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The Dental Cosmetology Maestro

Meza W Sahra Summer Nights At Sheraton Cairo Enjoy the stunning summer nights at Meza W Sahra Lounge by Sheraton Cairo’s swimming pool where the luscious Lebanese food and dazzling entertainment awaits you. We’re bringing you the traditional Arabian spirit in the heart of Cairo where belly dance shows, oriental music and many more will sure make your summer nights a magical memory For more information or reservation, Please call us on 002 0102 221 6883 / 02 3333 6112




ow many times have we faced unpleasant occasions? Definitely A LOT, regardless of the severity that differs from a situation to another as well as someone’s reaction to another; it is all subjective matters. However, what remains constant is the learned lesson. The major learned lesson of any difficulty we encounter in life is getting to know more about our capabilities, the points of strengths, weaknesses. Life itself is an interesting journey, this journey consists of both happy and unhappy moments, and it is ourselves that decides to react to these incidents. I figured out that surviving this journey –life- acquires that we become bold. The good news is that being bold is is ab earned skill that we can adopt by time and situations; it is not a must to be bold by nature. Be bold in your life; take the appropriate actions and/or corrective ones. When relationship, friendship or anything that is no longer convenient or comfortable; dare to cut it off. “What if I am forced to live with a fact that I cannot change and refuse to accept?” I claim a lot of us –including me- are opposed to this question; at least once, from time to time. For me, I believe that we can never turn the clock back. So, I learned throughout my life to take my time, simply! When it is a real, and I mean real loss, I must do myself a favor to get all the needed time to realize, accept, and adapt accordingly. It’s important that once we collect ourselves up, to show people who supported us at our worst, the sufficient appreciation, and always keep a side note of people who turned their faces the other way around, when we were in the middle of the storm. Remember, the bigger the situation is, the more it is eye-opening, and the wiser you become. So you better seize the given opportunity that we call a trouble. That is what I personally call the “Art of Moving On”.

Nermine Helmy


INSPIRED CUISINE Offering a sophisticated cuisine informed by the unique ingredients. Mezzeh adds a decidedly modern twist to traditional Levant cuisine Discover unexpected flavours at N 30° 07’ E 31° 24’ DESTINATION UNLOCKED

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Mohemed Reda , Ahmed Fawzy 28 Al Shahid Mohammed Qenaya St., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt Tel/Fax: (+202) 24156580 Mobile: 01115683666

4 | August 2018

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LIGHT UP THE PAL ACE W I T H YO U R O W N M A G I C . Write a fresh page in the majestic history of the Gezirah Palace with a wedding for today’s modern bride and groom. Blend timeless splendor with stylish chic in any of Salon Royal, Eugenie, Salon Vert and the grandeur of Aida Ballroom or enjoy the cheerful atmosphere and stunning views of the Nile from Almaz. Ask about Salon Vert special wedding package. Say YES to #MarryMeAtCairoMarriott...


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6 | August 2018

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Victoria Haig

Samar Gamil

Ten years in the Health & Fitness Industry as a Nutritionist in Madrid, Beijing, and now at CrossFit Stars Cairo. Victoria has created Healthy Meal Advisor (a healthy lifestyle ecosystem) to show people how healthy nutrient dense food can be tasty, how their plates should look like, and which foods in which proportions they should eat. Victoria practices ‘aware’ eating helping to educate the client: ‘everything we eat is either feeding disease or fighting it’ – encouraging the client to make their healthy eating a lifestyle not a diet. Victoria is also a mother and fitness junkie with several NASM certs. “Shifting your mindset to shift your weight.”

I am a simple person who enjoys the little things in life and I spend a lot of my time analyzing individual differences and amazed by God’s creation. My ultimate goal in life is to be happy and try to let everyone around me happy as well. People have always been my passion throughout all the careers I pursued in my life starting from IT, Training, Coaching, Counseling, Assessing, HR Management. God’s gift lies in my ability to promote Voice Behavior wherever I go i.e. encouraging people to speak up their minds. I am a Change Agent who works with passion and in a way I have the ability to place a mirror in front of people thus enabling them to see their areas of improvement and live a happier more productive life. It’s all about people !

BSc and Fitness Nutritionist Specialist from the National Association of Sports Medicine USA

Human Resources Professional

Alaa Basyouni

Hanan Marwan

Graduated from Ain Shams University, School of Medicine. Obtained a diploma in Healthcare and Hospital Management as well as, Clinical Nutrition both from the American University in Cairo. Additionally, acquired a certificate in Lifestyle Medicine for Weight Management from Harvard Medical School. Founder of the Health Republic, a social platform that aims to provide instant nutritional day-to-day advice, all with the goal of raising health awareness towards a better lifestyle. E-mail: Facebook: @HealthRepublicEG

An aspiring passionate interior designer certified from Career Gates, MSA School for Training and Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. After 8 years of corporate life she started to follow her passion for interior designing. She thinks in colors and patterns to create her own work of art. Email:


8 | August 2018

Freelance Interior Designer

Prof. Dr. Rehab Zakaria Consultant Of Dermatology, Cosmotology & Laser

Member Of European Academy Of Dermatology Email: Facebook: Dr. Rehab Zakaria Instgram: Dr.rehabzakaria

August 2018 | 9


HAIR All You Need to Know About:


Male Pattern Hair Loss “MPHL” is believed to be mainly due to genetics in which there is sensitivity of hair receptors to the normal level of male hormone called dihydrotestosterone. Management may include simply accepting the condition. Otherwise, treatments may include minoxidil, finasteride, or hair transplantation. As many patients are bored easily from regular basis of applying topical minoxidil for life as what you gain from minoxidil you lose when you stop minoxidil, so many patients prefer nowadays the hair transplantation solution. MPHL became a distressing condition for majority of males which affects 30% of males and it increases to 50% by the age of 50. In males, the hair loss often presents as a receding hairline, also affect the top and front of the scalp. So let’s dig deeper into this technique. Who is eligible for it, how is it done? And what are the pre-operative assessment and post-operative care?


Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the scalp, called the ‘donor site’, to a bald or thin hair part of the scalp known as the ‘recipient site’ mainly used to treat male pattern baldness. Doctors have been doing these transplants in the U.S. since the 1950s, but techniques have changed a lot in recent years. In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding, (like the back of the head) are transplanted to the bald scalp which genetically has sensitive receptors to the normal level of male hormone called testosterone.


At an initial consultation, the doctor analyzes the patient’s scalp, discusses the patient preference and expectations, and advises him on the best approach according to the surface

10 | August 2018

area of baldness we decide whether we need one or two sessions and what results might reasonably be expected as we transplant in the same distribution of your hair in order to appear natural. Let you know not all patients of androgenic alopecia are candidates for this procedure, hair in the back of your scalp definitely the occiput area should be in a good condition as we take the follicles from it. For several days prior to surgery the patient refrains from using any medicines which might result in intraoperative bleeding, and should do some investigations to check any bleeding tendency.


With Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE harvesting, individual follicular units containing 1 to 4 hairs are removed under local anesthesia; this micro removal typically uses tiny punches of between 0.6mm and 1.0mm in diameter. The doctor then uses very small micro blades or

fine needles to puncture the sites for receiving the grafts, placing them in a predetermined density and pattern, and angling the wounds in a consistent fashion to promote a realistic hair pattern. The procedure can take anywhere from a 4 hours to 8 hours according to the case.


Many techniques have been done under the name of hair transplantation according to the way the donor graft is collected, Donor hair can be harvested in two different ways: strip harvesting, and follicular unit extraction FUE FUE can give very natural results. The advantage over strip harvesting is that FUE harvesting negates the need for large areas of scalp tissue to be harvested, so there is no linear incision on the back of the head and it doesn’t leave a linear scar. And any postsurgical pain and discomfort is minimized. As no suture removal is required, FUE is the most common technique done nowadays as it is less bloody; less scarring with better natural results.


Patient scalp should be covered with sterile semipermeable dressing for at least 5 days, shampooing is started two days after the surgery. Some doctors will have the patient shampoo the day after surgery. Shampooing is important to prevent scabs from forming around the hair shaft in a few cases. There may be mild headache or slight edema which fades rapidly within days. Recovery from Micro Grafting FUE is less than 7 days.

During the first ten days, the transplanted hairs, inevitably traumatized by their relocation, will fall out and new hair will regrow after two to three months and full results will be achieved after six months. For the area that we take from its (the donor area) hair will grow within 10 days in a normal way that happens after shaving without any adverse effects on it.

August 2018 | 11


Dress Stylishly

FOR SUMMER WEDDINGS Summer is an amazing time to celebrate big days, but the hardest part is picking up the right outfit. You will need to have something that is climate-friendly yet looks stylish and suitable for the place as well. Summer weddings usually take place on open-air venues or on the beach, making things harder for choosing an outfit. You don’t need to overdress on the beach yet you can’t show up looking any less fabulous. Unfortunately, men don’t have as many options when it comes to attires as women do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any. Here are the best options to consider for an elegant appearance in a summer wedding.

You Can Ditch the Tuxedo

Go for Vests Think it is a bit too hot for pulling off a blazer? Leave it behind and wear a vest over a plain shirt instead. It adds the same elegance that blazers do, but vests are much lighter and cooler as well. Just make sure the color of your vest goes in accordance with the color of your trousers and you are ready to go.

This may sound weird, but you can actually leave the tuxedos behind if you are to attend a wedding on the beach. The temperature is already up and beach weddings take place in the morning. You need to be, and feel as well, cool in order to enjoy your time. Thus, go for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. They are a plenty of suits made of these lightweight materials. Needless to say, it is also better to go for neutral colors like white, beige, and creamy. For the footwear, don’t fall into the trap of wearing a pair of flip-flops just because you are going to be on the beach. It is a disastrous idea. But, you don’t have to go for leather shoes either. Instead, feel free to wear a nice pair of white sneakers. We promise they will do.

Mix and Match Suits are amazing options for heading to an occasion looking faultlessly stylish. However, mixing and matching between separate pieces can be a real turn on as well. Since it is summer time, you need to consider pulling off neutral and light colors. Now, you need the three key items; a plain shirt, neutral trousers, and a blazer of any color. You will definitely nail it by pulling off those three pieces. The colors are totally up to you; however, make sure you create a contrast between all of the items to look sparkly attractive. For the footwear, feel free to put on a pair of leather shoes if the wedding happens to take place in an open-air venue rather than on a beach. 12 | August 2018

Short Suits You can definitely for a good pair of shorts instead of trousers. There are actually readymade suits that consist of shorts and a blazer or vest, for that matter. Instead of wearing a full suit, you can pull off a good pair of white shorts along with a white plain shirt and break the intensity of the white hue with a colorful blazer like navy or creamy.

August 2018 | 13


3 ICONIC OMEGA WATCHES, FAMOUS MEN WORE Omega is among the best-known luxury watch brands on the planet, and certainly the best known off the planet. From NASA to the Olympics to James Bond, not to mention names like Speedmaster, Seamaster, and Constellation, the brand has achieved well-deserved rock-star status among watch enthusiasts everywhere. OMEGA is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and symbolises accomplishment and perfection - qualities that have been inherent in every OMEGA watch since the company’s founding by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1848. The brand’s reputation for innovation and quality has led to numerous awards over the company’s 150-year history, starting as early as 1900 with the Grand Prix at the Paris World Fair and continuing with the world precision record of 97.8 points at the Kew-Teddington observatory in England in 1936. OMEGA went on to be official timekeeper at no less than 21 Olympic Games, bringing numerous innovations to Olympic sports over the years, such as the first electronic timekeeping at the Helsinki games in 1952 - the same year in which the company was awarded the Olympic Cross of Merit for its outstanding contribution to sport. On account of its precision and reliability, OMEGA’s Speedmaster watch was chosen by NASA as its official chronometer in 1965 and 4 years later was the first watch to be worn on the moon, when, on 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong made his giant leap for mankind.  In more recent years, OMEGA has continued to build on its reputation for precision and innovation, presenting the world’s first self-winding wristwatch with central tourbillon (launched in 1994) and the revolutionary coaxial escapement sur developed in conjunction with renowned English master watchmaker George Daniels first offered in limited series in 1999.  14 | August 2018


This iconic Omega became known as the ‘Moonwatch’ after Buzz Aldrin decided to strap it to his wrist and fly it to the moon. It was one of the most significant wristwatches of the 20th century even before Aldrin wore it to space, after 1969, the influence of the Speedster Pro went – quite literally – stratospheric. Over time, the original ‘Moonwatch’ has been lost to time, and its exact whereabouts is no longer known. But production endures and, today, the Speedmaster Pro lives on as a 42mm chronograph, with a black dial, stainless steel bracelet and tachymeter scale.


