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Highlights and pictures from the 2013 season



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Read about life in the mountains with Ben Langridge

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Meet the Pro Exclusive with Bournemouth MMA legend, Jeff Lawson


















Up the Cherries

Thoughts on the season so far from AFC Bournemouth’s, Brett Pitman

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THE POOLE PIRATES We are pleased to include the first of a two part gallery looking at highlights and moments to remember from the incredible Elite League Champions Poole Pirates 2013 season. Look out next month for the second half of this special feature.

Press Day 07 March 2013 The Poole Pirates team that started the season in 2013 looked a different outfit to that which finished the season as league Champions in September.

Eastbourne v Poole 27 April 2013 Pirates’ guest Thomas Jorgensen (yellow) teams up with Dennis Andersson (red) in Heat 14 to take on Eagles Cameron Woodward (red) and Lukas Dryml (blue)

Poole v King’s Lynn 27 May 2013 Rider of the Night, Maciej Janowski, is presented with his award by meeting sponsors Lee Tyers (L) and Ben Duddington (R) of the popular “Piratecast” show.

Eastbourne v Poole 21 June 2013 Chris Holder finds a gap to take the lead from former Pirate Bjarne Pedersen in heat one of the Pirates visit to the home of the Eagles.



Poole v King’s Lynn 03 April 2013 Up and Away! – It’s tapes up on heat seven of Pirates’ first Elite League meeting of 2013, (left to right) Kyle Howarth, Nicolai Klindt, Maciej Janowski and Mads Korneliussen

Poole v Eastbourne 01 May 2013 Darcy Ward rises to the occasion on his last appearance for the Pirates before being ruled out for two months, with a broken shoulder, following a track crash in the Swedish Grand Prix.

Poole v Wolverhampton 17 April 2013 Darcy Ward slides to the floor as he attempts to round Wolves No.1 Tai Woffinden in Heat one, The race was restarted with all four riders but Woffinden still took the honours.

King’s Lynn v Poole 15 May 2013 Guest Star! – 2013 World Champion Tai Woffinden stood in for the injured Darcy Ward and bagged 14 points to help Pirates secure a league win against the odds in Norfolk.

Lakeside v Poole 07 June 2013

Poole v Birmingham 13 June 2013

Team-mates (L to R) Chris Holder, Dawid Stachyra, Przemyslaw Pawlicki and Maciej Janowski return to the pits after Pawlicki crashed in heat seven and was withdrawn.

Eyes left! – Maciej Janowski waits for tapes up moments before a vital heat thirteen 5-1 with Chris Holder to turn the meeting in the Pirates’ favour.

Eastbourne v Poole 21 June 2013 Captain Fantastic! – Chris Holder (left) and Matt Ford weigh up the chances in East Sussex, Holder’s paid maximum 17+1 score paved the way for another Poole victory.

Eastbourne v Poole 21 June 2013 Chris Holder raises a wheel and turns to the camera after Heat 15 in celebration of Poole’s glorious 20 point victory at Arlington


The rub down

with IntuLo Heath

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Amanda is the owner of Intulo Health (, one of the South’s leading Sports and Remedial Massage specialists. Having served as official massage therapist for AFC Bournemouth, Amanda has experience dealing with patients as varied as top sports people to the general public, and with an outstanding knowledge of human anatomy, we’re delighted to have her specialist advice in these pages. This month, we chat to Amanda about her history and what her job entails, getting an insight into the work of a leading sports and deep tissue therapist. When did you start your career in massage? I graduated from The London School of Sports Massage in August 2011 and went self employed in the September of 2011. I had been working in the property industry for 10 years so it was a big change for me. Why did you choose to work in this field? I studied for a fitness diploma in 2005 as a foundation certification to become a spin instructor and whilst studying the theory side of the diploma, I developed a fascination for Anatomy and Physiology and realised how much I loved it. I thought, hey I’m good at this and I need to do something with it. What was the studying and training like and what did it cover? The course with LSSM was very hands on and practical because there’s only one way to learn how to massage and that’s to get stuck in and do it. We had an intensive 12 months which included theory work, case studies, hands on practical assessments and as part of the course we had to do 100 treatments with signed off paper work to prove that we’d completed them. I loved it because I pretty much started building my client base whilst I was studying because it takes time to build a business and it’s important to build a relationship with people in this business. The most difficult part was trying to find different people who’d be willing to have a free massage. What does Intulo mean and how did you come up with the brand name and logo? Intulo is ‘zulu’ which is a native language in South Africa and it means Lizard. The logo is actually a ghekko however; I couldn’t find an African name for ghekko so I used Intulo instead. The colours running through the ghekko are the colours of the different energy chakras of the body and the ghekko is significant to me personally, because it’s my nephews nickname and he’s a little ginger so hence the orange.

Tell us about THE work you did at AFC Bournemouth... When I qualified, I contacted Steve Hard the Head Physio at AFC Bournemouth and volunteered to improve my skills. I wanted to gain experience working with professional athletes. I desperately wanted to work with Steve and observe how he worked with the footballers. It was such a privilege to observe and learn in that environment and it was hard work! I absolutely loved working with the boys, they taught me a lot about football and they certainly changed my perception of footballers. Our Cherries are so down to earth and I’d like to think we built up a mutual respect towards each other.

Massage is an ancient Chinese practice it has been practised for more than 5000 years and it is used for helping the body to regenerate, revive its power and to heal itself. What are the benefits of Deep Tissue and Sports Massage? Gosh, there are so many. The misconception is that sports massage is only for sports people, however, sports massage is actually deep tissue massage and it’s a combination of the different massage techniques that we use that the body responds to. For example, I’ll use trigger point therapy on muscles where I can feel there is a ‘knot’ or a trigger point as we call it, or I’ll use soft tissue release or muscle energy techniques if there is an imbalance in the structure of the muscles, for instance, where one muscle is shorter than the other. I have worked with people who suffer with headaches, fibromyalgia, stroke victims to professional footballers. Massage is an ancient Chinese practice it has been practised for more than 5000 years and it is used for helping the body to regenerate, revive its power and to heal itself. It also helps to release fear and tension so it has a lot of physiological and psychological benefits too.

What is the most common ailment you see in clinic? It’s difficult to say, however, most of my clients experience pain as a result of postural issues. So, that could include a variety of problems such as pain in the shoulders, or in between the shoulder blades or lower back issues. Like I said earlier, I don’t only treat sporty people, most of my clients sit at a desk all day and then pop into the gym and hammer their bodies on the treadmill or with extremely heavy weights after being seated in a position where the body is naturally overcompensating. It’s so important for our bodies to function naturally and in order for us to do that we have to strengthen certain areas. More often than not, far too much emphasis is being put on strengthening core! What impact does posture have on problems in the neck and back? Our bodies are not designed to be in a seated position, we’re actually meant to be in a natural squat position. If you think back to cave man days, you didn’t see them sat on a log round the campfire, they were always squatting. A baby learns to squat before they walk and that is our natural posture. We are supposed to squat when we go to the toilet, being seated on a loo causes all sorts of internal problems such as IBS, constipation and lower back pain. Women are meant to give birth in a squatting position, that’s how the pelvis is designed. Of course I can’t expect all my clients to squat at their computers all day, but I am able to teach them how to strengthen up certain muscle groups so that their bodies aren’t overworking by keeping them in a bad postural position all day.

Here are some images to help demonstrate how to get yourself into a deep squatting position on a daily basis to help relieve all sorts of aches and pains, and if you’re struggling, then I do advise using a swiss ball to assist:



Intulo Health sports & remedial massage relieving those everyday aches and pains


your first massage including initial consultation Please quote The Game magazine when booking

Shelley Manor Medical Centre, Private Clinic, First Floor, Beechwood Rd, Boscombe Manor, Bournemouth BH51LX


01202 443892 • 07789 810752


LIONS TAKING THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH 1ST XV LOSING RUN NOT YET OVER – BUT PLENTY OF WINS ELSEWHERE IN THE REGION’S LEADING CLUB There is no hiding from the fact that Bournemouth Rugby Club’s 1st XV have been having a tough time over recent months. Since their last win, against Redruth at home on 12 October, they have lost 9 matches in a row. Their position in National League Division 2 South has obviously dropped, from near the top then, into the relegation zone now. Yet not all is doom and gloom for the Chapel Gate club, neither on a first team basis and certainly not when a wider perspective is taken.













The Lions’ director of rugby, Budge Pountney, has been working hard with his coaches to develop a new style of play, designed to make the 1st XV more competitive in their division. After a bright start over the early weeks of the season, a spate of injuries occurred. Unfortunately some of the players coming in to the side were relatively inexperienced. They had little time to adapt to the new style and to the tremendous pressure every week (because there are no easy games at level 4 in English rugby). Inevitably defensive gaps appeared, some mistakes were made and a disappointing number of points conceded. However, there are now signs that the Lions team is weathering the storm. Performances have improved (even if results have not) and there is no shortage of effort and commitment from the men in the black and gold shirts. As Budge Pountney recently emphasised: “Our players don’t want to accept being beaten.

