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Exclusive interview with World No.1 Windsurfer & Poole resident, BRYONY SHAW

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2nd part Gallery special from the 2013 season



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Steve Bendall Special

Chat with WBU World Title holding boxer

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Exclusive with World No. 1 ranked windsurfer, Bryony Shaw


















Up the Cherries

Lee Camp talks about his move to the South Coast

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THE POOLE PIRATES Recap on some incredible moments to remember in the second part of our Poole Pirates special feature. These final months of the season saw some hard times but ended on a huge high with the Pirates winning the Elite League Championship for 2013. Look out in next month’s issue for the build up to the 2014 Poole Speedway season!

Poole v Belle Vue – 26 June 2013

Poole v Belle Vue – 26 June 2013

Przemyslaw Pawlicki took his final Pirates’ bow for 2013 at home against the Aces as he helped himself to a very handy eleven points from his four rides.

Skipper, Chris Holder celebrates with a wheelie after heat 15 in what was Chris’ last home meeting of 2013 before sustaining a season ending injury at Coventry the following week.

Poole v Belle Vue - 24 July 2013 Micky Dyer heads the Belle Vue pairing of Magnus Zetterstrom and Ales Dryml in heat 4. With Maciej Janowski (out of picture) in front, it was a maximum win for the Pirates.

Poole v Swindon - 26 August 2013 Darcy Ward holds on tight around the outside of Swindon’s Edward Kennett on the first lap of heat one. Sadly, Darcy suffered engine problems on the next lap forcing him out of the race.

Poole v Eastbourne – 05 August 2013 Top Scorer! – Thomas H Jonasson served up one of his best Poole performances in the sunshine as he dropped just two points for a score of 12 + 1 against the Eagles.

Swindon v Poole - 23 September 2013 Best of friends! – Neil Middleditch (right) takes time out to enjoy a moment with opposing Team Manager Alun Rossiter at Blunsdon.

Poole v Birmingham – 07 October 2013

Poole v Birmingham – 07 October 2013

Darcy Ward delights the grandstand fans on one wheel as the Pirates crush the Brummies by 57 – 36 in the first leg of the League Final.

Double Celebration! – Greg Hancock joins Darcy Ward in a victory lap after the pair finished heat 15 with a 5-1 maximum to ensure a 21 point lead going into the League Final’s 2nd leg


Poole v Belle Vue - 24 July 2013 Josh Grajczonek leads Pirates’ guest Troy Batchelor as they combine for a 5-1 victory in heat 3. Grajczonek raced to three heat victories on the night.

Poole v Peterborough – 14 August 2013 Greg Hancock captured the hearts of the Pirates’ fans when he joined the side in August to cover for the injured Chris Holder. Greg is seen here during only his second home match.

Poole v Swindon - 30 September 2013 Pure Joy! – Thomas H Jonasson demonstrates his delight at the Pirates success in the Play-off Semi Final against the Robins which sent them to the League Final.

Poole Awards Evening – 13 November 2013 Promoter Matt Ford (left) was a popular guest at the awards evening in December where he spoke about the Pirates’ success in 2013 when interviewed by host Nigel Leahy


injury, this is now improving with many key players returning to training and hopefully becoming match fit in the near future. National 2 South is a tough league with many clubs being lucky to have significant financial input from sponsors. It has been a huge learning curve for everyone involved with Bournemouth RFC since the promotion. There has been many lessons learnt and this experience will be invaluable in managing and coaching the team in the future.


















2014 got off to a very wet start for Bournemouth with flooded pitches and cancelled games. The First XV are still struggling to find their winning streak but remain committed to working hard and improving their game. The First XV play an expansive, exciting style of rugby, running the ball and taking opportunities to get the ball wide and score some impressive tries. With this style, there is always the chance of making a mistake and over the past few matches, unfortunately the opposition has been able to capitalize on this and turn it into points. Many would think it is time for the team to change their approach but Bournemouth RFC is committed to playing as exciting a game as possible and with each match they aim to improve. Any team could revert to the pushing, shoving and safe play that can spoil the spectacle that people pay to see and Bournemouth strives to give their fans value for money. There have been some nail biting finishes at Chapel Gate and although this season, the team has been hampered by

The style of game so important to Bournemouth and is beginning to attract players from other areas, the team has a base of loyal and committed players turning out every week whatever happens. This last weekend saw several milestones: Sam Hardcastle extends his own league-career records as scrum-half to 202 and starts to 215; Alan Manning extends his own records as tighthead prop to 165 and as captain to 115; Jack Metters scores his first try for Bournemouth; Frazer Wilford extends his own league-career record as hooker to 90 on his 27th birthday. On the 15th February we will be hosting a Ladies Lunch before the First XV game. For £15, ladies can have a 2 course lunch with wine and entrance to the game. After the game, the ladies will be able to meet the coaches and players in the Garden Lounge. There will also be a mini real ale festival with 3 guest ales from Wytchwood, Marsden’s and Ringwood breweries. These are vital fundraising opportunities for BRFC and we would appreciate your support. The Annual Academy and Mini tournament will be running over the weekend of 5th and 6th April, with over 3000 players taking part over the 2 days. Saturday will see almost 48 teams competing for the Youth titles and Sunday will see over 100 mini teams competing. There are sponsorship opportunities for local businesses to place an advert into the programme, display banners and ball sponsorship. Article: Julie Boddington & Lynne Thomas

The Personal Touch 08



: E D I U G


I E W urgess By Sean B


The next time you sit down at a computer with a few minutes to spare, try entering a couple of keywords into your search provider ‘how to lose weight ‘and ‘weight loss’. As you will see, the results which appear are interesting in that most of the pages are so contrasting; some offer weight loss tips for specific body areas, discuss different diets or just open articles about individuals who have achieved great weight loss results. The common theme that these sites do have though is they all endorse healthy eating choices, regular exercise and offer recommendations to achieve effective weight loss results. However, despite offering some great content in places, the common limitation of most online weight loss pages is they are all written in a general context. For example, how many of you have heard of the term ‘basal metabolic rate’ or understand how to calculate your ‘physical activity ratio (PAR)’ or ‘physical activity level (PAL)’? What you often fail to get told, hear about or read is that optimum weight loss can and should only be achieved through a combination of food science and mathematics tailored specifically to each person. Before discussing this relationship further, I want to step back at this point in the article and actually define the term ‘weight loss’, textbook answer = ‘a reduction in weight’. Remember that the recommended amount of weight to lose each week is 1 to 2 pounds, as losses greater than this typically mean your body at some point will be in a catabolic (destructive) state releasing stress hormones which burn muscle tissue and not body fat. Therefore, weight loss should be thought off as ‘inch loss’ which is more associated with a reduction in body fat and tracked using a tape measure. For weight loss, scales should only be used as a rough guide and more so for women with a body fat percentage above 30 and men with a body fat percentage above 20%. Of course, healthy gradual weight loss and body fat percentage have a symbiotic relationship in that both will influence each other. With the above in mind, the rest of this article will now provide you with the tools to answer one of the most asked fitness industry questions.

Q: ‘How do I lose body fat? A: ‘Through personalised calorie calculation, a research backed nutrition plan and good eating habits’.


A few small tips

• Keep your daily saturated fat and refined sugar intake below 30 grams (Males) and 20 grams (Females). • Do not exceed more than 6 grams a day of salt (sea salt always best) • Avoid consuming more than 1-2 stimulants a day (Coffee, Tea and Fizzy drinks) • Drink at least 2-3 litres of water each day and, post exercise a minimum of 20 ounces for every pound lost during training (weigh yourself before and after to work this out). • For hot drinks green tea is your best bet due to its antioxidant properties. • Eat your biggest meal in the morning and reduce the size of your food plate throughout the day, only eat more if you have just undertaken strenuous exercise. • Try to avoid eating on the go your body metabolises foods better when consumption is over a longer period of time. Eating on the go has also been linked with increased snacking.








To plan the optimum calorific value of your weight loss diet you must first determine your body composition; height (cm) and weight (kg). These values along with your age and gender will help you using the Harris-Benedict formula below to calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR) the minimum level of daily energy required for the body to function. BMR Formula • Women: BMR = 655 + ( 9.6 x weight in kilos ) + ( 1.8 x height in cm ) - ( 4.7 x age in years) • Men: BMR = 66 + ( 13.7 x weight in kilos ) + ( 5 x height in cm ) - ( 6.8 x age in years )

Planning Your Diet

It is crucial that in reaching your set calorie intake for weight (inch) loss you adhere to a few golden rules as outlined below. • Avoid malnutrition (catabolism) As studies have shown excessive periods of not eating (>3 hours) often leads to the early onset of malnutrition and consequent tissue/organ damage. Malnutrition is also heavily linked to severe increases in stress hormone release (cortisol). As research substantiates, cortisol itself will stimulate excessive glucose production; so much so that the body struggles to produce enough insulin to break down the high glucose levels. Typically the excess glucose is then converted and stored as body fat, leading ultimately to weight gain. • Eat all macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats) at every meal. Again to avoid malnutrition it is imperative that at each meal we balance our food

From the Step 1 calculation, your BMR needs to be multiplied by your weekly activity level (PAL) below, to give your total daily calorie intake figure required for weight maintenance. Physical Activity Level • Sedentary (little or no exercise) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.2 • Lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/ week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.375 • Moderately active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.55 • Very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.725 • Extra active (very hard exercise/sports; physical job or 2x training) : CalorieCalculation = BMR x 1.9

plate in accordance with the ratio of 50% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 25% vitamins, minerals and fats. • Eat Organic Try to avoid eating white flour based carbohydrates, instead try to consume more nutrient friendly organic whole grains. Consumption of this cereal grain or natural starch is found in most complex carbohydrate foods and has been shown to help lower triglyceride levels, a process which in turn stabilises blood sugar levels and aids controlled weight loss. In addition, try to source your protein from organic sources away from the supermarket, ask your local butcher if they use an organic farm to source their stock. Lastly, always give preference to organic fruit, vegetables and animal fat sources, studies show organic diets are more effective for weight loss and improved health.

