Page 1 July 23, 2010

Vol. 6, No. 30

News of Brunswick, Topsham, Bath and Harpswell

Planning Board OKs Habitat project over neighbors’ concerns By Steve Mistler BRUNSWICK — A recently approved Habitat for Humanity development on Cumberland Street is raising questions about whether the economic viability of the project outweighs density

More parents say restraints being used on students

and safety concerns. The Planning Board on July 13 approved the site plan for the three-unit development on a vacant lot at 46 Cumberland St. by a vote of 3-1, but not before residents of the neigh-

borhood claimed the project compromises Habitat’s mission of providing affordable housing. Board member Jeff Peters, who opposed the decision, said the project looked good on paper, but wouldn’t work.

“I can’t support this,” Peters said. “We are not being honest when we do something like this.” Neighbors of the project agreed, saying the development’s buildings would be too

‘Superman’ takes a hike in Brunswick

Dept. of Education downplays concerns By Emily Parkhurst SCARBOROUGH — After a story detailing one family’s experience with therapeutic restraint was published last week, many other parents came forward to share their experiences, while state agencies downplayed the problem. Wayne Jackson said his family moved after his son was reportedly restrained improperly in 2008 at Whitefield Elementary School, which is now part of the Sheepscot Valley Regional School Unit 12. Jackson said his then 8-yearold son, Brandon, who had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and early-onset bipolar disorder, was being disruptive in class when the principal allegedly grabbed him and restrained him in a prone position on the floor. “Prone restraint was not even supposed to be used on Brandon. He has asthma, so they’re not allowed to restrict his airway,” Jackson said. He said he had spoken to the school about the possible use of restraint to bring Brandon under control, but that he had asked to be called before any restraint was used. “They didn’t call until after the restraint. I was only three minutes away,” he said. Jackson said after the reSee page 29

Paul Cunningham / For The Forecaster

Drivers on Mill Street in Brunswick probably did double-takes last week when they saw “Superman” – actually Dalton, Ga., native Allen Mullins – walking along the side of the road carrying an American flag. Mullins, 28, said he began walking in January 2009 and intends to visit every state capital in the lower 48 states to call attention to veterans issues. So far, he said, he has visited 17.

close together and the common area would force children to play in busy streets. High Street resident Chris Ledwick called the project a “nicely rendered See page 28

Base agency lures ‘exciting new business,’ eyes federal tax credits

By Steve Mistler BATH — Just days before the scheduled announcement of a major tenant at Brunswick Naval Air Station, the agency redeveloping the base said it is considering entering a national tax credit program to lure tenants. The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority board of directors met in private Tuesday at Bath City Hall to hammer out the final details of a new lease agreement with an unidentified company. On Wednesday, the agency said it would hold a press conference at 9 a.m. on Friday, July 23, at the Augusta State Airport to introduce an exciting new business.” The announcement is being held at Maine Instrument Flight, a charter and flight instruction service. The agency has been targeting aviation industry tenants, in part because the base airport is expected to be one of the first assets turned over by the U.S. Navy. The MRRA hopes to take over operations of the airfield in November. The base is scheduled for closure in May 2011, after which it will be known as Brunswick Landing. In January, MRRA announced an agreement to bring FlightLevel Aviation, a fixed base operator, to the base. The company, which already operates at Norwood Memorial Airport in Massachusetts, will provide aircraft fueling and maintenance services in Brunswick. Steve Levesque, MRRA executive director, has previously stated that the agency is targeting aviation businesses involved in maintenance repair and overhaul. See page 22

Topsham selectmen send cell tower ban to November vote By Alex Lear TOPSHAM — Voters will decide in November if the town should establish a retroactive ban on new cellular communications towers in the Urban

Residential zone. The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously July 15 to schedule the Nov. 2 referendum, after receiving a petition that calls for the ban.

The petition was spread by residents of the Heights neighborhood, who opposed a cell tower that was proposed for that area and ultimately rejected by the Planning Board on June 29.

The petition calls for the ban to be retroactive to April 1. Town Clerk Ruth Lyons certified the petition had 556 valid signaSee page 28

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Pilot prepped for forced landing in fatal plane crash Page 2

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July 23, 2010

Pilot prepped for forced landing in fatal South Portland plane crash By Randy Billings SOUTH PORTLAND — The pilot of a small plane that crashed on Saturday, June 17, on Western Avenue had prepared for an emergency landing, a federal investigator said on Tuesday. But why the pilot deactivated the emergency fuel supply and turned off the electronics remains unknown, said

Butch Wilson, the National Transportation Safety Board investigator. Wilson said investigators hope to uncover those answers when they disassemble the plane’s engine on Wednesday. But answers may be difficult to find because of the engine’s condition. “The engine is banged up pretty good,” he said. “It’s possible the damage may

Police and firefighters from Portland and South Portland secure the scene around a small plane that crashed on Western Avenue in South Portland on Saturday, July 17, after takeoff from the Portland International Jetport. The pilot, Mark Haskell, 42, and his passenger, 66-year-old Thomas Casagrande, were killed. Michael Barriault / For The Forecaster

cover up part of what we want to know.” The YAK-52, a non-commercial, twoseat plane called “Lizzy-Lou,” crashed at around 3:30 p.m. shortly after taking off from the Portland International Jetport, killing the pilot and his passenger. The victims were identified by the state medical examiner’s office as 42-year-old Mark Haskell of Brunswick, the pilot, and 66-year-old Portland resident Thomas Casagrande, who was a passenger. The YAK-52, one of only 300 in the United States, is a 1970s-era acrobatic plane imported from Russia. It is made out of an aluminum, but is heavier than a traditional small plane and the engine is more complex. A specialist has been assisting in the investigation, Wilson said. The plane’s annual inspection last oc-

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curred in June, but officials are still trying to find documents that would indicate who inspected it and where the inspection took place. Wilson said an examination of the fuselage revealed all of the flight controls were operational when the plane went down, but it was not going fast enough to glide to a safe landing. “(Haskell) had no controllability issues with the aircraft,” he said. An air traffic controller noticed the plane wobbling after it took off, Wilson said, and asked Haskell if he needed to return to the airport. Haskell replied that he did. Less than a minute later, the plane banked sharply to the left and dove 300 feet to the ground. Wilson said pilots typically kill the fuel supply and electronics to avoid sparking a ground fire during a forced landing. Emergency responders indicated that about 20 gallons of fueled spilled at the crash site, he said. Wilson said the propeller was not turning when the plane crashed. “Once you turn the fuel off, the engine is going to quit,” he said. “Right now, we don’t know which one came first.” Jetport Director Paul Bradbury said Haskell, a Jetport employee, was having his pilot’s license re-certified. Casagrande, a retired military test pilot and certified flight instructor, was conducting the biennial re-certification. “The plane would not have taken off if it hadn’t passed the pre-flight check,” Bradbury said. Bradbury said Haskell had just comcontinued page 21

July 23, 2010



Beach access dispute ignites Harpswell residents By Steve Mistler HARPSWELL — A week after holding a well-attended public hearing about the town’s pursuit of public access at Cedar Beach, the Board of Selectmen met with the town attorney Tuesday to discuss its next course of action. Board Chairman Jim Henderson said Tuesday that the closed-door meeting was prompted by several questions raised during the July 14 hearing. The meeting drew close to 150 residents, even though it was originally scheduled only for neighbors who had expressed concerns about the town’s pursuit of a public easement to the popular beach on Bailey Island. In the past, residents have accessed the beach via Charles Abrahamson’s property at 99 Cedar Beach Road. Earlier this year Abrahamson approached the town with an offer to sell an easement. Henderson, who described the offer as “considerable,” said the town was then advised by its attorney to see if the public had already a established a historical right to Cedar Beach through years of continuous use, otherwise known as easement by prescription. Prescription is different from eminent domain, which involves taking property. Henderson said the town has no interest in eminent domain, only maintaining public access to a beach some residents claim their families have been using since the 1930s. To make its case, the town has begun collecting surveys asking residents how long they’ve used the beach. Two weeks

Comment on this story at:

ago, more than 70 surveys had been submitted. As of Wednesday, Terri Sawyer, the deputy town administrator, said more than 300 surveys had been collected. Abrahamson has taken exception to the town’s strategy. In June he began blocking access to the beach, which angered some residents during the July 14 public hearing. “(The Abrahamsons) are going to come in and take (the beach) from someone who has been using it for over 75 years,” Phil Dudley said. “And just because they want to make an extra dollar. It’s not right. ... The people that go down there, for the most part, respect it, love it and enjoy it. I don’t think some-


one should come in over greed and take it away.” Abrahamson did not attend the meeting. However, Richard Abbondanza, Abrahamson’s attorney, told the group his client stayed away because he feared hurtful things would be said. Abbondanza said Abrahamson “in no way wanted to restrict access” to Cedar Beach, that he favored “status quo” and “managed access.” “I think the best solution is to continue the conversation that started over the winter,” said Abbondanza, referring to close-door negotiations between the Board of Selectmen and Abrahamson that were suspended in June. Abbondanza also warned that the

town’s pursuit of a public easement through court action could be costly. Abbondanza said his client wanted the same thing as most residents: a public easement. But, as the attorney concluded his comments, someone in the audience said, “Then why doesn’t (Abrahamson) donate it?” The remark echoed those of several other residents. Dana Baggett, who lives on Cedar Beach Road, said it was “inconceivable to claim that the public doesn’t have the right of way.” Shannon Langston-Johnson said it was “appalling” that she couldn’t go down to “my beach.” continued page 22

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July 23, 2010

Harpswell Festival: Food, fireworks, music, boat races By Steve Mistler HARPSWELL — Organizers are gearing up for the seventh annual Harpswell Festival, which will be held July 24-25 at Mitchell Field. The festival will feature food, music and fireworks on July 24. On Sunday, July 25, the popular lobster boat races will be held, this time within full view of shore spectators. Musical performances begin Saturday at 11 a.m. with the headlining band, Motor Booty Affair, a disco dance band, scheduled to hit the stage at 7:30 p.m.

Fireworks will follow the band’s set. The lobster boat races will be held on Middlebay, allowing festival goers to watch from Mitchell Field. In the past the races have been held at Potts Harbor, where the races could be seen only by spectators in boats or with permission to access private property in the area. Tom Allen, one of the festival’s organizers, said about 100 spectator boats were expected to tie up near the finish line, adjacent the Mitchell Field pier. Music, food, dancing and family friendly events will dominate the festival

“I’m home.” “I’m home.” “I’m home.”

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itself. A parade will also be held at 1 p.m. Kids activities will include a dunk tank, bungee jumping, T-shirt decorating and a giant slide. For adults, a classic car show will be held, along with yoga classes on Saturday. The festival will also have craft and artisan exhibits on both days, and a piebaking contest on Saturday. Local non-profit groups will serve a variety of foods, including lobster rolls, hot dogs and hamburgers. Other professional vendors will also be at the event.

The Mitchell Field beach will be open throughout the two-day festival. Admission to the festival is free. Allen said organizers ask for donations, which often go to offsetting the cost of the event. “The festival is really a venue for other non-profits and local businesses,” he said. For more information, including directions and a full schedule of events, visit the festival website,, or to to Facebook, bZOq6O. Steve Mistler can be reached at 373-9060 ext. 123 or

Bath society seeks former campers ThisThis simple statement could mean the world to athe child, especially a especially simple could mean themean world to aworld child, a Thisstatement simple statement could toespecially a child, a for 65th anniversary celebration foster childchild who haschild beenwho moved from place tofrom place. Saying it it Saying it By Alex Lear foster who has been moved place to place. Saying foster has beenfrom moved place to place. would be asbegood for as hearing would be for you. Become would as good for him asforhearing ithearing would be for you. would behim as good himit as it would beBecome for you. Become BATH — The Pine Tree Society is a KidsPeace foster parent and and give a home to a to child. a KidsPeace foster parent give a home a child. a KidsPeace foster parent and give a ahome celebrating 65 years of its summer camp for disabled Mainers and is lookContact KidsPeace today: Contact KidsPeace today: today: Contact KidsPeace 207-771-5700 • 866-642-0003 207-771-5700 • 866-642-0003 207-771-5700 • 866-642-0003 ing for former campers and staffers to take part in the Sunday, Aug. 8, reunion. Pine Tree Camp, on North Pond in Rome, opened on July 2, 1945 to 75 Maine children with physical disabilities. During their eight-week stay, the youths participated in regular summer camp activities while also receiving intense therapy. LOSE INCHES QUICKLY The camp has since broadened its scope to serve adults. WITH “Pine Tree Camp has served thouTHE NEW ZERONATM SOFT LASER sands of campers and impacted the PAINLESS ✧ NO RECOVERY TIME lives of thousands of staff members SAFE ✧ NO SURGERY dating back to 1945,” Pine Tree Society Executive Director Anne Marsh said. “Unfortunately, over the years, we have lost touch with our alumni. They are RELAXING, SOOTHING ENVIRONMENT all important members of the Pine Tree NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING Camp family and this anniversary gives SUMMER As seen on: SPECIAL us a great opportunity to reconnect with Rachel Ray, The Doctors, Nightline, EXTRA, CBS Early Show them.” FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL US AT: 207-865-6655 The 285-acre facility now hosts 650 children and adults. Each group of Peter M. File, D.O. / Mary H. File, R.N., M.A. campers experiences six days of ac491 US ROUTE ONE ~ FREEPORT, MAINE tivities that include fishing, swimming, We respectWe ourrespect clients’our privacy. modelThe represented in this publication isrepresented for illustrative purposes only and inonly no way represents oronly endorses © 2009 or KidsPeace. clients’The represented in model this publication is for purposes and in no way represents endorses KidsPeace. © 2009 KidsPeace. Weprivacy. respect ourmodel clients’ privacy. The in illustrative this publication is for illustrative purposes and or in KidsPeace. no way represents endorses KidsPeace. © 2009 KidsPeace.

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The Pine Tree Society is celebrating 65 years since it founded its camp for disabled Mainers. A reunion is planned Aug. 8 on North Pond in Rome.

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hiking, kayaking, drama, adaptive tennis and arts and crafts. A full medical staff is available around the clock. The reunion will be held at the camp from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Aug. 8. Alumni can submit information through an online form that will be added to a directory, and at the same time they can RSVP for the event. Log onto or call 443-3341 for more information. Alex Lear can be reached at 373-9060 ext. 113 or

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TOPSHAM — A public meeting on the final design of a bicycle path will be held at Town Hall from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, July 28. This phase of the Androscoggin River bike path, to be largely funded by the Maine Department of Transportation, will run from Main Street to Community Drive. A previous portion runs from Main Street to Topsham Fair Mall Road.

