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Exclusive interview with Rugby World Cup Winner, ex-England Captain & Bournemouth 7s Festival/Viper 10 Ambassador,






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MARCH 2014


4 Poole Pirates

Pirates’ Legends Meet for Havvy’s Farewell

12 The Swell

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Chat with up and coming surfing star, Seth Hughes 01202 432001 /TheGameMagazineSports

Meet the Pro

England Rugby Legend and 7s Festival Ambassador, Lewis Moody


















Up the Cherries

Youth team manager, Carl Fletcher, talks about his return

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PIRATES’ LEGENDS RETURN FOR HAVVY’S FAREWELL THE very first action of the new speedway season at Wimborne Road will be the Gary Havelock Farewell Meeting on Friday, March 21st. In a stunning salute to their former team mate, Pirate speedway legends and world champions, Tony Rickardsson and Mark Loram have agreed to take charge of opposing teams and with eight world titles between Havvy, Rickardsson and Loram, the 1992 world champ is delighted to have the two track giants on parade.



Havvy admitted: “I had five wonderful years riding for Poole and during that time Mark and Tony were at the club at different spells and were absolutely adored by Pirates fans – winning races for fun. This will be one of the major features of the meeting that Tony and Mark will act as team bosses for opposing sides.”

individual contest to find the rider of the night.

The meeting will bring together a host of International shale stars as “Loram’s legends” take on “Ricko’s Raiders” in a 14 heat spectacular. The riders taking part read like a who’s who of speedway with Poole legends Chris Holder and Darcy Ward destined to go head to head, for one night only, as opposing number ones!


Joining the “Turbo Twins” will be Grand Prix Star Freddie Lindgren along with top Elite League riders Bjarne Pedersen, Scott Nicholls and Chris Harris. Whilst there will be an early chance to catch a glimpse of 2014 Pirates Maciej Janowski and Vaclav Millik. In a nod to a meeting format of days gone by, the top riders will be invited to compete in a second half











































































































There is a subtitle to “Havvy’s Farewell” which will showcase a ‘Farewell to Britain’s Finest’, as a host of Havelock’s former team mates have been invited to join in the evening and to get aboard a speedway bike one more time. Gary hopes to get as many of them as possible on track again and allow fans to salute some of this country’s great servants of the shale. In the weeks leading up to the event there has been a torrent of support, from fans, not just in Dorset, but Nationwide. “To all the fans, up and down the country, my friends and also the riders who have pledged their support, I can’t thank everyone enough” says Havvy, “Without such incredible backing I wouldn’t have been able to do this – and I am hugely proud that on Friday, March 21st, I will be able to share a special day with my family (my wife and two girls) and my extended family (speedway).I hope to see you there!”

enthusiastically. The young players have someone to look up to and we encourage the Senior players to come along on a Sunday for a guest coaching session which always goes down well with the kids. The Mini age groups have been involved in the London Irish tournament series held at Yateley and will progress to the next round on Sunday 23rd February. All age groups have performed well and we look forward to hearing of more successes in the finals. The emerging players will get an opportunity to show their newly learnt skills at an event at the end of April.

A NEW GENERATION OF LIONS Bournemouth Rugby Club have a thriving Youth and Mini section ranging from U6 to U18 Colts, over 400 registered players who enjoy rugby on a Sunday morning. The training sessions are run by a very dedicated team of volunteers who give their time and expertise freely to provide a safe environment and help support the next generation of rugby players coming through the ranks at Bournemouth. We are proud of our ethos of inclusivity and welcome players at all ages regardless of ability or experience. If you know of a young person, male or female, who shows an interest in trying rugby, please encourage them to come along to one of our training sessions, more information for each age group can be found on our website All sessions are supported by a fully qualified paramedic team, helping to give parents and players confidence in the safety of the players on the pitch. Our aim at Bournemouth is to provide all children, regardless of their ability the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and give them an experience of being part of a team. All of the mini age groups get several opportunities during the season to support the First XV by being guard of honour, escorting the First XV on to the pitch and cheering them on



We are looking forward to our own tournament that will be held on the weekend of the 5th and 6th April where we will host over 100 teams across the weekend. Saturday will see the Youth teams showing what they can do and hoping to finish the season with a win at what is seen across the South as one of the biggest rugby tournaments. Sunday will see the mini teams from U7 to U12 compete for shield, cup and plates, with lots of noise, enthusiasm and determination. We are supported by Burleigh travel who have many years of experience in providing tours for all ages. Many local businesses provide sponsorship for the programme which helps to raise much needed funds for the whole section which is used to pay for pitch hire, new tackle pads, tag belts and other training items as well as the never ending requirement for balls. Teams attending are from all over the South of England and into Wales, with a wide range of experience which should provide a good weekend of rugby to watch. Our O2 Touch rugby team are building a dedicated group of players and are always looking for new players to join the ranks, they meet at 7pm on a Thursday. Our aim is for it to be as light hearted as possible and as much about the fitness and social, as about the rugby. We hope it will have a much broader appeal and attract new members to the club. We welcome adult men and women of all ages, fitness levels and touch rugby experience. Article: Julie Boddington









Worth over £100 billion dollars worldwide, the weight loss industry which includes diet programs, foods, drinks and exercise regimes is unquestionably the biggest marketing weapon and source of revenue available within health and fitness. Think about it how many weight loss diets, programs or pieces of equipment can you name or have seen in the past? Now try the same exercise for weight gain or muscle size… struggling to think I bet? With weight loss and achieving great muscle tone so much in the public eye through television infomercials, online adverts and printed media; the contrasting individuals which make up the exercise demographic that focus their attentions on purely gaining weight or ‘bulking up’ can often feel quite under represented. Nevertheless, this is not to say this population is being left by the industry and media to their own devices because they’re not. However, as I commonly find the large pool of resources surrounding this training goal is often centrally focused on supplements, protein intake and not the education behind correct muscular growth. What many fail to realise is ‘weight gain’ and increasing muscle size needs to be managed and scrutinised just as closely as any weight-loss programme.

by sean




The issue with induced heart disease and bodybuilding is centred on the potent mix of high supplement usage, a typically higher saturated fat intake in the diet and a decrease in cardiovascular exercise (whispered by many to bad for muscle building!). How many times have you seen this scenario, where the newly hooked stereotypical skinny guy at the gym, spends most of his first paycheque on an assortment of protein, creatine, potions, powders and pills in various forms in order to achieve the goal of ‘instant bulk’ or ‘shrink-wrapped abs’ with the least amount of effort in the least amount of time. FACT: The average natural man will only put on between 0.25 and 0.5 pounds of muscle per week (or about 1-2 pounds of muscle gained per month). For Women, this is between 0.12 – 0.25 pounds of muscle per week (or about 0.5-1 pound of muscle gained per month). Knowing this fact I am always a little suspicious when I hear stories of people who claim to have put on vast amounts of muscle (3+ pounds) in a week. As is often the case most of this new ‘muscle’ is in fact accrued weight in the form of fat, water or glycogen. Therefore, for weight-classified athletes who need to gain weight for sports such as bodybuilding and boxing or for those purely looking to ‘bulk up’, achieving a successful increase in muscle mass without a significant increase in body fat can be quite complex and, will only be achieved through the effective management of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (macronutrients).

Dietary Considerations

To optimise muscle growth and prevent gains in body fat, trainers must look to avoid foods with a high glycaemic index (GI) rating above 55. The reasoning behind this is high GI foods quickly release simple sugars into the bloodstream which causes a sudden increase in the release of the hormone insulin, termed an ‘insulin spike’. This sudden insulin upsurge then fills your body’s glucose stores in the liver, causing any excess glucose to be stored within your fat cells.




Typically an avoidance of simple carbohydrates and white flour based foods is recommended to avoid insulin spiking. Examples of this include refined starches (pasta, rice, noodles), alcohol and selected fruit / vegetables such as bananas, raisins and carrots (cooked), see glycaemic for further food examples. Instead your weight gain should be based around complex carbohydrates, such as wholegrain foods (pasta/rice) and green vegetables. Away from carbohydrates, protein for meat and fish eaters should be sourced organically and partially built around high to medium purines such as chicken, beef, sardines and salmon. To avoid the onset of gout from raised uric acid levels, meat eaters and vegetarian’s should additionally source protein from dairy products such as eggs, nuts, seeds, protein supplements and selected fruit and vegetables such as lentils. Essential fats (omega 3 and 6) can additionally be derived from protein sources such as white fish and cooking oils taken from olives, walnuts, vegetables and flaxseeds. Interestingly a recent review paper by Bray et al., (2012) showed resting energy expenditure went up in sample groups following medium and high protein diets, validating that higher protein intake can preserve lean body mass.

Hormonal Considerations

For weight gain, it is essential that the highest proportion of macronutrients is consumed at breakfast, then every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day. Athletes in training would usually ingest 30-60 grams of carbohydrates for every 60 minutes of intense exercise and consume protein with carbohydrates straight after training (within 20 minutes) to speed up muscle recovery and avoid muscle breakdown. Daily general health recommendations tell us we should consume at each meal a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, with vitamins, minerals and essential fats making up the remaining 25%. In order to gain lean muscle mass and avoid increases in fat tissue, macronutrients must be carefully managed to keep the body’s metabolic state anabolic, whereby the body stimulates muscle growth. If the body’s metabolic state switches from anabolism it then becomes catabolic, a process where the body will use muscle tissue as opposed to fat tissue as its fuel source, which often leads to muscular wastage (atrophy). Individuals will typically become catabolic when the body is malnourished (starved or deprived of essential nutrients). Catabolism is also linked to the release of the muscle destroying stress hormone cortisol. Interestingly cortisol levels will be at their highest first thing in the morning, following intense exercise (one hour or more) or from not eating for more than three hours.

