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16 - 130- November 15 JUNE phuketphuketPOST.COM POST.COM

e have great pleasure in announcing the winners of the Best of Phuket Awards for 2011. Business of the Year goes to Airports of Thailand, for enlarging Phuket Airport well ahead of the rapid boom in tourist arrivals. Innovation of the Year goes to the public bus company that is doing such a good job along Phuket's west coast tourist centres, and Phuket Person of the Year goes to the smiling driver who gave the island's last surviving Phuket tuk-tuk to the National Museum. Oh, sorry. We've allowed our dreams to run wild again. But then, Best of Phuket Awards

are an opportunity to let dreams run wild and imagine ''What if...'' about Phuket, the wonderful island beloved by most residents and tourists. It's still a natural gem that we would like to see achieve its full potential. The judging panel at the Phuket Post, Phuket Wan and for the first year the island's leading radio station, 91.5 FM, hereby reveal this year’s nominations and also breaks with tradition by already declaring the winner in one category. In the other categories, we've narrowed down our nominations after considering some fine candidates.

And it's not too late for a reader to submit a ''wild card'' for consideration in any category. As in past years, there are no nominations for the Phuket Person of the Year 2011. The judges will be holding more meetings before announcing that particular prestigious honour, won last year by former Phuket City Police Superintendent Colonel Wanchai Eakpornpit, the man who introduced the successful ''100% helmet'' campaign on Phuket and won national awards for his strategic life-saving campaign. Send your suggestions to

Here are this year’s nominations for the other categories: Phuket Business of the Year 2011 ing the boundaries of schooling, This year's nominations: The Phuket News: For adding sport and spirituality. to the depth of choice in Phuket Supercheap: For fighting inmedia. flation and establishing PhuketPhuket International Acad- owned convenience outlets. Last year's winner: Centara emy: For consistently expandPhuket Innovation of the Year 2011 This year's nominations: For giving a voice to tourists and Saphan Hin Public Park: For expat residents. its musical fountain and improvePATA/Skal: For getting togethments to Phuket's favorite festi- er to broaden tourism’s scope. val venue. Last year's winner: Phuket Tin Phuket's Honorary Consuls: Mine Museum, Kathu. Phuket Resort of the Year 2011 This year's nominations are Sri Panwa: Home to the secthree old favourites that are being ond-best beach bar in the world, reinvented: according to Boathouse Kata Last year's winner: The Westin Angsana Laguna Phuket (for- Siray Bay Resort and Spa Phuket merly the Sheraton Grande) Phuket Good Value Restaurant of the Year 2011 This year's nominations: Gitano: Tasty and tangy Tex The Yellow Door, Phuket town: Mex. Funky and fun food. Last year's winner: Uptown, Suay: A country cottage in the Phuket City city. Phuket Best Restaurant of the Year 2011 This year's nominations are yet or phuketwan. to be confirmed. We are looking com for readers' suggestions. Last year's winner: Sea.Fire. Tell us what you think via Salt., Anantara, Mai Khao Environmental Excellence of the Year 2011 Award Being adventurous and bold, we've selected the old Sarasin Bridge as this year's winner of the Phuket Post/Phuketwan Environmental Excellence of the Year 2011. Why? Because it's a great example of Reuse, Recycle, Reduce. The old bridge could have been left to decay when the new Sarasin 2 Bridge was erected to cater for motorists streaming off Phuket to the mainland. Instead, some brilliant de-

signer opted to remake it as a pedestrian sunset lookout, lifting it up so yachts could sail beneath. So instead of being a conduit for gas-guzzlers, the bridge is now a place where people exercise by walking, and where the natural beauty of each day's sunset can be appreciated. The bridge should act as a metaphor for Phuket. The island can be reinvented, the good bits can be enhanced and lifted up, and a balance with

nature can be preserved in the face of progress. Sarasin Bridge, we salute you.


secret phuket

16 - 130- November 15 JUNE phuketphuketPOST.COM POST.COM

5 things you never knew about Thailand Pulse Media Company Limited 122/5 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn Sub-District, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

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Stop for a croc


here are still many, many, many things you don't know about your partner, as there are that she/he doesn't know about you. Most of which, you are both probably thankful you don’t. (But if you want to find out, turn to page 5) But hey that’s okay, everybody has secrets; dark, disturbing omissions that bubble deep beneath the surface of every pair of eyes that you engage with. A far off look, flicker of an eyelid or a corner-raised smile often belies a hidden truth or blatant lie. Here the Post reveals 5 things you probably never knew about Thailand. A 1/3 of all Thai people were once slaves: I know it’s hard to believe but once upon a time Thailand’s economy flourished from the slave trade. After the abolishment of slavery in the early part of the 20th century, (historical records vary) a distinction was hurriedly made between Thai slavery and other worldwide forms. The majority of slaves were thus categorised as redeemable, in that they were 'debt slaves' who willingly entered a life of servitude and were ‘treated well’ by their masters compared to, say, their African counterparts. Although few ever worked off their debt and were able to leave their life of bondage, it has been reported that, quite often, emancipated slaves would soon ‘sell’ themselves again. Non-redeemable slaves included those captured in warfare; condemnation for crimes; raids, both by pirates and by professional traders and sale of dependents, usually of children by their parents. According to these broad classifications, therefore, up to a third of all Thai nationals were slaves at one point. The ruling lords and landowners owned the vast majority of the slaves in Ancient Siam. Gradual steps from servitude to absolute freedom were taken during King Rama V’s reign, starting in lowering the redemption price of household slaves born in 1867 (his ascension year), to allowing them complete freedom when they reached 21 years old. Thus huge numbers of newly freed slaves had time to find employment, usually as farmers or merchants, before the Siamese Slave Abolition Act was introduced in 1905. The reverse of a 100 baht note depicts King Rama V freeing the slaves.

Amphetamine was legal until the 1970s: Amphetamine (Ya bah) was legal and widely used by bus drivers and field workers until a spate of horrific road accidents forced the Thai government to rethink legislation Despite this, the little ‘energy’ pill saw its greatest popularity among long distance lorry drivers in the following decade. Often young flower girls would place pills within flowers to sell on the side of the road to passing motorists, walkers, tourists or anybody wishing to have an unnatural spring in their step. Now, although the use of Class A drugs could theoretically carry the death penalty in Thailand, nobody has fallen victim to such punishment since 2004. The world's rarest bird lives in Thailand: The beautiful Pitta gurneyi (The Gurney's Pitta) is a medium-sized passerine bird with a blue crown and blackand-yellow under parts. The rest of its head is black. This bird stands on the edge of extinction and was thought to have gone the way of the Do Do in 1952 until English ornithologist John Henry Gurney ‘rediscovered’ it in 1986. Thai Buddhist statues can never be owned: The next time you find yourself haggling over the price of a Buddhist statue from a street vendor, remind him that in fact a Buddha statue is priceless and cannot be sold. Wait, he might then double the price… All Thai Buddhist statues are leased from their sculptors or makers, as they are considered too valuable to have any material value. Thailand also houses the world’s largest solid gold Buddha, the 900-year-old Wat Traimitr. It is 3 metres high and weighs 5 tons. And a final little fun one: Ever noticed how important and central to a conversation ‘eating’ is in Thailand? Ran out of things to say? There’s always 'gin kao mai'? There’s a reason why. The traditional Thai greeting is not in fact Sawatdee. Sawatdee is actually derived from the Sanskrit ‘Svasti’ which means 'well-being' and was only introduced during the WW2. Before that, people greeted each other by asking if they had eaten yet. Wonderful, strange and distinctly Thai.

