University College 301-452-4008

Richard A. O’Connell ‘05 Chair

Vistage International, Inc. 301-320-2876

Attorney at Law

O’Conor & Co., LLC 703-948-9009

R. Edwin Offterdinger ‘91* Regional Managing Partner, East Region

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP 703-923-8608

Jacqueline H. Ogg ‘08 Kenneth A. Oldham, Jr. ‘08*

Michael S. Nelson ‘97

Sonya A. Nelson ‘02

Senior Librarian, Building Projects

Jerry R. O’Conor, Esq. ‘95

The Senior Connection 301-962-0820

National Association of Enrolled Agents 202-822-6232 x101

Barbara I. Norland ‘90

Holy Cross Hospital 301-754-7051

Carol L. Nevins ‘07

Seneca Community Church 301-869-9326

Executive Vice President & CEO


Vice President, Human Resources

Robert D. Newsome ‘02

Kenneth N. Nelson ‘10*

James G. Muir, III ‘01

Lois H. Neuman, PhD ‘12 SLM*

Christyne Nasbe ‘96

Rick Moyers ‘09*

Assistant Vice President, Administration

Umberto Neri, PhD ‘07 SLM 301-588-6968

Frances S. Nam ‘07 Deceased

Marilyn T. Mower ‘08 SLM

Eugene & Agnes E. Meyer Foundation 202-552-7465

President & CEO

Washington Adventist Hospital 301-891-5651

Herbert Nechin, PhD ‘06 SLM Deceased

Vice President for Programs and Communications



National Philharmonic 301-493-9283 x112 www.national

Carren S. Oler ‘00 Attorney at Law

Oler & Associates, PC 301-838-3005

Carol M. Olmstead ‘96*

Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Feng Shui for Real Life 505-690-1814 www.FengShuiFor

N. Leslie Olson ‘09*

Assistant Vice President

Chevy Chase Land Company 301-654-2690

Glenn S. Orlin, PhD ‘95* Deputy Staff Director

Montgomery County Council Central Staff 240-777-7936 www.montgomery

Tedi S. Osias ‘98*

Advisor, Land Use & Housing Issues

Office of Councilmember Nancy Floreen 240-777-7959

Carlos E. Ostria ‘05

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Loiederman Soltesz Associates, Inc. 301-948-2750

Cindy E. Ostrowski ‘10 Barbara A. Ott ‘07*

Executive Director

YMCA Youth & Family Services 301-587-1382

Cesar E. Palacios, MD, MPH ‘09* Executive Director

Proyecto Salud Clinic 301-962-6173 x308

Melissa I. Pappas ‘95* President

Athena Consulting 301-216-9654

William T. Pappert ‘10*

First VP-Investments, Wealth Management Advisor

Merrill Lynch & Company 301-215-4427

Comcast Special Advertising Publication | June 2013



Dennis L. Parnell ‘04*

Marcos L. Pesquera ‘09*

Linda M. Plummer ‘00

Adventist HealthCare, Inc. 301-315-3677

Remax Realty Services 240-403-0400 www.lindaplummer

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Executive Director, Center on Health Disparities

C. Javier Parraga ‘95

Donell Peterman ‘01

Zippy Shell USA, LLC 240-790-0290

The Joshua Group Ministries 301-587-1621 x11

Suburban Hospital 301-896-2700


Richard N. Parsons ‘03* President

Parsons & Associates 301-503-0697

Robert A. Partington ‘11 SLM 301-774-0441 R. Scott Pastrick ‘92

President & Chief Executive Officer

Prime Policy Group 202-530-0500

Barbara Patigalia ‘11 SLM* 301-424-7282 Tina E. Patterson ‘11*

Proposal Manager


Edmund R. Peters ‘94 561-842-3862 Sharon F. Peters ‘99 Deceased Nancy E. Petrisko ‘05

Executive Director

Margaret C. Pearson ‘11 SLM* Board

St. Luke’s House - Threshold Services UNITED 301-299-1845

Maria E. Pena Faustino ‘94 Transition Assistant

JOVIS, Inc. 410-978-3346

Tuan Q. Pham ‘94

Certified Mediator &Training Specialist

David E. Phillips ‘97*

Montgomery College 240-567-5417 www.artsinstitute.

