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“Eventually, he couldn’t handle looking like the village idiot, so he stopped telling people about his talking dog. Now it’s our secret, and that’s the way I like it.” “Just talking about being an idiot reminds me of the day when Toby started confiding in me about his new girlfriend, Mary-Anne.” “Yep, you guessed it. Rachel dumped him when he put the hard word on her a few weeks back. I was curled up asleep in my cosy bed at the time, but Toby told me later. I said she was stuck-up.” “Anyway, back to Mary-Anne. Toby and I’ve had endless discussions about her. I know her well. Toby often buys her flowers and chocolates, takes her to dinner and maybe a show, but at the moment, she’s playing hard to get. All he receives in return is a good night kiss. And he’s deliriously happy with that!!! “I can’t understand that. In my world, if a female wants me, we just do it. No preliminaries – we may not even know each other’s name. Much better, don’t you think?” “Then there’s this thing called WORK!” “Toby goes off to work every day, and leaves me alone in the back yard. When he first started leaving me behind, I thought I’d been punished for doing something wrong. So I was extra nice to him when he returned that night and continued my affectionate behaviour throughout the next morning, but it made no difference – he still left me at home. Now I’ve gotten used to it, and it doesn’t bother me anymore. In a strange way, I now enjoy my own company. At least, I can get a lot more sleeping done without him around.” “One day we were talking and Toby said he works to earn something called money, which pays for our food (two steaks per mealtime is fairly expensive), and, of course, there are my vet - 68 -

The Fine Line Issue 3  

The Fine Line presents its third compilation of art, fiction and poetry by contributors Francis Raven, Michael Young, Dorothee Lang, Raj Sha...