The recent floods in Thailand have caused incredible devastation and the shocking scenes seem unlikely to stop any time soon. Paddling through streets that you normally walk down is likely to be stressful and potentially dangerous enough, but now residents of Ayutthya have a new hazard to be wary of: loose crocodiles. Those who have the guile and confidence to attempt to catch the large reptiles will be given 1,000 baht per croc.

Sip into something more gigantic

Living in Phuket, one must accept the likelihood that things will not turn out like you had requested, ordered or indeed planned. But usually these are little ‘jai yen yen’ things, the exact opposite of what happened to a Canadian chap with a size 13 left foot and a 14.5 right foot who decided to order a specially made slipper for his right foot from China. Manufacturers failed to notice the decimal point and made one gigantic slipper, sized, yep, 145. It’s the same size as a bear or car.

Lazy postman blames workload

A British postman is up in court next month facing charges of hoarding the public’s letters. Over 3,000 letters, parcels and packages were found in the 37-year-old’s house. He has stated that he simply did not have time to deliver them. The Devon-based postie did a regular 4-hour shift – that usually took 5 hours – and the situation apparently just snowballed.

Everything is banana

If you’ve lived in Thailand for more than a few months you are likely to have heard the expression ‘everything is [metaphorically] banana’ which roughly translates as, everything is easy. For a Japanese artist however, everything literally is banana. He uses the pulpy goodness to craft all kinds of interesting shapes and figures, including horses, warriors and demons.

private phuket

16 1 - - 1530 JUNE November phuket-phuketPOST.COM POST.COM

living in a concrete jungle


My name is Phattaradarun ‘Mai’ Chaiyo. I became a master of ceremonies when I was 13 years old. I then became a professional supermodel. A trainer taught me how to adjust my personality to be a Phuket Top Model. I talk frankly, love my family and am cheerful and funny. What has been your most perfect day so far in your life? The most wonderful time in my life is the present. I feel it's very special and am very happy at the moment. What has been your most romantic experience so far? Phuket is a tourist place that is surrounded with sea and a romantic atmosphere. This makes couples absorb romance. For me I think romance happens every day.

Health & Safety standards are just an option for some Phuket companies. The guys who work on scaffolding work at a height of almost 30 metres with no safety harness whatsoever, most for a low wage. Courageous? No doubt. But unfortunately, courage does not prevent accidents.

Bringing one’s prized drug possessions


he recent floods in Bangkok and the surrounding areas has forced a mass exodus from the city, and many well-heeled ‘refugees’ decided to travel to Phuket. Upon hearing of Phuket’s food shortages and the like, many were advised to bring what they valued with them. 27-year-old Japanese man Haruyuki

Masuoka did just that, but upon being stopped at the Tah Chat Chai checkpoint, on his journey from Bangkok to Phuket, it was found he had possession of over 24 grams of marijuana. His road-trip buddies were released on the day (28 October), but Mr Masuoka currently remains at Phuket Police station, awaiting his trial.

Any beer in the inn?

Supinya tries to find work at a bar to no avail


he recent floods in Bangkok have caused devastation in and around the capital and have hit Phuket hard, exactly where it feels it the most… in bars. The brewery that brews Singha is currently closed in Bangkok, and although production of Leo in the factory of Khon Kaen continues, delivery routes of Leo have been severely affected. Phuket bars are struggling to keep up with demand, with some even resorting to raising the prices of a bottle by between 20-30%.

The Patong Entertainment Business Association (PEBA) has warned people not to panic, but has stated that if things do not improve by the end of November, then Phuket’s bars and clubs may soon be facing a crisis. Rather ironically though, many of the said bars are not short of staff but are instead facing a deluge of female Bangkok refugees wishing to work in them. Supinya, a 31-year-old hospital orderly from Bangkok said that upon arriving in Phuket, she had been unable to find work, even in a bar, “Most of the girls working in the bars now are girls from Bangkok and surrounding areas, looking to escape the floods.” Hers is a rather common story in Phuket at the moment, “My apartment is on the second floor, so it’s okay, but I can’t actually travel to my work or anything like that.” Supinya has therefore decided to wait it out in Phuket until the floods subside, which, according to some reports, could take up to another month or so. “I have no choice,” she said, “I’ll stay in Phuket until it’s okay for me to return. Hopefully I can find work during that time.” Hopefully there is beer for her to serve…

How can we make Phuket a better place? We should have a campaign about how to use safe and natural resources effectively. We should also have a campaign instructing people how to live happily in the community and reduce crime and I would like everyone to participate to develop Phuket. Would you like to be a cat or bird? Between a cat and a bird I want to be a bird, because birds are charming. They have beautiful hair and voices. They have wings for flying, I want to fly with freedom like a bird.


Can you find the ten words which have been in the news over the last two weeks within a minute? Clocks start… now!

Heaven, Secret, Private, Lust, Shopping, Crash Checkpoint, Radio, Drugs

6 Phuket Top M odel Anniversary Pa rty, 26 Nov

walking phuket Joe Sutherland

16 - 130- November 15 JUNE phuketphuketPOST.COM POST.COM

Walking in Phuket

Fashion show, guest DJs and lots of posing at Patong nigh tclub Famous from 9p m.

Phuket Tri athlon, Novem ber 27 Laguna

Get your go trainers, sp ggles, andex and gatora de at the ready for the tough est challe nge of your life.

Phuket Inter Socce r 7s, N national ovemb 26-27 er

For th amate e first year, ur the that) f (don’t tell t hem ootball will be player s c Thany ompeting at apura Sport the Leisur and e Cent re.


hais in Phuket hate to walk more than just about anything. I suppose it comes from the easy parking, a relatively small volume of traffic, and the abundance of easily maneuverable motorbikes. Whatever the underlying reason, Phuket has been designed--well, "designed" is probably too kind a word--without consideration for the pedestrian. Generally, large roads in the smaller towns will simply have no sidewalk at all. Things are a bit better in Phuket town, but the sidewalks

that do exist are small and beset by an extraordinary range of obstacles from low hanging bars, loose electrical wires, pot holes, and street vendors taking up all the available space. In fairness, I don't think the Thais see this as a problem because only a crazy person would be walking anyway. Crosswalks are the most dangerous. Despite being clearly marked with zebra stripes, traffic will simply not stop for you. I've crossed them with Thai friends at a leisurely pace while the Thais will run ahead to clear the road

before the traffic. I point out that I have right of way in the crossing. The Thais ask me if that will make me feel better with a car on top of me--they have a point. Going out with Thai friends, there is always an audible moan when I take the easy parking a few blocks away from the event rather than circle for half an hour to get a closer spot. Indeed, on our way walking there every taxi that passes honks at us to see if we want a ride-clearly we couldn't be walking somewhere! Perhaps the most interesting

features of this bias against walking is the parking pattern around busy events. Even the busiest events will have plenty of parking 500 metres away, however, as you get close, you'll start to see cars, bikes, and every other conceivable mode of transport crammed into every available spot, double parked, and often just idling in the middle of the road. It might be something that warm climates just share, but Phuket and LA are in firm agreement that it's just not cool to walk anywhere.

