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Veteran services expanded at FSU By Cristina Valente STAFF WRITER

Services Department of the university as the coordinator of veteran services to assist a group of students who sometimes slip under the radar. the FSU community and looks forward to “easing the college process for our veterto “streamline and outline policies and provices. Alexis Huston/The Gatepost

FSU junior Ray Van Liew stepped on stage Wednesday with drag show performer Destiny during Fashion Week. The main goal is to “promote a smooth transition from the military to the academic

Ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrates renovations of Maynard Building


FSU students and faculty joined -

the university’s newest Community Education Center, located in the historic Jonathan Maynard Building. than Maynard, whom FSU President Timothy Flanagan said was a “remark-

The town of Framingham also named Maynard Road and the Jonathan May-

nard Historic District in his honor. The Maynard Building has hisschool. State Rep. Chris Walsh said The Maynard Building, located away from campus across the Route ing now houses the expanded English Language Programs (ELP) offered cation.

1915, was leased to FSU in May for $200,000, which covered renovations (see “Community Education Center offers new English language proGatepost). The ceremony was, according to Flanagan, an opportunity to thank the mittee for their hard work in opening FSU’s newest off-campus location. Visitors were also given the oppornard Building, which holds multiple - Continued on page 3

Author Isabel Wilkerson discusses “The Great Migration” By Talia Adry EDITORIAL STAFF

Wilkerson, who came to discuss her

not a part of today’s social context for African-Americans, the shadow of slavery has followed them long after emancipation, and well into the 20th century.

evolved in the South even after the croppers still needed workers to pick

place around the start of World War I millions of African-Americans up from the Southern part of the United States to the North, in what was conpeople in American history.

- Continued on page 10

Students watch Obama win in Forum By Alexis Huston EDITORIAL STAFF

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, SGA and SILD in the Forum as the results from the 2012 presidential election came pouring in. Although the event ended at 11 p.m., students 20 minutes later, when CNN an-

of Students Melinda Stoops and talked politics.


African-Americans stayed on their plantations long after emancipation, as they had no other options - things went

With the onset of WWI and the loss of the immigrant workforce, the North -

- Continued on page 4

elected for a second term as president of the United States. As they anxiously waited for the an-

DPAC. “This was a seeking of a politi-

Although slavery is often considered a thing of the past - a dark, seedy

For right now, Fields is focusing on -

cure the required 270 votes to win. Manning said that the popular vote the Electoral College vote would favor Talia Adry/The Gatepost

Isabel Wilkerson talks about her book, “The Warmth of Other Suns.”

- Continued on page 5



Police Logs Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 20:15 Narcotics investigation - Horace Mann Hall Report of people smelling marijuana. Unfounded

Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 23:17 Medical (alcohol related) - D. Justin McCarthy Center. Highly intoxicated female. 23:43 Group (crowd) - McCarthy Center Parking Lot. Groups hanging out in lot. Dispersed / advised.

Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 scene. Transport to MWMC.

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 21:15 MV (mishap) Towers Hill Rd. Car vs. Wall.

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Kevin Fields

FSU’s Veterans’ Services Coordinator By Kathleen McDonough NEWS EDITOR

Can you please provide a brief summary of your resume and professional background?

drug through the streets. What I wanted to do was serve my country, so I did that,

do so much, and whatever they do is usually pretty poor. But if I can make it easier for them, I’m happy to do that.

training in Fort Benning, Georgia. Then I went to Fort Hood, Texas - was my duty station. I stayed there most of my military career, which was from - my whole time in the military -Sep-

What do you think is the biggest issue facing veteran students at Framingham State?

the hopes of going later to ranger school. This kind of changed my plans, and

es veteran students is, not so much the adjustment issues all the time, is the ans’ administration. It’s -

not getting paid on time. This is very stressful when you’re relying on the promised money that you earned for your service, the medical reason - an inand it doesn’t come in on jured leg - kind of helped time. What if you have a make the decision for me. family that’s also awaiting Alexis Huston/The Gatepost After that, I got out, went this money? What if you to school in Florida - did have challenges from multiple deployundergrad at Northwest Florida State Colments distresses in the family and you’re lege. I got my associate’s degree there. still waiting for this money? To me, it’s a Then I moved to Jacksonville and went to the University of North Florida, where I out of the military when -

with a minor in history. I was very interested in service to community, so I did

Do you think there is any way of getting that changed? I think there are ways of getting it changed,

degree, I moved up here to Massachusetts a dual master’s degree at Suffolk University in political science with a focus on

elements, and political elements, which have control - or pseudo control over the VA - will not allow that. It certainly needs

administration. I just graduated May of this year. I have further interests in school

addressed correctly any time soon unfortunately.

position, to kind of serve veterans who, while I was going to school and fortunate enough to do that, they were often times

Dr. Desmond McCarthy

Why did you decide to go into the vet-

Advisor Assistant Advisor

here and help them go to school and have people in my position that weren’t doing cult - late pay issues. Sometimes you’re

of freedom, democracy and other reasons as well.

