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Andreas Lambacher (CEO)

EDITORIAL Empty slopes, closed ski resorts, stopped investments. A very difficult year lies behind the entire industry. We hope that such a year will never repeat itself, but we still want to look back on it in the new “Snow World”. In spite of the difficult market situation, we have succeeded in implementing several important prestigious projects. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly the market launch of the new Titan 4.0 fan gun, whose performance immediately won over customers worldwide. Titan 4.0 impresses with its sophisticated technology, efficient energy consumption and the record production output of 120 m³/h. Our latest snow lance EOS DUO in a powerful double-head version is also becoming increasingly popular and is one of the top players on the snowmaking market. We are all facing major challenges, however, we intend to look to the future with optimizm and confidence. The focus will continue to be on the uncompromising quality of our snowmaking systems and services. In the new year, we intend to invest more in innovation and digitization, so that we can continuously offer our customers optimized solutions and technologies of the latest generation. Another emphasis is on internal process optimization and particularly on the path towards the diversification of our product range, which has already been successfully initiated. We have also used the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic intensively to identify new business fields and applications for our products. Thus an efficient disinfection system was developed for gondolas, as well as an extinguishing turbine for firefighting. In autumn, another important step was taken towards diversification by founding WLP Systems, a company that specializes in dust binding systems and machinery for combating odors. The following pages will provide an insight into our work at DEMACLENKO, what motivates us on a daily basis and how we will continue on our path at full speed. With our products, our know-how and our partners. In this spirit, I hope that you enjoy reading this magazine and wish for a successful new season for all of us.

Andreas Lambacher – CEO DEMACLENKO

THE COMPLETEST PRODUCT RANGE The product range of DEMACLENKO snow guns is the most complete on the snowmaking market. From high-performance fan guns right up to economical snow lances: there is an appropriate solution for every requirement. In addition to their outstanding snow quality, they are all characterized by high efficiency and an optimal energy balance. Thanks to forward-looking development work and rigorous testing procedures, DEMACLENKO guarantees the 100% reliability of its products.

THE TOP PERFORMER ON THE MARKET · Outstanding production quantity of 157 Yd³/h (120 m³/h) · Redesigned nozzle ring and increased number of stainless steel water nozzles by another 4, which creates a 5% increase in total flow rate in comparison to the predecessor model 25.4 GPM (12 l/s) · Even with systems that do not have much pressure, the machine puts through a very large volume of water and thereby produces more snow · Increasing of the air volume flowing through thanks to the redesigned shape of the blower and the special shape of the winglets, which leads to more thrust and a longer throwing range to 262 ft. (80 m), i.e. an increase of nearly 10% · Reduction of power consumption to only 23 kW · Titan 4.0 also features efficient air cooling via the water circuit - a technology that has been standard and proven in DEMACLENKO snow guns for years · Optimized performance in the marginal temperature range, as the water module and nozzle ring are combined and fitted with another switching circuit · Equipped with the latest power electronics and the tried-and-tested DEMACLENKO touch control terminal as standard, which can be operated easily with any types of gloves · All parts that may need to be serviced are grouped in central places and are easily accessible · Relatively low weight, which is particularly crucial for safe and easy transport by helicopter or snow groomer

Silent THE SILENT HERO OF THE SNOW GUNS · The noise-reduced version of the Titan 4.0 with a minimal noise level and simultaneously unchanged snow output of 157 Yd³/h (120 m³/h) · Newly designed blower with a barrel made of FRP (fibreglass composite) in a special model for soundproofing

Richard Rimml, snowmaker at Pitztaler Glacier: “The Titan 4.0 convinced us all along the line. Compared to other snow guns, it stands out and impresses with its simple operation, high production volume and extraordinary throwing range. In addition, its design is very appealing and modern. Another advantage is its low weight and well-designed docking device for the snow groomer. This guarantees the machine’s ideal transportability, even on steep slopes”.

PROVEN BESTSELLER · Outstanding snow production of up to 144 Yd³/h (110 m³/h) · Consolidated technology

FIRST-CLASS WITH MARGINAL TEMPERATURES · Unique “multi-nozzle” water nozzle system · First-class results with marginal temperatures, high humidity and systems in the low-pressure range

ACHIEVE SUCCESS WITH QUIET SNOW · Minimal noise level with outstanding snow output of 144 Yd³/h (110 m³/h) · Especially suitable for use close to residential areas

PERFORMANCE, TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN · Snow production of up to 118 Yd³/h (90 m³/h) with input power of only 20 kW · Incomparable ratio between snow quantity and energy consumption

COMPACT AND RESOURCE-CONSERVING · Energy-efficient snow gun with a low weight and snow production of 92 Yd³/h (70 m³/h) · Most efficient in the compact class with power consumption of only 16 kW