Everybody still wants to win”. With good coaching continuing, young players getting better and a strong focus on performance, there are a lot of positives to take into 2014. Whilst regular attention in The Game is given to Bournemouth Rugby’s 1st team, it shouldn’t be forgotten that there are several other teams at the club and lots of impressive results, with many winning most of their matches so far. In the senior ranks, the 2nd XV won 8 out of 8 before conceding a couple of matches due to the number players taken by the 1st team. The 3rd XV won 9 out of 9 to stand at the top of Dorset & Wilts Division 3 South. The 4th team are existing champions of Dorset & Wilts Division 4 and currently stand top of that table again. The development of the Colts teams is vital to the future of Bournemouth rugby and both sides are doing well this season. The Under 17s won their first ten games and the Dorset & Wilts Cup at the beginning of December. The Under 18s have been demonstrating some brilliant flowing rugby and only lost one game out of their first five. The Youth & Mini section, from the Under 6s all the way through to the Under 16s, represent the biggest part of the club in terms of player numbers and continue to thrive, with the help of many parents who coach and manage the teams. The highlight of their season will be the multi-club tournament that they will be hosting over the first weekend of April 2014. Article: Paul Martin

Pictures: AlexWilliamsonPhotography




Completion Due Early 2014 SOUTHCOTE ROAD A range of 28 One and Two Bedroom newly built flats, available in Spring 2014. Prices start at £550 for One Bedroom and £650 for Two Bedrooms. Please call for more details or to reserve a flat today.



06 08

A*NEW mixture of 1 & 2 Bed Flats *COMMUNAL BIKING STORE KITCHENS finished to a High Standard *SOME ALLOCATED OFF ROAD PARKING *NEW BATHROOMS Please Abbey Estates to reserve or *NEW CARPETS *GAS call CENTRAL HEATING 01202 777704 for*UPVC moreDOUBLE information GLAZING

Abbey Estates was established by its current owner, Namir Hassan, in 1996. In that time, he has built a successful Sales and Letting Business covering areas in Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch. Abbey Estates prides themselves on being highly professional with excellent customer service. We aim to get our clients the best results possible weather you are a Landlord/ Tenant or Vendor/Purchaser. Large or small, we cover all aspects of property and are up to date with property laws that are changing all the time. If you are thinking of Selling or Letting a property then please call us for a free Market Appraisal.


01202 777704 76-78 Charminster Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 8US TEL: 01202 777704


23 09



The Personal Touch

By Sean Burgess (MSC) Office parties complete, Christmas jumpers packed away and the New Year resolution list stuck to the fridge, it must be January all over again. We get here every year full of assessment, mince pies and optimism typically reciting the same mantra ‘this is the year I’m going to get really fit’. Gym induction booked, remaining liquor thrown away, chocolate drawer at work cleared out; the new diet begins! As the regular day to day conversations uncommonly draw more towards healthy eating, you may often find the above nutritional decisions labelled by many as a ‘detox’. Thanks to the recent high media coverage of eating plans such as the 5:2 diet, ‘detoxing’ is now becoming a hotly discussed subject. Interestingly though, if you look past the great individual testimonials, the actual scientific research which underpins these diets for optimum weight loss and, health is still very inconclusive. With this in mind, the following short article will review ‘detoxing’ in more depth and present both sides of the debate on this ever growing dieting strategy, to allow you as the reader to draw your own conclusions. To detox in a nutrition sense, means to rid your body of all the toxins and poisons that we accumulate from food, drink, and through illness.

As we know, nowadays, with the non-stop nature of the modern lifestyle, it is hard to avoid a food which doesn’t contain toxins in the form of pesticides and herbicide residues, as well as hormones, antibiotic residues, artificial additives and a host of other chemicals. In addition, we don’t just take in toxins from food, other sources such as alcohol, unfiltered water, chemicals in the atmosphere, mould, clothing and even food wrapping can all be primary contributors. Sounds like the like biggest game of dodge ball you’ll ever play I know; it has even been proven that some medicines that we use to cure illness can actually be toxic as well if taken over long periods. In a healthy person with a sound diet and physical activity level, toxins will be effectively removed from the body as waste matter, urine, sweat and even through the breath. In contrast, toxin removal for others who adhere to a low activity level and follow a processed diet is not quite as simple. In these groups of people, the ingested toxins get stored and often block the lymphatic (waste disposal) circulatory system. Your lymphatic system, which affects every cell and organ in your body, can be compared to a motorway when congested, nothing moves. The blockage of the 600+ lymph nodes (collection sites) contained in the lymphatic system, hinders the immune system, which leads to many illnesses, even cancer and naturally means the body stores most ingested fats.

To ascertain whether your lymphatic system is working efficiently, look at the following 4 SYMPTOMS below to see if any of these apply to you.

- Suffer with minor ailments such as colds, flu’s and virus’ - Often feel fatigued and bloated with noticed swelling around the arms and legs - Store cellulite in those hard to shift areas - Perspire excessively in the night when sleeping 10


Enter the pro detox advocate, who at this juncture to combat the conditions opposite , will begin to promote a low calorie natural fasting diet based typically on high quantities of water, fruit, vegetables or their own supplement and food replacement ranges. The non-detox prescribing nutritionist will support here instead an increase in physical activity and a tailored calorie reduction with a food plate consisting of organic unrefined carbohydrates, pure proteins, fruit, vegetables and unsaturated fats.

lose your christmms weight in 10 WEEKS

happy new year happy new you

Who then is correct in this debate? In the short-term, most detox diet followers will see some health improvement and initial weight loss, because the extremely low calorie intake from their food is being far surpassed by the calories burnt off through day to day activity. However, this is most likely to be a loss in water due to the detox diet being very low in energy (calories). One other factor with detox diets are most nutritionists only recommend following them for a short period of time, 7 days sometimes longer up-to a month.

n free o i s s e 1st s picture take a phone ur on yo

start date: 20th jan 2014 Mon | Weds | fri 6:30am - 7:15am just £80 for full 10 weeks

This is because following a typical low calorie detox diet, often leaves your body starved of energy and dangerously malnourished if exercising at a high intensity. In addition, as a consequence of their short life span, when detox followers return to their normal diet, the weight that has been lost previously is often regained. The reason for this is concerned with the body’s metabolism slowing down; subsequently meaning it now takes longer to burn off calories. On the other side of this debate, there are a lot of positive features of detox diets as well, encouraging more people to increase their hydration (water) levels, eat more fruit and vegetables, cut out refined carbohydrates, avoid excess stimulants (coffee, fizzy drinks) and lower their intake of saturated fats. These are all recommendations that should be the backbone to any eating plan for any goal. At this point, you may have been steered quite predictably to thinking that detox plans should be completely avoided. However, you might be surprised to read that in my own opinion, I don’t believe this and, I actually recommend ‘detoxing’ to certain clients I work with. For individuals who tick the box on the mentioned 4 lymphatic system conditions, following most of the detox principles (described in the paragraph above) will serve a lot of good. The new diet will help to initially break down any stored lymph causing blockages and get the lymphatic system to discharge any unwanted body fat in the future. However, I only recommend following the detoxing principles completely for 7 days which would also include an avoidance of red meat, wheat, dairy and high impact exercise. I don’t advocate following a drastically reduced calorie consumption during this period either, just a 500 -1,000 calorie difference each day eating every 2-3 hours still which is the standardised weight loss recommendation. Following this period, organic wheat, dairy and red meat can start to be reintroduced providing your body handles these foods well. I do this with clients because with literature support, the latter is how we should eat all of the time. As you can now tell, your detoxing decisions this year go far beyond whether to lock the sweet cupboard or not! If any reader needs further guidance on their weight loss and nutrition, please do not hesitate to contact me through.


The junction sports & leisure centre, station approach, broadstone, bh18 8ax

TheKitBag 1

The winter sports season is well underway and we’ve been looking at some of the handy gadgets to pack in your suitcase if you’re hitting the mountains this year. Here’s a pick of our favourites…

GOPRO HERO 3+ From £249

1 Not only is the HERO3+ 15% smaller and lighter than previous


models, it’s 2x more powerful—making it the most advanced camera yet. Wearable, gear-mountable and waterproof to 131’/40m, it captures professional-quality video at resolutions up to 1080p60 and 10MP photos at up to 10 frames per second. With faster built-in Wi-Fi, enhanced low-light performance and 30% longer battery life, the HERO3+ makes capturing and sharing your life easier than ever.


2 If you’re going skiing this season then these are a must! Skooty Claws simply clip onto the bottom of your boots and instantly help you walk safely and easily over any surface. Ice or grit, they will not just grip, but also protect the bottom of your boots.



3 A further development of Hestra’s popular heated ski gloves. Suitable for those whose hands get cold easily. The heating control can be set in three steps, depending on the weather and temperature and the palm is made from hard wearing goats’ leather.


YOUR EYEWEAR, YOUR DESIGN… Launched in the summer of 2013, Melon’s ethos is to provide quality custom premium eyewear at an affordable price. Following its first hugely successful sunglasses product, Melon’s latest offering of fully customisable ski and snowboard goggles has received a lot of media attention and has established the brand and its products as great alternatives to some of the overpriced brands on the market.



ames Pointer co-founder of Melon explains what Melon is about and why it all started, “We were sick of paying a load on sunglasses or goggles, just to have them break or get lost and we wanted to create a project that could allow us to keep riding as much as we could. We knew there was room in the market for something different so Melon was formed. Our mission is make products that compete in quality with some of the best out there at a price that doesn’t break the bank, whilst promoting individuality through our sunglasses and goggles being fully customisable. It’s been a hectic few months, but we’ve

10% discount

been blown away by the response to our products. It’s been great to see so many people supporting an independent brand over some of the other eyewear brands that are often owned by huge companies” Melon has some exciting plans over the coming months and has sunglasses available through their website now from £17 and goggles from £60. You can check them out for yourself and design your own pair at www., they’ve even given all The Game Magazine subscribers a cheeky 10% discount which can be redeemed by using “MELONGAME” at the checkout.