The King once wore an Omega during his stint in the army. Featuring a Cal. 504 manual winding chronometer movement and presented in a pink gold-capped stainless steel case, the watch was as bombastic as the singer himself. A stainless steel casebook and decagonal crown is typical of this iconic watch, and the gold hour indices with luminous inserts ensured that Elvis maintained his flashy persona even when he was confined to army fatigues.


Legend has it that Omega developed the PloProf with COMEX and Jacques Cousteau – in order to compete with the Rolex Sea-Dweller. And, one of the main PloProf proponents was famed Italian industrialist and playboy Gianni Agnelli. Known for wearing his wristwatches on the outside of his shirt sleeve – allegedly to save time – Agnelli prized his Ploprof, a watch that took 4 years to test and bring to the market, and remains an icon to this day.


August 2018 | 15



Most people make their first impression about the place just by looking at the entry way. Have you thought what kind of an impression does your home give? Keeping the space neat and decluttered is important but it’s equally important to create a welcoming, warm that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. It is true that many homes don’t have a formal entry or foyer but don’t worry you can create a stylish entry way out of thin air. You should keep an eye for having it matching the house interior style adapted or contrast it for a much stronger effect. 16 | August 2018

MULTIPLE LIGHT SOURCES Make sure that light is set in layers to help you pick different moods throughout the day. Standalone side lamps, ceiling light, sconces, table lamps etc. will create different lighting options. You may not need to use it all, you can pick up to two options. Entry ways must be well lit as you walk in, as usually the rest of the house is still dark. It is important to be able to find your personal belongings. The main purpose here is not only to illuminate the entry way but also to bring its’ accents into the spotlight.

MAKE A STATEMENT You have one chance to make an impression by creating a focal point that immediately grabs the attention. This could be done by displaying a rare collection, a huge painting, covering the wall with a unique cladding. Another option is to have the door painted in a bright color. One more clue that is a typical way to decorate your entrance hall is to place a large well framed mirror. Mirrors give that spatial effect especially when the space is small.

August 2018 | 17

FINAL TOUCHES Now that the mood is set there are few final items that both completes and complements the look. Place a fresh house plant on console table -if there is any,- if not get a large one on the ground. Nothing gives warmth to a space better than an area rug. Place a seating arrangement by using a chair, stool, ottoman, bench etc. depending on the available slot. Be creative by placing a tree trunk or an old chest that will serve as a seat while lavishing the zone.

CREATE AN ENTRANCE HALL There are plenty of ideas that assist in defining an entryway if the door opens right into the living room. Make use of furniture to divide the area such as a book case. Low profile furniture are perfect for these scenarios such as a chest of drawers or a console placed at the back of your couch. Smart use of hooks, shelves, and benches along an entry wall could be all you need to define the zone. Use the art of optical illusion by adding a runner or a rug that virtually define the area for you.

18 | August 2018

August 2018 | 19



‘Me Time’ is a word that we all long for yet not necessarily know how to plan for it or manage it well when it takes place. Life in Egypt is extremely demanding for nearly everyone and finding time to take care of one’s self might be pushed by time to the end of one’s priority list Let’s start first by defining ‘Me Time’ as listed in dictionaries: It is the time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy Being fond of self-development, doing a lot of reading and nearly attending all courses/camps that call for change and enhancing the overall quality of life, I reached a surprising conclusion; all these sciences and academics are summed up into one thing; how much you literally love and care about yourself; self-worth and how you perceive yourself mandates your life style amazingly

20 | August 2018

For example; If you think high of yourself, listing yourself as a priority won’t be a big deal for you; you will be sending the world vibes like ‘I deserve a happy life’, ‘I know what I want and I will get it’, ‘I am too good for this person’, ‘I deserve a fulfilling career’…etc thus you are clear about what you want, you feel serene and confident sharing it with yourself and eventually you will learn how to enjoy the little things in life thus can be balanced enough to decide a fulfilling life style in terms of financials, relationships, health, spirituality On the other hand, if you think low of yourself and have a problem communicating with it, this usually leads to an unfulfilling life style that impacts you primarily and all your related circles. You will be sending vibes like ‘I don’t deserve much’, ‘I am not important’, ‘I don’t deserve to be happy’, ‘others are more important than me’…etc which is consequently reflected in the quality of your life; attracting an abusive partner, stuck in an unfulfilling job, having manipulative friends.. etc I believe we all tend to be between those

extremes as managing one’s time is actually managing his/her life which might sometimes be impossible due to having limited control over it every now and then So here comes the Million $ question: How can I love myself enough? Well..This calls for some radical changes to how you perceive life as a starter and a lot of digging into the past to revisit how you were raised up, major incidents that remain unresolved in your heart/mind that’s stopping you from living a normal and fulfilling life, relationships, …etc Forgiveness, forgiveness and a lot of forgiveness is your sole way to heal yourself as only then you will become in peace with yourself and love will flow automatically impacting all the circles in your life and enhancing the overall quality of your life pillars So what are the signs that I am on the right track? Loving yourself journey differs per person depending on the amount of pain and baggage carried over the years; yet it all starts with opening the wound you’ve been trying to run away from for years thus the start is usu-

ally not pleasant but the happy news is that it gets better by time as once the wound is opened, the body has the automatic tendency to get away of all residuals and eventually have a healthy closure. Being hurt at the beginning is natural and then quality of life starts to elevate bit by bit overtime. By the end of this journey, you will eventually reach the stage of genuinely loving yourself i.e. you will have a relaxed smile, start taking care of yourself inside out; seek help once needed instead of piling up issues on your own, take care of how you look; that’s when ‘Me Time’ comes into action as you won’t have troubles filling long to do lists with interesting stuff you enjoy doing or look forward to learning. You might find yourself interested in learning Music, visiting new Countries, learning how to draw, how to cook, trying out new colors in your wardrobe, connecting more with nature and animals. You might dazzle yourself with the amount of love that passes through you and is reflected to everything and everyone around you

HOW CAN I PREVENT MYSELF FROM RELAPSING? Life has different pillars that once balanced, you will automatically feel fulfilled. ‘Me Time’ does not work by exclusion; it has to be a daily part of your schedule but the difference is that it’s something you do out of passion and joy rather than a task that should be done. Pillars are: - Financial: how do you plan on sustaining a financially rewarding life whether by a job or passive income which will eventually elevate the quality of ‘Me Time’ - Spirituality: being connected to God is a must as this where all energy, positivity and love originates from and flows to everything and everyone around you thus if you are not connected probably you will remain stuck for a while - Health: a major part of loving one’s self is having a healthy body and mind and this can be done by eating healthy food and having a healthy life style in terms of practicing sports, meditation which usually takes place in the ‘Me Time’ - Relationships: We don’t live alone in this world and living alone is sometimes a choice we tend to make to remain safe and un heart yet only by having healthy relationships we start to grow and mature exponentially and only then we can give In a nutshell; ‘Me Time’ is a process that requires a lot of effort, time and energy to be sustained but it’s worth it as yourself is the only lasting friend you will have as long as you live so you might as well start cherishing it

August 2018 | 21

Indulge in Ultimate Luxury at Fouka Bay’s Exclusive Serviced Apartments Immerse yourself in an experiencedriven destination as Fouka Bay adds a new flavor to luxurious living by the Mediterranean. Positioned among landscaped gardens, crystal clear lagoons and a mesmerizing backdrop of sea views, Fouka Bay presents its state-

22 | August 2018

of-the-art serviced apartments, courtesy of none other than The House Hotel & Residence. The 11 serviced apartment buildings offer a myriad of interior options; each effortlessly accommodating a soul-soothing sanctuary that combines contemporary elegance with premium-quality concepts specifically designed to enrich your life and senses. Master-planned on 4 different levels, Fouka Bay’s serviced

apartments take convenient luxury to a whole new level by bringing an assortment of top-notch amenities to every doorstep. The House Residence boasts a spacious yet private courtyard, as well as a vast reception area to facilitate lounging, and checkin purposes. In addition to an impressive ‘Walk In, Walk Out’ concept, which blends unmatched privacy with worlds of non-stop

entertainment. The serviced apartments at Fouka Bay’s The House Hotel & Residence are fully furnished and equipped with state-of-the-art furniture, kitchens as well as air conditioning systems. To ensure an unparalleled stay, The House Residence is designed to open onto a bustling extension of private recreational facilities; including floating water zones on multiple levels, a cutting-edge gym, kids’ play zones, a sun-drenched beach hub, and a fully-equipped business hub. Renowned designer Mona Hussein was able to successfully capture the essence of the island’s enchanting surroundings, by incorporating raw textures from nature to feature two sets of interior moods and furniture combinations. Inspired by the serene aura of the deep blue sea, the Blue Interior mood elevates the soul, reflecting harmony, and a seafront ambiance all around, while the White Interior mood is for those preferring a more minimalistic vibe. Being a few minutes away from The House Hotel provides residents with an exclusive

invitation to an array of benefits, as the bespoke 5-star hotel promises a superb combination of facilities catered to every mood. With access to a worldclass spa, water- sport activities, top-notch sporting facilities, late night entertainment, 24/7 concierge services, and signature dining experiences, residents are guaranteed to relish in the freedom of home-style living,

while savoring the luxuries of hotel hospitality. Blissfully basking by Ras El Hekma’s gleaming coastline, Fouka Bay brings an innovative vision that represents the new face of the North Coast by combining the best elements of the blue sea, white sand, and emerald landscapes to boast a cluster of 12 eye-shaped islands, enveloping a 7 km shoreline of tranquil lagoons. With a unique master-plan, Tatweer Misr and world-renowned Italian architects Gianluca Peluffo and Partners set a new standard of expectations in architectural design and lifestyle options. Through presenting the ultimate blend of beachfront simplicity and true exclusivity, each home enjoys a mesmerizing waterfront view. Located 211 km from Alexandria, and 75 km from Marsa Matrouh, the idyllic spot is only a 2-hour drive away from Cairo.

August 2018 | 23



DR. MOHAMED EMAD The man behind many celebrities’ beautiful smiles. The least we can describe him with is determined, moderate, and visionary person. Dr. Mohamed is a true believer that dreams come true. They come true with effort, some tiredness and a lot of sleepless nights, and again some extra effort to exert. He is an Egyptian dentist who successfully pioneered the dental cosmetology field across the country. He is also the founder of Whity Dental Centre which occupies a reputable position in the market nowadays. Whity managed to become an imitable brand in the medical services’ industries. Dr. Emad is sharing with us the story behind Whity, his future plans, along with a brilliant piece of exclusive news.

24 | August 2018

1. DENTISTRY IS CURRENTLY CONSIDERED ON OF THE TOP COMPETITIVE AND FAST-GROWING INDUSTRIES IN THE EGYPTIAN MARKET. WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS BEHIND THIS MASSIVE SUCCESS? I have been always looking for doing something distinguished. Here is when the idea of founding a dental center did arise -which was a brand new concept back then. A center that is capable to deliver a high quality service with a luxurious standard. A luxury level that can be seen and felt the moment you step into the center with the aid of nice decorations to let the visitor enjoy the appointment in an unusual way, unlike the traditional old clinics setups that we dentists used to do previously. When I managed to build a proper relationship with my clients and built the trust with them, I got very encouraged to take the decision of founding and launching “Whity” in 2008. Whity brand name is totally my idea and initiative. The Oral and Dental field gets improved and developed in Egypt in a very dynamic way, especially in the cosmetology direction that I personally endorse and proudly count myself one of the very few people who introduced this direction in the Egyptian market and I have had the

chance to educate other dentists who have pursued their way towards building their own clinics too. That thing makes me really happy since I appreciate working in a competitive market because that is how success is crafted. The most important thing is to think wider and be keen to leave a legacy on the surrounding communities, like for instance, the community service, and ways to motivate the undergraduates and junior dentists. 2. PAYING A VISIT TO THE DENTIST HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR ALMOST EVERYONE FOR SO LONG. YET; YOU SUCCEEDED TO MAKE IT INSTEAD ANCHORED TO THE PURSUIT OF A BEAUTIFUL SMILE; WHAT WAS THE METHODOLOGY USED BEHIND THE SCENES TO SHIFT PATIENTS’ MINDSETS? It all relies on the proper communication level to establish a good relationship and build trust with the patients. Another important aspect is the human interaction and body language of the working staff including the dentist of course using the right verbal communication with a decent smile and the tone of voice also supports in decreasing patients’ anxiety level up to 50%; so you are halfway through. Another important aspect is the power of the interior design of a center or clinic, with the help of adding nice colors

and a well decorated place. These simple components support in decreasing the stress level for the patients; it is considered a form of anesthesia because it calms down the patient and makes them able to receive the needed care. 3. AFTER 18 YEARS OF PRACTICING THE JOB, SHARE WITH US ONE HAPPY MOMENT AND ANOTHER SAD ONE THAT CONVERTED TO A MILESTONE IN YOUR SUCCESSFUL PATH. Looking back after eighteen years definitely include happy and unhappy incidents; that is both life and success. I can never forget or dismiss when I had the chance to speak up out the science of oral and dentistry with all the services I provide for the first time on air. It was with the TV presenter Hany Tawfik, and the program was aired on Channel 2 -national channel. On the other hand, I had a side business that was related to dentistry too and it got shut down all of a sudden. It was a very stressful moment because it meant an income stream got cut-off and I am responsible about a family, it was a total disaster! Yet; this incident made me more focused and available at Whity, which definitely reflected on a higher level of success. August 2018 | 25