FAN GUNS _ 04 / 05

EOS - THE EFFICIENCY WONDER AMONG SNOW LANCES Optimal snow production with minimal energy input: this sums up the strengths of the EOS by DEMACLENKO exactly. Many years of tried-andtested technology go hand-in-hand with a whole series of innovations to create a product that fulfils all of the market’s requirements. A single product line with numerous configuration options: that was the central idea, with which the EOS was developed. The DEMACLENKO snow lance is available with up to 8 control levels and customers can choose between the fully-automatic and the manual version. The product designs are based on the customer’s requirements and above all promise one thing: an unbeatable ratio between performance and production quantity. With a water flow rate of up to 110 US-GPM (7 l/s) and a production quantity of 80 Yd³/h (61 m³/h), the EOS is one of the top players. At the same time, the power consumption is only 0.25 to 1.8 kW, depending on the model. The optional compressor is operated oil-free and is one of the most efficient and highest-quality solutions available on the market, with only 1.5 kW.

insert make it extremely robust against external influences and the fully-developed technology prevents it from freezing, even with the most adverse weather conditions. The head of the EOS is made of aluminium and the surface is kept to a minimum, in order to counteract susceptibility to wind and weather as much as possible. The lance has a force-cooled weather station, as well as rotary ball joint, with which the machine can be pivoted into all possible positions. It is not necessary to disconnect the water hose, which speeds up the work processes.


The low total weight ensures simple assembly and dismantling and the EOS is also very low-maintenance, due to its high-quality design. The nucleators and water nozzles with a stainless steel




L ANCES _ 06 / 07







With the EOS DUO, DEMACLENKO presents its proven lance model in a powerful double head version with 8 nucleators and 24 water nozzles. With a spraying radius of 210°, the EOS DUO covers a large area and is ideal above all for punctual enhancement of individual piste sections with suitable wind conditions. It combines the usual unbeatable energy efficiency of the EOS with a strong water flow rate of approximately 143 US-GPM (9 l/s), which increases the snowmaking efficiency considerably.

Ludwig Keller, CEO of Berglifte Giselher Langes “We’ve had a very good working relationship with DEMACLENKO for years. We were also the first ski resort to test their EOS DUO, as we had already expressed a desire for such a model in advance. Our conclusions were consistently positive. Where local conditions permit, the double-headed lance’s advantages are clear: almost twice as much snow of the same quality as with a standard lance. Add to that the product’s outstanding energy balance, which makes for very efficient snowmaking”.

In the test stands in Vipiteno (IT) and Telfs (AT), the machines are put through their paces.

OUR PROMISE: QUALITY AND RELIABILITY Offering the highest quality and reliability - this basic concept is firmly enshrined at DEMACLENKO and drives our daily work. Our quality management makes sure that this is not an empty promise and only knows one direction: the principle of “continuous improvement”. A snowmaking system is comprised of many individual components, which DEMACLENKO produces itself or sources them from leading manufacturers in the respective industries and installs in the factory halls. The strictest quality criteria and careful inspection of these components, as well as the highest quality standards in the DEMACLENKO production facilities, are the crucial factors to guarantee punctual and smooth-running commissioning of the system for the customers. In doing so, we rely on the many years of know-how of the HTI Group and orientate ourselves towards the strict criteria from ropeway engineering and the snow groomer technology of the sister companies, LEITNER and PRINOTH. Our standards are certified by the ISO 9001:2015 norm, the most prevalent norm in quality management, nationally and internationally. This certification is awarded by an independent certification company and guarantees the independent confirmation that all requirements of ISO 9001 are completely implemented. This is checked with meticulous audits that are repeated every year. In parallel with this, internal continuous audits are also conducted between the departments, in order to structure the procedures as efficiently, foresightedly and smoothly as possible.


FROM THE INDIVIDUAL COMPONENT TO THE FINISHED SNOW GUN The DEMACLENKO quality management is divided into multiple areas. For example, a snow gun runs through numerous stations until it can be approved for delivery and transported to the customer:

INSPECTION WITH THE SUPPLIER The quality control of the components already begins before they reach the DEMACLENKO factory hall. For this purpose, there is a close cooperation with the manufacturers. With particularly critical parts or new suppliers, initial sampling is requested, which is inspected precisely and approved. This way, errors are anticipated and potential production stops are prevented.

INCOMING GOODS INSPECTION As soon as the goods deliveries arrive, they are inspected precisely in the in-house quality center. Numerous measuring instruments and tools are available, with which the parts can be inspected comprehensively. In accordance with the ISO norm 9001, the measuring instruments are sent to an external laboratory each year, where they are inspected and recalibrated, so that the measurements can be performed correctly.

PRINCIPLE OF “FIRST-TIME QUALITY” As soon as the machines are produced, regular internal audits between Quality Management and Production ensure a smooth process in the production line. This way, potential faults or problems can be identified and rectified at an early stage, which provides enormous advantages for the smooth-running final acceptance inspection of the machines.

