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Message from the Executive Director Dear Friend of The Food Project,

current board of trustees 2015–2016 C. Dylan Sanders, Chair Linda McQuillan, Vice Chair Joseph Francis Stein, Jr., Treasurer Rosemary Infante Costello, Clerk Mark A. Barnett Nora Carey Elizabeth Dada, Youth Annalisa Di Palma Rachel Eber, Youth Sarah Gould Preble Jaques Natasha Lamb Anmol Mehra W. Andrew Mims Dominick Newton, Youth Karleen Porcena Chris Powell Kim Reid Charles Riemenschneider Diane G. Remin Katie A. Ryan Janet E. Selcer Peter B. Von Mertens Carolyn J. Zern Administrative Office 10 Lewis Street Lincoln, MA 01773 Program Offices 555 Dudley Street Boston, MA 02125 120 Munroe Street Lynn, MA 01901

I was sixteen when The Food Project started in 1991. At that time, I was struggling in school and felt overwhelmed by the problems of the world and seeming indifference of adults. I had a great longing to find a place where I could make a difference, and didn’t know how to do so. Everything and nothing felt possible. In my early twenties, I found sustainable agriculture and with it an approach that filled my life with possibility. Through working with farmers and sustainable agriculture organizations, I discovered a group of people who saw food as a way of making the world actively good, rather than just less bad. The Food Project was founded on this piece of wisdom and it remains at the core of our work and approach. It says: Let’s grow and eat healthy food not because we’re afraid of getting sick, but because it helps us feel good, enjoy our lives, and connect to each other and to the land. Let’s employ youth not to keep them out of trouble; let’s engage them now in the real, meaningful work of the world. Let’s not be satisfied with teaching simply tolerance or inclusion, let’s come together across difference to do work together that we can’t do apart. In this report on our 2014–2015 season, I’m excited to share with you a little of what we have planted and what has grown over the past year. I’m incredibly proud of the work we have done together on our farms and in our communities, and I hope you’ll take the time to dig in and join us as we put into practice a new three-year strategic plan. While the pages that follow talk about what we have done, you are what makes this work possible. Through giving generously of your time and money, you are the seed that makes change possible, the seed of a more connected, just world. Thank you for your support and I look forward to working together in this coming year! Many, many thanks and best regards, 781-259-8621

James “J.” Harrison, executive director

On the cover: Joffre A., 16, Canton, pauses while working with Myla H., 16, Acton, on the West Cottage Farm in Boston. Top of page: Seed Crew takes a break on the Wenham Farm.




The food system planning process resulted in five key priorities for the Dudley neighborhood, including seeing produce from The Food Project at local retailers.


The North Shore team’s year focused on bringing together community youth to create food system change in Lynn.


Alumni of our youth crews returned to the Lincoln Farm as agricultural staff, strengthening the ties between our farms and our youth crews.


The Wenham Farm was home base to its very first Seed Crew this summer, while cover crops helped rejuvenate the soil for healthier growth.

CATALYZING CHANGE 8 Our new three-year strategic plan demonstrates a commitment to change through win-win models that value land, producers, and communities.

Gaurav D. [ root crew member, 18, arlington ] Gaurav first came to The Food Project as a shy 16 year-old in 2013. At the time, he said, “I knew very little about the pressing social justice issues of our country, and I wasn’t great at communicating effectively with other people.” But slowly, during his first summer as a Seed Crew worker, all of that changed. “As I went through Seed Crew, I felt more comfortable sharing my experiences, my thoughts, and my ideas with others. I learned more about sustainable agriculture, urban agriculture, and food

justice.” Gaurav went on to work at The Food Project for two more years. As an assistant Seed Crew leader this year, Gaurav enjoyed watching a similar transformation in others and seeing the shyest youth break out of their shells. “I know that each Seed Crew member will become a more empowered individual, and each of them will have made, and will continue to make, a difference,” he said. “Through The Food Project, I am able to help other youth grow. And in the process I can continue to grow myself.”

“I’m excited to sow new seeds and ideas that originated here into the real world and make a difference. Because that is ultimately what The Food Project has taught me: that I can make a real difference.”

annual report 2014–2015 • 1


Building space to grow

Clockwise from top: Genesis V., 15, Hyde Park, works on the West Cottage Farm in Boston; the Dudley Farmers Market open for business on Thursdays; Greater Boston Regional Director Sutton Kiplinger works alongside Seed Crew on the Langdon Farm; beautiful ripe tomatoes at the height of summer; Assistant Grower Sierra Morton interacts with customers at the Dudley Square Farmers Market.

2 • the food project


children in low-income households receiving a subsidized CSA farm share

raised-bed gardens built for residents, schools & community centers

DUDLEY GROWS ] Building Community Health “Dudley residents have incredible expertise and energy around food. Our neighbors have built so many creative mechanisms to access the great food they want in their community.” - Sutton Kiplinger greater boston regional director

Ivelise Rivera has lived in the Dudley neighborhood for 16 years. While she admits she’s not a gardener and didn’t know about The Food Project before moving to Dudley, she is now an integral part of the resident-led Dudley Grows steering committee that is developing a neighborhood food plan. Ivelise joined the committee a year ago and has encouraged other neighborhood residents to participate in the process. “It’s striking that we have all these corner stores and not a lot of fresh food,” she observed. After a year of surveying Dudley residents and holding community meetings, the steering committee identified five priorities for Dudley Grows, a community food enterprise initiative that arose out of a collaboration between The Food Project, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE), and residents of the Dudley neighborhood. Sutton Kiplinger, Greater Boston regional director, said,

“The Food Project is privileged to partner with the residents of the Dudley neighborhood in scaling those efforts to build a truly community-controlled food system.” As part of the Dudley Grows initiative, Davey’s Market, a locally-owned, small grocery, began carrying produce from The Food Project. Youth from The Food Project and DSNI joined forces to spread the word. As demand grew throughout the summer, Davey’s increased its inventory to five or six items a week. Now, Ivelise said she knows people who go to Davey’s specifically to buy fresh, locally grown produce. Fresh from a successful summer, goals for the coming year include: expanding the number of stores and restaurants that carry fresh produce and transitioning vacant land into useful growing space. We look forward to seeing where Dudley grows next!

Dudley Grows Priorities $ Build a residentowned supply chain for great food in the neighborhood, and grow food businesses that create neighborhood wealth and jobs

Permanently secure vacant land for growing by interested residents, so that any people who wish to produce food for themselves or the neighborhood can do so

Improve the food in our schools, ensuring that youth eating at school are wellnourished with food they enjoy

Expand access to great food for lower-income residents, building creative new ways to make great food affordable to all

Encourage physical development to support the neighborhood food system, advocating for food interests in planning, building, and community development

Mani M. [ root crew member, 16, boston ] Mani is one of the key players in the youth-led marketing effort for fresh, locally grown produce in the Dudley neighborhood. This past summer, she, alongside the Greater Boston Root Crew and youth from DSNI, created flyers for Davey’s Market and operated the Dudley Grows Facebook page in order to let Dudley residents know about new opportunities to buy local produce. Mani said she is excited to see their work come to fruition: “I’m excited to be interacting with residents and going to Davey’s to take photos that we can then promote on social media.” Mani is eager to be active in the community, meeting people and promoting healthy food. After spending the summer creating marketing materials, Mani is looking forward to face-toface interaction. “Dudley Grows is helping the neighborhood build itself by using what it has, rather than outside resources,” she said. “It’s about building a community-based economy and helping the neighborhood become a better place for its residents by the work of the residents themselves.” In short, a neighborhood economy—and food system—built for, and by, its residents.

annual report 2014–2015 • 3

[ LYNN GROWS Building Youth Partnerships Over the course of the year, Root Crew youth and Food Project staff led a series of three workshops for eight youth organizations in Lynn and the surrounding communities. Building on the success of this pilot year, Growing Together is set to create even more powerful connections between participants next year.

Esmerelda D. [ root crew member, 18, lynn ]

“Through Growing Together, people become aware of what is happening in their communities. They say ‘I want to change this.’ It shows that we are impacting people.”

Growing Together, which originally developed out of a partnership between The Food Project and the Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance, provides empowerment and food systems training for youth. The program is designed to prepare youth for leadership roles in policy, environment, and systems change. Growing Together brings together diverse groups of young people to learn from each other about race, class, and food justice, and to work together to address these issues in their community. Growing Together culminates in a largescale project: last year’s youth built raised-bed gardens in the community.

