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OUR VISION To Strengthen the Character of Our Community

OUR MISSION To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.


Pictured from left to right: Mayor Levar Stoney, Ed McLaughlin, VCU Vice President & Director of Athletics, Brent Schneider, CEO, and Mike Walton, Board Chair at the Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range grand reopening in October

2017 WAS AN IMPORTANT YEAR for The First Tee of Greater Richmond. The Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range, the organization’s downtown location, underwent major renovations. It now serves as a premier practice facility for anyone looking to improve their game and most importantly, it serves young people from all over the Richmond area through our vibrant and growing programs. There is a special feel when you step onto the newly renovated grounds - it is more than just a golf practice facility. You will find dedicated staff inside and outside, engaged youth learning The First Tee life skills curriculum in the new interactive classroom, and an all-around inspiring environment and community. I hope what you see and read on the website will draw you to come experience this renovation in person. Alongside the renovations, a task force that included representatives from The First Tee of Greater Richmond’s Board of Directors, Leadership Advisory Board, management, community partners, families, and other stakeholders developed a strategic plan to provide guidance in establishing key

focus areas and how to best allocate resources over the next five years. Not only does the organization have a terrific new facility, we also have a road map to “strengthen the character of our community.” I am excited to share with you the 2017 Annual Review. With your support, The First Tee of Greater Richmond will continue to expand its reach to impact the lives of more young people. Thank you for investing in the youth of our community.

Brent Schneider CEO


THE FIRST TEE NINE CORE VALUES Honesty, Courtesy, Respect, Sportsmanship, Judgment, Responsibility, Integrity, Perseverance, Confidence


THE FIRST TEE NINE HEALTHY HABITS Energy, Play, Safety, Community, Vision, Mind, Family, Friends, School



Impact There is a clear need for programs that build resilience in our youth, teach critical skills needed to face the challenges of life, and provide caring adult supervision and support. Young people who develop physical health, character, social and emotional qualities, and behavioral characteristics are more likely to become skilled, self-sufficient, contributing members of the community. The First Tee has developed a proven program built on the positive youth development framework and provides safe places, intentional and trained caring adults, and a developmentally appropriate and empowering curriculum.









Collaboration The First Tee of Greater Richmond partners with other youth development organizations throughout RVA to deliver seamless lesson plans teaching life skills and core values through the game of golf. The First Tee of Greater Richmond strives to engage with partners whose mission and objectives align and where opportunities exist to maximize the impact on the community.




Expansion Introduced to more than 9,000 elementary schools in more than 1,400 school districts throughout the U.S., The First Tee National School Program introduces elementary students to the game of golf, The First Tee Nine Core Values, and The First Tee Nine Healthy Habits during physical education classes. The First Tee of Greater Richmond now offers this program at 127 local elementary schools.


Number of Schools

Number of Students Reached













The First Tee of Greater Richmond’s Programming Service Area Map


Hanover County

Richmond City

Henrico County

Chesterfield County

Current NSP Schools

The Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range

The Tattersall Youth Development Center at The First Tee Chesterfield Golf Course



Innovation In October, The Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range reopened to the public with extensive renovations. The facility offers a 6-hole par-3 course with Bermuda grass and Champion Bermuda greens built by nationally acclaimed architect Lester George. Additionally, a large grass range, practice greens and bunker, and two Trackman 4 simulator bays promote a wide variety of practice opportunities. Located in the heart of downtown Richmond, The Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range provides a premier experience for all golfers.

The Elson Redmond Memorial Driving Range

400 School Street, Richmond,VA 23222 www.playgolfrva.org

The revenues from the facility — from the driving range and course to the TrackMan simulators and equipment — go back into The First Tee’s programs, which are designed to teach valuable life skills through the game of golf to children and teens throughout the Richmond region.




Investment $10,000 and Above

Greenwood Financial Group

Rob Blanford


PGA Tour, Champions Tour Players

Bo Bowles

Chesterfield County

Cheryl and Scott Redmond

Barry Broach

The Robert G. Cabell, III and Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation

Laura and Mike Walton

Mary Beth and Tom Burton

West Broad Audi

Camp-Younts Foundation

The Community Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999

Capital One

Alice and Bill Goodwin

1607 Capital Partners

Kevin Chan

Crystal and Hunter Goodwin

All Risks, Ltd.

Jeanne and Michael Decker

Kirsti and Matt Goodwin

Brockenbrough Family Fund

Hackney Real Estate Partners

Honey Foundation

Molly and David Charnes

Katy and Jon Hottinger

Mark Hourigan

David R. McGeorge Car Co., Inc.