Calculating Weight Gain

For anyone wanting to evaluate their daily weight gain through macronutrient intake, they must first define the optimum calorific value of their diet. In order to achieve this, basal metabolic rate (BMR) the minimum level of energy required for the body to function daily needs to be calculated using the Harris-Benedict formula shown below: Women: BMR = 655 + ( 9.6 x weight in kilos ) + ( 1.8 x height in cm ) - ( 4.7 x age in years ) Men: BMR = 66 + ( 13.7 x weight in kilos ) + ( 5 x height in cm ) - ( 6.8 x age in years ) From this calculation BMR needs to be multiplied by the appropriate activity level, to give your active metabolic rate (AMR) the total daily calorie intake required for weight maintenance, as shown below: Sedentary (little or no exercise) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.2 Lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/ week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.375 Moderately active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.55 Very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.725 Extra active (very hard exercise/sports & physical job or 2x training) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.9 From determining AMR, weight gain can now be planned effectively, a calorie (kcals) increase of 500-1,000 per day is recommended to go anywhere near building half a pound of lean muscle each week. Remember the rate at which you build muscle is dependent on a number of factors which include your training age, gender, muscular length and ratio of fast to slow twitch muscle fibres. The information in this article outlines in detail the dietary and hormonal considerations that are needed to help achieve gains in lean muscle mass, however it is crucially important to state that the strictest adherence to the above mentioned points will not result in effective results if the prescribed training plan is not appropriate. Naturally it is far beyond the scope of this nutrition article to detail what such a plan should include; so I would encourage any reader interested in achieving significant and sustainable results to contact me direct through my website for more information.



TheKitBag In the Kitbag this month, we’re featuring our pick from leading, local sportswear brand, VIPER 10. Established in 2010, VIPER 10 offers a one stop shop for sports clubs and teams, schools and universities. The online 3D Kit Designer allows you to design your own kit, get an instant quote with your brand new bespoke sports kit landing on your doorstep within 4-6 weeks. Made with the latest technical fabrics to ensure maximum performance for athletes on and off the field, VIPER 10 designs, manufactures and delivers to exceed expectations of all customers. Here is a sample from the extensive kit on offer. Check out more online and try the 3D Kit Designer:


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The Swell The Game talks to Seth Hughes, an up and coming surf star who is making his name known in the scene. Although currently based in London, Seth is a frequent visitor to our shores with a family house in Bournemouth. We chat to him about his successful looking future in The Swell.

Name Seth Hughes Sport Surfing

“Hi The Game, I’m Seth. I’m 15 years old and I live in London. I live with my Mum, Dad, sister and dog. I started my GCSE’s at school last September and my aim is to fit all my training and surfing around homework and studying. Whilst living in London, my favourite things to do are skateboarding and playing guitar. My favourite subjects at school are design and technology and music. My sponsors are Alcatraz Beach Club, Ocean Leisure, NP surf, Agent Eight and SUP inflatables.” Thanks for talking to us, Seth...what got you into surfing? I first learnt to surf when I was 9 at Surf Steps surf school in Boscombe. All the coaches there were great and immediately made me love the sport. Andy and his team helped me loads and inspired me to carry on with my surfing. During my 9th summer holidays, I had a lesson everyday whether the waves were tiny or huge or it was raining or sunny.



What do you love about it the best? I love surfing because it’s my favourite thing in the world. Every second of the day I’m thinking about surfing, what I want to learn next and how I can achieve it. When I’m in the sea, there is a relationship with nature that you don’t get with other sports. I love surfing with the wildlife around the UK, like the gannets, seals and basking sharks in the summer. I also love surfing with my friends from the South West. I surf a lot with the Boscombe Boardriders crew and my friend, Rory as well. Tell us a bit about your surfing history... As you know, I started surfing when I was 9 in Boscombe but since then I have began training with my squad and Surf Solutions. When I started training with my coach, Joel Gray, I was 11 years old and he taught me the very basics of surfing green faced waves. Since then, I have been on many trips around the world - Portugal, France, Dubai, Canary Islands and Australia. My best and longest surf trip was at the beginning of last year in Australia. I was there for 2 months and I trained with the Hurley High Performance Centre. My best result in a competition was at the Volcom VQS series last year. I came 4th which got me a place in the European Finals. You tried some watersports at the FC Watersports Academy in Sandbanks a few years ago. In your opinion, is it a good place for people wanting to give it a go? My first memories of being in the sea were at FC Watersports. I learnt how to windsurf, kayak and sail there (not to mention the ringo rides off the back of the Rib!) I think FC Watersports and Poole Harbour in general are fantastic places to learn about the ocean and how to use it to its full advantage. It is great having the harbour on one side and the open sea on the other which gives you a chance to experience the ocean in lots of different conditions. Stand Up Paddleboarding is fast becoming a popular watersport activity with many locals trying it out along the coast and in the harbour, do you enjoy some time out on a SUP? On a hot day, I love going for a paddle on a Stand Up Paddleboard. Last summer in France, I went for a very long paddle up and back the full length of the lake in Hossegor when there were no waves. I went with my coach which tired me out but I loved it. …and are you into any other watersports? I don’t really do any other watersports at the moment. However, I would love to try kite surfing because it looks like loads of fun. Is it difficult fitting your training around school/college? At the moment, it’s not too difficult fitting my surfing and school together. However, I rarely have time at weekends to do homework so I have to cram it into every weeknight. I’m sure when I get into year 11 and I need to start revising, it will get much harder.

What are you working for next... what is your training regime like? At the moment, I’m training quite a lot. I have recently started training with a fitness coach called Ricardo Abreu who is from Portugal - he knows a lot about surfing and surf training. Because I don’t get in the water that much, it really helps me stay as fit as I need to be. I love doing it but it’s the single hardest thing I have ever done. I skate every Wednesday at the skate park and every weekend I’m not surfing. I just started swimming every week too, which contributes a lot to my surfing and strength. I’m also doing a bit of Parkour and gymnastics which helps my balance and flexibility. I’m mostly working on getting lots of hours in the sea so I need to take every opportunity and get the most I can out of each surf. Living in London, it must be hard not having access to the sea. How often do you get to the coast and what do you think of conditions locally? Living in London can be hard, especially in the summer when you know your friends at the coast are surfing after school. I probably get to the coast about once or twice a month, whether it’s Cornwall, Devon, Wales or Bournemouth. I love surfing around Bournemouth and on a good day, the waves can be as good as anywhere. But, it’s not as consistent as it is further west. I have had some really good surfs in Bournemouth recently with all my friends, especially in the last Christmas holidays when we got some amazing conditions. Which surf reports do you use to check out conditions? I use Magic Seaweed for all my general surf checks. If I’m in a more specific area, I’ll tend to use a more local site and a webcam because they’re more accurate. In the end, the best way to check the conditions is to just drive around and go see for yourself. If one of my friends has checked the waves and finds something good, they’ll normally text me. We’ve seen some great footage of you using a Wavepool. Do you think they are the future for inland surfing and what are they like to use? My trip to the Wave Pool in Dubai was one of my most favourite trips. There’s a wave every minute and a half which obviously makes it really consistent. It’s great for training and learning new things quickly. I definitely think it’s the future of inland surfing but it will never beat the real thing! It would be really nice to see one in Dorset and I’m sure it would be very popular. What’s your favourite surfing hot spot in the south? I’ve had a few good surfs all along the coasts at Kimmeridge, Boscombe and Bournemouth but with all the recent unusual storms, I’ve had some surprisingly good surfs at Sandbanks too. Tell us about your goals for the future… I want to keep surfing forever and carry on getting better. Hopefully, I’ll start getting some good results in competitions and go on amazing surf trips all around the world. What’s the best place you’ve ever surfed? The best place I’ve ever surfed is Australia because it’s so consistent; there are waves everyday and the water’s really warm. But my favourite surf was at the Volcom competition in Hossegor, France last year. The waves were amazing and we were the only people in the sea! Finally, please describe surfing in three words… Life-changing, humbling and frustrating.


“Every second of the day I’m thinking about surfing, what I want to learn next and how I can achieve it.” WWW.THEGAMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK



Name: Jennie Langridge Sport: Rugby I am a local businesswoman who runs Clevercow – cakes, catering and consultancy. Admittedly, I’m not the sportiest of people, as I love food but am loyal and passionate about the Oakmeadians Ladies and have taken roles on both the ladies committee but also the main club committee. Hobbies include photography event planning and interior design. Hi Jenny, what got you into rugby and when did you start? I had never played or even watched rugby until I met my partner. She had joined the team and after a few months, it became clear that they were short on numbers so they asked if I could step in! It took a lot of persuading but I finally said, “Yes, but just don’t pass me the ball!” I had one training session then played in a match and when I was asked at the end how I thought it went, I said “I loved it and can’t wait to come back!” So, here I am, just over a year later! What position do you play? Second row - the engine of the scrum, I like to say! Tell us a bit about your playing history and have you always played for Oakmeadians? I have played for just over a year but our team consists of people who have played for many years and those who have literally just started. How long have Oakmeadians Ladies been going? Since 1999. Tell us about your training regime... The ladies train every Wednesday and either play or train on a Sunday. The game is physically hard so match fitness 14


is important, with this in mind, it’s worth doing other bits of fitness throughout the week. Tell us about some history of the Oaks Ladies… Over the past few seasons, we have worked up to a high level of rugby. At the beginning of this season, we had new players join our team and we were transformed into a developing squad. We now have a brand new Level 4 Coach (of which there are only 2 in the county!). John Akerman had coached the ladies previously and after a 2 year break, he came back. The future of the ladies team is looking great and team morale is high as we go into the second half of the season. What’s the banter like within the team? The girls that I play with have become my best mates - we have so much fun and I know that if I ever need anything, then I only need to ask! We are a very social side and alongside having monthly outings, we also meet up regularly just for a good old chin wag!