phuket moments

16 1 - - 1530 JUNE November phuket-phuketPOST.COM POST.COM


capturing memories of thailand The Post snaps up some time of Swiss photographer Andy Helbling to talk about some of the incredible photos he has managed to capture while holidaying in Phuket and around Thailand


y name is Andy Helbling and I live in Lucerne, Switzerland. One of my oldest friends is the son of the famous landscape photographer Willi P. Burkhardt. Ever since we were young, my friend and I spent the majority of our free time playing in his father’s studio. Maybe it was then that I was infected by the photography virus. At 15-years-old I bought my first camera: a Minolta 5000, but didn't start getting paid for my work until 1994. I like to think I get better with every photo I take. I must have spent over 10,000 Euros on cameras and equipment since I started! Every time the goal is the same: to make photos that people like, so that they and I may remember the beautiful world in which we live, and to conserve all those special moments that may never come back.

Chiang Mai, Royal Park Rajapruek, Royal Pavillon: Inside the pavillon is the painted life of the King. This is another example of a Thai building not just being functional, but for looking good too.

What is your favourite subject matter? I am not a classical photo artist. I am more of a reporter for special situations, events or landscapes. My favorites are planes, landscapes, street photography, events and of course travel photography. Why do you like taking photos of Thailand? My older brother took me to Thailand for the first time in 2002. I was fascinated by the beautiful and exotic world he showed me. To see the people and their happiness was like falling in love with this wonderful country. For me as a photographer, Thailand is a never-ending place of colorful and fascinating areas with numberless facets of life to catch with the camera. It starts with the beauty of the people, the spectacular land, the sea areas and the mystical magic of the temples. Has there ever been one moment where you wished you'd had your camera with you, but you didn’t? Oh, there are many… The last one was in Phuket in Patong this summer. This year I had decided to focus on capturing sunsets. On the one day I had left the camera at home - because I thought it was too late - I saw an incredibly romantic sunset; with the clouds on the horizon, the sea coloured from gold to red. There was also a great bright golden light over the sea in the middle of a passing fisher boat. I missed this very special moment, which was incredibly frustrating, but on my way home I managed to shoot this spectacular sunset at Bangkok Airport (above right). For further information and to see more of Andy's wonderful photos, go to www.

Chiang Mai, Royal Park Rajapruek, Royal Pavillon: This building contains many details in wood work and shows a lot of love for the king.

Bangkok Airport Terminal F: Sunset made it resemble a futuristic station. I shot this on my way back to Switzerland. I felt like Thailand was thanking me for visiting.

Phuket, Patong, Sunset: Another day, another light, another colour and an endless pool for romantic photos.

Phuket, Patong, Hotel Amari Coral Beach, Jetty-pier at sunset: A romantic sunset that I did manage to take.

Phuket, Patong, Bangla, Street magican: Tiger: Another reason that keeps Soi Bangla interesting.

Chiang Mai, Lighted Tuk Tuk on a red light in Chang Klan Rd: Hated and Loved: In Thailand, everything is so full of colour and the people are creative.

8 By Jody Houton

phuket secrets

16 - 130- November 15 JUNE phuketphuketPOST.COM POST.COM

investigating the trust in lust


huket, Thailand: a place where dreams, along with thousands of dalliances and relationships are made every single night. But what happens when those walks on the beach, afternoon cocktails and delicious lie-ins give way to that drive to the airport, that last cup of coffee and hurried exchange of email addresses? What happens when you have to wake up from your Phuket dream? At what point did the longing for something intangible turn from something that seemed so real in that first moment you caught her eye? Work undertaken by ‘Mark’, the owner of Thailand Private Investigations (TPI), hinges on the fear, confusion and pain of

and ‘befriending’, while foreign staff will sometimes be deployed, depending on the scenario. “A foreign guy for example can blend much less conspicuously in the bar environment, I often handle a lot of these cases myself,” Mark explains. In other P.I companies, often the extent of the investigation merely involves a P.I going to a bar and paying money to see if the girl will sleep with him. This Mark believes is unfair and not particularly useful, “Often the girls are in a very desperate and poverty-stricken situation and which of them is not going to sleep with someone who offers her a few thousand baht?”

appears a man is neglecting his family and children, he takes the case with gusto. “It’s bad for everyone, so we go and take plenty of photos to force him to face up to the matter. Sometimes this is the only way to get him to stop or think about his actions,” explained Mark. He also revealed that quite often he will even talk to the philanderer to try to make him realise the error of his ways, “Many men will continue to do it unless they meet somebody who can make them see sense. They’re often looking at things through rose-tinted glasses. I just make him realise that it’s basically the mating instinct that they are experiencing; it’s lust that they are experiencing, it’s not love.”

addictive personality and that I do not deal with. Only systematic professional help can deal with addictions.” TPI also doesn’t provide specific information that could theoretically inflame an already volatile situation. “Often clients ask for names of who he/she has been cheating with and places where they meet, so that they may go and confront them themselves. We never give out such information. It’s too dangerous.” Evidence is presented only after a particular dalliance, to avoid such crimes of passion, but also to prepare the video footage and photos and write up the log, report and analysis. What happens next is down to the

Pic: Andy Helbling Soi Bangla where you're never quite sure of who is watching who

that exact moment. TPI is the second oldest P.I agency in Thailand and has been operational since 1997. They undertake cases throughout Thailand, with the majority based in the Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket areas. As with other aspects of fraudulent conduct, the private investigations into relationships and affairs of the hearts and groins has had to evolve since its inception, “The business is now much more into internet dating and abusive uses of social media. These sites are the modern day equivalent of a bar. Bar girls now don’t even necessarily work in bars anymore, they can do it all on the Internet,” revealed Mark. Other than the nuances of technological advancement, however, Mark believes that little has changed in the types of requests he gets: “We have two kinds of cases: The most common is following a girl that a guy has met whilst on holiday. When he goes back home to his own country, he wants to find out what she’s doing and if she is who she says she is.” Services provided in such a case involve ‘tailing’ her from her residence to her workplace. ‘Ordinary looking’ Thai people are often used for surveillance