From the calculation of BMR x Weekly PAL you can now effectively work out how many calories to cut out of your diet to lose weight. Remember weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week will necessitate a deficit of 500 -1,000 calories per day. In example, Katherine; Age: 33, Height: 167cm, Weight: 76.2kg. - BMR (the minimum no of calories needed per day) = 1,532 - 1,532 (BMR) x 1.375 (Training 1-3 days p/ week) = 2,106 (Daily calorie intake required to sustain exercise/lifestyle) - Calorie intake required for weight loss (500-1,000 kcal deficit) = 1,606 - 1,106 (2,106 – 500; 2,106 – 1,000)

Hopefully from now reading this article, you have a better understanding of how to calculate your weight (inch) loss and the steps required to reduce body fat. It must be stated that this article only provides advice and a general overview on how to calculate your required calorie intake. The specific food choices of any diet should still be unique to each person and designated with the aid of a qualified nutritionist. If any reader needs further guidance on their weight loss and nutrition please do not hesitate to contact me through

WANT TO TEST THE SYSTEM OUT FIRST AND SEE THE RESULTS FIRST HAND? Go here now http://seanburgesspt.Com/members/ for instant access and from the 3rd February try out the advanced system (most popular) and take my 30 day risk free trial for only £1 and get resources and personal training worth over £100 in value. WWW.THEGAMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK


TheKitBag In the The Game Kitbag this month, we feature some great products for him or her that could make the perfect Valentine’s gift for someone active in your life. Take a break from the chocolates and flowers this year and concoct a technological love potion of gadgets and gifts.

Powerball Neon Pro Gyroscope If you’re looking for the ultimate product to develop serious hand grip and forearm strength then look no further than the Powerball Neon Red Pro Gyroscope - it also emits a bright neon red glow when rotating in the dark £18.95


1 Lifeproof Fre Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 Take your iPhone along, wherever life may take you. The LifeProof iPhone case delivers the highest level of waterproof, shock-proof, dirt-proof protection in an incredibly low profile! No matter how extreme the activity, journey or adventure, LifeProof eliminates the worry, so you can experience, share and document your tasks at hand. £69 £49 On offer for a limited time.

Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Sportswatch Touchscreen GPS running watch that records your pace, distance, GPS position, heart rate, calories and more. Race against previous bests and compete with a virtual partner over a set distance/time; plus view, replay and share your workout for free online at Garmin Connect


From £194.99


4 Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow Ready to fire straight out of the box, the serious ‘pull-and-release’ action will see you launching long-range frozen missiles up to 18 metres! What more fun would you want?

Vavuud Windmeter The Vaavud wind meter turns your smartphone into a high-tech meteorological tool. It is very rugged and works with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4. This robust unit can take the weight of a car! £29.99

From £30.98

5 10




The fitness industry is booming and every year more people are spending additional time and money on health and fitness. Not only in gyms, but also through outdoor exercise, in private studios and online, the use of a qualified fitness instructor or personal trainer is becoming the norm. or those who have a passion for health and fitness, becoming a personal trainer could be one of the most life-changing and rewarding career moves you make. Sharing your skills and expertise with individuals who are often seeking significant physical and lifestyle changes, whether that’s postnatal weight loss or first time marathon preparation, is both fulfilling and challenging and no two days are ever the same. As well as gyms and health clubs, there are also opportunities to work in more exotic settings such as cruise ships, holiday resorts and super yachts. The PT College is a Dorset based provider of fitness industry qualifications. With its first class tutors and wraparound support and mentoring, you can gain The PT College’s Diploma in Personal Training, a qualification accredited by one of the UK’s leading fitness bodies and recognized worldwide.

The ability to qualify in as little as six weeks will no doubt attract those looking to get earning as quickly as possible. Alternatively, the study can be spread out and combined with home learning, making the course accessible to those more time restricted, so mums can work it around the school run and holidays and those looking for a career change don’t have to give up their day job while training. Life after qualifying can be just as flexible, whether you’re aspirations are setting up your own full time PT business, a part time career alongside other commitments or simply funding your way through university and earning extra cash for your gap year. There is no better vocational qualification to see you trained and ready to start earning straight away. There is currently a shortage of qualified staff in the industry, and to help bridge this gap The PT College will be offering interviews at gyms in Poole and Bournemouth to all of their graduates.




Sarah Jones

Sarah is a mum of three children and captains Poole Netball Club in Regional 1 South West. As a graphic designer, she works for the RNLI as a Design and Print Officer and has worked with local businesses such as Sunseeker, Organix and the Bournemouth 7s Festival and trains hard leading her netball team, one of the best in the area, on the court. Hi Sarah, what got you into netball and how old were you when you started?

Hi Jo. I was a late starter on the netball circuit starting at 18 in the local Bournemouth League. I was invited to join a friends team but soon got poached and my netball career started then!
 What position do you play?

I play GS but have been known to play GK and occasionally GA if we are desperate!
 Tell us about your past teams and who you’ve played for...

I represented Dorset County Under 21’s for a couple of seasons and then after having my third child, started playing in the London Polytechnic League and the National Club circuit with Southampton based Western Park Blades. We managed to reach Premier 1 and play against some of the best teams in the UK. I also represented Hampshire North County for a few seasons inbetween time! I currently Captain Poole Netball Clubs Regional 1 Team and play in the Bournemouth Premier 1 League.
 What is it like to Captain a team and what is the hardest part?


This has been my first Captaincy as I’m usually one to like the background more, but I have really enjoyed the challenge. It is a very young team so I play ‘mum’ quite a lot but the girls are really responsive and a pleasure to Captain. The hardest part for me is remaining fit enough to keep up with the teenagers on the team! It’s a compliment to me to be playing with the up and coming players of the future so it’s my duty to not let them down!
 Do you take part in any other sport?

When I retired from Western Park Blades, I had a year off netball and took up mountain biking. I found a new passion in this sport and now manage to do both. Mountain Biking is quite extreme and totally different from netball but provides an excellent fitness platform for my netball.





Tell us about any major highlights that stand out for you in your netball career...

My highlights are varied but the ones that stick with me are definitely when Blades reached playoffs at Loughborough University. We had to play 3 full matches against hefty rivals and won, ensuring promotion to Division 1. It was the most exhausting weekend but the high we left with was amazing! Another highlight was winning the United Nations Netball Tournament in London. The team I was playing for were representing the UK. Great day and some great netball! I have also played against the men’s national team in a spotlight match. Yes, men! They are physically more than a match for us, but we beat them with discipline and skill! 
 Is it hard to balance your work, family and sport?

When I was travelling around the country playing, it was incredibly hard to juggle 3 children and yet somehow I managed. It was worth all the late nights travelling up and down the M3 for training and quite often my daughter came with me to matches and became the team mascot! She now plays for one of Poole Netball Clubs teams and really enjoys the camaraderie that netball brings.
 What are your hopes and goals for the future?

I’d really like to see Poole Netball Club achieve what they deserve and that would be to get the team promotion into the ‘Big’ League. This may take a few years graft by which time I will be well on my way to total retirement, but I’d like to help and support them get there if they want me! I’d also like to see my daughter enjoy her netball for many years to come and have it in her life as something consistent to enjoy.
 What would you say to other ladies reading this who may be thinking of giving netball a go?

What’s there to think about?! Netball is the total sport…it offers fun, competitiveness, fitness, team building, social life, for life. You can start at any level and age and progress as far as you want to for however long you want to. It’s brilliant for women that stop to have kids as it’s always there for them when they return.
 Finally, sum up your sport in three words…

Netball – Always there! Thanks for talking with us, Sarah and we wish you all the best with your sport in the future.

Energie Fitness in Southbourne offers a warm welcome from the new owner Tanya Mekarssi. Tanya has worked in the health and fitness industry after a leaving her career in banking. Having always had a passion for sports and fitness, she decided to make it her new vocation after she shed 4 stone from being sat behind a desk all day. She talks of her new found satisfaction, “The change I made from moving from one completely different field to the other was the best thing I’ve ever done. I truly can say that I enjoy everyday working with people and helping them achieve their personal goals.” Tanya bought the gym last year wanting to work closer with people, particularly women and after her extensive training qualifying as a Personal Trainer, she was on the lookout for the right place to further her work. When she came across Energie Fitness for Women, she had immediate interest and after researching and investigating further, she decided Energie was the right place for her. Tanya is now working at making some improvements and changes at the gym based on feedback from all the members and is happy to announce extended opening hours with earlier starts in the week and being open over the weekend. She comments, “I wanted to listen to the ladies here and find out what they wanted to make improvements to the gym.

Providing more opportunities for our women to train was at the top of the list and I’m excited about some new cardio equipment arriving to further benefit our members.”

“6 WEEKS IS ALL IT TAKES… OUR RESULTS GUARANTEED PROGRAMME REVEALS REAL RESULTS THAT OUR MEMBERS CAN SEE AND FEEL.” Energie Fitness for Women in Southbourne is a fitness and weight management club designed around 30 minute workouts combining aerobic exercise and muscle toning to achieve stunning results. There’s a strong community feel to the club, modern facilities, great and supportive staff to make you feel relaxed

at Energie. They even have a treatment room offering a wide range of services to relax and unwind or if you’re after more activities, the light and airy studio runs classes including aerobics, Zumba, Pilates and Yoga. Get down to Energie in Southbourne, above Sainsbury’s, or call for more information: 01202 424949.

In heart Atthe last of in Southbourne Southbourne

- the complete fitness & weight loss solution for every woman...

*Terms and conditions apply. **Extra charges apply.

• 30 minute motorised health & well-being circuit s • 30 minute fitness & weight loss circuit eek !* w 6 ck s in ey ba t • Studio classes • Therapy Room** l su on Re our m y • Personal Training** or

First Floor, 46/48 Southbourne Grove Bournemouth BH6 3RB

Call NOW!

01202 424949

A true champion lives, trains and works right on our doorstep with an extensive winning history, an impressive World Title winning present, and a bright, successful future teaching at his boxing gym in Bournemouth…all at 40 years old. Steve Bendall is a self managed professional boxer who, with a string of historic wins in his youth, still proves he can pack a punch in the ring having recently scooped the WBU Middleweight World Title in December 2013. Now, with another fight lined up to defend his belt, Steve chats to us about his love for his game and his life of boxing taught the right way.