Denise Phillips ‘03 SLM 918-728-8407 Robert Phillips ‘07*



Nancy J. Poole ‘11 SLM* 301-299-2824 Clarence A. Porter, PhD ‘95 410-290-8079 John Q. Porter, Esq. ‘98*


Mosaica Turnaround Partners 405-808-6811

Bethany Portner ‘98* President

Transformations of Montgomery County, Inc. 301-279-7242 www.transformationsinteriors. org

City of Gaithersburg 301-258-6350 x116


CohnReznick, LLP 301-280-3578

Hercules Pinkney, EdD ‘02*

Sondra H. Peskoe ‘97


Russell L. Phillips, CPA ‘05*

Steven A. Pereira ‘03

Denise M. Perry ‘94 305-623-3000


Michele R. Potter ‘03*

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-840-0802 www.montgomeryschools

Kaiser Permanente 301-816-6113

DeRionne P. Pollard, PhD ‘12*

California Tortilla Group, Inc. 301-545-0035

Marylin Pierre ‘09*

Organization Development Consultant

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 240-777-3053

Tracye A. Polson ‘07

Vice President of Healthcare Solutions

Associate Dean for the Arts

Dianne D. Pearce ‘03 301-871-0744

Director, Senior Nutrition Program

Joseph D. Petti ‘99

Jann E. Paul ‘92 317-573-0720

Clear Space Theatre Company 302-227-2270

Melanie R. Polk ‘10 SLM*

Montgomery College 240-567-5264

Telesis Corporation 810-456-7573

Executive Director

Jean S. Polatsek ‘09 SLM 301-279-9180

Washington Concert Opera 202-364-5826

Diversity Solutions, Inc. 703-354-3322

Wesley E. Paulson ‘97*

Realtor Associate

Attorney at Law

Pierre & Associates, Attorneys & Counselors at Law 301-279-9020

President Emeritus

Montgomery College 240-567-3212

Joan M. Planell ‘99 Deputy Director

Arlington County Department of Human Services 703-228-1779

Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture

Jonathan W. Powell ‘12* Senior Program Manager

CACI 703-258-4735

Donald E. Praisner ‘02 SLM Deceased Deborah E. Preston, PhD ‘10*

Dean for the Arts

Montgomery College 240-567-5031

Joseph R. Price ‘94 Chief

Leesburg Police Department 703-771-4500



Kelly M. Price ‘99*

Thomas L. Ransom ‘11*

Carol D. Rieg ‘99*

The Peterson Companies 703-227-2000

BB&T 301-347-4107

Bentley Systems, Inc. 301-379-6397

Vice President, Retail Asset & Property Management

County Executive/Senior Vice President

Corporate Foundation Officer

William N. Price ‘90

Virginia P. Rebata ‘93

Kenton L. Rippetoe ‘07 SLM

William N. Price, CPA, CFP 301-428-8191


Shady Grove Adventist Hospital 301-610-6385


Gregory A. Prince, DDS, PhD ‘05*

Chief Executive Officer

Virion Systems, Inc. 301-309-1844 x605

JaLynn R. Prince ‘04* President & Founder

Madison House Foundation 240-602-6021 www.madisonhouse

Career & Life Coach

Ella V. Redfield ‘10 SLM Senior Pastor

New Creation Church 301-649-6000

Elsie Love Reid, Esq. ‘93* Managing Partner

Furey, Doolan & Abell, LLP 301-652-6880

Doris B. Reinhart ‘08


Patricia A. Ritter, PhD ‘08* Executive Director

The Treatment & Learning Centers 301-424-5200 x153

Holli B. Rivera ‘12* President

Intentional Philanthropy LLC 301-761-4433 www.intentional

Tobi J. Printz-Platnick ‘07*

Susan L. Reinhold ‘01

The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation 202-223-3100

Time Warner Cable 704-206-6926

Attorney at Law

Gino Renne ‘93

Graciela C. Rivera-Oven ‘96*

Program Officer

Leonard L. Proctor, SC, USN Ret. ‘07 SLM 301-949-1074

VP- Field Engineering Operations, Carolinas


President, Montgomery County Government Employees

Gabriel A. Purviance ‘02 410-248-0232

United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 1994 301-977-2447

Lily H. Qi ‘05*

Joshua S. Richards ‘11

Office of the County Executive 240-777-2524

The Washington Campus 202-234-4446

Robert P. Quinn,CLU ‘99*

Cherry S. Richardson ‘06 SLM 301-460-4156

Special Projects Manager

Financial Representative

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network 301-217-6450

Paul R. Rivera, Esq. ‘02

Vice President


Proactive Community Strategies 301-367-2158

Carolyn M. Roberts ‘01*

Senior Vice President, Real Estate Banking

Sandy Spring Bank 301-774-6400 x6916

Josephine S. Roberts ‘92 202-635-2183 Terry W. Roberts ‘11*

Senior Consultant for Finance & Operations

Davis M. Richardson ‘98