A large part of the service TPI offers is Foreign men who are investigated tend an actual written assessment and entrap- to fall into two categories: Firstly there’s ment, Mark argues, is not an accurate way the man who starts an affair with a Thai to observe the Thai girl in her natural state. girl and then there’s the man who is ad“We prefer to go into their environment, dicted to having multiple sexual partners. to see whether she is the predator or not.” In the former Mark believes there is Interestingly, alstill hope for a though Mark vehepossible reconcilimently disproves ation - if the wife “We prefer to go into their of entrapping by so wished - as he offering ‘larger’ environment, to see whether believes falling for sums of money, he another lady shows does regularly pershe is the predator or not.”: that the man is at form ‘short-time’ least relationship(employing the Owner of Thailand Private orientated. services of a prosIn these cases, titute for a short he sometimes acts Investigations, 'Mark' time) entrapment. as a mediator/ “I do a lot of counsellor for the that,” said Mark, “I go and meet said girl families, often to positive effect, “I have and start negotiations low. If she agrees talked many wives back from the brink of then we go to wherever the short time lo- dumping their husband, and saved some cation is and we have people with cameras families in the long run. The wife can nearby. After a few minutes I receive an usually handle the husband with my sugemergency ‘get-away’ phone call.” gestions,” Mark said. The second most common request that Mark does not see as much potential for Mark receives is from foreign women, reform or reconciliation in the latter cases who are curious about their husband’s however, and as such prefers not to get inmovements or constant trips to Thailand. volved, “This kind of man is just addicted He explained that although he prefers to having multiple ladies and often drinks not to get people in ‘trouble’, often if it alcohol every night. He tends to have an

people involved, “Either the customer gets peace of mind, or else the customer confronts their partner, or they just walk away. Occasionally the customer asks us to continue on an extended mission after they confront their partner. Often the investigated then asks us to investigate the girlfriend/wife in return.” Mark’s world is often a dark and disturbing one; he sees drug use and ‘questionably under-aged girls’ regularly, and receives often hostile and derogatory comments, but although he admits he is not out to save the world, he does believe that he and other private investigation companies in Thailand are doing a valuable and necessary job: “Relationships are very important for people. Families with children are on the line. Some men are investing a whole lot of their time, emotion, and hard-earned savings into a lady, and often considering making major changes in their lives, sometimes even affecting their job or career. "These men need to know the ground truth when they are away. We are trying to help guys from being scammed. Scamming men by relationships is a big business here, and many of the ladies are very professional about it.” Mark is happily married…

changing phuket

16 1 - - 1530 JUNE November phuket-phuketPOST.COM POST.COM

By Jody Houton


Giving up on a cultural Phuket


Khun Pranee tries to keep her life together as her house is falling apart

fter 11 long years of attempting to bring traditional Thai culture and arts back to Phuket, Pranee Prayotamorakul is unfortunately giving up, at least for now… The Post met with Khun Pranee at the site of her traditional Thai ‘knock-down’ house in 2010 and spoke with her of her plans to bring something ‘new and old’ to the island. K. Pranee was planning on renovating her ‘knockdown’ house and grounds to open a traditional Thai dancing show

hoping that an investor or bank would approach her to help realise her dream. Sitting with K. Pranee in the gardens of her house in Kata, labourers and builders are working around us, shouting instructions and tearing down her house. With every partition of teak wood taken down, there's an almost visible wince on her tired face that seems to represent the dismantling of her dream. “It’s quite sad,” she said, “We couldn’t do it. When I tried to get money, nobody wanted to give me any. Even the banks.”

knows what they contribute to Thailand. This is ‘Lowgee Patana’ or rather the development of the low/sex industry. While other countries are concentrating on I.T development, the Thai government focuses on ‘Thai massage’. They are very wrong for doing that.” Almost on cue, a familiar call of 'Massage' sounds from across the street. “My surroundings are bad… all I hear all day is “Massage… 200 baht only. Massage.” It affected my business and what I wanted to do,” K. Pranee said with a

they can make quick money. They want everywhere to be the same; this is the major problem with Thailand. This is very bad for Thailand.” So the most obvious question is, what now? Where now? I returned to the site, which - for now - stands empty, on the final day of moving and asked K. Pranee. She seemed upbeat and determined, and said, “It is a pity but if I am lucky, I can find some land to put my house on and continue my dream. “I am looking at a few places, a place

and cooking class. She also planned to cultivate a herb garden, where she would teach tourists about the different herbs and spices of Thailand. The vision was clear; the only problem was finding people who shared it. Another problem was money. Back in 2010 she had said, “It’s a shame that the Thai government won’t support projects that show our history in a positive light, yet they are more than happy to support the opening of more massage parlors and go-go bars.” When she had said this she was still

K. Pranee admitted that this was partly because, what with it being a knock-down house that can be moved within a few weeks, banks are hesitant to invest, in case the owner does just that. “So they’ll probably build another hotel here. Or massage parlours, or commercial shops,” K. Pranee said. Whatever they do build, K. Pranee believes it will be no doubt follow the teachings bestowed through the 3 Pat Bible. “Patpong, Pattaya and Patong. Everybody knows about these places. The world

disappointed smile. “Everybody made fun of me because I wanted to try to do something different and find an alternative way of making money here,” said K. Pranee with a shake of the head. Unfortunately, at least for K. Pranee, this is not what appears to be the quickest and soundest way of making money in Thailand. “Bars and girls. This is what tourists want. Or this is what Phuket wants to give to tourists because they know

near Mai Khao on the North of Phuket. It’s not so busy there or very touristy.” K. Pranee is toying with the idea of giving up on bringing Thai culture and arts to Phuket all together. “But I may even go to Hua Hin to make a retirement home for the old people in Thailand to take care of them, get a herb garden. That might be nice.” The success of this will also be unfortunately determined on whether banks or local investors deem there to be money to be made from the elderly in Thailand…

phuket PC 10 It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you

16 - 130- November 15 JUNE phuketphuketPOST.COM POST.COM

By Seth Bareiss


merican comedian Woody Allen used to say “It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.” This week, I'm giving an esoteric cornucopia of cautionary advice to PC users in Phuket. CLOUD COMPUTING The great thing about Phuket Post is that it allows different voices a chance to be heard, sometimes it’s natural if they differ. Although the other IT writer, the highly-esteemed Masaya Mikami praised Cloud computing recently, I disagree… strongly. Cloud computing is a disservice to you. For a Phuket business, it's nothing but trouble. Cloud computing taking all the files important to your business, and sending them far away across the internet, well outside your control. You pay some big company with high priced lawyers, tricky contracts, and anonymous minimum wage teenage hacker employees to guard your files and never peek at ‘em. You trust that you'll always have access to them and that nobody else will. Bwaaahahaha! I'd rather gargle broken glass than rely on “the cloud”. How many days this month did the rain cause your internet to stop? Do you really want your business papers to be where you can't get ‘em, and PAY for that disservice? Anyway, how much can you really trust those big companies with minimum wage hacker employees and lawyers whose

parents were sharks? This year SONY leaked users' names and other data twice. A few years ago America Online leaked 6 million user names and their credit card information. Last year someone leaked the pricelist Microsoft routinely charges governments to have access to portions of your data., a file transfer service, this year unwillingly admitted that when they say your data is “encrypted”, it's still readable by DropBox employees, including the minimum wage hacker who wants to give himself a raise by siphoning off your data. If you want to keep your files accessible, safe from destruction, and far from prying eyes, keep them here with you. Keep a backup copy of important stuff on an external hard disk that you store in a safe somewhere other than your office (and far from mudslides), but that's as far away as we Phuket folks should trust our company files. REPLACEMENT WINDOWS You get a virus, and so you pay a PC shop in Phuket to “fix” your software. You get the computer back in working order, but months later you discover that your legal version of Windows and your other programs have been replaced by pirate copies. This is common in Phuket. No, it's not theft. These guys are sincerely trying to help you. Nobody is stealing and reselling

