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El-Gouna is one of the most breathtaking places and modern resort towns in Egypt, the city that managed to be the premium Holiday Destination across the Red Sea. El- Gouna gained its fame due to its sandy beaches, lagoons, and beautiful coral reefs; it is always a briliant choice to head there for a relaxing, extraordinary vacation. It has more than 18 hotels from which you can choose the best to spend your time at. Speaking of extraordinary vacations, El-Gouna is a place where you can experience new adventures and practice many activities that would keep you entertained. No doubt that snorkeling and diving are two things you should never miss out on if you’re there, for it has the most stunning and beautiful coral reefs and underwater scenes. Not just into the water, but El-Gouna provides more than just a fascinating water experience. Kite-surfing is one thing that you would regret if you didn’t go for such an experience. It’s one of the best spots in the world for such activity. There are multi-lingual kite centers as well. El-Gouna is all about splashing, splashing. When we say splashing, we mean Sliders Cable Park. One of the best water spots where you can enjoy wakeboarding and waterski safely. Also, flying over the water is one breathtaking experience too. Parasailing will guarantee you a stunning view of El-Gouna’s mountains like you have never seen before.

Aside from water splashes, riding horses on the beach is for sure one thing you cannot do in Cairo. Yet, you do not have to fanaticize about it because Habiba Horse in El-Gouna has made that possible. How about taking a ride with a horse by the beach where you can enjoy the beauty of nature! El-Gouna has recently opened horse stable, hosting horses for beginners as well as experienced riders. You should definitely embark on a journey through ElGouna’s desert. It would be one experience you would like to tell everyone you know about. Desert safari is tremendously amazing where you can discover the mountains and the desert in the Red Sea. This city guarantees a memorable experience that you would enjoy.

22 | August 2018

Last but not least, if you’re obsessed with that adrenaline rush then definitely the Moto Club should be your next destination where you will enjoy a thrilling experience; the Moto Club is 0 minutes away from your holiday hotel in El-Gouna.

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