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Package includes:

• 5 nights in Citadines Kuta Beach Bali 4 * • Daily breakfast. • Economy class ticket. • Transfer from airport /hotel/airport.

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• Optional tours. • Visa and insurance services. • Any personal extras . • Tips and portage.

• 5 nights in Rubin Wellness & Conference Hotel 4* • Daily breakfast. • Economy class ticket. • Transfer from airport /hotel/airport.

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• Optional tours. • Visa and insurance services. • Any personal extras . • Tips and portage.

STOCKHOLM 05 days / 04 nights EGP 7,500 per person in a double room Package includes:

• 4 nights at 4* Hotel. • Daily breakfast. • Economy class ticket.

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• Optional tours. • Visa and insurance services. • Any personal extras . • Tips and portage.

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36 BIG THRILLS: 6 Ridiculously

Muscle Building Cardio Exercises to Beat Lousy Days

Muscle Building Cardio Exercises to Beat Lousy Days 11 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Will Transform Your Life! Stretching for Strength 5 Funtabulous Classes to Get You Fit 6 Mistakes That Impede Your Training Progress From Passion to Profession: Meet CrossFit Hitters Co-Founder and Coach Abdelrahman Alaa The TriFactory Team Dominates in the Ironman Barcelona ELFIT Reebok Competition Celebrates The Victory of All Players

BODY & Health

22 Red Explosion 24 Your Ultimate Rules to Weight Loss 26 Carbohydrates and Endurance Performance

You Often Disregard 28 Exercise: Your Best Drug for Depression 30 How to Prevent Musculoskeletal Sports Injuries in Youth 2 | November 2016


Adventurous Outdoor Activities To Do Before You Die 38 A Tour Around Egypt's Wildest Attractions: Aswan

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Abdelrahman Alaa, Co-founder and Coach at CrossFit Hitters Photographer: Shady Lewis


Your Ultimate Rules to Weight Loss

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The Art of Growing a Winter Beard


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The fitness Magazine Thefitnessmagazine

Contributors Sandra Shama Kaur

Founder of YallaYoga Center

She is the founder of YallaYoga Center in Heliopolis and a pioneer in repackaging Yogic based solutions for Mind & Health Management. In 2012, she completed Yoga Teacher Training at the Kundalini Research Institute, New Mexico, USA. Upon her return, she founded YallaYoga, the center that seeks to create a community of people who are keen to live life with more awareness, better health, and in service to assist one another. She is a Yoga educator, offering group classes, one-on-one sessions and public talks across Egypt.

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa

Healthcare and Nutrition Manager at Gold’s Gym Heliopolis He holds a BA in Physiotherapy from Cairo University. Upon graduation, he specialized in Spinal Injuries in McKenzie Institute UK and Sports Injuries Managements in Cairo University. He earned Specialist in Performance Nutrition from International Sports Science Association (ISSA). He holds certificate in Fitness and Obesity Nutrition from National Institute of Nutrition and Nutrition Certificate from National Research Center. He also has Advanced Life Support Certificate from Nasser Institute Hospital and CPR from American Red Cross. Email: Tel: (+2) 0111 2286 473

Ahmed Abdelkader Psychiatrist

He is a member of ISSP (International Society of Sports and Psychiatry). He gained a lot of fitness certificates in accordance with his belief in the importance of sports as a healthy lifestyle. He previously pursued careers in acting, diving, and marketing .You can ask him as well about fitness, nutrition, and psychotherapy. He is also a certified body language instructor. Email:Ahmed.abdelkader@october-cyclers. com Mob: 01008433377

Yasmine Shahine Life Coach

An Associate Certified Life Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). At the begining of her coaching career, she engaged herself in ONE on ONE coaching and through the years she developed her own tailor-made coaching programs for people and companies to develop their potentials and awareness. Email: yshahine@whycoachegypt. com Facebook:YasmineShahineLifeCoaching YouTube:YasmineSLifeCoaching

Zeina Kassas

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist from the International Sports Sciences Association U.S. (ISSA), Coach, and Sports Nutritionist at Athletics for Life Egypt Sports nutrition is not only about losing weight, it helps you attain the better version of you! Whether you're aiming to get stronger, fitter, or more muscular, a healthy lifestyle all starts with your dinner plate! Email: Instagram: bigzee_cf

6 | November 2016

5, Abou El Feda Street, Om Kolthoom Hotel, Zamalek. For delivery call: 0101-222-8815 or 02-2737-2552

Fitness Cardio

Muscle Building Cardio Exercises to Beat Lousy Days


ased on real life, the practical definition of cardio should be – a boring workout that drains your energy but sculpts a super hot and fit body. Cardio is a necessary evil. It means that you could be one of those athletes with low resting heart rate due to increased efficiency. It also means that your heart is working more proficiently and you will live longer; your metabolism is on fire and you will be leaner; and your capacity to handle bigger workload will get you into a stronger physique and boost your abilities. Who wouldn’t wish for that? If you seek a beasty mode, though, you owe it to yourself to get out of your grandmother’s comfort routine and throw down some rough cardio options to get stronger and tougher. Here are some alternative options to consider!

Replace Treadmill with Hill Sprints

If you plan to spend a certain amount of time on the treadmill, chances are you can boost your calorie burn and reduce your time on the treadmill by simply swapping out slow jog for hill sprints. Not only that, sprinting engages your gluteus, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves immensely and leaves you with extreme calorie after-burn for up to 48 hours! Moreover, this inclination slows you down a little bit which decreases the amount of impact placed on your joints as well as chances of getting injured. If you are new to this, make sure you warm up before sprinting and do some stretches post to sprinting to reduce soreness of the muscles, especially of the hamstrings. The Workout: Perform this workout twice per week; 20 minutes each. Sprint 50-100 yards up a hill. Walk down slowly, catch your breath, and repeat. Aim to get one more sprint within the time period each week. If you don’t have access to a hill close by, you can do this on a treadmill by setting the incline high at 9-12 mph as a start. Warm up, sprint for 20 seconds, and then jump off carefully. Take 40 – 60 seconds of rest, and repeat.

8 | November 2016

Replace Elliptical with Kettlebell Swings

The elliptical is a great low impact cardio choice that provides an effective cardiovascular workout, but isn’t designed for athletes who want to build muscle power and lean physique. Kettlebell swings can upshift your performance and body shape to the next level. By working on the hip hinge movement, you will employ your entire body muscles, increase your speed, and strengthen your lower back. If you are new to this, ask for step-by-step guidance to perfect body posture and protect yourself against injuries. Once you hone the workout, opt for little speed. The Workout: Perform this workout three times per week. Start with a warm-up, grab a medium weight kettlebell, and swing the bell for 15 minutes. Opt for 20 reps per minute and rest for the remainder of the minute.

Replace Stairmaster with Jump rope

The Stairmaster is definitely one of the most effective cardio machines that helps one strengthen and tone major muscles, enhance fitness and strength, and melt calories. But what if you can yield even more benefits by using a more fun and easy cardio tool called jump rope? There are no boundaries when it comes to jump rope, but for maximum agility it is better to stick to a speed rope. To add further intensity to your upper body, use a heavy rope. Make Sure That: The rope is the right length for you and the handles come to armpit height. You use a foam roller to remove stress placed on the calves and feet. Start gradually to get used to the forces involved before committing to the workout. Land on the balls of your feet, don’t jump too high, and move the rope using your wrists, not the arms and shoulders. The Workout: Perform this workout two times per week. Start with a warm-up, grab a rope, and start jumping. It is better to do this workout in a spacious area made of hardwood floor. Jump 100 times (or roughly 45 seconds), then rest 45 seconds. Repeat 10 times for a total of 1,000 reps. Alternate between both feet, one foot, alternating feet, and doubleunders.

November 2016 | 9

Fitness Yoga

11 Transform Your Life! Ways a Yoga Teacher Training Will

By: Sandra Shama Kaur


n the summer of 2012, I completed the Aquarian Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program, accredited by the Kundalini Research Institute in New Mexico, USA. Without a shred of doubt, I can say that it was the best investment that I have ever made. My entire life shifted from being an emotionally attached young lady who is trapped in unpleasant relationships and unhelpful habits, to an empowered and well-balanced young woman who drives the ship of her life with no fear to rise to challenges and radiates an electromagnetic frequency that attracts the right people into her life. Here is a short synopsis about what this training can do for you!

10 | November 2016

Emotional Balance

Heal a Broken Heart

You will know how to use your breath to bring your emotions into balance. You will learn numerous life altering breath techniques like right and left nostril breathing, breath of fire, cooling tongue and teeth breath, breath suspensions and many more, all of which will quickly transform any anger, fear, frustration, agitation, sadness, or attachment that you may be harboring and in only 3 to 5 minutes!

You will heal your deepest emotional wounds. You feel the pain in your heart and you will have the tools to mend it. Through meditation, breathing, and poses that work directly on the thymus glands and heart center, you will be forever free from the painful feelings of the past and you will be transformed into deep well that overflows with kindness, forgiveness, and compassion.

Insecurity to Fearlessness

Breaking the Blind Love Trance

You will be confronted with every single fearful and haunting memory that you have ever had – as if you are looking into a mirror. You will have the power to sieve through each thought with a fine comb of wisdom and gratitude. You will effectively transform any insecurity and doubt into insurmountable fearlessness. It will be so contagious. Others will want that power.

