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A windy finale to Phuket Raceweek

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ll was to play for as boats race of the series with a one left the anchorage for the point lead over KukuKERchu. final day of the Six Sens- PRO James set IRC Racing off es Race Day. The rain, though on Course 13, around Lon Island, heavy, blew through quickly for the final race of the series. In leaving good winds and white Race 2, Jing Jing took her seccaps for an action-packed final ond win of the day from Katsu in day. second and Babe (Mark Mizner) Following double-Olympic in third. Team Premier took the gold-medal winner Shirley series win from Jing Jing who Robertson's appearance in 2010, took second place on count back this year the Regatta welcomed from Katsu in third. IRC 2 was neck and neck for round-the-world yachtswoman Dee Caffari who sailed on Six second and third place going into Senses Nina. the final day, so the race was on. Said Dee Caffari, “This is my Having the series win almost in first time in Phuket and first time the bag, all eyes were on Royal in Asia. And I'm loving it.” Thai Navy 4 (Cdr. Pornprom “It's great to see so many boats Sakultem), Team Sea Bees and on the water. The sailors are hap- the rapidly improving WDB Enpy, the resort is beautiful. We're deavour of Whitby for the minor getting in some great sailing and placings with Piccolo finally takI am enjoying the sightseeing as ing the win in Race 2 today from we sail around the islands.” Royal Thai Navy 4 and Team In IRC Racing the battle was Sea Bees, in second and third on for second and third overall respectively. as Team Premier (Neil Pryde), IRC 3 were sent on a longer having already wrapped up the course for the first race, headseries, decided not to go out. As ing off around Lone Island and winds grew to 13-15 knots, Ku- into Chalong Bay. With just four kuKERchu (David Ross) lead points separating the top three, off the start from with Jing Jing Remington (Jim Ellis) was ex(Rick Pointon) and Katsu (Ben pected to enjoy the longer course. Copley) close on her stern. As the fleet sailed into the patchy Katsu tacked early and lost winds in the Bay, Don't Think ground as KukuKERchu and Jing Twice (John Caffin) retired and Jing stretched out a small lead Remington came out on top with on-the-water and rounded the the win on corrected time from top mark ahead. After three loops from Dreamtime (Rob Azzoparand a crew injury on KukuKE- di) in second and Venture (Mike Rchu, Jing Jing took the win on Crisp) in third. corrected time from Katsu in secAs the winds dropped PRO ond and KukuKERchu in third. James decided to call it a day for Katsu headed in to the final this class leaving Remington to

take the series win from Linda (Jim Kane) in second who won on count back from Dreamtime in third. In the Multihull Racing class, the stronger winds were looking to favour Six Senses Nina on the final day as they were sent on Course 16 around the islands and into Chalong Bay, by PRO James. The winds dropped off halfway through and the seas turned lumpy as the multihulls sailed back out of the Bay, past Lone Island and towards the finish. Sidewinder (Alan Carwardine) took the win on handicap from DaVinci (Paul Larsen) in second and Miss Saigon (David Liddell) in third respectively. In Race 2 Sidewinder scored her fifth win of the Regatta and the series title from DaVinci in second and Miss Saigon in third, which mirrored the overall series results. The old dames in the Classic Class completed their four-race series with a scenic around-theislands race. Switching places throughout the series, the drop came into play today and Idiom (Mark Myking) took the win from Seraph (Khun Bao) in second. The series win went to Idiom with Seraph in second. The DNA of 'Asia's Best Regatta' is professional race management, an onshore venue second-to-none, and challenging sailing conditions in some of the most scenic sailing grounds around. True to form, the 2011 Six Senses Phuket Raceweek turned out another great show.


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Phuket Police tire of road accidents

huket police ‘tired’ of the high accident rate of certain roads have hit upon a cost-effective strategy to reduce accidents: stacks of painted rubber tyres. Targeted intersections include areas of Viset Road, Chao Fa Road West, Chao Fa Road East and Patak Road. The Chalong police department came up with the idea in response to finding out there was no money left in the police budget to provide any further safety measure systems. The tires, which are painted red and white, have been stacked in piles of three and are being used in lieu of medians in some sections and to signify places to U-Turn in others. Unfortunately, the tires also make many of Phuket roads now look like genuine car race tracks giving boy racers even more temptation to zip along, around, up and down them.


I started modeling at 12 . I like to be photographed and try new looks, this is very exciting. I love to change clothes many times a day, so my work meets my needs and I am absolutely happy with it! What has been your most perfect day in Phuket? It was after a16 hour flight from Russia via Sweden. I was so tired that I can't describe it. I booked a half-day treatment at my favorite Oasis Spa and during this period I forgot about everything. Thai massage is one of the reasons why I live in Phuket.

he ancient beads and ceramic vases found by archaeologists in Phuket in 2005 are still on the island, according to an official inquiry. The inquiry was launched in response to an official letter of complaint from ‘the People of Phuket’ submitted to the Crime Suppression Division in March. The ‘people’ were perplexed as to why the 2,000 year-old artifacts had been removed from the Thalang National Museum after a brief exhibition in March. The inquiry found that this was so that ‘further research and study’ could be carried out. Captain Boonyarit Chaisuwan of the 15th Regional Office of Fine Arts said that the Thalang Museum wasn’t the safest place to store them and assured the Phuket people that they hadn’t in fact been sold on the black market.


What's the most romantic thing you have ever done? I drove my car 1000 km during the night to meet with my boyfriend just for an hour and spend time with him on his birthday. What's your favourite part of your body? Buttocks, they are so soft to sit on. Would you like to be a cat or a bird? Of course I would like to be a bird, because the ability to fly is my dream. Next year I'm going to go to the Pattaya Pilot School. To be able to control a plane is almost like becoming a bird!

A buffalo’s welcome to tourists

two buffalo, trapping one beneath the van and hurling one into the nearby median at the Heroine’s Monument. Neither animal survived. The tourists, jet-lagged and shaken did recover, as did the driver, and were finally delivered to their hotel in another vehicle.

another tut tut situation Another day, another problem caused by a vehicle. Following ‘strong words’, tourists brawled with tuk tuk drivers last month at the entrance to the notorious Bangla Road. The tourists were confronted and accused of damaging a tuk tuk. The revellers vehemently denied doing so and refused to pay 1,000 baht in contribution to its repair. A new bobby on the beat appeared and


y name is Ksenia. I was born in Russia, but two years ago I fell in love with Phuket and still live here. Everyday I enjoy this sunny place. I like to spend time at the beach to swim and read, I love to learn something new and try to do it every day.