“There are so many amazing organizations in Lynn, and opportunities to interact, connect, and work together,” said John Wang, North Shore regional director. “Growing Together is exciting because The Food Project youth co-lead with staff and form really strong youthadult partnerships.” In the coming year, Growing Together will increase its reach, welcoming two new cohorts of participants, one in the fall and one in the spring. Concurrently, some Growing Together participants from the pilot year are coming back to form a planning advisory group. The group will focus on developing a community engagement survey to evaluate the impact of the culminating community project. “It’s great to get the community involved in the planning process,” said John. “Community involvement will ensure that our resources are best leveraged towards what Lynn needs.”

New North Shore Regional Director John Wang led a year focused on building raised-bed gardens, bringing together community youth groups, and expanding farmers market reach.

Left: Seed and Root Crew youth together at the North Shore Family Feast. Right: John Wang works alongside youth at the mobile farmers market.

4 • the food project

“The heirloom tomatoes are delicious—I eat two a day, in grilled cheese, on the side, or fried...but only if they’re green!”

The Lynn Mobile Market The small square at the center of Meadow Court, a state-owned senior housing complex, is bustling with activity. The Food Project’s Root Crew is setting up a mobile farmers market stand, bringing fresh produce to seniors, who often don’t have the means to travel to a farmers market. Each week during the summer, The Food Project youth set up mobile farmers markets at various senior housing locations throughout Lynn. Tatiana, 17, a Root Crew member from Lynn, is key in managing the many moving parts. At the end of the line, when seniors have collected produce from other youth at the stand, Tatiana totals what their bag of produce is worth. Every senior gets $15 to spend at the market with coupons from the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

“It is a huge responsibility and it felt great that The Food Project trusted me with the task,” Tatiana said. As this summer’s mobile market specialist, Tatiana managed the market’s checkout process. Working the mobile market was one of Tatiana’s favorite parts of working at The Food Project. “I love the interactions and speaking with the seniors,” she said. “I feel like part of a community. Diversity and interacting with other people is my favorite part of The Food Project.” Working at The Food Project has taught Tatiana broader lessons about humanity. “I have become more thankful for what I have, and have realized that, regardless of things going on around you, there are good people doing great things. The Food Project is a really good place like that.”

Rebecca McMillan [ mobile market goer ]


in SNAP, WIC, and other nutrition benefit sales at our farmers markets

Tatiana F. [root crew member, 17, lynn ]

“The mobile market brings people out of the house. It’s so nice to see the young and old together. The Food Project gives the youth something productive to do!” Jean Webster [ mobile market goer ]

Tatiana and Jean at the mobile farmers market at Meadow Court.

annual report 2014–2015 • 5

LINCOLN GROWS ] Alumni Return to Their Roots This summer, like every summer, we welcomed a cohort of new and returning youth to our farms. This year was a little different, though. On our Lincoln Farm, four alumni of our youth programs returned to work in the fields—Keely Curliss, Seed Crew 2008, returned as an assistant grower, and Kendall Butler, Kenny Lopez, and Nasarah McKinney, all Seed Crew 2010, returned as field workers. Our alumni brought a unique perspective to the Lincoln farm team this summer. In addition to being hard workers who understood the rigor of farming, Keely, Kendall, Kenny, and Nasarah came with a powerful knowledge of our youth programs, having been through them themselves. “The highlight of this growing season was having our alumni back on the land as part of our team,” said Tim Laird, head grower in Lincoln. “They are workers who embrace and understand the whole Food Project experience—not just the farming side—and that made a powerful and positive difference with our youth and volunteers.”


alumni returned in staff roles this summer

In September, Kenny, Kendall, and Nasarah returned to college, while Keely continued on through the fall. Their work this summer highlighted the importance of staying connected with the entire Food Project community and the value of the unique perspectives our alumni bring to the table and the fields.

Keely Curliss [ seed crew 2008, assistant grower ]

“We are all invested in this: growing food for our communities and providing a place that is safe and wonderful for youth. I love being here on the Lincoln Farm. It’s the most peaceful, beautiful work place.” Keely Curliss has worked with The Food Project since the summer of 2008 in many different capacities. She was a member of Seed, Dirt, and Root Crews, served on the board of trustees, developed restaurant partnerships for the Dudley Greenhouse, and worked as an assistant grower in Beverly. Now she is an assistant grower at the Lincoln Farm, where she enjoys the beauty of the land and the company of the people who work in its fields. “We put our bodies and minds into working hard, because doing this work is so important,” she said.


pounds of produce harvested Kenny works on the Lincoln Farm.

6 • the food project

[ WENHAM GROWS Regeneration for Stronger Growth may 2014

july 2015

When we signed the lease for the 34-acre Reynolds Farm in Wenham in 2014, the land was nutrient deficient from years of mono-cropping. Since then, your support has allowed us to restore the health of the soil while cultivating a small plot of vegetables. This year, we planted winter rye in the fields then frost-seeded red clover amidst the rye. This rye-clover combination will regenerate the soil for years to come. In the meantime, we grew tomatoes, watermelon, winter squash, and more on a two-acre plot. Thanks to a generous donation, a new irrigation system will soon be completed to give these crops the water they need. There’s much to be excited about. For the first time, Seed Crew youth made the Reynolds Farm their home base for the summer. “So much soul-growth happened alongside growing crops this summer,” said Ben Zoba, North Shore grower. The youth weeded, cared for the fields, and brought in the first harvests. We hope you are as thrilled as we are to see how the newest addition to our farming operations is deepening our engagement in the Wenham community and our roots on the North Shore.


“I am grateful that my brother, a Seed and Root Crew alum, pushed me to work at The Food Project because I will remember things from here for years to come.”

youth in Seed, Dirt, and Root Crews

- Mike B. [ seed crew worker, 16, gloucester ] Every summer, a handful of new Seed Crew youth come to us by way of a family member who has been through our programs. This summer, Casey and Mike were one such sibling pair. Casey has worked at The Food Project in many different capacities over the years, starting as a Seed Crew worker in 2011. Caring about food runs in the family; Casey grew up helping his mother with gardening and cooking. When it came time for his younger brother Mike to think about his summer

plans, Casey encouraged him to apply to The Food Project. “The Food Project can push him in ways our family can’t,” said Casey, who grew up in Gloucester. “The Food Project opened my world view, and showed me how much I have in common with diverse groups of people.” Getting Mike to apply for Seed Crew took quite a bit of pushing. But by the end of the first week, Mike was starting to enjoy it. Reflecting on the season, Mike talks about how The Food Project will have a lasting effect on his family.

As a result, “our family environment has gotten a lot friendlier.” And Mike feels that he got more out of Food Project workshops because he could continue the conversation at home. And at the end of the day, it’s still about growing, learning, and family. “This summer,” Mike said, “I felt my knowledge of social justice issues expand and my bond with my brother grow, and I’m really grateful that he pushed me to work at The Food Project, because I will remember things from here for years to come.”

Casey B. [ seed crew 2011, root crew supervisor ]

annual report 2014–2015 • 7

CATALYZIN Hermela, Root Crew member, 16, Roxbury, works on the Lincoln Farm.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Food Project was founded in 1991 with an

“The challenge before us is to define, refocus, and redouble our efforts in our role in food system change, and to do this in ways that build control and agency in the communities we serve.” - J. Harrison executive director

GOALS In the next three years, we will: 8 • the food project

Provide youth employment and leadership development opportunities for 100 high school students per year

invocation from Ward Cheney, “For love of land and people, for the good of the community.” These profound words are a clear statement of our core belief and approach—that positive change starts with respect, care, and curiosity of, and for, each other and the land that sustains us. These beliefs are the reason we do the physically, intellectually, and emotionally challenging work of bringing people together across social barriers and inequities to grow food and build a more sustainable food system. As we prepare to enter our 25th year, we have much to be proud of. Our farms and core youth leadership models have proven strong and resilient through years of growth, transition, and innovation. And our approach of bringing racially and economically diverse groups of youth and adults together to learn and work toward a more just world continues to be a model across the country. Going forward, youth leader development and youth-adult partnerships will remain at the heart of our work and approach. This is central to our model. The challenge before us in the coming three years is to define, refocus, and redouble our efforts in our role in food system change, and to do this in ways that build control and agency in the communities we serve while sharing our models and approaches with the larger world. This plan seeks to clarify our approach, contribution, and impact both locally and on the food movement as a whole.