Enchanting Beauty You will acquire tremendous flexibility in your body that will keep you forever young. Your skin will become soft as silk and hair will grow into endless locks. You will have little need for beauty products and cosmetics because you will become enchantingly and naturally beautiful.

You will never again become a victim of blind love. With a strong meditative mind, you will be able to determine whether a relationship is right for you. Emotions and passion will never again overpower you. You will be the master of your own life. From a balanced and neutral self, you will make decisions that serve you and your future, decisions that will have positive impact on your wider community.

An Antidote to Loneliness You will look forward to discovering yourself through more than 5000 different meditations and Kriyas. You will enjoy your own company because you will constantly be learning new things about who you are, how you think, your habits, stories and patterns. You will be

consistently clearing the old and internalizing the new, including habits, behaviors, and ways of living as well as being the real you.

Relaxed You will know how to release physical tension pelvic floor with short 30-minute Kriyas. These are yoga sets that will bring balance to your glandular system and nervous system. Never again will you be a victim of your own moodiness. You will become so relaxed that even when you’re on your cycle, you will feel at peace and approachable.

Sex Energy Transformation Sex without sex is what you will be able to do. Through powerful exercises like Sat Kriya, you will have the power to transform you sexual energy to the higher energy centers in your body, allowing you to reach levels of creativity that you may have never known you were capable of. Soaring through and reaping beyond your perceived limited potential in creative projects.

Remarkable Radiance You will radiate light wherever you go. Without having to say a word or look a certain way, your sheer presence, aura, and light will be recognized by others who listen and trust your knowing.

Like what you heard? Ask me how to become a Kundalini Teacher in Egypt this November! shama@yallayogacenter. com

November 2016 | 11

Fitness Bulletins

Stretching for Strength


As a general rule, one reaps what he/she sows. If you exert effort to perfect your workout movements, including those silly slump overs of your warm ups, you will not only increase your range of motion, but also boost your strength. Some athletes can naturally achieve a full range of motion with bare effort, while others cannot comfortably get into a lotus pose without facing struggles. But the worse of all are those who sit there and slump over towards their toes without any real intention behind it. These folks can never encounter any improvement in their stiff muscles and can even become more prone to injuries. Even though a lack of effort leads to a lack of results, under some circumstances, particular stretches can cause harm more than good for certain individuals. For instance, a person with lower back injury may suffer from reverse gains if they perform a gluteus stretch, while another with a frozen shoulder may encounter problems with some moves that engage shoulders on a wide scale of motion. Thus, people with relevant conditions should incorporate some of the following poses and progress slowly or modify according to their individual needs. You can easily loosen up in just few minutes pre-workout with this simple plan. All you need is patience, focus, and commitment.


There are muscles on the bottom of the feet called toe flexors that are designed to influence the flexibility of your entire lower body. How to do it: While standing, roll the bottom of your bare foot over the tennis ball for one minute. You should feel your entire sole moving over the ball. Repeat with the other foot.



Many people experience stiffness in the erector spinae – the muscles that run from the top of the spine down to the tailbone. The pain in this area can prevent one from bending fully or functioning properly on daily tasks. How to do it: Get in all fours in a cat position – hands below shoulders and knees below hips. Now round your back by pushing it upward and pause for a couple of seconds, then push your lower back towards the floor in an arched position. Repeat 10 times. This workout should help you bend and touch your toes easily.



It is imperative to stretch the hip muscles, including your hamstrings and gluteus, to remove tension of this area as well as in the calves. How to do it: Stand on a 10KG weight plate. Bend forward at your hips and touch your toes, while maintaining a natural curve in the lower back. Pause for one count and then return to the initial position. Repeat ten times.


The movements in which you achieve the most improvement indicate your tightest muscles. In that way, you can identify the tight muscles and focus on them. Perform this 4-movement plan 2-3 times before every training session, and you will soon witness a great improvement in your flexibility and become injury free. 12 | November 2016




You can release tension from your hips to the Achilles tendons and calves if you adjust the above exercise to the following. How to do it: Place the balls of your feet on the same 10kh weight plate and perform the same movement for 10 repetitions.


5 Funtabulous Classes to Get You Fit Powered by


Originated in Brazil as a form of martial arts and fighting, capoeira combines music and dance with martial arts and acrobatics, making it one of the most interesting flexibility and strength classes ever! Capoeira relaxes the mind and body, builds stamina, boosts endurance, and exposes you to a new culture and language.

Pole Fitness

One of the best ways to achieve your fitness quest is through combining arts with acrobatics. It is a legitimate form of exercise that has been emerging lately in the fitness industry. It is fun, sexy, and offers numerous health benefits along the way. It builds strength and muscles, releases endorphin hormone that makes one happy, sheds off excess body fat, builds self-confidence, and releases the artistic side of you.



Amidst the hustle and bustle of Cairo, one needs to rejuvenate both the mind and body while practicing a form of sport. Yoga combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing through different yoga forms and intensities. From peaceful hatha to the high intensity power yoga, all types of workouts will help you gain flexibility, build strength, enhance mood, perfect posture and spine, and prevent cartilage and join breakdown.

To know more about Sunbites’ on ground stops, check https://www.facebook. com/sunbitesegypt/ sunbiteseg

Zumba is one of the most fun and fantastic form of workout that brings in endless benefits. You will not only get to enjoy the contagious, loud beats, but also burn calories through aerobic activity done with interval training. It is a full body workout that strengthens almost every muscle in the body and burns 600-1000 calories per class! Not only that, Zumba can help you build a good cardiovascular respiratory system‌ so why miss the fun?

Trampoline Exercises

Think you outgrew trampolines when you hit your twenties? Absolutely not! A 30-minute trampoline workout can boost leg power and strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, enhance balance, and strengthen the core. Just ensure that your shoes provide ankle support to avoid common injuries and sprains. November 2016 | 13

6 Fitness Myths

Mistakes that Impede Your Training Progress


ftentimes, we exert great effort and still don’t yield the outcome we expected out of a particular workout. We toil away week after week performing the workout in the same exact steps while others are reaping big gains. You can’t really blame luck for this, but rather fetch for the factor that hampers your performance and make a little tweak to obtain the benefits you deserve. Sometimes the smallest adjustment can make or break a great workout. Performing a workout in proper form, alignment, movement, angle, or stability can certainly be more functional and safe. That’s why, we round up six common errors in six common exercises for you to assess the proficiency of your routine and perfect it.

14 | November 2016


Arguably, the squat is the most misunderstood exercise. When performed properly it can burn fat and boost both muscle mass and strength. However, the major culprit commonly ends up being too much weight. This in-turn subjects the knee, back, and hip to potential injury. If you want to enhance strength and add challenge, you’ve got to squat deep and effectively. To do this, position the bar on your traps and stand in a slightly wider than shoulder width stance. Point your toes out slightly and unlock your knees.

Parallel Bar Dip

Shallow reps, kipping of the legs, and an improper upper body positioning are merely a few of the screw-ups witnessed very often. When used as a chest builder, slope your body forward and extent your elbows slightly to allow chest be the main mover. For triceps, try to keep your body upright as much as possible and elbows by your sides. If you have no shoulder issues, try to go past 90 degrees in your elbows at the bottom position. Feel a stretch and then ascend to the top. If you are working your chest, avoid locking your elbows. And if you are trying to place stress on your triceps, make sure to squeeze at the top.

Biceps Curl

Probably one the primitive yet misunderstood workouts. It is very common to see someone loading the bar with loads of weight, and then watch him/her heaving and huffing the bar up with bad posture and incorrect explosion. Even though weight and intensity are integral factors to witness results, sacrificing proper technique is a surefire way to injury – I mean serious injury. If you want to perfect technique, lighten the weight then hold the bar with a shoulder with grip. Start from a straight-arm position and curl the weight up while keeping elbows pinned to the sides and midsection flexed. Lower the bar back to a straight-arm position in a controlled motion.

Squat and drop your hips below. Keep your knees in line with your toes and back as flat as possible with a slight bend. When your gluteal muscles are lower than your knees, return back to the initial position and flex your midsection to keep your back stable. Keep a slight bend in your knees and repeat.

Bench Press

If you think that the sole purpose of bench press is merely to lift weight, you may unintentionally be performing the wrong moves. Some fellows may jet their shoulders forward, lift buttocks off the bench, or stretch legs loosely and haphazardly. Hence, it is imperative to maintain a specific set-up prior to the actual lift.

B-Nox Androrush Testosterone boosting pre-workout powder for men to boost strength and muscular endurance.

When you lie down on the bench, press your shoulder girdle down toward your hips and back toward the bench. Doing this will raise your ribcage and strengthen the pecs, as well as create small space between bench and lower back. Plant feet on the ground and keep elbows around 45 degrees from your body - avoid tucking in to your ribs or straight out to the side. Perform your reps in a controlled technique; lower the bar slowly and purposely explode back up.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

No doubt most beginners tend to perform their first few lateral raises like a zombie. To truly employ your deltoid muscles, stand with feet about shoulder width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and place them by the sides and not in front of you. Lift the dumbbells out to the sides, while leading with the pinky fingers. Keep slight bend in elbows. Lower under control back to your sides and repeat.


Prominent among persistent athletes, the pull-up is often regarded as a workout for fitters only. A pull-up can be performed in different ways, such as wide-grip, close-grip, reverse grip just to name a few. Bellow is a detailed description for the medium-grip, overhand pull-up. Grasp the bar just beyond your shoulder width with an overhand grip. Place your shoulders in a shrug-up position and keep a slight bend in the elbows. Pull yourself up to touch the bar with your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together meanwhile. You should exploit your shoulders not your hands in the pull-up. Return back to the initial position while sustaining a slight bend in your elbows.

