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By Colleen Radford Anyone who is a Queensryche fan, knows the voice of “Sister Mary” on the renowned Operation Mindcrime albums, is the one and only Pamela Moore. Besides Queensryche, Pamela has had a very fascinating and varied career. From her solo albums, to theater, voice-overs for television commercials as well as radio and guest appearances on Eden’s Curse song, Angels and Demons and Solna’s releases, Sent from Heaven and very recent release of Eurameric.

Colleen: Hi Pamela, it is truly an honor for me to be given this opportunity to interview you. I have always admired your voice and stage presence. When my friend Willy Forrest asked if I would like to interview you, I was elated! For those who are not familiar with your solo career, and tell us about your releases which date back to the 80s and most recently your new album? Pamela: Ahh... well, first, thank you for your kind words! They mean a great deal to me...My very early recordings were released on a Seattle label called First American Records. I released 2 records for them however, upon completion of my second record the label had to shut down. (Those first vinyls were entitled "Take a Look" and "You Wont Find Me There" and are no longer in print. VERY different sounding than the records I am known for now... but still, I am proud of them because they were my first! Musically, they have a very pop sound to them.) 4

4 4

After that, I did a few other records namely Queensryche's Operation Mind Crime record singing the part of Sister Mary on the legendary song "Suite Sister Mary". I also worked with a band out of New York called Radar. We released a CD called RPM, early 2000 in Europe. Finally, in 2006, I proudly released my solo CD called "Stories From A Blue Room" and had the good fortune of enlisting some great talent who collaborated with me. The record is very different in sound (which I set out to do) but is also so sonically perfect in many ways. When you have a great producer/engineer like Neil Kernon at the helm, you know you can expect the best! Colleen: I am going to jump around a bit and ask a variety of questions, so bear with me‌I have read that you give vocal lessons. How do you fit everything in with your busy schedule? Pamela: Yes! I have been working my lessons in-between my touring and recording commitments and it's been working perfectly! I am so pleased at how satisfying it is for me and especially when you know the student is truly learning! (That's a HUGE reward!) I plan to include online lessons in the next month or so.... Colleen: You recently toured with Primal Fear, how was that? Pamela: Amazing!! I hope I have the chance to do it again! Mr. Ralf Scheepers is an amazing singer and showman but so are his band mates! They have great energy and play their hearts out on every song leaving the fans in a total frenzy!!! I LOVE watching them but on this tour I enjoyed even more sharing the stage with them. I sang a duet with Ralf on a song called "Fighting the Darkness" which was a BIG hit from their 2007 New Religion CD. Mat Sinner has told me there is a good possibility they will be back in America sometime spring of 2010! So, at this time I must warn your readers that they DO NOT want to miss seeing their show, it is that good!!!! Colleen: I am going to take a step back in time and ask a question, I have always been curious about. I read that your affiliation with Queensryche began from them hearing you sing on a radio commercial. How did they track you down? Pamela: I am not sure how they actually found me, but they did! I sang for a music store radio ad that had MAJOR airplay on Radio and TV. I think Chris or Geoff might have called the music store to ask about me... But I am not sure. At any rate, they DID find me and the rest was history! Colleen: I understand that you have worked with many musicians. Can you tell me about the work you have done with Brian Johnson of AC/DC and Paul Rodgers of Bad Company? Pamela: It was such a great time working with Brian Johnson. He is a unique and gifted man with such a disarming, delightful charm to his personality! I sure do miss him. Mr. Johnson hired me to sing on some demos he was writing for a Broadway play. As for Paul Rodgers, he needed some backing vocalists for a couple of shows and I was in the right place at the right time! What an amazing voice he has...truly.... he sounds so good to this day and he looks even better!!! Continued on Page 6

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Colleen: You come from quite a musical family, your sister Aury and your cousin Terri Nunn of Berlin. Are there any other family members that are in the music business? Pamela: Most of my immediate family dabbles in music. I think we got it from my late father. He used to play harmonica and get us all to do sing-a-longs all the time. (Laughs) But...In answer to your question...we DO have another cousin who is an actor on Broadway and doing rather well. His name is Greg Stone and Terri's brother Elliot Anders is a wonderful musician who has done a number of music sound tracks for films, as well as some acting! Colleen: I am sure that you have been asked this many times but do you feel that it is easier or harder for a female fronted artist/band to break into the national scene? Pamela: Perhaps it’s harder for females when it comes to business. There is a stigma with woman who are "in charge". It seems we are expected to play the game of "sex kitten" instead of showing off our brains? Having said that, I have been blessed with NOT being forced into this category, but then, it might be because I have been in the biz for a long time. Still there is a dance that woman play but in the end....who knows. In a perfect world the depth of a person should always win over in place of just the physical attributes one would wish at least. ;-)