Roberts & Associates 202-234-9670 x4

Sanjay Rai, PhD ‘09*

Sugarplum Tent Company 301-869-2054

Justine D. Robertson ‘94

Montgomery College 240-567-7711

Michael A. Richardson, Sr. ‘12 SLM*

Kristin A. Raker ‘06

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union 301-944-1723

Vice President & Provost, Germantown Campus

Executive Director Accounting/Corporate Controller

Catalyst Health Solutions 240-268-5833 www.catalysthealth

Debra H. Rankin ‘09* Executive Director

Montgomery Parks Foundation 301-495-2490


Vice President of Community Relations

David M. Richman ‘02 SLM* Community Volunteer


Michael C. Ridgway ‘90 Counselors Title, LLC 301-652-6625


JD Robertson Consulting

William G. Robertson ‘02*

President & Chief Executive Officer

Adventist HealthCare, Inc. 301-315-3538

Philip L. Robins ‘08 SLM Volunteer

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

Steven A. Robins, Esq. ‘91* Partner

Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. 301-657-0747

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


Daniel M. Robinson ‘96 202-457-4272 Haywood A. Robinson, III ‘06* Pastor

Marjorie A. Rosensweig ‘91 President

RMA, Inc. 301-460-1306

John P. Rosiak ‘96*

The People’s Community Baptist Church 301-384-2601

Senior Project Director

Joseph R. Robinson, M.D. ‘97

Arthur A. Rossi ‘95


Education Development Center 301-742-1219

Senior Manager

Joseph R. Robinson, M.D., PC 301-670-4633

Raytheon Company 401-842-2270

Mary F. Robinson ‘10*

Paula B. Rothenberg ‘08*

Founder & President

Capacity Partners, Inc. 240-462-5151

Alan G. Rodbell ‘97

President & Chief Executive Officer

Hope Connections for Cancer Support 301-493-5002 www.hopeconnections

Chief of Police

City of Scottsdale Police Department 480-312-1900

David N. Rodich ‘08* Executive Director

Services Employees International Union Local 500, CTW 301-740-7100

Lorraine A. Rogstad ‘96* 301-299-9117 Gabriel Romero ‘02 Principal

The RKtects Studio, Inc. 301-657-7820 x12

Gerald J. Roper ‘94

President & CEO

Steven M. Rothenberg ‘12* President

Talk of the Town 301-738-9500

Lisa W. Rother ‘06 Executive Director

Urban Land Institute Washington 240-497-1919

Mark D. Rother ‘10 SLM 301-933-9111 Catherine P. Roy ‘06

Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer-Fixed Income

Calvert Investments 301-657-7068

The JayBrit Group, Inc. 240-603-9519

Cynthia A. Rubenstein ‘01*

George B. Rose ‘94

Passion for Learning, Inc. 301-562-6014

Vice President, Customer Relations

Executive Director

Jon S. Rucker, Jr. ‘12* Director, Land Forces Systems

Lockheed Martin Corporation 301-240-7295

Teresa H. Rudman ‘97

Chair, Board of Directors

Great Strides Therapeutic Riding, Inc. 301-570-2999

Sally Rudney ‘98 Kathy L. Russell ‘91*

Chief Executive Officer

The Children’s Inn at NIH 301-451-9201

Adam L. Sachs ‘04

Senior Director, Manufacturing Collaborations

MedImmune 301-398-2448

Odile Saddi Brunetto, EdD ‘11 SLM

Director, Area Agency on Aging

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 240-777-1132 www.montgomerycountymd. gov/senior

Agnes G. Saenz ‘98* Executive Director

Community Ministries of Rockville 301-637-0208

Richard D. Salvatierra ‘93 President

Americas Health Foundation 202-650-7080

Jane F. Salzano ‘10 SLM* Founder

Fitzgerald AutoMall 301-881-0058

Jeffery M. Rubery ‘06

Brian M. Rosen ‘07

BB&T 202-835-9350

David M. Sampson ‘90 Deceased

Carol S. Rubin ‘00*

June P. Sampson ‘98

Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission 301-495-4646

Parenting Plus Associates, Inc. 301-762-5118

Elisabeth S. Rubin ‘07*


Senior Vice President

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 301-351-8871

Jonathan H. Rosen ‘04

Chief Revenue Officer

WebVisible, Inc. 949-333-3964

Michael D. Rosenbaum ‘10* Owner

Michael D Rosenbaum and Associates 240-472-5424

Senior Vice President & Area Executive

Associate General Counsel

Staff Attorney

Court of Special Appeals of MD 410-210-3712

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

CSAAC 240-912-2220

Parent Educator

Anne L. Sanderoff-Walker ‘96* Designer Fabrications, LLC 301-977-5282 www.designer

