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NO. 5 MARCH 2013

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MARCH 2013


4 Poole Pirates

Season introduction from Matt Ford

16 Meet The Pro

Exclusive interview with AFCB legend Super Fletch


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On the Tee


Golfing tips & reviews from Steve Pockneall











The Swell

Chris Martin talks south coast windsurfing


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THE ‘OZ’ BORNS The Aussie Born duo of Chris Holder (below left) and Darcy Ward (below right) are all fired up to set the town ablaze with glory again in 2013. Currently ranked numbers one and two in Britain and with Holder the reigning World Champion, there is no greater talent in Speedway than these two. They will be in action again this summer most Wednesday evenings at Poole Stadium alongside their Pirates’ team mates as they begin their campaign on Good Friday with a high noon date with arch rivals the Swindon Robins. CHRIS HOLDER Age: 25 World Champion 2012 Australian Champion 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 Nationality: Australian Joined Poole: 2008 Points to date: 2161 DARCY WARD Age: 20 World U21 Champion 2009, 2010 Australian U21 Champion 2009, 2010, 2011 Nationality: Australian Joined Poole: 2010 Points to date: 1194

FORD HAILS ‘UNIQUE ERA’ FOR SPEEDWAY FANS For Poole Speedway Promoter Matt Ford, Easter cannot come quick enough and it’s nothing to do with his liking for chocolate eggs! It’s because the new speedway season roars into action again at the Wimborne Road stadium on Good Friday at high noon! Don’t get me wrong though, the winter months have not seen Mr Ford lounging around by the fire or watching the calendar. Far from it, he has been setting about piecing together another championship challenging side for the ‘New Year’.


Ford’s reputation as a winning promoter is unsurpassed in recent seasons; in fact the Poole Pirates are the most successful speedway team of this Millennium having bagged four Elite League gold medals and three silvers since 2001. Add to that a recent unrelenting success in the sports knock out competition, where the Pirates have been champions for the last three seasons, and you begin to see why the crowds are still flocking to see some of the best speedway in Britain. For 2013 the Pirates also boast the World Individual Champion, Chris Holder, a young Australian star who built his World Class career when he joined the Pirates in 2008. Now Holder is a key part of the club and will captain the side again this summer. Amazingly, Poole finished 2012 with their top two riders, Holder and fellow Australian Darcy Ward ranked at No.1 and No.2 in Britain, an achievement that has endeared the pair to the Pirates thousands of loyal fans who have been also counting the days till their heroes appear again on Good Friday. Ford urges fans of the sport both old and new to head for Poole Stadium this summer to catch a piece of the action as he labels this period “a unique era for the club.” He is calling for the Poole faithful to come and be dazzled by the on track ability of all seven of the 2013 Pirates as they aim to top the league table again and bring the silverware proudly back to Poole. We are currently witnessing something that makes every other speedway club green with envy. Our top two riders, nicknamed “The Turbo Twins” are simply the greatest and most exciting talents in World Speedway and to see them every week on a Wednesday night in our home town is a privilege for sure. Matt Ford

Poole Speedway Home Fixtures 2013 FRI





























































24 AUG






TBA 7.30PM



PROFILE Fraser Wilford

Position: Hooker Age: 26 Height: 177cm Weight: 94kg Time at Bournemouth RFC: 4th season Previous Clubs: Havant, Rotherham Titans Tries scored last year: 24 Previous achievements: Junior World Cup Scotland and played at Twickenham twice – won both for Dorset & Wilts, captained one game and scored a try! Best moment: Singing the National Anthem in France in front of a crowd of 15,000 Fraser is sponsored by Southern Rugby


THE LANDLORD’S REVIEW Our expert beer taster has a quality German lager to taste and review this month… Bitburger Lager. This month is the month for lager, my preferred drink of choice. This German pilsner is nothing out of the ordinary at 4.8%, but when served as all lager should be, ice cold, it’s refreshing, light bodied, crisp finish makes me sound like I know what I’m on about... However, accompanying a spicy pasta dish, it helped soothe the subtle burn of too many chillies well and left me opening another!

We have had a frustrating start to the New Year with poor weather conditions disrupting our playing and training programmes. Our game against Redruth went ahead in wet and windy conditions. The visitors made the most of having the elements at their backs in the first and scored three tries. Whilst we were indoors at half time there was a torrential downpour which continued for twenty minutes of the second half. Despite constant pressure on the Redruth line, we failed to score and their breakaway fourth try prompted the referee to examine the playing surface before he abandoned the game. This was a frustrating way to end the afternoon especially as we came away empty handed. Rain then turned to snow and the pictures we received from Gloucestershire on the Friday made it clear that there was no chance of playing against Hartpury College. The following weeks’ training was only possible thanks to the ground staff clearing some Astro Turf of snow to permit us to run out and we were very grateful to them. The game against Dings was all set to go ahead until heavy overnight rain forced another early morning pitch inspection and it was decided that there had been too much rain and the pitch wouldn’t recover sufficiently by the kick off time.

Anyway, we made the long trip to Shelford and gave a really good account of ourselves finishing the first half with our noses in front. However, injuries to key players meant that we lost momentum in the second half. The good news: Dean Pearce’s dislocated shoulder is on the mend and Andy Spiking’s knee ligaments were not too badly strained and both should return to action in the near future. Our game against league leaders Worthing also saw last minute changes taking place with James Bovett, Rob Payne and Jaryd Robinson all making their debuts. Far from weakening the side, the new players galvanised a great performance in which we stayed close to them until late in the game before succumbing to their power and speed. Riad Lynch joined the squad for the first time in twelve months after suffering a serious knee injury. We remain in an optimistic frame of mind and the spirit in the camp is good. Hopefully, we will return to full strength in the next couple of weeks with the return of Richard Carrell, Ben Fetherstone, Gavin Hart, Dan Pollard, Charlie Grace, and Eddie Edwards who will help us to push for that mid table finish to our first season in National Leagues. David is sponsored by Bonsai Lounge

March 2013 Bournemouth RFC Fixtures SAT 2ND 15:00 AWAY SOUTHEND








Legendary label

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10 TH % EG off AM * E RE


British style at its best, the Broadbents & Boothroyds SS13 collection for men is now available at Beales, themed on the casualwear looks on trend this season. Escape from the winter blues and get ready for the summer months with a quality label providing luxury, comfort and style.

RACEWAY REPORT We are pleased to bring you monthly reports and information regarding racing events held at Ringwood Raceway. We hope you will enjoy our monthly features where reports and happenings of Trojan Motorsports Ltd events will feature within The Game Magazine for your perusal. Forthcoming Events Our next meeting at the Ringwood Raceway oval is SATURDAY 2ND MARCH, where the rookie bangers race for their annual British Championship kindly sponsored by Riverside Cafe. This meeting is a must see for all stock car and motor related enthusiasts and with up to 100 cars scheduled to race, this is one for your diary.

Next two events: Wed 13th & Wed 27th March Gates open: 5:00pm Track action: 6:00pm until 9:30pm Why not come and take your car on track and enjoy the fun?