ICL Foundation

Carol and Lou Moelchert

The Edmunds Family Foundation


The Steven and Katherine Markel Foundation

Anne Garland and Tom Farrell

Frank Jenkins

First Tennessee Bank

Leila and Walter Jones

Lisa and Jim Mallory

Loveland Distributing, Inc.

Kinsale Insurance Company

Markel Corporation

The LPGA Foundation

Anne and Jeff Lamb

PGA Tour, Inc.

John Luke

Gail Letts

The Bob & Anna Lou Schaberg Fund at VNHC

The M&T Bank Charitable Foundation

Alexis and John McCammon


Marlene and Bob Mizell

The William H., John G, Emma Scott Foundation

Betts McGurn

Scott Peterfy

Patty Merrill

Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP

Kelly and Kirk Tattersall

Spider Management

Carol and Ted Price

Roddy and Fred Tattersall

Cheri and Chris Stringer

Anita and Hal Purcell

Jayne and Bobby Ukrop

Swedish Match

Thomas Queen

Virginia Commonwealth University Athletics

TowneBank Richmond Foundation

Eugenia and David Redmond

Universal Leaf Foundation

Peggy Regan

$1,000 - $2,499 The #6 Fund

Richmond Gastroenterology Associates, Inc.

Marshall Acuff

Angela and Chris Richardson

Aghdami Family Fund

Malia and Scott Rinaldi

Brian Alas

Benjamin Rogers

Susan Armstrong

Anne Taylor and Alexander Schaaf

Camp and Tappan August

Harriett and James Schnell

Anne and Keith Barcal

Danielle and Khary Scott

Barker Designs

Tia and Eugene Thomas

Ann and Stuart Watson World Golf Foundation, Inc. $5,000 - $9,999 Gina and Jason Bass CapTech Ventures, Inc. Nancy and Tom Chewning Jane and Cliff Cutchins Mabel and David Driver Shannon Fake


TowneBank Richmond


Julia and Ben Jones

Annhorner and Craig Truitt

Frannie and Bryce Powell

Clara and Kevin Laing

Joanne and Tom Turner

Dee Ann and Jim Remo

Carl Lavinder

Shannon and Rob Ukrop

Conrad Rickers

Mark Lynch

Shannon and Travis Weisleder

Becky and Todd Rogers

Donnie and George Macon

Williams Mullen Clark & Dobbins

Carol and Jim Rogerson

Midas of Richmond

Williams Mullen Foundation

Stella Sargent

Marvin Mikeska

Lindsay and Coley Wortham

Frances and Edward Schaaf

Anna Millsaps

Betty and Buster Wright

Tracy and Brent Schneider

Valerie and Brad Millsaps

$500 - $999

Nancy and Jim Searle

Carrie and Thayer Montague

Manny Alas

Chris and Sara-Ellen Snow

Candace and Ray Nasser

Charlie Brown

James Waldroop

Old Dominion Drywall, Inc.