What would you say to other ladies reading this who may be thinking of giving rugby a go? Come and give it a go! Absolutely everyone is welcome. Are you playing at the ‘Party of the Year’ that is the Bournemouth 7s this year? Bournemouth 7’s has become, over the years, an excellent touring venue for many teams however; our team is not a touring side so we won’t be taking part in the festival this year. We will however be visiting Bristol, Brighton, Nottingham and Lytchett! Finally, where would we find the Oaks Ladies after a game?! Well after a home match, we make sure that we have a sit down and give out our praises and our fines for individual people on the team! It’s a great way to have a laugh and relax, forgetting the hard game we’ve just played. Needless to say, some of us walk out a little squiffy! Thanks for talking with us, Jennie and we wish you all the best for the Oakmeadians Ladies.


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At Velocity Health + Fitness, you’ll find stateof-the-art kit in the gym, spacious studios and a fulllength heated swimming pool with relaxing spa. It’s a club that gives you results to be proud of and with the facilities and services constantly evolving to meet customer’s needs, you can keep up to date with the latest news and information in The Game magazine.

So, what is Perfect Fit? Perfect Fit is our very own members integration package, it’s exclusive to us and it is designed to help you get the most from your membership at all times and help you set the right path to achieve your goals. There are a number of sessions both group and one-to-one available and each is designed to be specific to the type of training and support that you feel you may need.

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V Class - This session is designed to give you an insight into what our group fitness classes can do you for.

Achieve their goals via utilising heart rate intensity feedback.

V Functional - Our fitness coach will take you through the benefits of functional training and give you some ideas on how to use the functional kit to take your training to the next level. V Blast - Dynamic short, sharp blast classes on the gym floor getting rapid results and maximum motivation. Perfect Weight - Let our teams set you off in the right direction to achieve your own weight loss of gain goals. Attend weekly after an initial information session to have your body stats taken and recorded, free of charge. V Kids - For both you and your children to gain maximum enjoyment from your membership. Includes Perfect sports, V. Splash and many more. V Clubs - A great range of fitness and social based clubs including V. Run, V. Cycling, V. Walk and much more.


What is MYZONE?


Earn MEPs for every minute of physical activity.

MYZONE motivates you to put in the effort required, to get the results you want. Effort = Points, Points = Results! Get live feedback during your workout including calories burnt, heart rate profiles and MEPs! Measure results with convenient tracking of weight, body fat and other metrics. Participate in Zone Match Classes on the gym floor. Have fun, motivational and energising classes taking your heart rate through multiple intensity levels.



ÂŁ300 *



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Village Bournemouth, Wessex Fields Deansleigh Road, Bournemouth, BH7 7DZ (Opposite Royal Bournemouth Hospital) Tel: 0871 222 4574 - Email:

Calls to 0871 numbers cost 10p per minute plus network extras.


The Game talks exclusively to newly appointed Head Coach of the Bournemouth Bobcats, Tim Iles about his team, goals, plans and expectations for the future and how he started out in a sport from across the pond, American Football.

Hi Tim, thanks for talking to us, can you tell us a bit about you and how you got into the game? When I was young, my family moved over to Tampa, Florida and like a lot of kids my age over there, I started playing American Football for a local youth league. When we moved back to England, I went to University in Plymouth and started playing for a local team there. I have pretty much been playing ever since, minus a few seasons off due to injuries. What is your sports background and are you involved with any other sports? My background is mostly based around American Football. I have played for several teams over the years including Plymouth, Southampton, Winchester and now Bournemouth. In 2008, I set-up the current reincarnation of the Bournemouth Bobcats, which is when I became a qualified American Football Coach and also picked up the role of Club General Manager. I also play rugby for the Bournemouth 3s & 4s sides during the winter months which works well as the rugby and American Football seasons are out of sync. Rugby starts as soon as the American Football season finishes. There are a lot of transferable skills between American Football and rugby and it would be good to see more of the rugby guys giving it a go and vice versa. Congratulations on your recent Head Coach appointment… you’re no doubt looking to turn things around and make the next season a win. Can you share some of your plans to achieve this? I’ll be playing to the strengths of the team I have, therefore I’ll be holding off making decisions on game plans until I can confirm my players in the 2014 squad. I won’t know this until 1st of March when we start pre-season training. I do know 2014 will be a rebuilding season after ending up 9 – 1 last year and it will be my job to keep the players’ heads raised, the team morale up



and everyone pulling together while we are going through the re-build process. This may mean we need to slow things up and go back to basics in some areas to ensure we have the fundamentals before the team is ready to advance. 2014 will see more focus on our new Junior squad (aged 16 to 19). In 2015, we are also looking at expanding the club again and putting out a new youth team for 15 to 17 years olds. All the premier clubs in this country have established youth and college programmes therefore, it is my long term priority as General Manager and now Head Coach to see local youngsters coming all the way up through the ranks from youth through to the senior club. We may need to wait 4 years to see the full benefits, but this is a necessity if we are going to compete at the top level. Who are the main threats do you think? As for our opponents, our main threats will come from the Solent Thrashers. Based in Southampton, they are a well-established team with a lot of experienced players and coaches who are used to playing at a high level. I know the team well as I used to play for them and they have a lot of talent on their side. The squad has a large number of players, how are your numbers at the moment and are you on the lookout for new recruits? In 2013 we had about 40 players signed to the team which is about average for similar teams in our league. This may seem a lot in comparison to other sports, but we are not limited to the number of subs we have in a game. We can use ‘rolling subs’ enabling the whole squad to get on the field during a game. The Bobcats are always on the lookout for new players and I would never turn anyone away who is willing to give it a go. 2014 has kicked off with a big recruitment drive running throughout January and February where we have been recruiting new talent to the club. Readers may have

spotted our Club Mascot down in the town at weekends when we’ve been out and about promoting the club. This year we are also very keen to recruit local companies and businesses to the club. We want to form partnerships where we can work together, mutually benefiting each other. What is the banter like in the changing room? The banter is what you would probably expect from a team of young lads and there’s always more banter after the WIN. However, changing rooms in this country were not really designed for the 40+ players in American Football and it’s usually a bit of squeeze, so you tend to get sorted and out the way ASAP. Tell us about the new University team? I was in contact with Bournemouth University for several years about starting a Student American Football team. It wasn’t until Joshua Edwards and Charlie Anderson (Head Coach), stepped up and got things moving. The University Bobcat team has been running for the past 16 months and has been going from strength to strength. They played their first friendly game against Bristol Barracuda this season in January. If people are interested in getting involved with the Bobcats, where is the best place for them to start? Anyone interested in getting involved with the club will be able to get all the information they need from our website If anyone has got any specific questions, email me at: Finally, describe American Football in three words… I remember being introduced to the sport as “Chess With Collisions” which pretty much sums it up! Thank you and good luck for the forthcoming season.

The ultimate place for sports fans Check out some of the top deals Sharkey’s have to offer: • Student Mondays – 2 hours free pool on purchase of a drink and valid NUS card

Sharkey’s in Bournemouth is the perfect venue to enjoy a game of pool and catch up on the latest sport news and matches on the high definition screens around the bar. You don’t need to be a member to use the great facilities all under one roof in the centre of town.


• Free 1 hour pool when Beer Pitcher is purchased Mon-Thurs only • TFI Fridays - Buy 1 Get 1 Free on selected drinks Friday 12-6pm • Free soft drinks when customers are playing pool at a non-discounted rate Mon-Thurs • 2 Darts boards free of charge any time

This summer, Sharkey’s will be showing • Beer pong table also available every match of the World Cup. Keep up to date with all the games, enjoy some • 2 hours free pool deal Sun-Thurs only drinks from the well stocked bar and enjoy the best hotdogs in town - The Dog House Hotdog Bar is coming soon. Sharkey’s is the ultimate place Sharkey’s is equipped with 10 Sam for sports and pool fans in Billiards American Pool tables, 2 English Bournemouth. Relax with a mate, Supreme Winner Tournament standard enjoy the sport and exclusive to tables and 10 high definition screens The Game readers, Sharkey’s are including a brand new 150” HD screen. offering 2 hours FREE pool and a There’s also free WIFI, fruit machines FREE shot of your choice. and if you want a break from the pool Don’t miss out! Get down to tables, why not have a go at darts or Sharkey’s today. table football?



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GET BACK IN SHAPE THE HEALTHY WAY 1. Fitness during Pregnancy Whatever you can do before becoming pregnant you can continue to do throughout your pregnancy - as long as you listen to your body and stop when it tells you to.

6. Eat 5 smaller meals per day If you wait until you’re starving to eat a meal, you’ll end up eating too much. So, avoid overeating and keep your metabolism on an even keel by having five to six small meals throughout the day. Exerformance Nutrition encourages you to eat really WELL, incorporating a wide range of whole foods in your diet.


• Make sure that you are having a low risk pregnancy – chat with your midwife to confirm this • Avoid participating in contact sports - in case of bumping the bump • Ensure you do pelvic floor exercises as often as possible • Ensure you are really well hydrated – and that you don’t get too hot because this can raise the developing baby’s temperature and is not advised

7. Enjoy Smart Snacks Stock your cupboards with good snacks not bad, to avoid temptation. Replace sugary snacks with fruits to satisfy that sweet craving and balance the intake of sugar with protein. Keep washed and cut fruit and veggies on hand. Try apples with peanut butter or cottage cheese, or yoghurt with berries. Eat some protein mid afternoon before cravings hit and keep your energy levels high – try oatcakes and smoked salmon. Exerformance ‘Eat Well’ have a list of other great snack ideas for you to include.