Keeping a beady eye on Phuket’s artifacts

nfortunately no amount of tires could have prevented the fate of two buffalo on 31 August when they gave a most unfortunate welcome to two tourists on the way to their hotel from the airport. The driver of the van slammed into the


amidst the drama pulled a gun on the tourists and tuk tuk drivers to try and restore order. In retaliation, the tuk tuk drivers then blocked Rat-U-Tit 200 Pi Road for 30 minutes before the Deputy Superintendent of Kathu Police Station, Colonel Patya Jansomwong arrived on the scene to calm everyone down. The Post would like to welcome Phuket Police's newest recruit to the island.



weird phuket

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Construction workers: slaves without chains Pulse Media Company Limited

Bark is worse than her bite

122/5 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn

19-month old Police dog recruit Vegas’ training was going exceptionally well. She could leap through windows, bark on command and ignore fires. The robust German shepherd failed at the final hurdle though as when it came to recreating the apprehension of a criminal, she just couldn’t bring herself to actually bite anyone. Vegas has been relieved from the call of duty and won’t be serving alongside Northumbria’s finest, but will instead end up as a “lovely pet”, said the dog trainer.

Sub-District, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

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Duel is a pain in the arse


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common sight in Phuket: Construction workers crammed into the back of pick-up trucks. Paid low wages for long working hours and accommodated in a slum. To make matters worse, if the labourers are Burmese they are often forbidden from leaving their camp. They build houses and hotels that will one day cost them a month's salary to stay in for a night. Photograph by Stephan Audiger,

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Be part of the world’s worst movie

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ave you seen the atrocious movie that is Hangover 2 yet? If not then, for the love of god, don’t. If you have and wish to relive the nightmare in real time, then get yourself down to Brush restaurant on Kalim beach every Thursday of this month. Perhaps as a cathartic way of dealing with the horrendous script, lazy western casting and omission of any Thai cultural references, the restaurant is attempting to ‘Swede’ the movie, by filming its own version. Dreams or in this case, nightmares can come true, and all aspiring Phuket thespians can become part of Still Hungover: the Remake as either an extra or major part.

On the following Friday, actors are invited to become audience and watch the put-together movie at the Brush restaurant. This project is the brainchild of Zachary Underwood, artistic son of John Underwood. Zachary takes a leading role, as well as being the director and editor, along with his friends Kritsada Chok [aka Golf] Josh Farrel-Evans and Charles Hugh-Williams. All but Charles are boyhood friends from Phuket. Exterior shots have already been filmed on a handheld Canon camera at sites like Big C and Patong’s night market. Confront your fears, maybe it wasn’t that bad… Wait, I just remembered Mike Tyson’s cameo. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey.

Who says there are no such things as gentlemen anymore? Two old school Swedish chaps decided to settle their dispute the old fashioned way with a duel. But during the twenty paces, one of the cheeky pistoleers turned and shot his competitor in the arse. Quite understandably he returned fire and shot his rival in the chest. The hapless pair were caught bleeding and scrabbling away from eachother by a dogwalker.

I would walk 500 miles

Pop’s unlikeliest stars, The Proclaimers are still known the world over for their 90’s hit, “500 miles.” A Chinese man’s girlfriend has used the eponymous lyrics to test the bold hypothesis of his love and has asked him to walk the 1,000 miles from Henan Province to Guangdong Province. When he gets there and “falls down at her door," he’s hoping she’ll say yes and also that she hasn’t been listening to any other songs since.

For Akane’s Sake

A 10 year old Japanese girl has been awarded the unusual title of Master Sake brewer in her hometown of Osaka. Fortunately however, the process of determining a good glass doesn’t involve actually tasting the strong Japanese spirit and instead relies on the sense of smell and what to look for when the sake flows down the side of a glass. Little Akane is also well known in Japan for her cooking skills.

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phuket DREAMS


To coincide with the launch of Indian-born and America-resident Benrali’s latest book, ‘The Turtles Dream’ the Post spoke to the self-proclaimed environmentalist and naturist illustrator and writer about Phuket, animals, people and the world… What are the recurring themes in your books? One may think by looking at my books that tortoises and turtles are a theme but this is just a tiny fraction of my work, my favorite animals are actually peacocks! A recurring theme within my work is ‘fusion’. I strive to create unique worlds that blend multiculturalism, naturalism and solid drawing within an ethereal quality that borderlines fantasy with surrealism.    The plight of the turtle is one well documented in Thailand, especially Phuket, and owing to pollution and over construction and expansion, very few turtles actually come to lay their eggs on Mai Khao now.  How do your books address the themes and problems associated with naturalism and environmentalism?  First I would like to sympathise with the situation going on in Mao Khao; a situation all too common all over the world.  Books cannot compete with the internet when it comes to providing information and raising awareness in environmental concerns. We have recently seen how much influence blogging and other internet announcements had and are still having with transforming North Africa and the Middle East. So instead of using the books as a tool to provide

information, I wanted to weave environ- airport or even as posters in an exhibition. mentalism within verse to make readers Airports are a great place that I don't feel think, ponder and discover for themselves.  conservationists use airports to the fullAn example is a line in my book, "If est extent. A lot of tourists and business all patterns on earth are words, then what people would visit these reserves if they song would leave the earth if an entire knew about them.   species like Eastern Box Turtles became extinct?"  What are the most pressing environmental issues facing the world today? The most pressing environmental issues What are your thoughts and opinions on how Thailand and Thai people are depleting fresh water supplies with deal with environmental issues? dependency on fossil fuels a close second. I am not an expert on Thai conservaWe need a voting system on major tion but just by looking at Mai Khao and issues to be given back to the people and the elephant conservation teams within out of the hands of a select few, similar to Thailand I am relatively impressed. the system found in some Central AmeriOf course all conservationists can do can countries. more with more money but the question Fix this and I believe you will have also comes down to available land space.  solved the hugest environmental probThis is happening all over the world.  lem. Lawmakers should not be making Thailand conservationist issues are environmental decisions. Major decisions global because we find them in many like that should not be left in the hands of other places across the world.  But over- a select few. all I am glad to see there is growing   awareness of the problems.  I would love to see more conservationist information at all airports around the world.  Imagine seeing and learning about Mai Khao or the Elephant Conservation Reserve while standing at those long lines at the

You have a South East Asian background, yet now live in America, what would you say are the main differences with the way the West and East view the animal kingdom and environmental concerns? It would be unfair to say one is better than the other since all of it depends on the country's economy, funding and donors. North America and Asia cannot really be compared. I believe nations such as India, China, Thailand and Myanmar have a longer history of venerating animals than European nations because animals are a part of the religion, myths and legends. Therefore my opinion is that since animals are in the foundation of the culture there is much more respect for them. Native Americans had great veneration for animals and this is where I got the idea for the book-jacket for The Turtles Dream & Keys®.  The giant tortoise rising up from the sea is actually a common theme found in the Iroquois Indians with their belief that the Earth started on a giant tortoise's back. 