Moving forward, SATURDAY 16TH MARCH sees the Annual 4-a-side Rookie Banger Team event and no prisoners can escape the oval in this one as the titans of the sport dual in a battle that will be for honour, glory and team status. The first BIGGY of the season with the unlimited National Bangers is held on SATURDAY 30TH MARCH, for the annual Spring open title, one of the biggest banger events of the year. We urge everyone to arrive early for this one as the arena usually fills up very quickly for spectators as this is one of Ringwood Raceway’s more special events. Families arrive in droves and flock to us for this major title. Gates open for all the meetings at 4pm and racing starts from 6pm.

February was a bit hit and miss with the weather at Ringwood Raceway. But, none the less, action was hard and fast over all formula’s racing. Micro Bangers were the hit of the month and the Valentines Massacre event gave us some first class racing. With March meetings coming up, the raceway has some good fixtures which can be found on our website by logging on and finding the fixtures tool bar. One meeting not to miss is the BIGGY on Saturday 30th March - if you wish to see cars smashed to pieces, this is the one to watch! Arrive early for the best seats in the house!

Car Show & Drifting Events

For further details and information for the 2013 season, log onto our website:

Modified cards and drift cars are a regular feature at Ringwood Raceway, fortnightly month to month from January to December.


The Wednesday events are known as ‘meet and greet nights’ and are open for any car enthusiast or petrol head.

The Game

NO. 5


March’s interesting, sporting facts will arm you with some great knowledge to share with your mates down the pub.



71% of women and 61% of men in England do not currently meet the physical activity levels recommended for adults.


Every year, 24 tons of Kent strawberries are ordered for the Championships at Wimbledon.


The game of rugby was supposedly created by William Webb Ellis in 1823 whilst playing football.


An English Football Manager has never won the Premier League.


Before 1970, netball was known as Women’s Basketball.


The longest cricket match took place in 1939 between England and South Africa, after 14 days it ended with a tie.


75p in every £1 spent on the London Olympics build was invested in regeneration.


A try is called a try because originally you received no points for crossing the line but gained the opportunity to try and kick at goal.

PROTEIN PACKED Protein‌ a powerful and essential tool to aid your training and maximise muscle gain. It makes up the structural function of the body’s cells and is an important energy source to fuel and develop your strength. A protein rich diet generally makes you less hungry therefore reducing the amount of what you eat and in turn, can help you to lose unwanted weight. It is important to eat a balance of protein, fats and fruit and veg. Here are some of our suggestions of the top 5 proteins out there. Enjoy some with every meal to help build your muscle power.


Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins; fish is an excellent protein source. It is the leanest meat containing protein. It can lower cholesterol in your blood and inflammation and is also good for your grey matter, preventing depression and the onset of dementia.


A must-have for muscle gain, containing high quality calories. With a mix of protein, fats and fibre, nuts are a quick and portable snack. A handful a day can lower the risk of heart attack too.


An excellent source of protein also containing Omega 3. Choose free range or organic not only for superior taste but the nutritional content will be far higher than the low value, battery alternative.

Lean Beef

Rich in protein and creatine, beef features as one of the top best muscle building foods. Also contains essential amino acids, zinc and B-vitamins. Pick lean, high quality beef and avoid processed varieties.


Fantastic source of protein and fibre, the wide range of beans out there are great to help towards losing weight. Help you feel full for longer and a great vegetarian alternative to the meat proteins. Opinions and information are purely from The Game’s viewpoint. It is strongly recommended to seek professional advice from a nutritionist for dietary improvements.




We’ve picked two sports related films for our local film expert to view and critique. Dan has worked as a visual effects artist on blockbusters including Star Wars and The Dark Knight and we’ve set him up with another couple of great films to review over a beer and some popcorn.

Semi Pro

Million Dollar Baby



In 1976, Jackie Moon, a one hit wonder singer, uses his profits to buy an American Basketball Association team, the Flint Tropics. It is announced that the ABA will merge with the NBA (National Basketball Association) with only four teams making it into the league. Jackie buys Ed Monix, former backup point guard for NBA Champs the Boston Celtics to train his team moving them up the table but an NBA Commissioner tells them the Tropics will never make it into the league as they are not big enough in the media. The team battle on and off the court to raise their status and fan numbers. Told they wouldn’t even make the league from winning against first place team San Antonio Spurs, they dig deep and attempt victory to lose their underdog status.

Veteran boxing coach and rundown gym owner, Frankie Dunn turns down Maggie Fitzgerald, a waitress who turns up at his looking to make a difference in her life by learning boxing. Hardended by his own life Frankie tells her he doesn’t train girls and that she is too old at 31 years old but she eventually manages to persuade him to take her on. Estranged from his daughter, Frankie and Maggie both from broken families develop a bond as she learns and progresses with him. His main message to her is that she should protect herself in the ring at all times. Friend and employee Eddie ‘Scrap’ Dupris narrates the story and encourages Maggie through her training at times when Frankie rejects. She fights her way up through the ranks and goes in for a $1 million match in Las Vegas. Events from there are layered with surprise and heartache as the relationships and bonds formed between the leading stars find a new path.

What we thought An uplifting story but full of tired comedy. Some funny moments and quite a good story but definitely stronger sports comedies out there.

What we thought Fantastically written and convincingly performed, this film is up there with some big film greats. Packed with emotion and drama this, for me, is marked as an unforgettable classic.



in to a r t o t c i s s Mu DJ Charle

There has been some great music coming out over the past month, it was very tough to narrow it down to 3 tracks for THE GAME! Here is my choice for March to keep you motivated and in shape in the gym! Bassline Junkie / Dizzee Rascal Dizzee is back with the first track from his new, long awaited, album. A ‘tongue in cheek’ track which is currently proving to be a serious floorfiller. Big bassline (as the name suggests) and a great uptempo track to keep you motivated in the gym!

White Noise / Disclosure ft AlunaGeorge Possibly the hottest dance act on the planet right now. Disclosure have teamed up with uber cool AlunaGeorge to produce another brilliant track. With their signature sound of future garage, this is sure to keep you in a feel good mood and make you burn those extra calories!

Thrift Shop / Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Wanz The biggest hip hop tune of last month in the clubs. Has an old school vibe to it with an unusual and infectious sample playing throughout. A driving beat with slick vocal = the perfect track to train too! Until next month, Keep up the hard work!


BABOLAT AEROPRO LITE £145 • The new Babolat AeroPro Lite is designed with a combination of power and balance. • Lightweight feel. • Maximum penetration through the air and increased hitting power allow you to create devastating shots all over the court. • The handle and the frame are linked by the C.D.S (Cortex Damping system) which filters and dampens vibrations interfering with feel.

HEAD YOUTEC RADICAL S £123 • Larger head size of 100 square inches and more open 16x19 string pattern • Provides more power and a more topspin friendly setup than many of its counterparts. • From the baseline, the Radical S swings quickly and allows you to play with angles. • Must-have for beginners to intermediate level players who want a blend of power and control in a comfortable, fast-feeling racket.