10% discount exclusive to The Game readers. Enter MELONGAME at the checkout.



Name Sammy Watson Sport Captain of AFC Bournemouth Ladies Hi Sammy, thanks for talking to us. What got you in to your sport to begin with? Not a problem! When I was younger I was always quite active and lived in quite a rural area. As there wasn’t much to do I bought a football and spent most evenings having a bit of a kick around with all the children in the village. I then began training with a local side and shortly after was asked to play for AFC Bournemouth and it’s just taken off from there really. How often do you train? As a squad, we train one evening a week with a game each weekend. Alongside this, we’ve also entered teams into local 5-a-side leagues which means that if anybody wants any further training they can go along whenever they want. 5-a-side is a great way to improve fitness and technicality so it’s fantastic to have that opportunity!

Can you tell us what your training sessions involve? Our training sessions usually begin with a fun warm-up before we talk about the weaknesses of the previous game and participate in drills to improve them. The sessions are largely focussed on the technical aspects of the game, including the basics such as first touch, passing and shooting, as well as the tactical side, looking at pressing or attacking as a team. We have a tremendous team spirit at Bournemouth so they’re always very enjoyable! How have you got on so far this season? We’re doing very well so far this season. There were lots of changes in the summer which meant lots of new players were brought in but we’ve gelled extremely quickly and are currently second in the league. We’re also in the quarter-final of the Dorset Cup so the early signs are very promising!

Who are the toughest team you’ve played against this season? The toughest team we’ve played this year are definitely Dorchester Town. They’re current Dorset champions and haven’t been beaten for two years. They’re all very quick and play great passing football which is very much helped by the fact that they have a great youth system, meaning that a lot of them have played with each other since they were young. We’re gelling very well though so I hope that we’ll be more than a match for them very soon! Do you have a sporting role model? From a young age I’ve been a huge AFC Bournemouth fan and my sporting role model as a child was Stephen Purches. He always takes a lot of time out to talk to the fans and is a model professional both on and off the pitch. I also admire Barcelona’s Xavi as we both play in the centre of midfield and his passing and vision is extraordinary.

Have you had many injuries? I’ve been quite fortunate and haven’t had any serious injuries through football but I do suffer from shin splints. It can become very frustrating but after seeing a physiotherapist I was given special pads to put into my boots which help a lot. He also suggested a variety of different stretches so I don’t feel them nearly as often as I used to. Do you take part in any other sports? Sadly not. After being asked to play for AFC Bournemouth Ladies I began to take an interest in the men’s team and am now a season ticket holder so most of my weekend is taken up with football! It was great for AFC Bournemouth to host the England Ladies game a couple of months back here at the Goldsands Stadium, how much does this help promote ladies football around the country and did you get to see the game? Sadly, I didn’t make it to the game; however, I think that it will do wonders for women’s football in the area. To see such a large crowd was fantastic and I really hope that the quality of the game will change any preconceived ideas. It’s all too easy to forget that women’s football has only really taken off in the last fifteen years and so it has developed at a phenomenal rate. The improvements in media coverage mean that more players and coaches are likely to get involved and so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until it’s given the same credence as the men’s game. What are your hopes and goals for the future? In terms of football, I hope to progress as far up the football pyramid as possible with AFC Bournemouth Ladies. We’ve had a few setbacks in recent years however we have good support from the club and are starting to put a fantastic team together. We have a very young, hard-working squad and tremendous team spirit so I think we can progress very quickly! What would you say to women wanting to give it a go and where is a good place to get involved? If anybody is thinking of getting involved with women’s football I’d say don’t hesitate! It’s a brilliant way to keep fit and I’ve met some really fantastic people through football. Most teams around the county are always on the lookout for players and you can usually find contact details through the Dorset FA website. Thank you, Sammy and we wish you continued success with your sport in the future.




Tried & Tested Energie Fitness for Women

OK, so many of us have been in that situation of being in a gym full of strong muscle men, lycra clad ladies and perhaps feeling a little self conscious about sweating on machines and pumping iron in front of a wall of mirrors for everyone to see…I’ve been there. A time that stands out for me was following the birth of my second child. When I had got over those early sleepless months, I wanted to try and work on the bulge I had been left with, to tone up and start feeling and looking fitter. I remember arriving at the packed gym, feeling pretty rubbish after about twenty minutes and leaving for home. Not a great start.

New YEAR, NEW YOU The Game’s editor, Jo Whittaker, took part in two trials from top local businesses to report back on ways you can kick start 2014 and improve your health both physically and nutritionally.

Nutrichef 3 day Rainbow Diet Trial

Energie Fitness in Southbourne is a gym for women only. Don’t worry gents, it’s not an anti-men zone… more of a place designed for women down to the décor and equipment that is all hydraulic rather than weighted so works with your own body weight and adjusts to your own level in a clever ‘push and pull’ fashion…the harder you push, the harder the exercise. I chose the 30 minute Easyline circuit for my trial at Energie. It’s literally that…30 minutes and easy. A set of machines and floor based workouts each lasting 30 seconds. The voiceover on the pumping workout tunes that play out in the cool, air conditioned room tell you to move on to the next exercise until you have completed the whole circuit which takes exactly 30 minutes. Again, perfect for time-lacking me. Another problem I have with exercise is boredom. Doing one type of exercise for twenty minutes isn’t great for my mindset. I get bored easily. One of the major benefits from this style of exercise is the frequency of moving onto the next activity which work all the muscle groups in your body. Finishing with some gentle stretches, my workout was done and complete for the day, leaving plenty of time for work and my children. The community feel to the club, modern facilities, great and supportive staff make you feel relaxed at Energie. They even have a treatment room offering a wide range of services to relax and unwind or if you’re after more activities, the light and airy studio runs classes including aerobics, Zumba, Pilates and Yoga. Energie welcomes, it works and certainly energises your life.


14 14 14


On a cold morning in November, a delivery arrived at my door which I was eagerly anticipating. Having read and heard lots about leading healthy meal delivery company, Nutrichef, I was looking forward to receiving my three day trial. I chose the new Rainbow Diet, designed for people who care long term about their health and defending themselves against diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The Rainbow Diet uses foods abundant in natural colour, hence the name, and is used by many sports stars and celebrities

across the country including Abi Titmuss and Lewis Moody. Low in fat, high in colour and packed with antioxidants, the plan includes meals providing 1500 calories per day and also came with green tea, non-dairy milk, The Rainbow Diet Book (which is a really good, interesting read) and OVER 180 different varieties of ingredients a month! It felt like Christmas as I unpacked the box of containers with my meals all set out for the next few days. I was surprised

by the amount of boxes and when looking in the containers, I was happy to see the colourful meals looked interesting with a good quantity of food, just as well seeing as I have quite a large appetite. My first day started with Mango Yoghurt with Honey Granola and Strawberries. It was a tasty breakfast, different to my normal rushed piece of dry toast and cold tea. It has a great crunchy texture of granola mixed with the smooth and cool yoghurt. Lunch was a complete surprise both in taste and colour – Blackened




WIN Chicken with Mango Superfood Quinoa Salad. One word for this one: flavour! There were bursts of sweet pomegranate and drop peppers and green edamame beans. The quinoa was filling, the chicken tasty and overall, an exciting lunch with flavours I had never experienced before. My final meal from Day one was Salmon with Lemon Vegetables…another delicious meal which was again, full of flavour and goodness. The next two days I happily worked my way through delicious dishes. I found

myself really thinking about the foods I was putting into my mouth and appreciating the incredibly fresh tastes, colours and smells. Favourites that stood out for me included the Spinach and Courgette Fritatta which came with a gorgeous onion marmalade and the Lamb Meatballs with Salad and Harissa Yoghurt. Super tasty, warming and filling. As a busy working mum of two, time is a major issue in my life so having these meals on tap in the fridge meant I got a nutritious, healthy and proper meal. I will admit; I am guilty of

often missing meals and reaching for less healthier snacks on the run to get me through the day. I recommend Nutrichef 100% for service, taste, convenience, health benefits and for providing hundreds of ingredients you may not usually eat in everyday life. We all get used to shopping in the supermarkets and picking up the same foods over and over again because it’s just what we are used to. Give Nutrichef a go, open your eyes and taste a new world of colour and flavour!

a 3 Day

NUTRICHEF Meal Plan Be in with a chance to WIN a 3 Day “Rainbow Diet Meal Plan” delivered to your door and a healthy Hamper of Nutrichef flapjacks and Super Vitality Protein Powders. The Nutrichef meal plans can be tailored to your calorific needs to ensure you reach your fitness goals for 2014!

Book online at

How to enter

Simply look out for our competition posts on Facebook and Twitter and re-tweet or like and share to enter!

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pencer Cuckney is a local sports fan who chose fitness over fat when alarms bell rang from his intense work commitments. He had always been into sports like boxing, windsurfing and running, but when he had his first major business, he got completely wrapped up in it and let himself go… In his own words, his body turned to fat overnight, he felt terrible and couldn’t sort out his fitness no matter what he tried. He worried that this was it. This was how he was going to be forever until he came across an incredible fitness formula which totally changed his life and later, the lives of many others.





Spencer has extensive experience of running a top health club and as a certified personal trainer with 20 year’s experience. Creator of the exclusive Fitnessmaster programme, Spencer has delivered exceptional weight-loss results for clients. He has also shared his expert advice in regular features in the Bournemouth Daily Echo, various radio stations and Meridian TV.