July 23, 2010



Problems with FEMA maps help spur change in flood insurance bill By Steve Mistler PORTLAND — Congress could force the Federal Emergency Management Agency to review its flood mapping models for the sheltered harbors that dominate much of the Maine coastline. The provision, included in the Flood Insurance Reform Priorities Act, follows local concerns over the accuracy of FEMA’s newly proposed floodplain maps. Last week, several southern Maine communities met with agency officials to argue that the current mapping models are better applied to traditional sandy coastlines with direct exposure to the open ocean. Much of Maine’s coast, on the other hand, is protected by islands, inlets and harbors. The directive would force FEMA to re-evaluate its mapping models and the feasibility of creating a “sheltered harbor” zone in future map updates. The provision, introduced by U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-Maine, was included in the House version of the flood insurance bill, which cleared the chamber July 15 by a vote of 239-182. According to Wily Ritch, a spokesman for Pingree, the Senate is expected to vote on the bill sometime before Sept. 30, when a recent extension of the National Flood Insurance Program expires. “The bill has broad bipartisan support,” Ritch said. “(Pingree) knows the importance of this issue, and she’s confident it will get through the Senate.” Speaking from the House floor Thursday, Pingree highlighted concerns expressed by


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officials in York and Cumberland counties, where FEMA has unveiled a new floodplain. Several communities, including Portland, South Portland and Harpswell, have hired a consultant to refute the flood zone. The communities argue that the agency’s proposed update doesn’t accurately reflect the likelihood of wave damage in a 100year flood, and could potentially impede waterfront development and force homeowners to purchase costly flood insurance. Pingree reiterated those arguments Thursday, highlighting FEMA’s recent decision to reconsider the floodplain for Portland Harbor after bring presented with evidence from a consultant hired by the city. “Portland Harbor is not a barrier island nor is it a community built on shifting sand or even walled off from the sea by levees,” Pingree said. “Rather, Portland Harbor is a working, thriving waterfront that has endured for hundreds of years.” “Our nation’s working waterfronts, like all of our communities, deserve to be mapped using the best science FEMA has available,” Pingree added. “Our nation’s waterfront businesses need accurate flood maps that don’t needlessly place our businesses in restrictive flood areas that stifle economic activity on the waterfront.” The NFIP was established by Congress in 1968 to provide flood insurance to individuals and businesses located in flood


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areas and to counter unwise development in high-risk areas. The NFIP is administered by FEMA, which is responsible for generating the floodplain maps. Pingree acknowledged that FEMA might be correct in putting some properties at risk of being flooded or destroyed by a once-in-a-lifetime storm. However, she said, “sheltered harbors like Portland are protected” and don’t get battered by waves, even during a hurricane or nor’easter. Even if it survives a vote in the Senate, Pingree’s proposal is only likely to impact FEMA’s next mapping update. However, it could strengthen the argument made by several communities that are planning to appeal portions of the agency’s maps this summer. FEMA officials have acknowledged there might be errors in the maps, citing finite resources that limited the depth of modeling the agency used to predict areas at risk from waves generated by a hurricane or storms. The federal officials said mapping data could have produced inaccuracies and welcomed additional information to correct them. But the admission came after some towns and businesses have spent up to $17,000 for a consultant to appeal the proposed floodplain. Further, some local

U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-Maine, speaks on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives Thursday, July 15, on the reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program. Pingree pushed for an amendment that will review the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s flood mapping models, which are being contested by several southern Maine communities. The bill, H.R. 5114, passed the House and will now be taken up by the Senate. Video of Pingree’s testimony can be viewed at

officials said they aren’t confident FEMA has the capacity to fully consider the updated data during a fast-approaching 90-day appeal period. The appeal period initiates a series of rigid adoption steps that could force communities to agree to the maps by June 2011, or risk being kicked out of the National Flood Insurance Program. FEMA officials have said the appeal period could start as soon as July 24. Steve Mistler can be reached at 373-9060 ext. 123 or



July 23, 2010

Students restrained: What are Maine schools hiding? Last week’s story by Emily Parkhurst about the use of therapeutic restraints on students in schools throughout southern Maine asked several key questions. Among them: • Are school staffers properly trained and certified to safely restrain students using potentially life-threatening physical holds? • How often are these dangerous restraints employed? • Which school employees are restraining students? • And should the holds, which have killed or seriously injured at least 10 children around the country, even be allowed in Maine? The answers to these questions shouldn’t be hard to get. But as Parkhurst’s story revealed, they are – largely because Maine fails to closely monitor the schools or empower parents to challenge the use of restraints, and because school officials hide behind the flawed argument that providing answers would violate student privacy rights. The schools and their attorney claim the federal Fam-

ily Educational Rights and Privacy Act trumps Maine’s Freedom of Access Act when it comes to the release of information. We disagree, along with an attorney for the Maine Press Association, who bluntly told Parkhurst “the schools are violating state law.” Since publication of the story, we’ve also heard from the chairman of the Freedom of Information Committee of the national Society of Professional Journalists and the executive director of the national Student Press Law Center. They used words like “phooey” and “questionable” to describe the schools’ refusal to provide redacted records that conceal students’ personal information. Contrary to the schools’ argument, redacting information doesn’t force them to create new documents. In fact, it’s a common way for government agencies to provide documents that contain information unrelated to a Freedom of Access request. Their refusal to provide the requested information leads us to conclude they are more concerned about protecting the identities of their

employees than they are about protecting their students. And that’s not the purpose of FERPA. In the meantime, parents like Bob and Mary Ann Baizley of Scarborough should be praised for the courage they’ve shown by allowing their son’s story to be told. Parkhurst’s story has also encouraged other families to Comment on this story at:

come forward with their stories of young children subjected to physical restraint at the discretion of public schools employees. There undoubtedly are many more. As more of these people gain the courage to speak out, and as they are joined by other Mainers who are concerned about the safety and well-being of all public school children, perhaps things will change. It’s time for Maine public school officials to stop concealing information that some states already require their schools to make public on an annual basis. It makes you wonder what Maine educators have to hide, doesn’t it?

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July 23, 2010

5 Fundy Road Falmouth, ME 04105

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Gay or straight, it’s all in the family Last week, the National Organization for Marriage, the anti-gay marriage group that helped repeal Maine’s marriage equity law, held a rally in Augusta where Charla Bansley, Maine director of Concerned Women for America, made an inflammatory statement that must not go unchallenged. “We must understand that the enemy will never accept defeat in their efThe Universal fort to destroy the family as God designed,” warned Bansley, the Christian school teacher featured in fear-mongering Yes on 1 ads, in which she warned that homosexuality would be taught in Maine schools unless the marriage equity law was overturned. Like Tea Party conservatives who wrap themselves in the Constitution and the AmeriEdgar Allen Beem can flag as though they owned them, Christian conservatives commandeer the Bible as though God were on their side. I believe both groups are wrong. And I am not alone. I may be “the enemy,” but I am not out to “destroy the family as God designed.” I am, however, the enemy of bigotry, prejudice, homophobia, narrowmindedness, and injustice perpetrated in the name of Christianity. Why? Precisely because I am a Christian. Christian fundamentalists might argue that I am not a good Christian, but then I would argue that Christian fundamentalists give Christianity a bad name. Fundamentalists almost universally ignore Christ’s message of love, compassion and forgiveness in their zeal to condemn others. Jesus Christ was the most liberal, inclusive being who ever walked this Earth and the Congregationalist tradition within which I was raised embraces his inclusivity. On June 20, First Parish Church in Yarmouth held a special congregational meeting at which we voted to become an Open and Affirming church, the designation that the United Church of Christ gives to churches that have made a deliberate and prayerful decision to include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people in the full life and ministry of the church. Yarmouth is the 887th UCC church to become Open

and Affirming (ONA) since 1987. Yarmouth, however, is late to ONA status. UCC churches in Portland, South Portland, Falmouth, Cumberland and Gorham, as well as in far-flung locations such as Machias, Wilton, Casco and Norway have been ONA for years. First Parish might have become ONA a decade ago were it not for how we mishandled a decision in 1999 to allow our pastors to bless same-gender unions in our sanctuary. On March 28, 1999, First Parish members voted 149-33 to allow the blessing of same-gender unions and 124-55 to allow same-gender covenanting ceremonies in the sanctuary. But because we had not gone through a careful, thoughtful discernment process, the decision and debate at the 1999 meeting caused a rift in the congregation, after which many members were leery of discussing issues of sexual orientation again. In 2009-2010, therefore, First Parish engaged in a year-long period of prayerful discussion leading up to the ONA vote. During this process, members and friends of First Parish who are gay and lesbian and who have gay and lesbian family members helped open the hearts, minds and souls of members of the congregation who may have had reservations. The June 20 ONA vote was 82-1. I had never been as proud of my church as I was that day – until a few weeks later on July 11 when the members of First Parish, by unanimous voice vote, decided to call Rev. Kathleen Dalton to become our new associate pastor. Kate is a lovely, lively, spirited young woman. She is also a lesbian raising two sons in a loving, committed relationship with her partner Nora. The people of First Parish who made these two historic decisions are not radical gay activists. We are a cross-section of Maine – young and old, conservative and liberal, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, gay and straight, rich and poor, single, married, widowed and divorced. We are doctors, lawyers, educators, business people, trades people, retirees and students. We are not out to destroy the family as God designed it. We are the family as God designed it.

Columns welcome

Beem misses dip, also misses the point


The Forecaster welcomes readers to express their views in our pages in the hope that these opinion columns will help generate thoughtful debate on local issues. We are eager to provide space for a diversity of opinion and perspectives, which we will publish as “Forum” pieces on our Opinion pages. We would especially like to receive submissions from those who may have a particular background in a subject related to local or statewide issues. As our space is limited, we would ask that these submissions for these Forum columns be limited to 550 words, and they should be exclusive to The Forecaster. If you would like more information on a possible Forum column, you can contact Mo Mehlsak at 7813661 ext. 107, or at

Freelance journalist Edgar Allen Beem lives in Yarmouth. The Universal Notebook is his personal, weekly look at the world around him. Comment on this story at:

Clam dip sounds about as appealing to me as lobster roe in toasted marshmallows. While I grieve Edgar Allen Beem’s loss of access to his favorite brand (“The Universal Notebook: Heluva good excuse to be a conservative”), a conservative would notice that people lost their livelihoods in the bargain. Beem is clearly no conservative. Why is it that “Me”-oriented progressives only seem to take notice when their own narrow self-interests are impaired? Pete Kledaras Falmouth



July 23, 2010

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jammer Way. 7/14 at 9:47 a.m. Person stuck in elevator at Hampton Inn. 7/15 at 11 a.m. False alarm on Drummond Point. 7/17 at 7:29 p.m. Garage fire in Woolwich. 7/18 at 12:50 a.m. Structure fire in West Bath.

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EMS Emergency medical services responded to 41 calls from July 12-19.





7/12 at 9:04 p.m. Bruce Plourde, 44, no address listed, was arrested on two warrants by Officer Ted Raedel. 7/13 at 5:30 p.m. Thomas Littlefield, 48, of Libby Court, was arrested by Officer Richard Ross on a charge of violation of a protection order.

7/13 at 8:22 a.m. Megan M. Small, 18, of 155 Spiller Hill Road, Raymond, was arrested on Pleasant Street on a warrant. 7/14 at 3:11 p.m. Karen R. Vaughan, 22, of 10 Purchase St., was arrested on Bath Road on a charge of unlawful possession of scheduled drugs and a warrant. 7/16 at 1:12 a.m. Jennifer M. Tyrol, 29, of 35 Jordan Ave., was arrested on Maine Street on a charge of violating condition of release. 7/16 at 8:58 p.m. Strongheart David Loney, 35, of 23 Federal St. Apt. 1, was arrested on Federal Street on a warrant. 7/17 at 1:42 a.m. Christine Ann McLellan, 25, of 81 Farley Road Apt. 1, was arrested on Bath Road on two warrant charges. 7/17 at 11:40 p.m. Jacob G. Davis, 18, of 55 Boody St., was arrested on Maine Street on a charge of minor possessing liquor. 7/18 at 12:01 a.m. Christopher Goodwin, 35, of 14 Sandhill Drive, was arrested on College Street on a charge of operating under the influence.

Summonses 7/12 Donald Merrill, 50, of Washington Street, was issued a summons by Officer Ted Raedel on a charge of violation of condition of release. 7/14 Charlotte Wallace, 18, of Brown Road, Wiscasset, was issued a summons by Officer Ted Raedel on a charge of illegal possession of liquor by a minor. 7/14 Jordan Turcotte, 18, of Ridge Road, Lisbon Falls, was issued a summons by Officer Ted Raedel on a charge of illegal possession of liquor by a minor by consumption. 7/14 Timothy Larsen, 21, of Liberty Street, was issued a summons by Cpl. Marc Brunelle on a charge of furnishing a place for minors to consume liquor. 7/18 Luke Trottier, 34, of Bernard Street, was issued a summons by Officer Richard Ross on a charge of theft of services.


7/12 at 4:10 p.m. Rachel Prescott, 30, of 46A Pleasant St., Topsham, was summonsed on Maine Street on a charge of leaving scene of Missing blue? 7/14 at 12:10 a.m. Police were informed of a motor vehicle accident. RAND PENING a white Volkswagen being struck by a red 7/13 at 1:44 p.m. Bess Walsh, 19, of 252 paintball. The paintball caused no damage, Lakeside Drive, Boothbay Harbor, was summonsed at Walmart on a charge of theft by aside from a mess. unauthorized taking or transfer. Fire calls 7/12 at 9:17 a.m. Appliance fire on Wind- 7/14 at 3:47 p.m. Anna M. Spicer, 25, of 35 Chamberlain Ave., was summonsed on Now under new ownershipChamberlain Avenue on a charge of operating The staffof would Home thelike to invite you tovehicle without a license. come in and see our new facelift! 7/16 at 9:27 p.m. James Denardo, 19, of 14 Try our Homemade Breads, Swett St., was summonsed on Pleasant Street Pastries Monday thru Friday 5am -and 7amDesserts only on a charge of minor possessing liquor. Alwaysora 10% Senior Discount Two Eggs, Bacon 7/17 at 2:53 a.m. Bryan D. Wilson, 18, of 15 HomeFries, of the Early Riser Special! Sausage, Kettle Wildwood Drive, was summonsed on Aspen Two Eggs, Bacon or Sausage, Kettle Fries, Homemade Toast Drive on a charge of minor consuming liquor. Homemade Toast and Coffee and Coffee 7/17 at 2:53 a.m. A 17-year-old was sum$ monsed on Aspen Drive on a charge of Always a 10% Senior Discount Monday through Friday 5 am - 7 am Only allowing minor to possess or consume liquor. 7/18 at 8:08 p.m. A 17-year-old was summonsed at Hannaford on charges of theft by w e N Under hip unauthorized taking or transfer and sale and s r Owne use of drug paraphernalia.


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Fire calls

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7 Second Street Topsham, ME 725-2724

7/12 at 7:58 a.m. Assist citizen on River Road. 7/12 at 9:26 a.m. Fire alarm on Bath Road.

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7 Second St., Topsham, ME 841-2844

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July 23, 2010 Theodore Drive. 7/17 at 7:44 p.m. Fire alarm on North Campus Drive. 7/18 at 12:29 a.m. Fire on Dunning Street. 7/18 at 12:51 a.m. Fire on State Road. 7/18 at 1:09 a.m. Fire on Bath Road. 7/18 at 10:35 a.m. Fire alarm on Bath Road.


Familiar Faces, Familiar Place.