WILSON PRO LITE BLX £94 • The Wilson Pro Lite BLX has the power and spin of some of big hitters in the racket world but doesn’t carry the same price tag. • Made from Basalt - a natural volcanic rock which is ground into gold fibres and woven together with Karophite Black (Carbon Graphite and Silicone bonded together). • Most advanced composite used in rackets.

WILSON STEAM 100 BLX £102 • Voted ‘Best Intermediate Racket For Power’ by Tennishead magazine. • The new BLX Steam 100 is lightweight, great for generating top spin and designed for attacking players. • Slightly longer racket length of 27.25 inches and 100 sq in head size. • Perfect for intermediate to advanced level players looking for extra power and spin.


Tennis Rackets

TheKitBag 14

£160 • Nadal’s racket of choice, the Aeropro Drive is a great fit. • Equipped with the new Cortex Active Technology at the top of the handle. • Three types of dampeners to enable all types of player to find just the right amount of sensation to suit their specific preference. • The Aero shaft is designed for faster swing speeds. The result is more power and spin.

Get ready for the outdoor tennis season with a pick of the best rackets in our Kit Bag this month, brought to you by Priory Sports, Christchurch.

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Aila Laurence

We’re speaking to local women involved in different sports across the area to find out their motivation, passion and story about their desire to compete.


ila started playing football at school finding it a fun activity to take part in. She mostly played with other boys in her year until a friend told her about Corfe Castle FC who ran a girls team. After playing there for 2 years, she joined Corfe Mullen FC returning to Corfe Castle where she continues to play. Searching for a bigger challenge, she contacted the AFCB Ladies Manager and asked for some trials. Aila was accepted to train at the club and is developing her skills and experience in the game. What got you in to football? When I was young, I used to hang around with the boys and in particular, a lad called Ryan. He started playing football but I didn’t want to take part as it was only boys playing and it felt weird. He encouraged me to join in at lunch times so I thought,

why not! From there, I began playing football. I really liked it and my friend said that he knew a girls team which I was old enough to play for, Corfe Castle FC. I later joined Corfe Mullen FC and my manager there, Paul, pushed me and made me realise I was better than I thought. What position do you play? I mainly play centre midfield but occasionally left midfield. In a mostly male dominated sport, do you sometimes feel it’s a struggle to play as much football as you would like to? It’s hard to get challenged but my friend Sam pushes me well. Do you take part in any other sports? I used to do boxing with my Uncle Joe and Brother Kyle. Now, I do a bit of swimming and running which helps me pace myself in a game and keep my fitness levels up. Who do you support? My main team is Arsenal but I have always supported AFC Bournemouth as a local team.

Who do you think is the best player ever? It used to be Freddie Ljungberg but since I’ve started watching womens football I have to say Rachel Yankey. Do you aspire to a female player or female sports star? Rachel Yankey, Arsenal Ladies player. How do you balance your studying with your training? I manage my time by doing my homework when I get in from school and once my parents have checked I’ve done it, they allow me to go and play football, whether it be with my mates or for my teams. What are your hopes and goals for the future? My main goal is to carry on with my football and to inspire others. I hope to go far and to get lots more challenges. Thank you for talking to us, Aila. We wish you success in your future.



STILL IN THE GAME The Game talks exclusively to Steve Fletcher, aka ‘Mr Bournemouth’ about his incredible career at AFCB. With over 700 appearances for the club spanning 20 years and a stand named in his honour, the much loved striking legend named as ‘Super Fletch’ by the fans, speaks about his love for the game, the club and the town.


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, Fletch... What a career you have had, let’s go back to the start...How did you get into football? When I was 15, I went for a trial at my local club in my home town of Hartlepool. I got through the first and second rounds and on to the final trial game. They told us beforehand they were looking to take two of us, out of approximately thirty kids, on to an apprenticeship placement which back then was called the YTS (Youth Training Scheme). I had a blinding game, scored a few goals, set a couple up and they told me they would like to take me on for 2 years on the scheme and that’s how it all started. I had a bad injury in my second year. The first team manager had been changed twice and the new gaffer was Cyril Knowles, ex Tottenham and England player. There were eleven of us in his office after the apprenticeship was up, all looking for a contract. I’d been injured for most of the time the new manager had been in which was the last 2-3 months of the season and I and was expecting them to say they hadn’t seen enough of me. He had only seen me play for twelve minutes but, he said the opposite, said he saw potential in me and wanted to give me an opportunity. I went in there 99.9% sure I wouldn’t get anything and came out the happiest kid in Hartlepool. Talk us through your first game, how did that feel? It was probably better for me that it was an away game with a bit less pressure as a young kid. I actually scored the winning goal, 3 – 2 against Chesterfield. I was in and out that season; I was never going to start every game at the age of 18. We got promoted in my first year and went from the 4th Division to the 3rd. It was the first time Hartlepool had been promoted in 30 years. I realised I was part of something special. I was involved in 32 games of the season. At the time, it went so quickly and felt like a whirlwind. It’s not until later on that you look back and think ‘wow, what a start that was’ to my professional career. I went from nothing at the age of 17 to three months later, scoring the winning goal in the first game of the season. It was a dream come true. You moved to Bournemouth in 1992, can you remember your first day at the club? Hartlepool were 8th in the league and it was our last game of the season at home to Bournemouth who needed to beat us to get into the play offs. It was the season Harry Redknapp left. Tony Pulis was taking over. We won 1 – 0 and knocked Bournemouth out of the play offs and Tony was impressed with me. It was 22nd July and four days before my 19th birthday and I went in for pre season training that morning. Cyril Knowles had passed away and we had a new manager, Alan Murrey. He got me in the office and said he was willing to sell me for £30,000 to Bournemouth. At the time I was devastated. It was hard for an 18 year old to take. My dad said why don’t you go down to Bournemouth and see how you feel. I went down with my dad and we drove along the west cliff on a bright, sunny day. I said straight away to my Dad that I didn’t think I’d be going back. I hadn’t even met anybody. We drove to the Royal Bath, stayed there for the night and I signed with Tony Pulis the next day. We stopped at the services on the way back up home to call my mum; there were no mobiles back then! I told her I had signed for Bournemouth and she was upset realising it was 340 miles away! I drove back down the next day and scored in my debut game against Aston Villa in a pre-season friendly. I signed on 23rd July 1992, so over 20 years ago. I’ve even kept my old contract! And since then you have scored 122 goals for The Cherries to date, what has been your favourite? I haven’t scored many outside the box, that’s for sure! The two or three I did score outside the box were good strikes but they were league games so didn’t really have much meaning. If I look back on my career, I always pick the goals from the big games. I scored in the Millennium Stadium with a volley when we were in the play off final against Lincoln. But then I scored a goal here in 2009 that kept us in the football league, against Grimsby. I always wind everybody up saying that without that goal, we wouldn’t be sat in the stadium now! We didn’t have a chairman, Eddie Howe was manager, Jason