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Colleen: You have been in the business since 1981 and I am sure that you have experienced the good and bad. Do you have any advice for the up and coming bands? Pamela: Well, I would say to ALL who are interested in developing their music and talent need to be true to yourself. Seek wisdom and hold close to those people you trust. Always remember that it’s not the prize but the journey that matters. Live each day one at a time‌ and make sure you are in this business because it's your passion and not because you think you will make millions...usually the later infrequently happens! You need to be in this business because you LOVE it and not because you think you will be a star..... Colleen: Lastly, where can people go to hear your music and buy your albums? Pamela: I am in the process of writing music for my new solo CD which should be released spring of 2010. So, please visit my websites for more information about that and live shows as well! Pamela Moore websites:

And check out iTunes or any other digital download sites!

Pamela, I just want to say thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

Thank you Colleen.... till we meet again! Many blessings to you!





By Jennifer Lee Hydrovibe began in Louisiana when vocalist Heather St. Marie began collaborating with guitarist Mat Dauzat to create a sound combining dynamic, guitar-driven rock with powerful and commanding vocals. Quickly experiencing great regional success in the South and Midwest, the band decided to branch out and relocate to the West Coast. With the other half of the band unable to dedicate to such a life-changing move, St. Marie and Dauzat took on the daunting challenge of relocating and reforming Hydrovibe in the City of Angels. The very week of their arrival in L.A., Mat auditioned and was hand-picked by Sharon and Kelly Osbourne to play lead guitar in Kelly's band, immediately launching a worldwide tour supporting her debut album "SHUT UP" on Sony Records. Touring the world and making a multitude of high-profile TV performances including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Regis and Kelly, The American Music Awards, MTV's Total Request Live, Mad TV, Top of the Pops, and MTV's hit reality show The Osbournes, Dauzat formed strong entertainment industry allies and expanded the Hydrovibe fan base worldwide. I was lucky enough to catch Heather during her busy schedule and ask about the new album, Nothing to Lose and a host of questions that I was curious about and dying to know‌ Thanks Heather for taking the time for the interview. I am sure that you all are pretty busy with the release of your new album, Nothing to Lose. I just want to say that I absolutely love it! 10 10

Jennifer: Tell us about the new album, Nothing to Lose, what was the inspiration behind the songs? Heather: For the most part, the songs are inspired by what was going on in our lives at that particular time. This album as a whole spans the entire process of moving across the country… the struggle to reform the band… and the reactions we had to life in Los Angeles. So, you'll hear frustration and sadness in songs like "No Fury" and "Shallow Grave." "The Devil Comes Disguised As Friend" and "Evil Side" deal with betrayal and dishonesty. While a song like "Liberation" has a bittersweet, yet almost hopeful quality to it. I think when you listen to "Nothing Left To Lose" in its entirety, you'll experience the emotional rollercoaster that has been our life for the past few years.

Jennifer: Are there any songs off of the new album, “Nothing to Lose”, that you are especially proud of? Heather: Songs to me are living extensions of myself. So, it is hard to choose my favorites. But if I had to pick, I'd say that I am most proud of "Contagious" and "Nothing Left To Lose." They are probably the most personal for me lyrically and represent some really painful times in my life…times when I only had hope to cling on to. But out of those dark times came two powerful songs. Jennifer: Any plans for a tour with the new album? Heather: Yes, definitely! Hydrovibe is a touring band, and we pride ourselves in a tight live show. In fact, our pre-production for this album was touring the US for 9 months straight. By the time we finally came home, these songs had definitely taken on lives of their own! And the songs were influenced not only by our stage show but by fan reactions as well…they had a big part in how these songs got laid down for the album. At the moment, our booking agent is working on Fall/Winter touring for us, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Once we have official dates, we'll post them on our website (as well as all the social network sites like ReverbNation, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) Jennifer: What was the turning point that made you all decide to move from Louisiana to California? Heather: The original drummer had some carpal tunnel issues that caused him to have to quit drumming professionally and the bass player at the time was in no financial position to continue to be in a band, but Mat and I weren't ready to give it all up. We felt that we had grown as much as we possibly could while still in Louisiana and it was time to move forward. I feel that the best place you can be is just behind better musicians - a small fish in a big pond, so to speak. Because then, you have something to strive for and you continue to push yourself. So we packed up and moved to Los Angeles… and began the long process of putting the band back together. Continued on page 12 11 11

