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“From that very moment, I needed to re-establish his priorities towards me. Otherwise, I’d be eating doggie-type food forever. To change his attitude, I must admit I was a bit naughty. I waited for my chance. It came shortly after Toby went to the fridge to get another beer. When he returned and sat down, I walked over to the table, carrying my tray containing my untouched food in my mouth. Without warning, I dropped my food all over his black trousers - made a hell of a mess. I just looked up at him with my big brown eyes, as if to say ‘it wasn’t my fault.’ It got his attention though, because the very next night, I dined on steak just like he did. Best thing was – I didn’t need to say a thing.” “Before I tell you how I first came to talk to Toby, maybe you can answer something for me? Why do humans only clean the top part of their furniture? Don’t they know there’s an underbelly? As I crawl under furniture like the dining table, all I find is cobwebs, dust, and other undesirables. Not good for a dog’s fur, now is it? It makes me sneeze a lot as well.” “Carrying on with my story, I promised to share how I first started talking to Toby. It all happened when I was very young. I was so full of energy, I just couldn’t sit still. Toby had been trying to read a book, but couldn’t concentrate with me racing around the room, banging into furniture and knocking things over. He’s a slow learner, but finally he got the hint. He decided to take me to the park, so I can burn off this energy, and sniff out every nook and cranny, a doggie’s dream. In this particular park, there are many interesting nooks and crannies, I must say.” “Oh no, I shouldn’t tell you that – I forgot – dogs aren’t supposed to talk. “ “Anyway, back to the park. Toby had bought a ball along for me to play with. After he’d released my lead, he flicked the - 66 -

The Fine Line Issue 3  

The Fine Line presents its third compilation of art, fiction and poetry by contributors Francis Raven, Michael Young, Dorothee Lang, Raj Sha...