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November 28 - December 4, 2013

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Should parks be used for parking cars, drying clothes, keeping garbage collecting vehicles, playing cards and drinking liquor? Well, answer to this question is simply no, but all these things are being done in Sector 34 parks. People are using them as their personal property.

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FOUNDER & EDITOR: Gandharv Walia OUR COMPANY: JAJS Innovations MEET US: B-3/79, Sector 34, Noida

GANDHARV WALIA THIS violation has been happening for years as nobody raises voice against it. People don’t assume their responsibility and always try to misuse the facilities they are offered. Authorities have also taken note of the same, but are not taking any action against these practices, which seems to encourage people to flout rules. There are more than 14 parks in Sector 34 and in some of them, some people organise marriages, birthdays, jagrans, etc. “This is totally unacceptable. Authorities should stop these people. Parks are for public use and not private use. This gives an ugly look to the area,” said Ajay Mehra, a resident of Sector 34.

It ruins the parks and results in loss of money and efforts of Noida Authority officials. “We park our car in the park when there is no space on roadsides. Some people dry clothes inside parks or on its boundary wall. This should stop,” said Vicky Nagar, another resident of Sector 34. This puts a bad impression on the minds of the visitors of the sector. Noida Authority Deputy Director (Horticulture-II) IP Singh said, “We will stop all these kinds of activities. Just tell about it to Horticulture Inspector Devender Singh.” Devender Singh said, “I know and have also tried to stop it, but the residents don’t listen. I will again send my team to stop the practices.”

IS ANYBODY WATCHING? It’s time to stop the misuse of public property

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Noida, November 28 - December 4, 2013


Enrich your life in style!

EVERYBODY dreams to lead a successful life. People work to fulfil their needs, get recognition and to get results for the efforts they make. Many complain about issues in their lives even after working hard and are yet to get the desired results. A lot depends on our stars, but there are other factors as well which do matter. One of the main causes of being unhappy in various aspects of our lives is wrong placement of things. The things that we use, the direction where we sit, the colours that we wear make a big difference in our attitude towards others. There are some guidelines that can be followed by people to enrich their lives. For specific changes, you need to consult a specialist! Career People in the respective career fields can follow these general instructions:

Shui. Remember even a small change will make a big difference. Guidelines r Never sit with back towards the door. It causes betrayal, cheating and backstabbing. r Do not sit at the end of a long corridor. r Place a picture of a turtle behind you. Turtle is a celestial being in Feng Shui. r Do not hang a picture of water or water elements behind you. It means trouble that you will not be able to get out of. r A pillar or wall facing you brings obstacles, place flowers or plants to create good energy. r Cactus plants should be kept outside work place. Thorns emit bad energy.

r Workplace should be bright and well lit. If the workplace has too much yang energy (extremely bright because of sun rays), hang a faceted crystal on the window there. r Shelves should be made into cupboards. Shelves send knife-like vibrations which kill good energy around workplace. r Do not sit directly under an overhead beam. Correct this by placing a 5-rod wind chime from the edge of the beam. r The view in front of you should be auspicious. Edges of buildings facing you send negative energy towards you, use curtains or blinds. — Nisha Mehta Tarot Reader / Spiritual Healer 9810324595 / 9811798899

r PROPERTY DEALERS: Display a cluster of natural quartz crystals, decorative stones, a wall map of the world or a painting of a mountain. It enhances the earth energies. r SHOPS: Place cash register in South East for growth in income. Floor to ceiling wall mirrors in shops tend to double the number of customers and product line. r RESTAURANTS: Placing mirrors & water motifs are lucky. Color schemes can be from blue to black, but lights should neither be too bright nor too dim. r JEWELLERS: Mirror and back lights are helpful. Placing decorative crystals among pieces will attract more customers. Desk r The central part of your desk should be empty. r Files should be kept on either side. One should not overdo things while using Feng


FOUNDER & EDITOR: Gandharv Walia OUR COMPANY: JAJS Innovations MEET US: B-3/79, Sector 34, Noida

WEBSITE: EMAIL: GOOGLE+: MOBILE WEBSITE: BLOG: FACEBOOK: For ads and feedback, contact us by mail, call or meet us. APP: CALL US: 9555354969, 0120-4235960

The Game Changer (Newspaper) Volume No 11 (November 28 - December 4, 2013)  

Read The Game Changer (Newspaper), the only newspaper that gives you best coverage of Noida. Are public parks our personal property? Should...

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