As a frequent writer for national publications including Maxim and Workout Magazine, Spencer also made an appearance in Men’s Health Magazine and on Sky Sports One, and has trained celebrities including Premiership football club manager and Sandbanks local, Harry Redknapp. Spencer has previously partnered with David Marshall’s Body Doctor programme, which has trained stars such as Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl, Rachel Weisz, and Ant and Dec.

I prefer people to start earlier than the New Year to think about changing their lifestyles for the better because it can go the wrong way and give people a free reign to go totally overboard at Christmas. But, I am not the ‘Food Police’ and wouldn’t want people to not enjoy themselves, just take a little care - have fun, enjoy your food and stay busy even if it is hitting the gym a little less, or just getting out for some fresh air. Plan short term, medium term and long term goals. Short term can just be a commitment to exercise three times per week. Aim to get some heavy resistance work in and some sprinting. Medium term can be to lose two stone of fat or run an adventure race and long term, could be taking up a completely new sport. For me, it was wake boarding – a life changing event! I didn’t think I would do it but now I’m totally addicted and it makes me happy. Good luck with your fitness goals and have a happy and healthy 2014!

BOURNEMOUTH FIT BODY BOOTCAMP Spencer opened the doors at Bournemouth Fit Body Bootcamp (FBBC) in 2011. The Bootcamp is a fitness workout that includes top notch fitness instructors, nutritional guidance, and motivational resistance training all designed to get you to the body of your dreams in the safest and shortest time possible. At the time of opening, most of the bootcamps around took place outside and didn’t offer the nutritional advice and accountability that FBBC do. The team at FBBC are dedicated to the local community so no matter

where you are now in terms of fitness and health, you can join and make progress quickly while making friends and sharing experiences and advice together. FBBC offer metabolic conditioning, fat loss, fitness, strength, accountability and a load more - we have a private members page on Facebook and they offer 24/7 support via emails and text and coaching calls also available on request. The many benefits of becoming a member include fat loss, enhanced fitness, fun, new friends, and accountability.

BOURNEMOUTH FIT BODY BOOT CAMP 376 Charminster Road, Bournemouth


ONLY £107 AND JUST 18 SPACES AVAILABLE • up to 20 sessions per week • Unlimited training • Full nutrition and training guide • Email and phone support • Photo and full measurements

ga innin e of w d Mini! c n a iPa a ch with nd an Be in over a e k a M £300

rt repo E E R ing our F Burn t Get y a F 3 old 1 ere: ‘Unt ts’ H e r c Se secre



3fa www.1

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Name Sport

Ben Langridge Skiing

Ben Langridge is from Bournemouth, but has spent the last 20 years working between the Alps, Europe, South East Asia and America and now teaches skiing at the highest level in the French Alps. By winter, he is based at The Development Centre in Val D’Isere and during the summer months, he travels and works around the world. Find out more



Hi Ben, when did you start skiing? I started skiing aged 5. My parents are passionate skiers so they took me and my brothers skiing as much as possible, I started learning on a dry slope. Back in the 80s, there weren’t that many dry slopes around and there weren’t any snow domes like nowadays. I was lucky enough to travel out to France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy to ski once or twice a year with my family. At age 9, I started ski racing for a local ski club on dry slopes. At 11, I started racing on the national circuit and was coached by one of the National Squad coaches for 5 or 6 years. I was very lucky to have the benefit from that calibre of coaching. It gave me a great foundation. I didn’t take it massively seriously and didn’t achieve any spectacular results, but aged 14, I was selected to represent England schools in the European Championships. At University, Oxford Brooks, I ran the ski club for 3 years and managed to get some top 10 results at the British Students. In my second year at Uni, I studied in Grenoble, which I chose because I wanted to ski as much as possible. I’ve always been hugely drawn to the Alps ever since I was a kid.

this kind of work, so to ensure we deliver the quality of coaching and service that our clients expect all season long, we make sure we get enough time to eat, drink something hot and take our boots off. Then we head up the hill for another 3 hour session.

Why skiing? It was my family who got me into skiing. At Junior school I remember that no-one else in my year skied but I loved it, like all kids do, it’s a wonderful sensation. My parents taught me to appreciate the environment and respect the mountains and I developed a love for it. French was my best subject at school and my parents were quite clever, combining French and skiing. At age 11, they sent me away to a French family whose parents were ski instructors. It was a fantastic opportunity to ski and spend time learning French. The two things went hand in hand. What does your job entail and describe your normal day for the work you do now… I work for a British Ski Coaching centre in Val d’Isere called The Development Centre (TDC We are a co-operative of about 12 or 13 British guys and girls who all have the highest British ski teaching qualification with full recognition worldwide. I started my career in the French system working with the ESF in Alpe d’Huez but a change of direction took me into the British BASI system and Val d’Isere. We’re different to regular ski schools in that we specialise in teaching people who wouldn’t go to a normal ski school. We have a lot of higher-end skiers who want to go offpiste, be really challenged and who want to make real improvements to their performance. We do teach kids and beginners but only in private lessons, and we prefer our clinic format as an alternative to group lessons. Our clinics have a maximum of 6 people and are only 3 sessions a week. We believe that with great, specific and individualised coaching you can change people’s understanding and therefore performance in only 3 sessions, this gives our clients plenty of time to ski with friends and family and practice what they’ve learnt. About half my work is taking groups or individuals off-piste, which I absolutely love! On a normal day, we start with coffee to discuss the offpiste conditions. We pool information to find where’s good and safe to ski and where to avoid. Then we’re off up into the mountains to do the first three hour session. We break for one hour at lunch and eat together to keep fresh. You can get tired quite quickly in

Tell us about Val d’Isere as a resort and how you came to work there? I have skied over 100 different resorts in Europe and it’s quite simply the most fantastic ski area I’ve ever seen. It has a quick and modern lift system and you can take one lift from the bottom of the valley and in 8 minutes you are up with 900m vertical of fantastic skiing. The options are phenomenal. There are high attitude bowls with easy skiing, great for people who are learning or at an intermediate level. There are wonderful restaurants, with some of the most amazing food in the Alps, and some great bars and nightlife. The sports centre is fantastic with a pool, gym, squash courts…that’s really important if you’re living in a place for this length of time, you need something else to do after skiing other than hitting the bars and restaurants. After finishing my exams, I spent a year with one ski school in Val and was training with the guys from The Development Centre. Four or five of them were trainers within the British system and they said that if I passed my exams, they would like me to join the team, so that was how I was invited in. We are a co-operative, so we all have a share in the business. That is something that is really unique to France and that a lot of people overlook. What is Telemark skiing? Telemark skiing is the most original form of skiing which developed in the Telemark region of Norway. The technique evolved for people to travel over the Scandinavian landscape; typically, low angled, gradual up-hills, long plateaus and gradual down-hills. It was simply a means of transport to get around in the winter. It’s like a hybrid between alpine and cross country skiing, where the heel is free - it’s not fixed to the ski. With a cross country ski or ski touring ski, the pivot point is in front of the toe. On a Telemark ski, the point is under the ball of the foot. The heel comes up and you can bend the knee but you can still control the pressure because it is under the ball of the foot. It didn’t catch on initially in the Alps because the terrain was too steep for the equipment, but it had a renaissance in the 70s and 80’s in North America. In Norway and Scandinavia, it’s always been practised and it became very popular around the mid 90s in the French Alps but it’s still a minority sport. It is technically and physically demanding and much harder than alpine skiing, but people have started Telemark skiing because with the same piece of equipment, you can hike up a mountain and find the untouched snow. Many of the European ski resorts can be quite crowded, so more and more people use telemark kit to escape the crowds, find fresh powder and some solitude, it’s an incredible feeling to be up a mountain with a small group of friends and there’s no-one else around…Telemark skiing allows you to do that. Do you teach Telemark skiing in resort? Myself and a friend set up a Telemark Skiing businesses in 2011 (, although telemark skiing is very niche, the

market is growing. We run courses in the Alps and our dream is to take trips to Japan, Iran and South America. We are now Telemark Ambassadors for Scott Sports and we run a unique Scott NTN equipment test centre in Val d’Isere. We also work with the GB Telemark team and deliver training camps for their athletes. We’ve got two camps coming up this winter for the GB Team and we ran one last year. Where is your favourite place to ski? La Grave, in the Oisans range, near to Les Deux Alpes. It is a very special place with one lift up from the base of valley to the top of the glacier. There are no pistes, nothing is marked or roped off and there is no avalanche control. It’s completely wild backcountry and has so much skiing there. There’s a disclaimer on your lift ticket so when you ski there you accept responsibility for your existence in that environment. It’s an incredibly stunning unspoilt place with lots of very challenging skiing – to get the most out of it you need to take a professional, preferably a high mountain guide who knows the environment. The back drop is just stunning and the views are phenomenal… completely unspoilt. You get off the lift at the top and look out over the view…it is very, very special. Have you had any big injuries? I’ve had back surgery and knee surgery but can argue they weren’t due to skiing. I’ve never had a big accident from skiing itself. People see it as a dangerous sport but it’s not… often they think it’s easy to break a leg or hurt themselves. I liken it to driving a car; if you don’t know how to drive and control the speed, you wouldn’t go onto a motorway. So, if you come skiing it’s really important to be taught by a good instructor who will put you in an environment which is appropriate to your ability. I work hard on carefully choosing the appropriate terrain for my client’s ability and the task. When you’re off-piste there’s always a risk, but my job is to minimise that to very small proportions. How do people get into skiing in Dorset? You are never too old. I teach people in their 50s and older. It’s important to be fit, being active and healthy makes a big difference. There are places like Snowtrax that has a new, artificial surface which is much safer than old school Dendix surfaces. It’s a pleasure to ski on so book some lessons and try it. Or go to a snow dome. Hemel Hempstead isn’t that far away and great for some on snow lessons. I would always advise people to have some beginners lessons before going on holiday which will enable you to enjoy your time in resort more. You’ll arrive having done the hard yards which means you can make the most of your lift pass and the mountain, rather than spending the first couple of days on the beginners slope. You don’t have to go to an expensive resort either. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need a big lift pass or large ski area. There are plenty of smaller resorts in the Alps or if you’re on a budget look at Andorra. Hire your equipment in resort and you can even hire the clothing so you don’t have to break the bank on all the gear before you’ve decided if you even like it – which you will, guaranteed!