2. Fitness after Childbirth Remember that childbirth is the most natural thing a woman can do and should be considered normality rather than illness! So, you should be able to get back to doing anything you did pre- childbirth as soon as your body feels ready – but START SLOWLY! Start by taking a 30 minute walk at least 3 times a week or participating in a post pregnancy yoga class. For young mums and babies, did you know that walking and gentle running with the pram is not only good for you, but also to the baby by allowing it to get some vitamin D, which in turn will prevent jaundice!

IMPORTANT POINTS TO BE AWARE OF: • Don’t start exercising until after lochia (bleeding) has stopped • If you have had a caesarean section – this will have caused major abdominal trauma so the first 6 weeks should be bed rest. • If you’ve had a normal delivery and have had stitches, wait until they’ve healed properly before doing anything strenuous. • Carry on doing pelvic floor exercises post childbirth – and don’t do any strenuous exercises until you are confident these muscles are strong enough (i.e. no leaking) 3. Be easy on yourself It takes time. Your body has been through massive changes over the past nine months; don’t expect it to be like your pre-baby self for a while. Even though it seems movie stars appear to shed their post-pregnancy pounds in a week, in reality it doesn’t happen that fast or easily. 4. Breastfeed If it’s possible for you and your baby, breastfeeding makes it easier to lose those pregnancy pounds because it burns calories. However you should make sure you take in an average of 400 calories extra of nutrient dense foods per day during this time. EXERFORMANCE: Who are we? Exerformance was inspired by the founder’s passion for sport and exercise. Our academic backgrounds are in Sport and Exercise Science – researching physiology, biomechanics and performance of the human body. This knowledge combined with elite sporting experience also allows us to provide excellent strength coaching to teams, sporting amateurs who are aiming at national ranking positions, and top national athletes who have gone on to medal at major championships (World and Olympics).



We want to make this experience and knowledge accessible to everyone – whether you are a first time exerciser or an elite athlete aiming for Gold. All we ask of you is that you WANT IT so together we can DO IT letting you achieve to BE IT. Exerformance combine practical, functional and theoretical knowledge to make sure that when we DO IT we optimise the chance to BE IT. And when you BE IT we

5. Drink Lots of Water Good hydration is essential! Water is like the oil that keeps the wheels turning smoothly. Hydration is essential for weight loss, helping digestion and suppressing your appetite. If you can press your skin and it doesn’t spring back quickly, you might be dehydrated. Aim for eight glasses a day.

8. Eat plenty of fibre Keep things moving and regulate your blood sugar levels with a high-fibre diet. Enjoy as wide a range of foods as possible, including fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses and brown rice. Choose breads such as pumpernickel and rye. 9. Eat Lean Protein Replace fatty meats with leaner options. Wild salmon is a great source of Omega3s, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and help with weight loss. Women with breastfeeding babies should limit tuna intake to 6 oz. a week and avoid swordfish, due to concerns about methyl mercury levels. 10. Get Support and Think Ahead Ask for help, whether it be talking to your family about keeping the junk food out of the house or working with us as nutritional experts. Ask a friend or your partner to help you get organised in planning and preparing food for each week. Divide it into individual servings and freeze them. Ask someone else to mind the baby while you take a walk or a nap (don’t underestimate the power of restful sleep). Last but not least: make sure you’re getting the emotional support you need (having a new baby ISN’T easy) - because we all know that feeling sad can and often does = a tub of ice cream!

work with you to maintain your achieved ambition and help you look towards future goals. Contact Us: Email:


Camping! If you haven’t heard about South Coast Glamping yet, you soon will! Specialising in luxury furnished bell tent hire for weddings, hen do’s, parties, events and other special occasions on the South coast of England, the chic new company have everything you need to start your love affair with ‘Glamping’ – or should we say super glamorous camping in 2014! various bedding options – just some of the things needed to make your ‘glamping’ experience one that you won’t forget.

Local business couple AJ Nicholson and Becki Halls have teamed up to launch South Coast Glamping, a ‘luxury bell tent hire’ business, based in Lymington, Hampshire and plan to catapult the world of glamping to the forefront of all our minds across Dorset, Hampshire and West Sussex this summer. With a range of packages available, South Coast Glamping will ensure your glamorous camping experience is one to remember. Fully furnished bell tents come complete with luxury inflatable mattresses, cosy rugs and throws, boutique furniture, beautiful tea lights and bunting, together with

Whether you’re heading off for a simple weekend break away, or you’re planning the biggest day of your life, there’s a bell tent to suit you. Owner Becki says “Our Bridal Bell Tent offers a romantic alternative to a traditional hotel room. Nestled within the walls of the thick cotton canvas 5 meter tent, is a wrought iron bed, complete with real mattress, fresh cotton bedding and complimentary champagne and chocolates, not forgetting all the luxuries of our Gold Package such as furniture and lighting too!“ She adds, “More and more brides are choosing bell tent villages to create a festival style wedding for their guests. With up to 6 people in each tent, it really is an affordable option and what’s more,

up to 6 people in each tent, “With it really is an affordable option everyone can stay until the last dance, meaning the party really does go on!” AJ and Becki are no strangers to the world of tents and events! South Coast Marquees, their ‘sister’ company, has just celebrated its 8th

For those of you who have always liked the idea of camping but never wanted to give up the luxuries of your home comforts; now is the time to take off your shoes and dip your toes into the wonderful world of bell tents and glamping.

anniversary and supplies modern structure marquees for weddings and events across the South Coast of England. AJ said, “After the success of our marquee business, the decision to launch into bell tent hire was a natural one.”

To find out more about the packages available, visit or call AJ and Becki on 07792 493 439 or 07792 851 447.

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Bournemouth Bay Run 30th March If you’re a dedicated runner or just like a brisk walk, all in the aid of The British Heart Foundation, the Bournemouth Bay Run offers a family friendly 1k run, 5k, 10k and a half marathon distances all along the beautiful sea front. Find out more > get-involved/events/runs/eventinformation/bournemouth-bayrun.aspx

Winter Paralympics - Sochi 7th - 16th March We all know that the nation was gripped by the London 2012 Paralympics and the winter event in Sochi should be no different. Off the back of an amazing couple of weeks we now see another wave of incredible athletes taking on the snow and ice.

Jurassic Coast Challenge

21st - 23rd March

The ultimate in a local challenge! 3 marathons in 3 days along the Jurassic Coast. Whether you run, walk or crawl, it’s an immense total 78.6 miles of stunning scenery and undoubted pain! Find out more:



02 03

March continues with the exciting Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia starting on the 7th and there is plenty going on locally for sports fans...

MARCH 2014

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne 16th March It’s time for a new breed of Formula 1 cars. Gone are the screeching V8 engines and in are the more efficient V6 engine. With a different sound and certainly a different looking nose of the car, the new season looks like it might throw a few spanners in the works for the ‘usual suspects’!

04 Wessex BIG Weekend LeAF Academy Saturday 8th March from 12pm Come and watch the Wessex teams take on their opponents in the final of the Super 8s season before the playoffs commence. This is set to be a FREE afternoon of action packed games for all three teams battling for the top points. 12pm Wessex BU vs New Forest 2pm Wessex Rocare vs Team South Wales 4pm Wessex LeAF BU vs Coventry & Warwick Riga Find out more:



The Beko National Keepy-Uppy Challenge Last month, FA Cup partner, Beko launched the new National Keepy-Uppy challenge to get families and communities across the UK active. Local FA Cup hero Darren Anderton and ex-Liverpool winger John Barnes took on the challenge at AFC Bournemouth Goldsands Stadium where fans and residents got the chance to meet the FA Cup Legends. The Beko Keepy-Uppy Challenge is open for everyone to enter, whether as an individual, club, or school. To enter, fans simply upload a short video which showcases their skills and keepy-uppys to Prizes include sought-after FA Cup Final tickets, exclusive team training at The FA’s National Football Centre, St George’s Park, and top-of-the-range Beko appliances. In addition, Beko will make a donation to its charity partner Barnardo’s for every video entry received. The closing date for entries is 21st April 2014 and winners will be announced on the 5th May, selected by an FA Legend and the current Guinness World Record holder for Keepy-Uppy’s, Dan Magness. CLOSES 21ST APRIL - GET YOUR ENTRIES IN

Find out more:




Tell us about your favourite style of dance and others that you’ve done? It’s contemporary dance, the fluent movement and emotions behind it. It’s graceful and gorgeous to watch. I’ve also done lots of musical theatre, street dance and contemporary dance too.


g un yo s d e an viti en acti eir r ild t th ut ch en ut bo al iffer d o n a nd c e o d n o a o l in o fi iti ts ‘On g t ed ea t amb spor ur n i v o ak ol ar d he in e. pe inv the n an in t ove tur s e s io a l t l e e’r op os at ar ey ’ fe W pe acr otiv g p s th tch n m aki itie wa t tiv to ac

You’re studying Performing Arts at Sixth Form, what are you hoping to do once qualified? I want to go to Hertfordshire University to do their 4 year sandwich course in Business and Event Management with the one year placement taking place abroad. After this, I want to set up my own events management company. Do you do any other fitness training and do you need to follow any special diet? I go for runs outside alongside bike rides between Bournemouth to Poole. I also look at youtube workout videos and do cardio, star jumps and press ups while sticking some music over the top and exercising in my bedroom. I don’t follow any particular diet, but whatever I eat, I burn it off. In our 6th Form prospectus there’s a picture of me which was taken when I was in year 11 and due to all the dancing I’ve done over the last year I’ve lost so much weight which is an amazing achievement.

