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Book on Top Indian Achievers in UAE


he book on Top Indian business achievers in UAE “Pacesetters� was released during August 2010. Our Chairman Mr. HRM figures as one of them. The book talks about the personal interviews with various achievers and the compilation of it. Our chairman has also shared his life, experience and wisdom in this book.

Oct to Dec 2010 Volume 6



Oct to Dec 2010 Volume 6

News on Rosy Blue by Leading Malayalam newspaper, Business Gulf


re c r u i t ing model without “agents”. By avoiding agents, and taking the essence of Corporate Social responsibility, the recruitment model implemented by AlJihan Gulf Horizon Contracting Co, owned by the Diamond King & Chairman of Dubai Rosy Blue Group Mr.Harshad Mehta, is opening a new chapter in UAE Corporate world. Companies in Construction field depend mainly on agencies to recruit their labour work force. But complaints are also mounting regarding many such agencies that cheat poor people by giving false promises and taking huge amount from them. Considering all these aspects the management of Aljihan decided to recruit people directly without any mediator or agents. This initiative has birthed cost effective recruitments favouring poor people who depend on the company and join in full faith. We will continue this good work and see that poor people are not exploited and get fair employment as any other people in the society.

Just arrived Shrish Maheswari is the son born to Mr. Sunil Maheswari and family. May the Almighty bless her with good health and strength. We on behalf of Rosy Blue convey our wishes

Hassan Lootah meets Our Chairman


r. Hassan Lootah – Owner of the Lootah group of companies, a major client of Jehan Green walls visited Rosy Blue and met our Chairman Mr. HRM.

Chairman Mr. HRM. with Mr.Hasaan Lootah

DAFZ - Health and Safety Awards

Mr. Murtuza Officewala, Mr. Muthukrishna Moorthi and Mr. Roopesh collectiing the award.


osy Blue (Eurasia)FZE received Certificate of Appreciation for participating in ECO , Health & Safety Award Categories from Dubai Airport Free Zone Business Awards 2010. Mr. Murtuza Officewala, Mr. Muthukrishna Moorthi and Mr. Roopesh attended the award function and received the award from the DAFZA dignitaries.


Oct to Dec 2010 Volume 6

Training and Development IGNITE- Induction Training Module


GNITE is an Induction training program which has been created for the newly joining employees of our construction industry.

Program Objectives To impart knowledge about our organization, vision, mission and values to the new joinees. To impart knowledge on manufacturing process and system through theoretical, practical explanation and experimentation. To create awareness on the company policies code of conduct and Safety. This program is conducted for two days where the employees are given training on the various activities and aspects involved in construction process. The training is followed by a practical demonstration which gives an opportunity for the workers to exhibit and examine their skills. The assessor evaluates the performance of each employee after practical examination and based on their performance evaluation, the employees are allocated for their work task. The records of their skill evaluation are maintained. A booklet explaining the various construction processes and the safety aspects for this industry was created and is circulated to each and every employee while they come for the training. We have completed training for 30 employees in this program in a period two weeks.

Spoken English

B Program Objectives

ased on the training need assessment of the workers on basic communication, the spoken English training was conducted.

To teach the employees on basic Communication skills in English language. To identify internal resource to train our employees on this topic. To motivate employees to learn and to implement their learning in day to day work. 10 employees have undergone this training on basic communication and we are able to see clear difference in their work place.


Oct to Dec 2010 Volume 6

Sorter Elevation to Sale and Head Assorter


his plan was derived to elevate high potential, high performing sorters to becoming a Head Sorter and Sales Coordinator thereby create a pipeline for the future and growth within the organization as a part of Succession Planning. This also enabled internal mobility within the organization. We also eventually saved cost on lateral recruitments and also gave an opportunity for employees to grow within the organization. The employees got an opportunity to explore a new phase in their career within the organization. Based on this plan, requirements were announced to all the sorters and a selection process was implemented and tests on aptitude and technical knowledge were conducted and assessed. After assessment a personal interview was conducted for the selected candidates and two of them were selected one for Head Assorted position and another for Sales Coordinator position. We are happy to announce that Mr. Kalpesh Mehta has been selected and moved as Head Assorter and Mr. Tejas Solanki is selected and moved as Sales Coordinator. On behalf of the Rosy Blue team we wish them all the best to achieve in their new roles.

Kalpesh Mehta Head Assorter

Tejas Solanki Sales Coordinator



Sale targets achieved in 2010 with

90 days

to spare


osy Blue, Gold Mounting Division has achieved the total of last year sales figures on 13 September 2010 with three months to spare and still counting. The divisions Net GP has increased considerably when compared to last year. This is a result is because of the efforts from all the members of the Gold Mounting team and unconditional support from the RB management. Now the division has geared up to achieve our annual budget plan before 31 December 2010. On behalf of the entire Rosy Blue team, we c ongratulate them on this great success and wish them all the best for their plan ahead.

Birthday Celebration

Ms. Anlea Rose George, Youngest Daughter of Mr. Roopesh George celebrated her First birthday on 24th July 2010. May the Almighty bless her with good health and strength. We on behalf of Rosy Blue convey our wishes to Anlea and family.


