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There are people from the school of thought that loosing fat and maintaining muscle mass simultaneously is an impossible feat, however that isn’t strictly true with some careful planning it is in fact absolutely achievable. We at the Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine are here to teach you how you should eat and train if you want to keep your lean muscle while loosing fat. You may wonder why the retention of muscle is so important, well, quite simply gaining or loosing fat is significantly easier than building muscle. Assuming that time is not of the essence, then your best course of action is take the time it requires to get lean without sacrificing any of your hard earned muscle. We take a two-pronged approach: training and nutrition. As Instagram posts readily tell us your body shape is 70% nutrition (what you eat) and 30% by training, with these percentages in mind lets start where you reap the most benefits: nutrition.


This is straightforward and it is best solved with a touch of maths. Firstly, identify the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight. Whilst maintenance level is dependent on age, activity level and genetic factors, a helpful rule of thumb is your body weight in pounds (lb.) x 15 per day.

Example: 80kg male x 2.2 = 176lb X 15 = 2,640 calories per day

Eat your maintenance level of calories from good quality sources, real whole foods, nutrient dense foods, no junk food. See the chart below for a quick reference guide. Food Groups and Food for This Plan

56 | March 2018

By Victoria Haig

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Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine - March 2018 Issue  

Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine - March 2018 Issue