JAN 2014 THIS MONTH BDO Lakeside World Darts Championship 5TH - 12TH JANUARY Now in its 36th year, the British Darts Organisation World Championships return to Lakeside. Can England’s Scott Waites retain the title or will runner-up Tony O’Shea finally get his hands on the coveted trophy. Russia’s Anastasia Dobromyslova will be looking to make it a hat-trick of Championship titles after winning the women’s trophy in both 2012 and 2013.

Glow in the Park 5k/10k evening run 10TH JANUARY Glow in the Park are a series of winter evening 5k and 10k runs, set in parklands throughout the UK. There’s something quite exciting about running in the dark and Glow in the Park offer you a safe environment to experience this and find your love of night running. Come to the event dressed in all your finest hi-viz, bring head torches, light sticks and flashing necklaces...anything you can think of!

Australia v England, One Day International Cricket Series 12TH - 26TH JANUARY Following hot on the heels of the winter Ashes series, England continue to do battle against Australia with the first One Day International series of the New Year.



2014 is underway and is looking packed with some fantastic events happening on the sporting calendar both locally and around the world. Keep up to date with our selection of highlights for January.

Australian Tennis Open 13TH - 26TH JANUARY The 2014 Australian Open returns to Melbourne with the top tennis players in the world looking to get 2014 off to the perfect start in the Asia Pacific Grand Slam.

2014 Pro Bowl 26TH JANUARY The 2014 Pro Bowl is the upcoming NFL’s all-star game for the 2013 season. It will take place at 2:00 pm local time on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. Pro Football Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders have been selected as alumni team captains who will assist in the fantasy draft.

Winter X Games 2014, Aspen 23TH – 26TH JANUARY The 2014 Winter X Games takes place at Aspen’s Buttermilk Mountain 23-26 January. A major winter sports event, compiled of the greatest winter action sport athletes from around the world taking part in ski, snowboard and snowmobile comps and throwing down the biggest tricks of the year for the most coveted medals in action sports during four action-packed days of competition - including the much awaited return of snocross. Featuring live music from Calvin Harris and Major Lazer, film showcases, style presentations and more. ALL events at Buttermilk Mountain are free to the public. For more info >



been mixed up and we were showing that we were 10th but it all got corrected and they told us we had won; we were crying with happiness! How often do you train? On a normal week, we train about 7 or 8 hours a week and if we go to Olga, which is a big gymnasium, we do about 9 to 10 hours a week. We all do similar training hours because we come as a group. We don’t do the routines the whole time. It is split between stretches, conditioning and working as tops and bases. Both the Laurens are the bases who hold Lydia up at the top in various poses. We all have different strength and conditioning exercises to work on the arms, back and areas of the body we work the hardest in the movements.

We’re speaking to local children taking part in different sports across the area to ask about why they like to compete, what their goals are for the future and Tell us a bit about your sport... how others can give it a go in our ‘One to watch’ feature. Our sport is Acrobatic Gymnastics

Lauren P, Lauren F and Lydia are all members of Avonbourne Gymnastics club, run by head coach, Pat Mathie. The trio won the South West Championships gold medal last July and are training for the next stage which could take them through to the National Finals.


Lauren Ponchaud, Lauren Finnigan and Lydia Golden



and we start from quite a young age. We have to do conditioning which is for strength and core work, flexibility and routines which take a long time to do. We have a choreographer called Amanda who makes up our routines and they involve lots of different things like acrobatics which are our group balances and tumbles and agilities which are our individual skills. How long have you all being doing it? Lauren F I started doing mini-gym at 15 months old because my Aunty ran it and I’ve been doing gymnastics ever since. I can’t think of life without gym! Lauren P I started when I was 9 or 10 years old, I’m now 15. Lydia I’ve been doing it since I was in year 3 so about 5 years now. How long have you been as this club? Lauren F I’ve been in this club since I was about 3 or 4 doing the first session which was like a playing session. Lauren P I’ve always been here. Lydia Me too! I love it here and have always been coming here. Tell us about your achievements as a team... We came 3rd in Bristol and then 3rd in Dorset. We then we came 1st in the South West Championships. Dorset is more of a community competition where local clubs get together to do gymnastics. At Bristol, you get more clubs competing with higher abilities and then the South West competition is the biggest one in the area where all the counties enter teams from across the region. In February, we have another big South West competition where if we win, we go through to the National Finals. How did it feel to win gold? Lydia I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because I was so happy. We worked so hard to get it. Lauren P We thought we had done really badly but the scores came in and we had come first and we couldn’t believe it. Lauren F I thought I had messed up in the routine and thought they had noticed. The scores had

How do you balance your training with school work and studying? Lydia On a Monday, I also go to the school gym before Avonbourne so I can’t fit any work in on a Monday. Tuesdays, I come home and get on with work. Thursdays, I spend time on school work too and do some more at the weekend. Once, I had three school projects on and so I missed out a few sessions of gym to get all the work done but I am managing well now. Lauren P On Mondays, I go to the after school gym and help coach. I am working towards my GCSE’s so sometimes it is hard. Mondays, when I get home after training, I do half and hour of work then stop. Tuesdays, I do coaching and then go to my Nan’s afterwards for tea. I take all my homework with me and do some there. After each session, I do half an hour to an hour to get it all in. I find gym is a good place to escape from the other work pressures and enjoy something different. Lauren F Monday, I don’t do any work because I find I am so tired after gym. Tuesday, I come home from school and lock myself in my room to do my work. Wednesday is hard because it’s conditioning and tumbling. Thursday and Friday, I get on with work then Saturday, I coach from 9am then we do a couple of hours of gym. Sunday, I try and spend time with my family. What are your goals for this coming year? If you win at South West you get a chance to go the Nationals then if you win that, you can go to the Worlds! We just want to get to the Nationals. Our club has always been a community gym it’s never really been big, we’ve been the first to win South West so if we win that and go to the Nationals, it will be like another level for our gym and will make us feel like we’ve done our gym proud. Being a trio, you rely on each other 100% to work together and do well, can you sum up what your team is to you in three words? Lydia Supportive, Strong, Hardworking. Lauren P Loyal, Committed, Encouraging. Lauren F Special, Loyal, Inspiring. Finally if there are young people reading this that may want to give it a go, what would you say to them? Believe in yourself and you can do it! Sometimes we think we can’t do some of the moves and holds but when we really believe in ourselves, we get on with it and do it. If you are going to start gym, you need to be committed. You are part of a team and you have to be there for the rest of your team, unless you’re injured. Without one person, we can’t do all the training we need to do. We all support each other and we love our gym and our coach, Pat Mathie! She is the nicest person to train with. Find out more:



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Tell us a bit about your background Jeff, what got you into this sport? I started judo when I was 8 and have done it ever since. I never really had much success at it, so I started branching out to other martial arts. For a while, I did Thai Boxing and Kick Boxing. One of my friends had entered a grappling MMA tournament in 1998 and I ended up taking his place and winning the fight. I then did another and won that and so on. It was nice to taste success after trying so hard in Judo for so long and never making the British team. Judo gave me all I have today. It was my base and it made me an athlete. It continues to serve me to this day. In 2000, I went straight in as a pro and been going ever since.




How often do you train in addition to your teaching? It’s not really regimented training at the moment because there are no fights or tournaments but I still train every day. Once a day at least. I join in on the sparring element in the classes and when I’ve got clients, I train with them.

How many fights have you had, what’s your record and anymore competing on the cards? I’ve had 34 fights and lost 6. I fought in Japan, Vegas and Denmark…so I’ve done a fair few and it’s not a bad record! I do want to fight again but with two small children and lots of big children in here to look after, the business, my relationship… to fight, you have to be very selfish and put things to one side and I can’t really do that anymore. What is your greatest sporting achievement? It has to be fighting in the UFC. I beat a load of other hopefuls to get into the interviews and then again into the house. That’s my greatest sporting achievement without a doubt but it is equalled to getting my black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) because it takes a very long time and when you get a black belt in BJJ, you know you’re an expert.

The gym looks amazing and had a really good refit last year, how did it all go and are you pleased with the result? I think we’ve got one of the most unique gyms in the country. Some of the things here are hard to come by and custom made. There are lots of toys here. It wasn’t cheap but I needed the space and I could do with doubling the space again! I need a higher ceiling for rope climbs! The gym was a mess whilst it was all happening but we worked around it. It all went smoothly and I’m really happy with it.