Tindall assistant, two people in the offices doing the job of ten people, nobody wanted to take on the football club, we thought we were going to go down, we’d had a 17 point deduction that season; things weren’t good. There were 10 minutes to go and I volleyed the ball in and scored the goal that secured the football club. That goal will stay with me more than any other goal for what was riding on the game. If we had gone out, I don’t think we would have had a football club. We couldn’t even fill the bench on a Saturday. It wasn’t my best but it was certainly the most important. It meant so much. You have now played over 700 games for AFCB, a club record and great achievement.. I’ve played 724 games for the club (at time of interview). You don’t look past the next week when you are younger. If someone said you would be in Bournemouth for five years you’d probably say, really? Let alone 20 years! I’ve had some fabulous times. And what advice would you give to a young professional who is just starting out on building a successful career? I think you’ve got just to be focused. Times have changed so much; football from when I started in the late 1980s to what it is now, is a million miles away. From the professionalism to dedication and diet to strength, it’s so complex now and so different. You have to be dedicated. You need to be different and stand out from the crowd. You’ve got to be ultra disciplined and make sacrifices to get to where you want to be. You can have all the ability in the world but if you don’t apply yourself in the right ways, you’re never going to get anywhere. It’s no secret that the fans love you and the club honoured this by naming a stand after you...How did that feel? We were going to an away game Eddie said that the chairman wanted to see me upstairs. When the manager says they want to see you, you think - what have I done wrong? When the chairman wants to see you, you think - I’m out of the football club or something catastrophic has happened! I went up thinking ‘oh here we go’. He put me at ease and I realised I hadn’t done anything wrong. He said that he had an idea and wanted to know what I thought about it. I didn’t ever imagine he would show me three different pictures of my face to ask me which one I liked best. He said that they were thinking about naming the north stand after me and I was literally lost for words. I felt so honoured, privileged and humbled. I do take a bit of stick from opposition! They turn up saying ‘do we have to look up at your face for 90 minutes!’ But really, it is an amazing thing and something you could never dream of as a kid. When exactly did you gain the fans title of Super Fletch? It’s hard to remember exactly but my song was there from the beginning. So, whoever it was in the crowd who was responsible for making up the ‘Super Fletch song’! It stuck from there. I remember them singing it at the first game with Aston Villa. I drove home after that game and told my parents I had a new song. We were all singing it together when I got back home at 10 o’clock that night! It’s got to be almost the whole 20 years I’ve been here. The club is doing FANTASTICALLY well since Eddie came back, what would you say has been the big changes that he has installed to drive the success so instantly? It’s a partnership and team effort with Eddie and Jason. Eddie pulls the strings and makes the final decisions. But, all the back room guys, the fitness coaches, analyst boys, the physios and our kit man are behind it too. Our manager, Eddie, is the first person to say it’s the whole team. But he’s been a revelation. Not just for the football club but for me on a personal level. Eddie brought me back when I was 36 years old and I’m now sat here and the club has achieved so much. I’ve experienced more since January 2009 when Eddie came back than I did in my fifteen years before I left. It’s all been down to Eddie and I obviously put Jason with that statement. We’ve come on so much and I’ve had my best moments with Eddie as manager.


Promotion has got to be the target now... how confident are you personally that the club will achieve it? As we speak we are top of the league and as you know, it can all change. But, it’s almost in our destiny now. We have given ourselves an unbelievable opportunity. There are fourteen games to go and it’s a cliché but you have to take each game as it comes and forget that we are top of the league. We’ve got to try and win every game and perform at our best. A lot has progressed in the changing room from where we were three months ago when we were 21st. We are a strong unit we have great team spirit. Promotion is what everyone wants and it’s within our grasp we’ve just got to keep focused.

since I was 16 and if you take anyone out of a 25 year career; it’s going to be tough. The good thing is I’ve addressed it even though I don’t want to! It’s great the Chairman wants me to stay. Whether I play or don’t play, I’m a part of the team. I don’t want to leave and feel like part of the furniture.

Who has been the best player you’ve played with? I get asked this question quite a lot. I’ve had great partnerships over the years. As a success, I would have to say Jermain Defoe when he came in for the one season. He scored in ten league games in a row which was the world record back then. I used to just flick it on and Jermain would do the rest. I had so many assists that season and we struck up a great partnership. He was top class. If I had to pick a player who was under contract, I would pick James Hayter. I’ve scored and created more goals with other strikers but James would always be there every time and we worked really well together. We never had a cross word or conflict on or off the pitch.

What are your favourite places in Bournemouth to: EAT? I like Koh Thai but if I feel like a steak, I go to Miller and Carter. Half the time, when we are out with the kids, we like to go to Prezzo. CHILL? I like to chill in my own front room with my family. It sounds ridiculous, but when I can get my onesie and slippers on, relaxing with my two daughters, Danni and Emily and my wife, Lynne and watch TV in front of the fire - that is my chill time. I love Sundays. PLAY? I like a night out at the right times but I don’t do it so much now. I won’t go out unless we get a result and also if we have a Tuesday night game, that’s a definite no-no. When I do, I like Aruba and may make a cheeky appearance in Priva.

And played against? When I was younger, we played against Blackburn. I remember playing against Colin Hendry around 1994 when Shearer was up front and Colin was captain. When you play against that level, you realise their quality. I’ve played against Rio Ferdinand in a pre-season friendly and the League Cup around the mid 90s, he was very young then but already an amazing player. It was good to play against that calibre.

Finally who would be in your all time AFCB all star 11 ? I’m not putting in any players in the current squad to stop me getting any stick in the changing room!

What does the future hold for Steve Fletcher when you do finish playing? That is a very difficult question to answer. I’ve spoken to the manager about it recently and I’ve also spoken to the Chairman on numerous occasions. He’s got many ideas and says he doesn’t want me to leave the football club. He wants to keep me here in some capacity. What exactly, we’re not sure yet because football is ever changing. Things could change if we’re promoted. There would be so many more opportunities. It’s hard to say while I am still playing. You don’t know where we are going to be as a club when I stop. I’ve got to talk about it but to be honest I don’t like to mention it as it upsets me, thinking about stopping playing. I’ve been playing


You obviously love Bournemouth.... What has kept you at the club and town for so many years? I love the town. It’s a great place to live. I suppose it has to be the great relationship I have with the supporters. They have always made me part of the club. To be liked in any job, is great.




















CALL: 01202 292888 CLICK: COME IN: 181 - 183 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 1JU EMAIL US: MARKETING • FINANCE • INSURANCE • SALES ADMINISTRATION • PROPERTY • LEGAL •HR Temporary and Permanent Positions Available Now

After a good amateur career Steve spent 7 years as the Head PGA Golf Professional at Dudsbury Golf Club before becoming the new owner of Ferndown Forest Golf Course and Driving Range. Steve coaches golfers of all abilities from total beginners to Golf Professionals and he specialises in the retail and custom fitting of golf equipment which resulted in him being awarded ‘Golf Shop of the year for the UK’ by the PGA of Europe in 2012.




