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November 21-27, 2013

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FOUNDER & EDITOR: Gandharv Walia OUR COMPANY: JAJS Innovations MEET US: B-3/79, Sector 34, Noida

BEWARE! DON’T HIRE A FRAUD MAID AGENCY Hiring a maid from an agency? Be careful as many fraud maid agencies have been duping residents of Delhi and NCR for a long time. GANDHARV WALIA IF you are in dire need of a maid and are going for maid agencies, it’s time to rethink. A maid agency named Monika Placement located in Nev Sarai has allegedly duped a resident of Dwarka, Manoj Kumar Shukla. The owner of the agency, Mithalesh Ray, took Rs 20,000 as commission and Rs 3,500 as first month salary of maid to provide a maid, who ran away in just hours after joining the duty. The maid was provided on September 28, 2013 while the maid ran away on September 29, 2013. Since then, the resident has been calling the maid agency to replace the maid or return the money. After promising the same, the owner of the maid agency disappeared and the mobile numbers of the agency are also not reachable. “We are troubled as instead of getting the maid after paying such a hefty amount of money, we are forced to make visits to police station to lodge FIR. Police should catch the maid agency owner at the earliest and try to get our money back,” said Manoj Kumar Shukla. This case has been registered at Sector 22, Dwarka police station. This is not an isolated case, several residents of different parts of the National Capital Region like Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, etc are also experiencing the same. Laxmi Placement Agency (L-78, Okhla Gaon, Delhi), Sardha Placement Agency (P-33, 2nd Floor, Tagore Garden), Royal Enterprises Placement (Kotla Mubarakpur) and Maa Durga Placement Agency (Janakpuri) are some of the alleged fraud maid agen-

BE CAUTIAUS: Hire maid from trusted agencies only

MODUS OPERANDI Firstly, the agencies advertise about themselves through pamphlets and newspapers and provide maid to people after charging Rs 15,000 to 20,000 as commission and Rs 3,500-4,000 as first month salary of the maid. The maid runs away in hours and so, does the maid agency. cies. These agencies have allegedly duped many people. In February 2012, Delhi Police had nabbed three persons, including a couple, for allegedly running a maid service racket and cheating over 50 people to the tune of around Rs 7 lakh. “People should be

careful of the fraud agencies and should check the address of the agency and also get the police verification done of the agency and maid before paying money,” said Ravi Kant, a resident of Sector 22, Noida, who was also duped by a fraud maid agency.

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Noida, November 21-27, 2013


Brighten your home!

FENG Shui arrangements can transform our lives by harnessing the positive energies of our environment. The use of these tips in our homes and workplace will accumulate auspicious energy for happiness, prosperity and good health. Feng Shui not only enhances the positive qualities of our space to bring about good vibrations in our surroundings, but also dissolves and deflects the inauspicious energy lines. r To understand Feng Shui, we need to understand the flow of CHI, the hidden life breath that exists around us. When the energy is disturbed, misfortune takes place. r There is cosmic balance that is maintained by nature – yin and yang. Yin is cool, dark and lifeless. Yang is hot, bright and full of life. Both these forces have to be in harmony within our space in order to enjoy good luck. The yang energy in the summer should be balanced by the yin energy of the winter and vice versa. For eg: In summer, dark shades should be used and in winter, use bright sunny colours.

r Water features should be on the left of the main door from inside the house looking out, this ensures stability in married life. r The front door of our homes should not face a road. This kind of arrangement invites negative attacks of all kinds and makes the residents of that home vulnerable and unprotected from negative energies. To avoid bad luck, one can place a clump of trees, a fence or a Pa Kua symbol. r A curved pathway brings good fortune compared to a straight one. r For homes that are closed, bring in fresh air at least once a week by opening windows and

sweeping out stale and dead energy. r Fresh flowers bring a lot of yang energy. Dried flowers are unlucky. r Gentle slopes around homes accumulate good fortune. Steep and craggy slopes drain away good luck faster. r Water, which meanders towards our homes, brings prosperity while fast moving water carries away good luck. — Nisha Mehta Tarot Reader / Spiritual Healer 9810324595 / 9811798899

r A 6-rod wind chime in the North West will attract mentors and influential people in our lives. r It is always preferable to have objects of regular shape than irregular ones. Squares and rectangles have better Feng Shui energies than triangles or shapes with missing corners. Abstract paintings create bad energy if not placed in the right direction. r Fountains and small water features like ponds in the North or South-East corner of homes bring money & good luck. The North is a universally accepted direction for water features.


FOUNDER & EDITOR: Gandharv Walia OUR COMPANY: JAJS Innovations MEET US: B-3/79, Sector 34, Noida

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The Game Changer (Newspaper) Volume No 10 (November 21-27, 2013)  

Read The Game Changer (Newspaper), the only newspaper that gives you best coverage of Noida. Beware! Don’t hire a fraud maid agency. Hiring...