4. YOU WERE PRIVILEGED TO STRENGTHEN YOUR STUDIES WITH AN INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE. TELL US HOW DID IT REFLECT ON YOUR PERSONALITY AND THUS CAREER SUCCESS. It is obvious how much traveling adds to someone’s experience and knowledge. I am still keen to travel and stay updated with the recent studies, research paper, and I keep attending programs and courses to stay fully aware of what’s new in the field. This is very beneficial on the technical level. It also develops me personally; it makes me more conscious about the outer world especially that I deal with different types of personalities and of course different nationalities. It is an eye-opening exposure at the very end. 5. SHARE WITH US THE STORY BEHIND LAUNCHING WHITY - MOHAMED EMAD. Whity is my dream since I was 23-year-old. I remember when I started my profession as a dentist; I was operating from an almost 2m x 3m room. I kept dreaming and visualizing having my own center that includes a cafe with a wide space, and I started to save money monthly from the very limited salary I used to gain at that time. It was a motive for me that kept reminding me day after day with my big dream. Though I knew that my financial status was not really empowering to let my dream come true, especially that I am financially independent for A to Z; yet, my inner gut have always ensured me that I will achieve my goal, which happened almost eight years later -2008. I came up with the brand name “Whity” while I was lying on the couch at home, and since that moment; I kept the writing the name on every piece of paper and even walls. God gave me more than I expected and luck allied with me, and when I became capable funding and founding the center, I agreed and finalized all the documentation within two or three days. 6. WORKING CLOSELY WITH CELEBRITIES AND PUBLIC FIGURES PUTS YOU UNDER THE SPOTLIGHTS, WHERE DO YOU SEE THE CHALLENGES IN THIS ASPECT? I admit it is exhausting to be closely observed. It stresses because when someone reaches this status, it means that you made something good and climbed success’ stairs, so you better watch your next step. 7. WHAT IS THE SECRET FORMULA THAT ALLOWS YOU TO BALANCE BETWEEN PRACTICING THE JOB, OVERSEEING THE CLINIC MANAGEMENT, STAY UPDATED WITH THE SCIENTIFIC HIGHLIGHTS AND PITCHING FOR THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES? Effort! It is definitely the way to success. And you must know that it is really stressful that 26 | August 2018

is why the one must always remind him/her with the target, because by then you will be motivated to go to the extra mile in order to reach your desired destination. Personalizing the aforementioned, I work for sixteen hours daily, most of the people don’t really believe me, they only believe when they join me on board. At the very end, it is about success and balance; to maintain a successful and happy family along with career development acquires exerting a huge effort and ensure to eliminate distraction to achieve your goal. In a nutshell; I believe that God’s support and effort are the main components of the success equation. 8. WHAT IS NEXT FOR WHITY, ON THE SHORT-TERM? Well, I am exclusively announcing the following; “I am waiting for Whity new branch.” Stay tuned for the upcoming venue, it is using a different and distinguished concept. It will be a brand new edition to the Egyptian market and the Middle East as well. That is the first time to announce this piece of information so stay tuned. 9. WHAT ABOUT WHITY FUTURE PLANS, ARE YOU WILLING TO INVEST IN AN INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION? When it comes to Whity expansion, sky is the limit, my dream is endless, and I want to establish several branches around almost the globe! I would love to initiate a branch in the New York City in particular, or the USA generally speaking. My current goal is Whity giving back to the community. I dream to establish a non-profit service center that is able to have a fingerprint in isolating the gap of the oral and dentistry issues in Egypt as well as working to develop the weakness points. Governmental medical hospitals face a lot of problems and are challenged and stressed all the time. I believe better than criticizing each and everything we can support as physicians with different areas of specialties in contributing to a developmental initiative; this is our role and duty if we really love our country we must take the ownership of the development. 10. WHEN IT COMES TO SPORTS OR FITNESS IN GENERAL, DO YOU MANAGE TO EXERCISE REGULARLY? Unfortunately working out and I aren’t really in good terms due to my tight schedule. However; my favorite sports are, walking, table-tennis “Ping-Pong”, and football of course. And yes, I am a fan of Zamalek Soccer team! 11. IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES WHITY STAND OUT AND CAPABLE OF GROWING? Continuous effort and gratefulness August 2018 | 27



Gems at The North Coast:



Marassi stands majestically on one of the most paramount shorelines in the region, Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, combining impeccable natural beauty, timeless architecture, lavish community, and buoyant nightlife. Everything comes together to form an unforgettable picture; signature hotels and resorts with world-class amenities, lavish cosmopolitan experience, aesthetic Mediterranean-inspired interiors, and exuberant marina for an unmatched quality of life. Activities: Pro Aroussy Tennis Academy, The Golf Club and Academy, Bescletta rides, Atletico Madrid Foundation for Soccer, and Urban Divers Scuba Diving. Bars: La Bodega - The Lemon Tree Restaurants: The Smokery, Ted’s, Tutti Matti, Tamara, Ruby Tuesday, Shawerma Garage, Mince, Mori Sushi, Levant Cuisine, Feteera, Mastaba, Bent El Balad, Café Blanc, Carlos Café and Restaurant, Brioche Dorée.


An azure sea, powder-fine golden sand, unspoiled coast, and spectacular hangouts, Amwaj is a one-of-a-kind luxury destination that inspire blissful memories that last a lifetime. Amwaj has a redefined pampering and luxury amenities with unparalleled service with its remarkable residential masterpiece in the form of villas, semi-detached villas and chalets, with the number of 1140 units. Summertime nightlife has a special feel at Amwaj; fine dining, 36 swimming pool, and incredible recreational activities for restoration and rejuvenation. Bars: The Pool and The Bartender. 28 | August 2018

Hacienda Bay

Perched on 2.4 million square meters on the magnificent Mediterranean coast, Hacienda Bay is a private oasis of tranquility and splendor. The destination is a haven for authentic luxury amidst turquoise seas – a beautiful seascape for true relaxation experience. There is a myriad of activities at sun up and sun down, including international

Bo Islands

Playful waves, sparkling water, glorious sandy beaches, and lush environment helps to make this ultimate paradise for families, couples, and friends. Located at 120 km on the Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh North Coast road, the destination combines beautiful stress-free landscape, delightful drinks, international cuisines with exotic flavors,

cuisines with enticing flavors, a splendid 18-hole golf course, carefully designed hotel rooms specially for demanding guests, and unrivaled recreational facilities. Activities: Beach Fit. Bars: 6ix Degrees. Restaurants: LakeYard features international cuisines and Bayside hosts cocktails.

and a wealth of fun times using Bo facilities. The new island will be launched soon and will encompass villas, townhouses, and senior and junior chalets. Activities: Fairy Bo, water activities, spa services, electric team, and sports courts. Bars: RakkanBysass August 2018 | 29




UPCOMING DESTINATION Nothing beats the happiness of searching online for a travel offer but the moment we start packing for the trip, or at least calling to reserve the seats on board. Travel lovers -and we are A LOT- we took the initiative to start the investigation about best spots to visit during the upcoming season. We have landed onto Croatia, the country that gained a huge popularity due to the world cup -and the president as well- and also the beautiful Mykonos.


DESTINATION: Croatia AGENCY: TRAVISTA DATES: From 7th to 12th of September 2018 DURATION: 06 Days HOTEL ACCOMMODATION: ROOM BASIS: Bed and Breakfast • Price: 24,900 EGP per person • Price: 33,900 EGP - Single Room • Price: 23,900 EGP – Triple Room PACKAGE INCLUDE: • The hotel accommodation in 4* down town hotel mentioned above on BB basis. • The International flight round trip economy ticket. • Transportation between Hotel – Airport & Airport – Hotel • Round Trip Between Dubrovnik- Split and Vice Versa • 3 Training Sessions • Tour Leader escorting from Egypt • Airline taxes. • Airport transfers • Tour leader with the group PACKAGE INCLUDE: • Optional sightseeing tours in program • VISA fees and travelers insurance 2400 LE


DESTINATION: Mykonos AGENCY: Ankram Travel DATES: From 6th to 11th of September 2018 DURATION: 06 Days, 05 Nights HOTEL ACCOMMODATION: ROOM BASIS: Bed and Breakfast • Price: 19, 780 EGP per person PACKAGE INCLUDE: • Breakfast and hotel taxes • Kids club access • Round trip economy ticket including taxes • Airport transfers • Tour leader with the group

30 | August 2018


New Menu Launched

5 Abou El Feda st., Zamalek For reservation: 02 273 703 80 - 012 8073 4673 Tavolino Zamalek


August 2018 | 31




The elegant proportions and unmistakable new Range Rover velar design cues create a vehicle that simply demands attention. A luxurious, high-tech SUV with eye-catching looks that make it stand out from the herd. Built on a modular architecture shared with the Jaguar F-Pace, the Range Rover Velar is designed to fill the narrow white space between the baby Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. Its super-slim Matrix Laser-LED headlights, flush deployable door handles and sleek Touch Pro Duo infotainment are all hallmarks of Range Rover’s reductionist design philosophy. The Velar’s interior is downright gorgeous. From the Union Jack¬–cut leather seats to the beautiful dashboard design, this middleweight Range Rover is just as stunning to sit in as it is to look at. Steering is nicely balanced in the default Comfort setting, too. It’s well weighted and reasonably accurate at the same time. Dynamic mode ups feel, making it more direct, sharp, and, yes, sporty. It’s good for cutting up a good back road. The Range Rover Velar has been judged the most beautifully designed vehicle on the planet, winning the World Car Design of the Year title at the 2018 World Car Awards. It is available with a choice of six powertrains, ranging from the clean and responsive 180PS 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel to the potent 380PS supercharged 3.0 litre V6 petrol engine.

Fiat Tipo Elegant, spacious and comfortable: the Tipo 4Door is the sedan designed around your life and your driving pleasure. In driving, the steering’s well-geared and decently weighted, it doesn’t understeer badly and it can be quite agile. It’s certainly handier than others. Fiat Tipo 4Door is equipped with some of the most advanced safety systems as standard. As well as 6 airbags and ESC with Hill Holder, it has anti-lock brakes (ABS) complete with electronic brake force distribution (EBD), fog light with cornering function and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The Tipo is worth considering if you’re on a tight budget

32 | August 2018


The beautifully balanced car of 2018. The 2018 Chevrolet Malibu is the car that doesn’t compromise. It unites a passion for driving with exceptional efficiency. Chevy’s latest technology with dramatic style. Chevrolet Malibu shines in the areas of safety, passenger room, and value. Still, its small standard features list and merely average predicted reliability rating keep it from ranking higher in the competitive midsize car class. Impressive safety with seamless connectivity. It’s the midsize car that strikes the perfect balance that is both luxurious and sporty. With an agile design and an interior that is spacious, refined and technologically advanced, Malibu is in its own unique category. The 2018 Chevrolet Malibu gets a special Redline Edition model based on the LT trim that gets black bowtie logos, black nameplates with red highlights, 19-inch black alloy wheels with red accents, black side mirror covers, and a black grille. A new exterior color, Sandy Ridge Metallic, has been added for the 2018 model year. The Malibu Redline Edition comes with a Black grille and bowtie, signature Black wheels with Red accents and additional features .Malibu Hybrid comes with a 1.8L hybrid engine offering 49 MPG city† and hybrid-exclusive features like the Driver Efficiency Gauge which provides feedback on how your driving habits affect fuel economy to help you get the most out of every gallon. The Chevrolet Malibu is a great choice


BMW DOESN’T seem able to stop making great bikes at the moment. For the most part, the changes consist of new color schemes and improved self-cancelling turn signals as standard on some models.The R nineT comes in a daring Option 719 Mars Red Metallic Matt/Cosmic Blue Metallic Matt. The combination looks attractive in coloring-blocking terms, but to make it more daring is the huge 719 logo extended on the whole tank sides. The R nineT Pure also gets two Option 719 colors, the Black storm metallic/Aurum (pictured above) and Black storm metallic/ Light white. All R nineT models are now equipped with the dynamic brake light that blinks at various rates depending on the speed of deceleration.