Jeanetta G. Sanders ‘92 Horizon Health Group 301-330-1000

Nancy L. Schoenfeld ‘97 Executive Director

American Academy of Pediatrics, DC Chapter 301-655-4767

Margie R. Sanders ‘07 SLM 301-570-4023

Ray F. Schoenke ‘01

Burton M. Sapin, PhD ‘03 SLM 301-652-7523

American Hunters & Shooters Association 301-948-2462

Carla Satinsky ‘94

Randolph R. Schools ‘90*

TV Producer & Citizen Activist

Access Montgomery/ Montgomery Community Television 301-424-2255

Carlos A. Scandiffio ‘03

President & Chief Executive Officer

Allworld Language Consultants, Inc. 301-881-2284




NIH-NOAA Recreation & Welfare Association 301-402-6493

Daniel J. Schrider ‘08

President & Chief Executive Officer

Sandy Spring Bank 301-774-8473

Abe M. Schuchman ‘11* Executive Director

Joan A. Schaffer ‘10 SLM* Independent Consultant

Schaffer Consulting 301-320-2728

Housing Unlimited, Inc. 301-592-9314

Stuart A. Schwager ‘11 Partner

Martin P. Schaffer ‘90 Principal

Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, PA 301-230-5207

Mita M. Schaffer ‘90 Co-Owner

Martin Schaffer, Inc. 301-984-0464

Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. 301-347-1271

Linda D. Schwartz ‘94

Principal & Attorney

Paley Rothman 301-951-9358

Peggy J. Schwartz ‘07* Executive Director

Transportation Action Partnership, Inc. 301-770-8108

Steven H. Schiff ‘91 Attorney at Law


William M. Schlossenberg ‘98* Director of Development & Community Partnerships The Universities at Shady Grove 301-738-6113

Mark S. Scott, CR ‘07* President

MARK IV Builders, Inc. 240-395-0400

Charles W. Scriven, PhD ‘97 President

Susan J. Schmidt ‘00*

Kettering College of Medical Arts 937-395-8618


Friends of the Library, Little Falls Chapter 301-229-4374

James P. Seavey, Sr. ‘94 Fire Rescue Chief

Ellen V. Schneider ‘93 Deceased Nancy K. Schneider ‘92 410-349-4666 Isabelle Schoenfeld ‘11 SLM* 301-530-6298

Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department 301-365-2028

Sylvia M. Seawright ‘12 SLM* Adjunct Professor

American University 301-229-6369

Odessa M. Shannon ‘97 301-384-4184 David P. Shapiro ‘09


Paley Rothman 301-968-1644

Mary Catherine ShartleGalotto, PhD ‘04 Director Osher Program

Johns Hopkins University, Montgomery County Campus 301-294-7240

Olivia Shay-Byrne ‘96


Reed Smith, LLP 202-414-9370

Rosa V. Shelton ‘02 SLM 301-933-1765 William L. Shelton ‘02 SLM 301-933-1765 Lenora J. Sherard ‘92 301-989-9439 Sarah J. Sherhols ‘08 306-244-5333 Robert H. Shope ‘93* Partner

Ernst & Young, LLP 215-448-5592

Charles L. Short ‘90*

Special Assistant to the County Executive

Montgomery County Government 240-777-2513 www.montgomery

Carol J. Shreve ‘11* 301-263-1271 Harriet S. Shugerman ‘96 301-229-4088 Andrew P. Shulman ‘03*

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Sales & Leasing

McShea & Company, Inc. 301-417-2558

Roberta F. Shulman ‘92* Artist


Alan M. Shusterman ‘09* Founder

School for Tomorrow 240-476-6041



Laura J. Siegelbaum ‘11 SLM* 301-565-1688 Stacy P. Silber ‘11* Principal

Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. 301-841-3833 stacy-p-silber

