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ave you ever found yourself wondering, “Why my skin looks dull?” You may be facing some troubles with acnes, bumps, or blemishes popping out all over your face. Since every gentleman loves to look neat and well groomed; may be it the time where you should reconsider your perception of the skin care, because the right skin care requires a scientific approach.Prior to speaking about any tips, it is crucial that you visit the dermatologist at the very beginning in order to identify the root cause, recognize your skin type, and thus, take the appropriate action. Upon understanding and fixing the major issues here comes the guide turn.

• INVEST IN THE RIGHT FACIAL WASH: A good cleanser that is compatible to your skin type is always the foundation. Facial washes are known to help in getting rid of impurities and dead skin cells that stick together and make your face look dull. Here is why it should be applied twice a day, morning and night. If you would like to try out deep cleansing then give a good gentle scrub a try once a week. When washing the face you must consider lukewarm water, and end it up with a splash of cold water. • MOISTURE PROPERLY: Step two is automatically the moisturizer, and it is better to apply while the skin is still slightly damp to help seal in moisture. • STAY HYDRATED: Drink Water. Water is what moistures the skin from the inside. Coffee and alcohols dehydrates big time. It is recommended to keep record of your consumption in order to balance it with the water intake. • LIMIT THE REFINED SUGAR INTAKE: Nobody hates either flavored coffee especially if accompanied with delicious piece of cake or some cookies, or a can of soda after a condensed meal. However, such quantity of refined sugar used in those items affects your skin, because sugar causes inflammation. That does not mean to prevent it for good; it is okay to indulge yourself every now and then. • GET ENOUGH SLEEP Adjusting the sleeping habits is important for the skin health. As much as the body needs the appropriate hours of sleep during the night to rest and recharge for the next day; the skin needs these sleeping hours for the cells to rest and rejuvenate, of course that takes place better when considering the previous steps. • LOAD UP ON FRUITS AND VEGGIES: Fruits and vegetables are known for their importance as anti-oxidants. The more variety 12 | March 2018

of these foodstuffs you add to your daily meal and snacks, the more the skin tone will get improved. Grapes, apples, broccoli, blueberries, oats, peanuts butter should be on top of the grocery shopping list -if you are seeking that glowing healthy skin. • DITCH THE SMOKES No advices or recommendation are intended to convince with the importance of quitting smoking. Yet, the effect of smoking on the skin has to be highlighted. Excessive smoking makes the skin in a yellowish color, which

means that the skin loses its natural color with every puff. Smoking also leads to those find lines around the lips, and causes lips discoloration. Smokes cause dehydration as well as coffee and alcohols. The least you can do about it is working hard on step number three. It is obvious that having a healthy skin starts from within, so you need to work inside out. As noticed it all starts with the proper water intake and balanced nutrition. It is not hard; all it takes is a slight shift in the lifestyle to get that healthy looking skin.

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