Steve tells us how he first got into boxing, “I started when I was 6 years old. My granddad ran the amateur boxing club in Coventry at the time and he made me who I am as a boxer. You can’t box until you’re 11 in England but at 10 years old, he took me to Wales as you can start at 10 there. I stopped the kid I was fighting after 30 seconds and that was the start of it all.” In 1997, Bendall turned pro and won his first fight in Reading against Dennis Doyle. Steve speaks of two fights that really stood out for him, “The first fight that really stands out in my history was with Lee Blundell. I knocked him out in two rounds and it was a good opening for me. In later years, I beat Paul Smith in 2008 which was a big win. The unfortunate thing for me though was that I broke my foot soon after the fight so I couldn’t further the rewards.” Steve opened his first gym shortly after the Paul Smith fight originally in Springbourne. Space proved to be an issue as his following grew, so he moved to his current premises after a friend who owns the property offered it to him. This provided far more potential to expand. With a much larger area to build his gym and offering more potential, Steve has made some recent improvements with more planned later this year, to provide a gym that caters for all ages and abilities. “Our aim is to offer what people want. I personally just offer boxing, it’s what I know, love and grew up with. But, not everyone wants 14 WWW.THEGAMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK 12 WWW.THEGAMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK

to do boxing so I’ve got some fantastic trainers who offer Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing and MMA training. The Pure Warrior Fight Team train here which is great and we offer classes for everyone - men, women and children.” Steve trains for fitness and offers as much or as little as anyone wants. He has two pro fighters who, under his coaching expertise, are making their mark in the ring, one winning two out of two fights. He believes boxing training is the best in the world for strength and fitness using the whole body and all muscle groups during a typical session. He offers a welcoming gym which is safe and friendly. In his words, “I grew up the right way with boxing and strongly believe that’s the way it should be. We’re a gym who welcomes anyone who wants to benefit from the great health and fitness benefits our training offers. Nobody ever gets asked to do anything they don’t want to do. If someone comes here and says they never want to take a punch, they never take a punch. I teach technique and build strength and if people want to take it any further, they can or just stick to what they enjoy doing in our range of classes.”

PROFILE Steve Bendall’s Gym offers all aspects of fitness training run by the former European/British/Commonwealth title challenger, two time English Champion and WBU Middleweight World Champion Steve Bendall. This is a unique opportunity to train at all levels of the sport whether it be white collar, self defence or getting fit. Steve can also offer high ranking amateurs and aspiring professionals the chance to benefit from his 25 years experience in the sport. Steve has over 116 fights under his belt and has represented England on 20 occasions. Steve’s career as a professional includes 34 contests challenging for the European, Commonwealth and British title, not forgetting his recent WBU World title.

The gym has undergone some extensive changes to offer more avenues of keeping fit. There is a weights area, machine fitness area as well as the bags and ring. “I’m happy with the gym and all the changes we’ve made. It’s all about good people, fun training and people comfortable in a friendly atmosphere.” We caught up with Marc Smith, cofounder of local sportswear brand and boxing group, Pure Warrior to find out why they choose to train with Steve and what the gym means to them… “I met Steve about 9 years ago at a charity boxing event that he supported for us in town. We were already training at another gym at the time. We got on so well with Steve; he’s a genuine, legitimate expert at what he does, proving that with being the current World Title holder. We wanted to bring the guys over and get them training in a nice environment. It’s certainly not a club where people just beat each

other up. It’s learning the real art of boxing. At Pure Warrior, we’re all about morals and values, understanding and being supportive of one another and it works well here at the gym where those same principles apply. It really us a genuine family environment and we all love training with Steve. This year, we’re looking forward to new classes and potentially expanding further into a larger gym bringing more opportunities and ways to get fit along with a café and shop, all under one roof but always keeping with the same message of a friendly and welcoming gym open to everyone – men, women and children.



Boxing bod y Blast MMA












crazy. We were playing in Wales and it was like an England home venue. I went round and thanked each and every one of them for travelling to watch me. A very special day. How does it feel when you first step onto the oche (pronounced ock- ie) in front of a big crowd? It is a great feeling, like the enjoyment of opening the Christmas present that you always wanted, but lasts for an hour. The buzz is incredible. The nerves come with the realisation the 1.5/2 million people are watching every move you make, let alone a bad throw or score. Even when you lose you want to get back up there and do it again. It’s just brilliant.

WITH PRO DARTS PLAYER, SCOTT MITCHELL Scott is 43 years young, married to Sharon for 22 yrs with daughter, Katie, 20 and son Sam, 17. Scott started playing league darts when he was 17, but mainly socially until he was selected for Dorset County in 1999. His big break came in 2007 at the UK Open in Bolton’s Reebok stadium. After qualifying, he found himself playing on Sky vs former World Champion, Jelle Klaasen. He lost 8-4 but from that, sponsors became interested and he’s not looked back. Some of his big achievements include 10 caps for England, 5 times Lakeside World Championships Qualifier plus winning 7 ranking title events, England Classic 2009, Swiss Open Champion 2009 & 2010, Belgium Sunparks Masters champion 2010 & 2011, French Open Champion 2013 and Hampshire Open Champion 2013.

Firstly, congratulations for making the BDO (British Darts Organisation) event again this year. Unfortunately, you lost 4-2 in the 2nd round to the 2nd seed, James Wilson, but it must be a great feeling to play at that type of event?

The goal each year is to gain enough ranking points on the BDO circuit system, to play in the Lakeside World Championships. Top 24 ranked in the World are invited to play each year. It’s our number 1 tournament with exposure of the BBC coverage. The history of the tournament and the venue, gives me great pride and satisfaction to be part of it each time I qualify for it. You had some great support there too, what is the atmosphere like?

I am a lucky guy as the Dorset people have always given me great support; the fans of Lakeside have taken to me now too, because I’ve been there 5 years in a row. I always find the amount of support overwhelming for a big kid from a little village in Dorset. My black and pink shirts and my fluffy Scottie Dog seem to be something they like to see! When you hit a 180 or a double to win a leg, the place just rocks to the rafters. Never have I played anywhere in atmosphere like it. …and we heard some of your commentary too, you definitely have a career after playing sorted!




I would like that to be the case. It came around accidentally. Whilst in a player’s room 2 years ago, the two players usually used for the job were to play each other, leaving no pundit to do the links for an evening with Ray Stubbs. I suggested players to the floor manager and he asked “what about you”? I said I would give it a go and did the first link. Ray liked my enthusiasm and suggested to powers that be, I should be given a chance in commentating too. I oweRay

big time for the chances he helped me get. We have stayed in touch since too. I invited him along to my 1st RD match and he said he would be along at some point during the week. When I won, I had an interview on the balcony with Colin Murray and Bobby George. Coming back down the stairs, Ray was there to congratulate me. He didn’t want me to know he was there to upset my preparation. That’s Ray - a top fella! It’s always nice to see a local lad playing at the top level, where did you start playing?

I was in our local village pub, the New Queen near the Avon Causeway. The dart team was short of players and a family friend, Trevor Chant, said could I throw darts. I threw 3 at the board and he said that will do, you’re in the team, see you tomorrow night! A darts life was born but little did I know what it would turn into. We’ve seen that you have quite a long list of successes; including playing for England but what would you say was your most memorable achievement?

Being selected, playing and winning for England in my first match is my best achievement in my eyes. I was the first player from Dorset County to be selected to represent the country and it was a huge honour. My Dad had a tear in his eye when I told him I was selected. 100 supporters followed me to Merthyr Tydfil from Dorset to watch my appearance. England regulars and stars such as Martin “Wolfie” Adams, Tony “Silverback “Oshea and Darryl “Dazzler” Fitton were my team mates that day and were astounded at the support for this new guy, from a little village in Dorset . I won my first match and the place went

What do you do to keep yourself calm? I have couple of beers to lubricate the arm! The best way to be calm in the situation is you need to have confidence in your game. The more confident you are, the calmer you usually stay. If your preparation has been right, you should not be worried or thinking about anything other than winning the match. We know you’re a big Poole Pirates speedway fan. They had an incredible season last year, how do you think they’ll get on this year?

It’s going to be tough to repeat our 2013 season. I think the fans have trust and belief in Matt Ford and his team selection. We have a great manager in Neil Middleditch. The rules this year have meant big changes so there is a less familiar line up than the fans have been used to. Teams will be a lot closer in standard with these changes from top to bottom of the Elite league. Early home form is to be vital in the 2014 campaign. Darcy, Josh and Kyle have been signed for their home track knowledge I believe. My prediction is that we will be in the top 4 and from there it will be all on the night in the playoffs. Every Pirates fan knows that only too well. As long as we finish above Swindon, I’m happy. Alun Rossiter, who is a friend and the Swindon Manager, can’t give me any stick on twitter that way! How can people get into darts in the local area?

The best way is to go to your local pub or club with a board and have a throw. Ask if they have a team and get involved. The Landlord or steward will let you know who the captain is. They are usually looking for the next new talent for their teams. Finally, describe darts in 3 words…

Friendly, sociable and exhilarating. Thanks for talking to us Scott and we wish you all the best with your future comps.

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• Student Mondays – 2 hours free pool on purchase of a drink and valid NUS card • Free 1 hour pool when Beer Pitcher is purchased Mon-Thurs only • TFI Fridays - Buy 1 Get 1 Free on selected drinks Friday 12-6pm • 2 Darts boards free of charge any time • Beer pong table also available Sharkey’s is the place to be for sports and pool fans in Bournemouth. Relax with a mate, enjoy the sport and exclusive to The Game readers, Sharkey’s are offering 2 hours FREE pool and a FREE shot of your choice. Don’t miss out! Get down to Sharkey’s today.



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Winter Olympics (SOCHI, RUSSIA) FEBRUARY 7TH – 23RD Billed as one of the most expensive games in history and rumoured to have cost over $50 billion, the 22nd Winter Olympics is set to become one of the best yet! Over 2500 athletes from 85 different nations will be competing in 15 different sports and aiming to win one of the 98 available gold medals.

