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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Georgia Southern University Volume 84 • Issue 59

What are you gonna do about it? Tobacco ban enforcement policy hazy

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2 Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The George-Anne

Upcoming tobacco ban raises questions BY LAUREN GORLA The George-Anne staff

On March 19, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents voted to approve a tobacco ban that prevents any person on a college campus from using tobacco products. The policy, which goes into effect Oct. 1, 2014, states that the enforcement of the policy will be determined through each institution’s Student Code of Conduct or campus human resource policies. Georgia Southern University does not yet have a plan in place yet, but Chief Michael Russell, director of public safety, expressed possible ways he sees it carried out. “The best policies are policies that everybody can and will go along with. If you create a policy that is just a hard policy then

it’s really hard to get folks to go along with it,” Russell said. “To me, it was the right thing to do to put off the effective date so folks could formulate policies and put in a good bit of input and those that use tobacco could maybe possibly stop or seek other avenues.” Russell is currently undecided on whether he thinks his officers being involved in enforcing the ban would be the best practice. “I’ll guarantee you that we’ll get calls on it. We enforce other policies so it’s highly likely for us to get calls on it so we’re going to have to be involved in it,” Russell said. At a public safety chiefs conference in late February, enforcement options were discussed since it seemed obvious that tobacco-free campuses across the state was the direction the Board of Regents was headed, Russell said. Russell said he doesn’t think it will be

difficult to implement the policy halfway through the fall semester. “I think we should start with it in the fall as far as the education portion. It should be communicated very well. I don’t think it would be proper to not do anything, to just sit on it and then, boom, October first, no smoking, ” Russell said. Garrett Green, president of Student Government Association, is unsure as of yet what the general student feeling will be about the ban. Green said, “I’m honestly not sure what the student reactions will be. It will probably depend on enforcement. The policy hasn’t been created yet so it depends on what is decided. It’s important to explain it to students at orientation and talk to the students already here about it.”


How long does it take to walk off campus?

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Police Beat the Henderson Library bike rack.

1:40 p.m.: An incident report was taken for lost/mislaid property at Landscape and Custodial Services.

Saturday, March 15

2:12 p.m.: An incident report was taken for lost keys at the Savannah Herty Building. 4:50 p.m.: Criminal Investigations arrested Markas Timothy Lee, 18, Statesboro, Ga., and charged him with theft by taking – misdemeanor for a theft that occurred at the RAC on March 12. 8:27 p.m.: An incident report was taken for criminal trespass in Lot 41. This case was assigned to criminal investigations. 10:59 p.m.: An incident report was taken for found property at the Williams Center. 11:48 pm: Officers responded to Eagle Village in reference to an intoxicated subject. Bailey Anthony Hall, 18, Statesboro, Ga., was arrested and charged with Possession of Alcohol – Under 21 Years of Age.

7:19 p.m.: Officer responded to Freedom’s Landing in reference to a drug complaint. No action was taken at this time.

Sunday, March 16

Wednesday, March 19

9:38 a.m.: An incident report was taken for found property in C-Lot.

6:37 a.m.: Officers responded to a sick person at East Georgia Regional Medical Center.

7:35 p.m.: An incident report was taken for found property at the Child Development Center. 6:04 a.m.: An incident report was taken for harassment at Dining Commons. This case was assigned to Criminal Investigations.

Monday, March 17 11:11 a.m.: A vehicle was towed from Jones Lane Park. 1:15 p.m.: An incident report was taken for found property at the Hanner complex.

Friday, March 14 09:32 a.m.: An incident report was taken for a criminal trespass at University Villas.

9:40 p.m.: Officers responded to a burglar alarm at Housing Storage. No problems were found.

2:31 p.m.: Officers responded to a fire in a trash can and grass area outside the University Store. Officers extinguished the fire. The Statesboro Fire Department also responded. 10:11 p.m.: An incident report was taken for found property at Page designed by Tayler Critchlow

cident report was taken for a motor vehicle accident in C-Lot. 7:43 p.m.: The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department arrested Antwone Ja’Mont Thomas, 23, Statesboro, Ga., in reference to an arrest warrant issued by Georgia Southern University Public Safety Criminal Investigations for Theft by Taking – misdemeanor for an incident that occurred on June 10, 2013.