Name Activity

Julianne Langston Dancing

Hi Julianne, thanks for talking to us. Can you tell us a bit about your dancing and how you got into it? I started in London at the age of 5 in ballet and tap. After an accident, I had a year off until I saw an advert for Footlights Youth Theatre. I stayed with them for 6 years, doing two performances a year. One of the main directors was Paul F Monaghan, who performed in Phantom of the Opera and is Colin Farrell’s uncle. I did a term of street dance at Sylvia Young’s Theatre School aged 13 before moving to Bournemouth and studying GCSE and A Levels. Why did you choose dancing and what do you love about it the most? I was interested in it from a really young age, watching West End performances with my dad. I love dance because it shows lots of emotions through physical movement and there’s the free expression it brings whilst also keeping me fit and healthy.

How do you balance your training with your studies? It’s hard to balance, but because dancing is my studies it helps. I tend to fit other exercise in and around my studies, mainly on a Sunday.

Finally if there are young people reading this that may want to get into dancing, what would you recommend? I recommend that they get started as soon as possible, get the dance training Are you working on anything coming that suits their needs and don’t just go for the first thing they see. Take a look up in the near future? at part time classes like Sylvia Young I’m the Director and a performer in and head to your local dance centre our 6th Form performance at Rock Challenge on 11th March at the Pavilion like Pavilion Dance South West and see what is right for you. Theatre which is based on Wikileaks. I’m also preparing a dance for the Thank you, Julianne and we wish you all Origins youth dance platform which the best with your future. is happening at Pavilion Dance South West on 15th March too. Find out more




IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & HAPPINESS WHATEVER YOUR AGE • Taekwondo is for everyone - whether you’re 4 or 80, male or female, sporty or not • You’ll get a full body workout for improved fitness strength and flexibility • Feel more confident and positive • Be healthier and have more energy • Make lots of new friends ARM YOUR CHILD WITH LIFE SKILLS • Great energy outlet • Positive self image • Character development • Built self-esteem • Focus and concentration • Improve confidence • Respect for self and others • Motor skills development • Self control and self defence TRAINING TIMES: MONDAY 18:30-20:00 CARTER COMMUNITY SCHOOL, BLANDFORD CLOSE, HAMWORTHY, POOLE. TUESDAY & FRIDAY 18:30-20:00 YMCA BOURNEMOUTH, WESTOVER ROAD, BOURNEMOUTH.


Email: Follow us on Facebook: /BTS.Bournemouth

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CAPTAIN This month, our pro comes with some of the highest accolades in his sport, rugby. He played over 200 games for Leicester Tigers over 14 seasons, including winning the Premiership 7 times over and playing in the Heineken Cup Final 3 times, British and Irish Lions player, over 70 England caps including the 6 Nations, and of course, a WORLD CUP WINNER. We speak to rugby legend, Lewis Moody MBE, about life on and off the pitch, his coaching business - Mad Dog Sport, winning a World Cup Final, and his thoughts and views on the world’s largest rugby, netball and music festival, The Bournemouth 7s.





You’re taking part in the London Marathon in April, which charity are you running for and are you involved with any other charity events in the next few months? I’m running for Chron’s and Colitis UK. Colitis is a condition that I’ve suffered with since 2005 and it’s been more widely known recently with Darren Fletcher’s struggles with it. We’ve got an event on the 27th March called ‘United for Colitis’ taking place at Man United with Darren and Alex Ferguson and a number of key Man U guys and we’ll be talking about our experiences with the condition. It’s a huge part of my life and it’s great to be able to help in some small way to raise money for it and doing something I’ve always wanted to do as well, the London Marathon. You’ve been a big part of top sportswear brand, Viper 10 and the Bournemouth 7’s Festival and you’re an Ambassador for both. What does your role involve? The owner of both, Roger Woodall, is a good friend of mine and he asked me to get involved with it when the first festival took place and I’ve been going ever since. I just think it’s a fantastic rugby facility. But, it’s not just about the rugby; it’s a great festival environment, there’s music, fun family activities going on in the day and it’s a wonderful event to be a part of. We were talking earlier about spreading the benefits of rugby and this festival is a great example of that. The festival has other sports as well as the rugby - there’s Dodgeball, Hockey, Netball. It’s grown to be a massive festival and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it over the last 6 years. I’m a shareholder for Viper 10 and have been involved from its inception. I remember sitting with Roger when he first had the idea for the brand. Viper 10 is a wonderful clothing brand. I love being involved with companies that I really believe in. It’s not just about the big names like Nike, Adidas and the large names; it’s about being involved with something you believe in. Roger had a vision and its continually growing and changing. I love the hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. I still keep really fit so I’m constantly in training kit and the Viper 10 kit is spot on for this. It’s one of those brands that people want to wear. For me, it’s been wonderful to be a part of it and promoting it for others to see the quality of Viper 10. Hi Lewis, thank you for speaking with us. Now you’re retired from playing can you tell us about your business, Mad Dog Sport and how you’re engaging with schools and clubs across the region? I took a year out when I retired and was offered a coaching job. I’d spent 17 years playing rugby and thought I needed a break away from it. The longer you’re away from something, the more you realise the things that you enjoy and the things you want to do. I did quite a bit of adhoc coaching here and there and bits abroad and realised how much I enjoyed it so I set up a company with my wife called Mad Dog Sport. It takes bespoke rugby coaching into schools. So, instead of putting on big camps where you have different groups of kids from different places, it benefits a specific school team or club team and work on improving their standards. Ideally, we want to take it to

more and more schools that don’t have rugby at the moment and target non-rugby playing schools. I think rugby has so much to offer in terms of values so it’s a great way for me to give back to the schools and to kids and to the game which gave me so much. I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s not just

Are you looking forward to this year’s festival and will we see you taking part in the dodgeball again this year?! Yes, I’m really looking forward to it and I’m sure we’ll be taking part in the Dodgeball again this year! I’ve been trying to get ‘Dodge’ (Roger Woodall) to put in a golden

“The town is full of life and buzzing. I love being in Sandbanks and Poole Harbour – enjoying sitting in the cafés with a coffee, looking out over the water and doing some kite boarding. It’s great.” about the rugby; it’s about understanding trust, teamwork, enjoyment - all these things that sometimes get lost. It’s a UK wide company and we’ve got schools getting involved locally and all over the country.

oldie team. The actual 7s is too physical! That probably sounds strange coming from me, but my body took such a battering over the years, I try and play non-contact games before I disintegrate! Dodgeball is about my limit. My wife is putting forward a team too.



What do you think of Bournemouth and the surrounding area when you come and visit and where are some of your favourite places to go? Most of my mates have migrated down there recently. We thought about moving a few years ago. My kids are at school up in Bath and it makes life a bit harder but, I love visiting. Sandbanks and Branksome beaches are fantastic. I’ve got a number of mates that live there now so we visit a lot and I love being by the sea. I’ve been down there on days when it’s pouring with rain and overcast but being able to walk along the beach, there is something special about that. I enjoy the pace of life. It really is a lovely part of the world. Bournemouth used to have a reputation of being a retirement area but it’s very different to that. The town is full of life and buzzing. I love being in Sandbanks and Poole Harbour – enjoying sitting in the cafés with a coffee, looking out over the water and doing some kite boarding. It’s great. You’ve had long career in a sport where your body takes a constant battering, especially playing in the position you did. How did you cope with that? I always saw injury as part and parcel of rugby. I was frustrated, of course, when I got any injury. All you want to do as a player is play the game so when you can’t it is very frustrating. To play this game you have to know there are injuries around every corner and if you can’t cope with that, then maybe the sport is not for you. One of the ways that I can deal with the issues that life throws at me is because of the mindset that rugby gave me. Whatever is put in your way, you deal with it, and it is just an obstacle to get around. I saw every injury as exactly that and I see colitis in that way. I continue to see all challenges in a similar way and feel very blessed that rugby gave me that perception. What were the worst injuries you had? I had 15 operations in total but the worst didn’t require any surgery. I tried to charge a ball down against Gloucester and Charlie Sharples caught his foot square in my left eye. I was blinded for 48 hours and literally couldn’t see out of that eye. I’ve been left with permanent scarring on the retina and decreased vision by about 20% so that was an impressive one but, it didn’t stop me playing - I was back in 6 weeks. It’s every schoolboy’s dream to represent his country and you did it over 70 times, how did it feel to win your first cap? I went on tour and my then club coach, John Wells, decided he would give me the start. It was a very emotional day. I wouldn’t say I wept or cried or anything like that because it was the one thing I had been focused on doing ever since I started playing rugby when I was 5. But, even more so when my dad took me to my first game at Twickenham when I was 14. I remember leaving the stand and saying to my dad, which may sound arrogant but it was confidence, that the next time we come back here, I would be playing. I was true to my word; the next game I played at Twickenham was an under 21s with England and then beyond that, as a full international. Rugby was always the thing I knew I could do and what I was good at and I had a great deal of confidence in my own ability. But, my first cap was in Canada in front of about 1000 people so it wasn’t quite the 80,000 people at Twickenham that I was expecting!