RBS 6 Nations Rugby THROUGHOUT FEBRUARY As far as rugby tournaments go, the RBS 6 Nations is as big as they come. England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy and France will all battle it out to be the ‘Team of the northern hemisphere‘. 15 games over 6 weeks will be guaranteed to provide blood, sweat and stitches from some of the biggest names in world rugby. Will Wales be triumphant again, or will it be the year for another nation?

18 14


February is a big month on the sporting calendar with the Winter Olympics kicking off in Russia on 7th February. Check out some of the highlights happening locally and around the world…

FEB 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII FEBRUARY 2ND This year will be the first year the Super Bowl has been played outdoors in a cold weather environment as the MetLife Stadium hosts Super Bowl XLVIII and the first in which two US states, New York and New Jersey will work together hosting it. Who will be the champion of the 2013/14 season? And how will Bruno Mars get on performing at half time in potential blizzards!

The Steve Bernard Foundation Fancy Dress Fun Run & walk FEBRUARY 16TH – BOURNEMOUTH PIER APPROACH Hundreds of local fundraisers will be dressing up for the annual Fun Run & Walk in aid of The Steve Bernard Foundation. Set up in 2006 following the tragic loss of Steve in a car accident, the charity has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for over 150 sports related projects across the world. Join the great atmosphere and run, walk or even rollerblade along the beautiful sea front. Find out more >

‘Rempstone Roast’ Mountain Bike Duathlon FEBRUARY 16TH – (BURNBAKE CAMPSITE , R E M P STO N E , C O R F E C A ST L E , B H 2 0 5 J H ) If you fancy something different, then this is one for you. An off-road mountain bike duathlon consisting of a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike and then another 2 mile run in some of the most beautiful scenery in the south coast! Entry can be booked at

March for Men S U N D AY 2 N D M A R C H B O U R N E M O U T H S E A F R O N T Sports stars and hospital staff have signed up to Bournemouth Hospital Charity’s new flagship event supporting men’s health at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital (RBH). March for Men is aimed at men, women and children and involves a 1km, 5km, or 10km walk, run or march along Bournemouth seafront and Lower Gardens to raise money for a number of men’s health conditions include prostrate and testicular cancer. AFC Bournemouth midfielder Eunan O’Kane will be helping out with the event along with Team GB volleyball player Dan Hunter with staff from the hospital.


Find out more:, call 01202 704060, email or visit the Bournemouth Hospital Charity office in the main atrium at RBH.



We’re speaking to local children taking part in different sports across the area to ask about why they like to compete, what their goals are for the future and how others can give it a go in our ‘One to watch’ feature.

Name Nathan Johnstone Age 12 Sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Hi my name is Nathan Johnstone; I am 12 years old and from Bournemouth. I live in Moordown with my Mum, Dad and my brothers and sisters. I go to school at the Leaf Academy; it’s a specialist school for elite young athletes. I train and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all around the world and am ranked Number 1 in the UK in my weight class.

Hi Nathan, can you tell us how you first got into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)? It was a natural thing for me to train BJJ as my Dad is a full time instructor and my brothers and sisters train too. I started when I was 6 so have been training around 6 years. What do you love about your sport? After training for 6 months or so, it became clear to me that I was able to dominate and submit much larger kids. BJJ doesn’t rely on strength, its power comes from using angles and leverage to apply chokes and joint locks to win a match. BJJ is a full contact martial art so competition isn’t for everyone. It’s real. There are no forms or patterns I have to remember, it’s about fighting and was designed to use against fully resisting opponents, so my confidence is real and every time I step on to the mat to compete, I know what I’m capable of.

Do you take part in any other sports? I used to play football a lot but I had to stop. My sponsors invest a lot of money in me to compete around the world and represent their brand. I can’t afford to pick up an injury and potentially have to pull out of a competition. Tell us about your gold medal win and other competitions you’ve taken part in… I compete regularly worldwide. Some of my notable wins this year were in America, I took double gold in Atlanta and in the World Championships in California, I took double bronze, missing out on a place in the World Final by the narrowest margin. I retained my British Championship title again in November. Overall, I took 22 gold medals in 2013 in some high level competitions. My most recent win was in Italy at the U42kg CBJJE European Championships on 14th December where I won gold in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gi and also Nogi. Can you tell us what your training involves and how you keep your fitness levels up? My weekly training schedule is a bit hectic but I see it as part of my life more than an extra. It would be pretty long winded to give you a daily detail, but I train grappling Monday to Saturday every day for 1.5 to 2 hours. I have personal trainers at school that work with me for 3 strength sessions per week. Trevor Chamberlain,



my personal conditioning coach, works with me in the evenings doing 3 sessions of CV per week. I grip train 3 x 20 min sessions a week and work plyometrics 3 x 30 min sessions per week. It sounds like a lot to most people, but to compete globally with the best kids in the world, I have to be as fit and as strong as I can possibly be. How do you balance it with your school work? I’m blessed because the Academy works my education around my training and vice versa. They have elite athletes from many fields who really understand what it takes to become the best. Without their support, I would not be able to fit my schedule in to the evenings. I’m very, very lucky. Do you have to follow a special diet? I eat mostly like my mates. I take a lot of high protein foods during training and 3 weeks before a big competition, I take all sugar out

of my diet. Apart from that, it’s normal. I have to stay within my weight division but putting weight on with my training schedule, isn’t really an option. What would you recommend to young people reading this who may want to give BJJ a go? I’d say find a local club where you feel comfortable. Get used to losing and being dominated because the first year can be very frustrating. If you have an ego then it isn’t for you but if you want to have fun, get fit and learn a functional real martial art that is pressure tested daily, go for it, you won’t look back. Can you describe in three words what your sport means to you? It’s my life.  Finally, what are your goals for the future? Everything I do in BJJ is leading towards one goal; to become a World Champion at black belt. All the great coaches I have trained with believe I can do it and so do I. Thank you for talking to us, Nathan. We wish you loads of success in your future.      




CELEBRATING YOUNG BUSINESS The Rock Star Awards has launched for the second year to recognise Dorset’s outstanding employees, students and entrepreneurs aged 16-26 and the companies that develop them into the stars of the future. Six winners who are excelling in business achievements were unveiled for 2013, creating a humbling and inspiring awards ceremony. Nominations / applications are open for 2014 via

Inspirational Star of the Future WDS are leaders in improving customer experience in mobile communications. They hope to find an individual with a story, commercial achievement or charitable contribution. David Bowes, from WDS, says “Our culture is built on curiosity and we believe in putting people in control of their own destiny, enabling our staff to build careers in an exciting sector. To us, this is inspirational! We want to find a young person who has the power Organised by:

& Sponsored by: Are you aged 16-26 and one of Dorset’s business stars of the future? Do you work with someone who could be?

We are searching for talented people in 8 categories: Rising Star Inspirational Star Entrepreneurial Star Apprentice Star Media Star Hospitality Star Student Star Star Company Award 350 of Dorset’s business finest will celebrate the winners at a prestigious gala dinner on 5th June at The O2 Academy Bournemouth.

Closing date 1 March 2014. Full details, entry and nominations at:

to inspire and enlighten others– who can you nominate?” Entrepreneurial Star of the Future Award winning accountants, Inspire, are looking for a young entrepreneur – someone that is running their own business and demonstrating business flair and future prospects. Warren Munson, from Inspire, says “We specialise in advising fast growing entrepreneurial businesses so we have a real connection with this sector. We are excited to be involved and to highlight the talented young entrepreneurs in the region.” Rising Star of the Future Regional car dealership Breeze Volkswagen sponsors the category which invites companies to nominate an employee - an opportunity for colleagues / employers to show appreciation to excellent young staff. John Corderoy, from Breeze, says “Harnessing the career aspirations, ideas and developing knowledge of a bright young member of staff is a shrewd way to develop our business and an enthusiastic, committed workforce. We hope to find an employee with the same work ethic and potential.” Hospitality Star of the Future Beach Weddings Bournemouth join Rock in searching for a hardworking, talented person, from the hospitality, events or tourism trade who can demonstrate industry understanding, triumphs and ambition. From Beach Weddings, Melanie Kiani, says “We are an award winning Dorset business, our heart is firmly in providing a high level of service and customer satisfaction. We are

excited to discover our younger generation who excel in this area - there is some amazing talent out there!” Student Star of the Future Bournemouth University support the category seeking out a sixth form, university or college student. They are hoping to find someone with strong academic, commercial or charitable achievements and bags of business potential. Mandi Barron, from the University, says “We work hard with local and national businesses to arm our students with the skills needed for work. This award will honour students with these skills and recognises that students should also focus on life skills, charitable / voluntary projects and commercial awareness.” Apprentice Star of the Future Over 50s insurance providers Ageas 50 are offering a paid employment contract for the winner of their award, Apprentice Star of the Future. The winner will take a role as Service Performance Analyst, assisting management in the positioning of resource and overseeing incoming call flows to ensure that the call centre can achieve business levels and would also have an opportunity to attain qualifications. Tanya Shore from Ageas 50 says “As a local employer of choice, it is our aim to attract and recruit the right candidates to the right roles, providing opportunities to people at every stage of their career. We are looking for someone with strong ambition, work ethic and prospects to win our category.” Entry is open for 8 categories Visit: to nominate / apply. Closing date: 1st March. Winners announced: 5th June, O2 Academy.




This month, we speak to British Sailing Team’s Athlete of the Year, Olympic Bronze medallist and World Number 1 ranked windsurfer, Bryony Shaw. Having recently moved to Poole, Bryony tells us about her amazing year of podium wins in 2013, her plans and training for Rio 2016 and her love for the great conditions the surrounding area has to offer to a world class windsurfer.

Hi Bryony, thanks for talking to us. Congratulations on being named as the ‘British Sailing Team’s Athlete of the Year’! How did it feel to win this award? It came as a complete surprise! 2012 was a really tough year with the illness I had in the run up to the Olympics but then last year’s hard work with the whole team saw some great results on the water but, I really thought Nick Dempsey would win the award. It was an amazing feeling to have the successes over the year acknowledged. Over the year, I had my head down and kept working away so it was a really nice surprise to have that award at the end of the year. How did you first get into windsurfing? I got into it with my family. We were on a family holiday and it was one of the watersports activities you could try out. It interested me that you could float out on the water and have that sense of freedom. I’d done a few other watersports before and had always been happy in the swimming pool. My mum and dad had expressed an interest in windsurfing as well. The first time I stepped on a board, I was age 9. I had a few little tasters between the age of 9 and 12 and then I was about 14 when mum and dad asked if I would like to have some equipment of my own so I could give it a go at home and not just on holiday. We lived in Oxford at the time so weren’t close to the sea but went to the local reservoir. My dad would drive me over there and I’d join in with the other kids my age. The windsurfing community is so close knit and people were saying that I could get into racing if I wanted to try it and it kind of rolled on from there. I was always very competitive. I played football, netball and all sorts of other sports. I also did ballet and always had that competitive edge.