’S B

E E T LF PRO LL O G H T I W OCKNEA P E V E T S Tip of the month

As the weather has been rather unpredictable of late I thought I would share some thoughts on distance control in the wind. A common fault I see amateur golfers doing is trying to hit the ball too hard when playing in to the wind resulting in a large amount of spin being put on the ball, which the wind then exaggerates resulting in higher and shorter shots. To combat this it is best to take one club more and position the ball slightly further back in the stance. During the swing you should swing slower and limit the use of the hands to result in a shot with less height and less spin which will maintain its line and be much easier to control the distance. Remember “When it’s breezy, swing it easy!”


TaylorMade R1 Driver RRP £329 I have never come across a golf club as technologically advanced as the new TaylorMade R1 driver. Each driver has an adjustable hosel, adjustable face plate and adjustable weights. All this adjustability results in 12 different loft options from 8 degrees to 12 degrees and 7 different face angles. This driver is a great purchase as it not only adjusts to your faults but it will evolve as your swing changes. I would recommend this driver to anyone who needs help straightening their drives and needs help with extra distance. 20

Under New Ownership! 18 Hole Woodland Course Located on the A31 in Ferndown we have a beautiful 18 hole course set in ancient woodland with meandering streams. The course has undergone huge improvements and alterations in the last 12 months and more are planned. Membership and green fee offers are on our website Twilight offer - £12 a round after 1pm

Floodlit Driving Range We have a Floodlit and Covered 20 bay driving range & putting green open from 9am - 9pm. We have brand new Srixon Balls and mats. Lessons use the latest video analysis & Flightscope radar technology. We offer individual & group lessons for Adults & Juniors. £3.30 for 60 balls & £5 for 110 balls (See website for deals)

Well Stocked Golf Shop We have a great golf shop that offers all the top brands. We offer full custom fitting for Taylormade, Mizuno, Titleist, Wilson and PING. We have a full internet price beating policy. Don’t buy until you’ve had a price from us! Our weekly clearance emails have a cult following with over 3500 of you following us! Sign up today on our website. Ferndown Forest Golf Club, Forest Links Road, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9PH Phone us on 01202 876096

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E S O R N A E Sean Rose is a multiple World and Paralympic Champion in both winter and water sports. Choosing to overcome a serious skiing accident and continue his love of sports, he currently holds a remarkable list of successes, is a guest speaker and a self confessed ‘speed freak’. The Game talks to Sean gaining an exclusive insight into the highs and lows of his commendable and inspiring sporting career.

Be inspired 24 24

Thanks for talking to us, Sean. Please tell us about your story… My life’s been a constant stream of sport and outdoor activities. My love of wheels started at 5 years old with my first motorbike, an international BMX racer from the age 10-16, and a Motorcycle Trials Rider for the next 10 years. Wheels have always been an important part of my life. I was a North East Champion gymnast at 13 and had county, local civilian and RAF representative honours in numerous regular sports. I found a love for the outdoors when I joined the RAF (Royal Air Force) and soon lived week by week looking for my next fix of climbing, mountaineering, whitewater kayaking I gained qualifications and took part in expeditions around the world ending with the dream job as a sailing instructor up around the Baltic Sea and the winters on the Winter Survival School in Bavaria until that fateful day when I fell over whilst teaching a group of pilots to ski. In short, ‘I live to compete, have fun and scare myself whenever I get the opportunity.’ What made you get back to sport following the accident? Following my accident, I initially thought a lifetime of sport was gone forever. But, I was still the same person and imagined the same things would make me happy. The day after my first operation, I lay in bed with a pen and paper making a bucket list of sports that were maybe still possible. Working through them, I found if they weren’t as good as before or I couldn’t do them as well then I’d move on. Those that still held the same emotions and with training I could be just as good if not better then job done. Which came first - winter sports or water sports? Both about the same time. Although competition wise it was Waterskiing. I went on my first Ski trip a year after my accident with a charity called ‘The Back Up Trust’ to Winter Park, Colorado. Initially apprehensive, I found it still held all the same feelings as before; the mountains, the scenery, the excitement and now the freedom of leaving my wheelchair behind and being able to head off wherever I wanted at a much quicker pace than my wheelchair - I was back! On my third visit, I was introduced to racing through a local disabled ski team. I set off 7 seconds ahead of two other

sitskiers on a staggered start and was overtaken less than halfway down! I was mortified at being thrashed and I couldn’t believe how good they were. I wanted to ‘be’ them and even more ‘beat’ them. More than anything I’d ever wanted in my life. The dream started and the passion to be the best was firmly lit. My first job post accident was managing a water sports centre on the River Tees in 2001 and seeing the local Waterski club flying up and down a 1000m stretch of water outside my office window was too inviting. I joined the GB Team in 2003, at the same time I resigned from my job to concentrate on realising a dream of being ‘the best’. Becoming a full time athlete, training, eating, sleeping and dreaming of Waterskiing and Skiing became a way of life. Out of all the sports/activities you take part in, which is your favourite and why? Apart from the obvious Skiing and Waterskiing, I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time in Canada both summer and winter, a beautiful place that in my eyes can only be seen by quad bike or snowmobile. I had some amazing trips in the Rocky Mountains and hundreds of miles of back country exploration. One of the biggest goals I achieved from my bucket list was getting back on a motorbike; I bought a Can Am Spyder trike that carries my chair on the back enabling me to get out with the lads to shows and events. Also through ‘The Bike Experience’ I’ve done a couple of race track days on a regular 2 wheel road bike (with handlebar mounted gear change) - My love of engines is undiminished! You’ve had some incredible achievements, what stands out as one of the best in your mind? There’s so many, so here’s a few: Entering the Stadium of the Winter Paralympics in 2006 with 60000 people cheering, it was crazy mental. Winning the World Water Ski Championship in 2005 setting 3 personal bests in competition and 2 British Records. Winning Britain’s only ever Ski Alpine World Cup Gold Medal, this was in Sestriere, Italy in 2010 on a scary fast course, and then having the national anthem played that evening at the awards ceremony. A dream complete! Winter X Games medal – Aspen, Colorado. Hanging out with the craziest and knarliest ski, snowboard and snowmobile dudes on the planet. I took bronze in the MonoSkier X, after launching over 100’ on the final jump and slid across the line. You are currently training for the Icelandic Challenge to snow kite across the Vatnajokull

Glacier, the largest In Europe. How is the training going? Training is going very well, considering it’s a bit of a trail blazing project. The equipment doesn’t exist so I’ve designed and prototyped it and although it’s still ‘work in progress’, I’m now on mark 3 and its going real well. I’m practising using a 3 wheel buggy on the beach and an airfield that has the space where you’re able to get up to some exhilarating speeds. Learning the kite skills is paramount and a constant challenge, get it wrong and it shows you who’s the boss. Love it! Which is the most challenging sport that you take part in now? Kite Sports – as well as the Snowkite and Buggy stuff, I’m using some of the skills I learnt from my waterskiing days and getting into Kitesurfing. I’m looking forward to better weather and getting out on the sea. I had a few sessions last year with limited success. I don’t like not being able to do something, so that’s a real challenge. Do you have a role model? Extreme athletes! Real people (not reality celebs) pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as impossible, whether that be ground breaking expeditions, taking sports to the next level or eye popping talent. You are an instructor and ambassador for local charity, KiteRight. Tell us why you chose to work with them? KiteRight have a big dream to use kite sports to help people with a disability and those who suffer from other challenges. To introduce them to an activity that will have so many positive benefits they can take away into their everyday life. I’ve seen firsthand the effect it’s had on me and would love to help pass that feeling on. There’s just something about flying a kite that reaches deep, whether it reminds us of our childhood or just at one with nature and the elements. It’s mesmerising and everyone should have the opportunity to have a go. KiteRight offers that opportunity.