You have some great fighters at the gym and we’ve been lucky enough to feature some of them in previous issues, how much involvement do you have in training them? I coach all of them. We are in some big shows next year which is really great for the gym and I’m working a lot more with them now than I ever have. They are the people who draw other people into the gym.

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Have you had many bad injuries from the sport? Talk us through the UFC and how that No! I haven’t really. I broke my orbital bone when came about? I got kicked in the eye. That was probably one of They look for people with a good winning record the most painful things I’ve ever done. I broke my or good personality. I would like to think I had arm doing Judo and had an operation on that. both but my record was probably slightly better, I I’ve broken a few fingers and toes…we’re pretty reckon! I emailed an organisation called the WEC. tough really! We carry injuries with this sport. The matchmaker from the UFC emailed me back and that was initially how I got on their radar. The It must be hard work owning a gym, early UFC invited me over to Vegas for an interview to starts and late finishes I assume?! be a part of the UFC 9 which was UK vs USA. I also I was thinking the other day that it is kind of like had an offer to fight on UFC ’95 but the opponent working nights! I do see daylight, of course, but pulled out due to injury. I decided that my only when I get up in the morning, it’s in the dark option left was to go into the UFC house. I won because of the kids. So I make sure my clothes my fight to get in and it went from there. are ready and don’t disturb them. I don’t see them in the mornings but I get to pick them up What style/s do you fight in and which is from school which is great. Then in the evenings, I your favourite? don’t get in until about 10. It’s not bad shifts really I’ve done a lot. I guess the ones I’ve spent a lot and it’s a great job, but it makes me very tired! of time doing is obviously Judo, BJJ and I did Capoeira for 7 years. They have all influenced What do you recommend to people thinking of me but I keep coming back to the Judo really. giving MMA a go? The main things I’ve won on my record are It’s the quickest growing sport in the world. Lots submissions. It’s an arm lock called Jujigatame of people are doing it and it’s never too late to from Judo. You throw your opponent and then do start. Some of the champions started when they the armbar. were in their late 20s. We run loads of beginner’s courses and if punching and kicking isn’t for you, What was your best fight and why? we have the Jujitsu which is far more thoughtful. The best fight I did was against a guy called Greg Loughran. He kicked my butt for a good What are you aspirations for 2014? few minutes! I did throw him but he punched I want to make my team a lot more successful. me and kicked me a lot! The reason I say it’s my We’ll be busier than ever with the Jujitsu, Thai best fight is that I believe that it opened all these Boxing and the MMA. We’re going to stand out other doors for me. I was sitting at a point where head and shoulders from everyone for quality. I I was fighting the same sort of guys and beating want to make everyone aware of this place. the same sort of guys and didn’t really step up to another level. But this Irish guy, Greg, he was the Where are your favourite places locally to… next level. I picked him out and fought him and Eat: Wagamamas eventually caught him in a submission and won Chill: Coffees in Westbourne the fight. It really put me on the map. Play: The Westbourne Pub or the cinema









Physique • Concentration ConFIdence • Mental Awareness







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s n o i t lu


o s Re 2014

The New Year is a time to leave the past behind us and look forward to the future. Setting New Year’s resolutions is a great way to plan for better and more fruitful days ahead. The Game provides you with our top 5 ideas to make 2014 a positive and successful year.

3. Open a savings account Open a savings account if you don’t have one already. Put a percentage of your salary in each month (or whatever you can spare) and don’t touch it. Pretty soon you won’t miss the money you have put away, and it will gradually grow into the beginnings of something of value. 4. Hit the Gym

1. Visit a new destination Our No. 1 resolution for 2014 is about taking yourself outside your comfort zone, broadening your horizons and checking out a new corner of the world. The quickest way to cure listlessness or boredom is to put yourself in the crosshairs of an adventure. Whether you have a dream destination in mind or you simply throw a dart at a map of the world, going somewhere new can be really rewarding. Even if you hate travelling, you can still do this. Visiting somewhere new can even include the restaurant you walk past every day, the local museum or the next town over. 2. Conquer a fear We never promised that these would all be a walk in the park (unless you are afraid of parks). Everyone has fears of one kind or another and overcoming them can be both a real battle and a great sense of achievement. The cheapest and most effective way to overcome your fear is to expose yourself to what you’re scared of until you get over it. If your fear is having a negative impact on your quality of life, 2014 is the year to make this resolution.

If you, like most, have been hitting the Christmas dinner hard and your clothes are a little tighter than they once were, it may be time to up your exercise and improve your fitness. January is the perfect time and we are lucky to have an abundance of gyms on our doorstep which offer fantastic New Years deals on membership. Getting fitter will give you more energy and leave you feeling a lot more positive about the year ahead. 5. Give up Smoking It’s never too late to make a change in your life, so if you want to give up smoking, the beginning of the year could be the best time to do it. Looking at the evidence of smoking and the effect on health, the benefits of quitting are huge and there are lots of ways to help you stop. Speak to your healthcare professional for advice and add years to your life by kicking the habit.

Our No. 1 resolution for 2014 is about taking yourself outside your comfort zone, broadening your horizons and checking out a new corner of the world.



H I G H Q UA L I T Y COA STA L C U I S I N E Step into a food lover’s heaven at The Highcliff Grill, Bournemouth and taste local food at its finest in the double rosette awarded restaurant. With exquisite views over the breathtaking coastline, the restaurant offers superior dining in a unique and relaxing cliff top location. Careful consideration and sustainable sourcing give each and every dish integrity, quality and flavour celebrating foods common to the changing seasons and surrounding area. When a dish is designed by Executive Chef, Matt Budden, not only is the taste carefully planned and considered, but every component and ingredient.


Matt brings an impressive career of working at Executive Chef Level for over 10 years training in several Michelin starred hotels and restaurants all over the world and is a proud member of the ‘Master Chefs of Great Britain’ since 2004. His love for food started at an early age spending

time with his grandparents growing, cooking and experimenting with different ingredients, setting him in good stead for a career as a chef. He works closely with his team, developing their skills and researching together to find the best suppliers from the rural fields to coastal seas rich with life and a wealth of incredible foods that our county has to offer. Amongst the many accolades the restaurant has gained, it recently picked up a Silver award in the ‘Eating Out’ category at the Dorset Tourism Awards and has also received the prestigious Fish2Fork rating of four out of five for their commitment to sustainable sourcing. In 2013, they won ‘Best Restaurant’ in the Taste of Dorset awards and have been shortlisted for the Food Magazine reader awards 2014 in the ‘Best Foodie Hotel’ category. For delicious, honest and local food at its best married with outstanding service, The Highcliff Grill is the place to be.

THE HIGHCLIFF GRILL Experience Sunday Lunch ‘Highcliff’ style! Enjoy sweeping sea views and fantastic food complemented by acoustic music and exceptional service. The perfect Sunday afternoon!

Enjoy 2 courses for £17.50 or 3 courses for £22.50. Inclusive of an aperitif on arrival, live music and coffee to finish. Every Sunday from 1pm until 3pm. Booking recommended.

To book, call 01202 200800 or visit


At the Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel St Michael’s Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH2 5DU T. 01202 200 800 W. Marriott International 2013. BH8 8US TEL: 01202 777704 76-78 Charminster Road, Bournemouth, Dorset,


BIG eat

Get yourself set up for the day with this healthy bowl of goodness packed with vitamins, minerals and energy. It only takes minutes to prepare so good for people on the run and a perfect brekkie on a cold winter’s morning.

Porridge, yoghurt and berries (v)

Oats are a great breakfast choice. They are the only cereal containing protein and soluble fibre which takes longer to digest making you feel fuller for longer. They are also especially effective at helping to increase muscle if served with other high protein foods like nuts and yoghurt.


50g porridge oats 100ml milk 1 tbsp Greek yoghurt A handful of whole or chopped almonds A handful of strawberries

How to make…

- Stir the porridge oats into the warm milk on the hob until cooked - Serve with the yoghurt, almonds and strawberries on top

Try adding other berries and nuts…

- Blueberries help reduce cholesterol - Raspberries high in calcium and vitamin K to strengthen your bones - Blackberries are a source of manganese which helps to eliminate dangerous free radicals - Walnuts - full of anti-oxidants - Hazlenuts - a great source of B vitamins and protein. 30


BENEFIT FROM A LOCAL SPORTING DEMOGRAPHIC 30,000+ readership across Christchurch, Bournemouth & Poole 45,000+ e-mail database network Strong social network links

T: 01202 432001


We’re speaking to local people who have a story to tell, inspire others or have overcome a challenge in their lives to continue with a sport they love. This month, Daniel Fishlock speaks of his shock heart disorder, recovering from open heart surgery and finding a new passion for the sea as he continues to develop his strength following his ordeal.


Daniel Fishlock has lived and worked in Poole all of his life and as of next year, has worked for Crown Closures for 25 years after starting there as an apprentice from leaving school. Married to Marie for 10 years, the couple celebrated with a trip to Africa on a Safari following a passion they share for wildlife. Living by the coast, Daniel and Marie enjoy the outdoors and like to keep fit with cycling, walking, running and windsurfing. Thank you very much for talking to us, Daniel. Tell us about your story and what happened pre and post your heart operation… Back in April 2010, my wife Marie ran the Bournemouth Bay 10k to help raise funds for the BHF (British Heart Foundation). Running was the one form of exercise that I have never really enjoyed, but I felt I really wanted to improve my cardiovascular fitness so Marie talked me into running with her the following year. We started training and bit by bit, I slowly, if not reluctantly, built up the distance I could run, however, every time I got off the tread mill, I would feel absolutely wiped out and looked as white as a sheet. I often had to sleep for an hour in the afternoon after running. I had also been noticing that I was getting palpitations now and again and in October 2010, I was working in Paris when these palpitations frightened me into making an appointment with my GP. That led to a scan which showed that my Aortic valve was badly failing. In March 2011, I underwent open heart surgery to have the valve replaced with a mechanical one. Following recovery, one thing became apparent to me, I hadn’t taken part in the Bournemouth Bay run like I had promised. To me, that was unfinished business and so as soon as I got the OK, I gently started to get back my fitness. Walking at first and then running with a colleague from work who had entered the 2013 London marathon.