Roxie Brown

Michael Warwick

Michael Paradis

Mr. and Mrs. Burkett

$250 - $499

Sally and O.H. Parrish

William and Kristen Byrd

Randy Adams

Lee Purcell

Tim Caddigan

Mark and Ann Angers

Winston Read

Center For Sport Leadership at VCU

Belle Isle Craft Spirits

Erik Shellenhamer

Paulin Cheatham

The Benevity Community Impact Fund


Patricia and Steve Clarke

Peggy and Charlie Bice

Nicole and Jeff Ukrop

Mark Collins

Esther Bunzl

Peggy and Henry Valentine

Victor Croglio

Charles and Donna Byrd

Zita and Lee Walton

Julia and Troy Dye

Betty and Charlie Caravati

Mary and Matthew Ward

Gordon Fruetel

Jack Catlett

Christine and Jeff Wells

James Galleher

Ruthy and Bill Cogar

Allison Wiese

Richie and Lee Hilbert

Kelly and Kevin Cox

Jeff Williams

Greg Hodder

Gregory Creswell

Alex Wotring

The Jefferson Hotel

Martha and Chas Davidson

Anne and Tom Wotring

Phillip Klaus

Susan and Art Davis

Fred Wunderlich

Angela and Chris Mackay

Barry and Cindy DuVal

$100 - $249

Mike McCann

Darlene and George Emerson

Manuel Alas

Madison and Lane Medlin

Jeff Fitch

Betty Ann and Buck Ames

Hillary and Mike Mikeska

Helen and Muscoe Garnett

Barbara and Dave Anderson

Grant Millsaps

Marc Greenberg

Bob Anderson

Christopher Neal

Catherine Ham and Adam Houck

Kathi Anderson

Charlotte and Ryan Nelson

Steven Henderson

Michael Anderson

Margaret and Ben Pace

Devon Henry

Kenneth Aspinall

Alicia and Michael Palmore

Lucy and Gary Hooper

Patsy and John Barr

Dan Phipps

Mike Hott

Kimberly Baty


The First Tee of Greater Richmond Junior Leadership Board

Thomas Beck

Judy and Ed Carroll

Beverly and Wayne Dodson

Nancy and Scott Belleman

Joseph Castiglie

Carlos Domenech

Rick Benedict

Tony Chang

Teeta and Marty Donlan

Katherine Benson

Matthew Cheek

James Dougherty

Wesley Bigger

Rob Chesson

Rebecca and Daniel DuVal

Mary Bliley

Dianna Clouse

Cheney and Berkeley Edmunds

Victor Bouril

Andrew Colberg

Jay Evans

Doris and Doug Bradham

David Crawford

Robert and Jane Farmer

Turner Broughton

Mary and Vic Croglio

Charlotte and Gary Farrar

Blake Burr

Rick Crowder

Polly and Michael Fatsi

Mark Budzinski

Bill Curley

Chris Fines

Tom Byer

Pete Darling

Wilson Flohr

Lin Campbell

Richard Dawson

Barbara Folkner

Scott Carreras

Sara Diaz

Laurie and Bill Foster


Christy and Thomas Garner

Rick Henry

Grace and Billy King

Roberta Garnett

Joseph Hill

Diane and Rich Knarr

Vinny Giles

Hudson Hoen

Kathleen Lackey

Maya and Stuart Glaser

Rob Honeycutt

John Lancaster

Golf Stix, Inc.

Emily and Adam Hovermale

Steve Lanza

Goodis Thompson & Miller, P.A.

Bev and Mac Hudgins

Pepper and Stuart Laughon

Allen Goolsby

Phyllis and Jim Huffman

Peyton Lawson

William Graham

Bryan Huntley

Pamela Leaman

John Green

Kirsten and Benedicto Inocencio

Michael Lewark

Julia and Mike Greenwood

Stephen Isaacs

John Lorenze

Susan and John Hallett

Rodney Jefferson

Jean and Steve Lynch

Stuart Hallett

Shelby Jennette

Ginni and Ross Mackenzie

Jean and Henry Harrell

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Joyce

Kimberlee and Evan Magrill

Ashley Hart

Beverly and Ray Kee

Jere Mahaffey

Tracy and Dave Hart

Laurie Keenan

John Mangum

Sarah and Grady Hebert

Robbie Kemp

Jane Marcantonio

Susan and Arnold Heller

Paul Kilmer

Michael Marcantonio

Participants from The First Tee National Par-3 Championship


Margaret and John Marks

Stephen Ruvituso

Eileen and Stephen Yost

Douglas Massie

Sean Ryan

$25 - $99

Jim McFadden

Paul and Thanh Sargent

John Accardo

Charles McFarlane

Gail and Reed Schweickert

Kevin Alas

Cory McIntosh

Susan and Buford Scott

Michael Alas

Trudi and Austin Mehrhof

Paul Sheehy

Christopher Allred

Matthew Mikeska

Brian Shepard

Thomas Anderson

Gary Miller

Kendal and Trey Sibley

Fred Angel

Benita and Michael Miller

Mary Lucy and Johnny Siewers

Hunter Applewhite

Thomas Mills

Clifford Smith

Tuggie Armstrong

Andy Millsaps

Denise Smith

Brad Bagby

Pam and Neal Millsaps

Jonathan Smith

Marilyn Barge

Brenda and Doug Monk

Walter Smith

Katherine Barr

Damon Monterisi

Jolinda Smithson


Paula and Tom Moody

Kevin South

Meghan Benson

Tiffani Moore

Kristen and Joshua Spain

Laura and Brian Berkey

Lynn and John Moreau

Gus Stuhlreyer

Susan and Tom Bernhardt

Mullarkey Real Estate Group, Inc.

