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MOVING HOME? Or letting out your property?

Chartered Surveyor & Domestic Energy Assessor 30 years experience in the area

For Surveys, Professional Valuations & Energy Performance Certificates Please Call Rob Wilkie on: 01304 853232 or 07807 941619

Your Local Joinery; Whatever you have in mind, we can help! Specialising in bespoke projects, at your budget.


We offer the following comprehensive services: Doors Staircases Windows

Bi-Folding Doors Conservatories & much more

Call Kauri Joinery on:

T (01303) 850400 M (07828) 858916 Kauri Joinery, Great Cauldham Farm, Cauldham Lane, Capel-Le-Ferne, CT18 7HQ

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The G

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The Good News! But First The Bad! The Good Estate Agents spend a lot of time driving and more often walking around our suburbs; indeed a jog / walk around his home village of Hawkinge on most mornings is part of our GM’s regular ‘attempting to’ keep fit regime! It is a great pity that the experience is unpleasant at times as our otherwise beautiful pathways, streets and park spaces are soiled by literally mountains of litter, the detritus of unsocial human behaviour. It seems to be the result of a ‘couldn’t care’ attitude of some which is causing all of us to live in less pleasing environments! A recent business development trip to Suffolk and Norfolk – and specifically the towns / villages of Thetford, Sandringham, Kings Lynn and Hunstanton – proved that British people are not all so inclined; those places were almost pristine with hardly any of items of discarded waste

noticed anywhere. There were numerous large litter bins in a good state of repair and virtually all the people used them diligently. It surely can be like that here? The Good News is that we have come across many who do show concern and we would like to motivate a band of carers, not for people now but for our living space! If you would like to get involved in regular clean up campaigns in and around Hawkinge, then email the Clean Hawkinge Campaign at the following address: If you don’t have email, then phone The Good Estate Agent (see advert below) in the first instance. With a list of keen participants we can hopefully get something GOOD going... Let’s do something as our property values are impacted by our surroundings ... Good or Bad!

Any Estate Agent can sell your house for the right price... The Good Estate Agent will also sell your house at the right cost!!! For High Standards and Low Fees Call 01303

647221 now for a FREE VALUATION

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Phone: 01227 832299

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Welcome to the latest edition of the handbook. Wow! What a lot there is going on in the area this edition - from local strawberry picking, to the new Nosh and Natter Community Cafe, as well as masses of local clubs, societies and events, it’s looking to be a great summer to get out and about. We really do hope you’ll continue to enjoy the handbook and feedback your thoughts to us. Please do let us know of anything you’d like to see included in future. When responding to adverts, please don’t forget to mention where you’ve seen the advert. And of course, if you, or someone you know runs a local business, why not give us a ring? Thank you so much for your continued support, interest and feedback about the handbook. With best wishes, Tuija Tuija Foster, Editor Marketing & Business BA Hons

Contact Us Phone: 01303 266755 0777 1892237 Email: info@eastkenthandbooks .com Write: The Handbook, 13, Portland Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 6JA Visit: www.eastkenthandbooks .com

Advertising The Handbook offers effective, local advertising. Advertise with us from just £20 plus vat per edition. “I would just like to say that we have been using the handbook for some time now and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend it to any local business!” D.Edney

Publishing both The Folkestone Handbook & The Hawkinge & Elham Valley Handbook Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that data in this publication is accurate, the publishers cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or omission caused by error in the printing (or not) of an advert or other information. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure artwork is kept up to date and accurate. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for views expressed by contributors, or for the accuracy of claims made by advertisers. The Handbook cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or endorse companies, products or services appearing in this magazine. All rights reserved. No part of this publication, including advert artwork, may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the editor. The use of this magazine for canvassing or direct marketing is strictly prohibited.

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Got a list of odd jobs?

HANDYMAN SERVICE Available for all your odd jobs around the home. No Job Too Small. 01303 230913 07788 124660



24 HOURS, 7 DAYS, ALL AREAS All types of locks opened, supplied & fitted Key cutting, Safes, Ironmongery & More

01303 210057 / 07887 652507 Visit our shop: Open Mon - Sat 9 - 6 25 - 27 Black Bull Road Folkestone

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and sneezes coughs and Christmas Post Christmas coughs Post The Medicinal Garden Jones Lynda Herbalist, from Medical Lynda Herbalist, from Jones Lynda Jones Herbalist, Medical from Medical from Medical Herbalist, Lynda Jones Isn’t it wonderful to wander around at this time of year and see beautiful fragrant plants on display? I thought I’d take some time this edition to talk about some common garden herbs. In the 1500s parsley was introduced into Britain as a renowned diuretic, digestive tonic and menstrual flow stimulator. Its a nutritive herb, containing Vitamin C and Iron. Sage. Try rubbing directly onto bites and stings as a quick anti-inflammatory. As a tea its antiseptic and astringent qualities may help as a gargle/mouthwash for throat and gum problems.Thymes’ antiseptic and astringent properties make it a suitable accompaniment or alternative to sage in problems associated with the mouth and throat. Thyme is an expectorant explaining its use in problems related to the lungs and respiratory system. Its anti-fungal action may help such things as athlete’s foot, ringworm and thrush. Rosemary is a circulatory stimulant and nerve tonic an infusion can be quite uplifting. A caffeine free alternative to coffee perhaps? Its carminative and antispasmodic, useful qualities again for digestive problems or muscular pain and spasm. Traditionally speaking, rosemary is used externally to help hair growth – understood maybe by its