HELPING phuket

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Hedonistic help in phuket

By Jody Houton


huket has long been promoted, marketed and thus established as a hedonistic paradise for all, whether that is one of yachts, spas and champagne or jet skis, ‘massages’ and cheap beer. Every year visitors come in their millions to indulge and bask on the beaches. More, more, more, more. A few metres from, and sometimes within the compound of, the most decorated and luxurious resort will usually be a community living in shacks or gypsy boats and residing in such incomprehensible squalor, that the foreign visitor often views it as ‘traditional.’ Thailand is still a developing country. Thailand still has many problems. Many of which are so deep-rooted and embedded as part of the culture, that at times they seem impossible to remedy or change. Of course such ways of thinking, of hand washing and disowning of responsibility are also incredibly convenient, especially to the expat resident or tourist as they tuck into a Sunday brunch that costs more than the week’s wages of the waitress bringing it to him. Tourism is the main source of revenue for Thailand, so what to do? A quick-fix solution would be to appeal for more tourists. In turn, this would encourage more investors on the island to build more hotels thus creating more jobs and

more tuk tuks, massage parlours and bars. Wages for Thai people are unlikely to increase however, as in order to fund the construction of the new resort and in order to offer competitive room rates, staff wages will stay low. In pursuit of more visitors, fewer will actually come, because what initially attracted them to Thailand; the natural beauty and tropical laid-back lifestyle will have long since died; a victim of its own success as a hedonistic paradise. So what to do? An option is to change tact ever so slightly and discourage visitors from solely hedonistic pursuits to a kind of hedonistic help. Voluntourism - travelling while volunteering for charitable causes – professes to do this. Karen Spackman has been working at Andaman Discoveries – a voluntourism centre, with projects in Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi - since arriving in Thailand in 2008 and has seen a rapid increase in its popularity during her short time in the industry. She said that volunteers who make the trip to the Land of Smiles tend to range in age, from Gap-Year students to retirees, but are all driven by a need to help. “Younger volunteers see the benefits of gathering life experiences and being challenged, while older volunteers have more opportunity to spend time on themselves,

they also have access to more disposable income and want to experience projects that are in the community. The concept of giving something back is a high priority for our volunteers,” Karen said. One of the Andaman Discoveries projects is the Phuket Disabled School set up in 2009 and located in Kathu. Volunteers typically stay on-site as well as helping to teach there. The travellers assist the teacher and provide work on a one-to-one basis with the children. Karen said, “The Disabled School really values interacting for the children with volunteers. Westerners usually bring with them different teaching methods and ideas that can be shared and developed at the centre.” It’s important to know that Voluntourism is not a charity and is not an NGO. Voluntourism is a business, and for this reason it often causes controversy and comes under scrutiny from those who regard the set up of the operation as more beneficial to the volunteers instead of the community they are there to ‘help.’ Karen, however, believes that the Disabled School and other Andaman Discoveries projects are not only valuable to the volunteers but more importantly to the children and communities. “We see the need for projects in this area to interact and bond with foreigners

in a positive way. Many visitors come to Phuket for a fun-packed holiday and never interact with local people. We felt there was a real need to try and change perceptions about foreigners and what they want to experience when coming to Thailand.” Volunteers of course pay to go on said volunteering tours and the money is then divided between staff salaries, the maintaining of operations and direct donations to the different projects. Another of the Andaman Discoveries’ projects is an orphanage located in between Phuket and Takua Pa in Phang Nga. “At the local orphanage the volunteer's contributions not only helps the home run financially on a day-to-day basis, but also helps build confidence and English skills with the resident children.” This Karen hopes will help in later life, “As we all know hospitality is one of the major employers in this area and if the children can gain a high level of English, then their chances of securing employment in this sector increases, it certainly would give them opportunity at higher end positions.” And Phuket will certainly need more General Managers and Director of Operations along with waitresses and drivers in years to come, certainly with the way the hotels and businesses are shooting up…

8 Mother’s Day, 12 August

What better wa y to celebrate the Queen of Thailand’s 79 th birthday than with a national holiday ? It is also Mother’s Day in Thailand.

Crayfish P arty at 2 Chefs. 11 August It’s

that time of year again… Huge buffet of the finest seafood, sa lmon and of course crayfish for just 4 95 baht. 11 August fr om 6pm

Billiard s for M Augus en, 7 t

Free e buffet ntrance fee a t play so o watch men nd m baht t e billiards. 1 o 00 tion at enter compe tiKata S Start ports Bar. 8pm

phuket pC By Masaya Mikami

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Cloud computing: up in the sky thinking?


ike many technological misconceptions, Steve Jobs did not in fact create the advancement ‘cloud’, which will be the staple of Apple’s new advanced OS5. ‘Cloud’ with regards to computing first started to appear in business magazines and newspapers a few years ago. The drastic evolution has rapidly progressed to where it is now at the core of many businesses and organisations. Let’s look at how cloud computing is changing your life and its benefits for business... Cloud computing is a model to provide convenient access to a shared pool of networks, servers, storages, applications and/ or services that can be instantly provisioned and released with minimal management and technical efforts on an on-demand basis. Most applications categorised as SaaS (Software As a Services) are cloud computing services. Common examples of cloud computing services are facebook,

gmail and myspace. Some services are free of charge, while others are on a fee-basis. The reason why businesses welcome cloud computing is that it requires fewer resources and much less time to operate. By having cloud computing services online, business owners do not have to invest in IT resources and infrastructure. It is also available to use right away, and the day you apply for cloud computing services, is the day you can start using it.

No data backup or worrying about the space limit is required as the infrastructure resources are automatically added when you need them. It allows business owners to focus on sales and marketing or management, rather than worrying about IT infrastructure and resources. Cost is another reason why cloud computing services are chosen, especially in small to medium enterprises where they do not have a luxury budget for

an expensive network or server equipment. Prices of cloud computing services are usually set in a “Pay as you go “structure where the prices are calculated based on the resources you use, the number of users, and the times used. You can regard cloud computing services as IT infrastructure/ resource lease services. Although many elements of cloud computing seem to be positive, there are however a few points of concern, chiefly issues of security. Your ‘sensitive’ data is stored on a cloud computing service provider’s servers. Another issue is that you need to be connected to the internet all the time as cloud computing services are online applications. Despite a few down sides, cloud computing gives alternative ways to manage your IT infrastructure and resources. By analysing your business needs, you may find that cloud computing is maybe the best choice for you to minimise your cost.