Build 100 gardens per year and support neighborhood gardeners in Dudley and Lynn with materials, training, and technical assistance

Build 3–5 new resident-controlled growing spaces in Dudley and Lynn


Our 3-Year Strategic Plan

STRATEGIES Catalyze neighborhood food production

Build win-win distribution systems

Evaluate the impact of our models

Contribute to our field through sharing our models

Urban agriculture is an important component of a sustainable regional food system. Gardens and small farms in the city play an important role by providing supplemental fresh food, helping to build and maintain culture, and building community participation, connection, and local control in the food system.

Local farms are positioned to be responsive to the needs of their customers. Through direct sales, local farms customize what they grow to uniquely serve and adapt to the needs of their customers. At the same time, low-income neighborhoods represent a financial risk for local farms, which generally need to command higher prices for their food than many households in Lynn and Dudley can afford to pay.

By its nature, the kind of change The Food Project works toward is multi-stranded, interconnected, and difficult to evaluate. This continues to pose a significant challenge not only for The Food Project, but for the food movement as a whole. We regularly field requests from other organizations, through our Institutes and other channels, for support in building meaningful measurement.

The Food Project has long been a leader in the fields of youth development and sustainable agriculture. Through our Institutes, books, manuals, and other training initiatives, we have supported hundreds of organizations around the country in bridging difference, improving community food systems, and developing young leaders.

The Food Project community grows 250,000 pounds of food each year and, as a non-profit, we can experiment, take risks, and innovate in serving these markets in ways that commercial farms often can’t afford to do. We will develop, test, and share distribution models that work both for local farmers and for customers in Lynn and Dudley, with a particular focus on developing and advocating for new healthy food subsidies and alternative payment systems.

In order to better understand our impact, refine our models, and provide better training and support of our partner organizations, we will work with our board of trustees, community partners, and the robust academic community of the Greater Boston area to measure the impact of our food system work in Dudley and Lynn.

We believe everyone should have access to space to grow food, and The Food Project has more than 20 years of experience building urban farms and gardens and supporting gardeners. We will continue to grow, expand, and refine our work building gardens and supporting gardeners in coming years.

Realign our suburban and urban food production, distribution, and funding mechanisms to distribute 40% of our food to support farm-toneighborhood initiatives in Boston and Lynn

Support, develop, and expand healthy food initiatives for residents in Boston and Lynn

Develop comprehensive evaluation tools for our community engagement and youth crews

Recognizing that well designed and effective local models and new approaches are necessary in creating larger change, our charge is to do our work here with great care and in response to what is happening in our own communities. This has long been our approach, and it has yielded great results. By sharing our evaluation tools, models, and experience in the field, our work here in Massachusetts has the power to shape the lives of young people and communities across the country and the world.

Share our tools and models online and through training Institutes to 30-40 organizations per year

annual report 2014–2015 • 9

Year in Review Changing our Fiscal Year In addition to all of the exciting work happening with our youth and communities this year, we also made the decision to change our fiscal year from July through June to October through September. This significant change allows us to plan ahead for our most resource-heavy season (the summer), rather than transition during the middle of it. In order to make this change, we ended our previous fiscal year on June 30, 2015 and will record a “stub year” of three months before starting our new fiscal year on October 1, 2015. Due to these changes, this is the last year you’ll receive the annual report in December. Subsequent annual reports will be published in the spring. Next year’s report will contain financial information for both the stub year and the 2016 fiscal year. The fiscal year change will allow us to plan strategically and thoughtfully moving forward to ensure we can continue creating change. We thank you for your continued support and for making this work possible.

REVENUE BY SOURCE 2% Donations & Raffles Food Sales


Programs & Training




Youth Development Programs Suburban Farming

Urban Farming & Community Volunteer & Outreach Programs Food Access

REVENUE Donations Food Sales Investments Programs & Training Material Raffles total revenue

$2,413,250 $392,547 $53,988 $23,505 $13,625 $2,896,915

EXPENSES Youth Development Programs Suburban Farming Urban Farming & Community Agriculture Volunteer & Outreach Programs Food Access total expenses

$1,282,088 $519,596 $483,935 $376,125 $284,850 $2,946,594

DONATIONS BY SOURCE Individuals Private Foundations Family Foundations Special Events Donations from Other Organizations Corporations Government Grants total donations





13% 43% 16% 18%

$1,013,565 $555,048 $265,458 $241,324 $146,253 $143,337 $48,265 $2,413,250


Private Foundations Family Foundations


Special Events

Donations from Other Organizations Corporations




Government Grants

11% 23% Data is represented on an accrual basis and based on unaudited financial statements. Indirect costs are allocated to program areas based on the size of each program.

10 • the food project

Donor Support

Thank you for keeping us growing strong! + the food project trustee ~ alumni ^ parent * sustainer

We gratefully acknowledge each and every donor who supported us during the 2015 fiscal year, from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. Your gifts help us grow stronger, deepen our roots, and catalyze positive change in our communities. Thank you!

[ Corporate & Foundation Giving ]

Thank you to the foundations, corporations, and organizations whose support was integral to our work this year.

$100,000+ Cummings Foundation Eos Foundation High Meadows Foundation

$50,000–99,999 Newman’s Own Foundation Pace Center United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture

$25,000–49,999 Aetna Foundation The Baupost Group Charitable Fund of the Boston Foundation The Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation Cedar Tree Foundation The Doe Family Foundation Forest Foundation Klarman Family Foundation Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Merck Family Fund New Balance Foundation The Bunny Rattner Foundation Trefler Foundation The Walmart Foundation, Inc.

$10,000–24,999 Alice W. Dorr Foundation Bank of America The Boston Foundation Boston Impact Initiative Fund of RSF Social Finance The Alfred E. Chase Charitable Foundation, Bank of America, N.A. Citizens Bank Foundation The Clinton Family Fund The Clipper Ship Foundation Cooley LLP Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation ERM Foundation - North America Gourmet Caterers

The Janey Fund Keurig, Inc. The Krupp Family Foundation Llewellyn Foundation McCarthy Family Foundation, Bank of Am erica, Co-Trustee Oren Campbell McCleary Charitable Trust Laura J. Niles Foundation North Shore United Way, Inc. North Shore Workforce Investment Board William E. & Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust Towards Sustainability Foundation

$5,000–9,999 Boston Urban Partners LLC. The ByLandorSea Charitable Trust The Edmund & Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation Cambridge Trust Company Cell Signaling Technology Clif Bar & Company F1rst Jobs Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation Green Leaf Foundation Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Heritage Salem Five Charitable Foundation The Howell Family Charitable Foundation Lahey Health Leaves of Grass Fund Massachusetts Service Alliance Edward S. and Winifred G. Moseley Foundation The New England Biolabs Foundation New England Biolabs, Inc. Northeastern University The Osprey Foundation Project Bread Rodman Ride For Kids Second Congregational Church of Boxford Sharpe Family Foundation / Sarah Angell Sharpe United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley Wild Geese Foundation

$2,500–4,999 Bruce J. Anderson Foundation of The Boston Foundation Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management Andrew and Melora Balson Family Fund Arjuna Capital Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Daniels Family Foundation The Fuller Foundation, Inc. Ginsberg/Kaplan Fund of The Boston Foundation Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation Junior League of Boston Linde Family Foundation John MacNair Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee Allen H. & Selma W. Berkman Charitable Trust Northern Trust People’s United Community Foundation of Eastern Massachusetts The Henry A. Pevear Trust Pure Strategies, Inc. Starbucks Foundation Matthew J. & Gilda F. Strazzula Foundation

$1,000–2,499 Air Worldwide Corporation Beacon Hill Garden Club Boston Celtics Chefsnshape Cohen/Lucas Fund of the Boston Foundation^ Helen & Miner Crary Fund of the Foundation for MetroWest Dunn Family Charitable Foundation Effie’s Homemade LLC. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Foundation for MetroWest Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation S.E.A Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation Harvard Kennedy School Harvard Memorial Church

Harvard University Community Gifts Kipp Academy Lynn The Robert & Myra Kraft Family Foundation, Inc. Muddy Pond Trust Fund of The Boston Foundation North Shore Garden Club Pegasystems The Scheerer Family Foundation Trinitarian Congregational Church Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn The Frederick E. Weber Charities Corporation

$500–999 Airvana Corporate Associated Charities of Gloucester Boston Public Health Commission City of Boston Employee Campaign Diesel Cafe, Inc. First Parish Church in Lexington The Four Lanes Trust generationOn Google The Linda Hammett Ory & Andrew Ory Charitable Trust IHS Consulting Income Research + Management Navigant Consulting, Inc. Newton Centre Minyan The Park School Roberts-Belove Fund of The Boston Foundation Root Capital State Street Bank Stegner Fund Sun Life Assurance Company Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

$250–499 Burns & Levison LLP Century Bank Eastern Propane & Oil Emmanuel Lutheran Church Fish In the Dark / This Is Our Youth

Irving & Leila Perlmutter Fund of Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc.^ Phillips Academy Red Sox Foundation Salem Five Charitable Foundation Snowball Fund Youth Council & Social Capital Inc.