ability to improve circulation to the head. This may explain its use for memory and concentration. As with all herbs please be sensible. 2 – 3 cups of an infusion per day using a teaspoon of (properly identified) herb should be sufficient for most peoples needs. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any other medication then please take advice from a Medical Herbalist prior to taking any remedies. Should you have any questions, or require a private one to one consultation then please do contact me. General no obligation enquiries are encouraged, call 01303 242838


Organic plant medicine • Local appointments Suitable for All Ages Skin Problems Menstrual Disturbances Menopause Prostate Allergies Asthma/Bronchitis

Arthritis High Blood Pressure Ibs/Ibd Anxiety/Depression Insomnia Immune System Problems

& Many More (Please do enquire)

01303 242838 Also at Sandgate Farmers Mkt

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Looking FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT We have a wide range of stylish spectacle frames and sunglasses from many of the top designers with offers and prices to suit every budget

Folkestone Sports Massage Therapy Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy For the Correction and Prevention of Injurys Treatment for:

Back Pain, RSI, Tennis Elbow, Stress, ’Runners Knee’ ‘Shin Splints, Sprain and Strains, name but a few Treatments Individually tailored to suit each client

Fully Qualified And Insured Charlet Crichton tel:07988790511/01303 893189 or go to

Professional eyecare & quality eyewear since 1926

Contact lens supplies from leading manufacturers

122 Sandgate Road Folkestone (between The Leas & Sainsburys) 01303 254471

139 High Street Hythe (between roundabout & Douglas Avenue) 01303 266458

Practices also at Ashford: 01233 620597 & Canterbury: 01227 766670

ACUPUNCTURE Physical and Emotional Wellbeing for Adults and Children Examples of help include: • Musculo-skeletal Pain e.g. Backache, Sciatica • Headaches Allergies Infections • Gynaecology Fertility Insomnia • Addiction Digestion Stroke • High/Low Blood Pressure Stress • Feeling Down Grief & Loss • Confidence Relaxation Anxiety • Dietary and Lifestyle Support • Maintaining Health & Wellbeing Stephen Bayliss BSc (Hons) Acupuncture. Lic Ac. MBAcC.

Now at new locations in both Folkestone and Hythe 01303 253304 / 07749 233262

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Crossword Across 1. Hunted species, we hear (6) 4. Student, duped outside, ran slowly (8) 9. Attacks in acting venues? (6) 10. Youngster – tracks soldiers (8) 12. Cloth-cutter turned and eyed (8) 13. Fair lady old Ben assaulted (6) 15. Handle some idiot mislaid (4) 16. 1000 taxmen plus one girl (7) 20. Grand article in America (7) 21. Help with one opera (4) 25. Birds cold with bumpkins (6) 26. Prime minister? He’s ideal, sir! (8) 28. Tattered leotard I adjusted (8) 29. Entrance with gold for cake (6) 30. This inhabitant is a topless leader (8) 31. Letters the Spanish carve (6) Down 1. Voles in a developed nation (8) 2. Perishable stale bun crumbles (8) 3. Two garments for Ms Jacques (6) 5. King – a French character (4) 6. Cleaner heedful around youth (8) 7. Hispanic lady one can love! (6) 8. Arid study for John the poet (6) 11. Wearisome bloke with debts (7) 14. Biblical killer gaining suitable rank (7) 17. Quick meal? Sounds like rubbish! (4,4) 18. Courtesy; incenses somehow! (8) 19. Haul bait round in a customary way (8) 22. Crazy curate getting keener (6)

23. Six models making calls (6) 24. Garland concealed in the war (6) 27.Harness to rule, we hear (4)

Jan's Crafts Sponsorship space Handcrafted wear for dolls and bears Orders taken

Web site: Email: Phone: 07950 281088

NEEDLES & PINS REPAIR AND ALTERATION SERVICE Zips & Trouser/Skirt shortening from £4.50 HAND-SEWN CURTAINS No job too big or too small FREE COLLECTION/DELIVERY SERVICE For more information and advice phone

Christina 01303 864280 or 07957 993213



SINGLE TIME, ALL THE TIME (subject to conditions)