November 2016 | 15

Success Story

How did you get started with the profession you have today?

From Passion to Profession: Meet CrossFit Hitters Co-Founder and Coach

Abdelrahman Alaa

With several personal skills that are admired and an ever-growing fame among the fitness community, the most sought-after Egyptian fitness guru certainly knows how to follow a dream till the very end. His highly effective training methods and passion to transform people’s lives led him to be one of the hugely demanded figures in the fitness industry. Abdelrahman Alaa talked to The Fitness Magazine about how can one lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. 16 | November 2016

Sport has been my everything from the day I started playing football, and ever since then I became a very ambitious athlete and dreamt of playing for the national team. Unfortunately, due to my studies and strict parents who weren’t very supportive of the idea, I couldn’t fulfill my dream. I always pushed harder when it came to fitness related aspects during training – I gave it my all every time, took an extra mile to challenge myself, and most importantly, I never settled for less. Despite all hard work and dedication, football turned out to be not my thing. When I discovered CrossFit, I knew from the very beginning that this is it; this is my drive and the reason why I never encountered the same passion with football. I found everything I wanted in it. When I joined CrossFit, my main goal was to improve my performance at football, but soon I felt more dedication towards CrossFit that it became my ultimate sport that always challenges me to become better, stronger, and fitter every day. CrossFit inspired me vastly, and that’s why I wanted to spread its greatness to the community and this is when my real journey began.

What is the inspiration behind CrossFit Hitters Egypt?

In May 2014, my partner Sherif Nassar and I decided to take our training to the next level and inspire people to get into a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Our aim was to help people and pass on our knowledge and passion to them. And that is when HIT started. Back then, we were only a few dozen athletes training at the club but growing stronger every day. A year later, we opened up a new training program at Eight Fitness Club with a stronger and healthier community. Today, we stand as being one of the top fitness providers in Egypt, serving up to 500 athletes per month with a team of top tier coaches operating more than 10 sessions per day and this is only the beginning, the best is yet to come!

Can you give us a brief about the training programs that you provide as well as their physical, mental, and health benefits?

HIT provides several training programs to fit different fitness levels. Our vision is to be a well-rounded fitness entity that serves athletes from different backgrounds and different targets to people who have no fitness background. These programs are as follows:

• • • • • • • •

HITMax Triple Threat Focus Weightloss FabFit FitKids The Climb ‘transformation challenge’ Fast Track (advanced 5 weeks program)

What is the most challenging part of your job?

It is the fact that people come from different ages and with various bad habits that have been practiced for a decade or so, so altering those bad habits into good ones takes time and a lot of mental capabilities. However, if my job wasn’t challenging, I wouldn’t have been so much focused into it. The point is that we work so hard to change someone’s vision in life, but the return becomes rewarding once you see results. Hitters are my family.

Can you describe your philosophy about being fit and healthy?

As the world is becoming more busy, hectic, and stressful, we all need to give our body and mind enough strength to fight off these factors and keep up with the challenges.

I believe that each and every one should stand up tall till the last breath. This means that when people hit their 70s, they should be able walk for long distance, sit, and stand up solely and with minimum medicine intake. How is it doable? Think about it this way. It takes at least 3 hours a week from a total of 168 hours to stay away from many diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, kidney failures, and all way up to heart diseases.

In your opinion, what is the best way to build muscles? (weights, resistant training, etc)

Simply, let the muscles execute movements that are challenging to achieve and build from there. If you are looking for hypertrophy you need to use weights and a rep scheme that is always more than 6. Also athletes who rely on bodyweight exercises can build muscles until the workouts are not challenging anymore, then start using more weights. Nutrition is also the main factor behind all results, where a good regimen should consist of 70% nutrition and 30% training. So don’t exert a maximum capacity at a training session and destruct it with sloppy food. This combination will yield minimal results and disappointment.

What is your favorite type of training and why?

I do a lot of aerobic capacity (breath work) workouts, strength and gymnastics skills. I believe that any athlete who lacks a certain element from these doesn’t fully understand fitness well.

What would you say to those who lead a busy lifestyle and would find it hard to adopt the above routine? I advise anyone who has time to check social media updates, stream videos on YouTube, or have nothing to do, to incorporate simple workouts and stretches in their routine. Performing 15-20 minutes of exercises a day, even at home, will definitely make a difference.

How can you always add challenge to your routine?

I always set milestones along the way. Once I hit one, I set another that is even harder, yet I keep them realistic in order to not lose interest along the way! It all depends on your self-motivation and the people you are surrounded with.

November 2016 | 17


The TriFactory Team

Dominates in the IRONMAN Barcelona


fter nine months of hard work, devotion, and more than 400 hours of training, The TriFactory is proud to announce the successful conclusion to #MissionIronman. On October 2, 17 Egyptian athletes from the The TriFactory team completed the IRONMAN Barcelona race with flying colors and brought the medals back home. The team raced along with more than 3000 other athletes from across different countries and represented Egypt proudly. The team's presence in the race marked the biggest Egyptian participation in the history of Egypt in the full IRONMAN distance.

The road to IRONMAN Barcelona commenced in January 2016 with 24 athletes (23 from Cairo and 1 from Alexandria) and a specialized program tailored to prepare them for the toughest of the triathlon races. The full Ironman distance consists of a 3.8km swim, a 180 km cycle, and a 42km run, or a full marathon, to conclude the race.

18 | November 2016

As well as the main event, two other races were available during the course of the weekend: the IronKids race and the Iron Girl, with shorter distances to encourage the younger generation to participate, in which younger members of the team also participated and finished in style. The TriFactory has a firm belief that anyone can compete in and complete a triathlon with the proper training and mindset, and this year's crop of athletes proved exactly that. If you are interested to know more about The TriFactory, how you can become a triathlete, or when the next event is, go to www. or find us social media!

November 2016 | 19


ELFIT Reebok Competition Celebrates

The Victory of All Players


magine hounds of people gathered together, to chant, cheer, and encourage all athletes on the battlefield to push through their pain and go beyond their limits. This is how ELFIT event was like - an overwhelming energy that was undeniably strong, and hit us every second with emotions and goosebumps.

The whole community came together to support and build each other up. Even competitors were supportive towards one another and congratulated one another for a game well played. That’s the spirit! Returning for it’s fourth season, ELFIT Reebok competition was held at Palm Hills Club with more than 400+ athletes competing in 11 different categories. This year witnessed a huge number of athletes coming from different countries and nationalities all the way to Cairo to compete, test their limits, blend in with the fitness community, and mostly enjoy the thrill of the competition. It was a competition worth watching.

20 | November 2016

Congratulations to all winners this year! The Winners from the scaled division are: Ziad Ibrahim in 1st place, Amr El Kadi in 2nd place, and Kenneth Wallace in 3rd place. 16+ Males - Hend El Khatib in 1st place, Reham Samir in 2nd place, and Mai Sawy in 3rd place. 16+ Females - Soad Al Haymar in 1st place, Mona Khaled in 2nd place, and Monica Elena in 3rd place. 35+ Females - Invincibles Black in 1st place, Invincibles X in 2nd place, and GUC Eisenchild in 3rd place. Teams Category - Ali Bekheet in 1st place, Youssef Badr in 2nd place, and Adham El Zorkani in 3rd place. Teens 14-16 - Nasser Gomaa in 1st place, Hany Anwar in 2nd place, and Sherif Husein in 3rd place.

16+ Females - The Vikings in 1st place, Q8 in 2nd place, and 962 in 3rd place.

45+ Masters Males.

Teams - Hassan Gabr in 1st place, Michael Buser in 2nd place, and Joseph Peer in 3rd place.

In the Elite Division - Ameen Attalah in 1st place, Mohamed Al Omda in 2nd place, and Liam Glynn in 3rd place.

Masters 35+.

16+ Males - Jess Towl in 1st place, Jade Cunningham in 2nd place, and Qout Abaza in 3rd place.

Those who couldn’t make it to the podium… well done! Win or lose, you are a champ anyways.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the huge team of organizers and volunteers who went above and beyond to take care of every single detail throughout the event. “Every year event is different but it’s always full of new challenges and definitely high level of energy, passion, dedication, and enthusiasm. Million thanks to everybody who were involved whether throughout the preparations phase or the final phase. And a huge thank you to all sponsors who made this happen. Without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to do all of that.” Adam El Zoghby, ELFIT Founder and Director. November 2016 | 21

Body & Health Bulletins



his season’s favorite hue is red! From strawberries and raspberries, to red apples and pomegranates, red fruits are packed with vibrant nutritional punch and powerful healthy antioxidants. Most of these fruits contain anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant that give red fruits its intense color. Hence, these plant pigments can fight heart disease, control high blood pressure, protect the body from harmful freeradicals, enhance diabetes, delay several diseases associated with the aging process, and reduce the risk of some types of cancer including prostate, cervical, and lung cancer.

Interesting Facts: • • • •

An apple is a refreshing tonic for oily skin and an outstanding remedy for fine wrinkles, cracked skin, and inflammation. Eating an apple is a more effective method of staying awake than drinking a cup of coffee. There are over 200 different species of raspberries but only 2 species are grown on a large scale. Tomatoes are fruits and are good source of potassium, vitamin C, and lycopene antioxidants.

