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October 3-9, 2013


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RWA Diary

Sector 34 craves for signboards for a long time even when a large number of signboards are lying near community centre waiting for authorities to install them.

RWAs rarely get a chance to express themselves or share their hardships. Well, now you can do it in this column, where every week a sector’s RWA will get a chance to share its thoughts, concerns, etc.


SIGNBOARDS help people navigate and find their destination easily. In their absence, visitors of Sector 34 face several hardships and are left on the mercy of directions given by locals. Authorities are also aware of this and have dumped many cemented signboards for the purpose, but due to its negligence, these boards have never been erected to show signs. Signboards have been missing in Sector 34 since its inception. A large number of different societies like Nar Vihar-I and II, B-1 and B-3 Aravali Appartment, Nilgiri-I and II, himgiri and Dhawalgiri Appartments are located in the sector along with three markets, one church and several blocks where kothis are present. "Authorities should place signboards as visitors like me face a herculean task in asking direc-

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BAD SIGN: Authorities should install these boards at the earliest tions. Sometimes people don't know, sometimes they tell wrong directions. Something should be done," said Karan Sharma, a resident of Sector 15.

“Send all the complaints to us and we will do the needful,” said Noida Authority Work Circle-V Project Engineer AK Sharma.

Time to get Election I-Cards made As the countdown for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections has begun, its time to get Election I-Cards made. T GC NEWS

BOOTh level officers (BLOs) have been stationed at different community centres to ease the process for the residents. One can get Election I-Card made from October 1-30 from 10 am to 5 pm at your nearest community centre. All the residents above the age of 18 can avail its benefits. In Sector 34, five BLO and one supervisor have been stationed at community centre of the sector. Three kinds of forms are available with the BLOs. Form 6 for getting new cards, Form 7 for cancelling the I-Cards of people, who

FOUNDER & EDITOR: Gandharv Walia OUR COMPANY: JAJS Innovations MEET US: B-3/79, Sector 34, Noida

have died and Form 8 for getting different kinds of corrections made in the I-Cards. Shashi Mishra, a BLO at Sector 34 community centre, said, “We are making all out efforts to ensure convenience of the residents.” To get I-Cards, one has to submit a duly filled form along with two photographs, a copy of residence proof and age proof at the community centre. The form has to be filled in both hindi and English. There is no scarcity of forms as of now. The BLOs are also helping people in filling the forms and are resolving all the queries. Although there is no

VITAL: A resident submits form at community centre

time frame for receiving the cards, you might get it before the elections. “Getting an Election I-Card is a very tedious task. Till now, I have applied twice for it. But as I haven’t got it, I am doing the same

again. Let’s hope that I get it this time,” said Neha Anuj, a resident of Sector 34. Facilities like clean drinking water and electricity are not being provided to the BLOs by the authorities.

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Noida, October 3-9, 2013

Footpaths turn foul paths One must have seen vendors, beggars, pan shops encroaching footpath space, but in Sector 93, one can easily witness cow dung cakes doing the same. Instead of benefiting pedestrians, nowadays the footpaths are being used by nearby villagers to dry the cow dung cakes.

Stinking encroachment: Footpath encroached by cow dung cakes in Sector 93 t gc neWS

thiS not only makes the area stinky, but also endangers the lives of the residents as people are forced to walk on roads. it has been happening mainly on two roads of the sector for a long time. as the farm lands have turned into houses and the rest of the area is full of wild bushes, villagers seem to find the footpaths, the only suitable place

to dry the cow dung cakes. Sudha Yadav, an old lady, who was putting cow dung cakes on the footpath said, “i do not get any area, where i can put these cakes. it will help me in making food. i don’t want to trouble anyone, but don’t have any option.” a large amount of money spent in construction of footpath seems to be going down the drain. “We are not able to walk on the footpaths because of

these cow dung cakes. We have many a times tried to tell the villagers, but they don’t listen. authorities should do something to stop this kind of encroachment as soon as possible,” said Samar khanna, a resident of Sector 93. as heavy vehicles and cars commute on these roads at high speed, any untoward incident can happen in the area anytime. “Who will be responsible if anyone dies while walking on roads?

the villagers should understand this while the authorities should penalise these people to stop this nuisance. i think if the authorities take action even once, the villagers will not encroach the footpaths again,” said manas aggarwal, another resident of Sector 93. mc tyagi, Project engineer, Work circle-Viii, noida authority said, “i didn’t know about this, but will get it checked.”

In middle of the road

Sewer line has been laid in the middle of a road in Sector 63. The manholes are also not levelled properly with the road. At some places, they are above the road while at some, below the road. t gc neWS

conStructed some months back, it took around four months to lay the pipeline. even after spending a lot of money and time, authorities have laid sewer line in the middle of the road, which can result in many problems. “Firstly, the difference in the level of manholes with the road is very dangerous. Secondly, if the line breaks due to any reason either the road will cave in or it will get dug up to solve the problem troubling several commuters. authorities have not done their work properly. they should have placed the line on the side of the road,” said manish khanna, a resident. Some suspect foul play in it. “in future, even if there is a small problem, the road would have to be dug up, which would inTHE GAME CHANGER

directly help the officials, who mint money by awarding contracts to contractors for same work again and again,” said Sachin Verma, another resident. the length of the line is around 700 m. “if we would have laid the line in the beginning, we could have laid it in the corner, but to save the industries, we laid it in the middle of the road. in this line, no leakage will happen and we will clean the sewer with super sucker machine,” said arun kumar Saxena, an official of Water and Sewer department, noida authority. on inspecting the area, one can ascertain that a large amount of space is available on the roadside for the laying of the line. ak upadhyay, another official of Water and Sewer department, noida authority said, “Firstly, we try to lay pipeline on the roadside, but if there is already a

Founder & editor: gandharv Walia our comPanY: JaJS innovations meet uS: b-3/79, Sector 34, noida

line on the roadside or there is no space, we lay pipeline in the middle of the road. but we take permission for it as it is not advised. if sewer line is laid in the middle of the road, manholes and road should be at the same level. this should be ensured by the engineer overseeing the work. i will get these manholes checked.”

troubleSome: this sewer line should have been laid at roadside

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