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January 2014


THE FIT LIFE Learning & Teaching Healthy Living


Staying Healthy on a Full Schedule by Rachel Sedwick If you’re a rather ambitious person, as I am, you may find yourself juggling a multitude of various responsibilities and obligations this quarter. Making only a few small lifestyle changes can help you to achieve your fitness goals and stay looking and feeling healthy. Some examples are simple: Squeeze a Workout in Whenever You Can - if you can’t fit a whole hour in at a time, break it up by taking a 15 minute run on your work break, or doing a quick 30 minute core session before or after class. Love Your Environment - Get your physical activity in in a place that’s aesthetically pleasing to you—go to the nearby park, beach or favorite landmark—my favorite is Pike Place Market! Start Your Day out Right - eating a big, healthy breakfast complete with unrefined, whole, natural foods will not only jump start your metabolism, but it will increase your chances of making better diet choices throughout the day. Also, getting your exercising done early prevents you from making an excuse not to do it later in the day. Get Your Rest and Hydration - do the best you can to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day, and drinking plenty of water, will do wonders for your body in more ways than one!

Fitness Updates

Intern Highlight

by Allen Levine

by Jenny Dyk

How to Choose the Right Shoes by Chuck Crabill

FTNS 100 FTNS100 is a 1 credit class that allows you access to the LWIT Fitness Center. This class is available for all students, faculty, and LWIT employees. Provide yourself with the opportunity to work out during your lunch or before classes. Take one of our group fitness classes or sign up for a personal trainer. This class will give you the chance to spend 2 hours a week, focusing on you and your health. Visit the Fitness Center for more details.

THE FIT LIFE | LWIT Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer Program

2 Mission of the Fitness Department:

Fitness Updates by Allen Levine

Allen Levine recently took the position of Lead Faculty in the Fitness Specialist Program. He has been a part of the LWIT Fitness Program for over 4 years.

ENROLLING IN THE FITNESS PROGRAM Enrollment into the fitness program is open at the beginning of every quarter. For advising questions or inquiries, please contact Advising at or Allen Levine. ALLEN LEVINE

As you might not be aware there have been some changes here in the fitness program and I wanted to reintroduce myself. I have been here at LWIT for 3 years now going on my 4th year in the Fitness department. I got my start in the fitness industry about 11 years ago. My choice for this career path was shaped by my experiences as an athlete for many years. I discovered that I have a passion for how the body works and how to make it work more efficiently. I earned my BS in 04 and my MS in 07 from EWU and have been in the fitness industry ever since. I have experience working with a wide range of individuals and almost every demographic but my strongest passion is with regards to training is still athletes. I feel now though I have found a home in front of the classroom.

Our mission is to provide our students with all the tools necessary to be successful in the fitness industry. It is with these tools that they can continually learn and evolve as professionals in the ever changing fitness industry. We aim to accomplish this through providing the students with an education that is equal parts science bases learning and practical application and experience. Curriculum Change: Looking towards the future with the fitness program brings what I envision as a lot of excitement. The first change was reallocating credits to allow for more externship hours and increasing the experience gained in the industry prior to graduation. Looking further into the future I would like to take the steps to move the fitness program in direction of an applied bachelor’s degree. This would place LWIT at the forefront for degree choices for individuals looking to find a career in the fitness industry.

The Intern Highlight by Jenny Dyk

The Fitness Center has 5 Fitness Interns this quarter. They are excited to help you on your journey towards good health and improved fitness. Ask them questions and ask for help! Stay tuned for intern bios in the next newsletter.

FTNS 191: Rachel, Linda, and Will FTNS 210: Carl and Tristan

THE FIT LIFE | LWIT Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer Program


DATES TO REMEMBER Enhance your next walking or running routine by finding shoes that fit your feet and your personal style!

Valentine’s Day – February 14th

How to Choose the Right Shoes by Chuck Crabill

Advising Day – February 11th No classes will be held.