The 2003 World Cup final... one of the most nail biting games ever. You won the line out that led to Jonny Wilkinson’s drop goal. What was going through your mind when you were waiting for the line out to be thrown? At that point, there were no nerves whatsoever. All my nervous energy had been spent on the bench. When you’re not on the pitch you’re anxious to get on and as soon as you’re on, you just get on with it. You’re in your comfort zone, you’re doing what you know and life is simple. It’s where you want to be. You don’t want to be sat there thinking about what can go wrong. The first involvement I had, the ball came to me and I was in the game. We rehearse in training for moments exactly like that – when you’re at the end of a match and you’re 2 minutes away from the end of the game and you need 3 points, a try or 1 point, whatever it was. We rehearsed that on numerous occasions in training, when it came to it, it nullified the pressure and became the norm. In the 6 Nations, it’s all very even as it stands right now (interview done 24th Feb) with four teams on 4 points, who do you think will win and who has the hardest run in? I thought Ireland was the favourite at the weekend, but I still think it will be between England and Ireland. I think England have probably got the easier run in. They’ve got to beat Wales which is no easy task and then they’ve got Italy away which is a slightly easier game to finish up on whereas some of the other teams have got a lot tougher runs ins. If England can now go and get some revenge against Wales from last year’s game, I can see them going in as favourites for that final match. The England back line has less experience than the other teams but they seem to be holding their own at the moment. Do you think they are doing enough to keep their places going forward? Very much so, there haven’t been many others in terms of experience that have really stuck their hand out. Chris Ashton hasn’t been on form. Strettle plays well but he doesn’t deliver on the international stage, every guy has to take their opportunity. Jack Nowell and Jonny May have done that in abundance. It creates more strength and depth when the likes of Christian Wade, Marland Yarde, Chris Ashton and all those guys get back into the squad. It just keeps driving that competition. I’ve been really impressed with the young guys in that back line. QUICK FIRE QUESTIONS Best player you’ve played with? Martin Johnson Best player you’ve played against? Richie McCaw Hardest player? Bakkies Botha Best try you scored? Probably the first try I scored for Leicester from the half way line. As a young flanker, I out sprinted the then Scottish winger, Iwan Tukalo and I was quite chuffed about that! Best friend in rugby? Geordan Murphy and Leon Lloyd Best manager played under? Clive Woodward Proudest moment in rugby? The World Cup was huge but before that was the first time we won the Heineken Cup with Leicester. There was such a team environment; everyone from the kit man to the back room staff, everyone played their part and it was such great celebration. Thank you for speaking to us Lewis and we look forward to seeing you at the 7s Festival in May. PHOTOGRAPHY: WWW.CHRISTIANLAWSON.CO.UK





A Well presented one bedroom converted ground floor flat situated within easy access of Shops and Amenities along Christchurch Road with regular buses into Bournemouth Town Centre. Features include Modern Kitchen, Modern Bathroom, Gas Central Heating, Double Glazing, Allocated off Road Parking.15/03/2014.


A Well Presented Two Bedroom First Floor Converted Flat situated within easy access of Bournemouth Town Centre. Features include Two Double Bedrooms, Gas Central Heating, En-suite Shower Room, Family Bathroom, Allocated ORP, Fully Furnished. Available Now.





A well presented modern one bedroom top floor flat situated in Bournemouth town centre. Extensive shops and amenities can be located in the town centre which is within walking distance. Features include- Modern Kitchen, Modern Bathroom, Gas Central Heating.15/03/2014.

A Well Presented Two Bedroom Ground Floor Purpose Built Flat built approx 2 years ago situated close to Poole Park and Poole Town Centre. Features Include Secure Underground Parking, Gas Central under floor Heating, Modern Kitchen and Bathroom, Double Glazing, Patio Area, Communal Bike Shed.15/03/2014

A Brand New One Bedroom Purpose Built First Floor Flat situated within easy access of Bournemouth Train Station and ASDA. New Kitchens with Fridge and Freezer and Washing Machines, Fully Tiled Bathroom Suites with Showers, Under floor Gas Central Heating, UPVC Double Glazing, New Carpets and Blinds.15/03/2014.

A Well Presented Two Bedroom End of Terrance House built approx 6 years ago and offers a Modern Kitchen, Modern Bathroom, Downstairs Cloakroom, UPVC Double Glazing, Gas Central Heating, Private Small patio Garden area, allocated Off Road Parking, Shops and local amenities can be found on Holdenhurst Rd. 01/04/2014




01202 777704 76-78 Charminster Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 8US TEL: 01202 777704


23 09


A key word that sums up both fitness, but also the way a career at Health-on-Line seems to make you feel according to its employees - like a

NOT JUST A JOB. A CAREER. < with Health-on-Line > The motivation and ambition Hannah needed to progress in her career, also transfers to her interest in sport. As a regular attendee of the gym, as well as her love of Netball, Hannah certainly applies her ambition to this area of her life. Hannah comments, “Although not straight away, I’ve learnt to love the gym - the way it makes you feel and the energy that it gives you - I feel like a different person”.

‘Not Just A Job. A Career’.

This is the slogan that you may have seen painted around Bournemouth in recent times - Health-on-Line’s latest recruitment campaign. After recruiting over 100 people during 2013, it is hard to believe Health-on-Line are still recruiting. However, with the company expanding so rapidly, still more vacancies are available, ranging from Marketing to Sales. With expansion, progression also comes as a naturally occurring feature. This is something the New Business Team Manager, Hannah Pocock is accustomed to, after joining Health-on-Line in November 2010. After studying a joint Literature degree in English and Sociology in London, working in customer service was something that Hannah fell into as what she would describe as a ‘temporary job’. Hannah worked in her previous company for almost 10 months, but started looking for another job after month 3 (month 1 was spent in training!), and came across Health-on-Line. What was different about Health-on-Line? A question that we put to Hannah - her response being:

This is a re-occurring theme that comes up from every Health-on-Line employee we speak to - the culture. The culture of innovation, pace and continual improvement all come together to not only the processes and systems used to sell Private Medical Insurance, but also to the employees - resulting in careers developing, not just jobs. For Hannah, she knew she wanted to progress within a company and ‘fulfil her potential’ after going to university, and Health-on-Line offered the perfect opportunity. From being employed as a customer service agent in 2010 when Hannah spent her day dealing with post, packing documents and responding to customer queries, Hannah has since had two promotions - now resulting in her current title of New Business Team Manager. In her current role Hannah now manages a team of 10 individuals, dealing with system and HR issues, as well as general administration - not bad for someone aged just 25.

“At my previous job I felt like a tiny cog in a huge system. Health-on-Line has a massively different culture - it is a fairly large company, but every person is made to feel valuable and can make a big difference to the working environment”. 30 08


flat of the






The Game talks exclusively to Matti Hemmings, pro Flatland BMXer, Guinness World Record holder and performer of BMX demonstrations to tens of thousands of people at major UK events and to schools across the area. We ask him about his sport, how he started and what his aims are for the future.  Hi Matti, thanks for talking to us… can you describe to our readers what Flatland BMXing is? Flatland BMX is described by many as breakdancing on a bike - riders perform a unique display of ground tricks with all kinds of twists and spins on one wheel.  No ramps or objects are needed to perform tricks.    What got you into it and how old were you when you started?  I started riding flatland at the age of 15 after coming across it on the extreme sports channel showing a contest called ‘King of Concrete’ in Southsea. After that, I became hooked on it and wanted to give it ago.   Flatland BMXing isn’t the kind of sport you go somewhere to learn, how did you become so good at what you do? Yeah, Flatland BMX is an individual sport. I normally ride on my own most days going over the same tricks to get them consistent. Sometimes, it’s hard work to learn new tricks as the more you learn, the harder they become. Like the limbless move in the picture, rolling on the back wheel without your feet or arms placed on the bike. This took a number of hours and even days to get it consistent. There aren’t many people that can do this consistently in Flatland BMX. At what point did you realise you were good enough to start performing?  I never really thought about if I was good enough to perform. I was approached by a company to do shows a few years ago. Since then, a lot of companies have asked me to work with them to deliver high level BMX Flatland displays. Everyone who has ever watched me ride has always enjoyed my performance.

Part of your work includes performing to kids in schools and you have done for several schools in the Bournemouth area, how do the kids react when they watch you do what you do?  I’ve come up with a format that works well that incorporates bike tricks with positive messages in an inspirational talk. It encourages the children to work hard and the importance of ‘practice makes perfect’ to achieve their goals. Every school visit in Bournemouth and across the UK is always the same - the children are excited and enjoy the show and there is always a workshop session after each display that allows the children to have ago at some basic BMX tricks. Teachers normally forward me letters from the children about how they have liked the BMX display and found the messages have helped them with their own interests. It’s always a good feeling to have inspired young people.   If children and young people want to get involved with what you do, how is the best way for them to go about it?  The best way for young people to get involved with BMX is to purchase a cheap BMX, if they don’t have one, to start out and watch few ‘how to’ videos on youtube. Depending on the sort of BMX riding they want to do, the best way would be to research clubs or skate parks in their areas.  Do you do any other sport? I’m a keen road cyclist as well and try to find time to go out on long rides. I recently got interested in golf as well after being invited along for bit of fun at a golf club. But, my main sport is Flatland BMX and I don’t think this will ever change.

You’re a current Guinness World record holder, what did you have to do to achieve this? Yes, I have a Guinness World Record for the most BMX cliffhanger spins with one foot on the handle bars. My record in one minute is 56. To achieve this, I had to break 30 spins or more. I managed to do this and I felt awesome after it. It’s a very weird feeling to describe by text.

What’s your best way to unwind after a big performance or training session? The best way for me to unwind would have to be feet up on the sofa and watch a movie. Some people would say a glass of wine, that’s not me.

Performing all over the UK you must spend a lot of time on the road, how do you manage your work and life balance with all THE travelling around to different locations?   I don’t have a management team like most athletes so sometimes I find it hard to balance work and my life outside BMX. But, I have managed to form a system that works well to balance both. So far, it seems to be working really well.

How can people keep up with news on your events? If anyone wants to keep up with news on my events you can follow me on twitter and instagram @mattihemmings or my facebook fans page.

Finally, sum up your sport in three words? Focused, Creative, Exciting...

Thank you for talking to us, Matti and we look forward to seeing you back in Bournemouth performing again soon. 