Jennifer: Where did the name Hydrovibe come from? Heather: Mat actually coined the name while trying to describe a guitar effect that had a "watery-kind of vibe…a hydro vibe… ..HEY - THAT'S A GREAT BAND NAME!" Jennifer: Out of curiosity, what did you all do career-wise before Hydrovibe? Heather: Eliot and I were both students. I was in art school and he was at Musician's Institute in Hollywood when we hooked up with him. Mat is both a studio and touring musician when he's not actively touring with Hydrovibe. He was chosen to play lead guitar for Kelly Osbourne within a week of moving to L.A. and was touring the world with her while I began the search for players in town. Phil was playing in rock band U.P.O. when we found him. Jennifer: Did you find it easier or harder to break into the next level being a female fronted band? Heather: It's definitely a double-edged sword kind of thing…the global success of female fronted acts like Evanescence has helped to clear the way for me to lead a rock band. However, I find that I have to work harder to prove myself in the boy's club. Since we decided to remain independent for this first album, we haven't had to deal with some of the problems female-fronted acts have to overcome concerning the music industry. Often times, the business suits take over to mold a female into the preconceived notions of a female rocker (Is her outfit skimpy enough? Are her lyrics sexy enough? etc). It was especially important to me to stay true to who I am; I can't sell Hydrovibe onstage if it's not sincere. On a personal level, I also think that some female musicians get by on the fact that they're girls, relying on the "hotness" factor to push their careers. I make it a point to raise the bar at least as high as the guys we tour with… I don't want to be worried about my makeup or my hair while I'm performing. In fact, you'll see me get VERY sweaty on stage! haha. I guess I try to emulate Janis Joplin more than the diva-type singers. Jennifer: Can you tell us how the awesome single “Killer Inside” was chosen for the soundtrack on Saw III? How much has this helped Hydrovibe’s career? Heather: Shawnee Smith (Amanda in the SAW films) is a huge fan and friend of ours. She brought director Darren Bousman to one of our shows, and he loved what he heard and saw onstage. We submitted a few songs to him, but he eventually asked us to write one especially for Amanda's character since she was the focus of SAW III. He thought it was appropriate to have a female voice for Amanda on the soundtrack. So, based on the little plot information they gave us, we wrote "Killer Inside." While it literally is about Amanda's character becoming an assistant to Jigsaw, it has a dual meaning for us. The Killer Inside all of us is that part of our personality that doesn't give up when times are tough…this band knows a great deal about pushing forward even though it seems impossible! 12


Being included in the movie definitely helped launch Hydrovibe! In fact, our first show together was the SAW III movie debut at the Palms in Las Vegas with Static X…Talk about pressure! Right after that, we hit the road and toured for the better part of a year to capitalize on the press from the movie. Jennifer: You guys have played with some great bands, can you tell us about that? Heather: I mentioned our first show at the Palms in Las Vegas; that one was with Static X who also had a song on the SAW III soundtrack. We have toured with Amity Lane (formerly Trust Company) and with Bobaflex. We've also played with Saliva, Soil, Powerman 5000, Black Stone Cherry, Trust Company, Richie Kotzen, Bobaflex, Taproot, Egypt Central, Soulfly, Hed (Pe), Drowning Pool, and many more. Jennifer: Are there any bands that you haven't played with yet that you would like to? Heather: I'd love the chance to share a stage with Ozzy Osbourne. Coheed and Cambria and He Is Legend are also personal favorites of mine that I'd love to tour with. Jennifer: Is there anything you would like to say or give advice to up and coming bands out there that want to take things to the next step? Heather: Rule Number 1 for Hydrovibe is to always be professional and humble. Bands need to remember that it's an honor and a privilege to be a musician! And do this for the right reasons…if you're in it for the fame and the groupies, chances are you'll fail and will be a bitter person because so few make it to that level these days. But if you're in it for the music, you'll revel in the joy of being onstage every time. The next bit of advice is just to do it! Don't wait around for the record deal…save up enough money to record an EP or album you're proud of, then start touring regionally. Once you've secured that, you can expand to bigger regions. This way, you're in charge of your career…and you can wait for the RIGHT record deal to come along rather than jump at the first one that might come your way. Lastly, always remember the fans. I tell people all the time, if it weren't for the fans - there would be no show! They are an integral part of the music, the stage show, the album…the band! I'm always at the merch table right after a show, and the guys are there right after they deal with gear. We love meeting our fans, many of whom have become friends and family. Jennifer: Where can you go to buy Hydrovibe music and check out the band? Heather: We will always have the most up-to-date info at We are also on all the social network sites (ReverbNation, Facebook, MySpace, etc) as well. You can purchase our album and all official merch at our BigCartel store ( The album is also at and iTunes.