$100–249 Acton Refrigeration AmazonSmile Brick Wall Management Cambridge School of Weston Causecast Foundation Citizens Bank Clear Copiers Debra’s Natural Gourmet Goldman Sachs Farm Aid Fenway High School Framingham Friends Meeting Belle Linda Halpern & Mitchell A. Rosenberg Family Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc. International Collision Center Ipswitch, Inc. Members Give Moulter Associates Inc NorthStar Asset Management Productions Etc. Schwab Charitable Fund Shady Hill School Cynthia K. & Jeremiah E. Silbert Fund Temple Beth Zion

Individual donor information starts on the next page.

annual report 2014–2015 • 11

The summer leadership team rejoices, thanks to your support.

[ Individual Giving ]

Every year, individual donors contribute the majority of our budget. Thank you to everyone who made a gift this year in support of our work.



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Jim and Carolyn Birmingham Jackie Borck and Brett Cutler Robert and Louise Bowditch Chris and Pat Burns Daniela Carusi Richard and Judy Caruso Jay and Christy Cashman Jared and Ann Chase Ben and Shelly Chigier Katy Childs Bill and Bonnie Clarke Peter Conlon Rosemary and Thomas Costello+ Warren Covert and Mary Fenoglio Mrs. William Cross, Jr. Sarah Cummer Rachel Curtis David Cushing Thomas and Jillian Darling John and Mary Deyst Ron and Julie Druker Karen Ellis William and Denise Finard Bruce Fingeret Rick Fish Perrin and Rita Gardent^ Oren Gersten Charles and Susan Gessner Philip and Marcia Giudice Rimma Gluzman Hannah and John Graff Pat Gray^ Tim Greiner and Amy Ballin^ Gordon Hall and Linda Hall Sarah Hartman Keith Hartt and Ann Wiedie Jerry and Margaretta Hausman Donna Hazelgreen Barry and Connie Hershey Joseph Holmes and Susan Avery Weston and Susanah Howland Ellen Joseph and Will Kracke Richelle and Mark Kennedy Clyde Kessel and Francoise Bourdon^ Susan Koffman and Tom Cooper* Gordan Kuhar* William and Lisa Lahey^

John and Caroline Langan Ms. Sarah Langer* Carolyn Lattin and Venkat Venkatraman^ Carol Lazarus and Paul Donovan John LeClaire and Ruth Hodges^ Tom and Kim Litle Peter and Renate Loeffler Joan MacIsaac and Benjamin Misch Laura Maltby Jeffrey and Lucy Masters^ Jeannette and Peter McGinn Trevor Miller and Kim Williams Carolyn Mugar Seta Nersessian and Greg Jundanian Jay and Nicie Panetta Katherine M. Perls Gretchen Pfuetze^ Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Phippen Amelie Ratliff Ransom Richardson and Sarah Shamel Nina Righter and Glenn Shambroom Paola Rossoni Gaudenzio Roveda Scott Rudin Susan and Beau Ryan^ Dylan and Bea Sanders+ Lucia Santini Field and Bruce Field Alec and Lee Sargent Donald Scholz Barry and Jan Sharpless Richard and Jennifer Siegel Jonas Sjoden Nancy Slater and Alan Millner Randall Smith and Lori Kenschaft Sherley Smith Naomi Sobel Lally Stowell David and Emily Strong* Mary Sullivan and Eric Brandt^ Hope and Adam Suttin Brian and Lindsey Swett Beth Taylor and Tim Barclay Stephen Tise^* David and Tara Tresner-Kirsch

Roslyn Watson and Andre Citroen Suzanne Weinstein Mr. Ron M. Wellman Patrick and Nina Wilson Laurence Wintersteen Michael Zucca

$500–999 Anonymous (6)

Judith Aronstein Catherine Baisly Lynne Ball Thomas Barritt* Rebecca Bermont* Charlyn Bethell and Guy Urban^ Tom Birmingham and Amy Killeen Asaf and Elizabeth Bitton Martha and Ben Bixby Jill Block and Wade Rubinstein Tomas Bok and Florentien DeRuiter Dr. Bruce F. Bower and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Bower George and Aimee Bower^ Walter Brassert John and Irene Briedis Stuart Brown and Sandra DeJong^ Lawrence and Kim Buell Phil and Hilary Burling Christopher and Maria Bursaw Jonathan J. Bush Susan Okie Bush Tom and Rachel Claflin Jeffrey and Susan Clark Steven Clarke Andrea Condit Peter Creighton William and Mary Cummings Sean and Susan Daley Ms. Frances D. Davis Marleen De Bode and Marc Olivie Sarah de Ferranti and Per Dutton

Stephen Durant and Laura Evans Durant Mitch Dynan and Faith Michaels^ Nick and Barbara Elton Carol March Emerson Cross Julia Farago~ Susan Farrell Jaymi and Joseph Formaggio Kathy Franklin Richard and Cathy Freedberg Lawrence and Nicole Gage Pamela Gale David Gessner Deborah Gevalt Clair Global Jane Gray Maija and N. Cornell Gray Susan Halby Jeffrey Heidt and Myra Green Alex Hodges Polly Hoppin and Robert Thomas Patricia Jao Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn Steven and Linda Kanner Christian and Carole Kasper Dimitrios Kavadas* Amy Kirchner Christopher and Susan Klem Tamsin Knox and Kent Yucel^ Larry Kolodney and Heather Nelson Jeffrey Kopf and Stephanie Cogen^ Ted Kulik and Kristin Engdahl Louis and Rajani LaRocca* Jen Larson Judith Leemann and Bridget Lee Jaime and Harry Manion David Marsden and Pamela Fallon Jean Mason Richard and Jan McQuaid Anmol Mehra Therese and Kurt Melden Jamie Menton Gary and Holly Mikula Corrina Miller Diane Moes Kyra and Coco Montagu Jeff and Bobby Morgenstern Mrs. Suzanne R. Newton Anne Nugent and Tony Rogers Jonathan and Sally Nusholtz Richard Ohlsten Brian and Bernadette Orr Bert and Gigi Pare Diane Pearlman Susan and Samuel Philbrick Mr. and Mrs. William LaC. Phippen Odessa Piper Rachel Pohl and Mac McIntosh^ Dwight Quayle and Deborah Manegold^ Marcel Quiroga Karen Reid Paul Reville and Julie Joyal Mitch and Jill Roberts Anna Romer and Bruce Jacobson^ Clayton and Julianne Rose Bernard Rosman Neo Sala Mark Sandrof and Patience Ferris Sandrof Jeffrey and Sheara Seigal Gary and Caryl Shaw James Sloman and Nora Devlin Mark and Kristin Smith-Gary Campbell and Grace Steward Steve and Hollye Stigler Meg Stone Lydia Sullivan* Laraine Swett Ronald and Moira Ten-Hove^ Dune Thorne and Neville McCaghren

Felix Twaalfhoven Chris and Amanda Von Rumohr Peter Wason Thomas Watt Campbell Watts and John Bunker^ Max Weinberg Eric Weinberger David Weinstein and Lauren Ockene Meg White Serita Winthrop Kathy Wrean and Jay Chandler