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By Seth Bareiss


ow season's here. With it comes rain, wind, and poor folks stealing power lines for their recyclable copper. All that means power flickers, spikes, brownouts, and blackouts. These can damage or kill your PC, modem, TV... anything plugged into electric, cable TV, or phone lines. Your best protection is a UPS. This is a battery that shields your PC from lightning and Thailand's wonky power grid. The only UPS in Thailand worth having is from APC (American Power Company). The others break too easily. For about 1850 baht you can get a basic model ES 500 (pictured here) with three universal power plugs. It won't protect things attached to your phone or cable TV lines, so keep those unplugged during the worst electric storms. Also, especially if you get a small shock when touching your PC, consider hiring a competent electrician to check your house's electrical grounding (earth) wire, and whether positive and neutral wires are reversed. As extra anti-theft protection during low season, customise the exterior of your laptop and laptop bag. You can't spot a thief if he's walking away with a black or silver undecorated PC. Is that yours? Hard to tell… If it's covered with sports stickers or Hello Kitty stickers, however, you can identify it from far away.



Some websites like the BBC, Hulu, and live streaming sports video sites will only allow visitors from their country. If a website bars you because you're in Thailand, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is like a private tunnel through the Internet. Your internet signals go through that tunnel and pop out in an address in America or England. Some slow VPNs are free. Fast ones cost from US$6 to US$50 a month. Let me warn you away from ExpatShield, which has both free and paid versions. Expat shield also installs junk you DON'T want... like automatically steering you away from Google, sending you instead to a bad search engine that gives ExpatShield kickbacks.

SCAREWARE In the past 2 months ‘scareware’ has increased dramatically. Just this month, I've seen more scareware than I did in all

of 2010. Today you'll learn to than ordinary viruses. Normal recognise and remove it. viruses are small and unchangScareware is software that, ing: they can do a few simple like a virus, sneaks onto your tricks, but they can't adapt or do computer. After it's in your PC, complex things. it pretends to be a "Windows Scareware, by convincing you Recovery" program or a generic to download ’updates’, can besounding antivirus program like come an enormous collection of "XP Antivirus 2011" or "Win7 files, can update itself, can disAntivirus 2010.” able your real antivirus without The fakery extends to using you realising it, and may downWindows logos and Windows load other viruses. Ouch. Removing scareware is a batpop-up messages, as well as big scary messages during start-up. tle of wits and resources. Normal It displays fake messages like viruses are dumb, lonely, and "you have 230 virus infections" unprotected. Scareware is smart, or "24 IDE Hard Drive errors evolves, can reach out onto the detected.” internet for resources, and has The goal of this software is a great big toolkit. This is how to either get you to download we win: something, or buy a fake fix for your non-existent problem. Some 1) Using another computer, versions hide random documents download the software I list in and folders. In extreme cases, the blue box on this page. Put scareware can lock up your "My the files on a USB memory stick. Documents" folder and demand aapayment from you to unlock it 2) Rename the MalwareBytes -- exactly like demanding ransom installation file. Call it "fred.exe" for a hostage. Why? Because unless we change Scareware is more powerful the name, the virus can spot Mal-

ware Bytes and disable your weapon before you even use it.

scan for viruses. Don't worry that it's inadvisable to run two antiviruses at the same time: 3) Start your Windows com- MalwareBytes is the exception puter in "safe mode". This cuts to that rule. off scareware's access to the inIf MalwareBytes finds nothternet and seriously reduces its ing, be surprised and worried. weaponry. If you don't know how Get a pro to remove the virus. to get into "safe mode", follow If MB finds less than 10 viruses, the link in the blue box. congratulate yourself on an early victory. If it finds more than 4) Insert your USB memory 150 viruses, the scareware has stick and run RKill already opened the door to other removes all nonessential stuff viruses, but you're still getting a from your PC's RAM memory late victory. (not your hard disk), including many of the virus's active 8) You may have to uninstall weapons. and reinstall your regular antivirus. I recommend Microsoft 5) Run RemoveFakeAntivirus. Security Essentials for legal copexe. This is our first non-defen- ies of Windows or Avira Antivir sive move. for any Windows PC. Both are free and in the top 5 antiviruses. 6) Remove the memory stick and restart your PC, this time 9) If the scareware comes back, in regular mode instead of safe look for a pro to remove the virus. mode. If you have a computer topic 7) Insert your memory stick you'd like to see covered in future and run "fred.exe" (Malware- advice column, please contact Bytes). Let it update from the me in care of The Post: info@ Internet. Then do a long, deep This article's most important www addresses •How to get Windows into SafeMode: •Get RKill: •GetRemoveFakeAntivirus: •GetMalwareBytes: •Get Avira Antivirus: •Get Microsoft Security Essentials:


phuket WOMEN

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more equipped than the male

By Jody Houton


e’re living in a Thailand where, in the next few weeks, Yingluck Shinawatra will more than likely become the kingdom’s first-ever female Prime Minister. This is the same Thailand in which huge numbers of young women work as bar girls and in go-go clubs. Is this an exception or the clearest example of the final shift of power to women in the 21st century? In London, England, the number of strip clubs has doubled in the last five years. Some would argue that this is a direct link to the nation’s rising unemployment figures; that it is merely an unfortunate, stubborn and diehard element of the exploitative nature of the power struggle between the sexes. Others argue that it is instead an arena where both sides willfully participate in a delusional charade. Or is it, quite simply, just a little bit of fun, a bit of harmless playtime? During media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s court hearing last month, when faced by a custard pie-wielding protestor, the 80-year-old man’s 42-year-old wife leaped out of her chair and struck the protestor. She was incredibly quick to defend her man’s honor…

Sol Pattni releases aggression

Petticoats over puddles It seems that with every stride towards gender equality, societal expectations need to constantly be redefined or they will no longer be a strong and defined enough framework to hang an individual’s character upon. Perhaps a gender reassessment is therefore needed with regards to not only work and the home, but for what can be quite loosely defined as play. The statement that women are now valued members in all arenas of society sounds incredibly patronising and a rather mute point, if only because this is so widely accepted as fact. Beyonce Knowles’ latest hit ‘Who runs the world?’ purports that it is in fact women who do so. In the music video, she expresses this in various ways; dressed as a damsel far from distress on a horse, as a lieutenant in an army and also a dancer, complete with stockings, suspenders and thigh-high leather boots. At the workplace, Maliwan Sangboon- a police officer at Patong Police station - said that although she feels her gender doesn’t stand in the way of her ability to perform her duties, she