9 a.m.: Officers assisted the Statesboro Police Department with an incident at the Willow Bend Apartments.

9:32 p.m.: An incident report was taken for found property at the Hanner complex.

11:57 a.m.: An incident report was taken for found property at the Henderson Library.


Statement of Operations

Thursday, March 13

1:57 p.m.: An incident report was taken for lost/mislaid property at the Information Technology Building.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday, March 18 7:05 a.m.: Officers responded to a fire alarm at Anderson Hall. The building was checked with no problems found. 11:12 a.m.: Officers responded to a fire alarm at Deal Hall. The building was checked with no problems found.

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1:57 p.m.: A motor vehicle accident report was taken for a motor vehicle accident in Lot 41.

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3 p.m.: An incident report was taken for found property at an ATM off campus.

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11:36 a.m.: An incident report was taken for a theft at Paulson Stadium. This case was assigned to Criminal Investigations.

2:09 p.m.: Criminal Investigations arrested Jalan Shiakeem Tillman, 19, Statesboro, Ga., and charged him with Interference with Government Property for incidents that occurred at Kennedy Hall.

Thursday, March 20 3:33 p.m.: An incident report was taken for found property at Dining Commons. 3:55 a.m.: Officers assisted the Statesboro Police Department with an incident at Parker’s Enzone. The subject of the incident was judicially referred.

Friday, March 21 10:58 a.m.: Officers assisted the Georgia State Probation Office with meeting a subject on campus.

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4 Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The George-Anne

Cosmopolitan’s sex tips Keeping an open mind is key are more silly than sexy CHARLES Does the idea of your man or hook-up for the night going to the kitchen and grabbing penis-shaped produce, a cucumber perhaps, and then shoving it up your ass sound like a hot night to you? Yeah, it doesn’t to him either. This is something Cosmopolitan has recommended that women do to liven things up in the bedroom and help their partners explore their adventurous sides. They’ve also suggested taking a doughnut, inserting your man’s penis into the hole, then eating parts of the doughnut while giving him a blow job. If you’re a reader of Cosmopolitan let me provide you with two truths. 1. If his penis can fit into a doughnut hole then you probably have more problems than just how sticky that doughnut has made your bedroom. 2. He doesn’t want you chomping on something that is wrapped around his best friend. Teeth are not normally a welcome party guest. Instead of trusting strangers that have never met you or your partner, why not ask him or her what he or she wants to happen in the privacy of a bedroom? Open communication should already be a part of your relationship because consent to whatever sexual act you’re


choosing to do should be established. Stop paying writers that expect you to be able to fit a peppermint, champagne and a penis in your mouth all at the same time just to create a tingly blow job (however, if you can do so, congratulations). Also, creating happiness in a relationship is not and should not be centered around pleasing one another sexually. Think about ways you can make your partner, and yourself, happy by planning out-of-the-bedroom activities. Surprise each other with a favorite candy, make dinner for one another, or listen to your partner even when they’re just babbling. You define your happiness in a relationship, don’t let a penis do that for you. Curington is a senior witing and lingustics major from Warner Robins. She is a news reporter.

Everyday, all around me, everyone has an opinion. Everyone is always right, and someone else is always wrong. We humans sometimes tend to live our lives bound by what we accept as true, which is how we develop the concept of reality. However, what does it mean to be correct? It’s an extremely vague concept. Our realities can all be an illusion. Can we consider ourselves to be in our own world shaped by our beliefs? I am not saying that you should not be absolute in your beliefs. Those who lack faith often tend to fail. I am saying that people should keep their minds open more. People who have only lived one way, seen one way and haven’t even considered what it is like to be another way are closed-minded. One can even go as far as to say that people who can’t accept the fact that they could be wrong are essentially robots. We shouldn’t look down on or condemn the robots because they are doing only what they have been programmed to do and are seeing only what they have been programmed to see. These people have been programmed through media and family influences to only see one way of life. They often repeat what they have been told and do what they have seen. They view all of their ways and ideals as absolute. These people aren’t worth arguing with. They


won’t do anything but frustrate you. Keeping an open mind is key to developing better relationships. It may even help you develop relationships that you may have never dreamed of having with people who are nothing like yourself. There is nothing wrong with having a heated debate about something you are passionate about, but there is something wrong with degrading a person because they don’t have the same views as you. There are billions of people in this world, and not everyone is going to be the same. Only accepting one way of life is ignorant and can lead to you missing an abundance of open doors in life. It is the acknowledgement and the understanding of one another that will eventually lead to a better world. Rudison is a freshman pre-business major from Chicago. He is currently the music reporter.