August 2018 | 33

HARLEY-DAVIDSON COMING UP WITH LIVEWIRE™, THE ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE: Project LiveWire™ is an authentic Harley-Davidson expression of individuality, iconic style and performance that just happens to be electric. This new, powerful-yeteasy-to-ride premium motorcycle takes its cues from Project LiveWire™. The prototype motorcycle tested by thousands of riders around the world to inform what a true Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle should be, where the company managed to expand and upgrade the electric portfolio. Like every Harley-Davidson motorcycle, LiveWire™ is an exciting motorcycle to ride and has a distinguished look, sound, and feelings that are both genuine and innovative. A broader range of electric models that are light, nimble, and ready to tackle the urban landscape. For those who want to experience the thrill of two wheels, they are planned to be available by 2019. According to Harley-Davidson, the LiveWire promises a visceral riding experience with instant torque and thrilling acceleration –No clutch, just “TWIST & GO.”


Cosmetically, it hits all the marks. There’s the Highland Green paint of course, although Shadow Black is optional, leather Recaro seats with green stitching and logos, 19-inch aluminum wheels, no badges at the front but Bullitt graphics on the rear and steering wheel, and a subtly-chromed grille. Non-historically correct equipment includes a 1000W B&O stereo and Bullitt welcome graphics on the LCD instrument cluster. Where mechanically there’s authenticity, too. The engine is a V8, the same 5.0-litre V8 as the standard GT model, but with power wound-up, by 14bhp to 453bhp in UK cars, but to 473bhp and 420lb ft of torque in the US-spec car. The exhaust has active flaps, the six-speed manual comes with a cue-ball shifter while much like the three identical Mustangs toughened for the film with race shocks, skid plates and special over-inflated tires, the suspension has been fettled too, with “heavy duty” front springs and a stiffer rear anti roll bar. Fair play to Ford. It could have painted a Mustang green, glued on some badges and been done with it, but it took this exercise seriously. In fact, company bosses were inspired to make this car happen only when Sean Kiernan, the owner of the original movie car, set up a meeting in 2016 and made them aware that it existed and was in working order.

34 | August 2018

Yassen Mansour’s Cup Tournament Hosted the Launch of the All New

Crossland X and Grandland X

One of the main events in the tournament was Opel’s unveiling of its planned soft launch in Palm Hills, Kattameya Heights, and Kattameya dunes. Residents will get to experience the new cars before the official launch. Yassen Mansour’s Golf Cup was held from 11 to 12 May 2018, in Palm Hills club in 6th of October, with Opel as a sponsor, and a 100 players participating. Everyone got the chance to experience the all new Crossland X, and Grandland X. The Revealing for the Two Cars The unveiling of both cars was held on the second day of the tournament. All partners of success were invited to witness the unveiling, in the presence of Opel’s personnel internationally and locally. Ankush Arora, Chief Operating Officer (COO), talked about the future plans for Opel in Egypt, and also declared a great increase in Opel cars sold in the Egyptian market in the last two years, which encourages them to get involved more in the Egyptian market in the future. This was followed by Mr. William Mott ,the Managing Director of Opel, who spoke about the future plans of Opel internationally, and how to combat all the challenges and competitors internationally as

well. Mr. Ziad Al-Refai the Marketing Manger of Al-Mansour Automotive presented the features of the new cars, and the newest technology added to them. The audience was then ushered outside for the official unveiling of the Crossland X and Grandland X. The Features of the Crossland X The Opel Crossland X is a car which is perfectly suited for Egyptian roads, some of these features are: 1.2L Turbo Charge Direct Injection, 3 Cylinders, A/T 6 Speed transmission, maximum performance of 110 hp@5500 rpm, and its maximum speed is 187 km/h, and the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.8s, and the fuel tank capacity is 45L, the trunk capacity 410L, It has 6 Airbags for maximum safety levels, ABS, ESP, Traction Control, Hill Start Assist, Auto Power Windows, Central Lock and Remote Control, Board Computer, 6 Speakers, Front + Rear Fog Lamps to get the best view in the most difficult situations, LED Daytime Running Lights, 17’’ Alloy Wheels, and many other features like, Head up Display, Rear View Camera with a 180o vision, Intellilink System 8’’ Touch Screen + Navigation, and Start/ Stop Engine, Crossland X is a car that comes with all the newest features.

The Features of the Opel Grandland X A car that suits you and fulfils all of your family’s needs. The all new Opel Grandland X has the best and newest car technologies, here are some of its features: 1.6L Turbo Charge Direct Injection, with 4 cylinders, A/T 6 Speed transmission, maximum performance of 163 hp@6000 rpm, maximum speed of 201 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.4s, fuel tank capacity is 53 L, trunk capacity 514 L, also there are 4 Airbags for more safety, ABS,ESP, TC, Hill Start Assist, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Auto Power Windows, Central Lock with Remote Control, 6 Speakers, Front Fog Lamps, LED Daytime Running Lights, Panoramic Roof, Start/Stop Engine, Memory to save the drivers seat choices, 19’’ Alloy Wheels, Heating System for all the seats as well as Cooling System in the front seats, and many other features in the Grandland X. Always on Top Al-Mansour is always a step ahead, and that is because the company makes every effort to create great chances to reach every customer, while working on creating more channels to reach and communicate with them ,and that is the secret behind their great success.

August 2018 | 35





36 | August 2018

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

A new, ultra-slim laptop that weighs only 2.93 lbs and offers up to 12 hours of 1080P video playback, 14 hours of regular work or 15 hours of webpage browsing powered by Windows 10. The new Huawei MateBook X Pro is an ultra-slim yet full-featured 13.9-inch notebook with an all-new 3K touchenabled HUAWEI FullView Display and 91 percent screento-body ratio. Powered by an 8 Generation Intel Core i7/i5 processor and Windows 10, it boasts a long-lasting 57.4Wh (Typical Capacity) battery and a discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics with 2GB GDDR5 –making it incredibly light and powerful. The 3K High definition display with touch and incredible audio with Dolby ATMOS deliver a beautiful, productive computing experience. With Dolby Atmos Sound System, sounds flow above and around you, making you feel like you’re inside the action. With Windows 10, the MateBook X Pro arrives with great features built-in, including your digital personal assistant and an integrated fingerprint reader that allows you to login quickly and securely with Windows Hello. The MateBook X Pro also weighs just 2.93 lbs., making it super portable, and has a battery life of up to 12 hours of 1080P video playback, 14 hours of regular work or 15 hours of webpage browsing, so you can work and play all day.


When Apple Inc. firstly introduced AirPods, it introduced simplicity and technology, together like never before. The result is completely magical. Just take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect instantly. Speak into them and your voice sounds clear; after a simple one-tap setup, AirPods are automatically on and always connected and synched to all apple products. All the groundbreaking things AirPods can do are driven by the custom-designed Apple W1 chip. It produces extremely efficient wireless for a better connection and improved sound. And the W1 chip manages battery life so well. AirPods deliver an industry-leading 5 hours of listening time on one charge. And they’re made to keep up with you, thanks to a charging case that holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. Need a quick charge? Just 15 minutes in the case gives you 3 hours of listening time. To check the battery, hold the AirPods next to your iPhone or ask Siri “How’s the battery on my AirPods?” It’s great-sounding music, movies, and more to your ears. AirPods provide rich, high-quality AAC audio. And when you want to be heard, dual beam forming microphones filter out background noise when you make calls or talk to Siri. And the great news here is that Apple Inc. announced an optional wireless charging case coming up during 2018.

IBM Unveils 19TB SSD with Everspin MRAM Data Cache

Niche technologies like MRAM (magneto-resistive random access memory) have lived on the fringes of the mainstream

memory business for decades. They tend to offer fringe benefits that make them attractive for certain, specific applications but are typically stuck with baggage that prevents them from addressing a wider space. A new announcement from IBM suggests MRAM could be moving into larger markets with more customers, courtesy of a new agreement with Everspin. Everspin is the major manufacturer of MRAM, with its 256Mb chips built on a 40nm process node already available and 1Gb chips sampling by the end of the year. That’s a fraction of the capacity that NAND flash offers, but it’s a huge increase for the nascent memory standard. IBM’s Flash System has previously used custom drive enclosures and super capacitors to back up a DRAM write cache. In the event of a power outage, the super capacitors keep the system powered up for long enough to finish writing data in DRAM back to the NAND cache. IBM’s new system moves to 2.5-inch U.2 drives, but that meant finding a new method to provide system level power protection. That’s where MRAM comes in. Because MRAM is non-volatile, it won’t lose data in the event of a power loss. This allowed IBM to dump its super capacitors and simplify its design. The system uses 64-layer 3D NAND for the flash storage component, will ship in 4.8TB, 9.6TB, and 19.2TB quantities. There’s a 20-channel NAND interface and a PCIe 4.0 link implementation (dual-port 2×2, meaning two drives with a PCIe 4.0 x 2 connections, equivalent to an x4 PCIe 3.0 channel).

Google Releases Android 9 ‘Pie’ for Pixel Phones

Google has been testing Android P since early this year, and it released the final developer preview a few weeks ago. Now, the final build of Android 9 is out, and it’s called Pie. Android Pie is currently rolling out to Pixel devices, plus the Essential Phone. It brings AI-powered features, new navigation gestures, and more. However, at least one major feature isn’t ready for release just yet. Google has developed a new battery manager with AI technology. According to the developers, Android can now learn from your usage habits to determine which apps you use the most. For apps that aren’t commonly used, the phone will put them to sleep so they don’t draw as much power. However, if you only use one of those apps at particular times, Android can “pre-load” it so it’s ready to go. Messaging apps will also get AI-optimized smart replies in the notification shade. The digital wellness features are all still in beta, and won’t be included when you get the update. This suite of features includes a timer that can shut off access to an app after you’ve used it for too long and a “wind down” mode that slowly shifts your screen to monochrome when it’s time for bed. You can join a beta test for these features if you’ve got a Pixel running Android 9, but it will launch officially this fall on Pixel devices. I suspect it will start as an exclusive on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

August 2018 | 37


THE POWER OF TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING For the past few years, we have been introduced to a wide array of new sports and fitness trainings. Among those trainings, TRX has been having a way and it is getting more and more popular every day. It is now available in more than a few fitness studios and gymnasiums, people have already become accustomed to the name, but despite its popularity, not everyone is aware of what actually this training is.



TRX is a high-intensity training that was introduced by the Navy SEALs. It is used by trainers and athletes as well. The exercise involves suspensions that allow you to use your own bodyweight to develop strength and build muscles. Besides, this training actually helps in improving your core stability as well as your flexibility. Most of the training tools used are suspended from the ceiling; there are usually the black and yellow straps that hang around most of the gym halls. The trainee uses his own weight to leverage gravity. There are hundreds of exercises that can be done in those TRX suspension trainings.

The good news is that this kind of training is actually suitable for everyone regardless of their fitness level, age, or even size. The training used to be limited to those in the military or professional athletes. But, now it is available for everyone who wanted to train hard, challenge themselves, lose weight, tone up their bodies, and so on. Above and beyond, the tools used to perform this training are actually mobile and can be set up anywhere. If you can’t afford going to the gym or don’t have the time for doing so, you can just purchase the needed tools and hang them around your home, outdoors in your backyard, or wherever you want. They are handy and affordable by almost everyone; they are even more practical than large exercises machines that cost a fortune and aren’t nearly as effective.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS REAPED FROM SUCH EXERCISES? There are many benefits that you can get out of this exercise if you remained consistent. It helps you to challenge yourself effectively; besides, you can control the intensity of your training by either adding more resistance or decreasing it through adjusting the position of your body. The results that you get from TRX suspension training are numerous. First, the exercise is capable of increasing your muscle mass and building strength. Not to mention that it is actually deemed to be a full-body workout since you nearly use every muscle in your body throughout the sessions. Moreover, it builds the stability and strength of your core and increases muscular endurance.

