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Jaguar is sprinting to get its first electric car to market during the Geneva Show on first of March. The “I-Pace” has been testing in Sweden, with temperatures as low as -40 degree in order to ensure the batteries’ efficiency. The car’s maximum range on a fully charged battery is about 310 miles, as measured on the New European Driving Cycle. The I-Pace’s drive is provided by a pair of synchronous permanent magnet electric motors, one integrated into each axle and paired with a single-speed epicyclical transmission. The powertrain provides four-wheel drive, immediate response from a standstill and rapid torque distribution between the two axles. Each motor produces the equivalent of 197bhp, meaning the I-Pace concept has 395bhp and 516lb ft on tap. Jaguar’s claimed 0-60mph time for the car is 4.0sec.


China will witness the first electric car produced by BMW. The Mini Electric was demonstrated by a concept revealed last year, and first prototypes have since been spotted testing ahead of a 2019 launch. The production model will be toned down from the concept, with the highly stylized bodywork and yellow flashes on the exterior likely being diluted.

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