2013 was a great year for you with a lot of podium finishes. What was the secret to your success? I think I was on a good trajectory in 2012 and unfortunately, getting ill in the Olympic year, really kind of hampered all my ability to train. After the Olympics had ended, there was a real rollercoaster where windsurfing was no longer going to be in the Olympics; it had been replaced by kitesurfing. So, suddenly my career path was taken from under my feet. I thought that I could get into kitesurfing and see how it goes. I had a good racing head and all the tactics would be transferable, it would just be a case of getting used to the board and all the skills for kite racing. But, when windsurfing came back in, it was kind of like a real resurgence. The whole windsurfing community had been so devastated by the decision initially so when it came back in, there was this new found energy from everyone. All the youngsters were suddenly like ‘great, our hopes and dreams are alive again!’ and it was the same for me - Rio is absolutely do-able, I’m still at the prime age and that dream came alive again. It was a real spark for me because I’m so passionate about what I do. We had an early World Championships; normally they are held in the summer months but because they were in Brazil, they were very early on so as soon as the decision was made that windsurfing was back in, we jumped straight into training. We dusted all the old kit off and it was that energy we had from November to February in the build up to the World Championships that drove me to train as hard as I could. It was a great opportunity and I managed to get a silver medal there. It was my first podium at World Championships so I think that set me up for the rest of the year. The pressure was off and I could really enjoy my windsurfing and the results kept rolling from there.

“Moving here has brought a sense of adventure to take advantage of every forecast. I love the houses in the area too and the great shopping! It’s got everything going for it.”




You’ve competed in two Olympics, winning bronze in Beijing and became Great Britain’s first ever female Olympic windsurfing medallist, which is an incredible achievement. Describe the emotions you go through as you step up onto the podium to collect the medal... I was kind of in a dream world. During the final race, I was actually in shot of having a medal of any colour. Throughout the race, there were times where I was in gold position, then I dropped to bronze and I knew

that the gold had gone so I just wanted to hang on to the medal. So, when I crossed the finish line coming in second, I looked around me at my competitors and it was an absolute dream. It wasn’t gold but, it was still a medal and it made me ecstatic that I was part of that celebration. The rest of the British team had done so well with a great medal haul and I wanted to be part of that success and I’d done it in my first Olympic Games. After the race, you come off the water and get into your team tracksuit. I was then holding the union jack flag and waving it around. That was the moment where I had the sense of real national pride. I’d done it for me and then my family, but also the country and I felt really good about that. We also had Princess Anne come to watch the sailing events. She awarded Ben Ainslie on his medal day. She wasn’t there for my award day but I’d met her previously and she had said some really kind words. It gave me a sense that I was part of something special.



How does it feel being ranked number 1 in the world? Basically, the world rankings are an accumulation of the year that you’ve just had. It was the consistency that I showed over the year that gave me the high world ranking. It gives me that seeding where people are looking up to me and hopefully I’ll be able to stay there.



The London 2012 Olympics were an overwhelming success, especially for Team GB. What was it like competing in front of a home crowd? The way that things were set up in Weymouth was really quite unprecedented. There was a very good spectator area for the sailing events where people could see the racing well and hear the commentators on the big screen know what was going on. It was a great atmosphere down there. We really wanted to put on a show and make people interested in what we’re doing. We’re not on TV that often and it is quite a hard sport to televise because we’re out to sea so they tried to bring it as close to the spectators as possible. They’re going to try and do the same at Rio so it should be taking the same principle as Weymouth, but on a larger scale. They’re really trying to get that spectator interaction going on. One thing I think was missing which is a special part for the crowds is the podium ceremony. Some of the other athletes had their ceremonies back at the training centre tucked away from all the spectators which was a shame. It is important for the crowds to see people receiving their medals and it adds to the fantastic atmosphere of celebration. Can you tell us anything about your plans and preparations for Rio 2016? We’ve already been out to Rio, to the Olympic waters last summer. As we had the early World Championships, we were able to slot it into the calendar. We went out there literally the same two weeks that Rio 2016 will be. The tides will play a big part on the day; if you imagine you are racing around on the water and it’s sweeping you from left to right and up and down the track and fortunately with the weeks we were there last summer, the tidal cycle was pretty much identical to what it will be in 2016 so it was great timing. It was a huge learning experience for us to gather data and take what we could. So, as well as me and my coach out on the water, there are meteorologists really studying those details which play a huge role when racing. I need to be educated about the venue without too much overload but have the key features and how it affects racing literally down to the minute and second on race day. It’s really detailed what we go into. Describe your training regime… I always enjoy being out on the water and do stand up paddle boarding quite often. I still like kite surfing too, it’s a great sport and fantastic for fitness and awareness of the wind whilst being great fun. I like to go out on my road bike and mountain bike. I change between the two depending on where we are. I’ll look at where we are going and take 24


“I was holding the union jack flag and waving it around. That was the moment where I had the sense of real national pride.” my bikes if there are perfect conditions like in March, we go to Majorca for a competition and as there is fantastic road biking out there, we’ll go a bit earlier and take the bikes out too. A lot of international pro cyclist teams use Majorca as it’s known for great road cycling. We get the local knowledge and whether it’s going to be a good surfing or biking place and plan what kind of toys we can take out with us! But, there is also the gym element to it. I have to be able to sprint and have to have that explosive power in my muscles but at the same time being aware of my body balance. Having good core stability and making sure my body has a good base before lifting is very important. I think quite a lot of people go into heavy weight lifting and don’t have the stable base required and that is when injuries happen. We’re very aware of that as a team and the physiologists around me mean I have a good maintenance programme as well as the competitive power and strength. What do you like to do to unwind when you get a break from training? I am a very active person even on my down time; I do like to get out there, especially when the waves are good. I don’t like letting a good forecast pass me by! Especially now living here in Poole, it’s so easy to look out at the trees and see if it’s a windy day and pop down to the beach. It’s so tempting to get out there with it right on your doorstep. There are days when I do need to chill. Like any girl, I like to get my hair and nails done. You recently moved to Poole. What do you think of the area and the conditions in the harbour? I would say the main thing is you have so many options. When the wind is blowing you have all sorts of wind directions available and there are options to go our around Sandbanks or up to Bournemouth Pier. It’s such a lovely sweeping bay and then you have the option of the flat water in the harbour. I’ve done so many lovely stand up paddle days around Brownsea Island and the other islands behind it. If you can get out there, stand up is great way to explore as some areas are so shallow and inaccessible

in a boat. Moving here has brought a sense of adventure to take advantage of every forecast. I love the houses in the area too and the great shopping! It’s got everything going for it. Where is your favourite spot locally? Kimmeridge is a great spot, you get some great waves and it’s definitely a place where if the conditions are right, it is a perfect spot. My local beach, Canford Cliffs Chine has some great waves and over the last few weeks, I’ve been down there and caught a few waves and it’s been really fun. I can carry my board out of my house, down through the chine and straight into the sea – an absolute luxury! When not on the water, where can we find you? Just around the corner, is a place called The Cliff. It’s a really lovely restaurant. We love going there to eat or just relax and have a drink quite often. In fact, we know all the waiters and waitresses well in there now! Where’s the best place you’ve been in the world with your sport? For windsurfing, it has to be Maui. It is the mecca for windsurfing! What would you say to people reading this who may be thinking about giving windsurfing a go? I would say somewhere like Poole Harbour is fantastic for learning. Go in the summer months is my best advice. You’re more likely to have more fun when it’s a warmer and not have to wear such a chunky wetsuit. It still gets some good windy days in the summer months. There are some great centres down there to learn. If you’re used to a stand up board, one of the things they do now is to grab a paddle board that has a nice surface area and then attach a little sail. Some of the boards have a little plug in so you have the option to add a sail and give it go. It’s a really good way for beginners to try windsurfing.   Thank you for your time Bryony and we wish you all the best for your future competing.


Completion Due Early 2014 SOUTHCOTE ROAD A range of 28 One and Two Bedroom newly built flats, available in Spring 2014. Prices start at £550 for One Bedroom and £650 for Two Bedrooms. Please call for more details or to reserve a flat today.



06 08

A*NEW mixture of 1 & 2 Bed Flats *COMMUNAL BIKING STORE KITCHENS finished to a High Standard *SOME ALLOCATED OFF ROAD PARKING *NEW BATHROOMS Please Abbey Estates to reserve or *NEW CARPETS *GAS call CENTRAL HEATING 01202 777704 for*UPVC moreDOUBLE information GLAZING

Abbey Estates was established by its current owner, Namir Hassan, in 1996. In that time, he has built a successful Sales and Letting Business covering areas in Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch. Abbey Estates prides themselves on being highly professional with excellent customer service. We aim to get our clients the best results possible weather you are a Landlord/ Tenant or Vendor/Purchaser. Large or small, we cover all aspects of property and are up to date with property laws that are changing all the time. If you are thinking of Selling or Letting a property then please call us for a free Market Appraisal.


