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7-9 Nordului | | The Gang Summer Place

The menu includes International Fusion cuisine dishes with a big importance for healthy and fresh food. You can enjoy the delights from Asia, USA, the Mediterranean area and original recipes created by our three chefs from Thailand, Nepal and Indonesia.

Sophisticated, cozy and friendly, The Gang Restaurant is honored to have you as guests for lunch and dinner.

The biggest asset The Gang possess is the ONLY Wine Room & Shop right in the heart of the restaurant, where you can choose from over 300 labels of wines, to enjoy at home or for a small crocks fee, in the restaurant.

4 Alecu Russo | Dacia Blvd. | | 0040 721 512 291 | 021 210 5707

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Order by phone now! 031 106.11.77 English & German speaking operators


The f word no. 20  
The f word no. 20