Maliwan Sanbgoon, ready to enforce the law

did face a certain amount of prej- haviors typically associated with udice whilst training, “But it’s the masculine, are they by sheer different now than back then,” definition any less feminine? Sol certainly doesn’t seem to Khun Maliwan said, “There’s many more women in uni- think so: “I don’t think there are form now, but in the past, men specific traits to define either sex weren’t used to seeing women in but who you are as a person and positions of power.” your moral and ethical values.” Finnish-born Sol Pattni, is anAs Ethel Mermen is sure to other Phuket-based resident who testify, ‘Anything you (man) can believes that feeling protected is do, I (woman) can do better,’ or neither the man’s prerogative or perhaps, as is more politically responsibility. correct, equal regardless of genShe regularly trains at the der or ethnic background. Rawai Muay Thai gym and does In Thailand, with 26% of so for a multitude of reasons, “I university-age women enrolled have always been athletic and in universities compared to just to me Muay Thai is a sport like 22% of men. Even the construcany other. To be able to protect tion site is a common place to oneself is important for every- see the ‘fairer’ sex, it is threone, and more so for women,” fore absurd to think of a solitary Sol explains. woman’s workplace. Being financially independent Women make up more than and able to protect oneself (and 49.6% of the population. They his woman) were traits once are literally everywhere and deemed to lie firmly within the seem to be more in control than masculine domain. they ever were, in every sphere So if these women exhibit be- and in every conceivable way,

using their brains, brawn and beauty. 21-year-old Nan, from Issan, moved to Phuket a year ago and found work as a dancer in bar along Bangla road within a week of arriving. She sleeps on the floor and shares a room with four girls. She goes to dance from 9-3am, six nights a week, but for her, the life she has now is a vast improvement to what it once was. “I can make good money by dancing,” she said, “I don’t go home with any men, I don’t take my clothes off, I just dance and flirt.” There’s a tendency to view Nan and the other girls of Bangla as victims who are exploited, but are they in fact liberated? Perhaps not, but Nan is resolute, “It’s better than working at a convenience store, it’s actually fun,” said Nan. Kee, also from Issan, is the manager of the bar but sees

things slightly differently, “It’s sad that so many girls have to do this, but they can earn more money doing this than other work available to them.” For the girls, many of who are uneducated and from the poor rural areas of Thailand, dancing enables them to have an otherwise unattainable standard of living. So if one is to subscribe to the notion that such work does not exploit the girls, that they are actually choosing to dance and using their beauty as a tool, then who is in charge? The dancer or the punter? “I am,” smiles Nan, “100%, I’m in control.” The make-believe world of the go-go bar or strip club is one that has gained huge popularity in recent years. Modern theorists, philosophers and feminists have all previously suggested that with equal opportunity would come the natural emancipation of women from such ‘degrading’ lines of work. The equal opportunities would in turn foster equal respect from men, who would naturally not wish to view such women as mere sexual objects without any other value. However, the fantasty world of the go-go bar is one where man feels needed, if only in a monetary sense, for in those dark and dingy four walls, it’s a world where women do not earn more, are not more emotionally equipped and are not more ‘powerful’. It’s a fantasy where men are still in charge. Right? Wrong, at least according to Khun Kee, who believes that it is in fact men who are the ones often exploited, “The girls know what they are doing, they take men’s money by making them feel strong,” she said. Men feel in charge in the gogo bar, they feel special, in many cases K. Kee explains, they delude themselves into thinking that a particular girl is dancing just for him and that they have a relationship with a particular girl. The go-go bar girl gives the emasculated and powerless man a much-needed ego boost, who in turn deludes the girl that she is in charge and that she is valued. Having said all that, what do I, as an educated Englishman know? I'm a man and it's my world, but as James Brown emphatically belted out more than 30 years previously, it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing, nothing without the love of a woman or girl... regardless of profession.

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strange phuket

So, how strange are you?


By Joe Sutherland

their friends, maybe complain about their wives putting on a few pounds, talk about the latest TV shows, and watch a matchup between the local teams. I think the only way they could imagine what life is like here is to put it into something like Hangover 2 terms, which struck me not for its wildness but for how tame it actually was. Getting drunk, drugged, and laid by a man doesn’t even move the bar for a wild night out in Bangkok, or, for that matter, Phuket. Many people here would just call it Wednesday night. More than a finger is lost by a drunken motorcyclist just about every ten minutes, and, as for silly tattoos, have you been to Patong? I guess


s an American, the standard question you may first ask upon meeting someone new is, “Where are you from?” In Phuket I may very well ask the same question, but it’s not what I’m really interested in. What I want to ask is, “So what’s strange enough about you that you’re in Phuket?” Nearly without question, if a foreigner has ended up in Phuket, it’s not the weather that has brought them here. I think the magic of Phuket is that it’s wild enough that no matter how strange

you are, you can make Phuket into a home that feels comfortable. After a few years here a man walking home with a Katoey, five kids dangling off a bike, or a Lamborghini cutting off a motorbike doesn’t seem that strange anymore, but it comes home when I think about talking about life with my contemporaries in suburban America. They have kids, a house, a mortgage, a car, a steady job, and all the standard worries. They probably look forward to a night every week or so at the bar with

gay and Eastern European mobsters are something of a rarity in the States, but here it’s just Nong and Alexi whom you had drinks with a few nights ago. And yet, for all the change in perspective, I still read the New York Times and follow American politics, but over the years I’ve felt it become more and more surreal. Debates about gay marriage, Christianity, and the debt crisis seem only slightly more real than the latest TV phenomenon that I’ve never heard of. I suppose the point of this rather disjointed article, is that once you’ve made a home in Phuket, is it ever possible to call wherever you’re originally from home again?