$250–499 Eric and Nancy Almquist Jenny Amory Michael and Eliza Anderson Richard Arzillo and Paula Devereaux Margaret Ashforth Brad Barber Jamie Barber* Richard Belin and Rosanne Obrien Jennifer Bennet and Wayne Ysaguirre Gene Benson and Marlene Alderman Donna Bertolotti Eliana Blaine Gerald and Karin Blum Gail Bouck Frank and Mardi Bowles Everett Bradley Dan Braun Julie Breskin and Jeff Gross Tina Buchs and David Kalman^ Leo Butzel Emily and Tom Cahill Meg Campbell Deb Caponetta Nora Carey+ Mrs. Louis Carr Tom Chalmers and Joan Meyer^ Ed Chazen and Barbara Gross Steve and Maureen Cheheyl Pieter Cohen and Lauren Budding Andrew and Holly Cole Marlies Comjean Judy Cook Sarah Creighton Bill and Ellen Cross^ Cheryl and Mike Crounse Jack Cummings and Joan Lautenschleger Lisa and Barb Damon Ann Dannenberg Jessie Davenport Betsy A. Davis Michele Demarest and John Patterson Marla and Michael DeRosa^ Diana Digges* Robert and Ann-Marie Dionisi Estelle Disch Susan and Paul Donahue Barbara Drelick Curt Ellis Mary Elston Samuel and Anne Engel Stanley and Barbara Eskin Fay Farber Heidi Feinstein Mike Felsen Elizabeth Ferry Sheala Finch Ted Finch and Jeanne McDermott^ Richard Fish Carlos and Abbey Flores Patrick Flynn and Barbara Nash Deborah Fraize Larry Frank Stacey Fraser and Addison Parks Sharon Fuller

Tara Gallagher Josh and Nicole Gann Paul and Laura Garber Paul and Betty Gardescu Gus and Liz Gardner Kyle Garvey and Elizabeth Mooney Harold Giguere Keith Gilbert and Stacy Osur Charles Giordano Neil and Margot Goodwin Karen and John Graff Bruce Grakal Beth and Ronald Guertin Charu Gupta Joyce Harper Bretton Heath-Wlaz Roy and Helen Herold George and Julie Hibben Brad Horn* Mr. Jay Howell Laurie Jacoby Alden and Eileen Johnson Stephen and Ronnie Kanarek James and Cherry Karlson Mary Kelly Dr. Vasudevan Kidambi John and Polly Knowles David Kopans Nina Kornstein Susan Laskin Kelsey Leahy Toby Leighton-Pope Jill Lenhardt Ann Leviton Sarabinh Levy-Brightman* Max Loubiere Michael Lyman and Jean Klingler Tom Macdonald and Priscilla Howell^ Gordon MacFarland and Liz Buchanan Raymond and Monique Magliozzi Axel Magnuson and Sylvia Vriesendorp* Patricia Maher and Michael Wessels Tony Malandain Richard Marks and Jennifer Morrison Sara Mattes and Jerome Ritz^ Leonard McAlister Carolyn McCane-Chin Kathleen McCleery and Robert Martinez Suzannah McFerran Brian and Margaret McNeill Jennifer Miller Mary and Luke Miratrix* Anthony Mirenda and Tracey Cornogg Tom Morello Mr. Bartholomew Murphy Sally Muspratt Janet and Matt Natti Benjamin Newman Mai Nguyen David and Melissa Norton Laura and Patrick O’Gara Marybeth Oskowski David R. Peeler Judy Perkins Michael Piering Dale Pitman Patrick Planeta and Meredith Basque Karleen Porcena+ Stuart and Beth Pratt Alexander and Julia Pugh Rebecca Pugh^ Steve and Jill Purpura Lily Rabinoff-Goldman Albert and Lois Rand Laura Roper^ Myron and Roberta Rosenberg Lea and Adam Rutledge Heidrun Ryan

Katie Ryan and Greg Lawrence Mark and Linda Sagor^ John Sasso Tedd and Ella Saunders Allen Schiller George Schnee and Clara Silverstein Laurel Schneider Robert Score Tim Sexton Jason and Katherine Shamberger Arthur Sharp and Anne Sterling Bill Silva Shirin Sioshansi~* Allison Smith Laura Smith-Gary Diane and William Stansbury Michael and Jill Stansky Esty Stowell Theodore Sussman and Lisa Freed^ Sandra Sweetnam and David Smith^* Naomi Sweitzer and Andrew Shalit Carolyn Swords Richard and Alix Taylor Amy Traverso Claudio Trotta Ms. Michele Trucksis Reed and Peggy Ueda^ Jennifer and Paul Valentine Susan Delellis Valpey and John Valpey^ Mary Jo Veling^ Martha Vicinus Kenneth and Nancy Vona Linda Watts Ms. Janet Weber Charles and Louise Weed Beth Wells and Allen Elkin Dodi Wexler and Luke Sadriall George and Barbara Whitesides Jeffrey Wieand and Janet Silver Susan Williams Josh Zagorsky~ Daniel Zedek and Marilynn Johnson Carolyn Zern

$100–249 Anonymous (3) Jonathan Ablett and Ann Walsh Peggy Acott Beatriz Adrianzen Mr. Robert Adu-Gyamfi Shihab and Marlene Ahmed Peter and Marylee Aldrich Susan Alvey John Anderson Rebecca and Nathan Anderson Andrew Anway and Mary Hannapel^ Carol Appel Elizabeth Arce Adria Arch and Elliot Eichen Ellen Aresty Mary Babcock Sandra Bailey Robert Baker Anita M. Balliro Sherrie Barlas Sibylle J. Barlow Priscilla Barnard Robert and Shirley Barnes Dennis Barnett Peggy Barrett Charles and Nancy Barry Kevin and Susan Barry Mimi and Thomas Batchelder-Brown John and Molly Beard Diana Beaudoin and Jacques Cohen Reinier and Nancy Beeuwkes Lauren Bell* Janis Bell Matt Bell Geri Belle Alan and Michele Bembenek David Benack Cynthia Bencal Brad Bennett and Barbara Schwartz Charles and Marjorie Bennett Mr. Anthony Benoit Lisa Berland and Larry Teitelbaum^ Clark and Susana Bernard

Liza S., 17, Cambridge, works on the Boston Farm.

annual report 2014–2015 • 13

Rachana C., 16, Lynn, and Abigail F., 15, Essex, on the Wenham Farm.

John and Ann Cobb Francis Colaco and Marie dePelet-Colaco Ken and Ginny Colburn Richard and Dorothy Cole William and Susan Colehower^ Catherine Coleman and Thomas Mullen Donald and Susan Collins Ferdinand and Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld James and Alison Connolly Steven and Lauren Connolly^ Peter Conrad and Libby Bradshaw Mark Conway and Mary Scatamacchia Gloria Coolidge Howard Cooper Billy Costa Carole Counihan Susannah Cowden David and Linda Crafts James and Julie Craig Gina Curcuru and Vincent Briguglio Grace Curley^* Elliot and Ann Curtis Lindsey Dalton Barry Danielian James Davidian Harvey and Linda Davidson Annie Davis~ Boudewijn de Jonge and Josefine Wendel Dennis and Alice DelDonno Alice Dembner John and Susan DeSantis Tony Didio and Roger Chen Steve and Pam DiFillippo Carol Dionne Alan Dittrich Brian Dixon* Elizabeth Donaldson Philip Dorman Chip Dox Mary Dumont and Emily French-Dumont Jessica and David Eber^ Anne and Bob Eccles* Sally Anne Edwards Gregg Ellenberg Chris and Faith Emerson Alexandra Endsley and Ike Sharpless Evelyn D. Eng-Nol~ Elliot and Eileen Entin Donald and Jill Eurich Dr. Anne R. Fabiny Andrew Falender and Jackie Lenth^

14 • the food project

Peter and Sally Farrow Mr. Harry W. Fatkin, Jr. Christopher and Lisa Fibbe^ Heidi Fieldston and Howard Ostroff Katie Fiorella Dylan Fitz Maureen Fitzgerald Rachel and Robert Fitzgibbon^ David and Phyllis Fitzpatrick Ephraim Flint and Nancy Bergen Mary Ann Flippin Lucinda Foley Robert Foote Nancy Formella David Forsyth Eliza Fournier Lynne Frank Page and Ron Page John and Deborah French Sarah Fresco and Maxim Rothenberg Anne Fulenwider Steven Galante and Leanne Cowley Ashley Galvin Chris and Sarah Gant Kelly and Chuck Garofalo Jade Gedeon Anne and Ross Gelbspan Pertula George-Redd Mr. Charlie Gibbs Edith and James Gibson Paul Gilbert and Patricia Romeo-Gilbert Beverly Gillette and John Keller Fred and Lisa Girello David and Marilyn Glater Marjorie Glazer Fred and Connie Glore Steven and Susan Glovsky Glynn-Burke Family Judy and Peter Gohringer Mark Goldblatt and Carol Kauffman Lisa and Marc Goodheart Laila Goodman and Barry Moir^ Allyson Goose Julien Goulet and Sabeth Fitzgibbons Linda Green Brad Gregory Seth Grue Polly Guggenheim John and Leslie Gurley Glen Gurner and Maureen O’Donoghue^ Kristin Gustafson^ James Gutstadt and Nancy Goodman