Paul Stuhlreyer

Lisa and Jim Bevill

MVP Therapy

Frank Talbott

Brian Bischoff

Ronnie and Jack O’Keefe

Mary and Ronald Tatum

Michelle Blake

Donald Padgett

Will Thomas

Mary Davey Bliley

Mary and Terry Parsley

Richard Thompson

Marcus Boggs

Ellie Patteson

Gwen and Weegie Thompson

Sarah Bowles

Britta Petersson

Ted Ukrop

Jean and Greg Bowman

Cathy Plotkin

Gayle and Kenny Vest

Ryan Briggs

Amy Pojunas

Roland Vetter

Elizabeth Brightwell

Brandon Powell

Nancy Waskey

Lois and Warren Broocker

Molly and Joe Pryor

Jane Watkins

Bryan Burkhaltet

Ronald Ramos

Ken Wayland

James Burt

Austin Reilly

Emily and Todd Weinstein

Bill Carmichael

Lucy and Ed Perusse

Elmore Willets

Alison Castiglie

Everett Reveley

George Willets

Max Chance

Kristi and Lance Reynolds

Nicole and Marshall Willets

Vito Chiaravalloti

Alexis Richards

Louise and Sandy Williamson

Jessica Clarke

Liz and Al Rider

Richard Wintsch

Matt Clarke

Rodger Rolland

David Wofford

Mary and Orion Colfer

Rotary Club Of Huguenot Trail

Kathy and Robert Wrenn

Lynn and Pat Collins

Charles Rother

James Wright

Thomas Collins

Joe Rutte

Mary and Stuart Yarbrough


Brian Combs

Catherine Henry

Ryan Mauter

Paul Conboy

Jonathan Henry

Kimberly and Richard McCullough

Emile Conrad

Parker and Melissa Hills

Christy McCurdy

Bryan Conway

Lane Holby

Margaret McGehee

Susan Coogan

Forrest Hoover

John Mercer

Ed Craze

Dave Howard

Jeff Merten

Ty Crone

Brad Hulse

Greg Meunster

Cynthia and Michael Crowder

Berkley Jackson

Joan Darden

Kristin Jeffer

MJ Davis

Beth and Pete Johnson

Chris Deel

Whitney Johnson

Stephanie Deichman

Janice Jordan

Lauren Deluca

Barbara Justiss

Kimberly Denham

Jim Kemp

Scott Dillon

Thomas Kemp

Parker and Brian Dixon

Chris Kochard

Robert Dodge

Hillary and Bryan Kolano

Jennifer and James Doran

Prakash Krishnamoorthy

Rand Dupriest

JP LaFors

Brittany and Scott Estes

Joan Laing

John Firebaugh

Justin Lamber

Scott Flora

Lina Landrigan

Robert Flowers

William Lane

Beverly and Roger Fortino

Jason Lefton

Stephen Frantz

Cherie Lehr

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick

Ed Leslie

Carl Frye

Karen and Danny Lippin

Anne Goddard

Arlene and Bernard Lotti

Roy Goldberg

Gray and Chip Maher

Jodi Gray

JT Manget

Nicola and Gen Grillo

Tori Manis

Victoria Guarino

John Mann

Joe Gurney

Laura Marcantonio

Mara and Stuart Hallett

David Marino

Sylvia and Ted Hamilton

Brian Marks

Jessica Harden

Monica Marks

Chris Hartman

John Marston

Louisa Heller

Pamela Martinez


Liza and Alex Miehls

James Moser

John Nein

Carrie and Josef Mikeska

Deane and Frank Mountcastle

Abigail and John Newman

John Miller

David Mryglot

Rachel and Matt Nilson

Rebecca Mitchell

Richard Mulligan

Penny Ohman

Carolyn Morgan

Bob Murphy

Derrick Osteen

Robert Morris

Neil Nagraj

Erika Ostuni

Dennis Moseley

Jeff Neal

Matt and Jessica Pearson


Pam and Rob Peebles

Giang Tran

Emily Perkins

Sarah Tydings

Janice and Pete Pettit

Jordan Utley

George Pickral

Pete Waldbauer

Joy Prickett

Ryann Wayne

Michael Puccinelli

Jeff Weller

Chris Quilty

Kristin Westmoreland

Matt Raggi

Scott Whirley

Katie and Robert Reed

Brent White

Steve Renkar

Melissa White

Leigh Robertson

Kimberly Williams

Eric Robison

Don and Anne Williams

Hunter Ross

Tammy and Chet Willis

Thuyen Rottenborn

Dewey Windham

Jason Ruth

Ricky Wong

Caroline McKinney and John Sargent

Vince Wood

Tim Sargent

Ward Wood

William Saunders

Kimberly Woodson

Edward Schaaf

Kathryn Wotring

John Schmohl Katherine Schutt Keith Sheehan Gibbons Sloan Anne Smith Delta Kappa Gamma Society Catharine Spangler Weaver Squire Tracy Stallings Casey Steffan Rob Stoots Curt Straub Ryan Stuhlreyer Karen Swartz Peggy and Armistead Talman Darron Taylor Kelsey Thayer Jackie Thompson Stevie Toepke Andrew Town