your legal Windows licenses. So what's the motive? PC repairmen in Phuket are paid very little, often have only basic PC tech training, and are expected to do the repair quickly. They can more easily and reliably replace the entire operating system than fix it, and so they do. Likewise, it's commonly easier to install a pirate copy of any software than to repair, replace, or install a legal copy. If this happens to you, check your PC and whatever books and software came with it, for a “Windows certificate of authenticity”. That's a brightly colored paper and foil sticker about the size of your thumb. If you have it and the numbers on it are still legible, you can still have the legal version put back... but it takes time and talent, which means it also takes a little money and access to an expert. You should also be aware that many new PCs in Phuket are sold with pirated Windows on them, no matter what the salesman claims. A few years ago, the only sure way to get a legal copy of Windows in Phuket was, amazingly, to buy Windows in an Apple Macintosh store! That's like knowing the only place to find a “real” woman is in Soi Katoey. Good luck with that. GIVING THUMB DRIVES THE FINGER Thumb drives, also called USB memory sticks, are great:

they hold lots of data like vacation photos and movies, so you can share them with friends and bring them to the local photo store. However, that local photo store is, well, like Soi Bangla without elastic protection, ifyoooknowwhatimean. Dozens of people a day stick their sticks into those stores' receptacles every day. The professional PC repairmen I know all see several Phuket patients per month who got their PC infected with some horrific virus because they didn't format a USB memory stick before they'd formatted it, after it came back from a photo store or Internet cafe. Ouch! There's lots of antivirus and other software that tries to keep your PC virus-free, and block virus-like software from infecting your PC from a USB memory stick, but those are less reliable and easy to use than simply formatting a suspect USB memory stick. Caution: not every USB drive can be, or wants to be, formatted. U3 memory sticks and Kingston fingerprint-locked memory sticks, for example, may require special formatting software from the maker's website. Photo store and internet cafe staff does what it can to block viruses, but they're too often just untrained folks in their first jobs. These people are not topflight doctors and they see an overwhelming number of clients every day. So when you get your USB stick back from the photo store, DO NOT READ FROM IT. Instead, format it before you

use it. The formatting process erases all the files on the stick, so as a general rule, don't keep irreplaceable data on it if it's going to a photo shop or internet cafe. Once you get that stick back home, start up your Windows PC and put the memory stick into a USB port. If a menu pops up, asking if you want to play or view the files on the stick, ignore it or close the menu. Instead, click on “computer” in Windows 7 or “my computer” in Windows XP. You'll see a list of hard disks, CDs, DVDs, and memory sticks attached to your PC at that moment. Right-click on the USB memory stick's icon. You should see a small pop-up window that includes “format” as an option. Choose “format”. If your memory stick refuses to format, it may have a small physical switch on it that can prevent or allow changes to it. Throw that switch if you must. If you're still not allowed to format the USB stick, you may need additional help from a friendly boffin. If you don't know any friendly boffins, feel free to join Phuket's free Computer Club each Sunday from 10 am til noon. It's also called a “computer clinic” to encourage first-timers with PC problems to join in and also stretch my sexual computer analagy further. There, you'll find dozens of experts, and dozens of beginners as well, sharing computer news and advice. Check it out at www.Woody. info

11 Lost your data? Wait a minute, maybe you can get it back PC phuket

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By Masaya Mikami


echnology is improving every minute, the way you conduct your life is unthinkable without any IT gadgets nowadays. Not to mention that digital multimedia technology is also moving forward to provide better entertainment and memories for your life. Better quality of digital formatted media means more memory is necessary to save (keep) them. Regardless of your choice of media, digital data is always at risk of being lost, especially when you are saving your photos or videos on memory (hard drive, flash drive etc.) If you copy data to optical media like DVD or Blue-ray disks before you can potentially lose them from hard drive problems, you are well prepared and know the importance of your data‌ but that's not always the case as we all know it. So, when that horrendous time comes when you have a broken hard drive, let's see how you can bring back your important data. Memory problems are often categorised into four causes.

1. Hardware failure 2. Boot sector problem 3. File system problem 4. Logical drive problem The hardware failure is the most serious problem. This type of problem often happens because of something serious, such as dropping your gadget into water or short-circuiting through an unstable electrical source or lightening jolt, as well as worn-out hard drive mechanical parts. The life length of a hard drive is often said to be between 3-5 years. A hard drive older than 5 years has a higher hardware failure rate. When you have hardware failure, critical problems are quite frequent, but there are plenty of chances to rescue your data. The downside in this event is that you need professional help to recover your data unlike other problems. You need to contact a recovery professional to get your data restored back and transferred to a new hard drive, however it is suggested to check whether indeed it is a hardware failure you are having, and not other problems. A Boot Sector problem can be caused either by hardware failure or a virus. In the event that boot sector memory has a problem reading, it is the same case with hardware failure. However, if a virus is

causing the problem, data can be regularly saved by using forensic software that I will talk about later. Filesystem problems are typically caused by a corrupted filesystem. A filesystem is a mechanism to control access to data and metadata. If you are using the Windows platform, you may have heard of FAT32 or NTFS, which are filesystems employed on Windows. HFS+ is for Apple's Macintosh. When you have a corrupted filesystem, you may have problem detecting your hard drive or accessing any data at all and often people think their hard drive is broken.

In fact, this is a logical error that no hardware parts are failing. Therefore, your data is still stored on your hard drive; therefore you can most likely restore all your data. Lastly, is the kind of problem usually related to defragmented data caused by unwanted shutdown of computers such as skips of electricity. It often ends up with a loss of metadata (consider it as a pointer to actual data) so that you cannot open your data file but the actual data still exists. It means your data can be saved. Except for a hardware failure, you can recover your data by using forensic software, also known as recovery software. Recovery software is a special tool that categorises your data and ignores filesystem, bad sector of drives and logical errors and allows you to extract your data from your broken hard drive or memory card. It is always suggested to use recovery software and try to recover your data before sending it to professionals for help. However, keep in mind, recovery software reads every single data bit by bit on your memory so it takes time to copy your important data to your new hard drive. The best lesson is to routinely make copies of your important data on back up optical media.



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Does Lemon Grass Cure Cancer? L

Richard Patrick Cracknell, N.D., PhD is a traditional naturopath, and as such, is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat disease or illness, but treats the “human triad” - body, mind and spirit with nutrition, supplements and natural therapies. The views expressed by Richard Cracknell, in no way reflect those of the Post. His beliefs and advice should be referred to as an alternative and not as a replacement to any treatment you are currently receiving for an existing ailment.

emon grass is a tasty and miraculous herb. Lemon grass is citronella, a popular scent in perfume, candles and soaps. Citronella is known for its calming effect that relieves insomnia or stress. It is also popular as a mild insect repellant. It has been said that lemon grass prompts cancer cells to commit suicide! Researchers at Ben Gurion University, Israel, discovered that the lemon aroma in lemon grass kills cancer cells in vitro, while leaving healthy cells unharmed. At first, Benny Zabidov, an Israeli agriculturalist who grows greenhouses full of lush spices on a pastoral farm in Kfar Yedidya in the nearby Sharon region, couldn't understand why so many cancer patients from around the country were showing up on his doorstep asking for fresh lemon grass. It turned out that their doctors had sent them. They had been told to drink eight glasses of hot water with fresh lemon grass

steeped in it on the days that they went for their radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Citral is the key component that gives the lemon aroma and taste in lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus). The study found that Citral causes cancer cells to 'commit suicide: using apoptosis, a mechanism called programmed cell death.' Scientific investigators checked the influence of the Citral on cancerous cells by adding them to both cancerous cells and normal cells that were grown in a petri dish.

