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The Ants Keith G. Laufenberg -1THE INVASION When they came to the Valley of the Ants, an ant said: ‘Go into your dwellings, ants, lest Solomon and his warriors should crush you.’ —The Koran.

Betty Ross looked at her husband and could not fathom his unbridled anger, as he glared at the mass of small ants scurrying over the cupboards and kitchen table. They had gotten onto the left-over dinner plates and then inside the cupboard, where the sugar container, which was a supposedly insect-proof Tupperware Bowl had been totally infiltrated by the small red balls of fury. “Good Gawd Betty—do you believe this—the little devils are everywhere. I’m gonna make this my first priority, to kill these bastards!” Stephen Ross, an aerospace engineer at nearby Lockheed Martin, in Marietta, shook his head sadly. They had just moved into a new house in the country and he had given no thought to the insect population, until now. “Well Stephen I’m sure there’s no need to kill them.” “Wha’ … Betty—oh, right—well—ain’t that just like you. You don’t think there’s any need to kill these buggers? Are you crazy Bet’? Look—look?” Ross spread his hands out, palms up then moved them furiously back and forth around the room, signifying

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The Fine Line Issue 3  
The Fine Line Issue 3  

The Fine Line presents its third compilation of art, fiction and poetry by contributors Francis Raven, Michael Young, Dorothee Lang, Raj Sha...