Were you active in any sports before the procedure? I have always been active in one way or another and have never been without either a mountain or road bike. Over the years, I have taken part in charity cycle rides for Macmillan or the BHF. I have always been more interested in sports like cycling, scuba-diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing as opposed to football, cricket or tennis. Just a question of preference. You had pledged to run the Bournemouth Bay 10K run before you were diagnosed. Did you wonder if you’d ever be able to take part? Following the initial surgery, I needed two further operations due to complications and this really knocked my confidence, especially when it came to raising my heart rate. Being as stubborn as I am though, this made me even more determined to get fit and complete the Bournemouth run. Training with my work colleague, Dave, really helped me as he would spur me on right at the moment I just wanted stop and go for a lay down. This helped me build up the distance week by week. Until about 6 weeks before the run, we managed to complete the 10k distance.



How did you build your fitness back up after the operation? About 15months after surgery and rehabilitation at the hospital, I knew that now more than ever, I needed to keep my heart fit. Dave and I went out twice a week covering between 4 and 6km each run, gradually pushing ourselves to run just a little bit farther. It must have been a great feeling to cross the finish line, tell about that moment, how you did time wise and what you managed to raise for charity? My good buddy Phil Stokes, who is also a marathon runner, came over from Melbourne, Australia where he now lives, as he wanted to run alongside me for the 10k. I can’t express how much that helped and encouraged me on the day. For him, it was just a Sunday stroll but the fact that he stayed with me and ran at my pace meant a lot. We finished the run including the dreaded zigzags (which I ran too) in a timing chip time of 58mins 36secs. Marie finished just after us as she was running alongside her brother who himself had achieved a massive goal after losing lots of weight. It really was a special moment with friends and family. In total, Marie and I raised well over £900 in sponsorship for The British Heart Foundation. You’ve found a new passion, windsurfing… how did that come about and why windsurfing? Funnily enough, Marie and I were looking for a hobby that we could do together and had some lessons down at The Watersports Academy at Sandbanks. Unfortunately, Marie didn’t get the same bug for it as me! Where’s your favourite place to windsurf locally and how hard is it to master? I windsurf in Poole harbour near Evening Hill as the water is shallow and you can’t get into too much trouble. In order to learn more, I joined the Tuesday evening club at The Watersports Academy where we go out for 2 hours as a group of either beginners or intermediates with an instructor. All ages are welcome but there is also a kids club on a Saturday morning. There is a great atmosphere and we all have a laugh whilst we are trying to get to grips with different skills. It’s all about balance and knowing which direction the wind is coming from. Once you have that, then you’re off. The rest takes lots of practise. To anyone reading this that may be in a similar situation to you, what would you say to them if they’re thinking about getting back to sport? Set yourself an achievable goal and even take part in an organised event. Having something to work towards helps drive you forward, without, it is too easy to give up and make an excuse as to why you can’t carry on. Try and find someone with the same or similar ability as you or someone who is willing to go at your pace. Most importantly though, is do it for yourself, but, hopefully you can help someone else along the way. That gives you a buzz. Thanks for talking to us Daniel and we wish you all the best with your sports for the future.

The Game caught up with Steve Bendall, 40 year old former English Champion, after winning the World Boxing Union Middleweight Title on Saturday 7th December. The fight against John Akulugu took place in Neuwied, Germany where Bendall make the knock out hit in the 6th round. Huge congratulations from us all at The Game. Can you talk us through the fight and any highlights that stand out? Obviously, I knew he was going to be strong. From looking at him, he was quite tall and had a very awkward style so the first round I weighed him up a bit. I caught him in a body shot in the 2nd round which dropped him and I knew then he didn’t like the body shots. I dropped him again in the 4th round and finally in the 6th round, I finished him off with another body shot. How tough was it? I did a lot of training in the build up to the fight and I was in good shape. It’s been a couple of years that I’ve been out of the ring so I was a little bit rusty. I was hoping I would be OK to get through it. I’m now just hoping for more fights and to keep winning. How did it feel when you made the winning hit? It was good. Obviously, because of my age, I’ve got a few doubters but hopefully now I’ve proved them wrong. Some of the team came out with you from England. How did it feel having some home support there? It was really nice having the support and they made a lot of noise! How does this win change things for you and the club? As far as the club goes, it gets it noticed again. Really, in the 4 years I’ve had it, I’ve not really fought that much so this win gets the gym and me noticed again. Any further plans for fights in 2014? Yes, I’ve got another one coming up on 1st February against Daniel Sowah in Berlin which will hopefully be on German TV then I’m fighting on the 1st March in London, so more people from home can come and see me.

The Game talks to Ben Jury, wakeboarder, instructor and Watersports Manager at the New Forest Water Park. We chat exclusively about his passion for wakeboarding and the south coast scene.

Name Sport

Ben Jury Wakeboarding



What do you love about teaching others the most? Without a doubt, it’s when they land that trick they’ve been trying for weeks, months, maybe even years. When you see that trick landed after so much hard work and teaching, you get an instant ear to ear grin with a huge high five! We’ve seen you wakeboarding here at New Forest Water Park, and we can see you are good! Have you ever competed? I’ve not competed yet. This is my first season on a cable, whereas before I was riding behind a boat. Over the next couple of seasons, I really hope to be at a standard where I could compete. There is so much talent out there at the moment though; it’s scary to think of what tricks will develop over the coming years! What is it about wakeboarding that makes it your chosen sport? Besides it being on my doorstep, I just can’t get enough of the freedom you have out there on a cable. Hitting whatever feature you like, lap after lap. I relate it to a never-ending mountain on a snowboard. On top of this, the sport is still growing massively and the boundaries for new tricks is so far away it makes it unbearably exciting to keep riding to reach that high standard. Do you take part in any land based board sports? Snowboarding, but that’s about it! I guess I’ve been so lucky to have wakeboarding so close to my home, I’ve never really strayed away to anything else! Do you have a preference over inland water or sea? Inland water all the way. No salt, no waves and a lot warmer! What’s your best or favourite trick? I really enjoy those massive double grab backside 180’s over a kicker. They’re such fun to do and can look so different every time with different grabs.

Thanks for talking to us, Ben... Can you tell us how you got into wakeboarding? I was lucky enough to be born into the business. I was introduced to the lake at 4 years old and haven’t looked back since! I started off with skiing; this led into wakeboarding as it became progressively more popular.

Have you ever had any bad accidents? Touch wood, no. I’ve never broken a bone and not intending to! Obviously, from time to time, like every sport, you have wipe outs. Some wipe outs can feel like you’ve broken every bone in your body but its part and parcel of learning that new trick!

It’s a really good, new set up here at New Forest Water Park. How is it all going? We’ve had a great first season with the cable. Plenty of positive feedback from beginners, intermediates and the pros. The atmosphere this season has been incredible, and we’ve established a great community of riders surrounding the park. We have big plans to improve further for the 2014 season with the addition of a walkway surrounding the cable and another feature.

What would you say to people who may be thinking about giving it a go and what are the benefits of learning on a cable? Do it. You’ll love it. Our straight line cable benefits beginners hugely compared to learning behind a boat. The pull from the cable is a lot higher up, pulling the rider up and out of the water as opposed to through it. 1-on-1 tuition is absolutely key to nailing the early stages of wakeboarding, without picking up any bad habits. Just come on up to New Forest Water Park and we’ll get you out on the water!

Tell us about your involvement / role at New Forest Water Park? I have the role of Watersports Manager. This involves being outside everyday and getting to know a lot of new faces. Interaction with customers is a massive thing for me, I love to make people feel welcome and get to know the riders from different walks of life that visit us.

What’s your favourite hot spot in the surrounding area that you enjoy visiting? Given the nature of the job, I don’t get out much during the day in the summer months. But, a summers evening, listening to live music at the Lost Garden in Bournemouth goes down a treat. Thank you for talking to us, Ben. We wish you all the best with your future here at New Forest Water Park.



EST 2012

About: AFC Wimborne are a Sunday League Football team playing in the Bournemouth League. We were established in 2012 as a 7 aside team and after a successful 12 months decided to step up to 11 aside football. AFC Wimborne has been set up with enjoying the game, the primary focus. Many football teams have cliques and have the tendency to become petty in pointing out mistakes which only serves to take the fun out of the game. We, as a club, aim to promote positivity from within and aim to work hard for each other and for the team. If we, as players, are enjoying our football then the results will follow.



The Clown –

who keeps team spirits high?

Alex Henley – always volunteers himself for abuse and banter. He can always be found at training on Thursday evening sporting his White and Sky Blue kit.


Best Tekkers –



The Cheat –

The lightweight –

Alex Henley – Although, to be fair, no longer the first to let the team down. However, due to his commitment issues at the start of the season, he takes this one!


Because im worth it -

Who’s the longest in the shower?

Martin “Bish” Bishop. Always the last to emerge. Jack Groves must be the shortest… often seen using only a hand towel!