22 | November 2016

Indulge In Our

Winter Treats

• Madinaty • Chillout Mall • Sodic (westown hub) • Lpassage (Alexandria) • Court yard Maadi • New Cairo • Cairo Festival City Mall • Tivoli Dome Heliopolis & Zayed • Maadi • Zamalek • Mall of Arabia • Heliopolis

Body & Health Weight Loss

Your Ultimate Rules to

Weight Loss By: Dr. Ahmed Mostafa FIGHT OFF STUBBORN FAT

Use small amount of oil to boil or grill your food as excess usage of fats and oils in cooking are high in calories, which could lead to more fat storage. Stick to a workout routine at least four times a week to improve your metabolism and burn excess body fat. Avoid butter, butter oil, and margarine as they contain high amounts of saturated fats. Sleep 6-8 hours every day to help your body regulate and balance its functions and hormones again.


Don’t eat when watching T.V. Distracted eating can prompt you to eat more and increase your meal portion.


Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits like: apples, orange, and garden rocket as fruits and vegetables mostly have low caloric value and good fibers content, which can fill stomach, curb hunger, and control appetite. 24 | November 2016

Drink tea, coffee, or green tea two hours after the main meal to avoid any intervention between caffeine and digestive enzymes or else it may lead to incomplete digestion and increased tendency of fat storage due to improper digestion.

Consume salted and roasted nuts in moderate portions to supply the body with good amount of healthy unsaturated fats. Remember that excessive consumption of roasted nuts will add extra weight to your body.

Chew your food slowly. Chewing your food more will aid the digestive enzymes in the saliva to mix better with food and facilitate its digestion in the stomach, which consequently stimulates satiety center and the sensation of feeling full. Don’t sleep immediately after eating your meal. You should give your body enough time to digest food in order to

avoid any kind of food fermentation. Don’t go shopping when you are hungry. You may fail to control the amount of food due to extreme hunger effect; hence, it is better to eat before shopping. Avoid water or carbonated beverage during meals. This habit will disturb and reduce the efficiency of the stomach’s digestive enzymes, preclude proper absorption of food contents, and upsurge the tendency of food fermentation.

SAY NO TO Chicken’s skin as it is full of fat. Salted foods as they trigger water retention, which adds more weight to your body. Fatty meat to avoid unnecessary calories. Fast and junk food as they contain too much dressings, fats, salt, and preservatives.


Eat three main meals and light snacks between them. Allow three hours between two successive meals to enhance the metabolic rate, which has a significant impact on the process of fat and weight loss. Start your meal with vegetables and salad, as they are the healthiest part of any meal due to their vitamin, mineral, and fiber content that are largely correlated to hunger control.


You have to be sure, that not eating some of your favorite food will not last forever. You can eat it again in certain amounts after you reach your lean weight.

November 2016 | 25

Body & Health Nutrition

Carbohydrates and Endurance Performance Facts You Often Disregard By: Zeina Kassas


In an increasingly competitive world, it’s no surprise that athletes are looking to maximize their performance by every possible means. Competing and winning titles had become an addiction, enthusing athletes to follow extensive workout plans probably twice a day to get stronger. Regardless of their training methods, most athletes understand the symbiotic relationship between nutrition and training, with some more aesthetically driven athletes even going so far as 20% training and 80% nutrition. Unfortunately, there are many recreational and competitive athletes who either are not aware of the importance of carbohydrates and glycogen storages for proper training and performance, or simply and deliberately restrict carbohydrates from their diet because some training buddy told them to. Some individuals even read it somewhere over the Internet that they are afraid to gain weight from adding carbs to their daily caloric intake! Going through this course “sport nutrition course” we have learned that each type of sports has its own way of nourishment that supports the goal of optimum performance. Endurance athletes have rather unique nutritional requirements and it is important to know what fuels their power and energy stores as they put in hard hours day in day out. What gives those stores the ability to keep fueling the athletes for a long time or during competitions? Not without a reason! There are a plethora of studies that have proven that proper carbohydrate intake is the key for endurance athletes. First, it’s important to understand what a carbohydrate is. Carbohydrates are stored in the body in the form of glycogen, which is basically links of glucose — or sugar — stored in large amounts. Glycogen can be broken down during continual exercise to provide energy for muscle contraction; therefore, carbohydrate enhances performance and prevents muscle damage after prolonged exhausting workouts.

26 | November 2016

Glycogen has been shown to deplete in the muscles stores following 90-120 minutes of steady workout. Without sufficient glycogen, depletion will occur, forcing you to fatigue and slow down. That’s why, endurance athletes must ensure that their muscle glycogen stores are sufficient for the amount of work that they need to do in order to perform at their best. Not only should you have carbohydrates before exercise, but also even carbohydrate intake during exercise has repeatedly been shown to improve performance. Taking in carbohydrates while running or cycling has been shown to spare muscle glycogen because the muscles take up glucose from the blood and use it for fuel instead of using stored energy. Sparing glycogen is desirable because glycogen depletion causes fatigue as we mentioned and saving it

ensures that there is energy in reserve. That’s why; many athletes prefer to consume carbohydrates drinks and electrolytes during training. Let’s take the carbo-loading as a proof of the importance of consuming glycogen for athletes. Carbo-loading is simply a method to maximize an athlete’s performance before big competitions by decreasing and increasing the carbohydrates consumption a week before the competition. During the first three days, athletes are required to

performing at the highest level. We can find a great example of this in Kenyan runners, who are by far the best endurance runners ever in history, dominating all top events internationally for decades. The percentage of carbohydrates in their diet is 76.5%! Therefore, it seems clear that a good carbohydrate diet is of great importance. Another example is the top elite Crossfit athlete Katrin Dvidsdottir, the fittest woman on earth 2015 – 2016. When they asked her about her nutrition and diet plan, Katrin said that she was very afraid of carbs, she was sure that she’d gain weight if she ate carbs. But, of course, that’s what her body uses. That’s why it’s fuel. She needs carbs. So she’s eating more than ever, but in different proportions. Accordingly, she definitely has found a big difference in her performance when she started consuming more and more carbs! Carbs may not have the sexy marketing appeal of many other supplement ingredients out there. But if you are interested in performance, instead of catchphrases or fads, carbs are your friend and you must consume them in a stepwise fashion depending on how hard you are exercising (intensity) and how long (duration). Thirty grams after the first 60 min is enough for training lasting 60-90 min; 60g per hour after the first 2 – 2.5 hours; and 90g per hour after 3 hours dependent on high intensity exercise. The addition of carbohydrates is necessary during prolonged efforts to avoid depletion, consequent dizziness, and profound muscle fatigue. It’s important to know that too much of any one type of carbohydrate, especially glucose, will slow down the rate of absorption into the small intestine and that means slower delivery of glucose to the blood for working muscle; therefore, consume a combination of carbohydrate (glucose, fructose, sucrose) to increase absorption and availability during exercise. follow a very low carb diet plan with adding volume to their training in order to deplete the muscles glycogen stores. The next three days they are asked to do very light training with increasing their carbohydrate intake until the day before the competition, athletes should not train and they must add big amounts of carbs to their meals. By following this strategy, depleted muscles’ stores got replenished and refueled with the appropriate glycogen proportion that will keep the performance high and delay fatigue because carbohydrates are

sugars and starches that fuel our bodies much like gasoline fuels a race car. Each gram of carbohydrate contains ~4 calories worth of fuel. Just like a race car stores its fuel in a tank, the human body stores carbohydrates as glycogen in both our muscles and liver. These glycogen reserves are relied upon to stabilize blood sugars and allow for optimal muscle function. Not only is science telling us this, but also the real-life experiences of athletes

There is no one best dietary source of carbohydrate: choose what works best for you, even a combination: sport jelly beans, sport chews, gel, banana, raisins, dates, slice of bread with jelly, performance bar (choose low fiber, fat and protein during exercise to maximize absorption), etc. At the end, if anyone asks you if carbohydrates consumption help in endurance performance, the short answer will be Yes! While the long answer will be: Absolutely Yes! November 2016 | 27

Body & Health Depression


Your Best Drug for Depression D

epression is among the most frequently diagnosed mental illness in the world and it influences physical health more than any organic disorder like diabetes or hypertension. Recently, a lot of evidence-based studies are proving that sport and physical activity partially encounter the same neurophysiological changes as antidepressants. Depression is described as feeling sad, blue, miserable, or down in the dumps. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods. Clinical depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, loneliness, or frustration interfere with everyday life for two weeks or more. Sports bring about various changes in the brain, which are otherwise achieved only by drugs. Similar to sports, antidepressants act on the pleasure hormone known as serotonin. They strengthen the epinephrine activity and ensure the feeling of adrenaline rush. These factors promote cell growth in the brain and prevent the death of cells 28 | November 2016

By: Ahmed Abdelkader

in the hippocampus that are caused by depression. Together with these changes, sport and physical activity also lead to a reduced activity of the stress hormone cortisol and therefore have an effect similar to antidepressant drugs. Research has shown that exercise is an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression.

Regular exercise has been proven to: Reduce stress. Favor distraction: Sport allows you to divert your attention from your problems on something more fun and enjoyable. Boost self-confidence: Being physically active will give you the feeling of trying to accomplish something. Achieving goals, even small they may be, greatly improve your self-confidence. Improve sleep rhythm. Increase interactions: Sport gives you at least one more chance to meet people and socialize, even if it is only through a smile! Increase energy levels. Lower blood pressure. Improve muscle tone and strength. Reduce body fat. Make you look fit which reflect on your self-image.