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Something Old, Something New


nexpected and individual, unique and environmentally friendly, well-made and timelessly appealing – how does this sound? Whether we’re talking vintage, retro, antique or, erm, just plain old, there are heaps of good reasons why adding a well-chosen selection of ‘mature’ furnishings to any room scheme can be enormously successful. Old pieces make a statement, have a fascinating history and are built to last. The quality of old pine, for example, is vastly superior to that of new pine (and a nicer colour, too), and old mirrors are much more flattering. What’s more, including even just one antique piece in an otherwise-modern room will add texture and subtle individuality. But just how do you combine old with new, contemporary with classic? Especially when the aim is to be both good-looking and practical, with a look that won’t go out of fashion in the next five minutes. As with all interior design schemes, it’s best to start by assessing your room. Measure it and draw a plan, marking in such key elements as windows, doors, built-in cupboards, radiators, light fittings, plus sockets and so on. Do you need to make any structural changes? If so, now’s the time. If the structure is fine, consider the room’s size and shape, and whether its architectural style will affect the way in which you decorate. Work out where furniture will go, and whether you have too much or too little of it. Now you have a good idea of what type of things you’ll need to look out for – whether you’re planning a trip to the high street, a charity shop, car boot sale or auction house. The next important principle is to concentrate on timeless designs. If it’s well designed, whatever era it dates from, it will work with other pieces. Another good rule is to keep floors, walls and woodwork neutral. They won’t date and, more importantly, won’t clash with your one-off furnishings. On a similar note, avoid having more than one, or perhaps two, ‘statement’ pieces in a room. When you have chosen a piece that you really love, you can

Fresh, modern colours and a vintage vibe contrast beautifully with Georgian architecture. Victoriana bedstead, £299 and Crochet rug, £250; Marks & Spencer (0845 302 1234;

build a scheme around it. It could be a chaise longue, a lamp or a hand-made vase – try to complement its characteristics with other key pieces and to provide a pleasant contrast with others. It’s a subtle one, this. Too much contrived matching and the room will look forced; too many contrasting elements and it will lack coherence. It all comes down to a combination of instinct and trial and error – just keep on trying until everything feels right. Colour can be an excellent ally, drawing together disparate items so that they coordinate well. It could be that you re-upholster an old armchair and choose co-ordinating cushions for a new sofa, adding in a picture with elements of the same colour, or a vase in a complementary shade. Bingo! An appealing room appears as if by magic. And of course, the easiest and cheapest transformation of all is to repaint. Tables, cabinets and sideboards, wardrobes and chests of drawers, and in particular wooden chairs and stools, can all be

To advertise in The Handbook, call 01303 266755

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dreams start here • Interior Design • Fabric • Wallpaper • Styling Advice • Curtains • Furniture • Blinds • Accessories

Want a second income you y ou can can bank bank on? on? Sav Join the Club! e2 o 5 hou n y % ou s by ehold r sho bill pp s AS K H ing! OW !

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Make money m by y helping people save money! For full details, contact:

39 Old High Street, Folkestone 01303 850500

0800 5422597 Home Phone

Mo Mobile obile

Internet Inter net



RUBBISH CLEARANCE House Clearance Garage Clearance Outbuildings Gardens No Job Too Small Call 07881 706869

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rescued, restored and transformed quite easily. A selection of cheap wooden chairs, for example, will look fabulous painted the same matt off-white, no matter how disparate their style – a superbly simple way to mix old and new. A paint job is ideal for a junk-shop find or an old Ikea purchase – though obviously not for valuable antiques. Changing knobs and handles can also make a dramatic difference, giving a vintage feel to a cheap, modern piece, or adding a touch of class to an old piece into a new scheme can introduce something frumpy and old- Adding gorgeous colour and texture. The Ostrich wallpaper fashioned. If you’re feeling costs £72 per roll, from Garendenny Lane Interiors bold, you can even add or (00 353 86 1051007; remove mouldings, replace solid doors with glazing, or fit additional hanging rails or hooks.


Katherine Sorrell’s new book, The Vintage Modern Home, is out now, published by Merrell at £24.95.

Complete plete Curtain Cu urtain & Blind Ser Services vices #MJOETt$VSUBJOTt4IVUUFST # MJOET Tt$VSUBJOTt4IVUUFST

25%off* shutters shutters

Free Fr Fre efit curtain cur tain in fitting *RRP Offer *RRP. Offfe er en ends nds 24/12/08 24 4/12/08 †on our rrange ange e of curtains cu urtains

The final guideline is perhaps the most important of all: don’t forget function. Old or new, every piece you choose should do its job brilliantly. Mend that sticking drawer or wobbly chair and then you can be as bold and imaginative as you dare, putting together rooms that are as enjoyable to live in as they are to look at.