Take advantage of the great outdoors while there is time The great outdoors, experiencing Mother Nature at her finest. It is something that our generation doesn’t do much of anymore. We have become so absorbed in our technology that we don’t look beyond our front doors to enjoy the fresh air. Now, I know most people say that “I’m on a college student’s budget” or “I can’t afford outdoor trips” but you don’t have to do anything extravagant. You don’t even have to go on a trip. Just being outdoors, enjoying the sun and wind on your face, breathing in the smell of the flowers in bloom or listening to the birds chirping. These are all priceless

experiences that you can only do while outdoors. Throwing a frisbee or football in an open field or getting a group of friends and play some beach volleyball are great ways to get outside and be active at the same time. Or maybe, if you don’t have the hand-eye coordination for throwing, simply go for a walk or bike ride with some friends. Even if you don’t want to go for a simple walk or play a pick-up football game. There are cheap ways to do outdoor activities. If you don’t want to plan your own trip then we have an entire organization dedicated to

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outdoor trips right here on campus. Southern Adventures is located just behind the RAC and provides equipment and information for planning trips and offers trips themselves at a very low rate.

After college when we join the work force or go for the long run in grad school, we won’t have as much time to enjoy the simple things. We as college students are also enjoying our physical peak, after college our bodies health will start to decline and slip, whether we exercise or not, so take advantage of your youthfulness while you have it. So go outside, work on your tan, be active, make memories with friends, get scars that will make for great stories later. Critchlow is a sophomore miltimedia communications major from Ontario, Canada. She is the current news chief.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


YOUR VIEW Now that the halfway point of the semester has passed, do you feel pressure to do well in classes?

For more interviews see Interviews conducted by Braley Garland and Connor White Photos by Brandon Warnock

Page designed by Alexandra Tobia

Marquis Marshall

Natasha Currie

John Willis

Siah Kaimachiande

senior civil engineering major

freshman psychology major

junior criminal justice major

senior biology major

“Spring is definitely harder, you’re pretty much in your major classes, and you’re looking for jobs and internships. And with spring break, you have a nice break right before the end of the semester. It’s like a second wind.”

“It’s going good. It could be better. I’m trying to cram down, trying to study more, trying to go to every little tutoring session I can. Spring is harder because of spring break. Everybody gets sidetracked during spring break. Like you go online to folio and see all those notifications.”

“Classes are good. Spring break is over with and it’s time to buckle down. It’s clutch time. Spring semester is harder because spring is hot, the sun’s out. You want to get out and do things. In the fall you have a lot of colder weather and indoor time.”

“It’s feeling great, especially coming off of spring break. We’re feeling refreshed and like we’re going to finish strong. The sun is out, it just feels great. During the winter it was all gloomy. Fall feels like it’s a little harder. Maybe that’s just because we’re not as motivated? There’s just something about all this sun that makes it easier to get through.”

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ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 6 Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Courtesy of New Anthem Images

Statesboro-based clothing company Grain & Grit features t-shirts that resemble the styles of popular brands such as Southern Proper and Southern Marsh. Grain & Grit, however, aims for nationwide popularity.