Bernard Haan and Cynthia Stack^ Mary Jo Haggerty Harold and Susan Hallstein John and Kerry Hamilton John and Nancy Hammond James and Colleen Hankins Kenneth Happel Thomas Harden and Sylvia Mihich Ellen Harder Douglas and Susan Harding Sarah and William Hardy^ Richard and Angelica Harter Victoria Hatch George and Daphne Hatsopoulos Anne and Michael Hayes^ Starla Hazen Alan Hein and Katherine Page Larry and Jane Herlacher Michael and Monica Higgins David and Karen Hinchen Galen and Patricia Ho James and Meredith Hollis Edward Holston Mark and Margie Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Horning III Eric Hove and Ellen Hatch Anne Howard^ Peter and Jane Howard Christine and Nathan Hribar* Vicki Hurko Barbara Hyde Kenton and Christel Ide Jeni Indresano Bill and Jane Jackson Bill and Bev Jaques Emily Johnson Stuart and Catherine Johnstone Robert Kamen and Trudi Veldman John and Susan Kane Robert and Patricia Kane Beth and Homi Kapadia Herman and Suzy Karl Kenneth Karnofsky Karen Karp Judith Katz and Phillip Mayfield Adele Kauffman and Barry Cohen Barry Kaye and Kathryn Bonfiglio Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kellogg II Stephen and Carolyn Kelly Diane Kelzer Michael and Dona Kemp Alexander Kennedy Ellen Kennelly Stephen and Lisa Kenney Ed and Priscilla Kern Robert Kern John Kerns Sarah and David Kessler Kathleen Keville Jeffrey and Susan Kilgore John and Joan Kimball Arthur and Susan Kluge Bob and Gretchen Koch Diane and Paul Konnersman Hedda Kopf Florence Koplow David Koven and Diane Gordon Paul Kramer and Skye Morrison Kramer Nigel Kraus and Kay Seligson Jonathan and Janet Kravetz Gregory Krueger Susan Labandibar Paul and Susan Lapointe Abby Lauterbach Ken and Sarah Lazarus Bob and Meryl Leahey^ Kristina Leclaire Tom and Barbara Leggat David Leifer and Marla Engel^ Lysa Leland

Bob and Virginia Lemire Ms. Jennifer Lemire Dutch Leonard and Kathy Angell Martha and William Lerman Francois Leroux Jana Lesser Angela Lett Alan and Leslie Levey Lisa and Greg Linn Harold and Leslie Lockhart Kathleen Lomatoski Thomas and Lucia Longnecker Rob and Gwyneth Loud Carl Lowenberg and Emily Wheelwright Hilary Lucier* John Lupien Diana Lyman and Tom Wilmot Theodore Lyszczarz and Barbara Ewen Jeffrey Macktaz Richard and Wanda Macnair Dugan and Frank Maddux Ralph and Rose Marie Madsen Jean Maestre Larry and Barbara Magid Patrick Mahoney Elizabeth Malandain Mary Mandarino Vernon Marchal Michael Marchetti Martha and Paul Marcus Jon and Patti Martin Sheryle Martinelli June Matthews Scott Matthews Louisa Mattson Stephen and Phoebe McCarthy Jeri and James McCue David and Jennifer McGonigle Ms. Anne McHugh David Mcmahon Michael and Dorothy McQuillan Kathleen Mctigue Phyllis Menken and Toby Yarmolinsky Eugene and Melissa Meyer Robyn and Thomas Milbury Thomas and Stacy Miller James Minish Marc and Barbara Mitchell Patrick Mitchell Warren Moberly and Lai Hing Chan Sayed Mohamed-Nour^ Robert and Susan Montgomery Mr. David Moon Dennyse Morales Bruce Moran Elizabeth and Michael Moran Midori Morikawa Stacey Morin Danielle Morse Kathleen Morse Gale Munson Lucy Munson and Andrew Magee Bill Murphy and Natalie Kadis Colin Murphy John and Heather Murray Joseph Murray Ed and Jean Nardi Lindsay Neagle Marshall and Elizabeth Neilson Joseph and Margaret Newhouse Ann Nichols John Nockleby and Lucie White^ Vera Nordal Joan O’Halloran David Oakes and Sheila Botein Patrick Oates and Melinda-Carol Ballou^ Mary Obrien Richard and Connie Ohlsten Randy Ottman and Colleen Solan Mark and Elisa Ouellette

Ms. Nancy K. Outten Peter Pantano and Lorraine Foley Pantano Andrew Parrillo Mary Patterson Christopher and Nancy Pazienza Deborah Dillon Pearce Andrew Pearlman Anne Pearson Linda Pearson Joanne C. Peckarsky Emily Perlman Stephen Perlman Sarah Petty Sam and Silvia Petuchowski^ Tania Phillips Richard Piper Megan Pitts Oakes and Pat Plimpton Gerry Plummer and Suzanne Lefebvre Brian and Laura Plunkett Semyon and Christina Polyak Bruce Porter and AnnMarie Lanza^ Bruce Posner Steve and Megan Postal Carolyn Powell Mr. Andrew F. Powell, Sr. George and Kathy Putnam Richard and Judith Quanrud Sidney Queler Erik Ramanathan Curt and Beth Ramm Michele Rapp Mark Reed and Stephanie Goldberg Robert Reilinger and Nina Berger Eric Green and Carmin Reiss Greg Reppucci Barbara and Michael Rhines^ Norma Ricci Terry and Robert Richarde Ned and Katie Rimer Mac Ritchey Sue Riter and Sally Neely Rich and Diane Robbins Andrea Roberts and Marc Foster^ Patricia Rogers^ Jeff Rominger Mathias Rosenfeld Michael and Naomi Rosenfeld Alice Rothchild Michael Ruddy Rick and Virginia Rundell Lisa Russell* Walter and Marjorie Salmon Sara Salomon^ Barbara Sampson and William Hamilton Tom and Laura Sander^ Ms. Margaret H. Satterfield Monique Scales Richard and Nancy Schrock Paul Schulman Gus and Susan Schumacher Peter Schwechheimer Dr. Sally S. Seaver Jo Seibel and Stuart Levitz Steven Seidel and Adria Steinberg^ Bill and Dev Sellin Ken and Jennifer Sghia-Hughes^ Douglas and Anne Sharpe Ted and Linda Sharpe Henry and Kathryn Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shaw Sandy and Rebecca Sheble-Hall Bryan Sheehan Darlene Sheehan^ Daniel Sheff Dr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Sheldon Jan Shepard and Judith Eggleston Elaine Shiang


Larry O., 19, Lynn, at the North Shore Family Feast.

households with a CSA farm share

Nancy Shippen^ Andrea Shirley Jane Shoplick Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Shortsleeve Joan Silberman Diane Singer Jane Singer and Robert Henriques Vidya Sivan* Gayle Smalley and Judy Curby Marilyn Ray Smith Trina Smith Jonathan Snow* Nancy Soulette George and Claire Speen Todd and Arlene Spezzaferro Raphael Spitzer Albert Sreter Debra Stark Bill and Susan Stason Niels and Andrea Steenstrup^ Justin Steil James and Miriam Stoddard Terry Strom Mr. John F. Sullivan Susan and Jack Sweeney Joshua and Abigail Sykes Mrs. Paulett L. Taggart Nobu and Hiro Takeuchi Gary and Susan Taylor Jason Taylor Victoria Taylor Sarah Tenney Hal Tepfer Dan and Maggie Terris Jeffrey Testa and Jocelyn Almy-Testa^ Sam Thompson and Anne Bunn Andrea Tishman and Peter Simon David Tobias and Elizabeth Micheels David and Natalie Truesdell* David Uhrenholdt Christy Uhrowczik Norma Uhrowczik Joshua Van Hook Erin and Sander Van Otterloo

pounds of produce donated to hunger relief organizations Ron VanDe Veen Ramani Varanasi and Vinayak Antarkar Roberto Villalobos Stephen and Alla Vincent Karen Vitone Lia and Andy Wainwright Eric and Sarah Ward Lorraine and Gerard Ward Henry Warren and Cornelia Brown Shana Weaver Louise Weed Mr. Bernard E. Weichsel William and Maureen Weihs David and Miriam Weil Susan Weir Paul Weller John and Linda Weltner Jamie Werchadlo Barbara Wetherington Susan White and Lindsay White William Whitney Donald Wightman and Deborah Calabro-Wightman Claire Wilcox Jim and Elizabeth Williamson Peter and Gail Wintersteiner Fred and Susan Winthrop Russ Wolf and Marty Gilpatrick Howard and Candice Wolk Richard Wolkoff Mr. David F. Wood Julie Wood Son Wooten and Rolf Flor Timothy Wright and Karen Ellzey Bernhardt and Mary Jane Wuensch Joan K. Wyon James Yakura and Melissa Alger-Yakura Liz and Andy York Donna Yost Steve Yu Steve Yustevek David and Elizabeth Zahniser Barry and Roberta Zallen Heidi Ziegler-Voll

