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It influenced my character more than anything in the world. Definitely after each and every trip I do, I change a little bit. That challenge of the Guinness record was physically demanding in a huge matter. This challenge was eye-opening and mentally developing. I claim that I had the chance to see almost up to 85% of Egypt that I never had the chance to see before. Discovering the real Egypt in terms of the landscapes and the people. And definitely talking about specific issue such as family planning, is considered taboos over there, so when you get the chance to open a conversation with people about such topics, and delivering sessions in the youth centers about youth-related issues, and have a tangible chance to see people reactions’ on these issues influenced us. Besides of course the physical and mental aspects of it that does change you as well, 62 | March 2018

it makes you tougher in a different way. The human interaction with different people, cultures’, and mindsets added to my character and made me learn a lot about how different personalities and communication ways, the whole team was under pressure, and even mental and physical stress, you act differently than when you are calm, relaxed and everything is at ease.


We had two types of conversation; the first one was people who we meet randomly while walking down the streets, and the other type are planned lectures at certain spots that were arranged by ministry of youth. I observed more acceptance from women towards these topics which is logically understood; while men disagreed a bit tackling these ideas, especially the ones whom we spoke to randomly across the streets.

On the other hand; the gentlemen who attended lectures at the youth center showed a higher level of acceptance attitude, which makes sense too, since they came voluntarily. Thought those random conversation we believe this cause have had the chanve to make an impact on the way they percieve conversations about population. When we challenged their point of views and perspectives, they left us while thinking about it again; which we consider a change of course. ARE YOU PLANNING FOR SIMILAR UPCOMING PROJECTS? Yes, I am in the process of planning for a couple of record projects; mixed of international and local challenges, some of them are cycling, some climbing, and rowing. It shall follow the same manner of embedding endurance sports in awareness.

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Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine - March 2018 Issue  

Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine - March 2018 Issue