KiteRight was founded in April of 2012 and is a charitable organisation using Kite-Sports to empower, support, change, educate and employ people with Physical, Mental Health or Learning Challenges.


How is the charity progressing? Gary (the founder of KiteRight) is an unstoppable force! I’ve never met anyone like him; his passion to make a difference is infectious. We’ve already made great strides in the sport and opened the eyes of the kiting community to what’s possible. Now it’s time to spread the love, show others why we love the sport and the benefits it can bring to those that need it most which can be life changing! Roll on 2013; ‘the Year of KiteRight’ We wish you all the best for the Icelandic Challenge and continued success in your future pursuits. For more info:

25 23




Keep up to date with the big events happening each month on the sporting and leisure calendar. Here’s our pick of what not to miss in March.

Free Yourself @ KiteRight Awareness Day BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY 9TH MARCH KiteRight is the world’s first charity that uses kitesports in all its forms to support, educate, empower and employ people of all ages with physical, mental health and learning challenges. IT’S OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY! So, we decided to hold an information day on 9th March from 10am to 4pm at Bournemouth University. We will have talks from various people, including the founder of the charity and also Jenny, the world’s first female paraplegic kite instructor who’s flying in from Northern Ireland. There also will be opportunities for everyone to try power kiting. Then, add the free food, entertainment, music, balloons and activities and its going to be an amazing day! There might even be CAKE! Find out more at

Salty Sea Dog Duathlon Series BOSCOMBE 16TH MARCH This is the return of the popular seaside Salty Sea Dog blast between Boscombe and Bournemouth piers. Flat and safe terrain suitable for first timers and experienced athletes along the promenade and Undercliff Drive. Sprint: 5km run, 20k bike, 2.5km run Super Sprint: 2.5k run, 12k bike, 2.5k run. Urban Reef is close by to enjoy a hot drink and breakfast after! Free hot showers are also available next to Urban Reef. Find out more:





Formula 1 Season COMMENCES MELBOURNE 17TH MARCH The super cars are gearing up for action starting this month in Australia on the 17th followed by the Malaysian Grand Prix on the 24th. It is set to be another huge year full of excitement and action from the superstars in the elite motor racing event. Hamilton, who is is now racing for Mercedes, Vettel, who is going for his fourth consecutive title and Jenson, now the number 1 driver for McLaren will be all going head to head with the ever challenging Alonso in Ferrari. This season is definitely one not to miss as it’s the last year of the unbelievable sound of the V8 engines. Find out more:

PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup DAKHLA , MOROCCO 19TH MARCH – 24TH MARCH The Kiteboarding World Cup starts the PKRA World Tour in Morocco. The hotpot venue of Dakhla Attitude Camp Lagoon plays host to the freestyle discipline seeing riders from around the world competing in this perfect location. The wave discipline also takes place at Dakhla with a high chance of good winds and ideal wave conditions with some of the top level riders competing for the world titles. Find out more:


: r e f f O h c r a :M D L O G f O s y a 10 D ! E E R F p i h s r e b Mem email

e who v fi y t n e w t t s r ... for fi o t s d a o r b n io t c n jthomas@theju Station Approach • Broadstone • Dorset • BH18 8AX • Tel: 01202 777766 26




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It’s Nation

al Sleep A wareness Week: M O N

We all know that a good night’s sleep on a regular basis pays dividends for us, but it’s importance goes beyond just putting you in a good mood and banishing under-eye circles. Adequate sleep can benefit your heart, weight, mind and is a key part to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Things To Help Those ZZZZs


Cut out late night caffeine, really from 2pm is best so it’s out of the system.


Don’t look at your to-do list right before bed.


Ensure your bedroom is dark.


A full stomach does not help.


Alcohol decreases deep sleep.


A relaxing, warming bath too close to bedtime may hinder you from falling asleep… simply have it earlier so the body can cool down.


Yoga is great, just ten minutes will help your mind, steady your breath and reduce muscle tension.


Dim those lights leading up to bedtime, this pre-warns your biological clock.


Ban the Blackberry.


Snooze Food Whole wheat pasta dish with vegetables, a little diced chicken breast, tomato sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan. A snooze friendly combination of protein and ‘tryptophan’, an amino-acid that converts to sleep promoting serotonin in the body. Cottage Cheese/Banana or Yogurt/Cereal are ideal late night munchies.

How much sleep do we need? There is no magic answer to this as we are all individuals with varying requirements… but the ‘quality’ of sleep is something we all should strive to improve upon for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

10 The oasis of your bedroom should be calming and comfortable.



Russell is the owner of The Conditioning Centre and is currently the Head Strength & Conditioning coach for sportBU at Bournemouth University. Every week Russell coaches hundreds of athletes from beginners to Great Britain representatives and members of the public to improve their sporting performance and reach their training goals. His dedication to improving his athletes and his personal drive to get better every day make him a coach who leads from the front and gets results.


Let’s face it, strongman training is cool; it’s what strong men do, and who doesn’t want to be a strong man? But it doesn’t have to be the realm of 200kg 7 foot men drugged up to the eyeballs; it can also provide male and female athletes and gym go-ers with a great training stimulus to help them get stronger, faster and fitter. It also serves up some variety into a training programme and gives you a solid challenge to overcome. There are many ways to train in a strongman style; I’m going to show you the ones that I use in my gym that I think are the best for improving performance and physique while keeping the injury risk to a minimum.

1 Sled Push: This builds lower body strength and power. It can be kept light to develop your speed or you can load it up heavy to work on your strength to drive forwards into the opposition. Make sure to drive fully with each leg to get the most out of it. Pushes for longer distance or time are fantastic for developing your fitness. Try 4 laps of 20m with 20-50kg and see how your legs and lungs feel afterwards.



2 Tyre Flip: Light for explosive power or heavy for full body strength development. This is basically a deep deadlift so make sure you keep your back flat while doing it. It’s tempting to forget and round-off, which is very likely to pull something. Get your hips down, brace your core and drive with your legs. When the tyre is waist high drive your knee into it and switch your grip to push it over. A light tyre is anything less than 100kg and is a great weight to start with. As you get stronger tyres over 200kg will be a good challenge. Try 4 sets of 5 flips. 3 Sled Rope Pulls: A big back and arm developer. Do it standing to work on becoming solid and stable while working your upper body. Load up with 20-50kg and try hand over hand pulls for 20m.