Every attempt has been made to assure the accuracy of this donor list. If your name is missing or needs to be corrected, please call 804-378-2188


The First Tee of Greater Richmond Board of Directors Mike Walton


Ben Pace

Vice Chairman

Patty Merrill


Scott Rinaldi


Jeffery Bourne Mike Hott Jon Hottinger Kevin Laing Jeff Lamb Gail Letts Lincoln Saunders Alexander Schaaf Khary Scott

The First Tee of Greater Richmond Volunteers

Kirk Tattersall Eugene Thomas Craig Truitt James Worsley Bill Goodwin


Matt Goodwin


John Luke


Fred Tattersall


Bobby Ukrop


The First Tee of Greater Richmond Leadership Advisory Board

Our volunteers are making a difference. Thank you to our volunteers – because of you, The First Tee of Greater Richmond is able to provide quality youth golf programs and safe places for young people. Harold Adams

Betty Ann Ames

Lawrence Alford

Aidan Berkel

Bob Anderson

Nicole Chang

Charles Blaine

David Charnes

Fred Case

Hunter Cheely

Dave Cathers

Mark Collins

Ricky Clark

Sara Diaz

Al Donovan

Michael Diebold

Adam Houck

John Hallett

Horst Fellhauer

Maureen Dougherty

Alex Wotring

Mike Mikeska

Bob Filippini

Bill Estes

Robbie Kemp

Larry Foster

Nathanael Haskins

Sara Diaz

Larry Gable

Jason Hawng

Scott Frein

Ken Hoffman

Lynn Herman

Thomas Mills

Tom Hoof

Michael Hill

Trey Mason

Mike Lawson

Margurite McFadden

William Byrd, III

Betty Lewis

Jim McFadden

Ken Lewis

Marguerite McFadden

Dan Lippin

Kay Pagett

Blaire Greenwood Brian Alas Cary Baronian Christopher Neal Daniel DuVal Grant Millsaps Hunter Ross Joe Pryor

Bernie Lotti Bill Maggard Ken Major Alan Martin Jeff Mathis James McBride Tom McKnight


Nick Patterson Reid Peacock Adam Pearson Shelly Pereira Hunter Ross Erik Shellenhamer Bill Tatu

Adele Pritchett

Tyler Tingen

Mike Waguespack

Ryan Woo

Harlan Walker

Alex Woo

Chip Weisenfels

Hunter Wood

Stewart Whitlock

Finances 2017 Revenue by Category

Dewey Windham

Total revenue $1,755,945.00

The First Tee of Greater Richmond Staff

4% 11%

Ed Gill

Director of Instruction

Curtis Goss

Assistant Superintendent

Berkley Jackson

Program Coordinator

Keith Jarrell

Assistant Golf Professional

Mark Lynch

Senior Director of Golf

Program Revenue


Senior Vice President of Operations

Special Events/Corporate Contributions

Golf Operations

Kelly McAnally Madison Medlin

Senior Director of Marketing and Events

34% 51%

Carrie Montague

Administrative Coordinator

Chris Roberts

Vice President of Agronomy and Golf Maintenance

David Runner

Assistant Superintendent

2017 Expenses by Category Total expenses $1,703,092.82 1% 20% 29%

Brent Schneider

Chief Executive Officer

Emily Weinstein

Senior Vice President of Impact

Scott Whirley

Director of Turf Equipment



Golf Course Greens and Grounds Organizational Management

Golf Operations Educational Programming Capital


9211 Forest Hill Avenue, Suite 104 Richmond,VA 23235 www.TheFirstTeeRVA.org • 804-378-2188


Profile for The First Tee of Greater Richmond

The First Tee of Greater Richmond's 2017 Annual Review  

This yearly publication shows our organization's dynamic expansion and year of growth. With support from our donors, we will continue to str...

The First Tee of Greater Richmond's 2017 Annual Review  

This yearly publication shows our organization's dynamic expansion and year of growth. With support from our donors, we will continue to str...