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Colleen Radford

My love for prog/metal has led me to find this awesome band on Myspace. I have to say that Pythia is taking Europe by storm! They have such versatility from the heavy double kick back beats to the melodic guitars and Emily’s voice…what a combination! This is definitely a band to watch out for. I can’t wait to hear more! Check out Pythia’s bio below…and watch for the upcoming interview in the November issue!! From the barren cracked earth is thrust the tip of a glistening sword, ready to pierce the hearts and souls of all those who dare to confront its power. Held firmly aloft by the slender, pale and blue veined wrist of Emily Alice, the sword hails the onset of a new era. Seductress extraordinaire, she will offer her kiss of haunting melody before tearing out your throat with her impassioned voice and insightful lyrics. As the storm clouds part, a shaft of white light splits the sky, and amidst swirls and swoops of enticing and obscenely tuneful crisp metallic splendor, the clattering of a thousand apocalyptic hooves can be heard. The henchmen have arrived. The extreme power and musicianship experienced here can only be described thus. It is time to worship at the throne of the Serpent Goddess. This is PYTHIA… PYTHIA are a group of classical and Metal inspired musicians who believe that music is a lifestyle that should be lived only by the brave and true of heart. Fronted by Emily Alice Ovenden, a published novelist and member of the number one selling band Mediaeval Baebes, PYTHIA were brought together by a love of gothic literature and Metal. Emily Alice grew up in a mock gothic castle in Cornwall as the daughter of infamous Ruralist artists Graham and Annie Ovenden and began singing and writing ghost stories at an early age. The themes that she grew up with have naturally influenced her songwriting but, 16


says Emily: “PYTHIA is a band dedicated to making music which not only incorporates gothic themes but also the themes of power metal which we feel help to give strength and positivity to the darker side of our stories,” Musical pedigrees within the band stem from UK rock and thrash metal projects such as Descent and Head On. Drummer Marc Dyos and guitarists Ross White and Tim Neale are joined by relative newcomer, bass player Andy Nixon-Corfield and their combined power metal riffs and palpitations are embellished with epic keyboards from Richard Holland. With just a handful of live shows under their belt, PYTHIA have already supported some impressive acts such as Tarja (ex Nightwish), Ministry and Fields Of The Nephelim. After a series of spectacular shows at some of the UKs most prestigious venues, including Shepherd’s Bush Empire, The Forum and The Electric Ballroom, PYTHIA was chosen to represent the female Gothic community at one of the UK’s largest Metal festivals Bloodstock Open Air 09. Bloodstock founder and promoter Paul Gregory says: "Adding PYTHIA to the festival was a natural choice to represent the female Gothic community and the launch of the Sophie Lancaster Stage. This stage is in memory of a young girl whose life was needlessly cut short by intolerance and mindless brutality. Sophie celebrated life through the music and lifestyle she chose, PYTHIA's ideology mirrors this perfectly". As a taster for ‘Beneath The Veiled Embrace’, PYTHIA have donated one track, ‘Sweet Cantation’ to Femme Metal Records’ compilation album ‘Demonic And Divine’ which will be released in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK. Production on PYTHIA’s debut album ‘Beneath The Veiled Embrace’ has just been completed with Danish mixmaster Jacob Hansen at the finish line who is best known for his work on prominent metal acts such as Rob Rock, Destruction, Hatesphere, Fear My Thoughts, Heaven Shall Burn, Without Grief and most recently The Wildhearts. ‘Beneath The Veiled Embrace’ features a special guest appearance from the one and only Brian Blessed (!) and is planned for release in October 2009. PYTHIA’s debut single taken from ‘Beneath The Veiled Embrace’ entitled ‘Sarah (Bury Her)’ was made available for download on August 12th, 2009 and has an accompanying video.