Ex tensive rrange ange of pr oducts Extensive products F lexible appointments appointments Flexible Reliable and friendly ser vice service

0 01303 1303 298212 298212 Call C all a us now now for a free frreee quotation

O Our ur rreputation eputation ation is built b byy our customers W ver for rg get itit’’s yyour oour home Wee ne never forget Wee also have W havve blinds b to to suit all styles st tyles y of skylights skkylig yylights and conservatories conserva atories

To advertise in The Handbook, call 01303 266755

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HANDYMAN SERVICE Available for all your odd jobs around the home Examples of work undertaken includes painting & decorating, garden tidying, house clearance and light removals & all general DIY around the home Honest, professional, friendly & reliable Very reasonable rates Fully insured with references available upon request No job too small, just ring:

Telephone: 01303 230913 Mobile: 07788 124660

Look no further for your insurance needs

Ourdedicatedteamareabletoadviseandofferarangeofproducts specificallydesignedtomeetyourinsurancerequirements  DCommercial DPersonal  DRiskManagement  Forfurtherinformationpleasevisit: 

01303 221188

Church House, 136 Sandgate Road, Folkestone CT20 2BN Authorised and regulated by The Financial Services Authority

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    (/)  /)                   

                                   $/ 345/607)  ())  *    +,) ) +    +            


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     (/)/)  -'./  $ /01(23

!  !                  " %( $  +"(& $/)  +    0  . .&    0 1 +/) .  (2&            ,         

)  -.

&'(()** ##$%  +  

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What’s On 1st CHERITON SCOUT GROUP FIRST REGISTERED 1910 ___________________________ (FOLKESTONE & HYTHE DISTRICT) CHARITY No. 303801

Calling all EX Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Ventures, Explorers and Leaders 1st Cheriton Scout Group are having an open day to celebrate


100th Birthday

of the Group

Saturday 2nd July 2011 At ourheadquarters, Headquar t er s , Hawk At our Hawkins road, Between i ns Road, Bet Cher iw t on een 11am11am and and 5pm5pm

Come and join us for a cup of tea or coffee, find yourselves in old photos & sign our 100th Celebration Tent. See how we have progressed and share your memories.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Hawkinge Village Hall is to hold their SUMMER FAYRE at the village hall on Saturday, June 25th 12pm to 4pm. The hall is desparately seeking funds to refurbish the building inside and out. We shall be holding regular events such as the fayre, as well as applying for funding from authorities and companies in order to achieve our aims. We need all the help the village can give, so please come along and support us. CAPEL-LE-FERNE FARMERS MARKET Following recent media coverage of Supermarket pricing – PLEASE SUPPORT OUR LOCAL FARMERS and PRODUCERS. Started in April 2003 as a new venture, we are now celebrating our 8th Anniversary.

This market is held every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in the Village Hall, Lancaster Avenue, Capel-le-Ferne, CT18 7LX We are presently on the lookout for different foods such as dairy products, salad dressings/sauces, pasta, cordials etc. We have a great variety of stalls, approximately 20 every week. We also provide refreshments, many of our customers meet their friends, have a coffee and chat – it is a great meeting place! We now also have a Photographer on site, who can take portraits (including pets!), passport/driving licence/bus pass photos etc. In addition he can print your photos for you. We can also do A4 photocopying, provide a mini post office service (as ours closed down unfortunately), and have a selection of books for sale. The K.C.C. mobile library also calls at noon! For a bit of fun, we also sell quiz sheets – a new one is set every 6 weeks with a prize of £25 for the winner! In all, quite an eventful morning awaits you. For further information, regarding the Farmers Market, please contact Jenny Barraclough 01303 245399 or Cherry Leppard 01303 255114 or visit our website for a list of present stallholders


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THE PRINCESS OF WALES’S ROYAL REGIMENT CHARITY FUN DAY The Regiment has a long distinguished history having been involved in virtually every theatre of war since The Battle of Tangier in 1662. It is the most decorated of all British Army Regiments, with 57 Victoria Crosses including the VC awarded to LCpl Johnson Beharry in 2004 for his gallantry in Iraq. The regiment is to deploy again to Afghanistan later this year. The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment is a Family. They recruit from Kent, Sussex, Middlesex, Hampshire and The Channel Islands including the Isle of Wight and are the Regiment of choice for those soldiers who come from these counties. We are raising money to help relieve hardship or distress of former and serving members of the Regiment and their dependants. Last year over £29.000 was paid out in benevolence grants.

Saturday 4th June at The White Horse Inn, Hawkinge

BBQ from 1pm

Military Vehicles

Replica Weapons

Cammo Face Painting

Raffles and Tombola

Games for Kids and Adults

In the evening, there will be a Fancy Dress. Come dressed in anything Army/War related, past and present At 8pm, There will be an Operational Presentation by serving members from The Regiment in our Restaurant Area

Produced by D.Isom Printers

All profits made on the day will be donated to The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment Benevolent Fund - (Registered Charity No:1024418)

Tel: 01227 363866

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Local Clubs & Societies Part 1

