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October 31-November 6, 2013

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THE PLIGHT OF THE DEAD Performing the last rites seems to be a tormenting task for several people at a cremation ground named ‘Janma Moksha Dham’ near Okhla Bird Sanctuary. It is located opposite Sector 16 A Film City.

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THE ‘TROUBLESOME’ LAST JOURNEY: Lack of facilities and infrastructure irks many

GANDHARV WALIA BUILT before the sanctuary, the cremation ground has been in existence for more than 200 years. It is located along the banks of Yamuna river. “We have been coming to this cremation ground for years. It needs authorities’ attention. We have many a time asked the authority officials for the same, but to no benefit,” said Manoj Verma, a resident of Sector 15. Even as it seems to have lost the attention of authorities, it was renovated around eight years ago with the help of some villagers. “Neither there is any clean drinking water facility nor there is any toilet. There is no place for people to bathe as well. All these facilities are vital as without them, many people are left inconvenienced,” said TK Bhatnagar, a resident of Sector 14. Residents of some nearby sectors and villagers of Harola, Naya Bans, Atta, Nithari, Jhundpura, etc come

here to cremate their relatives. On an average, five creations are performed at this place every month. The caretaker Shravan Sharma charges Rs 600 (Rs 350 (Shamshan Shulka) and Rs 250 (pooja)). Logs are brought by the people themselves as they are not available here. “I have been appointed by the pradhan of Naya Bans village to carry out all the activities here,” said caretaker Shravan Sharma. The cremation is done under an iron shed, which is in deplorable condition. The kids are buried behind the iron shed. As the graves are not demarcated, it is difficult to recognise where the kids are buried. At some graves, clothes of the children are put, while at others, stones have been

placed. Noida Authority Work Circle-V Project Engineer AK Sharma said, “I will send my team to check the condition of the cremation ground at the earliest.”

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Noida, October 31-November 6, 2013


NOIDA Punjabi Trust organised Diwali Milan (family get-together) on October 27 at FONRWA building, Sector 52, Noida, inviting all Punjabi citizens along with their families for a sumptuous dinner. FONRWA president NP Singh was chief guest and Sector 52 RWA president KP Singh was guest of honour. The function started with lighting of dias and candles, as a mark of Diwali celebration by the guests, office-bearers and

members of trust. President Dr PL Maggu and VicePresident AN Dhawan welcomed and honoured NP Singh and KP Singh with bouquets. Rajni Mahajan of D-11, Sector 52 acted as the compere for the function. Around 250 Punjabi citizens participated in the function and had dinner. Ghazals, film and Punjabi songs were sung by several participants. Everyone danced with beating of dhols and enjoyed immensely.

Tere Ishq Nachaya TERE Ishq Nachaya is a dance presentation of sufi compositions through kathak. It is an attempt to express mystical world of spiritual love and romance through dance. The performances will be showcased by Radhika Singh, Richa Jain & group at Triveni Kala Sangam. It is presented by Kala Kunj. Date: Saturday, November 9 Time: 6:30 pm onwards Venue: Auditorium, Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg


FOUNDER & EDITOR: Gandharv Walia OUR COMPANY: JAJS Innovations MEET US: B-3/79, Sector 34, Noida

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The Game Changer Newspaper Volume No 7 (October 31-November 6, 2013)  

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