Keeping your boat dry


oyal Phuket Marina, Phuket has established a fully enclosed dry boat storage facility. The ‘boat garage’ will have space for approximately 30-35 vessels of up to 33 feet in length. Storage is weather-proof and the service includes hauling boats in and out of the water. Cleaning and maintenance can also be provided.

Opened at the beginning of last month, the new facility further underlines the Mediterraneanstyle marina’s status as being at the forefront of yachting in Phuket and the Andaman Sea, with Royal Phuket Marina launching the boat garage to the public at the Monaco Yacht Show in September. “There is really nothing like it in Asia for boats of up to 33 feet,”

Why does it work? Nobody knows for certain, but scientists have a theory. In each cell in our body, there is a genetic program which causes programmed cell death. When something goes wrong, the cells divide with no control and become cancer cells. • It contains an antibacterial and antifungal properties • It helps to detoxify the liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and the digestive tract. • Helps boost the immune system • Helps reduce uric acid, cholesterol, excess fats • It helps alleviate indigestion and gastroenteritis. • Helps improve the skin by reducing acne and pimples • It helps tone the muscle and tissues. • Helps in menstrual troubles • Helps reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation • Helps reduce cellulite • Acts sedative for the central nervous system. • May help prevent colon cancer.

• Helps in reducing fevers • Relieves arthritic pain and rheumatism • Prompts cancer cells to commit suicide! How to make Lemon grass Herbal Tea: Fresh Leaves: Pour 2 cups of water to ¼ cup lemon grass leaves, then boil and simmer for 3 minutes. Let it cool and drink. Dried Leaves: Pour a cup of boiling water over 2 teaspoons of dried lemon grass leaves. Steep for 5-10 minutes before drinking.

says Marina Manager, Guillaume Chaillot. “The latest high-tech facilities will allow boats to always be available and ready to sail at just 30 minutes' notice.” The indoor dry stack, which has space for 35 yachts, is not only unique in Asia for its services and facilities for large yachts, “It is also designed for ‘true boat lovers’ who want to keep their vessels in brand new condition,” says Chaillot. Located on the island’s eastern seaboard, just minutes from Phuket Town and overlooking scenic Phang Nga Bay, the dry dock is for the convenience of both residents and other boat owners in Phuket, as well as visiting yachts.

Ironwoman joins Phuket lineup


urrent Ironman 70.3 World Champion Melissa Rollison will contest the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship at Laguna Phuket on 4 December. Rollison, of Australia, completed her first Ironman 70.3-distance race in September 2010 and in just 12 months, has gone on to claim three 70.3 series titles, as well as the prestigious World Championship trophy. A former steeplechase runner,

Rollison took up cycling to maintain her fitness during bouts of running-related injuries. This inevitably led to her first triathlon. More than 950 athletes, including 31 pros and 9 relay teams, are now registered for the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship. Laguna Triathlon Director, Debbie Dionysius, says: “We’re thrilled to have such a star-studded line-up at this year’s Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship. “Top athletes who competed

in last year’s inaugural race are coming back in 2011and that reflects well on the event. It proves that the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship is a world-class race and that Phuket is a worldclass triathlon destination.”




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o some the mere word triathlon conjures up some grueling endurance event that lasts for hours upon hours and is only for those super fit individuals who eat cottage cheese and chicken (without the skin) and swim, ride and run in their sleep, but the truth is that the triathlon is a swim, bike and run event that anyone can do with just a little training and the right mindset. Triathlon varies in distances and courses, and Phuket has two of the world’s best races right here in our very own backyard. The soonest is the Laguna Phuket Triathlon on November 27, 2011 and involves a 1.8km swim, a 55km bike ride and a 12km run. The second world class race is the Asia Pacific Ironman 70.3 championships, and the race is open to anyone, so if you have always wanted to challenge yourself, and commit to more than just exercising, then this is the goal for you. Since you are not aiming to finish first, there is no pressure

Becoming a triathlete

BODY TALK By Garnett Symonds

Irritable bowel syndrome Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Spastic colon, is a common disorder affecting your large intestine. IBS commonly causes cramping and abdominal pain, plus bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation. Most people find IBS symptoms improve as they learn to control their condition. Fortunately, unlike more serious intestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Chrohn’s disease, IBS does not cause inflammation or changes in bowel tissue or increase your risk colorectal cancer. In many cases, you can control irritable bowel syndrome simply by managing your diet, lifestyle and stress. Signs and symptoms of IBS vary widely from person to person and often resemble those of other diseases. The most common are abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation and mucus in stool. IBS is a chronic condition, although there will be times when the condition worsens, improves or even disappears completely. It is not known exactly what causes IBS, but certain factors may play a role. For example, people with IBS may have abnormal serotonin levels or not have the right balance of good bacteria in their intestine. IBS sufferers also seem to react strongly to


Lets start with your swim The swim distance is 1.8km and with a 1000 other athletes around you, it’s not going to be like swimming in the pool. It’s going to take a little more energy. So we are going to plan to swim a little further to give us that little more endurance and also that little bit of a buffer. We also want to exit the swim with a little more energy left in the tank, as we still need to be able to bike and run. Week 1 2 3

other than making sure you can swim, bike and run the distance of a 1.9km swim, a 90km bike ride followed by a 21km run. Sounds tough ai? For the majority of us we have other commitments we have to attend to, but fear not, we are going to put a plan together that involves training only once a day, and steadily build up the distances over the next few weeks so that you can feel confident going into the race, irrespective of how long it takes you. So, first let’s take a look at the training schedule. Now of course this can be altered to be individually tailored to meet your needs such as time of day etc and you can always do more than is recommended but this is about getting someone who can already swim, ride and run a little to the point where they can comfortably cross the line and call themselves a triathlete. Sounds good doesn’t it?

stimuli that trigger symptoms. These triggers can range from gas, intestinal pressure, certain foods, medications or emotions. Many people find that their symptoms worsen when they eat certain foods, especially coffee, cheese, citrus and chocolate. White flour is also a known trigger for many people. Eliminating these foods is also recommended if you suffer Diverticulitis, Crohns disease and Colitis. Abdominal cramping and bloating may not be due to IBS. Instead, your body may have intolerance to dairy products, caffeine or sorbitol. Acupuncture can help relax muscle spasms and improve bowel function. Herbs such as peppermint are a natural antispasmodic that relaxes intestinal smooth muscle. The homeopathic material medica contains many remedies for selection based upon individual signs and symptoms. Hypnosis may also be used to reduce abdominal pain and bloating. Garnett B Symonds, is an osteopath and a fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy. Contact: 081 607 2343 or