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put your hands together

H Richard Patrick Cracknell, N.D., PhD is a traditional naturopath, and as such, is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat disease or illness, but treats the “human triad” - body, mind and spirit with nutrition, supplements and natural therapies. The views expressed by Richard Cracknell, in no way reflect those of the Post. His beliefs and advice should be referred to as an alternative and not as a replacement to any treatment you are currently receiving for an existing ailment.

ave you ever noticed the hands and fingers on the Buddha images around you and how the hands and fingers are held? "Mudra" is the traditional term for yoga poses involving the hands. The origins come from a Hindu/Yogic background. In yoga, mudrās are used in conjunction with pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), generally while seated in Vajrasana pose. This stimulates different parts of the body with breathing and affects the flow of prana in the body. Mudras are easy to perform at any time, although sitting in the lotus position and focusing on healing can be an advantage. Mudras have a range of traditional uses; from meditation aids to symbolic gestures; from healing poses to dance moves and from invocations to prayers. A research paper published in the National Academy of Sciences in November 2009, found that hand gestures stimulate the same

regions of the brain as language. Much of the literature associated with healing using mudras deals with the effects of mudras on distant parts of the body in a manner reminiscent of reflexology. Although mudras can be used for healing ailments, regular practice of mudras contributes to your overall good health and can be used as a preventive measure. There are over 108 mudra positions. The two I use on a daily basis are the Kubera Mudra and the Hakini Mudra. To perform the Kubera Mudra, place the tip of your thumb, index finger, and middle finger together. Bend the other two fingers so they rest in the middle of your hand. Do this with each hand. The Kubera Mudra can be used for a great variety of concerns. 1t doesn't matter how long it is practiced, but it does matter that you do it with focus and intensity. Many people already know it as the "Three Finger Technique."

Mind over golf matter


efore you play a round of golf, it’s imperative to know the most important and dexterous tool in your golf game arsenal. What do you think it is? The putter? The wedge? Nope, it’s your mind. Take note In preparation of playing a round of golf, have a game plan in your mind of how you are going to play the course, using your tried and tested golf shots. Golfers sometimes try to magic up a shot that they have never practised before. Don't. When you need an escape plan, keep it simple. If by accident you find you’ve hit your ball in the trees (by the way there are a lot of long hitters in the trees) play out sideways and live to fight another hole… How to go low A good way to boost your confidence and help you ‘go low’ with your score is to think of the best possible eclectic score. This score will be a combination of the best scores on each of the 18 holes over a long period of playing the course. You’ll be surprised how low it is and yes, you actually did it, nobody can take that away from you. Pit falls Often when your playing partner turns round to you and says after 9 holes “You’re having the best score of your life,” your game immediately goes into self-destruct mode because you are thinking about the score,

instead of just playing one shot at a time. So be prepared for this comment after nine holes and let it go in one ear and out the other, get back to your game plan and hit one shot at a time. You will often hear commentators on TV referring to a player as a scoreboard-watcher or not. In fact you never really need to know the score of the round even when approaching the last few holes. The key is to stay in the process of what you are doing, just hitting one shot at a time until you finish the round. Golfers playing well are so absorbed in their game, that even after finishing the 18th hole, they are ready to go to the next tee. So why not put compile all your previous high scores on your favourite course and prepare your game plan of how you’re going to execute it on the golf course. Most importantly play one shot at a time until you run out of holes on the golf course. Then add up your score… For further tips and advice on your golf game, visit:

They use it when they are looking for something specific: a parking space, a certain dress, the right book, the necessary information etc. No longer do I pray to St. Anthony, the patron of lost objects, now I just hold this Mudra. Use it when you want to put more intent behind your plans for the future. With the three closed fingers, additional strength is given to goals that people want to reach, or wishes that they would like to have fulfilled. The other mudra I use is the Hakini Mudra, for increased concentration and focus. Place all the fingertips together. The Hakini Mudra can be practiced at any time. When you would like to remember something, or want to find the red thread again, place your fingertips together, direct your eyes upward, place the tip of your tongue on your gums while inhaling, and let the tongue fall again while exhaling. Then take a deep breath and

what you wanted should immediately occur to you. Moreover, when you concentrate on something for a long period of time, could use some good ideas, or want to remember something that you have read, this mudra is very useful. When working and thinking, do not cross your feet. Sit with your eyes facing west. This mudra can do true wonders, and you should always keep it in the back of your mind in case of an emergency. This finger position has been researched quite well; it has been determined that it promotes the cooperation between the right and left brain hemispheres. It is also recommended in memory training. It opens access to the right hemisphere, which is where the memory is stored. This mudra also improves and deepens respiration and the brain profits from it as well. A booklet on MUDRAS is available at the Living Food Café, Nai Harn Beach


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hat would you do if you couldn’t fail? At anything? Would you become fluent in several languages? Learn and master the stock market? What would you do if you could digest and encipher all information that was currently available to you… about everything? Now ask that same question in relation to your health, fitness and wellness? I have been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years. When I was just starting in the industry, I would pour all my time and money into health and fitness magazines. In every issue they would have a new exercise for this body part or that body part, and a new diet from a celebrity and it was all the same, issue after issue, year after year. I recently had some time to kill, and found myself near a newsagent and decided to pop in to have a look around. All the same magazines were there. The fashion magazines telling me what I should

wear, who was hot and who was not. The business magazines telling me what stock to buy, and what not to buy, and then there were the fitness magazines! I browsed a little and ended up buying a few magazines. The first thing I noticed was that the information or more exactly the headlines were exactly the same as they were 20 years ago. Did that mean we have not progressed in 20 years? Did that mean we still wanted the same three things? : Flatter Abs, Tighter Butts, and Thinner Thighs’? Did that mean after 20 years, and with all the information we now have available to us, that we have still not progressed in terms of knowing what to do and how to get it? Apparently NOT! The second thing I noticed was the difference between the two genders. The women’s’ magazines focused on certain exercises for certain body parts to make them smaller or more to the point, appear smaller. While the men’s magazines focused on the exact opposite: The men’s magazines focused on increasing certain body parts: “Build a bigger chest, or bigger arms, or massive quads.” From a scientific point of view, we cannot determine where we lose fat just by exercising a particular body part. Unfortunately the body takes its energy from fat stores all over the body when we exercise.

BODY TALK By Garnett Symonds



iccups, also known as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter, is caused by a sudden involuntary contraction of your diaphragm, the muscle that separates your chest cavity from your abdomen and plays an important role in breathing. Each involuntary diaphragmatic contraction is followed by a sudden closure of your Glottis (the opening between your vocal cords) which produces the characteristic “hic” sound. Hiccups may result from a large meal, drinking too much alcohol or emotional stress and excitement. A bout of hiccups usually lasts only a few minutes. Hiccups lasting more than 48 hours may be caused by a variety of factors. The most common cause of longterm hiccups is irritation of the vagus or phrenic nerves, which innervate the diaphragm muscle. Pathology or infection of the central nervous system can also disrupt the body’s normal control of the hiccup reflex. Other causes of persistent hiccups include certain conditions affecting the neck, heart conditions and stroke. Certain metabolic disorders may also be responsible for hiccups; these include alcoholism, diabetes, electrolyte imbalance and the use of steroids and


tranquilizers. In fact there are over 100 diseases that have been reported to cause hiccups. Lucky then that there are so many popular remedies that are said to stop a short bout of hiccups. It is not clear just how effective they are as none have been subjected to research trials. Such remedies include biting on a lemon, pulling your knees-up to your chest, breathing into a paper bag, gargling with ice water, holding of one’s breath and performing the valsalva manoeuvre. Prolonged hiccups can interfere with eating, speech, sleep and a post-surgical wound healing. Medical treatment for long term persistent hiccups usually involves medications such as Baclofen (muscle relaxant) and Metoclopramide (anti-nausea). Alternative treatment such as acupuncture, hypnosis and homeopathy are also rather successful. Garnett B Symonds, is an osteopath and a fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy. Contact: 081 607 2343 or