FINAL ACCEPTANCE INSPECTION After completion, the final acceptance inspection of the machine takes place and it is once again subjected to the most stringent quality checks. In the test stands in Vipiteno (IT) and Telfs (AT), the machines are put through their paces and connected to the test pump station, in order to reproduce real operating pressure situations. A software that has been specifically developed for the acceptance inspection of snow guns runs through a digital checklist and logs the measurements right down to the smallest detail. If the machine passes all of the tests, a green light is given for delivery.

Thanks to state-of-the-art measuring instruments, the individual components can be examined right down to the smallest detail. In the picture: Water nozzles under the microscope.

TURNKEY SNOWMAKING FOR THE HIGHEST DEMANDS Various specialist fields come together for the construction of snowmaking systems: hydraulic engineering, structural engineering, pipeline construction, electrical, control engineering and mechanical and apparatus engineering must be brought into perfect harmony. As a professional full-service supplier, DEMACLENKO looks back on many years of experience and has successfully implemented many turnkey systems. Customers particularly appreciate the quality of the products, the competent all-around consulting and the professional project and construction site processing. In most cases, the only visible parts of a snowmaking system are the reservoirs and the snow guns along the slopes. The majority of the system is installed as underground infrastructure. It is a complex network of various components that need to be individually adapted to the geographical circumstances on site and perfectly coordinated with one another. This requires detailed planning and well thought-out layout and begins with the creation of a project plan at DEMACLENKO. On the basis of local inspections and snow time calculations, the pump stations, flowcharts, water reservoirs,

field pipelines, cooling systems and snow guns are individually designed and illustrated graphically on the site plan of the ski resort. The project plan forms the framework for the DEMACLENKO experts, who guide and comprehensively support the customer through the entire project. Only high-quality and extremely robust materials are used, which withstand the high operating pressures and are perfectly suitable for use in the alpine terrain. Furthermore, it must be taken into consideration that a snowmaking system is only in operation for a few weeks of the year, but during this time, operational readiness is essential and crucial. That’s why 100% reliability of each individual component is so important during operation. DEMACLENKO makes no compromises with this and only installs components and products that meet the highest industry standards. This is how DEMACLENKO succeeds in realizing turnkey solutions, which guarantee absolute system availability during the snowmaking phase.












THE PUMP STATION The pump station, whose planning and implementation has been one of DEMACLENKO’s core competencies for years, is the heart of the snowmaking system. The pump station and the pipelines to the snow guns are dimensioned to fit the requirements of the ski resort perfectly by a team of experts. For example, the required total flow rate and the pumping level of the water play a role in this. DEMACLENKO uses pumps from the most reputable manufacturers for pumping water and boosting pressure. The detailed elaboration in 3D also enables the components – with the exception of a few sensitive connectors – to be prefabricated to a precise fit in the in-house metalworking shop. This significantly simplifies the assembly process at the construction site, as the parts only need to be assembled on site and no adjustments are required afterwards. The components are hot dip galvanized as standard, which strengthens their load-bearing capacity even more and provides protection from corrosion.

Thomas Lerch, CEO Gargellner Bergbahnen “DEMACLENKO has done a great job in building our new pump station and the heart of our snowmaking system is now state of the art. The trouble-free operation in the first winter season is the best proof of the quality. The implementation was fast, efficient and conscientious and we were completely satisfied with the project management. We would particularly like to emphasize the professional and collegial cooperation.”

SNOW MANAGEMENT REDEFINED, THANKS TO FULL AUTOMATION The fully-automated integration of a snowmaking system into a control system requires a sophisticated infrastructure. It is comprised of a complex network of control cabinets with PLC control, power cabinets, own bus systems for data transfer, fibre optic cables, power cables etc. and is designed individually for every ski resort. The entire system is visualized with the DEMACLENKO Snowvisual 4.0 software, which provides a series of advantages for the ski resort operator:

THE ENTIRE SNOWMAKING SYSTEM AT A SINGLE GLANCE Efficient snowmaking is only possible if all of a system’s components communicate intelligently with one another. With SNOWVISUAL 4.0, fan guns, lances, pump and compressor stations, tapping points, weather stations, field pipelines and cooling systems are accessible and can be controlled fully automatically using a single central platform via computer, smartphone and tablet.

SUSTAINABLE, RESOURCE-EFFICIENT, COST-SAVING The snow depth measurement can show precisely how much snow is on the individual sections of the slopes. On this basis, the amount of snow that is still required can be precisely calculated and the production can be planned in a targeted manner. The fully-developed resource management regulates and prioritizes the efficient use of water, air and energy, so that no raw materials are wasted and the operating costs are reduced at the same time.

REPORTS AND ANALYSES AS PLANNING ASSISTANCE After snow production has taken place, SNOWVISUAL 4.0 provides detailed reports and analyses about the snow operation and stores valuable data about the wet bulb temperature, weather conditions, water temperature, snow quantity etc. On the basis of the records, the development and results can be precisely traced and evaluated. These statistics are crucial for planning the next season and form the basis for further cost savings and efficiency increases of the snowmaking system.