Improved self-esteem is a key psychological benefit of regular exercise. During exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body “euphoric," similar to that of morphine. They also act as sedatives to help you restore your sleeping rhythm. They are manufactured in your brain, spinal cord, and many other parts of your body and are released in response to brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neuron receptors endorphins bind to are the same ones that bind some pain medicines. However, unlike with morphine, the activation of these receptors by the body's endorphins does not lead to addiction or dependence. When you first start your exercise program, you should plan a routine that is easy to follow and maintain, then after feeling comfortable with your routine, start varying your exercise times and activities.

Starting is difficult… regularity can be even more difficult. Indeed, we must get rid of the psychological barriers that prevent us from getting started. Some people think they need to wait until they have enough energy to start exercising. But waiting until the energy or motivation comes individually is a passive approach and staying on this lack of motivation or desire might even give you the impression of living a new failure. Instead, identify your abilities and put them out in what will be the start of your first exercises.

Before you begin an exercise program for depression, here are some questions you should consider: • • • •

What physical activities do I enjoy? Do I prefer group or individual activities? What programs best fit my schedule? Do I have physical conditions that limit my choice of exercise? • What goals do I have in mind? (For example: weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility improvement, or mood enhancement)

It appears that any form of exercise can help depression: cycling, dancing, jogging, tennis, swimming, walking, and yoga. Because strong social support is important for those with depression, joining a group exercise class may be beneficial. Or you can exercise with a close friend. In doing so, you will benefit from the physical activity and emotional comfort, knowing that others are supporting you. Try to exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes, four times a week. Take it easy if you are a beginner. Opt for 20 minutes, then build up to 30 minutes.

November 2016 | 29

Body & Health Injuries


Almost the majority of the middle and upper class Egyptians are engaged in sport activities, whether under school and organized sports supervision, or informal recreational activities. Although sports participation provides countless physical and social benefits, it also makes one prone to, not merely scrapes and bruises, but also severe injuries. A vast number of children are treated in the emergency department every year for sports injuries, especially the types of sports that require considerable physical activity. These injuries are by far the most common cause of musculoskeletal injuries in children and are also the sole most common root of injuryrelated primary care office visits. The Most Common SportsRelated Injuries in Kids Even though sports injuries can vary from bearable bruises to severe spinal cord injuries, most cases fall somewhere between the two extremes. Here are some common types of injuries. Sprains and Strains A sprain is an injury to a ligament – a band made of rough, fibrous tissues that connects two or more bones at a joint and controls the movement of the joint. An ankle sprain is the most common athletic injury. A strain, on the other hand, is an injury or tear to a muscle or a tendon. A muscle is a tissue made of bundles of specialized cells that, when stimulated by nerve messages, it contracts and generates movement. A tendon is a rough, fibrous thread of tissues that attach muscle to bone. Strains often occur in the hamstring muscle.

30 | November 2016

A Guide for Parents: How to Prevent Musculoskeletal Sports Injuries in Youth

proper hydration. If the sport activity will take place under the sun, ask your child to put on sunscreen, a cap, and drink a lot of water. Treatment Treatment for sports-related injuries will vary according to the type and severity of an injury. If the child suffers from a soft tissue injury (such as a sprain or strain) or a bone injury, the best immediate treatment is RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) the injury. Fracture or dislocation of a joint, prolonged swelling, and prolonged or severe pain are some common injuries that demand instant doctor help and treatment. Growth Plate Injuries Some sports may injure the growth plate – a developing area present at the end of the long bones in growing children and adolescents that turns into a solid bone with growth. These long bones can be of the hand and fingers (metacarpals and phalanges), the forearm (radius and ulna), the upper leg (femur), the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula), or the foot bones (metatarsals and phalanges). Any injury in these growing areas can impede proper development or even result into serious disability if not taken care of. Thus, a professional assistance from an orthopedic surgeon - a doctor who specializes in bone injuries - is mandatory. Repetitive Motion Injuries The overuse of muscle and tendons can sometimes lead to painful injuries such as stress fractures - a hairline fracture of the bone that has been subjected to repeated stress; and tendinitis – an inflammation of a tendon. Even though some of these injuries may not appear on x rays, a patient can always rely on the first-aid treatment, RICE, in case of continuous pain, discomfort, or internal bleeding. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation of the injured area. While there is not enough evidence that proves that RICE

can hasten recovery or cure damage, it can effectively delay swelling and soothe pain. Other treatments can include crutches, cast immobilization, and physical therapy. Heat-Related Illnesses Heat-related illnesses may be triggered by several factors, such as dehydration, heat exhaustion (nausea, dizziness, headache, heavy perspiration, normal or low body temperature, weak pulse, dilated pupils, and disorientation), or heat stroke (headache or hot dry skin, possibly leading to vascular collapse, coma, and death). Heat injuries are very serious and can possibly be fatal if not cured instantly, because children perspire less than adults and necessitate a higher core body temperature to generate sweat. So if your children engage in rigorous sports, you may need to monitor both body and weather conditions to eliminate heat-related illness from taking place. Tips • Schedule regular fluid breaks during workouts and games. • Have your child wear lightcolored, slightly loose clothing. • Make player substitutions more frequently under the sun. • Know the signs of heat-related problems, including confusion; dilated pupils, dizziness,

fainting; headache, heavy perspiration; nausea, pale and moist or hot, dry skin, weak pulse, and weakness. If your child experiences any combination of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Preventing and Treating Injuries All children are prone to sports injuries; however, there are some factors that can prohibit and even treat injuries. Prevention • Enroll your child in organized sports through schools, community clubs, and recreation areas that are properly trained for responding to emergencies and hire certified coaches and expertise to provide them with step-by-step style and form training. • Ensure that the child is using suitable gear for the sports he/ she plays. Pay special attention to sports shoes and climate garments. • Incorporate warm-ups and cool-downs as an integral part of your child’s routine prior and post to any physical activity. Warm-up exercises make the body’s tissues warmer and more flexible. Cool-down exercises loosen muscles that have tightened during exercise. • Teach your children to make up for the sweat they lost through

Keep Kids Exercising Even though an injury can impede performance and terrify some individuals, it’s important that they continue to exercise on regular basis and reap the endless benefits of exercising. After all, sports participation is an imperative part of learning how to build team skills, strength, and patience. As a parent, it is important for you to encourage your children to be physically active. It’s also imperative to enthuse your child to perform his/ her maximum in the sport without overtraining them. At the same time, you should be mindful of the risks associated with different sports and take important measures to reduce the chance of injury. Safety Tips for Every Athlete • Be in proper physical condition and watch your choice of food and portion. • Follow the rules of the sport and practice good style and form. • Wear appropriate gear and learn how to use athletic equipment. • Always warm up before playing. • Avoid training when very tired or in pain. • Keep yourself hydrated all the time.

November 2016 | 31


The Battle of Career and Relationship: Which Is More Important? By: Yasmine Shahine

Have you ever noticed that most people find it challenging to have a good career and a successful relationship both going well at the same time? Fact of life is that a successful relationship is the first step towards a successful career. Who said that a career oriented person should take a relationship lightly! All recent researches have shown that people who lead successful relationships are not only richer, but also healthier, happier, and more likely to receive promotions. After all, you tend to fall in love with your partner’s overall personality not their title, right? Once you’ve decided to be in a relationship, you no longer operate your life independently. Your decisions will have a great impact on your lives; whether positively or negatively. It may seem so hard or even impossible to make that equation work, but you know what, it can be done once you realize the fact that it’s all about balance and that none should come on the detriment of the other. Let me share with some very simple ideas that can help you reach that balance. 1.Learn when to say “NO” Oftentimes, we jump into doing more that we can actually manage or take, and induce ourselves with a number of excuses. If it’s hard for you to say No, at least start by saying “I’ll think about it.” This will give you some time to think about the consequences of saying Yes. 2.Never take your partner for granted Don’t ever assume that a relationship with

32 | November 2016

your partner will endure no matter what! It requires maintenance, care, commitment, and fulfillment of each other’s needs. 3.Keep laughing At least once a week, do something that is pointless and outside the normal routine. Don’t allow yourself to give destructive excuses like “I don’t have time,” “I’m too stressed,” “I had a tough week,” etc. Performing a simple yet fun activity will not only give you balance, but also the energy you need to keep moving in both ways. 4.When you are together, be present Your work may require longer hours. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you remain present during the remaining hours you spend with your partner. Resist your urge to check your mail, and don’t make this one last call! Just as your work requires your

attention, your relationship also necessitates your devotion and presence. Look at it this way; what would be more beautiful than sharing your success in work with the one you love? On the other hand, how would you feel if you lost your partner because you were too focused on a career that may change in a blink of a second! The fate of any relationship is determined by the effort of both parties. And, if there’s anything I’ve learned from studying relationship coaching is that it will never come without a little bit of effort. Only then couples will be able to build amazing careers, families, and lives together. Even though nothing’s perfect in life, it is a special gift when you find someone that loves you -- really loves you -- and wants to see you grow in every way.

November 2016 | 33

34 | November 2016

Luxurious car, lavish pool fronted house, adventurous trips, successful job, first-class treatment, a spendthrift attitude, and a super sexy partner; who didn’t wish to dwell in all sorts of extravagances before hitting their 30. Well, you wouldn’t be reading this article while eating a sandwich at the desk of your boring office job if you lead a successful life.