Image by Hayley Madden 1717

By Chris Dumas

Before I get into the questions I do wanna say that the new album Science of Annihalation is a badass album man!!

Chris: What were you like pre CAGE? Sean: I was a class clown, loud mouth kind of guy, always the life of the party and clever with my humor. I went from Dungeons and Dragons nerd to a sort of jock / popular guy in high school but still embraced my nerd roots. I got into metal kind of late in my years and became completely entranced by the magic of the music and imagery and lifestyle that it provided. The power the music made you feel and the visual presentation which was very close to my affinity for comics, fantasy and scifi, really made it a perfect match for me. I was just a kid air guitaring in my room and trying to sing along to all the classic albums. I then moved from Alaska back to my hometown of San Diego, when I was just singing along with a band at a college party when they asked me to be the singer for real. That was when the journey really began and it has been a great ride. Chris: For those who have never heard of CAGE or if they have and never been to a show, what are they to expect? Describe what they are missing. Sean: We are the embodiment of all that is good in metal. We have a unique sound all our own but you will find laced within it, all the classic nuances from the Grandmasters but it sounds like true metal should as far as being written and played in the year 2009. The live presentation will make you feel all powerful and compel you to get as close as you can to the band to sing along and put your fist proudly in the air. If Priest, Maiden, Testament, WASP, Riot and King Diamond all had a bastard child it might sound close to what CAGE is today. Chris: How was the tour overseas? Sean: It was really cool as we went over kind of with low expectations and were greatly surprised just how many killer hardcore CAGE fans there actually are over there! We went as a headlining 186


act with support bands that really drew no one and it was freaking awesome. I think we freaked out a lot of people because the comments from the fans were so over the top positive I am embarrassed to repeat them for fear of sounding super arrogant. The media wrote some amazing live reviews on us also for example ROCK HARD gave us an 11/10 review which is one better than 10 so I think that guy liked it! We plan on investing quite a bit of time and energy there now and the new songs went over fantastically also. Chris: What is in store for CAGE in the future? Sean: All kinds of stuff. The last 3 CDs are all coming out on vinyl which is really cool. The exact release dates are not set yet. We plan on a pretty sick DVD release finally that we have some worthy footage maybe early 2010. And of course, the next record, which we are already working hard on to somehow perform the seemingly impossible task of topping SCIENCE OF ANNIHILATION. Chris: Have you have any professional training for those killer pipes of yours? Sean: No I am self taught and I do not warm up before a show either it is true ha! I do not even know if there is someone to go to, to teach someone to do what I do with the range, power, and all the different voices I mess around with. I think a singing teacher would wonder why I was there not to be over the top but I should go to one and see what they said ha! I am always pushing myself and trying to strengthen my weak areas. I am working now on singing with a ballad type of voice which is more difficult for me to sound pleasing to the ear and get the right tone. I think I am singing better now than I ever have before. Chris: So how does the new album Science of Annihilation stand up to your previous albums? Sean: I think it has just as many CAGE classics as any of the others and by it being our fastest and probably heaviest CD. I agree with the majority of the critics and fans that this is our best yet. Some people I know still swear by UNVEILED our very first CD so that is cool too but most people really enjoyed the new found level of speed and power. Chris: Ok a lil’ off the music subject. A few questions I just gotta know the answers to bro. Sean: I love these! Chris: How does it feel to be the very 1st person ever to snowboard in Alaska? Sean: It was cool! I have a picture from 1983 of me throwing a back flip on my Burton Woody performer. I still have it. I special ordered it and picked it up early. One week later the store called me, and said it was in so we kind of scammed 2 for 1, which was cool because I could board with a friend. I won the Bear Mountain big air competition 2 years in a row down here in California. I love the bumps and huge launches and powdery chutes that are steep as Hell! Continued on page 20