AGE CONCERN CARE NAVIGATOR SERVICE For Shepway - free! The Care Navigator provides a one-to-one meeting, in the home or at Age Concern, to discuss problems/needs and provides information about how to access services. Contact Louise Homewood, Age Concern Hythe. Tel: 01303 269602 CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU exists to provide the advice people need for the problems they face.Our advice is free, confidential, independent and impartial, and is available to everyone regardless of race, sex, disability, sexuality or nationality. We are open for new enquiries at: 20 Church Street, Folkestone Mon 12PM to 3.30pm,Tue to Fri 10am to 12.30pm The Old School, Church Lane New Romney: Tuesdays 10am - 12noon At all eight Children's Centres in Shepway. Please see our website for times, venues and maps.By email from our website. By phone on: 08444-994118. ELHAM VALLEY PETANQUE CLUB We meet on the Petanque terrain situated on the Triangle, Elham, on the second and fourth Sundays throughout the summer (April to October) with an 11am start. New members are always welcome; it's not necessary to have played petanque before and we have plenty of spare boules. FOLKESTONE CAMERA CLUB 7.45PM every Monday at St. Georges Church, Audley Road, Folkestone. or telephone Jenny Barraclough (Press Officer) 245399 or e-mail FOLKESTONE CHESS CLUB Meet at Oddfellows Social Club, Broomfield Road, Cheriton, Wed 6pm, Sat 2pm, All welcome.For further details please visit out website, or email FOLKESTONE, HYTHE & DOVER WILDLIFE GROUP Contact Pauline Bateson on 01304 853503 or go to FOLKESTONE CHORAL SOCIETY Would you like to sing? We now have members drawn from as far afield as Deal, Canterbury, Ashford and the Romney Marsh. We exist to enjoy together the choral music we prepare and to share that with local residents as

Choral Society is the largest choir in the area and rehearsals are held each week to prepare for the 3 or 4 major concerts normally presented each year, all with professional orchestras and soloists. . If you would like to come and see for yourself the benefits that singing can bring then we'd be very happy to see you. Further details: 01303 230959 FOLKESTONE & HYTHE ORCHESTRAL SOCIETY If you play a musical instrument FHOS is always pleased to see potential new members and we are happy for anyone to give the orchestra a try to see if you are interested in becoming a permanent member. Membership is only £65 a year. The orchestra meets at the Folkestone School for Girls in Coolinge Lane on Monday Evenings during the school term from 7.30 to 9.30pm. Visit us at or call John Bateson:01227 722614 FOLKESTONE DECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETY (FDFAS) meet at The Tower Theatre (home of FHODS), Shorncliffe on 4th Thursday of the month, 2.00 for 2.15pm. Guests/prospective members welcome (£5). For programme details visit (See Folkestone Section) Membership info:01303 237758 or email FOLKESTONE DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB The Club meets every Monday evening at 7pm for 7:15pm. Visitors are welcome with partners (except 1st Monday in month when there is a club competition). Please contact: The Grand, The Leas, Folkestone, CT20 2XL Tel:01303 222 222 SOUTH KENT MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY Local support for all those whose lives are affected by MS. Call 08453 970543, email or READING BY COLOUR A Kent based children’s charity raising awareness of a perceptual dysfunction called Irlen Syndrome. This affects academic achievement and driving. Causes headaches, frustration and poor reading. Contact Reading by Colour Great Cauldham Farm, Cauldham Lane Capel-Le-Ferne, Kent, CT18 7HQ email: Call: 020 323 995 96

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ter Nosh and Nat fé at Community Ca y Centre it n u m m o C e g Hawkin




Nosh and Natter is a community café with a difference! We have been set up to eradicate social exclusion/isolation and bring about community cohesion. We are run by local people, for local people.

No meal over £2.75! Come and join us. We’ll be very pleased to welcome you.

HOT AND COL Made to D FOOD Order

From 11.30 a.m. until 3.30 p.m.



Contact: Sandy Jones, (Supervisor) on 07922 541877 if you have any queries.

Please do mention The Handbook when responding to adverts

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Going Up In Value Car buyers are used to driving their new purchase off the forecourt and it instantly plummeting in value. It’s a fact of motoring life. Or is it? What if we told you there are some cars out there that are actually rising in value? And we’re not just talking about automotive exotica either. We spoke to experts from trade price bible CAP as well as leading auction house BCA to uncover the cars that are turning residual values on their heads. ‘There are some classic and sports cars that will keep going up in value,’ one expert told us. ‘Others will simply hold firm. But it’s all dependent on how much you use them and their condition.’ So here are our depreciation-busting top picks. Jeep Wrangler This one surprised us too. CAP has found that the Hard Top 4.0 Sahara two-door model with an automatic gearbox has risen £475 in the last 12 months to a trade price of £5,450. CAP says even at this price it’s considered to be a cheap, heavy-duty vehicle – but only for those that can afford to run it. MINI BCA says despite the volumes currently being sold, the Mini is a future classic in waiting. The auction house told us that One models are selling well for around £3,500 to £4,000 even with as many as 100,000 miles on the clock. But prices for well looked after Countryman, Convertible and Clubman models are the firmest.