Lets start with your swim Distance Reps Rep Rest Interval (RI) 100m 10 30sec 300m 10 30sec 800m 3 30sec

Total Distance 1000m / 1km 3km 2.4km

Bike / Run Now, once again, there are many thoughts on this, and many different training techniques, but since we are a little short on time, and nothing beats race specificity, then we are going to combine our bike and run training, to hopefully simulate Race Day as much as possible and to prepare both your mind and your body for the endurance that is going to be required to cross that line. Bike / Run Week / Day

1 2 3 6

Tue 60min / 4.5km 45min / 3km x 3 45min / 3km x 4 60min / 6km

Rest Interval (RI) 60min / 4.5km 45min / 3km x 3 45min / 3km x 4 30min / 3km

Total Distance 55km / 5km 90km / 9km 55km / 12km Race Day

As a general rule, the shorter the distance the faster and harder you can push yourself, with a guideline to be above ‘Huff and Puff’ pace, with the longer the distance the slower and more controlled the effort with a below ‘ Huff and Puff’ pace. In some circles we call this the Talk Test and if you can’t sustain a talking ability then you are going too fast for your Sunday Session, but approximately the perfect pace for your Tuesday and Thursday session. Now all is left to do is practise and try your hardest, remember it's not the winning but the taking part. Go out there, try your hardest and have fun.

Attendees celebrate the rebranding of Radisson Blu on 28 October

Press. well-wishers and those who love a free feed turn out to usher in the high season of B Lay Tong on 1 November

The Patong Promenade hosts a press conference at Tiger Hotel on 21 October


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The Austrian restaurant in Patong


Phuket Firefly attracts bar flys

By Jody Houton


entral Festival Phuket opened its new outdoor beer bar called “Fire Fly”, located in the ever-developing Lan Lom Zone last month. A whole host of local celebrities and customers attended the event, to enjoy free beer and a mini concert by famous Thai singer Suchart Chawangkul. “Fire Fly” has a list of more than 100 good quality beers from all over the world to choose from. There are also specials such as fruit and chocolate beers for cus-


he K restaurant, located on the K-Hotel’s grounds, is, by merit as well as by default, the Austrian restaurant in Patong. Despite being just a few minutes walk from the bustle of Soi Bangla, the restaurant is in a setting of luxurious gardens and well-placed fine foliage. The outdoor seating – Patong Biergarten - bar and open-door kitchen area is in tasteful cream colours that perfectly compliments the clean and natural surroundings.

with our Germanic cousins, but everybody who comes. Robert Pagitschm the GM and former chef at the K-Hotel said that the mixture of visitors is plenty, “We get Europeans, Americans, everybody, but in high season especially it’s a meeting point for expat and visiting Austrian, Swiss and Germans.” Indeed entering the inner sanctum of the restaurant from the busy Patong road feels like stepping into a family environment, and at times a busy and active

Staunchy, flavoursome, meaty, potatoey good ol' country food. And nothing goes better than with said cuisine than a nice bottle of imported European beer and Weib lagers. There is also Hoffbauer – a fine light and pale ale – on tap. The good quality food, tranquil and relaxing tropical setting and convenient location are standout features that make a visit to the Austrian restaurant in Patong a must. The staff – who all appear to be dressed in university uni-

'Boathouse' Resort on the Beach Re-Launched


As well as the more instantly recogniseable Austrian dishes like Wiener Schnitzel and Kasla, the K- restaurant makes a variety of international favourites such as the Grilled Pork Escalope with mushroom sauce and herb spatzle. The international chef and his experienced team of cooks use good quality imported meats and steaks to ensure that such heartwarming dishes are a hit not only

one at that. “A lot of our guests come fishing with us on our own boat. We go out off Chalong Bay, see what we can catch and then come back to the restaurant to cook it,” said Robert. Lovely fresh seafoods also feature quite heavily in the packed menu. Along with soups, salads, ‘toasts’ and small dishes, all coming with a distinctly Austrian feel.

forms – are all attentive, pleasant and friendly and add to the overall ‘pretty’ feel of the dining experience. So if you want to see what a schnitzel really is or how it should be prepared, then why not pop down to K-Restaurant, you could do a lot wurst… Sorry. 180 Rajutit Road, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150, ThailandTel:076-340832-3

tomers to enjoy. The venue offers a chilled out atmosphere with a lounge style design concept using a red hot tone throughout the area. Wilaiporn Pitimana-aree, General Manager, Central Festival Phuket said during the grand opening, "The Lan Lom Zone used to only have restaurants, but in the near future we aim to open many different kinds of restaurants in this zone, to further reinforce our position as the Food & Beverage Hub of Phuket.”

he ‘Boathouse’ Resort on the Beach re-opened last month after having undergone more than five months of extensive renovation and refurbishment. Formerly known as ‘Mom Tri’s Boathouse’, it has been a treasured landmark on Kata Beach for decades. The property was recently acquired by Montara Hospitality Holdings Co., Ltd, which also owns luxury Trisara, Phuket with the promise of ‘Treasuring the Past, Sailing into the Future’. New additions to the property include a rooftop Sunset Lounge, the new beach club and a spa opening in November, as well as a large boutique with a gourmet café. The Boathouse Wine and Grill has also been totally refurbished and offers many new additions. For example the new open-plan kitchen with its Captain’s Table

and brand new wine cellar is also a marvellous addition to the restaurant. It proudly displays the 800 labels which has resulted in Boathouse being distinguished with Wine Spectator Awards since 1995, and for being the first winner of the Wine Spectator ‘Best of Award of Excellence’ in Thailand in 2006, and ever since. Fine French and delicious Thai cuisine is served in the restaurant. Boathouse Phuket, Thailand, is an architectural and culinary landmark on Kata Beach since 1989. Favourite with discriminating visitors it appears on numerous lists of the world’s best small hotels. The Boathouse Wine & Grill has been distinguished with Wine Spectator Awards since 1995 and has won the sole Best of Award of Excellence in Thailand since 2006.

16 By CB Richard Ellis

phuket property

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Bangkok Branded Residences


he concept of branded residences has long existed in Phuket dating back to 1988 with the launch of Amanpuri, followed by the inception of Laguna and launch of Sheraton Island Villas in 1990 and Banyan Tree villas in 1998. Phuket today also offers hotel managed properties under small specialist brands such as Andara and Sri Panwa. Branded residences today are a worldwide phenomenon and of notable appeal in North Asian markets. Bangkok is now following the branded residences trend where a number of branded condominium projects have been successfully launched in the past 2-3 years. One of the first projects to launch in 2007 and now due for completion is the Sukhothai Residences, followed by The Ritz Carlton Residences, The Oriental Residence and St. Regis Residences. While Bangkok developers anticipate positive impetus from the government’s first home program, it is interesting to note the growing appeal of top-end branded properties which are drawing interest from foreign buyers. In 2010, CBRE estimated the ratio of Thai to foreign buyers to be 80 to 20 in the broad luxury condominium sector. However, branded projects are showing a more significant, and growing proportion of foreign buyers.

