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Balboa Park in San Diego California


Going all the way to California, San Diego and its exquisite beaches will take your breath away. The city is home to some of the best beaches in California. You’ll be craving for more food the longer you sat in San Diego. The city is famous for slow-

cooked lamb. You’ll also get to explore La Jolla Cove, a scenic cove and beach surrounded by cliffs where waves have engraved pathways in the sandstone cliffs. Don’t forget to pass by the gigantic Balboa Park.

Any honeymooners on board? Spring is definitely the right month to visit the Maldives. Lying along the Indian Ocean, this beautiful island cluster is famous for welcoming honeymooners from every nation. The reason why the Maldives is a heaven for both honeymooners and

tourists is that it provides a great weather all year long. In April, temperatures are around 30°C and the weather is sunny. You will find the water calm and fill your eyes with the beauty of its blue clear skies at that time of the year.



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