4 Farmers walk: This will give you strong legs, arms, traps and grip, but it has also been shown to be an incredible deep core exercise. Walking while carrying heavy load forces the muscles around your hips and spine to stabilise as each foot lifts off the ground. So if you keep a solid posture and tight core you will get huge benefits from loading this up. Loading can range from 20kg100kg each hand depending on your strength. Try 20m lengths. 5 Tyre Hammer: Great for core, arms and shoulder development and it serves as a conditioning exercise. Take the hammer from resting on the tyre in front of you, round to the side, up behind your head and hit the tyre straight down. Make sure to swap hands to get an even stimulus. Try 3-5 sets of 10 reps each side with 45 seconds rest. There is of course more risk training in unconventional ways, so make sure you practise each exercise with a light weight first and keep great form throughout. Once mastered you will be able to make huge progress through strongman training.



50% off



T: 01202 432001

Unit 2 / 14 St Clements Rd / Poole / BH15 3PD T: 07825 392324

U O Y Y T U A E B JESSICA Age: 24 From: Bournemouth What she does: Receptionist/Administrator for ROCK Recruitment Christchurch Vital Statistics: 34, 27, 38 Thank you, Jessica on being The Game’s beauty of March 2013! What’s your favourite sport to take part in? I enjoy swimming and running. I am also just about to start boot camp. …and to watch? I love watching Boxing. Who is your favourite sporting star? David Haye. Who do you support? Arsenal. Where’s your favourite place to work out? Running along the beach. Do you have a nickname? Jessica Rabbit, not too sure why the girls started calling me it! It kind of stuck. Where’s your favourite hangout places to… play – Aruba then Priva with the girls. chill – I love a nice bottle of red and a DVD at home. eat – The Captains Club. Trainers or heels? Heels. Builders or Suits? Ooo gosh that’s hard…I like both. Finally, rugby boys or football boys? Has to be Rugby boys. If you want to be the next ‘The Game You Beauty’, send us a recent pic and details to:


Image courtesy of Christian LAWSON Art Photo Design Wedding, Commercial & Celebrity Photographer | Location: Velocity at The Village, Bournemouth Make up by Ceri Hargie.

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way of freshening up your fitness regime to achieve your fitness goals in 2013. They provide the expert knowledge and importantly, motivation to drive your training to the next level and guarantee results. With almost every gym across the area offering a PT services, how do you pick the right one? The Game has hand selected top trainers for your consideration and negotiated exclusive special offers for our readers.

BEST OF PERSONAL TRAINING Shaun Daniels T H E V I L L AG E BOURNEMOUTH Hi guys, my name is Shaun and I have been in the fitness industry for just over 4 years now. I currently work at the Village Hotel in Bournemouth as a free lance personal trainer and a sports massage therapist ! I have been able to build myself a healthy client base over the years, some that I see weekly to some that come to me for monthly programme updates and body stats. I am a well motivated and driven individual who loves to be in the gym as much as possible helping people achieve personal goals while setting them realistic training and nutritional plans. Special Offer: Block Bookings - 4 £116 - 8 £216 - 12 £300 - 20 £460 Contact: Tel: 07875623847 Emma Clarke T H E V I L L AG E BOURNEMOUTH Qualifications: Level 3 Reps in personal training. Fdsc from London Metropolitan University in Personal Training and Fitness Consultancy. Specialise in: Corrective exercise and postural realignment.Performance Enhancement and Sport specific Hypertension. Total body fat reduction. Building muscle mass. Special Offer: 6 sessions £140 - 7 sessions £165 - 12 sessions £260 14 sessions £299 Contact: Tel: 07531204406


Naomi Christopher T H E J U N CT I O N B ROA D STO N E I specialise in coaching those who are new to fitness, in addition to providing sound and sensible advice regarding nutrition, eating optimally for overall health and to fuel performance. I am also a keen runner of various distances and offer an 8 week programme to help beginners build up to running their first 5K. Other running packages for other distances are also available so please feel free to contact me for further details. I can promise you that all sessions and plans will be based on realism – realistic goals, realistic programmes and realistic results. Special offer: FREE Nutrition Analysis for all new clients who book a Personal Training session Contact: Tel: 07901 634558 Sean Burgess T H E J U N CT I O N B ROA D STO N E Full-time Personal Fitness Trainer, S & C/Sports coach, Sports Masseuse and Academic lecturer. Extensive experience in elite sport/fitness industry, alongside CPD and academic qualifications which includes an MSc in Sports Science Strength and Conditioning. See for more information. Special Offer: Free 30 minute PT session when quoting the game - 5% off any block booking when quoting the game Contact: Twitter: @seanburgesspt Tel: 07831 298610


Jamie Whisken FITNE SS FIRST

Hey everyone, my name is Mike. I have been a personal trainer around the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch area for the last 3 years. Throughout this time I have picked up valuable experience in training a wide variety of people from complete beginners to professional athletes. Whether you are a complete beginner to exercise or a regular exerciser I can work with you to achieve maximum results. The most important thing I like to incorporate into my sessions is fun. Exercise no longer has to be dull and boring, together we can change your routine into lots of fun and also achieve all of your goals. Start Today - Enjoy Tomorrow.

Jamie has been one of the most successful PT’s in the local area for the past 5 years. After playing football professionally for AFC Bournemouth he went on to become a PT and play semi professional football along side it. Since then he’s done over 5000 sessions, changing people’s lives for the best along the way. He’s trained every type of person from morbidly obese clients to anorexic and from clients with arthritis to clients that are overcoming cancer. He’s done all this using the most modern types of equipment in the industry today such as kettle bells, ropes, TRX bands, steel bells and VIRP’s just to name a few. This makes Jamie’s training a lot more enjoyable than your basic gym session and he’ll make sure you reach the goals that you set together.

Special Offer: Free 30 minute taster sessions for anyone wanting to ‘try before you buy’ Contact: Tel: 07731308326

Frankie Finch THE VILLAGE BOURNEMOUTH I believe every person is unique, from goals, aims and motivations to physiological and psychological needs. Using evolutionary theory and traditional ancestral knowledge I aim to find a healthy natural and maintainable diet plan. I use an holistic approach combining all my areas of knowledge to help my clients. Exercise sessions are tailored to the tastes and goals of the individual. Special Offer Text or email for a complimentary personal training trial. Contact: Tel: 07889472443

Special offer: Receive a free taster session when quoting The Game. Contact: Tel: 07855976485 James Bovett THE VILLAGE BOURNEMOUTH With a passion for health and fitness I can help you reach your personal goals, from losing weight, getting fit and feeling better, improving your posture or improving your speed, agility and strength for your sport. Whatever you want to do, with my knowledge in exercise and nutrition, I can help! Contact me today to see what you can achieve! Special Offer: 12 hour sessions for just £260 or 6 sessions for £140 Contact: mobile: 07897800377 email:


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Legacy c i p m y l O e Th


There’s no way to describe it. You imagine being Olympic champion once, then it happens twice MO FARAH

Exactly one year on from the cauldron being lit, the Olympic stadium will play host to a major event on the sporting calendar on 27th July 2013. It has recently been announced that the British Athletics London Grand Prix will take place at the Olympic stadium, seeing some of Team GB’s world class athletes return to the place where they made history and where they will no doubt seek victory once more. This event marks the first stage of the reopening of the park named the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with other sections of the site reopening during 2014. The stadium will also be used for music festivals and concerts this summer and plays part of the unfolding legacy which follows in the wake of the London 2012 Games.