· · · · ·


AUTOMATION _ 12 / 13

“COMPLETELY SATISFIED” A particular challenge with the implementation of a uniform control system for snowmaking are existing plants, where old infrastructure and sometimes products of third-party suppliers need to be integrated. In 2020, DEMACLENKO was able to realize a major project in this regard with the Snow Space Salzburg. Also known as the “12-Summit-Ski-Region”, it is one of the largest ski area amalgamations in Austria. A uniform and fully-automated, state-of-the-art control system – that was the goal to be achieved with last year’s project by DEMACLENKO in Flachau, which belongs to the Snow Space Salzburg ski area. The entire snowmaking system, with its infrastructure (10 pump stations, 5 valve pits, 320 snow guns, 386 pits, amongst others) was to be integrated fully automatically. A particular challenge was to completely refurbish the entire control system for the pump stations and valve pits, to write new software and integrate the entire radio system of the mountain. Thanks to excellent planning and constructive collaboration with the customer and the planning agency, the project was able to be implemented within a short time and the installation was successfully commissioned in autumn.

3 questions to Wolfgang Hettegger, CEO of Snow Space Salzburg: What are the advantages of implementing the fully automated guidance system in Flachau? The biggest advantage is that the new central control system now takes over the intelligent control and monitoring of the pumping systems, including the automated valve pits. This results in intelligent waterline and priority management. This reduces the workload of our staff, who can now fully concentrate on their main job – efficient and sustainable snowmaking on our ski slopes. Why was DEMACLENKO chosen as project partner? With the implementation of the new automated snowmaking system in Flachau, we as Snow Space Salzburg wanted to once again underline our leadership in innovation. As a specialist in the snowmaking industry, we chose DEMACLENKO as our partner for the project because they provided us with the most promising offer based on the specifications we had previously developed. What was the feedback from your snowmaking team after their first snowmaking operation using the new system? Were their expectations fulfilled? The implementation corresponded exactly with our expectations and our employees are completely satisfied. The visualization provides a quick and clear overview of the current operating status of the system and thus simplifies their work considerably. Access to the control system is also possible regardless of location, which minimizes travel time on the mountain and thus also saves costs.

Emanuel Runggaldier, Dantercepies Operations Manager: “We’ve had a very good working relationship with DEMACLENKO for many years. Their products and service have constantly developed and improved. We’re particularly satisfied with the new Titan 4.0. With this snowgun, DEMACLENKO has succeeded in optimizing its previous model once again”.

DANTERCEPIES BACK TO THE ROOTS One of the presumably longest partnerships links DEMACLENKO with the Dantercepies ski resort in Gröden, which has always relied on the quality and services of the company. Over the years, the snowmaking system has been constantly upgraded in order to successfully complete one snow-guaranteed season after the other. That’s why it’s not surprising that DEMACLENKO was also entrusted with fitting the technical snowmaking equipment on the new “La Ria” piste in 2020.

stock of machinery with new snow guns year after year. Naturally, only DEMACLENKO’s products came into question for this. By 2020, 92 new fan guns and lances were purchased and the field pipeline network has been continuously expanded. The entire installation, including the 3 pump stations, is visualized with the DEMACLENKO Snowvisual software.

The latest project was the new construction of the “La Ria” black run in 2020. The name comes from the Ladin language and means The collaboration with the Dantercepies ski resort in Gardena al- “The strenuous one“. The slope is 1,200 yd (1,110 m) long and has a gradience of up to 52%. In order to guarantee absolute snow ready started from the beginning of the company’s history, long certainty on the piste, cast-iron pipes were installed for the water, before the merger of Demac and Lenko. The first prototypes of the as well as electric and communication lines and 12 FRP pits being Demac snow guns were built there, which laid the foundation for DEMACLENKO’s successful company history. Since then, the ski re- buried in the soil. 10 Titan 4.0 fan guns on a tower and 4 EOS lances were installed, which ensure perfect snow conditions on sort, which is part of Dolomiti Superski, has continuously invested the new run. in the snowmaking system. In 2016, a decision was made to take a larger investment step, to comprehensively modernize the existing network and expand the

PROJEC TS 2020 _ 14 / 15


ALOCH ABSOLUTE SNOW GUARANTEE In 2020, nearly all of the Italian ski resorts were closed. The only exceptions were those resorts that are used as training slopes for winter sports athletes. This also includes the Ski Stadium Aloch in the Fassa Valley in Trentino, Northern Italy, which invested comprehensively in the expansion of the snowmaking systems in recent years. Trust was placed in DEMACLENKO as a partner and a turnkey system was ordered. In total, 22 new snow guns were delivered, of which several were mobile, installed on a tower or on an inclined tower and 2 were even mounted on a swivel arm. The existing pump station was retrofitted with 2 new pumps and a third one will follow soon. 2 cooling towers guarantee an ideal water temperature for the snow operation. 13 concrete pits, pipeline material and the Snowvisual 4.0 software were also supplied.

