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The Forgotten Collective Glasgow 2014 Cafe Saramago/CCA - 6th-7th April Merchant Square - 10th - 11th April Street Level Photoworks - 18th & 19th April

The Forgotten Collective

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Glasgow 2014 Cafe Saramago/CCA - 6th-7th April Merchant Square - 10th - 11th April Street Level Photoworks - 18th & 19th April

Debbie Cowell India Heron Donna Maria Kelly Csilla Kozma

Donald MacLean John McDougall Steven Scott Stephen Vargas

All Images Used With Express Permission From The Photographer. Copyright Remains With The Photographer At All Times

Debbie Cowell Extended By taking a non-traditional approach to architectural photography, studying the design and highlighting the patterns and symmetry of each building “Extended” aims to gain an insight into some of Glasgow’s best known buildings by deconstructing and reconstructing them on a 2D plane.

India Heron

Donna Maria Kelly Whitevale

The Gallowgate Towers consists of 51 Whitevale Street and 109 Bluevale Street. They are tallest buildings in Scotland. Built in 1968 their brutal purity soars 31 storeys high and they are visible for many miles. However the towers are scheduled for demolition in 2016 changing Glasgow’s skyline forever as the city rids itself of these BÊton brut structures.

Csilla Kozma The mysterious life of Mrs. Samsa I. – IV. The photographic series “The mysterious life of Mrs. Samsa” was inspired by Franz Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis”. I have a strong passion for the surreal and it has become the basis for my work. I use a unique and delicate post-printing process as a tool to create my own expressive statement. While the chemicals lift the emulsion from the silver gelatin print during the process, it creates a one of a kind image that evokes a feeling of unease and mystery at once.

Csilla Kozma Wings I-IV This series was inspired by a painting called Wing of a Blue Roller by Albrecht Durer. I explored the theme of beauty - would the viewer find the picture beautiful because of the colour and the textures of the feathers, or would the realisation of what it is be enough to repulse? There is beauty in everything, but not always in the realisation of it’s origins

Donald John MacLean A Glasgow Kiss Shooting the streets of unpredictable streets of Glasgow with a Holga on Black and White 120 Film offered the opportunity to reflect on that unpredictability with grainy, dreamlike images. The images are unique, challenging, imaginative, inventive a reflective comment on the society that we live in. The subjects appear ghost like, lost within the busy realms of a city where people appear like strangers to one another.

John McDougall Functional Ambience As night settles and the streets become empty of all but a few wandering souls, the often overlooked structures upon the roadside become the very soul and atmosphere of the city. The utilitarian glow of their lights seem to create a sense of longing for someone to notice. This functional ambience becomes the identity of a city.

Steven Scott Selected Images from ‘Second Nature’ and ‘Urban Fauna’

Images from these series concern themselves with the fringe areas in which wilderness and the man-altered landscape intercept and combine, creating an uneasy symbiosis as concrete both contaminates and becomes one with the land and foliage intrudes upon the constructed. From these ever shifting and expanding new ecosystems sodium bathed microcosms and landscapes of both beauty and destruction unfold.

Stephen Vargas CITYWALK Images of Glasgow city centre, throughout the day, places that I liked to go. I tried to capture movement in the shots, as for me, and I am sure everyone else, the city if something that is fluid and moves with its own pace. This collection of images were about searching my own pace within that.

The Forgotten Collective @ 2014Frames  

The Full Catalogue of The Forgotten Collective's Images Used at 2014Frames in Glasgow.

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