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The Fite Group Luxury Homes

The ultimate luxury is peace of mind.

Thank you for considering The Fite Group Luxury Homes as your real estate partner. Our goal is to obtain the very best return on your investment and at the same time minimize the stress that often comes with selling a home. Your interests always come first, and we serve them with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The following pages highlight the programs and capabilities of The Fite Group, and how we can put them to work for you. We’ll begin with a comprehensive property value analysis. As we go to market, we’ll create a customized marketing program that will highlight the distinct characteristics of your home. This comprehensive effort, along with the hard work of your broker team, will allow us to bring you the greatest number of qualified buyers and enable you to close with the strongest offer. Of course, your wishes are paramount, and we’ll work together to make a plan you’ll be happy to sign off on. Your Fite Group partner will sit down with you to go over specifics as we build a rewarding relationship.


David Fite


Your home is more than a property. It’s a place filled with memories.

Yes, it’s a financial investment, but your heart is most likely invested, too. In presenting your home, The Fite Group goes beyond showing the façade, the pool, and the master bedroom. We aim to capture the spirit of the place. That’s why we shoot beautiful photographs and use thoughtful art direction to showcase your home as more than a structure, but as a place where the eventual buyer’s gracious Palm Beach life can be fully imagined.

Centrally located.

Location is a paramount in determining the value of a property. Location is also key to serving our clients. Our offices are centrally located within the communities we serve.

Palm Beach | West Palm Beach | Manalapan | Delray Beach | Ocean Ridge | Palm Beach Gardens | Jupiter

Global network, local expertise.

The Fite Group Luxury Homes was selected as the Palm Beach member of “Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate,” the premiere global referral network of the world’s most elite luxury real estate brokerages. Our listings are showcased globally on the #1 search engine for luxury properties on the internet: `“Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate” gives us the right connections all around the world, all working for you. The Webby Award Winning Luxury Real Estate Website has the most multi-million dollar properties




Luxury Portfolio




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8,015 6.727 4,922

39 Countries 515 Member firms 131,000 Luxury agents 500,000 On-line visits monthly $190,000,000,000 Sold annually

World class marketing, working for you.

At The Fite Group, we market our properties with competence, flair, and exclusivity. The National Agents Alliance recently conducted a survey that found recent homebuyers used an average of 4 ½ sources to find a home. Implementing a multi-pronged marketing approach is fundamental to a successful sale. Our Fite Group Marketing team produces thoughtful, targeted campaigns with on point messaging and places them across a range of channels - locally, nationally and internationally - to provide maximum exposure of the property on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. From newspapers, magazines and postcards to on-line listings, web stories and social media posts, we’ve got you covered.

Stunning photography. Detailed descriptions.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s never more true than in real estate. That’s because the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times more quickly than any other type of information. So, before we can get buyers to your home, we have to entice them with stunning visuals. An artful description of each property then asks potential buyers to imagine the lifestyle they can lead in this luxury home. Words and pictures go hand in hand.

3D Virtual Tours. If a buyer can’t view a home in person, virtual tours are the most immersive way to digitally experience a property. 3D Virtual Tours create a complete three-dimensional representation of a property, allowing the viewer to “walk” through the space and experience it as if they were there, from any angle. With a 3D Virtual Tour, buyers from all over the globe can engage in a guided tour of your property on their computer, phone or even virtual reality headset.

Promoting your listing, near and far.

Consistent marketing is successful marketing. At The Fite Group we take a broad view. Our robust cross-channel marketing ensures successful promotion of each and every Fite Group listing. While we live an in an increasingly digital world, people still value traditional print marketing collateral as it leaves a tangible and lasting impression. Print marketing, such as brochures, newspapers, magazines and postcards, are used to canvas your property in the local market.


The quest for the perfect home begins with Fite is the gateway for potential buyers and plays a critical role in our marketing efforts. It’s powerful, inviting, and intuitive and provides a rich user experience with enhanced listing features and detailed community information.

Your listing, everywhere.

When your home appears on it is then featured on an expansive network of the most popular local, national and international real estate websites, search engines and apps. A strong digital presence and a network of global partners ensures maximum exposure of your property. And, it’s easier than ever for prospective buyers to find your property with our network of nearly 1,000 websites - all showcasing your listing.

Digital marketing takes your property further.

Consumers search for properties from anywhere and at any time. Buying and selling a house has become a very digital and mobile experience. And, our world gets smaller and smaller with each technological innovation. To electronically spread the story of your property, we create a customized digital footprint that portrays the unique lifestyle evoked by your property. We strategically showcase social graphics, web stories and animated videos across digital platforms to targeted market segments around the world.

Sharing the lifestyle.

Buyers are social. Did you know that more than 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every month? At The Fite Group, we know how to successfully navigate the social media world. By crafting a diverse on-line presence across multiple networks we promote our properties and connect with potential and existing clients. Every opportunity we have to promote our Fite Group listings is valuable and each social media platform offers a unique way for us to accomplish this. We’ve found that social media is a conduit to a conversation, opening the door to deeper discussions with our clients. Presenting lifestyle content on social media attracts homebuyers to our markets. Our posts are a snapshot of Palm Beach life; guaranteed to be liked and shared by potential buyers.

The Fite Group Luxury Homes November 4, 2016 at 5:30pm

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Posts are created for listing updates, digital brochures, presentations, articles, videos, and events.

Committed to our communities.

This is a priority for everyone at The Fite Group. Caring for and contributing to the civic life of our communities and the welfare of others is rewarding in itself, and also helps develop our local expertise and bonds with other like-minded residents and business people. You’ll meet us at numerous events and working hard behind the scenes to make life here even richer.

The Fite Group proudly supports Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Lights Out Gala: An Enchanted Evening Under The Sea

Thank you.

The Fite Group Luxury Homes

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