Southern-born company encompasses American spirit Fashion BY MEAGAN GREENE The George-Anne staff

Statesboro’s authentic t-shirt company is looking to expand with the help of Southern’s best and brightest. For those who have yet to hear of the southern-born t-shirt company, Grain & Grit is a brand two students created that is compelled to surpass other companies in this same market. Thomas McCormick, sophomore marketing major and co-founder of Grain & Grit, said, “We kept seeing Southern Proper and Southern Marsh shirts and we got to thinking 'why are we spending money on these shirts when we don’t even really like them?' We kept thinking about it, clocks started turning then I had it, Grain & Grit.” Page designed by Kate Rakoczy

Along with his partner, Parker Newhart, McCormick came up with an idea that inhabits a true Southern feel that can be worn all over the United States, not just in the South. McCormick said, “The Southern style is less of a niche market and more of something everyone wants to have. We want to have the same kind of essence but be out west, we want to be the first in that market.” This brand is available by order on their website along with in the R.J. Pope store located off Buckhead Drive in Statesboro. Newhart said, “Right now we’re in seven states and we sell in 25 stores across the Southeast and we’re hoping to be in 60 stores by the 1st of January.” Each shirt that is made has a specific reason and story behind it. Every shirt exemplifies what it means to be an American and live to represent the country that has given so many opportunities to it’s statesmen, McCormick said.

“Our brand stands for the hard working American,” said Parker Newhart, sophomore marketing and logistics major. Grain & Grit’s name is strongly tied with what inspired it and the passions of both owners. “The grit is the pioneer that made the land what it is and made us the greatest country in the world and the grain is the land that they did it on, cultivating it and really making it something of their own, something that we use in all our products,” McCormick said. The Grain & Grit company owners are so confident in this brand that they will give free shirts to businesses that are wary of it’s ability to make profit and show them how easily they can sell. “Three weeks before Christmas we gave stores 70 shirts and they sold out within a week and a half. This is when we first realized that, 'wow this could work, we’re doing something right,'” McCormick said.

This t-shirt company wants to uphold the aspect of being based in Statesboro above anywhere else. McCormick said, “Everyone we work with is from Statesboro, we want to be Statesboro’s brand and we’re continuously looking for people from Statesboro to help us progress. Charities such as the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have benefited from the popularity this company has gained in the past year and a half Newhart said, “We both love business and we both love making an impact on peoples lives." McCormick said, “We see this as something we can be doing for the rest of our lives. The top people in this company are the best at what they do and this industry really only started around seven years ago. We’ve always believed in that you work until your ideals become your competition.”

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Arts & Entertainment

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Documentary star to speak on mass incarceration BY ERINN WILLIAMS The George-Anne staff

Georgia Southern University students will have the unique opportunity of hearing about the shortcomings of the U.S. criminal justice system from an attorney who defied poverty that stars in the HBO documentary “Gideon’s Army.” Public defender Travis Williams will present “Locked Up and Locked Out: Mass Incarceration and Disenfranchisement in America,” in the Russell Union Ballroom tonight at 7 p.m. “It is an issue that spans across many different disciplines at Georgia Southern. It’s a great example of how our public policies interact with our daily lives,” April Schueths, assistant professor of sociology, said. He will speak on many of the issues that were focused on in the documentary which follows Williams and two other young public defenders who challenge the assumptions that are rampant in the criminal justice system and defend the poor. He will also speak on what it is like to be a public defender and his first-hand experiences between the poor and law enforcement. The documentary gets its title from the landmark Supreme Court ruling of Gideon v. Wainwright, which established the right to counsel for those who could not afford

it over 50 years ago.“I think it would be a great opportunity for students to experience diversity. With the different things going on in society that involve mass incarceration I thought it would be really great information to learn about. I feel like he is an excellent person to speak on mass incarceration,” Chasity Thompson, senior sociology major and president of the Sociological Society, said. Born while his mother was on the run after escaping from department of corrections custody, Travis Williams climbed his way out of poverty by putting himself through college. He was named the 2011 Assistant Public Defender of the Year by the Georgia Association of Circuit Public Defenders, “Rising Lawyer Under 40” by the Daily Report in 2012 and has tried 23 felony jury trials losing seven. Thompson said, “Every time that he loses a case he gets the case’s name tattooed on his back as motivation to help him to continue to grow as a public defender.” He has approximately 15 appeals and he has been granted five reversals by the Georgia Court of Appeals. There will be a meet-and-greet with Travis Williams before his presentation in the Russell Union room 2047 from 4-5 p.m. where students will be able to ask questions and get to know him better. “I want students to take away information from this experience and we want them to

Courtesy of April Schueths

Public defender Travis Williams will be appearing on campus to discuss aspects of his documentary “Gideon’s Army.” Williams tattoos the name of every individual whose case he loses onto his back.

learn how mass incarceration affects them. I encourage everyone to come out, faculty, students, staff, everyone,” Thompson said. This event is sponsored by the Multicultural Student Center, the Department of Sociology & Anthropology,

the Justice Studies Club, the NAACP, the Association of Latin American Students, the Sociological Society and the Campus Life Enrichment Committee. The event is free and open to the public and students are asked to bring their Eagle I.D.