Meredith O’Brien-Weiss

veterans’ issues. I’ve had multiple contacts with different sectors of the VA. So,

I am from Cape Cod originally. I went to high school in Florida, and shortly after high school, I decided to join the military. Actually, one of the events that caused me to join was seeing the situation in Somalia

Margaret Walsh Elizabeth Chauppetta

Because I have a lot of experience dealing with veterans’ issues. I myself use the GI

- which is another educational program -

100 State Street, McCarthy Center Room 410 Framingham, MA 01701-9101 Phone: (508) 626-4605 Fax: (508) 626-4097

done work study for the VA, and this was done at a Vets’ center, which helps veterans dealing with adjustment challenges - PTSD and other family-related issues - just challenges, from multiple deploy-

Photo Editor

Danielle Vecchione

Gatepost Interview

’02. During my military career I was injured in a parachute jump, training


Kerrin Murray

November 9, 2012

was very helpful to them, and it’s kind of


What advice would you give to veteran students at Framingham State? you have questions, you have challenges, talk to me, and I’ll see what I can do to tion that’s starting here at Framingham there’s leadership, there’s more structure, and this camaraderie of this element is here, and it’s information sharing. There are so many programs and events and lenged to keep up with these. So, the veterans here on campus can communicate amongst themselves, and often times pursue their degrees. If they can focus on those degrees with as little interruption or interference or distraction, then that is my goal.


November 9, 2012


Maynard Building returns to roots of educating community - Continued from page 1

Framingham, where they endured many struggles, he said. He said that the Maynard Building holds a direct tie to his family’s history. When the Maynard Building was the Jonathan Maynard elementary school, Sannicandro’s father acted as principal. He said that housing FSU courses in the Maynard

ness administrations major Thierry

English language skills and achieve his ers, peers and all of the faculty. “Don’t forget- learning English can ing students enrolled in ELP courses. come a teacher a long time ago, I was of Community Education and English “Little did I know the world was com-

guage program. Aka moved to the U.S. from Ivory Coast, West Africa in 2010, and enrolled as an international student at

international students enrolled in the university’s ELP program. -

The Gatepost Archives

The Maynard Building, located at 17 Vernon Street, now houses FSU’s Community Education Center. are enrolled in FSU’s English language

learning environment.

Prior to the opening of the Maynard language program classes would take pus.

ing. “I think that having English language courses and the Danforth right major Julian Rand. Associate Vice President of Acadent of Framingham for 12 years, said munity.

Hung said “I like it. It’s new and it’s spacious and the teachers are very

Alex Shuman/The Gatepost

FSU President Timothy Flanagan joins local politicians in a ribboncutting ceremony for the new Maynard Building.

According to an online Boston forth Museum of Art currently located on Union Ave. in Framingham, is seek-

we can hope to do. … is offer community education programs that will help change people’s lives. “Not only can students learn from

SGA approves new Acapella Club constitution The group was not present at the working with the Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton. was not mandatory. In other news: wild animals and we want to raise money to send to local animal shelters Pat Dempsey and Erin Reilly were the other two nominees. accept the constitution of the Humane

Elizabeth Chauppetta/The Gatepost

Senators accepted the Humane Society Club’s constitution. By Craig Pease STAFF WRITER

approved the motion unanimously. The senate also unanimously passed the constitution, as amended and re-

[Editor’s Note: Cristina Valente is a Gatepost staff writer.]

Advocacy Group.

who wants to join, including faculty, staff and the rest of the FSU commuSGA Secretary Carly Granville moved to accept the constitution of

FSU Chorus. from the chorus group to give more diversity to the music department here at She added, “We sing more contemporary stuff and decide as a group what we would like to sing.

The senate passed the motion unanimously and without the presence of SGA President Hannah Bruce, who -

Tuesday were Cristina Valente and SaElizabeth Chauppetta/The Gatepost

Senators amended the Transfer Advocacy Group’s constitution.