PICHL/GSIES TRAINING PISTE OF THE SKI STARS In the last season the Pichl/Gsies ski lift in South Tyrol was also opened. The reason for this was a newly built training piste, which was used by numerous national and international top athletes. A customized DEMACLENKO snowmaking system, which was realized during the summer, provide the necessary snow guarantee. For example, Mikaela Shiffrin and Petra Vlhova, as well as the national teams of Switzerland, the USA, France and Sweden, enjoyed the perfect snow conditions. DEMACLENKO supplied 9 snow guns (Titan, Ventus, Evo) and 19 concrete pits, installed the field pipeline network, built 2 pump stations and integrated all of the components into the Snowvisual 4.0 control software. At the same time, the sister company, LEITNER, built a new ski lift.


MAYRHOFEN A SKI RESORT TURNS BLUE Penken, Ahorn, Horberg – the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen ski resort is comprised of these three mountains. Two of these, have now significantly “turned” their snowmaking system “blue”, i.e. they have relied on products of DEMACLENKO. With the Filzen pump station, 43 new snow guns and the Snowvisual software, the snowmaking system was upgraded significantly. The efficiency of the snowmaking system was particularly increased on the Ahorn from the level of the Ebenwald pump station up to the highest point of the Ahorn snowmaking system, in order to ensure a correspondingly short snowmaking time. An increase in the snowing and pumping capacity was necessary for this. “The snow quantity doubled. We can now make snow for the entire mountain in eight days. Previously, it could have taken two months, depending on the cold period”, reports Markus Hoflacher, Operations Manager on the Ahorn. Concretely, the Filzen snow system was expanded by a new storage reservoir, the Filzen pump station and transport and field pipelines. DEMACLENKO supplied the mechanical version of the pump station, 26 fan guns of the types, Ventus 4.0, Titan 3.0 and Evo 3.0, 26 concrete pits, two weather stations and the Snowvisual software. “Thanks to all of these components, we have been able to take full advantage of the cold phase. This way, we start the season earlier and safeguard against winters with low snowfall.“ The pump station is located to the north of the storage reservoir. It cools the water via a DEMACLENKO Cooling System with two triple cooling towers, filters it and increases the pressure. Then, the water is transported to the outgoing field pipelines. “Out of tradition, we ordered part of the pipelines with green paintwork from DEMACLENKO. This way, all 6 of the pump stations in the ski resort present themselves uniformly”, Hoflacher goes into detail. All 25 new fan guns by DEMACLENKO are mounted on inclined elevators. “The elevated snow guns bring maximum output, make highest quality snow and can stay in place for the entire winter!”, Hoflacher substantiates the decision of the ski resort not to rely on machines close to the ground or fixed lances. The 80 fan guns and 200 pits are now controlled by the Snowvisual software. The neighbouring ski resort relied on the same strategy. DEMACLENKO delivered 2 concrete pits and 20 Ventus 4.0, Titan 3.0 Silent and Titan 3.0 fan guns there. 11 of these are also mounted on inclined elevators. “Whether it is better snow quality, earlier snowing time or less effort with securing them – the advantages of the ‘tower machines’ are numerous”, says Andreas Rauch, Operations Manager on the Horberg. The gradual changeover to the “blue” snowmaking also results in the implementation of the Snowvisual control software here. In total, 20 pits and 213 snow guns by DEMACLENKO third-party suppliers were integrated into the control system.

PROJEC TS 2020 _ 16 / 17

Upon customer request, part of the piping of the new pump station was painted green.

Markus Hoflacher, Operations Manager on the Ahorn, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen: “We tested snow guns from multiple manufacturers and we like DEMACLENKO the best. In particular, the low electricity consumption with simultaneously good performance convinced us. That’s why we have been gradually switching over to DEMACLENKO since 2016. Therefore, it also makes sense to rely on the “blue” control system. In the meantime, Snowvisual comprises 80 fan guns and 200 pits.”

Andreas Rauch, Operations Manager on the Horberg, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen: “DEMACLENKO is very clearly the technology leader when it comes to snowmaking. The manufacturer always has a leading edge, when it comes to innovations. In addition to this, the price-performance ratio is very good. I am especially thrilled with the snowguns on inclined tower. The higher we produce snow, the earlier better snow will be on our pistes!”


OBERSTDORF NORDIC WORLD SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS WITH SNOWMAKING TECHNOLOGY BY DEMACLENKO After 1987 and 2005, Oberstdorf was back in the focus of the winter sports world with the hosting of the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2021. The snowmaking technology from DEMACLENKO was also at the forefront. In the run-up to the major event, the company was commissioned to modernize and expand the snowmaking system in order to be able to guarantee perfect snow conditions during the competitions.

construction as well as the electrical and snowmaking technology and delivered a fully-automated overall solution with new snow guns, pump stations, water cooling systems, pits and field pipelines. The system was designed precisely to meet the local requirements and is integrated into the Snowvisual 4.0 control software, which guarantees resource-saving and efficient control of the snowmaking network.