EMS Emergency medical services personnel responded to 52 calls from July 12-18.

from previous page 7/12 at 10:27 a.m. Paperwork service on Bath Road. 7/12 at 1:28 p.m. Check welfare at Searless Science Building on Maine Street. 7/12 at 7:59 p.m. Carbon monoxide alarm on Dunning Street. 7/12 at 8:49 p.m. Medical emergency on Hennessey Avenue. 7/13 at 12:55 p.m. Fire alarm at Northern Mattress on Maine Street. 7/13 at 3:53 p.m. Medical emergency on River Road. 7/13 at 6:13 p.m. Motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. 7/13 at 10:18 p.m. Fire alarm on Schoduk Lane. 7/14 at 1:30 p.m. Medical emergency on Baribeau Drive. 7/14 at 6:02 p.m. Fire on Hollis Lane. 7/15 at 1:19 p.m. Fire on Hacker Road. 7/16 at 7:37 a.m. Medical emergency on Maurice Drive. 7/16 at 2:57 p.m. Follow-up investigation on Elwell Lane. 7/17 at 12:10 p.m. Fire alarm on Princes Point Road. 7/17 at 12:17 p.m. Medical emergency on River Road. 7/17 at 3:59 p.m. Medical emergency on

Harpswell Arrests There were no arrests reported from July 12 to July 19.

Topsham Arrests 7/11 at 10:26 a.m. Clyde Bailey, 38, of Middlesex Road, was arrested on a warrant by Officer Robert Ramsay. 7/12 at 9:30 p.m. William Fahnley, 49, of Willow Grove Road, Brunswick, was arrested by Sgt. Frederick Dunn on a charge of theft by unauthorized taking or transfer.


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7/13 at 1:15 p.m. Walter Brank, 42, of Wotton Lane, New Harbor, was issued a summons by Officer Robert Ramsay on a charge of theft by deception.

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Fire calls 7/12 at 7:34 p.m. Vehicle leaking fuel on Topsham Fair Mall Road. 7/13 at 5:53 a.m. Smoke alarm on West Schoolhouse Crossing. 7/13 at 9:33 a.m. Fire alarm on Jake Drive.







Emergency medical services responded to six calls from July 12-15.

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��������� �� ������� �� ���� �������

10 Midcoast

July 23, 2010


Mark H. Haskell, Sr., 42: Devoted his life, career to flying planes BRUNSWICK — Mark Hamilton Haskell, Sr., 42, of Brunswick, died July 17 in South Portland from injuries resulting from a plane crash. On April 25, 1968, he was born in Brunswick, a son of Warren H. and Marilyn L. Allen Haskell and attended local schools. His love of planes began at a very young age, and at age 17 he flew his first solo flight. After graduating from Daniel Webster Haskell, Sr. College, he attended Air Traffic Control School in Oklahoma City, Okla., where he graduated as valedictorian. For 20 years, he worked at the Portland International Jetport in FAA Air Traffic


Consulting • Design Construction • Maintenance

443-4525 P.O. Box 694 Bath, Maine 04530

Control, where he was instrumental in completing air traffic studies and aerospace redesign for the Portland Tower. Throughout his career, he received numerous letters of commendation for providing superior air traffic services in difficult emergency situations. He received the Point With Pride Award for outstanding assistance provided to an aircraft in distress. His good nature and willingness to lend assistance whenever possible will be missed by the Portland Tower staff. He was involved in other special projects with the Portland Jetport and Brunswick Naval Air Station, including piloting his Yak-52 and serving as the FAA representative for air shows. Additionally, he volunteered his time and airplane in the FAA co-sponsored Aviation Career Education Academy program for middle and high school students. Other activities included flying in the National Day of Prayer Flight over Augusta, flybys over the Yarmouth Clam Festival, and participating in the Brunswick Memorial Day wreath drop and the Pumpkin Drop in Sanford. His faith was very important to him and he was studying to become an ordained minister. He was a member of the Brunswick Church of the Nazarene. On Oct. 5, 1996, he married Alison L. Smith. He was predeceased by his father in 2003. Surviving are his wife Alison of Bruns-

Bringing Out The Best

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wick; his three children, sons Mark H. Haskell, Jr., and Aaron Haskell, and daughter Elizabeth, all of Brunswick; his mother Marilyn of Brunswick; a brother, Dale Haskell of Topsham, and a sister, Kathy French of Brunswick; his father-in-law and mother-in-law, T.A. Smith and Gretchen of Augusta; several aunts and uncles; and cousins. Visiting hours will be from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, July 22 at Brackett Funeral Home, 29 Federal St., Brunswick. A funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, July 23 at the Church of the Nazarene, Mckeen Street, Brunswick. Memorial donations can be made to the Haskell Children’s Scholarship Fund, c/o Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 188, Brunswick, ME 04011. Condolences can be expressed online at

Laurette L. Simoneau, 90 BRUNSWICK — Laurette L. Simoneau, 90, died July 16 at Parkview Adventist Medical Center. On July 1, 1920, she was born in Lewiston, a daughter of Albert J. and Laura Dumont Labbe. The family later moved to Van Buren, where she attended local schools. On July 1, 1950, she married Roger Simoneau and made their home in Lewiston. For 44 years she worked at Bates Mill

until retiring in 1982. For the past nine years she lived in Brunswick. She enjoyed spending time with her family and doing puzzles. On Sept. 7, 1987, she was predeceased by her husband Roger. Surviving are two sisters, Irene Ouellette of Brunswick, and Lillian Bonneau of Enfield, Conn.; and Simoneau several nieces and nephews. Arrangements are by the DemersDesmond Funeral Home, 34 Cushing St., Brunswick. Memorial services were held earlier this week. Memorial contributions may be made to American Heart Association, 51 U.S. Route One, Suite M, Scarborough, ME 04740. Condolences may be expressed and a guestbook may be signed at

Obituaries policy

Obituaries are news stories, compiled, written and edited by The Forecaster staff. There is no charge for publication, but obituary information must be provided or confirmed by a funeral home or mortuary. Our preferred method for receiving obituary information is by email to, although faxes to 781-2060 are also acceptable. The deadline for obituaries is noon Monday the week of publication.

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July 23, 2010


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12 Midcoast

July 23, 2010

Pulling for a cause Over 70 employees from Time Warner Cable participated in the MS Society’s Annual Plane Pull held recently at the Portland International Jetport. The Plane Pull competition requires teams of 25 to pull a Boeing 757 for 12 feet, with the fastest time winning. Time Warner Cable sponsored five teams, and won first place with a time of 3.88 seconds and third place with a time of 4.04 seconds, raising nearly $20,000 for the MS Society’s Northern New England Chapter.

USM awarded $175K energy education grant PORTLAND — University of Southern Maine’s Department of Environmental Science was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to support the development of an applied energy curriculum. The $175,000, three-year grant will be used to design energy-related courses and a graduate certificate. Dr. Daniel M. Martinez, a faculty member in environmental science, is spearheading the curriculum design and laboratory management. The grant will also help expand USM’s energy research and testing capabilities.

No. Yarmouth resident to serve on national board WASHINGTON, D.C. — Arthur A. Cerullo of North Yarmouth, a longtime American Lung Association volunteer, was appointed to serve on the American Lung Association’s national board of directors. Cerullo, an attorney with Drummond & Drummond in Portland, has been a volunteer with the American Lung Association in Maine for more than 20 years. Over the years, he has served as the ALA in Maine’s president from 2001-2003; helped launch Maine’s Asthma Walks; and has personally participated in the American Lung Association in Maine’s “Trek Across Maine” for the last 21 years. Since 2004 he has volunteered for the National American Lung Association, and most recently served as its Speaker of the National Assembly for 2009-2010.

New Hires, Promotions The Ad Club of Maine has named Karen Tucker of Great Diamond Island as the new executive administrator responsible for the day-to-day functions of the club and to work with the board of directors’ executive committee and committee chairs.



The Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro recently graduated 44 new police officers, of which five have been placed in area police departments. Patrick R. Scott and Matthew W. Swan have joined the Brunswick Police Department; and Jamie A. Beals, Heather M. Brown, and Paul J. Bertozzi have joined the Portland Police Department. Emerald Hospitality has hired Jeanne Carpentier as regional director of sales and marketing overseeing sales for the Hampton Inns of Freeport, Presque Isle, and Waterville, and the Hilton Garden Inns of Freeport, Syracuse, N.Y., and Ithaca, N.Y. The company also promoted Josh Cushing to general manager at the Hilton Garden Inn of Freeport. Formerly, Cushing worked at the Hampton Inn in Presque Isle. Hobbs Funeral Home has named Jonathan James Cagney of Portland as a licensed funeral director, where he will assist with funeral services and the daily operations of the funeral home. Kelly Parker has joined Allen & Selig Realty of North Yarmouth and Bath as a designated broker. Parker was previously the designated broker/owner of Real Estate Exchange, Inc. in Falmouth. Levey Day School has named Dr. Stephen Simons as director of Portland-based Jewish day school. Simons was previously the director of education at Congregation Mishkan Tefila in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Jesse Baines of Portland has joined Friends of Casco Bay as the development /


Maine’s Sea Story Lives Here

e Woole n i a ns l t e u t M O

See U.S. Navy destroyers being built at Bath Iron Works – Daily except Sunday

Cruise the Kennebec River on nature and lighthouse tours – Daily cruises

Explore six interactive family-friendly exhibits

Visit the site where the world’s largest wooden ship was built


Upcoming Events July 25 – Kayak tour of Merrymeeting Bay

communications associate. Prior to joining Friends of Casco Bay, Baines was the event coordinator for GrowSmart Maine and the marketing and membership associate for the Maine Lobstermen’s Association. The Maine Civil Liberties Union has promoted Brianna Twofoot of Portland from organizer to field director of the MCLU, overseeing the MCLU’s public education and field programs. Pierce Atwood LLP has hired Tatsiana Bianetskaya of Portland as tax and accounting manager in the firm’s finance department. Shalom House, Inc. of Portland, a provider of mental health support services and affordable housing for people living with psychiatric disabilities, has promoted Norman Maze from property manager to housing director. Jordan Denning of Yarmouth has been named the president of App Publishing, LLC, a Portland-based software development company. Unum has promoted the following three executives to senior vice president positions at its Portland location: Don Boutin was promoted from vice president to senior vice president of national client group; Diane Garofalo was promoted from vice president of benefits operations to senior vice president of long term disability and individual disability benefits; and Scott Maker was promoted from vice president and chief government affairs officer to senior vice president and chief government affairs officer. Portland advertising, interactive and public relations agency KG Partners has hired Derek LaVallee as its new director of public relations and John Vincent as director of account services. Danielle Dubuc has been promoted to managing partner of LongHorn Steakhouse located at 300 Maine Mall Road in South







Portland. Baker Newman Noyes has hired Jana Purrell as manager in the healthcare consulting division and Michael Morse joined the firm as a staff auditor. Joshua Moore of Cumberland, Ross Kendrick of Yarmouth and Nicole Evers of Yarmouth have joined the Maine Conservation Corps as team members and AmeriCorps volunteers for the summer. James J. McQuaid of Scarborough was named the director of pharmacy services for Maine Veterans’ Homes, which operates six Homes throughout Maine.


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Debit Card

July 23, 2010



A wag is worth a thousand words Ever get the feeling that your dog Seven in 10 (70 percent) respondents knows what you’re thinking, without say there have been times when they you saying a word? Many canine par- shared a meaningful look with their ents report canine comthat they’ve panions. had an entire “Dogs have conversation an uncanny with their ability to pick dogs despite up on even the obvious the subtlest language barcues from Forecaster Care,enabling them to ‘read’ rier. From “can I have a The treat” to “let’spresents their Pet owners, special section that way will focus on thelike important place animals can,” go for a walk,”adogs have a special humans few other our pets have in our families and the care they need. of sharing their feelings. According to a said body language expert Patti Wood. new survey, it’s the wags, not Forecaster words thatreaders “Even as minute as a glance fromsomething our Portland, Northern, Mid-Coast andtheir Southern editions tell the story when it comes to canine from owner has meaning for a will see your ad for grooming, petdog.” supplies, veterinarian services, communication. sitting and by training for a total circulation of 69,500. The survey, pet conducted Kelton Wood also points out that our modern Research for Pup-Peroni dog snacks, dogs’ ability to communicate with us revealed that most canine pet parents seems to be a product of millennia of believe thatPublication they can communicate with interaction. “Research shows that, over week: their dogs evenJanuary though21they don’t speak time, there has been a deliberate selecthe same language - giving a new twist tion of dogs with the ability to pick deadline: to the oldAdvertising adage, “silence is golden.” up on cues from humans,” she said. Friday, January 16 Pet owners feel confident that they “It shows just how important nonverknow what’s on their pups’ minds, even bal communication between dogs and without the benefit of words. Almost people has always been.” three in four (74 percent) respondents For many pet parents, the special believe their dog’s body language or bond they share with their pooch is one facial expressions better indicate how of the most important relationships in their pet is truly feeling than barks or their lives. Without ever having to say other sounds. They also estimate that a word, their pups are there for them they know what their dog is thinking through the good times and the bad, nearly half (49 percent) of the time. acting as confidants, therapists and most

Most dog owners feel an intense bond of communication with their pets. contributed

importantly, their best friends. Maybe it’s because of that unspoken connection between canines and humans that people feel their dogs are just as good a source of comfort and companionship as their human friends - or maybe even more so. With a smile and a wag, dogs just know - how many people can say that about their best friend or significant other? Courtesy of ARAcontent

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INSIDE Editor’s note

If you have a story idea, a score/cancellation to report, feedback, or any other sports-related information, feel free to e-mail us at


Sports Roundup Page 15

July 23, 2010

Great tennis action, right here in New England By Ken Levinsky Every July, immediately following the Wimbledon championships in England, top-rated American tennis players flock to New England. They are attracted to two venues, the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I. and the World Team Tennis facility at the Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton, Mass. These sites, an easy drive from southern Maine, provide a great opportunity to see pro tennis players up close. The Campbell’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championship in Newport is always played the week after Wimbledon. It is played at America’s oldest tennis facility, dating back to 1880. Like Wimbledon, the courts in Newport are grass (no other tournament in the United States is played on that surface.) The Newport grass is softer than at Wimbledon, and provides a nice surface for both power and touch players. The finalists this year were American Mardy Fish (the fifth seed) and Oliver Rochus (the fourth seed), No. 61 in the world, from Belgium. The final was a classic match between a serve and volleyer (Fish) and a baseliner. Fish won in three close sets, 5-7, 6-3, 6-4. The victory, his fourth career title, came in his eighth appearance in Newport. By winning the tournament, the 6-foot, 2-inch Fish jumped from No. 79 to No. 49 in the world rankings, and up to No. 4 among Americans. As a high school senior in 1999, Fish lived with Andy Roddick’s family in Boca Raton, Florida. The two future pros played together on the Boca Prep basketball and tennis teams. Fish’s career high of No. 17 in the world was achieved in 2004. In the ensuing years he fought through several injuries and made it back to No. 20 in August 2009. He is determined to reach those heights again. Fish, 28, is in top shape since rehabilitating from knee surgery last September. He has worked hard on conditioning and lost 30 pounds. The top American (and No. 1 seed) in the tournament was Sam Querry, 22. He has risen to 19th in the world and is No. 3 in America. The hard serving 6-foot-6 Querry, who has won three tour events this season, was upset in the second round. No top seed has ever won during the tournament’s 34 years.