01202 777704 76-78 Charminster Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 8US TEL: 01202 777704


23 09

DEDICATION ACHIEVEMENT SUCCESS with Health-on-Line rogression. A topic that many people will say that they want to achieve, but don’t feel as if they have the opportunity to do so within their current working environment. A study by Baseline found that while 85% of employees say career growth is a key reward, less than 50% say their employers are providing it. For others however, it is a case of feeling happy and content in a job that drives their desire to work. The Game, this month, spoke to Rosie Vallance, an employee of Health-on-Line, to find out what it is that motivates her and drives her desire to succeed. When speaking to Rosie, you may expect to find a fiercely determined individual that is almost slightly threatening in her ambition. After all, she has achieved a phenomenal amount in her career development, after working at Health-on-Line for only three years. Originally starting as a Sales Consultant in 2011, Rosie didn’t get off to the best of starts. With a background in car insurance, Rosie knew she had the grounding, but couldn’t convert this into her own style of selling at Health-on-Line, which operated in a vastly different way to her old employer. Her first 6 months were spent struggling somewhat to develop her skills. However, Rosie has a selfprofessed determination and stubbornness to not let situations overtake her. It was this attitude that paid off, and eventually resulted in her being one of the top sellers at Health-on-Line - spending 12 months in the highest performing category which had a vast impact in terms of the money that she earned, having an uncapped bonus structure. Rosie said, “My initial job within Health-on-Line gave me such opportunity to develop and perform to my strengths. Money wasn’t the only motivation - although I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a big part! However, the team atmosphere, the on-going coaching and the support I received was brilliant”. 26


FITNESS These characteristics have also shaped Rosie’s lifestyle - becoming a self-confessed gym junkie over the last year. When talking to Rosie it is hard not to become inspired, she is living proof if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it. Rosie now goes to the gym 3 - 4 times a week, and sees a Personal Trainer on a regular basis. Having lost over 5 stone, Rosie is now only weeks away from achieving her target weight goal. So, what is the next challenge for her? Rosie replies, “I want to continue my career at Health-on-Line and continue to grab hold of opportunities while I can. Nowhere else in Bournemouth will give me the opportunity that Health-on-Line does, so I realise how fortunate I am to be in this position”. Health-on-Line is currently recruiting for roles within sales, as well as other departments. For more information visit their website:, or follow them on Twitter at HOL_Careers.

“NOWHERE IN BOURNEMOUTH GIVES YOU THE OPPORTUNITY THAT HEALTH-ON-LINE DOES” As the company began to grow, the team structure also developed, meaning that opportunities to progress in sales to mentors and team managers became apparent. Rosie was chosen to be a mentor - someone that could coach the newer members of the team and provide a support to them in their transition to Health-on-Line. Rosie relished this opportunity, and became so successful that in 2013 she was selected to be a dedicated Sales Coach to the Health-on-Line Academy (for new recruits to the business). With over 200 recruits in the last 2 years, there is never a dull moment in the department - but it is this challenge that motivates Rosie to constantly perform better, and prove to herself she can achieve what she puts her mind to.

BIKE TO WORK SCHEME Health-on-Line launched their Bike to Work scheme in January: • 30 employees are taking part in Bike to Work • In total, Health-on-Line are cycling 310 miles a day

• This is the equivalent of cycling to Birmingham and back • Great way to promote health and fitness for employees











Velocity health + fitness will not only give you results to be proud of, but it’s a lifestyle as well. It’s not your typical Hotel Fitness Club; it’s the fitness movement that gives you everything. You have demands. You want results. We have everything you need under our roof to meet those demands. Then it’s down to you to give everything when you get in the gym.

> The Best Kit; TECHNOGYM, MYZONE, SYNERGY360, POWERPLATE, MYRIDE+ and FUNCTIONAL ZONE all in 4.300 sq ft of fully air-conditioned fitness space. > The Best Pool; Full-size 25 metre Pool, Sauna and Steam Room plus a Jacuzzi. > All The Classes; Les Mills - Body Attack, Body Pump and Body Step, MetaFit, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Spin, Circuits, AquaFit, GRIT and CXWorX With over 90 classes each week for all fitness levels and abilities so you really can be v.happy and v.healthy. Velocity also has a team of fully qualified Personal Trainers to help you with your fitness goals and exercise programmes. 28


We also assist in making movement measurable with MYZONE which is a new innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEP’S), with a focus on rewarding effort and fitness. MYZONE users simply wear a comfortable MYZONE Physical Activity Belt (heart rate strap), which is registered online, to monitor all concerted physical activity in real time, allowing users to view their progress in their personal account. And because it’s at a Village Urban Resort there is also great dining in Victory pub + kitchen and Verve bar + grill. Plus, there is a Starbucks and Viva Urban Spa. Welcome to

> For more information and to arrange a tour of the club please call 0871 222 4574 or visit



ÂŁ300 *



*See website for full terms and conditions.

Village Bournemouth, Wessex Fields Deansleigh Road, Bournemouth, BH7 7DZ (Opposite Royal Bournemouth Hospital) Tel: 0871 222 4574 - Email:

Calls to 0871 numbers cost 10p per minute plus network extras.




Whether you are a weekend competitor entering your first martial arts competition, or you’re running a half marathon, or you already compete at county or national level – Exerformance can give you the winning edge. As a female athlete the key nutritional requirements are to build a positive foundation. Eating nutrient dense foods allow you to maintain your health, which means you can maximise your training and compete successfully.

Maintaining health to train and compete The importance of female nutrition is far superior to that of the male. Female athletes have to consider far more when choosing the correct foods to eat - not just to maintain bodily function but also to enable them to perform to the level required or goals set. For example, it’s important to avoid fizzy drinks....why? Because the fizz comes from a substance called phosphoric acid.The body uses calcium to neutralise this acid so it doesn’t cause damage, however this calcium is taken from the bones.

CALCIUM: Obvious benefits for all athletes are bone strength and repair of tissues. Athletes should consume around 1200-1500mg per day, this is of particular importance for female athletes where hormonal changes can take place from increased training load, which can affect bone density and cause premature osteoporosis (brittle bones). Bone health is key in contact sports as the body is constantly under impact. Another way of increasing bone density/ strength would be resistance training. Sources come from milk, low fat cheese, yogurt, broccoli, legumes, nuts and seeds.

VITAMINS: Provide immune function support, maintaining health of skin and tissues to reduce infection. These can be found in colourful vegetables and green leafy vegetables. The B vitamins (red meat, turkey, tuna) have great benefits for endurance athletes helping release energy from food sources, other benefits from vitamins are heart health (vitamin B) and preventing reduction of omega 3 supplies (vitamin E). Omega 3 itself is important for heart health, blood vessel suppleness and reducing inflammation.

IRON: Iron is of great importance in the female athlete’s diet and it can typically be low especially during menstruation. Adverse effects of low iron levels are fatigue and headaches, limited endurance capacity and at really low levels - anaemia. This completely reduces the athlete’s ability to train and compete.Iron can be found in food sources such as spinach, beans, most dark green leafy vegetables, fish, poultry and meat and some fruits (raspberries, raisins, cherries).

VITAMIN C: This allows iron absorption therefore decreasing the effects of fatigue and being able to maintain training/ performance load. Sources come from oranges, parsley, papaya, pineapple, strawberries and Brussels sprouts. Next Issue: Please send in any questions and these can be answered next month. Contact Us: Email:

Top Tip: Maintaining health to train and compete Kick Start Smoothie: 400ml – Semi Skimmed Milk 1 tbs – Zero Greek yogurt Half hand of raspberries Half hand of strawberries 1/4 hand of mixed nuts (Almonds and Walnuts) There we have it, one easy natural smoothie incorporating this week’s topic.

EXERFORMANCE: Who are we? Exerformance was inspired by the founder’s passion for sport and exercise. Our academic backgrounds are in Sport and Exercise Science – researching physiology, biomechanics and performance of the human body. This knowledge combined with elite sporting experience also allows us to provide excellent strength coaching to teams, sporting amateurs who are aiming at national ranking positions, and top national athletes who have gone on to medal at major championships (World and Olympics).

30 08


We want to make this experience and knowledge accessible to everyone – whether you are a first time exerciser or an elite athlete aiming for Gold. All we ask of you is that you WANT IT so together we can DO IT letting you achieve to BE IT. Exerformance combine practical, functional and theoretical knowledge to make sure that when we DO IT we optimise the chance to BE IT. And when you BE IT we

work with you to maintain your achieved ambition and help you look towards future goals. Contact Us: Email:

A 12 month membership prize valued at £924 with Bournemouth Fit Body Boot Camp • All training inclusive • Access to private membership area • Email and phone support • Meal planning and advice


Simply look out for our competition posts on Facebook and Twitter and re-tweet or like and share to enter!

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Closing date is Friday 28th February 2014. The winner will be randomly chosen from all entrants and notified by Saturday 1st March 2014. This prize cannot be exchanged for cash and is valid for 12 months. Winner must activate membership by 17th March 2014. Bournemouth Fit Body Boot Camp 376 Charminster Road, Bournemouth.

THE STEVE BERNARD FOUNDATION The Game is delighted to be working with the Steve Bernard Foundation this year as one of the charities we are helping to support in the magazine. We look forward to featuring regular articles to raise awareness of the fantastic work the foundation do and to promote fundraising events.



The Steve Bernard Foundation was set up in memory of the affectionately named ‘Stevie B’ following his tragic passing in a car accident in November 2005. Following his death, his family and friends were inundated with support and donations. It seemed right, even in the earliest stages that these funds should go to that which Steve loved best, sport. Since the foundation was formed in February 2006, it has gone on to raise more than £180,000 for sporting projects based across Bournemouth, Dorset and the South Coast. To date, the foundation has supported more than 150 projects covering more than 20 sports and 4 continents. Steve was a huge sports fan, in particular football, for which he had prestigious talent. He graced football pitches as far away as Ipswich but there are two local clubs which he held particularly close to his heart. The Grange, at Bournemouth Sports Club, was the team with which he flourished as a youngster. At 16, Steve signed for Christchurch FC following a flurry of offers from around the county. He played some of his best football at Hurn Bridge and is greatly missed by all those at the clubs who helped turn him into the fine footballer he undoubtedly was.  

The foundation, run entirely by volunteers, has offered guidance, financial support and predominantly equipment to a range of good causes ranging from supporting the AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts Team to potential Olympic athletes of the future; from providing new kit to local boxing clubs to funding outreach projects in Thailand, Uganda and Kenya. The Game was lucky enough to attend the foundation’s last event at Christchurch FC where the Steve Bernard Foundation football team took on the VIP FC captained by AFC Bournemouth legend, Steve Fletcher. It was a fantastic afternoon of fun for the whole family and The Game team had a great time being entertained by some big footballing names and celebrities. The next event is a Fancy Dress Fun Run & Walk on Sunday 16th February starting at Bournemouth Pier. For more details see our ‘This Month’ spread on page 18. The Game’s editor caught up with Craig Mathie, Events Director for the foundation and close friend of Steve to find out more about the work the charity have done so far and what they have planned for 2014.