Ford GT London-based dealer Clive S u t t o n specialises in selling the most exclusive supercars. He often sees cars rise in value, but if he was spending his money it would be the Ford GT he’d shell out on. ‘The Ferrari Enzo was the one to go for a while ago, but prices have cooled,’ he told us. ‘Now the Ford GT is the car to invest in.’ Audi R8 It’s the V8engined sports car from Audi that’s popular with buyers, reports CAP. Our experts said it had a slow start in the used market, but in the last 12 months a 2007 model with 20,000 miles has risen £1,900 in the trade to £53,100. ‘It’s increasing in popularity,’ said CAP’s man in the know. Aston Martin DB7 This is a good sign that the recession is easing. Prices for the Volante Convertible version of the stunning Aston Martin DB7 have risen £1,300 in the trade during the last year, according to CAP. An 04-reg, 50,000 miler currently costs £31,400. ‘Today’s buyers appear less concerned about running costs than they were 12 months ago,’ said CAP.

By James Baggott, editor of Car Dealer Magazine (

To advertise advertise in in The The Handbook, Handbook, call call 01303 01303 266755 266755 26 To

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Driving your costs DOWN!

DAMAGED YOUR CAR ? Call the SMART repair specialists and save 50-60% over traditional “body shops” Free no obligation quotes! We come to YOU! Pick up, repair & return the same day! or pop in & see us to discuss your requirements.

Our Smart repairs include but are not limited to: Bumper Alloy Wheel Auto Interior Paintwork Upholstery/Leather Parking Sensors

- scuffs, dents, splits & scrapes - scrapes & scuffs - holes, scuffs, scratches & cracks - damage of all kinds - worn, holes, cracks, scuffed or torn -supplied and fitted from £135

Visit our web shop & buy your car care products online

AutoSpot Repair Ltd -

01303 252687

Unit A, Seaview House, Bowles Well Gardens, Dover Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 6PQ

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Useful Numbers Churches All Souls Church, Cheriton High St 238509 Baha’i Faith 243907 Cheriton Baptist Church, Quested Road 278717 Christ Embassy Folkestone, Loveworld Conference Centre, Cheriton High St. 270970 Folkestone Baptist Church, Hill Road 252259 Folkestone Methodist Church, 155, Sandgate Road 252542 Harbour Community Church, Harvey Street 211732 Holy Trinity Church, Sandgate Road 256040 Life Church, Bowles Well Gardens 240033 Our Lady Help of Christians and St Aloysius, Guildhall Street 252823 South Kent Community Church, 1 Bouverie Rd West 251155. St Joseph’s Church, 2 Ashley Avenue 275402 St Martin’s Church, Horn Street 238509 St Mary and St Eanswythe Church, Priory Gardens 252947 St Peter’s, East Cilff 254472 St Saviours Church 254686 The Salvation Army, Canterbury Rd 251379 The Society of Friends (Quakers) Rainbow Centre, 69, Sandgate Rd 220459 United Reform Church, Castle Hill Avenue 268621 Chemists The Central Pharmacy, 104 Cheriton Road 254427 Guildhall Pharmacy, 110 Guildhall St 259414 McCardle Pharmacy, 41 Canterbury Rd 251511 Lloyds Pharmacy 114 Sandgate Road 254383 Paydens 38, Cheriton High Street 275625 Doctors Surgeries

Park Farm Surgery, 1 Alder Rd 851021 The New Surgery, 128 Canterbury Rd 243516 Central Surgery, 86 Cheriton Rd 220707 Whitehouse Surgery, 1 Cheriton High Street 275434 The Manor Clinic, 31 Manor Rd 851122 Guildhall Street Surgery, 67-69 Guildhall street 851411 Emergency Numbers Gas Emergency 0800 111999 Kent County Council 08458 247247 Electricity Power Loss 0800 783 8866247 Police Station 850055 Water Leakline 0800 7311 933 Helplines Alcoholics Anonymous 08457 697555 Al-Anon (for families of alcoholics) 0207 4030888 Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting 660747 Childline 0800 1111 Crime Prevention Advice 896336 Dentaline 01634 890300 Electricity Power Loss 0800 783 88 66 Frank (Drugs Helpline) 0800 776600 Health Promotion 01304 828700 Kent Crimestoppers 0800 555111 Mental Health Helpline 0800 1070160 National Domestic Violence 0808 2000 247 Stop Smoking Service 0800 849 4444 Samaritans 01303 255 000 Hospitals Kent & Canterbury 01227 766877 Maidstone Hospital 0845 155 1000 Royal Victoria Hospital 01303 850202 William Harvey Hospital 01233 633331 NHS Direct 08 45 46 47 Taxis Folkestone 01303 252000 JJ Taxis 01303 244442

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Going away? Don’t want the expense and hassle of putting your cats in the cattery?

We can help. For a set cost of £10 per day, we will come into your home twice a day, feed and pet your cats.

Convenient and hassle free, you also have the added benefit of knowing your home is not left fully unattended while you are away.

We are...