7 1919

Chris: You’re also an avid poker player, any big tournaments lately? And what’s your favorite style of cards? Sean: I just got back from one today that was funny you asked. I play no limit Texas hold ‘em of course and I just finished 9th out of 130 players today and got knocked out on the River. I am still pissed about it as I am here typing ha! I have won a lot of tournaments in my day and love smashing people on the table. I just crank my wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones and hide behind my Oakley Chrome Romeo 2.0’s and try to look like a crazy metal head that people do not want to challenge! Chris: Once again man, thanks a lot again for letting me speak with you. Sean: Thanks for the killer questions and thanks for the support. Remember, and All the best!! Sean




By Chris Dumas

A little Aury Moore History…Aury was raised in a highly musical home environment with a heavy gospel influence. Much of her family is involved in the music business. Her sister, Pamela Moore, sang lead on the song, Suite Sister Mary, on the Queensryche album, Operation Mind Crime. Aury’s cousin, Terri Nunn, is the lead singer for the Group Berlin. Another of Aury’s cousins is Gregory Calvin Stone, who was the lead on Broadway in Les Miserables and is currently on Broadway in Miss Saigon.

Aury: Thanks Chris for this opportunity... Chris: Describe you guys sound and stage show for the people put out there that may not know who your band is. Aury: We are often described as pop rock with a blues edge. Some of the music has a bluesy pop feel like "Home" and "Prayer" then we have some songs that are rock driven like "Breakin' Me", the song I wrote with Michael Wilton of QueensRyche and "Stay with Me" which 22 10


is slated to go on the next CD. We do sneek in a few covers as well when we do a live show... Shook Me All Night Long and Use Me as a couple‌ Chris: How long has the band been together and how you all meet? Aury: The main core of the band, Eddie Mendoza, percussion and drums, Joel Gamble, keys and violin, and myself...we have been together for about 3 years now. We have rotated a few bass players and guitarists. Currently we have, Dominique Stone on bass, and Manuel Rice on guitar. Chris: What and who are your influences musically and spiritually? Aury: As a band there are many different influences...Joel has a lot of world music influence as well as your well known piano players. He probably is most influenced by Hornsby. Eddie is of the belief that if he plays drums, he ought to have a good understanding of all drums. His biggest influence would be Neil Peart, Alan White, Bonham, Heracio "El Negro" Hernandez, etc. As for me, I grew up with a lot of Jazz and gospel and I had many other influences growing up, being that I am the youngest of six kids. All my siblings had various artists that they introduced me to. I am a big Elton John fan, Blood Sweat and Tears, Mellencamp, Reba Rambo, Sarah Vaughn,Tina Turner, Gladys Knight. My current favorites are Train, Diana many talented people to draw from. Chris: Any up comin’ shows near Flint, Mi. Would love to see you guys live! Aury: If we could find a booking agent in your area, we would love to come out. We have a pretty strong hold in your area. The gentleman who set up my Forum lives in Michigan. Would be fun to do some shows your way! LOL!! Let me know who can book us!! Chris: Sorry to hear about the loss of Tom. That's gotta be a rough one to deal with, seeing he produced the new album Just a Taste. Aury: The loss of Tom Pfaeffle has been devastating. He was a talent unlike most. He was a beautiful man who lived for his wife and kids and breathed "Sound". He was one of the best sound men ever to live. He ran sound for Heart, BB King, Aerosmith, Nirvana, and Queensryche. It is such a loss for the music community. He helped me create a sound that has helped develop who I am as an artist. Helped me recognize my strengths and helped me pull from them. He was never ever afraid to call me out if he did not like what I was doing and he believed that I could produce sounds I never knew I could produce...he was the best!!! He actually introduced me to Michael Wilton and had him come in to record some guitar work on another song and then Michael and I ran into each other at the NAMM show. Michael and I clicked and he approached me with a tune that we worked on and ended up recording... That song is "Breakin' Me". We have recorded 2 songs that are slated to go on the next CD and plan on going into The Tank (Tom's studio) and record a few more. I am grateful to have had Tom as part of my life...I am saddened by him being gone. It is bittersweet to not have him with us...I hope we will make him proud...he will always be in my heart. I am who I am musically because of his influence. A big loss in the music industry by not having him here...

