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The Inaugural Issue

Danielle Hein: By Christina Monroe

An artist residing in Orlando, Florida, who participated in Miami for Art

Basel 2013 showcasing at Gab Studio.  Being involved in Basel is a dream come true for Danielle, but she

managed to squeeze some time in her busy schedule to sit down

with the us and answer our pressing questions about herself, how she became an artist, and about her

adventures on the road to Basel

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“From The Inside Out” By Rosemarie Isabel Who is Susan Miner? Susan Miner is a supermodel that has made a huge

impact internationally while modeling for Vogue, Elle and other big names.

Now she has taken a turn in her life by

residing in Central Florida and creating

a positive movement not only in Florida but internationally. Susan has her

created her own counseling company


called ‘Beauty From the Inside Out’ helping individuals and models by

loving themselves. Using modeling and counseling to connect with others,

Susan has really humbled herself and

touched the hearts of anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her.

Photo by Jonathan Croft

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FRONT PAGE: Photography Jonathan Croft

Model: Katerina Romanenko Style: Abs Petit

Hair: Carlos Mazo

Make up: Shaunte Davis Location: STUDIO ONE

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Danielle Hein

“For starters, I'm still aspiring! But, here

are a few things I have learned so far: 1. Everything costs money. Use social

By Christina Monroe

media. It is the one tool that doesn't!

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Where are you from? Where did you study art?

“Military family, hate the saying "military brat." My Father was in the Navy. I have had the privilege of living all over the

United States and also in London, England.

Hated moving at the time, but looking back on it, it has made me the person I am

today! Most recent adventure took me up the coast of Italy with my sister,

Katelynne. We are hoping to get another

trip on the books soon. Spent the majority of my childhood in East Amherst, New York just outside of Buffalo. 

I graduated from the Florida State

University in 2010 with a degree in

Advertising and a minor in Art History.

After graduating, I moved to Washington, D.C. for my first job in marketing, at an

organic tea company. Only stayed there for about ten months, then accepted a

new job back down in the Sunshine State. Living in Orlando ever since!’

How long have you been painting?

“I have been painting since I was a child. I grew up doing anything and everything

creative. Even my Kindergarden teacher

knew I was going to pursue something in the arts.”

With all that moving, did you ever feel like giving up?

“Nope, there are just times when I don't paint. I'll go months without touching a

brush but will find other ways to fulfill that creative void. Still there is nothing like

starting with a blank canvas or wall and

completely transforming it into something beautiful... all on your own terms.”

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Photo by Miles Stancil


2. There are opportunities to showcase everywhere. Do not be afraid to ask. If

you are passionate about your trade it will

come across and people will want to learn more. More importantly people want to

see more. 3. Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard. You have to work at it. You have to put in time.”

What's the best thing about being an artist?

“My favorite thing about being a part of this community is how many people I

have met and will meet because of it. Art

is one of the easiest ways to connect with another person. Everyone has their

favorite song or movie, favorite graphic designer or muralist. Art makes people

talk, connect and grow. As competitive as the art community is known to be and in many aspects is... it pushes you to

develop new skills, use new mediums and collaborate. “

What's the worst thing about being an artist?

“Oh geez, the amount of clothes I ruin with paint.”

What inspires your works? “People. My favorite quote and the main inspiration behind my current and

upcoming works is, "A quarter of the

genes found in humans are also found in bananas.... Get the f–ck over

yourself." The mustaches and lips that people are familiar with are going to

become one part of a multi-piece portrait – think Mr. Potato Head but installed on a

Danielle Hein

We need to stop taking ourselves so seriously.”

Who is your favorite artist?

“Too many artists to choose a favorite.

Not to mention, I am sitting in a hotel in Miami trying to get ready to head to

Wynwood for Art Basel. I have seen so

many new works in just the last 24 hours! In no particular order I am currently looking towards these artists for

inspiration: Peter Tunney, Holton Rower, Andy Warhol, RONE, Eduardo Kobra, Picasso, MadSteez, Abstrk, and Seth Globepainter.”