The Cat’s Whiskers CALL 0777 1892237

Call 07799 421315 for a friendly and professional service.

Useful Numbers Part 2 Churches Please note that there are active websites for news and events for churches in the local area, including: Barham Downs Group: St. John the Baptist, Barham St. Mary the Virgin, Bishopsbourne St.Giles, Kingston St.Margaret of Antioch, Womanswold Tel: 01227 831340. Hawkinge Baptist Church. Hawkinge Community Centre Minister : Alison Boddington. Tel 0758 4062866 Secretary : Ann Usher. Tel 01303 891450

St.Mary Magdalene, Denton 840219 St Mary the Virgin, Elham 840219 St.Lukes, Hawkinge 892369 Chemists Hawkinge Pharmacy, 97, Canterbury Road, Hawkinge CT18 7BS 01303 892283 Lyminge Pharmacy, 21, Station Road, Lyminge, CT18 8HQ 01303 862425 Doctors Surgeries The Elham Surgery, Old Road, Elham, CT4 6UH 01303 840213 The Hawkinge Health Centre, 74, Canterbury Road, Hawkinge, CT18 7BP 01303 892434 The Surgery, Church Road, Lyminge, CT18 8HY 01303 862109 PALS Patient Advice & Liaison Service Telephone: 0800 085 6606

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Calcudoku Calcudoku Solution at back handbook Solution onofpage 36



⁄3 +7

×48 +11


2 ×9

+9 −1


How to play

⁄3 −4

Life Happens...

+12 −1

Fill each cell with a number from1-6. No number can be repeated in any row or column. The numbers in the heavily outlined set of squares(cages) must combine in any order to produce the target number in the top corner, using only the mathematical operator specified: +, -, x or /. Numbers can be repeated within a cage, but not in the same row or column.





An insight into the mind of J.L.Holderness...

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Local Clubs & Societies Part 2

CHERITON SEQUENCE DANCE CLUB meet every Wednesday (except 2nd Wed.) each month from 7.30 - 10 pm at St. Andrews Church Hall, Surrenden Road, Cheriton. Beginners tuition available. New members will be very welcome. Enjoy dancing and get exercise at the same time. For further information please phone Terry on 01303 248778 (email or Val on 01233 629815. FOLKESTONE, HYTHE & DISTRICT MODEL RAILWAY CLUB Meet every Monday & Wednesday evening, excluding Bank Holidays, at the New Broomfield Hall, 29 - 37 Broomfield Road, Cheriton from approx. 7.30 until 10.30. If you are interested in model railways and would like to improve your skills or share your talents and experience, why not come along and meet us all? For further information contact our Secretary Bob Bailey on 01303 239889 or visit our web site at FOLKESTONE FLOWER ARRANGERS CLUB We meet every 3rd Monday of the mounth (excluding August) at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Sandgate Road, Folkestone at 7.15pm. Guests/prospective members very welcome. £4.50. Come and enjoy fun with flowers! All enquiries to Pearl Bingham 01303 892428 or Margaret White 01303 275362. FOLKESTONE & DISTRICT LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY Meet on the first Wednesday in the month at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Sandgate Road, Folkestone. 7.30 pm for 8 pm start. Visitors are welcome. For more information please contact: The Secretary Don Gregory on 01303 246682, The Chairman on 01303 252567 or visit our web site at FOLKESTONE & DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY The Society meets at 7.15pm for 7.30pm on the first Thursday of each month at the United Reform Church Hall (corner of Castle Hill Avenue and Cheriton Road). We offer help with family history research, informative and interesting speakers and a friendly atmosphere.Visitors are always very welcome (a charge of £1.00 per meeting is requested, refundable on becoming a member.

HAWKINGE ALLOTMENT SOCIETY (For Hawkinge residents only) The Allotments are a new facility for residents of the village that welcomes new members. There is a small waiting list for plots and a small deposit secures you a place on it. For more details contact our Chair Eileen Blythe on 01303 891173 e-mail: QUEEN'S OWN BUFFS ASSOCIATION OF FOLKESTONE & HYTHE Ex-servicemen from other Regiments are welcome. Meet monthly for comradeship with supper, bingo, raffles and much more. Contact Branch Secretary Stuart Macintyre on 01303 240147 RAMBLERS ASSOCIATION - GET MORE OUT OF WALKING Walking with your local Ramblers Group is a great way to explore your countryside, keep fit and meet good company. Ramblers walk leaders often know the best and most interesting footpaths, so you can enjoy the benefits of walking without the worries of planning a route or getting lost. The White Cliffs Group of the Ramblers Association walks on Sundays and Thursdays, distances varying from 5 to 15 miles, mostly with a pub stop for lunch.Why not try walking with us? You’d be very welcome to come on a couple of walks without any obligation to join the Ramblers Association. Our website is For more information, please contact the Membership Secretary: Rob Riddle 01304 366716 SHEPWAY FUCHSIA & PELARGONIUM GROUP meet at 7.30pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at St Andrew's Church Hall, Surrenden Road, Cheriton. Visitors and new members will be made very welcome. THE SPITFIRE CLAY PIGEON CLUB meet every Sunday 9am for 10am start at the shooting ground, near Hawkinge. We shot sporting, skeet & down the line targets, in a friendly, informal atmosphere. Visitors & prospective members always made welcome. For more information, call Peter on 01303 893100 or Giles on 01303 259596.

