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chronicling the current aesthetic trends, habits, and thoughts of today’s influencer market across America.

// part photo documentary // part audience insight study // part social experiment

// overview The Fabric Project was developed to uncover the true and current thoughts of the Gen X, Y & Z influencer market, the segment of our population either holding or soon taking the reigns of our world. This project is designed to not only state - but to dig, document, chronicle, and archive these findings within a living social project ~ part photo documentary, part audience insight study, part social experiment. As our social & digital age has proven, not only does everyone have a voice ~ most want to share it. It’s time we as a society gain something from this willingness and ability to share... whether details, statistics, or ideas.

// contents scope 4 fabric project book 5 promotional giveaways 6 road tour map 7 digital properties 9 media sponsor 10 sponsorship details 11 closing/contact 12

part photo documentary // part audience insight study // part social experiment

// scope The Fabric Project kicks off with the National Road Tour hitting key markets across America to photograph and interview “subjects�. With a street-level, van-deployed photo booth or photographed in their unique environment, we will be inviting subjects to participate in a quick portrait photography session followed by a survey of robust, valuable, and in-depth questions spanning from their creative ideas to political views, to what they are wearing, to societal beliefs. Embracing a fashion-forward, contemporary mind-set, and a contributing existence - our subjects will be those generally labeled as influencers ~ those that conceive, create, evolve, and share ideals, thoughts and trends ~ and have a valuable opinion far behind the typical, homogenized statistics usually gathered in consumer insight studies.

the fabric project 4

// fabric project book

Following the 6-week National road tour - the photography, interviews, findings, insight, and an editorial voice will be chronicled in a high-quality, oversized, coffee table book. This beautiful, creative, contemporary, and valuable book will be available for purchase online at as well as placed in key culture-forward venues, select retailers, and major bookstores as well as being delivered directly to key bloggers, influencers, leading fashion brands and agencies alike. With a projected 200 pages of photography, writing, statistics, and insight ~ The Fabric Project Book will surely be an archive for future generations to appreciate, learn from, and revisit often.

actual cover design may vary

the fabric project 5

// promotional giveaways All branded collateral will feature projectspecific QR codes for instant access to the digital properties of the project to engage participants along the way. There also exists the opportunity for the presenting sponsor to provide other branded collateral / apparel and data collection items.

the fabric project 6

// road tour map

... and everywhere in between we’ll be documenting the trip through daily blogging, video feeds through our Media Partner and various other outlets as well as Twitter and Facebook discussion - with scheduled stops to engage followers and the occasional drop in event party at select culture-forward venues. the fabric project 7

to uncover the true and current thoughts of this group - to not only state - but to document, chronicle, and archive these findings within a living social project.

the fabric project 8

// + mobile app We project documenting over 10,000 subjects in the National Road Tour, and with this robust, viral and socially relevant project gaining momentum, press and impressions, we project over hundreds of thousands, if not millions of self-published subject surveys and self-portraits. During the 6-week National Road Tour, and living eternally online following ~ will archive our findings and allow followers, appreciators, and subjects to join, upload their self-portrait, fill out their survey, and be a part of this engaging, one-of-a-kind living project.

the fabric project 9

//our media sponsor

About Vice Magazine

“Each generation has a small-run, intensely hip magazine that proves influential far beyond its circulation numbers, be it Wenner Media’s Rolling Stone or the independents Spy or Might... Vice is this generationʼs model.” // Advertising Age

“An unlikely arbiter of global youth culture...” // Playboy

Print Circulation North America // 205,000 Online Readership 1.5 Million Unique Visitors Monthly // 6.31 avg. time on site // 9.8 pages per visit. Feature article post tour Daily blogging + video uploads while on tour. Display Advertising Units to market the project // 30 days leading up to road tour and while on the road. Presenting Sponsor branding included in any display units or editorial posts.

the fabric project 10

// sponsorship details Branding all apparel all collateral tour vehicle The Fabric Project Book

The Fabric Project digital properties

masthead Presenting Sponsor branding two-page spread to be used at Sponsor’s discretion back cover opportunity to include ride-along with wrapped books for delivery 200 books delivered to Presenting Sponsor

online display unit / all pages strategic placement / mention in all editorial mobile branding Twitter & Facebook branding / inclusion all audience data collection

Variables opportunity to customize the above sponsorship details specific to the sponsors core business and current marketing initiatives. opportunity to “purchase” the event concept and developed properties through a discounted sale - whereby the sponsor could in turn sell co-sponsorships or customize the project to fit specific needs and strategy. first right of refusal to continue sponsorship yearly to maintain the digital properties and/or second editions of The Fabric Project Book. • Continued Annual Sponsorship of $12k for digital properties. (optional) • Second Book Printing Sponsorship is based on total copies produced and based at $5,000 in sponsorship per every 2k of books. (optional)

Cost Exclusive Presenting Sponsor // $60,000

the fabric project 11

This project started as a concept to get out of the studio and get on the road to gather consumer insight. It has evolved into a socially relevant, market authentic, needed project ... in our opinion. As fellow labeled “influencers�, we find there is so much more value in what we are thinking than just the historically homogenized group we represent in the typical terms of age, house-hold income, gender etc. The elusive influencer, more so than any other cultural segment has opinions, likes and dislikes, aspirations, fears, concerns, and ideas to offer ~ to brands, to fashion, to politics, to ethics ... to society as a whole. And potentially hidden within this audience uncovered by this project - the next big idea to evolve our society is uncovered.

// Contact jim mcginley // the fin studio creative director / founder + direct // 1 207 951 1817 + email // +

The Fabric Project  

The Fabric Project was developed to uncover the true and current thoughts of the Gen X, Y & Z influencer market, the segment of our pop...

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