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The Importance of Hiring the Right Realtor BY BRYAN I. LEVY, ESQ.


OW DO I HIRE THE RIGHT REALTOR? WHERE DO I BEGIN looking for a realtor that can represent my interests- no matter what happens? How do I know if the realtor I have selected has the experience in assisting me with all aspects of my real estate transaction, not just activating the property on the MLS? The consequences of choosing the wrong realtor are long and far reaching. The concerns from clients are significant: Was the buyer screened prior to signing the contract? Why is there a lien/ open permit on the home? How come I was not aware of the contract requirements? Who reviewed / prepared the contract documents I signed? Should I have listened to the advice given by my realtor? At what point should I have hired an attorney? How come I wasn’t told my deposit can be lost? Should I use the closing agent recommended by my realtor? Who was my representative at closing? How can a property owner expect more from their realtor to avoid some of the unforeseen issues that plague many property purchasers and sellers? 1. Ask the realtor how many real estate closings they have been a part of in recent years. 2. Ask the realtor for references- not from individuals, but for property addresses they have assisted on the purchase or sale. 3. Ask if the realtor has had experience with different levels of property condition, open title matters, lien matters, etc. 4. Ask the realtor if any research should be done on the subject property prior to proceeding forward with the transaction. 5. Ask the realtor how you can feel secure with the entity holding the deposits for the transaction? 6. Ask the realtor how they can help ensure compliance with the contract, and your involvement in all aspects of the transaction, whether through the realtor directly, or through an attorney or the closing agent.


· SELL Your home

Professional realty services will have you under contract in 60 days or less, or we’ll pay your closing fees* (*applicable to Seller’s closing fee and/or doc prep fee)

· CLOSE Your Home

Real Estate Attorney, Title Agent, Closing Agent services provided in-house, by Bryan I. Levy, Esq.

· PROTECT Your Home

Estate Planning & Asset Protection services provided in-house, by Bryan I. Levy, Esq.

· Over $250M During the estimated 45-90 days duration of a real estate transaction, there are many twists and turns-- including the selection of the realtor, the selection of an attorney and/or title company and a multitude of contract requirements, up until and including the closing and post-closing phases. After nineteen years of being involved in the real estate market, we felt the need to simplify the purchase, sale and closing of transactions, while protecting the interests of clients at the highest level. Cisca created an office where the buyer and/or seller can hire their realtor for the purchase or sale of their home; hire an attorney to represent them throughout their transaction and close on the purchase or sale of their home; and hire an attorney to protect their home and/or other assets-- all under one roof. Bryan I. Levy, Esq. is the Broker of Cisca Real Estate, LLC, has handled thousands of real estate transactions- representing both buyers and sellers, and has assisted clients with the protection of the homes and other assets- always having the client’s’ best interest in mind.

Of real estate sold, closed and/or protected on behalf of our clients.

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The Florida Villager :: June 2016 Edition :: Coral Gables/South Miami  

The DeValdivielso Team is on the Cover! #HappyFathersDay . Be sure to check out our 2nd Annual Father's Day Feature!

The Florida Villager :: June 2016 Edition :: Coral Gables/South Miami  

The DeValdivielso Team is on the Cover! #HappyFathersDay . Be sure to check out our 2nd Annual Father's Day Feature!