Quoted as ‘Super Saturday’ for Britain’s athletic stars, Saturday 4th August went down as an historic day at the 2012 Olympics. Within one hour, Mo Farah took the title of the first Briton to ever win gold in the 10,000m distance, Jessica Ennis scooped gold in the heptathlon beating personal bests and making a new British record and Greg Rutherford took gold place in the long jump making it a hat trick of golds in front of a jubilant crowd. Mo Farah went on to produce an unforgettable performance adding the 5,000m gold to his 10,000m win a week later.

Dorset’s Peter Wilson hit gold in the Men’s Double trap on 2nd August at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich. At 25 years old, he was the youngest competitor and held on to win two shots clear of Sweden’s Hakan Dahlby. Russia’s Vasily Mosin came third. Wilson won another big title last year holding the World Record after winning 198 out of 200 in Arizona. He was one of ten people from Dorset on the Queen’s New Year Honours list achieving an MBE.

GET INVOLVED Athletics encompasses a wide range of disciplines requiring immense strength, endurance and fitness. The different activities covering running, jumping and throwing provide an efficient way of strengthening the heart muscles, reducing body fat and increasing stamina. Find out more: Poole Athletic Club


GET INVOLVED Shooting relies on concentration, skill and nerve. It can improve co-ordination, strength, patience and fine motor skills and is a sport where people of all ages can take part and compete against each other on equal terms. Courses provide training on the safe handling of guns and cover the various disciplines of the sport. Find out more: Parkstone Gun Club


The team is in its 4th season now and was just started off by a group of mates for a bit of fun, originally. Along the way, we have enjoyed a great run so far winning the Hayward Division 6 and Hampshire Junior B Cup , the Hayward Division 3, the Hayward Division 2 and we are currently top of Hayward Division 1, hoping to finally secure promotion to the Bournemouth Premier League. Our reserve team are in their second season, winning the Hayward League Divison 5 last season.

The Clown – who keeps team spirits high? It’s got to be Sami Garcia he’s not there every week but when he is, he’s pure entertainment talking about a 100 mph! No-one can understand a word he says! Plus, he looks like Eddie Munster. Best Tekkers – who has the skills to pay the bills? Mark Pudney has got some skills. The highlight has to be playing the last six games of a season with his weaker foot only as he was injured and still scored hatfuls. The Cheat – who loves a dive? Um, there are no real cheats, but Stevey Haime certainly knows how to force a tackle when in the box! Haha! The lightweight – who’s first to let the side down? There are no real lightweights. They’ve learnt now they get subbed straight away if they don’t pull their weight and pay hefty sums to the club fines kitty. Mr Vain – who absolutely rates themselves? 100%, Mike Barber looks like Tom Daley. He plays like Tony Daley and also an avid user of numerous hair products and heavy duty sun beds (the lady of the team).

Biggest liability on and off the pitch? That would have to be Jamie Dawson. He’s got a bit of a short temper, you could say or words to that effect! He’s at his most dangerous running the line or trying to drink. Worst Dress Sense – who needs to update their threads? Sam Cummings without a doubt. He’s worn his Christmas jumper at least a month or so before Xmas and a month or so after. Another gym boy who buys clothes from ‘gap for kids’ too. Biggest Bottle Job – who always ducks out of a tackle? There’s not really a bottle job as such but you know if the captain, Mathew Biddle comes off the pitch dirty, it’s been one hell of a game! Team social spot – where is your designated club house on a Sat night? The team social spot is the Con Club in Charminster as a starting base… cheap beer, cheaper spirits, footy on the TV and a master class chef who lays on post match delights (Simon Stavros Collins). Who’s the longest in the shower? Without a doubt, John Taylor, for a few reasons… mainly his ears are like two champions league cups, so by the time he’s emptied each one out, he’s gone through four or five towels and the changing room is under 2 foot of water! 37


Red Nose Day is a day like no other when the whole country gets together to do something funny for money and change countless lives in the process.

Last year the charity raised a fantastic £108,436,227 and that money is doing incredible things in both The UK and in Africa.

The Games ‘Have a go Hero’ Josh Simons and company director Steve Crawford have teamed up in doing something a bit silly to raise money for Red Nose Day 2013. On Friday 15th March Steve will be having his hairy legs waxed and Josh will be losing his beloved chest hair all in the aid of this good cause.

To support Josh & Steve by donating, please visit: sponsor/thegamemagazine and give what you can.

NO PAIN! thegamemagazine



We will provide full details of how Josh and Steve got on in next month’s edition. Good Luck Lads!

NO GAIN! thegamemagazine







2 x Tickets to Southampton FC vs. West Ham SATURDAY 13TH APRIL 3PM KO Simply answer the below question correctly and be entered into the FREE prize draw.

Q. How many goals did Adam score last season in league and cup combined? How to Enter E-mail your answer to: Add your name, e-mail address and phone number. The winner will be announced in April’s edition of The Game.


AFC Bournemouth Follow Dorset’s number one team and keep up to date with the highs, the lows and all the latest news from the club in The Game.

e h t p U

S E I R R E H C Super Fletch UPDATE

From the euphoria of Tuesday night though, we were quickly brought back down to earth on the Saturday as we were beaten by a resurgent Preston side. The losing feeling after the game is one that all the lads don’t want to replicate again, and is one we will use to spur us on, to ensure we learn from our mistakes and become a better team.

We still remained as leaders after the game, but it is very tight at the top and this shows just how much hard work there still is to do. With lots of big sides in the mix-up, including Sheffield United and Doncaster with Championship experience to their name, it will be a tough run in but it is one we are prepared for. From being the team quietly creeping up the table, we have become the favourites and the ones everyone wants to beat. Every team, and every crowd, that we come up against will be ready for us, as we are now a scalp. So our job now is to embrace it and enjoy it. I have been at this club for many years and know that being top of the league isn’t something that happens all the time, but we also have to ensure we don’t get carried away and continue to concentrate on the task ahead.



It was a great feeling to go top of npower League One early in February after our hard fought 2-1 victory at Crewe Alexandra. To climb from 21st place at the start of October to 1st is an incredible achievement that cannot be overlooked. A lot of people have pointed to the return of the gaffer and Jason, and, of course, that was a turning point, but the lads and staff and everyone connected with the club, have also worked incredibly hard.



It will certainly be an exciting month, and it is one everyone at the club cannot wait for.








HOME 15.00











HOME 15.00





FULL NAM E BIRTH DAT Tommy Elphic E 7th Se k pt 198 HEIGHT 6f 7 t 2in POSITION C e NUMBER 1 ntre-back 3




H E A LT H & F I T N E S S


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Village Urban Resort Bournemouth Wessex Fields Deansleigh Road Bournemouth BH7 7DZ

01202 416111 Terms and conditions apply

H E A LT H & F I T N E S S



The Game Magazine - March 2013  

The Game Magazine - March 2013

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