Mission No. 17 PARKOUR at Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth Last month, our hero put his regular viewing of ‘Dancing on Ice’ into practise by having a go at ice skating at the indoor rink, BIC. With the help of the penguins (usually used by the under 5’s!), Dan impressed us with his graceful moves by the end of the session. This month, we felt it was time to get off the snow and ice and back onto dry land. Parkour or freerunning is fast becoming a popular activity with all age groups using the structures and surfaces around us in urban spaces to move around it. Walls, drops, buildings, rails, slopes and many other obstacles are used for jumping, vaulting, climbing, balancing, rolling and swinging requiring incredible strength and using all the muscle groups in the body. Pavilion Dance South West run Parkour sessions for adults and children to master some of the gymnastic style skills and to build strength, teaching the fundamentals in a safe way. So, we sent our hero off to the Pavilion on a very wet Saturday afternoon for an action packed hour of Parkour!


Hi Dan, you did well on the ice last month, have you managed to get back down there for some more practice? I did indeed, I went back down there with my wife and we re-enacted Torville & Dean’s Bolero, not in terms of our skating but she wore a purple scarf and I wore purple socks. This month, we are challenging you to try out a lesser known activity but one which is be practised by many people all over the world, just using their surroundings… have you ever heard of Parkour? I have heard of Parkour, it means the ‘art of movement’ getting from point A to point B in a straight a line as possible (using efficient body movements)… just call me Professor Parkour. Parkour requires great strength using muscles all over the body… do you think you’re up to the challenge?! As always, I’m up for the challenge but I’m not well known for my herculean feats of strength and agility - I’m more well known for my incredible upper body weakness so I’m a bit nervous about this one.


Wow! Some of those moves looked tough Dan. What did you think of your Parkour experience? Oh man, that was tough but fun! I was introduced to an advanced class of Parkour free runners so naturally, as a beginner; I fitted right in – haha! The group were really welcoming and friendly, I soon learnt that this type of exercise is great for strength, conditioning and flexibility as I struggled manoeuvring my body in and out of some gymnastics equipment. Thought I got stuck at one point which would have been embarrassing!

How hard was the session? As a beginner, I found it hard but that was because I really pushed myself (EPIC FAIL), in hindsight, I would advise easing into the first session as days later, my quads are still burning. Like most sports you try for the first time, stamina becomes a key factor but what surprised me the most was the jumping and landing is a lot more technical than you first think, it is a real art as you have to re-train your body to move and land differently which feels a bit odd.

Do you think going to sessions where you get it was a shame the class help and guidance to couldn’t get outside learn the fundamentals after the warm up due is a good idea before to the weather, to put tackling the great some of the moves into outdoors? Save yourself a practice. What was your trip to A&E and contact your favourite move and why? local Parkour/free runners club Personally, I really enjoyed the before you get out there and indoor session as it was warm attempt jumping from height and dry, outside was windy and for the first time – knowing wet. This particular Parkour how to move and land safely is club is run at Pavilion Dance in vital to this activity. Scott, the Bournemouth which has some Parkour instructor, has 9 years amazing brick walls, rails and experience and locally, is one other challenging obstacles of the best free runners around, outside which are ideal for he was really encouraging and learning Parkour on. I learnt gave me some great advice to jumping and landing techniques, improve my technique. which was cool.

We’ve seen lots of people using our great surroundings along the coast and around town to do Parkour, do you think it will continue to grow in popularity? It’s funny you say that, I was driving along Castle Lane two days after my session and there were two lads about 14 years old jumping across walls and handrails. My initial reaction when I saw them was to join in; it can be quite an addictive sport and no matter what your age - who doesn’t want to play at being Spiderman? Finally, did you pack some Deep Heat because we think you could be in for some achy legs in the morning! As I write this, my legs do have a stiff case of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)…thank you again, Professor Parkour. Well done Dan and we’ll see you for the next challenge!

34 WWW.THEGAMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK Pavilion Dance start a new adult Parkour session in April Wednesday 6-7pm. Find out more > 34





District 13 Release Date: 2004 Language: French with English Subtitles or dubbed

With its rise in popularity, the urban sport of Parkour seems to have broken out of its sub culture and is rapidly becoming more mainstream. To coincide with classes now running here in sunny Bournemouth (See our Have A Go Hero page opposite), I was excited to find this gem of a film that had completely gone under my raider. To add further gravitas to this foreign film, it is currently in development for a remake by the USA and is due for release this year under the new film title of ‘Brick Mansions’. So for those of you who shun the subtitle and like your movies to speak the Queens English, well you don’t have long to wait very long. However, I implore you to check out the original…

Set in the not too distant future of 2010 (I know... but it was released in 2004. Stay with me kids!), Leito; played by the immensely talented Parkour pioneer ‘David Belle’; has lived all his life in District B13, a Parisian ghetto, locked within high walls where violent gangs rule and law enforcement do nothing to stop these gangs tearing each other apart along with those living in this locked down zone. Leito is a vigilante on a one man mission, set on bringing down the drug lords poisoning his city and handing them over to the police.

Until, that is, after a successful attempt, the law enforcement outside these walls refuse to arrest Taha (Bibi Naceri), the criminal overlord and release him holding Leito’s sister, Lola (Dany Verissimo) back into the urban wild lands.



District 13 directed by Luc Besson is a cross between Escape From New York and The Raid. I loved it and if you are into some kick ass action with a killer score that pumps harder than the Prodigy, this definitely won’t let you down and will leave you jumping for more!


With corrupt police now holding Leito the only way to save his sister is to escape and go it alone. This seems impossible under police lockdown. When the authorities realize that a nuclear weapon has been smuggled into district B13, specially trained policeman and martial artist, Damien (Cyril Raffaelli) is given the task of retrieving the nuclear bomb before Paris and the innocent outside the district are destroyed. Damien is not going to be able to find and deactivate the bomb on his own. When he learns that Leito’s sister has been abducted by the same gang, and knowing Leito won’t trust the police, Damien needs to fool Leito to gain his trust by attempting to break him out of police custody. The pair soon forge a reluctant partnership that merges the power of law enforcement with the ‘anythinggoes’ attitude of the vigilante. This film combines jaw dropping Parkour and stunt sequences which were filmed without the aid of wires or computer generated effects. David Belle, who plays Leito, is considered to be the founder of the sport and it’s all to clear his talents are beyond exceptional. Combined with Cyril Raffaelli as the police side kick, a mixed martial artist and stunt man utilising Shotokan Karate with Wushu, this pair spend most of their time onscreen looking like the best Jackie Chan film you have ever seen.





Kit and caboodle BY FOUNDER AND CEO GARY HAWKINS Winter is always a quiet time for KiteRight. As winter storm after winter storm lash the UK we head inside, kites safely in storage, and busy ourselves with applying for grants. Grants and fundraisers are the lifeblood of any charity; both are scarce in the bleak economic climate we all face. KiteRight however has been fortunate on both fronts during 2013 and the early part of 2014.

During the course of 2013 we have had a myriad of people from all walks of life take on some amazing challenges



During the course of 2013 we have had a myriad of people from all walks of life take on some amazing challenges. These have included; cycling to Paris, walking the Thames path, skydiving and doing night runs. In total these herculean efforts have raised well over £12,000 for the charity. I cant thank you all enough.

Grants come in all shapes and sizes and each has its own complex process of application and scrutiny. With ever decreasing pots of money and ever increasing demand, competition is fierce. KiteRight is fortunate to have a tenacious volunteer fundraiser, Tania Poole, who has helped secure funding over the course of the year. However, two grants stand out above all others. In June 2013 we were awarded the support of a mentor. The mentor shared their expertise, knowledge and experience, supporting us to overcome challenges, learn new skills and help us run KiteRight in a more sustainable way. Part of this process was to develop a 3-year business plan and apply for a large grant from Sported. Sported is a UK charity, leaving a lasting legacy from London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics by transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people through sport and is also a grant giver. In January 2014 we were awarded a £15,000 grant over 3 years. The grant monies are ring fenced into the following categories: Equipment, Development co-

ordinator and instructor costs. Secondly, Sport England. Also in January 2014, we were awarded £5324 from Sport England’s “Get Equipped” grant. Sport England is committed to helping people and communities across the country create sporting habits for life. These monies are ring fenced for buying more equipment. These two grants will allow us to expand our stock of equipment and therefore expand the range of kite related experiences we are able to offer people with disabilities. In addition to the equipment, we have been able to employ our first member of staff which is a massive leap forward for a small and growing charity. Jackie Twine comes to us with a strong background in the charity sector and will be initially working for KiteRight one day per week in her role of Development Co-ordinator. The combination of these grants and fundraising efforts have ensured that KiteRight remains sustainable into the future and that we are able to put smiles onto the faces of more people with disabilities and let them feel the freedom that kite sports can offer.

KiteRight was founded in April of 2012 and is a charitable organisation using Kite-Sports to empower, support, change, educate and employ people with Physical, Mental Health or Learning Challenges.


KiteRight was founded in April of 2012 and is a charitable organisation using Kite-Sports to empower, support, change, educate and employ people with Physical, Mental Health or Learning Challenges.

KiteRight was founded in April of 2012 and is a charitable organisation using Kite-Sports to empower, support, change, educate and employ people with Physical, Mental Health or Learning Challenges.



BOURNEMOUTH FIT BODY BOOT CAMP 376 Charminster Road, Bournemouth


ONLY £107 AND JUST 18 SPACES AVAILABLE • up to 20 sessions per week • Unlimited training • Full nutrition and training guide • Email and phone support • Photo and full measurements

a ning f win o i! e n i c han ad M ith a c and an iP w n i r Be ove Make £300

rt repo E E R g our F rnin t Bu Get y a F 3 old 1 re: ‘Unt s’ He t e .com r Sec ecrets



fatbu ww.13

CALL NOW 01202 522703








NE R U O B 000 Est.