23 11 23

Chris: What should everyone expect when they come to an Aury Moore Band show? Aury: Our band most often hears the word Fun. We like to be interactive with the crowd and include them as much as we can. We have a couple songs where we teach them some parts and they actually sing along with us.We joke a lot, Joel will wander in the crowd sometimes with his violin (7-string electric) We also try to mingle with the crowd as well. It is nice to be able to meet and talk to the fans that come out to support us. Without their support we would not be where we are so we like to really take time and get to know the people who come and show support. Chris: Knowing who are sister is (Pamela Moore). Do you feel that you have to prove yourself more? Aury: Lol... I love my sister very much! What a huge voice she has. It can be humbling sometimes having her as my sister. She is a good sounding board and she is very supportive of me. We did a show last April and she came out. It was her birthday and she even snuck up on stage and joined me on a song. The next day she sent me a text telling me how proud she was. I am lucky to have her. We are very different artists though. She has this huge range. I have a bit more gravel in my voice. Being able to share the stage with her is a big treat for me though. Our music is a bit different. She has more electronica and heavy rock then my music. We tend to have a little more blues feel to our stuff. I could never compete with her, and would never try. She really is an incredible talent. Glad to have her as my big sis… Chris: How does it feel to be compared to Janis Jopson and Tina Turner? Aury: could I not be appreciative of it. Wow! two of the greatest women in Rock?!?!?! Damn!! I hope I can live up to those standards!! Tina has been a big influence for years. Her strength and confidence both on and off stage...her voice and her love of people. I did not grow up with Janis but had so many people make the comparison. I actually had a man who use to run her lights for her buy me a shot of SoCo and he and his wife talked to me for an hour about who she was and how she moved people I finally went and did some research on her...she was so honest. You believe everything she sang, like it was the story of her life... I only hope I convey that much honesty. Chris: I love you impressive resume of feats. How’s it feel to have done so much with so many talented people? Aury: I have been lucky to work with some legendary talents. Alan White, Drummer for YES, has been very supportive and has introduced me to many very talented people. He is like family to me. He introduced me to Spencer Davis as well as Roger Fisher and Goldy McJohn. At first I was a bit nervous about sharing a stage with such talents but Spencer kicked that out of me. Telling me there is a reason why those people were working with me so I should not be afraid to Shine. Last year we did a show for MTV networks, MusiCares...ended up working with Spike Edney, Jeff Scott Soto and Jamie Moses. What a treat that was! I am grateful to have people like Alan be so very supportive. It is fun doing a show and having Alan out there in the audience. It’s fun to drag him up on stage with us sometimes. Eddie loves it too, being able to jump of the congas while Alan plays his drums… Chris: Where can I and everyone else get the new album and previous ones also? Aury: Currently we have "Just a Taste" available on my website You can get the CD via paypal...we also have shirts.



If people do get a CD, I encourage them to kick me an email as well if they want to have it signed. We try to sign them all if we can. We have CD's available at our shows as well. Once the new one comes out we will probably get that one ready of iTunes and CD baby but in the meantime it is nice to be ale to send them out ourselves... People can find myself and the band members on Myspace ( ) and they can also join the forum at Thank you Chris for thinking of us... I really appreciate it... Aury~


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Another band to watch out for...Publik Parking, this Michigan based alt/metal band is on the rise! Check out their Bio below and look for their interview in next month’s issue!! Publik Parking, formed in 2003, is an ever-evolving alternative/metal band who has recently signed with Revolution Music Records. Monica’s sultry melodic to growling vocals has set Publik Parking’s style away from the rest. All the while, Neiko’s strong, complimenting backup vocals along with his aggressively, gritty guitar riffs, and Tucker’s highly energetic guitar style and rhythm lends itself well to the musical mix. Tim’s vigorously enthusiastic bass style to Erik’s precise backbeats, resonates the power within Publik Parking’s musical creativity. The inspiringly, creative collaboration that takes place between members drives them to produce each song as unique and complex as the next, using their own individual talents to complete the tie that binds them together not only as a band, but as a family of musicians with one goal. Each live performance is a dynamic stage show that keeps people coming back for more. Publik Parking has had the distinction to be #1 on MySpace’s metal top 10 indie label bands in Michigan and #7 on the MySpace’s progressive metal top 10 indie label bands in Michigan. Publik Parking has also been the featured artist on various websites including, ww w.t h e re vol u t i on m u s i c .c om , w ww .m u s i c fo rt e .c o m , w ww .ba n d t u be .c o m ,, www.michiga,,, not to mention plays on numerous podcasts, online radio shows and local radio and college stations across the country, and also on 105FM in Europe where they were in the top 10 of unsigned bands receiving airplay.



