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3D printer (SparkMaker) It’s a high quality, easy to use and affordable Desktop SLA 3D printer. Start printing is super easy, just download the design file from computer to an SD card, and insert it to sparkmaker, press the bottom and you’re on set. During the printing process LED light will keep you updated about the status and the UV protected cover to avoid any damage from the circumstance. The printing area is a 102 mm by 125 mm with a 0.1 mm xy resolution and z resolution up to 0.02 mm, after printing simply take off the top and grab your fresh product, sparkmaker comes with deferent types of resins, each suitable for different objects you want to create, such as: black, cyan, yellow, magenta and white. If you don’t want to get mess with the typical resins, we provide a special resin that can be clean by water directly, no matter you are an artist or designer, you’ll be able to create creative printed objects with sparkmaker. Also it comes with free and easy software to design your own objects, or you can just use existing 3D models.

CAR TRACKER/HOME SECURITY (CARUZZO) Caruzzo is a completely new gadget for the safety of your car! Now you know everything that’s going on around through your mobile phone. All you need is to leave Caruzzo in the car and turn on the security mode in the application on your phone. From now on, you will be aware of any rustles, as well as serious problems such as robbers, broken glass or tow truck. With Caruzzo, you can easily prevent the problem much more quickly. Caruzzo includes more than 15 functions, which currently cannot be offered by any security device, as it is equipped with a GPS system, which will keep tracking your vehicle all around the world, the main benefit being easy location of your vehicle in case it had been stolen. Besides that, you can always keep an eye on the car when a family member or friend borrowed it for a ride. If you are in transportation business, it is of a great use in tracking your employees, rented cars, and so on. Keep your home safe with Caruzzo; as it equipped with a perceptive sound sensor, which can differentiate a barking dog from human voice or a broken window (up to 500 sounds), and it will

notify you each time it detects a specific source of noise around it. Thanks to the built-in notification function, you will instantly receive a message stating that there are some strange rustles in the house near the front door. You can always use the “Record” function, which works very well up to 7-10 meters range from the Caruzzo gadget, or just listen to what is happening around.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Apple iPhone SE 2 will be realized this month, While the iPhone SE looks similar to the iPhone 5S, there is an expectation that the iPhone SE 2 will look more like the iPhone 8, although it is expected to have smaller dimensions. Currently the iPhone SE has a 4in screen (that’s 4 inches measured diagonally). The handset itself measures 123.8mm by 58.6mm and its 7.6mm thick. It weighs 113g. The new iPhone SE dimensions may slim down further. For example, the phone might be as thin as the iPhone 8 at 7.3mm. If Apple was to ditch the iPhone 5s-esque design for the iPhone SE, in favour of mimicking the iPhone 8 design, this could be feasible. Apple could introduce a 6.1in LCD-TFT screen on its new low-cost iPhone, while the other iPhones will feature OLED screens like the iPhone X does now. Let’s introduce Apple iPhone SE 2 new features; it could offer a wireless charger, 3D touch screen and a face ID, and of course other great features such as: 12 MP camera with an f/2.2 aperture, 2GB RAM and 32GB or 12 GB storage options.

Huawei P20 Triple Camera The Huawei P10 is about to be replaced with the Huawei P20. The new Huawei phone will be available in three models: ‘Emily’, the standard phone in Ceramic Black/Twilight; ‘Charlotte’, a Plus version in Ceramic Black/Twilight; and ‘Anne’, a Lite model in Midnight Black/Klein Blue/Sakura Pink. Huawei P20 will actually have three cameras at the rear. As mentioned earlier there might well be three models including a Pro or Plus model as well as a Lite version.

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