If you want to take charge of your future success and truly make life do your bidding, the essential premise is to recognize that this is how we are designed. Our soul is already all-powerful, and there is no other way to attain dreams other than becoming a person of definite goals. Success starts with a definite purpose that is backed by faith, willpower, and courage.

Unfortunately, economical crisis and psychological resilience - based on years of built-up fear – can impede your progress towards your dream job and imprison you in that nice comfort zone with few risks and confrontations, as well as a steady wage and benefits. That is what some people claim to be a good life, right?

So how can one become fearless and unshackle oneslef from these pointless obstacles?

Truth is, you’ve been investing your optimum energy in fulfilling your CEO’s dream – an authoritarian figure who isn’t really aware of your existence. Oftentimes, we give fear the ultimate power to frustrate our dreams and control us. We surrender to illusionary realities. Yes, they are realities that trick us; however, if we have the ability to surrender to circumstances, we certainly posses the same ability to take fear’s power away.

To be fearless, you must trust yourself and have faith in your abilities. If you fail to cage your fear, how can you launch that new idea, plan that strategy, and yield success? How can you even tolerate the sum of obstacles and conflicts that you will need to go through? Successful people don’t avoid fear. Like a courageous armor, they run towards the enemy and rip its head off! And another thing, they don’t overthink matters but rather jump in the problem and solve it.

So, if you don’t want to be remembered as a corporate desk jockey, you’ve got to seize every opportunity with more resolve. First create a definite goal (successful business, health, hobby, relationship) and come According to Deloitte’s up with a plan to contemplate Shift Index survey, 80% are the actions that must be taken dissatisfied with their jobs. This immediately. Shift your old suggests that most people opt to paradigm into the person you grin and squander long working wish to be. More importantly, fear hours in fulfilling undesired tasks, nothing. rather than mustering up the courage to change careers or give birth to a dream.

If you don’t want to be remembered as a corporate desk jockey, you’ve got to seize every opportunity with more resolve.

Conquer Your Fears and Start Your Dreams

Smart Self-Development

The Big Picture Grand Rules:

1. Intelligent choices require vision and foresight. Set priorities in order to determine the order of goals to pursue. 2. Use resources wisely. Derive the most value out of limited resources and pay the least interest rate on purchases. 3. Stick to your priorities and stay focused no matter what. It takes patience to overcome hurdles, persistence to overcome failures, and discipline to play the right game with the right rules. 4. Pursue relationships that provide moral, social, and psychological stamina. Partnership and good relations are integral for people with grand goals. 5. Don’t be greedy. Greed is an obsession; no matter how much you make, you will constantly strive for more. Greed leads to a life of imbalance and inconsistency. 6. Never idolize your accomplishments and constantly feel self-satisfied, either, as it will make you take things for granted and end with apathy and failures.

November 2016 | 35

Adventure Travel


6 Ridiculously Adventurous Outdoor Activities To Do Before You Die CLIMB TABLE MOUNTAIN, SOUTH AFRICA


It is impossible not to be blown away by the bricky features of this 7m-high, 7m-thick fortification built along an eastto-west line across the northern borders of China. Snaking across the dusty hills of the Great Wall, you will get to live the raids and invasions of various nomadic groups of the Eurasian Steppe, walk between its battlements, and climb up unrestored stairs through historic towers. Along the journey you will come to realize how hard to believe that one of the seven wonders was built by merely human endeavor. 36 | November 2016

If the skies are clear on your first day in Cape Town, drop everything and head straight for Table Mountain. The most iconic landmark of South Africa is a harbor for all travellers from around the world. With over 2,200 species of plants and 1470 floral species prevailing the mountain, this scenery view is unmissable. The aerial cableway can show you the ecological marvel and wild animals found in the park. But if you are seeking something more thrilling, you can tackle one of the hiking trails that snake their way up the cliffs (1,086m).


Visitors who ponder and wander around the Grand Canyon for the first time are often stunned into silence! Located in the State of Arizona, The Grand Canyon is a rich, geographic landscape that is so immense and deep that the panorama stretches so far across one’s sight – extending to 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and one mile deep. The colorful, rocky landscape accents the river valley, grasping a range of activities that will surely take you out of your comfort zone. Whether you choose to embark an epic helicopter adventure, explore majestic natural wonders in a 4x4 sunset tour, raft through the calm waters of the Colorado River, or indulge in a wild adventure like skywalking, skydiving, or hiking, the brilliant heavenly nature will take your heart far away.


Novice paddlers can dwarf beneath the forest-clad mountains and get an actual feel for the sheer size of the mounts towering overhead. If not a kayak fan, immerse yourself in an ultimate cruise experience and enjoy the dazzling views of lush rainforest, unique wildlife, and mountain peaks.


Soak up the sun and sail onboard of a private yacht in the clear blue waters of the Whitsunday Islands. This tropical utopia of the Coral Sea lapping ivory sandy fringes against a backdrop of dense greenery will be engraved in your memory. Consisting of 74 islands, the Whitsunday Islands boasts a robust range of activities, such as man-made outdoor aquarium, walking tracks, plenty of wildlife, seaplanes, and boat harbor. While it may not be cheap, there are deals that can make a trip to this incredible destination affordable. After all, you can’t really say no to this tropical paradise.


Imagine throwing yourself through an eternal fall! Located in the Iguazu River, Iguazu Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world and a tremendous natural wonder being with about 275 separate waterfalls ranging from 200 – 269 feet high. Devil’s Throat is considered one of the tallest falls as it encompasses nearly two miles in a semicircle form. If you are an adventure fanatic, get right into the heart of the action on a boat trip up to the threateningly named Devil’s Throat, one of the most notable cascades. November 2016 | 37

Adventure Egypt

A Tour Around

Egypt’s Wildest Attractions:


Abu Simbel This unresolved archaeological area boasts magnificent monuments that leave everyone with utter surprise far too seldom. The phenomenal complex and temples were built to celebrate Ramesses II victory over the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh in the thirteenth century. For two decades, the temples were built towards the east and, it is thought, were carefully chosen by Ramesses II so that the sun shines directly into the sanctuary of The Great Temple to illuminate the statue of Ramesses on 21 February and 21 October which are corresponded to his birthday and coronation. Overlooking Lake Nasser, the marvel colossal statues guarding the entrance lead to impressive façade into the Great Temple’s interior with engraved details adorning the walls.

Philae Temple One of Nubia's most prominent monument sites, the Temples of Philae is a primeval beautiful complex and a place for the cult of Isis and pilgrimage through the centuries. It venerated from the Pharonic era to the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods, with each ruler trying to deface or retain the sacred site. The Temple of Isis is the main feature, but there are other smaller temples that are worth spending time admiring. The first pylon is a grand 18-meter high doorway entry with inscriptions amid two towers. On the west side lies the Birth House dedicated to Hathor-Isis in honor of the birth of her son Horus. It is impressive to see all inscriptions that demonstrate how pilgrims flocked to Philae in various times to pay homage to the benevolent Isis, goddess of healing.

Elephantine Island Elephantine is the largest island in the Aswan archipelago showered with palm trees and sloping villages of colorful mudbrick houses. Located 150 meters opposite the corniche, the island has always been an excellent place for river trade. In ancient times, the island was also a significant stone quarry delivering granite materials that would be transported widely within Egypt for monuments and buildings. The islands boasts a large area where the southern end transports you to Aswan Museum an the Ruins of Abu, while on the eastern side is Aswan’s Nilometer – an ancient method of measuring the rise and fall of the Nile to predict the success of the harvest.

Nubian Museum

Old Cataract Hotel

Unfinished Obelisk

The Museum showcases a panorama of the riches of the local culture including artefacts from the Kingdom of Kush as well as statues of Ramses II, Amenras, the head of the Shpatka, and the black granite head of Tahraqa. Known as the “Land of Gold,” the museum also displays monumental Nubian treasures, handicrafts, folk art, and horse armoury made of pottery among an incredible range of monuments that have been there since the 5th and 7th centuries. The Nubian Museum is deemed to be one of the most significant Egyptian museums.

Those who watched “Grand Hotel” series have certainly been dazzled by the ornate façade and lush gardens surrounding this classic, old-timer hotel. Overlooking Aswan’s major river, it is impossible to miss an exciting sailing trip aboard a felucca. The picturesque attraction inspired Agatha Christie in the Death of the Nile novel, which contributed to the hotel’s remarkable international fame later on. Enjoying the serene views across the Nile to Elephantine Island and the sand dunes of the West Bank is the perfect ambiance to unwind your senses.

The largest Egyptian obelisk, also known as the “unfinished obelisk”, is a 41-meter-long and four-meter-wide chunk of stone that is located on a solid bedrock and was probably abandoned because of a crack in the rock. It's estimated that if completed, the granite monument would have stood 120 feet high and weighed 1,168 tons. During the 5th century, the obelisk was regarded as a sacred symbol of the cult of the sun, which enthused locals to build obelisks inside the temples. Some of the most important obelisks that still stand in pride are Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Gezira Island, and Heliopolis in the district of El Mataraya.