Brass Studio Solo Recital to showcase student talents MICHELLE NORSWORTHY The George-Anne contributor

Georgia Southern University students will have the chance to witness nine different performances. The performers are music majors who are showcasing their talents at the music department’s Brass Studio Solo Recital. The recital will take place in the Carter Recital Hall in the Foy Building at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and is free to the public. The students performing are trombonists Eric Spencer and Brandon Everett-Graves; trumpeters Chris Wade, Trey Wilson, and Drew Ziemba; euphonists Xander Allen and Josh Smith; tubist Matt Tatz and French hornist Preston Tutt. “When you’re on stage by yourself, with the accompaniment of the pianist, you are in total control of making that piece come to life Page designed by Kate Rakoczy

musically,” Richard Mason said. Mason is one of four faculty members in the Department of Music who helped organize the GSU Brass Studio Solo Recital, along with Mason are Stephanie Furry, Bill Schmid and Alice Schmid. “When [the music majors] perform, when they work a piece to performance level they really learn about themselves, they learn so much more about the music,” Alice Schmid said. The recital gives those in attendance the chance to witness musical talents. “It means a lot to recognize this took a lot of work,” Alice Schmid said. “It does take a commitment on the part of the performers.”It is this commitment that can be heard in the performances.“If you come attentive you can expect some powerful music. When you hear it, you know exactly what it means. You don’t need

words to understand,” Xander Allen said. Xander Allen is one of nine who will be performing Wednesday night. His instrument of choice is the euphonium.“There’s a Star Trek

character that played the trombone,” Allen said, “But my arms weren’t long enough, so I picked the euphonium.” No matter the instrument, music can still make a positive impact.

To contact the arts & entertainment editor, email

SPORTS 8 Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Eagles go 4-4 over break, beat Clemson BY COLIN RITSICK The George-Anne staff

Nobody filled out a bracket for Georgia Southern University baseball, nor did anyone throw down a nationally-televised sideline nae-nae; but that’s not to say there wasn’t any madness over the break for the Eagles (19-6, 3-3 SoCon). In the eight games since classes dismissed for Spring Break, GSU went 4-4 and Head Coach Rodney Hennon won his 600th career game on Sunday. In the first Southern Conference series of the season, Elon University beat the Eagles two games to one on the road. This was the first series GSU has lost all year. They came home for the last five games of the week against No. 13 Clemson University and Appalachian State University. The Eagles split the midweek series with the Tigers before stealing the series away from the Mountaineers in dramatic fashion.


GSU couldn’t have entered Elon, N.C., with a more intimidating presence. The 15-2 Eagles came in with the highest batting average in the country and a top-50 pitching staff, but no one told the Phoenix. Elon shutout Georgia Southern in the first game, 1-0. Junior RHP Lucas Bakker from Queensland, Australia, pitched a twohit complete game. It was clear from the

get-go that this game belonged to Bakker. The Phoenix earned the series win after splitting the doubleheader on Saturday.


When the 2014 schedule came out, this series stuck out like a sore thumb. These two games were going to be arguably the best competition the Eagles would face. The Tigers entered Statesboro with a top15 ranking in multiple polls. Game one was almost too good to be true. GSU put up three runs in the first inning and never looked back. They waxed the Tigers 14-5. The second game looked like it had the potential to be another shootout. The score was 5-4 Clemson after four – but that is where the scoring stopped. The Eagles couldn’t string together enough good at-bats to plate any more runs and lost the game.