November 9, 2012

Veteran services expanding at FSU - Continued from page 1

relationships is to “keep all lines of communication open at all times. “I never let phone calls or e-mails

accept the College-Level Examination lege credit.

comes in asking for help, I drop whatever SOC provides educational opportunities -

completing college degrees due to relocation and deployment. SOC is funded

“My roommate’s boyfriend is currently a student and serving in the Army National Guard. He will be deployed in March and I see the impact that it has had on both of them.” - Meisha DeFransisco, junior psychology major

Although Fields has had many of the same experiences that current student veterans are going through, he is grateful for the assistance that the FSU Counseling Center has offered. The counselors provide “in-depth assistance and underFields. He is working to coordinate with out-

tween FSU and Veteran Affairs and helps ensure that students are getting their correaucracy that always has an excuse for

photo courtesy of Tony Nardone

Army Reserve Veteran and sophomore Tony Nardone decided to attend FSU because it is a veteran-friendly school.

tion of State Colleges and Universities. Sophomore history major and U.S. Army Reserve Veteran Tony Nardone

This year, Kevin has helped me out with everything. He is a great asset to the stu-

told it is veteran friendly. However, he

In addition to mentoring, advising and

not give him course credit for the medic training he received in the Army. -

Veterans Association on campus. “It’s nice to have that core and com-

Association. “He is a natural leader and In addition to on-campus goals, Fields also hopes to work with the Wounded can Veterans in the future. Fields is excited to move forward with his plans to make academic life easier for veterans. “Going forward, the future of [FSU] Veterans’ Services is looking very

said Conley. Nardone said. Currently, there are 151 student veterans enrolled at FSU, according to Fields, The Veteran Coordinator position is dent and U.S. Army veteran. Fields has helped veterans with the transition to academic life and success.

to get together with other veterans and

Junior psychology major Meisha Defered through Veterans’ Services are im-

“It’s great that we have a program to help veterans transition while pursuing higher education. It’s a nice way to thank those who have served our country.” - Francis Rick, junior psychology major

However, FSU’s Admissions, Student Making the transition to college For the second year in a row, FSU was named in the Guide to Military Friendly Schools. FSU was placed in the top 15 percent for highest-rated military friendly colleges and universities in the United States for 2013.

Fields. “These students are usually older and have very different life experiences

talk. We trust each other and have a comployment]. year, regarding the Veterans’ Association, are to provide peer support, mentoring and outreach to the community on

rently a student and serving in the Army March, and I see the impact that it has

Conley, who is currently serving in the Army National Guard, is grateful that Fields is now working at FSU. “Last

The Gatepost Archives

Students sent cards to troops overseas in September.

made the transition from active duty to student. He wants other student veterans to have a place to go to help them cope with the transition.

Francis Rick, a junior psychology major, said, “It’s great that we have a program to help veterans transition while pursuing higher education. “It’s a nice way to thank those who

The Gatepost Archives

FSU hosted a veterans’ round table event last month.


November 9, 2012


Alternative Spring Break $500 closer to trip to Biloxi, Mississippi By Kathleen McDonough NEWS EDITOR

willing to donate a meal to help a great raised $500 from its Donate-a-Meal fundraiser this week for its trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 5 and 6, students with a traditional meal plan could donate a meal swipe and Dining Services would give ASB $1.50 per swipe, with a $250 minimum and $500 maximum total donation to the group. ASB Finance Trip Leader Carolyn Holland, a junior food and nutrition major, said the event was successful, as -

Recruitment and Retention Trip Leader Tori Dost, a sophomore sociolly looking for new ways to raise money are some major costs involved. … Ev-

three trip leaders and three chaperones to Biloxi March 16-24. ASB Operations Trip Leader Molly Goguen, a senior sociology major,

to raise the maximum $500 donation. “Holding fundraisers like Donate-


Danielle Vecchione/The Gatepost

Students donated meal swipes to raise money for this year’s ASB trip. to help Mississippi’s shoreline that was devastated economically and environand Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The trip costs $22,000, which includes a housing fee, airline tickets, rental vans and gas, according to Goguen. Dost said her favorite part of ASB is the “unexpected moments along the

Danielle Vecchione/The Gatepost

ASB partnerd with Dining Services to raise money for their trip to Biloxi, Mississippi.

their trip to Joplin, Missouri last year unteer work in the community. “Those little random acts of kindness have the power to restore your

faith in humanity, and that is why ASB

people ready to serve others in any way Kevin Long, a junior communication arts major, said that anyone can