Robert M. Silberfarb ‘07 SLM 301-279-6760 Laura Sildon ‘98*

Otis B. Smith ‘02 Applied Methods, Inc. 443-451-7265 William C. Smith, Jr. ‘12*

Director, Homeland Security Advisory Council

U.S. Department of Homeland Security 202-447-3000

Steven R. Snapp ‘06* Founder

The Jellie Group 240-447-3418

Snapp Strategic Partners, LLC 301-460-6140

George E. Simms, III ‘04

Christopher L. Snead ‘07*


Assistant State’s Attorney

Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office 240-777-7383

Stephen R. Simon ‘06* Vice President

Van Eperen & Company 301-836-1516

Vice President for Consulting

Leon Snead & Company, PC 301-738-8190

Craig A. Snedeker ‘06

Executive Director & General Manager, Northeast Markets

Comverge, Inc. 240-292-1300

Stephen J. Spano ‘03 Consultant


Pamela D. Spears, FAHP, CFRE ‘00*

Associate Executive Director for Advancement/Director of Development

American Occupational Therapy Foundation 301-652-6611 x2555

Howard D. Spector ‘08 Scott L. Spector ‘91 Managing Member

Kodiak Properties, LLC 301-654-9160

David Spitzer ‘12 SLM* Miranda S. Spivack ‘97 Reporter

Kathryn Singleton Cane ‘94

Arnie Sohinki ‘04*

Allison K. Stearns ‘10*

Marvin Sirkis, DDS ‘11 SLM 301-330-1318 Lee M. Sislen ‘09 SLM Volunteer

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital 301-254-2520

Jeffrey Z. Slavin ‘91* Mayor

Town of Somerset 301-657-2229

Alison Smith ‘11

Vice President for Client Services

Calvert Investments 301-951-4821

Charlotte Sommers ‘10 301-593-2765 Chelsea R. Soneira ‘12* Director, Montgomery County Programs

Junior Achievement of the National Capital Area 301-838-0470

Christine M. Sorge, Esq. ‘04 Attorney

Grossberg, Yochelson, Fox & Beyda, LLP 202-296-9696 x211

Dianna L. Souder ‘94 301-417-0709

Family Resolution Coach

Sally L. Sternbach ‘96* Deputy Director

Montgomery County Department of Economic Development 240-777-2078

Alan B. Sternstein, Esq ‘99* Partner

Director, Office of Sustainability

Town of Silver City 575-538-3731

Wendy J. Susswein ‘96*


Deputy Director

The Center for Adoption Support & Education, Inc. 301-476-8525

Nicolette M. Stearns, Med ‘10* Co-Founder/Consultant

ArtStream, Inc. 301-941-1008

Ronald M. Stehlin ‘10* CFO

Family Services, Inc. 301-840-3204

Murray Stein ‘02 SLM Artist


Merle J. Steiner ‘00

Legislative Liaison to Chair

Montgomery County Park & Planning Commission 301-652-0895


Executive Director


Smokey Glen Farm Barbequers, Inc. 301-948-1518

Director of Advancement

Westridge School 629-799-1053 x 252


Toni M. Stiefel ‘09* 703-850-0234 Jere D. Stocks ‘07 301-891-5651 Thomas J. Street ‘11

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer

Montgomery County Government 240-777-2559 www.montgomery

Sharon D. Subadan ‘02

Deputy County Administrator, Public Safety & Community Services

Hillsborough County Government 813-744-5580 x230

Michael L. Subin ‘01 Executive Director

Montgomery County Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission 240-777-2539 www.montgomery

Joyce A. Thomas, PhD ‘02 SLM 301-388-2270

George B. Thomas Learning Academy 301-320-6545 www.montgomeryschools

Percy W. Thomas, ScD ‘94 My Career Target 410-997-3997


Kensington Fire Protection, Inc. 301-896-0880

Jaqueline W. Thompson Marquez ‘00* President & CEO

Community Volunteer

S. Esmail Tabibi, PhD ‘10 SLM Project Officer

National Cancer Institute 301-435-9187

Shahnaz R. Tabibi ‘07*

Senior Vice President

Monument Bank 301-841-9544

Carolyn Tamarkin ‘09 SLM* 301-251-8799 Elizabeth N. Taylor ‘93 Community Volunteer