The defining moment of the series, and perhaps of the week, took place in the eighth inning of game three with the Eagles down four runs. ASU fans looked smug as can be in the stands knowing they were six outs away from winning the weekend. But that is when the rain started to come down and disaster struck for the Mountaineers. The Eagles took the legs right out from underneath ASU. They rallied for a sevenrun eighth inning. It looked like GSU was

Andy Morales | The George-Anne

The GSU baseball team went 4-3 over spring break; splitting series with Elon and Clemson, while taking two of three from App State.

taking batting practice - liner after liner right back up the middle. This was an exciting way to earn Hennon his 600 milestone. This week was eye-opening. The seemingly impenetrable Eagle offense hit some snags. Injury is starting to creep in.

They are beginning to look human. But you need to measure a team on how they play when the stakes are highest. Being a bloop and a bomb away from sweeping the No. 13 team in the nation says a lot about this team.

Eagle softball had its ups and downs BY KATIE TOLBERT The George-Anne staff

Spring break called for road games, home games, conference matchups and non-conference matchups for the Georgia Southern University softball team, but the Eagles overcame some bumps along the way to finish 5-3 over the break.


While most GSU students were packing their bags for the beach or relaxing by the pool, these Eagles were focused on starting their break with three road victories. Page designed by Alexandra Tobia

Senior infielder Kourtny Thomas set the stage for the first game by earning her ninth home run this season. The Spartans responded by several errors that the Eagles took advantage of, increasing their lead to 3-0. The Spartans slowly came back, earning two runs later on in the game, but the Eagles pulled out the 3-2 win. The Eagles continued with the energy from the previous game. UNCG got four hits in the sixth inning and was able to score a run to take the lead for the first time in the series, but freshman infielder Morgan Robinson sealed the game driving two runners in to take the 4-3 victory.

The third game from was back-andforth all the way up until the very end of the game when senior Toni MacReynolds from UNCG hit a three-run home run to take the lead to 11-10. The game had to stop after this due to weather, and UNCG got the win.


While one Mercer University team upsets almost every March Madness bracket, their softball team also upset the Eagles by defeating them twice in a doubleheader.


The Eagles felt a new burst of energy coming back to Statesboro to play Elon University after their long road swing. The Eagles produced behind the plate winning 7-3. The second game was a little closer matchup for the Eagles. At the end of regulation play, the game was tied at 4-4, until Robinson hit a double to right center to drive in a runner to take the 5-4 victory. The Eagles were more than ready to finish up this series, along with their spring break play. GSU came out earning nine runs over the course of the game, and only allowed Elon to score one.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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Page designed by Jose Ramon Gil III

1700 sqft, 4 bedroom/4 bathroom house for rent. Burkhalter Plantation (near campus). Walk-in closets, Wash/Dryer, garage, deck, front porch, large yard maintained by owners. Open kitchen/living, vaulted ceilings. $375/mo/bedroom, utilities separate. $375 refundable deposit. Furnished or unfurnished. Pets allowed, $200 deposit. Call/text 706-825-9850 for information. 12-month lease/individual, available August 2014.

FOR STUDENTS TAKING SUMMER CLASSES: Looking for male to take over my lease for the months of June and July. 4 Bedroom apartment in Campus Crossings $450 per month utilities included. If interested, please email me at



Miscellaneous “Are you interested in playing club soccer? We are looking for committed players that have experience. Tryouts for this semester will be held the 3rd week of classes. Come find us at the Club Sports Fair or email us to extend your interest and get more information!”

Georgia Southern University will be hosting it’s 2nd Annual campus Relay For Life onFriday, April 11th at 6p.m. All students, faculty, staff and associates of the University are encouraged to participate and form teams for this event! We are also in search of cancer survivors to walk our Survivor’s Lap to kick off Relay. Teams can register online by searching Georgia Southern on the Relay For Life website. For more information please contact Megan White at 

Looking for someone to sublease my apartment in the Garden District for 2 months this summer. Rent is $150 + Utilities. 3 bed/3bath, washer and dryer, and the largest room in the apartment. I am very flexible with payment, and am willing to work with you. For any questions contact Gil at 404-452-7457 or email at

First month FREE. Furnished room/bath, walk-in closet, The Woodlands Apartments. Female only. Walk to class. Available 12/14/13 - 7/30/14. $430 plus utilities. C 770-873-5102

One bedroom/one bathroom (and private downstairs living room) in a 3 bed/3.5 bath townhome in Copper Beech. Rent is $455/month + utilities, includes extended cable and high-speed internet. Washer and dryer in unit. Access to new gym, pools, and hot tub. Call or text Alex at (912) 678-9576.