“We can’t go to Biloxi, Mississippi

Students gather to watch presidential election - Continued from page 1

said. and 3 percent. “Nothing can get done in four years - that’s not how our government’s de-

England, he wanted the Democratic Parif Mitt Romney wins. “I’ve got faith … I think he is going to take Ohio. I think

he was going to do never happened. They can’t in four years, so in order for everything to change, he needs the sec-

[Editor’s note: The Gatepost was not able to locate any supporters of GOP nominee Romney at the event.]

nation. dents. He’s already extended the Pell grants. I think he deserves a second term.

deserves another four years just for that. “He’s ended the Iraq War, our econo-

Romney. “I feel that Mitt Romney has

from where we are. That falls on Congress too. We can’t have that same grid-

Dominic Smith, a junior and an exchange student from England, said he takes a European view of American politics. “England is way more left wing than America in a general sense. …[Because] conservatives are of pro-gay marriage

Danielle Vecchione/The Gatepost

SGA hosted a viewing of the election results on Tuesday, Nov. 6.



November 9, 2012

FSU in-state tuition and fees up $5,310 since 2002 campus and they have a really cramped -


propriations from the commonwealth of

“The same goes for CASA [Center for Academic Support and Advising]. They have so many people going in and out of there, and I do not think they have the necessary resources to accommodate all

get of $21,266,256 from the state, a difAccording to Executive Vice President Dale Hamel, FSU increased day student tuition and fees 7.1 percent, an additional $500. This marks the eleventh consecutive year that tuition and fees have risen. In 2002, tuition and fees cost $2770, com-

Graduate student Paul Halloran, a food and nutrition major, approves of the steps the school is taking to improve student life on campus, and he does not mind the increase in tuition and fees. “Coming from a private university for my undergraduate work, the tuition rates, though having risen, are half of my un-

now. “The added funds are going to a lot of different cost increases including ad-

ness and information technology major,

Hamel. The extra money will also support the 4 percent increase in student enrollment as well as the 5.2 percent increase in faculty, according to Hamel.

visions and renovations that are not necSamantha Urato, a junior math major,

$4,203 from the state for every full-time student enrolled. That is 4.6 percent

Stacey DiModica, a senior communication arts major, said, “I am very fortunate to have my parents pay for my tuition and fees. But I know a lot of students who have to pay themselves and at

other comprehensive state universities

state per student. For resident day students, room and

Deanna Collins/The Gatepost

The school also manages approxicording to Hamel.

campus for the year, tuition and fees in-

she would like to see more funding set aside for different aspects of student life. “SILD [Student Involvement and Leadership Development] is the primary

comes to us for allocation, and some of it In comparison to the other sister universities, FSU now ranks as the second least expensive in comprehensive cost est at $17,635. Salem State is the most

FSU is also spending around $13,440,000 on capital projects for this $9,420,000. Student Trustee Molly Goguen said she is happy to see the school spending academic success of students. However,

Raking a difference

Green Team hosts eco-friendly fall cleanup By Kaila Braley STAFF WRITER

In an attempt to cut down on the

outside Crocker Hall last Friday to rake leaves around campus.

melts, and the remaining leaves fall, the Green Team is considering holding the event again. Duprey said that if there is enough enthusiasm from would wait until all the leaves are off -

years, according to Green Team President and sophomore communication arts major Alyssa Duprey. -

green initiatives has died down in the past few years, and this fall, only three people participated.

how to make the school more ecofriendly to voice their concerns to the department. James McKeon, a sophomore Eng-

would in the middle of a Friday. It was Duprey. “It wasn’t as successful as we were -

Duprey said the initiative was a ered students to make a difference around campus. she said.

is not discouraged. After the snow

Student Trustee Goguen said, “I want to see our tuition and fees stay the same,




This week in photos

Alexis Huston/ The Gatepost

Students test their water pong skills at event in Peirce Hall. Alexis Huston/ The Gatepost

Allie Card/ The Gatepost

Alexis Huston/ The Gatepost

Allie Card/ The Gatepost

Fashion Club hosts Drag Show in DPAC. Allie Card/ The Gatepost

Award-winning slam poet Daniel Custodio performs in the Forum.

Alexis Huston/ The Gatepost

Nor’easter brings

November 8th, 2012  

Framingham, newspaper

November 8th, 2012  

Framingham, newspaper