Biggest Bottle Job –

who always ducks out of a tackle?

George Corbin – he will pull out of a tackle only to square up to the player, then swiftly run away again.

who loves a dive?

who’s first to let the side down?

Worst Dress Sense –


Mr Vain –

who absolutely rates themselves?

Jack Price – God help anyone who touches his “Michael Buble” style haircut!


We would like to extend our gratitude to our club sponsors. Setting up a football club is a highly expensive and time consuming business. Having sponsors keeps us going so from everyone at the club, THANK YOU!

who needs to update their threads?

Jacob Beetham uses Stevie Wonder for style advice. FYI ladies, he IS single!

Tariq Ahmed – ‘nuff said!


Biggest liability -

on and off the pitch?

Tariq Ahmed can’t score in an open goal from 1 yard, crashed his car so needs lifts everywhere and likes giving away the odd Penalty!

who has the skills to pay the bills?

Dan ‘Silks’ Wilkins – Nobody can put their finger on the exact origin of Silks’ nickname, but one thing is clear, it makes sense!



The team social spot –

where is your designated club house on a Saturday Night?

The Rising Sun Wimborne. Fantastic atmosphere, great food, great drink. They also got in a Pool Table just for us!

Follow the team’s progress on our website:


nd Twit

ook a n Faceb o ts R s o E p O ENT petition HOWloTok out for our coshmare to enter! Simply like and weet or -t e r d n a



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FB /TheGameM


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Twitter @The_G



“When Ridgeway BMW asked me to review the new BMW 4 Series, I must admit I was very excited, as I had seen it on show at the BMW PGA Gold at Wentworth earlier this year and it looked very stylish. Like a very sporty 3 Series. JOSH SIMONS WITH DAVID WESTON, BMW BRAND DIRECTOR

Ridgeway of Bournemouth invited local businessman and entrepreneur, Josh Simons, to test drive the new BMW 4 Series Coupe and report back on his experience of driving the fourth generation of BMW’s sporty mid-size Coupe models. Promising a powerful presence on the road with its aesthetic appeal and dynamic ability, the new BMW 4 Series redefines driving pleasure…

The car is smart, tasteful and well crafted. I test drove the most popular model, the 184bhp 2.0-litre 420d diesel, with transmission via an eight-speed automatic. There’s a low growl to the engine. The twin-port turbo ensures it picks up the pace from 1,500rpm and works hard from then on, with a top speed of 149mph and 0-62mph in 7.5sec, together with a combined fuel economy of 60.1mpg. I had a run out on the motorway and it was a delight, with well-balanced electronically assisted steering, which provides just enough feedback to judge the available grip. With decent leg room in the rear seat, a shallow but huge boot and all the styling that you would expect from BMW, the 4 Series delivers, and more. Thank you to the team at Ridgeway BMW for being so accommodating and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend a test drive of the 4 Series, or any BMW model at Ridgeway for that matter!” Visit Ridgeway Bournemouth for more information or call 01202 902185



Ridgeway Bournemouth

BMW 4 Series

The Ultimate Driving Machine


Powerful aesthetics and sporting dynamism characterise the new BMW 4 Series Coupé. Add to that a unique driving sensation thanks to the low centre of gravity, near 50:50 weight distribution, high body stiffness and efficient engines with TwinPower Turbo technology. The new Sport, Modern and Luxury models together with the SE and M Sport mean numerous options when personalising the new BMW 4 Series Coupé. BMW Select representative example of the new BMW 420d M Sport Coupé (Based on 8,000 miles per annum). On the Road Price*

Customer Deposit / Part Exchange

Dealer Deposit Contribution

Total Deposit

Amount of Credit

Credit Option to Arrangement Purchase Fee Fee





£28,052.88 £0.00


Total Amount Payable

47 Monthly Rentals ofˆ

Guaranteed Excess Minimum Mileage FutureValue** Charge

Rate of interest




5.9% Fixed


Representative 5.9% APR

DESIGNED FOR DRIVING PLEASURE. BMW EfficientDynamics Less emissions. More driving pleasure.

Ridgeway Bournemouth

Sales : 361 - 371 Wallisdown Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH12 5WB. 01202 902185 Service & Parts : Discovery Court Business Centre, Lyon Road, (Off Wallisdown Road), Bournemouth, Dorset BH12 5AG. 01202 902185 @ridgewaybmw






Dealer Group Of The Year

Fuel economy figures for the new BMW 4 Series Coupé range: Urban 24.8 – 52.3mpg (11.4 – 5.4 l/100km). Extra Urban 45.6 – 68.9mpg (6.2 – 4.1 l/100km). Combined 34.9 – 61.4mpg (8.1 – 4.6 l/100km). CO2 emissions 189 – 121g/km.

^Offer available on selected model above. Subject to availability. Prices are correct at the time of going to print (December 2013) and are subject to change without notice. Finance examples are based on BMW Select Agreements for the model selected. **Option to Purchase Fee and Guaranteed Minimum Future Value payable at the end of agreement. Excess mileage charges and vehicle condition charges may be payable if you return the vehicle. *On-the-road cash prices are based on manufacturer's recommended retail price and include 3-year BMW dealer warranty, BMW Emergency Service, 12-months road fund license, vehicle first registration fee, delivery, number plates and VAT. Retail customers only. All finance is subject to status and available to over 18's only (excluding The Channel Islands). Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Advertised finance is provided by BMW Financial Services (BMWFS). Test drive subject to applicant status and availability. BMW EfficientDynamics reduces emissions without compromising performance developments and is standard across the model range.

W50 Ridgeway Bournemouth 297x210 (Game Mag) - BMW 4 Series.indd 1

16/12/2013 15:51



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The AFC Bournemouth Recap on the games, action and moments to remember from the last few weeks in our monthly feature, The AFC Bournemouth Gallery.

30/11/13 AFC Bournemouth 1 Brighton 1

Presenter Simon Thomas prepares to host Sky Sports’ live coverage of the Brighton game.

New loan signing Nico Yennaris is included in the squad for the first time.

Matt Ritchie scores on his first start of the season to put the Cherries in front.

3/12/13 QPR 3 AFC Bournemouth 0

Simon Francis stays close to QPR winger Junior Hoilett.

Former Poole Town striker Charlie Austin scores the opening goal.

Eddie Howe and Harry Redknapp shake hands after the final whistle at Loftus Road.

7/12/13 Reading 1 AFC Bournemouth 2

Simon Francis is amongst the first to congratulate Jason Tindall & Eddie Howe show their Lewis Grabban after opening the scoring. appreciation for Matt Ritchie’s performance.

The squad go into a huddle following the final whistle at the Madejski Stadium.

Simon Francis tries to get past his marker and put in a cross.

Matt Ritchie looks to take a quick corner.

Substitute Ryan Fraser is sent on at halftime, but Birmingham PICTURES: City holdSEEKER on. NEWS


14/12/13 AFC Bournemouth 0 Birmingham 2


CHERRIES AFC Bournemouth Follow Dorset’s number one team and keep up to date with the highs, the lows and all the latest news from the club in The Game.

AFC Bournemouth striker, Brett Pitman, talks about his return to the club, his personal highlights and thoughts about the season so far. When you came back did you think it was possible to win promotion with you averaging around a goal every other game? I would have taken that, but more than anything to be back in the Championship. To be in the Championship with Bournemouth is a massive thing for me personally, but also for the club and the town. What did the move do for you on a personal level? It got me enjoying football again. Working with a manager who wanted me and knew how to get the best out of me is what I needed at the time. I really enjoyed playing in a team that played good football with good players too. How important was it to score on your first appearance at Bury? It’s nice to get off the mark quickly when you go to a new club. This isn’t a new club for me but it just eased the pressure. It was a nice moment for me, but more importantly it earned us a point and kept our unbeaten run going. Is that when you realised coming back was the right move? Just before I came back I hadn’t played for a long time and hadn’t really been involved. When that happens you miss the buzz of



playing and there’s no better feeling than going back into a dressing room after you’ve got a good result. Which is your favourite goal since you came back? It’s difficult but I would probably choose the second goal at Shrewsbury as the best since I’ve been back. The goal at Leyton Orient was a good one but it didn’t really mean anything because we lost. For importance, the goal against Carlisle here was good because it gave us a two-goal lead and we could enjoy the final few minutes, knowing that it put pressure on Brentford. Everyone knows what happened after that. You scored important goals in your first spell here but do you have a greater appreciation of what they mean now? Since I’ve got older I do. I scored at Burton when we went up from League Two but the club had been in League One a few years before that. It was a big achievement but to get into

the Championship where they had only been once before was something special. You scored in eight consecutive games towards the end of last season. Was that you at your best? I think so. I felt fit at that stage and it took a while for me to get to that point because I hadn’t been playing before I came back. I would probably say that was my best spell and even though I missed some of pre-season in the summer, I feel like I’m getting back towards that now. I’ve worked hard and done a lot of extra work after training, so hopefully that will show in my performances. Jermain Defoe scored in ten consecutive games when he was on loan here. Did you ever think about that record? Only when people mentioned it. It would have been nice to match it or break it, but to score in eight in a row and get promoted was perfect for me. How do you feel about your start to the season? I would have liked to have scored a couple more goals and started more games, but I missed part of pre-season so I’m reasonably happy. Hopefully there will be more to come.





















A4poster.indd 1

11/06/2013 14:50








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The Game Magazine - January 2014  

The Game Magazine - January 2014

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