“Need help moving? College guys are ready to do the heavy lifting for you. Book a move with us at www.”

El Jalapeno Mexican Restaurant is looking for Bartenders, food servers, and hostess. Apply in person Wednesday-Friday from 2-5pm. 711 South Main Street Statesboro, GA


“Legacy Apartments, furnished room/bath, walk-in closet. Female only. Walk to class. Available NOW - 7/30/14. Reduced Price $355 plus utilities. C 770873-5102”

One11South newest apartment complex at Georgia Southern. Two rooms available for sublease. Rent is $354 with utilities included. If you have any question call 678-571-5795

I am looking for someone to take-over my lease at The Grove. It is a 3 bed 3 bath apartment! It is available for move-in ASAP!I will pay all of your move-in fees which is $350!! It is the biggest room and bathroom in the apartment! Email me at

IN SEARCH OF ONE FEMALE ROOMMATE. 3 bedroom 3 bathroom duplex. About $420 / month INCLUDING utilities. $325 before utilities are added. Two easy going female roommates. Pets welcome. Large closet. Private bath. Off Cypress Lake Rd. Available beginning Summer or Fall 2014. Contact Ivey Samples at or 770-853-6403.

Looking for someone to sublease room in Aspen Heights for this semester as well as the summer semester in a 4 bedroom house. Can be girl or boy. Rent is $554 a month, which includes furniture as well as utilities. Willing to negotiate and work out a deal on the rent. If interested pleaser contact me at (706) 3662440 or email me at

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Eagles prepare for in-state battle vs. UGA Softball (21-10) BY HAYDEN BOUDREAUX The George-Anne staff

Brandon Warnock | The George-Anne

The Eagles will head to Athens on Wednesday to take on No. 14 University of Georgia. The Bulldogs have outscored their opponents 198-54 this season.

After losing five of their last 10 games the Georgia Southern University softball team (21-10, SoCon 5-1) has a chance to get back on the rails against No. 14 University of Georgia. Senior Eagle pitcher Sarah Purvis has remained solid this season and will need to have a big game to keep the Bulldogs off the bases. Purvis has an ERA of 1.54 on the season with an 11-4 record, 126 strikeouts and a perfect game. Purvis will enter the game with plenty of experience against top opponents in her fifth game against a ranked team. At the plate, UGA has one of the top lineups in the country. Second baseman Anna Swafford touts a .420 batting average across all 31 games with seven home runs. Junior second baseman Alex Hugo leads the Bulldogs in home runs with 13 and RBIs with 35. Eight batters in their lineup have averages over .300 and on-base percentages of above

.360. The Bulldogs will most likely look to sophomore pitcher Chelsea Wilkinson to take the mound. Wilkinson has compiled a 1.32 ERA through her 16-2 record. While she hasn’t thrown a perfect game she has thrown two no-hitters earlier in the season. She has shared time with sophomore first baseman Geri Ann Glasco but is expected to get the nod against GSU. Eagle senior shortstop Kourtny Thomas has been the solid bat for the team all season, starting in every game. With a .389 average, 11 home runs, and 35 RBIs, her team will need her to punch a hole in the excellent Bulldog defense. Senior Shelby Morrill and freshman Emily Snider are the only other position players to start in every game. The duo has combined for six home runs and 34 RBIs. This will be one of the Eagles’ last tests of the season with No. 7 University of Alabama as their next and final ranked opponent of the regular season. The Eagles will take the field in Athens on Wednesday at 6 p.m.



-Single-occupancy studios -2 bed 2 bath apartment homes -3 bed 3 bath apartment homes Free Georgia Southern parking permit if you sign before March 22nd! High-speed internet, expanded cable, plus HBO, your choice of furnished or unfurnished, your choice of an optional fixed-rate utility package.

NOW LEASING 912-681-6539 17931 Hwy 67 Statesboro

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