38 | August 2018

August 2018 | 39



Have you noticed that the iphone autocorrect has a habit of changing the word deadlift to deadliest? Well, Apple has a point, the deadlift can feel pretty deadly – maybe that is why this hugely beneficial lift, if not the most beneficial lift, is one of the most neglected. Of the all the big compound lifts many consider the deadlift to be equal only to the squat when it comes to separating the men from the boys. The deadlift should be an integral part of any serious lifter or an athlete training. It strengthens all your body, from your grip to your calves, focuses on your posterior chain for a healthier back and hips, whilst giving you a stronger core and betters abs. It improves overall athletic ability, speed and power. In short it gives you a better body. So clearly we´ve established the why, let’s look at the how. Grasping the deadlift or hitting a new PR is surprisingly simple. Deadlift progressively hard and heavy and then let your body rest and grow. There’s no need for fancy techniques or programs. If you want to deadlift a ton of weight, master the movement. You’ll only need to deadlift once per week, preferably 3-4 days after squatting.

about squeezing oranges in your armpits. Novice lifters even should consciously think about keeping your feet tight – or screwing your feet to the floor. Some power lifters describe creating a tripod like grip with their feet or the grip of eagles’ talons. However, for you to visualize this create torque by pushing your feet into the floor.


The most important part of the deadlift is the setup. So work on perfecting your set up. Today many people still swear by the old school method of the 1970´s whereby body builders suggested jumping off a bench and where your feet land was your best deadlift stance. Another insider trick is to perform a standing vertical jump, make a note of your feet into the take off position and use this stance. With a little trial and error, you’ll find what is right for you, not what a trainer or friend tells you. If you want to hoist Herculean weights don´t pull straight legged, it is not a squat with the bar in your hands. Your starting position will vary but full squat or stiff legs are not appropriate. Make sure the bar is positioned over your feet and under your shoulders. Once you are in position, make a point of not letting your hips rise faster than your shoulders, locking your legs out before your shoulders puts you in a biomechanically weak position –this also increases the risk of injuring your lower back or hamstrings.


This applies to you, your back, the slack in the bar and your grip. A good tip to keep your core tight is to brace as they say in Pilates pull your belly button into your spine, another tip to help maintain tension and to prevent yourself from hinging through your lower back is to tighten your lats - think

40 | August 2018

In addition to tightening your core and lats you must also think about your grip on the bar, when you grip tightly you activate the central nervous system and more muscles are involved.


Deadlifting is very taxing and the lower back muscles are often stressed heavily when deadlifting or squatting, so you will need to perform some accessory work. Train the lower back muscles and posterior chain with different exercises like good mornings, weighted back raises, reverse hypers, pull-throughs, and ham glute raises keeping the reps in the 10-20 range. Adding some speed work such as box jumps can help improve the concentric part of your pull.


The key to improving your deadlift if to start with a true 1RM from which all your subsequent lifts will be based. Frequently lifters either overestimate their max or alternatively baby themselves with a lift they could do all day long. It is imperative to test your 1RM using correct form. Leave your ego aside it’s a diagnostic tool to help you improve. Once you’ve established your true max you can set about incrementally increasing from 70%-95% of that 1RM before you retest it. Keep your reps low 5X5 is a good standard when working on strength. Take every fourth week off and focus on accessory work as outlined in the previous tip.

Example of progressive training: Weeks 1-4: 70-80% 1RM Weeks 4-8: 75-85% 1RM Weeks 8-12: 80-90% 1RM Weeks 12-16: 85-95% 1RM Retest 1RM

Stick with a program and see it through. Changing your programming, philosophies and technique weekly will leave you stuck in a rut. Commit to something, see it through and assess it after you give it an honest try. Please Note: It should go without saying that you need to warm up before doing any of the workouts. Some pre activations work such as banded lateral walks can also assist to fire up the glutes. To conclude to be a bad ass on the bar you should try to bring all the elements above together and be patient. It is you versus the bar. There aren’t many things in life more satisfying than lifting a heavy bar loaded with plates off the ground. Like everything in life practices makes perfect so shall we start?

August 2018 | 41




Simone De La Rue Celebrity Trainer

Becky Tinney Fitness Trainer



“Make sure of a few things: Make sure you write an exercise journal and a food journal, so then you look back and you’re like “Oh, I only exercised twice this week, that’s why I’m not feeling great,” or “I ate a few too many cookies.” Another thing is to get a workout buddy because they’re going to keep you accountable as well, so if it’s 6:00 a.m. and the alarm goes off and you’re like “I really can’t do this,” they’re texting you saying, “No I’ll see you there.” Then you’re like ‘Okay. The hardest thing is just getting out of bed. Especially as we’re approaching fall it’s going to start to get cooler and darker and the hardest thing is just getting out of bed. Once you’re there, you’re going to remember that after feeling, and the good endorphins kick in and you actually feel great.”

42 | August 2018

“Intervals, intervals, intervals! With each interval you complete, you’re adding intensity, and when you operate at a higher intensity level, you start burning actual fat, not just calories. Do a mix of cardio and strength training and also focus on stability exercises like these: “Start by holding a plank position on your hands. As you get stronger you can challenge yourself by lifting one leg, reaching one hand forward, balancing in side plank, walking the hands and feet side to side, etc. You can also add planks into your cardio routines. Try doing a set of high knees in place for 30 seconds then lower and hold a plank position for 30 seconds. Shoot back up and go into jumping jacks for 30 seconds and lower and hold plank again.”

Joy Bauer Nutritionist IS THE STALK OF THE BROCCOLI AS NUTRITIOUS AS ITS TOP OR SHOULD I EAT THE WHOLE THING? “The florets and stalks are actually very similar in terms of nutritional content.” The one big difference is beta carotene — the deeply colored florets have about eight times as much beta carotene (a precursor to vitamin A) as the pale stalks. The stems are still packed with other vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium, so if you much prefer eating the stalks solo, there’s no reason to make a change.”

Pete McCall ACE-Certified Personal Trainer WHAT DO MUSCLES SORNESS USUALLY TAKE PLACE AFTER EXERCISES? “The very easy explanation is that you break muscle fibers down during exercise, and then your body builds them back up while healing, causing inflammation, “Soreness is a response to damaged individual muscle fibers. The response is a series of events that happens during a period of four to five days.”

Christopher P. Silveri Orthopaedic and Neurological Spine Surgeon WHY IS THERE ALWAYS AN EMPHASIS OVER THE IMPORTANCE OF WARM-UP BEFORE EXERCISING? “Stretching and other exercises designed to warm up the body can help prevent injury. Warm muscles are more flexible. The blood flow stimulated by warm up activities feed the muscles and carries away carbon dioxide and other wastes. Warm up activities help to prepare muscles to be safely worked.”

Bob Harper Biggest Loser Trainer DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE TERM “CHEAT FOODS”? “I don’t like that term. It sounds so shameful. I think you can have high-calorie foods within reason—like when you’ve been eating healthy for several days. Personally, I like to indulge with dark chocolate or chips and salsa! However, a cheat meal should not be confused with a cheat day. It can cap out at 1,000 calories, which is quite a lot. You can have an occasional high-calorie foods so that you won’t feel deprived and rebound.” August 2018 | 43





t is summer time and we have been blessed with sunny days almost all year round, yet the majority of us have Vitamin D deficiency. It is recommended that everyone gets tested as there is a growing trend of Vitamin D deficiency in our society and worldwide. “The Sunshine Vitamin” turns into its active form when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Vitamin D is integral for several organs and body functions, everyday there are a number of new studies adding to the importance of Vitamin D. Although Vitamin D can be stored in our body fat until it is needed, the issue is that it is difficult to get enough of it into our bodies in order to be later utilized. Vitamin D is mainly needed to regulate the levels of Calcium and Phosphorus in our blood. This particular function is important to maintain our bone density, i.e. to keep our bones strong and thick to avoid falls and fractures. Recent researches have shown that Vitamin D can reduce the risk of both colon cancer and prostate cancer. Additionally, Vitamin D can help prevent diabetes in young age groups, as well as, protect the heart from failing and prevent high blood pressure. Furthermore, the sunshine vitamin aids with reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis, improves your mood, and improves your lungs for better respiratory function.

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR VITAMIN D LEVELS ARE LOW? The biggest problem with diagnosing Vitamin D deficiency is, most of the signs are vague, and more clear alarming signs begin to appear when Vitamin D levels are extremely low. Early signs of Vitamin D deficiency include: • Constant feeling of tiredness • General vague pain • Depressed mood

44 | August 2018

MORE SEVERE SIGNS OF VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY INCLUDE: • Severe muscle weakness and pain, to the point where climbing up few stairs becomes extremely exhausting. • Feeling depressed or blue, constantly feeling like doing nothing and experiencing mood swings. • Fatigue, constantly feeling tired even after getting enough sleep. • Increased blood pressure. • Hair loss, Vitamin D is a strong contributor to healthy hair. • Decreased immunity, you become more prone to catching a cold or flu. • Excessive sweating, although sweating is perfectly normal but, when you start sweating more from your forehead without exercising or being somewhere hot, then you need to worry. • Erectile dysfunction, there are studies that link Vitamin D deficiency to being one of the risk factors that cause impotence and reduced sexual desire in men. • Muscle twitches, as low Vitamin D levels cause a drop in Calcium levels as well which in turn lead to muscular contractions.

ARE YOU AT RISK OF HAVING DECLINED LEVELS OF VITAMIN D? SOME PEOPLE NEED HIGHER THAN AVERAGE DOSES OF VITAMIN D DUE TO THE FOLLOWING FACTORS: • Old age, older people tend to be less exposed to the sun and are at more risk of having fractures because of declining bone density with age. • People with dark skin, as they do not absorb sunlight as well as, those with fair skin. • People who are always working indoors without adequate direct sunlight exposure. • People constantly wearing sunscreen. • Obese individuals, even though the relationship between them is not fully understood yet but, there is a direct correlation between obesity and Vitamin D deficiency. • People with medical conditions that interfere with absorption of Vitamin D from food as, celiac disease and kidney disease. • People on certain medications as, anti-seizure drugs or steroids. • Individuals taking weight loss supplements that act on blocking the absorption of fat from the gut which interferes with the formation of Vitamin D. If you can relate to the above mentioned signs, you need to get tested for Vitamin D deficiency. Also, you need to incorporate the following foods in your diet: • • • • •

Fatty fish, as salmon and tuna Foods fortified with Vitamin D, as milk and cereals Beef liver Swiss cheese Egg yolk

Dietary intake of Vitamin D is usually insufficient to treat its deficiency, you might need to consider taking daily Vitamin D supplements along with daily exposure to direct sunlight for 20- 30 minutes without sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen with SPF 8 and above blocks the sun rays from activating Vitamin D in our skin. Many of those who got properly diagnosed and treated from Vitamin D deficiency swear by the life changing outcome. They went from constantly being exhausted, tired, and depressed to regaining their energy and enjoying life to the fullest. They consider Vitamin D supplement miraculous because of its outstanding results. However, it is worth noting that Vitamin D supplement should not be self-administered without doctor’s orders. Exceeding normal levels of Vitamin D in our body can have harmful effects as dehydration, vomiting, and constipation. It can also make you feel weak and confused, and you might experience irregular heartbeats. I personally recommend and urge everyone to get tested for Vitamin D deficiency, but until then, take some time off and head straight to the beach. Enjoy your time under the sun, make sure you stay hydrated while doing so, and moderation is key to avoid getting a heat stroke. Skip the sunscreen for 30 minutes under direct sunlight and then apply it to protect your skin from getting burned.

August 2018 | 45


RESET YOUR BODY CLOCK FOR AN ACTIVE LIFE Who doesn’t aim to wake up early and have a great start of the day? Exercise, shower, then coffee and breakfast, and head to work, for a lot of people it is just the dream routine to have the perfect kick off of the day. However; what most of people especially those who consider themselves as “night owls” think of the above as just daydreaming; night people struggle to wake up early and they keep hitting the snooze button from three to five times and cannot survive without that magical button. So, if you struggle to get up in the morning feeling muzzy and when you finally manage to pull yourself out of the bed, you are not alone. Plenty of people feel their most alert rate at night, and it is not hard to fall into the habit of staying up late, even when you know you have to get up early in the morning. With some lifestyle changes you can reset your body clock to enjoy higher energy and greater alertness in the morning. If you aim to become a morning person then you have landed onto the right place. If you want to get your sleep schedule back on track, you’re going to need to reset your body clock. Our body clocks regulate our bodies’ circadian rhythms the patterns of physical, mental, and behavioral changes, including sleep patterns, regulated by body temperature, hormone secretion, and external factors like light and darkness.

46 | August 2018

It is good to know that sleeping patterns are manageable; it all relies on knowing how to walk around both of the conscious and unconscious mind to get it done. Our body’s Nucleus” (SCN), which receives light information from the retina in the eye and sends the information to other parts of the brain, including the gland that releases the sleep-signaling hormone. That means the light signals you send your brain, whether from sunlight or from glowing computer and cellphone screens, are some of the key factors that can keep your sleep schedule on track, get it back on track, or throw it off significantly. It’s problematic, not only because on a day-to-day basis, having a misaligned body clock and sleep schedule can result in poor sleep quality, but over time, that misalignment has been found to be linked to several chronic health problems, such as sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder, among others.