Guy J. Tegler ‘95

The Onyx Media Group 301-928-2211

Gary D. Thorud, PhD ‘10 SLM Director of Development

The Kidney TRUST 650-376-4993

LaVonne J. Thorud, PhD ‘10 SLM Writer/Educational Consultant/Volunteer


Jean M. Threadgill ‘08 SLM 301-926-9470 Paul M. Tiao ‘06

Assistant U.S. Attorney

U.S. Attorney’s Office 410-209-4817

James A. Todhunter ‘96 301-365-8512 Dana M. Tofig ‘11*

Theresa Testoni ‘09* Commissioner

Kaiser Permanente 301-816-6476

John E. Thompson ‘91

Director, Actuarial Pricing

Emory Grove United Methodist Church 301-963-3434


Senior Training & Development Consultant


Anne P. Swire ‘07

Charles W. Sye ‘90

Jan Thomas ‘92

Executive Director

James J. Sweet ‘07*

Paulette M.E. Stevens ‘06

Donald A. Thigpen, Jr., Esq. ‘09 SLM* 301-587-3560

Michael A. Thomas ‘08*


CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield 410-998-7107

Janice Stanton ‘98 206-780-1447

Ellen M. Sirkis ‘11 SLM 301-330-1318

Michael W. Stern, PhD ‘94

Nicholas P. Sussillo ‘93

Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Learning 301-881-1366

Chief Executive Officer

Herbert S. Snyder ‘10 SLM 301-365-1933

Jewish Community Centers Association 212-786-5097

LINK Communications Group, LLC 202-449-5658

Todd S. Switzer ‘08

Simpson Law, PA 301-421-0190

The Tonley Foundation, Inc 301-495-2777


Kathryn E. Stevens, JD ‘11*

Sheila S. Sprague ‘99 301-762-3190

Senior Vice President, Program Services

Saschane M. Stephenson ‘09

John C. Sprague ‘03 SLM

Suzanne Simpson ‘11*


Arts Council of Fairfax County 703-642-0862 x2

The Washington Post 301-738-1564

Snyder Cohn 240-514-5488



President & CEO

Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC 301-951-0150 x115

Edward L. Snyder ‘00* Chairman

Linda S. Sullivan ‘98

Friends of Welcoming Consultant


Sprague and Associates 301-279-2877

Margaret E. Simons ‘94 301-977-9586

Rachel Steinhardt ‘09


Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism 301-529-4955 commission

Director, Public Information & Web Services

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-279-3853

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013


Thelma B. Toler ‘06 SLM Imperial Deputy for the Desert of Maryland

Daughters of Isis 301-871-0789

Kathleen Tomasello ‘97

Vice President, Sales & Service Excellence Leader

PNC Bank 301-695-3067

Deborah L. Tomlinson ‘09* Vice President

Tomlinson Builders, Inc. 301-253-6595

Pilar Torres ‘01 301-625-3373 Caroline Touchton ‘06 SLM 301-530-4152 Lester N. Trachtman ‘03 SLM Deceased Leslie E. Traub ‘99 Managing Partner

Cook Ross, Inc. 301-565-4035

Terrance N. Treschuk ‘93 Chief of Police

City of Rockville 240-314-8912 residents/police

Mark L. Troen ‘96*

Chief Operating Officer

Sheldon Good & Company 212-213-9770

William E. Trumbull ‘00* President

TCA, LLC 410-917-4510

Linda L. Tse ‘94 301-977-7515 Thomas Tucker ‘06

Senior Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs, DC

Comcast 301-434-6874

Sovan Tun, PhD ‘05 President

Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc. 202-663-4796

Barbara S. Turner ‘03 Lee Hecht Harrison 301-421-1740 Richard D. Turner ‘06

Regional Sales Manager

Tightrope Media Systems 240-994-7452

Gregory L. Twombley, NCA, AFM ‘10* COO

The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew 301-384-4394 x223

Craig D. Uchida, PhD ‘06* Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. 301-438-3132 Mark E. Uncapher ‘08* Diego Uriburu ‘04 Executive Director

Identity, Inc. 301-963-5900 X11

Emily J. Vaias, Esq. ‘99* Partner

Linowes and Blocher, LLP 301-961-5147

Beverly P. Valdez ‘12* Creative Director

Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. 301-628-3126

Daniel A. Valenti ‘02 877-473-5165 Lesley M. van der Lee ‘90 Deceased Marguerite R. Van Ness ‘03*

Vice President and Director of Center for Health Communications

Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. 301-628-3110

J. Paul Van Nevel ‘02 SLM President

Van Nevel Communications, Inc. 301-299-7881

Linda K. Vann ‘10 SLM* School Community Health Nurse

Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services 301-340-0234

Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

Terry Vann ‘10 SLM*

Rebecca R. Wagner ‘01*

Montgomery County Human Rights Commission 301-340-0234

Advocates for Children and Youth 410-547-9200


Peter K. Vaslow ‘12 SLM*


Crossroads Consultation Services, Inc. 301-951-0003

Judith Vaughan-Prather ‘02 Executive Director

Montgomery County Commission for Women 240-777-8333 www.montgomery

Martha M. Vayhinger ‘03 SLM

Licensed Certified Social Worker


Lorna Virgili ‘12*

President & Chief Executive Officer

National Hispanic Communications Group 240-777-6535

Steven J. Virostek ‘93 Principal

Triumph Development, LLC 301-657-1112

Patricia M. Vitale, Esq. ‘03*

Chief of Staff to Councilmember George Leventhal

Montgomery County Council 240-777-7972 www.montgomery

Kim Viti Fiorentino ‘03* Attorney at Law

Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, PA 301-230-6567

Mary Ann Viverette ‘95 843-390-2372 Lesley M. Vossen ‘11 SLM 301-273-3929 Charlotte S. Wade ‘07 SLM President