CBRE’s recent road shows for The Ritz Carlton Residences in Hong Kong and Singapore generated 18 sales with a combined value of 750 million baht. Overall, purchasers at The Ritz Carlton Residences have been approximately 60% foreign and 40% Thai. The majority of sales at St. Regis Residences, currently one of Bangkok’s best performing branded residences were also made to foreign purchasers including Europeans and Scandinavians, Hong Kong Chinese as well as Malaysians.

The recent completion and re-launch of Oriental Residence on Wireless Road also boosted sales with 4 units taken up in the past 2 weeks by a combination of Thai and foreign investors. Despite the leasehold tenure of some of the branded projects and buyers’ traditional preference for freehold property, these branded condominiums have seen an increase in demand, take-up and in many cases achieved a record-breaking price as leasehold properties. In some cases buyers rely on brand values and buy leasehold over freehold at similar or even a higher price per sq.m. We have seen this before with branded properties in Phuket. The Ritz Carlton Residences recently achieved over 270,000 baht per sqm, compared to the Silom/Sathorn typical condominium price of 140,000 baht per sqm, while St. Regis Residences achieved over 200,000 baht per sqm compared to a Central Lumpini average of 165,000 baht per sqm for freehold condominiums. Some commentators question whether the price premium commanded by branded residences is worthwhile, but buyers with money have simply bought their preferred brand. For similar reasons that Phuket branded properties have been successful, branded Bangkok condominiums are achieving

record breaking prices because of the development quality both in terms of architectural design and high quality construction and specifications, the location which is often very prime and a prestigious address, the complete package of service, facilities and added lifestyle benefits, as well as the guarantee of a five-star quality management. For example, the St. Regis Residences is located on Rajdamri, one of the most prime streets in Bangkok and overlooking the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, with five-star hotel services and management by St. Regis. These projects offer a complete package which has not reached the Bangkok market before, and is set to re-define the luxury market where buyers are putting more emphasis on the services, facilities and quality management. The bottom line is that the market has proven there is clearly a volume of demand for top-end properties like the Sukhothai, St. Regis, Ritz Carlton and Oriental Residence, albeit a finite volume, and that buyers are prepared to pay a price premium for branded projects if they are convinced of the quality and potential of the development and believe it is the best the market has to offer. Mr Simister can be reached at:

17 Phuket town’s development plans PHUKET business

16 1 - - 1530 JUNE November phuket-phuketPOST.COM POST.COM


s part of Phuket’s unwavering steps to become South East Asia’s No.1 tourist destination, it is expanding and developing in all areas, not least within the shopping sector. Patong is soon to be awash with new shopping malls and leisure centres and Phuket town – tipped to become the next location to 'benefit' from development - is sure to follow hot on its heels. The Post went to speak with Wiphas Patarapoomtawon the

Title Sponsor:

owner of a new Shopping Mall in Phuket town to find out exactly what he sees in Phuket town. What kind of shopping mall will Benzy Mall be? It’s an entertainment mall, suitable for all the family. It’s like a one-stop centre to do many things. Activities such as shopping, car wash, making appointments, finding good food, having a massage etc. Benzy Mall is not only for shopping but relaxing also.

It’s a good location, very convenient. There will be a waterpark at the centre of the mall, so there is no need to go too far to take your children to other waterparks. So while you’re shopping, your kid can go play at the waterpark. The pool is only for children as it is not very deep. It is safe though and we provide many protective swimming accessories for the children. How will it differ from Rob-

insons and Central Festival, your nearest two competitors? Robinson and Central don’t have a waterpark for one. The outdoor design plan of Benzy mall will make you relaxed when walking around, shopping or doing any number of activities.

Why do you think so many new shopping malls springing up on the island recently? New malls in Patong, one to open in Kata, and now Benzy Mall. There is still high demand for shopping destinations from Phuketians and tourist.

How many stores will there be? Have any big names already signed up? Thanachart bank has signed up already. We are in negotiations with many different companies.

Finally Benzy. What does it mean? It’s my beautiful daughter’s.

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B usiness Listings for P huket

Classifieds Phone: 076 620 054 Fax: 076 273 202 Website: E-mail:




Items for Sale

House in Chalong for rent

Harley Davidson Fatboy for sale

House in Chalong for long-term rent For further details, please see our website at

1993 Fat boy for sale. Pictures taken this week. To many custom parts to list ie. Rhineheart exhaust, 1600 cc engine, S&S Carb, oil cooler. Very nice shape and very fast. 500 000 baht. Travis Gladu : 0818950612

House 3 bedroom in Land&House for rent

Suzuki step 125 cc

11 units Apt-House for sale


House 3 bedroom in Land&House for rent. Fully furnished and good security. For more detail call 081-927-4073 E-mail:

Suzuki step 125cc about 5 years good condition approximately 16,000 km with lockable suitcase16 500 thb Contact: stefan rottner Email:

Patong, off Nanai Road; newly renovated; secure income with little work; long term rentals; Chanote title; sale by owner; detailed sales folder available; only THB 7.9 Mill; call Gisbert 0872 - 650 652or email:

MacBook5,2 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.13 GHz Total Number Of Cores: 2 Internal Memory: 150 GB RAM: 2GB Has lots of preinstalled software inc. Office 2011 16,000 Baht

168 sq. wai, single house in Saiyuan, Naiharn beach



168 sq.wha.(672 sq.m) with coconut trees surrounding, mountain view, 2 stories + decking area. 35,000 b/m + 2 months deposit. For sale at 9.5m. For more info, e-mail: or call 081-5978315

White Yamaha Fino for sale, asking price 28000 baht. Comes serviced with green book and is in an excellent condition. Please call Tim on 0881698511 or email me at

Chao Fah West - 300 M from Chalong Circle Double unit 7.5 m, 3 storeys : 9.9 million with chanote 0841113977

Make the clean and safe drinking water at home. We offer under sink Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier to suit to every home. Call Woody 089-874 3771 or visit www. for more information.

Jeunesse Products

Best location right in centre Nai Harn. 220 M. 2 Minutes walk to everything. Cedar Roof, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms L’dy Pool Waterfall Garage Many other major benefits. ADSL, WiFI Cable TV 5 AC Private Sale was 17.5 MB now for quick sale 14.9 MB Phone 087 4707570

Kata Seaview Pool Villa Needs Finishing

Ducati 620ss


Substantial Seaview Pool villa with mangnificent sea and mountian views. This villa needs the complete interior to be finished. 50 sqms living area 800 sqm outdoor area.Located in a quiet area on a private road. Chanote title: 10.5 m

2003 Ducati 620ss 15,000kms Has all keys,on board security, maintenance records,excellent condition. Contact Lee Brock: 0898964939

ONLY THB 7,5 MILL - 3 HONGS - 15 X 20 M. MAIN ROAD / ROAD 2 SIDES - SAIYUAN AND SOI 5 - stefan 084 1113977 Best for Development

dining-table desk wardrobe huge 2,40m x 1,30m dinningtable a desk and a wardrobe 9 matching armchairs, table and desk black glass top, all together for sale 42.000.-baht. 0870608400 english und deutsch

Under sink RO purifier For Sale

American Jeunesse anti-ageing products now available in Phuket. Contact: Count Slackula Email :count.slackula@gmail. com

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Have a problem with drinking? we can help

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Alcoholics Anonymous

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