November 2016 | 39

Style Grooming

The Art of Growing a Winter



around 0.016 inches per day. The problem is, facial hair is notoriously not straight, which means that it might take about an inch and a half of twisty length for a beard to drape one inch from the jaw. Hence, the ideal daily rate of hair growth is further lower DID YOU KNOW than the mere 0.016 inches.

all is upon us and it’s time to buckle down and plan the best way a man can be by growing out a bushy beard. As the temperature drops and sweaters pop up, so do the beginnings of soon-to-be-formidable facial bounty flourish.

how long you need to hit your bearded end goal. However, many gents wait until they’ve reached cold temperatures to consider growing out a winter beard, rather than planning ahead. With that in mind, let’s help you do the math before it is too late.

Some guys opt for a Christmas bushy style, while other struggle for nothing more than a heftier than the standard five o’clock shadow. In both cases, beards aren’t grown in a day or even a week. They need patience, time, and the right formula to determine

Generally speaking, hair grows at never make your beard Now that you are aware of the an average rate of 0.5 inches per grow faster – that’s just real rate, it is pretty easy to month. That goes for everything; a common myth. determine how long will it take from the moist locks on your head, to reach your beard style, by to the thick shrubs of your chest dividing the final length your desire by the hair. This means that the hair grows ideally apparent growth constant.

40 | November 2016

Shaving your beard will

1.FIVE O’CLOCK SHADOW Smart, classic, and well groomed, the stubble beard is a signature style for many guys and suitable for different occasions. If you’re clean-shaven today, let your hair grow for 48 hours. To jump start the process, wash the area to open up the pores and define the beard neckline. Set the trimmer to between 1/8- and 1/5-inches and start with a higher setting until you figure out the length that looks best on you. Repeat this every day or two, depending on how fast your facial hair grows.

Brooklyn Grooming Oil is a sharp, vintage-inspired bottle featuring scents of cedar, ho wood, and organic sesame and hempseed oil. This unique formula will leave the skin fresh, smooth, and not greasy.

2.THE GOATEE The goatee works pretty well with many Egyptians and it is renowned for the humorous, manly appearance. First, trim your sideburns but leave a sizeable patch to circle your mouth. Picture a line running from both sides of your nostrils to the corner of your lips; and then shave all the hair that is between your ear and that line except the mustache and the hair surrounding the chin. Apply shaving gel to shave the area of your skin, which is to remain clean-shaven.

3.THE FULL-ON BEARD If this is your first time really letting your beard do its thing then next month will be quite interesting for you. Being a beardman will not only make you feel more confident in your actions but will also keep you warm on freezing days. So to pull off the full beard style, you need to have plenty of patience. While time is key, you also need to restrain yourself from shaving. Don’t shave, don’t trim, don’t do anything! Just sit back and let nature take its course for 6+ weeks. You will soon start to recognize the direction in which your hair grows and the thickness of it. Usually, ach length presents slightly different challenges. Starting from the stage of beardless to about 2 weeks, your beard may become pretty itchy, may appear patchy, or look shaggy. To ease the itchiness, try to apply ample amounts of beard oil free of alcohol as well as wash your face with a natural bar of soap to avoid irritating chemicals. If the beard looks untidy, you may neaten up the look by trimming the neckline, upper cheeks, and mustache lip.





Supplements can make up for any deficiencies in your diet. Biotin will help your hair and nails grow faster. In addition to these basics, you can add zinc, vitamin B (specifically B6), and magnesium. A boost in testosterone can also assist in fast beard growth. To attain this, eat more red meats, avoid soy-based products, and lift weights. Other good foods are: spinach, nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli, and olive oil.

November 2016 | 41

Style Fashion

Winter Inspirations Straight From Runways This season is all about bucket bags and platforms. From a proliferation of chain bags and ruffled bucket bags to velvet block heels and metallic patent leather boots, the new fall collection is proof once again that it’s all about the extras. Seems that Harley Quinn fans will truly devote a substantial section of their wardrobe for an unforgettable, delightful buffet of heels in every shape, size, and form. We’re swooning over these exceptional footwear and bag trends hooked from the recent runway shows… check them out!






MCM LOEWE DIOR 42 | November 2016






FILSON ERMENEGLIDO ZEGNA Dolce & Gabbana November 2016 | 43

Style Fragrance

Find Your

Signature Scent


Much like choosing the proper suit, a cologne must reflect your style, personality, and vibe. If you pay too little attention to what you are wearing, your aromatic signature might be more of a feminine teenager on a Friday brunch. So how can you find the right one for you? Here's a quick guide to what you should know before hitting the cologne counter. Fragrance isn't a mere single smell. Some scents evolve more than others and you can't really judge a fragrance by your first impression. Here's what you'll notice if you give it time: Top note: This is what you smell upon application. It is comprised of light ingredients, such as citruses, florals, and aromatics, and will disappear within an hour. Middle note: Also called the heart note, this base consists of spices, fruits, and greens, and can last up to five hours after the top note disappears. Base note: Composed of rich ingredients such as sandalwood, vetiver, tobacco, and musk, this foundational scent clings to your skin longest! Scents react differently to different body chemistry, thus what smells good on you won’t necessary smell the same way on another person. To properly shop for a fragrance, you will need to actually wear it for a day and smell how each scent develops over the course of its lifecycle. You'll know the fragrance works if each note complements the others to create a coherent nature.

44 | November 2016

Creed Bois du Portugal Chanel Allure Sport


If you are tired of the complex equations of modern colognes or if your day will shift from meetings to cocktails, these crisp scents suit individuals who don’t stick to sublime aromas. They are refreshing, sea-tinged breezes mixed with traditional green herbs – the perfect combination of adventure and self-discovery.

Gucci Pour Homme II


Spicy, bold, and exotic, these old school colognes are cut with masculine notes like black pepper, tobacco, and amber for a slightly smoky and sensual scent. They can stand up to long nights and fill the room with James Bond sexy vibe.

Davidoff Zino

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Nordstrom Exclusive Parfums de Marly Darley

Prada Luna Rossa Eau De Toilet

Burberry The Beat

Clive Christian 'X' Men's Pure Perfume Spray

Valentino Uomo Fragrance


Floris No. 89 Acqua Di parma Colonia

Sisley Paris Eau D'Ikar


A subtle, gentlemanly scent that is heavy but modern versions ease up on the musk for hints of creamy, leather, and earthy vetiver grass.

Perfect for the warmer months, these are typically lighter than other scents. The best fragrance formulations blend exotic fruits with spices and woods – this is definitely a unisex scent.

Versace Dylan Blue Byredo Fantastic Man

Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino Forte September 2016 | 45

What’s Up Technology?

Technology Gadgets

46 | November 2016

STAR WARS R2-D2 COFFEE PRESS New Year is around the corner and there is nothing more creative than surprising your significant coffee enthusiast with this cool coffee press. The R2D2 coffee press has a fourcup capacity and is made of plastic, glass, and a stainless steel plunger and filter mechanism. Above all, it is officially licensed by Star Wars merchandise, thus rest assured that your gift is not a random crappy device made in China. Available at for EGP 444. THE CACHE BELT BY WAZOO If you are into travel and adventure, The Cache Belt is certainly on your top ten must have! It is versatile enough to take you from a corporate meeting to the

woods with its over-thetop functionality features. The belt combines the top components that suit any style and look. Best of all, it features a velcro enclosure over two feet long that’s fully customizable, as well as essential and adventure small devices like compass, ceramic knife, fishing hooks, and more. It is a money belt, travel tool, survival kit, and ultimate for travel purposes and everyday uses. Available at, The Minimalist for EGP222, Essentials for EGP 444, and Adventure for EGP 844. DANGO PRODUCTS T01 TACTICAL WALLET Dango Products redefines wallets with a new multitool wallet that combines several elements with minimalist design. Made of metal, leather, and silicone, T01 can carry up to 12 business or credit cards and 14-function, high-carbon stainless steel multi-tool. The card-shaped wonder is a serrated saw, knife, nail pryer, hex wrench, bottle opener, smartphone stand, and much more! Interestingly, it is removable so you can avoid security checkpoints. Available at for EGP 613. for EGP 5, 328. CANALI HEADPHONES Italian craftsmanship, technology, and fancy style are combined together in a Limited Edition pair of PRYMA for Canali hand-made headphones, produced for quality seekers. The unparalleled audio quality of the Sonus Faber name is shared with a sleek design and top-quality Italian leather strap with monogram and a microfiber padded underside for maximum comfort. The shells are made from a lightweight aluminum embellished with iconic texture and feature ultra-soft cushions - the perfect finishing touch

to any Canali ensemble. Available at for EGP 4,884.

>> RETRO ‘50S STYLE 3-IN-1 BREAKFAST STATION Running late to work? Now you can brew four cups of coffee, griddle up eggs and bacon, and toast some bread all at once! Yes, you will no longer need to go back and forth to perform those functions and end up with one thing burned. The appliance is very handy, space saver, and sanity saving. Above all, think of all the time you will save as well as the recipes you can try using this multi-purpose

appliance. Available at for EGP 622. THE 8BITDO AP40 WIRELESS GAME CONTROLLER Although being an Apple fanboy can be expensive at times, you can’t really resist their remarkable advancements and creativity. Celebrating Apple’s 40th anniversary, retro-gaming hardware hub 8bitdo released AP40 wireless controller. The company used the same visual aesthetic of the 1976 computer, resembling its original rainbow design and limited-edition faux keyboard stand in the mold of the Apple I. The device is compatible with Max or PC, iOS, Android,

and more. Available at for EGP 435, with an adapter for EGP 755, or limited edition controller and stand for EGP 622. MARSHALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER Get amped up with this iconic retro oxblood speaker. The deep, rich hue of its vinyl encasement conveys a versatile vintage style that is eminent compared to other portable wireless speakers. Small but mighty, the speakers crank over 40 watts of high fidelity audio goodness, whether connected wirelessly to your mobile device or any audio device via classic coiled cable. We can only imagine a rock N’roll house party on a Thursday night. Available at for EGP 1, 589.