However, we can spot increase. ie increase the size of a particular muscle, which is done by increasing the load placed upon it. In relation to fitness and training, it is true that males have the advantage. Males have the strength and speed and produce testosterone which is a fat burning hormone while females produce predominantly estrogen, which is a fat storing hormone. Now maybe science is partly to blame, but I’m sure psychologists would concur that ‘Mass Psychology’, is and does play a huge part in how people think, believe and act in relation to health, fitness and wellness. We just have to look at history to show us that sometimes we are not in control of our own thoughts and actions and are guided or influenced by others. In the 80’s it was the ‘Running Craze’, in the 90’s it was Pilates and in the 21st century it’s the ‘No Carb’ diets. Running is an aerobic exercise has been shown to improve our cardiovascular health. Pilates was originally designed for rehabilitation-based exercise and has gone on to increase the flexibility and core strength, and even introduce resistance training to millions of women and men worldwide. It is the dieting phase, while a seemingly logical process of reducing the amount of food that we eat and therefore

the amount of saturated fats we consume, that has been medically proven as a main contributor to cardiovascular disease and even strokes. It has proven to be unhealthy, from both a physiological and psychological point of view, when reducing and sometimes eliminating carbohydrates in the diet. Yet with all the information available to us from the internet, scientific peer reviewed journals with evidence based research, we still use diets that were created in the 70’s based on some ‘guru’ at the time who had minimal scientific understanding. We still give in and therefore even further perpetuate the myth, that the amount of weight training for women should be limited for fear of building bulging muscles to the same proportion of men in professional bodybuilding instead of creating strong lean women capable of anything. Muscle grows with the right stimulus, nutrition and activity and fat grows with a lack of stimulus, the wrong form of nutrition and no activity. The real issue is how many of us do what we know? If you had access to all the knowledge in the universe, and could read and understand any and all information that was available to you, what would you do with that information?

The Super Motor Show at Central Festival on 14 July

The only mafia that counts: Phuket House Mafia entertain crowds at The Mine in Phuket town on 23 July

Island Life Photo

Paradox scare, rock and perplex the revellers at Hard Rock Cafe on 30 July

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Dining with the angels Massaman wins world’s best food at the Marina

1 2



he Royal Phuket Marina, besides being a luxurious dock for those with the means to make use of, is also home to the unrivalled, in equipment and staff know-how, R.P.M fitness centre. Post workout, if the healthconscious so wishes he/she could take a short trip across the Marina’s courtyard to ‘Les Anges’ Patisserie (The Angels Bakery), for a slice or two of cake as a reward. But perhaps not a third… Since opening, just a few years ago, Les Anges has proven a big hit with residents of the marina, expats and Thais alike, who have delicately woven into their daily routines a trip there to pick up their homemade bread, and wide variety of cakes and chocolate creations. Many hotels on the island also make use of the bakery. Few on the island however are aware of the fabulous cuisine also on offer at the bakery/ restaurant. Bernard Garcia, the recently appointed GM and Chef along with Chef Ekphisit Padikthaphat from the Sheraton, Hua Hin however, are hoping to change all that. Mr Garcia said, “We want to be known more than just for cakes and so have changed the menu and it now features a wonderful assortment of dishes. These include a wide variety of bar snacks: Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce (95 baht), Fried Calamari with Chili Plum Sauce (150 baht) Warm Pitta Bread & Selection of Dips (130 baht) and Chicken Satays with Peanut-Cucumber-Sauce (195 baht). At Les Anges, there are a wide selection of soups, sandwiches, Thai favourites and pasta dishes, but it is the carefully designed main dishes though that takes full advantage of the combined knowledge and experience of the two chefs. Considering the location and its close proxim-

ity to the sea, it is little wonder Once a month, many rhyththat many of the fish and seafood mically blessed residents also dishes excel. The fried salmon venture down to Les Anges for on creamed pesto potatoes was ‘Salsa night.’ More and more are a personal favourite, the under- turning up to do the Cha-Cha, stated and mild sauce serving as Bachata, Samba and Rumba and the perfect accompaniment to any other dance ending in ‘a’ on lightly salted salmon. (395 baht). the runway outside the restaurant. The dessert section is, as to Dancers can enjoy a light beat be expected, extremely varied, and refreshment, and then dance and customers can choose from a and twirl the night away under huge selection of homemade sor- the stars and marine lights. The underground car park at bets and ice creams
and assorted homemade chocolate pralines RPM is kept open 24 hours a and truffles. There are also count- day, so revelers can dance or less varieties of French pastries sit outside in the dining section and cakes, priced between 95 enjoying a glass of wine, while watching the wonderful yachts. – 450 baht. If you fancy something a little To be able to eat the reasonextra, and something a little spe- ably priced and delicious dishes cial, Les Anges also has a few in such a grand and relaxing setwonderfully sounding and hope- tings is truly a treat, and one, if fully tasting Dessert Specialties: Mr Garcia has anything to do Sabayon (265 baht), Assiette de with it, more people will be samPicasso (235 baht), Saint Tropez pling in the future. Corner (325 baht). Les Anges is currently a place Every Fridays, Les Anges also known as a great bakery and, of hosts an incredibly popular In- late, dancing venue. The newdian cuisine night, where guests est challenge for Mr Garcia and can sample all they can eat of the co at the RPM is whether they finest chapatis, naan breads and can make it as acclaimed as a masala curries for just 495 baht restaurant and fine dining estaball inclusive. lishment.


hakespeare once scribed, “If music be the food of love, then play on.” Not exactly sure what that means, but it seems to suggest parallels exist between eating and for want of a better word ‘loving.’ What is indisputable is that discovering a new food is certainly a lot of fun, but less likely to cause extreme emotional distress upon hearing that a new style of taco dip has ran off with your friend… Pat yourselves on the back men of Phuket because both Thai food and Thai women are exquisite, relatively healthy and unlikely to cause heart attacks, in moderation. Chicken Massaman Curry has been named the world’s tastiest food in a poll conducted by

The 5 World’s Tastiest Dishes:

5. Peking Duck, China Crispy and syrup-glazed, Peking duck – often served with onions and pancakes – is a truly delicious taste of the Orient.