Presidents’ Day – February 17th No classes will be held

Health & Wellness Day – February 26th

In determining how to choose a running shoe, your choice of running shoes can make the difference between having a good or bad experience, running in comfort or pain, and, most importantly, whether you stay healthy or get injured. The biggest and most common mistake a novice runner makes is to bargain shop for an inexpensive first pair of running shoes right off a clearance table, or worse, off the rack at a department store. After all, who wants to pay a lot for shoes when you may not actually use them much? Forget the bargains because this kind of thinking will likely lead you to the equally logical decision to quit after a couple of miserable runs. The very tenacious among us may wait until you suffer a blownout knee or a serious shin, hip or foot problem. What you need to start running is the right shoe, not the cheapest. Choosing a right running shoe can be an overwhelming task given the special features each running shoe claims to have, that’s why

you need to understand pronation and determining your foot type. Pronation is the rolling of the foot from heel to toe through the foot strike. A proper or neutral pronation is hitting the outside of the heel and up to ball of the foot evenly across the front. This is how your foot reduces the stress of impact. Under-pronation is not enough evening out so the outside of the foot takes most of the shock instead of finishing in the neutral position. Over-pronation is too much roll across from the outside to the inside of the foot. So how do you determine your level of pronation? You can look at the shoes you walk or run in. Most everyone will begin on the outside of the heel, the real indicator would be the wear on the forefoot. Another method of determining pronation is by checking your arch height; the easiest way to figure that out using the Wet Bag Test. Wet the bottom of each foot and stand normally on a paper

THE FIT LIFE | LWIT Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer Program bag. After a minute or so, step off and observe the imprint your foot left. (Trace the outline with a pencil if you want to look at it later.)

You have a normal arch (neutral pronation) if: There's a distinct curve along the inside of your foot with a band a little less than half the width of your foot connecting the heel and toe. (Choose Stability Running Shoes) You have a low arch (flat feet/over-pronator) if: There's not much of a curve along the inside of your foot and your imprint shows almost the entire foot. People with low arches are more likely to over-pronate (roll too far inward), which can lead to overuse injuries. (Choose MotionControl Running Shoes) You have a high arch (underpronator) if: There's a very sharp curve along the inside of your foot and your imprint shows a very thin band between your heel and toe.


People with high arches typically don't pronate enough. (Choose Cushioned Running Shoes)

Take this information to a proper sports store when you purchase your shoes.

Now that you've determined your foot type and degree of pronation, one other important characteristic you'll need to look for is shoe shape. You can see the shape most clearly by looking at the bottom of the shoe.

Happy running! ~ Chuck

Typically, running shoes come in three shapes (straight, semicurved and curved) which correspond to the three types of prints revealed by the wet test. Most experts believe that: Over-pronators should choose a running shoe with a Straight shape. Under-pronators should choose a running shoe with a Curved shape. Normal/Neutral pronators should choose a running shoe with a Semi-Curved shape. If you have flat feet and overpronate, choose a Motion-Control running shoe. Motion control shoes prevent your foot from rolling in too far, have a straight shape that gives maximum support to your foot and are the most rigid, control-oriented running shoes.

H.I.I.T. High Intensity Interval Training With Rachel

Wednesday @ 12:00pm 45 minutes of fun and stimulating strength and cardio. Learn and do challenging new exercises in 20 second intervals, 8 rounds each, every week! All Levels Welcome!

THE FIT LIFE | LWIT Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer Program

Program Information Personal Trainer

Group Exercise Instructor

Prepare for employment as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in health and fitness clubs, strength training gyms, corporate fitness centers, athletic clubs and recreation organizations with this fast-paced program. Learn exercise science, anatomy and physiology, nutrition for sports and weight loss, strength training, risk management and professional skills, fitness testing and evaluation.

Students will learn the skills necessary to teach a variety of safe and effective group exercise classes. Courses in the program will cover theoretical and practical teaching skills and will include anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, class format, cueing techniques and choreography so that the student can successfully teach a variety of class formats. Also taught are fundamentals of resistance training, stretching, injury prevention and exercise safety guidelines. This coursework gives students both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to take a national group exercise instructor certification exam.

Apply skills in fitness internships and sports training as you prepare for the American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Instructor certification and the American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer certification.

*Program length is estimated. See your counselor or adviser.

THE FIT LIFE Learning & Teaching Healthy Living

Lake Washington Institute of Technology Fitness Specialist Program

Lake Washington Institute of Technology 11605 13nd Avenue NE, Kirkland, WA 98034 ● 425.739.8100

Preparing students for today’s careers and tomorrow’s opportunities.


The Fit Life  

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