As a winter sports center with state-of-the-art infrastructures, Oberstdorf offers ideal training conditions, as well as a wide range of offers for top-class sports, popular sports and tourism. That is why the place is also predestined for hosting major events. This is also the case for the Nordic World Ski Championships 2021, which will take place from 23 February to 7 March. In preparation for this major event, numerous construction measures were implemented, in which DEMACLENKO was also significantly involved. The company has received the order to comprehensively modernize and expand the existing snowmaking system.

In the cross-country skiing area, a total of 27 new Ventus 4.0 and Titan 3.0 snow guns were installed. 2 new pump stations were built and an existing water catchment was expanded. 2 double cooling towers ensure the ideal water temperature. At the ski jumping hills in the Audi Arena, 8 Titan 3.0 Silents are used, which are characterized by their particularly quiet operation. Due to the extreme inclination of the ski jump, a special device was also constructed that enables the snow guns to be positioned on the steep slopes using a cable winch. Here, too, a pump station was adapted (Schattenberg) and a new one was built (Faltenbach) and two cooling towers were built.

Particular focus was placed on cross-country skiing and the ski jumping hills. DEMACLENKO was responsible for the plant

PROJEC TS 2020 _ 18 / 19


SAAS-FEE NEW PUMP STATION Exciting project for DEMACLENKO in Switzerland: Due to new water sourcing regulations by the authorities, a new pump station needed to be built in Saas-Fee. The ski resort was also equipped with new snow guns. Thanks to its high elevation and the glacier ski resort, SaasFee is regarded as being very snow-sure. But nevertheless, technical snowmaking still needs to be used for some piste sections. That’s why DEMACLENKO was commissioned with building a new pump station for the snowmaking system. The particular challenge: The implementation required optimal planning, as the pump station was positioned in a location that was difficult to access in a stream bed in a gorge, which can only be reached on foot. The new heart of the snowmaking system of Saas-Fee triumphs with a carrying capacity of 3,200 US-GPM (200 l/s) and also includes a cooling system, with which the water is cooled down to the ideal temperature. All construction elements, such as concrete, pipework, motors, pumps, cooling towers, had to be brought on site by helicopter. The biggest helicopter was used, with which civilian transports can be performed in Switzerland, the Kamov KA-32 of Heliswiss. The commission for DEMACLENKO also included the delivery of 10 new Titan and Ventus fan guns, as well as 5 new pits and the line material.

Simon Bumann, CEO Saastal Bergbahnen AG We were very satisfied with the work activities for the construction of the new pump station. We were given competent advice and the team from DEMACLENKO Switzerland was always available to assist the project team, when needed. The work activities were performed cleanly and conscientiously. I particularly appreciated the solution-oriented approach and proactiveness, as soon as unexpected situations emerged. Our expectations were completely fulfilled.”






DEMACLENKO IN FRANCE In France, numerous ski resorts also relied on the quality and professionalism of DEMACLENKO and invested in their snowmaking systems. This confirms the excellent work of the DEMACLENKO France team and opens up new prospects for large-scale projects. Several projects in detail:

LA COLMIANE After the pump station was already upgraded and the snowmaking network was reinforced with new snow guns in La Colmiane in 2018, DEMACLENKO was once again commissioned with upgrading the system in 2020. In total, 23 new snow guns (Titan X, Evo)

PROJEC TS 2020 _ 20 / 21

and 40 concrete pits were installed and a new pump station was built. The system is controlled using the Snowvisual visualization software, which was brought up-to-date.

GOURETTE The Gourette ski resort is situated in the Pyrenees at an elevation of 4,500 ft (1,350 m). Due to this quite low location and the constantly rising temperatures, the operators have decided to make extensive investments in order to be able to also guarantee snow certainty of the ski resort in the future. In a first upgrade phase, the snowmaking network was fitted with 9 fan guns (Titan X, Titan,



Evo) and 2 lances, including an EOS DUO double-head lance. The excellent performance of the machines in marginal temperatures was particularly convincing. Furthermore, 12 concrete pits were installed and Snowvisual was integrated.

VALMOREL Valmorel is a well-known French winter sports resort and is situated in the Savoy Alps at the foot of the Col de la Madeleine. The ski resort is known to be particularly snow-sure, however, the operators intend to safeguard the start of the season and therefore decided to invest in the snowmaking and commission DEMACLENKO. In total the commission comprises more than 29 fan guns, of which 6 have already been delivered (Evo, Titan X) and a double-head lance. Out of the 29 ordered pits, 6 have already been buried and the Snowvisual software has been installed.

LES DEUX ALPES Les Deux Alpes is situated in a glacier area with pistes up to an altitude of 12,000 ft (3,600 m), of which several are also open in summer and autumn. In the winter, the ski resort impresses with a total of 140 mi (225 km) of pistes, which start at 4,300 ft (1,300 m) above sea-level. Particularly on the low pistes, the ski resort is increasingly relying on technical snowmaking and the products of DEMACLENKO. The project with the ski resort was already started in 2019 and was successfully completed last year. In total, 14 fan guns (Evo, Titan) and 4 lances (EOS) were supplied. The field pipeline network was expanded with 18 concrete pits and the latest version of the Snowvisual software was installed.