[ Alumni ] Alumni support is especially meaningful to us and we are extremely grateful to alumni who support future generations of Food Project youth. Cassandria Campbell Rose Cherneff Eliza A. Cohen Keely Curliss Caitlin Cusack Annie Davis Sam DeRosa Evelyn D. Eng-Nol Julia Farago Mr. Loughton French Charlotte Graham


Eliza Koso Mr. Daniel Lau Ms. Johannah M. Murphy Bayo Owolewa Aliza N. Persing David Schwartz Shirin Sioshansi* Tucker Smith Will Staub Sara Sussman Josh Zagorsky

[ Parents] We gratefully acknowledge the support from parents of our youth. Your support is an investment in, and an endorsement of, the transformative power of The Food Project’s youth experience. Anonymous (3) Kamesh and Geeta Aiyer Andrew Anway and Mary Hannapel Johanna Baxter Stephen and Jill Bellio Lisa Berland and Larry Teitelbaum Charlyn Bethell and Guy Urban Charlotte Craig and Margie Bleichman George and Aimee Bower Jack and Cheryl Brandwein Patricia Brennan and Charles Collins Stuart Brown and Sandra DeJong Tina Buchs and David Kalman Patrick Byrne and Joan Denapli-Byrne Sara Bysshe and Charles Cooper Christopher Carmody and Carol Lovell Carmody Tom Chalmers and Joan Meyer Danny Chin Audrey Cohen William and Susan Colehower Steven and Lauren Connolly Bill and Ellen Cross Grace Curley* Marla and Michael DeRosa Mike and Maureen Devlin Emily Dexter and Armond Cohen Mitch Dynan and Faith Michaels Jessica and David Eber Andrew Falender and Jackie Lenth Christopher and Lisa Fibbe Ted Finch and Jeanne McDermott Rachel and Robert Fitzgibbon Perrin and Rita Gardent Julia Gittleman and Tom Mendelsohn Laila Goodman and Barry Moir Pat Gray Tim Greiner and Amy Ballin Stephen and Ellen Grody Barbara Gubb and Robert BoucherLin Guo and Liang Tang

Glen Gurner and Maureen O’Donoghue Marc Gurvitch and Sue Shenkman Kristin Gustafson Bernard Haan and Cynthia Stack Sarah and William Hardy Anne and Michael Hayes Susan Herz and Frances Demiany Anne Howard Clyde Kessel and Francoise Bourdon Reena Kling Tamsin Knox and Kent Yucel Jeffrey Kopf and Stephanie Cogen William and Lisa Lahey James and Michele Latimer Carolyn Lattin and Venkat Venkatraman Bob and Meryl Leahey John LeClaire and Ruth Hodges Margaret Lee David Leifer and Marla Engel Margaret Leipsitz and Matthew Yarmolinsky Cohen/Lucas Fund of the Boston Foundation Tom Macdonald and Priscilla Howell Jacob Mancebo Jeffrey and Lucy Masters Sara Mattes and Jerome Ritz Nancy Meacham Joanne Miller and Jan Greer Sayed Mohamed-Nour Peter Monius and Melissa Robbins Ms. Eileen Moore Robert Murray and Lucy Meadows John Nockleby and Lucie White Patrick Oates and Melinda-Carol Ballou Cheryl Opperman and Maure Aronson Lana and Lenny Owens Patricia Pepper Irving & Leila Perlmutter Fund of Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc. Sam and Silvia Petuchowski Gretchen Pfuetze Rachel Pohl and Mac McIntosh

Bruce Porter and AnnMarie Lanza Wendy Powell and Don Rober Rebecca Pugh Dwight Quayle and Deborah Manegold Robin Ratcliff and Michael Staub Polly and Brock Reeve Barbara and Michael Rhines Lisa Rivers and James Patterson Andrea Roberts and Marc Foster Gary and Chris Robinson Patricia Rogers Anna Romer and Bruce Jacobson Laura Roper Gary and Sandra Ruggiero Susan and Beau Ryan Mark and Linda Sagor Sara Salomon Tom and Laura Sander Steven Seidel and Adria Steinberg Janet Selcer and Joel Schwartz+ Ken and Jennifer Sghia-Hughes Darlene Sheehan Nancy Shippen Gordon Siek and Lori Manz Niels and Andrea Steenstrup Mary Sullivan and Eric Brandt Theodore Sussman and Lisa Freed Sandra Sweetnam and David Smith* Ronald and Moira Ten-Hove Jeffrey Testa and Jocelyn Almy-Testa Randal Thurston and Alyson Schultz Stephen Tise* Stephen Tobin and Nancy Hartle Reed and Peggy Ueda Susan Delellis Valpey and John Valpey Mary Jo Veling Campbell Watts and John Bunker Jane Wells and Thomas Sadtler Richard Williams and Jeanne Segal

annual report 2014–2015 • 15

[ Sustainers] Sustaining donors are an important group of loyal donors who make monthly or quarterly donations. These donors offer us a reliable source of support to grow and advance our programs. We are extremely grateful for your steady support.

“I think that this is my purpose: to bring unity to my life and the lives of others around me, so that we have a strong community in which we can grow together through food and communication and experience togetherness.”

- Kim G. [ root crew member, 17, boston ]

Donations were made in memory of the following people:

Donations were made in honor of the following people:

16 • the food project

Heather Harker Ryan Maria Harris and Blair Sly J. Harrison Haverford College Alumni Group Cassi Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Hill Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hodges Lois Hopfenberg Mia Howard Kate Isaacs Donna Jewett Eileen Ryan and Alden Johnson Phillip Johnson Mike Jones Shane Kaplan and Heidi Witmer Mady Kaye James M. Kelley Sutton Kiplinger Jeffrey Kopf and Stephanie Cogen Noah Kopf Stjepan Kuhar M.D. The Lamb Family Leah Lazer Jackson Manz-Siek The Masters Family Linda McQuillan Eric Meikle Michael Mendelson Sheila Morehouse William Morrow Kathy Mulligan Mark Ouellette Nancy Pineau Maria Popova

Gordan Kuhar Ms. Sarah Langer Louis and Rajani LaRocca Sarabinh Levy-Brightman Hilary Lucier Axel Magnuson and Sylvia Vriesendorp Mary and Luke Miratrix Jennifer Mocarski Marybeth Oskowski Lisa Russell Greg and Carol Sharrigan Shirin Sioshansi~ Vidya Sivan Jonathan Snow David and Emily Strong Lydia Sullivan Sandra Sweetnam and David Smith^ Kirian Szwed Roger Tapping Stephen Tise^ David and Natalie Truesdell

[ Gifts in Memory Of ]

[ Gifts in Honor Of ] Amanda and Nacho The Anway Family Annette Baker Adrian and Persis Ballou Mark Barnett Mimi Batchelder-Brown and Tom Brown Beril Bayrak Julia Boegel Werth Meera Boghani Ann Bookman Diane Braun and Peter Braun Celia Elizabeth Brown Jo and Sarah Brown Ruben and Sarah Caldwell Sam Caldwell and Jessica Rubin Phil McCauley and Maryann Carrazza The Chen Family Kristen Chareft and Marc Brown Natalie Cohen The Cracknell/First Family Cindy Davenport Christine Davis Nirav Desai Meg Dings and Andy Ware Rachel Eber Nicole Giammarco Matthew Gillman The Gilman Family Elizabeth Gohringer Laila Goodman Skylar Griggs Eli Gurvitch Heather Pitman Hammel