4. Sushi, Japan Raw fish popped on little rectangle blocks of rice. Sounds simple, but top sushi chefs train for years to learn how to properly cut choice cuts of fish and how to present it. 3. Chocolate, Mexico Discovered by the Mayans, the humble Cacao bean is enjoyed all around the world in various forms and much like love, can make you sick if you eat too much. 2. Neapolitan Pizza, Italy The most simple of creations. Hand-rolled dough, with three types of tomatoes, salt, cheese and olive oil and cooked in a wood-fired oven. 1.Massaman Curry, Thailand Hooray, and there was the Post thinking that India ruled the roost in terms of curries. Thailand has trumped all with a perfect marriage of coconut, peanuts, potatoes and spicy goodness.


phuket property

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Phuket’s hotels honoured by Tripadvisor


wo hotels in Phuket have been awarded the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence. The award honours top-rated hotels, restaurants and attractions, reviewed by travellers on one of the world's largest travel sites. To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an average rating of at least four out of a possible five stars, as reviewed by travellers on TripAdvisor. Additional criteria include volume of reviews and how recently they have been submitted by travellers.

The Pavilions, Phuket was one such hotel to receive the Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2011. The Pavilions, Phuket General Manager Jean-Christophe Nager said, “I am so pleased that our guests feel compelled to write about their memorable experiences on Tripadvisor. “We do not underestimate the power of social media attributing to the ongoing success of our hotel.” Gordon Oldham, Owner of The Pavilions Resorts commented, “This award is testament to the hard work and passion

for service that associates at The Pavilions, Phuket give to guests. They are truly the best team.” The Pavilions, Phuket, is a luxury 5 star boutique hotel comprising a collection of 48 private pool villas, offering both ocean views and hillside panoramas. Also honoured was the strikingly memorable Centara Grand Beach Resort, Phuket. Both in size and design, the resort echoes the character of the famous Sino-Portuguese architecture found in the heart of Old Phuket Town. The design, comprising lengthy colon-

nades and stucco moldings, pays homage to a bygone age of burgeoning wealth and opulence that emerged during the booming tin mining era on the island. “Centara Grand Beach Resort, Phuket is pleased to receive this TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence,” said Denis Thouvard, General Manager at Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket. “We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translated into positive traveller reviews on TripAdvisor.”

With hundreds of nominations submitted for this year’s Thailand Property Awards and judges well underway with the process of selecting the ‘best of the best’ in the kingdom’s property sector, early reservations are now available.

Winning a Thailand Property Award is one of the most prestigious acknowledgments of a company’s achievements. The awards have become a benchmark for high quality standards in the property industry, with buyers often choosing award winning properties, agents, architects and designers when investing in the kingdom.

The awards are highly coveted by real estate agents, property developers, interior designers and architects in Thailand’s residential real estate industry and the Gala Awards Dinner attracts over 600 CEOs, managing directors, presidents and other senior management figures every year. This year the event will be held at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel on the 5th of November. For more information and reservations Ensign Media Co., Ltd. Tel: 02-662-5195 Fax: 02-662-5198


B usiness L istings for P huket

Classifieds Phone: 076 620 054 Fax: 076 273 202 Website: E-mail:



Fan or Aircon room for rent on Nanai road

Honda Steed 600

House in Nai Harn Rawai

New NOKIA N8 6 month guarantee left

Room for rent on Nanai Road, Patong, from just 6000 baht. Email Fred:

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Latest Nokia N8 complete in box and not a single scratch on the phone. Call for info. Price new: 16500 baht Selling for: 10,000 baht non negotiable Tel: 0843772526 Patong

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168 sq. wai, single house in Saiyuan, Naiharn beach 168 sq.wha.(672 sq.m) with coconut trees surrounding, mountain view, 2 stories+decking area. 35,000 b/m + 2 months deposit.For sale at 9.5m. For more info, e-mail: or call 0815978315

hayate 125cc Sell suzuki hayate 125cc 1 year 10 months 29 500 thb color Gold 15500 km have green book all papers Contact: Stefan rottner Email :



Items for Sale

Samsung LED Smart TV 46" NEW!!!

Chao Fah West - 300 M from Chalong Circle Double unit 7.5 m, 3 storeys : 9.9 million with chanote 0841113977

Great Bargain! Brand new Samsung LED Smart TV 46". Retail price 42000 THB and my price only 36000 THB! I sell because I need cash urgently. My loss your gain! Model UA46D6000SR Call: 0801423141

Car and auction plates for sale


Bar utensils, glasses, lights

Substantial Seaview Pool villa with mangnificent sea and mountian views. This villa needs the complete interior to be finished. 50 sqms living area 800 sqm outdoor area.Located in a quiet area on a private road. Chanote title: 10.5 m

Ford Explorer V8 (white) with plate no.2 and no. 4 Ford Escape 3.(golden bronze) with plate no. 4433 Honda Jazz (blue) with no. 4433 Contact Khun. Pitipat: 084-1844-053

ONLY THB 7,5 MILL - 3 HONGS - 15 X 20 M. MAIN ROAD / ROAD 2 SIDES - SAIYUAN AND SOI 5 - stefan 084 1113977 Best for Development

New house for sale at Kamala beach

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Detached house, 2 floors. 65 sq. wai.3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with 3 x 8 m pool. 7.5 million baht. Call 081-5377146

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2 stories, 2 bedrooms ,2 bath rooms,located in town next to Mission Hospital. For rent at 8000 b/m. Sale at 1.85 MB. For more info pls. e-mail '' call at 081-7872201

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Kata Seaview Pool Villa Needs Finishing

Make clean and safe drinking water at home. We offer under sink reverse Osmosis Water Purifier to suit to every home. Call Woody 089-874 3771 or visit www. for more information.

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phuket classifieds

Classifieds Phone: 076 620 054 Fax: 076 273 202 Website: E-mail:

Have a problem with drinking? we can help Alcoholics Anonymous

081 891 2895 (Eng)

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086 944 0460 (Swedish)

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Phuket Property Services Free Service for real estate, property sellers, buyers and referral hunters. 4,000 Property Listings at your service. Just ask us what you need. Marc Heylen: 0800 38 07 07


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Pulse Media Company Limited: 122/5 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn Sub-District,Thalang District, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Phuket Post 157  

Newspaper phuket

Phuket Post 157  

Newspaper phuket