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The Floow US Team

The Floow US Team

At The Floow, we think it’s important to knowour partners and their businesses so we candeliver the best possible products and servicefor their programs. We also believe it is extremelyimportant for our partners to get to know thepeople they’ll be working with every day.

With that in mind, we invite you to meet ourUS team who have skills across businessdevelopment, client relationship management,client success and driver behavior.

Our US team is supported by our 100+ strongteam based in Sheffield, UK, where our research,development and technology teams work.


John Kramer

Vice President

As Vice President of our North America operations, John leads our business strategy focusing on delivering great partnerships with our US clients. Previously, John was Director of Business Development and Customer Success for a leading telematics firm and he spent over a decade at a top-10 US insurer spearheading UBI pilot and production. John holds an English degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and he is a regular industry blogger and speaker on the future of telematics and ‘connected life’.

Who is your idol?

Although I am a die-hard Celtics fan, I am a great admirer of Magic Johnson. After leaving the NBA as a 5X champ, 3X league MVP and considered to be one of the greatest players of all time, Magic reinvented himself as an entrepreneur. His Magic Johnson Enterprises is a billion dollar company and he has diverse investments in companies such as AsPire and Starbucks (where he owned over 100 stores at one time). He’s also President of Basketball operations for the Lakers (and was a key contributor to getting Lebron James to move into the Western Conference). Further, he’s a great philanthropist and activist.

Nathan George

Director of Business Development

For over 10 years, Nathan has worked in sales, business development and product management roles in the insurance telematics space working with some of the largest insurers across the US and the world. Prior to this, Nathan worked for various startups in California while studying for a degree in the philosophy of religion. In 2009, he went back to school to complete an MBA at Georgia Tech.

Who is your idol?

I have always greatly admired Martin Luther. He courageously stood for the truth at the risk of his life. He could hold his own with the intellectual giants of his day such as Erasmus and loved music and entertaining people in his home. He also had a rather earthy sense of humor and was quick with scatalogical retorts. In the list of people I admire, he would be at the top, right beside Captain Kirk.

Dave Huber

Client Development Director

Dave has spent most of his career in Insurtech as well as working for a number of insurers, TSPs and mobility providers across the US developing and delivering telematics solutions. Dave has a BS in Math from Clemson University and a SC MS in Management from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.

Who is your idol?

I have lots of admiration for teachers. Most would agree. Yet they are often underpaid, overworked and, in the moment, under-appreciated. Teachers do so much more than teach; They challenge, they love, they listen and they serve. I’m grateful for my teachers and appreciate all teachers.

Christina Presnar

Client Development Manager / FloowCoach Lead

Christina worked in social services with at-risk children before switching professions in 2012, to join a Top 10 US insurer where she provided support and ensured customer success with their telematics programs. Christina has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and she is currently pursuing an MBA in Information Systems Management.

Who is your idol?

Herb Kelleher did a tremendous job of turning Southwest Airlines into what it is today. He is accredited with creating a well-known corporate culture that helped to create the light-hearted and funny inflight announcements so many of us have come to appreciate and enjoy. Kelleher believed in people. He’s quoted as saying, “If employees aren’t satisfied, they won’t promote the product we need.” His contagious character and spirit has lead him to be hailed by Fortune magazine as the best CEO in America. Kelleher is an idol to me, not because he’s someone I imagine myself being like, but because he’s someone I’d like to work for. I see so many of his traits woven through our culture, which is what drew me to The Floow in the first place. I’m happy to work for a company that values people.

Beckie Gates

Program Manager, North America

Before joining The Floow, Beckie worked for a Top 20 insurance company as an IT project manager where she gained 20+ years experience building applications and providing support for personal lines, insurance policy systems, claims handling, data warehousing and CRM systems. Beckie also worked on one of the first mobile UBI products launched in the US.

Who is your idol?

The life of Mahatma Gandhi always motivates me. His lifelong work for civil rights and freedom across the world, through passive resistance, was inspirational. He sought truth throughout his life by constant learning and change.

On a more personal level, my brother is a great influence to me. He is a retired firefighter and embodies all the heroic traits of that profession. I strive to be like him in courage, patience and respectful caring for other people. As much as I admire him, we still steer clear of political discussions!

Brian Mendralla

Business Analyst

Brian started his career in retail with a large telecoms provider before moving in to the mobile solutions side of their business where he worked for almost 11 years. Before joining The Floow, Brian spent seven years as a Senior Project Manager at a leading insurance telematics and vehicle tracking solutions firm providing solutions to insurers across the globe.

Who is your idol?

My idol growing up was Michael Jordan. He was arguably the greatest player of all time in the NBA and a tremendous competitor. I used to watch every Bulls game growing up and would strive to be like him on the court. To this day, he is the wealthiest athlete to ever play in any sport and continues to grow his wealth. He’s a 90% owner in the Charlotte Hornets which has quadrupled in value since he’s bought them. Overall, he’s always been an inspiration on and off the court!

Cindy Bylsma

Business Analyst

Cindy has over 20 years experience as a Business Analyst in various industries, including food safety and health care, collaborating with stakeholders as well as working with clients and technical teams to design and implement solutions for their business. Cindy is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Who is your idol?

Grace Hopper and Katherine Johnson were mathematicians and pioneers in the computer science field. Hopper developed the compiler as well as FORTRAN and COBOL computer languages and many software developers thank her for where we are today. It is thought she coined the term “bug”, synonymous with software bugs, when she squashed the first computer bug on work she was writing.

Johnson worked at NASA where she was hired to solve math problems. In the movie “Hidden Figures”, she went to the local library, found a book on FORTRAN and wrote software showing men how to do it! These women have made contributions to the world which have influenced me and my life.

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