Anonymous Jamie Barber Thomas Barritt Lauren Bell Rebecca Bermont Carole Biewener Ms. Anna Biton Crista Bozogan Elana Brochin Chris and Elizabeth City Yarrow Cleaves Grace Curley^ Diana Digges Brian Dixon Anne and Bob Eccles Noemi Giszpenc Charlotte Graham~ Ann Henry Mary Hester Brad Horn Christine and Nathan Hribar Kelly Ilseman Dimitrios Kavadas Susan Koffman and Tom Cooper

Mohan Rayala Pauline C. Reeve Kayla Ringelheim Nathaniel Rosenblum Arlene Rothman Kate Schlegel Laura Fell Scholten Laura Fell Scholten and Donnie Cox Vicky Schubert Sokneata Sean Hannah Sharpless Graff Kate and Jason Shamberger and Family Teena Smith Gabriella Spitzer Anim Steele Peg Dougherty and Dick Steele Stefan Steenstrup Alexander Tang Kay Ten-Hove Will Testa Lynn Tougas George and Lenore Travis Lenore Travis Marsha Turin Jean Verhow Shira Warren Cammy Watts Charlotte Whitney Kenneth William Whitney Sr. Sally Whitney Elizabeth Yellen Justin Zachariah Larry and Gloria Ziegler

Florence Bixby Robert DeSantis Linda Fallstein Amy Grabel Margaret Elizabeth Hill Henry Masters

Peter and his love of the garden Betty and Walter Sobel Mike Toth Lenore Travis Richard Urie Melissa Alger Yakura

In Memory of

Lenore Travis, Food Project Trustee

Lenore was a long-time supporter of The Food Project. Her passion, enthusiasm, and smile are dearly missed by all who knew her. We feel honored to have been a part of Lenore’s life. The Travis Family has established the Lenore Gessner Travis Youth Fund to further support the youth and work she believed in. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please contact Marni Singer at or at 781-259-8621 x38.

Aminah C., 16, Dorchester on the Lincoln Farm.

[ Gifts in Kind ] Donations of services, materials, food, and beverages helped support special projects and general operations throughout the year. We are extremely grateful to all of the individuals and establishments who made these generous contributions and helped our programs grow. AKA Bistro Mr. Nuno Alves Appalachian Mountain Club Big Night Entertainment Group Black Crow Soap Brasserie Jo Eric Brennan Cooper Perkins, Inc. Rosemary and Thomas Costello Davio’s Restaurant Mr. Peter Davis Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks Effie’s Homemade, LLC EVOO Flour Bakery + Cafe Will Gilson

Mark Goldberg Gourmet Caterers, Inc. Hannah and John Graff The Grafton Group Granite Brook Stone & Landscape Materials Vlad Grenkov Haley House Harpoon Brewery Harvest Henrietta’s Table Jim Hickey The Inn at Castle Hill Innovent Technologies Island Creek Oyster Bar Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe

Dr. Sarah Lopez Nathan Lyczak Mandarin Oriental, Boston Martignetti Companies Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art Mezze Restaurant Group Amelia and Nico Monday The Mount NESN’s Dining Playbook Ocean House SURF Shop & Cafe Oishii Too Oleana Orchards Hotel The Peabody Essex Museum The Print House Progressive Electrical Systems

Red Lion Inn Rialto Restaurant + Bar Roland L. Appleton, Inc. Row 34 Russell’s Garden Center Katie Ryan and Greg Lawrence Mark and Deirdre Smithers Strip-T’s Restaurant T.R. Miller Co., Inc. Tavistock Restaurant Collection Trade Tremont 647 The Trustees of Reservations W.S. Badger Company, Inc. Wagamama. Inc. Winston Flowers

[ Serve & Grow ] We are appreciative of the organizations that brought groups of volunteers to work on our farms during the year. Your work in the fields, which included planting, weeding, and harvesting, contributed immensely to the productivity of the farms. AIG Air Worldwide Airvana Corporate AmeriCorps Aperian Global Consulting Bank of America Bedford High School Bejamin Franklin Institute of Technology Bentley University - Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity Bentley University - Beta Alpha Psi Fraternity Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts Boston Bar Association Boston Bar Association Environmental Law Public Service Committee Boston College Law School Public Interest Law Foundation Boston College Real Food Club Boston Collegiate Charter School Boston Community Leadership Academy Boston Senior Home Care Boston University Environmental Student Organization Boston University - Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine Boston University - Day of Service Boston University - First-Year Student Outreach Project Brian J. Honan Fellowship Brigham and Women’s Hospital - Primary Care Brookwood School Buildium BuildOn/CASH High School in Dorchester Bunker Hill Community College

Cambridge Associates Cambridge Cooperative Club Cambridge School of Weston Cambridge Trust Celtics/TD Bank Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School City on a Hill School Cohen Hillel Academy Community Day Charter School Concord Academy Counter Culture Coffee Delaware Life Deloitte Delta Psi Sigma Sorority Drydock Footwear Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative Eastern Bank Electric Insurance Company EMC Corporation Emerson College - “Living Green” Learning Community Endicott College Environmental Leadership Program Environmental Resources Management Essex County Garden Club Excel Academy FedEx Fenway High School First Congregational Church of Hamilton First Parish in Lexington Forest Hills Runners Georgia Tech Alumni Association Committee Glen Urquhart School Goldman Sachs & Co. H.O.W. House Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Public Health School Harvard Law School

Harvard University Haverford College IA Interior Architects IHS Consulting Income Research & Management Johnson O’Connor Kettle Cuisine Keurig/Green Mountain Roasters Kipp Academy Korean Catholic Church of Boston LEAP Youth LGC Genomics Liberty Mutual Insurance Lincoln-Sudbury High School Marblehead School Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants Massachusetts Youth Leadership Association Middlesex School MIT Lincoln Laboratory National Grid Navigant Net Impact Boston New Balance New England Biolabs, Inc. Nobles & Greenough School North Shore United Way and Shore Country Day School Northeastern University Northeastern University Latino/a Student Cultural Center Northeastern University Physician Assistant Program Northeastern University - Social Enterprise Institute Student Association OC&C Strategy Consultants Operation Bootstraps Pegasystems, Inc.

Phillips Academy Non Sibi Day PlusOne Health Management Pure Strategies, Inc. Regis College Root Capital Sapient Second Congregational Church of Boxford Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group Shore Country Day School Signator/John Hancock Squashbusters Starbucks Belmont Starbucks Methuen State Street Global Advisors Strategis SunLife Financial Syracuse University in Boston Alumni Club Taiwanese American Professionals The Chestnut Hill School The Park School Tsoi/Kobus & Associates Tufts Friedman School Tufts Health Plan UMass Boston Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn Vecna VMWare Inc. Waring School Washington University in St. Louis Alumni Club of Boston Wellesley College’s Center for Work and Service Westwood High School Young Adult Committee of the NAACP Youth In Action from Providence Zevin Asset Management, LLC

9,411 volunteer hours spent planting, tending the fields, and harvesting

We have attempted to be as accurate as possible in listing our donors. While we do not have space in this publication to print the names of every single contributor, we remain forever grateful for every gift of every size to The Food Project. Please accept our sincere apologies if there are any errors or omissions and let us know so that we can correct our records. © 2015 the food project photography: gretjen helene photography john wang jonathan aldieri

annual report 2014–2015 • 17



04.28.16 The Innovation and Design Building

Celebrating 25 Years of Growing Together

2015 event sponsors


Thank you to the generous corporations and individuals who sponsored our 2015 event Farmers, Fables & Feasts! Presenting Sponsor Linda and Bill McQuillan Master Gardeners Cooley LLP Gourmet Caterers The Travis Family Arjuna Capital Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management Boston Urban Partners, LLC Cambridge Trust Company Ann and Jared Chase Danny Chin Amanda Dean Annalisa and Dino Di Palma Eastern Bank Fresh Pond Capital/Reynders McVeigh Capital Management, LLC Beverly Gee and Manu Daftary Rimma Gluzman Linda Hall and Gordon Hall Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Lahey Health Margaret Leipsitz and Matthew Yarmolinsky Tom and Kim Litle Stacey and Larry Lucchino New England Biolabs, Inc. Northeastern University The Osprey Foundation John and Jill Preotle Pure Strategies, Inc. Amelie Ratliff Polly and Brock Reeve Dylan and Bea Sanders Janet Selcer and Joel Schwartz

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