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Where do you get the most magnificent views of the English Channel at sunset? Where can you be serenaded with the sounds of our talented pianist? Where can you enjoy Kentish Wines, Cider and Ale, (or choose a wine from around the world)? And where can you enjoy a delicious, freshly-made two course meal for just £18? The Palm Court. The Grand, Folkestone. * Three courses £22.00

Thee Leas Leas, Folkestone CT20 2XL

01303 222 222

To advertise please call 01303 266755

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How to protect what you've worked so hard for

CentralHeating•Drainage Plumbing•Gas

Gas Safe registered Gas Engineer Registered with the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers Kent County Council Trading Standards Approved Trader Wilco specialises in the following: • 5 Year Guarantee on new Worcester Bosch Boilers • Boiler installation and repairs • Oil, LPG and Gas installation and repairs • Central heating installation and repairs • 24 Hour, 7 Day emergency service • Unvented Hot Water Systems • Installing modern plumbing and heating systems into Listed and Period buildings • Emergency plumbing and heating works • Landlords Gas Safety Inspections Qualified to install and register all gas appliances with Local Council Building Control. Can supply references on request and all estimates are free Tel: 01303 862173 • Fax: 01303 862955 • Mob: 07860 452640

We all work hard for our money, our homes and our possessions. Material goods aren't the be all and end all, but they are important and when all is said and done, they are what we'll leave behind when we're gone. It makes sense to think now about how we can protect those assets so we provide for our nearest and dearest. Most of us know about the importance of legal documents like Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. But your Will can only help distribute the assets you own. If your cash, savings and possessions aren't looked after whilst you're alive, what will you have to leave to your family? Talk to us about how easy it is to put together an Asset Protection Trust which can safeguard your finances, ensuring you provide for those you love most in the future. Jaci Godman Irvine specialises in Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate. She can be contacted on 01303 773178 or through her website


“Specialising in Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney & Probate�

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Superbly Colourful Hanging Baskets The Hanging Gardens of Babylon may be the famous ones, but why not create a superbly colourful hanging basket of your own? Garden centres and nurseries are crammed full of summer bedding plants at this time of year and there are colours to suit every taste. If aerial gardening is not for you, then the same type of plants can be used to produce a superb container for your terrace, patio or backyard. All you need is readily available from your local garden centre: a good-sized basket - choose a 12� basket as it’s easier to keep moist than smaller ones, a hanging-basket liner (make sure it is the same diameter as the basket you’ve chosen), or a good-sized pot or planter with plenty of drainage holes. A good quality multi-purpose compost is essential for excellent results. What you choose is up to you, but the range is vast Nemesia, Surfinia Petunias, Upright Petunias, Cineraria ‘Silverdust’, purple-bronze leafed Thalia Fuchsias or their more traditional cousins, Pelargoniums, Lobelia ...the list is endless. Think carefully about colours and textures. Decide whether you’re going for subtle or brash and bold, or if you would like to co-ordinate the flowers with other garden features.If you are planting a basket, place it in a large flowerpot as this stops the roundbottomed basket from moving and makes it much easier to plant. Place the liner in the basket, adjusting it to fit the basket and trimming off any excess. Next add handfuls of compost up until the point where you want to plant around the sides of the basket. Planting slits are included in some liners. If you are using a pot, place a few inches of broken flower pots or large stones in the base and

Nicki’s Garden Maintenance Hadlow Horticultural College Trained and QualiďŹ ed




Call Nicki on:


top up with compost to within a few inches of the pot rim. Carefully remove the plants you need from their containers, easing the root balls out gently but firmly. An upright plant such as a Fuchsia or Pelargonium is a perfect choice for the centre of the basket or container as it helps to give your planting height and structure. For hanging baskets carefully ease the root ball of each through the planting slit and nestle the root ball in to the compost. Any container looks better if there are plants cascading over the sides, so choose trailing plants and put these in around the edge.

Pippa Greenwood is a gardening writer and journalist and regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’. By Pippa Greenwood

Stephen Huxtable

Garden Services

• Private and commercial garden and grounds maintenance • Grass cutting, Hedge cutting, Garden clearance, Turfing. • High quality fencing supplied and erected

Free estimates 01303 891720

To advertise in The Handbook, call 01303 266755

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Qualified and Fully Insured Tree Maintenance Large Tree Felling Stump Grinding Hedges SEASONED LOGS AND WOODCHIP Ashford

01233 380410 Canterbury/Whitstable

01227 290547 Sandwich/Dover/Folkestone

01304 340040

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