Despite the loss, Querry was relaxed during the postmatch press conference. After answering questions about the match, he chatted with reporters about the Boston sports scene. He does not think the Celtics should go after Shaquille O’Neal. Newport is a great place to watch tennis. During most of the tournament, three matches are played concurrently. The intimate main stadium provides those seated in the historical covered grandstands protection from the sun. Fans wishing to get real close to the action gather at the two adjacent side courts. After each match in the main stadium, the winner is interviewed for all to hear over the public address system. After players leave the court area, it is not difficult to get a photo or autograph. World Team Tennis (WTT), in its 35th year, was created by tennis legend Billie Jean King. New England’s team, the Boston Lobsters, pay at the elegant Ferncroft country club, 15 miles north of Boston. The stadium’s capacity is a cozy 1,700. The seats are so close to the court that everyone can hear the player’s side comments. Second-year Lobsters coach Bud Schultz is a Bates College graduate who went on to achieve a world ranking of No. 39. To showcase our country’s top players, this year’s team is comprised solely of American-born

Ken Levinsky / For The Forecaster

American Marty Fish hits a forehand during the Campbell’s Hall of Fame tournament in Newport, R.I., earlier this month. Fish won the men’s singles championship.

athletes. Team regulars include Jan-Michael Gambill, Eric Butorac, Raquel Kops-Jones and Coco Vandeweghe. Gambill has been ranked as high as 14th and had wins over Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. Butorac, the best Division III college tennis player since Bud Schultz, has reached No. 29 in doubles. Third-year Lobster Kops-Jones has reached 31st in doubles. Vandeweghe, who is 6-foot-1 and only 18 years old,

is the niece of former NBA star and current Denver Nuggets general manager, Kiki Vandeweghe. She is ranked No. 15 in America and No. 200 in the world. There are only two American women her age who are ranked higher than she is. Marquee players James Blake and John Isner each joined the Lobsters for selected matches. Blake, who played at Harvard, has reached as high as No. 4 in the world. Isner, best known

for winning the longest match in tennis history this year in Wimbledon, is ranked No. 18 in the world. Standing 6-9 and processing a strong serve and forehand, Isner, 25, is the No. 2 American, behind only Andy Roddick, who is ranked ninth in the world. The league has two conferences, each with five teams playing 14 matches during a three-week period in July. The continued next page

Off-peak time’s a great time at local golf courses By Peter Blais It may be midsummer, the busiest and most expensive part of Maine’s golf season, but hitting the links is still very affordable for those willing to play during off-peak times at Portland-area layouts. Twilight time – which generally starts between 1 and 4:30 p.m. at most courses – is savings time. Here are a few examples: • Riverside Golf Course in Portland. Saturday and Sunday after 1, nine holes with cart are $25, 18 holes $35. • Brunswick Golf Club. Walking after 4 p.m. is $30. Carts are $10 per person for nine holes and $15 for 18 holes. • Dunegrass in Old Orchard Beach. After 4:30 p.m., 18 holes of golf and cart for $35. • Nonesuch River Golf Club in Scarborough. After 3 p.m., $25

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walking plus $13 per person for cart. • Spring Meadows Golf Course in Gray. After 3 p.m., $26 Monday through Thursday, $30 Friday through Sunday. Carts for 18 holes are $16 per player. • Sable Oaks Country Club in South Portland. After 4 p.m., for 18 holes, $27 weekdays (Monday through Friday) and $30 weekends. • Toddy Brook Golf Course in North Yarmouth. After 3 p.m., all you can play for $25 (walking) and $35 (with cart). • Willowdale Golf Course in Scarborough. After 4 p.m., $18 unlimited play walking, $29 with cart. • Point Sebago in Casco. After 3 p.m., with cart, $35 midweek

(Monday through Thursday), $39 weekend (Friday through Sunday). Resort guests are $29 seven days a week. Golfers can also save in many other ways. For those not seeking a full membership but wanting a deal every time they play, Freeport Country Club offers a Plus Card that entitles purchasers to 10 nine-hole rounds for $120 (a $30 savings over 10 rounds purchased separately) and 10 18-hole rounds for $200 (a $50 savings over 10 rounds purchased separately). Those who cringe at the thought of the punch to the wallet from taking the entire family out for a day of golf should consider Gorham Country Club. A family of four can play nine holes for $25 after 3 p.m. on weekends. Sunset Ridge in Westbrook has a weekday Internet special of 18 holes with cart for $33 (a $6

savings off the regular price) for those mentioning they saw the Internet ad. If 18 holes just aren’t enough, Nonesuch charges $25 for a replay round (a $15 savings for those paying $40 for their initial round on weekends). Finally, for those expecting guests or visiting the area themselves, Sable Oaks offers an Escape Golf Package in conjunction with the Marriott Portland at Sable Oaks. The Stay and Play Package includes deluxe accommodations, one round of golf for two, and breakfast for two for $258. Nonesuch River offers packages at seven area hotels starting at $77.50 per person based on double occupancy, A round of golf, even during the busiest part of the Maine golf season, may be less expensive than you think.

July 23, 2010

’Run for the Sun’ race upcoming The third annual “Run for the Sun” 5K road race will be held Saturday, July 24 at 9 a.m., in downtown Brunswick. The race benefits the Cathance River Education Alliance, a local nonprofit company which manages the Cathance River Preserve in Topsham. Prize money and trophies will be

Tennis from previous page top two teams in each conference advance to the playoffs. With three matches remaining, the Boston Lobsters had a 5-6 record and were in third place. A playoff berth could be on the line when Boston hosts Washington for their season finale this Thursday. This writer encourages The Forecaster’s sports fans to make the 90-mile trip from Portland to root the team on. The playoffs begin the next day on the homecourt of the top-seeded team from each conference. The winners will meet on Sunday in Kansas City. World Team Tennis has a unique format, which is exciting even to those

Roundup awarded. FMI, brunswick-me/run-for-the-sun-5k-2010, or 8375480. The registration fee is $15 preregistration or $20 on race day.

Coastal Humane Society hosting fundraiser

Golf Classic “Fore Paws,” Monday, Aug. 23 at the Brunswick Golf Club. All proceeds raised will benefit the homeless animals at CHS. The tournament will be a scramble format with a shotgun start at 8:30 am. Cost to play is $150 per player ($600 per 4 person team). FMI, or 725-5051.

Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick will host the Coastal Humane Society


Freeport Gridiron Club hosting road race The Freeport Gridiron Club will host a Run With The Falcons 5K road race Sunday, Aug. 29, beginning at 8 a.m., at the Mast Landing School in Freeport. Runners and walkers can register online for $15 or the day of the race for $20. FMI, jim.melise@ or register.asp?eventid=2412.

watching tennis for the first time. Team matches consist of five sets, including one set each of men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed (coed) doubles. WTT innovations such as “no-ad” game scoring and “let serves are in play” keep things moving. The family friendly event encourages young fans like to stick around after the match to meet the players from both teams at the autograph table. July is a great time in New England to watch American tennis stars past, present and future. With choices like the tradition filled Campbell’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championship in Newport or the spirited Boston Lobsters World Team Tennis matches, there is something for fans of all ages.

Ken Levinsky / For The Forecaster

Members of the Boston Lobsters tennis team sign autographs after a recent match.

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16 Midcoast

July 23, 2010

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July 23, 2010


Exploring Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park by kayak Experience one of Maine’s most popular state parks this summer from a little different perspective – from your kayak. If you love viewing osprey, blue herons, and eider ducks you have found the place. Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park is famous for the nesting osprey on Googins Island a few yards east of the popular Casco Bay Trail. Ospreys have been entertaining families here for decades. They are to Freeport what Andre the Seal was to Rockport a few years ago. There are two distinct shorelines to Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park. A mile of beautifully shaped and colored ledges shaded by an unbroken forest of oak and pine look out over Casco Bay. Another 4,000 feet of shoreline borders the eastern side of the Harraseeket River across from Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster in South Freeport. You can start your outing from a couple of launch sites: Winslow Park in South Freeport, or the Little River Bridge on the Burnett Road a half-mile north of the state park. Check out the Delorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer (Map No. 6) for help in getting to your launch site. Winslow Park charges a $3 launch fee per kayak plus a $4 parking fee. The advantage of launching here is that you have a little more leeway as far as the tide is concerned. At the Little River site you will only be able

to land or take off within the period from two hours before high tide to two hours after high tide. Otherwise you will be dealing with a lot of knee-high mud. We started our outing from the Little River Bridge an hour before high tide, and explored along the shoreline for a leisurely three hours. A mile south of Googins Island we saw 10 harbor seals on Googins Ledges, their rich brown coats glowing in the early morning sun. We gave them plenty of room and observed from a long distance away with our binoculars. We stopped to talk with a couple from Auburn fishing from the shoreline just north of Googins Island. Osprey wheeled overhead while a blue heron stood in the marsh grasses only yards away surveying the placid waters. The husband had just landed a 12-pound striped bass. He then told us about a 52-pound sand shark he had landed from this same spot last summer. At the southwestern corner of the park you will see a wooden sign marking the park boundary. There is an exceptional sand beach here perfect for swimming. As we arrived a pair of sandpipers flitted along the shoreline. We enjoyed an early morning dip, a great way to begin what would turn out to be yet another ninety-degree summer day. You will be sorely temped to spend hours here, so keep in mind the critical timing of the tide where you put in. As you paddle toward Moore Point at

the mouth of the Harraseeket River you will pass by a few large ocean-side homes and docks. Just after you pass by a cluster of boats you will see a granite jetty sticking out from shore. We came upon a blue heron standing still at the end. It slowly began walking away from us as we floated to within a few yards. We marveled at its bewitching yellow eyes. Hug the shoreline as you enter the mouth of the river. The current is very strong here as water swirls and gurgles around Pound of Tea and Pumpkin Knob. There is also a lot of lobster and pleasure boat traffic to contend with in the deeper water. You’ll pass homes for a mile then enter park territory once again. Nearly two miles in from the ocean you will come to a 20foot angular boulder sitting in the water a yard from shore. It looked like a mammoth walrus bull rearing up, head swept back, ready to lunge into battle. We were simply astounded. If you comprised a list of the Top Five Geologic Wonders of Casco Bay this would be on that list. What would your other selections be? Perhaps included would be Sandy Beach on Long island, the rugged cliffs at Portland Head, the fortress-like Junk of Pork, and the perfect round shape of Eagle Island. We got out a few yards beyond the rock and walked around it, enjoying the refreshing coolness of the shade. Flecks of mica dotted the boulder and the adjacent cliff in addition to knobs of white quartz. This boulder can also be enjoyed from above by hiking the Harraseeket Trail in the state park.


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As we got back in our kayaks and headed back to the Little River a kingfisher flew by, its rattling call echoing along the shoreline. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, but you are not yet a kayaker, then consider joining up with the L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Paddling School for a kayak lesson and tour. One of their paddling centers is right there in the Harraseeket River, within a mile of the giant boulder. Michael Perry is the former director of the L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools and founder of Dreams Unlimited, specializing in inspiring outdoor slide programs for civic groups, businesses and schools. Contact him at

Grand Opening July 24th Maine Mall Food Court The home of the Original Hamburger, offering fries, shakes, sandwiches, juke boxes, and pies. Starting at 11 am, first 100 guests receive a


with any other purchase.

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18 Midcoast

Arts Calendar

July 23, 2010

Freeport Players present comedic farce

All ongoing calendar listings can now be found online at Send your calendar listing by e-mail to, by fax to 781-2060 or by mail to 5 Fundy Road, Falmouth, ME 04105.

Mid Coast Books, Authors 31th Annual Stonecoast Summer Writers Conference Reading Series, through 7/23, free, 7:30 p.m., in Moulton Union, Bowdoin College Campus, Brunswick, listings at, Justin Tussing, 228-8393.

Friday 7/30 Susan Drinker Moran, author of “The House at Bunganuc Landing,” 11 a.m. talk and book signing, Pejepscot Museum, 159 Park Row, Brunswick.

Films Tuesday 7/27 ”Troubled Water” 6 p.m., “Tuesday Free Movies” through Aug. 31, Patten Free Library, 33 Summer St., Bath, 443-5141.

Galleries Merrymeeting Art Association art exhibit and sale, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. through Aug. 31 at The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, 153 Harpswell Neck Road, Harpswell; and at Orr’s Island School House 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily July 25-Aug. 3.

Museums Friday 7/30 Pejepscot Historical Society Annual Community Appreciation Day, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. used book sale at PHS, free admission to Pejepscot Museum, 159 Park Row and Joshua L. Chamberlain House, 226 Maine St., Brunswick, 729-6606.

Music Bowdoin International Music Festival, daily performances through Aug. 6, complete listings at, or call 7253895.

Tuesday 7/27 25th Annual Summer Organ Concert Series, Katelyn Emerson, 12:10 p.m., Tuesdays through Aug. 17, $5 suggested donation, First Parish Church, UCC, corner of Maine Street and Bath Road, Brunswick, 729-7331,

Friday 7/30 ImproVox, a cappella vocal improv group, 6-7 p.m. Vortex workshop, free with concert ticket, Jai Yoga in Fort Andross; 7:45 p.m. concert, $10 advance/ $12 door, Frontier Cafe, Fort Andross, Brunswick, 7255222,

Theater & Dance ”Chicago,” presented by Maine State Music Theatre, daily shows through Aug. 7, times vary, 7258760, ext. 18, 725-1199,, MSMT, 22 Elm St., Brunswick

Thursday 7/29 “Kiss Me Kate,” Cole Porter musical

presented by Midcoast Youth Theater’s teen company, 7 p.m., $10 adults/ $8 seniors and students, Mt. Ararat High School, Eagle’s Way, off U.S. Route 201, Topsham,, 233-3899.

Friday 7/30 “Kiss Me Kate,” Cole Porter musical presented by Midcoast Youth Theater’s teen company, 7 p.m., $10 adults/ $8 seniors and students, Mt. Ararat High School, Eagle’s Way, off U.S. Route 201, Topsham,, 233-3899.

Saturday 7/31 “Kiss Me Kate,” Cole Porter musical presented by Midcoast Youth Theater’s teen company, 7 p.m., $10 adults/ $8 seniors and students, Mt. Ararat High School, Eagle’s Way, off U.S. Route 201, Topsham,, 233-3899.

Greater Portland Auditions, Calls for Art Saturday 7/24 Old Port Playhouse Season Auditions, 9 a.m.- 1 p.m., Old Port Playhouse, 19 Temple St., Portland, $22-$20, 773-0333,

Books, Authors Thursday 7/22 Ted Bookey, author of “With a Whole in One,” and Doug Woodsum, author of “The Lawns of Lobstermen,” 7 p.m., Longfellow Books, One Monument Way, Portland,

Saturday 7/24 Gerri Ann Eastment and Denise Soule Cassidy, authors of “Pericles and Philomina: A True Greek Kitty Love Story,” book signing, 1-3 p.m., Sherman’s Bookstore, 128 Main St., Freeport, 869-9000, portion of proceeds from book sales go to H.A.R.T.