Vita Domas Consultants, LLC 301-351-1625

Clark M. Wagner ‘06

Vice President/Land Acquisition & Entitlements

Bozzuto Homes, Inc. 301-623-1501

Executive Director

Deirdre I. Walker ‘07 Naval Postgraduate School 301-367-5547 Jonathan B. Walker, Sr, PE ‘05*

President & Chief Executive Officer

Applied Wireless Local Area Network, Inc. 301-424-6857 Larry E. Walker ‘06* Principal

The Walker Group 301-654-0005 x1 www.walkergroup

Chief Engagement & Partnership Officer

Charles L. Washington, Jr. ‘08

Senior Public Affairs Manager

pepco 202-872-2132

Hattie N. Washington, EdD ‘04* President & Founder

Aunt Hattie’s Place, Inc. 410-367-2472

Francine E. Waters ‘05* Senior Director of Transportation

Lerner Enterprises 301-692-2563

Sara E. Watkins ‘04*

Arthur M. Wallenstein ‘01* Director

Montgomery County Department of Correction & Rehabilitation 240-777-9978 www.montgomery

Edward I. Wan, PhD ‘91* Chair, External Relations, Board of Visitors

University of Maryland, Confucius Institute at Maryland 301-983-2279

J. Richard Ward ‘99* Vice President

Rockville Fuel & Feed Co., Inc. 301-762-3988 x322

Muriel D. Ward, PMP ‘04 Program Manager

Serco North America 301-871-4647

Carroll M. Warfield ‘94 Managing Director

Thayer Lodging Group 443-758-9005

Vice President, Retail Regional Manager, Eastern Montgomery County

M&T Bank 240-632-7812

Timothy B. Warner ‘07* Montgomery County Public Schools 301-279-3074

Charles R. Walker ‘02 SLM Nation’s Capitol Bass Federation 301-977-5282

Michelle E. Warmus Leetmaa ‘11


Donald Weinstein ‘11 SLM* 301-330-0382 Joan M. Weiss ‘12* Attorney

Joan M. Weiss, Attorneyat-Law 301-315-0840

Meredith K. Wellington ‘04 301-986-9458 Lloyd P. Welter ‘92 Deceased Sarah E. Wendt ‘95 Susan P. Werber ‘96*

Sr. Dir., Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action & Immigration Services

Marriott International, Inc. 301-380-5596

Senior Vice President

Bradley L. Westpfahl ‘97* 301-467-3558

Shirley Watkins Bowden ‘11 SLM

President & Chief Executive Officer

Capacity Partners, Inc. 240-462-5151


SR Watkins & Associates, LLC 301-476-7533

H. Winton Watkis, SPHR ‘91* Diversity and Human Resource Management


Kim M. Watson ‘05

Vice President, Corporate Philanthropy

pepco 202-872-3389

Mary C. Watters ‘06 SLM Deceased Jerry D. Weast, EdD ‘01* Founder & CEO

Jean P. Whiddon ‘09*

Fixation Marketing 240-207-2081

Germaine White ‘93* GW Insurance Associates 972-922-8312 Jean M. White ‘01

Principal - Education Southeast U.S.

IBM Corporation 301-803-6164

Paula S. Widerlite ‘05*

Vice President of System Strategy & Chief Development Officer

Adventist HealthCare, Inc. 301-315-3033

Partnership for Deliberate Excellence 301-315-6260

Richard A. Wieczorek, Jr. ‘10*

Leslie Ford Weber ‘07*

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union 301-944-1724

Senior Vice President, Government & Community Relations

Suburban Hospital 301-896-3916

Elizabeth H. Weiner ‘93 Deceased


Timothy R. Wiens ‘02* Executive Director

Jubilee Association of Maryland, Inc. 301-949-8626 x105


Katherine R. Wiernicki ‘01

William D. Wilson, Jr. ‘97

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP 703-827-9808 301-983-2690


Laura A. Wilkinson ‘96


Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP 202-682-7260


W. Gregory Wims ‘96* Founder

Victims’ Rights Foundation 301-212-4141

Daniel S. Willard ‘06

Letitia A. Winfield ‘07 SLM 301-622-4428

Daniel S. Willard, PC 301-424-1177

Katherine Winfree ‘02


Linda Z. Willard, CPA, JD ‘07 SLM 301-530-0408 Daniel Willard, III, PhD ‘07 SLM 301-530-0408 Alfred W. Williams ‘05