POWDERHORN SUSTAINABLE SNOWMAKING IN COLORADO Large-scale project for DEMACLENKO in the USA: Within the scope of a comprehensive modernization project, a new snowmaking system was implemented in the Powderhorn ski resort in Colorado. Convinced by the quality and premium products, DEMACLENKO was awarded the contract. The primary aim of the investments in the infrastructure of Powderhorn was to be better equipped for winters with low snowfall in the future. Therefore, a high-performance and energy-efficient snowmaking system was to be realized. The choice of a project partner fell on DEMACLENKO. The new system is also intended to enable an earlier start to the season in the future, so that the ski resort be ready to open at the end of November for winter sports enthusiasts. The snowmaking project was planned right down to the smallest detail and adapted to the geographical conditions on site.

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Thanks to the favorable location on a table mountain, a socalled mesa, on which the Anderson reservoir is situated, the water for snowmaking is transported to the snow guns with natural pressure, due to gravity. Therefore, the water doesn’t need to be pumped upwards first, which would mean major costs and energy consumption. 15 Titan fan guns are used, with which marginal temperatures can be used optimally for snowmaking. The automation of the system is also crucial for the sustainability and planning capability of the snowmaking system. This is facilitated by the Snowvisual 4.0 control software. It increases the efficiency of the snowmaking network and makes it possible to take optimal advantage of the snow window in autumn. The automation also ensures better control of the snow quality.


GEILO EXTENSIVELY UPGRADED Geilo is one of the oldest ski resorts in Norway and lies between Oslo and Bergen. The focus is on a wide range family offers with designated pistes and many activities for children. Already in 2019, the extensive upgrade of the snowmaking system was started in the ski resort. Particularly at the beginning of the season, there is a high reliance on technical snowmaking, in order to be able to offer visitors optimal conditions from the first day. Therefore, 3 pump stations were built in the last 2 years and a field pipeline was built. 24 new snow guns (Ventus 4.0, Titan 4.0 and EOS) and 16 concrete pits were installed on the slopes. The finishing touch for a fully automated overall solution is the Snowvisual 4.0 monitoring software.

VOSS NEW SNOWMAKING SYSTEM Voss is the biggest ski resort in Southwestern Norway and is situated at the heart of the impressive fjord landscape. In 2019, LEITNER built a new tricable gondola lift, which links Voss with the local mountain of Hangurstoppen and therefore with the popular hiking, excursion and ski resort. The bottom station was integrated into the redesigned railway station area, including a new bus station and is therefore a prime example of a sustainable and integral transport concept. The ski resort also invested comprehensively in snowmaking and relied on DEMACLENKO for this. In addition to the construction of a new pump station, 30 concrete pits were installed and the compressor station was upgraded. The existing station was extended with 5 Evo fan guns and 22 EOS A4 snow lances and integrated into the latest version of the Snowvisual 4.0 visualization software.



DEMACLENKO is increasingly establishing itself in international markets. In 2020, another order was received from Georgia, after two projects were already successfully implemented in 2014. The work activities in the Bakuriani ski resort were planned and implemented in record time. Large-scale project for DEMACLENKO in the Southern Caucasus in Georgia. The client: the Mountain Resorts Development Company. It is a state-owned organization that is subordinate to the Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development for Georgia. It manages several ski resorts, also including Gudauri and Bakuriani, in which DEMACLENKO already implemented two snowmaking systems successfully in 2014. In 2020, a decision was again made to strengthen the technical snowmaking in Bakuriani. As a priority, the slope was upgraded, on which a race of the FIS Ski Cross World Cup was held for the first time in February 2021. Therefore, the course is also set for the FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships, which is to be held in the ski resort in 2023. That is why guaranteeing snow-certainty is a priority objective of the operators, which is why the services of DEMACLENKO were also enlisted as a project partner this time. Noteworthy: Although the contract was only received by DEMACLENKO at the end of October, the work activities were already completed before Christmas and everything was ready for commissioning. The existing pump station was expanded and upgraded. In addition, the snowmaking network was reinforced with 31 EOS lances and 2 fan guns on tower. The snow guns were positioned on 33 pits made of robust fibreglass and are integrated into the latest version of the Snowvisual software, as are the rest of the system components (e.g. the weather stations).

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CORTINA STRONG TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR THE WORLD SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS From February 7th to 21st 2021, the Alpine World Ski Championships were held in Cortina d’Ampezzo (IT) in the heart of the Dolomites. To hold this important sports event, the Cortina 2021 Foundation formed a strategic alliance with LEITNER, PRINOTH and DEMACLENKO, which supported the foundation as “Official Technical Suppliers”. During the course of the preparation for the 2021 World Ski Championships, the Tofana ski resort also decided to expand the existing snowmaking system. DEMACLENKO reinforced the “Pista A del Col Druscié”, on which the slalom disciplines and the team events were held, as well as the “Pista B del Col Druscié”, which served as the training run during the competitions, with highly-efficient fan guns. In total, DEMACLENKO supplied 40 new snow guns, 3 pump stations, the Snowvisual 4.0 software and 91 concrete pits, including field pipelines, for the modernization of the snowmaking system.