SWAGTRON T3 HOVERBOARD Whether you are a student on campus or fun commuter, you can cruise and enjoy SwagTron’s new electric scooter. SwagTron is the World’s First Hoverboard released to market to be UL 2272 Certified, featuring Bluetooth speakers, SentryShield battery, new hardware and software controlled safe stop, a redesigned sporty body, milled aluminum wheels, and built-in carrying strap. SwagTrons are made with high quality materials and parts that provide a smoother and more relaxing ride. Available at

November 2016 | 47

Technology Bulletins

With Automobiles Many people find the prospect of a new car something to get excited and cool about. However, finding the right type of car that best fits your style and interest can be quite tedious. And with the global warming and carbon foot prints dominating our lives, conventional cars are still more dominant than ecofriendly models, despite their downfalls. It is time to go green!

Preserve Resources

Gas is a scarce resource, meaning it will eventually run out and become unavailable with time. Eco-friendly car doesn’t use much gasoline, which decreases the amount of crude oil turned into fuel as well as reduces common incidents of spills, habitat destruction, and oil field fires.

97% Less Toxic Emissions

Carbon and sulfur emissions are vastly reduced in hybrid cars and almost eliminated in electric cars. Reducing toxins means cleaner environment, healthier air quality, and less pollution, which in turn decrease a large number of diseases.

48 | November 2016

No War! Annually

Is the average amount of money paid on gasoline per year and it is expected to increase with inflation. This makes driving a conventional automobile a costy tradition, especially if your house is far from your work, school, gym, or community service.

4 Times More Effective

Eco-friendly cars deliver notably superior fuel efficiency, where for wevery tank of gas you fill with an eco-friendly car you get four times as many miles out of it than a traditional car.

The reason for this is simple; if the world turns ‘green’ there would be less need for intervention into the affairs of Middle Eastern countries that have massive oil reserves. Oil initiated many wars before and suggest possible ones if people still stick to conventional cars.

Technology Cars

New Impressive Models Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Styled to seduce, the new cornerstone of the Vantage family is available as both a sleek Coupe or rakish Roadster. The clean, sculptural form and perfectly executed details create a car with timeless beauty and thrilling experience. Its exquisite interior features a remarkable waterfall fascia design, which cuts a bold architectural form but blends pleasantly with the supple leathers and chronograph-inspired instruments. It is powered by a lightweight, compact 4.7ltr engine, and sprints from 0-62mph in just 4.9secs. For optimum involvement there is the option of a six-speed manual gearbox, or a seven-speed Sportshift II paddle shift transmission – offering incredibly fast gear changes and ability to focus completely on the road ahead.

Worth Waiting For!

2018 BMW 6 SERIES The fourth generation of the BMW 6 Series will be out in three different version, including a convertible, although if you add the ‘M’ to it, that would be four versions. The new model will be around 551lbs lighter over the current model, thanks to the liberal use of carbon fiber in the construction of the new car, which is built upon the new CLAR modular platform. The front and rear lighting are redesigned with sleeker and slimmer look integrating OLED impressive technology, while the roofline is dynamic and low which will lessen the height of the glass fitted. The car also features 640i – 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder producing 347 BHP, the 650i will have the 4.4 liter V8 fitted (476 BHP) and the M version should be a bi-turbo V8 that’s going to kick out a massive 600 BHP. Other options will incorporate air suspension, the new rear wheel steering system, and the all-wheel drive xDrive system.

50 | November 2016

November 2016 | 51


The concert of the 25th Arab Music Festival will be held at Cairo Opera House on Friday, November 4 from 9 p.m. – 12 a.m. Tickets are available at the Cairo Opera House selling kiosk. For more information and reservation, please contact: Cairo Opera House 02-27390144 - 02- 27390132


Happiness is a state of mind, heart and soul, that ALL of us is trying to pursue. Design is one of the main fields who have always contributed to making people happier.. The universe itself is a manifestation of Design for Happiness! If you have an interest in design and happen to be one of those chasing happiness, join this course to figure out how can design be a key to unlock one of the doors leading to Happiness. The course will take place at The Greek Campus and lasts 4 weeks – total of 8 sessions. For more information and reservation, please contact: Shosha Kamal Designs 01022887372 Email:


Child Birth Education (CBE) is a six-session prenatal course for expecting mothers in any stage of their pregnancy. Now you can have the positive birth experience you have been dreaming and planning for. The course will cover topics such as: Physiology and timeline of labor process; how to holistically prepare yourself for labor/delivery; labor management techniques; and benefits of receiving emotional and physical support during labor. Sawsan Mostafa Nashaat, Childbirth Educator and Doula in Cairo, will provide the course on Sundays, from 12 pm to 2 pm for EGP 1430 per couple. Deadline for registration and payment is November 1st. For more information and reservation, you may contact: FLOW Wellness Centers: 0127 288 7338 52 | November 2016

HEALTHY COMMUNITIES…HEALTHY PEOPLE NOVEMBER 10 “How Healthy Communities Produce Healthy People with Healthy Minds and Bodies” by Mona Amer will take place at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo at 6 p.m. It is often said that healthy individuals help build healthy societies, with the term “health” assumed to be whatever is happening inside a person’s body. Yet research shows that the opposite is also true: healthy societies produce healthy individuals. This presentation will review updated findings from the fields of Community Psychology and related disciplines regarding the characteristics and outcomes of healthy communities. For more information and reservation, you may contact: Netherlands Flemish Institute in Cairo: 02 27382522


We’re climbing Egypt’s highest summit, Mount Saint Catherine and there are several reasons to climb with us: -Climb Egypt’s highest summit, Mount Saint Catherine with the field’s experts. -Stand on Egypt’s rooftop at 2,629m and enjoy the incredible view! -A mentoring program that includes information about gear needed, how to pack and what to expect. -Ideal climbers to WG leaders ration on the climb. -We’re taking a maximum of 20 adventurers with us. -An info session before we head to Saint Catherine, we will brief you about the trip and you get to ask any questions that you have! Hurry up and book your place for EGP 1865. Price includes accommodation, all activities mentioned above, all meals, round trip from Cairo to Saint Catherine, program design, first aid trained local guides and camp crew, permits when needed, experienced English speaking guides, and 13% VAT.


Coming back with the 7th season, Cairo Fashion Festival is returning with what looks like its best edition yet. So mark your calendars because starting the 17th till the 19th This November, CFF will take over the weekend with its Broadway theatre theme! From the fashion parade opening ceremony, to the top notch local and regional designers showcasing their F/W’16-17 and S/S’17 collections on the catwalk and on the Fashion Presentation. CFF is promising you the best fashion experience. For more information and reservation, you may contact: Cairo’s Fashion Festival:

For more information and reservation, you may contact: Wild Guanabana: 0106 040 0070 or getmeonaplane@



Get excited for BEIRUT! We have reached the time of the year when we pack our running gear and take off to run with our buddies in Lebanon, at one the most elegant marathons out there, Beirut Marathon! Our trip this year will be a 5 day/ 4 night, fun-packed adventure. We will fly from Cairo on November 11th, relax and enjoy the city of Beirut till Marathon day (13th Nov), rock the Marathon, do some sightseeing on the 14th, and fly back on the 15th. For more information and reservation, you may contact: Cairo Runners: 0115 056 9126 / 0100 557 3690

THE BIG ONE! Mark your calendars for the third annual Sahl Hasheesh Triathlon hosting triathletes from all across the country and region. Last year, it was the biggest triathlon event ever to take place in Egypt with 400 different athletes and more than a dozen competing nations. This year, we’re planning to break our own records. Join us on our iconic racecourse for the Supersprint, Sprint, Olympic, and Duathlon races. Organized to the highest international standards, this is the Big One. For more information and reservation, you may contact: The TriFactory:

Zoom In AutoVroom Karting Tournament Round 3 AutoVroom hosted a karting tournament round 3 on October 13th and 15th in the middle of exclusive prominent figures and media coverage. The event was filled with exciting and thrilling adrenaline rush and fun atmosphere for all attendees.

54 | November 2016

Zoom In

Somabay Announces 2016 Winner of Its Annual Golf Tournament at a Glittering Ceremony to Remember October 8th was the most anticipated date for The Cascades Championship Golf Course, as it marked the occasion of announcing the winner of Sombay’s annual Golf Tournament for the year 2016. The Westin Hotel held a prestigious Gala Dinner under the auspices of the Egyptian Golf Federation where Mr. Mansour Kabbany was awarded Somabay’s Golf Trophy in a glittering event ceremony celebrated by some of the world’s top competing golfers, as well as Egypt’s social influencers. The prize giving ceremony featured an elegant reception dinner, as well as lively entertainment attracting unprecedented media coverage. Somabay’s Golf Trophy in one of the most prestigious tournaments that has been attracting world-class players for over twelve years.

56 | November 2016


@ Tivoli Dome Heliopolis ZAMALEK: 0101 222 8818 OR 02 2737 2551 TIVOLI DOME HELIOPOLIS : 0120 083 3499

5 Abou El Feda st., Zamalek For reservation : 02 273 703 80 Tavolino Zamalek



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