Wednesday 7/28 Richard Shain Cohen, author of “The Forgotten Longfellow: Man in the Shadows - the Saga of Alexander Longfellow, Sr.,” 12-1 p.m., Portland Public Library, 5 Monument Square, Portland, 871-1700 ext. 759.

Sunday 8/1 Lammas Celestial Poetry Evening, 7 p.m., by donation, Southworth Planetarium, USM Portland, Bedford St., Portland, 780-4249.

Films Friday 7/23 “The Garden,” 6:30 p.m. doors open, 7 p.m. film, free, Zero Station, 222 Anderson St., Portland, hosted by ”Metropolis,” 6:30 p.m. Friday, $7, Portland Museum of Art, Seven Congress Square, Portland, 7756148,

TheShops Shops at at The

Saturday 7/24

”Metropolis,” 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, $7, Portland Museum of Art, Seven Congress Square, Portland, 775-6148,

Sunday 7/25 “Hook,” Rooftop Films hosted by MENSK, 9 p.m., free, top level of Free Street parking garage, Portland, bring own seating, snacks, all ages welcome, enter garage at 45 Spring St., ”Metropolis,” 2 p.m., $7, Portland Museum of Art, Seven Congress Square, Portland, 775-6148,

Thursday 7/29 “Ele-Phantom: 20 Short Films/20 Questions,” 7-8 p.m., free, Peaks Island Library Community Building,

Sunday 8/1 “A Green Place in My Heart: The Irish-Themed Films of John Ford,” 2 p.m., by donation, Maine Irish Heritage Center, State and Gray Streets, Portland, Ellen D. Murphy, 899-0505.

Galleries Friday 7/23 12th Annual Fresh Art Show and Sale, 6-8 p.m. Friday; and 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, photography, ceramics, woodwork, paintings, metalwork, stained glass, Sprague Hall, 1 Charles E. Jordan Road, Cape Elizabeth, 318-1049.

Saturday 7/24 12th Annual Fresh Art Show and Sale, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, photography, ceramics, woodwork, paintings, metalwork, stained glass, Sprague Hall, 1 Charles E. Jordan Road, Cape Elizabeth, 318-1049. Artist Meet & Greet, with Tim Clorius, 11 a.m., free, Aucocisco Galleries, 89 Exchange St., Portland, 775-2222. ”INSITU,” Sculpture exhibition and sale, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; sculpture garden tours, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., June LaCombe SCULPTURE, Hawk Ridge Farm, 90 Minot Road, Pownal, 6884468,

Sunday 7/25 12th Annual Fresh Art Show and Sale, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., photography, ceramics, woodwork, paintings, metalwork, stained glass, Sprague Hall, 1 Charles E. Jordan Road, Cape Elizabeth, 318-1049.

Thursday 7/29 Safe Passage Art Program Exhibit Reception, artwork by Guatemalan children in Safe Passage program on display, 6-8 p.m. reception, on view through Sept. 4, Merrill Memorial Library, 215 Main St., Yarmouth, safepassage. org, 846-1188.

Museums Falmouth Historical Society

contributed photo

Freeport Community Players are performing “I Hate Hamlet,” at the Freeport Performing Arts Center on Holbrook Street in Freeport. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. Sundays, through Aug. 1. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Advance tickets are available online at or at the Community Center Thrift Shop. Pictured here are actors Pat Mew and Chris Holt as they dance the night away in the play by Paul Rudnick. Summer Program at Falmouth Heritage Museum, special map collection on view, 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. every Saturday through Sept. 18; Tuesday tours by appointment, free, 60 Woods Road, Falmouth, 781-4727,

Saturday 7/24 “Winslow Homer and the Poetics of Place,” gallery talk by museum docent Sy Epstein, Portland Museum of Art, Seven Congress Square, Portland, 775-6148 ext. 3244 or

Music Friday 7/23 Arborea, duo Shanti & Buck Curran, folk, roots; with Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, melodramatic popular song; and Kelly Nesbitt, comedienne, 9 p.m., $8, Mayo Street Arts, 10 Mayo St., Portland, 615-3609, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Swing Dance Party, 8 p.m., $35, The Landing at Pine Point, 353 Pine Point Road, Scarborough,, 774-4527.

Saturday 7/24 Lindsey Montana and The Smoldering Bones, electrified Americana, 9:30 p.m., Buck’s Naked BBQ, 568 US Route 1, Freeport, 865-0600.

Sunday 7/25 Guitarist Gil Donatelli with Lisa Belisle, 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m., The Royal Bean, 18 Yarmouth Crossing Drive, Yarmouth, Gil Donatelli 314-608-6438. Summer Bandstand Concert and Community BBQ, bring side dish/ dessert to share, 5:15 p.m., Bath Municipal Band, 6 p.m., North Yarmouth’s Village Green, Route 115, rain location, Wescustogo Hall,


Monday 7/26 Royal River Philharmonic Jazz Band, 6:30 p.m., free, Falmouth Village Park, behind Walmart, Hat Trick Drive, Falmouth, outdoor concert series sponsored by Falmouth Community Programs.

Tuesday 7/27 Wavelength, 7 p.m., free/ by donation, The Clubhouse on Greenwood Ave., Scarborough, hosted by the Higgins Beach Association, park at lot across from Higgins Beach Inn.

Thursday 7/29 Floydz BoyZ, jazz piano trio, 6-9 p.m. Thursdays through Aug. 12, free, Jones Landing, 6 Welch St., Peaks Island, 712-0930. “Hansel and Gretel,” presented by PORTopera, 7:30 p.m. Thursday; 2 p.m. Saturday, July 31, Merrill Auditorium, 20 Myrtle St., Portland, tickets via PortTix, 842-0800 or Nostalgia Night at Fort Allen Gazebo Park, Eastern Prom, Chandler’s Band Concert, 7 p.m., sponsored by the Willey Trust, bring own seating, 756-8130. Scarborough Concert in the Park Series, The Awesome 80s Band, 6:30 p.m., free, Thursdays July 1- Aug. 5, Memorial Park, Scarborough, bring chair or blanket, rain location, Scarborough HS auditorium.

Friday 7/30 Transmission Drop with Jason Anderson, Strand of Oaks, 8:30 p.m., $6, 18+, SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland, tickets at Bull Moose Music,

Saturday 7/31 Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen,

new acoustic American roots music, 8 p.m., $15 advance/ $18 door, One Longfellow Square, 181 State St., Portland, 761-1757,

”Hansel and Gretel,” presented by PORTopera, 7:30 p.m. Thursday; 2 p.m. Saturday, July 31, Merrill Auditorium, 20 Myrtle St., Portland, tickets via PortTix, 842-0800 or

Theater & Dance Friday 7/23

“Ida: Woman Who Runs With The Moose,” 8 p.m. $22-$20, Old Port Playhouse, 19 Temple St., Portland, 773-0333,

”I Hate Hamlet,” presented by Freeport Players, 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; 2 p.m. Sundays, through Aug. 1, $10 advance/ $15 door, Freeport Performing Arts Center, 30 Holbrook St., Freeport, tickets at, 865-2220.

Saturday 7/24

Highland Soles, Scottish/ Cape Breton traditional dance and music, 7:30 p.m., $12, St. Lawrence Arts Center, 76 Congress St., Portland, 775-1248,

”I Hate Hamlet,” presented by Freeport Players, 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; 2 p.m. Sundays, through Aug. 1, $10 advance/ $15 door, Freeport Performing Arts Center, 30 Holbrook St., Freeport, tickets at, 865-2220.

Sunday 7/25

”I Hate Hamlet,” presented by Freeport Players, 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; 2 p.m. Sundays, through Aug. 1, $10 advance/ $15 door, Freeport Performing Arts Center, 30 Holbrook St., Freeport, tickets at, 865-2220.

Falmouth Village Falmouth Village

16 locally owned shops Rte. 1/ Falmouth

July 23, 2010



Out & About

Ossipee Valley, PORTopera and Slaid Cleaves

contributed photo

Claire Lynch will be a headline act Saturday night at the Ossipee Valley Music Festival, which runs through Sunday in South Hiram.


Designed in Maine, bench crafted in North Carolina


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429 US Route 1, Scarborough 883-3264 • 10-6 Monday - Saturday



Condo Furniture



‘Hansel and Gretel’ I’ve been following PORTopera since its 1995 inception, and the company’s 2010 offering is among the most unusual and intriguing. “Hansel and Gretel,” based on the familiar Grimm Brothers fairy tale, is En-

Piper 72” sofa and Oscar armchair

gelbert Humperdinck’s best-known opera. Despite the 19th-century opera’s fairytale origin, PORTopera Artistic Director Dona D. Vaughn plans a production that emphasizes two very serious and very real themes: hunger and abandonment. Why are the two young children out in the woods where they meet the dreadful witch? Because there’s no food in the house and their mother sends them into the forest to cope for themselves. In keeping with this serious central concept, PORTopera has enlisted a multinational children’s chorus; an unstated parallel theme mirrors the fact that many of these youngsters arrived on America’s shore as refugees from impoverished, warravaged countries. Fourteen kids from Portland Ballet will also be featured. These young dancers will appear as angels when Hansel and Gretel are lost in the woods. Most of PORTopera’s lead singers have international experience, from New York to Europe. Israel Gursky returns to conduct a professional orchestra. Two performances are planned for Merrill Auditorium at Portland City Hall: 7:30 p.m. July 29 and 2 p.m. July 31. The Saturday matinee (no Saturday evening performance) is intended to allow as many children as possible to see “Hansel and


hosted by Darol Anger, of the Republic of Strings. After Saturday’s final performance on the Maine Stage, Creole Stomp hosts a barn dance. Stoddard and Johnson have lots of kids, and they run a strictly G-rated festival. Several events focus specially on kids. The Good Lovelies host a children’s workshop, and Children of 317 (a Yarmouth community music center) get time on stage. There’s also the “Roots and Sprouts Music Academy,” and Della Mae hosts a children’s dance party. Plus there’s a popular swimming hole in the Ossipee River, a few dozen yards beyond the Maine Stage. Other details worth noting: Camping in the rough is included with the multi-day ticket. There’s plenty of food, ranging from fried dough to a traditional roast chicken supper hosted by a local church. Friendly River Music will have a sales booth, a popular gathering place for local musicians. Bring folding low-back lawn chairs, bug dope and sunscreen. There’s a tent for inclement weather, but a sweater for chilly Maine nights is always a wise precaution. For complete details, visit the festival’s website,

Slaid Cleaves When I moved to Portland nearly 20 years ago, one of the first local musicians to catch my attention was Slaid Cleaves, a roots-rockabilly singer-songwriter who fronted the Moxie Men. They were very active on the local music scene and they were very good. Cleaves’ writing focuses on everyday people, their trials and tribulations and occasional joys. Cleaves also loves to highlight the ironic humor that arises from many sticky situations. I was soon disappointed to learn that Cleaves was leaving Maine and the Moxie Men for the artistically greener pastures of Austin, Texas, the burgeoning epicenter of America’s roots-rockabilly music scene. But Cleaves hasn’t forgotten his friends, and they haven’t forgotten him. Each summer he returns to southern Maine and plays a few gigs. Among the most prominent will be Saturday’s concert at One Longfellow Square in Portland. His newest CD, released last year, bears a grim title: “Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away.” In his review, Texas Music editor Richard Skanse commented: “Everything you love about the man’s singular voice and music is still very much present. There’s been some notable changes made, all in the name of artistic growth, but rest assured: all that living, writing songs, making records and traveling around has ... made Slaid Cleaves even better.” Catch Maine-born troubadour Slaid Cleaves at 8 p.m. July 24 at One Longfellow Square, corner of State and Congress in Portland’s arts district. Call 761-1757.


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Gretel.” Call PortTix at 842-0800.

83 West Commercial Street * Portland * 207-899-0135 * M-F 10-6 * Sat 10-2

Ossipee Valley Music Festival One of my personal favorite events for the past decade-plus has been the Ossipee Valley Music Festival, an annual alfresco celebration of traditional music held on a fairground in sylvan South Hiram, nearly an hour west of Portland. I’ve spent many hours there, relaxing in a folding chair and listening to a wide variety of old-fashioned music. The producers, Raetha Stoddard and Bill Johnson, started the event as a straightahead bluegrass festival with a few additional twists that appeal to fans of traditional, old-fashioned country music and music from other countries. This year’s edition drops the word “bluegrass” from the title, but Stoddard and Johnson pledge to continue to present lots of that very traditional American genre. The festival has also expanded to two performing areas – Maine Stage and Stage Too! – which run simultaneously from noon until evening on Friday, late morning to evening on Saturday and morning to afternoon on Sunday. There’s also a limited schedule on Thursday evening. Nationally known acts dominate the evening schedules. Headliners for 2010 include Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper, Steep Canyon Rangers, Gibson Brothers, Claire Lynch Band, Bluegrass Gospel Project and Belleville Outfit. Local bands from Maine and New England – Bits and Pieces, Mousam River Ramblers, Muddy Marsh Ramblers and Bag Boys – are prominently featured. Three parallel events also run. The New England Flatpicking (guitar) Championship, New England Banjo Championship and a songwriting contest. Several workshops feature prominent performers. The one that intrigues me most is “Rockabilly versus Bluegrassabilly,” with southern Maine’s Sean Mencher plus the Gibson Brothers, from New York. A fiddling workshop is

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By Scott Andrews For the past decade and a half, two stellar events happen in late July. First up is the annual Ossipee Valley Music Festival, which runs through Sunday on the banks of the Ossipee River in South Hiram. Hosts Raetha Stoddard and Bill Johnson invite several dozen traditional artists to perform alfresco at a fairground, and a thousand or so aficionados gather. PORTopera’s annual mainstage production has been a fixture of July’s final full week since 1995. Maine’s only fully professional resident company, PORTopera will give two performances of Engelbert Humperdinck’s “Hansel and Gretel,” July 29 and 31. Artistic director Dona D. Vaughn promises a very different, very relevant take. Slaid Cleaves is a singer-songwriter of unusual ability. He grew up in Berwick and played professionally in the Portland area before pulling up stakes for the Austin, Texas music scene. He returns every summer to play for friends and fans. His main Portland appearance is this Saturday at One Longfellow Square.






83 West Commercial Street * Portland * 207-899-0135 * M-F 10-6 FABRICS

83 West Commercial Street * Portland * 83 West Commercial Street * Portland * 207-899-0135 * M-F 10-6 * Sat 10-2


20 Midcoast

Community Calendar All ongoing calendar listings can now be found online at Send your calendar listing by e-mail to, by fax to 781-2060 or by mail to 5 Fundy Road, Falmouth, ME 04105.

Benefits Call to local artists, carpenters, craftspeople and birders: Habitat for Humanity seeking bird houses for September auction, entry form and guidelines, James, 386-5081,; for information about Habitat programs or to volunteer, call 386-5081.