So here’s the simplest guide to reset the sleep schedule: 1. ADJUST YOUR BEDTIME, BUT BE PATIENT. If you’re aiming to go to sleep earlier, try slowly scaling back your bedtime until you are at the desired hour. Often you may need help from a physician with this. “As a general rule, it’s easier to push away sleep than to advance sleep,” says Rafael Pelayo, MD, clinical professor at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and the Stanford University School of Medicine in California. “So you could stay up later an hour at a time, but going to bed earlier is hard to do.” To get to sleep earlier, Dr. Pelayo recommends going slowly and in small increments, adjusting no more than 15 minutes earlier every two to three days. 2. DO NOT NAP, EVEN IF YOU FEEL TIRED. Napping can interfere with going to sleep at night. It is recommended to schedule exercise when you feel like napping. Exercise chases away the sleepiness, so you can save up that drive to sleep for later. 3. GET UP AT THE SAME TIME EACH DAY. Being consistent is important in maintaining a functioning sleep schedule. Get a good alarm clock and don’t hit snooze. “The clock in your head needs instructions,” says Pelayo. “It needs to know, what is your desired time to get up? And the brain expects that people more or less wake up at the same time every day. The idea of weekends or travel

across time zones is foreign to how the brain works. That’s what throws it off.” It’s also about changing your state of mind and looking forward to tomorrow with a sense of purpose. “You need a reason to get out of bed,” 4. BE STRICT ABOUT STICKING TO YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE. Once you have reached a workable bedtime and a consistent wake up time, don’t allow yourself to stray from it. Even one late night can ruin the progress you’ve made.

relaxing music, for instance. Make sure your bed is comfortable, the room is dark, and the temperature is not too warm. “You want people to look forward to sleeping. Going to sleep should not be a chore,” Dr. Pelayo.

5. AVOID EXPOSURE TO LIGHT BEFORE YOU WANT TO SLEEP. It has been scientifically proven “reducing household light exposure before bedtime is a simple and effective step towards reducing circadian misalignment. Since you are trying to go to sleep earlier, do your best to avoid bright and outdoor light close to bedtime, which includes light from cellphone, laptop, and TV screens and keep your surroundings dim at night. 6. AVOID EATING OR EXERCISING TOO CLOSE TO BEDTIME. As previously mentioned, exercise can wake you up. And food can give you heartburn, which could keep you up. Also watch out for caffeine and nicotine intake whenever it is close to bedtime, both of them is stimulants. 7. SET THE MOOD AND CREATE A RELAXING BEDTIME ROUTINE. Take a warm bath and play some August 2018 | 47


PROTEIN RICH SMOOTHIES Whether you’re a bodybuilder, workout trainer, or not even any of those, a protein smoothie is what you can always reward your body with. Here are two of protein rich-smoothies that are healthy as well as tasty. ALMOND COCONUT MOCHA PROTEIN SMOOTHIE

This 2 minute Smoothie won’t make you choose between coffee or smoothie. Coffee in a smoothie so then you can actually eat your breakfast too. This smoothie tastes like a candy bar. It’s low in sugar and fat, and high in protein. Blend all the following ingredients together and you’re ready to go. INGREDIENTS • 1/2 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk • 1/2 c. cold coffee • 1 tsp. coconut extract • 1 c. ice • 2 scoops non-dairy/vegan vanilla protein powder or your favorite brand • 1 tsp. instant coffee granules • 2 tbsp. cocoa powder • 1/2 c. shredded sweetened coconut • 2 tbsp. sugar • whipped cream for garnish (optional, of course)


The go-to at the moment smoothie; combination of banana, blueberries and strawberries is, as you can imagine, sweet, juicy and delicious. All you gotta do is mix all of the ingredients together and pour them into a glass. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS • 1 ripe banana • 1/3 of a cup of blueberries (60g) • 1/3 of a cup of strawberries (50g) • 1/2 a cup of kale leaves (remove the hard parts of the stalks) (40g) • 1/4 of a cup of almond milk or water (60ml) • 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed • 1 tablespoon of hemp powder • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds • 1 tablespoon of acai • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 48 | August 2018



FOR DELIVERY : 0100 002 7231 - 0127 515 9444 August 2018 | 49


MEET WITH LARS GEWEYER, CEO OF ALDAU DEVELOPMENT HOTEL DIVISION The benchmark 5 star family hotel Steigenberger Aqua Magic is the most vibrant family resort in the Red Sea, with the internationally certified Aqua Park and enormous aqua facilities, offering unique opportunities for an outstanding family vacation. Both hotels have a designated private beach area and access to aqua activities at IIlios Dive Club & Aqua center. The restaurants/bars offer a variety of international cuisines, from sumptuous buffets to fine dining. Another important aspect is our Luxury All Inclusive formula. It includes food and beverage service and a la carte dining, high-speed WIFI, rounds of golf, unlimited use of pedal boats and canoes at the aqua center, introductory windsurfing and dives. We have three authentic Asian restaurants at S-Square serving sushi, Teppanyaki and Asian noodles. For those who opt to dance the night away, Elements Club and Lounge offers daily party nights, a resident DJ and a sports bar. With ALDAU Select program, we aim to redefine the whole loyalty concept and bring it on a different level for our loyal guests.



Our properties offer an ultimate vacation experience. It’s hard to compare us with other hotels, since we are a fully integrated facility consists of two existing category-leader hotels. The largest and most advanced conference center in the region with 360 projection technology, 450 m beach shopping areas, night club, golf, aqua center and a spa center with a sea water heated pool. The award winning 5 star deluxe Steigenberger ALDAU Beach Hotel is a haven of sophisticated luxury located directly on the Red Sea shore, offering its guests exceptional services and facilities for perfect getaways. The hotel features a spectacular surrounding scenery with lush greenery, massive private pool, a grand marble lobby and six chic dining venues that will entice guests’ palates with a variety of international cuisines. The hotel won over 50 prestigious awards that are only given to the highest level of hospitality hotels based on the reviews and audits from more than thousands of guests. 50 | August 2018

We are expecting the opening of Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle boutique hotel in November 2018, it is the latest 5-star hotel by ALDAU Development in Hurghada. The only all-white, all-suites, all-adults boutique hotel on the Red Sea that dazzles with Mediterranean lifestyle, sensual tunes and stunning modernity. The hotel offers a new dimension of luxury and leisure, with three remarkable suite categories; Jacuzzi Suites, Swim-up Suites and Penthouse Suites with private infinity pool. It is the one and only in Africa that has a private pool with built-in billiard tables, customized bathroom amenities, spectacular weekly beach parties at our trendy restaurant beach club “Alex” and international gourmet live cooking stations. We are also expanding our magnitude in Cairo with the opening of Hyatt Regency Cairo West, located only 5 kilometers away from the new Grand Egyptian Museum and overlooking the Great Pyramids of Giza offering modern presidential suites with a direct Pyramids’ view. It is also part of Pyramids Heights Business Park that includes ultra-modern European food hall with live cooking stations, an array of best-in-class F&B varieties and a brand 360 degrees ball room equipped with the latest facilities. The Nikkei Japanese-Peru Fusion which is a modern, first-rate and superior restaurant offering an unparalleled dining experience will also be part of our exclusive facilities. Moreover, our lavish and world-class spa center that offers tranquility treatments one could ever wish for! The hotel’s centerpiece is our fancy bar as well as the masterpiece glass piano which is a whole new of level of extravagant entertainment and uniqueness.


We believe that introducing a new shopping experience to the Red Sea destination such as the Village Mall will definitely be a great attraction. For the first time in the Red Sea, we are signing up an exciting collection of international brands and glamorous Cairo restaurant concepts that have not yet found their way to Hurghada. We are already getting there with Le Pacha 1901 opening soon in ALDAU Village bringing over the finest dining experience and tasty flavors.


August 2018 | 51








Adrift is one of the thrilling movies that involve romance and courage altogether. The story revolves around a couple, Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin) and Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodly) who decided to sail on their own having the best time of their lives together. Being immersed in their own romantic world, the couple failed to anticipate that their boat was actually sailing toward a disastrous hurricane; one of the most appalling hurricanes that history has ever recorded. The storm hits them terribly, leaving them unconscious. In the aftermath of the disastrous storm, Tami wakes up only to find that their boat is in a terrible state and her boyfriend, Richard, has been badly injured. The hope of being rescued was a bit too far; however, Tami got herself together, trying to find the needed strength that would assist her in saving herself and the man she had only fell in love with. 52 | August 2018

This book is deemed to be the twist that the world has been missing. The book is actually the crackling debut of J. M. Holmes. He managed to itch his way out of writing about being a female in a patriarchal world. This time, it is about walking the miles in the shoes of a black male. Holmes wrote about four male characters that have been struggling with being stereotyped; they have been working hard to liberate themselves from the burden of being black as well as a male in an American society. It has always been hard being black, but people have always paid attention to the issue of women suppression. It is time to listen to the silent screams of men who suffer from the cruelty of the world, but trying to remain strong.



The American legal drama is finally back with the 8th season to entertain us for once again. The series has been airing on USA Network in the United Stated since July 18 and it is still going on. The series is now available to watch online. This time, we will have to face the departure of two main characters, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle). Upon their departure, new actors have been added to the regular casts, including Katherine Heigl and DulĂŠ Hill. However, the third character is Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull), she has already been part of the cast, but now she is promoted to be a regular star.


NERMINE HAKIM ABSTRACT ARTIST Instagram: @hakimnermine

AHMED ABDELMONEM REYAD PHOTOGRAPHER Instagram: ahmed_abdelmonem_reyad

August 2018 | 53



The workshop is to prepare the trainee for the following; remove shyness barriers that prevent the trainee from expressing himself well and through some exercises on the self, voice, movement and body shape in general; learn self-expression through telling stories of ordinary life, and participating in expressing what is missing in the story or in the storyteller to finalize a good story. Training on some scenes or poems to develop the pronunciation and phonetics as well as the sense of the extent of the assimilation of the performer and the audience: Choose some of the stories that we will read together and each trainee has a story or more to study and work on for the demo, through the various exercises we will learn the technique of telling the story of each one of them as it is a very special art. more information:

Let’s BDE in Eid!

18 August - 25 August 2018 Divers, book your vacations! It’s that time of the year again, and we’ll be heading out for our August Brothers-Daedalus-Elphinstone trip! It’s the best time of the year for shark encounters, whether it’s the hammerheads at Daedalus, or oceanic white tips, threshers and silkies all around. Spend a week on the sea, unplug from a hectic life, dive with the sharks and get a glimpse of unspoiled corals and marine life at the far off reefs For more information: 54 | August 2018


Have you ever felt nervous to speak in front of audience and you really don’t want to do it? Does your job/volunteer work require that you deliver presentations? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to present his\her startup to an investor or partner? Is it possible for you to manage your nerves and present your work in an amazing way? Yes, “Rock The Room” will help you make it possible! In “Rock The Room” participants will learn how to manage their stage fright and deliver effective presentation to rock any room. From dynamic introductions to powerful closings, the participants will have an opportunity during this session to practice and work on their presentation skills. For more information:


Egypt Property & Investment Show will be the biggest real estate exhibition in Egypt, starting from the 5th to the 8th of September, 2018 at EGYPT INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTER (EIEC). The exhibition will include a big collection of real estate projects from all over Egypt such as New Capital, Elmostakbel City, New Cairo, 6th of October, Red Sea cities, Alexandria, North Coast, and more. Save the date to visit the biggest Egyptian real estate variety in one place. EPIS is sponsored by Etisalat Misr and QNB Al Ahli. For more information:


16 Sept – 19 Sept This year will see the 31st edition of SAHARA International Agricultural Exhibition for Africa and the Middle East. The roots of success are embedded in the twenty years of tradition behind the exhibition, which is a special forum for agricultural professionals with commitment and clear visions. As Egypt’s longest running, best attended event in the sector, we have become not just a market place, but a meeting place for every relevant professional, playing a significant role in developing farmers’ advanced cultivation awareness. For 2018, we plan to build on the trust we enjoy and develop the agriculture community. As the market picks up and organizations have specific buying needs, those decision makers will turn to us to help them source the relevant products, services and solutions. SAHARA in its 31st edition will offer exhibitors maximum benefits from their participation, providing the perfect environment to network with new potential partners launch new goods, win new business, increase revenue, discover the latest products, trends, ideas and innovations in agriculture sector. For more information:


3 SEPTEMBER - 6 SEPTEMBER This training workshop to develop the vocal skills of singers, actors, trainers and vocalists. The aim of it is to train on how to master the use of sound in the delivery of artistic presentation. The workshop includes training on the science of phonetics to change the sound from within areas of the body. Workshop program: -------------------------Full training on how to strengthen the pronunciation. Training on how to change the sound from within the areas of the body Exercises for prolonged breathing A radio show will be performed as a graduation project For more information:



Python Python Python! The easy, useful, powerful and fast growing technology. There is a research result has been published recently stating that Python is Highly NEEDED in tech companies. And the no. of techies who are using it aren’t that enough. So the world needs YOU! In addition to its importance in validating ideas for companies’ products, It also can be used in small, medium and large companies. With Its huge libraries that made it powerful for such usages like Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision. It’s an easy to read and easy to learn technology. Excited as much as we are?! We will be tackling everything about it from the history and fundamentals till coding with your hands by reputable engineers and architects. Join 4 Hrs of #TafraMeetup to engage, learn and meet the community. For more information:

This program provides individuals who have been previously certified as NLP practitioners with the key updates that bridge them to the next level of understanding, It gives you mastery of NLP by taking you deeper than ever before in both NLP & Coaching. The NLP Master Practitioner certification is one of the most comprehensive Learning experiences. You will learn to model excellence in your personal and professional life. • You will learn the essential higher order processes that drive unconscious behavior. • How to manage your emotional state and help others to choose how they feel despite any situation • Rapidly achieve win-win solutions for excellent negotiations by keeping both parties in a highly creative frame of mind • If you want to develop an NLP based career, or enhance your income by doing NLP work, this course is for you. It will help you start an NLP based business • This course is more than NLP theory. Although you will be perfectly knowledgeable with the theory, more importantly it’s about creating and modeling patterns of excellence. For more information: August 2018 | 55



Mr. Sorenson was welcomed by hotel associates whom he greeted personally and expressed his appreciation for all efforts done to ensure offering guests a brilliant brand experience in these unique properties. He was escorted on a tour around the Palace by the hotel General Manager, Mr. Khaled Al Jamal, and senior management. He inspected the hotel’s newly renovated rooms passing by Aida Ballroom. He expressed his vision about the future of tourism in Egypt. During his stay, he also met with the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat and Minister of Public Enterprise Sector, Mr. Hesham Tawfik. Mr. Alex Kyriakidis, President and Managing Director, Middle East & Africa (MEA) for Marriott International, joined Mr. Sorenson in this visit reassuring the huge potential Marriott International sees in Egypt as a destination.


InterContinental Cairo Citystars, Holiday Inn Cairo Citystars and Staybridge Suites Cairo Citystars celebrated winning the Ten Club award for the three hotels’ outstanding performance in 2017. Ten Club Award is an InterContinental Hotels Group regional award, which the hotels receive, based on achieving outstanding performance of the Winning Metrics; a significant way to measure hotels’ performance. It is worth mentioning that it is the fourth time in row for both Holiday Inn Cairo Citystars and Staybridge Suites Cairo Citystars to win their way into this award.


Fairmont Nile City’s Asian fusion restaurant Saigon and Middle Eastern restaurant Bab El Nil have been awarded TripAdvisor’s 2018 “Certificate of Excellence.” This prestigious award recognizes both restaurants in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide consistently achieving great reviews on TripAdvisor. Certificate of Excellence winners include accommodations, eateries, and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a superior customer experience. Fairmont Nile City’s restaurants are consistently receiving high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers and 2018 marks the fourth year in a row that Saigon and Bab El Nil have earned this service excellence certificate. This is not the first recognition for Fairmont Nile City in 2018. The hotel received’s “Guest Review Award” and’s “Loved by Guests” award.

56 | August 2018

For the third consecutive year, the leading online city guide, Cairo 360, has chosen Indira Indian restaurant as one of the winners of the annual Cairo 360 Editor’s Choice Awards – a stamp of appreciation reserved for only the best venues Egypt’s capital has to offer. Located in Holiday Inn Cairo Citystars with direct access from Citystars mall, Indira serves the best Indian cuisine in a true authentic atmosphere, which reflects the real essence of India’s charming culture. Indian cuisine lovers would enjoy the tasty food and the warm welcome of Chef Vikram, the guardian of Indira’s cuisine. Indira’s atmosphere is unquestionably Indian, but with a subtle and understated Asian influence to create a chic and contemporary feel. After sifting through over 3000 restaurants and cafes, 50 bars and clubs, 3000 shops and over 30 hotels in a rigorous selection process conducted by Cairo 360 editors and writers, only 100 winners were chosen across 30 categories, including fine and casual dining, bakeries and confectioners, hospitality, nightlife, high-end fashion, home stores and specialist retailers amongst others.



Mr. Arne Sorenson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International has visited Le Meridien Cairo Airport hotel during his recent visit to Egypt. Mr. Arne was warmly welcomed by the hotel General Manager, Mr. Atef Wilson and hotel’s Executive Committee. During the visit, Mr. Arne took time out to meet with many of hotel associates who were excited by his special visit.


Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino received the “Gold Sabre award for public relations campaigns” for the re-opening Public relation campain of the iconic hotel last year. As SABRE Awards recognize campaigns that demonstrate the highest levels of strategic planning, creativity and business results, the hotel was recognized for the great PR activities and the outstanding reopening party that caught the eyes of the public and was the talk of the town for weeks. With a highly anticipated reopening, the hotel emerged after extensive renovation to reveal a distinct and vibrant aesthetic with modern interiors, refreshed public spaces and innovative and revitalized dining concepts. The iconic Sheraton Cairo has been a Cairo’s landmark for more than four decades welcoming generations upon generations to experience the Sheraton service that goes above and beyond to make every guest experience meaningful.


Marriott International, the world’s leading hotel company, reinforces its commitment to Egypt with the launch of Tahseen, a unique hospitality training program developed in response to a growing need for talent within the industry. Created in partnership with Helwan University and Professional Development Foundation (PDF), the program is focused on fast tracking the next generation of hospitality leaders from Egypt by providing them with firsthand experience and a springboard to launch successful careers in the industry. The Hotel Group Currently Employs Over 10,000 Associates Across 18 Operating Hotels . The company today unveiled the program at a signing ceremony graced by the Honorable Minister His Excellency Khalid Atef Abdul Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Egypt. Also present at the occasion was Arne Sorenson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marriott International, who was on a three-day visit to the country.


Upon his arrival Hans Joerg, The General Manager of the hotel and Hossam Adib the hotel manager, welcomed him on his first visit after the reopening of the iconic hotel. They then moved to the 26th floor where enjoyed the welcome drink with the spectacular view and greeted all the head departments and congratulated them on their hard work and effort for a great reopening of the hotel. Mr. Seorenson ended his visit with a quick hotel tour, greeting associates and giving encouraging words and checking the new renovations in the hotel. August 2018 | 57


La Palmeraie Moroccan restaurant, Kebabgy, Manipuri Indian restaurant and So SPA at Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah were chosen among the absolute best venues & SPA in an exclusive list of winners across 30 categories in Cairo 360 online city guide in Egypt. Cairo 360 the leading online city guide, has announced the winners of the annual Editor’s Choice Awards for 2018 – a stamp of appreciation, through over 5000 reviews and features covering dining, nightlife, hospitality and retail. The Editor’s Choice Awards is an exclusive seal of approval recognizing the best of the best in Cairo, Egypt.




Set against the hot and hazy backdrop of a typical west coast city, the campaign translates the combination of nostalgia and progression that underpins the P.O.D. System into a clear visual context, whilst the dynamic nature of the images place a firm focus on the fluidity and freedom of movement that characterizes the P.O.D-S3.1 silhouette. Imagery features throughout the headline release of the P.O.D-S3.1 model in a new Black/White colorway. The silhouette includes a knitted textile upper reinforced by structural overlays. On the unique podular construction of the P.O.D-S3.1’s outsole, featuring a Boost™ unit in the heel, a high-rebound EVA forefoot, and the Torsion™-inspired Point of Deflection bridge that unites all three components. The P.O.D System will be released globally the 2nd August at adidas Original stores and

KUWAIT - July, 2018 - Can it get any hotter? It sure can! The warmest day of the year in Kuwait just hit 50°Celsius (122°F), and the BURGER KING® brand wasted no time in making the best of every ray. Flipping the down side of Kuwait’s infamous scorching heat through their very own solar powered gadget, the BURG-ER KING® brand took flamegrilling to new heights by harnessing the Sun’s power to its ultimate advantage. The result? The beginning of a tasty friendship between the giant food chain and the bright star. BURGER KING® restaurants in Kuwait served its 100% Sun flame-grilled WHOPPER® sandwiches bearing the same quality and appreciation of the iconic WHOPPER® sandwich to numerous surprised guests at one of its flag-ship stores.


Mr. Manley was Head of Jeep brand from June 2009 to July 2018, and Head of Ram brand from October 2015 to July 2018. Prior to these roles, Michael was Chief Operating Officer for the APAC region. He was also the lead Chrysler Group executive for the international activities of Chrysler outside of NAFTA, where he was responsible for implementing the co-operation agreements for distribution of Chrysler Group products through Fiat’s international distribution network. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Ashridge Management College in Ashridge, England, and a Bachelor of Science in engineering from Southbank University in London. 58 | August 2018


Mercedes-Benz Egypt introduces the new Mercedes-Benz GLC family range in Egypt, the GLC SUV and the GLC Coupe ,́ the sport cars among SUVs. The mid-size GLC SUV and Coupé impresses with the brand’s characteristic safety, power delivery, state-of-the-art assistance systems and superb energy efficiency. The GLC family offers a unique concept with an unprecedented diverse range of equipment and sportiness coupled with an elegant design and the advantages of an SUV in terms of seating position, interior flexibility, enabling GLC customers to enjoy true luxury and exclusiveness.


Chevrolet Presents the All-New Equinox 2018 A Modern & Fully Equipped Vehicle


l Mansour Automotive and General Motors Egypt always strive to present the latest vehicles in the world with the most attractive up-todate models that suit the Egyptian streets, therefore we present the All-New Equinox 2018 now in Egypt. The Equinox is designed for your needs and wants in mind. From style and technology to performance and safety, this versatile SUV offers the complete package. Chevrolet has dedicated all its efforts to create the All-New 2018 Equinox for multi-usage for all its customers, whether for serving the daily errands or for traveling long trips, this vehicle is the perfect balance for any family. The monumental launch of the All-New Equinox will surely satisfy all your needs. Chevrolet’s dedication to creating the perfect package led to a multipurpose SUV that is suitable for everything you need to do or anything you want.

The All-New 2018 Equinox

Chevrolet Equinox is available in two trims LS & LT with a 1.5L turbo engine with 6 speed automatic transmission. The LT is special with its features of Remote Start, High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps (Xenon), Automatic Control Headlamps with Tunnel Detection. Also available in the LT trim Automatic Air Conditioning + Dual Zone, 18’’ Alloy Wheels and Rear Seat Split-folding with Centre Armrest. Not only that both trims are equipped with start/stop button, cruise control and much more technological features that include 7” touch screen with MyLink system that works with both the Apple CarPlay / Android Auto systems and Bluetooth to listen to music on 6 speakers.

Safety Factors

Adding to the features of the Chevrolet Equinox, new safety features were added for the whole family members that include 4 airbags, anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, adding to that the rear park assist, front park assist and rear vision camera. Lastly the child restraints seats (ISOFIX).

The Smarter Choice

After displaying all the features of the Chevrolet Equinox, there are more features that make this the smarter choice for everyone, one of which the spaciousness of the interior of the vehicle, which can be used for traveling without having difficulty in storage or number of travelers. Moreover, the safety features which will make the driver feel safe all along the trip, and the powerful engine which makes it the perfect car for traveling long distance. The All-New 2018 Chevrolet Equinox the Perfect Balance and the smarter choice for everyone.

August 2018 | 59




The Skytrax World Airline Awards are considered a global benchmark of airline excellence. This year’s results were decided by more than 20 million customers across 100 countries. The survey reviewed over 335 airlines from August 2017 to May 2018. Emirates has always been an innovator within the industry as the airline was the first to install TV screens in every seat on every aircraft in its fleet in 1992. Today, Emirates provides one of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art entertainment and communications services in the skies. ice, the award-winning inflight entertainment system, now offers over 3,500 channels of entertainment, including over 100 kids channels and 850 movies from around the world.