BU STAFF F.C. was formed in 2000 with the original purpose of increasing activity levels of University Staff and offering a social scene out of the working environment. In 2007, the team entered the Bournemouth Hayward League in Division 5 and has gained consecutive promotion the past four years and several cup trophies along the way. Currently sitting top of Division 1, the club once again is looking to push for promotion to the Hayward Saturday Premier League. The club will always welcome new players from the University or those closely associated with it. The club also runs a Reserves Team for those players looking for more recreational football. BU Staff FC have also been very successful in the Dorset Shoot for Business 5 a side competition held at AFC Bournemouth each year winning the tournament 3 out of the last 5 times they have reached the final. MANAGER : RICHARD MAIDMENT COACHES: BARRY SQUIRES, TOM SYMONS, MARTIN SQUIRES

The Clown – who keeps team spirits high? Martin Squires – he’s ginger, what else can you say! Best Tekkers – who has the skills to pay the bills? Tom Symons – when he’s fit, that ball sticks to his feet! The Cheat – who loves a dive? James Monaghan – I think he’s partly German? The lightweight – who’s first to let the side down? Tom Wainwright – chooses cricket over football every pre-season! Mr Vain – who absolutely rates themselves? Barry Squires – nicknamed himself Mr Gorgeous but he denies this! Biggest liability on and off the pitch? Paul Ashurst – absolutely loves a yellow! Worst Dress Sense – who needs to update their threads? Paul Tiller – currently bank rolling Sue Ryder we think! Biggest Bottle Job – who always ducks out of a tackle? Adam Shutler – might be pregnant so will give him benefit of not tackling well! The team social spot – where is your designated club house on a Saturday Night? Sharkey’s, 1812 then Aruba. We are a classy outfit! Who’s the longest in the shower? Ricky Barton – he has more hair on his body than a monkey!





League website: Interested in joining? Contact sportBU on 01202 965012

AFC Bournemouth Follow Dorset’s number one team and keep up to date with the highs, the lows and all the latest news from the club in The Game.


CHERRIES FLETCHER: BACK WHERE IT ALL BEGAN Carl Fletcher first arrived at Dean Court as a fresh faced 10-year-old with a dream. Now 23 years, 376 appearances and 36 international caps later, he returns tasked with unearthing the next generation of talent, as Cherries youth team manager. Carl, welcome back! There was an overwhelming response when it was announced that yourself and Joe were returning to the club, were you aware of how well received the news was? It’s really nice to be back. I wasn’t aware of how pleased people were, but I think it’s because I was here from when I was 11 and until I was 24 and as a player I had some of the best times of my career here. It’s a family club, and it may be a lot different from when I last left, but the core of the club is still here; Eddie, Jase Tindall, Purchy and Fletch – we all played together. There are people here that will do anything for anyone and I think Eddie knows we understand what the club is about. The fans are important; they understand everything that goes on. The club needs the fans and the fans love the club, and if you’re all pushing in the right direction you can only be successful. You were actually still registered as a player for Barnet, so had to retire to take this position. Did that make the decision to come back harder? A little bit. Playing is an easy life, you get everything done for you and you just have to look after yourself, turn up, play and go home. I was playing now and again but I kept picking up injuries. I had two years away from playing when I was managing, and it didn’t do my

body any favours. My heart was telling me to play but my body was telling me I couldn’t. Coming here was a no brainer because it is a good club. We are in the Championship, we do things the right way, the first team are going in the right direction and it’s a good opportunity for me. I can learn and improve my way of coaching and management, and I can come back home. I wouldn’t have taken this job at any other club. The fact that it was Ed and Tindall was a big part of why I took the job and I really am looking forward to it. You have experience of managing in the past with Plymouth, how different is it managing youngsters? There are a lot more things to look out for. There’s more paperwork, so there’s a lot to learn but at the end of the day coaching is coaching. I just want to make players better. Our role is to get players into the first team, and we have seen in the past if they’re good enough Eddie will give them a chance. It’s a good transition now, we are all connected and we are all on the same page – Joe and myself, Purchy and the development squad and then on to the first team. It should be seamless. If the players are good enough and do what everyone wants them to do, we should be getting them into the first team on a regular basis.



























You were a part of this club for many years, working your way up from the youth set-up to the first team. How important is it for everyone to have a one club mentality? If the youngsters suddenly are doing well and have to go to the development squad or the first team then they have to feel comfortable. What we do will all be based around the same principles as the first team. There is no point us doing one thing in training and games, if the first team are doing something different. It’s also important they see the first team play. We have games on Saturday but when they can, they have to be here to watch it all and learn, because that’s the end product. They are cleaning the first team players boots now too, so they build a relationship with a player. It’s so there is no divide between youth and first team, they have to have a bond. You never know they may be able to help them in the future. We want to make better players, but we want to make good human beings as well. They have responsibilities, they have to represent the club and I hope to make good footballers as well as good people. What is it like working with Joe? Joe has all the experience of doing it before. He’s brought players through that have been sold and gone on to bigger and better things so it’s great for me to learn from him. Our principles and morals are the same. We are both quite honest people and if we want something done we want it done properly. We are looking forward to working together and we want to be part of something here. We don’t want to be another youth team going through the motions, we want to be something to be proud of and we want other people to say ‘look at how they run the academy’ - we want to be a blue print for other teams. We know what Carl Fletcher the player was like, but what is he like as a coach? I’m probably a bit calmer, I’ve grown up and I’ve learned a lot from all the things I’ve experienced. Having kids yourself, you have a different perspective. When you’re dealing with kids, parents come into it more because they only want what’s best for their kids. I learnt when I was managing that everyone is different so you have to treat them differently. Some people need an arm round a shoulder, whereas some people need to be told things black and white. What advice have you passed on to them from your time in the youth set-up here? It was a really good time and I learnt a lot of things that have stood me in good stead. I’ve told them that they have a fantastic opportunity because there is an easy transition here. They can work their way through the development squad into the first team. I have told them to have no regrets and to give it their best shot. Some will be good enough and some wont but that’s football. This article was first published in AFC Bournemouth’s programme, ‘Matchday’, available online at afcbdirect., in the Club Store and around the ground on a matchday. PHOTOGRAPHY: AMY MAIDMENT

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BMW 2 SERIES COUPÉ The BMW 2 Series Coupé Wild, rebellious and unique. The BMW 2 Series Coupé has everything that defines a sporty coupé. Its unmistakeably athletic design emphasises the driving dynamics that make it the best in its class. Perfectlybalanced 50:50 weight distribution, powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo engines and the intelligent BMW EfficientDynamics are features which define the coupé. Its dynamics reach peak performance in the M235i, an engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds. True to its slogan: Less rules. More performance. The new BMW 2 Series Coupé, launching this month, is the latest model to join BMW’s extensive range. The two-door coupé raises the bar in the premium compact sector for both driving dynamics and aesthetic appeal. In typical BMW coupé tradition, the new four-seat model combines a rear-wheel drive chassis with an engine line-up and suspension tuning that are focused squarely on sporting ability. Two petrol engines and one diesel engine will be available at launch, ranging from the 220d Coupé to the latest 326hp M Performance model the M235i Coupé. The individual design clearly differentiates the 2 Series Coupé from the 1 Series model range, lending the newcomer a character all of its own. The longer body and low, flowing roofline reinforce the 2 Series Coupé’s sporting intent while 42


the wider track, longer wheelbase and significantly increased body width improve both cabin space and driving dynamics.

ALL FIVE ENGINE OPTIONS BENEFIT FROM BMW’S TWINPOWER TURBO TECHNOLOGY TO DELIVER CLASS-LEADING PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENCY FIGURES. All five engine options benefit from BMW’s TwinPower Turbo technology to deliver class-leading performance and efficiency figures. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are further reduced by BMW’s extensive EfficientDynamics technologies, which are standard across the range. The premium, driver-centric cabin and high level of standard equipment are befitting of a BMW coupé, which will be available at launch in four trim levels: SE, Sport, Modern and M Sport. The M Sport model combines bespoke M Sport Suspension (including a 10mm drop in ride height and 18-inch M Sport light-alloy wheels in double-spoke design), M aerodynamic bodystyling and High-gloss Shadowline exterior trim. In addition M aluminium door sill strips, front sports seats, Aluminium Hexagon interior trim, M Sport leather steering wheel and cloth-alcantara upholstery underline the 2 Series Coupé’s sporting nature from the inside. Estoril Blue metallic paint can also be specified with the M Sport trim level.

The BMW 2 Series Coupé starting at £24,265 OTR for the 218d Coupé SE. Visit Ridgeway Bournemouth for more information or call 01202 902185

The new BMW 2 Series Coupé

The Ultimate Driving Machine


Unleash the new BMW 2 Series Coupé, a car with a wild nature and a sporty design that creates a powerful presence on the road. Setting a new benchmark for performance and dynamic handling, the BMW TwinPower Turbo engines deliver a thrilling drive and yet surprisingly low fuel consumption. The M235i boasts a ferocious 320hp and achieves 0–62 in just 4.8 seconds at an impressive 34 MPG, making it the clear leader of the pack. To find out more or to book a test drive*, please call 01202 902185 or visit

ARRIVES 8 MARCH. Ridgeway Bournemouth

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Fuel economy figures for the new BMW 2 Series Coupé range: Urban 25.9–54.3 mpg (10.9–5.2 l/100km). Extra Urban 47.1–70.6 mpg (6.4–4.0 l/100km). Combined 34.9–64.2 mpg (8.1–4.4 l/100km). CO2 emissions 189–117g/km. Figures may vary depending on driving style and conditions. *Test drive is subject to applicant status and availability.

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The Game Magazine - March 2014

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