Executive Director, Corporate Responsibility Association & Vice President, Membership Development

SHAREDXPERTISE 215-768-9523 Dennis K. Williams ‘04 Deceased Edith C. Williams ‘02 SLM* 301-933-3681 Elvira F. Williams ‘06 SLM

Chief Deputy Attorney General

Irving C. Williams, MD ‘06 SLM Medical Director

AHEAD Inc. 301-530-3697

Mildred H. Williams ‘98 301-592-9328 J. Steven Willmann, CCM ‘03 Vice President

Mark G. Anderson Consultants 202-942-4470

LaVerne A. Wilson ‘00*


Charis Worship Center Ministries 301-388-0835

Executive Director & Founder

Red Wiggler Community Farm 301-916-2216

Donald L. Woodsmall ‘91 Institute for Classical Achievement 434-973-0332 Mitchell J. Wool ‘09* President


Long & Foster Real Estate 301-907-7600

Sarita T. Winter ‘02


Winter Consulting, LLC 301-641-8602

Adriane E. Wodey ‘01 Bechtel Enterprises Holdings 301-228-8110 Marcia R. Wolf, PhD ‘95

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Mier Wolf ‘00 301-654-2254 Ronald M. Wolfsheimer ‘93*

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Calvert Investments 301-951-4833

John B. Wood ‘08*

Senior Vice President

The Columbia Bank 301-309-8362

Barbara S. Woodall ‘09 SLM

Beth M. Zeidman ‘09 SLM* 301-502-4676

Adjunct Professor

Montgomery College 301-983-6692

Robert D. Youngentob ‘00* President

Gilberto A. Zelaya, II, PhD, CERA ‘10

Community Liaison

Montgomery County Board of Elections 240-777-8532

James A. Young ‘12*

Helen Youth ‘08 SLM

Mary Ann Zimmerman ‘02*

Montgomery College Retiree Association

PRO-telligent, LLC 703-752-8942

Vice President, Corporate Facilities, Services, & Real Estate

Genetic Consultants of Maryland 301-770-5300

Rodgers Consulting, Inc. 301-948-4700

Linda A. Youngentob ‘95*

EYA, LLC 301-634-8600

Independent Education 202-625-9223



Frank W. Young ‘91 Deceased

Mary C. Worch ‘05*

Douglas M. Wrenn ‘05*

Barbara Casper Winston ‘93

NOVA Research Company 3019861-891-x142

John L. Young, MD ‘92

David L. Winstead, Esq. ‘01 Ballard Spahr 202-661-7632

Chief Financial Officer & Government Project Manager

Marriott International, Inc. 301-380-6071

Interim Executive Director

Of Counsel

Dana M. Young ‘07*

The Bean Bag 301-251-4794

Office of Attorney General of Maryland 301-576-6311

Executive Director

AHEAD Inc. 301-530-3697

Woody Woodroof ‘99*



Joy E. Young ‘04 Chair

Crime Solvers of Montgomery County 301-424-4830

Professor Emerita

John R. Zakian ‘06* 508-988-8003 Verl B. Zanders ‘07 Deceased

Senior Training Advisor

Andrew A. Zvara ‘98 AAZ Consulting 301-622-3877

Kristie M. Zedler ‘08*

Consultant to Nonprofit Organizations


Teresa R. Wright ‘00*

Parent Resource Teacher ESOL

Montgomery County Public Schools 301-230-0670 www.montgomeryschools

Benjamin H. Wu ‘07* Consultant


Christopher Xenos ‘93 Deborah A. Yancer ‘03 Creative Health Care Management 952-845-9015 Alice Yang Yeh ‘96*

Human Resources Manager

Acentia 703-712-4124

Lowell W. Yoder ‘00 Administrative Vice President

M&T Bank 240-632-7859

Vickie L. York ‘92 Realtor

Vickie York at the Beach 302-539-2145


Montgomery County Vital Living Committee 301-907-6903



Special Advertising Publication | June 2013



Special Advertising Publication | June 2013






Special Advertising Publication | June 2013

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