Saturday 7/24 Baked Bean Supper, to benefit the Bowdoin Fire Dept. Auxiliary, 4-6 p.m., $7 adults, $3 children over 5, Bowdoin Fire Department, Cornish Dr., Bowdoin, 666-5787. Third Annual Run for the Sun 5K Road Race, to benefit the Cathance River Education Alliance, 9 a.m., begins/ends at Brunswick Town Mall, prize money, trophies for overall top two; medals for top two age/ gender divisions; $15 pre-register/ $20 race day, advance registration at or Maddie Purcell, runforthesun.5k@, 837-5480.

Bulletin Board Saturday 7/24 Chicken BBQ, 5-7 p.m., live music,

Harpswell Shindig, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., George J. Mitchell Field, Route 123, Harpswell, lobster boat races, food, artisans, kid’s activities, more,, or contact Allison, 751-9304.


Mon. 7/26 1 p.m. Staff Review 46 Federal St. Mon. 7/26 4:30 p.m. Teen Center Advisory 6 Noble St. Mon. 7/26 7 p.m. Town Council Maine Street Station Tue. 7/27 7:30 a.m. Bruns Downtown Association 28 Federal Street Tue. 7/27 7 p.m. Planning Board MSS Wed. 7/28 9 a.m. People Plus Trustees Border Trust, Topsham Wed. 7/28 5 p.m. Bike/Pedestrian Committee MSS


6 p.m. Bike Path Public Meeting

Harpswell Mon. 7/26 Mon. 7/26 Mon. 7/26 Tue. 7/27 Tue. 7/27 Wed. 7/28 Thu. 7/29

8 a.m. 2 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 7 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 4:45 p.m.

Board of Appeals Site Visit Comp Plan Implementation Committee Mitchell Field Sub-Committee Harbor and Waterfront Marine Resources Board of Appeals Selectmen

takeout available, Elijah Kellogg church, 917 Harpswell Neck Road, Route 123, Harpswell, $10 adults, $5 children under 12, call Sandra 833-5271.


The 72nd Annual Bailey Island Fishing Tournament, July 26-31; 6 p.m. July 25 Captain’s meeting, Cooks Lobster House, Bailey Island; three divisions, Tuna, Adult sport fishing and Junior (age 3-12), Peter W. Curtis, 845-283-8894.

teer Program seeks volunteers age 55 and over for various opportunities, 396-6521.

”Solar Power,” Ecology Lecture Series presented by Cathance River Educational Alliance, 6:30-8 p.m., free and open to the public, Topsham Public Library, Topsham,, 798-1913.

Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center, support groups, lectures, socials, activities, 521 Main St., Damariscotta, for daily schedule, 563-1363 or

Wednesday 7/28

Spectrum Generations Southern Midcoast Community Center now open for classes, activities, trips, health & wellness, 12 Main St., Topsham, FMI, 729-0475, or

Just for Seniors Bath Area Senior Citizens, bridge club, cribbage, crafts, line dancing, bocce, bingo and more, 45 Floral St., Bath, 443-4937.

Saturday 7/24

Meals on Wheels, delivery available for homebound seniors and disable adults, offered by Spectrum Generations, 12 Main St., Topsham, 729-0475.

Baked Bean and Casserole Supper, 4:30 - 6 p.m., $7 adult/ $3.50 children, Bath Area Senior Center, 45 Floral St., Bath, 443-4937.

Money Management Program, help low-income seniors with routine financial matters, Spectrum Generations, 12 Main St., Topsham, 729-0475.

Saturday 7/31 Bean and Casserole Supper, 4-6 p.m., adults $7 / Children $3, Bath United Church of Christ, 150 Congress Ave., Bath.

People Plus Community Center, multipurpose facility provides recreational, social, informational, educational and personal services to persons 55+, 6 Noble St., Brunswick, 729-0757.

Getting Smarter Harpswell Festival, 11 a.m.-9 p.m., George J. Mitchell Field, Route 123 Harpswell, food, artisans, kid’s activities, music, parade 1 p.m., Motor

tation, 12 p.m., free and open to the public, Patten Free Library, Bath, Becca Wilson, 781-2330 ext. 222.

Monarch Docent Training Session, for teens and adults, 10:30-11:30 a.m., Morrell Meeting Room, Curtis Memorial Library, pre-register, 725-5242, ext. 225, Jocelyn Hubbell, 208-8975.

Monday 7/26

Dining Out

There are no meetings scheduled for this time period. Wed. 7/28

Booty Affair 7:30 p.m., fireworks 9 p.m., free admission and parking,, or contact Tom, 833-0562.

Sunday 7/25



July 23, 2010

Tuesday 7/27 ”Maine Wildlife on the Move – Global Climate Change,” a Maine Audubon Climate Change Presen-

The Retired and Senior Volun-

Topsham Merry Meeters Senior Citizens, all ages 50 and over welcome, bring a dish to share for potluck meal, noon, Westrum House, Union Park Road, Topsham; 729-7686 or 725-2425; meets third Tuesday except July and August.

Kids and Family Stuff Friday 7/23

The Children’s Hour at Frontier Cafe: Mystery Day, for toddlers to 6-year-olds with parent or caregiver, siblings welcome, 10-11 a.m., songs, stories, a simple craft, games, led by Jocelyn Hubbell, Frontier Cafe cinema room, Fort Andross, Brunswick,

Wednesday 7/28

Amazing Lou!, 10 a.m., Orr’s Island Library, 1699 Harpswell Islands Road, Orr’s Island, 833-7811.

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July 23, 2010

Crash from page 2 pleted his second touch-and-go before the plane crashed near the intersection of Western Avenue, Maine Mall Road and Jetport Plaza Road. Wilson said a preliminary report should be released by the end of this week. But the full investigation, which includes a determination of cause and piecing together the airplane in a hanger, will take anywhere from six months to a year. Haskell was employed as an air traffic controller in Portland, according to a statement issued by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association posted on the Jetport’s website. He had worked at the airport for 19 years and also served as the NATCA’s facility representative from 2008-2009. “This was a very sad day for the Jetport family,” Bradbury said. “He was a very passionate guy about aviation.” Current NATCA facility representative Shaun Patten said he knew Haskell for three years. Since there are only 20 air traffic controllers working in Portland, all of them feel a tremendous sense of loss, he said. “He was just the nicest guy,” Patten said in a written statement. “His smile greeted you every time you saw him. Not only was he a very dedicated and talented controller – very good at his job – he took new controllers under his wing and helped them out. Mark also had a great sense of humor. No matter how busy it got, he always had his sense of humor going and that set such an example for all of us.” Haskell had flown his YAK-52 at airshows in Brunswick and Portland. “Mark took several controllers up in his plane. He always got people involved and loved to teach the new guys about it,” Patten said. “Mark was very active in putting together air shows and did all of the Brunswick and Portland shows in his plane. His plane was unique and very easy to find at the airport.” A website dedicated to the aircraft said it was bought from the Romanian Air Force in 2001. It was named “LizzyLou” after Haskell’s daughter, Elizabeth Louise, who was born the same day the sales contract was signed. Bradbury said this was the second fatal crash at the Jetport in recent memory. About 10 years ago, a small plane crashed shortly after take-off, but never cleared the Jetport property. All four people aboard were killed. South Portland Police Chief Edward Googins said emergency crews were on the scene within minutes of Saturday’s crash. Although the crash site was a heavily travelled, five-lane stretch of road in the city’s busy commercial and industrial district, Googins said there no other injuries or property damage. “How this happened without others being involved is just really a miracle,” Googins said. Western Avenue from Foden Road to Maine Mall Road was closed while investigators surveyed the damage. It was reopened shortly after noon on Sunday, Googins said. Randy Billings can be reached at 781-3661 ext. 100 or

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peting with other states to bring businesses to BNAS. Levesque said it is difficult for the agency to compete with Texas and Florida, where the cost of doing business is significantly lower than in Maine. “We think this gives us a competitive advantage to compete nationally to finance projects,” he said.

from page 1 Given the advance notification and expected presence of state and local dignitaries, including Gov. John Baldacci, Friday’s announcement could qualify as the MRRA’s first big splash in business attraction. The announcement could also double as salve for an aborted deal to bring Oxford Aviation to the base, a controversial effort that put the agency on the defensive and created rifts with some Brunswick town officials. On Tuesday, MRRA members were mum about the new lease deal. Its public business meeting was instead dominated by a presentation about New Market Tax Credits, a program administered by the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, a division of the U.S. Treasury. The complex program encourages investment in projects in low-income or distressed communities by awarding tax credits. Investors can receive 39 percent of their total project investment over a seven-

July 23, 2010

year period. The highly competitive program has awarded $26 billion since being established in 2000. Only communities identified as low income or distressed in U.S. Census tracts qualify for the program. BNAS, through what MRRA board member Charlie Spies described as an “anomaly,” is eligible for the tax credit. Spies said the base is the only qualifying area between Portland and Rockland. In contrast, federal officials this month announced a special allocation of New Market Tax Credits for Gulf Coast areas hurt by the BP oil disaster. According to a U.S. Treasury fact sheet, the program has also been used to fund a project to open an airplane parts and manufacturer plant in rural Oklahoma, a high-tech business incubator in Detroit and the development of a charter school in south Los Angeles. On Tuesday, Levesque said the program could become the agency equalizer in com-

It’s unclear how the 2010 U.S. Census update will impact the base’s eligibility, or how the agency’s potential requests will stack up against $200 billion in competing requests. Steve Mistler can be reached at 373-9060 ext. 123 or

Beach access from page 3 “It’s taking away from islanders,” she said. “We have a right to that beach. It’s a historical right.” Although most residents spoke in favor of a public easement, some neighbors voiced concerns about increasing access. Rachel Aspatore said that while most locals respect the beach and neighbors’ property, some non-residents don’t. She said they have urinated or defecated on her property. “We have a couple of huge pine trees,” Aspatore said. “People climb in there and poop. I mean, it’s appalling.”

Several other neighbors had similar concerns, although most said they favor a public easement. “I’ll pick up trash along the road,” said Robert Leeman, who lives on Robinhood Road. “I’ll do what I have to do. Just don’t close the beach.” Henderson said the town would finish the survey collection this summer before considering additional action. He added that while the town is looking to establish historical access, it remains open to other options. “Our goal is to provide continued access,” he said. Steve Mistler can be reached at 373-9060 ext. 123 or

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July 23, 2010

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Fresh -N-Up Cleaning Service METICULOUS • DETAILED CLEANING More free time for your personal fun! Commercial • Residential • Construction Many services available. Call for more Information. Excellent references.

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Custom Cut High Quality Firewood Cut to your needs and delivered. Maximize your heating dollars with guaranteed full cord measure or your money back. $175 per cord for green. Seasoned also available. Stacking services available. Wholesale discounts available with a minimum order.


Contact Don Olden

(207) 831-3222 Heidi’s

FIREWOOD Pownal, Maine Formally Maine Custom Firewood

Green Firewood $195 Seasoned $265 688-4282 Delivery fees may apply. Prices subject to change.

VISA/MASTERCARD order online:


cash price - quanity discounts available prices subject to change VISA MASTERCARD

July 23, 2010 2


781-3661 Call REED’S Where Firewood is our Business!


$205~cord~green $260~cord~seasoned Cut • Split • Delivered Wood Stacking Available! In business since 1985


Celebrating 25 Years

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$165 green $225 seasoned 648-7184




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FOR SALE KITCHEN CABINETS- Maple, Antique White & Cherry. New Installed. Solid wood, Dovetail soft close drawers. Inventory reduction! Cost $7250, sacrifice $1775.00. Call 207-8780999. BEALS Antique reproduction of a colonial slanttop maple desk. Full length drawers and mini drawers; 33” long, 41” high, 17” wide; Pristine condition. Call for price. 846-4577. HOT TUB- 84x84. Brand new in wrapper w/ warranty. Includes chemicals & stairs. MSRP $5580. Sell $2850. Will deliver. 207-878-0999. 2PC SECTIONAL with chaise. Brand new, beige color. Must sell $449. Call 899-9953. MATTRESS SET - King size factory sealed with warranty. $225. Call 396-5661.

$165 QUEEN MATTRESS set including bed frame. Brand new. Call 396-566.

Yarmouth Yoga Studio

NEW IN BOX bunkbed set with mattresses only $299 Call 3965661


A FULL/TWIN size mattress set never used, $120. Must sell Call 899-8853.

FURNITURE RESTORATION DON’T BUY NEW RE-NEW: FURNITURE REPAIR, STRIPPING & REFINISHING by hand. Pick up & delivery available. 28 years experience. Former high school shop teacher. References. 371-2449. FURNITURE RESTORATIONPlace your ad here to be seen in 69,500 papers a week. Call 781-3661 for more information on rates.

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Do you suffer with an aching and painful body? Do you suffer from overwhelming fatigue?


YOGA NOURISHES THE BODY &THE SOUL “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Summer Classes Start July 6th for 8 week sessions. Michael welcomes Levels I/II to his Level II class Wednesdays 6-7:30 PM


••PCAs PCAs ••CNAs CNAs ••PSS PSS • Caregivers

Pure Energy Integration~ Realign, refresh, regenerate rest, renew.

New England Family Healthcare you are are serious, serious, IfIf you compassionate, compassionate, hardworking, and and hardworking, want to to have have aa flexible flexible want schedule to to fitfit your your schedule needs, look look no no further! further! needs, We have have part-time part-time and and We full-time hours hours available available full-time days aa week. week. 77 days

South Portland - behind Maine Mall



throughout July & Aug at

PURE MOVEMENT Try the Yoga Voted #1 for 5 consecutive days this summer for FREE For more information


Alcoholics Anonymous Falmouth Group Meeting Tuesday Night, St. Mary`s Episcopal Church, Route 88, Falmouth, Maine. 7:00-8:00 PM.

If these words describe you and you have experience working with the elderly, please give us a call. We’re looking for special people to join us in providing excellent non-medical, in-home care to the elderly. 152 US Route 1 Scarborough 885 - 9600

Our mission is to provide the best in home health care. 125 584 Presumpscot Main Street St. Portland, ME Maine South Portland,

Soulful Solutions

for emotional, mental, physical, sexual or spiritual challenges. 207-775-7888

HELP WANTED EXPERIENCED GARDENER/LANDSCAPER needed to provide part-time assistance to small landscape company. Immediate opportunities for work in Prout’s Neck, Yarmouth, Windham and Sebago Lakes Region. Excellent opportunity for small independent contractor or person interested in starting professional landscaping/gardening business. Must have horticultural education or demonstrate substantial experience. Knowledge of perennials and shrubs a must. Submit qualifications and work history to: A Touch of Green, PO Box 1262, Raymond, Maine 04071.




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CARING PEOPLE NEEDED: Visiting Angels is seeking experienced, compassionate and reliable caregivers to provide in-home non-medical assistance to seniors. All shifts. Make a difference today. Call 773-3397.