What types of mediums do you work with?

“Acrylic with different epoxy finishes is the go to right now........

Read the full interview @

Discover more of Danielle Hein!

wall and when combine makes up a

facts...we are all the same. Made up of the

face. When it boils down to the basic

same thing. Here for the same purpose.

The fusion of art, fashion, culture and technology for the creative mind.



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A Cultural Movement! Wake up Orlando! We are in the

our own voice in “The City

The city creatives are coming

fashion scene to the forefront.

midst of a cultural movement.

out and showcasing their art. It

Beautiful” and bring the art,

seems as if more and more

Photography: Jonathan Croft

getting involved with the art and

Style: Abs Petit

people on a daily basis are

fashion scene. A few years ago

this was unheard of for the area but now it’s becoming a local

trend. It is now time to create

Model: Katerina Romanenko Hair: Carlos Mazo

Make up: Shaunte Davis Location: Studio One

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Tip 4 Grooming Grief

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The fusion of art, fashion, culture and technology for the creative mind.



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VOICE me to Paris and Australia and different

places which lead to what is now history.

Q: How has your career

affected yourself as a being?

or learn how to

becoming a practiced extrovert, meaning

be extroverted...”

First of all, it encouraged me into

I was born an introvert and kind of shy

Photo by Danny Cardozo

“... either be shy

and quiet, because of modeling - I was out of my small town very early by

myself and moved away from home

when I was 17 and lived on my own. I

really had to sink or swim, either be shy


“From The Inside Out” By Rosemarie Isabel (Continued from page 1)

Focusing on embracing herself as a

woman, changing the model into a role

model, being Model Miner to Professor Miner and always there for hands-on

help. Susan has definitely caught the eyes of many not only through

magazines but also through words of wisdom. Listening to Susan Miner as she tells us her story will undeniably rejuvenate your being and life!

Q: How did you start modeling?

I started when I was about 13 years old, and I went to a small modeling school

called La Femmina Modeling Center and I had to convince my mother to let me

attend, she was against it for months but finally let me go. It was a very small

school however I ended up getting a

contract for Ups and Downs Antics, which is now a clothing store for casual corner which lead me into becoming their

spokesperson and doing other jobs on the side. Therefore I started off at a

modeling school and from their agents found me, it took one agent from New

York to find me and from there they sent

or learn how to be extroverted, therefore learned to be extroverted and also

modeling helped me gain plenty of

confidence, when I finally realized that I could have confidence because in my

early 20s I didn't but it clicked one day,

that I could be genuinely confident and I can be comfortable in any setting, and

that's something else I learned through

modeling, I feel comfortable just about

anywhere because I've been around the world and I've been in different

situations, so I'm very comfortable and

modeling also offered me opportunities

to travel and have financial freedom at a

very young age and then afforded me the opportunity to go to school and live a nice lifestyle.

Q: What point in your life did you feel or know that

modeling was always for you?

I don't know if there was ever one point I realized that, I actually never questioned it. For example, when I was really young

around the age of 12, I made one of my

walls in my bedroom an entire collage of

different models; I literally taped a million

photos on the wall. Now today I know that is called a manifestation board from there it just materialized for me thus I didn't

ever question my work as a model if I

should be here or not. It just rolled very easily for me.

Q: You have a company called 'Beauty from the

Inside Out.' - what is this exactly?

Beauty from the Inside Out is everything I do now. If I'm working with young

models, I'm talking about their beauty from the inside out that I define

astheiinner peace, their inner confidence, and their inner wisdom because that always affects our beauty.

Q: What made you create this company? After modeling I went to school and while I went to graduate school, I became a

counselor and a psychology professor, I

did workshops and ended up enjoying it. After years later, I decided to put

modeling and the counseling together

because no matter where I went, even 10-15 years after I was a model, I

considered myself a professor, I'd go to a party and people would say, "Oh Susan the model!" And.......

Read the full interview @

Discover more of Susan!

The fusion of art, fashion, culture and technology for the creative mind. THE FUSION REPORT FEBRUARY 2014

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