Hi Craig, thanks for talking to us. Tell us how you got involved with the Steve Bernard Foundation and how it came about… Hi guys, thanks so much for the support! Steve’s untimely passing was obviously a monumental, life changing moment for so many of his friends and particularly family. More than 1000 people attended his funeral and his family generously decided to donate the funds to sporting projects at the schools he attended, he was training to be a PE teacher so it seemed only right! This basically served as a starting point, with Steve as our inspiration we organised a couple of memorial events which then developed into a sporting foundation. We had no idea what it would become and how well it would do, it really has been testament to the hard work of everyone who knew him. Steve and I were both incredibly fortunate to be part of an unbelievably close group of school friends and I wanted to be involved in making his memory last. Fortunately, my skill set helped this along and having organised a few events, I was invited to become a Director of the foundation. …and what does your role involve? I work very closely alongside Tony, Steve’s Dad in organising the events which raise such vital funds for sporting projects based across the South Coast. Tony really is the driving force behind the foundation whilst Steve’s mum, Sue and brother, Jacques obviously do a massive amount to ensure his name remains in the public eye. I look after the planning and detail but it really is a team effort involving a whole host of people! What has the foundation been raising money for most recently? As the foundation has grown, we have been fortunate to receive more and more applications for funding. We like to support projects where a few hundred or thousand pounds makes a world of difference. Recently, these have included purchasing tandem bikes for a young disabled exercise programme, sending kit to African outreach projects and continuing to support coach development across a massive range of sports. If you know of any teams who would benefit from our support, please send them to The charity football match in November was such a good afternoon, what did you manage to raise from this event? It really was a great event, amazing to see so many of Steve’s friends taking on some former professionals. I thought it was great to see the touch and quality of former pros, even if they were a little past their prime. In total we managed to raise just over £3,000 which again will support sport across the region. The Fun Run is fast approaching, how many people are you expecting to take part this year and what’s been the best fancy dress outfit you’ve seen so far from past/similar events?! The SBF is one of the Mayor’s Charities for 2014 and, as such, we are combining our efforts with those of a range of other Bournemouth charities. With this in mind, we are hoping to see more people at the fun run than ever before! Undoubtedly the best effort of 2013 was a team from Bracknell who came dressed as Pirates complete with a wooden ship that took up most of the prom!

What other events do you have planned for this year? This summer we will be holding our annual France Bike ride which sees around 30 supporters of the foundation cycling through France. This is all in preparation for the Rome to Home ride scheduled for September 2015… Applications open soon!! Thanks for talking to us, Craig. We look forward to featuring updates from the foundation during 2014. Check out the Steve Bernard Foundations website at www.stevebernardfoundation. com to find out more about the team and keep up to date with the latest news and events.


Bournemouth based longboarder, Ben Schofield caught up with local surfer and beach lifeguard, Mason Alderman to chat about his motivation, passion and story about his desire to stay young, have fun and compete. Mason is heavily involved in the local surf scene across the area and keeps a close eye on our shores for both his work and his love for his sport.

Article Ben Schofield

Name Mason Alderman Sport Surfing 36 36 WWW.THEGAMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK

Where do you train to keep your fitness levels up? Mainly on the beach, surfing! Throughout the summer, I try to train as much as possible from beach runs to paddle boarding. It’s a lot more appealing in the sunshine opposed to wet and windy weather. My girlfriend has just signed me up to the gym though so no excuses now! How long have you been a beach lifeguard here in Bournemouth and Poole and what made you decide to do that? I started at the age of 18; it was a great summer job to allow me to save money to travel over the winter months. It’s like a dream job, having the beach as your office; you meet so many people and have a good laugh! You learn so much about the water and different conditions, picking up new skills all the time. It’s always rewarding when someone you’ve helped comes back to say thank you as well! What do you do in the winter, as lifeguarding is pretty seasonal? I travel and surf as much as I can! This year, I’ve decided to stay in the UK with my girlfriend and we’re just planning for the future from October onwards to plan places to go and things to do! Fiji and Hawaii are on the list. I’m fortunate to have Australian citizenship, so will hopefully settle down there in the near future. Can you tell us about any competitions you’ve had? I haven’t competed in a while but it might be something I’ll get back into in the future. I used to compete nationally and really enjoyed it and made some great friends! But, unfortunately, when I started working, I couldn’t get any time off to make the competitions, so maybe in the next few years!

ason is one of the up and coming surfers of the new generation. Growing up in Bournemouth, he has become a highly respected surfer in the local area. During the summer months he works as a beach lifeguard and keeps his fitness up by training, before heading off to warmer climates throughout the winter.

Do you have a sporting role model? Dane Reynolds - he’s one of the best surfers in the world and couldn’t care less about the competition hype. He is really exciting to watch! John Florence is one to watch out for, he’s definitely got potential to win a world title. Alana Blanchard - I think most men

around the world will know who she is! I was lucky enough to meet her last year and apart from the good looks, she’s a really good surfer! Where are your favourite local places to surf… and abroad? I surf around the Purbecks quite a lot. You can get some really good quality waves and amazing scenery to go with it! Abroad - Bali, there’s so many world-class waves littered around there and all the islands surrounding it. Around Australia you can find empty waves nearly everywhere along the coast, it’s always a great adventure and you get to see places you normally wouldn’t see. So when you’re not surfing, what do you like to get up to? Where can we find you hanging out? I always like to go on little trips, like heading down to Cornwall and Devon for a few days. I just want to see as much of the UK as I can. Also playing different sports, like golf and tennis! I like to keep active out and about, doing as much as possible! What are your goals for the future? I’m hoping to move to Australia permanently in the near future. But there are a lot of places that I haven’t been and want to see such as Fiji and Hawaii. I want to get as much travelling done whilst I’m young, then start thinking about settling down once I’ve done it all! What would you say to others wanting to try surfing and where can they get involved? Locally, Sorted Surf Shop by Boscombe beach is the best place to go. The guys there have a lot of knowledge and can help you pick out your first board. They have their own surf school and have a range of beginner equipment for you to get started. The best thing to do is to get out there and have a go at it! Thank you for talking to us, Mason. We wish you continued success with your sport in the future.

Hi Mason, tell us how you first got into sport and what did you start out with? I used to always love the beach as a kid; I’d be out playing on a bodyboard all year round. I then started having surf lessons from the age of 11 and got my first surfboard that year. After that, I’d always be checking surf forecasts and just surfed as much as I could! Out of all the sports you take part in, why is surfing your favourite? There’s always something different that just keeps it exciting - from bigger waves, different places and meeting new people. Surfing is progressing so fast, there is so much more to try, more waves being found and technology within the equipment has gone so far already!




O O R TH 11 Est: 20

Throop United run two sides in the Hayward Sunday Football League. The first team play in division 7 and our newly formed Reserves playing in Division 9. Home games are played in Ferndown and all new players are welcome for a trial. The firsts are odds for a treble whereas the Reserves in their first season are odds on to win their league as well. MANAGER: FIRST TEAM – DEAN HARDY & BRIAN HAM / RESERVES JAY HANNEN & MATT MORRELL THE CLOWN – WHO KEEPS TEAM SPIRITS HIGH? Matt Wells has decent banter, can be ruthless which is quite amusing. Doesn’t pull any punches with club lino Matt Davitt. BEST TEKKERS – WHO HAS THE SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS? James Morris AKA Spud. By the far the best player in the league never mind the club. THE CHEAT – WHO LOVES A DIVE? Adam Louka. Dorset Police are still trying to catch the sniper that follows Louka around on Sunday mornings. THE LIGHTWEIGHT – WHO’S FIRST TO LET THE SIDE DOWN? That would be leading goal scorer Rob Sen. If he’s had a few jars the night before you will not see him Sunday. Currently has curfews in place. MR VAIN – WHO ABSOLUTELY RATES THEMSELVES? Alastair ‘Badger’ Smith. If he’s not picked or the ball has not been passed to him regardless of the situation he will give you a look that only a mass murderer can deliver.



BIGGEST LIABILITY ON AND OFF THE PITCH? Once again Rob Sen, if there’s no contact made at the 8am check-in call then you would not expect to see him! Like all gingers (well balding) has a massive gob that costs him in bookings. WORST DRESS SENSE – WHO NEEDS TO UPDATE THEIR THREADS? Tough call we have Warren who’s very snappy and weird against a backdrop of tracksuits on a Sunday. Mikey ‘Albert’ Andrews has a shocking 1960s Beatles quiff. No the best looking team. BIGGEST BOTTLE JOB – WHO ALWAYS DUCKS OUT OF A TACKLE? The only bottle jobs are really on the social scene, Spud and Woody always bottle the pub afterwards. Special mention to Mikey for bottling it with the ze German in Barcelona. THE TEAM SOCIAL SPOT – WHERE IS YOUR DESIGNATED CLUB HOUSE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT? The Angel Inn Longham in Ferndown, Both sides meet up for a few jars after their games here. We have a section reserved for us on game days. Few ressie melts like Davitt and Parsons have been turned away for their attire. WHO’S THE LONGEST IN THE SHOWER? Dan Excell - the python...


O. 16





Dan took to the slopes very well in our snowboarding challenge last month and would certainly give the winter Olympians out in Sochi a run for their money! We thought it looked a little too easy though so, keeping with our winter activities theme, we decided to put him on a surface which is a little more slippery to see how he coped! The indoor ice rink at the BIC has seen hundreds of people enjoy some skating fun over the festive period and with the rink remaining open until the 23rd Feb covering the half term week, there’s still time to have some family fun on the ice like our ‘Have a go hero’, Dan. Will he resemble Bambi on ice or will his childhood memories of Torvill and Dean bring out his inner poise and balance? Hi Dan, well done last month with the snowboarding challenge. Any plans to book a winter holiday in the future? Possibly, I’ve got to locate my passport first though I remember putting it in a safe and secure place that I can no longer find. DOUGHNUT. We’re challenging you to a nice time on the ice this month. Have you ice skated before? Yes, for those old enough to remember (what’s the name of the ice rink that was at Tower Park about 15 years ago?), I had my 8th Birthday party there. Still one of the top ten days of my life. Have you done any preparations for this one? I think you should stop asking me this question as it is always going to be NO. Haha! Well, you may need to for the next one, Mr Lodge!