Oct to Dec 2010 Volume 6


Mr. Ramesh Gupta of Diamond division tied knot to Ms. Manju on July 25th 2010 at Chandigarh, India.

Mr. Aditya of Rough Diamonds Division tied knot to Ms. Pavithra on July 19th 2010 at Kerala, India.

Mr. Siyas of AlJihan Gulf Horizon tied knot to Ms. Sajna on June 27th 2010 at Kerala, India.

May Almighty bless the Newly Weds in this new phase of their life.

Oct to Dec 2010 Volume 6


Prestigious PJ HINDU GYMKHANA President Election

We are extremely excited and overjoyed to announce that, at the recent election at Prestigious PJ HINDU GYMKHANA, Our Chairman Mr. Harshad Mehta won with a landslide victory of 1066 votes out of 1330 votes. This is a record victory. This is also the first time entire panel of Mr. Harshad Mehta won the election which is another record in this election.

ISO 9001:2008 Renewed Jehan Green walls had undergone an ISO 9001:2008 surveillance audit on 22nd September 2010 after a certification of one year by Certification international UK. The audit went through in a smooth manner and the auditor appreciated the documents and records maintained by Jehan Green walls and especially about the training program called “IGNITE” which was launched recently. Keeping the continuous improvement and the kaizen activities carried out in factory the auditor has renewed the ISO certification to continue for forth coming year. We congratulate the Jehan Green Walls Factory team on this success.

HRM in Sashi Tharoor wedding Our chairman attended the wedding of Mr. Sashi Tharoor – Ex Minister of State for External Affairs in India with Ms. Sunanda Pushkar, which was held in Dubai on August 29, 30 and 31st 2010.


Oct to Dec 2010 Volume 6

Oyster Design wins Second place in International Design week competition It gives us great pleasure in announcing that Mr. Amit Ghosh, our designer, has won the 2nd prize at the design competition organised as part of the Dubai International Design week under the Middle Eastern Jewellery themed category. The designs of the 1st and 2nd place winners will have their designs manufactured by The National Institute of Vocational Education (NIVE). While the design work was done by Amit, this award would not have been possible without the help and support of Bimal, Pankaj and Kanna. We take this opportunity to congratulate the efforts of Amit and the team that rendered their help and support to achieve in this competition. Wishing the design team the very best for the future.

The Prize winning Design

Design Inspiration oyster

I want to give a tribute to the motherhood of an oyster, as when we grow, we forget the pain our parents have taken to grow & support us until we shine like a star and they devote their entire life for us. An oyster keeps the pearl inside the shell and bears the pain for years and nourishes it as a child till the time it becomes young and beautiful and sacrifices it’s life for the world to see it’s beautiful creation. In this design, I have used the shape of an oyster in yellow gold to show the heat, an oyster bears and the yellow diamonds have been used inside to show the same heat, which the outer world can not see and the fire of diamonds which showcases the uneven moments of our life and finally you can see the beauty of a pearl for whom the oyster sacrifices it’s life.


Oct to Dec 2010 Volume 6

Crossword ACROSS 1 British fashion designer holding a drive for part of a circle (8) 6 Enthusiasm for last letter by each learner (4) 9 Catch parent on the move (6) 10 Choke on bit of boiled vegetable (3,4) 13 A mere door, perhaps, through which the jet set goes (9) 14 Broadcasting very happily (2,3) 15 Cut a cross journalist (4) 16 It keeps one buoyant (4,6) 19 Boy’s right! Guess what a young girl may want to flaunt (4,6) 21 Turn to Victor, always! (4) 24 Lord Siva’s vehicle (5) 25 Where lightning is said to strike twice (4,5) 26 Dorian’s carried out raids (7) 27 Novelist has a point on perfume base (6) 28 Publicity in North America for elemental music in India (4) 29 Not the one to utter an ‘aye’ (8)

DOWN 2 Weaken some gunner venturesomely (7) 3 Mock eiderdown — not own and worn-out (6) 4 Thinking well of Andhra Pradesh corroborating (9) 5 Home of the brave? (5) 7 One might rely on it to save many a sight (3,4) 8 Testing facilities (12) 11 Involving give-and-take on a kind of street? (3-3) 12 Be wary of PTA tie Antony established (3,9) 17 Operative Rae, new one in my accommodation, to get wages (4,5) 18 Continent where aircraft is hovering without right (6) 20 Paid no attention to eroding ground (7) 22 Woman holding up entry form is dodgy (7) 23 Ancient city section in South Africa (6) 25 Poles go around the States for a woman (5)

Open house in Rosy Blue, Dubai The Executive Director, Mr. Rihen Mehta, CEO, Mr. Sanjay Dalmia and GM-HR, Mr. Muthukrishna Moorthi personally visited all the divisions of Rosy Blue on 25th September 2010 and spoke to the employees on the present condition of business and listened to the employees and answered all the queries put forth before them. The open house was arranged to understand and get the opinion of employees and to explain the situation of the business and the way forward, primarily to create a positive energy in the company.


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