Publik Parking has had the pleasure to share the stage with In This Moment, Smile Empty Soul, Caroline’s Spine, Buckcherry, Program the Dead, Bile, Loudness (world tour 2006), Jocaine, Bret Michaels of Poison, Five speed, Broadzilla, Dendura, and Pownd. Publik Parking’s discography includes: Self-titled EP released in 2005 Volume II EP released in 2007 Tomorrow was Yesterday EP in 2008 5 live CDs from various performances New full length album, Pavlov’s Dog due to be released on New Years Eve 2009 that was produced by Fire Hyena Studios Other media includes: Yellow sheet music video, produced by Jeffro Productions Scream live video, Almost Over, produced by Clockwork Orange Productions

13 2929


ECHOES OF FEAR FORGOTTEN PAST By Colleen Radford I have to give a huge thanks to Al of Halo Guitars for turning me on to Echoes of Fear. What an awesome band!! I just couldn’t stop listening the CD, Forgotten Past. This San Francisco Bay area band really took me by surprise. Echoes of Fear is a female fronted metal band that the only way to describe them is Lacuna Coil on steroids. The vocals...phenomal! The guitars...freakin’ clean and wild . The bass….wow!! Drums...wild with the double kick and awesome changes. I loved every song on the disc. I loved it so much that I had to call Al at Halo Guitars to tell him and then I called a bunch of people and told them to check out this band. Oh, and I called my buddies at The Butcher Shop Radio Show and turned them on to Echoes of Fear. If you don’t check out this band, you are going to miss out! I can’t wait to do an interview with them in next month’s issue!!!

31 31

HYDROVIBE NOTHIN LEFT TO LOSE By Jennifer Lee I was most definitely impressed with Hydrovibe's new album "Nothing left to lose". This was a band that I didn't know much about until recently when I was privileged enough to get a copy of the new album and have an interview via the Internet with them. This album was fantastic and I quickly gained much respect for this band. This is definitely guitar driven rock with very powerful vocals. The vocalist has an extremely unique voice which I wanted to hear more of. All of the member’s musical styles seem to fit so well together. You would think that they have been playing together forever. There was definitely a couple of songs on the album that I would have to call my favorites "Nothing left to lose" and "Contagious. All the songs felt personal and from the heart.. That is not something I always feel when listening to music these days. All in all I feel that this was a great album full of energy, power and originality.


32 32


This is a powerhouse band with a powerhouse sound. This was for sure an album I would recommend listening to. It was energetic and powerful through and through. All the songs on the album flowed beautifully together, which I feel is very important. This band has a revved up powerful sound which you can't turn your ears away from. This is a true rock-nroll band through and through. Not to mention their out of control stage shows. Don't miss out!


33 33


If you are in the mood for something different, something strange,something a bit off-kilter then this is for you. I think that this is an industrial as it gets. it is completely original and out of the ordinary. In a good way of course. Whenever im in the mood for something out of the norm I pop these cd's in. I listened to part one probably a million times, especially "Transmission Overload" until I got my hands on part 2. Now im impatiently awaiting for part 3. Get your hands on this and listen to something really original for once!


34 34

HOUR PAST DRIFT By Chris Dumas Wow, I can't wait to get this CD in the mail.. Already on order as I type this.. I’ve been jammin their myspace player like crazy.. these guys have a sound I just can't put my finger on. The solos, the break downs are just insane. Coopa is a lyrical genius. and his voise is like no other. I mean I can go on and on about these guys and their new album, but I don't have enough room.. all I can say is order this CD and you will love it. Every song has a new sound and just hits ya like a ton of bricks. I feel sorry for my truck speakers and my neighbors ears when this CD arrives.. Hour Past is gonna be that band that will just blow your mind.. and remember where ya read it first !!


35 35


By Chris Dumas

Well...where to start with this album? Predator is a band with a sound I haven't heard in a long time. Brought me back to my old school days.. the lyrics of Nestor are just amazing. And the more I listened to this album I got hooked on the skreetchin guitar solos.. The bass and drums hold this whole musical greatness in time and keep the low end just boomin.. These guys are a bunch of very talented musicians that stand out with the best of the best !! Their new self title CD is awesome. For any old school metal head like me, I suggest you go out and pick up the album..


36 36


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