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Sales Ad Consultant Lewiston, ME

• Full Time: Monday through Friday • Competitive benefits package • Salary: Base plus incentive and The Employment Times, a division of Sun Media Group, is looking for a strong Sales Ad Consultant to help all size companies in Maine/NH attract qualified candidates through job postings on and print help-wanted advertising in Employment Times. The successful candidate will possess strong computer, written, verbal and phone sales skills. Must have the ability to learn quickly, set up routines and manage time effectively. Experience in the Job Board/Human Resources/Recruitment field a plus. We’re a small team with a far reaching brand of products specializing in the employment market. Lead generation, follow through and relationship building is required. If you’re motivated to help grow a business that provides recruitment solutions to employers, please:

HYPNOSIS WORKS! Patti Rutka Stevens, CH

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For more more information, information For please call contact please us atMarilyn or Pam at 207-767-7339 699-HOME (4663)

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Clinical Hypnosis of Southern Maine

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New England Family Healthcare

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Best of the Best

Home Instead Senior Care is looking for the best of the best.

Do you want to leave work knowing you’ve made a real difference in someone’s life? Are you the kind of dependable person who won’t let a winter blizzard (or a perfect summer day) keep you from work? Are you trustworthy enough to become part of someone’s family? We’re looking for natural born CAREGiversSM: women and men with the heart and mind to change an elder’s life. Call us today to inquire about joining the greatest team of nonmedical in-home CAREGivers anywhere! Flexible part-time day, evening, overnight, weekday and weekend hours.

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Find Your Future at Your Coverage Matters Your Coverage Matters is a Maine Licensed Life and Health Insurance agency located in Saco. We are seeking future top producers to work in a fast-paced environment without the hassle of cold calling as a:

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SALES TRAINEE After completing our industry leading paid training and passing the insurance licensing exam, you will be ready to sell insurance policies over the phone. Our agents average between $15-20 per hour with generous monthly bonuses based on performance. Requires a high school diploma, effective written and verbal communication skills, a high level of dependability and stable work history. Sales experience preferred but not required. Please visit our website and apply online by submitting your resume to: EOE Discover for yourself why Your Coverage Matters is a great place to work


Decks are our Specialty Restoration of Old Decks Power washing•Sealing•Repair Installation of New Decks 20 years experience Free Estimates Fully Insured

Call Dan 653-2230 Wayne 415-6750 G.S.MERRILL&SONSBUILDING & REMODELING Additions,Custom Decks,Siding,WindowandDoor replacement,hardwwod- tile floors call for any home improvement needs- Greg 754-9186 No. Yarmouth

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Restoration & Remodeling Custom Stairwork & Alterations Fireplace Mantles & Bookcase Cabinetry Kitchens & Bathrooms

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Brian L. Pratt Carpentry DAVID D. JOHNSON




Serving Greater Portland 18 yrs.


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New Construction/Additions Remodels/Service Upgrades Generator Hook Ups • Free Estimates






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CARPENTER/BUILDER, 25 years experience. Contracting, sub-contracting, all phases of Construction. Roofing, Vinyl Siding, Drywall, Painting, Home Repairs. Historical Restoration. Fully Insured. Call 329-7620 for FREE estimates.



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• Painting • Weatherization • Cabinets






                        Â Â?Â?  Â? ďż˝ 


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Residential & Commercial PROPERTY MANAGEMENT • Mowing • Walkways & Patios • Retaining Walls • Shrub Planting & Pruning • Maintenance Contracts • Loam/Mulch Deliveries


Stephen Goodwin, Owner

Offering Construction Services for Just About Any Size Project Spend your $8,000 tax credit wisely!!!

ďż˝ ďż˝


*Fully Insured for Commercial and Residential*

Green Products Available

fax 781-2060

272-1442, cell

Seth M. Richards Interior & Exterior Painting & Carpentry Professional - Courteous Competitive Rates - Free Estimates

July 23, 2010

LOST! SOUTH PORTLANDINDOOR KITTY named Winnie. Small B&W Female w/ white paws. In the vicinity of HILL STREET & BROADWAY, near Dominos. REWARD! Missed. Call please 899-0896 or 228-5205.

MISCELLANEOUS FENCES INSTALLED. Pools Privacy, Children, Pets, Decorative. Cedar Chain link, Aluminum, PVC. Any style from any supplier. 20+ years experience. Call D. Roy + Son Fencing. 215-9511. MISCELLANEOUS-Place your ad here to be seen in 69,500 papers a week. Call 781-3661 for more information on rates.

MOVING MAKE THE SMART CHOICEGoogle DOT 960982 and/or MC 457078 for our company snapshot from the federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This website will show whether or not the company you choose has the required insurance on file. Also check with the BBB. We have links to all these websites at To schedule your next move, call 775-2581.

Classifi ed ad Friddeadline:


prior toy @ Noon publinceaxt Wed.’s tion

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DEADLINE: Noon Friday prior to next Wednesday’s publication. Earlier deadlines applied for holiday weeks. TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD: ONLINE at, click on the Classified ads link; or MAIL this coupon, with payment payable to The Forecaster, to CLASSIFIEDS, The Forecaster, 5 Fundy Rd., Falmouth, ME 04105; or DROP OFF between the hours of 8:30-4:30 at 5 Fundy Road, Falmouth. RATES: Line ads $15.00 per week for 25 words, $14.00 per week for 2-12 weeks, $13.00 per week for 13 weeks, $11.50 per week for 26 weeks, $10.50 per week for 52 weeks; 10¢ each additional word per week.

Classifieds automatically run in all 4 editions. Display rates available upon request. No refunds.

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July 23, 2010 4


781-3661 A&A MOVING SERVICES. ALL YOUR MOVING NEEDS. Residential & Commercial. 25 years experience. 7 days a week. No extra charge on weekends. FULL SERVICE. Labor only loading or unloading trucks. PIANO MOVING. Packing. Cleaning handyman with tools on truck. We also buy used Furniture and Antiques. Old house parts. SENIOR DISCOUNTS. Free estimates. 8288699. SC MOVING - Moving, deliveries, clean-outs. We do it all with one call. Lowest rates. Licensed and fully insured. No job is too small. Call 749MOVE(6683)



sales handwashing repair padding appraisals

781-3686 | 305 US Rte. One, Falmouth, ME


SPECIALIZING in Exterior House Painting Dump Runs • Yard Cleanups Lawn Mowing Insured • Great Rates • References Over 14 years experience

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Clarke Painting Fully Insured 3 Year Warranty


A woman’s touch with an eye for detail, Free Consultation. Ten years experience, References.


J. Korpaczewski & Son Asphalt Inc. • Driveways • Walkways • Reclaimed Asphalt • Sealcoatings SERVING YOUR LOCAL AREA FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED

“Making Life Smoother!” “Your Full Service Paver”

No Payment Until We’re Done 100% SATISFACTION • FREE ESTIMATES



REAL ESTATE NORTH YARMOUTH404 WALNUT HILL. 1st Floor- 2 Bedrooms, Full Bath, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room. Finished Basement- 2 Bedrooms, 1/2 Bath, Living room, Laundry Area, Storage Room. Oversized Entry WAy and 2 Car Garage with Work Bench. XLG Shed- great BackyardWAlk to NY Variety and Video Store. E-mail for appointmenth o u s e 3 3 6 4 @ y a h o o. c o m $255,000. OPEN HOUSE- 5 PINEWOOD DR, CUMBERLAND. Sunday, July 25th, 1-4 p.m. Nicely-maintained home in great family neighborhood off Main St., in walking distance to schools. 3 BD/1.5 BA, 1,990 SF, 2 car garage. Back deck, partially finished basement, LR with FP, freshly painted. MLS# 982398. $279,000. Brokers Welcome * 939-0346 or 7661270. Cumberland Home For Sale 5 Pinewood Dr. $279,000. 3 Bedroom Cape in ideal neighborhood near schools. 3 floors of living space, partially finished basement, hardwood, LR with FP, deck w/ built-in seating. Newer windows, furnace, roof, fresh paint. Move-in condition! MLS # 982398. Call 766-1270 or 939-0346.

SPURWINK SURVEYING CO. JAMES A. MULLEN Professional Land Surveyor Reasonable Fees Free Estimates

799-2654 BARN FRAMES- 3 available for immediate raising. 15x20, 24x28, 26x36. Great for boat storage, animal barn or finish to living space. 207-865-4169.

0 DOWN, BAD CREDIT? We can help! Special financing programs available on any home you select. 888-EZ-TOBUY x245; BUILDING LOT, Lewiston. $15,000. Must Sell. 783-3920 or



207-774-3337 or 1 mile to Mall, 295 and Bus Routes 503 Westbrook Street, South Portland

PERFECT, LITTLE COTTAGE on the ocean in Trenton, Maine. 15 mins to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. W/D, living room, kitchen. Screened sunroom facing ocean, front and back decks. Quiet, great for kayaking, swimming. Panoramic ocean and mountain views. Per week: July-Aug. $1200-$1400. Sept- $850. Call Kathy FMI 781-3474. Gorgeous, open concept 2nd floor, 2 bed apt. in Yarmouth village. Available Sept 30th. Recently renovated, very bright, sky lights, Old hardwood floors, original claw foot tub, spanish tile, large kitchen.New furnace and energy efficient tankless water heater, washer and dryer. $1100/mth.+ utilities. Must see! Call Jacquie (310)849-2953. GRAY- CABIN FOR rent. No deposit. Furnished. No pets. All utilities, cable, wireless internet. 657-4844.

MUNJOY SOUTH APARTMENTS-Affordable Housing/Non-subsided. Accepting applications for 2 & 3 Bedroom units. Rents start at just $697/2BR & $800/3BR. Included: Heat, Hot water, Parking, W/D hookups. Section 8 welcome. Call today! 7751146/EHO. PARIS HILL AREA. 3 bedroom, 2 bath Ranch. Spacious kitchen, dining, and living area. Lovely hardwood floors. Beautiful backyard with deck. 2 car garage. Full basement. Quiet neighborhood. All appliances. $1100.00/month plus utilities. Available Aug 1. 388-2712 Cape Elizabeth House- 3 Bedroom Ranch; hardwood floors, finished basement, 2 full baths, washer/dryer, large yard. Quiet dead-end street. No pets or smokers. $1150/month plus utilities. Security Deposit, References required. 207-831-8590. YARMOUTH- 2 BR APARTment. $1150/mo. heat included. Near Village. First floor, private entry. Spacious. Large yard. Renovated Porch. Cable internet. Dishwasher. W/D hookup. Off street parking. N/S, N/D. References/Security deposit. 865-9656 or 653-4114. 2 ONE bedroom on second and third floor nice and clean, heat, hot water included Call Manny for details at 232-9571 FALMOUTH- 3/4 BEDROOM, 2 bath house, 2 car garage, breezeway, 2000 feet living space. Large yard. Hardwood floors. Cathedral kitchen w/sky lights. N/S, N/P. $1495 month+. 207-632-4306. USM AREA- EXETER ST. 5 rooms, 1st floor, Modern. Off street parking for 2 cars. $850/month. References. 7813031 after 6. 3 BEDROOM, 2 bath mobile in Leeds. $850/mo. plus utilities with a 1 year lease. 375-7217 YARMOUTH- 2nd floor in-law apartment that includes all utilities. Heat, electricity, cable, internet. Spacious and bright with hardwood floors, high ceilings, view overlooking pasture. Walk-in closet, very clean. Optional wood stove and wood available. Ideal for a single working professional person commuting to Portland, Brunswick, Lewiston, Auburn or Augusta. Security deposit, references. N/S. No pets, owner has a dog. 846-6240. $850/month.

Peg’s Paint & Paper 353-8983


Interior- Exterior Painting • Free Estimates • Insured


Violette Interiors: painting, tiling, wallpaper removal, wall repairs, murals and small exterior jobs. Highest quality at affordable rates. 25 years experience. Free estimates. Fully Insured. Call Deni Violette at 831-4135.

fax 781-2060 YARMOUTH CONDO - 3 large bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 car garage with storage, large deck. 1st floor master with office area. Water, trash, exterior maintenance included. Walk to village, park, schools. N/S, no pets. $1400/mo., plus utilities. Price negotiable with long term lease. Deposit/references. Available August 1st. Call 8463583.

FALMOUTH-156 Gray Rd.


Wood floors, Heated/Hot Water, Parking, Available $ 695 now Furnished month

Call 305-772-9595 or 207-773-4567

GRAY - Cozy 1 bedroom. Private entrance, driveway, and yard. Heat, hot water, Electric and plowing included. Cat allowed. $800/month, security deposit $500. Call 207-6577079 LISBON 1 BEDROOM unit $495/mo. includes heat and hot water. Large unit with 1 vehicle parking in rear. $495 deposit. References. No cats or dogs. 1-877-660-0840. FREEPORT SPACIOUS 1 bedroom apartments. Bright, quiet and well maintained complex. Starting at $750 HEAT INCLUDED. No pets or smoking. Call 207-807-7889. OLD ORCHARD BEACH- 1 bedroom apartment. Clean, Modern. Heat, hot water, parking, laundry. Secure building. No dogs. $699/month. 508954-0376. ARCH AVENUE, 1 bedroom, third floor, new flooring/carpet, includes heat and hot water, on site laundry, quiet, near Bates and CMMC. $525 831-0240.

Colonial Village – unit #42

Premier 2 bedroom, 1 ½ bath townhouse condominium. 1200 sq. ft., freshly painted, cost efficient monitor heating. Fully applianced washer/ dryer included. One car garage with large private patio. Convenient location, minutes to Portland, ocean, shopping I295 & I95. Small pets allowed. Price - $179,000.

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JUNK REMOVAL We haul anything to the dump *Guaranteed best price *Attic to basement cleanouts *We do all the loading & clean-up


DUMP MAN 828-8699

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Jerid Hall




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ROOFING/SIDING-Place your ad here to be seen in 69,500 papers a week. Call 781-3661 for more information on rates.


Falmouth Foreside Condo



CUMBERLAND- ROOM FOR RENT. Use of kitchen & W/D. Utilities included. $450/month. First month in advance. References. 829-3142 or 671-4647


799-5828 All calls returned!

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We haul anything to the dump. Basements and Attic Clean-Outs No Job Too Small!! • Insured.

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28 Midcoast


wick Housing Authority said the third unit is the only way to make the project economically viable because it spreads project costs across three families instead of two. Two of the families are expected to meet Habitat’s eligibility requirement of no more than 60 percent of the local median income. According to Habitat Assistant Director Sharon Oehmig, the third family could earn up to 80 percent of the local median income. Marty Szdlowski, of the Brunswick Housing Authority, a partner in the project, said Wednesday that the higher income threshold for the third family doesn’t add to the viability of the project. Tara Hill, Habitat’s executive director, said reducing the project to two

units would have increased the cost of the homes from between $95,000 and $125,000 to $125,000 and $150,000. “That $65 a month may not seem like a lot to many people, but it can make or break some of our clients,” Hill said. The project required several exceptions for approval, including a reduced setback and increased allowable density. Both exceptions are allowable under the town’s affordable housing ordinance. Despite Peters’ opposition, board Chairman Charlie Frizzle and member Steve Walker were satisfied with the project, saying similar developments have been successful elsewhere. “We’ve done similarly sized units in other places and they’ve worked, in my mind,” Frizzle said. “The families that move in there are very happy to have a home of their own.” Walker said that children would play

in the street even if the board decided to double the project’s common area. “(Children playing in the street) is a parenting issue rather than a design issue,” he said. According to the application, work on the project is expected to begin within the next 90 days. Szdlowski said Wednesday that he’s already interviewing prospective home buyers. In addition to a reduced price, families who purchase the homes are expected to provide sweat equity in their construction. Planning Board Vice Chairwoman Margaret Wilson, who works for Habitat, recused herself from the vote. Members Dana Totman and Jason Bergquist were absent.

tion. Economic and Community Development Director John Shattuck suggested the two options for voters: one with the retroactive language and the other calling instead for a “prospective” change. He noted that the language of the original question cannot be changed, but that a new question could be added. Shattuck said the possibility that Topsham could change its rules retroactively during the review process for a new project “could have a chilling effect on business attraction.”