AFTER… Only 4 falls, well done! How did you find it? I really enjoyed that. I counted 3 minor falls, that last slip was the fault of some kid who cut me up. I tell you its dog eat dog out on that ice. Only kidding, I cut him up and then fell over. Sorry kid. To start with, you looked quite uneasy but seemed to gain confidence quite quickly, how hard was it to get some speed up on the ice? Oh yeah, if you’ve had very little experience on the ice (like me) it takes a few laps before you start to get the hang of it, but that’s all, you can go as fast or slow as you want but just be mindful of other skaters. I probably hit a top speed of 4 miles per hour, is that fast? …and what about stopping? Was falling over the easiest way?! Stopping is a bit of a challenge for a novice but, if you take it easy and stick close to the sides it’s no problem. If you do fall, just try not to grab someone on your way down as you’ll definitely take them with you. Again, sorry kid! We saw you having a little assistance from some penguins and the marshal! Did they help with your technique? I don’t know what you’re talking about! I was gliding over the ice unassisted like an Olympic champ. I WISH. James, the Ice marshal was great and was on hand to help those who got into difficulty so naturally, he spent a fair bit of time with me. The penguins were awesome, they are supportive aids to help with balance. Great fun for kids and adults. This activity is perfect for all ages with children allowed on the ice from the age of 4; would you recommend it after your time on the ice today? Definitely, it is always great to have a winter activity like this in the town and inside away from the awful weather we’ve had! I will be bringing my wife and kids back before they shut on 23rd Feb as it is good fun and I know they’ll love it.

TURBO / 2013

A common old garden snail dreams of becoming the fastest snail in the world in this latest family friendly animation by Dreamworks studios. Turbo is a speed­obsessed snail voiced by Ryan Reynold, who spends his evenings watching NASCAR* and dreaming of roaring across the finish line in pole position. ­The only thing that can get in his way is… well, he’s a snail. However, after an unexpected accident which gives him super powers, Theo, aka Turbo, becomes the fastest snail in town. Well, that’s not exactly hard considering the snails pace of his buddies. Turbo’s got some killer new skills, he’s kicking up dust in the name of love. But, can this snail become fast enough to win any real races?

*an american car racing sport of high speeds around a circular high walled track.

WHAT I THOUGHT This film is a fast paced little fable, with colorful graphics and a kinetic Tron style energy. This speedy little number skids all over the plot in favour of gags and pretty oil slick visual effects. Though unoriginal in its very nature, this story holds enough horse power and drive to keep a family entertained to the finish line. But, really its main audiences are the little kids. It could leave some of us adult audiences asking why the ‘shell’ am I watching this?








urpassing standards, exceeding expectations and fulfilling demand come easy to the BMW X5. Boasting luxury and class and fitted with intelligent technology to increase efficiency and reduce emissions, the BMW X5 turns heads, grabs attention and keeps it. We spoke to AFC Bournemouth defender, Charlie Daniels, about his recent purchase of the X5 and caught up with him after his training to find out why he rates the model. Hi Charlie, how does the New X5 compare with previous vehicles you’ve owned and what made you buy this model? I had the Range Rover Overfinch before buying the X5. I think the main reason why I changed it was because I had a BMW 3 series before and just felt that BMW have been the best driving cars I’ve had so far. I also really liked the style of the new X5 so I went for it.

What are your favourite features and are you impressed with the technology fitted to it? Yes, the technology on board was probably one of the main attractions for me buying the car! The screen is really wide. On many cars, you don’t really see it that well but everyone who has got in the car has made that as their first comment – how big it is and how easy it is to use.

How did you find the service at Ridgeway BMW? It was great, I dealt with Will Thomas at Ridgeway and he was excellent, always keeping me up to date with the progress of the car and where it was during all the manufacturing stages; it was great service.

Have you had any comments made by team mates and family? Yes, a few of the lads have had a good look and really like it. I think one or two are looking at getting one as well.

How do you find the build quality? It feels very safe and secure which is obviously important. It’s also extremely comfortable and 42 easy WWW.THEGAMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK to drive. 40


How do you find the fuel economy? It’s good…I haven’t had it for long but I’ve driven it back home to London and have noticed it’s a lot better on consumption than my previous car.

Does the internal space live up to your expectations? It is very spacious compared to other cars I’ve had. I don’t know how they have done it but there is a lot of room and it’s very comfortable for driving and passengers. With the recent extreme weather we’ve had, how has the X5 coped with the flooding and have you ever taken it off road? No, I haven’t yet but would really like to. It’s been great in this weather and being quite high up, it has dealt with all the water around with no problems at all. Thanks for talking us to us, Charlie and enjoy your X5. Visit Ridgeway Bournemouth for more information or call 01202 902185

The new BMW X5

Ridgeway Bournemouth

The Ultimate Driving Machine


Some cars are built purely for power, others for comfort, some are designed solely for beauty. The new BMW X5 removes the need to choose, combining incredible power and efficiency with exceptional luxury and craftsmanship. As soon as you take the wheel, you’ll find inspiration in each and every journey. As for everyone else, the path ahead just got steeper. For more information or to arrange a test drive* contact us on 01202 902185 or visit

Ridgeway Bournemouth

361-371 Wallisdown Road Bournemouth, Dorset BH12 5WB 01202 902185 Official fuel economy figures for the new BMW X5 range: Urban 20.0–43.5mpg (14.1–6.5l/100km). Extra Urban 34.0–54.3mpg (8.3–5.2l/100km). Combined 26.9–50.4mpg (10.5–5.6l/100km). CO2 emissions 244–149g/km. Figures may vary depending on driving style and conditions. *Test drive is subject to applicant status and availability.

30161_bs193244_BMW X5_Ridgeway_Bournemouth_297x210 v2.indd 1

20/01/2014 11:13

AFC Bournemouth Follow Dorset’s number one team and keep up to date with the highs, the lows and all the latest news from the club in The Game.



THE CHERRIES’ FIRST SIGNING OF THE TRANSFER WINDOW TALKS ABOUT THE REASONS BEHIND HIS MOVE TO THE SOUTH COAST AND HIS PLANS TO MOVE INTO MANAGEMENT. After a couple of short-term deals at Norwich City and West Brom, was the length of the contract the most important aspect of your negotiations with the club? When the contract offer was made it was actually longer than what I was expecting. Initially, I thought I might be offered a six-month deal so the club could see where they stood at the end of the season and how things went. Then I got an inkling that it would be an 18-month contract, but when I received the offer, it was two-and-a-half years. From my point of view, it’s good because it gives me some security but it also means the club have shown great faith in me. That was a great boost for me and I was pleasantly surprised. Eddie Howe said Cherries supporters might see the best years of your career over the next few seasons. Do you agree with him? I would like to think so. The one thing I have always tried to have in my game is consistency. Even from a young age, people have always spoken about how important it is and I think I have achieved it during my career. I have had good runs of form and bad runs of form, but so does everyone. But what I have always tried to be is reliable. I also think the way we play highlights a lot of my strengths and I can fit into the way the manager wants to play. So that gives me a lot of confidence, which is a massive thing in football.

Did you feel like you had a point to prove going into the last game of your loan spell? I spoke to the manager on New Year’s Eve at the hotel and we weren’t a million miles away, which is why I signed a few days later. But with the amount of games we had over Christmas, we knew that things would slow down and both parties were comfortable with that. In terms of proving a point, I think you have to do that every time you play. When you are knocking on a manager’s door and asking for this and that, you can’t give anyone an opportunity to knock you. But it was one of the rare games that I have had something to do. When we came under pressure, I made a few saves, which is what I’m there to do. I was pleased and perhaps you could say it helped with negotiations a little bit. At what point during your loan spell did you start seeing your long-term future here? It was when I extended the loan for a second month. I had a feel for the place by that point and not long after that negotiations started. As I said before, if I didn’t like it here, then I wouldn’t have started negotiations. The manager was a big factor in me coming here and I’ve joked with him that I’ve wanted to play for him for two years because of the good



things that I had heard. I also think this is a club heading in the right direction with a manager who is conscientious and professional. He shares a lot of the same views as me and I think you gravitate towards like-minded people. Are you planning for a career in coaching? I don’t know if coaching individuals is for me, but overseeing the bigger picture is something that I find interesting. It’s certainly something I will pursue. There aren’t too many examples of goalkeepers who have become managers. Do you see it as an accessible pathway? A lot of goalkeepers go into goalkeeping coaching, which is a natural progression. Perhaps goalkeepers aren’t seen in the same light as outfield players and although a few have become managers, not many have. But I think getting started is crucial and then once you’ve got that, you’re a manager and you can start building a reputation. Perhaps it is harder, but I think if you have clear beliefs and can communicate your ideas, then that’s the most important thing.

How important do you think this season is in terms of what the club wants to achieve in the future? You always want to have a good season. You never want to end on a bad run or go into the next season with any doubts. It’s important to make sure we keep on progressing. What this club has done in the last 12 months is phenomenal. But I think this club should be looking upwards and not at what is behind them. In the last six weeks, we have had some good performances and some great results. Perhaps if we scored a few more goals, then we would have won more games. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, but we haven’t lost those games either. I’m a bigger believer that if you can’t win, you don’t lose and you keep runs going. But I think it’s clear to see the team and the club are progressing in the right way. THIS ARTICLE WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN AFC BOURNEMOUTH’S PROGRAMME, ‘MATCHDAY’, AVAILABLE ONLINE AT AFCBDIRECT.CO.UK, IN THE CLUB STORE AND AROUND THE GROUND ON A MATCHDAY. PHOTOGRAPHY: AMY MAIDMENT AND AFCBPICS.CO.UK























at Village Urban Resort Bournemouth

Village Urban Resort Bournemouth, Wessex Fields, Deansleigh Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 7DZ

Tel: 0871 222 4574 | |

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