KITZBÜHEL DEMACLENKO SUPPLIES SNOW GUNS IN A SPECIAL DESIGN AS THE “OFFICIAL SUPPLIER OF THE HAHNENKAMM RACE” A longstanding partnership has already linked DEMACLENKO with Kitzbühel, which has now reached another milestone. In 2020, the “Streif”, one of the most famous men’s downhill races in the Skiing World Cup, was equipped with snow guns of the latest generation. Special highlight: Next to the prominent “Chamois of Kitzbühel”, a Titan 4.0 now adorns the finishing slope in a special red-white design on the Hahnenkamm. Since the founding of DEMACLENKO in 2011, Kitzbühel has relied on the quality and expertise of the snowmaking specialists. Over the years, there has been continuous investment in upgrading the systems and realizing customized solutions. The impressive balance: DEMACLENKO has already supplied around 320 snow guns to KitzSki and was crucially involved in building 3 pump stations. Furthermore, DEMACLENKO is the “Official Supplier” of the Hahnenkamm Race.

DEMACLENKO FOUNDS A NEW COMPANY TOGETHER WITH WLP: WLP SYSTEMS With the founding of WLP Systems, DEMACLENKO is extending its portfolio with complementary products which are based, like its snow guns, on water mist know-how, in order to gain a foothold in the dust and odor suppression sector. WLP has already made a name for itself in the development and sale of dust binding systems which ensure rapid and effective binding of dust in the work environment. The products are used, for example on demolition or construction sites, in production halls, in tunnel building and on landfill sites and guarantee more efficient workflows and health of employees.

ers and market segments, has been strikingly proved in recent months. 2 new products were launched on the market in a very short time (see next page). WLP can already show over 15 years’ experience and great success and Managing Director Mario Passeri looks with pleasure towards the future: “We have years of reliability behind us and have experience establishing a market that didn’t exist before. With DEMACLENKO’s international orientation and global distribution network, many new opportunities are opening up for us. The collaboration with DEMACLENKO strengthens us and together, we can offer a wide range of products and services for new fields of application.”

WLP Systems’ company location in Castelnuovo in the Valsugana will also become the new DEMACLENKO snowmaking service location. “WLP Systems’ location is very important to us strategically, “The new company, WLP Systems, is a further example of our group’s pursuit of innovation and diversification. Both are important feabecause we will be even closer to our customers in Trentino,” said Martin Leitner, President of DEMACLENKO. “In addition, syner- tures of our strategy to remain competitive worldwide in the long term,” explains Anton Seeber, Chairman of the HTI Group. gies and expertise from various business fields will combine and strengthen the areas of research and development.” The fact that innovation and product development open the door to additional sectors, and make it possible to extend our range of custom-



FROM SNOWMAKING TO DISINFECTION AND TO FIREFIGHTING Because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are looking to broaden their base and are seeking new areas of business and possible applications. Thus DEMACLENKO, a member of the HTI Group and a market leader in technical snowmaking, has taken the opportunity for further strategic development and, thanks to an efficient disinfection system for gondolas and turbines for firefighting, has gained a foothold in two new sectors. From the very beginning of the crisis, DEMACLENKO sought to discover new fields of business and to diversify our product range. “In the long term, diversification is a strategic necessity in order to ensure the growth and future of the company,” said Andreas Lambacher, CEO of DEMACLENKO. As early as March various tests were begun to carry out disinfection measures with snow guns, based on the know-how in snowmaking, and the technology and resources that already existed. An efficient, fully automatic disinfection system with a special fan was brought to completion as quickly as possible, which enabled precisely measured and comprehensive vaporization of the disinfecting liquid. The disinfection system has proved itself particularly in closed gondolas. They are among the critical points in a ski resort when it comes to maintaining hygiene. Infection from SARS-CoV-2 results in the first instance from drops and aerosols, though transmission via objects or surfaces cannot as of yet be ruled out by various studies. Thorough disinfection measures are therefore the best requisite to reach optimal preparations for a successful and secure winter season. A further area in which years of experience in technical snowmaking make it possible to gain a foothold is firefighting. Based on the HTI Group’s in-house technology, a new generator with the appropriate name “Poseidon,” was developed in a very short time, which, with the aid of water spray, can be used efficiently against fire and for cooling. With a throwing range of up to 230 ft (70 m) and various spraying functions, the All-In-One system can be used in many sectors, such as in industry, waste processing, in the storage of materials such as oils, gases and wood products etc. A major contract may already be secured, since the unique characteristics and flexible handling of the nozzles can be appreciated straightaway.



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