Selectman Don Russell said he supports the ordinance change, but he echoed Shattuck’s concern about the message the retroactive language could send. The board weighed holding a special Town Meeting, but Russell estimated that the election would produce a turnout of at least 3,400 voters, while a special election might attract about a tenth as many voters. “Because of the importance of this article, my feeling is that we give as many people in town the option to vote as possible,” he said.

Selectman Steve Edmondson echoed Russell’s comments, noting that “we want volume, we want everyone to participate, and the general election in November is the ideal venue for this, I think.” Later in the meeting, the board also awarded a more than $99,000 contract to Harry C. Crooker & Sons to conduct the first phase of drainage improvements in the Bay Park area of town. Voters approved $123,000 for that phase at Town Meeting in May.

Comment on this story at:

from page 1 tenement building.” “If this were a development for people of regular income, perhaps middle class, this wouldn’t be good enough for them,” Ledwick said. “But because they’re low income, they don’t need the room. Their kids don’t need to play in safe yards.” The project includes a two-unit duplex at the corner of Cumberland and Cushing streets, and a single-unit dwelling fronting Cushing. The development will be on a 0.2-acre lot that was once home to a five-unit apartment building that burned down in 2002. Opponents argued that a third singleunit home crowds the development. However, officials from Habitat for Humanity/7 Rivers Maine and the Bruns-

Tower ban from page 1 tures, 122 more than the required 434. While selectmen supported the cell tower prohibition language in the petition, some expressed opposition to its retroactive aspect. As a result, they voted unanimously to instruct the Planning Board to establish language for a second referendum on Nov. 2 related to cell towers in the Residential 1 zone. That language may mirror much of the petition, but omit the retroactive prohibi-

July 23, 2010

Steve Mistler can be reached at 373-9060 ext. 123 or

Alex Lear can be reached at 373-9060 ext. 113 or



781-3661 Homes, Boats and BarnsI can help you paint them. Need an extra hand? Want help from someone who paints like a pro? I’m your man. Reasonable rates, hardworking and trustworthy. Call Greg 3170949.


BASIX ON MAIN Crisp linen shirts, float rope mats, french sailor sweaters, our design totes, Maine antiques  26 Main Street, Cornish 625-8678 • Daily 10:30-5:00  A BAG LADY COMPANY STORE



Maine Licensed – Insured – Certified

Removals Pruning – Tree & Shrub Lot Clearing – Thinning Crane Service Bucket Truck

207-749-1137 Email: Free Estimates

24 Hr Emergency Service

Tree Spirits Arbor Care

licensed and insured • Conscientious Tree Care • Fine Pruning • Planting and Removal • Free Estimates

Benny’s Firewood, LLC “Where Quality Matters” Licensed Arborist • Fully Insured Full Tree Service Storm Damage • Take Downs Removals • Climbing Service

FirewoodCut Split & Delivered

Mark Collins

Licensed Landscape Arborist


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590 - 7886 Ben Corriveau Wood Yard is on 115 N. Yarmouth Prices are subject to change

FOWLER TREE CARE: Licensed Arborist & Master Applicator, fully insured. Large tree pruning, ornamental tree, shrub pruning, spraying, deep root fertilizing, hedges, difficult tree removal, cabling. Free estimates. Many references. 8295471.




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TUTORING SAILING LESSONS ON Casco Bay. Build the confidence to sail 22’ to 30’ sailboats through my Certificate Sailing courses. Also available are Adult Refresher courses, Private Lessons, Day Sails and Sunset Sails. Schedules are flexible and courses are affordable. Visit: for details or call Capt. Lyman Stuart at 207-615-6917. FIRST SESSION FREE! Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Tutor Match Guaranteed. Summer tutoring, all subjects, PreK- College, LD, study skills. SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT. College essay writing. Bob Cerf 781-2283. FIRST SESSION FREE! Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Tutor Match Guaranteed. Summer tutoring, all subjects, PreK- College, LD, study skills. SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT. Bob Cerf 781-2283.

VACATION RENTALS Private oceanfront cottage, Cape Elizabeth. Spacious, 3 bedroom: available immediately. Rent determined by length of stay. 207-773-7938.

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781-3661 YA R M O U T H / C O U S I N S ISLAND House- Spotlessly clean – fully furnished - two bedrooms, 1 ½ baths. No pets/no smoking. Ocean views and rights of way to association’s private beach and dock – screened in porch – large lot. Great place for peace and quiet and walks. $850 a week through September. Call 8380345 or 939-8821.

FLORIDA RENTAL. FULLY furnished house on the course in a gated golfing community for adults. Located in Ocala. Community has 2 pools, fitness room, hot tub, tennis courts, and more. Looking for long term seasonal rental or year round. Call for details. 207865-0447.

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355 Bayview St., Sat. 7/24 & Sun. 7/25, 9-3

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July 23, 2010

Restraints from page 1 straint, his son was transferred to Chelsea School, which is run by Spurwink. “They were able to redirect him. They never used restraint,” Jackson said. However, the family is still concerned that there are no regulations in place to protect children in public schools. Jackson said he wants to see teachers receive proper training. “If they’re not trained, they definitely should not be restraining our children,” he said. The Forecaster received calls and emails from parents in Lewiston, South Portland, Cumberland, Scarborough, RSU 16 (Poland, Mechanic Falls, Minot) and Brunswick, as well as from parents as far away as Florida, all of whom had similar stories of restraints and seclusions used on their children – primarily, although not exclusively, boys between the ages of 5 and 18. Some of the children were diagnosed with autism or emotional disorders, but others were not special education students. Some were held many times, some held in prone positions for more than an hour at a time. “We’re very concerned about this,” Maine Department of Education spokesman David Connerty-Marin said Monday. However, he said the DOE does not have plans to require schools to report this information because schools already

have a lot of reporting requirements. He added that the department is not allowed to exceed federal reporting requirements. “The authority to deal with complaints is primarily at the local level. When there’s a serious violation, parents bring that forward,” Connerty-Marin said. Several southern Maine school departments do not compile or report restraint data and refused to release restraint documents after The Forecaster made a Freedom of Access Act request. The schools did agree to add up the number of restraints done in the past year, but some, including parents whose children were restrained, claim the data is drastically understated. “If a school is not reporting it to you, they’re not going to report to the state either,” Connerty-Marin said. When asked if the DOE is aware that none of the six schools in the initial FOAA request had updated their policies to reflect a DOE-requested prohibition of restraints that restrict a child’s airway, Connerty-Marin said the agency would look into that. The U.S. Senate has looked into this issue. Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., earlier this year introduced a bill that would prevent harmful restrain and seclusion in schools. However, if a co-sponsor does not come forward, the legislation will likely die in committee. Dodd’s bill would require each school to report the number of seclusions and restraints each year to the public and to the Department of Education. It would also prohibit schools from



Comment on this story at:

using restraints that restrict breathing, require staff to receive state-approved training, require parent notification of restraints, and require that a school notify the protection and advocacy system if a child is injured or killed as the result of a restraint. The bill states that “seclusion and physical restraint are not therapeutic; and these practices are not effective means to calm or teach children and may have an opposite effect while simultaneously decreasing a child’s ability to learn.” The bill would also prohibit restraints from being included in a student’s Individual Education Plan. That provision, however, is causing some debate. Advocates for disability rights are trying to keep this prohibition in place, but lobbyists have been pushing to allow restraints in a student’s IEP. The Baizley family of Scarborough, whose son Brandon was subjected to more than 25 restraints, including prone restraints, said when they began working on Brandon’s IEP, there were up to 12 school staff members present. ”Our repeated requests for no holds fell on deaf ears,” Bob Baizley said. Baizley said it was not until representatives from the Disability Rights Center attended the IEP meetings with them that the school responded to their concerns. ”We feel very strongly that the prohibition remain,” Denise Marshall, executive director of the national Council of Par-

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ent Attorneys and Advocates, said of the Senate bill. Marshall said to include restraint in a student’s IEP would legitimize a dangerous practice. “These techniques are not good for anything. They are not therapeutic,” she said. “If a student needs restraint again and again, there is something wrong.” She also questioned the IEP process, explaining that parents cannot always express dissent. ”Too often parents are far outnumbered. The only way they can dissent is to go through due process,” she said. Phyllis Musumeci started Families Against Restraint and Seclusion four years ago after her autistic son was restrained 89 times in 14 months at a school in Florida. “After that happened to my son, I said, ‘you can’t do that to children.’ But what I found out was that, yes, they can,” she said. She said she receives letters from parents whose children were tied to chairs, locked in closets, and put in crates, all in the name of therapeutic restraint. “There’s no such thing as therapeutic restraint,” she said. “If anything, it escalates behaviors.” Mary Robinson, who is also a parent of a special education student in Auburn, suggested parents form a support group. “I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails from other parents looking to get together,” Robinson said. “I think a lot of parents are frustrated.” Emily Parkhurst can be reached at 781-3661 ext. 125 or


DOWNTOWN PORTLAND LOCATION • Video monitored • Secure • Inside loading • All-inclusive pricing • Staffed • Easy access

Home • Business • Auto

A division of Earle W. Noyes & Sons, Inc.

Family owned and operated since 1923 • Kennebec Street, Portland

775-5720 Nancy Field, Broker

The MacLean Ferrante Team of RE/MAX By The Bay “Our priorities are simple, they’re yours!”

970 Baxter Blvd. Portland 207.939.5574

Another New Listing from Anne & Kayla

Unique Gorham property $279,900

Direct: 553-2655 Cell: 838-0883

Priced to Sell!! DANFORTH COVE 28 Danforth Road, South Portland $535,000

19 Town Landing Rd., Falmouth $499,000


6 Shady Lane, Falmouth $469,900

30 Midcoast

July 23, 2010 Jane Leonard Pine Point with marsh views! Real Estate Broker CRS, GRI, LTG

OPEN HOUSE 5 PINEWOOD DR., CUMBERLAND Sunday, July 25th 1-4 p.m.

...Pine Point Year-round Home... Wonderful Scarborough marsh location with views. Only two blocks from 6 miles of sandy beach! Affordable and inviting with FHW heating and enclosed front porch. Add your touches to this 1st home / beach $275,000 house. MLS #983486

Nicely-maintained home in great family neighborhood off Main St. Walking distance to schools, 3 BD/1.5 BA, 1,990 SF, 2 car garage. Back deck, partially finished basement, LR with FP, freshly painted. MLS# 982398 Lowest Mortgage Rates at:

Jane’s cell: 207-831-9951 email:


970 Baxter Boulevard, Portland, Maine 04103 Phone: 207-773-2345

Brokers Welcome • 939-0346 or 766-1270

Yarmouth — Deep Water Access 878-7770 or 1-800-370-5222


Karen Jones Cell: 207-756-1855 Email:

50 Sewall St Portland, ME 04102

61 Sea Spray Reach — The boat dock is a short walk from this unique passive solar home. Open first floor allows many configurations, 2nd floor bedrooms open to a cat-walk overlooking the solarium, and professionally landscaped gardens complete this very special property! Offered at $529,000

HARPSWELL – Ultimate end-of-the-of-the-road privacy. This 14.5 acre parcel has 1300+ ft of water frontage. Unique peninsula building site with 3 bedroom Contemporary and detached 2-car garage with overhead apartment. Water’s edge deck with ramp and float, deep water anchorage, sunsets. $995,000

Rob Williams Real Estate

Bailey Island, ME 04003 207-833-5078

Portland North Deering 3 lots priced from $135,000 OR Building packages from $289,900 Choose your design and amenities Office: 207-553-1371 Cell: 207-232-1010 Email:




Tom Kruzshak | 207.770.2212 Linda Schrader | 207.770.2220

Peter Thornton | 207.770.2292

Peter Thornton | 207.770.2292




Mary Jo Cross | 207.770.2210

Troy Wilkins | 207.252.5940

Historic cape, extended and updated for gracious living. Very private location with Royal River frontage, lovely gardens and a 2-story barn on nearly 7 acres. 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, over 3600 sf of living space lovingly maintained. MLS# 982259 $1,550,000

This unique superior quality 5200 S.F. beach house with a 2 bedroom in law apt. affords all of the amenities needed for single family or extended family living all combined with manicured grounds and access to one of Maine’s most beautiful beaches. MLS# 970706 $749,000

The best value on Falmouth Foreside located just a short walk to the Town Landing and Beach. This recently renovated 1880 home affords a spectacular new kitchen and master bedroom suite all combined with a sunroom, porches and attached barn/ 2 car garage. MLS# 974935 $485,000

Maria DiMillo Greater Portland 50 Sewall St, 2nd Flr, Portland, ME 04102 Each office Independently Owned and Operated

FOR SALE BY OWNER Pownal, Maine On a quiet country road, 104 Libby Rd

EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION 3 Bedroom Cape You’ll never want to leave this wonderful place with stone walls, all day sun and a great yard for the kids Nothing but woods between you and 600 acres and Bradbury Mt. State Park, only 5 miles to L.L. Bean, Aprox. 2 acres, Much work done, awaiting your personal touches Priced for immediate sale


Call now 776-9572

Immaculate 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath hip roof colonial in an exceptional neighborhood just a short drive from beaches, restaurants and shopping. The sunny interior features open floor plan, gas fireplace, custom shades, hardwood floors and spacious master suite. You will love the beautifully landscaped 1.84 acre yard and above ground pool! MLS# 982070 $439,000 Diane Shevenell | 207.770.2224


150 Port Road | 207.967.0934

Charming year-round cottage perched on a sea wall overlooking picturesque Potts Harbor featuring 2-3 bedrooms, kitchen with great room, vaulted ceilings, and ocean views from most rooms. Excellent rental history a wonderful opportunity for a second home in special location. MLS# 936380 $399,000


Two City Center | 207.780.8900


Tastefully renovated Shore Road home. New kitchen, bathrooms, floors, new energy efficient windows, etc. Walk to the ocean and Robinson Woods. A must see! MLS# 975542 $379,000

141 Maine Street | 207.729.2820

Each Office is Independantly Owned and Operated.


46 Bayview Street | 207.230.1003

July 23, 2010

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32 Midcoast







July 23, 2010





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The Forecaster, Mid-Coast edition, July 23, 2010  

The Forecaster, Mid-Coast edition, July 23, 2010, a Sun Media publication, pages 1-32

The Forecaster, Mid-Coast edition, July 23, 2010  

The Forecaster, Mid-Coast edition, July 23, 2010, a Sun Media publication, pages 1-32