MARAKEZ for Real Estate Investment, the Egyptian arm of Saudi Arabian conglomerate Fawaz Alhokair Group, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Al-Futtaim Misr for Retail, to open the first IKEA store in West Cairo at the Mall of Arabia. This will be the Swedish retailer’s second store in Egypt and follows on the heels of its successful entry into Cairo Festival City in 2013. The IKEA Store at Mall of Arabia will encompass 20,000 sqm of retail space fully integrated within the Mall of Arabia, aiming for an opening date in end 2020. The new signing strengthens MARAKEZ’s expansion plans at the Mall of Arabia. The Expansion will provide the Egyptian market with the ultimate retail experience, providing a further 40,000 square metres of gross leasable area. The Expansion promises a diversified mix of flagship stores, local & imported brands, entertainment, event venues, fine dining, al-fresco cafes and most importantly, the first-of-its-kind in the region, an in-mall park covering eight acres. The expansion will further position the mall as the ultimate go-to retail and entertainment destination in West Cairo.

CASTLE DEVELOPMENT AND EL MAKASSA JOIN FORCES INTRODUCING CASTLE LANDMARK AT THE NEW ADMINISTRATIVE CAPITAL During a launch ceremony held at Dusit Thani Lakeview in New Cairo, Castle Development and renowned El Makassa, unveiled Castle Landmark, an upscale smart residential compound located at the New Administrative Capital. Castle Development is a real estate company that focuses on developing high-value real estate projects, including residential, commercial, and administrative projects in Egypt as well as the gulf area. With a built-up area of 41.5 acres, Castle Landmark will be developed at a total of 5 billion EGP to be delivered by 2022. A sister company to ABC, which was founded in 1982 in Jeddah - KSA, Castle Development is investing a total of 8 billion EGP in the construction of residential projects at the New Administrative Capital.

The strategic partnership between Castle Development and El Makassa, infuses the two entities’ experiences, knowledge, and understanding of their respective fields, to not only create, but remain at the forefront of the new age of residential compounds. 60 | August 2018


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled its latest television lineup in Egypt; the 2018 QLED TV. The new lineup features many exciting new technologies that enable incredible picture quality, smart capabilities and unique design elements that allow the TV to effortlessly complement the home’s décor. New to Samsung’s QLED TV lineup are several features that are designed to meet consumers’ needs for better picture quality, convenience, connection and sharing. QLED TV set offers improved unique features including Ambient Mode, One Invisible Connection, Color Volume and much more, for a richer, connected viewing experience.



Marriott has the pride to be the first hotel in Egypt to introduce the ecofriendly solar-powered Beachill Mattresses. They can charge guests’ mobile devicesand feature a built-in 7-watt charging station with a USB 2.0 output, a 2-litre thermo-storage fridge where guests can preserve both hot and cold beverages, and a heat and water-proof pocket to help keeping guests’ valuables safe. A 30% off is available for Marriott International’s loyalty program members, Marriott Rewards, and 20% off for nonmembers untill the end of September for staying guests at the hotel.


Starting from 1000 EGP per person in a double room, enjoy a relaxing stay including buffet breakfast and 30 minutes massage. Don’t miss EVOO’s lavish Eid brunch featuring live cooking station and BBQ by the pool, dessert corner & chocolate fountain for only 425 EGP. Kick off Eid break with a memorable celebration as Live Sports Bar brings you Live Duo performance and DJ. For reservations and more information: T: 202 22659600 | E:


Culina, invites you to an extravagant Eid Lunch buffet from the 20th to the 22nd of August, a lively family atmosphere opens from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm. A live jazz band will tone the festive atmosphere; children are invited to the kids’ corner for some Eid celebrations. Eid al-Adha Lunch is priced at LE 500++ per person. Delight in day and night happy hours from Aqua. For the Hotel’s younger guests, they are invited to enjoy their day in the kid’s cabana. Guests are invited to dance the night away at Nox rooftop party on the first three days of Eid El Adha. Nox will brings you extravagance famed belly dancers, DJs and a lot of surprises as guests can enjoy great drinks, food and music that’ll have them dancing long into the night. For more information and reservations, please contact 002 (02) 25778899.


At Citystars Hotels, we welcome friends and family to enjoy a splendid time at our vast array of dining venues and lounges that cater to all tastes. Add an oriental twist to your Eid Celebrations and relish the authentic taste of Egyptian Cuisine at Al Khal while being entertained with a live band and a belly dancer. For a Lebanese extravaganza, Fayruz is the place to be for a lavish dining experience. Seafood lovers will be tempted with our Friday seafood market buffet at Esplanade while Windows will make your Fridays more special with a live cooking concept along with an entertaining jazz performance. Take delight in exquisite Italian dining at Maestro, our passionate Chef Paolo Collavini will impress you with a new menu of special creations bursting with rich flavor. We’ll take you on an Indian culinary adventure at Indira with irresistible dishes and the aromatic flavors. Sushi lovers have a great share this Eid and throughout summer with a real fiesta at Shogun with fresh summer sushi rolls. Get in the festive mood at Bellini and sip on exotic cocktails with an international pub style menu while you enjoy the lively atmosphere. Enjoy the fresh breeze at Pool Bar and relax in a casual and chilled atmosphere all day and night long with international menu, drinks and shisha. Pool Garden is the highlight of this Eid as it surrounds you with an atmosphere splendor and a tasty Egyptian street food menu. Make the best of your Eid days in the breeze alongside the pool with a DJ from 12pm to 6pm.


Spend this festive season with our exclusive Eid Packages; only L.E. 3200 Single Room and L.E. 3500 Double Room Sea & Montazah View including buffet breakfast. Full entertaining programs and activities are being prepared to take place at Caesar Bar, Aquarius Discotheque and Pergola Café with the Dj. music, oud player, live songs by Duo /Trio Band and belly dancing. Guests and visitors can share quality time at La Mamma Terrace overlooking the Montazah lavish parks, recharge and relax over a special cocktail, soft drink, quick snack or delicious lunch/dinner at The View Café overlooking the blue azure of the Mediterranean Sea and our amazing Swimming Pool or they may dine at La Mamma restaurant serving international and specialty cuisine for a fine dining experience in a sophisticated surrounding in addition to the daily Duo Band at the Beach Café where they can enjoy the superb view of the Mediterranean seashore in a complete peace of mind. August 2018 | 61


L’ORÉAL EGYPT EMPLOYEES DEDICATE THEIR ANNUAL COMMUNITY EVENT: CITIZEN DAY TO ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS For the 7th consecutive year, L’Oréal Egypt organized its Citizen Day, for a day of community volunteering that enables employees to devote an entire day of working time to support the beneficiaries of non-profit organisations in the social and environmental area.

62 | August 2018


Maestro: Redefining Italian Cuisine


here is something truly magical about Italian cuisine with its aromatic flavors and fresh herbs, which add a tantalizing taste to every simple dish. How many times have we all dreamt of an escape where we can roam the streets of Italy to admire art around every corner and end this day with a delightful dish that awakens our senses? It is something about the mood and food cooked with passion. Like everything else in Italy, food is art. Luckily, you do not have to fly all the way to Italy to delve in this experience, where Maestro sets this magical ambiance for you while bringing a broad assortment of this exquisite cuisine. Italian food is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures and only a passionate Chef from the heart of Italy can bring this genuine experience to the table. Say hello to Chef Paolo Collavini, the new face of Maestro, creating authentic regional favourites of Italian cuisine in the relaxed setting of our ‘five star ristorante’. With over 30 years of experience, Chef Paolo sees himself as an ambassador of the Italian cuisine, a chef who brings an authentic taste of Italy wherever he goes. With his meticulous focus on

quality, Chef Paolo strives to source the best products, both locally and imported from Italy to prepare his dishes with the authentic taste he has in mind. Coming from his belief that Italian cuisine is all about simple dishes with the right ingredients, his philosophy is against over-complicating the dishes with too many ingredients, but rather using selective high quality ingredients that are rich in flavor. Some people think Italian cuisine is all about pizza and pasta, while in fact there is a wide array of dishes to savor and indulge in until the last bite. Italian food is extremely satisfying without being too heavy, and Chef Paolo will take all his diners on a one-of-a-kind dining experience that transcends all the norms. Relish the antipasti, risotto, meats, seafood as well as pizza and pasta that evoke the Italian spirit as it always should be. When you dine at Maestro, we take you to an exotic trip to explore the authentic taste of Italy while being in the heart of Cairo. Operating daily from 4pm to 12am dine the Italian way as Chef Paolo will surely delight you with the new a la carte menu.

August 2018 | 63


BAVARIAN AUTO GROUP OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES THE ALL-NEW LOCALLY ASSEMBLED BMW 7 SERIES AT A DAZZLING CEREMONY IN EGYPT’S NORTH COAST In a festive atmosphere full of joy and pleasure, the Bavarian Auto Group [BAG] which is the sole assembler and dealer of (BMW) brand in Egypt has recently held a huge event to mark the arrival of the all-new BMW 7 Series to the list of BMW models assembled locally in the Group’s factories. The celebration concluded with group of wonderful songs performed by the renowned Lebanese star Ragheb Alama, who presented a collection of his finest songs to the attendees. Several musical pieces of the Marimba instrument were played by musician Nesma Abdel Aziz, she with her band managed to play variety of oriental musical works of famous Arab singers such as Umm Kulthum, Abdul Halim Hafez, Warda and others.

64 | August 2018

August 2018 | 65


FOR THE FIRST TIME IN EGYPT, LA ROCHE POSAY COMMENCES ITS FIRST DERM CLASS La Roche Posay launches the first Derm Class in Egypt as part of the brand commitment to raise consumer awareness and educate the audience about the skin’s wellbeing. The first Derma Class, which was organized during Ramadan in attendance of Professor Dr. Rehab Hegazy focused on the oily skin and its routine. La Roche Posay, namely, aims at utilizing unique and innovative tools to reach out for its clients, intending to upsurge their awareness about the best skin care routines. This class is the first of its kind in Egypt and should be followed by a series of different sessions. Don’t miss the chance to be part of it by approaching Laroche Posay Egypt Social media platforms.

66 | August 2018


A Royal Experience at the Cairo Marriott Palace


ummer is the awaited season to enjoy the road heading to the pool and those light-weighted clothes, and get the best out of the sun in a form of a good tan; in other words, it all revolves around the sun. The dark side about the sun is how our phones cannot really tolerate the high temperature. How many times have you faced this issue of having your phone extremely hot or the battery is about to die and cannot find an electricity outlet nearby the pool? Also, you have definitely happened to have your favorite cold drink turned to be too hot due to weather and could not enjoy it. Well, at the Cairo Marriott Hotel, there is no need to worry about such stuff; the hotel provides you a distinguished experience by presenting to you the Beachill Mattresses. Imagine lying on an eco-friendly mattress facing the pool with an embedded charging station with a 2.0 USB output, a waterproof

pocket to keep the most important items safe and away from direct sunlight. That is not everything; the Beachill Mattress features a two-liter thermo storage fridge that preserves hot and cold beverages. Sounds interesting, right? Well that is not an imaginary thing, it is a fact that is provided and served at the Cairo Marriott Hotel. It is important to highlight that these Beachill Mattresses’ mechanism is totally dependent on the Solar Power. Marriott International chain of hotels is always keen to upgrade its guests’ experiences at the hotel and make it even more remarkable. That is simply the motive behind the Marriott International initiative of launching the TestBED program in the Middle East & Africa. Through this program, entrepreneurs have had the chance to introduce their products which were judged by a panel of Marriott representatives. The winning start up project was the creative minded team behind the

Beachill Mattresses, where Cairo Marriott Hotel has been selected by Marriott Middle East to provide Beachill Mattresses experience for its guests. Cairo Marriott Hotel continues to astonish us and all the guests as the hotel is offering unique summer promotions for its guests to make their summer experience at the Cairo Marriott an unmatchable one. A 30% off is available for Marriott International’s loyalty program members, Marriott Rewards, and 20% off for non-members. Offer is available at all participating outlets, spas and dining excluding breakfast and tobacco for guests staying at the hotel. This outstanding seasonal experience that started back in May and remains until the end of September is only available at Marriott International properties which Cairo Marriott is welcomingly offering.

August 2018 | 67

ZOOM IN MOUNTAIN VIEW CELEBRATES THE NEW PHASE OF PAROS “THE PEARL OF THE GREEK ISLANDS” Mountain View Ras El Hikma celebrates the new phase of PAROS recreating the Greek island’s Charms. The lavish event was attended by the society’s key figures in addition to media representatives where everyone enjoyed an enchanting ambiance and the magical performance of Omar Khairat.

68 | August 2018

The new GLC Coupé & GLC SUV. Now in Egypt. Visit us or call 16362

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Fitness & Lifestyle Magazine - August Edition